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Spying My Brother

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I don’t know how it first started, but I caught a glimpse of my brother’s cock. My brother Tommy always wore tight jeans or shorts around the house. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I just had this itch I couldn’t quite scratch.

My brother was eighteen and I was barely two years older than him. I am not the best looking girl around and maybe that was the reason I never had any dates. I had small tits and I was on the thin side. I had to do something.

I would look at Tommy’s bulge as he wandered around the house and then I got bolder. Late at night when my brother was asleep I would crack the door to his bedroom. Tommy would sometimes fall asleep with his nightlight still on. He would be on top of the covers totally naked.

I would look at his long, thick cock lying on his belly. It took all my self-control to not enter his room. I was weak one night. I opened the door to his room and stepped inside. As I shut the door my brother stirred. I held my breath for a minute and then got closer to the bed.

Tommy’s cock was half hard. I knew it was wrong, but I reached out and took it in my hand. That was when my brother woke up.

“Ellen, what are you doing here?”

I don’t think he knew I was holding his cock for those few seconds and then he looked down. I just couldn’t release that fat cock from my hand. Tommy gave me this look that said it all. He knew I wanted his cock. God help me, I really did want it.

I sat down on the side of the bed and I started to stroke my brother’s dick. Tommy began to arch his back some, like he wanted something more from me.

“Suck on it Ellen,” he told me.

I had to have my brother, there was no other way for me now. I lowered escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan my face and took his throbbing mushroom into my mouth. I started to work my lips up and down his huge dick. I needed my brother, I needed him in the worst way.

In a few minutes I had Tommy’s cock rock hard from sucking on it. I pulled off and just looked at my brother. He had lust in his eyes. He got up from the bed and had me stand up. Tommy slowly removed every stitch of clothes I had on. He had me lie on my back.

My heart was beating fast. I never thought it would come to this, honestly. My brother parted my legs and crawled in between them. Tommy had his cock in his hand and he rubbed his cock head up and down my slit. All I knew is I had to have my brother, I craved his cock.

Tommy slowly slid his rod into my pussy. I was tight, but Tommy loosened me up pretty quickly. His cock felt enormous inside me. I had only been with one other guy before. He was nowhere as big as my brother. Tommy took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up. He kept pushing until he had all of his cock buried inside me.

It was all I could do, to not cry out. My parents were down the hall. If they caught us I hated to think what would happen. Tommy didn’t seem to care. He drove his monster dick deep inside my belly. Over and over he fed me every hard inch of his pole. I had to put my hand over my mouth a few times in order not to cry out.

I knew Tommy had all of his dick inside me. I felt his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. He was slamming me hard. I finally came out of my haze and I told my brother to pull out before he came inside me. escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan He wasn’t wearing a rubber and I wasn’t on any birth control. It was like Tommy was totally out of it.

I repeated myself, but Tommy kept sliding his dick deeper and deeper into me. Then my brother arched his back and I felt him explode inside my pussy. My face must have shown how I felt. I tried to pull away, but I couldn’t. Tommy kept fucking me like a crazy man and shooting his hot seed deep into my belly.

All I can recall now is that he didn’t seem to stop. He kept plowing his big pecker into me and showering me with his cum. Some minutes later my brother finally got soft and pulled out of me. All his white baby seed came dripping out of my hole. I gathered up my clothes and ran into the bathroom.

I tried as best I could to push all that cum out of me and clean myself up. I was worried now. What had we done? I didn’t go back to Tommy, but I went to my bed and cried to myself. I hoped I wasn’t pregnant from my brother fucking me. I finally drifted off and fell to sleep.

The next morning my parents had left for work. I got up and went into the living room. There sat my brother.

“That was so hot last night Ellen,” he told me as he smiled.

I reached out and slapped him.

“What was that for?” my brother asked.

“I told you not to cum inside me, why didn’t you listen?”

“You walked into my bedroom and stroked my cock, what did you think was going to happen?” My brother asked me.

I guess I was a fool. What did I think was going to happen after I made my brother’s hard with my mouth?

“I escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan know you are still horny,” he told me.

I hated to admit it to myself. All I could think of after I went to my bedroom was Tommy fucking me like crazy last night. My brother took hold of my wrist and pulled me to the couch. I tried to pull away, but in the back of my mind I wanted him again.

Tommy pulled off my bathrobe and pulled me onto the couch. All my brother had on was a pair of shorts. He managed to pull them off and we were both naked. I was on top of my brother. I could feel his cock rested against my belly. All that rubbing against me was making him hard again.

Tommy got into position. My pussy was pushing against his cock head. He managed to fit the head to my pussy lips and slide into me once more. Fuck, I needed him. I wanted his cock even if he had creamed my pussy. I wanted him to do it again.

I rode up and down my brother’s shaft. This time I didn’t have to be quiet. I pleaded with him to fuck me hard. Tommy drove his big dick deep inside me. He would hold it there and I would use my muscles to milk that fat prick.

We fucked for a long time that way. I was bouncing up and down and getting every hard inch into my pussy. There was no pleading to pull out this time around. I reached back and squeezed on Tommy’s ball sacs. A couple of good squeezes and my brother blew his wad of seed into me once more.

It felt so hot and steamy as my brother gave me another load of his cum. I worked my pussy around his dick until I got every drop out of him. I then collapsed onto his chest and we both tried to recover.

Tommy told me he wanted to make me his lover. He wanted to impregnate me, he said. My head was swimming. I knew what we had done was stupid, but how could I turn back now. My brother had fucked me raw twice and I had two loads of his seed to show for it.

I had wanted him in the first place and he showered me with his cum. I can still feel some of it inside me still as I write this. I know we will fuck some more and I just hope it all works out for the best.

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Spark the Inferno Ch. 01

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Big Tits

My thirty fifth birthday came and went a short while ago. I hadn’t had the time to maintain my figure with the amount of work I have each night, so I settled in at 245 lbs and six foot. Parted brown hair with blue eyes as prominent.

Most mornings I awaken to the memory of the inferno that claimed my wife and my son. I can still smell the tang of gasoline. My older sister and I moved in together after my wife died after her marriage crumbled. We spend most of our days in quiet contemplation, at the dinner table and the living room most days. Neither one of us knew what to say, what to feel.

That night as I settled into my bed the door creaked slowly. Bleary eyed and in the pitch black, it took a moment for me to recognize who it was.

“Everything all right Jen?” I said. She nodded, clearly wanting to speak but lacking the capacity at the moment.

Jen had spent most of her life running track and field, and even after fifteen years she still has the body of twenty year old. Her breasts were on the smaller side but gloriously perky. Curly blonde tresses sat atop her head in a seemingly haphazard manner that likely took a bout two hours to get it right. My favorite part was the ass – she has one you could bounce quarters off of while I dreamed of sticking my dick in her rear and cumming again.

“Couldn’t sleep, too restless,” she said. “Mind if I sit here with you for a while?”

“Not at all,” I said. “Do you need anything?”

“Just the company, thanks little brother,” she said, sidling up beside me to make spoons. Everything was going steady and smooth until I felt a familiar stirring down below the waist. I froze – if I moved she would notice it, but if I stayed where I was my cock was fixing to burst. It twitched a few times uncontrollably. She was either asleep or not paying attention. With a sigh I pulled the blanket up and over both of us, seks hikayeleri settling in more comfortably.

The next morning all I could think of was the sensation of her snuggling with my cock resting on her ass, it’s there. I looked to her for a gauge and she seemed her usual self.

“Hungry Nick?” she said to me. I shook my head no – my insides were far too twisted up as it was. I was hoping they were good knots, and I was lamenting phantom loss. She pulled a yogurt from the fridge and came over to sit down with me. ‘”Anything good?”

“Not at the moment so far as I can tell,” I said. “Six hundred channels and still nothing on television.” I made to click off the unit and accidentally turned the DVD player on. For a moment I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, neither was she. We stared slack jawed and brain dead as we watched a man shuddering as he came inside a pleasantly chubby redhead. She eased slowly on to her stomach, the load inside leaking and running out of her pussy.

Jen cleared her throat loudly; I’d almost forgotten you were there. She shut the DVD player and skipped ahead a few steps, both of us unsure of what to say after watching cum run out of a pussy. I could feel my cock stirring while my left hand rests gently on her tits. I could have died right there and I would consider that a good way to go. She snuggled in just a little closer, a faint sigh escaping her lips. It took me a moment to notice her left hand was dipping below the waist line. That intrigued me. Figuring ‘when in rome’, might as well join her. A brief zip and my throbbing member sprang loose from its confines. She absently reached over with her ride hand and started stroking it without even looking.

How far could I push this? She’s been gorgeous all my life and we’ve been close the whole time, I didn’t want to jeopardize escort gaziantep şişman bayan that… and yet at that moment it took all of my willpower not to throw her onto the floor and fuck her silly until my load splashed across her pretty face.

“Jen?” I whispered hoarsely. If she didn’t stop I was going to cum all over the place. She looked at what she was doing and paused, blinking. She started to pull her hand away but I stopped her. “Please?” A feral light glowed in her eyes as she slipped to her knees and slid my cock into her mouth. I last about ten seconds before I shot my wad – to her credit she swallowed it all.

“I’m sorry Nick, I don’t know what came over me,” she said, swooning. Our eyes locked for a moment and then we came together, kissing like randy teenagers, pawing at each other’s clothes. “We shouldn’t be doing this, it feels so wrong… and yet right at the same time.” She stopped to look at me for a moment. “I want you inside me, little brother. I need something hard and large filling my pussy.” I

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My big sister just swallowed my cum and now she’s telling me she wants me to fuck her. I didn’t waste any time – I scooped her up into my arms and carried her upstairs, kissing the whole way. I kicked my bedroom door open and threw her onto the mattress. She seemed to enjoy that – I could hear the squelching sounds of a wet pussy being fingered. Immediately I knelt before her, kissing lightly around her thighs, ever so slowly moving towards the single most glorious hole on Earth. The first time I lapped at her clit she came, hard.

“Jesus fuck, what are we doing?” she said, panting. Without a word I pushed her back and positioned myself above her, my cock resting just at the top of her clit. She shuddered when I moved it up and down a escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan few times, eyes rolling back in her head. “God I don’t care if its wrong or not, don’t you dare stop now!” I smiled, sinking into her with one swift thrust. She screamed in ecstasy as I began ramming my cock back and forth into, both of us lost in our passion. Would it happen again? I hoped so. But if not, at least I had the memory to jerk it to.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I said hoarsely. We continued for a few minutes before she pushed me off of her. I thought for a moment that she was done, but I was wrong. She grabbed the bottle of lube sitting next to the bed on my end table and began working it into her ass. I could have died happy right there. Pulling herself up onto all fours, she looked back at me with a passion I’d never imagined.

“Fuck my ass Nick,” she growled. “Fuck your big sister’s tight little ass.” That was all the prompting I needed. Both of us cried out as we both orgasmed at the same time. She shuddered and slip forward, my cum leaking from her ass. I flipped her over and began lapping at it, figuring if she was good enough to swallow my load then I shouldn’t be afraid. As it was I cleaned up my own messes more than half the time. Her hips began bucking, her body thrashing on the bed.

“You like getting fucked by your little brother?” I said, sliding two fingers into her pussy as my tongue continued bathing her ass. “You like little brother’s hard cock?” She answered without a word, reaching behind me and pulling me to her face with deep nail bites on my back. You could have cut off my arm then and I still wouldn’t have cared. Everything was too perfect. Just as I began to slow my tempo something clicked…

…and then I woke up.

“What the fuck?” I said, looking around. Jen was up and out of the bed, most likely in the bathroom. “That was a fucking dream?” The wheels in my head started turning. So I hadn’t actually spent all night having rough sex with my sister. I’d spent all night trying not to think about exploding and making a mess and apparently my dreams had gone from there. That was something I wasn’t going to give up so easily, and I resolved myself to plotting how to make things happen with her for real.

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Son and Mum Fix It

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Big Tits

Note: All characters are over 18. A fun story. About 4800 words.


My mum has always been beautiful and sexy. I spent most of my teenage years with an eternal hard on for my mum. I spent most of the time hunched over trying to hide it.

All of it was incidental. I was collateral damage from her ignorance of the effect of her body on me.

She didn’t have shame when it came to her body, to her it was all natural so where was the harm? She was the most playful woman I knew, she rarely took anything seriously unless it was work or harmful to others.

Mum had a great body and didn’t try to hide it in mum clothes. She wore what she wanted when she wanted. When she was home she wouldn’t think twice about walking around in panties and a shirt. She usually wore tight yoga pants which never failed to give me a boner. I basically drooled over her any time I saw her or thought of her.

I wasn’t the son who ignored his mother or thought of her as some kind of angelic helper. I lusted after her hard, there was no situation or position I hadn’t imagined me and mum in.

Mum wasn’t a slut, she never cheated on my dad. Or that I knew of, to her trust was never to be broken. And people around her were expected to follow that rule as well.

We lived in a typical suburb where every man worked 9 to 5 and so did the women unless looking after kids. I arrived home at 4pm and dad at 6pm while mum worked her own hours but was usually home when I was.

She was a genius with electronics. If it was feasible she could do it. She had hooked all the electronics in our house to a hub built into the wall. So at the few touches of a button she could control everything in the house.

Or as she said. ‘She controlled all.’ or to quote Morgan off Chuck ‘One remote to control them all.’ The remote sat next to her chair in the lounge.

She worked as an electrician going around to houses in the suburbs and seemed to spend most of her time gossiping while working. Somehow her woman clients knew she loved juicy gossip as soon as they saw her. She only took female clients because she said they were the ones to control the finances. The main reason was men never had gossip for her I think.

I would arrive home and she would regal me with tales of what was happening a few suburbs away. Usually it would involve affairs and mum took great pleasure in watching me squirm when she told the juicy parts. Me of course holding something over my lap.

Dad left us a few weeks after I turned 18. I was as shocked as anyone else. Mostly because he was the kind of guy you thought as a father and nothing more. No one expected him to bugger off with a woman of the same age and disappear.

Especially since he had a woman like mum to come back to every night. Mum never held back and most nights I could hear them at it. One night was especially loud and she came to my door and whispered through that they had tried anal for the first time and she remembered how much she loved it.

Needless to say the rest of my night had been spent imaging me and mum fucking like animals. I had to get mum to write me a note for PE for a sore wrist the next morning. She giggled the whole time while I tried to come up with an excuse why my right wrist had RSI.

After dad left, I had the impression she was flaunting her body to me. She was teasing me on purpose. She was treating me more like a room mate rather than a son. Since I was 18 and looked after myself, I acted more like a room mate as well.

This of course made my fevered brain work even harder over mum. Now she treated me like any other male I had delusions of having her. The weeks after dad left I was constantly hard as mum pranced around, brushed against me or sat on my lap to watch tv.

She would wiggle around till she was comfortable, usually sitting right on my dick. Then while my dick slowly hardened as I fought to control it, she would giggle or bounce around. I barely stopped myself from creaming my pants during those torturous sessions. I barely stopped myself from grabbing her, ripping off her clothes and fucking her right there.

She usually had her brunette hair in a ponytail that made her seem younger than she really was. She had been a slim build when younger and the years with motherhood had only thickened her slightly. My friends would never shut up about her and tried to invite themselves over all the time. While the girls I was friends with would usually moan they hoped they could look like her when they were her age. And some were just as bad as the guys trying to meet mum at home.

Quite often I thought about letting some of the pretty girls come home, hoping mum might have a pet and kiss session with them. But I couldn’t think of a way of watching or recording it without a big chance of being caught. Mum wouldn’t care, but the girls? I would be dead.

At the moment I was on the couch pretending to watch tv while mum was half in and out of a small door in the wall. She had put the hub controlling the whole house in the lounge and now after something escort gaziantep sahibe bayan had gone wrong, she was fixing it.

My pretending to watch tv was a little hard to believe as she had turned the power off in the house. I was obviously staring at her arse.

She had told me exactly what had gone wrong and what needed to be done. But all I had got was things had broke and now most of it needed replacing and repairing. She had been wearing a tight singlet at the time and I swear she had bounced her breasts to show she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Mum’s hand came out to scratch her arse, pulling the soft material of the yoga pants around until her crack was even more defined. Even that unlady like action made my cock twitch

I watched entranced as her arse wiggled as she worked, moving in small circles and sometimes popping up and down. It took me a minute to realise she had spoken.

“What did you say mum?”

“I said stop staring at my arse and come help me.”

Her hand once again came back, beckoned me with a finger, pointed down at her arse and slapped it lightly. I swallowed, rearranged my pants with my half hard member managing to make itself trouble. Too hard to push down my pant leg and too soft to trap under my pant waist, so it just poked out making itself very noticeable.

I moved over behind mum and looked over her head into the hole. The hole was quite large and mum was resting her chest on a cushion on the ledge allowing me to look inside easily. Her breasts were pushed up by the cushion, making them look even better than usual.

I saw a board of electronic looking things with switches, meters and a large touch screen. I was looking at the unknown.

“I was able to make this easy when it was out in the open and in pieces. But like this I need another pair of hands to help.”

“Uh, I really don’t know anything about this stuff. Can’t you just pull it out?”

“Not unless I want to break it apart and start from scratch. Now lean over me and hold these wires.”

I swallowed hard and looked down at mum. She was in a tight singlet and yoga pants with no panty line visible, she was as close to naked as you could be dressed.

I hoped I wouldn’t mess up too badly and got on my knees behind mum, my legs inside hers. I would have tried to kneel next to her and reach inside. But the hub was deep in the hole and since my spine wasn’t made of rubber this was the only option. Or so I told myself.

I leant in while maintaining a few inches of space between her and me. I wanted desperately to grab her hips and grind my cock into her sweet arse. But I didn’t have the courage to do it despite the weeks of her wiggling her arse while sitting on my lap.

I squeezed my shoulders into the hole, there was just enough room for both of us. I reached out and grabbed the two wires she wanted held. My belly was flat, but I still sucked in my guts to make sure there was no contact. We were now both chest deep in the hole.

“No, you idiot you are way too far back. Move forward.”

I grunted and shuffled an inch forward. Mum sighed.

“As far up as you can.” She bumped her arse back into my hips to get me moving. “Hurry up. I’ve got things to do.”

I gritted my teeth as her soft arse kissed against my cock and so I went the whole nine yards. I pushed my hips tightly against her pert arse and rested my belly on her back. Her head was about level with my chin, she tilted her head and kissed my jaw. Her tongue fluttered against my skin and I shivered.

“There that’s better now hold those wires together while I solder. Don’t worry about fumes, my ventilation system will take care of them.”

Now she mentioned it I could hear a soft whirring above my head, no doubt she was running it off the generator.

I spent the next few minutes following mum’s directions, smelling her sweet smelling hair and feeling her soft warm body through our clothes. I don’t know how women did it but even fully clothed they felt soft and warm. As if their femininity was too great for a few layers of cloth to hold back.

I tried to put every ounce of brain control into not getting any more erect. But mum hadn’t stopped moving her arse just because I was pressed up against it. Her tight muscles flexed and relaxed against my taunt thighs and hips.

“Mum can you stop moving? I can’t… eh concentrate.” I wasn’t really doing anything that needed concentration except to stop getting hard, but I couldn’t tell mum that.

“If I stop moving I can’t work. You want to cuddle with me like this longer do you? Well if you are good we’ll cuddle on the couch. But don’t try and feel me up too quickly. That will scare a girl off.”

I groaned and my cock twitched, getting harder. Mum’s arse continued to torture me. Her meaty cheeks rubbed against my more than half hard member, encouraging growth. Only the horror of mum noticing my hard on kept me from going fully hard straight away. I know she had felt it plenty of times, escort bayan şahinbey but it never stopped being embarrassing.

“No, your arse. Stop moving it or I’ll get hard.”

I nearly choked. This was the first time I had admitted mum got me hard. She knew she did of course, but I pretended I wasn’t hard. Even when I was tenting and feverishly trying to rearrange myself to make it less obvious. I had been flustered and said what I thought.

Mum giggled and pushed back hard against me. It was the final straw and my cock fully hardened into a iron rod between her arse cheeks. My cock was trapped between her cheeks as she wiggled her arse and made me groan.

“You cheeky little beggar. Getting hard on your mother’s tight and supple body.” Mum knew how to look after herself and while she wasn’t close to a teenager, she had a rocking body and she knew it. “I bet you want to plough your stiff cock up

my pussy and cum deep inside, you dirty cad.”

I gritted my teeth, she wasn’t normally so forward. But if she wanted to play like that.

“It is your fault for rubbing against me. You are my mother, you shouldn’t be doing or saying such things.” I obviously didn’t want mum to stop teasing me, no male wanted a beautiful woman to stop teasing him. But I needed the situation to calm a little. “Now didn’t you say you wanted this done?”

Mum huffed and turned back to her work. Her hands moving quickly across the hub, performing tasks faster than I could fathom what she was actually doing. But her arse was still moving against my hard cock. I wondered how much better it would feel if I dropped my pants and rubbed against her yoga pants.

No sooner had my brain had this treacherous thought than mum pushed back extra hard against me. Before I could think I humped back at her. She was so surprised she actually stopped grinding her arse against me.

In all the weeks of teasing I hadn’t moved, hadn’t responded to her teasing except to try and cover up my boner. Not once had I touched her as she had rubbed against me or flaunted her body. It was all coming to head today and I knew things had changed forever.

Mum turned back to her work and I just froze on top of her. She hadn’t really need my help, I hadn’t done anything except make things a little easier by holding wires and circuit boards here and there.

I wondered if she had decided to stop her teasing. For weeks she had been the instigator and completely in control, but today I had reacted like any male should have. I felt slightly relieved I wouldn’t be filling my pants with cum while my mum grinded her arse against me.

But at the same time I felt disappointed that I wasn’t going to and that the teasing was going to stop.

Mum’s arse started to wiggle against me again. At first it was just slow circles, then it started to build up into popping her arse up and down. Before long she was back to holding my hard cock with her cheeks as she rubbed her arse over my hips.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had wanted to play with my mum’s body for years and wanted to do everything I could, but I never had the balls to try. Now I had humped her, though only once, and she didn’t seem to mind.

I stopped holding the wires that she had all ready soldered and moved my hands to her shoulders. I started to rub her shoulders as I gyrated my hips into her moving arse.

We soon worked out a rhythm to keep my cock either in her crack or squeezed between her arse cheeks and my belly. I was harder than I had ever been and I was struggling to keep my head and keep it to grinding.

“Mmm. Finally you are listening to your mother. Won’t be long before I’m finished.”

I panicked. Did she mean we were nearly finished with the teasing and ready to go for the serious action? Or did she mean she was nearly finished the electrics and that would be the end of this scenario?

I moved my hands from her shoulders, shifting my left to cup her left breast and the right to hold her waist. I started to hump her good and proper, sliding my shaft up and down her crack. Even with her pants and my underwear and pants in the way I was getting close to cumming. Hell I was close to cumming when she had been grinding against me.

“Ohhh. Taking charge are we?”

My left hand squeezed her breast as I humped into her as hard and fast as I could in the slightly cramped conditions. I gasped as my breath rasped in and out of my throat. My heart must have been pumping all my blood to my cock as I felt massive while my head felt light.

I grunted as I came in my pants, each squirt of cum made me hump hard into mum’s arse. My cock trembled as cum shot out while my balls tingled as they tightened. I gave one last hump and lay breathlessly on her back.

I froze as mum tsked me.

“Only thinking of yourself you naughty boy. Well don’t think you will be the only one cumming today. I suppose you just needed to get that one out of your system.”

I started breathing again. My left escort şahinbey hand was still on mum’s breast, I slipped it inside her singlet and started to stroke and caress the impossibly smooth skin. Finally.

“Mmm, that’s better. I hope you don’t make the same mistake again. Now get those wet pants off or you’ll catch a cold.”

I awkwardly pulled my pants and underwear off while still chest deep in the hole. I managed to kick them off, after a moment I pulled my underwear back and wiped the cum off my cock as best I could.

I pushed my now naked bottom half back against mum’s arse. I instantly hardened as soon as I touched the soft yoga pants.

Mum giggled.

“Good to know I can get a man hard within seconds of him cumming. Now I really have to get this done, you still need to help me.”

I reached into hold the wires, but mum knocked my hands out of the way. Every time I reached to help her she would tsk me or knock my hands out of the way. Only when her arse started to grind against me did I realise what she meant. I moved my hands back to her body, this time slipping both inside of her singlet to grasp her breasts.

I played with them every way I had heard of. I rubbed the undersides, pinched and nibbled at the soft skin with my fingertips. Squeezed all over and moved her breasts around, before finally focusing on her small nipples. I rolled, squeezed, pinched and rubbed her hard nipples. I loved how her breasts felt in my hands, I was in heaven.

By now mum was breathing heavily and thrusting her arse back at my hard cock. I moved my right hand down to my cock and angled it between her legs so it rubbed on her pussy. Her yoga pants were soaked right where her pussy was.

I moved my hand back up to breast as I humped my cock along her sodden pants. Mum was now groaning softly. I was finally getting somewhere. Once she had cum she wouldn’t be able to leave it at simple teasing any more.

“Wait, not like this.” I stopped humping against mum, I was surprised my jaw didn’t hit her head as it dropped. “I need you to move so I can finish.”

“Um ok.”

I moved so I could once again kneel behind mum. I paused, but she was moving back as well. I moved to the side and wondered what to do, I felt out place naked from the waist down. Had she decided she didn’t want to cum with her son?

“Right take off your shirt.”

I quickly obeyed mum. She gestured me to come back to the access hole for the hub.

“Lay on your back, so your shoulders are inside the hole.”

I nodded and moved back inside the hole, this time facing upwards. The cushion padded the edge well and I was comfortable.

I looked back in time to see mum straddle my hips before moving her chest back inside the hole.

Now she was sitting on my hard cock and her breasts were right in my face. I lifted her singlet sucked her right breast into my mouth while my hands roamed over her arse and belly. I switched to her left breast as she moaned at my wet tongue and hot mouth sucking and licking her breasts.

Mum wasn’t stacked, but her breasts were more than a handful with hardly any drooping. Her arse was firm in my hands while her belly only had a slight bump. She was hot.

I slid my cock against her pussy and froze. Her hot and drenched pussy was sitting directly on my cock. My hands roamed over her and found the split in her pants. I slipped a finger in and found from her rosebud to just above her pussy was exposed.

I couldn’t resist and pushed my index finger into mum’s pussy. She moaned, but I could still hear her messing about with the hub above my head. I don’t know how she managed to keep her concentration.

I slipped my middle finger in with index and started to build up as much speed as I could from the position. My right hand moved underneath and tickled her clit while I continued to suck and lick at her breasts.

I was getting worked up, my cock was aching for action and I knew mum was just as excited as me. My cock was all ready covered in her juices.

I stopped humping her pussy, pulled my fingers from her hole and lifted her hips up. She knew what was coming.

I stood my cock up straight and guided her pussy down so my head rested at her entrance. Before I could do anything more she slammed her hips down. Her pussy swallowed up my cock and I moaned in ecstasy as my cock was suddenly enveloped by a warm, tight, wet pussy. She echoed my deep moan with her own.

I immediately started thrusting up into mum’s pussy, she was slamming her hips up and down groaning as my length stabbed in and out of her pussy.

“Ohhh. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Don’t think this is a one off thing.”

I managed to pull some brain cells not blasted by pleasure together.

“Don’t you need to finish fixing the hub?”

My words were punctuated by groans, as were mum’s. We were both wallowing in the pleasure. I couldn’t believe just how hot and tight she was as she slid up and down my shaft. While from her groans she sounded like she liked my cock ploughing into her pussy.

“Oh that? I finished ages ago. I was just playing for the last ten minutes. Now fuck me hard.”

Even though our positions were cramped I gave it my best, lifting up my lower half in an effort to drive my cock into my mum’s pussy as hard as I could. Her tight wet love tunnel was pulsing on my cock, driving me on to fuck harder and faster.

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Sons 19th Birthday

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*Everyone in this story is 18 or older*

*This is a true event that happened with my own mother and me*

My 19th birthday fell on a Friday. It was 2 years ago when I was 17 that I noticed this weird attraction I had. I knew it wasn’t right immediately, but I liked the thoughts I was having. I always liked welcoming different things into my life, especially if I didn’t know what the outcome would be. That was the thrill of it.

My mom had me when she was a teenager. I think she might have been 18, which was the age I was about to leave behind. My dad ended up not sticking around back then and I’ve never heard of or met him since. My mom showed me few pictures of him in her old high school year book. He played football and baseball when they were in school together.

I learned that my mom was a cheerleader as well. The pictures of her didn’t pass by my attention when she showed them to me. She looked like one of the attractive girls that were at my school. I remember not being able to look away from her exposed legs. The short wavy cheer leading skirt she had on seemed to only look good on her. The other ladies on the team were nice to look at too, but my mom seemed to have more of a shine in her smile. Like she meant it. It wasn’t fake.

After a year went by I somehow forgot about the pictures she showed me in her yearbook when I was 17. It might have been because I’d gotten myself a girlfriend recently after that. But I didn’t pay much mind to it. I unknowingly dropped the strange thoughts I had toward my mom. I never knew exactly what they were at the time so I figured I didn’t need to spend too much time thinking about it.

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a girl I had been dating for about 3 months. She wasn’t a virgin and I was a little nervous about doing it with someone who was aware of what everything was supposed to do down there. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to preform properly for her but she had seemed confident in me. She told me she liked taking guys virginity’s. I wasn’t really offended by it at the time because I just wanted to stick my cock into something warm and she was willingly offering up her pussy for me so I went for it. My first time was different than I expected it to be. She was mostly on the top doing all the work. I didn’t like how she dominated me. I barely got to try out anything on her. She was the first girl I saw naked in person and it all happened so fast.

I remember regretting it about a week after we had done it. I decided to break up with her. It didn’t seem like it was right anymore. I felt shy when I was around her afterwards. I could only imagine her naked and I kept thinking that she was probably thinking about me being naked too. I wasn’t ashamed of my body. My muscle tone wasn’t too strong back then, but I had the regular tone to pass me by at my age. I was tall and lanky. I guess I had good looks because I never hated what I looked like. My mom said I got my dark hair and eyes from my dad. I was very proud of what I had between my legs though and figured it was best not to ask if I got that from my dad too. It would have been inappropriate at the time to bring up something like that to my mom. But anyway, back to my cock size. I guess that’s why my girlfriend was so upset when I broke it off with her.

I hooked up randomly with a few other girls through the rest of the year. All of them had done something very different than the other and I liked it all. I was in control the last few times because of the lack of that for my first time.

The stupid virginity-taking bitch.

It was about a week before my 19th birthday. I remember my mom coming into my room to get my laundry from my hamper basket. It seemed normal and I felt the same as always. She came in and rolled her eyes at the mess on my floor and the dirty dishes on my nightstand. I kept my eyes on my TV, ignoring her like the norm.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Kale,” she started complaining when she reached my hamper, “clean your room.”

“I will, calm down,” I told her, not looking away from my TV.

She had grabbed my remote from beside me on the bed and switched the TV off. “Now!” She yelled after picking up my basket of dirty clothes and leaving my room. I looked after her then grabbed my remote and switched the TV back on when I couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore.

I started flipping through the channel’s and stopped when I saw a girl in a bikini. It was some commercial or something. I don’t know. I was young horny, I didn’t care unless something female was showing a lot of skin. I always got a semi-erection whenever something relevant to that showed itself. I would hardly jerk off at that moment though because it would usually go away just as soon as it came. I always found myself jacking off in the middle of the night if I needed to. That way I was sure I wouldn’t be discovered by my mom.

Through the day she would always knock when my door was closed but that’s about it. After the knock she would always escort bayan şanlıurfa walk right in. Night time was my only escape if I was horny and needed to release.

I changed the channel when I heard my moms footsteps ascending back to my room to put my hamper basket back. I looked down at my lap to make sure my barely half hard on wasn’t noticeable. I raised my knees up to hide the slight bulge that probably only I would have noticed. I could never be too safe though.

“Daniel!” She complained again when she showed up in my doorway still seeing me laying on my bed. “Get your butt up and clean! You’re going to have family and friends here for your birthday next week. Up and at ’em!” She threw my hamper on the floor then walked over to my nightstand.

