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The Nature Hike

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One hot day in the middle of a July, I decided to go shoot some scenery shots with my new Minolta x-700 camera with the 500mm lens. The wife and kids were out of town visiting the in-laws, so I had the whole day to myself. I drove my pickup to a spot near the buckeye trail, where I had taken some scenery shots before.

It was fairly early and the mist was still hanging in the valley below the ridge where I stood. You could tell it was gonna be a scorcher of a day. I hike about 30 minutes when a reached a clearing at the peak of the hill, from here you could get some great pictures, you could even see the trail come out into a clearing down below. I pull out my camera when I noticed something move below.

It was a woman, in her thirties, with long blonde hair, sitting on a rock rummaging through her backpack. She had a body that wouldn’t quit, and I noticed a stirring from my shorts. I panned the camera left and right she appeared to be alone. I figure to catch up to her I would need to hurry, I needed to make up about 20 minutes of trail. I put my camera away, and started the pursuit.

About 40 minutes later the trail come to a brook, off to the side was her backpack, she was kneeling next to it looking into the water. “Hi” I said, startled she fell into the water. It must’ve been cold, as she stood up her wet white T-shirt cling to her braless breast, her long blonde hair was totally soak, her shorts clung to her body, showing the outline of her womanhood, through the soft cotton material.

“Sorry” I said, “I didn’t mean to startle you”. She looked down at herself and started to laugh. I reached out my hand to help her out of the stream, while my eyes fixated on her breast. As I helped her out of the stream my eyes meet hers, they were a beautiful shade of green with a hint of blue. I stared at her for what seemed like hours, mesmerized by her beauty. Soaking wet she got out of the stream. She said she had brought no extra clothes, neither had I. I told her because it was my fault I felt it only right to help get her dry off to the right was a little clearing slightly hidden from the trail, we went over and I gathered some wood for a fire.

I gave her my shirt, surprisingly she removed her T-shirt, “hell” she said ” that shirt wasn’t hiding much anyway” and put my shirt on. I got the fire going and put her T-shirt on a rock bedava bahis next to it. She removed her boots and socks and put them by the fire to dry. She opened her backpack and removed a blanket, which I placed on the ground, next to a big rock, and sat down with my back on the rock. She then took off her shorts, revealing the best looking panties I had seen in a while, a g-string with lace front panel. She put her shorts near the fire and sat next to me.

In my camera bag was a deer skin wine flask filled with 10-year-old port. I took it out, took a swig and gave it to her. She took a swig, savoring the sweet taste, of the slightly stronger than wine, port. She began to tell me of her life, of how she sometimes needed to get away, how her husband wasn’t attentive to her needs. We continued to drink, she was feeling the effects of the port. The conversation turned toward romance and sex.

She got up to check her clothes, still not dry (thank god). She came back to sit with me, this time she sat in between my legs, her back against my chest, her head just under my chin.

Slowly, I stroked her hair, it smelled so good. I moved my hands to her shoulders and began to rub them; she leaned forward, moaning slightly. I ran my hands down her arms and then back to her shoulders. I softly blew onto the back of her neck, she moaned her acceptance. I allowed my hands to slowly move down her shirt, unbuttoning the buttons, she looked better in that shirt than I ever did. I began to slowly caress her breast, cupping them, running my fingers over the nipples. She is leaning back against me pressing her breast into my hands. My hand moved over her stomach. I whisper to her ” Lori I want you”, as my hand moves to the upper band of her panties, moving past the elastic and down to the top of her bush.

She turned her face upwards and we kiss. I lick her lips and slowly insert my tongue into her mouth; she sucks on it gently. She tilts her head back and I kiss the hollow of her neck. My hand has reached her goldmine. I start to rub my fingers on her hole, persuading some moisture to come out, wetting my fingers with her moisture; I brought the moisture up to her clit. Stroking her clit ever so lightly, moving my finger up and down her button, she begins to rock her hips controlling the speed of my finger. She closes her eyes, I look at her casino siteleri breast rise and fall in time with her breathing, and I blow gently across the nipples. She rolled over on to her knees and gentle pushed me down on my back, she undid my shorts and removed them, I’m not wearing underwear and my cock lunges out rock hard.

Her shirt is fully unbuttoned, she lays on top of me, pressing her breast into my chest. She puts my cock between her legs and begins to pump, I felt her moistness thru her panties, I whisper ” remove them” and she does. Again she lays on top of me, my hard prick back between her legs, rubbing on her cunt, moistening my shaft, then rubbing on her clit. She reaches back between her ass cheeks, gripping my cock; she slides it into her pussy a little at a time until she has taken it all. She starts taking long slow strokes, bring her cunt to the point where I almost come out, then slamming it back in. Her pace is picking up, faster and faster, I kiss her deeply. I reach down and grab her ass cheeks, helping her ride my cock, telling her to make me cum. Nearing my climax I must take control.

I roll onto her knees, her face is on the blanket, her ass is high in the air, and her legs are slightly spread, showing me that glistening cunt. I put my head against her cunt and glide it in. “Harder faster” she screams, “do me”. I slap her ass leaving a red mark, she yipped. I slap the other cheek telling her to give it to me. I tell her she’s making me cum, I pull out and let it rub in between her ass cheeks, shooting cum all over her back and into her hair, I rub my fingers in the cum, then put my fingers in her mouth, she sucks them clean. She turns around putting my softening member into her mouth tasting both our juices. With my cock fully inserted she flicks her tongue up and down the shaft, making me stiff again. She stops and begins to lick her way up my chest; she nibbles on my neck and then kisses me.

I lay her down on her back and kneel beside her. I caress her tits, slowly working my hands across her stomach toward her sweet box. As my hands get closer towards her bush, I begin to suck on her tits, licking around the outer edge flicking my tongue across the nipples. Her right hand cups my balls; her left hand begins to caress her own tits. My hand is working on her clit now as my tongue begins bahis siteleri it journey to the valley of sweetness. Her hips start to gyrate as her clit grows with excitement. My tongue reaches her clit and I begin to suck and lick it gingerly, kneading it with my lips. I slowly insert a finger into her cunt, short slow strokes, just teasing her cunt with the tip of my finger; she takes my half-hard cock into her mouth to muffler her cries of excitement.

It begins to grow. I straddle her in a 69 position with me on top. I begin to like her hole going further between her legs. Down passed her hole just above her anus licking and probing, she moans out, I feel the vibration on my shaft. Back to her clit I began my quest, with vigor, licking and sucking. Putting two fingers into her cunt, I slowly start to fuck her, gauging her reaction. She begins pumping her hips, higher and higher off the ground, she tries to scream but her mouth is full of my cock. Juices pour out of her vagina, running down over her asshole; down between her asscheeks, I remove my hard cock from her mouth, and kiss her deeply.

I climb between her legs and insert my cock into her swollen, pulsating cunt. Her pussy muscles are still contracting from her orgasm, I start to pump her, raising her legs onto my shoulders. Harder and harder like an animal. I pump her she pumps me back, light two-prize fighter exchanging jabs. I pull out and climb up on her chest, with me pumping my junk, she opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue, licking the head, I start to cum, all over her face some in her mouth, she takes me deep, sucking me dry. She continues to suck till I start to soften. I roll over exhausted. She cuddles up next to me, putting her head on my chest. I mention the fact that we were still naked, she doesn’t care, but realizes it would be awkward to get caught like this. Her clothes are dry, she gives me back my shirt, and we both get dress, we have some more port and lay back down on the blanket and cuddle.

Looking up we both fall asleep, ii awaken to find the day has turned to night, I wake her with a kiss, she smiles. We lay there looking at the stars. We both know that it must end but neither of us want it to. We gather our things and hike back to my truck. I give a ride back to her car, neither of us breaking the silence. We both get out and I walk her over to her car, we kiss and hug, neither wanting to let go, both of us knowing that this is the end, it would never work.

With tears in our eyes we say goodbye, it would never be as good as what had just happened, but we will always have the memories.

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The Loving Husband Ch. 15

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The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something else that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, I had thought that Ann’s cousin was coming over for me to take a more regular lover, but instead Ann had invited the still fairly newly married Sandra. Sandra let me fuck her on her wedding day both before and after the wedding. She and her husband had both played around, but Sandra was the real instigator. She and I had fun and Ann joined a little. She didn’t seem really bisexual, but loved sitting on the face of another woman while that woman cleaned her pussy of my cum. Ann just loved being in control.

So now I was supposed to conduct a regular affair with Sandra.

It was a week later before I got a chance to join Sandra one evening while her husband was working. It was the Friday night after our last encounter. Her husband was working 3-11pm, so I took off work early and got to her house about 4pm.

She had told me to come straight from work because we were going out for a bit. I was horny and Ann denied me sex for four days to make sure I was that way. She laughed about it. Damn wife! I loved that bitch!

When I got to Sandra’s I was still in my suit. I had had a meeting that day that required something more than business casual, so I was in a suit. I was hoping to change out of it, but Sandra came to the door in a figure-hugging little black dress. She looked scrumptious. Her small, but delicious 5’3″ frame was definitely highlighted by it.

“Hello, gorgeous.” I grabbed her and kissed her hard, putting both my hands on her ass.

Sandra kissed me back and then squirmed out of my grasp. “Hold your horses there John.” She walked over to the hallway mirror and checked herself out. “I want to look good for the club.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well, it’s a club that some of my friends and I used to go to for dancing.”

“You want to go dancing?”

“Yes. I want to have a little outside-the-house fun time before we get down to the fucking.” She grinned and gave me a hip bump.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

We made our way out to my car and drove to the next town over, Sandra providing direction as needed. When we finally arrived, it looked like it was too early for the place. There were only a few cars present. I looked at the clock. 5:30. Maybe there were some happy hour folks there, but not much else.

We entered and I could see that there were actually a few folks there drinking and starting to party. I guess they were getting an early start.

Sandra went to find a table and I went to get some drinks.

I got back to the table and Sandra was waiting for her drink. She gulped about half of it down immediately and then grinned at me. “I’ll be right back.”

Sandra disappeared into the back, where I assumed the ladies’ room was while I sat and sipped my drink. The place was not very busy.

It took a while, but eventually I saw Sandra coming back. She plopped down heavily and grinned at me.

What was going on? “What?”

Sandra just continued to grin at me. “Just checking the place out.”

“Well, that shouldn’t take long. It’s pretty deserted right now and you’ve been here before, so you know where everything is.

“I know. Just checking to see if I know anyone.”

We sat there drinking for about 30 minutes and then I went for a second round. Sandra remained at the table to hold it as people were finally starting to show up. When I returned with the drinks, Sandra was again thirsty and gulped down a lot of her drink. She put out her hand. “Let’s dance.”

I’m not a very good dancer, but I followed her out onto the floor and we bounced around with a few other couples. We danced two dances and then headed back to the table. We took our time and nursed these drinks until Sandra finally stood up and announced that she was going to “make the rounds” of the club. I just shook my head. What the hell was she up to?

I nursed the second drink, trying to ensure I could drive when Sandra showed up with two other girls in tow. These two were dressed in nice, form fitting dresses showing that one was slender and one a little more voluptuous. They were both good looking.

“John, these bahis siteleri are friends of mine, Tory and Barb.” Tory was the 5’7″ slender one with brown hair cut so it just touched her shoulders and big brown eyes. Barb was the shorter, more voluptuous one. She was probably only about 5’2″ with blonde hair, blue eyes, and cleavage that wanted to draw your eyes to them permanently.

We all shook hands and said hello. Sandra asked me to get the three of them some Tequila shots and beer. I was going to raise my eyebrows and say something, thinking that I was brought here just to be the wallet for a night out when Sandra leaned over to say something in my ear.

“Be nice and you will definitely reap the benefits.”

I smiled but had to roll my eyes. She and I were going to fuck later anyway. Was she saying that she was going to invite them to join us? “You bringing your friends home?”

She stared directly at me. “Abso-fucking-lutely.”

Okay, in that case, I could get a few more drinks. I went to the bar and got three shots and four beers. I also got a couple of waters because I knew at least I was going to be thirsty.

When I got back to the table, the three ladies were on the dance floor. They saw me and came back to the table, chattering noisily over the music. They all grabbed a shot and looked at each other. They did some strange little chant they all knew and threw back the shot. Then they guzzled some beer, giggled like they were 17 and sneaking booze, and headed back to the dance floor. I felt a little left out, but stayed put and hoped this wouldn’t take too long. I didn’t like sitting alone.

I was starting to get a little anxious. I thought I was meeting Sandra for a quick round of sex, but instead we were in a dance club drinking. She was visiting with her friends and I was sitting there paying for drinks. I was hoping that we could all head home soon. I didn’t want to be up all night.

I was watching them dance and I could see that they knew each other well. Tory, the taller one, moved with grace; she had that light and athletic look. Sandra was sexier in her moves, but Barb, well, she looked like pure sex. She moved her body so that she shook her hips and her ass jiggled under that dress. Then, getting a look at her tits, I could see them bouncing around and trying to, apparently, break free. These three garnered attention from the young guys, but they just blew them off.

During the second song after the drinks, I saw Sandra flag down a newly circulating waitress and order some more drinks. I wasn’t prepared for this level of spending, but maybe it was a good investment. At least Sandra was going to be horny and be ready to fuck.

The drinks showed up at the table and it was six more shots and three beers. I paid the bill and, even though I wasn’t that old, felt a bit like an old letch with his young trophy escorts.

The girls wandered back and joined me. They again went through a little ritual with the shots and drank some beer. I watched carefully. I was ready for a little drunk and horny, not drunk and sloppy. I hoped it didn’t come to that.

The girls finished their third shot and drank some more beer. Then Barb looked at me and grinned. I smiled back. She walked over right in front of me and jumped sideways into my lap. She was soft and pliant and felt good. She smiled at me and leaned over to whisper into my ear. “Sandra says you are not just a good guy, but a good fuck.”

I was a little surprised at that. “Yeah?”

“Yes, and she said I can come home with you guys.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes. Sandra and I have shared guys before. We were roommates in college and had quite a lot of fun.”

