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As I’m a student at University, I often find myself strapped for cash if I want to have a night out so I sometimes earn £30 a night by taking care of children while parents are out for an evening. And I’m well known around the town for being a very reliable young lady (They often feel obliged to pay me extra for all the cleaning and dishes done etc).

Anyway, a received a phone call from a man saying his wife was out of town on business for a week and he wanted to go out with his friends for the night and asked if I could look after his 8month old baby. I was more than happy to do so as babies are easy to look after and dads usually end up paying me more money.

I showed up at 8pm like asked, wearing a comfortable valor red rare skirt, matching hoodie, short tank top inside and my timberland boots. In was wearing a matching headband to hold back my big long black hair from my face. I decided to take a book incase there was nothing on TV. I rang the door bell and waited for a couple of seconds and then a tall muscular Vin Diesel look-alike opened the door. He looked in his late 20’s and was very attractive yet much to my disappointment he was wearing a ring. ‘Oh well’ I thought.

“Come inside Charisma” he said in a deep voice eyeing me as I walked in. “The baby’s already asleep so it seems you won’t have much work to do tonight,” He paused looking at the book in my arms. “So I’m guessing you’re studying at the University?”

“Yes sir, I’m studying doing a degree in Marketing, specializing in branding,” I couldn’t help but feel attracted to his masculine Gaziantep Genç Escort body and smoldering attitude.

“You can call me Mr. Roberts, Charisma” He said licking his lips. “May I ask how old you are?”

“I turned 19 in March, you probably thought I looked a lot older” I replied.

He had a surprised expression on his face. “Yes I thought you must have been at least 25,” he said eyeing my body up and down. “I’m actually 35, older than most people imagine.”

Now I was surprised, he looked in his 20’s but it was obvious the reason was because he worked out nearly every day.

After finishing introducing ourselves, he showed me into the front room and how to work the TV (as if I didn’t know already). I sat on the couch and crossed my legs, I saw him look at my bare thighs.

“I’m waiting for my friend to call me and let me know what time he’s going to be at the bar before I leave,” he said sitting down next to me. I started to get a bit warm so I took off my hoodie. We were watching TV for a while and I could tell he was trying not to stare at my breasts in my tight vest and at my thighs.

He was staring at my lips while I was sipping on a glass of cola.

“I really think…” he started saying just before the phone rang and made him jump. He got up and answered it. He said he had to go and so he left after reminded me about where all the numbers are etc.

A couple hours later (about 10.45), he came trough the door hours earlier than expected. ‘Great,’ I thought, knowing I’m not going to get that much money for such a short time. I was still sitting on the couch, watching TV and I watched him walk fast towards me. He had an even more smoldering, lustful look expression on his face. He picked me up by my waist and pushed me against the wall, my legs wrapped around his body.

“When I want something, I have it,” he said kissing me lustfully. His sheer strength was so overwhelming, I lost control of myself.

I could feel his huge throbbing erection in his pants rub on my pussy. I remembered that I forgot to wear put on panties.

“We shouldn’t do this Mr. Roberts, you’re married,” I whispered while he ripped off my shirt and licked my erect nipples.

He threw me onto the couch and forced my legs apart, sliding his hands up my smooth thighs.

“You should’ve thought about that before you decided not to wear panties,” he said smirking and putting two fingers into my ready wet pussy. “Young girls who wear short skirts without panties around strange men ask for a nice hard fuck” I moaned enjoying his fingers inside me and his thumb rubbing my clit.

I got up and took off his clothes, exposing his rock hard pecks, huge muscular arms and large girthy cock. He picked me up, took me into the kitchen and placed me on the table.

“Spread your legs nice and wide for me baby,” he commanded in that deep sexy voice of his. He pulled me with my legs toward him and pushed his huge cock into me slowly.

“Oooooh,” I moaned, as his huge cock struggled to fit into my tiny pussy.

He finally pushed it all into me, fucking my pussy deeper and harder with each thrust. I was moaning louder and louder as he was fucking me and taking advantage of my pussy, making it wet, throbbing for more.

“Fuck, I love this young juicy pussy,” he whispered, trusting in and out of me and holdling my breasts. “Tell Mr. Roberts how much you love him fucking that pussy of yours!”

“OHHH FUCK YEAH, FUCK ME HARDER MR. ROBERTS!!” I pleaded and screamed his name; I wanted him to fuck me harder.

He picked me up off the table with his cock still inside me and I wrapped my legs around him. He pushed me up against the wall again, he started fucking me much harder now, his hands on my waist holding my whole body effortlessly and lowering me onto his penis, up and down with sheer force and speed.

“You like that don’t you, you little dick tease,” he said breathing hard and fucking deeper, harder and faster.

I was seconds away from orgasm, the muscles in my vagina contracting rapidly, I was about to squirt all over his cock. I was screaming with delight and I couldn’t hold it back anymore, I let go and climaxed squirting all over his cock.

“FUCK!” he yelled, trusting into me one last time, I felt a warm shot of liquid shoot up my vagina.

He set me down and I collapsed onto the couch.

“Damn you’re a squirter?!” he exclaimed, cleaning up the mess and trying to catch his breath. “That was the best fuck I’ve had in years, you’re the sexiest girl on earth.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself Mr. Roberts,” I replied with a cheeky smile. “But what about your wife?”

“My wife’s a slut, she’s probably fucking business man as we speak,” he snapped. “Now come here, I’m fucking that young pussy again before you go home.”

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High School Bully Steals my Wife

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**All Characters in this Story are at least 18 years of age.**


High school was never really easy for me. I was (and still am) your stereotypical nerdy guy. I’m about 5’10, pale skin, dark hair, and wear a pair of thick rimmed glasses. The kind of guy you would expect to be sitting around with his friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Which ironically, is how I met my wife Sarah.

We met in our junior year and really hit it off. Sarah was pretty nerdy looking like myself, shoulder length blond hair, black glasses, less than perfect skin, blue eyes, braces, 140 lbs. She wasn’t ugly so to say, but she would probably get turned down for modeling since her skin had some blemishes and such (Which I thought was cute). We started dating and on our graduation day I proposed to her and she said yes. Both of our families were happy about it. Its like it was meant to be. We even started going to the same college together. Unfortunately, so did Eric.

I should explain who Eric is. Eric is the guy who made my high school life miserable. Eric was the schools quarterback for the football team. The guy was pure muscle. No brains at all. Most teachers just passed him so he could keep playing. If anything, that was the only reason he got through high school at all, and the reason he got accepted into college. I don’t know what it was about me but Eric made me the center of his abuse. Shoving me into lockers, tripping me with a tray full of food, calling me a nerd when his buddies were around, the usual verbal abuse and such. But I made sure not to let Sarah see any of it. And I did a great job. Until the night of the party.

Everything had gone so well up to that point. Me and Sarah had been married about a month now and were enjoying the married life. We hadn’t exactly had sex yet though. We were very shy about the whole thing and were slowly getting there, but I would always get off too quickly from excitement and it ended there. I was planning on seeing a doctor or something for it. Off topic though, we both went to this sort of “welcome party” for new students. And when I heard his voice, my blood ran cold.

“Whats this loser doing here?” His voice called out. Not even really a question, but an announcement of his presence. “And who’s this? Your sister?” He asks with a wicked grin still mocking me. His ego had only gotten bigger since being accepted into the college. He was even wearing his sports jacket.

“Who’s this?” Asks Sarah sort of surprised. I couldn’t really dodge it now.

“This is um…. Eric…. This is my wife Sarah.” I said reluctantly. Eric quirked a brow and grinned.

“Oh the loser got a wife? And a hottie too. What, did you come into a ton of money Gaziantep Olgun Escort or something?” He said grinning to her. I could see Sarah blush from his words and couldn’t really find words to say. I knew he didn’t think she was hot. He was just trying to make me jealous. And it was working.”

“No, we met a few years ago at one of my games.” He said trying to sound tough, but just like back in the old days it came out soft, barely a squeek.

“Well we have a few games here she might like too.” He says giving her a wink, maybe her blush a bit more and shuffle biting her lower lip and looking to me. Dammit I needed to defend her!

“Yeah… maybe….” was all that came out. Dammit I was still just as submissive as ever.

“Well drink up! No sober people tonight!” He calls out and the crowd around us cheered as we were handed two of the red Solo cups. I sighed and took it. I know Sarah didn’t want to drink but we were both feeling a little pressured. I guess this is why we never really liked parties at all. I’m not even sure what brought us to this one.

Anyways, we started trying to meet some decent people at the party when suddenly I got pulled by Eric “Come on loser game time. Where’s your wife?” She turned and saw him

“I’m right here, what are we playing?” She asks. Erics wicked grin was something I was horrified to see.

“Good old fashioned Truth or Dare. Its a good chance to meet new people and learn about yourself.” There was a tactic I didn’t expect him to play off. He was playing it off like a simple game but I knew Eric. Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t.

“Yeah ok.” She says. Maybe it was the alcohol impairing her judgement and making her so trusting.

“Sarah maybe we should jus-” I started to say but Eric cut me off.

“Hey don’t be a wimp! She wants to play. You should do what your wife wants.” It was enough to shut me up and follow along reluctantly.

The game started off simply enough. Stupid little things like people daring each to chug a drink, eating something gross, dark secrets. But then one of the guys spoke up “Uhhh you! With the glasses!” He says to Sarah.

“Oh me?” She says “Oh its Sarah. And um…. Dare?” She says. The guy thinks and says “All right, I dare you to kiss him!” He says pointing to Eric who was Grinning and slowly stood up. Sarah was mouth agape and not sure what to do.

“N-now hold on that’s my wife!” I tried to protest.

“Relax dork its just a kiss. If you can’t even trust your wife to kiss a guy once on a dare, you must not trust her very much.” He says and Sarah looked over at me shyly biting her lower lip. He was sort of right. If I told her no, everyone on campus would know how insecure I was about our relationship. But what bothered me more than that was the look on Sarahs face. She sort of wanted it. Ever since he had called her a hottie and given her the attention. Eric was the guy most every girl wanted attention from, even if they didn’t admit it. But what choice did I have?

“All right, real quick though we don’t want to stall the game….” I mumbled and Sarah slowly stood up and moved toward him. He towered over her and grinned down at her. She laughed a bit nervously as he reached out, one hand around her waist and the other gently around her neck. He leaned in and kissed her and I had to look away. I swallowed hard but bit my tongue. Pretending to look at some other people who were partying.

“All right so its one round then they stop!” The guy says completing the dare and they laughed a bit. I opened my mouth to oppose, since it was supposed to just be a quick kiss but I knew it wouldn’t matter and closed my lips. Hoping the turns would pass quickly.

They didn’t of course, truths turned into long stories and dares had plenty of jabs and more stories. Occasionally I would look over nervously to see Eric and Sarah getting more intense. By now, he had Sarah’s glasses off and pushing her against the wall. His hand was starting to slip under her shirt and I was about to call him out on it when someone called out….

“Hey Dork! Truth or Dare come on!” I was distracted and didn’t even realize it was my turn. “I uh…. Dare.” I said without even really thinking about it. The girl who was daring me grinned and rubbed her hands together as she thought “I dare you…. To go to the store and get us some more beer. We’re almost already out.”

I sighed. Of course I would get the stupid dare but at least I could use it to break up the kissing in the corner. “All right whatever. Sarah come on lets hurry up an-” I didn’t get the chance to finish as Eric cut me off.

“Hey loser she’s in the middle of a dare. You don’t need your fuckin’ wife to hold your hand to the store.” Sarah spoke a little breathlessly as well.

“Y-yeah I’m all right. Go ahead I’m gonna stay here. My turn is coming up. I-I’m ok really. Just go and hurry back.” She says. What killed me is she didn’t even look at me. She was looking at Eric’s chest.

I felt a lump rise in my throat. My wife? Alone with my bully? I didn’t want to leave her, I feared the worst. But I didn’t really have a choice “All right….. But I’ll be right back!” I said and quickly grabbed my keys. I would just need to rush it! If I hurried back I could finish this stupid game by daring Sarah to go home with me and just be done with this horrible night!

I got in the car and moved as quickly as I could. Too quickly actually. A cop pulled me over for going 10 over the speed limit. All I could do was sit there impatiently while he gave me a ticket for the usual exorbitant amount! I got back on the road and parked the car to the store when I got a text from Eric that read….

“You’re wife’s tits are great. They taste amazing.”

My heart raced. He was sucking on her tits!? I quickly texted Sarah…

“Hun are u there?”

Hoping for a quick response. I was almost running through the store now to grab the beer. I wasn’t familiar with the layout so it took me a few minutes to find the cheapest shit I could. And fuck me there was a long line. After about 10 minutes I was almost at the register when I got another text.

“Her pussy is even better. I’m gonna fuck this bitch till she’s mine.”

This time I wasn’t even playing around. I tried to call her phone. For the first few times she didn’t answer, but finally I got through. I felt some relief until I heard moaning, then Eric’s voice “Go home loser. This bitch doesn’t want you anymore.”

“Nhhg! O-oh Eric! What are you… Oh! Ohhh god! Oh that feels so good! Ohhhhhhhh!” And he hung up.

I stood there, numb all over. That was definitely Sarah’s voice. Eric was fucking my wife at the party. I dropped the beer and walked out to the car. Getting shouted out for the mess I made. I didn’t care.

Moments later I got texts from Sarah. It was pictures taken by Eric of his cock buried in Sarah. Fucking my nerd girlfriend and making her his. He sent at least 20 pictures including pictures of her sucking his cock and willingly riding him cowgirl style.

All I could do was sit there and cry. 30 minutes later I got a real text from Sarah that just read….

“Go home. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

So I did. I didn’t get any sleep though. It was the worst night of my life. And the next day would be the worst day of my life. Sarah told me that she couldn’t take my insecurities anymore and needed someone who could really support her. She wanted a divorce.

Sarah never came home. Eric showed up to pick up her things and deliver papers. Always telling me about how much sex they were having. Sarah stopped coming to our DnD games and started going to football games and baseball games with Eric. Doing whatever he wanted. My cute nerd girlfriend was not some sporty slut for my bully. He had defeated me for good. I lost.

((Hope this story was all right! This is my first ever submission. I couldn’t find stories of this type. A sort of unwilling/losing cuckold. If there is some good response, I might go ahead and make more stories. Feel free to leave a comment about critiques (Aside from spelling/grammar please) and let me know if there are any other stories you might like me to write. Thanks!))

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If I Did It- – -And I Did Ch. 01

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I get quite a bit of Literotica mail from readers of my stories. Sometimes there are questions as to why, when, how much is true, how long etc. So I figured I’d answer some questions.

My father had a bunch of porn that he had hidden that I found when I was 18. Being the inquisitive although naive person that I was and still am, I found it quite by accident. He had magazines and VHS tapes that were all straight (thank god as I don’t know quite how I’d take it if I had found out her was bent). I’d come home from early classes at the university I was attending (both my parents worked so I had after school alone time) and look at pix while I jerked off. He had Penthouse Forun magazines and those sometimes had some bi stuff and kink in them and I found that I liked the kinkiest stuff I could find. One day I read a story where this couple had sex and in the end the girl jacked the guy off til he came. She “made” him eat his cum. I had thought about tasting mine but it was the old story of no matter how badly I wanted to eat it, after I’d cum I just couldn’t do it. In the particular story in Forum, the girl had the guy’s legs back over his shoulders so that his cock was over his face. The story described how she slid her small hand up and down on his slick cock til he shot off. She directed the spurting cum into his mouth and onto his face.

I’m 5’9″ tall and maybe 145 pounds. So I’m slender and pretty flexible. I decided to try what I’d read in the story. After numerous attempts at getting myself positioned correctly I hit on the idea of putting a couple of pillows behind me so that my head was tilted up. My parents’ bed had an iron headboard that I tied a nylon rope to. I tied a loop in the free end and ran another rope thru it that I then tied to my ankles so that I could pull my legs up and over my shoulders til my feet were well behind my head. As I was pretty limber the position wasn’t uncomfortable at all, And, best of all, my cock ended up maybe five or six inches over my face. Once I was naked and in this position, my cock was incredibly hard. I started jacking off and in only a couple of minutes I came. The cum shot out of my cock and into my open mouth and onto my face.

At first the taste grossed me out but the act was so intense and I liked it so much! It was one of those once you do it it’s hot to do it again experiences. After that first time I found that I could look at porn, jerk off and then eat my cum like candy. And it’s been that way ever since. To this day I like to play with cum: rub it between my fingers to feel the texture. Take it into my mouth and swish it around. And I love showing a guy his cum while it’s still in my mouth before I swallow it.

There was a guy named David that lived across the alley from us who had been a friend since we were kids. He was in his junior year at the university and thus a couple years older than me but we were both kind of geeky so we got along regardless of age. David was five ten and maybe 160 pounds. He was nice looking in a geeky kind of way. I told him about my Dad’s porn and he started cumming over after his classes were over to look at it with me. This was a pretty much daily affair. Guys from 18 to 22 can never see enough sex or jerk off enough. This went on for a few weeks. We’d both get so worked up that he’d literally run home to jack off. I don’t remember how it happened but one day we were watching some video and I looked over at him to see that he’d taken his dick out of his jeans and was stroking it. His dick looked huge to me but in reality was probably six inches. Cut. And the head was very red which really turned me on.

I figured if he could so could I so we jerked off together. We both came pretty quickly and after it was done I went to the kitchen and got some paper towels for both of us. It seemed totally natural and neither of us was embarrassed. The next day I told him I was going to take off my jeans and underwear so he did the same thing and we got into the jerking off together habit. His cock was larger than mine and I was fascinated with its size. I started watching his fist slide up and down the shaft and ignoring the porn on the TV.