I watched her go for a couple plates and empty cups I never bothered to take to the dishwasher in the kitchen. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw my box of condoms sitting behind one of the cups she hadn’t picked up yet. “Mom!” I yelled out, scaring her, “Just go, I’ll get the rest.” I jumped up facing my back to her as I slowly picked up the rest of my dishes.

I heard my mom walking out of my room as she mumbled, “What’s gotten in to you?”

I sighed heavily, relaxing. She would have went ape shit of she found my condoms. I picked them up and stuffed them back in the drawer of the nightstand where they belonged. I must have not put them back the last time I used them. It was only a week or two ago when I last had sex.

I looked down when I felt an odd, tight feeling I only got when I was fully erect. My eyes widened when I saw the impression of the head of my cock trying to peak out of the top of my jeans. I glanced around quickly to make sure my mom was still gone then dashed to my bathroom, forgetting about the dishes.

I locked the door after shutting it then unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I sat on the toilet lid and stared down at my boxers. Half of my cock was coming out the top while my balls were still left inside, begging to be groped. I stayed staring, wondering what could have caused such a quick hard on. It couldn’t have been the commercial. I was fine after I changed the channel and didn’t even feel the need to whip it out and masturbate.

I ran the tip of my fingers over the head slowly thinking about what a close call it was when I noticed that my mom almost saw my condoms. I gripped my fingers around the head and pulled down, making my boxers follow until my ball were exposed to my sight. I stopped completely, as I thought about my mom and my condoms. Was that it? The rush of my mom finding my condoms? That it was so sex related and my mom was involved with it? What?

I furred my eyebrows, pulling my boxers down further until all 8 inches of my dick was sticking up in the air towards my chest. I pumped back up slowly, letting my foreskin cover my red tip. I exhaled from the warmth of it and began moving my hand up and down a little faster.

I hadn’t realized that my mom was still in my head by the time I was about to cum. I kept going when the realization hit me, it seemed to still work the same as when I jacked off to other girls.

A long stream of cum soared up into the air then back down. Some if it landed back on the tip where it came from and some of it slid down to my balls. I looked up at myself in the mirror as I continued to slowly squeeze myself dry.

That was the first time I masturbated thinking about my mom. I didn’t know if I should have been disgusted with myself or not. I didn’t hate what I had done but I knew it was socially unacceptable. I repeated in my bed what I had done in the bathroom again that night and the next three nights. I used my condoms so I wouldn’t make a noticeable mess.

When Friday finally came around, I ended up cleaning my room spotless. I was supposed to have my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and a couple of my buddies over to celebrate my 18th birthday. I hadn’t felt any different than when I was 17, other than the status of being an adult, nothing changed after everyone left. Or so it seemed.

I was putting away some of the clothes my grandparents had gotten for me when I noticed my mom standing in my doorway. She was leaning against the door frame with a wine glass in her hand smiling at me.

“What?” I chuckled, putting a few new pairs of jeans in the bottom drawer.

She shook her head, “Nothing. You’re just growing up so fast, baby.” She said. I could see her eyes tearing up.

I rolled my eyes, “Mom, don’t start crying now. You’ve been good all day.” I told her.

“I know,” she said, walking into my room. My eyes followed her as she sat down on my bed, “you’re just getting older. Pretty soon you’ll be leaving me to go off to college, then you’ll get married…”

I shook my head. She was rambling and I could tell she had probably drank a little more than she wanted to. I knew she wasn’t completely upset about me escort gaziantep sarışın bayan growing up. The way she saw it was that if I was getting older, so was she. I found out very early that aging was a big problem for her. She was only 34 at the time. I figured that was still pretty young, and to have an 18-year-old son. I thought she looked her age, too. I guess she wanted to look younger but I liked the way she looked.

The last week really got to my head and I knew I was gradually becoming addicted to jacking off to thoughts of my own mom. I started thinking about her naked and even having sex with her. If not that, I imagined her giving me hand jobs or blow jobs. I tried to push away the thoughts when I was actually around her but they always seem to remain in my head no matter what.

“I’m not going anywhere any time soon,” I assured her sitting down beside her on my bed. I was sure to keep at least an inch of distance between us. I didn’t want to get myself too excited. I had wondered before what she would have thought if I was noticeably hard in front of her and she saw it. Little did I know that that was the night I’d find out.

“Promise,” she said, leaning closer to me and resting her head on my shoulder. Just like before she had the chance to find my condoms, my heart rate sped up quickly when I felt her hand rest on my thigh.

“I promise, mom,” I coughed out, hoping that whatever was moving in my pants wasn’t my cock trying to get hard. I could feel the blood rushing downward though, and tried to think of a plan to get my mom out of my room. I couldn’t just tell her to get out. I only did that when I was mad at her if we were arguing about something stupid. She was half drunk so I figured she’d leave soon anyway.

“It’s late. You should go to bed,” I told her, trying to get her out the easy way. I felt the need to masturbate more tonight than any other time in the past week. I felt my cock pulsating with my heart and I tried to keep it down by keeping my hands covering my crotch.

“I’m young,” she said, “I can stay up late. It’s only midnight.”

“Mom, you’re usually in bed by 10,” I reminded her. I was sure she was having some kind of aging break down now. It would explain her drinking as much as she did. She still had a little bit more in her wine glass to add to that.

“Well, things are changing. I’m going to stay up all night with you.” She said.

“I don’t stay up all night,” I told her, confused as to why she’d think that.

“I just want to spend time with my baby boy,” she told me, laying back on my pillow. I felt the bulge in my pants tighten as I remembered one of the things I thought about while masturbating to her. I had imagined her in my bed touching herself for me while I pumped my cock. She let me cum all over her tits and stomach in one of my fantasies.

Back to reality, I watched her chug back the rest of whatever she had in her wine glass. She almost unsuccessfully put it on my nightstand then relaxed further into my pillow.

“Baby,” she said with her eyes barely open, “turn the light off.”

I got up and walked to the switch on the wall beside my door and turned it off. The only light was from my muted TV on my dresser. I debated on whether or not to leave the room so I could sleep on the couch. I had a bad feeling about the night, but ignored it because I also had a good feeling.

“Come lay down,” she said.

I did as I was told and came back to the bed. I sat down beside her, leaning my back against one of my pillows. She leaned over on me and wrapped her arm over my waist. One of her legs followed in suit, only over my crotch.

I held my breath and swallowed hard when she left it resting on my not so soft dick. She nuzzled into me further, pressing her knee even more on my cock bulging from my pants. I took my other hand to try and adjust myself under her leg but was unsuccessful. I heard her moan beside me which made me stop moving all together.


She moaned back instead of answering me correctly. I stayed still, still not knowing what to do. I wondered if she was asleep or dreaming. Most people moaned and groaned while sleeping. It seemed natural when I thought about it that way.

“Baby,” she moaned under her breath. It wasn’t too loud. I slowly moved away from her so I could see if she was sleeping. I sat away from her and looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I put my hand on my thigh and slowly ran it up until I found the rigid hard on I was wanting to rub on. It would probably have been my only chance to make it to the bathroom to jack off privately.

Before I could get up and make it to the bathroom though, I felt another hand that wasn’t my own reach for my crotch. I followed the hand to my moms body then scanned up to her face. Her eyes were still closed tight but so was her hand around my shaft.

I didn’t try to move escort şehitkamil her hand away as I tried to keep in a groan when I felt her tighten her hold. I was growing stiffer from knowing it was my own mother, who I had been fantasizing about, holding my cock through my pants.

Usually when my mom got drunk then passed out asleep, nothing would wake her. The thought of that kept running through my mind each second she stayed holding me in her hand. I had made up my mind before I even started thinking about it of course. My mom was passed out in my bed. She had her loose night clothes on. I was horny. Surely you’re doing the math in your head like I was at the time.

I easily pulled myself away from her and stood up straight above my bed. I looked down at her body and thought about the cheer leading picture in her year book. I eventually ended up jacking off to that picture of her too once I found it during the past week. I had to hide it in my closest from her because I wasn’t very careful with the pages and how close I came on them.

I walked to the end of my bed and crawled on it, inching closer to her bare, exposed legs. I slowly brought my hand down on one of them, enjoying the smoothness of one, then gently found the other and enjoyed it just the same. I crawled up further, getting a better look at her breasts. She wasn’t as big as I’d like, but she wasn’t flat chested. I once sucked on those tits as a baby and I’d gladly do it again with or without milk.

I put my hand on her stomach and applied pressure to shake her back and forth to make sure she wasn’t about to wake up. The jiggling of her breasts swaying back and forth was only a plus for me. I slid my hand up further until I found the bottom of her breast. I pulled my hand up to grab the top of her V-neck shirt and pulled it down.

My heart was racing 100 miles per our. I was way out of my normal comfort zone. I liked the control I had over her and that only kept me completely erect besides knowing it was my mom.

I smiled to myself when her nipple came into my view. I rubbed my thumb over it gently, trying to remember what it was like to suck on something so beautiful when I was just an infant. I kept rubbing at the nipple until it was almost as hard as my aching cock still in my tight pants. It was starting to become uncomfortably painful as I kept straining against my length. I pulled away from my mom and unzipped my pants.

At this point it started to become very clear to me on what I was about to do. The last thing I was going to classify it as was rape. She was the one who grabbed my dick first. She invited herself in. The only thing I would call it was incest. If I liked it after, great! If not, I’d forget about everything I was about to do.

I felt like I was about to lose my virginity all over again. The feeling of just wanting to stick my cock into something warm and tight. But it was almost more than that. I was in control. I could do whatever I wanted first or last.

I kicked my pants off the rest of the way and threw them to my clean floor. I balanced myself back over top of my mom, my thumb finding her still hard nipple again. I brought my face closer to hit and inhaled to see if they smelled like anything. They didn’t really. Maybe her perfume, but that was it. I took my hand away from her when she took a deep breath. I waited for her eyes to open so she could see what her own son was doing to her, but they never did and she exhaled and went back to being sleepily still.

I brought my face down even closer to her nipple and licked around it slowly, hoping she wouldn’t give me another scare of maybe waking up. I brought my lips over her nipple along with swirling my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth, then nosily popped it back out. I watched it sway back and forth again after letter if fall back down. I moved to the other one and did the same thing as before. I swirled my tongue around the nipple and sucked it into my mouth then let it pop back out. I put my hands on both breasts and squeezed them together to make her cleavage viewable for me. I kissed both of her nipples then swirled my tongue around both of them at the same time, surprised that I could make them touch. I let them fall back into place and rubbed them for a little while longer before going on to doing the next thing.

I rubbed my hand up and down my cock as I looked down at her exposed breasts. I slipped my boxers off once I got tired of feeling them on me. It felt good to let my dick stand up freely in front of my mom. The rush of being caught excited me for some strange reason. I got back in front of her and rubbed my hand up and down her naked legs. I wondered if her pussy was as smoothly shaved as her legs were. Every piece of skin on her that I had touched so far was abnormally smooth and it only made me wish that her pussy was the same.

I glided my hand gently up her thigh and stopped when I reach the bend in her leg right before touching her pussy. Her bottoms were still on and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about seeing my moms pussy for the first time. I pulled at her bottoms, trying to get it over quickly like taking a band-aid off. I tossed them to the floor where my pants and boxers where then looked back at her pink panties. Her pussy lips were noticeable through the fabric. I brought my hand to my cock to stroke it a couple time before continuing.

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A Matched Set of Bimbos

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Alison Brie

A Matched Set of Bimbos

Part One

“Hi, honey,” Paige gushed as she opened the door. She planted a quick kiss on Bill’s cheek as he stepped inside. He looked tense. “Hard day at work?” she asked sympathetically.

J. William Sinclair sighed as he set his briefcase down on the small table in the apartment’s foyer. “They’re all hard, Paige,” he said, sliding one arm behind her back. The slender blonde smiled as he pulled her close, his eyes locked on hers. He may be over twice my age, she thought, but he still has charm by the boatload.

Paige allowed him to kiss her briefly before sliding free and removing his heavy coat. “Go sit down and I’ll make you a drink,” she said, hanging the coat up neatly in the small closet. After a quick peek at her cleavage, Bill went to the living room and sat on the leather sofa. Paige smiled. The dress she was wearing had been a gift from Bill; it was no surprise that he enjoyed the way it showed off her boobs.

Her high heels clicking on the polished floor, Paige strode into the living room and walked over to the wet bar. She began mixing an Old Fashioned. There was no need to ask what he wanted to drink; after several months of weekly appointments, she knew Bill’s needs by heart. All his needs. She glanced at him as she tapped the sugar into the glass. He was eyeing her body, his gaze sliding up her legs to rest on her ass. She knew the look on his face.

Paige had first seen that look on his face at their third appointment. She hadn’t realized what it meant, though, until the next week when he’d shown up at the “trick pad” with a fancy silver bracelet for her. The bracelet, which she always wore for him, had probably cost him at least five hundred dollars — well over twice the fee for the one-hour trysts. It was at that point that she’d realized he was smitten.

Paige had found the realization rather exciting. The idea that she was so attractive that a married bank president in his mid-fifties could develop a schoolboy crush on her left her feeling almost giddy. She’d been an escort for two years and never had she experienced anything like it. She didn’t love Bill, and she never pretended to, but Paige nevertheless found herself looking forward to their weekly meetings. It had been a long time since she’d had to use any artificial lubricant when Bill made love to her — the idea that he had a crush on her got her wet every time.

After the bracelet, the gifts had come regularly — a dress one week, a pair of shoes the next. Bill’s presents were far more expensive than the things Paige bought for herself. She was, after all, barely twenty-one years old, struggling to make ends meet while paying tuition and attending college full-time. But it wasn’t the value of the gifts that she found so touching — after all, to a man of Bill’s considerable wealth, a silver bracelet was something to be bought with pocket change. What Paige found so appealing was the thought that went into them. The gifts were tangible evidence of this powerful man’s feelings for her, the physical proof of his infatuation.

There had also been little favors. After they’d been seeing each other for two months, Bill had offered to start paying her utility bills. She had tried to politely decline, but Bill had been persistent, and Paige had agreed, realizing afterwards that she enjoyed having him take care of her. Paige had never really encouraged Bill in his obsession, but neither had she discouraged him, because at the core she realized she liked it.

Paige finished the Old Fashioned, making a mental note to tell Nicole to get more sugar. Paige and Nicole split the rent on the apartment, using it for “entertaining” their johns. Paige used it in the afternoon and Nicole in the evening. After fixing herself a club soda, Paige placed the drinks on the glass coffee table and sat down on the couch next to Bill.

Bill loosened his well-tailored business suit as he sipped his drink. “You look beautiful, Paige,” he sighed.

“Thanks,” she replied. “I really like the necklace,” she added, fingering the diamond-studded pendant that hung just above the swell of her breasts. The necklace had been Bill’s gift the previous week. Like most of his gifts, it had cost several times her weekly fee.

Paige still felt odd getting all dolled up in the expensive dresses and jewelry Bill gave her. The glamorous look wasn’t really her style. Not that she didn’t have the looks to pull it off; Paige knew she had been gifted with a lot of natural beauty. But she preferred to dress like a professional for these encounters.

Her preferred attire for turning tricks was a business suit. A long-sleeved jacket with shoulder pads and a plain white skirt gave her the look of a serious young businesswoman, while the plunging neckline, short skirt, and high heels enhanced her sex appeal. She kept her hair short — long enough to frame her face, but short enough to contribute to her professional appearance.

Paige knew that her johns, being wealthy businessmen, spent their days in the company of professionals; most of them saw plenty of attractive young women at work. Men being men, this would get them excited, and the possibility of a sexual harassment suit ruled out flirting as a means of relieving the tension. Thus, when they finished work and came to see Paige, she provided them with the chance to live out their fantasies of banging one of their female coworkers. Judging by her johns’ passion, that was what they wanted.

But Bill was different. Granted, he’d enjoyed her in the beginning when she’d dressed for him just like she did for any other john. But then the gifts had started, and Paige had realized that he preferred a softer look — dresses and jewelry rather than business suits. So she’d started dressing up for him — wearing the softer, more feminine things she gave him and brushing out her short hair.

Bill had reached over and begun to stroke her hair. “God, Paige, there are days when the only thing that keeps me from just exploding is knowing that I’m going to see you when I get done.”

Paige smiled. There was really nothing she could say. Telling him that she felt the same way would be irresponsible. She didn’t have feelings for him, and it wasn’t right to make him think she did. But still, she felt a little rush as she thought again about how much power she had over Bill. Part of her was tempted to lead him on.

Best just to kill the conversation entirely. Paige leaned forward and kissed him, her hands massaging his still-firm shoulders. For a man in late middle age, Bill did an excellent job of keeping himself in shape. He returned her kiss passionately, running one hand down her flank as the other cupped her breast through the thin dress.

After a minute, their lips parted. Paige had just opened her mouth to suggest they move to the bedroom when Bill spoke first. “Meet me tomorrow.”

Paige worked her mouth a couple of times before regaining her composure. She was starting to feel sorry for him. Maybe she’d let his infatuation go too far. “Honey, I… I can’t. I’ve got class all day.”

“Skip it. Meet me downtown tomorrow. Please.” There was an insistence in his eyes.

Paige was puzzled. He wanted to meet in public. The man was married, for Christ’s sake. It wasn’t smart for him to be seen in public with a young woman. Besides, he’d never asked her to meet him before. “Wh-why?”

“I want to buy you a coat.”

“Oh my God!” Nicole exclaimed. “Did he really?”

“Yeah, he really did,” Paige nodded. “He wants to buy me a coat.”

“Oh my God!” Nicole squealed. She jumped up and down in excitement, causing her long, deep-brown tresses to bounce on her shoulders. For a veteran prostitute, Nicole displayed some surprisingly girlish behavior sometimes. Maybe that was part of her appeal. Not that she needed it. Her finely-chiseled Italian features, flowing hair, and trim body were no doubt more than enough to keep her johns interested. “That’s so great, Paige!” she gushed.

“I guess,” Paige replied.

“What do you mean, you guess?” the brunette asked incredulously. “You’ve found your sugar daddy! Play it right and he’ll pay for the rest of your education. You won’t have to spend your afternoons humping ugly old men. Any working girl would jump at that!”

Paige knew it was true. “Coat” in this case meant “fur coat.” A fur was a sign of commitment from a john. It made him more than just a customer; it made him a lover, a paramour. By accepting a fur from a sugar daddy, a working girl like Paige was agreeing to be his mistress. There were requirements to it — a mistress had to stop seeing other johns and spend more time with her benefactor. But in exchange, she would be taken care of, if not outright pampered. And a fur coat was the symbol of the new relationship, a sort of engagement ring for illicit affairs.

“You took him up on it, didn’t you?” Nicole pressed.

“I told him I’d think about it,” Paige said. And she had thought about it, while she’d fucked Bill and after he’d left. Normally she would have gone home after finishing with Bill, but today she’d hung around the apartment until Nicole showed up to get ready for her evening tricks. Aside from her johns, Nicole was the only person who knew Paige was a prostitute. In a sense, Nicole was the only real friend she had, and Paige had stayed late because she desperately needed to talk to someone about this. Meetings like this were rare; Paige worked afternoons and was generally long gone before Nicole showed up. The two girls usually communicated by leaving scrawled notes for each other.

In fact, the last time they’d seen each other face to face had been at the party where Paige had met Bill. One of Nicole’s old johns had invited them, promising plenty of potential clients. They had just arrived and had been chatting with each other when Paige had noticed a pair of distinguished-looking older men eyeing them from across the room. The girls had smiled invitingly, and the men had smiled back, but hadn’t approached. Rather, they’d started conversing furtively with each other, occasionally glancing at the girls.

It had been over an hour later, when Paige and Nicole had separated, that one of the men had approached her and struck up a conversation. Paige found Bill quite charming, and within ten minutes found herself eagerly agreeing to an appointment the following week.

“What’s there to think about?” Nicole asked, fluffing the couch pillows and eyeing the coffee table critically.

“I’m just… I feel sorry for the guy. He’s gaga over me. I don’t know if I can lead him on like this.”

“You’re not leading him on, Paige. He knows damn well that this is just a job to you. He doesn’t want your love, he just wants a chance to shower you with affection.”

“I guess so,” Paige replied.

“Besides,” Nicole pressed, “just think how sexy that fur coat is going to feel. Hell, give me a few more weeks and I’ll get a coat of my own from my Jimmy. Then we can walk around town together like a pair of rich bitches.”

After the party where she’d met Bill, Paige had ridden home in a cab with Nicole. The two girls had compared notes, and Paige had learned that Nicole had been approached by the other man, who’d identified himself as James. Paige had ever seen James after that first exchange of smiles at the party (nor had Nicole seen Bill), but she’d been vaguely aware that James, or Jimmy as Nicole called him, had become a steady source of income for the brunette.

Paige giggled at the image of the two girls gallivanting around the city in matching furs. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“See?” Nicole grinned. “Look how easy it was to convince you, you little bimbo,” she teased.

“Slut,” Paige replied, laughing.

“What do you think?” Paige asked, shifting her weight to one leg as she stuck the other knee forward through the front of the coat. The feel of the soft mink fur against her skin was almost intoxicating. She’d never felt so pampered.

Bill came up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders as they looked into the mirror. He rubbed his hands through the brown fur, caressing her shoulder through the thick coat. Paige sighed, leaning back into him as he studied her image in the mirror. “Something a little lighter, I think.” He turned to the salesgirl. “Let’s try the ermine.”

“Right away, sir,” the attractive redhead replied as she waded into the crowded racks of fur coats. The place was posh — an exclusive boutique in the middle of the city’s ritziest shopping area. The street outside was populated with rich shoppers — executives. socialites, movers and shakers. Bill had brought her into his world.

Paige was still struggling to absorb all that had happened. Bill had brought her here publicly, making no effort whatsoever to keep from being seen with her. Previously, their relationship had been a clandestine thing, but now… it was like Bill wanted the whole world to know.

The sales staff of the boutique had greeted Bill by name when he brought her in. “Good afternoon, Mr. Sinclair,” “Pleased to see you again, Mr. Sinclair,” and all of that. This was a place where Bill was known and recognized, he’d brought her in without a care in the world.

Paige was barely twenty-one years old, while Bill was in his fifties. The fact that he was going to spend thousands of dollars on a coat could mean only one thing: He was making her his mistress. The sales staff probably saw that sort of thing every day; they had to know what was going on. And yet the salesgirls had been faultlessly polite, showing Paige every courtesy and referring to her as “ma’am,” even though most of them were older than she was.

This was the fourth coat they’d tried. Bill had eyed her critically in each of them, as though inspecting a work of art. “You’re exquisitely beautiful, Paige,” he’d explained, making her blush. “I want a fur that makes you look perfect.” Paige had almost swooned at that, enraptured once again by the power she had over the man.

The salesgirl returned, a bulky white coat over one arm. “Here you are, ma’am,” she said, offering the coat to Paige. “White ermine.” The coat was a pure white, the color of snow. Paige hurried to shed the mink coat.

“Allow me,” Bill said, taking the white fur from the salesgirl. The girl took the brown coat and passed it off to another salesgirl, who took it back into the racks. “Face the mirror,” Bill said. Paige complied, biting her lip nervously. She sighed with pleasure as Bill slipped the soft coat over her shoulders, brushing her hair out over the thickly furred collar. Paige slipped her arms into the sleeves before straightening up and looking in the mirror.

Her thick blonde hair flowed almost seamlessly into the fine white fur of the coat. She closed her eyes, enjoying the luxurious feel. There was something about a fur coat that made her feel… powerful. Bill seemed enraptured, and Paige had to admit she looked gorgeous in the coat. After half a minute of silence, Bill leaned over and planted a light kiss on her lip. “It’s perfect.”

“Mr. Sinclair! What a pleasure to see you again, sir!” Paige turned to find that the voice had come from a portly, middle-aged man coming down a staircase in the back of the store.

“The pleasure is mine, Alexander,” Bill replied. The owner of the boutique, then.

Alexander rushed over to shake Bill’s hand, glancing over at Paige. “I must say, your new friend is exquisitely beautiful. But then,” he said, turning back to Bill, “you always did have excellent taste.” Paige frowned, a bit put out at being discussed like this.

“Now, now, Alexander,” Bill chided, moving to put an arm around Paige’s fur-clad shoulders. “Paige is a wonderful woman, and she’s made me happier than I’ve been in a long time.” That, Paige thought, was a little more like it.

“I see,” replied the owner, bowing his head apologetically. “The usual arrangements, then?”

Bill grinned. “Quite satisfactory. I’ll pick it up first thing in the morning.” He turned to Paige. “I’m afraid you can’t wear it out of the store today, honey. They need to keep it overnight for some final adjustments. Weather-treating, that sort of thing. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Paige sighed, a bit disappointed at having to leave the soft, comfortable coat behind. But she took it off, handing it to Alexander, who thanked her, said goodbye to Bill, and hurried into the back of the store. Bill took Paige’s arm and escorted her outside where, to her considerable surprise, a limo was waiting for them. The driver sprung out and opened the rear door.

“Honey, I’m afraid I’m needed at work, so I can’t escort you home. But Ralph will take you home.” The driver nodded and smiled at her. Somewhat stunned by all of this, Paige let Bill help her into the back of the limo. “Meet me at the apartment tomorrow. Five o’clock. I’ll bring the coat.”

Paige opened her mouth to decline. That was Bill’s usual time, but not his usual day, and she had another appointment scheduled. But then she closed it. Bill had just bought her a coat. She would have to cancel the appointment tomorrow. As a matter of fact, she would have to cancel all her appointments with all her other clients. That was the unspoken agreement she had entered into by accepting the coat. She was a kept woman now.

Of course, Bill had agreed to more than she had. She was the one with the upper hand, she reminded herself. “See you then,” she said, smiling.

Part Two

“Oh, Bill, it’s beautiful,” Paige gushed as she pulled the snowy white coat out of the box. She felt silly saying that, because she’d already seen the coat just the day before at the store. But her excitement was genuine.

Paige lifted the coat to her face, rubbing the soft fur against her cheek and inhaling the musky smell. The odor seemed more intense than it had at the store. Maybe that was an effect of whatever treatment had been made to it. Whatever the cause, Paige found the aroma delicious. “Can I put it on?” she asked Bill.

Bill smiled. “Of course, honey. It’s yours; you can wear it whenever you like.”

Paige grinned with delight as she stood up and unfolded the coat. She reveled in its luxurious softness as she slipped it on over her thin black dress. Bill leaned back on the couch, watching her with a twinkle in his eye. Paige smiled lustily at him, knowing she had him captivated. She felt like a goddess.

Slowly, she climbed onto the couch, coming to her hands and knees, her face next to his. “Thank you, Bill. It’s wonderful.” She kissed him hungrily, and he responded, reaching under the coat to pull her down on top of him. She pressed her body against his, the open coat covering them both.

She groaned as she felt his hands playing with her nipples through the dress. Another dress he’d given her. Paige felt incredibly aroused. Partly it was Bill’s hands on her body, partly it was the intoxicating smell of the fur. But mostly it was the fact that every single thing she was wearing at that moment, including the wonderful coat, had been paid for by Bill. She held the emotional control in the relationship. He’d spent all that money, but he didn’t own her; rather, she owned him. Her pussy, she realized, was already wet.

She broke the kiss. “I want to do it now. Right here.” Bill arched an eyebrow in surprise, but gamely pushed the fur down off her shoulders, unstrapping her dress and freeing her breasts. Paige had never done this with Bill before. Sex with Bill, though passionate, had always been a civilized affair, conducted in a bed. But this time, well, she just wanted it now.

Bill paused in his undressing of her body, stroking her hair. “Your hair is so beautiful, Paige. So soft and thick.” Paige was a bit taken aback. Damnit, didn’t he want to screw? “Have you ever thought about letting it grow out a bit?” Bill continued.

Jesus, of all the times for him to get interested escort gaziantep olgun bayan in her hairstyle. Still, it was important to keep him happy. “Would you like that, darling?” she asked. “I’ll do it if you want me to.”

He smiled. “I think it would look beautiful if you did.”

“Then I’ll do it,” she whispered playfully. “I’ll do anything for you, honey.”

“I know,” he replied, smiling.

Good, let him think he’s in control, she thought. After all, a goddess occasionally had to do favors for her worshipers. “But now I need you do something for me, baby,” she cooed, rubbing his swollen crotch with one leg.

Fifteen minutes later, Paige was on her back on the couch, legs spread as she experienced her third orgasm of the afternoon. For a man his age, Bill’s stamina was amazing; he continued to pump away at her pussy, driving her to new heights of pleasure. Her mind foggy, Paige turned her head to the crumpled coat lying next to her. She pulled it to her face, inhaling the musky scent deeply as she came. If this is what being a goddess is like, she thought, I could get used to it.

“… so I told Bernie we were going to go ahead with or without him, and he was going to have to explain to his shareholders how he missed the boat on the biggest acquisition of the year,” Bill said, cutting off another piece of his prime rib.

Paige raised one eyebrow in between forkfuls of salad, doing her best to appear interested in his story. “And what did he do?”

Bill wore a grin of satisfaction. “He took a second to think about it, and then he agreed to our terms. He practically fell over himself thanking us for giving him a measly ten percent!” He skewered the chunk of meat and popped it into his mouth triumphantly.

“Well, congratulations, honey,” Paige replied, sipping her wine.

“Is everything to your satisfaction, ma’am?”

Paige started as she realized the waiter had come up behind her. “Why… why, yes, everything’s wonderful. Thank you.” The waiter executed a smart bow before fading away into the crowded restaurant.

Paige looked around, still not believing what was going on. Bill was treating her to lunch at the Chesterfield Hotel, one of the fanciest spots in town. The Caesar salad she was eating had cost more than she usually spent on food in a week, and it tasted like it. What amazed her, though, was how cavalier Bill had been about bringing her here. There had been no attempt to hide what was going on. Bill, a married man very much in the public eye, had escorted a fur-clad young woman into one of the city’s finest restaurants.

Paige turned her head to one side, inhaling the musky aroma of the coat sitting on the back of her chair. The maître d’ had offered to take her coat, but Bill had interceded, telling her he’d prefer she keep it with him. “It complements you so well,” he’d said. Paige had feigned indifference, but secretly she’d been relieved. She didn’t like the idea of being separated from the coat.

Paige had come to love the coat. The soft, snowy fur had a sensual appeal for her. She kept it with her whenever possible, stroking its fine white hair and inhaling its rich odor. She slept with it on the bed next to her. The only time she left it behind was when she went to classes. She was afraid some of the animal-rights activists at school would try to damage it, and she couldn’t bear the thought of harm coming to her coat.

And so she’d brought the coat into the restaurant with her, folding it over one arm while the clung to Bill with the other. She’d been conscious of the stares they’d gotten as they walked through the crowded dining area. He’s showing me off, she realized. He’s showing off his sexy young mistress and the fur coat he bought her. She knew she ought to be angry about being shown off like some sort of trophy, but she was strangely calm about it, even a bit pleased to be the focus of so much attention.

Paige brushed her hair away from her face as she ate another forkful of salad. She had begun letting it grow out, as Bill had requested, and the ends of it now brushed her shoulders. Oddly, Paige found that she liked it that way. It was more effort to take care of, certainly, but she got more looks from men this way. And Bill liked it longer. That was important.

“Bill! How are you, you old bastard?”

Paige turned to see a balding middle-aged man approaching. He rushed up to shake hands with Bill, who responded warmly. “Fred! I haven’t seen you in almost a year. I think it was that Christmas party Doris and I threw last year.”

“Right. It has been a long time! Say,” he looked at Paige, “who’s your new friend? She’s gorgeous!”

“Yes, Paige really is a work of art, isn’t she?” Bill replied, smiling as he looked at her. Paige smiled back coldly, feeling her anger rise. Being shown off was one thing, but being discussed like she was just a painting or something was entirely different! Paige reached down with her right hand to grip the sleeve of the coat, her fingers kneading the thick fur in frustration.

But… the soft feel of the fur soothed her. She inhaled deeply, breathing its sweet aroma. Her smile softened, growing genuinely warm. “Not just her face, either” Fred commented. “She’s got a nice little body on her, too.” Paige felt herself blushing at the compliment, and purred softly as she shifted her weight to show off her trim figure. She spent an hour a day exercising to maintain her body; she decided she had a right to be proud of it.