“Do you know her husband?”

“Yes. She loves him, but needs about three times as much sex. She brings home other girls to fuck and sometimes lets him have fun with them, but I don’t really like him.” She looked directly into my eyes. “I like you.”

“You just met me and don’t know a thing about me.”

She grinned. “Well, I do know that she loves that cock. Just in case you don’t know, she showed me a little snippet of her wedding night engagement. You and your wife had quite a bit of fun with Sandra and her husband.”

“Yes, we did. Well, since you saw that, then why don’t we go back to Sandra’s and have some fun.”

Barb wiggled on my lap, her well rounded ass feeling quite good. “Oh, we will.” She turned back towards the other two. “Sandra is trying to get Tory to join us. Tory is a bit bi-curious, but has yet to have sex with a woman. Maybe with a man there she’ll feel more comfortable. Sandra has wanted to get Tory into her bed for a long time.”

“Well, I would be glad to help with that.”

Barb looked down at her chest and so did I. She looked up at me and grinned. Then she looked down again and drew my eyes as she reached up and pulled her top and bra out from her chest. Her tits all the way to her nipples came into view. She held it for a second and then put everything back. I looked canlı bahis siteleri back up at her eyes.


“It’s not a tease, it’s just a preview of coming attractions.”

“I certainly hope so.”

“Oh, don’t doubt it. I’m going to show you them again. And then I’m going to fuck you.”

“We’ll see. We need to get back to Sandra’s place first.”

“Okay, let me get this show started.”

Barb slid off my lap and went over to the other two. She waved to me and shouted over the music. “Go get the car and pull up out front.”

I took another quick gulp of my beer and left. I grabbed my car and pulled up right in front of the door. The three ladies came out and all I could do was groan. Three women were going to be at Sandra’s for sex. Fuck! How the fuck was I going to handle these three vixens? Or would I even get the chance once Sandra got started? Maybe she was going to keep Tory for herself and I was going to just get Barb.

Barb got in the front with me and Sandra and Tory got in the back. It was about 20 minutes back to Sandra’s house. I pulled away and as soon as I did, Barb reached over and started undoing my belt and pants. I looked over at her as I drove and she was focused down on my crotch.

I glanced in the back seat and Sandra was leaning into Tory and they were kissing hard. I could see Sandra’s hands were down below and out of sight. I was wondering if she already had them on Tory’s pussy, but I couldn’t look too long. I was also paying attention to Barb who was fishing my cock out of my pants.

When my cock came free, I looked down at Barb and she looked up at me and grinned. “Hard cock. I love hard cocks.”

I just watched the road and tried not to get too distracted. But then again, how can you not be distracted when a beautiful, voluptuous woman is leaning over to give you road head and you can hear two women in the back seat making out and probably feeling each other up. Fuck!

I drove almost exactly the speed limit as we reached the town where Sandra lived. I came to a stoplight and while Barb continued to slowly slurp on my cock I hazarded a glance into the back seat. Holy shit! Sandra had Tory lying flat on the seat with one leg on the floor and the other up on the seat back. Her panties were dangling around the ankle up on the seat. Sandra had her face buried in Tory’s snatch. Tory had her eyes closed, her hands on the back of Sandra’s head, and was moaning.

I looked down at Barb and loved the way she sucked cock; there was no hesitation and she worked hard at it. She was at this moment bobbing up and down after having slowly licked and then sucked on the head. I was just distracted enough that I wasn’t in danger of cumming.

The light changed and I continued, trying hard to pay attention to the road.

When we finally arrived at Sandra’s house, I tapped Barb on the head. “We’re here.”

Barb looked up briefly and then at me. “You don’t want me to finish you off here?” She definitely had a mischievous grin when she said that. She knew that I wanted to be able to fuck all of them at some point and didn’t want to cum in the car.

“No, thanks.” I turned to the back seat. “Let’s see what’s going on back here.”

Sandra pulled her head up and looked at us. Her face was shiny even in the dim light getting into the back seat from the surrounding streetlights and house lighting. “Tory just had her first cum of the night and I know that she’ll need more.”

Tory looked very relaxed and had a big smile on her face. “Yeah, that.”

We all laughed. “Ready? The lights will come on when we open the doors.”

Sandra looked around. It was almost 9pm and pretty dark. “Let’s just make a run for it.”

Barb was not undressed and opened her door and got out. I checked out Tory as the lights came on and could see her pussy more clearly. She didn’t do anything until Sandra sat up, opened her door, and moved from between her legs. I watched her closely as she closed her legs and took her panties off her ankle.

She looked up. “See something you like?”


She grinned. “Good, then let’s get into the house and you can show me.”

Tory jumped out and by now Sandra had the front door open. I tucked my erection back into my pants the best that I could, but it was difficult sitting behind the wheel. I walked quickly to the front door and went inside.

By the time entered the house, the girls were nowhere to be seen but I heard them up in Sandra’s bedroom. I walked up there and the scene that greeted me reminded me of a dream I had once when young and read a story about group sex. All three were naked, their clothes strewn about haphazardly as it was evidently done very quickly. Sandra was on her back on the bed, her legs spread and thrust into the air. Barb, delicious, voluptuous Barb was sitting on her face, her fleshy tits on display. They were delectable. Tory was on her knees, bent over, her face buried in Sandra’s pussy, returning the favor from our trip güvenilir bahis home.

I watched as I slowly disrobed. I could see Sandra’s tongue every so often as she licked Barb’s pussy. Barb was moaning and loving it. I couldn’t see much of Tory eating Sandra as Sandra’s legs and Tory’s hair got in the way. I moved around and looked at Tory from behind. Her slim body looked fantastic bent over like that with her beautiful ass stuck up in the air. Her pussy was wet and swollen from the attention it had received from Sandra in the car.

I decided that that was my first move. I crawled up behind Tory and Barb watched me carefully with a smile on her face. I put my left hand on Tory’s ass and she just moaned a little. She could tell that I had climbed up on the bed behind her.

I took my now throbbing cock in my right hand and leaned forward. I dragged the head up along Tory’s slit and she moaned into Sandra’s pussy. That made Sandra moan into Barb’s pussy and Barb exhaled suddenly.

I centered my cock on Tory’s pussy and started pushing. I worked it in a little at a time to pick up her lubrication. She was hot and tight and just the scene had me on sensory overload. By the time I got buried in her pussy, Barb was cumming on Sandra’s face. She jerked and all her muscles spasmed as she came all over Tory’s face. I just kept my cock buried and watched as she writhed on Sandra’s face, her voluptuous body shimmering and shaking. Her tits alone could mesmerize a man. When she finished, she just fell off to the side and took deep breaths. I looked at Sandra and her face was soaked. I guess Barb was a wet one.

Sandra was now starting to get into it and, unlike Barb, she was a talker.

“Oh, yeah, Tory. Eat that pussy. Make me fucking cum.” Sandra grabbed ahold of Tory’s head and started humping up against it. “Yeah, baby, eat that pussy. Suck that clit.” Apparently, the curious Tory was doing very well at eating pussy. Well, she was a woman after all and took less training then we men did.

I grabbed Tory’s hips and watched my cock as I pulled it slowly back and then pushed it back in. Tory moaned into Sandra’s pussy and she liked that.

“Oh, yeah, John. Fuck that pussy hard. I love it when she moans into my pussy.”

I pulled back slowly, watching my cock cum slowly out of Tory’s pussy. Her inner lips were clinging tightly to my cock. I then slammed it back in, rocking Tory and causing her to both move and moan onto Sandra’s pussy. Sandra was ready for that.

“Oh, fuck, I’m cumming.” She rocked her pussy under Tory’s mouth. “I’m cumming you little slut. You fucking pussy eater. I’m cumming…” Then Sandra just let out a loud “Ugh” after each of her spasms and Tory kept her going for a while.

Finally, Sandra pushed Tory’s head away and pushed herself away from her mouth. “Oh, Tory, you are very good at that. I can’t believe it’s your first time.”

I had stopped for a second when Sandra came, but now Tory was ready for more. She grinned at Sandra. “I loved your pussy, Sandra. I think I’m going to like having sex with men and women both. It doubles my chances of getting laid.” Then over her shoulder she let me know what she needed. “Just fuck me hard now John. I need it hard and fast. I need to cum again and I want to cum on your cock.”

Barb was recovered now and crawled up to Tory. “Tory, I want to crawl under you in a 69 and watch John fuck you. Then when he fills your pussy with his cum, I want you to sit on my face so that I can lick your pussy and suck his cum out of you. Okay?”

“God, yes.” Tory was now moaning with each thrust.

Tory was rocking back into me as much as I was thrusting into her. She definitely wanted to be fucked hard. And now Barb was crawling under her to suck my cum from her pussy after I filled it up. Just the thought was driving me close to the edge. I watched as much as I could as Barb crawled under Tory. Tory was so into being fucked that she didn’t even pay any attention to Barb’s pussy. She just wanted to cum and have me spray her insides.

And so we worked toward that. I grabbed Tory’s nice hips and fucked her hard, plunging my cock all the way into her cunt. I could feel the swipe of Barb’s tongue a little as she licked Tory’s pussy where we were joined. I was fucking her hard enough now that I couldn’t feel much other than my cock slamming into her pussy and my hips slapping up against her ass.

Finally I could feel Tory’s breathing increase and her response to my thrusts getting ragged. She was bucking against me and reacting to my fucking and Barb’s licking. I was getting close and hoped it all worked out. I looked down and had a great view of my cock sliding into a great, tight pussy, the lips clinging to me. Underneath, I could make out Barb’s face, her eyes only barely coming into view as she worked Tory’s pussy.

Suddenly, Tory let out a big groan and started shuddering. She jerked against me and her pussy spasmed, forcing me over the edge. I groaned and buried my cock into her shooting as she spasmed. I then jerked a few times, emptying my balls into a fantastic, fucking pussy.

Barb spoke from underneath. “Nice job. I could see Tory having a great orgasm and then I watched as your cock and balls flexed and filled her up. Now, it’s my turn.”

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The Italian Stallion Ch. 04

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Cum Between

The Chef likes to satisfy Mario’s Hunger

So Mario had been away on business for weeks, it seemed like years. I knew he was missing me and he was staying in Hotel rooms with coworkers so he couldn’t even masturbate to pictures of my tits and pussy.

His texts were getting more and more heated and desperate. I had had a three-way in the meantime but honestly it wasn’t thrilling because I am completely obsessed with his fingers, his mouth, his soft tongue and his huge hot Italian sausage. I was frigging myself every day to try to relieve the ache of not having him. FINALLY, he came home…

He came in the door with flowers and a wide grin splitting his sensual bearded gorgeous face. He was so excited to see me that as soon as he kissed me his manhood speared through his pleated pants like a warrior. He moaned low in his throat and I took him in the bedroom where my Den of Iniquity awaits…grins…

I slowly removed his clothes…exclaiming over his deeply tanned skin and I couldn’t stop touching his body with sinewy muscles gracing illegal bahis his long frame. I whispered, “I want you to relax and let me do all the work, this is for you baby!” He laid back on the bed with a smile of pure adoration and bliss.

I climbed on top of him and began to give him a massage with my whole body…rubbing my huge knockers all over his chest, and pinching his nipples, while giving them a light bite. I kissed and licked my way down to his straining cock with prominent veins throbbing with blood for me. Mmmmmm…

I knelt on the bed and began to lightly feather kisses all along his shaft while gently stroking and pulling at his nut sac. He was breathing heavily and tangling his hands in my long blonde hair. I took the head of his dick in the mouth and began to suck on it gently…so gently…and swirl my tongue around the opening of his urethra.

I was actually able to get the very tip of my tongue inside that tiny opening and he was loving it. I started taking inch by inch of his penis into my warm wet mouth casino siteleri that was sucking him so good. I was pumping my mouth up and down his shaft. I was getting so excited by having such a delicious piece of man meat in the mouth that I had a quick orgasm and cried out. I was alternately sucking his dick like a seasoned whore and tea bagging his balls. I could feel he was getting very close, but oh no, my love…I have more in store for you…

The last time we made love I was playing with his asshole…and he liked it. Well, I had ordered anal beads in the mail in anticipation of our next lovemaking…I told him to get on his hands and knees and I turned the camcorder on. Very exciting to watch your lover losing his mind on camera, and to see you alternately being a Goddess and a Cum Slut…smiles…

I gently put some strawberry lube on my finger and worked it into his ass. While sucking his cock from behind and playing with his balls. I was humming and slurping that cock and moaning. It felt so incredible in my mouth. I poker siteleri was so wet I could feel my girl juice forming dew on my beautiful little petals. But I had more in mind.

I began to lick his asshole and jerk his cock…I was fucking his rectum with my tongue, I could feel that shiny little sphincter coming alive for my tongue. Then, I gently slipped the first anal bead in. It was buzzing and his cock became completely rigid.

He jerked backward and has his first anal orgasm. I continued to jerk his cock and lick his ass around the anal beads. I gradually worked a few more in. He was humping his ass in the air with complete abandon, screaming in pleasure. He yelled, “I’m gonna CUM! Oh my GOD!!”. I quickly got in front of him and stuffed his rigid cock down my longing throat and he blew a load of cum in my mouth The inside of my cheeks and tongue were coated. He was soooo backed up from not being able to have me or masturbate that he was fucking my face hard and crying out in ecstasy.

As per a previous request of his I drizzled a little bit of his man sauce in his mouth for us to share and then I just couldn’t hold it in my mouth anymore. I released his hot load onto my full 42DD tits and howled when that warm semen dripped on my huge areolas.

Then we fucked all night 😉

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The Inn

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Chloe Amour

She stared from her window into the darkness, every detail of him seared indelibly into her brain; the slim tautness of his body as he strained to remove her car from its boggy captivity, the small smear of mud on his cheek as he wiped away his shoulder length hair from his eyes. She remembered his powerful shoulders has he pushed her car back onto the road, the rain having formed his shirt to a see-through second skin and the beam from his face as he turned, mud spattered, and bowed gracefully, then followed her to the Inn.