After a month or so of separate jerking off and my watching him (he wasn’t that interested in watching me) he asked if I wanted to jerk his cock for him. I was startled and embarrassed because I really wanted to but I didn’t want him to think I was a fag or something like that. Without saying anything in answer to his question I moved right next to him so that our hips were touching and reached over with my right hand to encircle his cock. His eyes never left the TV while my hand slid up and down his shaft and he never said a word. I’d guess it took him all of 30 seconds to cum and when he did it shot up and landed on my arm and ran from his cum hole onto my hand. I jumped up and made for the bathroom to wipe it off but once I got there the lure of the cum got me and I licked him off my fingers, hand and arm. By now I was well used to the flavor of my own cum and found that his tasted just slightly different. I ended Gaziantep Escort Numaraları up licking all of it up and loved it. When I went back into the den he had gotten dressed and was in a hurry to leave. I thought that our friendship was over but he was back the next day.

Our jack off sessions changed to where I was jerking him off every day. Each time I’d go into the bathroom to “clean up”. I’d sometimes eat all his cum and other times I’d use it as a lube on my own rock hard cock. I’d shoot off and then eat what was left of his cum along with my own. When I was done I’d go back into the den and by now he’d gotten over his embarrassment. He’d be sitting on the couch naked (we’d gotten to that point of total nakedness) and was sometimes hard again from watching the continuing porn movies. One day he asked why I was in the bathroom for so long “cleaning up” and why my dick was soft when I came back into the den. So I told him that I was jerking off using his cum as lube.

I was smart enough to know that no matter what I said of did he wasn’t going to leave. He was addicted to getting what had become supreme hand jobs. So I asked him if he ever ate his own cum. He was grossed out and told me he’d never do that. Then he asked if I ate mine. So I told him the truth: that I ate it most every time I jerked off. He asked if I ate it when I jerked off while “cleaning up” after he came. I told him that I not only ate mine but usually ate his too. At this point he was fisting his once again rock hard cock and breathing heavy. He told me he wanted to see me jerk off and then eat my cum so I put some baby oil on my shaft and started jacking off while looking at him and his hard cock. Since I’d just shot off in the bathroom it took me all of three minutes or so to shoot again (young guys cum so fast, hard and easily!).

The cum ran out of my cock and onto my hand. He was watching me intently while I raised my coated fingers to my mouth and sucked all the cum off. As I did this he moaned and came again. Without thinking I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. His hips came off the couch as I sucked and licked his cum into me. He tried to push my head away from his overly sensitive cockhead but I held fast and got it all off and out of him.

When I finally pulled my mouth off of his softening dick and sat back up I was blown away (what a pun!) by what I’d done. I’d actually sucked on another guy’s cock for the first time! I was humiliated and totally embarrassed but I’d loved it! He looked at me and said something like he couldn’t believe that I’d done that to him. I asked if he liked it and he was pretty emphatic that he did.

So the next day after classes were over we both got naked and settled back to watch some porn. We were side by side with our hips and thighs touching. My cock was rock hard and I had my fist on his when we made eye contact and I just shifted so that I could bend over and take him into my mouth. I’d never done an blow job but I’d seen enough on TV to have a vague idea of what to do. I sucked on the head as I slid my fingers up and down the shaft. My tongue swirled around all over and in what seemed like seconds his hips were thrusting up forcing his cock into my mouth while he filled me with his cum. I sucked it all out of him and then showed him his cum in my mouth. He asked if I was going to swallow it. Without answering I closed my mouth, swallowed and then opened up wide to show him it was all gone. At this point I was so fucking hot! I sat back up and barely touched my own dick before it spurted a huge load that landed on my chest and stomach before oozing over my hand. I looked at him and licked it off my hand and then scooped up what was on me and ate that too.

This was now an everyday affair with my getting better and better at blowing him. I progressed from simply sucking his dick to sucking on his balls too. It got to where he’d shower and I’d suck him trailing my mouth down over his cock and balls down to his ass. I would lick his hole and finally got to where I was sticking my tongue in him while I stroked his shaft til he came buckets. I fingered him a couple of time but he didn’t like it much preferring me to tongue fuck him.

I was becoming a real sex pot. Over the next few months I grew a couple of inches and my cock got a little longer and fatter. I saw one flick on the internet (we’d graduated to internet porn by now) where the girl took the guy’s cock while it was soft and snaked it back between his legs so she could put the head into his asshole. Then she ran her fingers over it til he shot off in and all over his ass. Well this looked to be an absolute dream! So I tried it with a mirror positioned so I could see everything and found that I could easily get the head of my lengthened cock into my ass. The only problem was that I’d get hard too fast and it was pretty much impossible to get it into me when hard. But if I was lucky I’d get the head in and then run my fingers over the shaft and my separated balls til I came. I’d pump cum into my ass and then push it out onto my fingers. Then I’d eat it all.

David’s and my sex sessions had progressed to where I’d suck his cock while he was sitting, laying down, standing up and in pretty much any position that we’d seen in films. He’d also gotten braver and would call me a fag and his bitch while I was blowing him. I found that I liked being called names and verbally abused. One day I asked him if he wanted to see me fuck my ass with my cock. He was crazy to see it. I sat back in a leather lounge chair and maneuvered my semi soft dick into my ass. My five inch when soft cock was just the perfect size to be able to get the head into my ass. My separated by cockshaft balls were tight as the head went into my lubed hole. David was sitting in front of me watching intently as I pulsed my ass muscles around my cockhead. I had found that when I had the head inside of me and I pulsed my muscles that the feeling was exquisite. Without any warning he suddenly reached forward and flicked his index finger into one of my balls- – -hard! The feeling of pain was so fucking intense that I cried out. But the pleasure was also very intense. He did it again to the other ball and I shot off into myself instantly. The cum leaked out around the head and it slipped out while still pulsing cum. My ass and balls were slick with it. I asked him if he liked seeing it and he said he loved it. His cock was hard and the head was all red and hot looking.

Without my moving from the chair I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He moaned and without saying another word he moved to put his cock into me. I pulled my legs up and spread them as wide as I could. He was so hot from my little show that he hurriedly pushed into my gaping hole. I cried out as he plunged all the way into me. My self fucking was just the head and now his larger dick was all the way into me where nothing had ever gone before. His balls were against my ass and he was fucking in and out of me going really hard and fast until he stiffened and I felt his cum shoot into me. He stayed in me until he was drained while my muscles squeezed him tight. When he pulled out and stood up I got up too. His cum ran out of me and down my thighs. He reached down and scooped up his seed and then fed it to me telling me what a hot fuck I was (like he knew since I was his first either male or female).

David and my after class sessions started going from right after we were out of class until just before my parents came home from work. Sometimes as long as two hours. I liked sucking his cock and getting fucked so much! A couple of times he got me into positions that we’d seen in porn that made his hard cock rub my prostate (I had no idea!) so that I sometimes came just from being fucked. He fucked me missionary while I jerked my cock off and ate the cum as he shot in me. Sometimes as he’d fuck me this way he’d pull out of me and fuck our cocks together. Then he’d slide his hot dick back into my hole and fuck me until he shot off into me. Other times he’d be close to cumming and he’d pull out and straddle my chest while he pointed his inflamed cock at my face. He’d stroke his shaft and when he came I’d watch the cum shoot out the hole in his dick and then feel the heat of the cum as it hit me in the face. He fucked me bent over the arm of the couch. He fucked me while he sat in a straight backed chair as I sat on him. He fucked me in most any position imaginable and I loved it all so fucking much!

One day he told me that his 25 year old brother was in town for a few days. He asked if I’d get pissed if he told his brother about our sessions. I told him that I’d be really mad but then he told me that he’d already spilled the beans and that his brother wanted some too. I thought about it and figured that his brother lived across the country so who could he tell that I’d know? I asked him what his brother looked like and he showed me a pic of him. He was like a grown up version of David. So he was a real man and that appealed to me as it meant that he was probably experienced in sex. I asked if he’d ever been with a boy and he told me that he never had but wanted to see what boy pussy was like. So I relented and said that I’d meet him just to see what would happen next.

His brother’s name was Jeff. He was staying at a nearby motel as their parent’s house was three bedrooms with one serving as an office. We made plans to meet the next day at David’s house.

When I got there Jeff and David were waiting for me. Jeff was a larger version of David. He was about 5’10” or so and was as good looking as David except with a little more maturity. We all got into his rental car and went to his motel. I was scared but thrilled at the thought of something even more taboo that what David and I had. And the idea of a real man, rather than someone close to my own age was so fucking hot!

We got to his room which was pretty much a suite and Jeff told me to take off my clothes and get comfortable. Both Jeff and David took theirs off too. Jeff was about six feet tall and maybe 180 or so pounds. Light brown hair. His body was pretty smooth all over. The important thing was that his cock was shaved smooth as were his balls. When we’d all gotten naked he went over to his suitcase and rummaged around until he came up with a pair of black lacy women’s panties that he told me to put on. I hesitated as up to that moment I’d never had anything feminine on my body. David told me to just do it so I slipped them on. This was a long time ago (I’m 36 now) but I’ll never forget the feeling of the satin against my dick and my ass cheeks. Looking back now, this was a major league moment in my life. I reached down and rubbed myself against the satin and almost came right then. My cock was so hard that Jeff commented on it and called it my “clit”. Jeff asked David if he thought I looked cute. David said that I did- – -almost like a girl’s body.

Jeff and David both sat on the end of the bed. Jeff told me to get on my knees and crawl over to him so I could show him if I was as good at sucking a dick as David had told him. I got on my knees and started to crawl to him. He told me to keep my head down and not to look at him. I didn’t know it then but this was classic master/slave stuff that I’d learn a lot about in the years to come. When I got to his legs he spread them and told me to lick and kiss up his thighs. I did as he told me and when I got to his smooth balls I was ready to suck one into my mouth. Instead he told me to lick them both so I slathered them with saliva as I licked. He was slowly stroking his hot looking shaft when he told me to take one ball into my mouth and suck on it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see David watching me as he jacked his beautiful cock with one hand while cupping his full balls with the other. Jeff told me to suck the other ball. I did and without thinking I apparently applied a little pressure. He gave a little yelp and slapped me, telling me I was such a slut. I loved being called a slut!

Without waiting I moved my mouth up to his cockhead and engulfed it. My tongue was swirling all over the place as I cupped his balls. He groaned and said something about my being a good little cocksucker. My mouth went all the way down as far as I could go, on his dick. Without any warning he put both hands on the sides of my head and forced me down onto his cock til my nose was tight against his stomach and his cock was gagging my throat. His cock was deep in my throat causing me to choke and gag. He kept it there for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t breathe and tears were welling in my eyes. But for some reason I didn’t want him to let me up. The feeling of being dominated by him was so intense! He finally pulled me up and as he did so I sputtered and gasped while the tears ran down my cheeks.

He was jerking his cock as he told me to pay some attention to David. Apparently David had told him about my tongue fucking his ass. Jeff told him to get on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed. Then Jeff spread his brother’s ass cheeks so that his hole was exposed. Jeff told me to eat David’s ass so I lowered my face to his pretty hole and stuck my tongue into him. Hr moaned as I tongued him, filling his hole with saliva. I ate him for a few minutes until Jeff pushed me away and replaced my tongue with two of his fingers. He was fucking his fingers in and out of his brother’s ass while I leaned back to watch while rubbing my wet dick through the satin panties. Jeff told me to pull David’s dick back between his legs and to suck on it while he finger fucked him. David was moaning and groaning as I sucked his dick.

I’d never done him like this before and I liked the fact that with his cock back between his legs, the glans was on top for my tongue to dance on. I finally settled on sucking the head and glans while Jeff fingered him. Within a few minutes his cock started to pulse so I put the head into my mouth and sucked it until he cried out and shot into me. Jeff was massaging his prostate with his fingers so the cum shot was enormous. I couldn’t contain all of it in my mouth and some leaked out the sides. I straightened up and opened my mouth to show Jeff his brother’s cum. He told me to swallow it so I did.

Jeff then told me to get on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. He went to the bathroom and got some baby oil and then, after pulling the panties to the side so that my hole was exposed, put the tiny squirt hole up against my asshole and squeezed the oil into me. He pulled it away and stuck a finger into me making me shudder with hots for cock. He was telling me what a little pussy whore I was and how he was going to fuck me like a little pussy boy slut. I was panting with desire for having his big dick inside of me. He got behind me and started rubbing his cock around my hole getting me even hotter for it. He said something like he was going to stick his dick into my ass pussy. That was the first time I’d ever thought of my asshole as a pussy hole. With no preamble he stuck his cock into me until he was buried to the hilt. I was used to David’s slightly smaller dick but unprepared for anything larger. The slight pain gave way to total fullness as he started sliding his cock in and out of me. His hand was holding my hair, twisting it and pulling my head back.

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Coming of Age

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My husband and I may very well have been to open with our kids as they grew up. But in the over all picture I think they grew up very well and liberal thinking.

We pretty much let the kids do as they pleased with in reason of safety as they grew up. We were also very loose on a dress code. Nudity in our house was common place. Denny and I often had sex with the bedroom open. If we had an audience no one ever said a word about it. We did of course give the speech about sex to both girls as they came nearer to that age when they talked boys and sex.

In our state the legal age for drinking has been raise to twenty-one. But when Sherri and Michelle came to us and asked if they could have a graduation party with beer and booze. We had a problem with that. They begged very well and there easy going father came up with an idea.

Our cabin is across the state line and over there the legal age is eighteen. So we told the girls we would take all the kids that gave us a parental permission slip in our motor home to the cabin let them have the party and we would drive them all home the next day.

A week before graduation we had sixteen slips giving us permission to serve beer and booze to the kids at our cabin and we were to be the chaperones. Two mothers asked if they could accompany us in there own cars. We happily agreed.

I called the first mother and introduced myself. “HI “I said “I am Karen Wheeler, Sherri and Michelle mothers.” She said her name was Linda and the mother of Jerry Stone.” She said her husband was away for a few weeks and she really wanted to get out of the house. So I welcomed her to come along.

The second was the Grandmother guardian of a boy named Randy Cole. She said she was not so sure about these kids drinking alcoholic beverages but her grandson wanted to real bad (Because of the girls) so she wanted to go along to make sure things did not get out of hand. I welcomed her also.

Sherri and Michelle our twin daughter were all excited the day of the big party. Denny had parked the motor home out front so as the kids arrived we pilled them in the coach. The last one arrived at two o’clock and the two followers were close behind. It was a very noisy sixty miles but even with all the screaming and fooling around we made it in two hours.

Our cabin has four bedrooms and lots of room on the floor for sleeping bags. The cabin is set back under tall trees a good hundred feet from the lake. Our boat house is next to the dock. We let the kids use it as a changing room for the ones that wanted to go swimming. The booze would not be brought out until after the evening meal.

Neither Denny nor I had met either of our adult guests until today and he for one was surprised and pleased in both cases. Jerry’s mother was slim and tall like me with a skimpy bikini under a see though smock. She made no bones about her suggestive attire and if Denny wanted to look he was welcome. I laughed and told him to be my guest if I could watch. He said he world see what he could do to accommodate me.

Randy Grandmother, Lacy turned out to be a very young Grandmother and a very pretty one. She was not Gaziantep Escort Numaraları over fifty and she was also a well build lady with a quick smile. She on the other hand wore jeans and loose blouse. Even at that I could see she had a nice figure. So I was sure Denny noticed as well.

But with so many young girls around I don’t see how he kept from rupturing him self. Some of the bikinis were no more than an after thought.

It turned out to be ten girls and six boys plus our two daughters. The girls way out numbered the boys. But I got the idea that some of the girls did not care about boys at all. In fact two girls made me smile as they held hands and kissed laughingly.

We called them all up to the cabin for a meal of junk food with hot dogs and hamburgers. The sun had not yet set as we opened the bar. Sherri had a real bad case of Tom Brice. She danced around in her bikini in front of him showing her tight little figure off.

Linda came over and sucked up two high balls in a flash. I thought she came to drink not watch the kids. Denny was acting bartender and overseer for those that might have too many. I mingled and went out side to keep an eye on the ones that came only to screw. But at this grouping it looked like to me that every one was here to get laid even Linda.

Out on the front porch a couple was in the dark corner kissing. They did not even mind when I walked closer. She had her hand in side his swim trunks and he had a finger up her narrow bikini crotch. They looked at me and laughed. I walked away.

I walked down toward the boat house and just off the path under the trees in the darkness I could hardly make out two shadow forms one kneeling in front of the other. God I do enjoy oral sex and I hoped the boy was getting his. Farther down I heard laughter from the boat house. I peeked in the window to see my daughter Sherri bent over the side of the boat with Tom Brice screwing her from the rear.

I hoped they were into safe sex. Standing next to them was a girl sitting on the boat and another girl had her head between her legs. God open sex and group sex is the thing now a days. But with a shortage of boys I guess one has to accept what one can get.

I stood next to Denny and gave him the run down on the kids. He said he thought Sherri was not a virgin but was not sure about Michelle. He said Linda had two more drinks and had asked were the bathroom was twenty minutes ago. I told him I would bar tend so he could go see where she was. As he went up stairs Lacy came over to stand next to me. She asked if her grandson had been drinking and I told her not that I knew of but to ask Denny later. I asked her if she wanted a drink. She cleared her throat and said “Maybe a small one just to ward off the night air.” So I poured her half a glass of Vodka with no mix. She sipped that and said “Oh, yes that is just right.” “Oh great another boozer.” I thought in silent mediation.