“Well, if you’ll excuse us, we’re a bit busy here at the moment, Fred, but we should get together and catch up. I’ll give you a call next week,” Bill said politely.

“Oh, please do. I look forward to hearing from you.” Fred nodded and smiled at Paige, and found herself responding in kind as he walked away.

“I’m terribly sorry about that, darling,” Bill said when Fred was out of earshot. “Frederick is a good friend, but he can be a bit… crass at times.”

“Oh, that’s all right, honey,” Paige replied. “Actually, I kind of liked it.”

“Good,” Bill murmured, barely loud enough to hear. Before Paige had time to wonder what he meant, he barreled on. “You know, Paige, you do look exquisitely gorgeous when you’re all dressed up like this. You could easily pass for a fashion model, you know.”

Paige blushed again. Normally she wore little or no makeup, even when working. It was part of the business-woman look she liked to project. But she’d made her face up more fully for this meeting. “Do you really think so?” she asked quietly.

“Absolutely,” Bill replied. “That’s why I want you to have this.” He passed her a small envelope. Paige took it from him and opened it nervously. A silver-colored credit card fell out. The name read PAIGE L SCOTT.

“The charges all come to me,” Bill said.

“B-Bill, I can’t…”

Bill shushed her, placing a finger on her lips. “Please. You’re a gorgeous woman, and I don’t want you worrying about money. I want you to buy whatever you need to make yourself pretty. Beauty like yours should be displayed for the world to enjoy.”

Paige sighed. She knew she shouldn’t take it, but… Well, it was so thrilling to be the center of attention. And if Bill wanted her to make herself pretty, then she should do it. After all, he’d bought her the fur. Her free hand stroked the soft sleeve of the coat. “Thank you, Bill.”

Bill smiled. “You’re welcome. Now let’s finish our meal. I’m needed back at the office before too long.”

“Honey,” Paige said, a wicked gleam in her eye, “I really ought to thank you properly for this wonderful gift. Perhaps after we finish here you could give me, say, a fifteen-minute tour of your office?”

They didn’t even bother to finish lunch.

“Oh my God, this is amazing!” Paige gushed as Bill escorted her through the door. And it was. Bill’s penthouse apartment was lavishly decorated. The floor of the foyer was tiled in marble, and expensive-looking paintings hung on the walls. Paige could only gape as Bill closed the door behind them and hung up his coat.

She felt Bill’s hands resting on her fur-covered shoulders. “Do you like it?” he asked.

“It’s wonderful,” she replied as she took in her opulent surroundings. Bill was so rich. So powerful. She realized how lucky she was to have him. How lucky that of all the girls in the city, he had chosen her to be his mistress. She pulled the fur coat tightly around herself as Bill massaged her shoulders.

They had spent the evening at a charity fund-raising dinner. Bill had made the keynote speech, and they had sat at the raised table next to the podium. All through the evening, Paige had felt the eyes of the other attendees on her. She had felt the jealousy of the women, who coveted her youth and beauty.

But the men… the men were jealous of Bill. They had been looking at her, lusting after her, wondering what it would be like to sleep with her. They all knew that Bill was going to take her home and fuck her, and not one of them wouldn’t have killed for a chance at that. The feeling had been deliciously erotic. She had wet her panties within ten minutes of sitting down, and the smell of her own sex, mingled with the heady aroma of the fur, had gotten her even more aroused. Bill was the luckiest man in the city this evening, and Paige adored the fact that everyone knew it.

“Let’s go to the living room and you can fix me a drink,” Bill said into her ear. Paige allowed herself to be guided into the spacious living room. She’d been feeling so… agreeable recently. It felt good to do things for Bill. She rubbed her hands over the soft white fur as she followed him into the spacious, glass-walled living room. She quickly found the bar and began mixing Bill an Old Fashioned.

“You looked beautiful this evening, Paige,” Bill told her. Paige blushed a bit, but she knew it was true. She’d spent a small fortune on cosmetics in the last few weeks, all on the credit card Bill had given her. She’d even taken a three-hour seminar on makeup techniques at an upscale boutique in the city. It had cost a small fortune and she’d had to miss several classes, but it had been worth it.

She looked up at the mirror at the back of the bar, smiling as she examined herself. Her blonde hair, styled that afternoon at a salon downtown, cascaded gently over her shoulders and down her back, flowing serenely over the snowy fur. The makeup she wore softened her face, enhancing her femininity. Her blue eyes sparkled in the dim light. Blue eyes… well, Bill liked them that way, and it really hadn’t been much effort to get colored contact lenses.

She finished Bill’s drink and took it to where he sat on the couch. “Thanks, darling,” he said as she handed it to him. Paige sat next to him on the plush leather couch, allowing her coat to fall open so Bill could see the slinky black dress she wore underneath. He gazed at her, his eyes roaming up and down her body. He reached out to caress her breast idly as he sipped his drink.

Something had been nagging her. “Bill?”

“Yes, darling?” he asked, only a touch of exasperation in his voice.

“What… what about your wife?”

He withdrew his hand. “I told you, she’s out of town until Sunday.”

“No… I mean… what about your wife and… and us?”

“Ah.” He paused, scratching his chin. “Well, she and I… she and I have an arrangement. I’d really rather not talk about it.”

“Okay,” Paige replied. “I’m sorry.” She really was. She felt bad for having made Bill uncomfortable. A mistress wasn’t supposed to do that.

Bill leaned forward, smiling. “I’m sure you can make it up to me,” he said. He kissed her, his hands stroking her erect nipples. Paige groaned, feeling her pussy grow damp. She inhaled deeply, the musky odor of the fur filling her nose. She needed it so badly…

“Do me right here,” she moaned. “Please…” She reached for his belt, swiftly unbuckling it. “I want you to fuck me in the coat.” She looked at him, desperate.

He smiled, seemingly on the verge of laughter. “Okay,” he chuckled. Paige cooed in delight, leaning back on the couch and spreading her legs, causing the dress to ride up and bunch around her waist. The cool air of the apartment tingled on the warm lips of her pussy. She giggled as she looked down at her clean-shaven crotch.

Bill had casually mentioned to her one evening last week that he liked a bare pussy, and she’d shaved herself the next morning. Paige had to admit that she liked it better that way. It was easier to keep clean, for one thing. But there was more to it than that. It made her more… accessible. She liked the idea of keeping her pussy bare for Bill. She liked it so much that she had almost stopped wearing panties. But she got wet every time she saw Bill, and it wouldn’t do to have her juices running down her legs when they were out in public.

Paige let out a soft moan as Bill’s slacks fell to his knees, revealing his rock-hard cock. He leaned forward, kissing her neck hungrily. Paige turned her head to one side, burying her nose in the soft, white fur of the coat and inhaling deeply. Her body tense, she thrust her crotch forward, anticipating his entry.

“Oh, honey, I forgot to tell you…” Bill said, his attention apparently distracted from her body.

“Wh-what? What?” Paige asked, almost panicking. She needed him so badly!

“I have to fly to Europe in a few days on business. I’m going to be gone for three weeks.”

Paige was aware of feeling vaguely sad at this news, but the bulk of her conscious thought was centered around the need she was feeling, the need for Bill’s cock to feel the aching void in her pussy. “Just fuck me…” she pleaded.

But Bill was unresponsive to her desires. “Listen, honey, there’s something I need you to do while I’m gone. A couple of gifts I want you to have. Will you take them?”

“Okay, okaaaaay,” she whined, her body writhing with lust.

“Promise?” he asked, apparently oblivious to her needs.

“Yes! Yes, I promise! Just fuck me!”

“Thanks, honey,” he replied, kissing her briefly. “You’re a real sweetheart. We’ll get everything set up tomorrow.” With that, he sank his cock into her steaming pussy, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. Paige orgasmed almost immediately, her back arching as her pussy spasmed around his cock.

It was only hours later, after hours of nonstop sex and countless orgasms on Bill’s tool, that Paige began to wonder exactly what sort of gifts she was going to receive.

Part Three

Paige paced nervously back and forth across the living room of the apartment. Bill was late. It had been nearly a month since she’d last seen him — he’d called to tell her that his business trip had been extended by a week — and Paige found herself nearly insane with anticipation. She pulled the ermine coat tightly closed, savoring the feel of the soft fur against her skin. A whole month without sex, she thought. That’s more than any girl should ever have to endure.

She jumped when the doorbell rang. Fighting to keep her composure, she walked quickly to the door, her high heels clicking rhythmically on the tile floor of the foyer. After a deep breath, she reached out with one manicured hand and opened the door.

It was Bill. “Hi, honey,” he said, stepping confidently into the apartment and kissing her on the lips.

Paige swooned at his touch. Gripping him tightly, she gnawed hungrily at his lips. “Oh, Bill… I’ve missed you…”

“I know, honey, I know,” he said soothingly, gently pushing her away. “First things, first, though. I want to see how they look.”

He was referring, of course, to the gifts he had arranged for her to receive just before going on his trip. Paige bit her lip nervously as she took one step away from him. Throwing the front of her coat wide open, she thrust her chest forward. “D-do you like them?” she stammered. Bill leaned forward, craning his neck this way and that as he examined her chest. Paige brought her hands up to cup her newly-augmented tits, drawing her fingers along their curved undersides. Please, she thought, tell me you like them.

She’d been nervous about the procedure all along, ever since that day four weeks ago when Bill had taken her to see a plastic surgeon. The surgeon was an old friend of Bill’s, and they’d chatted and joked for a full fifteen minutes, during which Paige had sat quietly, calmly caressing the fur of her coat.

Finally, the doctor had turned his attention to Paige, asking exactly what sort of bust she was after. Truthfully, of course, she was perfectly happy with the bust she had. But Bill was giving her a present, and… well, she’d already accepted so many gifts from Bill that it would be rude to turn this one down, wouldn’t it? So she’d resolved to accept Bill’s largesse. She could always get them removed later on.

She’d started off looking for something small and perky, determined to avoid looking top-heavy. She and the doctor had looked at some photos, discussing the possibilities of different shapes. But then Bill had casually suggested looking at something larger. Something more… “attention-getting” was the phrase he’d used. Paige had almost swooned at that. She was, she knew, a glutton for attention. The thought of men staring at her as she clung to Bill’s arm drove her crazy.

And so, somehow, after nearly an hour of looking at progressively larger implants, they’d settled on one of the more “attention-getting” models. Paige had left the office with misgivings, but Bill had soothed her that night at his apartment. In fact, he’d spent almost all his free time with her for the next couple days, until he finally left for Europe an hour after checking her into the hospital for surgery.

The next month had been stressful for Paige. Despite Bill’s frequent reassuring phone calls, she’d gone nearly insane at being cooped up alone in her apartment. The doctor had given strict instructions that she was to get as much rest as possible for the next four weeks. He had forbidden her to drink or engage in any sort of athletic activity, including sex. He hadn’t told her not to go to her classes, but Paige had stayed away anyway. She couldn’t bear the thought of showing up in class with her chest all swollen up. Everyone would know. So she’d called up the school registrar and withdrawn from her classes this semester. She could get back to studying in the spring when she’d be less distracted. And she knew Bill would pay for it.

In the last week, she’d gone shopping nearly every day. She needed new clothes to fit her new figure. Besides, she just had to get out of her apartment. So she’d used the credit card Bill had given her to purchase an assortment of dresses, tops, and lingerie. Getting out had relieved some of the stress of being cooped up, but it hadn’t done anything for the insatiable itch in her groin. In fact, merely knowing that she was going to be wearing these clothes for Bill only made her hornier.

“D-do you like them?” she asked timidly. She realized now that they were big. Anyone who saw them would know. They’d know that she belonged to Bill, and that he’d bought her tits for her. And she didn’t mind. She loved the idea that her augmented boobs somehow marked her as Bill’s property.

Bill finished his inspection and straightened up, apparently satisfied. “They’re beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. A perfect match.” The last remark had Paige somewhat puzzled, but she forgot about it a moment later as Bill kissed her, his hands pawing at her chest. Minutes later, the first orgasm of the evening surged through her body as Bill sucked eagerly on her new tits.

“Can you believe the balls of those guys?” Bill asked as he cut his veal. “They agree to a contract, drag me all the way to Europe, and then start complaining about our service plan. Jesus.” He popped another chunk escort bayan gaziantep oral yapan of meat into his mouth, still grimacing in disgust.

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” Paige said soothingly. It really bothered her to see Bill so upset. She’d always known that Bill was a very powerful man, but only recently had she come to realize that with that power came a great deal of responsibility. Paige tried to do whatever she could to relieve the stress Bill felt. When they were alone together, that meant giving him a nice blowjob, or spreading her legs to accommodate his cock. But at times like these, when they were out in public, she could only soothe him with words. “Everything came out for the best, didn’t it?” Paige stirred her salad while her free hand idly rubbed the fur hanging on the back of her chair.

“Yes, I suppose so,” Bill sighed. “Still, I’m worried they might try something like this again…” He trailed off, looking distractedly over her shoulder. Smiling, he waved at someone behind Paige. She turned to see a tall, thin man approaching. She straightened up, brushing her lush blond hair back behind her shoulders. It was important to look her best for Bill’s friends.

“Bill! How are you?” the man asked, shaking Bill’s hand vigorously. His voice had the slightest trace of a French accent.

“Excellent, Pierre. So nice to see you again. And how are you? How is the venture-capital business?”

“It’s doing well. My superiors in Paris are most pleased. And you seem to be doing very well, non?” he asked, looking meaningfully at Paige.

Bill chuckled. “Pierre, this is Paige,” he said, gesturing at her. Paige put on her best smile. I’m gorgeous, she thought. “Yes,” Bill continued, “I am rather pleased with her.” Paige shivered with delight. It made her so happy that she could bring pleasure to Bill’s otherwise stressful life.

“And why not?” Pierre responded. “She is gorgeous! You are a lucky man, Bill, to have such a beauty at your side.”

“Well, it’s not all luck. She needed a bit of upgrading. You should have seen her when I met her. She had one of those ugly short haircuts. And she didn’t know a thing about wearing makeup!” Paige bristled a bit at his words. Just because Bill didn’t go for the professional look didn’t mean…

“But look at her now! I’m really proud of what I’ve done with her,” Bill continued, and Paige forgot what she had been thinking. Bill was proud of her. It made her so happy that Bill could be proud of her. “But here’s the best part,” Bill went on. “Paige, honey, stand up so Pierre can get a good look at your tits.”

Paige only hesitated a moment before rising. Somewhere inside her, a tiny voice screamed in protest at being put on display like this, but it was washed away by the pleasure she felt at being shown off by Bill. She thrust her chest forward eagerly, smiling serenely as she cupped her massive boobs through the thin dress.

Pierre gasped. “Mon dieu, they are truly magnificent!” He peered at her chest in fascination. Paige beamed.

“Go on, touch ’em,” Bill prodded. Pierre reached forward, gingerly brushing the round globes of her cleavage with his thin fingers. “They’re fantastic aren’t they? I had Gerald do them. The man is a real artist.” Paige groaned in pleasure. She felt so valuable, like a prized possession. A work of art.

“They are truly wonderful,” Pierre said, sending another surge of pleasure up Paige’s spine. She shuddered, a ragged moan escaping her mouth. Pierre stepped back, surprised.

Bill chuckled again. “Yeah, she’s horny as a minx. A real firecracker in the sack. Fortunately, I’ve still got what it takes to keep her satisfied.” Paige felt her knees buckling. It was true, all of it. Ever since Bill had returned from Europe, she’d been in a near-constant state of arousal. Only Bill’s wonderful cock provided her any release. And she wanted the whole world to know it. She wanted to be a living, breathing testimony to Bill’s virility.

“Well,” Pierre replied, “I can see you’ve got your work cut out for you, mon ami. I shall bid you adieu and hope to see you next month at the banquet, non?”

“I’ll be there, Pierre,” Bill promised, waving goodbye to the departing Pierre. “Sit down, honey,” he told Paige, his attention turning back to his dinner.

Her knees still shaking, she complied. Her breathing was quick and shallow, and she could feel her pussy growing wet. “Bill,” she mewled plaintively, “let’s go…”

“What, already?” Bill replied, looking up from his plate.

Paige was bouncing in her seat. “I need it…” she whined softly.

Bill sighed. “Oh, all right. I guess it’s not fair to get you all worked up like that and then make you wait. I was just about done with my meal anyway. Let’s go back to the car.”

Paige squealed in delight, hurrying into her coat and almost dragging Bill out of the restaurant, ignoring the stares of the other diners. Five minutes later, he was sitting in the back of the limousine while she rhythmically impaled herself on his cock. Her beautiful new tits bounced energetically as she humped him, savoring the feeling of his manhood inside her. There was no doubt that Bill knew exactly how to keep her happy.

“Here you go, darling,” Paige said, handing Bill his Old Fashioned as she sat down on the couch next to him. She settled herself gently, arranging her coat so it was open in front, allowing Bill a good look at her body. She sat far enough away to not be intrusive; there were times when Bill just wanted to sit and think, and it was important not to make his life any more stressful than it already was by demanding his attention. Bill was a powerful, important man, and had many obligations besides her.

But at the same time she wanted to be accessible in case Bill needed her attention. So she made sure the coat lay open in front, exposing her voluptuous body, its curves barely contained by the sleek silver dress she wore. Paige inhaled deeply, drawing the musky scent of the fur into her nose. She hoped Bill wanted her attention tonight.

She was in luck. After a sip of his drink, Bill turned to her. “Thanks, honey. You know, I could really use a blowjob right about now.”

“Of course,” Paige replied, her face breaking into a grin. Smoothly but quickly, she slid off the couch, settling herself on her knees between Bill’s spread legs. She deftly unzipped his slacks and pulled out his rapidly-stiffening cock. It was, as always, gorgeous. She paused, staring at it in wonder for a moment, before leaning forward to take its meaty length into her mouth.

Bill let out a long, low groan as she began to suck. “Oh, that’s wonderful, honey,” he moaned. “You’re a real treasure.” Paige beamed at his words. A treasure! She felt her pussy spasm as she thought about how wonderful it was to be so valuable. She tickled the underside of his shaft with her tongue as she pumped her head up and down his shaft, while her hands gripped the base of his cock.

Paige groaned as she felt Bill’s hands come to rest on her head. “That’s it,” he groaned. Paige whined softly as he guided her up and down his manhood. She loved to suck Bill off — it was a joy to do anything that pleased him — but tonight she desperately needed him inside her. Still sucking his cock, she reached one hand down to stroke the white bandage covering her pussy.

Bill had picked her up in the limo at lunchtime. Paige hadn’t bothered to ask where they were going. If it was important for her to know, Bill would tell her. Otherwise, there was no reason to ask, and certainly no need to bother Bill. So she’d sat back, making herself comfortable in her white fur coat, and listening as Bill talked about his day, making occasional sympathetic noises.

She’d been surprised when the limo had stopped in the middle of one of the city’s seedier neighborhoods, and even more surprised when Bill had ushered her into a run-down store boasting a wide array of garish, multicolored drawings in the front window. The man behind the desk inside was dressed in a sleeveless T-shirt, faded jeans, and sported a large silver ring in his left ear, but he greeted Bill familiarly. “Nice to see you again, Mr. Sinclair. What can I do for you this time?”

“The same,” Bill replied before Paige could wonder what was being discussed. With a quick nod, the man walked through a door in the back wall, and Bill gently but firmly guided Paige through the door after him.

The room beyond was just big enough to hold a dentist’s chair, a stool, and a small table. Arrayed on the table were an assortment of needles, bottles, and implements whose function Paige could only guess at. The walls were covered with photographs of artwork. “Take off your coat and have a seat,” the man said, gesturing to the dentist’s chair.

Nervously, Paige took off her coat. Though she was wearing a rather nice red dress, she felt almost naked without the coat’s protective warmth. Bill took the coat from her as she sat down in the chair, leaning back and wondering what was going on. She took a closer look at one of the photos on the wall and realized the drawing had been done on a person’s skin. In fact, all the photos were of tattoos. This was a tattoo parlor! “Bill…” she said, her voice rising in panic. “Wh-what…”

Bill leaned close. “Shhh,” he admonished, placing a finger across her lips. He pulled her head and shoulders up with one hand while using the other to tuck the coat in behind her. Paige felt herself relax a little as she fell back into the soft fur of the coat. “Now, then,” Bill said softly, “Do you trust me?”

Her lips tight, Paige nodded affirmatively.

“Will you do what I say?”

“Y-yes,” she stammered as the sweet aroma of the fur penetrated her consciousness. It was important to do what Bill said. She wanted Bill to be happy, and she’d do whatever she could to make him happy.

“Good girl,” Bill replied, kissing her lightly. “Now pull up your skirt and spread your legs. Paige complied wordlessly, exposing her bare pussy to this stranger. Do what Bill says. Bill smiled and kissed her again before moving away to take to the man.

They spent several minutes discussing design and placement, Bill pointing to her crotch and describing what he wanted. When they’d come to an agreement, the artist turned to Paige. “Is that okay with you, miss?”

Paige swallowed nervously. “Whatever Bill wants,” she said, trembling. The man nodded once and turned to the table, where he started working with the instruments. It was as though he hadn’t really expected her to say anything different.

Bill stood next to her and held her hand as the artist began to work, running an electric razor over her pussy (even though she’d shaved it only four hours earlier. He spent perhaps half an hour drawing with some sort of pen on her pussy, while Paige struggled to remain still. Bill stroked her hair gently as he watched.

And then the needles started. Paige yelped at the first stab of pain. Bill knelt beside her and began whispering into her ear. “Be calm, honey. There’s a good girl. I’m so proud of you for being so brave. You’re making me very happy, honey.” Paige swallowed and tried to lie back as far as she could while the artist kept poking needles into her crotch. She gripped Bill’s hand tightly while trying to burrow her upper body into the soft white fur of the coat.

It lasted an hour. Paige found herself panting in relief as the artist put the needles and ink away and placed a bandage between her legs. “Same rules as before,” the man told Bill as Bill thrust a large wad of bills into his hand. Bill helped Paige to her feet and escorted her back to the limo.

“I’m so proud of you, honey,” he said once the car had started again. “You were very brave, but you did what you were told. And you deserve a reward.”

With that, Bill had unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Paige had eagerly clambered to the floor of the car and taken him into her mouth. The residual pain of the needles in her crotch had been drowned out by the sheer joy of pleasuring Bill.

A pleasure she was experiencing again this evening. It felt indescribably good to have Bill’s tool in her mouth, to run her tongue along its veined underside, to suck at its swollen purple bulb. But she wanted more. She began rubbing the bandage, feeling her erect clitoris through the soft cotton.

“So,” Bill remarked, looking down at her. “you’re getting tired of that thing?” There was a big grin on his face. His cock still in her mouth, Paige looked up at him, pleading with her eyes. Bill chuckled. “Well, the man said it had to stay on for twelve hours, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to take it off now. Get up here and spread your legs for me.”

Paige squealed with delight, letting Bill’s cock slide out of her mouth and clambering eagerly up onto the couch. She sat down facing Bill and spread her sleek legs as wide as she could, exposing her bandaged crotch. Delicately, Bill reached down and pulled at the surgical tape, lifting the white cloth away and exposing her moist pussy.

Paige looked down in wonder, seeing the tattoo for the first time. It was exquisitely done, with letters in a soft, flowing ***********, and it was amazingly legible considering what a small space the artist had had to work with. The tattoo covered her mons, with a single word appearing vertically on each side of her pussy. Paige read them aloud in a voice filled with reverent awe. “Bill’s Bimbo.”

“Oh, I love it!” she shrieked with glee. She felt wonderful. To think that a powerful, important man like Bill liked her so much that he would have his name permanently marked on her — it was simply overwhelming. She felt so treasured, like a work of art. Like a silver trophy engraved with the name of its owner. It felt so wonderful to belong to Bill. She looked up at him, tears of joy in her eyes. “Thank you so much…”

Bill silenced her with a kiss, and she pressed her body into his, wrapping her fur-clad arms around him. “Do me…” she moaned when their lips parted. “Please…” Bill shifted his body and entered her, his wonderful wand sliding into her dripping snatch. Paige had her first orgasm at his mere entry.

Fifteen minutes later he came, spurting powerfully into her. Paige shrieked through another in a seemingly endless series of orgasms, wordlessly thanking Bill for choosing her to be his bimbo.

Paige sighed in contentment as Bill played idly with her breast. The shimmering white strapless evening dress had been pulled down off her chest, exposing her round, firm tits to his hands. She snuggled against him, rubbing the soft white fur of the coat against her face, letting its aroma drift into her nostrils.

It was so pleasant to be here with Bill, just relaxing while he rubbed her boobs. She loved the sex, of course, whether Bill’s cock was filling her pussy or her mouth. But there was something magical about moments like this, when she sat still and let Bill idly fondle her body. She loved the idea of just being there as a plaything for Bill, a toy for him to play with while he thought his important thoughts.

She felt his free hand stroking her hair and purred happily. The limo had come for her this afternoon, picking her up at her apartment and whisking her to the downtown salon that Bill always had her use. An appointment had been made for her, and the stylists had apparently already been instructed as to exactly what sort of treatment she was supposed to receive. So she’d sat quietly back and let them do their job. Afterward, she’d looked in the mirror and been amazed. Her hair had been bleached, and the honey-blond color had been replaced by a bright platinum shade. It had also been elegantly styled — a pile of lustrous tresses cascaded down her back, stopping below her shoulder blades.

The limo had driven her home, where she’d changed into the thin white dress, and then taken her downtown to meet Bill at a five-star restaurant. There they’d enjoyed a long dinner. As usual, Paige had gotten the lion’s share of the attention from the men in the restaurant, and she’d reveled in it. She’d made it very clear, though, that she had eyes only for Bill. It was important to look like a goddess, but she had to let everyone know that she belonged to Bill.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, honey,” Bill said as the limo came to a stop. Paige sat up and looked around, pulling the dress back up over her boobs as Bill got out. She had just gotten her bountiful cleavage fixed when Bill helped her out of the car, guiding her up onto the sidewalk. Only after the limo had sped away did she realize that they weren’t at Bill’s apartment.

“B-but… this is my place,” she stammered. “We can’t stay here.” It wasn’t her real apartment, of course; it was the trick pad, the elegant downtown place that she and Nicole used to entertain johns.

“That’s the surprise, honey,” Bill said, kissing her on the cheek. “I’ve decided that you’re going to live here from now on.”

“B-but…” Paige began.

“Shush, Paige. You’re a gorgeous woman. A work of art.” Paige felt a tiny tremor run through her body. Yes, she was. “And a classy babe like you doesn’t belong in a tiny student apartment uptown. You belong here, where the whole city can see you. I want my treasure to be on display for everyone.”

Paige moaned, her knees buckling as they always did when Bill talked about her as an art object. “But N-Nicole…”

Bill smiled. “Don’t worry about Nicole. Now come on.” Paige allowed him to lead her through the front door and past the doorman, who smiled at him and nodded. She remained silent but fearful in the elevator. Nicole had an appointment tonight. She’d likely be here with her john right now. Paige couldn’t let Bill do this.

The elevator stopped and opened, and Bill led her to the door of the apartment. “Bill…” Paige pleaded, marshaling all her strength for one last try. “Nicole is in there…”

“I know, honey,” Bill replied, smiling as he opened the unlocked door. Stunned, Paige allowed him to pull her inside.

“Jimmy!” The shriek came from Nicole, who race out of the living room and across the foyer to throw herself at Bill. “Oh, Jimmy!” she gushed, kissing him passionately.

Paige’s jaw dropped as she took in the scene. “J-Jimmy?”

Part Four

Bill gently pushed Nicole away, looking at Paige. “Yes, that’s my name. James. James William Sinclair. Most people call me Bill. Nicole here,” he looked down at the girl who was holding him tightly, “she calls me Jimmy.”

Nicole looked up at Paige, seeming to notice her for the first time. “Paige?” she asked, looking at Bill. “Jimmy?”

“You mean… But I thought…” Paige tried to sort it all out. “So you’ve b-been seeing b-both of us?” she asked. Nicole was looking at Bill with a suspicious expression, one that Paige was sure was mirrored on her own face.

Bill sighed. “Oh, what was I supposed to do? You’re both so absolutely gorgeous. What man wouldn’t want to have you both? I mean, look at each other.”

Paige looked at Nicole. Her deep brown hair had been dyed a jet black and worked into a style almost identical to Paige’s own. Her voluptuous body was barely covered by a sheer strapless evening dress not unlike the one Paige wore, except that Nicole’s was black while Paige’s was white. And just to top it all off, Nicole had a fur of her own, a deep black sable coat that hung loosely over her exquisite frame. Nicole was gorgeous. Almost like a work of art.

Bill took the two girls by the shoulders, turning them to face the full-length mirror that hung on one wall of the foyer. “Just look at yourselves,” he said, standing behind them. “You belong together.” Paige realized it was true. Nicole had a darker complexion than she did, but in so many other ways they were nearly identical. “You’re both beautiful separately, but otele gelen gaziantep escort bayan together you’re priceless.” Paige knew it was right. She and Nicole belonged together.

Paige turned to face the brunette, only to realize that Nicole was already looking at her, her brown eyes hooded with passion. Nicole was her other half. Paige wanted — no, she needed — to be with Nicole. She leaned forward, catching the scent of Nicole’s coat. It was different, and yet so much like her own. Their lips met cautiously at first, and then passionately, the two girls kissing each other hungrily. Their tongues danced as the two furs slid over each other.

They broke at last, still gazing into each other’s eyes. “Splendid!” Bill exclaimed, placing one arm across each pair of fur-clad shoulders. “Now then, girls, why don’t we go to bed? We’ve got a lot of fun waiting for us.”

Two hours later, Paige lay serenely on the large bed, resting on top of the two coats, inhaling their odor. She and Nicole lay curled together, their skins shining with sweat, idly caressing each other’s bodies.

They’d done everything. Nicole had ridden Bill’s cock for half an hour until they both came while Paige had made energetic use of her tongue on their entwined genitalia, after which the girls had reversed roles, with Paige furiously humping up and down until Bill shot a second creamy load into her snatch.

After that, the girls had treated Bill to a double blowjob, sucking and licking his cock together, their lips and tongues dueling over every inch of his body. It had taken awhile, but they had gotten him to come a third time. Paige and Nicole had been eager to go at it again, but Bill had pleaded exhaustion.

The girls had snuggled for a while, enjoying each other’s bodies. Paige stretched out one hand to caress Nicole’s exposed breast, stroking the smooth globe with her fingers. That was another way in which the girls were alike; they had identical boob jobs. “Matching tits,” Paige giggled, eliciting a similar response from Nicole.

She was dimly aware of Bill picking up the phone and dialing. Of course, Bill was an important man; it was only natural that he should be calling his business associates. Paige turned her attention back to Nicole’s wonderful body, letting Bill’s words pass her by. Surely it was nothing that a bimbo like her needed to hear anyway.

“Rick? Hi, it’s Bill… Yes, fine, fine. I’m doing very well, thank you… Well, remember that bet we made?… No, not that one, the one at Anderson’s party… Yes, the girls… Yes, well, I did it…”

Paige moaned as she felt Nicole beginning to lap at her pussy. Two can play at that game, she thought, pulling the brunette’s legs open and shoving her face into the smooth-shaven snatch. She flicked her tongue across Nicole’s clit, noting with pleasure that it was fully erect.

“No, I’m serious… I just had them both… Yes, together! They’re right here in bed with me… Both of them, and then they sucked me off…. Well, okay, yes, it’s none of your business but I do take Viagra.””

Paige pulled back for a second, examining the tattoo on Nicole’s mons. She’d seen it already, but in the heat of their fuck-session with Bill she hadn’t had a chance to examine it closely. As with her own tattoo, it was exquisitely artful, with the two words elegantly rendered in the small space available around her slit. Paige smiled as she read the words: Bill’s Slut.

“Slut,” Paige called out in mock derision.

“Bimbo,” came the equally playful reply. The two girls shared a laugh before returning their attention to each other’s pussies.

“Well, it surprised me, but the blonde actually took more work. The brunette was a real airhead and it was easy to get her where I wanted, but I had to keep her on hold while I finished… er, training… the blonde. I don’t know, really. Maybe the brunette just took better to the coat.”

