My husband and I may very well have been to open with our kids as they grew up. But in the over all picture I think they grew up very well and liberal thinking.

We pretty much let the kids do as they pleased with in reason of safety as they grew up. We were also very loose on a dress code. Nudity in our house was common place. Denny and I often had sex with the bedroom open. If we had an audience no one ever said a word about it. We did of course give the speech about sex to both girls as they came nearer to that age when they talked boys and sex.

In our state the legal age for drinking has been raise to twenty-one. But when Sherri and Michelle came to us and asked if they could have a graduation party with beer and booze. We had a problem with that. They begged very well and there easy going father came up with an idea.

Our cabin is across the state line and over there the legal age is eighteen. So we told the girls we would take all the kids that gave us a parental permission slip in our motor home to the cabin let them have the party and we would drive them all home the next day.

A week before graduation we had sixteen slips giving us permission to serve beer and booze to the kids at our cabin and we were to be the chaperones. Two mothers asked if they could accompany us in there own cars. We happily agreed.

I called the first mother and introduced myself. “HI “I said “I am Karen Wheeler, Sherri and Michelle mothers.” She said her name was Linda and the mother of Jerry Stone.” She said her husband was away for a few weeks and she really wanted to get out of the house. So I welcomed her to come along.

The second was the Grandmother guardian of a boy named Randy Cole. She said she was not so sure about these kids drinking alcoholic beverages but her grandson wanted to real bad (Because of the girls) so she wanted to go along to make sure things did not get out of hand. I welcomed her also.

Sherri and Michelle our twin daughter were all excited the day of the big party. Denny had parked the motor home out front so as the kids arrived we pilled them in the coach. The last one arrived at two o’clock and the two followers were close behind. It was a very noisy sixty miles but even with all the screaming and fooling around we made it in two hours.

Our cabin has four bedrooms and lots of room on the floor for sleeping bags. The cabin is set back under tall trees a good hundred feet from the lake. Our boat house is next to the dock. We let the kids use it as a changing room for the ones that wanted to go swimming. The booze would not be brought out until after the evening meal.

Neither Denny nor I had met either of our adult guests until today and he for one was surprised and pleased in both cases. Jerry’s mother was slim and tall like me with a skimpy bikini under a see though smock. She made no bones about her suggestive attire and if Denny wanted to look he was welcome. I laughed and told him to be my guest if I could watch. He said he world see what he could do to accommodate me.

Randy Grandmother, Lacy turned out to be a very young Grandmother and a very pretty one. She was not Gaziantep Escort Numaraları over fifty and she was also a well build lady with a quick smile. She on the other hand wore jeans and loose blouse. Even at that I could see she had a nice figure. So I was sure Denny noticed as well.

But with so many young girls around I don’t see how he kept from rupturing him self. Some of the bikinis were no more than an after thought.

It turned out to be ten girls and six boys plus our two daughters. The girls way out numbered the boys. But I got the idea that some of the girls did not care about boys at all. In fact two girls made me smile as they held hands and kissed laughingly.

We called them all up to the cabin for a meal of junk food with hot dogs and hamburgers. The sun had not yet set as we opened the bar. Sherri had a real bad case of Tom Brice. She danced around in her bikini in front of him showing her tight little figure off.

Linda came over and sucked up two high balls in a flash. I thought she came to drink not watch the kids. Denny was acting bartender and overseer for those that might have too many. I mingled and went out side to keep an eye on the ones that came only to screw. But at this grouping it looked like to me that every one was here to get laid even Linda.

Out on the front porch a couple was in the dark corner kissing. They did not even mind when I walked closer. She had her hand in side his swim trunks and he had a finger up her narrow bikini crotch. They looked at me and laughed. I walked away.

I walked down toward the boat house and just off the path under the trees in the darkness I could hardly make out two shadow forms one kneeling in front of the other. God I do enjoy oral sex and I hoped the boy was getting his. Farther down I heard laughter from the boat house. I peeked in the window to see my daughter Sherri bent over the side of the boat with Tom Brice screwing her from the rear.

I hoped they were into safe sex. Standing next to them was a girl sitting on the boat and another girl had her head between her legs. God open sex and group sex is the thing now a days. But with a shortage of boys I guess one has to accept what one can get.

I stood next to Denny and gave him the run down on the kids. He said he thought Sherri was not a virgin but was not sure about Michelle. He said Linda had two more drinks and had asked were the bathroom was twenty minutes ago. I told him I would bar tend so he could go see where she was. As he went up stairs Lacy came over to stand next to me. She asked if her grandson had been drinking and I told her not that I knew of but to ask Denny later. I asked her if she wanted a drink. She cleared her throat and said “Maybe a small one just to ward off the night air.” So I poured her half a glass of Vodka with no mix. She sipped that and said “Oh, yes that is just right.” “Oh great another boozer.” I thought in silent mediation.