Looking down from her second floor window, she could see the light from his window playing onto the grass directly below hers; her heart beating faster knowing his clothing was drying in front of fire in his room. In unaccustomed brazenness, she loosened the top of her thin satin dressing gown, leaving the room and proceeded to the floor below her, to his door.

She padded quietly through the seemingly deserted house, every step towards his door making her heart quicken. Every step towards him filled with expectation and fear. She raised her hand to knock on his door, a nervous smile on her face, her mind racing, thinking of what to say. Her raised hand hovered with uncertainty and then fell to her side as she clutched the revealing gown at her chest and closed it as the fear and uncertainty welled up into her mind. She turned away to make silent retreat to her thoughts, safe in her room on the floor above.

As she started to turn, the door in front of her opened. He stood there in the doorway, his large frame almost filling the doorway, silhouetted by the light within. His towel, too small by half, barely made it around his loins, its split revealing the strong thighs that had powered her vehicle to this guest house. His wet hair hung in twisted curls on his broad shoulders and caused small droplets of water to race each other downward, joining with others as they went. His wetness and the coolness of the hallway caused waves of goose-bumps to wash over him. She could see his nipples firm in the semidarkness and hers reacted similarly to the sight.

She stammered and sputtered, caught in a moment of panic. The desire for the floor to open up and swallow her was strong. No words came. The sight of his body in the semidarkness, the nearness of him, and his unexpected appearance at the door had her mind awash. A soft smile swept across his face; its warmth and gentleness calming her, and with an easy grace he took a step backwards, bowing once again, bidding her welcome.

The bow caused the split in his towel to ride higher, revealing the soft upper reaches of his thigh, the smile causing a small dimple to appear at the corner of his mouth, his large dark eyes melting the panic and uncertainty, melting her resolve to run. She stepped forward, her heart loud in her ears, his freshly washed scent in her nostrils, her breath short, and tingling feelings within her body running riot with her thoughts.

The room was lit by a shard of light that pierced the floor from the bedroom, a thin line of light along the cream carpet. A red glow emanated along with the heat from the small flames of the open fire, causing large shadows to quiver on the walls, adding further to the surreal nature of the moment. She was drawn to the window; perhaps realising it was the only other way out of the room.

He gazed at her canlı bahis as she stood at the window. The moonlight sliced through the cracks in the storm, revealing the lithe form through the now opaque material. Standing close behind her, he reached up and touched her shoulder, and looked to the window, but not to the darkness beyond, but to her reflection, to the rising and falling of her chest, to the long form being so truly reflected, to the robe partially open, to the soft white skin there revealed.

She felt the touch of his hand on her shoulder. It was like a small shock that traveled down her spine to her inner thighs, triggering an excitement in her breast, her stomach and causing her hands to drop to her sides. This allowed the front of the gown to fall open an inch. One of her hands moved back, and found the hard dampness of his thigh, the muscle taut with anticipation. The realisation that his towel was missing caught her off guard, and a tiny noise escaped her throat. She then felt his lips on the nape of her neck and the tiny noise from her throat became a moan as she tilted her head to the side and squeezed the strong thigh, more to keep herself upright than from passion.

But passion it was, as one of his hands gentle stroked the small of her back, trailing upwards to her shoulders, yet the sensation traveled downwards elsewhere. The softness of his touch was feather-like, yet all of her senses were keenly aware of its presence, and of him. She leaned back into him allowing herself to feel him against her. She felt the dampness of his chest soak into her robe, and soak through her very skin, but it couldn’t put out the fire that had been kindled in her, that was now starting to burn brighter and rage, like the thoughts through her mind.

She was so keenly aware of his lips on her neck, his hand on her back, and the hand on her shoulder that was now slowly moving downward to her breast. His touch made her thoughts impossible, replaced with swirling emotion, waves of passion, lust and confusion all rolled together by this ocean of feelings. She could feel his chest on her back, and oddly the touch of his foot on hers, and yet, her heart was pounding at the feel of his obvious pleasure and excitement that was pressing itself against her.

She too looked into the reflection of the window. She watched as if detached, yet inextricably linked to the sensations, as he kissed her neck. His large powerful hands went to the collar of her robe, opened it, and slid it from her shoulder, where, like slow motion, its satin folds engulfed each other as it tumbled to the floor at her feet. Her heaving breasts, now open to the air and his vision, retracted their tips in pleasure and expectation. They were not to wait too long. His strong hand gently cupped her left breast. She saw the long fingers cup it, and in such tenderness, take its weight and caress it, sending messages to her inner thighs, and small tiny electric shocks to her nipples.

Almost without knowing it, her hand on his thigh had started a journey of its own, a journey of discovery. The taut thigh muscles gave way to a soft inner thigh, small curls of hair played at the back of her hand as it changed position again. Her other hand was now behind her too, both intent on caressing and clawing, finding purchase, finding steadiness to hold her from the growing kaçak iddaa pleasure she felt in her own thighs. The jewel of her discovery was then in her hands, its size and texture brought a small gasp to her throat, accompanied by an answering sound from his.

No words were spoken, only the language of touch, of response, of fire. She turned to face him, at the request of his hands. He gazed down upon her, through her. Instinctively she drew in her midriff, then felt embarrassment at the act, as she saw in his eyes the joy and desire of what he saw in front of him. For the first time, she too saw the result of that desire at his loins. He walked toward the leather couch facing the fire, towing her by the hand, her feet barely touching the ground as she floated on the air of pleasure and expectation. Their shadows, not wanting to be left behind, floated along the walls, their shapes ever changing at the whim of the flames.

The leather of the couch was cool on her hot skin as she sat. It was a huge couch, the back of her knees touched its base, yet leaning back, she found herself partially reclined; her Beau on his knees before her. Oddly, she self consciously noticed the two lines across her stomach that the angle of her body had caused, and placed a cushion behind her to remove them, and thus bringing her aching breasts closer to the lips that were intent on enveloping them.

The first touch of his lips and tongue to her breast caused her breath to intake, the touch with his hand to the other nipple added to the sensation, but the unseen attack of his other hand exploring between her thighs, caused her back to arch uncontrollably. The desire had built so strong, so fast, so uncharacteristically bold; she had to have him.

Brief fleeting thoughts and doubts broke through the layers of pleasure and lust. Thoughts about her uncharacteristic wantonness, her behaviour, her forwardness, unable to clearly understand why this was so different to the way she would normally be. But the thoughts were soon washed away, as was the care for any future thought, as his tongue slowly made it way down across her stomach to small tufts of hair that hid the entrance to her soul.

The tendrils of his wet hair snaked along her body leaving ripples of cold awareness in the sea of her sensations. These ripples changed to waves, then to pounding seas, as he paid attention to his duties. She opened her eyes and looked down to the impossible scene before her. She saw this stranger’s strong broad shoulders, their olive skin, darker than the whiteness of the inner thighs they separated. She saw his wet tangled hair across her stomach, she saw his eyes through it, looking up to her, with a smile of enjoyment that he was gaining and giving great pleasure in a way she had never experienced before; and felt the great waves of pleasure radiating outward from its source, finding every possible nerve ending and jangling it to its maximum.

Her breath was short, her senses wracked, her awareness acute, and her climax imminent. She moved to pull him to her, but he had already seen the signs, and moved in one glorious motion forward, his lips trailing across her stomach and via her breasts to her lips. She tasted the saltiness of his lips, smelled the muskiness of their joint pleasure as his hardness found its waiting sheath. He paused at its entrance, kaçak bahis just momentarily, taunting and teasing, but spurred by her legs around him, he had no choice but to enter her to the hilt, she would have no less.

The unfinished circle was now complete. The feeling of possession and fulfillment was added to the physical pleasures of his presence within her, its completeness embodying a sense of rightness. The angle of her body allowed her to look up at him as he straightened and started to move, to slide, to thrust. She saw the wide expanse of his chest, his nipples as erect under her fingers as hers were. The feelings within her were as turbulent as a raging river, great waves splashing upwards as he moved within her. He was able to lock his eyes to hers as she moved up and down, back and forward meeting and departing from his approach, in unison. Their fingers of one hand also locked together like their bodies; the other of his hands skillfully adding to the pleasure at her loins, hers gripping and clenching the arm of the couch tightly lest this ride throw her from her place. She raced along this river of desire and sensation, its final cascade of a great waterfall ever closer and closer.

Her body arched with pleasure and the impending cascade over the falls, but his movement stopped, like throwing her a lifeline, it held her near the precipice, close, yet safe on the river. She was torn, torn between staying here on the edge, tantalising, tasting, teasing, or letting go, drawn so intensely, so immediately towards the finish, the glorious end as she went. The decision was made for her as he drove her towards the edge for the last time. The realisation that there was nothing more to stop her thrilled her to her core, closely followed by a rising burning sensation from her inner thighs to her lungs as the inevitable climax and crescendo that approached.

The steep edge of the waterfall was breached, both of them crashing over the edge, the sensation of falling, wrapped in each other’s embrace made her feel such a great safety, yet such abandonment, as the waves of pleasure rolled over and over them. Every muscle arched and tightened with each encompassing spasm of pleasure, again and again. Joined as one, they collapsed in breathlessness, as the last waves of pleasure drifted away like a small boat on a lake in a light breeze.

She closed her eyes, and smelled the musk scent of their conquest, the cleanness of wet freshly washed hair, and listened to his labored breathing synchronising with hers as it regained more evenness.

She lay wrapped in his arms for a time, as time knew no measure in their warm sleepy embrace. Perhaps she slept. For the briefest of moments she was startled awake, unsure of her surroundings, to find him at her side on the couch, his breath even with sleep, his chest rising and falling, their history warm and moist between her thighs which pulsed with sensation of one conquered. She slipped her arm from beneath him, trailed it over his nipple in passing, only to have it firm again. Her gown was at the window, it was only a dozen steps to the door, and she was gone.

As she drove away from the Inn, the heater of her car fought with the coolness of the early morning, the mist on the window matching the mists and fogs of her brain as she thought of what had just happened. She would hold this thought in her most secret part of her mind for times when there was a need to remember the stranger at the Inn, for times when her husband was taking conquests of his own. It was only then that she realised… she hadn’t found out his name.

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The Craftsman

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He putters with no particular deadline, but Sir is not your average, garden variety putterer. He is a journeyman carpenter and craftsman. He has, thus far in his short stay not only repaired, refastened, hauled out, lubricated, and painted this-and-that, he has reorganized the garage, rebuilt a rocking chair, restored an antique bookcase, and custom designed and built a new bookcase for the corner of her living room. But doing odd jobs is not what brings him to the quaint seaside cottage. What has drawn him here is his Little One.

They had met online which is not all that unusual. That it was at an adult site meant that they were mutually interested in sex play and, like most people at such venues, they played anonymously. An innocuous, even if titillating pastime for grownups, neither one had any intention of ever meeting the other. For one thing, he thought they lived too far apart. He also figured a straight-laced, church-going, New England school teacher would never agree to meet some oversexed guy with an alias she met online at a porn site anyway. However, they could flirt like mad, volley erotic innuendo, and make overtly sexual posts that fed their libidos as they dallied in the threads without any reservation, forever.

So much for forever. Come to find out it was not ME on her location but MA, which made her close enough for them to meet, and she turned out to be a bit less straight-laced than the Puritan-teacher stereotype he had going on in his head. Who would have guessed that she would come to agree to meet him? Certainly, it was not him, and most definitely, not her.

It was decided they would rendezvous in a very public parking lot outside a well-known museum and from there they would go out to breakfast. And if all went well, they would get further acquainted touring the museum then part company.

Sir, a man experienced in the art of seducing a woman, was positive if he could get her to agree to meet him, and he could kiss her just once, that they would ultimately have sex that very day.

She knew if when he stepped out of his car he creeped her out in any way, they would be taking separate cars to breakfast and would likely not make it past coffee if she hadn’t lost him in traffic before that. She fretted the entire way there, becoming more convinced with each passing mile that he was, likely, a serial killer; and she would be found some days hence naked, mutilated, and rotting in a nearby dumpster. She considered chickening out but shrugged off her nervousness and kept going.

Taking less time than expected in the morning rush hour, she arrives first. She frets a bit more and moves her car around trying out several spaces in the nearly empty parking lot.

“Okay,” she thinks, “this is by nearest foot traffic and with a view of all the entrances and exits. What kind of car did he have? Shoot! She bonus veren siteler hadn’t asked. What a nitwit. I must have been right out of my mind!”

But sitting in the lot in the morning sun of what was going to become a beautiful spring day calmed her. “Girl, you have obviously watched just one too many episodes of Criminal Minds. Get – a – grip!”

Not long after, Sir arrives in, what else, but the serial killer’s vehicle of choice…an SUV. She wasn’t sure how she knew it was him, but he seemed to know it was her, and he parked a space or two to the left and behind her.

Fleetingly, a ‘yup, I’m doomed’ flashed across her mind, but it is followed just as quickly by an, ‘oh, grow the frick up!’ and she gets out of her car to greet him.

She watches him step out of his Ford Explorer and inwardly gasps, “Oh my god, I have won the good-lookin’ guy lottery!”

Handsome, he had a genuine smile that lit up his face. He appeared to be a man comfortable in his own skin and with his masculinity, and his calm engendered confidence. Six-foot-two, he stood in front of her, hands on hips, tilting his head in a way that, curiously enough, made her think of John Wayne.

What had she worried about? She was no kid, and she was a reasonably good judge of character. Besides — who could fear John Wayne? Everything was going to be just fine.

He had asked her on the phone before they met if she would let him decide the timing of the first kiss to which she agreed; and so he was; and so he did. Right there in the parking lot before breakfast, he kissed her. And truth be known…the museum, two years later, is yet to be toured.

“On the bed, now!” he commands snapping his fingers, pointing in a sweeping gesture towards the queen four-poster bed.

