This story is like the rest of my stories in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have. It’s sort of like those old time radio shows where you have to use a lot of imagination, although this story should have enough facts for you to fill it in.

I have to thank Mark for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable. Although it never fails, when I get a work back from my editor I always have to change something so any mistakes are mine.

My wife, Tia and I were rushing getting the horses ready to load onto the trailer for the day’s ride. This was the day we were going to head over to Dennis and Roy Heart’s place for the yearly Cancer ride fund raiser. There were about thirty of us in this horse club, and every year we had this fund raiser. The rest of the year at least two Saturdays a month we got together for some sort of event or other. Usually a trail ride or a family oriented gymkhana where the kids all got ribbons for something they had done that day.

Dennis and Roy’s farm bordered the government grazing reserve which had about forty-five miles of trails through the woods to choose from. The whole club always met at their place for the trail rides because there was a gate between the reserve and their back pasture. From there we could head right into the trails. An added bonus was that they had a big fire pit area where we could all meet after the ride and go over the events of the day while we had a pot luck supper and some liquid refreshment.

Anyway, while we were getting the horses ready to load in the trailer I had been trying to convince Tia into skipping this year’s event. She had been on a business trip this last week and because of that we hadn’t been able to hook up sexually. Also, the night before she had come home completely drained from her week. Not only was her week full of meetings and presentations but her plane home had left three hours late, which meant she got home really late and all she wanted to do was go to sleep.

The morning of the ride I had done my best to warm Tia up enough to get her to say yes and to go back inside the house for some horizontal recreation. She almost gave in to my advances, but she had been looking forward to this ride for a while, and nothing was going to make her miss it. This wasn’t just an ordinary trail ride. This was the yearly cancer ride where all the club members collected pledges to be donated to the local cancer fund. Tia had been collecting a lot of money and this year she was sure she was going to get the plaque for the most donations collected. She had been trying for ten years to take that plaque from Barb, a close neighbour, and an intervention from hell itself would be the only way for her to miss getting it this year.

Tia did feel sorry for me though, and told me she definitely needed some relief, but I had to wait until later. She then promised me that she would make that night unforgettable for me and would rock my world. When she said things like that it always meant I was going to get my bells rung lots, so I was looking forward to that.

Now is as good a time as any to explain some important facts about Tia. She is one of those women who are insecure about her looks and a bit self-doubting when it comes to that. No matter that she had a body of a goddess and a face and personality to match. Whenever I told her how sexy she was, she always was overjoyed that I thought that way about her and there was almost nothing that she wouldn’t do for me to show her gratitude. She had always been that way and that’s just the way I liked her. Even at a party or other event, if someone else told her she was looking good she would hang on their every word, and a few times I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t decided it was time to leave.

Inevitability the gratitude would only last until the next morning and then she would be back to wondering about her looks again. So I learned if I wanted any hot sex I had to make sure I flattered and complimented her lots that day.

Tia also was one of those people that was touchy feely. She was always lightly touching whoever she was around. A light touch on an arm or a dazzling smile to anyone she was talking to was something she always unconsciously did. While she was doing that she always moved closer, like she was having a hard time hearing them. To a lot of people it looked like she was flirting but most everyone we hung out with knew it was just the way she was.

The other fact about Tia that has a bearing on what happened that day is that Tia is a very sexual person and gets horny at the drop of a hat. I found the longer I could tease her until she gets relief, the intensity of her sex drive mushrooms. That desire just seems to keep increasing in her until she bursts. The wildest sex we ever had was one day I had tied her Gaziantep Saatlik Escort up on the bed and teased her for a half hour and then the phone interrupted us with her mother telling us she was close by and was going to drop in. Tia’s body was just jumping all afternoon in anticipation of continuing what had been started before we were interrupted. She had to wait until evening for relief and then she went ballistic on me in her craving to be satisfied.

So after finding out that fact I would sometimes sexually tease her in the morning and then stop so she would stew all day waiting to get satisfied. Tia knew what I was doing and was a willing participant in the game even if her frustration sometimes showed. If I teased her again in the afternoon and still made her wait, the results were spectacular. When she got like that there was almost no stopping her, and she had to have at least three big orgasms before she would let me stop.

At any rate, the groping and teasing I did that morning had gotten the desired effect of her being horny, but we still had to wait. The only reason she was putting me off was we would be late for the ride.

After another attempt of trying to get her back into the house and bed she scolded me by saying in a stern voice, “That teasing you just had to do, has left me hot and a bit wet. I’ve been looking forward to this ride since last year and I’m not going to miss it just because you’ve got me horny. Save it for later and like I promised, tonight will be a special night, so let’s finish loading the horses and enjoy the day.”

She added with an evil smile on her face, “With me being horny now, you should know what’s going to happen tonight.”

I naturally complained by saying, “It’s not fair. I’ve been horny for the whole week and was hoping to persuade you to join me in some bedroom antics.”

She touched my cheek and told me in a sympathetic voice, “Look, I’m as horny as you are, and if I have to wait for relief, you can too. Just remember, I’m the one that’s wet between the legs, and will suffer all day with there being no way for me to get relief until after the ride.” With that she went back to loading the tack in the trailer.