Her passion flaring, Paige rolled Nicole onto her back, positioning herself on top and resuming her oral assault on the brunette’s shaven cunt. She was rewarded by a new energy from Nicole’s mouth between her own legs. The two girls raced toward climax, almost competing with each other to see which could bring the other off first.

“Oh, right now they’re just getting each other off on the bed. What’s that?… Oh, no, you can keep the money. Really. Consider it a token of my gratitude for what you’ve helped me discover. You really should see them, my friend. They’re absolutely gorgeous, and with the work I’ve done they complement each other nicely…. You might call them a matched set.”

Paige had been paying almost no attention to Bill’s conversation, but the last three words hit her like a freight train. She screamed in orgasm, her body shuddering. A matched set. She clung tightly to Nicole, dimly aware that her twin was coming as well. She was so pleased that Bill had collected them both, and she thought of all the wonderful times she and Nicole were going to have bringing him pleasure. Her orgasm finished, she collapsed on top of Nicole, her face falling into the soft white fur of her coat. She inhaled deeply.

“Let there be light!” Bill cried as he threw the large metal switch. The forty-foot-tall Christmas tree came alive with multicolored brilliance. Paige gasped in wonder, aware that the hundreds of onlookers around them were doing likewise. “Merry Christmas!” Bill yelled as the crowd erupted into applause. Paige clung tightly to Bill as he waved to the spectators.

The cool night air blew against her exposed upper chest. Paige had left her snow-white fur coat unbuttoned at the top, exposing a generous amount of cleavage to the eyes of anyone who cared to look. Even on a cold December evening, it was important to show off her body and make sure everyone knew just how virile Bill must be to have her.

To have them. Paige looked over to where Nicole clung to his other arm, resplendent in her black sable coat. The raven-haired girl was using her free hand to adjust her matching black fur hat as she smiled at the onlookers. Paige sighed as she drank in Nicole’s elegant beauty.

But there would be time to stare at Nicole later, Paige reminded herself. Adjusting her ermine hat — a perfect match for her own coat, naturally — Paige waved to the crowd, smiling and being sure to turn her body so everyone got a tantalizing look at the round tops of her tits. The cold air on her skin had stiffened her nipples. Her clitoris was also erect, but that was another matter. The tree-lighting signified the end of the bank’s annual holiday festival, which meant that Bill would be taking them back to the car soon, which meant… Her pussy clenched in anticipation.

Sure enough, after a few more moments spent waving to the crowd, Bill turned to walk off the makeshift stage, saying goodbye to the bank’s senior officers as he did so. Paige and Nicole followed, one on either side of him, bracketing him like decorative ornaments. Paige felt warm inside as she thought of how pretty she and Nicole must have looked flanking Bill.

They had just reached the ground level and were turning toward the street and the waiting limo when a smartly-dressed young woman holding a microphone stepped in front of them. “Mr. Sinclair! Joyce Seaver, Channel Eight News. Would you mind answering a few questions, sir?” A man with a TV camera had materialized behind her. Paige found herself growing angry. Bill was a powerful, important man who had better things to do than answer some silly girl’s questions.

Bill stopped. “Well, it’s late and normally I’d really just want to get home. But in the spirit of the season, why not?” Paige grinned, looking at Bill. He was such a wonderful man. Always so generous.

After the first time the three of them had had sex, Bill had taken over paying the rent and utilities on Paige and Nicole’s apartment, insisting that the girls move in permanently. He’d even bought them a new bed, a huge round model large enough to accommodate the three of them in comfort. Best of all, the bed was covered in fur. Paige and Nicole had spent countless hours just lying in the bed, wrapping themselves in the soft, musky fur.

During the day, the girls frequently went shopping together, looking for new clothes they thought Bill might like. Bill, being the generous man he was, always paid their credit-card bills. Of course, Paige and Nicole made sure to always co-ordinate their purchases. They were a matched set, after all.

When they weren’t shopping, they were most often exercising. They went jogging together in the park quite often; the girls had found that it took quite a bit of stamina to keep up with Bill in bed. And they spent a good deal of time at the local gym, keeping their bodies fit and trim. It was important to look good next to Bill. Speaking of which… Paige put on her most dazzling smile, turning to face the camera as she clung tightly to Bill’s arm.

“Mr. Sinclair,” the reporter began, “do you really think it’s appropriate for a man of your age and position in the community to be running around with multiple young women?” Paige bristled again. How dare this bitch talk to Bill like that!

But Bill responded quickly and smoothly. “Miss Seaver, it’s true that I’m an old man. All the more reason for me to sample life’s pleasures before it’s too late. And I happen to enjoy beautiful things,” he said, placing one arm around each girl’s shoulders. Paige sighed and beamed at him. She was so happy bringing pleasure to Bill. The newsgirl seemed visibly perturbed at Paige’s display of pleasure, which made Paige even happier.

“And just what does your wife think of all this?” the reporter fired back. “Is it true that she filed for a divorce?”

Bill smiled. “She did, but we’ve since reconciled. My wife and I understand each other perfectly. And before you ask, we’re still very much in love. You should see the mink coat I got her last month for her birthday. She absolutely adores it.” Paige sighed again. So generous.

“And you, miss,” the girl said, turning her attention to Paige. “Do you really enjoy being nothing more than a toy for this man?”

“I’m not a toy!” Paige snapped. “I’m… I’m…” She looked at Bill. “I’m a bimbo. Bill’s bimbo.”

Bill smiled at her, and Paige felt her anger fading. “That’s right, honey. You’re my bimbo.” Paige turned back to face the newsgirl, glowing triumphantly. “And now,” Bill continued, “if you’ll excuse us, Miss Seaver, I believe we’ve given you enough of our time.”

His arms around the girls’ shoulders, Bill walked past the young reporter to the waiting limo. The driver held the door open as Bill helped first Nicole, then Paige inside. There were still people watching, so Paige made sure to position herself so that her long, sleek legs were exposed to view as she stepped into the limo. She wanted all the men to see her legs and fantasize about what lay between them. They’d know that Bill was going to get to have his way with her pussy, as well as Nicole’s, and they’d be just insanely jealous. Paige grinned as she took a seat next to Nicole.

The door closed behind them, affording the girls a brief moment alone while Bill walked around to the other side of the car. The two gazed rapturously into each other’s eyes. Paige admired Nicole’s beauty and grace, knowing how well it complemented her own. Like two matching trophies, Paige thought, leaning forward to kiss her roommate.

In the evenings, after long days of shopping or exercising, Paige and Nicole fucked. Bill couldn’t spend every night with them, of course. He was a powerful, important man, with other responsibilities — a large bank to run, a wife, and even another mistress or two. When he was away, it was up to Paige and Nicole to amuse themselves.

And amuse themselves they did. The girls never got tired of exploring the curves of each other’s bodies, each knowing that the other’s beauty was a reflection of her own. The girls would stand together in front of the bedroom mirror, trying on different outfits and striking sexy poses, trying to figure out what Bill would like best. Eventually, they’d yield to their own passion and fall onto the bed, their perfectly matched bodies intertwining as they sought out each other’s sensitive spots.

But their passion for each other paled by comparison to their love for Bill. The girls broke their kiss as Bill climbed into the limo, settling himself on the leather seat at the opposite end of the compartment from Paige and Nicole, his cell phone pressed to one ear.

“Channel Eight… Jackson still owns it, right?… Yes, I thought so. Well, call him up and remind him exactly how much it cost to buy that station, and remind him where the financing came from. Remind him how difficult it’ll be for him to refinance if we decide to pull the carpet out from under him. Then suggest to him that perhaps it’s not a good policy to allow young reporters to do ambush interviews at a Christmas photo op. Suggest to him that it might be a good idea to make an example of Miss Seaver by bouncing her out to Idaho and letting her interview potatoes.”

Paige felt her pussy clench again at his words. The bitch was going to get what she deserved. It was so wonderful to belong to a rich, powerful man like Bill who would take care of you like that. “Understand? Good.” He folded up the phone and put it in his suit pocket. “Now then, girls, let’s get comfortable. I’d like to inspect my art.”

Smiling, Paige and Nicole reached out to remove each other’s coats. They’d spent hours trying to decide what to wear, and in fact hadn’t come to a decision until the limo had arrived to pick them up and bring them downtown to meet Bill at the festival. Giggling, they opened their coats and turned to face Bill. His eyebrows shot up, eliciting another round of titters from the girls. “You naughty, naughty girls,” he said, shaking his head and smiling.

Paige looked up and down Nicole’s nubile body, naked except for the black high heels and the fur hat. The idea had been born of desperation — they’d been unable to settle on outfits, and they knew Bill wouldn’t approve of them being late. So they’d worn nothing but their fur coats. Nicole had apparently felt the cold just as much as Paige had, judging from the posture of her nipples. Paige idly rubbed one of the brunette’s erect buds with her thumb and forefinger, drawing a gasp from her roommate.

But there would be enough time for that later. The girls laid their coats out on the floor of the limo and knelt on them, their knees spread to show off their tattoos. Bill grinned and began issuing instructions. “Turn a little toward each other, girls… Move a little closer… Yes, that’s it…” Paige and Nicole obeyed each instruction eagerly, positioning themselves as Bill commanded. Paige felt her pussy grow moist as she posed with Nicole.

And finally, Bill stopped. The girls were still kneeling on the furs, their knees spread to expose their tattoos to Bill. Their bodies were turned slightly toward each other, the arms away from Bill resting on each other’s flanks. Paige’s free hand was caressing the underside of Nicole’s tit while Nicole reached across to cup Paige’s crotch. Eyes closed, the girls faced each other, their tongues extended and barely touching.

Nude except for their fur hats and high heels, the girls held their position. Paige’s chest heaved as she fought to control herself. Even though her eyes were closed, she could practically feel Bill admiring their gorgeous bodies. She loved it when Bill did this. “Exquisite,” he said at last. “Still life in black and white.” Paige swooned at his words. Art. She was a work of art.

“All right, girls,” Bill said at last, “You’ve earned your reward. Time for some fun.” Paige and Nicole squealed in delight, scrambling forward to position themselves between Bill’s spread legs. They scrambled to unzip his pants, allowing his magnificent, rock-hard cock to spring free. By unspoken agreement, Paige held back and let Nicole take Bill’s manhood into her mouth. Paige had gotten to suck Bill off last time, and the girls were scrupulously fair about such things.

Paige watched in fascination as Nicole began taking long, slow strokes on Bill’s cock, her shiny red lips sliding smoothly up and down the swollen phallus. Paige brushed her roommate’s thick, jet-black hair out of the way so that Bill could have an unobstructed view of her blowjob, gently combing the shiny black strands with her fingers. Once she was confident Nicole had a good rhythm going, Paige leaned forward and began licking the base of Bill’s shaft, occasionally pausing to suck his deliciously sweaty balls.

The girls took turns on Bill’s cock, alternately taking his manhood into their mouths and stroking it with their skilled tongues. Hours of practice with various dildoes had honed their techniques to perfection. Using their talented mouths, Paige and Nicole were capable of bringing hours of pleasure to Bill, keeping his magnificent cock rock-hard without pushing him over the edge into orgasm.

In this case, however, only half an hour was required before Bill climbed down off the leather seat. Paige and Nicole embraced him, three mouths meeting in a deliciously wet kiss as the nubile bodies of the two oversexed young women pressed against the bank president’s still-muscular frame. Purring and groaning, the two beauties smoothly but swiftly removed his remaining clothes. Paige felt Bill’s hand stroking her flank, sliding up to caress one firm tit. She groaned as he pinched her erect nipple.

Paige felt Bill’s hands applying gentle pressure, and instinctively fell to her hands and knees, presenting her ass to him. She knew what he wanted and looked back over her shoulder to see him positioning himself behind her while Nicole continued to kiss and caress his body, one hand stroking Bill’s erect cock. Paige held her breath as Bill moved forward, Nicole’s hand guiding his cock.

Paige shrieked as she felt him enter her, an orgasm crashing through her tingling body. She was so happy it was her turn to go first. This, too, was a rule the girls enforced strictly between themselves; Nicole had gotten first crack at blowing Bill, so Paige was the first to get her pussy filled.

Her sex-hungry body took over almost automatically, the muscles of her pussy squeezing Bill’s cock as he began to take long strokes in and out of her dripping wet snatch. The first fuck was the best. Sure, the second one lasted longer, and was usually more sensuous. But Bill always came harder the first time, and the feel of his jism in her pussy meant more to Paige than any amount of “sensuality.” Bill’s spunk was the reward she craved, the tangible evidence of just how sexy this powerful man found her, the physical proof of her value to him. Fuck sensuality. Paige wanted Bill’s come in her cunt.

She felt Nicole’s tongue on the lips of her pussy, tickling her clit and stroking her sensitive labia, reminding her of the tattoo she wore. “Bimbo,” she gasped, working her hips back against Bill’s thrusts. “I’m a bimbo.”

Bill chuckled behind her. “That’s right, honey,” he said, one hand stroking her ass as he continued to fuck her. “You’re my little bimbo.” Paige shuddered with her second orgasm of the night.

Half an hour and countless orgasms later, Paige finally received the reward she craved. By this time, her shoulders had fallen to the fur-covered floor, her ass pointing firmly upward as Bill’s cock pounded down into her, each thrust pressing her face against the soft, rich fur. Paige screamed in ecstasy as she felt Bill shudder inside her, his cock spasming inside her tight pussy. Her body shook as he shot his load, sending wad after wad of thick, juicy man-cream spurting into her trembling pussy.

She felt Bill withdraw and slumped to the ground, exhausted but ecstatic. Bill’s cock was quickly replaced by Nicole’s tongue, lapping up the jism dripping from Paige’s pussy. Soon, Bill would want to fuck Nicole, after which Paige would do the cleaning. Returning favors came with being part of a matched set.

For now though, Page lay on the floor, shaking with pleasure as Nicole tongued her snatch clean. She buried her head in the soft fur coat underneath her, breathing in its musky odor, sighing happily.

It was so wonderful to belong.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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My name is Mike and I live in a small town in southern Alabama. The town was a small farm community when I was growing up but the new interstate came through and the town became an overnight spot for vacationers traveling to Florida. It grew into a striving community of restaurants and hotels. I spent my high school years in vocational school learning auto mechanics and after graduating got my first job, I bought 20 acres on the east side of town. It was away from the tourist traffic and I had a modular home with an oversized garage built on the property. It was about that time that I married my girlfriend, Sally. She was taking up nursing at the vocational school when we first meet.

She had joined the National Guard to pay for her advanced nurse classes after graduating and pick up some extra money each month. We were married about a year when the state national guard was called to duty in the Middle East. We never thought that she would have to see active duty much less than being told she would be gone for 18 months. After a tearful goodbye at Birmingham International, I was going to be without my wife for a year or so. I spent the next few days keeping busy at work and working on my 68 red GTO convertible but after awhile, that was not keeping me occupied. I was invited to Sunday dinner with my family the following week. Normally, I did not care to go to these family get togethers but I was glad to attend this time.

My mother and father had this large farm and did quite well by selling part of the property for the interstate and the commercial lots close to it. It was a mild southern afternoon in September when I pulled up in my GTO. My mother had a full chicken dinner spread out on some picnic tables and all my family was there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and my younger sister were there. Laurie, my younger sister, came running over to the car. I was her favorite brother and thought I had the hottest car in the county. The car was over 30 years old but was still a chick magnet. We walked over to the table and chatted with the relatives. Of course, everyone wanted to know how Sally was and how I was doing. Laurie and I sat down to eat and during conversation, she was telling me about being on the cheerleading team and how she was having trouble coming home from practice. She did not have a car and could not depend on her friends to take her home all the time. Mom and Dad picking her up was not cool either. I work weekends but have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off which is when Laurie had her practices. I told her that I would pick her up from practice as I did not have much else to do on those days.

After dinner, things were getting boring around the family farm when the talk turned to politics, cotton, and town gossip. I asked Laurie if she wanted to go cruising in the GTO and get away for awhile. She was more than eager to get away. I had the GTO opened up over the country roads and paraded around the tourist end of town. Occasionally, Laurie would see a friend or they would see her and they would all wave and ask about the cool car. It was fun being with Laurie. She had grown up some since I left home. She still had beautiful reddish blond hair, blue eyes, and long skinny legs. It was very nice being in the company of another girl again, even if it was my pretty sister.

I was working around the house on Tuesday afternoon and remembered that I had to pick Laurie up from school. I was getting into my pickup truck when I thought that my sister would be mad if I didn’t come in the GTO. I switched cars and headed for the county school. I arrived somewhat early and waited in the parking lane next to the gym. I exchanged a few smiles with some girls as they passed by the car. Soon, the practice ended and my sister with some of her friends came out the gym doorways. They came over with Laurie and raved about the car and who was that driving the car, etc.. Laurie climbed in and to show off, I peeled rubber as I sped out of the parking lot. Laurie was laughing and thought it was so cool. I could not take my eyes off my sister in that cheerleading outfit. She had on this yellow knit blouse with a big blue “D” on it and a very short blue mini skirt. What drove me crazy was her long legs in these white stockings. I took the long way to our home and dropped Laurie off. Before long I was looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Sometimes it was just my sister and I and sometimes we would take some of her cheerleading friends for some fast food and cruising.

After a couple of weeks, I asked Laurie if she wanted to hang out at my house for awhile before going home. Since she had no homework that day, she loved too. Mom and Dad’s house was boring for her. The country music was cranked up loud at my place and no one was telling Laurie she could not do this or could not do that. She liked being around me and my place and she became my house guest every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until about nine in the evening. I enjoyed having Laurie over and wished escort gaziantep özbek bayan she could be there more often. Our Mom and Dad were glad to know where Laurie was at with her big brother and not running around with guys in town.

One rainy Tuesday, I picked Laurie and headed for my house. We were in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator when Laurie started to ask about what I did when I was in school. I told her that being in vocational school was different and more serious than regular school but we did fun stuff.

Willie Nelson was playing on the radio when Laurie asked, “Did you ever smoke any weed when you were in school?”

I laughed and said, “Sure. Sometimes Sally and I still smoke some. How about you?”

She sighed, “Once. My friends do a lot and sometimes I pretend that I smoke a lot too.”

I looked into my sister’s blue eyes and with a wicked grin asked, “Want to try some?”

Laurie looked surprised and said, “I guess”

I left the kitchen and went into my garage. I rumbled through some boxes and pulled out an old tackle box. I opened the box and removed a false bottom where underneath was a small tin of pot and some rolling papers. I returned to the kitchen with the tin and took Laurie by the hand into my bedroom. We sat on the bedroom floor next to the fireplace where I poured some brown grindings into an open paper and rolled it into a cigarette.

“Where do you buy your stuff?” asked Laurie

“I don’t, too risky” I said, “I have a few plants growing in the back 10 acres which is enough for me when I want some” I licked the cigarette end and rolled it shut with my lips. I took the lighter from my jeans and lit one end. I inhaled deeply and handed it to my sister.

“Don’t laugh, it has been awhile since I tried one” said Laurie as she put the cigarette to her lips and inhaled. She held her breath for a few seconds and handed the joint back to me as she exhaled.

I didn’t laugh but just smiled. I did find it funny as she was still in her cheerleading outfit smoking weed but she looked beautiful. We had finished the joint and soon we were laughing about nothing and constantly talking. Time seemed to fly by and I began to roll another cigarette.

Laurie lay back flat on the floor and asked, “You rolling another one?”

I looked down at my pretty sister and said, “Yes, actually my homegrown stuff is weak and it takes two to feel really good. Was one too much for you?” I teased.

She looked up at the ceiling and said, “One was good but I can handle another. You ever smoke weed in the nude? Some of my friends do that and they say it is the best way to smoke.” What looked like slow motioned, Laurie stopped looking at the ceiling and looked at me with a big Cheshire grin.

I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or double daring me. I lit the freshly rolled joint and said, “Yes I have and I enjoy it that way, especially if I have someone to enjoy it with.”

I handed it to my sister who inhaled deeply and said, “You first”

I laughed and then she started to laugh. I stood up and her laughter died to a giggle when I pulled off my sweatshirt. She was still grinning when I slid my jeans off and her mouth dropped open when very slowly I slid off my briefs. I sat across from her, inhaled, handed the joint to my sister and said, “Your turn”

Laurie took the cigarette and inhaled deeply, finishing the smoke. She extinguished the small end into an ashtray, looked straight into my eyes and grinning said, “OK”. She reached for the edge of her cheerleading blouse and pulled it over her head and threw it to the floor. I started to feel my cock stiffen watching my sister in just her bra, skirt and stockings. She lifted her hips and slid her skirt along her ankles and then onto the floor.

Smiling at me, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, sliding off each strap, and laid her bra on top of her blouse. She was still rather flat chested but had beautiful small pink nipples. Her nipples harden as I stared at her body. She tucked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them off. Laurie had a small strip of fluffy red hair

on her pussy. Then she started to unroll her white thigh high stockings but I asked her to leave them on and she did. We sat there for awhile, buzzed, looking at each other’s nude body until my sister broke the silence.

“Nice cock” she grinned

I looked down and my cock was as hard as a rock. He smiled back and said, “You see a lot of these?”

Laurie looked down and said, “Only pictures and some videos. You are the first man that

I’ve seen naked. In person I mean.”

I asked, “You have seen or touched a guy before? Not on a date?”

“No” said Laurie, “You know how strict Mom and Dad are. They won’t let me date yet

and I don’t have a way to sneak out for a guy for any length of time. Don’t blab this to my friends as I porno videolar have told them some white lies about guys and myself.”

“I understand” I said comfortingly, “I know how Mom and Dad are. I know how hard it is to keep up your status with your friends. Especially since most of your friends are the cheerleaders.”

“Yes, it’s hard to hang in that group but I bet they lie about a lot of the stuff that they say they have done. It’s not like I don’t know about sex or want to try stuff. I think about that a lot! Especially when I’m alone and feel like pleasing myself” smiled my sister.

“I enjoy getting myself off too” I grinned, “I mean I like good sex but since Sally is away, I’ve been stroking myself pretty often”

“How long have you been doing that, like at what age did you start touching yourself? smiled my sister, “Ever masturbate with anyone?”

“Wow” I thought back, “It’s been such a long time. I guess that I found out that touching my cock felt good around 10 years old but I really didn’t have an orgasm and cum until I was about 11 or maybe it was 12. I’ve jacked off with guys when I was younger. I think all guys do that. What about you?”

Laurie was really buzzed and with a silly grin said, “A couple of years ago. You know Mom never talks about sex and I heard about stuff from the other girls in school. I tried it and really liked the feeling I got from touching myself. My problem is that Mom and Dad are home all the time. I love it when they are gone and I have the whole house to myself. I get naked on my bed and really let loose on my pussy. I’ve jilled off with a few friends too.

“Jilled off?, I asked

“Yeah, you know!” laughed Laurie, “Guys jack off and girls jill off!”

“Oh, OK.” I stated as I stretched my back which unconsciously made my cock look more prominent. “So, you have jilled off with friends? Who and what did you do?”

“You know Mandy and Patty?” asked my sister.

“Yeah, I know Patty and isn’t Mandy the cheerleader with that long black hair?”

“Yeah” said Laurie, “The three of us having a sleepover at Mandy’s and we were talking about guys, guys from school, singers, guys in the movies. We were getting horny from all that talk and Mandy said we should have a jillin session. We all got naked and fingered ourselves for a couple of hours. Patty even let Mandy finger her pussy one time.”

“Mandy touch you?” I ask curiously

“No” she sighed, “Patty really got off on it and I liked watching but at the time I was not comfortable with it and I passed. Maybe sometime I will.”

“I see” as I stretched again, “Ever use a vibrator or anything?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions” laughed my sister, “I know about that stuff, vibrators, dildoes but I haven’t used any. I’m still a virgin and even my fingers don’t go in very far.

I did try using a candle once. Mandy talked about something that looks like a dick in her butt and I thought that I would try it too.”

“How did it feel?” I asked

“At first it felt weird and then it felt pretty good but it didn’t feel as good as having my pussy rubbed so I didn’t do it again. I was afraid to stick it in too far. Maybe it would have felt better if I did.” Said Laurie

“Where did you get the candle from?” I asked, “I don’t remember seeing any around the house.”

“From that ornamental candle holder on Mom’s dinner table” and we both rolled on the floor laughing. It seemed like forever before we stopped laughing and then Laurie would begin to start giggling and we would laugh all over again.

Finally the laughter died out with an occasional deep breath and a sigh. I asked Laurie,

“I’m kind of horny with this sex talk. I don’t know if you are or are not but would you want to jack and jill off with your brother? I mean if you think it’s weird or something, I understand.”

“I’d love to” said Laurie in surprise, “I’ve been getting horny since taking off my clothes.

Doing it with you sounds cool and kind of nasty, you know.”

I wobbled to my feet and propped up several pillows against the headboard of the bed. I helped my sister to her feet and we climbed into my bed. We sat side by side with our backs against the pillows. I was stroking my cock while watching Laurie. She had her head back with her eyes closed with one hand feeling her breasts and hard nipples while her other hand was massaging her pussy. Her index finger slipped between her pussy lips and began to move up and down across her clit. She smiled widely as she opened her eyes and watched my hand pump my cock.

“Your cock is so wet and shiny. Do you get off already?” asked Laurie

I chuckled and said, “That’s just precum. Cocks, kind of ooze this stuff out. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to cum.”

“Oh” said Laurie who closed her eyes as she pleased herself. Soon, she had both of her hands playing with her pussy. She had her lips open with one finger rotating rus escort bayan gaziantep her clit and another finger with the other hand pushing in and around her pussy hole. She was having a series of easy orgasms as she let out little sounds of “oohs” and “ahhs”. Each sound of her voice got me hornier as I pumped my hand faster. Suddenly she pushed her hands hard against her pussy, arched her back, and let out a moan of pleasure. She came back to reality a few minutes later as her eyes fluttered open. She looked down to my hand pumping my cock as she returned to lightly caressing her clit. “Are you coming soon?”

“In a second” I gasped. Then my back straighten, my hips pushed up, and my brain was on fire as streams of white cum shot into the air.

“Oh wow, oh cool!” was all I could hear my sister say.

The pleasure slowly eased from my head and I looked over to my pretty sister. “Pretty cool eh. Sounded like you enjoyed watching a guy cum.”

With a smile of satisfaction, she said, “Yes I did. I had a really good orgasm. Mike, this was a lot of fun. Let’s do this again. OK?”

“I enjoyed it to and would love to do this again.” I replied and glancing at the clock, said, “It’s after eight and we better get dressed and get you back to Mom’s.”

We wobbled to our feet and began to get dressed. It was almost as much of a turn on to watch my sister dress as it was to undress. We got into my pickup and headed back to the old home. It was a quiet ride as we were still enjoying the buzz from the pot and the bliss of an orgasm. Honestly, I hadn’t felt this sexually satisfied since Sally left. I dropped her off at the door and reminded her not to forget her school books on the seat. She reminded me to pick her up tomorrow as it was Wednesday. She waved as I pulled away and then she went into the house.

That next afternoon, I pulled my GTO in front of the gym and waited. Soon, Laurie came out chatting with a group of girls including Patty and Mandy. I could never look or think about them in the same way anymore. Laurie jumped in the car and was in a very excited and happy mood. I peeled out and drove back to my house. I was ready to get some more pot to smoke with Laurie but she just wanted to go into the bedroom and do a repeat session of jackin and jillin. We hadn’t been home more than 15 minutes before we were naked in bed watching each other get off. It went on like that for several weeks and I began to live for those Tuesdays and Wednesdays to be naked with my sister. She felt the same way about it too. We even had one of those rare hot afternoons in November and we sat naked on my back deck and get ourselves off in the outdoors. Laurie enjoyed that day the most and thought it was so cool to do it outside.

I drove to the school the day before Thanksgiving and had been anxiously waiting for this day. Work was closed for the holiday and Laurie was going to spend the night with me under the pretense of helping me prepare food to bring for the family meal. Actually there was not that much food to make but my family thought I was helpless in the kitchen without Sally. Laurie could not wait either. When practice ended, she only waved to her friends, raced to the GTO and we drove to my place. We brought her gym bag with her change of clothes into my bedroom and soon we were naked again. We were beginning to watch each other touch ourselves when Laurie asked to smoke some weed. It had been awhile since either of us had smoked some and thought that I could use a good buzz too.

I went naked into the garage, retrieved the tin and papers from my hiding spot, and returned to my bedroom. Laurie wanted to try and roll one herself. With some help and a few tries, she rolled her first number. She lit it, inhaled, and passed it to me.

I took a smoke and said, “I think the ones you make taste better”

“You are just being nice” said Laurie, “I think this one is going to fall apart”

She was right. She took a smoke and handed to me. I took a smoke and the cigarette fell apart, leaving loose pot and a burning end on my carpet. I quickly extinguished the burning end with my hand and scraped the loose pot back into the tin.

“I’m sorry” said Laurie, “I’m not very good at that yet.”

“No problem” I smiled, “Actually you did better than I did when I rolled my first one”

Laurie was starting to feel the buzz and had her hand between her legs already. She looked at me and said, “We have been doing this for some time now and there is something I want to ask you.”

I was getting very relaxed but my cock was hard as a rock. I said, “Go ahead and ask..

No secrets between us now.”

Laurie slyly smiled and said, “Well I’ve been watching you jack off for some time and I wonder how come you have never asked me to touch you or stroke your cock?”

“Hmmm,” I pondered, “I didn’t think you wanted to. I assumed that watching each other was as far as you wanted go. Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes I do”, my sister said in a low voice, “I have never touched a guy before and watching you has been driving me crazy the last couple of weeks.

“I’d love for you to do that.” I smiled, “But fair is fair, I get to feel your tits”

“I think I’m getting the better deal” she laughed, “There isn’t much there to feel. So do you want me to do you or how do we do this together?”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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Big Tits

Tracey stood outside the gleaming white building looking at the large sign which read,

Eastfield Medical Science Centre

and wondered again why she was there.

It was her boyfriend Steve, that was why she was there. It was him who had seen the ad in the local paper asking for volunteers to test a new breast enhancement drug.

As far as Tracey was concerned she was more than happy with the current size of her breasts thank you very much, she was the proud owner of a set of DD boobs, but everybody knew that as far as men were concerned there was no such thing as too big.

Apparently Titalin was a drug designed to increase the milk yield in dairy cattle and it had been a great success in the cows increasing their yield by 150%. Someone had noticed that the size of their udders had increased exponentially and had come up with the idea this might be a good drug to give to human females.

Nobody knew if it would make them produce milk but if it increased the size of their breasts that was a good enough reason to try it, and so human trials had been started.

The first set of tests hadn’t gone that well, the drug was too powerful for humans, it had been designed for cattle after all. They used fifty girls for the first set of tests and they all ended up with balloon size breasts that leaked milk constantly. They also ended up as brain damaged as you could get, the drug rotting their brains.

The press heard about all of this and treated the story as a funny aside, picturing some of the girls with their freakishly huge breasts and drooling from the mouth with a blank expression. One newspaper printed a picture of six naked girls in sitting in a cow stall with the heading,

The Perfect Girl!

All of this gave Tracey natural cause for concern but the advert her boyfriend saw stated that the trial was going to use a new version of the drug which had been reduced in strength.

That still didn’t exactly placate her too much but her boyfriend was not the type of man a girl argued with, a few black eyes had taught her that!

It didn’t even make her feel any better when she’d heard that the trial was to use twelve girls in total, six slaves and six free girls. She was a free girl and glad of it, female slavery had been legalised a year before and was still in its infancy.

Salves were available to buy from registered slave centres which were not in most towns, with cities having two or three of them. Although it was easy to buy a slave nowdays, anyone with money in their pockets could do it, it wasn’t cheap.

Most slaves cost over then thousand pounds with the best ones going for up to fifty thousand. There was no finance plans in place yet for buying a slave, so you had to pay in full and this put owning a slave out of reach for most people. After all who had ten thousand in cash in their bank account, not many.

So although slaves were available and there were plenty for sale, the actual amount you saw in your daily life was very few. It was a bit like seeing a Rolls Royce parked on the high street, unless you lived in central London they were rare!