Naked, she moves swiftly to obey, lying on the bed face up. Hands, palm up, rest on either side of her head, and he surveys her. He smiles appreciatively. Supple and naked, her soft, curly brown hair gently frames her face on the pillow. His Little One’s legs spread apart quite naturally. She is so ready for him to come to her; to be inside her.

She had spent days making everything in the cottage ready for his arrival and smiles warmly sighing, “I am so glad you are here.”

Tall, fit, naked, he stands at the end of the bed, hands on hips, tilting his head in the same ole characteristic way that from the beginning made her smile and think of John Wayne.

“I am going to hurt you, you know. And I will like it.”

“I know,” is the whispered reply, “and I will like it, too.”

But first, he just must have her. He looks down at her, lying there so accepting, so vulnerable. Thoughts of her tight pussy and responsive body over take him. Her wetness is evident even as he stands over her at the end of the bed. He crawls onto the mattress, positioning bahis himself over her – his Little One. He knows she is ready for him. She is always ready for him. Cock poised at the lips of her pussy, ready to plunge, she waits slightly quivering for the moment.

He has been gentle with her submissiveness. In the past bound, blindfolded, and flogged at his will and whim, he could have made her a pain slut, but that would have spoiled her. The object is to keep her balanced. A woman with her exceptional sexual skill for pleasing a man, who is satisfied without being a pain slut, is not to be wasted but nurtured by a craftsman, a masterful Dom, who knows the value of such a prize.

Right now, he can pleasure her, or bring her pain using only his cock. She is petite, and his hardened cock is more than enough to fill her. Even after accomplishing complete penetration, he still has two more inches to insert before he himself is fully balls deep inside. It is the perfect tool for pleasure and pain, and Sir uses it accordingly.

On his knees cock waving, he moves up between her thighs, spreading her wider. He rocks his hips back and forth, inserting only the tip of his cock and then withdrawing. She never knows if he will drive his cock deep in one swift thrust, or if he will take his time. It has been a while, so odds on were with the swift thrust, but not this time.

Leaning forward, he lets gravity assist, using his weight to push his turgid cock steadily inside. They both moan as the sensation of his cock filling and stretching her cunt that is accepting and closing tightly around his cock takes over. Reaching her womb, he knows she is filled, but he is not all the way home yet.

Pressing on, he inserts that last two inches, burying his cock down to his balls, She arches her back and gasps with a hint of a wince as he punches in.

“Are you all right, Little One?” he whispers.

She smiles. “Yes,” she breathes

He pushes in harder. “And now?”

“Yes,” she softly groans, arching higher. It is the pain she craves. It is the pain that hurts so good that assures her of his possession and her rightful place.

His dominance over her body established, he will next lavish tenderness on her. Backing off from her womb, Sir rhythmically uses his cock to stroke her pussy just deep enough to stimulate her G-spot. Soon, she is eagerly rolling her hips in order to meet his thrust and moaning with the pleasure of his stimulation.

He closes his eyes as he does her, marveling at her tightness. Slowing the pace, he pauses to bestow what seems to be a thousand passionate kisses, stroke her cheek, gaze at her, and rest a bit.

“How soft your skin is,” he tells her, “and you are so pretty. You know that don’t you? That you are pretty?”

Adoring him, she cannot hide the fact that she cherishes him. Warmed by deneme bonusu his tenderness he smiles at him. “If you say so, Sir, it must be true.”

Their sex play continues, and, now and again, he grabs her hair rendering her motionless. In his complete control, her attention is riveted on him and lavish now rapidly turns into ravish.

He flips her over onto her stomach. His cock rock hard, her ass immediately high in the air, he finds her sweet tight hole and plows in. This is no longer about pleasing her. This is about his pleasure. He begins with a few gentle strokes, but they are soon replaced with thrusts to the hilt, thrusts that go deep, pound hard, increase in tempo and intensity and soon drive Little One across the bed to escape. But the headboard is as far as she can go. Mewling and moaning he pushes her to the edge of her endurance. Taking a few more thrusts, for good measure, he finally lets her up, and they both collapse on the bed.

Little One, smiling, soon moves down his body. Resting her head on his belly, she tenderly cups his balls in her small hand and takes his still rigid cock into her mouth.”Mmmm…. I do love the sweet taste of me on you.”

Gently touching her head, he fingers her hair, “You know I am not done with you yet.”

“That’s good to know. That means I am not done pleasing you yet, Sir.”

“Coffee! Now!” he orders.

Happy to please him and amused by his semi-put-on gruffness, she slips from the bed and heads to the kitchen. In the small cottage she can see from the kitchen into the bedroom where Sir, still lying on the bed, plays with his cock keeping himself hard. He, of course, can see her, too, as she busies herself making them coffee. She puts on, over her head, a flowered apron that ties around her waist.

“June Cleaver,” he thinks, “right down to the pearls.”

Her simple domesticity comforts as well as excites him, and as she hands him his coffee he touches her cheek and says to her, “You really do take care of me, Little One, don’t you?”

“I take care of you because you take care of me, Sir.”

“No, I take what I want from you.”

“But it is a gift I give you, Sir.”

“I am selfish, and I use you, Little One.”

“It is my pleasure to be so used. When I give to you, I get.”

He gestures to the heavens, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. The exchange is always the same.

He considers what will come next. Ropes? A flogging with his favorite cat o’ nine tails? Nipple clips? A crop? He loved her blindfolded and bound, skin aglow with the heat from the stripes he’d skillfully laid across her back and her pinked welted ass. Then again, there was always vanilla sex. He turned the options over in his mind.

“Huh,” he puzzled. “When had he ever wanted vanilla sex from a straight-laced church-going New England school teacher?”

The answer was simple. He had wanted it ever since he had sampled her version of vanilla sex. Highly physical, emotional, and erotic, Little One’s sexual blend made vanilla sex an equally arousing option; and he knew he would always come back for more.

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The Date

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It was only dinner he told himself. Yet as he sat there, across the table, it was something more. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but the flicker of the candle danced in her eye at times and the gleam would heighten her wry smile.

She’d casually reached out and touched his hand, laughing in a way that seemed easy and natural. When she touched him… just his hand… his body involuntarily responded. It was driving him crazy. Did she know what power she had And now, even if the waiter brought his charge card back, he wouldn’t be able to stand without embarrassing himself. ‘That’s it.’ He thought. ‘That’s enough… she can’t possibly not know.’

When they went to the car, he opened the door for her and she brushed up against him. Then, she lingered for a moment longer, and pressed herself fully against his body. He let go of the door and slid his arm around her waist. Her blouse was not tucked in and his hand felt the soft curve of her bare back. She felt his response instantly and smiled. “Hey you.” She said half accusatory. “Are you supposed to have your hand under there”

She was toying with him. “You tell me.” He said as he slid his hand completely up her blouse, and before she could answer he’d undone the clasp of her bra. She gaped a little as she drew in a surprised breath, but the gleam in her eye and the look on her face gave him all the permission he could have wanted. He bent down and ever so gently kissed her on the eyebrow. He ran his other hand gently down the length of her thigh, to the edge of her skirt, then around to the back of her leg and gently up to the crease of her bottom.

Her mouth was bedava bahis open and her eyes were closed as he kissed the other eyebrow, then her earlobe. She was breathing hard and as his lips passed by her cheek she turned, her mouth hungry. ‘Your turn.’ He thought to himself as he realized the effect he was having on her now. In the back of his mind he was thinking confidently ‘I’ve got control of this. I can take her anywhere I want her to be.’ And just as he believed she was ready to surrender to him, he felt her hand grab the back of his neck. She kissed him hard on the mouth and forced her tongue inside. With her other hand she latched onto him tight, measuring him up.

It took him by surprise and for an instant he wasn’t sure what to do, then instinct took over. The hand he had up her dress squeezed onto her butt and lifted her slightly, and in one motion they both laid onto the passenger seat of the Jag. As he laid her down, he slid his other hand from behind her back and caressed her ribs, then moved around the curve of her breast. While she was struggling to unbutton her blouse and free herself of the hanging bra, he ran his hand around her breast again and brought his finger tips to her nipples and gave a little squeeze and a twist.

She sucked in a breath and let out a little oooh noise. He placed his other hand directly between her legs and just held her with no movement, no probing or searching of any kind. He just held her and felt the heat. Your hands are so warm. She said through heavy breath. And yet he didn’t move, he just continued to hold her.

When she got her blouse open he moved down to her casino siteleri body and brought his face to within a tongues reach of her chest. He moved to the center of her breasts and kissed between them, then up to her neck and kissed again. Then he moved across to the nipple he still held tight, let loose of his fingertip grip, and gently touched it with just the tip of his tongue. “GOD” She said. “I’ve got to HAVE you. You’re just teasing me!”

He moved quickly to her other breast and devoured it with his mouth, sucking hard. She breathed with him. Then as quickly as he’d attacked her chest, he stopped, and gently kissed that same nipple with his lips, and then just lightly touched it with his tongue the way he had on the first. He raised his head up just enough to allow her to feel his breath on her bare skin, and as he breathed on her he began to move his hand, the still one, the one that was emanating heat. They breathed in unison with his hand movements. His breath still caressing her breast, she could feel the connection between what was between her legs, and what wasn’t at her chest. And every few seconds he’d stop completely, and give her other nipple a little squeeze.

When he’d thought she’d had enough of this torture he moved his lips up to her mouth. Her eyes were closed but she could feel his breath. He kissed only her bottom lip. Then only her top lip. All the while continuing in gentle rhythmic movements with his hands. You’re hands are magic. She said through her labored breathing.

He slid his tongue along her bottom lip and then pressed his lips to hers. Her mouth opened in response and as he bahis siteleri explored with his tongue, he slid his hand up, then down, in one easy movement and was inside her panties. He held her with the palm of his hand for a moment. Her wetness was against his palm, gently caressing, but not penetrating.

“Oh God.” She said as her voice tightened. He slid a finger into her in response and kissed her hard, forcing her mouth open a little wider. As his tongue pushed in, he squeezed her nipple again and gave it a little twist. Not too hard, but enough for her to feel it though the waves that were passing through her. A purposeful momentary distraction after which her attention rushed back to the runaway feelings flowing from deep within her. The waves moved up through her tummy from the base of her spine. He couldn’t see it, but her toes curled inside her shoes. She breathed in, but not out. Then she tried to breath in a bit more, and then again. She tensed. She grabbed the hair at the back of his head. During their kiss she lurched and tensed enough to bite his lip. For a moment, he thought maybe he had hurt her. Then he felt her body let go and her muscles squeeze his finger tight then pulsate in a spasm that matched her strained intakes of air.

He knew. He slowed gently. She kissed his lips softly as she relaxed in his arms. With one hand on her breast, soft now, no squeezing, and one against her hot and wet crotch, he held her. Gentle and caring, he kissed her back into her body until she opened her eyes and once again he saw the gleam that he had seed at dinner. But the smile was different this time. It was softer and not quite as playful. But it was still very girlish.

He smiled. She took a deep breath and a shudder ran through her. She pulled him close and gave him a hug and he heard her whisper “Can we go back to your place” And he knew the night had just begun.

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The Devil’s Math

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That sandpaper texture, like hard leather, of a working man’s hands scraped across her skin; kneading and sliding in a slippery rhythm, but not so much so that it took away from the delicious friction, nor obscure the under lying coarseness of his touch. It seemed as if his hands were electrified. Then, the sensation shifted as the space between her skin and his buzzed and mingled in volts of passion. He held steady and torturously just out of touch while she tried to pay attention to the symbiotic flow of sparks that erupted over her erogenous zones. How was it possible that she could still feel every stroke of his fingertips, though they stood inches away from her skin? How could each manipulation of empty space give way to flutters deep down inside her? It made no logical sense, and he watched the gears turning, but would not relent in having the spell broken by an overactive mind.

He pressed hard against her and her focus faltered, somewhere along the way he’d stripped down to nothing and it was as if he were willing her body to yield and veiling her sight together. The rush of her blood as it pounded and swelled her lips below tentatively teasing, slow and deliberate, he reveled in the kiss of her flesh, as it touched his own. At first there was only the pressure as he pressed and throbbed against her, with each motion making more of an effort, a plea for purchase. The beast inside him begged for submission and rebuked its denied release. But he knew to do so now would put her in danger of serious injury. He quieted the ravenous fiend with promises of an energetic feed, leaning in to breathe the scent of her hair before kissing the back of her neck.

She wondered at how her consciousness could lift away from her physical form and still be affected by his manipulations. It was like honey, a warm, wet and wonderful sensation doused over both bodies at once. His hands were back against her skin, the sensation of his presence blanketing her incorporeal body, it was enough to drive a person mad and she wondered off handedly about her sanity to allow such a moment as this.

Nothing could be the same after this. She would have nowhere to hide from his eyes after this, he would lay her bare in every possible way and it was terrifying but entrancing and more than anything, it was what she wanted. “Let him consume me,” she thought, “let this be the last thing I feel forever, and that will be enough.”

The poetic notion was lost on her in the moment it became a conscious thought. She was türkçe bahis so far beyond the physical world or her ego’s fervent desire to bring her back to a place where her survival might still be a concern. No, she gave herself over completely to him and his will. It couldn’t have been any other way than to have her life held in his hands. It would have to be his self-control that kept her alive tonight.

She felt her body relenting as he finally sank inside her, turning her head to catch the dark lit gaze he then held her with, pressing deeper and daring her not to look away as fire flickered behind his stare.

He held her firmly about the waist, lifting her across the expanse of the bed with each thrust before kneeling back and bringing her into his lap. His arms wrapped fully around her, the embrace vice like and stealing her breath as he smoothed the hair from her face before placing a bracing hand on her shoulder. “Tell me you want this.” his words barely a breath as they whispered across her neck and into her mind where she began to find flitting images, snap shots of their entwined bodies, the energy feed and flicker of fire dancing between them.

“I do, I want this. I want you.” she shuddered as he tensed inside her with each admission; she rocked into his chest and clenched her hands to fists where they were held captive at the wrists. Delicate bones to be held so tightly, yet there was no doubt he held her as gently as he dared. His arm reached up between her breasts and over her throat, before nestling down against her heart waiting for the patter to calm and quiet before pressing for her response.