Denny came down smiling from ear to ear. Lacy stood looking at him and he smiled at her while he told me “Young Randy is screwing Linda and Linda is licking a pretty little girl’s pussy.” Lacy pucker up her lips to day something but it chocked in her throat. Maybe Lacy was not use to such language or maybe she did not like her grandson screwing our other adult guest. Denny noticed her stammering and went on as if nothing was wrong. God he is a tease some times. “I think I will get a chance to fuck her later. She sure has a nice ass.” He leaned close and said “But not as nice an ass as you my dear.” I said “Now remember I want to watch.” Lacy gulped her drink and poured herself another. The other kids were all right here in front of us dancing and drinking slowly.

I handed a kid a drink and she said “Thank you very much it is a great party.” And walked away. I turned to Lacy telling her not all the kids were busy fucking there brains out. Her face was bright red and she wanted to say something but was at a loss for words. I called out to the kids present “Rule no.1, no clothing after midnight. Everyone has to get naked or go to bed.” The all roared and laughed cat calls came from the two remaining boys.

I looked around sure enough there were only two boys in sight. We had started out with six boys. One was on the porch getting a hand job. One was of the path getting a blow job and one was screwing my daughter Sherri. So where was number six? I looked around the kids dancing and quickly noticed Michele was missing. Denny said he thought Michelle was a virgin but maybe not after tonight. I turned to say something to my ever loving husband but he was going out the French doors with his arm around Granny waist. Granny or not she was a sexy half drunk lady just the way he likes then. I thought, so go get it old boy my chance will come later.

A quick check of the key board next to the front door told me he had picked up the keys to the Coach. Well at least he was going to do her in private.

What I did not find out till later was that when my darling husband and Granny got to the coach. It was already open and Denny walked in on our daughter Michelle getting screwed doggie style right up her pretty little ass. When Dad asked her why in the ass she politely told him so she would not get pregnant. Granny suggested she try sucking him off instead. Michelle said she had already done that. So while the sixth boy fucked our daughter on our bed. Denny followed the youngsters lead and screwed Granny doggie style but not in the ass. He nailed her in the pussy and she cried out with joy. I guess it had been a while for her.

When he finished he was not going soft so he and the boy change partners. Denny fucked his daughter doggie style for the first time but surely not the last. The boy was really into ass fucking and he drilled Granny in the tight little ass hole and she screamed for joy.

By two Am we had accounted for all the kids and two drunken adults. I went out to the coach and Denny followed close behind. We were just laying there naked talking about the evening when both our daughters walked in. Sherri naked slithered in next to her father and Michelle came around to my side and laid her thin naked body on top of me.

Michelle smiled at me as we listened to Sherri tell her Daddy how she loved to watch him walk naked around the house with his cock swinging and his big balls hanging down. I know he was so proud of his girls for wanting to be with us this special night. Michelle wiggled around and sat on top of her Dad taking his cock up her sweet cunt. He looked over at me and winked. He said not too long ago we would get to love our daughters and he sure knew what he was talking about.

Michelle shivered and rubbed her firm little breasts on me. She asked if I had ever had a real girl friend. I asked if she was asking had I ever has sex with another girl? “Well yes I guess.” She said. ‘Oh my Baby daughter I have enjoyed the kissed and touch of another girl many times. In fact your Daddy and I have enjoyed one special girl together many times. Michelle sat up her thin pussy hair tickling my belly. “Oh, Mommy tell us who.” She asked smiling. I looked over at Denny and he nodded Ok. So I said “Well my Darling Daughters; we together, your Daddy and I have had sex with your Grandmother Grace Daddy’s mother since Grandpa died seven years ago.”

Sherri was busy rubbing her tight little cunt all over her Daddy’s cock but she perked up to ask. “Oh, so can we now have sex with Grandma too?” I said “I don’t know why not. I am sure Gamma will love to see we are one big happy family now. The girls leaned to one another and kissed. We got the feeling they had played this game before.

Michelle turned around so her sweet little cunt was ready for me and I spread my legs so she had lots of room for her to do her thing. We did a sixty-nine till we both reached a climax. Daddy fucked Sherri to a climax but pulled out of her before he cum. Sherri went down on him and sucked his cock as he came. Sherri pulled up and Michelle leaned over and sucked the last few drops of her Daddy’s cum.

The girls slept on the living room bed and we all were happy for the rest.

Early in the morning Denny and I went to the house to see how the kids were. Most were still asleep all over the place. We checked the bedroom and found Lacy and her grandson naked together in one bed. In the other bedroom we found Linda with two boys curled up with her sleeping soundly. We backed out we wanted then to wake up with out us knowing what was going on.

An hour later we had fed them all got the sleeping bags gather up and two very sheepish adults ready to drive back to town. Once we got home I got Linda to the side an asked her if she would like to come over Saturday night for a little party of special friends. These were all adults I told her. She accepted.

Denny waited till Granny Lacy got home to invite her to lunch Saturday afternoon at the hotel. He said “We have a room there we keep for special guests.” He made no suggestion but it was clear what he wanted and she accepted giggling. We put the phone down and he said now be sure you wait fifteen minute before you come up with Ted. I think that will give me time to get her naked and in bed. Lucy will get a kick out of him. Ted is my delivery man he works in my dress store. He is also very young, very black and has the longest cock I have ever seen.

The girls were listening on the extension and now they were asking “What about us, what about us.”

((Sex 101, introduction of togetherness ;)) Next…

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My Maid Lata: The Foursome

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(The characters of this story are from the series My Maid Lata and short story Enriching Richa, previously published by me.)

I rubbed my eyes and looked at the college notice board again. No, I wasn’t seeing things. The notice actually read that me along with a few students from my class had been chosen to move to another town for a residential five-day educational survey. This was a part of my project work. Our sociology teacher Mrs Rastogi would accompany us. I felt happy and sad at the same time, happy that I got a hang out, sad that I would be away from Lata, the maid.

After my parents had returned from the conference, Lata and I seldom found time together. We were frustrated, especially Lata who was really enjoying her dominance on me. We just got a few moments here and there, but that was nothing in comparison to the fun we had during those seven days. A few times we had met in the house of Lata’s friend, the same venue where we met earlier once while I bunked college. But our session couldn’t be long enough for our liking. Every night my body itched to make love to Lata, but it wasn’t possible for us anymore. I had become a complete submissive to Lata and followed whatever she asked of me.

While coming back from tuition classes I used to meet Lata sometimes near a relatively lonely place, on some very rare occasions when our driver Raja wasn’t present. We would find a moment or so to kiss, or hug or hold hands. It was one such day that day. After a few seconds of lip kissing I said to Lata, “You know I have to leave the town for a few days, five to be exact. It is a part of my study project.”

Lata, while looking concerned asked, “Oh, where are you going?”

I told her the name of my destination. Lata on hearing the same said, “Yes, I know the place, one of my friends is married there. Her husband is a rickshaw-puller. But baby already we don’t get time together, now five whole days without you. How can I survive?”

I held her hand and said, “Even I can’t live without making love to you, Latadidi, but what can we do? It’s a part of my study.”

Lata nodded in affirmation, we then departed after another kiss, as it was getting late. Lata was in deep thoughts, whether she could turn it into an opportunity. She was figuring out what she needed to do.

And some distance away the same conversation happened between Malti and Richa, at Richa’s house. Richa’s mom had gone out to a relative’s place and the naive Richa had her face buried in Malti’s ass, her tongue licking the maid’s asshole, the second time since morning. After Malti had cum by fingering herself and made Richa lap the juices afterwards, Richa finally told her about the survey work. Malti too, just like Lata, didn’t wish to be away from Richa. She was submerged in her thoughts too, her mind planning what could be done. Richa, like an obedient slut went back to her duty, and licked Malti’s feet.

It was the day before I left for the project work. I was busy packing, and my parents were busy giving me all kinds of possible advice. I couldn’t see Lata since morning, my eyes desperately searching for her lover. I finally asked the housekeeper Seema about her and was shocked to learn that Lata had taken a few days leave, as she would be going out of town to a relative’s place. I was sad that I couldn’t meet my lover before going away. Little did I know that Lata was actually planning to meet me during my stay outside.

Next morning Richa and I sat side by side on the minibus, me still ignorant of the fact that Richa was having an affair with Malti, and also that she knew about Lata and I. We chatted as usual, our young hearts excited to hang out on our own. In addition to professor Mrs Rastogi, a cook Mala and a maid Radha also accompanied us. Four more students were also going with us. All of us were to stay at a girls only lodge, arranged by our college principal.

We reached the place by noon. The lodge was empty and arranged only for us to stay. Richa and I shared a room together. The survey was to start from the next day, in the houses of a nearby basti, where the entire population worked in the tea-garden. The survey was based on the socio-economic condition of people working as daily labourers in tea-garden.

After having our lunch most of the others took a nap, including Mrs Rastogi, and I thought of having a short walk in the neighborhood. I asked Richa if she could accompany me, but she said that being tired she needed a nap as well. So, I decided to go out alone. The place was beautiful with tea-gardens and hills, and I strolled while enjoying the scenic beauty. As I was passing by an abandoned factory I suddenly saw the figure of a woman that startled me. I just saw it for a split second, but still I was sure that I recognized her.

It was Malti, the forty-plus years old maid of my best friend Richa, who once during her stay at my house had seen my love-making with Lata, and then had forced me to lick her pussy and asshole to keep Gaziantep Gecelik Escort our affair a secret. What was this woman doing here? I was very curious to know, and hence I decided to go inside the deserted factory. As I moved in the darkness, only illuminated by a little sunshine from some random openings in the roof, I moved past two empty rooms, probably being offices once, but couldn’t see anyone. The huge production room was next and I went in there too. As I stepped in something caught my attention. It was a low sound of moans. I slowly moved towards the source of the sound and soon came upon a view that made me freeze.

I saw Malti fully bending her body from the belly with her upper body rested on a broken piece of furniture, and kneeling behind her was my best friend Richa, and she was licking the maid’s asshole. Malti was fully nude and was moaning in pleasure as she felt Richa’s tongue moving in her asshole. I had licked Malti’s body before, and I knew that her asshole was a real treat to lick, and I knew Richa must be enjoying herself fully at the moment.

But the scene blew my mind away, Richa licking her maid’s asshole! I had no idea that the always calm and gentle girl Richa had this side to her. She lied to me about taking a nap and was actually planning to meet Malti and have sex. More thoughts overpowered my mind, what if she knew about me and Lata? Malti must have told her everything, and also the fact that even I had licked Malti’s body once. I was feeling crazy but couldn’t move an inch from my place.

Malti’s moans had increased by now, Richa was holding onto her huge asscheeks and licking the asshole continuously. My pussy began to grow moist, I didn’t remember when I had put my hand in my skirt and started to stroke my pussy. The view of my best friend licking her maid’s asshole was turning on the heat on my body. Soon both Malti and me were fingering ourselves, while Richa was busy pushing her tongue in the ass of her maid. The orgasm built within my body and as Malti cum with a loud moan, my juices started to flow as well, and I muffled my mouth so that my sounds didn’t alert Malti and Richa.

Almost an hour had passed since I went out for a walk, and so I rushed back to the lodge. Luckily others were still asleep then. I slid inside my blanket and pretended to sleep while Richa came back after some time. She washed herself in the washroom and then lay on her bed. As I opened my eyes she looked at me and smiled. She said, “Oh so you have come back, I was in the washroom. How was your walk?”

What a bitch she was, I thought in my mind. She was licking her maid’s asshole just a few minutes ago, and now pretending that nothing had happened. I said, “The walk was fabulous to say the least, saw beautiful scenes around.”

Richa smiled again and said, “Good to know. So what is your take on the view you saw in the factory?”

I was startled by her words. The bitch knew that I had seen their sexual encounter in the factory. And what was surprising was that Richa, who had always been a shy and gentle girl was showing no intentions to hide it. Her body language, her expressions were beaming in confidence. I asked, “Now that you know that I have seen everything, I want to ask you since when is this going on between Malti and you?”

Richa replied, “Well a few days after Lata and you started the affair.”

I wasn’t shocked by her reply, I knew that was coming. I asked her, “Did Malti tell you?”

Richa smiled at me and said, “Who else Puja? It was your story that turned my emotions around. I too was seduced by my maid, just because I saw her fingering herself having your photo in her hand, and taking your name. If I couldn’t be as good a student as you or as rich as you, I definitely wanted to be a better slut than you.”

The last remark hit me hard. I angrily stared at Richa and said, “How dare you call me a slut? Lata and me are lovers.”

Richa laughed aloud and said, “Who are you fooling Puja? The fact is your relationship is based on lust. It is not love dear, you are just a bitch of your maid, and I am of Malti. And I can confidently say I am better than you. See Malti has come all the way here to be with me. Where is Lata?”

I was fuming with anger then. This bitch can’t be better than me in any respect, even a slut. But her last question was true. Where was Lata? Didn’t she manage to come over here? A train of thoughts was running in my mind. By then Mrs Rastogi and the other girls were all awake. We were served evening tea and snacks. Mrs Rastogi reminded us about the survey tomorrow morning. As usual Richa and I were grouped for the survey. We were assigned the Eastern side of the basti.

Next morning as we reached the Eastern basti Richa and me were welcomed by Malti. God she was everywhere! She held Richa by the hand and while looking at me said, “Hello Puja. Do you remember me? Or else I should ask, remember my body?”

Before I could reply Malti said, “Don’t bother answering. Come this way.”

She took us to a relatively deserted place which was away from the basti. We entered what was an empty hut which was full of straw. I suspected it was a storage place for grains or something. As I was looking here and there I suddenly heard a familiar voice. It was Lata who said, “Ok here comes the cavalry.”

Yes, indeed it was Lata. She had come. My heart skipped a beat as I literally jumped up in joy. I ran to her and we hugged, enjoying our embrace. Then our lips met in a kiss, Lata’s lips devouring mine, my hands on her back pulling her to me. Malti and Richa were spectators to our deep, saliva-mixed kiss which seemed to last forever. Lata’s hands cupped my ass as her tongue went in my mouth, and I sucked on it. I had forgotten everything, that I was in a distant land, making out with my maid and being seen by my best friend and her maid. Only thing I remembered was that Lata was here, and I needed to eat her up.

And as my lips travelled on the body of Lata, I enjoyed her moans. I kissed the hollow of her throat, her shoulders, her cleavage. I bent on my knees to kiss her belly, paying special attention to her belly button. As I kissed I could also hear Malti’s moans, from the corner of my eye I could see Richa was licking her feet and Malti with her eyes closed was pressing her own boobs. Lata guided my head further down and it was all dark as my head entered inside her petticoat, a place where I couldn’t be since the past few days.

As my tongue met my prized location, the pussy of Lata, moans escaped my maid’s lips. Malti was moaning louder as well, and I could understand that Richa was pleasuring her by her tongue. As we two best friends tongued our respective maids the room was full of hot breaths, moans and sighs. Lata’s hand was constantly threading through my hair, and it seemed she was appreciating my efforts. My tongue, my chin and my lips were well coated with Lata’s juices as I licked on furiously like a person with days of starvation. Soon with an outcry Lata cum in my mouth and I readily lapped all her juices. She was delicious and I made sure I licked the whole of it.

Malti too had met her orgasm by then, and her cum was glistening on Richa’s mouth. All of us sat on the straw laid floor of the hut. Lata said, “Are you not surprised that I came for you baby?”

I smiled and said, “I knew you would come for me, Latadidi. I love you so much.”

Lata smiled and kissed me. Malti laughed and said, “See the love birds. For your kind information I was here the day before. My slut Richa is the best in the world in the act of pleasuring a woman. Puja is no match for her Lata.”

I was very angry on hearing those words. My cheeks burnt in anger and frustration. I said, “How dare you say so Maltididi? I had licked you one night don’t you remember? Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it. You were riding my face the entire night.”

Malti said, “Of course I do my little bitch. But my slut Richa licks me everyday and everywhere possible. Can Lata say so about you?”

Richa and Malti shared a laugh as my head started boiling in anger. Lata was silent this entire time. She was thinking, and when she finally spoke, it changed the course of the game.

Lata looked towards Malti and said, “Maltididi why don’t we arrange a sex competition between our sluts and decide who’s the better one? There will be various rounds of different sexual challenges which we would throw at them and whoever wins is the best.”

Malti’s eyes lit up in excitement. The dark maid readily agreed to Lata’s proposal and said, “Brilliant Lata, absolutely brilliant. And there is a catch too. The loser in every round will perform a task as ordered by her opposition’s maid. For example, if Puja loses she does what I tell her.”

Richa said, “Sounds fun. I am ready.”

I looked towards Lata and said, “Me too. Bring it on.”

Malti said, “Ok task number one is something that seems easy to hear but hard to execute. The first task is to strip yourself naked.”

Richa was off to a flyer with this task, showing that she was really good at it, maybe with ample practice! Before I could get myself in lingerie, all of Richa’s clothes had come off and was lying on the straw-clad floor of the hut. Lata was disappointed and it showed on her face. Malti with an evil grin said, “Well done my bitch. Now I decide what Puja has to do. Puja lie down on the floor.”

I did as commanded by the dark maid. As I laid my body on the cold heaps of straw, Malti came over and sat on my face, blocking the light from my vision. I could only hear her words, “Puja will lick my ass now, and in the meantime Lata and Richa will make out. It will continue till I say so. And don’t worry Puja I shall be giving you live updates about their making out so that you don’t miss the action.”

I took out my tongue and licked the sides of Malti’s asshole. I could remember the smell and salty taste of the asshole that I have licked earlier as well. My tongue started to move rapidly now, flickering the puckered hole of the huge black maid as my ears listened to her moans with live commentary of how Richa was kissing Lata’s lips, throat, belly and then down to her thighs. Malti started to put the pressure of her ass on my face now, making it really uncomfortable for me, but I had to bear with my punishment.