The whole idea of slavery though was exciting to Tracey. She considered herself to be a submissive girl, most girls were nowdays, and after all the height of submissiveness was slavery.

Once you bought a slave she was literally your property to be used how you wished. The girl was fitted with a steel collar around her neck and embedded in that was a micro chip that gave anybody who scanned her details of her name, age, weight etc. as well as details of her owner.

The high price kept most of the sleaziest men who wanted a cheap thrill away but obviously some girls were bought purely as sex toys. The man who bought her might be a better class of person but they could be just as perverted as a man who couldn’t afford her.

The police were not interested either, after all the girl was now a slave and someone’s property, if her owner wanted to carry out his most depraved fantasies on her that was not their concern.

All of this actually added to Tracey’s fantasies of slavery, the idea that she could be bought and collared and then used in whatever way her new owner wished was incredibly exciting to her.

In real life she knew she probably wouldn’t of found it so exciting, having a red hot poker pushed up your pussy like she’d heard had happened to one girl was probably not so exciting!

That kind of thing didn’t happen too often, after all slaves were not exactly disposable at the prices they were, but rape and sexual humiliation was part of a slaves daily life.

At the moment any girl between the ages of eighteen and thirty could be registered as a slave and at twenty two she knew she was prime slave age. She was also a very pretty girl with long blonde hair and a great figure, any man would be happy to buy her as a slave she was sure.

She had to admit that the thought of mingling with real salves during the drug trials was appealing, it was bound to add more stories and ideas to her fantasies.

So she found herself standing nervously out side the building after her boyfriend had sent off the application for her, denying her any choice in the matter.

She saw another nervous looking girl pause outside and then enter the building, and so taking this as her cue she took a deep breath and smoothed down her dress and entered the main glass door.

Inside the building was as gleaming as it was outside, Tracey was sure that if she looked hard enough she could see her reflection beaming up at her from the shiny floor. She was standing in quite a cavernous central hall and for a moment her courage almost deserted her, never the most confident girl the gleaming efficiency of the place overwhelmed her.

It was reasonably busy with people rushing everywhere and she stood rooted to the spot in confusion and fear.

She was saved when she suddenly heard a girls voice asking if she could help her coming from behind. Spinning round she saw a pretty girl of about her age smiling at her enquiringly and reassured Tracey quickly explained why she was there.

“Oh yes, Mr Chambers bunch,” she giggled and then pointing she said, “through those doors and just follow the hall right down the end, it’s the last door on the right, there will be a receptionist and other girls waiting no doubt, just tell her who you are.”

Tracey tanked her and started off through the doors. Once in the new hallway she could see it stretching off in a straight line ahead of her.

“Even I can’t get lost here.” she said to herself without any true conviction and started on her way down the hall.

She was beginning to wonder how big this building was and whether or not she had indeed got lost when she reached the end and the promised door on the right. Smoothing down her dress she knocked on the frosted glass panel of the door and entered.

The inside was much like any doctors waiting room with one desk and a dozen or so chairs facing it. Behind the desk was a middle aged woman who looked up as Tracey entered. The chairs were nearly all occupied by girls no doubt there for the same reason she was. Ten in total so at least she wasn’t the last one there but the ting that really caught her attention was that six of the girls were sitting there stark naked!

They were obviously the slaves and were sitting there completely naturally and unembarrassed, naked apart from their collars.

Slave or not Tracey was sure that she couldn’t of sat there so casually with nothing on, for a second she almost forgot why she was there but was reminded when the receptionist asked her name and she was told to take a seat.

Sitting she would of normally said hello to the other girls or at least smiled at them but nobody was speaking or looking at her and everybody seemed unnerved by the naked slaves sitting with them. She had seen naked girls before of course but not as blatantly as this and she didn’t know what to say or how to react so instead she sat quietly like the others.

They were told to be there by nine am and Tracey could see by the large clock on the wall opposite them that it was nine fifty by the time the inside door opened and a man stepped in. He was an older man of around sixty, portly and if Tracey had seen him in the street she would of marked him down as a bit of a letch!

The naked girls didn’t flinch though now that there was a man in the presence and for his part he didn’t pay them much attention either. He walked over to the receptionist and had a quiet word with her. It appeared that the twelfth girl had not shown up which was causing some consternation. Finally though he turned to face them for the first time and said hello and told them to stand up and follow him through into his office.

They all did as they were told and walked into his smaller office where there were no seats and so they ended up all standing around his desk while he sat behind it looking at them.

He started off by thanking them for coming and for helping them with the trial.

“Unfortunately only eleven of you have turned up and we need twelve so I’m going to obtain another slave to help us so there will be seven slaves and only five free girls in the trial.” he said which didn’t particularly bother Tracey but what he said next most definitely did.

“Talking of slaves, I see that the ones here are all naked of course as they should be, can the rest of you please remove your clothes now, I want you all naked together please.”

Tracey looked at him in shock. She knew Titalin was injected directly into a girls nipples but she’d never expected to have to be naked, especially in front of this creepy man. To her surprise though the other four clothed girls with her didn’t appear to object at all and were already undoinging buttons and pulling down zips.

She knew she had a good body and nothing to be ashamed about there but she had never really flaunted herself like a lot of girls did nowdays, she tended to stick to the longer skirts and dresses rather than the micro mini skirts that most girls wore.

She panicked slightly, Mr Chambers obviously hadn’t been joking when he’d ordered them to strip and one of the girls was down to her underwear already and so taking as deep a breath as possible and telling herself she was undressing for a Doctor, although she wasn’t actually sure he was, she started to unzip her dress.

This really was an ordeal for Tracey, she even got embarrassed if her dad saw her in her underwear at home, but she forced herself to slide her dress off her shoulders and let it slip down her body so she could step out of it.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw that all the other girls were now naked and he hesitancy had only now focused all the attention on to her as she reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She had large heavy breasts and she noticed that she was probably the bustiest girl there.

Knowing they were all now waiting for her she quickly hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down before dropping them on the table with the rest of her clothes like the other girls had done.

“Very good,” Chambers smiled, “ doing as your told is a key part of this process and I know that wasn’t easy for some of you but you obeyed my command, just like a good girl should.” he laughed creepily.

Tracey knew she didn’t like this man already and to make it worse he picked up his phone and asked the receptionist to come in and when she did so escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan he pointed at the piles of discarded clothes on the table and said,

“Take those away will you, they won’t be needing them for a while.”

Tracey looked on forlornly as the receptionist scooped all the clothes up and did indeed take them away shutting the door behind her. It was embarrassing enough standing there naked but now that her clothes had gone she felt even more exposed.

A second later the door opened again and in walked another naked girl and Tracey saw from her collar that she was the extra slave that had been drafted in, how many slaves did they have in the building she wondered!

“Good, now there are twelve of you please follow me to the lab area.” Chambers said standing up and they all filed out of the room like a line of baby ducks following their mother.

She found themselves walking down the same long corridor back the way she had came only this time every person they passed, and there were quite a few, was seeing her naked, a mortifying experience.

Why couldn’t they of had the waiting room nearer the lab or got them to undress actually in the lab instead of parading them naked through the whole building!

To make matters worse they had to walk through the entrance hall which was very busy with members of the public as well as building employees and she began to think that they were showing them off on purpose. She also realised that any casual observer would think that the whole group were slaves, a thought that was actually quite exciting.

Eventually they reached their destination, another room full of computers and various medical looking instruments and not much else. It did hold one other thing though, a young boy wearing a white lab coat, obviously not long out of school who looked at the twelve naked girls with much interest.

As they all stood around in a semi circle facing Mr Chambers he explained that they were going to be hooked up to a machine which would in effect pump the drug into them.

“Now as you are all no doubt aware this experiment is to test a new version of the drug Titalin and you have all signed forms committing you to this procedure?” he said.

Tracey had indeed signed a plethora of forms once she’d volunteered, she didn’t read them fully, who does, but she understood the gist of them which was basically that she agreed to do whatever she was told to.

“This is indeed a new version of the drug, reduced in strength but we intend to pump larger doses into you to make up for that,” he carried on, “the ultimate aim is to produce large breasted females who will contribute to society by producing milk by the gallon.”

Tracey knew what the aim of the drug was before she signed up but having it explained to her while she stood naked in a air conditioned room with the temperature settings seemingly set to freezing did not ease her concerns. Of course the main reason she signed up was because her boyfriend told her to.

“Now we fully expect to have to go through several versions of the drug before we reach our goal and some of the more unpleasant side effects we witnessed last time may still happen with this version but more than half of you are slaves and quite frankly we can absorb the loss.” he smiled.

Absorb the loss! What loss! Tracey didn’t like the sound of that one bit, she knew the previous test subjects had been reduced to mindless vegetables but she’d assumed they had ironed those problems out and that’s why they were testing this version.

She was about to say something when another girl in a worried tone asked him how dangerous this drug was.

“Oh very dangerous, this is version two of what we fully expect to be ten versions before we are satisfied with the results, to be frank even if this was version five or six I would be very worried.” he said flippantly.

“Well I’m sorry but I’ve changed my mind.” the girl said trying to sound strong and determined but sounding like what she was, a naked and scared girl.

Chambers sighed as if he’d been expecting this,

“I’ve just asked you all if you’d signed your assent forms and you all assured me you had and therefore you cannot change your mind you silly girl,” he said annoyed.

The girl looked confused and worried but made no attempt to leave as Chambers carried on,

“You are all going ahead with this trial now like it or not and if you don’t the consequences for you will be dire in the extreme I can assure you of that.”

Tracey wondered how much more extreme they could be but like the others you stood quietly, subdued by his words.

He turned to the boy and started telling him to prepare each girl for to be attached to a rather frightening machine which appeared to consist of long needles attached to thin tubes that were in turn attached to a central pumping unit. Preparing the girls involved rubbing their nipples with an antiseptic wipe and tweaking them to make sure they were erect as possible, a job the boy loved and which wasn’t really necessary in the coldness of the room!

To unnerve the girls even further the man laughed and said,

“I should warn you that the needles have to be pushed through the centre of your nipples as deep into the tit as we can, that will cause you an awful lot of pain, but don’t worry, I quite like the sound of girls screaming and crying.” he chuckled.

Not for the first time Tracey thought about simply running away but she was naked and her clothes were on the other side of the building so instead she gave serious consideration to punching Mr Chambers as hard as she could on his nose but ultimately decided against it.

He hadn’t been lying though, when her turn had come to be injected she knew from the screams from the other girls that he’d been telling the truth, she’d never felt pain like it, the sting of the needle piercing her nipple was extreme but even worse was when she felt it being pushed deeper and deeper into her breast.

It felt to her like a solid foot of needle was pushed into her, it couldn’t be that much of course but it felt like it. With most immediate pain it quickly dies down to a manageable level but this didn’t, the level of pain stayed extremely high throughout.

She managed to look around at the other girls who were now all kneeling in a circle hooked up to the central pump and all seemed to be in as much agony as herself.

It wouldn’t of been so bad if they were unhooked after five minutes, well that was a lie, it would of still been bad, but they were left with the needles deep inside them for an hour, the machine constantly throbbing and pumping the drug into them.

They were even left alone in the room for half an hour, each girl too weak to do anything about it, and even though it was the most painful hour of her life, Chambers and the boy seemed if anything rather bored.

Eventually the boy went around the circle rather roughly yanking the needles out of each girl, accompanied by yelps of pain as he went. It seemed to take an age for him to reach Tracey but he did and she almost collapsed fully onto the floor like several of the girls had done.

“Well done girls, “ Chambers clapped, “ that’s your first session done, only five more to go, “I’ll see you all back here in a weeks time, “ he laughed, “ in the meantime make sure you keep a record of breasts, size, weight, tenderness, you probably won’t see too much improvement during the first week and we will scan you again next week but it’s important that you keep a record as well”.

Tracey was just glad the needles weren’t in her any more and the walk back through the building seemed slightly less embarrassing than before, very slightly!

As he had said there wasn’t too much noticeable difference during that first week, maybe her bras pinched a bit but may as easily be her imagination rather then any increase in the size of her breasts.

Her boyfriend seemed disappointed, as if he were waiting for her to sprout beach ball size breasts overnight and he acted like a sulking school boy when they didn’t.

Tracey was quite pleased, maybe the lack of any visible signs would mean that he didn’t make her go back for week two but it was her that ended up disappointed when he reminded her of the appointment at the centre and made it clear he expected her to attend.

So at the correct time she presented herself at Mr Chambers office and took her seat in the waiting room with the other girls. As before they were kept waiting well past the appointment time and when he finally did come out and usher them into his office it became clear that two of the girls hadn’t shown up.

Two of the free girls, the slaves were all there of course and Tracey wondered if they’d ever actually left the building at all or were they kept inside the medical centre somewhere.

In reality although angry Chambers was also philosophical about the missing girls, as if he’d expected it.

“I told the bosses we should only use slaves for this, at least they will turn up!” he muttered under his breath as he picked up the phone and asked someone to send him two more slaves.

Tracey herself probably wouldn’t of come back if it hadn’t of been for her boyfriend, the thought of being injected with those needles again filled her with dread.

Once again they had to strip naked in the office and joined by the two new slaves the group were marched through the building to the lab area where they were once again scanned. It hadn’t missed her attention that they group now conisted of nine slaves and only three free girls.

A new boy was there this time and Tracey wondered what had happened to the first one, surely he wouldn’t give up a job like this one unless he was forced to.

The dreaded time came and again the room was full of the sounds of squealing and crying girls while Chambers stood to one side smiling to himself, God she hated that man!

Once again the hour passed slowly with all twelve girls kneeling around the pump they were hooked up too. She knew the sight they must be presenting Chambers and the boy, they for all the world looked like twelve dairy cows being milked although the were having drugs pumped into them and nothing being taken out, not yet anyway.

They were left alone for a while again, Chambers obviously having more important things to do and when he returned she was sure that each girl heaved a sigh of relief as they knew it must be close to having the hated needles taken out.

As the boy made his way round unhooking them Chambers coughed and started his little speech,

“Well done girls, only four sessions left now, during this week you should start to see some changes, “he said,” nothing too dramatic at this stage but your breasts should increase in size noticeably and you should start to feel different mentally as well, less alert, more confused, more, let us say, accommodating.” he laughed.

Tracey was now back on her feet like the others thinking to herself how much she hated his laugh.

“Don’t worry about these changes, embrace them, feel happy that they are happening, after all this is only the start and any changes will only become more pronounced as the trial continues, well that’s the plan anyway.” and there was that hateful laugh again.

They were marched back to his office to retrieve their clothes, only the three of them this time, the slaves being taken somewhere else, clothes not escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan needed for them. Although there was only the three of them dutifully marching behind Chambers through the building Tracey did feel slightly less embarrassed, walking naked through the busy corridors was becoming less inhibiting, was that the drug working though or was that her mind following his little speech to them. She didn’t know, she just knew she was walking along more confidently and if people saw her naked so what.

Again not much happened the first few days but towards the end of the week she did notice that her bras no longer fitted her. Whereas they pinched slightly a few times during the first week now she couldn’t even get them on without breathing in and even then it was a struggle.

Her boyfriend controlled the household finances and he had always been mean with money for her needs and she knew before she asked him for some money to buy some new larger bras what his reply would be and so on day five of the week she stopped wearing bras at all.

Normally she would have been embarrassed about this, she’d had large breasts before this trial even started and they bounced and jiggled alarmingly under her clothes if she ever went braless, something she very rarely did anyway.

Now her breasts were definitely bigger, bounced and jiggled even more, and she didn’t care at all. The few times she’d been braless before had always been in the privacy of her house and now she was happily going down the shops without a bra on and enjoying all the stares and comments she was getting.

Well a few women had made some catty nasty comments but the men seemed to like seeing her braless and that was the most important thing.

She’d struggled to wear a bra to work on the Friday and the next trial session was on the Monday ad she knew she wouldn’t wear a bra to work on Tuesday.

Her boyfriend was happy, he was beginning to see results from the drug and was enjoying her new larger breasts as much as she was. As well as being bigger her nipples were becoming more and more sensitive as well. It didn’t seem to matter how roughly her boyfriend treated them, pulling, pinching, biting, everything he did was a sensory delight to her and she loved it all.

Trial week three time came and they’d lost another free girl, they were down to just the two of them now but Tracey didn’t mind, the naked walk to the lab had been positively thrilling this time and she’d walked down there like she was a model on a catwalk.

She couldn’t say the needles were any less painful but once hooked up she was content to kneel there on the hard floor and feel the steady pulse of the pump as it filled her tits with the drug.

The hour seemed to fly by this time and before she knew it she was dressed again and out of the building desperate to get home to satisfy the burning itch in her pussy.

She had no real recollection of how she actually got home, she knew it must of involved catching a bus, or did she walk, she couldn’t remember, all she knew was once she got home she stripped off all her clothes in double quick time and found her biggest vibrator and flopped down on her bed and started using it and that’s how her boyfriend found her when he got home three hours later.

The next day their landlord came round, Mr Johnson, he was an fat oldish man who Tracey had never liked. He was creepy and always had a roving eye whenever he was around her and she was sure that if her boyfriend was not there he would try to take advantage.

Luckily her boyfriend was there today when he called round and said he’d come to talk about some repairs that needed doing to the flat.

Straight away his eyes were fixed on Tracey, she only had a thin dressing gown on which as well as being thin was also quite short.

She’d started off sitting opposite him on the sofa with her boyfriend as they chatted and then she’d been told to make Mr Johnson a cup of tea and so she’d got up to do so. As she brought it in and placed it on the table beside him he grabbed her arm and jokingly said she could sit on his lap now.

Now normally she would of run a mile at such a suggestion and he was probably expecting her to do just that and he looked just as surprised as she felt when she didn’t resist the pull on her arm and let herself be pulled down onto his lap.

If he was surprised he recovered quickly as he snaked an arm around her waist and held her firmly in place as if it was all a big joke and she would quickly jump up laughing and pulling away.

Instead she sat there perfectly content while the two men carried on chatting. She did worry that her boyfriend might create a fuss but over the last few days, even in her befuddled state, that he was enjoying showing her off, letting other people enjoy seeing her new body shape.

“Is she alright, I mean she looks a bit blank that’s all.” Mr Johnson suddenly asked laughing slightly.

“Oh sure,” her boyfriend laughed, “ she’s started a trial for that new tit growing drug, it makes their tits bigger and rots their brains a bit, well a lot.”

“Oh I saw a story about that in the papers, “ Johnson said excitedly, “they end up as dribbling morons with huge tits don’t they.” he chuckled.

“Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.” her boyfriend laughed, “ her tits have got a lot bigger already and you can see how stupid she seems now.”

“Oh they are bigger already are they?” Johnson said looking at her chest with interest, “can I have a look, she was quite a busty girl to start with they must be huge now.”

“Be my guest.” her boyfriend replied as if he didn’t mind in the least at a creepy old man ogling his girlfriend.

With almost trembling hands Johnson reached out a few inches and pulled on the cord holding Tracey’s gown together and pulled on it,untying it until it hung loose and open on her shoulders.

“Take it off her completely if you like, I don’t mind.” her boyfriend laughed.

Now although her mind seemed to have a permanent haze over it nowdays Tracey was still aware that a few days ago the idea of being stripped naked, for she was naked under the gown, by Mr Johnson while sitting on his lap would of sent her running and screaming from the room but now she just sat there quietly while he reached up and pulled the gown off her shoulders and down her arms.

She didn’t even resist when he pulled her arms up so he could pull them through the sleeves and with a little flourish he threw the gown behind her to her boyfriend leaving her sitting there completely naked.

In the position she was sitting he couldn’t see her pussy but he certainly had a perfect view of her breasts and he quickly brought his hands up and started squeezing them happily, loving every second of it.

“I see what you mean, these are great.” he laughed.

“They sure are,” her boyfriend laughed with him, “give her nipples a hard pinch, they are super sensitive now.”

Happy to oblige he did just that and Tracey couldn’t help but moan bringing fresh laughter from the men. She knew this was wrong but what could she do, she never would of let her landlord play with her like this and she hated the way her boyfriend was letting it happen but it felt so good! Mr Johnson had big rough hands and he was being very rough with her breasts and now her nipples and she was loving it.

“I tell you who would love these.” Johnson smiled as he continued to play.

“Who?” her boyfriend asked.

“Charlie Slate, he owns the Red Lion down the road, they have strippers down there most nights and he’s always looking for new girls, the punters would love these beauties,” he laughed, “she’d earn you a few extra bob as well.”

“That’s an idea,” her boyfriend smiling obviously thinking the idea over, “You’d love stripping and shaking your new tits around in front of a pub full of horny men wouldn’t you Tracey?”

A few days ago she couldn’t of thought of anything worse, she knew a lot of pubs had strippers now but she’d always found it degrading to women. It wasn’t just taking their clothes off either, they were expected to fully entertain the crowd with full on lesbian sex with the other strippers, to public masturbation and giving out all kinds of sexual favours to the customers.

Tracey had been in a pub once with her boyfriend when a stripper had sat on the table in front of them stark naked and proceeded to finger herself to orgasm right there. It had taken a few minutes and whereas her boyfriend had loved it and had been enthusiastically cheering her on Tracey had been mortified by the whole thing and was relived when the girl had finished and moved on, her boyfriend had loved the show of course.

She currently had a good job, boring but safe, she was working for ABC Insurance dealing with claims that came in. In truth they were instructed by the bosses to try and find every way possible to decline any claims which often made her feel uncomfortable but the pay was always welcome at the end of the month.

She knew her boss wouldn’t like her moonlighting as a stripper but then he’d been angry with her the last few days as she couldn’t seem to concentrate at work any more. The prospect of sitting at her desk and staring at a computer screen four ten hours a day bored her to tears.

The men employed by the company only worked six hour shifts compared to the women’s ten hours. They often got paid more as well even though they did less hours.

Tracey didn’t complain though, none of the girls did, the price of slaves was falling slightly and only destined to fall even further. It would soon be cheaper to buy a slave and have the associated costs of of feeding and housing her than actually paying someone to work.

She was brought back to the moment by a sharp pain as Mr Johnson bit down hard on her nipple, drawing it deep into his mouth.

He slapped her thigh and told her to stand up,

“I may as well see the whole package.” he laughed as she got to her feet

She stood without embarrassment in front of him, posing and twirling for him to see every last inch of her body.

“Oh yes, Charlie will love her.” he chuckled , “show us a few dance moves darling.”

Being naked in front of him was no longer cause for embarrassment, dancing naked for him was, she did her best though and he seemed satisfied with her efforts.

The idea of dancing naked for the horrible landlord would have been preposterous even a few days ago but now she was shaking her booty for him as if it was natural.

“Yes take my advice son, take her down to Charlie and get her working there, I take it she’s going to get worse?” he looked at her boyfriend with a raised eyebrow.

“Worse?” he said confused.

“Yes, you said she’s half way through the trial so I guess the drug will destroy her brain completely by the end?”

“Oh yes,but her tits will be huge.” her boyfriend laughed callously.

“Well get her stripping soon then while she can still dance.” Mr Johnson smiled and with a final squeeze of her breasts he left without ever mentioning why he’d come in the first place.

The next few day dragged by, she went to work each day but had no real interest in it, she spent most of the time looking up porn on the computer which was strictly forbidden but nobody had noticed yet. She wouldn’t of gone in at all but her boyfriend made her saying something about wanting the money.

She knew her boss was close escort bayan oğuzeli to firing her and she wondered if it might be a good idea to start offering him a blow job every day now.

Finally the day of the trial came up and Tracey presented herself at the centre on time and eager to start the procedure. All the girls were now expected to sit in the waiting room naked, rather than undress in Mr Chambers office they had to do it outside in the waiting room. The slaves were already naked of course so it was just Tracey and the other free girl, a pretty girl called Emily, that had to undress and hand their clothes to the receptionist for storage.

Tracey could see that all the girls now had much larger breasts than when they’d started the trial and all sat with the same vacant look on their faces that Tracey often had. So far at least it looked like the drug was a roaring success.

This time when they were ushered into Mr Chambers office he told them that two people would be observing them in the lab, his seniors.

“I have told them a little white lie unfortunately”, he smiled, “I told them that the group consisted of all slaves, which it practically does, but for today I’m going to have to put slave collars on the two free girls here and issue you with slave numbers just in case they scan you.”

Now even in the fog of her current mental state Tracey knew that this wasn’t good. And from her worried look neither did Emily.

“Don’t worry.” he said raising his hands to placate them, “ I’ll take the collars off again once they have gone, I can’t do anything about the slave numbers unfortunately but if your not collared nobody will have anything to scan so nothing to worry about.” he smiled.

Tracey knew her days of arguing with him were long gone anyway so she knew she would agree to it but the thought of being made a slave, even for an hour, troubled her.

He did some typing on the keyboard of his PC and after a minute he pulled two stainless steel collars out of his desk drawer and motioned for Tracey and Emily to approach him.

“Right I don’t think these are the permanent type so lift your hair up for me and lean forwards so I can put these on you.”

Tracey exchanged a glance with Emily and saw straight away that like herself any possibilty of objecting was gone and so she did as she was told and offered her neck to him and felt the cold steel close tightly around it.

The click as it locked was thrilling but alarming too and she didn’t quite know how she felt as she straightened up, the weight of the collar feeling much heavier than she thought it would.

“Good girls.” Chambers laughed ,” now remind me to take them off when you leave or else I’m bound to forget and as far the the computer and our guests are concerned you are just two more slaves at the moment.”

The walk to the lab felt stranger this time, not because of the nudity but because everyone who saw her was seeing her as a slave, a properly collared slave and when she saw the two strange men waiting for them in the lab she knew that as far as they were concerned twelve naked slaves had just entered the room.

The needles hurt as always but this time the hour spent on her knees seemed to fly by and before she knew it she was back in Chambers office. She had no idea if his bosses had been impressed with what they saw or not, although mind you they had basically seen twelve large breasted naked girls kneeling on the floor in front of them for an hour, what wasn’t there to be impressed with!

True to his word Chambers appeared to forget about taking the slave collars off and if it wasn’t for Emily reminding him she was sure she would of left the centre with it still on. He even joked about it,

“There wouldn’t be much point in you getting dressed if I had forgot, who’s ever seen a slave with clothes on.” he laughed.

Tracey was still in two minds about the whole slavery thing, the idea of being a slave was exciting, but she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to be one.

Over the course of the week her breasts got even bigger, they were approaching ridiculous size now and people were noticing, Mr Johnson called round for another play and with her boyfriends blessing he ended up fucking her vigorously over the end of the sofa.

Her mental state stayed the same thank God, she found it hard to think of one subject for more than ten seconds, giggled a lot inanely, and basically acted like the worlds biggest airhead.

This disturbed Tracey, she was never the brightest girl but she was bright enough and now she could hardly string two words together and those two words usually made no sense.

She knew this wasn’t right but was unable to fight it and all her boyfriend did was make fun of her, mocking her for he dumbness and doing things like letting the landlord fuck her!

Even in her current state she could sense that her attraction was wearing off on him as well, although he was still having fun with her now enormous breasts it didn’t seem enough to hold his attention for long and she started to wonder if he was looking for another girlfriend.

The subject had been brought up by Mr Johnson while she was sitting naked on his lap again while he played with her boobs,

“Well if you want to get rid of her I’ll take her off your hands.” he’d laughed.

“No your alright, a couple of guys from work have offered to buy her.” her boyfriend replied.

“Well make sure you get a good price for her, she’s a cracker.”

“I’ll see, they are mates so I’ll give them a big discount, I’ve shown them a video of what she looks like now and they are looking forward to getting their hands on her, I just want her off mine.” he shrugged.

Tracey couldn’t remember posing for any videos recently and she shuddered wondering what the video showed.

“Well it will be a shame to lose her but maybe your right, get yourself a new girl to have fun with, this one’s had it.” Johnson laughed while pinching her nipples hard.

She got fired from her job the next day, even though her boss had been happy to accept the daily blow jobs and tit wank from her he couldn’t let her continue to work there, she had no attention span and was rude to the customers.

Of course he waited till after she’d sucked his cock that day before he told her he was letting her go. Even though she was happy that she wouldn’t have to go in every day now she was worried about what her boyfriend would say, especially about the loss of income, maybe he would start her working as a stripper now.

Week five of the trial arrived and Mr Chambers once again collared Tracey and Emily, he didn’t give a reason this time, he just did it and Neither of the girls complained, just offered their necks when he told them to.

By now Tracey didn’t mind the walk to the lab but today for his amusement he decided that it would be fun to make all the girls crawl there on their hands and knees. So everyone that passed them that day saw a line of twelve naked girls crawling down the long corridors, their large breasts swinging freely beneath them.

It took the line twenty minutes to reach the lab, Chambers walking in front smiling with pride as he paraded his girls through the building and everyone enjoyed seeing them.

Tracey felt neither ashamed or embarrassed, if Mr Chambers wanted them to crawl through the building that was his choice, he was the boss and it had nothing to do with her.

They were injected as usual and Chambers seemed happy with the way things were going,

“Next week is your last week girls”, he addressed them, “you should see one more growth spurt and maybe some lactation happening, embrace the change, milk those tits, if you do it will only encourage them to produce more and more milk,” he laughed,” so ask your boyfriends etc. to milk you every day, we want those tits full of fresh creamy milk don’t we.”

Everyone nodded in unison but to be honest if you’d told us all to assassinate the Queen we would of all nodded.

Once again he forgot to take off their collars and once again Emily reminded him, he seemed surprised that she dd but he took them off anyway.

The next day her boyfriend marched her down to the pub Mr Johnson had told her about and asked to see Charlie who was immediately interested in having Tracey dancing for him in the pub. If she’d known any better she would of felt ashamed as he told her to take her clothes off and dance around the bar naked showing Charlie her moves.

As it was it seemed like a reasonable request and so she did as she was told and was soon dancing her sexiest while the two men looked on appreciatively and within minutes the deal was done, Tracey was now a stripper!

She knew deep down that she should have been appalled but the idea of stripping and dancing naked for a bunch of strange men turned her on tremendously and she could hardly wait for her turn to arrive.

She’d been in the pub a few times before with her boyfriend and she hadn’t particularly liked the place, there was a rough atmosphere and most of the men looked nasty, not the kind of place you would bring your parents for a drink.

This time round though the place seemed fine, the men were friendly and loud and sure there were grasping hands everywhere but she didn’t have any clothes on, how else would the men react.

Her breasts were grabbed and mauled more times than she remembered and two men had even managed to insert their fingers into her pussy but she didn’t care, the men were happy and surely that was the important thing.

She was happy too and when Charlie told her it was time to stop she was disappointed, she could of carried on dancing all night.

She’d ended the night getting screwed by Charlie while bent over the bar, she wasn’t sure that was part of the deal but he certainly didn’t mind.

She walked home happy that night which hardly seemed possible after her feelings about strippers before.

Her breasts did continue to grow and everywhere she went now she heard people laughing and making comments about her freakishly big tits, especially as she never wore a bra now, she doubted she could buy one to fit her!

She didn’t mind the looks and jokes, she was proud of her tits, why shouldn’t she be, they were massive.

The day after week five of the trial and true to his word she started producing milk. Not a lot to start with but she was soon producing two pints a day and being milked by her boyfriend who enjoyed himself tremendously.

He would milk her like a cow, her naked and on all fours, her breasts hanging down beneath her and the milk being squeezed out of her into a large jug. He even let Mr Johnson have a go and he laughingly told her boyfriend that Tracey was his best tenant ever.

Week six of the trial came around, Tracey only remembered the appointment because her boyfriend reminded her countless times, she didn’t remember anything nowdays, everyday life seemed so hard.

Standing collared and naked in the lab as usual. Mr Chambers told them all how pleased he was with them, apparently the average breast size increase throughout the group was five cup sizes and they were all producing milk now.

“This is your last series of injections but you can expect your breasts to continue growing for a while longer until they reach they optimum size”, he laughed, “ you will also produce more and more milk, and I’m afraid whatever remains of your tiny brains will dwindle even further.”

Tracey had no idea what that meant but he looked pleased and that was good enough for her, after all pleasing men was all that mattered wasn’t it?

This time Emily forgot to remind Mr Chambers about taking their collars off and they went home with it still on. They had finished the trial now and were not due back at the centre for months so how would she get it off, she decided she didn’t care.