“How many times have you come?” he asked while smiling inwardly. He had tallied his own count but this was part of the fun. She wasn’t much for that kind of talk and he delighted in how she tensed and demurred at the idea of answering. Denying her trying instead to rise and ride him into distraction, he responded by holding her down in his lap, creeping up to put the slightest pressure against her breath. “I have a number in my head, I want to know if it matches yours. Otherwise I have to assume I have not pleased you well enough and I will make you beg before we are done.”

The thrill of his intention swept through her body like a warm breeze tickling her insides and producing an unconscious shiver, “I don’t know how many times.” she murmured while allowing the tremor to tease against his body, “Why does it matter?” she asked and tried to turn to look him in the iddaa siteleri eye again. But he would have none of that. He had to keep her safe from himself somehow. Though now, holding her so closely, filling her so deeply all he wanted then was to consume her completely.

The hand on her hip gripped softly before sliding down the shadowed space to her pelvic bone, just above where her world became open to him and he hesitated there, his forehead against her back, cool and slick with sweat. “Will you tell me when I have succeeded? Or make me guess?” he reached lower and brushed gently against the nerve bundle of her clit. The jolt jumped through her body and her back arched in response, he rubbed the small bud in circles of maddening slow and deliberate strokes. The feel of her body gripping his cock enraptured him, he reveled in the small sounds escaping her lips, and he resisted her effort to grind down against his base and tightened his fingers around her neck. “Will you… tell me? Will you?” Each circuit he made around the point of her pleasure was prompted by these words, a mantra playing over and over as he rocked himself deeper inside.

It was all too much. She began to see a haze as the corners of her sight darkened, she couldn’t catch her breath, his hands were all about her and multiplied to touch and grip and press and rasp across a million nerve endings fiery and alive throughout her body. The pressure, the heat and churn of her climax continued to build, the rush of her blood became deafening in her ears as he held her close, edging closer to oblivion. “Now are we close? Are you almost there? Tell me, Tell me, Tell me!” His words echoed from a distance away but she couldn’t begin to respond. Already her breath had caught and her body was overcome by waves and shudders and quakes. Still he kept at her, his body rising to plunge against her again and again. He released her throat, she gasped for breath, drinking it deeply, exhaling with his downward thrusts.

His hand cupped her breasts in turn, turning circles around and pinching her nipples just enough to break through the haze of this never ending wave, orgasm after orgasm erupted as his rhythm became slick and slowed to feel each internal cluster of shakes. “Oh this quiver. Again? Shall I ask again?” The fit of her insides drove him close the edge and he tried to calm his own cresting climax before it broke. But they had gone on and on through the night and he had lusted so long for release that for a moment he deneme bonusu veren siteler abandoned his hope to receive her response in words. Knowing full well from her body’s response that he had succeeded in reaching unknowable heights of pleasure for her, now it was his turn.

He knew her arms would not support her but he wanted her present for this. In a blur he had her against the wall, knees barely brushing the bed, lifting her up so he could stand and enter her once again. He hoped the walls were not so rough as to trouble her back against them but he couldn’t give in to such concern now as a fire burned within. The release so close at hand, his demons rode the edge of his consciousness, reaching to touch her hair, her lips, her face, her neck… anything for a taste of that nectar that had been all but spent in his passion. Her light would flicker and falter before springing alight once again, so bright the demons were taken aback. How could she still be so full of this pure intoxication, especially after all this? He drank his fill of her resources spawn in the woven energetic currency backed by her pleasure and hunger for more. It seemed the girl had an endless supply of the essence he would greedily imbibe. This moment suspended. He looked down onto himself as the beast began to overtake his hold over rational thought; sanity seemed a distance memory as he sped harder and harder into her body. The rumble in his loin reaching a fevered pitch and erupting from somewhere primal, tearing away from his throat as he came hard and hot and fast inside her.

Hoping when he opened his eyes again she would not be shaken by his animalistic release. He was gratified to find she’d only lost consciousness for a moment with her own admission of “Please, no more I can’t-” Unintelligible as the rest of the comment had been he was sure she had provided sound evidence of his carnal conquest having succeeded. The twinkling impish light in her eyes touched the corners of her mouth with a smile.

“So now, have you joined me here?” Her question made him laugh as he nuzzled against her breasts. This was a moment he couldn’t have hoped for but found to be so natural it nearly took his own breath. Yes, he’d met her there, at the height of both their pleasures. And though the night had long ago given way to daybreak, he wanted nothing more than to sink into an inky haze beside her, but the beast might wake before him and this was something he could not allow. So for a moment he lingered, just a moment on her lips before sighing as he pulled away. Something had definitely changed, for how could he see her in any other way now than lost in the lust he’d created. No, this beautiful creature and their beautiful thing, spanning time uncharted could never be the same.

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The Hotel

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OH YEAH! Spring break is finally here. A week off to enjoy my fiancé, kick back have a lot of Cabo Wabo tequila and relax, or so I thought. I get home from school and head for my front door. My tie is already off my sleeves are rolled up and I want a drink. As I put my key in the lock I notice an envelope taped to the door. I open it and its from my fiancé.


Go to one of the best hotels in town and get a room. Text me the info and I will be there in an hour. Your overnight bag is in the backseat of your car.

What? I go back to my car and sure enough my overnight bag is behind the driver’s seat. When did she do that, I thought to myself. I get in my car and start driving trying to find a hotel. After a while I pull into one of the best hotels in town. The Four Seasons. They have one of the top restaurants in town, full fitness center, pool and jacuzzi and a spa. Again, spring break just started too, so I figured what the hell.

I go in and splurge on a suite for 1 night telling him it might be 2 and that my fiance will be joining me later.

Opening the door to the room I just soak it in. This room is huge. Separate living room and bedroom. The shower could fit 4 people (hmm could be fun). Then I see the balcony with chairs. That will come in handy I think. I get out my phone and text my wife with all the details. A couple of minutes she texts back:

Relax and get comfy be there in an hour.

She knows how stressed I have been at school with all the mandated tests we must give, so I guess this is just her way of starting off a well-earned break. Walking into the bedroom I take off my tie and kick off my shoes and laydown.

Hearing a knock at the door, I realize I fell asleep on the bed. I get up and open the door and there is my gorgeous fiancé wearing a white t-shirt and yoga pants.

“Hi are you Charley? I’m Ava. You texted that you would like some company for a while”

Oh, her games. “Yeah, sure come in on. Umm can I get you something to drink?”

“Water is fine if you have any.”

I went to the mini fridge in the front room and pulled out a water.

“So Charley, what would you like to do.”

“I’m not sure, guess I’m a bit nervous since this is my first time with an?”

“Escort” she chimes in “Not to worry honey I will take care of you but first we need to care of the matter of a donation for my time”

“Oh bahis siteleri of course. I’ll be right back” I went back to my room and looked in my briefcase for an envelope. I see one that seems to already have something in it. Opening it I see about $200 in 20’s and shake my head with a smile thinking “she has thought of everything”

Walking back to the front room I hand her the envelope and she just puts it in her purse.

“Now how would you like to get started?”

“Umm I’m not sure.”

“Oh I know.” She exclaims, “How about a nice back rub to get the blood flowing, so to speak”

“Sounds good. How about in the bedroom?”

“Sure honey. You go get out of your clothes and come back with just a towel and I will get the room ready.”

A few minutes later I return with a towel around my waist. “Ava” changed into one of those “sling” bikini’s and my jaw hit the floor. It was purple and so barely there. The woman in my life was gorgeous in it.

“Honey, if you would like to lay down on your stomach, I can start with your back”

After “adjusting” myself I laid down and she poured some oil on my back and started rubbing. She then started asking me those questions “escorts” might ask of new folks, “So where you from? How long do you plan to stay in town?” Those kinds of questions. I answer each one since it was the part of her game.

“Back is done. Time to roll over”

I rolled over and my cock created a huge tent with my towel.

“Oooo” she said “that looks interesting”. Taking the towel off, she climbs on the bed and sits right on my cock. “Oh yeah I like this seat” Her hands start rubbing my shoulders and chest. “It’s ok if you want to touch honey”

I reach up start rubbing her tits through the sling bikini. Soon she takes my hands to the straps and I take them off releasing her tits and her gorgeous nipples are nice and hard. Leaning forward she shoves my face right between her tits and I start licking and kissing.

“Oh we must be done with the massage part then” she giggles. “Guess I should get a handle on things”

She grabs my cocks and starts jerking it slowly while I am basically mauling her tits with my hands and mouth. I hear her moan as I slip a finger inside her wet pussy, finding her “spot” right away. I know she likes it when she starts jerking faster on my cock.

“Well, Honey, should we put canlı bahis siteleri this nice cock somewhere warm?”

“Oh yeah” I say “how about you on your hands and knees to begin”

“I love doggy style” she squeals as she gets into position. I take the time to rub myself up and down her wet slit before I even put the head in.

“Oh don’t tease baby give a girl what she wants. Fuck me hard”

You know I do like to be courteous to the ladies, so I go all in. Fast and hard.

“Damn” she cries out. “That is an awesome dick”

I slap her ass making it shake and turning it red. “Yeah baby do that again on the other side. Make them match”

Who was I to turn down such a request so I smacked her other cheek. “Yeah baby, treat me like the whore I am.”

I think by this time I was well on my way to doing that. Grabbing her hips, I start thrusting in and out as hard and fast as I can. “Ava” was busy moaning, groaning and screaming at the top of her lungs on how good she was getting fucked. She finally screamed out her orgasm that I am sure the entire hotel heard. Probably didn’t help that I stuck my right index finger in her ass, or it might have. Not sure.

She falls forward off my cock and looks at me “Wow stud, that was amazing not many clients get me off at all and certainly not that loud. “

“Happy to be of service Ava, but I haven’t cum yet. Ideas”

“Just lay back and let me take care of you and you WILL cum”

I smiled at that did what she said. I laid back on the bed propping myself with a pillow and she went to town on my cock. First she stated sucking my cock up and down make loud slurping sounds until she just lowered her face all the down until her nose touched my crotch. Good I loved her deepthroat skills. Coming up for air she just looked at me and smiled and did it again. After coming up for air the second time she gasped “I’m going to ride this thing till I pass out.” She climbs on top and points my cock to her slick, dripping hole. Slowly she lowers herself gasping all the way down. After getting settled she started slowing going up and down in a kind of frog style. All I know is, is that was fuckling hot.

Smiling at me she puts her legs down and tries to spin around. She almost made it and we laughed about it. Completing her turn, she squatted again like a frog and put my dick back in her. Leaning güvenilir bahis back carefully she grabs my hands and places them on her tits. I start squeezing away and she picks up the pace. Up and down over and over. Speeding up and moaning so loud I thought the hotel was going to call the cops. She pulls my hands off her and lean forwards to fuck me. Her ass is slapping my stomach so fast and loud it sounds like someone playing a bass kick drum. My hands smack her ass and then grab it pulling her harder and harder on me. Taking my right thumb, I start rubbing her asshole again. That elicited a huge moan from her.

“Go ahead stud. Put a finger in my ass again.”

“Can I put something else in your ass?”

“I normally don’t let clients go there, but for another $100 it’s yours.”

“Deal” I said as I pulled out of her pussy. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her other hole and just slowly sank down on it.

“God that is huge.”

She leans back again on me and starts riding me again. This time her moaning doesn’t start soft but loud.

“Oh God this dick is going to split my ass. Fuck my ass baby fuck it hard.”

I for one never had a problem fucking her gorgeous ass and I fucked it hard. After a few minutes, I feel my balls tighten and I try to hold back as much as I can, but since it is my gorgeous fiancé and her tight ass, I couldn’t hold back for long.

“I’m going to cum” I shout. She stops and crawls off and turns around and swallows my cock. That did it I started shooting loads and loads of cum in her mouth that makes her gag. I look down at her and cum is oozing out of her lips since she is smiling at me with my cock in her mouth.

“God I love when you cum in my mouth.”

Suddenly there is a loud knock at the door. We look at each other in that shocked “UH-Oh” look. I grab the towel and head to the door. I open it a small bit and there is somebody in a suit and a police officer.

“Sir, it has come to our attention that you may have a female companion that is a prostitute. We do not allow that at this establishment. “

My fiancé who is also in a towel opens the door wider. “Gentlemen,” she says “Since I am his fiancé I would know if he had a prostitute with him. He has just as me.”

“Oh, well um I apologize for interrupting. Please keep the ummm noise down,” and quickly walks away.

The officer tips his hat to us and just smiles as he leaves. We close the door and look at ourselves and just start laughing. My fiancé starts to hug me.

“You still owe me $100 for fucking my ass.”

I hug and whisper back “How about another $200 for another go around.”

“You’re on.”

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This One Night in Orlando

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Everyone in this story was over eighteen at the time.

This is my first story here and I hope to write more. Constructive criticism is always welcome.


I loved in Orlando for five years. I had a decent job but was also in a band -three, technically but it was just swapping a member here and there. That being said, I spent a lot of time in clubs and bars and met a lot of interesting people. I met this one girl, Laura, great chick and super chill. We were smoking buddies for a long time then she wanted to fuck so… we did. This is all tangent to the situation in question.

We hung out solid for a few years and after a while we drifted apart as our schedules changed. One day, she comes by my shop and was like ‘It’s my birthday tonight. Come party with me and my friends.’ Bueno. I’m all about it cause who needs sleep, right?

We met at her place; a handful of girls, her gay roommate and me. Laura is a very good hairdresser and a classy lady so her friends were much the same.

Her one friend was married and the only one who wasn’t a blonde. I tend to favor blondes but in a room of tall lanky barbies, the shorter brunette with mocha-tanned skin and shimmering gossamer hair was the eye grabber. She had legs like a thoroughbred; yoga enthusiast, cyclist and an avid swimmer, this girl was juicy and a nice round bottom. It wasn’t one of those big wide, watermelon butt cheek booties. She just had this great looking ass and was wearing one of those cotton dresses that was form-fitting. Sleeveless, the tasteful leopard print was cut to mid-thigh and just all around sexy.