I could understand from Malti’s words that Richa was now kissing Lata’s feet now and according to Malti Lata was really enjoying it. I felt a little jealous in my mind but couldn’t think much of it, my tongue was restlessly licking Malti’s asshole. I tried to push my tongue further in the asshole and this made Malti moan louder. She murmured, “Lata your bitch is teasing me well, oh yes oh yes more of it bitch. O what do we have here? Richa is now sucking Lata’s boobs. Yes Richa, my bitch, make me proud, show Lata how good a slut you are.”

I was getting frustrated at how long this was going to continue, a part of me really liked licking Malti’s asshole, and another part was jealous of Richa making out with my lover Lata. Malti was moving her asscheeks to and fro on my face now and moaning loudly. I could hear some deep sighs and moans of Lata too and could understand that Richa was pleasuring her. In frustration I reached out blindly and found my hand in Malti’s pussy, and started to rub her hairy snatch. My tongue licked around the walls of the asshole of the maid, and I used my fingers to good effect on her pussy.

Malti’s commentary stopped and she was only moaning now. She could feel my tongue wiggling up in her asshole and my fingers were sending jolts of electricity in her body. She could feel the orgasm building in her body and her pressure on my face increased. I was literally getting suffocated now but my tongue restlessly moved in Malti’s asshole. Soon the trick worked and Malti reached her orgasm with a loud moan. As soon as she got up from my face, Richa also had to stop pleasuring Lata. Fresh air came upon my face and I could see the light around.

Malti while panting heavily said, “Well that was awesome wasn’t it Lata? Now the next task for you bitches. Lata will assign the task this time.”

I looked towards Lata. She was all sweaty due to the heat, and also being charged up due to Richa’s sexual advances. She stood up, her black skin glistening with sweat, even from a certain distance I could feel the scent of her sweat and I was dying to pound up in her. Lata had a small bag with her, which I failed to notice earlier. She took out a few pet jars from it, they contained jam, butter and molten chocolate, each of them in pairs.

Lata said, “Your next task will be to lick and finish these edibles. But there is a catch. You need to smear them on my body and then lick it off. You can choose any body part that you like, however the three edibles need to be licked from three different places. If two of you decide to move to the same body part at one time, whoever reaches there first would have to kiss the place and remain there kissing till Maltididi decides who got there first. Whoever licks all the edibles off first will be the winner.”

I remembered how once I had licked chocolate ice cream off Lata’s ass. I was confident of completing this task much before Richa could do. Malti said, “Oh Lata what a great idea. But you are going to get all the fun huh? And I would just be a referee?”

Lata smiled and said, “Ok Maltididi fair enough. You get to punish the loser by your means and I won’t be a part of that.”

Malti laughed and said, “Deal.”

So Lata got laid on the ground and I quickly stretched her left arm to reveal her sweaty and hairy armpit. I smeared the butter on it and began to lick, my tongue tracing the butter mixed with the salty, tangy sweat from the armpit. The scent of her sweat was driving me crazy and I was licking like a mad person. Richa had decided to spread the jam first on Lata’s dark belly and she was licking from there. Malti was busy cheering us up and Lata was moaning in ecstasy.

The sound of the lid of the pet jar attracted my attention. Richa had already finished licking the jam and she had now opened her butter. I started to suck off the butter now and with it sucked in a few hair from Lata’s armpit. I swallowed the whole and then smeared my jam on Lata’s boobs. Richa had smeared the butter on Lata’s dark foot and was licking it from there. My tongue moved on Lata’s tits and her big,dark areolas, lapping up the smeared jam. Oh this was the tastiest food of my life! Lata was moaning loudly due to double attention two tongues were giving to her body that time.

I had consumed the jam completely by then and rushed with the remaining molten chocolate to Lata’s ass. Richa too had completed licking the butter off Lata’s feet and she rushed to the same spot. By a whisker I reached Lata’s ass first and planted the kiss on Lata’s asshole, and kept myself in the kissing position. Richa too got there but was ruled out second by the referee Malti. Richa decided to go to Lata’s hairy pussy instead.

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Idle Hands Ch. 01

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Tim watched his best-friend Kenneth make small talk with the gentleman that leaned against the corner of the bar. He watched the familiar way Kenneth closed the distance between him and his prey. A small smirk rose to his lips as the gentleman reached out and ran a finger down Ken’s jaw, before pulling back and smiling a grin that spoke of approval.

“Looks like you and Ken are over,” a voice whispered behind Tim.

He turned and felt his chest tightened. The cobalt blue eyes he’d been trying to capture for the past few weeks were finally staring into his chocolate brown ones. Tim swallowed his nervousness and then shrugged his shoulders. “Ken and I split a couple weeks ago.”

“You both seem to be doing okay,” the man said, claiming a seat next to Tim at the bar.

“Yeah, we are. Our relationship was more friendship than romance.” Tim turned in his seat and signaled for the bartender to bring them both a bottle of beer. “Ken and I have been friends for the past thirty years. About a year ago, he lost his partner in an automobile accident and I was between lovers, so it was natural for me to be there for him. Our relationship has always been close, the intimacies were just something that we enjoyed at our own paces, but like I said, it’s friendship between us, not love like he shared with Bill.”

“Well, it was good he had someone there for him.”

“Yeah, he’s been there for me too. I’m glad to know he’s ready to play the field again.”

“And are you?” the man asked. His hand suddenly found a home on Tim’s leg.

Tim looked down and then up. “I’ve seen you in here, but I’ll admit my ignorance. What’s your name?” He watched a wide smile cross the handsome features of the young man. Tim felt his cock jerk as he imagined that grin looking up at him with his cock resting below the pink-hued lips.

“Hugh,” the blonde Adonis answered, extending his other hand, while choosing to leave the one on Tim’s leg. “I’ve been watching you for sometime too, which was how I knew who you were and whom you were seeing. I just didn’t know the extent of your friendship.”

Tim felt Hugh’s firm grip and found himself somewhat startled by the electricity that seemed to shoot from the man’s hands and roll itself through his system. Hugh was younger than him, probably by a good fifteen or twenty years, but Tim felt like an inexperienced boy. “Well, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” he said, dropping Hugh’s hand and picking up his beer. He drew a long drink from the cold beverage and tried to calm the beating of his heart.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Hugh said. His hand moved higher on Tim’s bare leg. The Arizona sun beat down on the world around them and Tim thanked the Heavens that he’d worn denim shorts and a tank top when he came to the bar this hot summer night. He opened his legs and glanced sideways at Hugh. His eyes locked with those of the younger man and he saw Hugh’s brow lift as if questioning how far Tim wanted the evening to go.

“How old are you Hugh?” Tim asked, moving his hand from the bar down to Hugh’s. Gaziantep Gecelik Escort He covered it with his older and more experienced fingers, squeezed them and then slipped them up higher so they barely touched the hem of his shorts.

“I’m twenty-three. You?” Hugh asked as he took the hint and slid his fingers partway up the denim fabric. His nails scrapped Tim’s inner thigh muscles, teasing the skin and gently pulling on the hair.

Tim felt his cock extend another inch and he eyed Hugh cautiously. What was happening to him, he thought to himself as his body began to physically ache from the delicious images that were playing about in his head. “I’m fifty-three,” he answered and then added under his breath, “but you’re making me feel like I’m a kid with my first hard on.”

Hugh chuckled and slid his hand out from underneath Tim’s shorts. Tim groaned his disappointment, but then quickly recovered when he saw Hugh stand up and move closer to him. He felt the young man’s breath on his neck and his lips on his ear. “I have a feeling you’re use to calling the shots; aren’t you?”

The question surprised Tim and forced him to analyze what Hugh had just asked. He never thought of if he was the one to call the shots in any of his past relationships, but now that the question was posed to him, he inwardly admitted that was the case. Tim always decided who would do what and when, he’d never allowed another, not even Ken to take charge. He nodded his head and then felt Hugh’s palm press against the back of his neck, his fingers slipping along the short crop hair that he recently had trimmed. “Tell ya what Tim. . .I know I’m younger than you, but I like being in control and I think you’d like it too.”

Tim already knew he’d like it. His cock was begging to be free and enveloped in the warm hands, lips and ass of the young man that stood beside him, making his body tingle with anticipated pleasure. Tim finished his beer and stood up. “Hugh, I feel like a dirty old man about to jerk off to the sight of a young pup buried under him.”

Hugh laughed and reached into his back pocket, pulled several bills from its depth and laid them on the bar. “The drinks were on me tonight,” he said and then placed his hand on the small of Tim’s back. “Since I’m leading the dance I think I’ll tell you when you can jerk off and with whom.”

Tim’s breath caught in his throat as he thought of testing the young man’s words, but something told him to hold off and see what kind of game this kid had in mind. He felt the pressure of Tim’s fingers against his back and knew he was being told with silent movements to head out of the bar. The thrill of the unknown was like a heavy cologne that teased the air. Tim found himself growing more excited as he crossed the room and headed out the door, still in contact with Hugh in someway.

They stopped and he turned to the young man, once more taken back by the strength in the bright eyes. “Whose car? Or do we drive separately?” he asked. Inwardly he didn’t want to leave Hugh’s side, fearful that all of this was a dream and the young stud would disappear.

“My truck,” Hugh answered and Tim’s face lit up in a relieved grin.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he said and then was rewarded with Hugh’s hand rubbing the small of his back as he pointed out a red pick-up.

They walked together; Tim felt his cock stiffening and reached down to adjust the growing bulge. “Don’t,” Hugh told him, his voice heavy with demand and his breath barely brushing against Tim’s neck. “I’ll tell you when you can touch and when you can’t.”

Tim shuddered and clenched his hand. A thrill of excitement and wonder washed through him and he wondered what more would Hugh demand or deny from him. He took his seat in the cab of the young man’s truck, noted the absence of fast food and empty pop or beer bottles. This didn’t surprise him, already he was seeing Hugh as a young kid that had a clear idea of what he liked and didn’t like; messes were something he was sure Hugh wasn’t found of. A soft smile played on his lips as he thought of his place; clothes were lying about. Dirty dishes littered the counter and the sink. He’d been a bachelor for too long, he told himself, just as Hugh started up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

“Take it out,” Hugh said, interrupting the silence of their travels.

Tim smirked and then unzipped his pants. He stared at Hugh’s eyes, wanting to see his reaction to his straining manhood. He was rewarded with a nod of approval from the young man and his cock leapt in pleasure at the welcomed sight. Tim held his cock in his hand; his fingers toyed with the tip and then trailed down the swollen veins.

He watched Hugh lick his lips and shift in his seat. Then he was greeted with Hugh’s hand replacing his. “I told you to take it out, not feel it up,” he said and then began to stroke the thick meat. “It’s mine right now,” he said and squeezed hard, bringing a moan of lust from Tim’s throat. “I’m going to play with you the whole ride home and you best not come,” he whispered and began to stroke Tim’s shaft with slow, torturous strokes.

Tim watched as his meat was swallowed up by Hugh’s hand. He cringed when he heard the young man’s words, but he merely nodded his agreement and settled back in his chair. His eyes closed and he began to concentrate on the touch of the man’s fingers as they rolled up and down his shaft and then across the ridge before sliding across the spongy head.

Hugh’s fingers moved faster and then stopped, a groan of disappointment had started to roll from Tim’s lips, but it was quickly replaced with a sigh of pleasure when Hugh slowed up, sped up, then slowed up again. He shifted in his seat, turning his body so Hugh could gather up more of the inches he was providing. “My God, Hugh. . . my balls ache.”

“Do you want to touch them?” he asked and stopped stroking to tease the blood filled veins with his nails.

“Yeah, man. May I? Ohhh fuck, that feels good.”

“May you what?” Hugh asked as he teased the base of Tim’s shaft. His nails scrapped across the top of the older man’s testicles and pulled at the coarse hairs.

“Touch my balls. . . Mmmm. . .may I touch my balls, Hugh.” Tim wasn’t aware of how badly he needed to feel himself until Hugh had scratched the sensitive flesh. He felt the tension in his stomach tighten, as he mentally prayed that Hugh would allow him to massage his testicles.

“Pull them out,” Hugh answered and then dropped Tim’s cock. Tim’s eyes grew wide, then settled back to normal when he saw Hugh was simply turning into the drive of an old farm house.

When he had his balls in his hand, he began to play with them, enjoying the sensation of their velvet sack and the knowing weight of the twin spheres. “Thanks,” Tim whispered and then looked over at Hugh. Their eyes met and Hugh held his gaze for a moment before unbuckling his seat and then Tim’s.

Another leap from his cock brought Hugh’s hungry stare to the center of his lap and Tim groaned when Hugh bent over the seat and latched onto his swollen dick. “Ahhh. . . fuck yeah,” Tim moaned and increased the rubbing of his sack while his other hand moved into Hugh’s hair. “Ohh man. . . ohhh fuck Hugh. . .feels so. . .oh God it feels so good.”

Hugh’s lips moved down the full length of Tim’s dick, sucking and pulling at the flesh. His teeth scrapped the sides, and his tongue circled around the front and back as he began to ascend to the tip before gliding back down to the bottom. He moved his hand from his own slacks, which he’d been rubbing with a firm stroke and shoved Tim’s fingers from his balls.

Tim laid even more back in the seat and put his other hand in Hugh’s hair. He felt the young hands of his new lover squeezing and massaging his balls, while his mouth made slurping noises as it drank up the steady drops of pre cum that were leaking out. “Ohhh Hugh. . .don’t stop sucking. . . ohhh fuck, I’m gonna. . .”

Suddenly he felt his seed shoot out and slide into the hot mouth that was covering him. He shivered as the burst flowed out of him and Hugh finished drinking the salty milk. His back had arched and his breathing had stopped. Tim held Hugh to him as he shot a second stream down the young man’s throat and then a third. His eyes were clenched tight and sparks shot past the lids. When he felt the cold air of the car surround him he knew Hugh had moved away from the whole package and was looking up at him.

Come covered the soft lips and he could see that Hugh held some in his mouth. He beckoned him toward him and together the two men met, sharing the come-filled treat. When their tongues and lips separated, the hot liquid had been transferred back to its owner. Tim swallowed and then licked his lips. Hugh sat back up and lifted one brow. “I’m very sure I told you not to come,” he whispered and then opened the truck door. He looked back into the cab and glanced at the now soft cock. “I want that hard before you walk into my place. If it isn’t then you may as well start walking home.”

Hugh shut the door to his truck and walked away, leaving Tim stunned, but growing excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long and he’d be following the young man into the house and seeing what else was in store for the two of them.

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I’m Not Gay Ch. 04

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I pulled away from the kiss and said the only words I could think at the moment:

“Love me, Bryson. Please.”

“I will, baby. I already do. Just not here. Our first time is not going to be in the cramped cab of my pickup truck.” Bryson panted. My head cleared and I looked around. He was right. It wasn’t exactly a romantic locale. I moved over into my seat and buckled my seat belt. I put my hands in my lap, but Bryson grabbed one of them and held it in his and he began driving. I didn’t know where he was headed, but I knew it was somewhere we were going to have sex. That thought intrigued and frightened me. I was what you would call sexually inexperienced, or a virgin in layman’s terms. I hadn’t told Bryson and I guessed that he hadn’t figured it out himself. I figured that we would just cross that bridge when we came to it. As I finished my thought, I realized we had come to a stop. We were parked outside a beautiful Victorian style house with one of those wonderful wraparound porches I love. I always just imagine sitting out there and reading a book on a porch swing. Speaking of porch swings, there was a faint creaking sound as the porch swing on this house rocked in the breeze.

“Where are we, Bry? Is this one of the houses you’re renovating? We can’t…do it here” I cringed at my use of “do it” to describe sex. I couldn’t have been more blatantly virginal if I wore white and a sign saying “VIRGIN!” on my chest.

“No, this is actually my house. I bought it a couple years ago and have been renovating it little by little every since. I just loved the character of the house and I loved the wraparound porch. It’s just so cozy and old-fashioned.” He finished with a smile. He was looking lovingly at the house. I was jealous of that look, but I couldn’t help but think about how we both loved the wraparound porch. We walked up to the door and, once we got inside, we stood there in awkward anticipation. Neither of us knew quite how to proceed from there. I’m sure he was expecting me, as the more experienced in homosexuality, to take the lead and I was expecting him, as the more experienced in any kind of sexuality, to take the lead. I decided honesty was the best policy.

“I’m a virgin!” Well, maybe not that honest. I had practically screamed it at him with no preface. He tried to hide his look of shock, but I could see it clearly in his expression that he didn’t know what to do with that information. “I know I’m a freak. I’m 26 years old and I’ve never had sex before. I’ve kissed a few guys, but no one’s ever even seen me naked. I’m a virgin. A 26 year-old virgin. Oh god, like that movie, except I’m not 40-” My rambling was cut off by a groan from Bryson. He moved closer to me and pulled me into an embrace.

“You have no idea how much of a turn-on that is, do you? Just the thought that I’ll be the first person to see you, to touch you, to make love to you. I could come from just thinking about it.” He practically moaned the words and, just like that, the previous amorous mood was reinstated. He started walking me to a room in the back of the house that I assumed was a bedroom. He pulled me to the center of the room and I started looking around. It was a large room with simple furniture. I really liked it. It just felt comfortable. I finished my perusal of the room and looked over at Bryson to find him staring back at me. Before he noticed I was watching him, I saw a little bit of that loving look that I thought was only reserved for his wraparound porch. He straightened up and moved towards me. I felt an overwhelming urge to move backwards but I didn’t know why. I suppose I was scared. I wanted to be with Bryson, but even more than that I didn’t want to disappoint him. My hesitation must have shown.