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Naughty Betty Sold My House- pt-1

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Naughty Betty Sold My House

We were a typical couple, grown kids across the country, empty nesters that really didn’t have that much in common anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my wife, but I soon found out after we married that we were not sexually compatible at all. We did have sex early on in our marriage but it just wasn’t what I wanted in life.

I am a lover of the female gender in every way. I love to touch, taste and feel my way through love making, to be adventurous and try everything at least twice. I am more than than wham-bam thank you ma’am. But she was from a highly conservative, Christian family of ministers she felt shame to even talk about it.

I have to say that she did come a long way in our early years but the sex, to say the least was very vanilla. Only kissing, no touching her sex, no experimenting, no foreplay for me. Just stick it in let her ride give her an orgasm. Then run to the bathroom and clean up as soon as possible and act like it never happened. It was almost like it was acid that she had to get out of her right away. I felt very insulted and low all the time because of it. As time went on she dropped the false pretenses of pleasuring me completely. She would get on, have her orgasm and then roll over and go to sleep leaving me hanging. I do have to say that I was able to get her off practically every time and that is saying a lot.

After that I stopped trying and we lived a sexless life after that. I did look elsewhere from time to time, and did have a couple of flings. They were nice but ended badly. She never caught on and told me once that if I ever had a dalliance she didn’t ever want to know about it. So She didn’t.

It all ended earlier this year, a drunk driver hit my wife driving to work. Killed her instantly. He was a big rig driver for a large company. I settled with them for a large sum to keep it quite. Although our relationship wasn’t perfect I did love her, she was the mother of my wonderful children and partner in life.

I told myself that I was not going to mope around about it though. I had my tears and got through the funeral and then after a short time I worked on pulling myself together. Since I didn’t have to work any longer, I started to exercise and do more things that I liked to do. Being outdoors in the woods at the lake was where I spent a lot of my time.

The one thing that was still making me sad was the house. It was still painful to be in the house so I finally made the decision to move. So I cleaned out all the mementos that reminded me of my late wife and began the process of prepping for the sale. I fixed all the little things that I should have done a long time ago and painted and landscaped the yard. Then I called Betty my Realtor.

Betty is a personal friend who we have known since she was a little girl. We were friends with her parents in college. Betty was always smiling, always happy and very much a people person. Through the years our paths would cross and she grew into a beautiful women had children, divorced, remarried, started a second family again and divorced a second time. (for those who will ask) She is about 5’7” slender, full C cups.

Anyway, I called her and explained what I needed and scheduled a time for her to come over and ask her to sell my house.

The day she as to come over I was a little nervous, I don’t know why really, I have known her for a long time, but I knew that she was a lovely women and I have had my share of fantasies about her, but that is all they were. Passing wishes and short thoughts.

There was a knock at the door and when I opened it, there she was. Dressed in a very professional pencil skirt and nice loose top. What I remember most is her smile and her eyes. If there were ever a smile that could melt your heart it was hers. I ushered her in and offered her some coffee or some ice water.

She followed me into the kitchen and I got us a couple of glasses of ice water and when I turned to hand it to her she was standing close. I almost ran into her with her full glass but was able to avoid spilling. “oh, I am sorry. I was looking around, this is a beautiful place.” She said. “I have worked hard to prepare it to sell, just too many memories ya know?” I replied as we went back into the living room to sit down.

We sat down and caught up a little bit and I told her my plan was to sell this place and move to my house on the lake I was building. She choked a little when told her about the lake house. My tastes and my late wives taste were two completely different things. She was stuck in the 80’s while I wanted modern. I explained that I wanted steel, glass and oak and she wanted paint, lace and pictures everywhere. Betty chuckled and agreed on my de***********ions. “Your new house sounds stunning. I hope I can come see it when you finish it.” she said. “I am sure you will because it will be ready in a day escort gaziantep minyon bayan or two. We are putting the finishing touches on it as we speak.”

We did a walk through of the old house and she was very complementary of all the little fixes and the way it was staged. “Who did your staging?” she asked. I told her, “I didn’t get anyone to stage it, I did it myself.” While touching my arm she complemented me again and said that I really had an eye for this and she teased that she might need me to consult and help others owners she is selling houses for. I said that I wouldn’t mind helping her with anything she needed. I noticed that she blushed a little with that and kept her hand on my arm as we completed the tour.

“Bill, I think it will be easy to sell this place. As a matter of fact I have a couple this place would be perfect for. They have two kids and I can see them here. Since it is ready to move into they might want to see it as soon as tomorrow.” “That’s great Betty, I have about 98% of my things out and can move the rest tonight and tomorrow morning” I told her. I walked her to the door and she reached and gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me a little long actually, but I wasn’t complaining in the least and hugged her back.

3 days later I was in my home on the lake and there was a knock at the door. It was Betty, she was giddy with excitement. She bounded in the door and gave me a huge hug and another kiss on the cheek. “I was so excited to come tell you the news, I sold your house! The couple thought it was perfect and they complemented you on what you had done with it. I brought my computer so we could review the contract and get the ball rolling for them.”

Now it was my time to hug her, I reached around her and lifted her off her feet and went to kiss her on the cheek and she turned her head the last moment. I kissed her and both our eyes were wide when we realized what had happened. I slowly let her down before we stopped the kiss. “I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that. I stumbled. “That is completely okay Bill, best kiss of the day!” she teased as she playful slapped my chest. I then became aware that my arms were still around her. She didn’t push away as expected, laid her hand on my chest for a second.

I came to my senses and let her go and we both went shy. “well, that was awkward.” I said trying to lighten the mood. She didn’t flinch or react, She started to go toward my table and lay her laptop down. As she finally looked up she saw the view, “Oh my God! This place is spectacular!”

“Yeah, you know Janet would have never gone for it, but now that I am on my own, this is home to me.” I said proudly dropping the awkwardness. “I love this place, it brings me back to my roots. I loved being in the woods as a kid, now I am here again. It makes me feel young again.”

Betty smiled at me and then turned to look at the view again. The house was a Cedar Homes creation that I worked with the architect to design. It was similar to “Falling Waters” designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The whole front was glass and cedar post design for the great room. With a fireplace in the middle. The porch wrapped around the entire place and fit into the landscape perfectly. Out front about 100 yards or so the lake stretched out wide. My boathouse and dock was at the waters edge and nothing but forest lined the lake as far as you could see.

I walked up to the front glass and collapse the wall, sliding it back on tracks to open up half of the front to the outdoors. Betty was in awe, she walked out on the porch and took it all in. “This is just so beautiful and so right for you. I want the full tour after we get your paperwork done.”

We went back into the house and sat down at the table. I grabbed us some water and she turned on her laptop. Then she asked, “Oh I forgot to ask, do you have WiFi up here.” “Sure do! When I had the utilities put in I had a fiber line put in.” I proudly said. “She then asked, “I need to get access so we can do your paperwork.” I froze for a second, I had not setup the guest network yet so my connection was very personal. “Here let me get you on.” I said. “she replied, I can get it if you tell me what your SSID and password is.” Blushing again I figured, well she asked for it. “the SSID is PopsPlace and the password is 7inches.”

I had turned as red as a beet but I wasn’t going to back down. After she heard it she started to become flushed. Her redness crept up from the low cut top she had on and stopped at the top of her head. “Then she asked, ‘is that seven or the number 7?” “I looked straight in her eyes and said, “Well since it is a measurement it is the number 7.” I held my stone faced expression as long as I could while she typed and said, “okay I am on it.” She looked back at me and we both busted out laughing. I finally said, “well escort bayan nizip I didn’t think I would be telling anyone that login and password and I didn’t think anyone would guess that.”

She took a deep breath still laughing to herself, “you are right, I would have never guest that password in a million years.” After that we settled down and completed the contracts and sent them to the other couple, which they did promptly and sent back. She finished up what she had to do and was about to close up her laptop when she said, “I think I should save that login and password for any future paperwork.” “Fine with me, we have no secrets now.” I said as I chuckled. She smiled and closed her computer.

The sun was starting to sink a little low in the sky over the lake. I had my home positioned so it would be a great view of the sunset every night. I asked, “are you ready for the tour, or do you have to run?” She told me that she didn’t have to run off. Her husband had the kids this weekend and she didn’t have anyplace to go. So I extended my arm and she took it and we started the tour.

There wasn’t too much that she didn’t really see from the start. With an open floor-plan. We started in the basement. I have guest rooms down there, movie room and bar with pool table. Then upstairs to the main floor and connecting garage, then upstairs loft which is the master suite. It overlooks the grand room downstairs from my king bed. I can see down but no one cal really see up until they get to the second floor. It is all one space with bathroom, shower tub all open air with windows all around.

“The woods are my privacy curtains” I said as she walked through the open space. She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked out over the great room as the sun sank lower in the sky. She laid back on the bed for a moment forgetting where she was and closed her eyes. “This is absolutely perfect!” she said. Then she opened her eyes and saw me standing there taking in the view of her on my bed. I was also lost in the moment thinking about how perfect she was.

She stood up and I asked her if she would stay for dinner, I could cook us up some steaks and baked potatoes and open a bottle of wine. She started to throw up some lame excuses but then I reminded her that she told me that she didn’t have anyplace to go tonight and she should stay and enjoy dinner. “I would love to have the company.” I said. She finally said yes and we went downstairs and I opened a bottle of wine for her and I poured me a Makers 46 on the rocks. She sat at my counter while I prepared the steaks, potatoes and green beans.

After we ate we went out on the front porch and I poured her a 3rd glass of wine along with topping off my drink and sat in a rustic swing that I had built. There was never a lull in the conversation, it was great. As the sunset over the water with a bright red glowing haze in the cool air she snuggled up against me and I put my arm around her. We had stopped talking as we just sat and watched the sunset.

She then said, “You know, that password thing really caught me off guard. You were so funny with your answer.”“you know I never intended to share that password with anyone, but you wouldn’t let me type it in…” but she cut me off and said, “All I could think of was the password for my ex husbands would have been 4 inches.”she giggled and took another sip of wine. “I am really sorry for that for you too!” and we both snickered.

“You really are a special kind of man. You know I had a crush on you when I was a little girl? It just got worse when I became a teenager. All the talk about sex and everything with my girlfriends in school. They were daydreaming over the boys in class but you were the one that kept popping into my mind.” She stopped and sighed as she snuggled into my arms and I held her a little tighter. I paused and thought about all the times as she was growing up how she always smiled at me, always seemed to want to walk beside me, talked to me, and never let me leave without giving me a hug goodbye.

“You know you have always been a little shining star to me? You do not want to know what I was thinking about when you were growing up.” I said. She turned and looked me in the eyes and said “Actually I do.” She leaned in slowly and closed her eyes and gently touched her lips to mine. My heart was racing and I could feel her trembling as her kiss went from gently touch to more passionate and full. We parted and looked into each others eyes speaking volumes in a matter of seconds.

I continued to hold her in my arm and said, “let’s go inside, I can start a fire.” so we went in and I turned on the gas logs and we sat on my couch and watched the fire for a little while. After a few minutes I turned her face to me and said, “You know as terrible as it sounds I thought of you a lot growing up. I watched you grow from escort bayan nurdağı a beautiful little girl to a sweet and beautiful teenager. I fantasized about making that little teen girl a women. Those dreams have always stayed in my mind.”

I leaned in and kissed her soft sweet lips. She pressed back first with gentle pressure and then with passion slipping our tongues together. Her hands started working the buttons on my shirt and I her blouse. She was the first to peel my shirt from my body and shortly afterward I pulled hers past her shoulders. Her pale blue bra held her magnificent breasts in place perfectly. As I looked at her taking her all in, she asked “Do you still want me? If so, you can have me.”

I stood up and took her in my arms and climbed the winding staircase up to my bedroom loft. As I walked she laid her head against my shoulder and kissed my left shoulder with sweet little kisses. In my mind she was that little teen girl that I craved for such a long time. Then she said, “Will you make me a women?” in her sweet little girl voice. It was more than I could stand. She as playing with me, fulfilling my fantasy as well as hers.

She continued, “will it hurt?” I laid her down on the bed and sat down beside her. Looking deep into her eyes and told her, “no baby, I would never hurt you. I want you to enjoy everything I can give, I want to satisfy you.” Then in her adult voice she whispered, “I know you will, and I want to satisfy you too.” she smiled a wicked little smile and slipped off her bra.

Then she said something I didn’t expect, “You know I don’t mind it hurting a little.” that caused me to groan with a rising lust as my dick hardened even more than it had up to this point. I stood up and slipped my clothes as she took off the rest of her clothes on the bed and laid them down on the floor. As she laid back naked across my bed, I slowly laid down beside her letting my hand touch float slowly and softly up from her hip and up to her tender breast.

I moved into her neck and breathed in. I could smell her hint of perfume, but there was more, It was HER that I smelled – the little girl, the teenager, the Realtor, the women in my arms. I smelled her individual aroma. I kissed my way from her neck to her lips as my hands were now moving all around her never stopping, feeling her tender skin beneath my touch. Her hands were around me too, pulling me to her tighter, my body pressing against her leg with my cock and my leg between hers.

I could feel her wetness on my leg as she started to grind into me. We came up for air as my hands now reaching and caressing her breasts kissing her collar bone. She arched her head back and started panting and asking me to fill her up, telling me to give her what she needs. “I want you to devour me!” I then started down her body kissing her breasts and sucking on them. The harder I sucked the more into it she became. I Gently nipped at her nipples rubbing them with my teeth. She grabbed my head shouting “OH YES, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED! MORE! MORE!”

I sucked her nipples one at a time deeper in my mouth and let my teeth scrap her areolas then her nipples over and over. As I did that she was bucking against my leg and squeezing it trying to pull it through her body. The first moment that she let go of my leg I moved quickly to put myself between her legs. She felt the weight of my body between her legs and started to buck and grind against my cock. She slid it up and down my shaft as I still elegantly tortured her nipples.

I was teasing her with my dick, she kept trying to force my 7 inches into her, and I would let it slip past and up and back again coating me with her glossy juices. “PLEASE PLEASE LET ME HAVE IT! I WANT IT, I NEED IT!! PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” I rose up from my work on her breasts and looked her in the eyes as she looked deep in mine and grit her teeth and mouthed PLEASE. I let my dick slide deep and hard into her cunny.

I released all the years of lust I had for her, her eyes lost focus and she went breathless. I continued to move in and out of her moving deep and deliberate while she orgasmed. She struggled to pull me in each time wanting it deeper and deeper. She seemed to go on forever until she finally took another breath and we both moaned as I emptied myself deep into her.

I rolled off of her and she rolled into my body and draped her leg and arm over me. We both gasped for air and slowly it returned to our lungs. Our eyes were closed and peaceful bliss washed over us. She finally opened her eyes and looked over at me and I looked at her. She quietly said, “Oh my God, if you had done that for me when I was a teen I would have died a blissful and perfect death.” she then dropped her head again against my chest. I said, “I doubt that you would have died but I know that I would have spent the rest of my life in your arms forever.”

Then we sat up in the bed together looking out the window in the dark looking at the lake as the full moon rose gently and reflected off the water casting light over us. We looked at the clock on the nightstand and we had been at it for over an hour. We kissed gently and then she said, “When do you think you will be ready for round two?”

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Pleasant Valley Sunday

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All characters in this are works of fiction. They are not based on real people in any way, shape or form. All characters are to taken as 18 or older. If you choose to see any of these characters as less than 18 that is your own judgement. Thanx for reading – it has been quite awhile since having been on here.

Pleasant Valley Sunday

Springtime! Finally! I have been so tired of winter this year and freezing my ass off. Just seems as though it has dragged on this year. But I have vegetables planted in the garden now and am up a little earlier than I typically am so I can get things watered and cared for in the garden. I am quite happy with myself. Plenty of little green heads popping up everywhere. A good start for the garden this season.I am putting up the hose and about to go inside when I hear an odd commotion from my neighbors yard. I only have the one neighbor as I live on a corner lot with an alley behind me.I got a smoking deal on the house that I bought as an investment and then spent the time fixing it myself. There was a lot of work to be done – hence the deal.

My neighbor moved in 5 years ago with his wife and two daughters. We don’t talk or interact with each other. I know their names only because I hear them on occasion. His name is John. His wife is Alexis but gets called Lex most of the time. The older daughter is Samantha and goes by Sam and Jenna is the younger sister and goes by Jen. The conversation I had with my neighbor was a couple of years ago when they bought a dog and there were a couple of boards missing from the 6 foot privacy fence. It wasn’t high on my radar to fix, but as they were getting a dog John wanted to be in my yard for a couple of minutes to attach some new boards. I told him if he just left the boards by the fence I would gladly put them up. The dog they got was a dalmatian and they named it Spot. Holy shit you have to be kidding me. If that dog were to go to school he would be teased endlessly.

As I hear this commotion I walk over to the fence. One of the boards has a knot hole near the top of it. It is the perfect size and I have to bend over a little to see through it as I am over 6 feet tall. It keeps you well hidden though. Not escort gaziantep manken bayan as though there is anything to see. Don’t get me wrong, Lex and the girls are all hot but they don’t do anything. Not even like lay out and tan in the summer. Looking through the knot hole would gain me a glance of their grass growing. Hell, I can get that on my side of the fence. So not expecting much I bend down a little and put my face to the fence and HOLY SHIT!! There is Sam on her hands and knees with Spot knotted to her. Turned ass to ass and filling her up with hot doggy sperm. Guess he won’t be made fun of after all. Sam has her hand between her legs and fingering her clit which is what I was hearing as she gets closer to orgasming on Spot’s cock.

My own cock was hardening by the second. I mean it is like one of those WTF moments. The train wreck you can’t stop watching. I always considered my neighbors kind of boring and plain so this was a total shock to see. And maybe they are kind of plain, but Sam is a whole different story. I unhooked my belt, undid my button and unzipped my pants so I could get my cock out. Sam is mostly dressed. Her skirt flipped up over what is just the firmest, most perfectly rounded ass you could ever imagine. I don’t see panties anywhere and maybe she didn’t wear any if she knew she would be doing this? I start stroking my cock for all it’s worth since they had a considerable head start on me. I know this is so wrong on so many levels, I mean like legal shit and animal abuse and maybe some home dynamics that should be looked into, but mother fucker, this was amazing to watch! I know it has been awhile since having a woman in my life and I am sure that is part of my not looking away.

I see Sam’s hand moving faster and faster and can hear her getting closer to orgasm. Right then Spot starts to pull his cock out. He gets the knot out and Sam creams herself as she cums. I watch as his red dick slides from her – a trail of dog semen runs from Sam’s pussy. Spot stands there with his cock hanging between his legs licking at it while Sam licks her fingers clean with what has to be a mix of her juices escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan and Spot’s seed. That is all I can take and shoot a huge load of cum on the fence. I watch as Sam gets up and straightens her skirt. Spot hops around her all excited as they go back into the house. I get my shit back together and go inside so I can take off for work. Not like I can tell anyone at work about this. They would be telling me to call the cops. And if I didn’t and they did … would I be like an accomplice or a peeping Tom. I will just not say a word about it and put it out of my mind.

Right – out of my mind huh? Next morning I am taking care of my garden when I hear the neighbors’ back door open. I hear Spot running along the fence and then he pisses right where I was standing and dribbled cum all over. I walk over to the fence and tell myself not to do it but then I look through the hole. This time I didn’t show up late. I see Sam bent over and stroking the dog’s cock. Spot is humping away at her hand and spraying pre cum all over. Sam bends over for him and grabs his cock as he mounts her. She quickly guides him into her pussy and Spot takes off like a jackhammer. pounding away at her at her pussy. Good thing Sam is on the shorter side as Spot has just enough height to be able to drive into her. His head is off to one side of her with his tongue hanging out. He pushes his knot into Sam and she immediately starts rubbing her clit as he has slowed fucking her. I watch as he turns ass to ass with her and then it is a replay of yesterday. I cum all over the fence marking my territory just as Spot will tomorrow.

So this has been my week. It is Friday and I am eager to see if Sam is going to continue her daily routine of getting pumped full of canine semen before starting her day? I finish my garden work which is coming along quite well and then head to the fence to my personal perverted viewing area. I don’t have to wait long when the door opens and Sam and Spot come outside. Spot pisses where I am standing and then Sam calls him over and he eagerly runs to her – hopping around and trying to get her on all fours gaziantep masöz escort bayan so he can mount her. Sam gets him calmed down and starts stroking him just as I start stroking my own cock. I watch as I have all week – mounting her sexy ass and Sam guiding him into her. I am enjoying the show with a myriad of thoughts going through my head when I feel something wet. I look down and see Jen licking my cock!!

“What the hell are you doi …?!” Jen cuts me off and puts her fingers to her lips telling me to be quiet. She points at the fence and whispers to keep watching. I look down at her and then at the hole in the fence and then back at her kneeling at my feet. She smiles at me and then nods towards the fence. I look through the hole as I have all week and see Spot turned ass to ass. I then feel my cock slide into Jen’s mouth and her sucking on it. I look down at her and then back to the fence. I am on sensory overload. Seeing Sam and the dog, Jen sucking away at my cock. She is gorgeous like her mom and sister. 34B chest, dark hair down her back, pretty face even prettier with my cock hanging out of it. This is more than I can take. I had gotten pretty good with timing my release with Sam and the dog, but this was totally unexpected. I run my hand through Jenna’s hair and then grab a handful of it on the back of her head. Just as I do I push her head onto my cock and explode in her mouth and down her throat.

Jen coughs and tries to push her head off of me but I hold her hair harder looking down at her – eyes bulging open and coughing on my cock. I let her hair go and she immediately pulls her head back – still coughing and gasping for air. As she kneels there panting I can see my cum dripping from the roof of her mouth and onto her tongue. I mouth the word swallow to her. She closes her mouth and I hear her swallowing. She finishes and opens her mouth to show me it is all gone. Jen stands up and kisses me on the neck. She then tells me that her dad fucks the shit out of their mom as they both watch Sam and the dog out the back window. I watch as she heads to the corner of the fence, moves a couple of loose boards, smiles, waves and says nice to meet you as she moves through the fence and puts the boards back in place. I am still standing there with my flaccid cock hanging down and thinking what a fucked up neighborhood this has turned out to be.

If this goes over decently enough will see about working on the rest of this. As always comments are welcome. Always good to hear what those of you who read these think about what we publish.

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La course du taureau

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Érection matinale. Morning glory. Tumescence pénienne nocturne. Il doit bien y avoir un mot latin pour le phénomène… Tu te lèves parce que tu as mal, parce que tu ne peux te coucher sur le ventre, mais surtout parce que, si tu tardes, tu vas éclater : il faut sauter du lit et courir à la toilette.

Au fait, où est la toilette?

D’abord, je ne reconnais pas la chambre où je me trouve. Peu à peu les choses se replacent dans ma tête : je suis seul dans un motel perdu quelque part dans le bout de Rivière-du-Loup, aux abords de l’autoroute.

J’ouvre le rideau rouge : journée grise. Au-delà du stationnement, l’autoroute balayée par un vent à écorner les bœufs. Plus loin, le fleuve Saint-Laurent rendu gris par le temps maussade.

Hier, je me suis décidé à arrêter là un peu contre mon gré : le soir tombait, la pluie et les rafales s’étaient mises de la partie. J’étais fourbu après une longue journée de travail à Matane, et pourtant j’avais pris la route. Plus tard, la réalité météo avait eu raison de mon désir.

Églantine m’a vertement fait comprendre sa déception lorsque je l’ai appelée à Québec de la chambre du motel. J’ai plaidé la prudence : nous ne nous verrions que le lendemain, et je ne serais pas dans un cercueil…

– Ça ne nous laissera pas beaucoup de temps ensemble, m’a-t-elle dit de sa petite voix, dépitée. Tu ne restes pas souvent avec moi une nuit entière. Et ce soir, c’était idéal. Des fois, je me demande si tu ne le fais pas exprès…

– Je suis aussi triste que toi de ne pas pouvoir me coller à mon petit oiseau d’amour. Demain, nous serons ensemble; ce sera bref, mais intense!

Je me suis mis à lui décrire comment et dans quelles positions acrobatiques nous ferions l’amour le lendemain. Cela faisait bien un mois que je n’étais pas passé par Québec : que de rattrapage à faire!

Après moult embrassades et promesses, j’ai raccroché, puis aussitôt ai appelé à Montréal :

– Comment va ma petite Kalia d’amour? ai-je roucoulé quand ma femme a répondu.

Je lui téléphone chaque soir quand je suis sur la route. Souvent, je pars deux, trois, quatre jours de suite, et ceci, presque chaque semaine. De quoi essuyer bien des reproches : pourquoi je n’acceptais pas une promotion qui ferait que je resterais à Montréal, sans avoir à partir constamment? À mon âge (35 ans, ce n’est pas tant que ça!), je méritais bien une position plus importante. Et je serais plus à la maison. J’étais presque un étranger pour notre fils. Qui restait donc à la maison, seule avec toutes les responsabilités? Nous ne faisions plus assez l’amour, etc.

Oui, c’est vrai. Mon job me demande beaucoup de déplacements, ce qui s’avère bien éreintant. Cependant, un autre poste exigerait que je sacrifie les petites libertés secrètes que le voyage me permet : une virée avec les copains ou les clients, des rencontres féminines de passage et, surtout depuis quelques mois, ma délicieuse maîtresse à Québec. Encore quelques mois, et oui, je m’assagirais, j’abandonnerais la belle Églantine, ma perle noire, mais pas maintenant!

Mais là, je parle à Kalia : il me faut rester concentré.

– Tu m’écoutes, ou quoi, Jeannot? Ça fait deux fois que je te dis que je suis entrée dans ma phase d’ovulation. Pour ne pas manquer notre coup, avant que tu repartes encore sur la route, il va falloir le faire, notre bébé…

Kalia et moi voulons une fille. L’horloge biologique est en marche. Depuis que nous avons arrêté ce plan, Kalia veut faire l’amour à répétition, à chaque occasion possible et imaginable. Vous savez, quand elle tient à quelque chose, elle se transforme en bulldog. Et au lit, ces derniers temps, elle est devenue insatiable. Pas de fantaisies cependant : quelques embrassades, on se caresse un peu. Une pipe ou autres variations érotiques? OK, mais pas longues et il faut finir dans mon ventre. Après ça, on recommence le plus vite possible. Tic-tac, fait l’horloge…

– Kalia, je dois m’arrêter à Québec pour voir un agent du ministère des Transports. Mais je serai là pour le souper.

Ça, c’était hier avant que je tombe dans le lit comme une masse.

Avec tout ça en tête, je suis encore sur le bol de toilette de mon motel anonyme du Bas Saint-Laurent. Il me faut prendre la route, foncer à Québec.

Je me lève, perds l’équilibre. Ah vraiment! je ne suis pas encore réveillé. Vite, il me faut un stimulant.

Je suis en train de rêver d’un bon spécial deux-œufs-toasts-et-café-à-volonté quand on a frappe à la porte. Bizarre! Qui peut bien…?

J’ouvre et une jeune femme se tient devant la porte. Il me semble la connaître. Mignonne : une blondinette de taille moyenne, vêtue d’un imperméable sur un pull marin rayé et un jean noir, le nez pointu, les cheveux courts, un anneau planté sur la lèvre.

– Oui? lui dis-je, car elle me fixe de ses yeux bleu pâle un peu las sans rien dire. Derrière elle, la pluie tombe à grosses gouttes sur le stationnement, le ciel est gris, de rares autos passent bruyamment sur l’asphalte mouillé de l’autoroute.

escort gaziantep kızıl bayan ‘Scusez, m’sieur…

Ce sont ces mots qui font que je la replace soudain dans mon souvenir : hier soir, au restaurant voisin du motel, elle était assise au comptoir. Je me cherchais une place entre les rangées de tables et elle m’a interpellé avec la même voix lente et nasillarde:

– ‘Scusez, m’sieur… Moi pis ma copine, on cherche un lift vers Gaspé pour demain matin. Vous pouvez nous prendre?

Il y avait un je-ne-sais-quoi d’impatience dans son regard d’acier. Elle avait jeté un coup d’œil à une autre fille à ses côtés, qui ne s’est même pas détournée de sa tasse de café.

– Désolé, Mademoiselle, je vais vers Montréal. Dans la direction opposée. Si je peux faire autre chose pour vous…

Et je les ai laissées là.

Je reconnais le sourire figé. On lui donnerait vingt ans, pas plus. Elle paraît plus jolie qu’hier : la lumière met en valeur son teint de pêche. Elle se dandine nerveusement, hésite. C’est moi qui parle finalement :

– Je te l’ai déjà dit hier soir. Je suis navré, mais je ne vais pas vers la Gaspésie…

Elle se décide et m’interrompt :

– Pouvez-vous nous donner un peu d’argent?

– Pardon?

– On manque de quoi prendre le bus. On n’a plus rien à manger. Notre tente a pris l’eau. Il a plu toute la nuit à l’intérieur. Le pouce, ça ne marche pas depuis deux jours. On voudrait aller jusqu’à Rimouski, au moins… Nous sommes prêtes à faire quelque chose en retour…

À ce moment, j’aperçois sa copine qui se tient discrètement de côté.

Je suis bouche bée. « Prêtes à faire quelque chose en retour », est-ce que ça veut dire ce que je crois que ça veut dire? Et sa copine que je découvre est d’une beauté à couper le souffle : mochement habillée d’une chemise de chasse défraîchie et d’un pantalon d’armée informe, oui, mais assez grande. Avec ça, des cheveux foncés, une peau claire constellée de taches de rousseur et des yeux noirs qui vous transpercent avec une douceur infinie. L’autre reprend :

– Je m’appelle Ariane et voici Claire. Est-ce qu’on peut entrer?

Obnubilé, je cède le passage. Elles exhalent un parfum sauvage en passant sous mon nez.

– Moi, c’est Jean…

Leurs cheveux et leurs vêtements dégouttent tristement. Je leur apporte deux serviettes

Ariane me jette :

– Si vous nous donnez cent piasses, vous pouvez choisir.

Je les regarde, l’une et l’autre. Ariane me fixe ardemment. Claire garde ses yeux rivés sur la moquette et cligne des yeux nerveusement. Je me sens rougir. Incertain de la suite.

– Deux cents, pour nous deux…

À cet instant, je sens en moi un irrépressible souffle de chaleur.

Sans répondre, je leur offre de prendre une douche après que j’ai moi-même fait ma toilette. Elles n’ont pas bougé lorsque je leur cède la chambre de bain. Elles s’y enferment longuement. J’enfile un tee-shirt et un boxer, puis m’occupe à faire ma valise.

La porte de la toilette s’entrouvre, Ariane passe la tête:

– Et puis? Qu’est-ce que vous avez décidé?

Je tends une liasse de dollars que je dépose sur la table de chevet.

– Il y en a trois cents.

Elles émergent de la toilette, auréolées de vapeur, enroulées l’une et l’autre dans les serviettes blanches marquées du nom du motel. Elles s’approchent à petits pas timides. La gracile Claire se cache derrière une Ariane à la peau délicieusement moite. Elles s’immobilisent à deux pas de moi.

Ariane a l’air grave. Sans me quitter des yeux, elle laisse tomber la serviette. J’admire l’ambre pâle de ses seins ronds et fermes, les hanches amples, les jambes courtes et musclées. Le tatouage d’une ancre à l’intérieur de la cuisse. Elle prend la main que je lui tends, s’assoit et je l’embrasse. Ce morceau de métal au coin de sa bouche, quel désagrément! Sur sa langue, un goût de sel, mais je reconnais aussi la menthe de mon dentifrice : elle a dû utiliser ma brosse à dents. Cette pensée achève de m’exciter.

Je me tourne vers Claire qui n’a pas bougé et lui demande gentiment de s’approcher. Tandis que je défais sa serviette, comme on ouvre un cadeau d’anniversaire, je découvre une silhouette délicate. Je caresse le marbre blanc de sa poitrine menue tandis que Ariane plonge la main sous mon boxer et se met à me caresser la verge. J’embrasse les seins de Claire, alors que l’autre demoiselle m’enfile tant bien que mal l’un des condoms que j’avais développés et laissés bien en vue sur la table de chevet. Mon attention quitte Claire parce qu’Ariane gobe mon gland, puis insère toute la tige jusqu’au fond de sa gorge. Je me sens emporté par un ouragan de sensations. Je glisse mes mains le long du dos de Claire. Ses fesses à la fois tendres et fermes sont un chef-d’œuvre!