We go out and hit a bar… couple shots in and we’re like ‘NEXT!’ So we go down the street to a club… of course, it’s packed. We drink a round or two and move on. Finally, we come to this weird bar that’s actually two and one is partially outside in what should’ve been an alley but they closed it off for more dance space. This brunette goes nuts. She’s dancing with any guy she can find and is damn good with her body. At one point, she’s got five guys dancing around her.

I made a joke to Laura about how her friend (can’t remember her name) was reliving her stripper days and Laura looked at me with a startled expression. “She told you that?” Here I was joking… Things started to make sense.

Now I’m not a pornstar nor a Casanova but I’m a decent-looking guy and I have a good amount of sexual prowess so I approach this girl and quickly thin the strays down to just one and I eventually trick him into taking my twenty dollar bill and buying us all another round. When he leaves, I whisk this girl to the front of the adjacent bar and start singing in her ear at a whisper while she grinds her ass against my crotch. Her dress rides up so much that one of the older women at the high top table near us reached ByCasino over and cupped this girl’s pretty round golden brown lower curve.

She thought it was me but the lady laughed and fessed up then passed my sexy little minx a compliment. She smiled and thanked the woman then we went back to our grinding and my scheming. My dick was starting to hurt because it was pinned beneath my zipper. Being in a rock band, I had jeans that accented by best features; dick and ass but that doesn’t leave much wiggle room. So I go back to nibbling on this girl’s ear and she starts to play with the hem of my jeans so I suggest we step outside and get some air -maybe smoke a cig.

She agrees and it’s a beautiful night -upper seventies but a nice breeze (which is rare for downtown Orlando) and she wants a cigarette but I pretend like my lighter’s not working. She wants to go back inside and ask someone else but I lead her around the corner – maybe fifteen feet away to an alley as I cite the wind for my bad luck with the Bic.

I flatten my back against the bricks and spread my legs a bit so that my waist his only slightly higher than hers. She isn’t stupid and turns around with a devilish grin then settles herself against my frame and starts grinding but this time there’s no music. She just uses her instincts to work herself and me into a frenzy while we share a menthol.

We never finished the smoke. After I passed it to her, I use my long arms to the advantage of rubbing her sides and breasts which were likely medium b-cups but they fit her so well, anything larger would have seemed odd. She had huge nipples and they began to strain underneath her bra and dress until they poked out like tiny tents. Once I started cupping and squeezing her bosoms, her hands dropped the cig and one found my crotch while the other found her own. She fingered herself for several minutes until I took her two fingers out by grabbing her forearm and guided them into my mouth.

It was at this point when she started making primal sounds and I started to feel her nipple through her bra AND dress…fucking brass shells, I tell ya. Anyway, we’re twenty feet from a bar’s front door so I know we can’t undress. I lean down and attack her ear and allow my legs to slide out further which gives me better access. I keep rubbing her breast in one hand while the other just traces symbols, letters, numbers and shapes on the outside of her pink, satiny thong just above her hood. She’s starting to shake and I’m asking if she wants my nine inch cock in her sweet little pussy. She turned around in my arms with a look of desperation that told me everything I needed to know.

We make out for a moment until she bites my lip and gives me that fierce womanly gaze that makes me quiver -both in fear and excitement then mouths ‘Fuck me.’ I would By Casino do just that but I also knew I wanted to fuck her puffy lips too… Lord, she had a sexy mouth. I switch our positions in a single motion. She’s doing a push-up against the wall but I’m flattening her against it. I take out my pocket knife and cut the piece of her thong that goes around her hip then just let her panties fall down her shapely tanned leg. I had my dick out in seconds and was rubbing the tip along her hot and slick labia to get us both lubed up. I wasn’t quite ready but she reached down and gave me a kung-fu grip then yanked forward until I parted her warm, heavy curtains of the outer fold so that just the head was inside her.

She tried several times to rock her hips back but I move to match and bite down…not nibble…BITE the tendon that runs from the base of her neck towards her shoulder. I tell her she has no control and to just enjoy the ride. Once she presses up against the wall again with a whimper, I gently use one hand to guide her hips back while using the other to apply pressure in the small of her back which makes her arch forward. Her ass is poked out with her legs together and the bottom of her dress resting upon the shelf her body had naturally created. This time, I keep my hips steady and her arching motion sinks me in almost to the hilt. Warm, wet and tight, she shivered for most of the sex that followed as I kept starting and stopping and using irregular rhythms to keep her from cumming. Then, she looks over her shoulder at me, hair in her eyes, sweat on her nose and her lower lip is extra puffy from biting down on it.

She says “Please let me cum and you can fuck me in any way you like…even my ass but just let me cum.” I just smiled my demonic smile and slid my hand gently up her back into her hair then grabbed a fistful from the back of her skull. I start power fucking this girl; driving my cock in to the max each and every thrust. My hips made a slapping noise every time her perfect little ass cheeks made contact. I was huffing and puffing and she was moaning, growling and squeaking. We’re drunk and this was impromptu so we’re skin on skin. When you’re used to condoms, skin on skin is so much better; euphoric, even.

She put her mouth on the rough bricks to muffle her loud announcement of the orgasm’s arrival. I knew it was near when her pussy started to squeeze my dick so hard it threatened to throw off MY pistoning. I railed this girl trying to extend her cumfest. My dick and balls are soaked, I can feel it. I can start to feel it against my undies and jeans which are only pulled down slightly but I just keep plowing away at this girl. The smell of our sex fills up the alley like a tantalizing food cart.

Finally, I feel my knees weaken and that aching sensation starting in my By Casino Giriş thighs then my balls and then my core. I tell her I’m going to cum and she replied with something like a whispered bark “not inside me.” So I give three more pumps as deep and as hard as I can. Then I shove her forward and twist her hips.

She knew what to do.

Without breaking the momentum of my push, she spins and drops down into a squat, her dress riding up above her hips, knees out to either side like a frog and her dripping, swollen pussy just out in the night air. Her lips were open reveling just how perfectly pink her sex truly was and still holding the rough shape of my cock.

She has blood on her lips, I later learned she bit through the lower one but also scraped her mouth on the rough brick wall. She leaned forward and I just stepped right back up to bat. I took hold of her head with both hands and jammed my raging erection into her mouth and leaned forward so it would tip down into her throat. She squeezed my thighs to protest and tried to push me back but I was seconds away and just started fucking her face. The strange sucking, slobbering sound and the heavy vacuum thuds as she gagged on my wide meat made me lift my chin and close my eyes. With both hands encompassing her head, I bury my dick into her mouth clear til I can feel her nose in my neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. She cough-gagged and I just ripped a giant orgasm into her mouth and down her throat. I shook and shivered and groaned as spurt after spurt flew out. Her mouth was hot, soft and wet just like I imagined. The lips on that girl were heavenly velvet and contracted perfectly as she’d be designed to swallow my engorged member.

I must’ve cum for minute straight. She was punching my thighs, grabbing my knees but I didn’t release her until I had finished. She stood up, mascara all smeared and running, eyes wet with tears from being cock choked and her lipstick was lopsided and uneven. Her hair was a mess plus her panties were cut and resting on one heel. She still had her ass out, dress yet to be pulled down so I snatched her against me. I refused to let her walk away shamefully after such a hot experience. My cum and her spit hung from the corner of her mouth so I kissed her. I kissed her like lovers do… like stars in old movies. I grabbed her body in my hands and felt her up for a good half an hour after we had fucked until she said she was ready for more. That’s when I let her go and helped her get straightened back up. We smoked another cigarette then went back inside. We found Laura and eventually went back to Laura’s apartment. Laura was hammered and wanted birthday sex so…

I made Laura give me head until I came again. Then I said “Be right back, I have a special treat for you.” I snuck into the living room and woke up her friend, the girl I had fucked in the alley and made her sleepy ass follow me to the bedroom. We had a threesome and it was mostly them with me coaching and directing but I had five orgasms total that night. However, that’s a story for another time.

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They Can’t Help Themselves

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They sat together in the car, the conversation desultory, neither one really paying any attention to it, discussing inane things like the weather and if the other enjoyed their job. She was of medium height, about 5’2″, obviously of Italian descent, with chocolate-brown eyes and ash-brown hair, the description of a milf if ever there was one: dressed in a light white-and-yellow sundress, childbearing had filled out her already generous hips and behind, and nursing had engorged her breasts from their previous generous C-cup to a full DD. Hard work at her pole-dancing class had won back her trim waist and belly, something she was very proud of. He too was of middling height, around 5’7″, but broad across the chest and shoulder for his height. Dressed in black slacks and a blue button-down shirt, he was sufficiently fit to not be considered out of shape, though still with a hint of dad-belly at his waist, his copper-tinted short-cropped brown hair was paired with a red beard that complimented his blue and green eyes nicely.

Talking still, the conversation was slowing, with longer and longer pauses between each speaker responding. They both knew where the evening was going to end, but they both still harboured hopes of it going in a different direction. He could still get of the car and go home to his girlfriend; she could still leave and drive home to her family. But they knew, deep down, that the stage was set, the script, already written.

Billy Joel’s “Shameless” came on the radio, and to his refrains of helpless infatuation, their poor attempt at conversation slowly stopped. They looked at each other, just looked, gazing into each other’s eyes. Without realising, they began leaning in, closer and closer. His left forearm leaned on the console armrest between them, and, as if of its own volition, his right came up and gently caressed her face, pulling her ash-brown tresses back from her face, tucking the hair behind her ear as he used to do so many years ago. She closed her eyes at his touch, turning her face into his hand, reflexively reaching up with her own left hand to hold his hand against her face. She kissed his palm, gently, and his left hand grabbed her right arm, the passion beginning to rise in them both.

Suddenly she gasped, almost a sob, yanking his hand from her face and holding it down.

“We-” she said, just as he said “I-“.

Talking right on top of each other, they both stopped, looking down in embarrassment and shame. But it was too late. In her haste to take his hand from her face, she had placed it on her thigh, right at the top of her lap, and she suddenly became aware of where his hand was, practically on top of her womanhood. She closed her eyes, squeezing them shut, biting her lip, trying to keep herself from pressing his hand into her, giving a tiny, almost inaudible whimper from trying to not rise up into his hand on her.

He realized where his hand was at the same moment she did, suddenly aware of the incredible heat pouring from her, which his hand was resting directly beside. He breathed deeply, inhaling through his nose, and realised he could smell her, the car serving to contain the smell of her arousal, amplifying it. Reflexively, unconsciously, his hands flexed, his left squeezing her arm in its grip, his right squeezing her upper thigh through the light summer dress, digging his thumb into the crease between her leg and her nethers.

She moaned again, out loud this time. He looked up to her face, and saw her half-lidded eyes staring at him with a heat inside them that he knew he couldn’t resist, falling into them, leaning in, his right hand continuing to massage her as she used her left hand now to pull his arm towards her, pushing his thumb into the crease of her centre, and her right hand reached out to his neck, pulling him closer, mouth open, gasping for air like she’d run a marathon.

He felt her hand reach around behind his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers. He gasped himself, getting another lungfull of her scent permeating the air, pungent and erotic, the heady aroma overwhelming any remaining capacity for reason he might have had. Closing his eyes, he pulled her towards him with his left hand, and kissed her, hard, tongue darting between his lips to meet hers darting out from own mouth. His right hand clenched, drawing the light fabric of her summer dress up her leg, her left still pulling his hand into her.

Kissing still, eyes closed, their hands began to move almost as of their own volition. She brought her left hand up to his face to join her right, holding his mouth to hers as if her life depended on his breath. His right hand slipped under her sundress, while his left released her arm and began pulling the dress up her back, tugging it from under her. She began to unbutton his shirt, never looking at what she was doing, her eyes still closed in their breathless kiss. He continued to pull her dress from under her, while his right hand turned palm up and began to slip between her legs. Moaning eagerly into their kiss, she scooted her bottom up and spread her legs as much as could ByCasino in the limited confines around the steering wheel. His left hand immediately finished pulling her dress from under her, and reaching under it, began caressing her bare back. His right hand, having been granted access by her spread legs, began to firmly but languorously massage her cleft through her moist panties. She continued unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it out of his pants and proceeding to try unbuckle his belt. Her hands brushed his member as she worked at the stiff leather, and he groaned into her mouth. Pausing her work for moment, she caressed the length of him through his pants, and broke their kiss long enough to gasp, “Get it out. Please, God, take out your cock,” leaning her forehead against his as she rubbed at him through the thin material if his slacks. Not saying anything, just kissing her again, he proceeded to quickly flip back the length of leather and unhook it, slipping it out of the metal buckle and unbuttoning his pants, before her own hands brushed his out of the way and yanked down his zipper, pulling him out of his underwear and wrapping both her small hands around his length, fingers barely meeting around his girth.

“God it’s even bigger than I remember.” she breathed against his mouth, faces leaned in and caressing each other’s cheeks.

“You just remember it smaller, I promise I haven’t grown. You though,” he said, hands reaching for her breasts underneath the front of the sundress, caressing them over her lacy bra, “definitely have. Pregnancy was good to you.”

She giggled, then gently moaned. “You always did like them big. Now I’ve got them; big breasts to match this nice. Big. Cock.” She punctuated her speaking with gentle but firm tugs on his hardness.

He moaned with her ministrations, kissing her again, hands slipping around behind her to undo her bra, and deftly slipping its wire over her full and heavy breasts, still firm and high despite nursing two children, caressing their roundness and holding their weight, gently rubbing her nipples. She continued jacking him, skin rubbing up and down over the flared head of his glans, the end gleaming with his own leakings.