Thus dejected, I said with a bit of a pout, “You can at least always rub your pussy on the saddle during the ride to get some relief. I can’t just whip it out with everyone else there. All you have to do rub your pussy on the saddle and you can get yourself off.”

“Gee, thanks for the idea, I think I will do just that,” she said, mocking me.

That conversation went back and forth for a while more, but she was determined not to miss the ride and after finishing loading the horses I got into the truck and she headed towards her car. She did turn around with a smile on her face and blow me a kiss though.

Because my truck was also used for my work, the cab was full of all sorts of stuff so instead of cleaning it out Tia always followed me in her car.

We both pulled into Dennis and Roy’s place and as we unloaded the horses Tia reassured me by saying, “I’m sorry you are so horny. I’m horny too, so we’re just going to have to suffer for a while until we get home.”

She made fun of it by teasingly saying, “I think I will take your suggestion and get some relief with the saddle on the ride. That should keep the fires burning until I can get some proper relief when we get home.”

The ride was enjoyable and as always Tia’s horse wanted to be near the rear of the herd and my horse wanted to be in the middle of the bunch. I looked back at her a few times and saw Tia was leaning forward and wiggling around a fair bit in her saddle so I figured she was indeed taking the edge off her feelings which would also keep her pussy warm for me. About then Dennis and Roy joined her and for the rest of the ride they seemed to be joking and laughing amongst each other.

After the ride and everyone had eaten we sat around the campfire and were bull shitting back and forth for a while with a few drinks. I got involved with a couple of the guys who were arguing about the merits of the new combines John Deere was bring out and Tia was on the other side of the group doing whatever.

A few hours later when the sun was giving off its last rays, everyone was starting to leave so Tia and I decided that I would take the horses home and do the chores while she would follow me after she helped with the clean up.

Today was her turn to help clean up the area after everyone left. Everyone in the club took turns on clean up duty so that the Hearts wouldn’t have a mess around their yard the next day. There was never too much trash but there were beer bottles to be put away, and there was always the odd errant piece of paper that had blown away and of course the extra food had to be put away.

The darkness of night had descended by the time the horses were loaded and I had just driven down the lane and was waiting at the road for a pickup truck to go by. Of course the pick up had to stop right in front of me. It was our neighbour John with his son Hal. Hal was the guy that watched over our place when we were on holidays etc. so when they got out and approached me I rolled down the window to find out what was going on.

After some pleasantries John got down to why he stopped when he saw my truck. He wanted to borrow my riding mower for the next day and was wondering if he could pick it up. I had no problem with loaning it to him, so I told him he could get it anytime. That’s when he asked where Tia was and I told him she would be coming soon and that I would sure like to be with her instead of heading home alone to do chores and settle the horses in their stalls.

That’s when it was decided he would take my truck and trailer with the horses and Hal would follow in their truck. Hal could do my chores while John loaded the riding mower in his truck. This would give me the chance to ride back with Tia in her car.

It was a great plan, or so I thought. I figured the quarter mile walk back so I could be with my sexy and horny wife was worth the effort so I agreed with John.

They pulled out with my rig, and I headed back to Dennis and Roy’s place on foot. I was thinking about all the things that Tia and I could do on the way home in the privacy of her car. It was now as dark as a witch’s cape and I soon realized I couldn’t see worth a damn in the dark, and was tripping and stubbing over potholes and rocks. My toes were taking a beating every second step and they were getting pretty sore.

I was cussing Roy and Dennis for not taking the time to grade their lane smooth when headlights approached from the farm and another truck stopped beside me. It was the Greens and they informed me they were the last ones to leave.

The greens drove off and I continued my walk to the Hearts place. As I was stumbling down their lane their power lines crossed overhead. I was under the power lines looking down the clear cut to the Heart’s yard and saw their yard light come on. There was a cut line under the power lines through the trees which gave me an unobstructed view of a small piece of their yard. I could just make out three people heading towards the stable. I figured it was Dennis, Roy and Tia, and they were taking the empty bottles into the stable for storage.

It took me less than five minutes as I walked that last bit around the trees that hid the farm yard from the road. When I got to the yard the only light was from the campfire that was still burning. I made a guess that they had turned off the yard light to save power. As I looked around I noticed that there was still some garbage and bottles laying around and wondered why Tia wasn’t cleaning up the litter.

I saw a light burning brightly in the stable and noticed that Dennis and Roy’s house didn’t have any lights on. Tia’s car was still parked where it had been earlier so I came to the conclusion they all must be in the stable and dumb me I didn’t connect the dots to figure out what might be going on in the stable as I headed off that way. I should have figured out right away what was going on, but I was not thinking too clearly at that moment.

I always had an over active imagination and was thinking to myself that seeing as I didn’t know why the clean up hadn’t been done, that maybe something drastic had happened, like a robber had them hostage in the stable or one of them had been hurt and they were in there doing first aid or something drastic like that. With my mind going a mile a minute I decided I would play it safe and would look though the big window in the end of the building to see what was going on instead of barging in.