“Is something wrong, Noah? Do you not want this? I’m not here to rush you. I’m sorry. You tell me you’re a virgin and I bring you back to my bedroom. You were looking for support and I act like a complete horn dog. I’m so sorry.” Bryson looked truly torn up.

I interrupted him by grabbing his hand, “It’s alright. I wasn’t looking to slow down things. I just am…scared. I don’t want to mess this up. You’re so hot and I’m sure you’ve been with countless women that were more experienced than me. What Gaziantep Saatlik Escort if I’m not any good?” I couldn’t believe that I was saying these things to Bryson.

“You’re so adorable, Bunny.” I rolled my eyes and Bryson continued, “I know you don’t like it, but it’s true. That doesn’t mean that I don’t also find you incredibly sexy. I’m not going to lie, I have more experience than you, but I’m technically a virgin to gay sex. Can we just work through this together?” He moved closer and cupped my face. Our lips touched and it was so sweet and tender that it was almost painful. We pulled away and our foreheads touched. Bryson moved his hands up to my shirt and began unhooking buttons. We maintained eye contact while he undressed me. I started to get nervous as he unbuttoned my pants, but Bryson kissed me softly to calm my nerves. He surprised me by pulling down my pants and my boxers in one fell swoop. I was suddenly completely naked in front of the man of my dreams. How did I get here?

Bryson stepped back and just looked for a few seconds. I twitched nervously under his gaze. I jumped a little when he said, “You are so beautiful. It’s so cheesy, but it’s true. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful. It just about gives me a heart attack to know that no one has ever seen this sight before.” With that, Bryson just about gave me a heart attack by dropping down on his knees and kissing my erection. Throughout all the inspection, I had managed to get rock hard despite my nerves. I shivered when I felt Bryson’s lips exploring the entire expanse of my hips.

I stuttered out, “Bryson, no…you don’t have to-ah…please.” Bryson chuckled and continued on in his quest to drive me out of my mind. I lost all of the breath in my lungs when he took me in his mouth. I had never had this done to me before and the wet heat of his mouth was an entirely new sensation for me. It only got better as he moved his mouth up and down my erection. I’m not very big, only about 5 or 6 inches hard. He didn’t take the whole thing in his mouth, but I couldn’t have been more pleased. This was fairly obvious, as I got closer to coming. “Bryson, please, I’m going to…oh god. That’s good.” As I finished panting, I let out a displeased cry as Bryson pulled away from me and stood up.

“I’m sorry, baby, but I want to be looking in your eyes when you come for the first time from being with me. This may be a little awkward, but how are we doing this? Would you like to be the top?” Bryson asked curiously.

I appreciated that Bryson would offer me up that kind of power and leave himself so vulnerable, but honestly the thought of being the top terrified me. I certainly didn’t know how to top and make it good. “No, I think it would be better with you as the top,” I offered.

“Okay, thank you. Lay down on the bed, Bunny.” He smiled at my exasperated expression as I climbed onto the bed and laid on my back, looking up at Bryson.

“Um, Bryson, can you maybe take off some clothing? I’m completely naked and you’re fully clothed…not really fair.” I said coyly. Bryson began taking his clothes off and, when he pulled his shirt off and revealed that muscular chest, I licked my lips. He was so sexy and attractive. What in the world was he doing with me? I came back to full consciousness when I realized he had stopped undressing.

“What am I doing with you? Are you kidding?” Bryson said. I had unintentionally voiced my thoughts. I grimaced at my faux pas. “Seriously, Noah, you have no idea how amazing you are. I’m lucky to be with you, not the other way around. Please stop thinking of this as some sort of charity case or act of insanity on my part.” I nodded as he finished his rant and he seemed pleased.

With that, he stripped the rest of his clothes off. Bryson Ganton naked was a sight to behold. He was muscular, but not a musclehead. He was little covered in hair, but not furry. I felt like Goldilocks. He was just perfect for me. I looked down to his groin area and I started to get a little worried. He was about 8 inches hard and the sight of his hard cock made me worry about it fitting. I wasn’t made of rubber. I’m also not exactly hard to read. Bryson started chuckling at my nervous expression.

“It’s going to be fine, Bunny. This is going to be great,” Bryson said as he climbed on top of me. “I’m going to prepare you. It might hurt a little bit. Do you trust me?” I nodded and Bryson kissed me passionately. At once, my mind was clouded with lust and sensation. He moved down my jaw and found an especially sensitive spot by my ear. I felt his hands move my legs up and he began stroking my inner thigh. It was a soothing motion, but I couldn’t help but tense up. Bryson once again kissed my lips lightly and I relaxed again. Bryson reached around me and into his nightstand to grab lube and a condom. He resumed kissing my neck and I heard a squirting noise and then I felt the slightly cold liquid on my hole. He pushed with one finger and it slid in to the first knuckle. I was a virgin, but I had experimented so one finger wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable for me. I got caught up in his mouth on my neck and, suddenly, there were two fingers working their way in and out of my body, scissoring.

“Please, Bryson. Just do it,” I panted.

“Do what, Bunny?” Bryson asked with an insincere curious expression.

I growled and, with very little patience, said, “Just make love to me, Bryson. Fuck me. Whatever you want to call it. It’s time. I want it. I want you.” With that, Bryson’s expression became very serious. He donned a condom and moved to kneel in front of me. He spread more lube on my hole and spread lube on his cock. He lined up and, while looking me square in the eye, pushed in slowly and gently. It felt very…strange. It was painful, but there was this faint hint of pleasure teasing me. I tried to relax as much as possible and ran my hands up and down Bryson’s muscular arms.

He started shivering and he gasped out, “You are so tight. You feel so good, Noah. I love you. I just love you so much.” My heart almost exploded from the upsurge of love I was experiencing for Bryson. I don’t know how I ever denied the possibility of us being together. I pulled him down for a kiss and he began thrusting slowly. The pain was slowly fading and the pleasure was rising to the surface. I started to moan and, if I had been in my right mind, I would have been embarrassed by the sounds coming out of my mouth. However, Bryson was making equally as passionate sounds and we were moving together as if we were one being. Bryson reached down and grabbed my cock and began a stroking motion that was just too much for my overwhelmed senses. As the stroking and thrusting became simultaneously faster, I felt that familiar tingle in my groin area.

“Bryson, I’m going to come. It’s just-ah-too much. Oh, Bryson. God! AH!” I came with a power that I have never experience in my little sexual experiments. When I came down from my peak, I heard Bryson’s moans and panty breaths increasing in volume. On a loud groan, he came and I secretly wished that we didn’t have to use a condom and that I could have felt him come inside me. However, safety first and all that jazz. Bryson collapsed on top of me and I savored the heavy weight of my lover. We lay together and recovered from our physical exertions. After a minute, Bryson moved off of me and rolled onto his back. I rolled onto my side to look at Bryson. His body language seemed relaxed, but, when I looked up to his face, I saw a strange expression on his face. It was familiar. It was the same look he had that night at the fire pit when he had kissed me and then regretted it. Was he regretting making love?

“Are you okay? You seem different.” I asked nervously.

“Yeah, babe. I’m fine. I’m just tired. That wore me out.” He gave me a peck on the lips and lay back with his eyes closed. I couldn’t help but be a little confused. I didn’t know what he was feeling. On one hand, he looked panicked and we weren’t exactly cuddling and basking in our afterglow. We weren’t even touching right now. On the other hand, he had called me babe and gave me a kiss. If he were regretting being with me, he wouldn’t have done that? I felt like a high school girl, trying to decipher my boyfriend’s behavior. This was exactly what I was trying to avoid with Bryson. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life questioning whether he actually wanted to be with me.

I turned to look at his face and I realized that he had fallen fast asleep. I laid there for a few hours just thinking and staring at him, unable to sleep. I moved off of the bed and gathered my clothes as I walked into the bathroom. I dressed in the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked…well, thoroughly sexed up. And thoroughly unhappy at the moment. I was really worried that I had just opened myself up to a world of heartbreak. I moved away from the mirror and out into the bedroom again. I walked over to the bed and stared down at my new lover. Or ex-lover. I don’t know what to call him at this point. In my two hours of thinking, I determined that Bryson, despite my warnings, had gotten himself too far into a situation that he couldn’t handle. I didn’t want to force him into a relationship that he wasn’t ready for or didn’t even want. I was going to leave now to avoid the awkward morning after and I was going to give him the chance to move on and forget this ever happened. It was going to kill me.

I walked through the house and out the front door. I didn’t realize until I got outside that I didn’t drive there. I took out my cell phone and called a cab. I walked over to the porch swing and I sat down. Because I’m apparently a masochist, I started imagining what life would be like if I lived in this house with Bryson and our children. How I could sit on this porch swing and read while I watched Bryson run around with our two children: one boy and one girl. I imagined that, afterwards when the kids had run off to play with our dog, Bryson would walk up and draw me off the porch swing to give a sweet, tender kiss. We would go into the kitchen and cook dinner together. At night, we would read to the children before sending them off to the bed. We would move towards our own room and make passionate love. After, we would bask in the loving afterglow and there would be no awkward silences and panicked expressions. My musings were interrupted by the sound of the front door opening. I whipped my head around and I saw Bryson heading towards me wearing only a pair of boxers that I recognized as my own. I must have grabbed his in the confusing jumble of our clothing.

“You ran away, Bunny. What’s with that?” He asked as he sat down next to me on the porch swing. He looked sleep-rumpled and cute. Mostly, he looked hurt.

“How did you know I was out here?” I asked, avoiding his question.

“I heard the swing. It’s a little creaky. You avoided my question. Why did you leave? I thought this meant something.” He said sincerely.

“So did I. But afterwards, you looked so panicked and regretful. It was the same expression you had the night you kissed me and then told me that you weren’t gay. I was worried that you were going to wake up and tell me that you wished it had never happened and that you were going to return to your heterosexual life. Speaking of, what was with you just going to sleep? It was weird. It threw me off. I figured that I didn’t need to stick around for the rejection. I get it.” I finished.

“Do I ever just get time to think with you, babe? I was a little quiet, yes, maybe a little too quiet. For that, I am sorry. I’m not rejecting you, I was just thinking. We just made a huge step forward in our relationship. I needed some time to process that, but I should have shared what I was going through with you. I didn’t mean to make you worried. Come back to bed, please.” Bryson said. He had grabbed my hand at the start of his statement and, as he finished, I was looking down at our joined hands. It was such a wonderful, hopeful sight.

“I called a cab,” I said numbly.

“We can fix that. Just call them back and cancel the cab. Spend the night with me. Please don’t turn this into a one-night stand. I want you here with me, Bunny.” He said with a squeeze to my hand.

“Ok, fine. On one condition: you stop calling me Bunny.” I said adamantly. He nodded and I flipped my phone open and cancelled the cab.

We walked into the house and, as we were climbing back into his bed, Bryson spoke again: “By the way, I make no promises on the Bunny front. Even you storming out of here was too adorable for me to not call you Bunny.” I tackled him into the mattress and we began a long night of lovemaking. I promised myself that I would start living my life more out in the open starting tomorrow. I couldn’t hide this part of my life, not now.

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Horse Club Ch. 01

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This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It’s sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination, although this story should have enough facts for you to fill it in.

I have to thank Mark for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable. Although it never fails, when I get a work back from my editor I always have to change something so any mistakes are mine.

My wife, Tia and I were rushing getting the horses ready to load onto the trailer for the day’s ride. This was the day we were going to head over to Dennis and Roy Heart’s place for the yearly Cancer ride fund raiser. There were about thirty of us in this horse club, and every year we had this fund raiser. The rest of the year at least two Saturdays a month we got together for some sort of event or other. Usually a trail ride or a family oriented gymkhana where the kids all got ribbons for something they had done that day.

Dennis and Roy’s farm bordered the government grazing reserve which had about forty-five miles of trails through the woods to choose from. The whole club always met at their place for the trail rides because there was a gate between the reserve and their back pasture. From there we could head right into the trails. An added bonus was that they had a big fire pit area where we could all meet after the ride and go over the events of the day while we had a pot luck supper and some liquid refreshment.

Anyway, while we were getting the horses ready to load in the trailer I had been trying to convince Tia into skipping this year’s event. She had been on a business trip this last week and because of that we hadn’t been able to hook up sexually. Also, the night before she had come home completely drained from her week. Not only was her week full of meetings and presentations but her plane home had left three hours late, which meant she got home really late and all she wanted to do was go to sleep.

The morning of the ride I had done my best to warm Tia up enough to get her to say yes and to go back inside the house for some horizontal recreation. She almost gave in to my advances, but she had been looking forward to this ride for a while, and nothing was going to make her miss it. This wasn’t just an ordinary trail ride. This was the yearly cancer ride where all the club members collected pledges to be donated to the local cancer fund. Tia had been collecting a lot of money and this year she was sure she was going to get the plaque for the most donations collected. She had been trying for ten years to take that plaque from Barb, a close neighbour, and an intervention from hell itself would be the only way for her to miss getting it this year.

Tia did feel sorry for me though, and told me she definitely needed some relief, but I had to wait until later. She then promised me that she would make that night unforgettable for me and would rock my world. When she said things like that it always meant I was going to get my bells rung lots, so I was looking forward to that.

Now is as good a time as any to explain some important facts about Tia. She is one of those women who are insecure about her looks and a bit self-doubting when it comes to that. No matter that she had a body of a goddess and a face and personality to match. Whenever I told her how sexy she was, she always was overjoyed that I thought that way about her and there was almost nothing that she wouldn’t do for me to show her gratitude. She had always been that way and that’s just the way I liked her. Even at a party or other event, if someone else told her she was looking good she would hang on their every word, and a few times I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t decided it was time to leave.

Inevitability the gratitude would only last until the next morning and then she would be back to wondering about her looks again. So I learned if I wanted any hot sex I had to make sure I flattered and complimented her lots that day.

Tia also was one of those people that was touchy feely. She was always lightly touching whoever she was around. A light touch on an arm or a dazzling smile to anyone she was talking to was something she always unconsciously did. While she was doing that she always moved closer, like she was having a hard time hearing them. To a lot of people it looked like she was flirting but most everyone we hung out with knew it was just the way she was.

The other fact about Tia that has a bearing on what happened that day is that Tia is a very sexual person and gets horny at the drop of a hat. I found the longer I could tease her until she gets relief, the intensity of her sex drive mushrooms. That desire just seems to keep increasing in her until she bursts. The wildest sex we ever had was one day I had tied her Gaziantep Saatlik Escort up on the bed and teased her for a half hour and then the phone interrupted us with her mother telling us she was close by and was going to drop in. Tia’s body was just jumping all afternoon in anticipation of continuing what had been started before we were interrupted. She had to wait until evening for relief and then she went ballistic on me in her craving to be satisfied.

So after finding out that fact I would sometimes sexually tease her in the morning and then stop so she would stew all day waiting to get satisfied. Tia knew what I was doing and was a willing participant in the game even if her frustration sometimes showed. If I teased her again in the afternoon and still made her wait, the results were spectacular. When she got like that there was almost no stopping her, and she had to have at least three big orgasms before she would let me stop.

At any rate, the groping and teasing I did that morning had gotten the desired effect of her being horny, but we still had to wait. The only reason she was putting me off was we would be late for the ride.

After another attempt of trying to get her back into the house and bed she scolded me by saying in a stern voice, “That teasing you just had to do, has left me hot and a bit wet. I’ve been looking forward to this ride since last year and I’m not going to miss it just because you’ve got me horny. Save it for later and like I promised, tonight will be a special night, so let’s finish loading the horses and enjoy the day.”

She added with an evil smile on her face, “With me being horny now, you should know what’s going to happen tonight.”

I naturally complained by saying, “It’s not fair. I’ve been horny for the whole week and was hoping to persuade you to join me in some bedroom antics.”

She touched my cheek and told me in a sympathetic voice, “Look, I’m as horny as you are, and if I have to wait for relief, you can too. Just remember, I’m the one that’s wet between the legs, and will suffer all day with there being no way for me to get relief until after the ride.” With that she went back to loading the tack in the trailer.

Thus dejected, I said with a bit of a pout, “You can at least always rub your pussy on the saddle during the ride to get some relief. I can’t just whip it out with everyone else there. All you have to do rub your pussy on the saddle and you can get yourself off.”

“Gee, thanks for the idea, I think I will do just that,” she said, mocking me.

That conversation went back and forth for a while more, but she was determined not to miss the ride and after finishing loading the horses I got into the truck and she headed towards her car. She did turn around with a smile on her face and blow me a kiss though.

Because my truck was also used for my work, the cab was full of all sorts of stuff so instead of cleaning it out Tia always followed me in her car.

We both pulled into Dennis and Roy’s place and as we unloaded the horses Tia reassured me by saying, “I’m sorry you are so horny. I’m horny too, so we’re just going to have to suffer for a while until we get home.”

She made fun of it by teasingly saying, “I think I will take your suggestion and get some relief with the saddle on the ride. That should keep the fires burning until I can get some proper relief when we get home.”

The ride was enjoyable and as always Tia’s horse wanted to be near the rear of the herd and my horse wanted to be in the middle of the bunch. I looked back at her a few times and saw Tia was leaning forward and wiggling around a fair bit in her saddle so I figured she was indeed taking the edge off her feelings which would also keep her pussy warm for me. About then Dennis and Roy joined her and for the rest of the ride they seemed to be joking and laughing amongst each other.

After the ride and everyone had eaten we sat around the campfire and were bull shitting back and forth for a while with a few drinks. I got involved with a couple of the guys who were arguing about the merits of the new combines John Deere was bring out and Tia was on the other side of the group doing whatever.