Ariane me ramone goulûment. Elle monte et descend comme une houle. Ça va trop vite. De la main, je soulève son menton et l’embrasse, une façon de la féliciter de escort köle bayan gaziantep ses efforts.

Car c’est Claire, que je veux posséder sans attendre. Je la renverse sur le lit : elle a la peau délicieuse et satinée. Je me fraie un chemin entre ses deux genoux qui obtempèrent après une courte résistance, s’ouvrant sur une petite forêt de poils noirs. Impossible de la pénétrer: elle n’est pas prête. Ariane n’a pas perdu de temps depuis que j’ai quitté sa bouche. D’une main, elle me masse les testicules, de l’autre caresse mon anus: je gémis de plaisir.

L’ivresse du moment m’a encore distrait de Claire : je me penche alors sur son ventre. Ma langue caresse la vulve, s’immisce entre les lèvres offertes. Elle a un goût âcre et sucré rappelant la sève d’épinette. Je la dévore avec ardeur. Claire frémit et pousse une plainte indistincte. La belle n’est donc pas muette. Elle a même une voix étonnamment grave.

Pendant ce temps, l’entreprenante Ariane, postée entre mes cuisses, s’est mise à me lécher les testicules. Elle en prend une dans sa bouche, puis l’autre. Ce ne sera pas bien long que je les viderai. Je sens une marée irrépressible monter en moi.

La belle Claire geint d’une voix granuleuse que j’adore. M’échappant d’Ariane, j’approche l’orée de son sexe, puis je me plante en Claire d’un coup sec : son sentier est chaud et étroit. Ravissement. Je vais et je viens en elle avec une énergie que je n’ai pas eue depuis des lunes.

Ariane s’est étendue sur moi, les seins plaqués sur mon dos, ses cuisses chaudes enserrant mes fesses, mais je ne sens pas son poids, tellement je suis transporté de désir.

Claire atteint l’orgasme, et c’en est fait de moi: je viens au creux de son ventre dans un cri de douleur et de jouissance. Je la défonce avec des coups de boutoir qui lui tire des plaintes brèves. Ariane m’étrangle presque en s’agrippant à moi avec son bras libre. Les projections de mon sperme s’espacent et s’éteignent.

Nous restons en sandwich un long moment, haletant, mêlant nos sueurs.

Curieusement, je ne débande pas et je ne me sens pas repu, ce qui est étonnant dans les circonstances.

Nous nous séparons difficilement en roulant de côté. Nous reprenons notre souffle sans un mot. Ariane me tourne le dos. Claire lui fait face.

C’est déjà fini. Dommage. La route m’attend. Églantine aussi. Et Kalia au bout de la route.

Je regarde le plafond. Un grand miroir couvre toute la surface au-dessus du lit. Nous sommes trois et je trouve ça diablement excitant.

Mon pénis saille plus que jamais vers le ciel du lit. Le condom est disparu je ne sais où. Je sens les filles sur le point de se lever, s’habiller et partir.

J’enfile prestement un autre condom sur mon priapisme et, comme Ariane vient pour se redresser, je l’empoigne par derrière. Elle lance un cri. Je ne perds pas de temps à demander de permission : je la tiens fermement, cherche son vagin et la transperce de mon harpon.

– Nous n’avons pas fini, les filles. J’ai payé pour les deux, et même un peu plus. Claire, approche, ordonné-je. Et embrasse ta copine.

Je ne reconnais pas ma propre voix. Je sonne franchement autoritaire. Claire cligne des yeux. Ariane chuchote, un trémolo dans la voix :

– Fais ce qu’il dit. On part tout de suite après.

Tout contre moi, les deux filles sont enlacées et, après quelques encouragements, s’embrassent à pleine bouche. Elles y mettent finalement une belle conviction qui trahit une longue habitude. Je regarde la scène au plafond et je me sens de plus en plus d’énergie.

– Claire, tu vas caresser ta copine entre ses cuisses.

Je me suis mis en mouvement dans une Ariane abondamment mouillée. Je sens les doigts de Claire me frôler tandis qu’ils tâtonnent à la recherche du clitoris de sa compagne. Je profite des premiers soupirs d’Ariane pour changer de trou et éperonne ses reins. Elle hurle, de douleur d’abord, mais bientôt de bonheur.

Quelques instants encore et je fais mettre Ariane à plat sur Claire. J’embrasse celle-ci tout en allant et venant entre les fesses de sa copine.

Cette dernière saisit et enserre mes génitoires, comme pour en extraire la substantifique moelle au plus vite. Cela déclenche en moi un tsunami : rarement décharger n’a été aussi intense qu’à cet instant où je sodomisais une jeune femme un matin de mai dans un motel situé entre le fleuve et la forêt, tout en farfouillant de ma langue la bouche d’une deuxième.

Quand ma conscience émerge de sa prostration, les deux filles ont disparu, emportant toutes leurs affaires et, je le saurai plus tard, les 120 dollars qui restaient dans mon portefeuille. Un pourboire bien mérité.

C’est donc avec ma carte de crédit que je règle la chambre et le déjeuner. Il est temps que je file: déjà 10h30. En roulant à tombeau ouvert, j’ai encore une chance d’être à l’heure pour mon rendez-vous avec Églantine.

Églantine rit tout le temps. De sa voix haut perchée, elle aime se moquer gaziantep kumral escort bayan gentiment de moi. Un vrai rayon de soleil. D’origine haïtienne, elle a vécu presque toute sa vie dans la banlieue de Québec, ce qui à une certaine époque était un phénomène rare. Elle est divorcée, ses enfants sont grands et ont quitté le nid. Elle est libre et fière de l’être.

– Tu m’étonnes, mon beau Jean : pour une fois, tu es à l’heure! Qu’est-ce que tu as fait ce matin pour être sur le piton comme ça?

Nous sommes sur la terrasse de son appartement cossu de Cap Rouge qui a une vue imprenable sur le fleuve. Le soleil a finalement percé les nuages. Il tombe dru sur nos têtes. L’air est saturé de chants d’oiseaux qui se font la cour.

Elle porte une longue robe de coton qui pèche par une transparence provocante. Je fais mine de ne rien voir de la ligne de ses seins pointus et de ses cuisses amples. Moi aussi, je sais jouer.

Elle m’offre un repas simple et copieux que je dévore, tandis qu’elle étend ses longues jambes sur le transat. Elle me couve du regard.

Je la vois, et plus rien d’autre n’existe. Elle ne serait plus là, et je l’oublierais presque instantanément. C’est comme ça entre nous.

– Ce saumon fumé que tu m’apportes en cadeau, c’est pour te faire pardonner tous tes péchés? me nargue-t-elle avec son sourire le plus enjoué.

Décidément, si elle a quelques années de plus que moi, son cœur est bien plus jeune que le mien.

– Eh bien! tu ne parles pas beaucoup. Mais tu as une de ces faims! Ça augure bien pour la suite : tu vas avoir une belle énergie, hein? Ne bouge pas : je vais chercher le dessert.

Je redoute un peu ce moment, après mon aventure de ce matin. La vigueur sera-t-elle au rendez-vous? Si je flanche, je ne pourrai tout de même pas lui en expliquer les raisons… Je me mets à mâcher avec plus de lenteur, malgré mon appétit de jeune homme : il me faut gagner du temps.

J’entends s’élever un air de guitare dans la salle de séjour, la radio sans doute, puis ses pas s’approcher derrière moi. Elle dépose le plateau sur une petite table et déclare:

– Alors, si tu dois partir tôt, tu vas tout de suite te mettre à l’ouvrage!

Elle se penche sur moi au-dessus de moi et elle dépose ses mains d’ébène sur ma poitrine, les remonte et caresse mon visage et mes cheveux. Comme c’est bon!

– Mon gars, tu n’as pas la même odeur que d’habitude : tu sens le bois ou quelque chose de même.

Je me retourne pour l’embrasser, lui prends le visage entre les mains. Mais… elle est nue! Nue sur la terrasse, se donnant à voir des balcons d’en face. N’importe qui pourrait la voir et l’admirer. Ça doit d’ailleurs bien arriver à l’occasion. Mais la jalousie s’envole aussitôt de mon esprit : ce qu’elle fait pendant que je n’y suis pas n’existe pas. Vice-versa.

Ses magnifiques seins se balancent sous mes yeux, généreux, avec des aréoles très foncées.

Le désir me vient, il part de mes entrailles comme un vent chaud et s’élève. Je vois qu’elle est excitée par mon regard brûlant. Elle a un sourire fendu jusqu’aux oreilles.

– Ils sont beaux, hein? Tu sais, ils sont à toi. Tu n’as qu’à les cueillir. Viens!

Nous n’avons pas le temps de nous rendre à la chambre. On va s’effondrer sur le canapé du salon qui fait face au paysage. On ne descend même pas les stores. Qu’ils regardent, on s’en fout.

Nous nous embrassons langoureusement. Elle aime explorer ma bouche avec sa langue en prenant bien son temps. Ses mains fouillent ma poitrine. Les miennes ont plus de chance : elles y trouvent des seins chauds que je tète avec enthousiasme.

Elle en profite pour laisser sa main m’explorer le bas-ventre, ce qui me ramène toutes mes craintes. Si je ne suis pas au garde-à-vous, je sais que je devrai prendre la porte aussi sec.

Mais non! elle a trouvé un perchoir bien solide et se met à me caresser à travers le pantalon.

Nous avons notre cérémonial que nous entamons. Elle se couche de tout son long et me laisse dès lors l’initiative. Je caresse son corps est long et vigoureux sans me presser.

Elle a tout prévu : sur le guéridon, un drap et un flacon d’huile. Elle se lève, le temps que j’étende le drap. Elle reprend sa place à plat ventre. Je réchauffe un peu d’huile entre les paumes et lui fais un massage tout en lenteur: dos, cou, épaules. Je passe aux bras, aux jambes, avec une attention spéciale à la plante des pieds. J’avais oublié les fesses. Son abandon est total, elle est ma poupée de chiffons grandeur nature.

D’un geste, je la fais se retourner. Elle m’offre ses seins triomphants que mes mains explorent, je passe au ventre rebondi, puis entre les cuisses que je masse en passant de plus en plus près de son nid d’amour. Je lui caresse l’entrejambe, insère deux doigts d’une main tandis que de l’autre je frotte délicatement son clitoris.

– Enfin… soupire-t-elle.

Soupirs, orgasmes. Elle vient, elle revient, comme les vagues de l’océan.

-Tout de suite… en moi.

Notre peau est glissante d’huile. Je suis sur elle et entre mon javelot profondément dans son vagin brûlant. Elle me broie de désir jusqu’à ce que j’explose en elle.

Longtemps, nous ne bougeons plus.

Elle me renverse et me prodigue à son tour un massage auquel mon corps et mon âme capitulent.

Cela finit toujours par une bonne claque sur les fesses qu’elle m’assène en s’esclaffant :

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Latex Futa Nuns From Hell – Chapter 03 – Seeding The Sisterhood

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It was 3:58 AM and rain pitter-pattered steadily on the windows of the convent. Jessica awoke to almost pure darkness. There was no moonlight to illuminate her spartan room this evening. It had stormed on and off all night, but Jessica had slept like the dead. Her dreams had overwhelmed her with wanton Femdom lust.

‘What the hell!?’

She felt moisture on her breasts and her hands flew to them. Sure enough, her fingers were coated in milky discharge as she felt her areolas. Her nipples were lactating copiously.

‘Ugh… why?!?’

She wiped her fingers on the bedding. It was so dark in her room that Jessica couldn’t decipher the long, black habit lying atop her office chair. She had discarded it immediately upon returning to her room, but kept on her red leather bondage brassiere. She had been too exhausted to remove the complex network of buckles, straps and zippers that made up her lingerie. If she was honest, she wanted to sleep in it.

Now that she was awake, her left hand found her long, fat cock instinctually. She could feel the red leather straps digging into her supple mocha skin and it heightened her desire as she began lewdly masturbating. Her morning wood needed little encouragement and her bulging brown sack ached with the need for release.

Jessica had heard the term “blue balls” when she was younger but could only guess what it felt like until now. She hadn’t climaxed since getting her ass rimmed and receiving her first taste of sweet male nectar the night before. Her libido was through the roof and her need to cum was desperate.

She began moaning lightly as her hand glided back and forth, the pleasurable sensations intensifying rapidly as her smooth palm slipped up and down her slick, meaty cock. Had she been leaking pre-cum in her sleep? Or was this residual filth from her encounter with Francis? Jessica decided that it didn’t matter. It felt amazing.

She plunged her right hand below her ass, lifted the leather strap that ran down her crack and began massaging her rosebud with her middle finger. She moved it around her pucker in slow circles and within minutes she was biting her lip to avoid crying out in elation.

‘Fuck! So good!!! But I better put a condom on or this is going to be a huge fucking mess…’

She summoned every ounce of her will and released her rapidly stiffening rod. She reached over the bedside and fumbled around in the dark for her bag. Thankfully it was just within reach and she snatched one of the XXL magnum condoms she’d purchased.

Jessica tore the plastic tab open and rolled the rubbery sheath down her shaft; making sure to leave plenty of room at the head. Even the biggest condom Forbidden Fruit offered barely covered two thirds of her fully engorged length. The latex strained around her considerable girth and to her surprise, feeling latex tight around her cock only turned her on more.

‘Goddamn, I must have a latex fetish if I actually like condoms. Every guy I was ever with only complained about having to wear them. I don’t know why… it feels so nice.”

She laid back and resumed her long, needy strokes without delay. Her right hand found her back door once again and she probed it with increasing need. She plunged the tip of her finger into her ass and started making circles around the inside of her pucker. Her left hand pistoned up and down her latex covered shaft, her orgasm building rapidly.


Jessica bit her tongue as her climax hit her like a mac truck. Her body convulsed in pleasure as thick ropes of hot nut shot out of her flesh hose and congealed in the top of the extra large condom. Her hand was a blur, gliding back and forth as gob after gob of sticky paste erupted from her tip; filling the condom and expanding it into a perverse balloon animal of tightly packed jizz.

Jessica could only watch the cum balloon grow as her balls emptied into the slick sheath. Her back lifted off the bed as she jacked herself furiously. Finally her eyes rolled back and her head hit the pillow as the final buttery spurts shot out of her cum cannon. The tension seeped out of her body in a relaxing wave leaving only endorphins and intense euphoria.

She lay in the dark groping her breasts through the leather harness; milking the orgasm for every ounce of pleasure before running her left hand through her hair. As morning rituals went, Jessica liked this much better than anything she’d ever done as a Sister of Guadalupe.

She gazed at the ceiling as she recovered, formulating her plans for Father Francis that day. Before long, a faint glow emerged in the center of the room and slowly grew in intensity. Jessica wasn’t surprised this time. On the contrary, she had been expecting another visit.

The light gathered, dispersed and Lilith was given form once again. Jessica sat up and leaned back against her headboard, examining yet another guise her strange benefactor had taken on. This time she appeared in purple flesh from head to toe; black tribal tattoos scattered across her mostly naked body. She had no wings, but her tail and horns remained; sprouting from her temple and rear respectively. Silky, white, shoulder length hair framed her head and her eyes glowed the color of turquoise.

Her purple breasts were massive with metal studs piercing both nipples prominently. An absurdly large cock hung from Lilith’s pelvis and was sheathed in shiny black latex. Jessica had never even imagined a cock that huge. It looked like it belonged on a horse more than a humanoid. Matching her massive cock sleeve were shoulder length gloves and thigh high boots; the latex gleaming in the glow surrounding the demonic shemale.

Lilith placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head, proudly displaying her endowments to Jessica.

“Greetings my disciple.”

“Good evening Mistress” Jessica said, bowing her head slightly. “If I may be so bold, how many forms do you have?”

“As many as I please.”

Lilith offered a throaty chuckle, her haughty expression highlighted by a Cheshire grin. Her fleshy purple tail swayed behind her as she spoke.

“You did very well last night my little Felicita. I am pleased.”

“Thank you Mistress. I mainly followed your advice. My impulses drove me. I can’t remember the last time I felt that alive!”

“Good. That was but a small taste of the joys that await you.”

“I do wish you had told me the pheromones and my touch wouldn’t work on a gay man.”

Lilith snickered.

“What did you expect? You can’t magnify an attraction that doesn’t exist. Zero times a thousand is still zero.”

Jessica smirked. In retrospect, it did seem obvious.

“No matter. You adapted and overcame. He is yours now and as his hunger grows you will find that he is *very* attracted to you. He will crave your essence until the end of his days.”

Jessica pulled the condom off her softening member and tied it at the end. She lifted the weighty cum balloon, examining it in the faint light that radiated from Lilith. There must have been half a pint of semen bulging at the end of the latex sleeve. She tossed it over the bed and it rolled across the floor with a faint sloshing sound.

“But isn’t that cruel? To deny someone their true sexual nature?”

“You are denying nothing. You have *exposed* his true nature. Men have always needed the guiding hand of a strong woman. Throughout most of history, they have not received it. Thus, the horrendous state of your world. We are going to change that and set the world on a better path.”

“Hmmm…” Jessica brought one hand to her chin, lost in contemplation.

Being desperate for sexual liberation and release, Jessica had taken the first step, but Lilith could tell she wasn’t yet fully convinced of the righteousness of their cause.

“Sex is perhaps the most profound of Yahweh’s designs. But like so many things, he dogmatically boxed it in. He demanded its potential go unexplored. This has done incalculable damage to the development of your kind. Jessica, you have to start thinking of sex as a weapon, because it’s been used as one against women since the beginning. We are going to change that and give women their turn at the helm. An opportunity which they are long overdue.”

Lilith hovered closer to the bed, the light shifting more strongly on Jessica as Lilith demanded her eyes turn back to the well hung Demoness.

“And, if Francis serves you well, there’s no reason you can’t let him play with another male pet. Under your guidance, of course. So worry not about your new slave. Under your heel, he will find more sexual fulfillment than he ever dreamed of. The new world will be a better one for all, and we are only just beginning. The possibilities are limitless.”

Jessica perked up at that thought. Mischief and arousal entered her eyes, her mind already churning on the endless opportunities her new life would offer.

“As you say, but what comes next? Enslaving men is useful, but I can’t play overseer to all of them! And what about the sisters?”

“Yes, you need allies and the ideal place to start is right here.”

“How do I do that?”

Lilith held out her right hand and a leather crop materialized in her grip. She pointed it at Jessica, first down at her flaccid ten inches and then raised it to her ample breasts.

“You have two weapons. You’ve learned to use one. Now use the other.”

Jessica’s hands went to her breasts. They were still moist with milky secretion.

“You mean… the lactation? How do I use that?”

“Don’t you remember our first meeting?”

Jessica thought back. Lilith had appeared and made her the offer. She had drank from the chalice and then… of course! Lilith’s breasts had been lactating.

“Alright, so I dose the sisters with this…” she said wiping her fingers across her left breast “…and then what happens?”

“They become like you.”

Jessica’s eyes opened wide.

‘Holy fuck! No… UNHOLY fuck!’

The scope of Lilith’s plan was beginning to sink in. This was Gremlins, only with cock wielding Succubi instead of toothy little goblins. This was an outbreak of female domination and Jessica was patient zero. In a few months St. Michael’s would be unrecognizable. In a couple years, it could be a very different world.

The seriousness of the situation hit her full force and yet, she couldn’t help but find wisdom in Lilith’s words. Was lust overwhelming escort kahramanmaraş bayan her reason? No, this was about justice as well. This was the chance to change the power dynamics between men and women. This would be a first in thousands of years of human history.

“Very well. I’ll begin tomorrow then.”

“Excellent. I know you will not disappoint me.”

Lilith floated back towards the center of the room. Her cock had stiffened; straining against the thick latex of the shiny, jet black sleeve. Jessica could only imagine the thoughts that were pulsing through her mind. Perhaps visions of Earth as a Femdom paradise were the cause of her arousal.

“Dawn approaches. I take my leave. Some day, with your help, I will be stronger than I am now. Perhaps I will claim dominion over the day… and many other things.”

Jessica raised a hand as Lilith prepared to depart.

“Mistress! One more thing, if I may?”


“God. You spoke his Hebrew name… is he not watching as we do all this? Will he not be angry? Should we not fear his vengeance?”

Lilith’s laugh started as a low, throaty rumble before erupting into a sustained gale. She threw her head back and her curvy body shook for several long moments as she chortled with glee, her massive dong now at full, rigid attention.

“My child… If Yahweh cared what happened here, do you think I would have gotten this far? No, he’s forsaken humanity. I think he’s forsaken this plane of existence entirely. He’s off in some other corner of the great beyond doing who knows what. He has as much regard for this world as the ant you crush beneath your boot. When our work is done, he may finally take notice, but by then it will be too late.”

Lilith’s disdainful laughter sang out once more and within seconds her form evaporated into the darkness. Her cackles echoed briefly before the room settled back into pitch black silence.

Jessica slipped back down into the bed sheets and tried to get comfortable. She tossed and turned a bit before finding the right position, her mind reeling from the enormity of the task before her. Jessica pined to have someone, anyone, by her side in that moment. She had spent many lonely nights in the convent, but had never felt quite so alone as she did now.

* * * * *

It was just after noon and Jessica was in the kitchen preparing a gallon of sweet tea. Nobody could call her a cook with a straight face, but sweet tea had been a staple in the Christiano household and her mother’s recipe was one of the few staples Jessica had learned before she passed away. The sisters had grown to love it, especially during the hot Texas summers when such drinks were needed to stay refreshed. Jessica had been only too happy to whip up a fresh batch today.

She finished stirring the amber liquid and then poured it from the pitcher into three drinking glasses on a tray. She looked over her shoulder in both directions to ensure no one was nearby before reaching into her habit and retrieving a small glass bottle and a dropper. She carefully drew the liquid into the dropper before depositing several beads of her breast milk into each glass and stirring each drink.

She quickly pocketed the bottle and dropper back in her habit before moving to the freezer and retrieving an ice tray. She dropped a few cubes into each glass before putting the ice back and carefully lifting the tray. Jessica took a deep breath as she exited the kitchen and strode through the hallways that led back to the courtyard.

A few lingering doubts assailed her consciousness, but she swatted them away like insects. Jessica was committed now. The world had to change and she would be a coward not to use the power she’d been given. How many billions of women had lived, suffered and died without that opportunity? How many millions of children had been raped by the clergy? How many women like Jessica and the Sisters of Guadalupe had lived lives of quiet desperation, brainwashed into thinking it was proper and normal?

‘No more.’

She exited the back door into the brilliant light and searing temperature of Austin midday. Her thick robe began soaking in the heat immediately, a predicament she’d become sadly accustomed to over the years. Jessica wasted no time making her way back to the picnic table where sisters Victoria, Abigail and Evelyn were sitting. The table was under a tall oak tree and she sighed with relief as she entered the shade and set the tray down before them.

“Thank god!” Evelyn announced, wasting no time grabbing one of the glasses and taking her first swig. “And thank you sister!” She said with a nod to Jessica.

Evelyn was a plump, busty blonde in her late 40s with a thick southern accent. The habit could do nothing to hide her wide hips and considerable curves. She was definitely one of the most opinionated of the sisters but also one of the friendliest. She was a hard worker and always the first to volunteer for new assignments.

“Yes, thank you” said sister Abigail as she reached for her drink as well.

If Evelyn had an opposite it was definitely Abigail, which was amusing since they were good friends. Seeing them together was like watching a Laurel and Hardy routine. Abigail was a little older than Evelyn, but shorter, slender and much more poised. Although she spoke up less, the raven haired sister had a quiet confidence and a subtle beauty to her thin features.

“Thank youuuuuuuu” Vicky exclaimed with an eager smile before taking up her glass. She started downing the cool beverage without hesitation. Wisps of her auburn hair seeped out of her veil, as usual. Both her face and the bathing habit she was wearing were smudged brown, indicating that she’d been working in the fields.

“Aren’t you having any?” Abigail inquired.

“Oh, I had a glass before I left the kitchen. Couldn’t wait.”

“Don’t blame ya hun” Evelyn interjected “but what about lunch? Are you girls gonna make me eat by my lonesome again?”

Vicky groaned, tilting her head to the sky. “Ugh… it’s too hot to eat.”

“I’ll wait for supper, thank you” Abigail replied.

Jessica shrugged and offered Evelyn a thin smile, implying that she wasn’t particularly hungry either.

“Fine, suit yourselves! I’m not shy” she proclaimed before biting into an apple and unwrapping the sandwich she’d brought.

“How’s the garden coming along?” Jessica asked.

“Good!” Victoria responded cheerfully. “We’re just about ready for fall planting. What’s Momma Soups got you doing today?”

“Well, I was on laundry duty this morning, but I’m headed off campus in a bit. Won’t be back until after dinner.”

“You’re excused for the day? What holy miracle is this?” Abigail asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Well, I’m not yet, but I will be after Father Francis talks to Helen. He’s starting a new outreach program and he’s chosen me to help out.”

“Ooooh, lucky you!” Vicky exclaimed.

“She has a title, you know! You shouldn’t call Mother Superior by her first name” Evelyn chided in between bites of her lunch.

“If the program has anything to do with kids, I’d rather stay here and scrub floors” Abigail stated flatly.

“Aw, cmon! Kids aren’t so bad!” Vicky voiced enthusiastically. “Children or not, if Father Francis wants more help with the program, let me know! I’d love to get out of here more often.”

“I’ll keep that in mind” Jessica replied, collecting the tray from the table. “Speaking of which, I have to meet up with him soon. You ladies enjoy the rest of your break.”

“Ladies? Hah! That’s a good one” Evelyn snickered, nudging Abigail in the ribs.

Vicky giggled. Abigail simply rolled her eyes.

The sisters said their goodbyes and Jessica turned and trudged back to the main building. She paused once to look over her shoulder, observing her fellow nuns as they chatted away.

Tomorrow would be a new beginning for them as well. They would be frightened and even less aware of what was happening then Jessica was on her first morning. In the coming days she would observe them carefully and approach them one at a time in secret. She would reveal only that the same thing had happened to her, not how or why. It would have to be that way, for now.

Jessica would guide them slowly into their new roles. If all went as planned, they would serve as the Succubus vanguard in her takeover of St. Michael’s and the convent.

* * * * *

It was just a half hour later when Jessica and Francis met up. They leisurely made their way from his home back to the other side of the campus where the convent was located. Francis was dressed in his usual black from neck to toe and carried a backpack containing the items Jessica had instructed him to bring. She had called him earlier that morning and outlined her plan to get them off church grounds more often.

There was a strong breeze sailing through the trees and walkways that surrounded St. Michael’s. It made the walk almost pleasant despite the hot summer conditions. As they passed before the church, Mother Superior could be seen in the distance walking toward them. Francis and Jessica both stopped and waited for her at the large water fountain that rested between the dual stairs leading up to the church’s front doors.

“Reverend Mother!” Francis called out with a wave. “What good luck! We were just on our way to see you.”

“Is that right?” Mother Superior replied as she came to a stop before them. She eyed Jessica suspiciously, but put on a warm smile for Francis. “Always a pleasure, Father.”

Reverend Mother Helen Louise Delarosa was exactly the kind of person you’d expect, based on her title. A medium build woman entering her sunset years wearing a thin pair of glasses and a perpetual scowl. She was tough as nails and ran the Sisters of Guadalupe with strictness bordering on cruelty.

Jessica had not developed a good relationship with her over the years, but they had managed to live together in the convent despite many tense encounters. Until now, that had involved Jessica doing whatever Helen told her to, an arrangement the younger woman couldn’t wait to upend.

“Good afternoon Revered Mother” Jessica said with a slight bow. She was rarely so formal, especially with the old crone, but she wanted Helen in as good a mood as possible.

“Yes!” said Francis “I needed to speak with you on a matter of some importance escort kapalı gaziantep bayan and it concerns Sister Jessica as well.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“As I’m sure you’re aware, Bishop Everson has made outreach our top priority. If we don’t start filling these pews again, St. Michael’s isn’t long for this world. To that end, I’m beginning a new program to extend our reach into the city. Businesses, sports leagues, community centers and whichever schools will have us! We’re going to see what we can do for them in exchange for word-of-mouth and a chance to leave our materials where people can find them.”

“I see. And what is this new program called?” the Reverend Mother asked skeptically.

“We don’t have an official title just yet. I was thinking of calling it “Bridges to Christ”, but Sister Jessica made an excellent point…” Francis answered, gesturing to her.

“It’s just, a less overtly religious title might be better. Many people hear “Christ” and immediately run in the other direction” Jessica stated cautiously.

“Yes, there’s some truth to that, I suppose” Mother Superior nodded solemnly. “A sad state of affairs indeed.”

“So, as you see” Francis continued “Sister Jessica has already shown great insight and I think her aid would really propel this effort! In addition, I’m drowning in paperwork and the church can scarcely afford to hire me an assistant, so with your permission…”

“Say no more Father. You have no idea how many headaches this one has caused me, but perhaps this will be good for her. Maybe she’ll even learn some manners in your company! Sister Jessica may assist you in the afternoons and evenings until further notice.” Helen held up her index finger as she made her final point, her stony gaze fixed on the young woman. “As long as she keeps up with her morning duties, that is.”

Jessica forced herself into a thin smile and another slight nod, desperately trying to look grateful.

“Splendid! Thank you so much Revered Mother” Francis replied as he placed his hands over hers and they shared a mutual bow of respect.

“Don’t mention it, Father. Good luck to you.”

“Yes, well, I guess we’ll be going then! We have a lot of work to do.”

“And I’m off to pray” the Abbess replied. “I’ll see you later.”

Jessica and Francis walked toward the parking lot, both silent until they were well out of ear shot.

“That woman has never seen a dick in her life.”

Francis snickered. “Oh cmon, she’s not that bad. She’s put up with you for this long, hasn’t she?”

“Yeah, because she had to” Jessica responded dryly. “You bring everything I told you?”

“I did” he answered plainly.

“Good. I can’t wait to get out of here!”

They continued on in silence for a few moments, their shoes clacking on the hot pavement. Then Francis decided it was his turn to be a bit mischievous.

“I wonder what would happen if you pulled up that habit and showed her your true self?”

“She’d have a heart attack and drop dead. Don’t tempt me.”

Francis belted out a loud laugh, his voice echoing across the church campus with mirth for the first time in months.

“So where are we actually going?”

Jessica turned and looked at him, this time with a genuine smile. “Somewhere fun.”

* * * * *

The mocha skinned nun tugged on Francis’ leash as she led him through the parking lot in one of Austin’s red light districts. They were headed toward the back entrance of a large building. A sign proudly displayed the name of the establishment in shiny black: “The Rubber Room.” Jessica had traded the priest collar for his slave collar before they got out of the car and Francis was oozing apprehension.

“What if someone from the parish recognizes us?!?”

Jessica sighed, stopping briefly and turning to him.

“One of your 500 parishioners? In a city of 900,000? Here? In the middle of a week day? Chill, Frankie.”

She yanked his leash more harshly, eager to get inside and complete her conquest of her newly minted slave. They walked up some crude concrete steps and slipped in the back door of the dimly lit club. Booming techno music with highly suggestive lyrics assaulted their senses immediately. The thunderous sounds thrummed through the dark hallway as they made their way to reception.

They reached a wide counter area with a woman standing behind it. The sides of her head were completely shaved and a single column of thick, jet black hair ran up her scalp and trailed behind her. Her face was pale white, which made the rings of black mascara and midnight lipstick stand out even more. Her ears, nose and tongue were all pierced.

“Hey! I’m Claire. Welcome to The Rubber Room.” The plucky goth woman seemed amused as she scanned the couple. “You guys doing a religious role play thing?”

“Not anymore” Jessica answered as she lifted the veil off her head; her long brown locks tumbling free. “How much for one of your dungeon suites?”

“A hundred and fifty for two hours” Claire responded before blowing and popping a bubble with her bright pink gum.

“Fully equipped?”

“Every toy and device you could want.”