Breaking their passionate kiss, she said, “I can’t wait any longer, I need to taste it. I need you in my mouth again. Move the seat back, make room for me.” As he did as he was ordered, she moved her own seat back to make room for her legs and clambered over the centre console onto his lap. Briefly she straddled him, soaking wet panties pressed tight against his hardness as she held his face and kissed him again. Groaning at the sensation of her soft wetness pressing against him, he thrust up to her, sliding himself over the front of her panties, rubbing his hardness against her pliant, cotton-covered opening. Moaning into his mouth, she broke the kiss and lifted herself off him, breathing, “No, not yet. Later. I have a surprise for you first,” as she slipped off his lap and nestled into the footwell in front of him. There was barely enough room for her, but she was so small she fit. Holding him in one hand, she sensually licked all the way up his length, starting with his balls and licking all the way to his tip, making him groan in anticipation and jerk up towards her mouth. “Ready for your surprise?” she asked archly

Laughing, he said, gently teasing, “What is it? No braces this time?”

She made a face and stuck out her tongue at him, a wonderfully erotic sight that caught his breath. “No, silly. Well, yes, I don’t have braces anymore, but that’s not your surprise. I’ve been practising, and now I get to do this to a cock big enough to make it interesting.” And with that she kneeled up a bit, arching her back around the dashboard, aimed him at her open lips, and proceeded to engulf him in her mouth. Down she went, talking him all the way to the back of her mouth, almost half his length, and then pulling off. Licking the tip while she jerked him with her hand, she looked up at him from between his legs, watching him watching her, loving the fiery lust burning in his eyes. She licked down his length, coating him with her saliva, and gently sucked his balls into her mouth, first one and then other, still jerking him with her hand, and never taking her eyes from his. He moaned at her ministrations, the vocalisation torn from him almost involuntarily by the incredibly erotic show she was putting on for him. Licking back up his length to the tip, she licked all around the flared crown of his burning cock, and then took just the head in her mouth, proceeding to swirl her tongue around it. He moaned again and jerked his hips, closing his eyes in pleasure, trying to get himself deeper in her mouth. Smiling to herself around his dick, she closed her eyes herself, and down she went. Slowly, but deliberately, she took his entire length into her mouth, and, upon his cock reaching the back of her tongue, began swallowing, lifting her soft palate out of the way of the intruding flesh in her mouth, and suppressing her gag reflex, taking him down her throat. He lifted his head By Casino to watch this incredible spectacle, his eyes getting bigger and bigger as she proceeded to deepthroat her old partner. Finally bottoming out with her nose in his abdomen, she then reached out with her tongue and caressed his balls, which she was holding up high and close to his body.

Watching this display was almost too much for him to bear. Eyes wide, gasping and gulping for air, he tried desperately not to orgasm right away, nearly overcome from the sensation of being completely engulfed in her hot, wet mouth, his engorged member pulsing and throbbing in her throat. He could actually see where her throat distended around him. And then she pulled off his dick, slowly withdrawing it from her throat, and he watched her swollen throat return to normal as she came up off him. And when she had just the head in her mouth again, she swirled her tongue around his cockhead again, and then deepthroated him again, faster this time, her neck visibly expanding around his girth as she took him all the way into her mouth. And again she pulled off, and again repeated the unbelievable feat. And again, faster, and again, faster still. He was gasping and groaning, incredulous at the pace of her; she was, effectively, fucking him with her throat, and he had never felt anything so amazing, never seen anything so overwhelmingly erotic.

And then, on the next downstroke, she pushed his balls up against him, pushing them close to her mouth, and licked them while he was still deep in her throat, and he lost it. Throwing his head back and grabbing the door handle and armrest, he involuntarily thrust into the throat he was already all the way down. She rode the movement expertly, having hoped for exactly this reaction, and pulled back just enough to gently massage his balls with her left hand while she stroked him with her right, milking his orgasm for all that she could. She couldn’t taste anything, he was still too deep in her throat, but she swallowed rhythmically, stroking his cock from inside her mouth as well as with her hand. She wanted to milk him dry so that he would last long enough for round two. When he finally stopped jerking his hips, she pulled off him, licking his length as she slowly removed him from her mouth. Holding his cock in her hand, still caressing his balls, she grinned archly at him as she continued licking the length of him.

“Did you like your surprise?” she teased, still caressing him with both hands, licking his shaft again.

He groaned in response, barely able to lift his head to look at her. “My god, that was incredible…” he breathed, still winded from the prodigious orgasm he’d just experienced.

“You ready for round two?”

“Give me a chance to recover, woman! Climb over me, get in the back seat, it’s your turn,” he said, grinning at her.

She did so, squirming out from between his legs and snaking up his torso, kissing him as she came level with his mouth. He grabbed her face, holding her to him and kissing her fiercely, the kiss so fervid that she stopped and just lay prone along him, unable to move anymore. Finally he broke the kiss, though she moaned in need, and he gently slapped her ass to get her moving again. Clambering over him into the back bench, he twisted around and followed her. She lay along the bench, back in the corner behind the driver’s seat. He reached around the front and pushed both seats all the way to the front to give them more room, then kneeled behind the passenger seat and turned to her. Her dress had covered her again, and, his own eyes staring deeply into hers, he slowly caressed her legs under the dress. Sliding his hands along her full thighs to her hips, he lifted her bottom and slid the dress up from under her, pulling her panties down with his hands as they came back down across her hips. Negligently he tossed them to the floor of the car, and pushed her dress up to her waist, exposing her. Still staring deep into her eyes, he pulled her legs apart, spreading them wide and making room for himself between them. Massaging her upper thighs and hips, he finally broke his gaze and lowered his mouth to her pussy.

She was already wet, the scent of her juices filling his nostrils, driving him mad with desire, and he licked her languidly, from bottom to top, slowly, and firmly. She grabbed his head with both hands, twisting her fingers in his hair, moaning at the sensation of his tongue on the lips of her pussy. As he licked her, he removed his shirt behind him, folded it up and placed it under her bottom. Bringing his hands up along her abdomen, carressing in towards her centre, he spread his fingers along her lower abdomen and reached his thumbs down along either side of her vulva, massaging her firmly while he licked her slick pussy. As he massaged her vulva with his thumbs, he occasionally would bring his tongue up to her clit, pressing it firmly with his tongue. She made little sounds as did this, moans and sighs. Gradually, he went faster with his tongue, and harder, no longer simply licking her pussy, but pushing By Casino Giriş his tongue between her lips as he stroke the inner walls of her vulva with his tongue, and massaged the outer walls of her vulva with his thumbs. He began to stroke her clit with his tongue with every upstroke, and then began licking past it so that he could lick it again on the way back down again. Finally he settled on her clit, licking it slowly and firmly with his tongue, and, taking his right hand, slowly pressed two fingers into her pussy, his left hand reaching up her body and began massaging her breasts, slightly larger than the a handful for his large hands. Still pressing his tongue against her clit and stroking slowly, he began to move his fingers in and out, her pussy so wet that he met no resistance at all. She began arching her back in pleasure from the reaming of her clit and finger-fucking her pussy was getting.

Holding his head tightly, she tried to direct him, but he held firm, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of her while licking her clit. Keeping her right hand twisted in his hair, she brought up her left to her breast, massaging it while he massaged her right. He was squeezing her breast so wonderfully, and gently pinching her nipple. Desperate for more sensation, she pulled her dress down and drew out her left breast from its decolletage, and brought it up to her mouth and sucked on her nipple. Her moaning as she did so caught his attention, and peering up from his station at her pussy, he saw her sucking her own breast, and groaned as he licked her, almost overcome by how hot she looked, eyes closed and suckling her own breast. He began licking her clit harder, faster, changing his pace in counterpoint to his fingers, which he kept steady and rhythmic. He pulled out far on one stroke and placed a third finger at her opening before slowly thrusting back in, returning to his steady finger-fucking of her pussy and his chaotic teasing of her clit, his right hand still squeezing and massaging her breast. He could tell she was being driving crazy, she was beginning to not merely moan but to cry out in her lust, her mouth still full of her own nipple. He started to go faster, and she bucked to meet his stroke, hips moving with his hand, her hand in his hair pressing his face hard into her pussy.

She began to cry out on each stroke in, and he increased the pressure and speed of his tongue, finally matching his tongue-strokes on her clit with the thrusting of his fingers, and she starting yelling out on each thrust, once, again, again, and then she began to wail as her whole body vibrated like a plucked string. Releasing her breast she grabbed his head with both hands, holding him to her clit, as he kept tonguing and stroking in tempo with each other. After a few moments she took a breath, gasping for air, and her body started to relax a bit. But instead of slowing with her, he sped up, thrusting harder, and licking faster, she gasped loudly, almost a scream, in surprise, and gasped again, and starting keening, her head thrown back, fingers almost tearing his hair out, her hips rose to meet him as she came again, even stronger than the first one. He kept thrusting and licking, keeping her going, each thrust of his fingers resulting in a little cry from her. She started trying to pull his head away, but he held firm, keeping her orgasm going, until finally she gave one loud scream and her entire body jerked, and she squirted, hard, spraying him along his hand and forearm, his lower face, his chest. Slowly, slowly, he relaxed and slowed his stroke, bringing her gently down from the incredible height he’d just brought her to.

She couldn’t catch her breath, gasping for air, her fingers still entwined in his hair. Removing his fingers from her literally dripping pussy, he gave one last slow, gentle lick from her top to bottom of her, and straightened up, her hands falling from his head to lay on her thighs. She was watching him as he looked at her.

“A thank-you,” he said, grinning like a cat in the cream.

Still out of breath, she said, “That… was incredible. I’ve never… where did you learn… that?”

“Oh, it’s something I picked up,” he responded, nonchalantly, pretending to examine his sticky fingers.

A roguish look on her face, she took his right hand in her left and pulled him close to her, until he was laying atop her, her breasts crushed into his chest. Slowly, she brought up his right hand, fingers sticky and shiny with her own juices, up to her mouth. “And,” she took his index finger deep in her mouth, sucking her own cum off it, “are you now,” she took the middle finger into her mouth, sucking it clean, “fully recovered?” and she sucked off his ring finger.

Balancing on his left hand, he pulled his right from her hand and cupped her neck, bringing her mouth to his for an ardent kiss, and her hands snaked around him, holding him close to her, crushing herself to him, her body rising in passion against him. Breathlessly they pulled away from each other, and she reached down to his cock, finding it rock hard and pulsing with his heartbeat. Pulling him to her, she placed the head at the sopping entrance to her pussy, dragging it up and down along her wet lips, coating him in her juices. Looking into his eyes, her own gaze smoldering, she said, “I want you in me. Now.”

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The Young Sales Executive Ch. 08

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Jessica arrived home to her empty home. It was only 10 AM and she knew it would be a while before Josh would be home. She needed him so badly, but would have to wait. Sitting on the couch, she began to think about how long it had been since she talked to her best friend Monica.

Monica has been her best friends since high school and stood as her maid of honor. Her best friend was always single and couldn’t be happier. Monica always boasted the benefits of not being tied down to just one guy. Jessica enjoyed hearing the stories that her raven haired friend shared when they got together. This time, Jessica would be telling the stories. Picking up her phone, Jessica chuckled to herself, “Monica is never going to believe what I’ve been up to.”

Forty minutes later, Jessica walked in to her favorite café and found a quiet booth in the back. A tall guy took her order and she watched as he walked away. Jessica figured he was a college student and admired his tight swimmer build and bleach blonde hair as he made his way behind the counter.

Monica arrived shortly after the waiter brought her latte over. Jessica smiled and gave a gentle wave at Monica as she made her way over. The waiter stared at Monica clearly enjoying the view. Monica didn’t acknowledge his burning eyes as she made her way to Jessica. Standing quickly, Jessica hugged her best friend.

As the girls caught up on recent events, Jessica felt like she was going to burst holding her news in. Finally she blurted, “Monica, you will never believe what I have been up to!”

“Oh my god Jess, are you pregnant?” Monica was excited.

“No, nothing like that.” Jessica rolled her eyes.

Without hesitation, Jessica filled her in on Jack and Josh over the past few months, Monica playfully smacked Jessica’s hand, “You dirty little slut Jess! I’m so proud of you.”

“Coming from you, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Jessica beamed a naughty smile.

“Honestly, I’m so jealous now Jess.” Monica was being sincere. “You have the best of both worlds now.”

Jessica couldn’t help but smile and nod; she knew she was in a unique situation.

“Is Josh playing with other girls?”

“He hasn’t mentioned wanting to. Do you think he does?” Jessica hadn’t thought about Josh with another woman.

“Would you let him play with another woman Jess?” Monica raised her brow playfully.

As Jessica thought about it she was mixed with emotion; would she want another woman to pleasure ByCasino her man? “I don’t know M. I really hadn’t thought about it.”

“It’s only fair Jess.” Monica looked sternly at her. “If he wants another woman, you should be open to that as well. Maybe you guys can start swinging! That would be so hot.” Monica’s voice rose with excitement at the thought.

The girls chatted more and Monica gave Jessica more things to consider about where her relationship may end up going. Having eaten and caught up on each other’s adventures, it was time for Jessica to get going so she could be there to meet her hubby when he got home. Jessica promised that she would do a better job of staying in touch and keeping Monica in the loop.

Once home, Jessica tied her hair up and had a quick shower to freshen up. Toweling off, she slipped a sheer black teddy over herself and climbed on the bed. Josh would be home any moment now and she wanted to be ready for him. Using the new toy that Jack had bought her, she lubed it up and slowly worked it in and out of herself. The sensation of the plug stretching and releasing her tight ass made her pussy even wetter. If Josh wasn’t home soon, she was going to finish without him.

Josh had a hard time focusing for the last few hours; knowing that Jess was home. It was all he could do not to just take the rest of the day off. Finally arriving home, he parked quickly and unlocked the front door. Stepping in, it was evident that Jess was home but she was not in sight. Sneaking down the hall, he wanted to catch her by surprise.

Peering around the corner he looked through the open door of their bedroom and smiled as he watched his wife. Lying on her back with her knees bent, she was slowly fucking herself. Unbuttoning his pants, he quietly stepped out of them and began stroking his cock. It wasn’t long before he couldn’t resist and made his way in to the room.