A few hours later when the sun was giving off its last rays, everyone was starting to leave so Tia and I decided that I would take the horses home and do the chores while she would follow me after she helped with the clean up.

Today was her turn to help clean up the area after everyone left. Everyone in the club took turns on clean up duty so that the Hearts wouldn’t have a mess around their yard the next day. There was never too much trash but there were beer bottles to be put away, and there was always the odd errant piece of paper that had blown away and of course the extra food had to be put away.

The darkness of night had descended by the time the horses were loaded and I had just driven down the lane and was waiting at the road for a pickup truck to go by. Of course the pick up had to stop right in front of me. It was our neighbour John with his son Hal. Hal was the guy that watched over our place when we were on holidays etc. so when they got out and approached me I rolled down the window to find out what was going on.

After some pleasantries John got down to why he stopped when he saw my truck. He wanted to borrow my riding mower for the next day and was wondering if he could pick it up. I had no problem with loaning it to him, so I told him he could get it anytime. That’s when he asked where Tia was and I told him she would be coming soon and that I would sure like to be with her instead of heading home alone to do chores and settle the horses in their stalls.

That’s when it was decided he would take my truck and trailer with the horses and Hal would follow in their truck. Hal could do my chores while John loaded the riding mower in his truck. This would give me the chance to ride back with Tia in her car.

It was a great plan, or so I thought. I figured the quarter mile walk back so I could be with my sexy and horny wife was worth the effort so I agreed with John.

They pulled out with my rig, and I headed back to Dennis and Roy’s place on foot. I was thinking about all the things that Tia and I could do on the way home in the privacy of her car. It was now as dark as a witch’s cape and I soon realized I couldn’t see worth a damn in the dark, and was tripping and stubbing over potholes and rocks. My toes were taking a beating every second step and they were getting pretty sore.

I was cussing Roy and Dennis for not taking the time to grade their lane smooth when headlights approached from the farm and another truck stopped beside me. It was the Greens and they informed me they were the last ones to leave.

The greens drove off and I continued my walk to the Hearts place. As I was stumbling down their lane their power lines crossed overhead. I was under the power lines looking down the clear cut to the Heart’s yard and saw their yard light come on. There was a cut line under the power lines through the trees which gave me an unobstructed view of a small piece of their yard. I could just make out three people heading towards the stable. I figured it was Dennis, Roy and Tia, and they were taking the empty bottles into the stable for storage.

It took me less than five minutes as I walked that last bit around the trees that hid the farm yard from the road. When I got to the yard the only light was from the campfire that was still burning. I made a guess that they had turned off the yard light to save power. As I looked around I noticed that there was still some garbage and bottles laying around and wondered why Tia wasn’t cleaning up the litter.

I saw a light burning brightly in the stable and noticed that Dennis and Roy’s house didn’t have any lights on. Tia’s car was still parked where it had been earlier so I came to the conclusion they all must be in the stable and dumb me I didn’t connect the dots to figure out what might be going on in the stable as I headed off that way. I should have figured out right away what was going on, but I was not thinking too clearly at that moment.

I always had an over active imagination and was thinking to myself that seeing as I didn’t know why the clean up hadn’t been done, that maybe something drastic had happened, like a robber had them hostage in the stable or one of them had been hurt and they were in there doing first aid or something drastic like that. With my mind going a mile a minute I decided I would play it safe and would look though the big window in the end of the building to see what was going on instead of barging in.

I knew I would be able to see a lot of the inside of their stable because I had helped install that window in the end of the building. They had located it in the second hand store, and it sure allowed a lot more light into the building. At least looking in the window would allow me to check out what was going on without being seen.

When I looked in and saw what was going on the other side of the window it shocked the hell out of me and my mind screamed, WHAT IS THIS SHIT? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? I’M THE ONE THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT! WHY ARE DENNIS AND ROY BOTH FUCKING MY WIFE? DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT!

What a sight. Right in front of the window, my sexy wife Tia was getting aggressively ploughed by both Dennis and Roy in a very energetic threesome. Those two guys were just hammering themselves into her as hard as they could with no regards about how they were using her body. Hell, from the looks of things she was an active participant and loving every stroke they were giving her. Christ, she was giving as good as she got.

With me in the shadows and them having the light on inside the stable they couldn’t see me outside. I stood there in shock for while as my mind digested what was happening. Suddenly my cock felt like a missile had been shot out of it. Talk about pain. I had an orgasm to end all orgasms. I came so hard my legs had a hard time holding me up and I almost collapsed. I hadn’t touched myself but my cock had just exploded all by itself. After the sixth explosion I had to check to make sure the head was still attached.

My jeans were around my ankles and I don’t remember lowering them, and I was harder than I had ever been in my whole life. I had to take a few deep breaths and clear my mind until I understood what was actually going on in front of me. I was rooted to the spot and my feet wouldn’t move, so I just stood there looking through the window at the three of them.

I become conscious of the fact that Tia’s lips were around the base of Roy’s cock and she was choking and gagging some as Roy slipped all of his cock down her throat. She had just this last year managed to deep throat my cock, but she handled it, even if it was with some difficulty. So seeing Roy’s huge cock, which was bigger than mine buried in her throat was an eye-opener for me.

Man, the three of them were putting on a hell of a porn show. Dennis was pistoning his love muscle in and out of her pussy from behind, and Roy had her bent forwards at the waist so he could shove his cock back and forth in Tia’s mouth. Holy cow, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but at the same time I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight. I was captivated watching them through the window and it was like watching porn on a giant screen TV.

I just couldn’t pry my eyes away from watching my wife being fucked in a hot threesome. I had always been fascinated by the thought of watching Tia being fucked by someone else, and this sight before me was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Why just last month I had been asking her how she liked it while she was sucking me while I had a dildo in her pussy, and told her to imagine it was me and another guy working her over. When I had asked her that, it was like a bomb went off in her as she attacked me and the dildo. So I figured I knew where she stood on getting kinky by fucking someone else.

I realized they were so involved with each other that there was no stopping them now, so I might as well watch the rest of the show and see what else would happen. After all it was a pretty good show.

Dennis’s cock was hitting bottom on every hard thrust into Tia’s pussy. How she took that pounding I’ll never know but she wasn’t complaining in the least and I could faintly hear the sounds she made though the window. They told the story of how much she was getting off on this tag team action.

Both Dennis and Roy had to have about ten inches of the hardest cocks I had ever seen on a guy. Mind you with them being brothers I could understand how their size came from their family genes. The only place I had ever seen cocks that big was in some porno movies we had watched.

I was watching the three of them going at it like rabbits and found myself with my aching hard on in my hand. When that had happened I don’t know, but I was well on the way of getting off again.

While I watched them and stroked my cock I thought to myself, these two guys must be really fast. In the five minutes when I first saw them heading towards the stable until I arrived at the window they had gotten in the stable, stripped Tia and themselves. Plus for whatever reason they had put Tia’s chaps and boots back on her. Which by the way made her look as sexy as I have ever seen her. That wasn’t much time to heat up the action to where they were now, so that meant Tia had to have been assisting them and not resisting them in any way.

My mind kept putting the facts together and I remembered Dennis and Roy hanging around Tia most of the day and she was being her normal self and laughing and joking around with them. She always seemed to have a hand on the arms and a smile on her face but that was just Tia. I guess I should have paid more attention to her. And thinking about it more I was sure that she had disappeared with first Roy, and then Dennis for about five minutes each during the evening, but it was never long enough for me to worry. Heck those two guys were friends so I didn’t think too much about what was going on.

As I watched them, my mind finally connected the dots about the day. I realized Tia had been horny that morning and during the ride I did notice her rubbing her pussy in the saddle. That must have built up her sexual frustration more. Plus the big thing was, even if they were friends I should have known not to trust Dennis and Roy with her. Everyone knew Dennis and Roy were the two horniest guys this side of the Rockies. If there was a female of the species around, they would fuck her. I also realized that leaving a hot to trot horny wife with them was not the most intelligent thing to do.

Five minutes after I had first looked in the window, the sounds Tia was making intensified when the two guys stepped up their pace. She was getting the fucking of her life and I reacted to the sight of that by cumming all over the ground again.

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Attorney Liaison

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My dick was already throbbing as it strained against the fabric of my pants. I looked over at the beauty with whom I shared the elevator, hoping she wouldn’t look down to see my obvious bulge which I felt would be a sign of being over eager.

Being a bachelor and a business attorney who traveled quite extensively closing deals on mergers, I naturally tried to find pussy in any city I found myself in. Only tonight I hadn’t expected to bring anyone back from the bar. I had an early meeting with an attorney I hadn’t met yet but heard was ruthless by reputation. So I had to be on top of my game in the morning and close the deal I was in town to close if I wanted the firm to keep sending me on the out of town jobs.

But I couldn’t resist. I was just in the bar to pick up a quick drink and there she was. Her long legs crossed delicately at the knees perched on the stool next to me. I tried not to look her way for too long, fearing I would be tempted to begin flirting with her but she seemed bored as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass.

“You look like your mind is somewhere else?” was all I had said. She just smiled and brought the glass to her lips. My heart pounded a little harder for a few beats as the rim touched her lips. They were soft, full and smooth; just like her legs, which disappeared just above her knees inside as velvety black dress that clung tightly to her thighs and curved its way up her hips. The neckline plunged in the front, revealing her cleavage and the back had straps crisscrossing almost to her waist. A single string of pearls adorned her neck and diamond earrings sparkled at her earlobes.

I studied my drink figuring she was waiting for someone. She obviously didn’t look like someone with whom I could pick up for a one night stand.

“You from out of town?” Her voice was hypnotic.

“Ah, yea.” I said, a little surprised she would start up a conversation.

“Well, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort what do you do?”

I smiled. I never made something up. I always revealed I was a business attorney. Women love professional men and she was no different. As soon as she heard my occupation she turned to face me and I knew I had to have her, somehow. She was lovely. Her blue eyes seemed to drink me in, her nose was petite, her neck ivory, her smile was infectious and her lips…oh, her lips.

We laughed for over an hour. The last few minutes had gotten quite suggestive. She saw through my every move and finally said, “So look, why don’t you quit playing those games men play and invite me to your room?”

She looked over at me as the elevator doors opened. Her dress seemed to ride up her hips with every step; steps that were purposeful not tentative though she wore high heels that accentuated her ass. She apparently wore heels a lot. She made her way down the hallway like a model on a runway before stopping at my door.

I opened it for her. Once inside I closed it behind us and flipped the lock, noticing out of the corner of my eye her kicking her high heels off. No sooner had I turned around than her arms slid around my neck and her lips met mine. Although it sounds like she was a take charge kind of woman, she did it in a slow sensual manner, more like melting into me than attacking me. So I melted into her.

Our tongues found each other, twisting and turning round and round. I found the small of her back and pressed her closer. Her leg lifted slightly and wrapped around my leg.

My hand slid further down to her round buttocks. I caressed them, holding her close while we kissed. My dick pressed against her stomach yearning to be released.

Without warning she stepped back. My lips wanted more. She smiled. Reaching behind her she slid the straps and dropped the shimmering black dress over her shoulders. It flowed down her body as if in slow motion. Time stood still until the black fabric stopped at her feet. My eyes widened and pulse quickened as my eyes followed the smooth lines of her body.

But before I could move she reached back and unsnapped her bra and in one motion slid a pair of silk panties off her waist. Her breasts were perky and full. She was beautiful and she knew it.

I stepped over the heap of fabric as she backed toward the bed. Although I remember every detail of her undressing, I remember nothing about how she removed my clothes other than she was smooth.

She would kiss me just long enough for me to want more then remove another piece of clothing from me before pulling my naked body onto the bed. Our tongues danced again and our legs entwined. I usually prided myself in being able to build a woman’s desire gradually through foreplay but she was different. Her hips thrust toward mine as she rubbed her wetness against me indicating she wanted things heated up quickly.

My dick found her pussy naturally. Without me touching it or guiding it, the tip bumped against her pussy as we kissed. Suddenly her eyes opened and she allowed our kiss to stop as she settled her head back onto the pillow. Our noses still touched and our eyes were inches from each other. Her gaze was tranquil and her eyes seemed to drink in my soul.

My heart pounded. I was usually the leader and a confident lover but suddenly I was hesitant. This woman was different. Quietness enveloped us. Her body was suddenly still beneath me. Slowly I felt it. Ever so slowly, her legs parted a bit wider as she arched her hips and pushed against the tip of my throbbing penis. A sudden surge of warmth engulfed my dick as I was swallowed up within her.

She smiled teasingly and grabbed the back of my hair. She pulled me to her as we kissed. My dick slid feverishly in and out of her pussy. Soon we were both moaning. I wouldn’t last long but neither did she. She began to grab my waist and pull me harder within her like I was a life size dildo.

Her eyes began to widen, her breath quickened and she tossed her head back. Her moans were now deeper, belying the earlier softness of her voice. My moans were deep as well, almost inhuman. I felt a surge of warmth in my groin which began to build and grow. The world could have ended then but we wouldn’t have been able to stop.

My balls tingled and my dick began to pulsate within her. I didn’t know if she wanted me to cum inside her so I pulled out and began to jack myself off between her legs. Streams of pearly fluid erupted from the tip of my penis and floated in arcs between her thighs falling in long lines from her pussy to between her breasts.

Streams were still pumping from my dick as she reached between her legs with her hand and found her clitoris pressing her own wetness mixed with my cum firmly onto it. Round and round she rubbed as she finished her orgasm, her body shuddering before me.

When we caught our breath I collapsed in her arms, oblivious of the sticky fluid between us where we soon fell asleep from exhaustion without saying a word.

The next morning when I awoke, she was gone. Just like that. I would have thought it was a dream but the sticky cum on my body told me otherwise. I quickly showered and barely made it to my morning meeting.

As I walked into the conference room I was still glowing from the heavenly release the night before. I was wondering if I would ever see her again as I nodded to some businessmen that I knew from previous meetings.

I was then introduced to the attorney I was told to fear the most. There she was. The same smooth legs that disappeared inside a tightly fitting black velvety dress; the same high heels; the same straps in the back. Only her hair was pulled in a bun now and she extended her hand with a confident smile. “Hi, glad you could come.”

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My Blonde Goddess

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{Heidi, My blonde Goddess, By BigC.}

I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason. Some of these people come for just a short time maybe for just a moment or a day, and others may come for a life time. But they all come into our lives for a reason, and it’s true.

Heidi came into my life for almost a year. She needed me and I needed her.

I had been going steady with a girl in high school, and I had to stop seeing her. That left me with an aching hole in my soul that wouldn’t go away.

Heidi, had been taken advantaged of, used, and thrown away like yesterdays garbage.

She was tall, blond, and beautiful. I though she was perfect.

She was my Goddess, She was my Venus, and she took my virginity, and sucked my Penis.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. I was eighteen at the time; it was the summer before I started my senior year in high school. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining brightly.

I was going out the back door of the apartment house I lived in with my parents. Just as I opened the back door, she was coming in. The morning sunlight came streaming in around her illuminating her. Her beauty was breath taking. She looked just like an angel; standing there in the doorway.

She was the most beautiful woman I’d had ever seen. She was almost as tall as I was and I’m six feet tall. Her skin was milky white; her hair was tied in braids with bangs on her forehead. She had sparking dark blue eyes, with freckles on her nose and over her cheeks; with a cute button nose, and sweet soft puffy full lips that made me want to kiss her.

My eyes traveled from her face down her neck, and over her shoulders. She was wearing a low cut yellow top revealing some cleavage; she had full breast probably a c cup maybe even a d cup. Her tummy was slightly swollen; I could make out the flare of her hips. She was wearing skin tight black shorts that came haft way down her thighs; her legs were long lovely and well toned. She had on a pair of yellow socks that matched her top with black sneakers.

My eyes traveled back up over her body again drinking in her beauty. My eyes roamed back up over her feet, ankles, her shapely calves, her pretty knees, her lovely thighs, to that mysterious V between her legs.

My gaze lingered on her mound of Venus; for a moment, while I tried to imagine what her pussy looked like, then my eyes moved up over her maternity top, over her full breast until my eyes refocused on her face. I fell in love with her instantly.

I watched as her eyes wandered over me looking me up and down; she smiled and blushed as she looked at my groin. I didn’t realize it; but I was erect, my cock was bulging in the front of my pants, after she got through eyeing me. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me, as she said,

“Hi my name is Heidi, I just moved in on the third floor. So I guess were neighbors.”

I stood there dumb founded for a second and finally said, “Hi I’m Carl my friends call me BigC.”

Without thinking I put my hand out to shake hands with her. She tried to put her hand out to me. Surprising as it may seem after looking her up and down the way I did; I hadn’t noticed that she had a bag of groceries in each arm.

I took a bag from her, so we could shake hands. When our hands touched little tingling sensation went up and down my spine and then shoot right to my penis. I said,

” let me, help you with those.”

She said, “I can manage.”

I replied,” That’s okay I don’t mind, I’d like to help you.”

“Okay,” She said, “come on up stairs: and have coffee with me. We can talk for a while, and get to know each other.”

I took the bags from her and followed behind her; watching her ass sway from side to side, as she climbed the stairs.

I put the bags on the table as she started the coffee. I helped her put her groceries away. We were sitting at the kitchen table; talking having our coffee.

“Heidi,” I asked,” where do you come from?”

She smiled and said, “I’m Swedish and I’m from Sweden.” She laughed. And said, “That sounds silly doesn’t it?”

I laughed and said, “Yap it sure does,” and asked,” what brings you to America?”

She said, “My parents are professors at Yale, and I’m pregnant, they want me to be near them until I have my baby. After I have my baby and my parents finish their teaching contracts with Yale in the spring. We’ll all be going back home to Sweden.”