“What about clothes?”

“This your first time here?” Claire inquired.

Jessica nodded.

“Normally there’s a separate fee, but since this is your first visit, we’ll waive it.”

“Awesome. You got a catsuit in my size? Maybe some leather boots in 7 1/2 or 8?”

“Easy peasy” she replied.

“What about him?” Jessica asked, pulling on Francis’ leash and bringing him to the forefront. “Something full-body in his size? Preferably latex?”

Claire looked him up and down, studying his proportions.

“Yeah, we got a suit in his size, but it was just used. It’s still drying out. Haven’t had a chance to spot clean it yet.”

“That’s fine, we’ll take it” Jessica said, a glimmer of excitement in her voice.

Claire looked puzzled. “You want a dirty gimp suit that a stranger just wore?”

“The dirtier the better” Jessica responded with a toothy smile.

Francis winced, his face sinking into a noticeable cringe.

* * * * *

“This is so gross.” Francis grumbled.

He was hooded and sealed in the black gimp suit, lying face down on a rubber padded bondage horse. His arms and legs had been pulled down and secured to each leg of the sturdy device by the wrist and ankle cuffs Jessica had applied. She had chosen this device out of many in the dungeon because it was already at the perfect height to accommodate her, but there were many more pieces of bondage furniture she looked forward to trying in the future.

“Shut up!” Jessica admonished as she pulled a pair of black latex gloves over her hands. She was similarly sealed from neck to toe in a pale yellow cat suit. She purred in delight as she smoothed the second layer of rubber over her digits. The black leather thigh highs Claire had brought her were a tight fit, but Jessica didn’t mind. The gripping sensation just made it even hotter.

As soon as she’d zipped him up in the back, Francis had been sealed in the sweat and filth of some other submissive. Who knows how long that stranger had been in the suit before him, getting fucked, abused and shooting his seed all over. He couldn’t think of another time in his life that he’d felt so utterly soiled.

“What if I catch some…”

“Stop complaining or I’ll gag you” she cut him off.

“You’re going to gag me anyway.”

Jessica chuckled; her throaty laughter and footsteps echoing in the cool dungeon. The clacking of stilettos marked her path as she walked around the fuck horse, examining her immobilized slut. Francis eyed the wall before him lined with crops, floggers, ropes, chains, strapons and other toys. He studied the impressive collection until his Mistress strode into view. Jessica’s impressive endowment jutted from the opening in her latex suit, her heavy brown sack hanging below it.

She seized her member and began stroking it up and down eagerly, the cool latex gloves feeling heavenly on her hot, naked flesh. She approached him, bringing the tip of her weapon ever closer to his mouth as she leisurely masturbated herself.

“Feeling thirsty yet?”

“Thirsty, Mistress?”

“Hmmm, I guess it hasn’t been long enough. You will be soon! And then you’ll be begging for it.”

She gave his hooded face a playful pat and then turned, making her way to the wall of toys. Jessica examined the trove of naughty implements before ***********ing a flexible 10 inch cock from the wall. She also fetched a length of chain with clips on each end and the longest strapon harness she could find. The excited Domina made her way back to Francis with a wicked grin, the assortment of toys dangling from her hands.

“This is better anyway. You need training before you take me in your throat again. I didn’t even come close to bottoming out. I expect you to do better next time.”

“Yes Mistress” he replied, his nervousness building along with his curiosity.

Francis didn’t have to wonder what she planning for very long. She inserted the lengthy black dildo into the strapon harness and installed it, base down, just below his face. The fleshy length bent to one side as Jessica pulled the straps around the bottom of the bondage horse; buckling it securely in place. She adjusted the base so it was exactly below his mouth before seizing the shiny shaft and giving his face a few slaps with the cock.

“Alright bitch, I think you know where this goes.”

She brought the tip to his mouth and pushed his head down. Six inches of slick rubber dong glided into his maw.

“Keep it in your mouth until I say otherwise.”

Francis held still, his saliva already starting to build up along the thick, rubbery shaft as Jessica clicked the length of chain onto the O ring of his collar. She then wound the chain below the horse, brought it back up to his collar, looped it through the O ring and pulled it almost all the way through before clicking it secure. She examined the chain carefully, making sure he had no more than two inches of slack.

“Ok, you may take your mouth off.”

Francis pulled his face upward, the phlegmy length beginning to exit his lips until the chain rattled and he was jolted to a stop. There was still four inches of cock lodged in his mouth and he could go no further.


Jessica placed kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan her left hand on the top of his head and pushed his latex clad face down firmly. Francis sputtered, grunted and emitted moist gagging sounds as she pressed his lips all the way to the base of the long cock. His eyes bulged and his throat revolted, closing around the rubbery shaft and trying to expel it.

She held his head down for fifteen seconds, forcing him to accept all 10 inches of rubber cock meat as delicious slobbering noises emitted from his cheeks and nose. Finally, she released him and his face slid up the shaft, a small river of viscous phlegm drooling down the shiny latex cock. He gasped for air, his mouth still contending with several inches of gagging penis.

Jessica’s cheeks became rosy with giddiness and her cock grew as hard as a steel beam. She said nothing as she walked off, grabbing Francis’ bag and rifling through it.

“Ah, there’s my snack.”

She opened a small plastic bag and extracted the weighty condom. It wasn’t full by any means, but it had a nice little bulge, fresh with his seed. She untied the end, rolled it down and dumped its contents into her mouth, devouring the creamy load in seconds.

The rush followed, a combination of soothing balm to her throat and stomach, but a warm, pulsing lust growing through the rest of her body. Her cock, breasts and ass tingled with need and she crossed back to the fuck horse, empty condom in hand. She could feel the latex wrapped around her body even more profoundly now that she’d partaken of male cum. Her only appendage that wasn’t trapped in slick warm smoothness was her rock hard fourteen inches and she wanted it in his ass immediately.

She pulled down the zipper at his back passage with excited haste, extracting his cock and balls from the thick gimp suit and sliding the used condom back over his semi-hard prick. Jessica inserted two gloved fingers into his pucker, his pale white flesh ringed with a slight redness. She swirled them around, digging in and out several times before pulling her fingers free and examining them.

“Good. You followed my instructions. You will do that EACH TIME you evacuate yourself. You will be clean as a whistle and ready to be fucked at all times. IS THAT CLEAR?”

“Yeth mithreth” he intoned around the slick rubber invader.

Jessica couldn’t wait a second longer. Her body was aching with need as she stepped in behind him and lined her thick brown missile up with his small vanilla rosebud. She pressed in firmly, her fat cock gliding in inch after warm inch with unyielding pressure. As her massive member sank to the halfway mark, Francis started groaning and pulling at his bonds in futility.


Jessica’s eyes narrowed and she leaned forward, grabbing the back his hood and pushing fiercely. She plummeted his slut mouth back down all ten inches of slimy latex dick as her own cock burrowed ever deeper into his moist, fleshy tunnel.

“Don’t just gag on it, bitch, SUCK IT!”

Francis’ arm and wrist cuffs rattled as he pulled on them uselessly, his throat glomming and sputtering as Jessica allowed him to bob upward slightly, then plunged his sucking face back down to the base of the strapon.

“Do you know what this is Frankie? This is YOUR LIFE, NOW. COCK 24/7!”

She released his head and his mouth glided upward, globs of sticky filth running down the spit shined shaft as he slobbered and retched.

“And you love it, don’t you?”


The sudden painful swat to his ass caught Francis by surprise; so focused he’d been on trying to inhale oxygen around ten inches of spongy rubber dick.




Jessica delivered several more stinging swats to his latex covered cheeks, then grabbed his hips forcefully and began pumping her fat phallus into him hard and fast. She plowed him with increasing hunger, a bit more of her impossibly thick length sinking in deeper with each thrust.

His asshole stretched painfully around her girth, the sex crazed shemale determined to bury every inch of her glistening rod into his warm, welcoming hole. Jessica closed her eyes and began moaning loudly as she tunneled ever deeper. Every inch of her shaft tingled with growing pleasure as she took her slave brutally.

After a long stretch of frenzied fucking Jessica finally sank her cock all the way home, her fat brown orbs pressing harshly against his smaller white sack. Her bucking came to a stop as she sighed gleefully. She kept her staff buried in him as his tormented pucker slowly grew used to her full insertion. She grabbed his head once more and pushed his face down the increasingly sloppy rubber length.


Jessica held his face down, her enormous rubber clad breasts pressed into his back as she made small circular motions with her hips; stretching his ass further with her considerable girth.

“How’s that feel Frankie? I think this is what they call “air tight.” This is your first time, but it sure as hell won’t be your last!”

She released his hood and began sawing in and out of his well abused asshole with extreme need. Wet gagging noises spurted from Francis’ throat and mouth; his neck muscles tiring from the exertion of trying to hold his head at the top of the sizable dong.

Jessica’s moans transformed into wails of pleasure. She fucked her bound slave so hard that the bondage horse began jolting and inching across the floor. Her bloated sack smacked into Francis’ scrotum with each powerful thrust.

“Gonna fill you up slut! Take it!!! OH GOD! YESSSSSSS!!!”

Jessica screamed in orgasm as her throbbing member exploded in his ass. Francis grunted loudly as copious streams of hot yogurt blasted into his depths with each impassioned thrust. The climax crazed Domina groped, clawed and spanked him furiously, assaulting his back and flanks as she continued thrusting and cumming into her immobilized cock sleeve. Thick jizzum spurted from his ass, coating Jessica’s lower body and drizzling all over the floor.

As she continued spearing his well stretched fuck hole, Francis felt his own body betray him. His prostate tingled with each sloppy thrust until his body shook in orgasm. Francis quivered in his latex prison and pulled at his leather bonds. He moaned around the cock still lodged in his throat as his rock hard member shot gobs of thick paste into the greasy pre-used condom. His pleasurable muffles grew louder as Jessica fired the last of her god-like load into his blown out bottom.

Jessica’s thrusts slowly came to a stop, the mocha Dominatrix panting slightly from her long exertion. She was still glowing with orgasm as she pulled her swollen cock from his cum slathered hole. She felt herself all over, groping her breasts, thighs and ass through the lovely cat suit and savoring the wave of ecstasy channeling through her latex wrapped body.

As her high began to fade, she reached down and stroked Francis’ cock, giving him some small relief from the pounding he’d just taken. She trailed her hand downward and felt the warm pocket of spunk in the bottom of the condom.

“Mmmmm, you just came with me Frankie… You really are just a little butt slut, aren’t you?”

Francis bellowed a series of affirmative grunts around his cock gag.

“I bet you want me to come unhook that thing from your mouth, don’t you?”

“Yeth miththreth!”

“Just one problem…” she proclaimed as she pulled the warm, cream filled sleeve from his shrinking dick. “As soon as I drink this, I’ll be ready to go again.”

* * * * *

After a long hour of debauchery Jessica sat on the “royal throne”, a luxury chair that was another fixture of the dungeon. It had a trap door that allowed one to bind their submissive below the chair and sit on their face, but Francis wasn’t under it. He had earned his rest and Jessica had parked him on a leather ottoman at the base of her lofty seat.

She had removed his hood but left him locked in the gimp suit for now. They would have to undress and get ready to leave soon, but for the moment they could relax and enjoy the afterglow. His leash rested on the side of the throne as Jessica pulled a pack of cigarettes from her bag and lit one up. She hadn’t enjoyed the soothing rush of nicotine in many years.

Francis looked up at his commanding, cat-suited Goddess. Her expression was one of pure satisfaction as she crossed her booted legs. She inhaled deeply and gazed down at her collared slut.

“Cigarettes now too? You certainly have gone from obedient nun to avatar of sin in a hurry.”

“I’m making up for lost time. And I no longer believe hedonism is a sin. Not sure I believe in sin at all, anymore.”

“You know how bad those are for you, right?”

“They’re just for after a romp. I’m not planning to develop a habit.”

“Indeed, you seem intent on discarding all your habits.”

Jessica laughed. It was a cheesy pun, but she enjoyed that kind of cheeky humor.

“You want to grab a burger or something?” Francis invited. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

“Hell yes! If I have to eat vegetable stew and hard rolls one more time, I’m gonna lose it!”

It was Francis’ turn to chuckle, but then the room fell silent for a few moments.

“How long do you think we’ll get away with this? Before they kick us both out, I mean.”

Jessica took another drag and held it for a few seconds before exhaling a cloud of wispy smoke.

“I don’t see why it ever needs to end.”

“Really? And how is that going to work?”

“Don’t you worry about a thing puta padre. I have a plan.”

“I bet you do” Francis replied as he folded his arms over his latex clad chest. “You know, I used to think Helen was the most formidable woman I’d ever met, but those days are over. You are, by far, the most fearsome woman in our parish.”

Jessica knocked the ash from her cigarette and leaned down from her chair, her face drawing closer to his. Her stare was cold and impassive.

“Is that what you think?”

Francis’ hands dropped to his sides and he leaned back slightly.


She reached out and tapped his nose gently with a single gloved finger.


– – – – – – – – – –

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A Blind Girl Flashing

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A Blind Girl Flashing… Or… A Blind Beauty Falls For The Big Guy.

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I paced back and forth in the hospital corridor, almost like a father waiting for his wife to give birth. The surgeon and his team were in with Alison whereas I had been told to wait outside. Today we would find out whether or not the operation had been a success.

Alison had been born blind, she had never known the wonder of sight. She knew my features only by touch although she said that to her it was like seeing.

I had mixed feelings. Yes, of course, I wanted her to be able to see. Yet it scared me—would she find me too old? I was, after all, more than twice her age. It worried me that it might come as a shock to her even though she had said many times that it didn’t matter.

Why were they taking so long? Had something gone wrong? The questions tumbled over in my mind. It was a pioneering procedure and no one could guarantee that it would work.

A nurse came out and headed straight for me. “They will be ages yet, Mister Jackson. Why don’t you go and have a coffee and try and relax? You’ll wear the floor out before we’re finished at this rate. ”

I took her advice, got myself a coffee and went and found a quiet place where I could sit in peace. My thoughts turned to wonder about how it had all begun.


There I was, lazily flicking through the records in a newly opened music shop. Nothing that I didn’t already have was particularly grabbing my attention but I enjoyed seeing the good ***********ion they had.

I glanced at my watch. Shit! I was going to miss a scheduled meeting if I didn’t get my skates on and move my ass somewhat rapidly.

I charged out of the shop doorway, definitely not paying enough attention. Bang! I crashed straight into someone. I stumbled, trying to regain my balance, but to no avail; I hit the pavement hard.

Painfully, I dragged myself to my feet and then looked around for who I had collided with. The woman was on her knees, seemingly searching for something with her hands—perhaps her purse or whatever.

I rushed to help her and apologised for my clumsiness. “Hey, I’m so sorry. Are you hurt or anything?”

She didn’t look at me when she answered, in fact, she wasn’t looking at anything, just scrabbling around with her searching hands. “No, I’m not hurt, but I can’t find my cane. Can you see where it’s gone?” I saw the reason why she wasn’t looking at me, she was blind.

A quick glance about produced nothing. “Here, take my hand, let me guide you to the lamppost and then I’ll look for it.” She made no comment as she followed.

Then there it was, lying in the gutter where it had been hidden from view. “I see it, stay there a moment while I get it for you.”

A smile lit up her face when I placed it in her hands. And wow, what a face. She was clearly much younger than I had thought, more of a girl than a woman. But she was stunningly beautiful.

I saw the cane quivering and realised she was trembling quite badly. The accident had obviously shaken her more than she had let on. I also saw the small gash on her knee and the small amount of blood that was trickling down her leg.

“You’re hurt,” I told her, “there’s blood on your leg. I feel terrible, a total idiot.”

“It happens,” she said, “people don’t see us. The blind I mean; we get used to it. Anyway, I’m okay, just a little shaken, that’s all.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have to get used to it, people like me should take more care. Look, there’s a cafe just here, will you sit and let me get you a drink? You’re still shaking, I can’t just leave you like that.”

I saw her begin to shake her head but then change her mind. “Perhaps, I should sit for a minute, I do feel a bit unsteady.” She held out her hand to me. “Show me the way, please.”

In answer to my question, she chose a coffee. I led her to a bench seat. “Be right back,” I told her.

I ordered two coffees and asked if I could have some wet wipes or a damp cloth, explaining that my friend had gashed her leg.

Back at our table, I saw she seemed to have calmed. She was aware that I had returned with our drinks, her face turned in my direction before that smile was back. “Thank you, you’re kind.”

“Kind, huh! It’s the least I could do after what I’ve put you through. I’ve got a damp cloth and some tissues, should I… can I clean the blood off your leg?”

She hesitated a few moments but then nodded her head before saying, ”I like your voice, I believe I can trust you.”

Trust me? With what? Oh, of course, stupid. She’s blind but she’s letting me touch her leg. “Don’t worry, I’m not a molester.”

I knelt down as she swung her leg towards me. Up close the gash looked worse than I had thought. I knew it must be hurting her. As carefully as possible, I wiped away the blood and a few bits of grit.

I glanced up when she jerked. “I’m sorry, that must have hurt.” There was a small tear on her cheek.

“No, it’s fine. You have a gentle touch, but it does feel quite painful.”

Her fists were scrunched up tight, the hem of her skirt in a firm grip. It was then I realised I could see the blue panties she was wearing.

I took hold of her hands. “Relax, I’ve finished.” Then I smoothed her skirt down flat for her.

Her hand flew to her mouth and her face coloured bright red. She had guessed what I had seen. It was an awkward moment, we were both stuck for what to say.

She must have heard me stir the sugar into my coffee, she picked up her own cup. “Sugar?” I asked her.

“No, not for me, thank you.” The colour of her cheeks faded back to normal as she recovered herself.

“May I ask, what’s your name? I’m Alison.” The hint of a smile was back on her face.

“It’s escort karataş bayan David, David Jackson, generally known as, Jacko to my friends.”

“So, what do I call you? We’re hardly friends but things already got a bit personal, so to speak. What with your hands on my leg and me flashing my panties at you, however unintentional.”

“Oh, I only got a glimpse, nothing to worry about. I would like it if you called me Dave, a bit more personal.”

She laughed. “I flash my panties at a guy holding my leg and then he tells me he wants to get personal…”

I interrupted her in mid-sentence. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything. It’s just that I feel kind of responsible for making sure you’re okay.”

She beckoned to me. “Lean forward, I want to touch your face if you don’t mind.”

The fingers of both hands began to softly trace the contours and lines of my face.

“You’re older than I at first thought. Let me guess. Perhaps, thirty, maybe thirty-five.” She covered my lips with a finger to stop me from answering. “Your face tells me you are kind and thoughtful, exactly as you have been. You laugh a lot, that’s easy to tell.”

Her hands dropped to my shoulders, and felt a little, before moving down my arms. “You’re a strong man with powerful muscles. Is that from your work, or maybe sport? Now, you can answer me.”

I was astonished that she could tell so much by a cursory feel with her fingers. “I’m thirty-seven and I’m a fitness trainer. I also do a bit of boxing, but nothing too serious. And, I guess, I am a joker and do laugh a lot. How on earth could you tell all of that?”

“Dave, I was born blind. I live through touch and what I hear. It’s easier than you might imagine.”

I realised our coffees were almost cold. “Would you like another coffee, or do you need to be somewhere?” Then I remembered my meeting. “Bugger!” I exclaimed.

She seemed to know where my hand was resting on the table. She took hold. “What’s the matter, Dave?”

“Oh, nothing too important. It’s just that I’ve missed a meeting, that’s why I was running when I knocked you flying. It’s not the end of the world though, so not to worry about it.”

She squeezed my hand. “I’m sorry, you would have been there if you hadn’t stopped to help me. Not many would have. I’m very grateful. But no, I don’t want another coffee and neither do I have anywhere to be. I was only heading home.”

Suddenly, I blurted out, “May I walk you, just to make sure no more idiots go crashing into you?”

She still held my hand but wasn’t yet answering my offer. She took a deep breath before saying, “I’m going to break my rules for the first time ever. I’m not sure why I should, but I’m going to trust you, Dave. I don’t as a rule ever go with someone not introduced to me by family or friends. Yet, I feel there’s something about you, you’re not simply trying to take advantage of a blind girl. Can I trust you?”

“Alison, I promise that you can trust me, I’m not a predator. Anyway, they know me quite well in here, if I were a wrong type, you or the police could soon find me.”

She didn’t release my hand when she stood. I stopped by the checkout. “Fred, this is Alison, would you please tell her my name?”

Fred raised an eyebrow but then saw the white cane that Alison held. “Oh, sorry. Hi, Alison. This reprobate is my buddy, Jacko. Oops, wrong words I guess. But seriously, everybody in here knows him, he’s a cool dude. Ain’t that right, Mary?” He called to a girl behind the counter.

Mary came closer. “Oh my, what a pretty girl. I’m jealous, I’ve been trying to get him in my panties for ages but he ignores me. But yes, our Jacko is a nice guy, you can’t go wrong there girl.”

Alison had again turned bright red. “But I’m not trying to… well, you know.”

Mary laughed. “Just teasing, kid. Don’t worry.”

I felt embarrassed and was probably blushing myself. I pulled Alison’s hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here. They’re a bunch of nutters, even if they are my friends.”

We walked in silence for a while. Then Alison asked. “What Mary said, was that true? That must mean you have a steady girlfriend or a wife and you’re faithful to her.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Yes, Mary’s been trying to get me in bed with her for some time, but she’s not my type. And being faithful doesn’t come into it, I don’t have a girlfriend right now and neither am I married.”

Alison stopped in front of an archway; I had seen her touching the walls and hedges with her cane as we walked. “This is mine, thank you, Dave, for being kind and helpful. Now I know your regular cafe, perhaps I’ll see you there sometime?” She laughed, “Figure of speech, I will never actually see you.”

As she turned to open the gate I told her. “Your leg is bleeding again, you need to see to that when you get inside.”

I saw her come to a decision. “Have you got time, Dave? Would you perhaps come in and see to it for me? It’s not something I can do properly by myself.”

She was on her own territory now, and she moved with obvious confidence, the cane hardly needed. She went off to fetch a first aid kit. I looked around and saw the tidiness, although there weren’t many ornaments and no clutter.

“My parents and me when I was young,” she said when she came back into the room and she felt the picture frame in my hand.

“What do you mean—when you were young? Alison, you are young, well, compared to me anyway.”

“Oh, come on, Dave, you’re not old. I was ten when that photo was taken, I’m eighteen now.”

I wasn’t at all sure where this conversation was leading. Yet, there was something in her voice. She thrust the first aid kit into my hands. “Here, stop worrying, I’m not trying to seduce you if that’s what you were thinking.”

I cleaned the wound escort bayan karkamış with a cleansing solution and then dried it carefully. I put some anti-septic cream on a large plaster and then pressed it down firmly in place.

Her skirt had ridden higher up her leg than previously whilst all of this had been going on. Her panties were once more on display, but quite clearly this time.

With something of a jolt, I realised I had been kneeling there with my hand still on her leg even though I had finished the task.

“Are you looking up my skirt again, Dave?” I went to rise but she held my arm in place. “I don’t mind if you are. Tell me, what colour have I got on? I got them all muddled up recently and I now never know which ones I’m wearing.”

I got to my feet anyway, even though she tried to hold me down. “They’re pale blue but I shouldn’t be looking. I mean, for God’s sake, I’m just about old enough to be your father. I think I ought to be going now your leg’s all fine.”

She looked crestfallen, I even thought she might cry. Her face turned toward me as if she were looking at me. “Do you think it matters to me what age you are, Dave? I can’t see you. I just know I like you. When I felt your face earlier in the cafe, it told me everything I wanted to know. You’ve been so friendly that I thought I have a chance here. You see, I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been on a date, never been kissed, I’ve never even been taken out for a meal… nothing.” She did now have a few tears glistening on her cheeks.

But she hadn’t finished. “I understand if you don’t want anything to do with a blind girl. Just go, please. I’m used to being lonely. I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to seducing a man, I suppose I did it all wrong.”

I reached down and went to take hold of her hand, but she snatched it away. “Please, I asked you to go.”

I grabbed hold of her upper arms and pulled her to her feet. For a moment, she struggled as I pulled her close. My lips hovered close to hers. “Alison, shush. Shall I kiss you?”

She lifted a hand between us until a finger touched my lips, and then she leaned closer for our lips to meet. I kissed her gently as her hand went behind my head—pulling me more firmly to her.

I could feel the urgency, no doubt, born of a need to be loved. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her body against mine.

She pulled away from the kiss. “Oh my, that was nice, thank you.” I could see her hesitation. “Can you stay, or do you have to be somewhere?”

I’d missed my meeting and had nothing more planned for the day. Besides, I was getting to like the idea of what this beautiful young girl was clearly offering me. “I don’t have to be anywhere, if you want me to stay, then I will.”

“Dave, I need you to want to stay, I don’t want you here because I’ve made you feel sorry for me.”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I kissed her again, but this time, much more firmly. I felt her body sort of shiver when my hands roamed her back. She pressed her tongue between my lips and I heard the “mmm” from deep in her throat. For someone who’d never kissed, she wasn’t doing too bad.

My hands locked together behind her back. It was to stop me from getting carried away.

Alison suddenly pulled away. “Why have you stopped your hands moving? Please touch me, there’s no need to hold back.” She planted her lips back on mine.

Still, I hesitated, but the urgency conveyed by the passion in her kiss overrode my reservations. Her fingers clawed at my shirt, pulling it higher until I felt the touch of her hands on my bare back.

With my reserve now gone, I followed her lead, marvelling at the softness of her skin beneath my hands. She shivered again and dug her fingers hard into me. I could hear the sort of purring sound she was making.

Once more, she pulled away from the kiss. “If you want to look at me… Dave, undress me.”

I raised her top as she lifted her arms, it was she that unfastened her bra but she held it in place. “You do it, tell me what you see.”

I allowed the straps to slide down her arms to reveal the swell of her breasts. She stood still, holding her breath as she waited. Her nipples, when I let the bra drop away, were hard and erect. That she was aroused there was no doubt.

I almost whispered, I wasn’t used to such youthful beauty. “Alison, they’re beautiful. Truly, they are.”

She suddenly remembered to breathe. “Make love to me, Dave. I want you to. Remember, I cannot see you, I need to feel, so please take your shirt off and… the rest.”

She let her hands drop to her sides as she waited. In only moments I was standing naked, feeling a little self-conscious even though she couldn’t see me.

Her hands lifted to my neck and I stood still as her fingers explored. She felt the muscles on my shoulders, and then across my chest. The ripples across my abdomen were where I thought she would stop. I was wrong. One hand continued down to search for my, by now, rigid member. She jumped at the initial touch.

She followed with a tentative touch, her fingers slowly tracing along the length. She laughed softly when it jerked after a finger reached the head. Her fingers wrapped around me, feeling the girth. Now she spoke, “Oh, David, I had no idea they were so big. How will that fit inside me?” She gasped, “Oh, I’m assuming you’re going to want to try… are you?”

My hands lifted to her breasts, gently caressing and feeling their firmness and the stiff nipples. Her free hand was unfastening her skirt and I saw it drop to the floor. She didn’t let go of my cock as she turned towards a door. “Come, let’s go to my bedroom.”

I could now see her gorgeous body. I wondered whether she was perhaps one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. kilis escort bayan I knew for sure, that I’d never been with anyone so stunning.

Alison stopped by the bed and turned back to face me, all the time, she still had a firm grip on my cock. “Now, love me, show me what this thing does.”

I eased her back and laid her down, then reached for her panties. She lifted slightly as they slipped over her hips. Then she lay there with her legs tight together. I saw the nervous look return to her face.

I leaned forward and brought my lips to her stomach. She squirmed a little under the touch of my lips as I kissed. I was surprised that she had short trimmed hair above her pussy, I somehow expected something of a bush.

“David, what…?” She gasped out when my lips trawled through the hairs, slowly going lower. She lay perfectly still, shocked at what I was doing. Still, she didn’t move when I pulled my head up a little to gaze at the two furled butterfly wings.

But she did jerk when I bent and kissed between them. Once more she asked, “David, what are you doing?”

“Just relax, I know what I’m doing and I promise you will love it.”

I had to press my legs between hers to open the way, she didn’t fight me but I could tell she was unsure. This was not something she had expected.

I kissed her soft lips again, but this time, my tongue dipped between them. Now I tasted the source of the heady aroma, as I savoured the wetness that was from her arousal. My tongue searched upwards, still pressed in deep. I brought my fingers to her lips and spread them apart. A hard lick made her both jump and screech when her button felt my searching tongue.

My lips descended as I sucked and now her legs eased more open without me having to push. I felt her clit responding to my circling tongue. She jerked each time I flicked at it and I heard her soft, “Oh, God.”

Her legs were spreading even further apart and her hips were now straining up to my teasing. She reached down until her fingers tangled in my hair, pushing me harder to her pussy. I sensed her rising passion and I knew it was time.

I moved up until I lay carefully down on top of her. My hand took hold of my throbbing cock to guide it between her thighs. My tip pressed between the folds of her pussy lips to slowly enter into the warm wetness within.

I almost forgot that she couldn’t see me, she appeared to be gazing into my eyes. “I’m frightened, David,” she whispered in a strangled voice.

“Don’t be, I promise I will be gentle with you,” I answered her.

Very gradually, I pushed deeper and then stopped. I just let my cock throb where it was. The scared look on her face slowly disappeared. Until, “Kiss me, then love me, I think I’m ready now.”

We kissed passionately with her arms clinging tightly around me. I felt her legs lifting to grip me. Suddenly she used her legs to force me down… deep inside her vagina. There was a momentary grimace before she smiled. “My first cock in my pussy. Now show me what he does.” The grip of her legs eased so, once more, I was able to move.

Slowly, I withdrew. I waited a few seconds as I lifted my face so I could watch her changing expressions. Then, once again down, deep down into her depths. I began a steady stroke back and forth. I felt that, by now familiar shiver, shake her body. Her hips were now moving as she lifted to meet my thrusts. Her hands went back to my head, holding me in front of her face.

“What do you see, David, what does my face say?”

“It tells me you’re happy and that you’re enjoying this just as much as I am.”

She pulled my head tightly into her neck. “Fuck me, David,” she whispered into my ear.

We both fucked, her instincts were spot on, her body moving to counter my plunges. “Faster, can you go faster?” She asked.

Everything seemed to happen quite quickly. She left one hand to grip my neck, and another scratched down the length of my back until she gripped my ass. Her legs squeezed harder once more. For the first time, I could feel her inner muscles gripping my thrusting cock.

She wailed my name, “David, I’m going to cum. Oh, God, so good.”

Her body went taught as her hips lifted off of the bed. I felt a hard squeeze inside and then she was shaking while I continued to pump.

Her hand came around and lifted my face. “Have you cum… Oh, yes, now I can feel you.” She reached up for a swift kiss. “Don’t stop, keep fucking me, David.”

I wouldn’t have stopped even if I could, not for a few moments more at least.

I was spent but still buried deep. I held her to me as I rolled sideways so we lay facing each other with my cock still throbbing inside.

I saw one small tear roll down her cheek, but her smile told me everything.


“Mister Jackson… Mister Jackson,” the nurse repeated, “you can come with me now.”

I had to hold my jacket in front of me, otherwise, my erection would have been plain for all to see.

She was sat up in the bed, looking towards to door that the nurse held open for me. Her hand went to her mouth as she stared.

“My God. Are you my David? Come here, you gorgeous hunk, I want to see you closer.”

I stopped at her side, her hand reached for my face just as it had done two years before. She felt again. “Yes, it’s exactly as I knew it would be now that I can see it. I can’t see you very clearly yet, but the surgeon says it will improve with every day.”

After a long hug, I eased her back. “So, you’re not disappointed with what you see, I was scared you might be.”

“You silly man. How could I be disappointed? I love you. And you know what? You’re everything I could ever want.”

I took the small box from my pocket and placed it in her hand. “Open it.”

She gasped when she saw the sparkling diamond. “It’s beautiful, thank you, my love.”

“No, it’s more than that. I waited until… well, I prayed you would be able to see me. Now, you can. Will you marry me, will you be my wife?”

We heard the sob and turned to see the nurse crying. Then, Alison was crying as well. But her smile was a mile wide.

The end.

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