I knew I would be able to see a lot of the inside of their stable because I had helped install that window in the end of the building. They had located it in the second hand store, and it sure allowed a lot more light into the building. At least looking in the window would allow me to check out what was going on without being seen.

When I looked in and saw what was going on the other side of the window it shocked the hell out of me and my mind screamed, WHAT IS THIS SHIT? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE? I’M THE ONE THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT! WHY ARE DENNIS AND ROY BOTH FUCKING MY WIFE? DAMNIT! DAMNIT! DAMNIT!

What a sight. Right in front of the window, my sexy wife Tia was getting aggressively ploughed by both Dennis and Roy in a very energetic threesome. Those two guys were just hammering themselves into her as hard as they could with no regards about how they were using her body. Hell, from the looks of things she was an active participant and loving every stroke they were giving her. Christ, she was giving as good as she got.

With me in the shadows and them having the light on inside the stable they couldn’t see me outside. I stood there in shock for while as my mind digested what was happening. Suddenly my cock felt like a missile had been shot out of it. Talk about pain. I had an orgasm to end all orgasms. I came so hard my legs had a hard time holding me up and I almost collapsed. I hadn’t touched myself but my cock had just exploded all by itself. After the sixth explosion I had to check to make sure the head was still attached.

My jeans were around my ankles and I don’t remember lowering them, and I was harder than I had ever been in my whole life. I had to take a few deep breaths and clear my mind until I understood what was actually going on in front of me. I was rooted to the spot and my feet wouldn’t move, so I just stood there looking through the window at the three of them.

I become conscious of the fact that Tia’s lips were around the base of Roy’s cock and she was choking and gagging some as Roy slipped all of his cock down her throat. She had just this last year managed to deep throat my cock, but she handled it, even if it was with some difficulty. So seeing Roy’s huge cock, which was bigger than mine buried in her throat was an eye-opener for me.

Man, the three of them were putting on a hell of a porn show. Dennis was pistoning his love muscle in and out of her pussy from behind, and Roy had her bent forwards at the waist so he could shove his cock back and forth in Tia’s mouth. Holy cow, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing but at the same time I couldn’t take my eyes off the sight. I was captivated watching them through the window and it was like watching porn on a giant screen TV.

I just couldn’t pry my eyes away from watching my wife being fucked in a hot threesome. I had always been fascinated by the thought of watching Tia being fucked by someone else, and this sight before me was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. Why just last month I had been asking her how she liked it while she was sucking me while I had a dildo in her pussy, and told her to imagine it was me and another guy working her over. When I had asked her that, it was like a bomb went off in her as she attacked me and the dildo. So I figured I knew where she stood on getting kinky by fucking someone else.

I realized they were so involved with each other that there was no stopping them now, so I might as well watch the rest of the show and see what else would happen. After all it was a pretty good show.

Dennis’s cock was hitting bottom on every hard thrust into Tia’s pussy. How she took that pounding I’ll never know but she wasn’t complaining in the least and I could faintly hear the sounds she made though the window. They told the story of how much she was getting off on this tag team action.

Both Dennis and Roy had to have about ten inches of the hardest cocks I had ever seen on a guy. Mind you with them being brothers I could understand how their size came from their family genes. The only place I had ever seen cocks that big was in some porno movies we had watched.

I was watching the three of them going at it like rabbits and found myself with my aching hard on in my hand. When that had happened I don’t know, but I was well on the way of getting off again.

While I watched them and stroked my cock I thought to myself, these two guys must be really fast. In the five minutes when I first saw them heading towards the stable until I arrived at the window they had gotten in the stable, stripped Tia and themselves. Plus for whatever reason they had put Tia’s chaps and boots back on her. Which by the way made her look as sexy as I have ever seen her. That wasn’t much time to heat up the action to where they were now, so that meant Tia had to have been assisting them and not resisting them in any way.

My mind kept putting the facts together and I remembered Dennis and Roy hanging around Tia most of the day and she was being her normal self and laughing and joking around with them. She always seemed to have a hand on the arms and a smile on her face but that was just Tia. I guess I should have paid more attention to her. And thinking about it more I was sure that she had disappeared with first Roy, and then Dennis for about five minutes each during the evening, but it was never long enough for me to worry. Heck those two guys were friends so I didn’t think too much about what was going on.

As I watched them, my mind finally connected the dots about the day. I realized Tia had been horny that morning and during the ride I did notice her rubbing her pussy in the saddle. That must have built up her sexual frustration more. Plus the big thing was, even if they were friends I should have known not to trust Dennis and Roy with her. Everyone knew Dennis and Roy were the two horniest guys this side of the Rockies. If there was a female of the species around, they would fuck her. I also realized that leaving a hot to trot horny wife with them was not the most intelligent thing to do.

Five minutes after I had first looked in the window, the sounds Tia was making intensified when the two guys stepped up their pace. She was getting the fucking of her life and I reacted to the sight of that by cumming all over the ground again.

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