Then she got choked up and looked like she was going to cry. And said,

” I need to talk to somebody, as strange as it may seem, I feel like I can talk to you. Can I tell you; what happened to me?”

I nodded and said, “Sure tell me all about it.”

Then she told me, “I felt ugly when I was a kid in high school. I was much taller then most of the boys and I had acne. The kids in school used to make fun of me they called me,

“The Pimply Faced Amazon.”

All the girls had crushes on Mr. Johnson, our high school gym teacher. He was all muscles with dark hair and eyes. I was no different Gaziantep Yabancı Escort from the other girls, because I had a crush on him too.

When I graduated from high school. I was still a virgin and very naïve. I never even had a date He came up to me and told me,

“I was the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen, and that he was in love with me and wanted me, all the while I was in high school.”

He said, “He waited for me to finish school so he could tell me how he felt about me. He told me he wanted to leave his wife and marry me.”

“When he said that, I got so excited. I had an affair with him; all the while I was in college.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I went to the doctors. The doctor told me, I may have complications, because I’m very small, so I might need to have a cesarean, because I might not dilate enough for the baby to pass through.”

I didn’t understand what she was telling me, but I nodded my head to let her know I was listening to her. I asked her out of curiosity,

“What do you mean, you’re too small?”

She started blushing as she replied,

“The doctor said I have a very small vagina.

John used to tell me, I had the tightness cunt he was ever in, and every time he fucked me, he felt like he was fucking a virgin.”

Heidi was blushing as she said that and then she said,

” I hope; I didn’t say that too bluntly, but I don’t know how else to explain it to you. When I told John I was pregnant; I though he would comfort me, leave his wife, and marry me but Instead.”

He said,” That’s not my kid; you should get an abortion. I know you’ve been putting out for all those college guys.”

Heidi said,

“I told him, I’m not a slut, and I never had sex with anyone, but him.”

I nodded my head okay, and said,

“That really sucks; he should have his balls cut off.”

Heidi said,

” I called my parents and told them about this. They said to come here and have my baby At Yale New Haven Hospital and they would get me an apartment near them. So here I am.”

I felt sorry for her and I liked her. I though to myself,

“Shit she’s not only beautiful; she’s nice and she got screwed over.”

I said,

“I’m glad you’re here; I hope we can be friends.”

She said,

“We already are, now you know about all me. So tell me about yourself? Have you got a girl friend?”

She most have read my mind somehow, And asked,

“What’s wrong you look so sad all of a sudden?”

I said,

” I had to stop seeing my girl friend because her Mother said, we weren’t right for each other.”

Heidi said,

“I’m sorry, you must have really cared about her.”

I said,

“Yeah I did, but I’ll be alright.”

Heidi told me,

“I have to meet my parents on the New Haven, green by the flag pole, do you know to how to get there?”

I said,

” it’s not far we can walk there.”

She looked at her stomach which was hardly showing at all, and said;

“Won’t you be embarrassed to be seen with me. People might think you’re the … Father?”

My cock twitched, as I though to myself, if I was the Father of her baby I would have fucked her, and Boy would I ever love to, fuck her.

I was holding my head down blushing. Then I got brave and replied,

“No, why should I be embarrassed to be seen with you? I think you’re absolutely beautiful.”

She was blushing, as we went out the door. We were only haft way down the street when our hands touched sending shivers up and down my spine. The next time our hands touched we looked at each other, smiled and joined hands. We walked the rest of the way holding hands.

My Mother saw us, so I introduced her to Heidi. My Mother waited until she could pull me aside and asked the inevitable question. I told her,

” no it’s not my baby were just friends.”

My Mother told me,

“Carl, I like Heidi and I’m glad that you found a friend. I want you to know that women in her condition are strange and moody at times, and they need a lot of affection, and understanding, but most of all they need a good friend.

And there’s one other thing you need to know; after she has her baby things will change between you two. She’s older then you are; plus she went to college. And you’re still in high school. Not only that: her baby will take up most of her time.”

I didn’t understand what my Mother was trying to tell me.

Heidi and I became very close. We got along so well; I t was as if we had knew each other forever. If I wasn’t upstairs with her she was downstairs with me.

In the evenings we would watch TV together. She would wear her pajamas or a night gown. I would have on a tee shirt with my black gym shorts. If we were sitting on the couch, she lay on her side with her head on my thigh, and I’d stroke her hair and the side of her face. If we were sitting on her bed with our legs stretched out, I would put my arm around her, and she would snuggle up against me.

I t was great to be with her like that. I could feel her warm body against mine, and smell her perfume. Sometimes she would lie on her belly while I’d rub her back and run my finger tips up and down her spine. I’d scratch her tail bone, and sneak feels of her ass.

We would hug each other in the doorway before I’d go downstairs. I’d rub her back and caress her ass. I would give her affectionate little kisses on her forehead and cheeks. Her breathing would become labored, and her arms would tighten around me, as she returned my kisses.

We would stand this way holding each other, for a long time not wanting to let go of one and other. Her belly wasn’t very big but I was glad it was between us. Because I didn’t want her know I had a boner, and feel it against her.

I discovered when I ran my finger tips up and down her spine and scratched her tail bone she would suck in her breath and squirm. I loved it when she squirmed against me rubbing her pussy against my hard cock

I’d masturbate and fantasized about how it would feel to be on top of her slowly pushing my penis into vagina with her squirming around under me while I made love to her. That’s all I could think about was how it would feel to really kiss her, touch her and make love to her.

I wanted to do more then kiss her on the cheek or forehead. But I was afraid if I tried anything she would laugh at me. After all I was just a kid and still a virgin at the time.

All of my sexual experiences consisted of making out with a few girls; I got a couple of hand jobs. So all I knew about sex was what I heard from the guys, and I heard a lot. I knew how to do just about everything; I just didn’t have a girl friend to do it with.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV… Well Heidi was watching TV; I was staring at her reflection on the TV screen. She was wearing a black cotton nightie and a pair of black panties. I was wishing she would open her legs so I could see her special place.

I was getting ready to go downstairs and Heidi walked me to the door. I put my arms around her to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around my neck, darted her tongue into my ear, and whispered,

“Don’t go, I want you to sleep with me tonight.”

Oh God what a feeling I got as she stuck her tongue in my ear, it gave me goose bumps and sent shivers up and down my spine.

I became more aware of the her, the smell of her perfume, the sound of her breathing, the warmth of her body, the feel of her breast pressed against my chest, the feel of her belly pressed against mine, the bulge of my penis pushing just between her thighs, the head of my cock pressed against the front of her pussy.

We stood there just looking into each others eyes for a moment. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I knew she wanted to be kissed. As our lips touched hers’ and our mouths molded together, little spark went off: sending shivers flying through our bodies making us tremble. As the tips of our tongues touched, I started losing my breath, my hands roamed up and down her back, until they rested on the cheeks of her ass. I was squeezing her lovely buns. Pulling her against me; grinding my pelvis into hers.

The feel of her trembling body, the sounds of her breathing, the feel of her warm breathe in my ear, as she pushed her pelvis back into mine, was driving me nuts, we just stood there dry fucking each other. She said,

“Be gentle with me, don’t forget I’m pregnant.”

That startled me so I broke our kiss, because I was afraid… I might be hurting her.

She looked at me with her eyes haft closed and whispered,

“It’s all right, you can fuck me, I want you too. I’m pregnant, I won’t break, just be gentle with me.”

The word fuck excites me, because it sounds dirty. But when it came to Heidi, I didn’t want to do anything dirty to her or with her; if that makes any sense.

When I heard her say that word, I went nuts and crushed my lips against hers forcing my tongue in her mouth. I could feel shivers going up and down her spine.

My legs were shaking and my cock was so hard it was throbbing. I though I was going to cum in my pants.

Her tongue went into my mouth, and She swirled it around mine as I swirled mine back around hers in the opposite direction. I was trembling, breathing hard, rubbing her back and squeezing her ass.

I was thinking about how good it was going to feel to push my dick in her. I was getting carried away and pushing a little too hard against her. We were going nuts trying to fuck each other standing there in the doorway.

I pushed my tongue in her mouth, she sucked it and swirled her tongue around it; as I swirled my tongue back around hers. I kept wondering if my cock would felt that good in her cunt. I was holding her ass, pulling her against me.

Her hands were franticly going up and down my back; kneading and scratching me with her finger nails until she finally griped my the cheeks on my ass.

I needed to cum so bad my cock was hurting… As I kissed her I whispered into her ear,

“Ooooh God Heidi, I need you so bad… please let me fuck you?”

She replied,

“Oh God Yes, I want you to fuck me, I need it too, but not yet …lets take our time and make it special.”

She took my hand and put it on her breast and said,

“Feel my tit, squeeze it… but not too hard… rub your thumb over my nipple and pinch it…

As I rubbed my thumb a crossed her nipple and pinched it. I felt her nipple grow bigger and get hard. Her body was trembling as she put her other hand over mine holding it against her breast. She moaned,

“Ooooh yes, that’s it.”

She slipped her hand between us, down the front of my shorts. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it, rubbing her hand over it. She whispered into my mouth,

” It’s so big… I can’t wait to get that thing in me… but be gentle.”

She wrapped her fingers around my cock and, started jerking me off. Her warm sweaty hand felt great on my cock. I was trying to fuck her hand; as I felt her breast

She kissed me again trying to force her tongue down my throat. She took my hand off her breast; put it between her legs, over her pussy. I could feel the warmth of her cunt through her night gown and panties.

She said,

“I’m so horny, I need to cum.”

She pulled her night gown up and said,

“Put your hand inside my panties, and feel how wet I am?”

I slid my hand inside her panties with my palm against her belly. I slide my hand down over her soft pubic hairs. Her skin was warm and sweaty. As my fingers touched her pussy, she shuttered and forced her tongue into my mouth.

She moaned into my mouth,

“Ahhh put your finger in me. Feel how wet I am.”

I got my finger tip between the lips of her pussy. I found her tiny hole. She was so tight I could barely get my finger tip in her. She was sucking on my neck, clawing my back panting, saying,

“Feel how tight I am.”

I wiggled my finger tip around her opening, slowly pushing my finger tip into the tight softness of her warm moist hole. Her pussy was so tight I was barely able to move my finger around inside her.

“Put in another finger,” She begged.

I pushed another finger inside her.

“Ooooh easy, be gentle.” She sighed.

She had her hand down the front of my shorts holding my dick and squeezing it.

I explore the inside of her pussy. I found a little bumpy spot and rubbed my fingers tips over the bumps. I had my thumb on her clit rubbing it from side to side.

She was breathing and talking through her mouth at the same time saying,

“Oh God yess… yesssss…please don’t stop… that feels so freaking good, AAAAH shit, I’m cummmmmmm. God Ooooh God… that felt so damn good. I needed that so bad.”

I felt some warm sticky liquid running on my fingers down into the crotch of her panties. I left my fingers in her pussy, wishing my dick was in her. I kissed her and asked,

“How was that… did you cum good?”

She replied,

“I need the real thing. But first there’s something I have to do for you or… you won’t be able to last.”

She squatted on her knees looking up me with her big blue eyes. She pulled my shorts and under pants down around my ankles. My dick sprung straight out and hit her on the end of her nose. She said,

“Oh My GOD you are, Huge.”

She was looking up at me as put her hand around my cock, slowly jerking me off. It felt so good. I though I was going to cum in her face.

She kissed my thighs, rubbed her cheek against my penis. Then she spit and drooled on it, making it wet and shiny. I was trembling and I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I was flapping my arms around like a grounded bird flapping its wings. I ended up putting my hands on her shoulders.

She kissed the head; it felt so good I almost fainted. She flattened her tongue as she lapped the under side of my dick, then she lapped the top and sides, sending more shivers up and down my spine, my legs were so weak, I was starting to wobble.

She kissed and licked under the head and down the shaft. Then she kissed, licked and sucked on my balls. This felt so good I was panting like a dog on a hot summer day, and I could feel my legs getting weaker.

Finally she opened her mouth and sucked on the head of my penis. It felt great having my cock inside her warm wet mouth. She had drool leaking out over her chin. I kept thinking to myself if her mouth feels this good, her cunt is going to feel great.

I watched as my cock disappear and reappear in and out her mouth. I closed my eyes listening to the slurping sounds and her breathing as she sucked my cock, and caressed my balls. I could feel my load getting ready.

I was trying to savor the feeling of having my cock sucked for the first time. She stopped sucking on me and said,

“I want you to cum in my mouth.”

As she pushed her finger up my ass, and squeezed my balls. I felt my cock swell up and pulled her head into my groin; as I began shooting my load in her mouth.

She gulped and swallowed as much cum as she could. I looked down at her. She looked up at me with her mouth and cheeks covered with cum and drool.

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At Your Desk

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I stepped through the door and looked around. “One more day at the Office,” I joked to myself. Smiling, I put my bag down by the cooler and walked over to the empty desk outside the door to your office. I sat down in the chair and straightened the stacks of paper. Swinging the chair from side to side, crossing my legs in the short black skirt you had sent me. Wondering what you had planned.

Your office door was closed and I heard the sounds of movement from within. My heart started to race and I wanted to jump up and run in to you, but I forced myself to stay put.

“I’ll teach you some discipline,” you had said on the phone earlier. ” Look in the box I’m sending you tomorrow morning and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER, and be a good girl.”

When the package had arrived at my hotel that morning, I looked inside and found a black short skirt, a white shirt, silk stockings, a black garter belt, purple silk panties, a white silk bra and black shoes, along with a list of instructions and a long gift wrapped box. The instructions said not to unwrap the box but to bring it with me when I came to your office that day.

I took a bath and carefully shaved my whole body, feeling the heat of the water and the sharpness of the razor across the smooth skin of my pussy lips and throbbing at the thought that you would be touching me soon.

As I dressed and slid the stockings up my legs, I giggled at the game about be played. No matter what I knew I would be safe and amazed. You always do that for me. Slipping the shoes on my feet and stepping back to look in the mirror, I marveled at how perfect everything you chose fit me. But why not? You had held my body in your arms enough to memorize the size and shape of every inch of me. And here was proof that your attentions had not been wasted.

Following your “rules”, I packed up my things and took my bag to the car. As I climbed in the driver’s seat, I saw how far up my new skirt rode when I sat. I knew this would please you. I knew how you would touch me when I wore this in your truck sitting coyly next to you, and shivers rushed through my system thinking of the last time we had ridden together. How your arm had wrapped me up next to you and your hand had held my wet cunt. How I had laid down in your lap and kissed and touched and sucked your stiff cock while you drove. How your fingers had driven into me and touched my hidden spot while I swallowed your gushing prize. The smell and feel as I laid my cheek against your prick after you had cum. For all your self Gaziantep Fetiş Escort control and discipline, I smiled knowing you never really got soft when I was next to you, touching you, kissing you.

As I pulled up to your office trailer, I checked myself in the mirror. My makeup was fresh and minimal, as instructed. Except my lips. Deep red lipstick was always so flattering to my face. I knew that would go over well. As I got out of the car, I realized several men had stopped their work and were looking at me. I smiled at the forklift driver, tossed my hair for the group of supervisors off to side, and giggled as I heard the whistles and talk behind me as I walked up the stairs to the office door. I locked he door behind me.

So here I sat, listening to you in your office, waiting patiently for you to call me in. It was the end of the day, and the lock on the front door was loud enough, I knew you had to know I was there. I could feel your heart pounding anyway. You knew.

I waited, and cleaned the desk in front of me. Moved on to the coffee area and picked that up. Soon, I was settled in to cleaning the front office. I was bent over stacking the paper by the copy machine when I heard your voice suddenly behind me.

“Would you mind coming in my office for a moment?” you forced out in your best gruff manner. And turning quickly you went back into your office and sat at the desk.

Straightening my skirt and making sure the buttons on my shirt were undone just enough, I followed.

“Yes, sir?” I asked, not able to hide my smile.

“Would you help me get this pile of crap organized?” you said as you looked away from me, leaning back in your chair.

I moved in next to you and started shuffling the papers into stacks, leaning over the desk to reach across in front of you. I felt my skirt ride up a little too high in back and your hand went to the back of my knee. As you slid your hand so slowly up my stockings, you said, “Keep working, good girl.” Your hand went up under my skirt and to my hip as you pulled me directly in front of you. Your script was in motion.

“Sir, what are you doing?” I asked breathlessly. I like this game, I thought to myself.

“Just keep working. I don’t want to get mad at my good little girl.” You lifted my skirt up over my ass. My garter and panties were right in front of you now. I was bent over your desk and your hands were softly and slowly touching me. I heard you open your pants, and a sigh escaped my lips. You turned me around and said, “Now help me with another project.” As your hand stroked your hardening cock,

“But sir!” I shyly said, looking coyly away.” I don’t know. I mean, what would people say? You’re my boss and this is my first job…”

“You want to learn how to do a good job don’t you? You want people to say you’re a good girl, right? Then do what your Big Boss wants. I’ll teach you how to be a very good girl. Don’t make me get mad. I wouldn’t want to punish you for not doing your job.”

Your hands moved up my body and deftly undid the next 2 buttons of my shirt. As you opened it and ran your fingers across my nipples, you felt their hardness and said, “See? I can tell you like your job.”

You looked up into my face and took my cheek in your hand. Guiding me down to your face, you kissed me deeply and firmly. You reached around me and ran your fingers under the waist of my panties. I leaned back against the desk and you slid my panties down and off. As I lifted each foot to remove the panties, you set them down on either side of your legs. You lifted my skirt all the way up around my waist, gently running your thumbs up my wet slit. I finished opening my shirt and let it fall from my shoulders. You pulled me forward and kissed my breasts through my silky bra, nibbling on my hard nipples, leaving the wetness of your mouth to linger on my skin through the silk.