No words were spoken; Jessica’s eyes met his as he climbed on the bed beside her face. Josh put the head of his swollen cock to his pretty wife’s lips and watched as she took him eagerly in to her mouth. Jessica’s hands released the plug and felt it settle deep in her ass. Josh moaned as Jessica’s hands wrapped the shaft of his cock as he fucked her hot mouth.

Jessica pulled his cock from her mouth, “I need you to fuck me baby! I need this cock so badly.”

Josh didn’t need to be told twice and moved off the bed to get in position. Jessica By Casino climbed up on her hands and knees revealing the jewel in her ass to Josh.

“Fuck baby that looks hot.” His big hands squeezed her cheeks firmly before giving her a slap.

Josh climbed behind her and pushed his hardness in to her soaking wet pussy until he was buried in her. Jessica screamed out in pleasure as his cock pounded her deeply. Once in her, Josh began pounding her pussy wildly. His hands pulled her hips back to meet his thrusting cock. Gasps of air and cries of pleasure escaped involuntarily from Jessica’s lips as he savagely fucked her pussy.

Josh slowed his thrusts and focused on her ass jewellery. Grabbing the plug, he slowly pulled it out watching her ass stretch as the thickest section made its way out. It was much bigger that he imagined from the picture Jack had sent. Josh lined it back up to her ass and pushed it all the way back in making Jessica moan loudly.

The feeling of Josh’s cock buried in her pussy and the plug invading her ass was too much for her and she started to cum. As her orgasm swept over her, Josh began fucking her faster while driving the plug in and out of her at the same time.

Orgasm after orgasm, Jessica exploded until she collapsed on the bed exhausted. “Give me a minute.” Jessica panted.

Josh responded by pulling the plug from her ass and his cock from her dripping pussy. “Time to fuck that little ass baby.”

Josh straddled her as she lay flat on the bed and his cock pushed its way passed the tight muscles of her ass taking her anal virginity. Josh grabbed a handful of her hair as he slowly moved his cock in and out of her ass, each time pushing himself deeper.

Josh fucked half his cock in and out of her and watched his wife squirm beneath him as her ass adjusted to his hard cock. The plug had prepared her for his girth, but not the deep probing that Josh was now giving her.

“I’ve waited a long time to fuck this little ass of yours Jess.” Josh smacked her ass causing it to echo as Jessica whimper in pleasure. “You like my big cock in that ass, don’t you my little slut?”

“Yes baby, fuck my ass.” Jessica’s voice was pitched.

Josh’s big hands pulled her hips up in to a doggy position. “It’s time to get this cock buried in that ass.”

“Gentle! Please be gentle baby!” Jessica begged through the pleasure and pain his cock was giving her.

Josh responded by applying By Casino Giriş more lube to the shaft of his cock as he worked it deeper in to her.

It wasn’t long before Josh was thrusting his long cock in to her ass. Jessica had adjusted herself and her hand rubbed her pussy wildly as Josh took her long awaited ass. His breathing began to get ragged and his hands grasped her hips as he pushed himself deep and held it there.

Jessica collapsed under Josh’s weight and he plunged deeper as he collapsed on her. Josh grabbed a big handful of her hair pulling her hair back as he ploughed deeply until his cock exploded. Jessica could feel his hot load emptying in her. Josh’s grip on her hair slowly released and they collapsed on the bed with his cock still planted deeply in her.

Josh pulled her face to his and kissed her. “Fuck Jess, I love you! That was so fucking hot.”

Jessica kissed her husband as he massaged her breasts. She could feel his cock begin to soften and slowly make its way out of her ass. A few minutes later they stood embraced in the shower kissing and rubbing their soapy bodies together. Josh washed her back end and couldn’t help telling her how much he enjoyed taking her there.

Jessica cleared the dinner table and returned to sit on Josh’s lap, “Are you happy with this situation?”

“Situation?” Josh looked puzzled.

Throwing her arm around his neck, “You know the whole playing with other men thing we are doing.”

Kissing her neck, “I’m very happy sweetheart. You know it turns me on.”

“Do you want to be with other women too?” Jessica looked him in the eyes.

“Like who?” Josh chuckled.

“Any woman. If you wanted to be with another woman, I would understand.” As much as Jessica tried to be serious, Josh kept smiling coyly at her.


“Well yeah. I guess.” Jessica was confused by his question.

“Okay, I have wanted to fuck Monica forever.” He smiled.

Jessica was not expecting that and mumbled, “Monica? I just meant do you want to have the same situation as I have.”

“I do Jess. I want to fuck Monica.” Josh watched the confused expression on Jessica’s face. “I don’t want a free pass like I’ve given you Jess, but I would fuck your best friend silly if given the chance.”

Jessica was more confused now than she had been. She had thought talking about it would help her understand where they may be going, but it clearly didn’t. Josh recognized the concern and confusion on her face and squeezed her tightly.

“I love you Jess. I like what we have going on and I’m not looking to change anything.” Guiding her lips to his he kissed her. “Besides, now that you’re a nymphomaniac I can barely keep up with you.”

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The Windjammer Cruise Ch. 04

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To the Reader: This is the fourth chapter in a series. You will probably want to read the previous chapters to get a feel for the characters. Please feel free to leave any comments about the story and be sure to vote.

A special thanks to Angel for her liberal use of “The Red Pen”.


Exploring the bathroom

As I push your short and panties to the floor, I see the towel that was holding open the bathroom door. After pulling up the towel away, allowing the door to shut, I notice your tight ass in front of me. I give it a few kisses.

“I can’t believe I got so turned on by watching your Charlie fucking my Carol. It was obviously not their first time together.” you marvel.

I couldn’t believe we had just watched our kids get it on just 6 feet from us without them knowing. I also couldn’t believe I was in the bathroom of my cabin on this sailboat, half naked, with my son’s girlfriend’s mother.

“What turned you on the most? Her aggressiveness? The expression on her face when she was giving him the blow job and fingering herself?” I whispered.

“Actually, it was the expression of pure pleasure on his and her face when he entered her from behind. And then seeing him cover her back with his cum.” you giggle.

I let my hands crawl up your side while I stand up. There isn’t much room in our cabin’s bathroom, so I’m pressed tight against you. With my hands cupping your breasts, pulling you tight against me, I whisper, “Maybe I should take you right here, entering your tight pussy from behind”. I add a little grind against your ass for emphasis.

“Hmmm” you moan.

With the door closed, it is dark inside the tight compartment, only the night light illuminating your face. I reach over to lock the door before reaching into my pocket to retrieve the condom I’d put in there earlier. I hand it to you saying, “Would you like the honors?”

“You mean in here?” you ask inquisitively before a grin comes to your face.

“There is no time like the present, and then I can wash you off in the shower unless you want to be like Carol and have cum sticking to your back during dinner” I chuckle.

You turn around, pulling my shirt up and over my head. I then feel you unbuttoning my shorts before pushing them and my briefs to the floor. While you are kneeling, you feel my cock bouncing against the side of your face. You grab it with the right hand and give it a few licks.

You hear me moan in pleasure as my fingers begin running through your hair. “Get the rubber on so I can fuck that sweet pussy of yours.” I plead.

“Yes Sir!” you giggle while you rip open the package with your teeth. My hands meanwhile are caressing your breast ByCasino and pulling gently on your nipples.

You fumble a bit in your haste to get the rubber on. “OK. Now I want you to fuck me hard. I am so hot for you.” you breathe as you turn around. With your hands on the sink, I feel you thrust your ass out to me. Soon I feel you reaching between your legs, guiding me to your velvety channel. You try to push back, but I hold you away, instead ever so slowly I enter you. After an inch, I begin pulling out only to hear you whimper “No.”.

I press back in, a little bit further before pulling out again. “Terry, stop teasing me!” you squirm.

I grab your hips and press all the way into you. “Yes!” you scream, a little shudder flows over your body. I hold you there, feeling your tight pussy contracting around me. My hands slide up till I’m cupping your breast.

“Hands on the counter” I command. While staying inside you, I reach over to turn on the light. You blink as your eyes adjust and I comment, “I wanted to see your sexy body while I fuck you.”

“Gawd this feels good. Give it to me fast and deep.” you plead.

I grab your hips and begin moving faster and harder. We both begin panting as our passion grows. The tight space prevents the air conditioning from keeping up. Our bodies are sweating as our thighs slap together.

I let a hand reach around to rub your slippery clit. You jump at my touch and then begin moaning from the waves of pleasure.

“I’m so close, fuck me harder. Cum all over my back and make me your slut” you giggle while you look up at me through the mirror.

I increase my pace, feeling your muscles tighten around me. I can barely hold it. I have to pull out, jerking the rubber off so I can spray your back with my hot cream. You have a look of pure ecstasy as you watch me explode. You gaze at me in amazement as cum lands on your ass.

My fingers reach around to grab your breast in one hand and your clit between my fingers. This sets off a massive orgasm that wracks your body. You let out a guttural scream of pure lust as your body shakes.

After you’ve recovered, I see you reach back to massage the sticky cream onto your ass. “I like knowing you came on my back Terry. It makes me feel so wanton.”

I reach behind myself to turn on the hot water in the shower. I then grab your hand and place it on my semi-limp cock. “Ready for round two?” I ask.

The Shower

You begin stroking my dick as we step into the shower. “We will have to see if you are up to the task.” you grin.

The warm water feels good against our skin. I grab the gel the ship provided us and pour some out onto your By Casino shoulders. I let it dribble across your chest.

“Turn around please.” I ask.

My hands begin rubbing your shoulders, slowly moving down your back. I look down and see the suds sliding over your tight ass. The slap on your butt startles and excites you before I begin kneading your cheeks. My hands then glide along your hipbones allowing me to begin washing your stomach. It is then I notice how firm and flat your abs are. “Hmm, I like the feel of this” I murmur into your ear while I pull my body tight against your back. You wiggle your ass against me, feeling my cock stiffen. My hands continue to move over the front of your body. You lean your head back against my shoulder, turning your mouth towards mine as my hand wrap gently around your breasts. They aren’t big, just a perfect handful. The soap allows my fingers to caress your skin and scintillate stimulate your nipples. You open your mouth inviting a kiss which I happily return.

You reach around to begin caressing my now hard cock. “Hmm, looks who’s getting a second wind” you giggle. Your body turns to face me before you hold out your other hand. “Gel please”

With a squirt of the gel in your hand, you spread your fingers over my chest. Our lips lock again. Our tongues are soon dancing passionately. I feel your fingers begin pulling on my nipple. The feelings were very new and exciting. You feel me pulse in your other hand.

“Hhmm, you like than don’t you” you ask with a snicker.

“I’m liking a lot of things you are doing right now” I reply.

You turn me around so the water rinses off my chest. More gel in your hand is then on my back. Your fingers follow the muscles along my spine before grabbing my cheeks. “I like the way you take care of your body. Makes me think you will have lots of stamina.” you chuckle before reaching around to stroke me, “Yyes, lots of stamina.”

“Turn around” you ask.

As I turn I feel you slide down my body. “Is class in session?” you ask before taking me in your mouth.

“Yes it is. And your first lesson is that there is more than just sucking on a cock” I choke. “Use your hand to gently caress my sack. Let my balls slowly roll in your hand. Gently squeeze them occasionally. Feel their weight.” I quietly suggest.

The feelings flowing through me are wonderful. You are a quick study. I look down and see the concentration on your face. Gazing around your hands and face, I watch the water streaming over your breast and dipping from your aroused nipples. You sense I’m watching you and look up at me. The lust and passion in your eyes excite me even more.

“You By Casino Giriş feel so great Ellen. You want to find the guys “G” spot?” I ask.

You bob your head yes with my cock still in your mouth.

“With a finger of your left hand, reach right behind my sack, but in front of my rosebud. You’ll feel a muscle there. Massage it gently and you’ll drive me crazy.” I murmur.

You move your finger as I instructed. “A little softer to begin with. You’ll feel the muscle harden just before I blow.” I look down to see the grin on your face.

“Do you like to swallow?” I inquire.

You release my cock from your mouth, still rubbing up and down with your hand, and say, “Remember, John doesn’t let me do this. It’s been a long time since I’ve tasted a guys cum. I’d like to taste it now, but I’d also like to be ‘Your little slut’ and feel your sticky cum on my breasts all night” you giggle, imitating your daughter’s earlier comment.

“Keep this up and you won’t have long to wait” I purr. I reach down, gently grabbing your head and pushing your mouth back towards my member.

You increase your effort, massaging my “G” spot, bobbing your head while sucking hard, and still stroking the base. Your pace quickens as you feel me expanding inside your mouth.

“I’m close Ellen” I pant. You turn me so I’m now in the water and you aren’t.

Your head begins moving even faster. I scream out in ecstasy and explode inside your mouth. You take the first squirt, then pull my out, aiming the next shots on your lovely tits. I watch as the sticky white cream adheres to your breast.

As I finish, you take me back into your mouth to suck the last drop. Meanwhile, your hand is massaging my jiz into your skin. “Hmmm” you moan around my cock.

You quickly stand up, making sure to stay out of the spray. “You tasted great Terry. I know I want to enjoy that again, soon” you add with a sparkle in your eye.

You reach around to turn off the water and say, “I think I better get back to my room to get dressed for dinner. But I’ll make sure not to wipe this off.”

“Does that excite you? Knowing your cum is on my tits. I don’t know what I’ll do during dinner knowing you are on me like that and that I was your little slut this afternoon”

“Yes it excites me Ellen. But who said you are my little slut ONLY this afternoon. I want to you wear that dress you did last night. The one that shows off your ass so nicely, only I want you to go ‘Commando'” I add.

“Commando? What does that mean” you ask with a slightly fearful look on your face.

“Well, you’ve heard that Navy Seals never wear underwear” I smile mischievously. It is obvious from the change in your expression when you comprehend what I just told you to do.

“I think that can be arranged if that is what you want your little slut to do.” you giggle.

We quickly dry off and you grab my bathrobe for the quick walk to your cabin.

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