Denny came down smiling from ear to ear. Lacy stood looking at him and he smiled at her while he told me “Young Randy is screwing Linda and Linda is licking a pretty little girl’s pussy.” Lacy pucker up her lips to day something but it chocked in her throat. Maybe Lacy was not use to such language or maybe she did not like her grandson screwing our other adult guest. Denny noticed her stammering and went on as if nothing was wrong. God he is a tease some times. “I think I will get a chance to fuck her later. She sure has a nice ass.” He leaned close and said “But not as nice an ass as you my dear.” I said “Now remember I want to watch.” Lacy gulped her drink and poured herself another. The other kids were all right here in front of us dancing and drinking slowly.

I handed a kid a drink and she said “Thank you very much it is a great party.” And walked away. I turned to Lacy telling her not all the kids were busy fucking there brains out. Her face was bright red and she wanted to say something but was at a loss for words. I called out to the kids present “Rule no.1, no clothing after midnight. Everyone has to get naked or go to bed.” The all roared and laughed cat calls came from the two remaining boys.

I looked around sure enough there were only two boys in sight. We had started out with six boys. One was on the porch getting a hand job. One was of the path getting a blow job and one was screwing my daughter Sherri. So where was number six? I looked around the kids dancing and quickly noticed Michele was missing. Denny said he thought Michelle was a virgin but maybe not after tonight. I turned to say something to my ever loving husband but he was going out the French doors with his arm around Granny waist. Granny or not she was a sexy half drunk lady just the way he likes then. I thought, so go get it old boy my chance will come later.

A quick check of the key board next to the front door told me he had picked up the keys to the Coach. Well at least he was going to do her in private.

What I did not find out till later was that when my darling husband and Granny got to the coach. It was already open and Denny walked in on our daughter Michelle getting screwed doggie style right up her pretty little ass. When Dad asked her why in the ass she politely told him so she would not get pregnant. Granny suggested she try sucking him off instead. Michelle said she had already done that. So while the sixth boy fucked our daughter on our bed. Denny followed the youngsters lead and screwed Granny doggie style but not in the ass. He nailed her in the pussy and she cried out with joy. I guess it had been a while for her.

When he finished he was not going soft so he and the boy change partners. Denny fucked his daughter doggie style for the first time but surely not the last. The boy was really into ass fucking and he drilled Granny in the tight little ass hole and she screamed for joy.

By two Am we had accounted for all the kids and two drunken adults. I went out to the coach and Denny followed close behind. We were just laying there naked talking about the evening when both our daughters walked in. Sherri naked slithered in next to her father and Michelle came around to my side and laid her thin naked body on top of me.

Michelle smiled at me as we listened to Sherri tell her Daddy how she loved to watch him walk naked around the house with his cock swinging and his big balls hanging down. I know he was so proud of his girls for wanting to be with us this special night. Michelle wiggled around and sat on top of her Dad taking his cock up her sweet cunt. He looked over at me and winked. He said not too long ago we would get to love our daughters and he sure knew what he was talking about.

Michelle shivered and rubbed her firm little breasts on me. She asked if I had ever had a real girl friend. I asked if she was asking had I ever has sex with another girl? “Well yes I guess.” She said. ‘Oh my Baby daughter I have enjoyed the kissed and touch of another girl many times. In fact your Daddy and I have enjoyed one special girl together many times. Michelle sat up her thin pussy hair tickling my belly. “Oh, Mommy tell us who.” She asked smiling. I looked over at Denny and he nodded Ok. So I said “Well my Darling Daughters; we together, your Daddy and I have had sex with your Grandmother Grace Daddy’s mother since Grandpa died seven years ago.”

Sherri was busy rubbing her tight little cunt all over her Daddy’s cock but she perked up to ask. “Oh, so can we now have sex with Grandma too?” I said “I don’t know why not. I am sure Gamma will love to see we are one big happy family now. The girls leaned to one another and kissed. We got the feeling they had played this game before.

Michelle turned around so her sweet little cunt was ready for me and I spread my legs so she had lots of room for her to do her thing. We did a sixty-nine till we both reached a climax. Daddy fucked Sherri to a climax but pulled out of her before he cum. Sherri went down on him and sucked his cock as he came. Sherri pulled up and Michelle leaned over and sucked the last few drops of her Daddy’s cum.

The girls slept on the living room bed and we all were happy for the rest.

Early in the morning Denny and I went to the house to see how the kids were. Most were still asleep all over the place. We checked the bedroom and found Lacy and her grandson naked together in one bed. In the other bedroom we found Linda with two boys curled up with her sleeping soundly. We backed out we wanted then to wake up with out us knowing what was going on.

An hour later we had fed them all got the sleeping bags gather up and two very sheepish adults ready to drive back to town. Once we got home I got Linda to the side an asked her if she would like to come over Saturday night for a little party of special friends. These were all adults I told her. She accepted.

Denny waited till Granny Lacy got home to invite her to lunch Saturday afternoon at the hotel. He said “We have a room there we keep for special guests.” He made no suggestion but it was clear what he wanted and she accepted giggling. We put the phone down and he said now be sure you wait fifteen minute before you come up with Ted. I think that will give me time to get her naked and in bed. Lucy will get a kick out of him. Ted is my delivery man he works in my dress store. He is also very young, very black and has the longest cock I have ever seen.

The girls were listening on the extension and now they were asking “What about us, what about us.”

((Sex 101, introduction of togetherness ;)) Next…

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