Your hands around my waist lift my throbbing tender body towards you, my legs spread around yours as you lower me to your lap. I felt the tightness of your body beneath me as my lips parted and my pussy licked and kissed at your cock lying between them. My hips ground against you as your mouth kissed my neck. Your prick grew harder as my juices flowed over you and you lifted me up to rest the head of your cock against my tight wet cunt.

My back arched against your hand at the small of my back as you slid your full length into my waiting pussy. Your shaft pounded against the walls of me, deep inside dripping hot beads of the pending prize into the dark places only you seem to touch. My body swallows each drop with pleasure, responding with flow upon flow of honey rolling down your cock and balls. I ride your body with ease and tension, sucking at you the best I can while your growing cock distracts my mind and concentration with its throbbing. You pull me tight against you, burying your face into my skin and kissing every inch of me you can find.

I bring my lips to yours and we kiss as you rise off the chair, lifting me with you, and set me on your desk. Your strong hands support my body as you lay me back, never leaving my hot cunt. I reach up and pull your shirt from your sweaty body, your sexy chest now exposed. And In reaction, you tear my bra from my hard breasts and lower yourself over me. My hands revel in the feel of your flesh against them. Your hot body against my nipples causes waves of heat to roll through me, reaching my pussy lips with each long stroke of your prick. Our rhythms meeting, I hear the pounding of the desk against the wall as you fuck me and I fuck you back.

I feel the waterfall deep inside me start to build, waves beginning to crash against the wall built inside to hold them back. With each pounding thrust of you I cry out, louder and louder, waves beginning to crest and crumble the wall. You feel my cunt constrict, becoming involuntary spasms squeezing your hot hard cock tighter and tighter until you feel me overflow and I cry out in a rush of overwhelming pleasure, my legs tensing. You pull your hard prick from my cunt, and quickly lower your face to me as I spray your waiting lips with my sweet honey. You lick me from your face as you once again force yourself into the tightness between my legs. As you enter me in the throes of cumming, you cause my body to rock again with an enormous orgasm and this time the tight wetness overtakes you as well. You cum deep inside me, pushing yourself into me so hard, I feel the throbs of your cum in my chest. As my waves subside, I feel my hungry pussy devouring each sweet drop of your cum and swallowing it into my soul.

You lift my body from the desk, your shaking strong hand beneath my back as you sit again in your chair. You lift me across your lap as I rest my cheek to your shoulder. You kiss my face and hair as you whisper “Such a good girl” with a smile on your face. Your fingers move between my legs and as I kiss your neck and ear, you gently stroke my dripping pussy and smile at me as you calm down my body in your hands. I am yours and you know it.

I stand to dress and as you watch me sliding my pretty panties back on, I see you growing again inside your pants. Sliding my shirt over my breasts, I smile and say. “Why don’t we leave here and do some work at home?”

As we walk out the door of the office to the car, several men look at you and you wrap your arm around my waist as you guide me to the car. As I sit in the seat, I look down again and see again how high this skirt you picked rides. You slide in the driver’s seat and look at my legs, noticing the same thing. We smile at each other as I slide closer next to you and we drive off the site.

I think tonight will be a good one.

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I Worship the Feet You Walk On

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All characters are 18 or older. As the title suggests, there is an extended scene of foot worship fetish in this story; if that’s not for you, feel free to just scroll on.


I smelled and licked at the bundle of Ben’s socks in the laundry basket, recalling the instance when I first realized I had this peculiar foot fetish.

My fascination with men’s feet went back to the change rooms of high school and extra-curricular sports. I remembered being alone in a men’s change room many years back and inhaling the male scents of the place. There were no lockers; it was an honour system change room, where you changed and left your clothes on the benches, trusting them safe from your neighbour. With an eye on the entrance the whole time, ever wary of observation and ridicule, I went around the change room sniffing at the armpits of t-shirts, the crotches and ass-creases of underwear, and the socks and shoes collected under the benches. I was hooked by all the odours, but the foot sweat turned me on the most. I couldn’t help myself masturbating with all that sensual inspiration; I came in a pair of my own socks less than a minute after I started stroking.

Even as I recalled those early minutes of self-discovery and satisfaction, I heard a set of keys jingle against the lock of my apartment door. I stepped out of the little laundry room and away from the incriminating jumble of dirty socks, and turned to face my roommate, Ben, as he let himself in after a full day’s work. I was a bit self-conscious; if Ben studied me carefully, he might see my boner pointing at him like an arrow from the front of my lounge pants.

Ben was six feet all, black, handsome and brawny. He had been up since before the crack of dawn doing yard care: he’d have been mowing lawns and trimming hedges, bagging up fallen leaves and blowing off driveways on a normal, early-autumn day; perhaps, he’d been helping to remove tree stumps or performing landscaping tasks if it was a more challenging day. It was good, honest physical labour. His shirt was soiled and sweaty, his shorts stained with grass and dirt. His boots were as begrimed with mud and crushed grass. I could see only a short length of each of his grey wool work-socks in the space between his shorts and his boots. The socks were stained, imprinted with the overlapping images of a thousand blades of cut grass.

“Wow,” Ben said. “What a fucking day! My back aches and my feet are killing me!”

“Sorry to hear it,” I said, meaning well.

“Seriously, man, I could use a really good, old-fashioned foot-rub. What do you say?”

I laughed.

“Just for a few minutes?”

I refused, of course, treating his request like it was a joke, even though I had already secretly taken to smelling his shoes, his slippers and his discarded socks in the laundry. It was just something men don’t normally ask of one another. I was out as a gay man and Ben was cool with that, but I suspected that Ben didn’t realize that the invitation to handle his feet would also invite an intimacy he might not intend.

“I’ll tell you what,” Ben said. “You rub my feet for just twenty minutes, ten minutes each, and I’ll order in delivery of whatever you want for supper. Indian, Italian, Chinese: you name it, it’s yours if you do a good job on my feet.”

I wondered if Ben was on to me about smelling his socks. Had he seen me breathing deeply of his foot-scent when I thought no one was watching? Was this a test?

On the other hand, I was hungry. Besides, I was between jobs and paying rent out of my savings; my prospects for new employment were good, but a free meal would give my wallet a rest at a time when I didn’t have much spare cash. And I guess you can’t shit a shitter: I knew damned well I wanted to put my hands (at very least) on those feet.

“Alright, make it five minutes per foot instead of ten, and you’re on,” I said.

Ben nodded, walked over to the wingback chair in the living room, and sat himself down. He raised his feet off the floor and rested them on the ottoman. I knelt beside the ottoman on Ben’s right side as he kicked off his shoes. The first thing that struck me was Ben’s natural foot odour; it was fresh and highly-concentrated at this range. His feet had been encased in socks and work-boots for over ten hours, and now they were breathing. I Gaziantep Yabancı Escort hovered in closer, subtly inhaling the scent of his sweaty socks very briefly, so as not to arouse any suspicion from Ben. The odour was an earthy mix of aromas: the boot leather, the wool sock, skin and sweat, with just a hint of dirt and fresh cut grass.

I felt the familiar stirrings of my cock as I responded to the smell. I had become addicted to a feebler version of this odour by sniffing at Ben’s footwear, but I had never been this close to the source of those emanations.

“Go on, man,” Ben said.

I put my hands on his right foot, feeling it through his sock. I used my thumbs and forefingers to massage the arch and the bridge of his foot simultaneously. The wool of the socks slid a little under my skin, adding a welcome friction to the foot-rub. The sock felt slightly damp.

Ben immediately groaned with some relief.

“Fuck, that feels good.”

I acknowledged that with a nod and continued to rub his aching arch with one hand while the other hand wandered up to his toes. Even with his sock on, it was easy to identify each toe, and I pulled them one by one until each one gave a tiny crack.

“Oh, yeah, that’s the stuff. Rub my toes.”

I concentrated my efforts as I was directed. I held each toe with my fingers while my thumb rubbed them each for half-a-minute or so. It was maddening to be so close to these smelly feet without laying my tongue across them. My fetish got the better of me then, for I leaned in and began to sniff at the toes right through the wool socks without worrying that my roommate might take notice. Maybe I was emboldened by the fact that he was plainly enjoying this as much as I did.

“Hell, yeah, that’s right. Smell those toes. Take off my socks and sniff my dirty toes.”

I obeyed, slipping off first one and then the other sock. I held them both balled up in my hands, and quite without thinking about it, I probed the wool with my sensitive nose, inhaling their bouquet. My erection spasmed in response to the odour and Ben saw it stretching the crotch of my lounge pants.

“Jesus, man; I was kidding,” he said, with good humour. “You are such a fag.”

I was, in fact, a faggot, so I didn’t deny it. I told Ben he should be grateful for a hungry, queer mouth like mine. He laughed and told me to get back to work. Ben considered himself arrow straight; he could be counted on to keep me awake pounding some hot chick or other in the room next to mine twice or three times a week. Calling me a fag just meant that he understood that I was aroused by this contact, but letting me continued told me he didn’t care; at least he didn’t care as long as his feet needed rubbing. I was fine with that, especially as I enjoyed this waking wet dream. I suspected that when I was waiting for supper to be delivered, I might retreat to my room and beat my meat over the memory of touching Ben’s feet.

I turned my attention back to Ben’s naked feet, making no secret now of smelling them from sole to toes. I inhaled deeply as I dragged my nose across the calloused soles I was rubbing. These were a working man’s feet, with corns and bunions and the occasional blister; I soothed where I touched and Ben had no objections.

“Show my heels some lovin’,” he said.

I took this as permission to up my game. While I rubbed the heel of one foot with my hands, I loved up the other heel with my lips and tongue, letting my hands and mouth reverse heels occasionally. I nibbled at the ridges of hardened skin that made crescents around the back and sides of his heels. The salty, earthen flavour tantalized my senses as I continued to explore his foot with my tongue.

When my tongue reached his toes, I licked them and sucked them into my mouth one-by-one. There was some sock-lint between his toes and I pushed those damp woollen wads out of those spaces with my tongue. I might have stooped to licking feet and sucking toes, and maybe I got off on it, but I didn’t eat toe-jam for anyone.

As I rubbed his left foot sensually with one hand and lapped at his right foot with my tongue, I looked out of the top of my eyes and took in the sight of Ben staring back at me with his intense brown eyes. He met my stare with a heavily-lidded look of what I recognized as arousal. I let my eyes fall to the front of Ben’s shorts, and sure enough, his cock was pitching a tent there. I didn’t let my observation or satisfaction register in my eyes though; I didn’t want the straight guy having a moment of gay panic, so I continued the stimulation for another minute or two before I dared to break off.

“I know just what we need,” I said, clambering to my feet and bee-lining it to my room. I went through my nightstand and came back with a tube.

“It’s lube,” I said. I didn’t add that it was an edible product. “It should make it easier for me to pleasure your feet.”

I didn’t use the word ‘pleasure’ by accident; I wanted Ben to realize that he was being given pleasure by a gay man, but I didn’t want to jeopardize the chance to continue. I was highly aroused by the tastes and smells of Ben’s feet and I realized that before I was done, I was going to want to consummate my lust for them; I was going to try to fuck Ben’s feet if given half a chance.

Technically, I could have stopped rubbing him any time and just walked away from this growing arousal; I had promised Ben five minutes per foot and we were well past that now. Whatever the outcome of this little foot massage session, my supper was promised. But I might never have an opportunity like this again and I was determined not to waste it.

I poured the lube on my palms and applied it to both soles of Ben’s feet simultaneously. It was cool to the touch and he curled his toes a little in response. I rubbed the lube over the whole foot, warming it and using a thumb to part the toes to fill the spaces in-between with the edible oil. I glanced furtively over Ben. He had his eyes closed and his hands behind his head. A quick inspection of the front of his shorts quickly confirmed he was still hard.

Once I had the feet completely saturated, I returned to my massage with both hands, rubbing the moisturizing lube everywhere from his soles to the bridge of his feet and almost to the ankle and Achilles tendon.

I couldn’t help myself. I fell on his feet with my mouth; this time, I pleased him more desperately than before. The neutral taste of the lubricant didn’t deter me from the flavour of my subject. My passion was inflamed and I knew I wanted him more than anyone else in my life. After five minutes of kissing and lapping at his feet, I raised my head and looked into Ben’s equally lustful eyes.

“I want to fuck your feet,” I whispered with heated breath.

“You’ve got me so fucking hot, you dirty faggot,” he answered hotly, unbuttoning the front of his shorts and pulling his cock out. He started to jerk off, which just made me feel hotter. “Do it. Fuck my feet.”

I didn’t need to be begged. I whipped my t-shirt over my head and dropped my lounge pants, freeing my erection. It pointed at Ben’s feet like a weathercock. My hands were still slippery from the lubricant, but not so slippery that I couldn’t guide Ben’s feet together so that the arches met, looking like two halves of a clamshell, or maybe a pussy. What’s a gay guy know about that? I poured a little lube on my boner and spread it all over the organ. When my cock was fully lubricated, I inserted it into the space between the arches of Ben’s feet, slowly fucking them.

It felt exquisite. The lube compensated for the dry skin, but it didn’t change the rough texture of that thick flesh. It was as stimulating as any ass I’d ever been in, and feet smelled better than ass in my opinion. As I began to find a rhythm for my foot-fucking, I cast a glance at Ben. He was gently tugging on his cock. I tossed him the tube of lubricant in case he wanted to masturbate with greater ease. He caught it and was about to apply it when I whispered a promise at him. He weighed his options and set the lube to one side and left his cock alone with great reluctance.

I picked up speed as I fucked Ben’s arches and, in my excitement, I may have said a few things that might have worried a less secure straight man than Ben. I promised to suck his toes every day if he’d let me. If he wanted me to, I’d lick his ass and suck his cock. Ben took it all in stride, leaving his fingers off his cock with great difficulty, reserving himself for my special treatment.

“Oh, fuck, Ben, I’m going to come on your feet,” I declared.

Ben raised his head to watch me climax between his feet. The feeling of each spasm of my cock sent a shiver of pure delight down my back. My penis pulsed and I ejaculated a wealth of seed over the bridges of Ben’s feet. A few stray bursts striped the inside of Ben’s calves. After my orgasm, I continued to slowly pump between the arches of those heavenly feet until I became too sensitive to continue. I stepped back and withdrew from between the powerful feet that had contained my thrusts. I pulled up my lounge pants and tied them at the waist; that would catch any drippings from my cock while I cleaned Ben up.

I was grateful that the lube was edible as I licked Ben’s feet. I lapped at the semen I left on his bridges and sucked the excess lube off his soles and toes. Once his feet were clean, I leaned in further and licked my seed off the inside of his calves. I didn’t mind eating my own sperm, but cum just didn’t taste as good when it was cold.

Then it was time to deliver on my promise and Ben was impatient.

“Come on, fairy,” Ben said. “Do it.”

I had promised Ben he wouldn’t need his hands to get off and now was the time to deliver on that promise. I pushed his feet off the ottoman and pushed the footstool to one side. I knelt between his knees and spread Ben’s legs. His fully-erect black cock pointed up at me with just a slight curvature. He was probably between seven and eight inches long and as big around as a salami, making this one of the biggest cocks I had ever attempted to pleasure.

I turned to the task with a real will. For me, there was a fair amount at stake. The foot-rub might have started out innocently—well, innocently for Ben—but matters had taken a turn that changed the status quo within the apartment. I had fucked my straight roommate’s feet, and now I was sucking his cock. What would be the consequences for these actions? Would Ben accept the moment of passion as just that: hot, meaningless sex? Would our relationship change to a sexual nature or would it cool? Would Ben somehow consider himself exploited and used by his gay roommate and turn hostile toward me? A lot might depend on just how good a blowjob I could give.

So, I contrived to blow him the best I could. I freed him of shorts and underwear altogether. I kept my tongue active first in his groin, licking the sweat off the inside of his thighs and licking and sucking on his balls. I held the base of his cock to steady the monster and licked pre-cum out of his piss-slit before engulfing the glans of his penis in my willing mouth. I wrapped my tongue around that sensitive cock-helmet and let my muscle spiral around the tower of flesh in mindless repetition. Ben moaned; something was definitely right. In the meantime, I played with his balls and jacked him from the root of his cock. I let a hand straying down to rub his perineum and I noticed his cock throbbing in response. I wondered what would happen if I stuck a finger in his asshole, but I thought that might be too gay for Ben… at this stage.

As much as I enjoyed the smell of Ben’s feet, I had to admit that there was something deeply tantalizing about the heady aroma emanating from his pubic hair and from his groin. I could get used to this. I wondered if Ben felt the same way.

Just at that moment, Ben was feeling something else entirely. He came hard in my mouth, breathing heavily, sighing, moaning, grunting. I sucked down every drop and gave his cock a sensual tongue-bath to boot.

Ben had said he’d settle for a rub of five minutes per foot. Not every minute of this session had been spent on Ben’s feet but we’d been at this for over an hour. When I swallowed every last drop and cleaned his cock, Ben was still hard. I offered to give him a handjob, but he declined with a grin.

“No, I think I’ll save a little juice for the next time I need it.”

That probably meant he had a woman coming over tonight. I wasn’t jealous; this was looking more and more like it was just one-time sex. If I had another chance, I’d love to give those feet another licking, and if I ended up blowing him again, I might put a finger in his ass after all. There was a chance we might continue as friends with benefits. I was okay with that.

“The next time I need it might be tomorrow morning before work,” Ben said.

I grinned. No tension. No obligations.

Except one.

“Dinner’s still on you, remember?”

“You still hungry?”

We laughed and he ordered us a large pizza.

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