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My Master

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I walk up to his lair with apprehension. Once I enter, there is no turning back. I will be his and no longer mine. I will do whatever he says, no matter what. That was the arrangement. I take a deep breath and use the heavy knocker on the dungeon-like door. He answers the door and steps aside to let me in. The inside looks like a normal living room and a normal dining room off to one side. I guess even he has to keep up appearances. I see a young beautiful blonde walk into the kitchen, she is naked except for her black, four inch stilettos.

“You must be…” he trails off.


“No. You are now Slave Emily. Take off all of your clothes and give them to Slave Allison. Then I will begin your inspection” He then screams “Slave Allison!!”

Another beautiful girl scurries into the living room, “Yes, master?”

“Take Slave Emily’s clothes and dispose of them. She won’t be needing them anymore. Now you, stand with your legs shoulder with apart for your inspection.”

I stood there, heart pounding. He began by running his fingers through my brown hair. He lightly touched my cheek and lips next. Then, after lifting up my arms, he moved onto my breasts. He carefully rubbed each nipple in circles until they were fully erect. Then he pinched each one until I flinched from the pain.

“Get used to that,” he said.


He then slapped me across the face. “No, you will answer me by saying ‘yes, master.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, master. I’m sorry, master”

He continued to pinch and rub my nipples until he was satisfied and began kneading my breasts in his hands. I was humiliated from him slapping me and being inspected like a piece of meat. I loved it. I could already feel the wetness and fire in my loins. After he was done with my breasts he told me to bend over. He ran his fingers from my clit to my asshole, where he rubbed and inserted a finger. I moaned in delight. When he removed it, I was dissappointed, but then he spanked both of my ass cheeks Tipobet as hard as he could. Then he told me to lay on the dining room table and spread my legs. He put his face very close to my pussy and started rubbing it, spreading the wetness around. My toes curled and I almost begged him to fuck me but I remembered my place. I didn’t want to be punished just yet. I wanted my master to use and abuse me for his pleasure. I even wanted his guests to use me. I knew that was part of the agreement and I was a little apprehensive at first. But in the complete state of desire I was in, I knew I would enjoy every second of it.

“Hmm, very good.” He stood up and helped me off the table. I knew then that even though he was my master, he was a gentleman and I would grow to love him very soon.

“Do I please you, my master?” I asked

“Yes, you are acceptable. Now go with Slave Allison. She will show you your room and prepare you for me. Once I have had my meal I will be enjoying you. Slave Allison, remember what you have learned and take care of Slave Emily.”

Damn, I was hoping that he would have taken me right then and there, with Slave Allison watching. But he is my master and he has his own agenda and plans for me. And I must follow them. I followed Slave Allison up to my room. She instructed me to lie on the bed so she could tie me down. “Don’t worry sister, the first day is always the easiest.” She tied my arms and legs to the 4 posts of the bed. I thought that was it and I would be waiting there for my master, but then Slave Allison got in between my legs and started licking my even wetter pusy. She started slowly, from the hole to my clit, in little circles around my clit and back down to my hole. She had an exquisite tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming in her mouth. Pretty soon, she put her fingers inside of me and began rubbing my g-spot while her tongue lapped viciously at my clit. I was writhing and pulling at my bonds I was in so much pleasure. Tipobet Giriş When I was on the very brink of my orgasm, she suddenly stopped. “I’m sorry,” she said, “the rules are that only the master can give you permission to orgasm or make you orgasm.”

She then proceeded to take a box out from under the bed. Out came nipple clamps, and onto my nipples they went. Then she pulled out a blindfold and adorned me with that as well. I expected a gag next, but instead she put the box away. I suppose if I was gagged I would not be able to gag on my my master’s cock. I could not wait to do that. Slave Allison kissed me tenderly before walking out of the room.

Although it was only a short time, it seemed like eternity before my master walked into the room. “Perfect, just how I like them,” he muttered to himself. As soon as I heard his voice my juices instantly started flowing. I was ready for whatever he had to offer. “You’re going to suck my cock like a good slave,” he said as he got on top of my with his huge erection next to my face. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue along the underside of his dick and back up, running my tongue around the tip of his penis. I licked it like an ice cream cone until he grabbed my chin and forced it into my mouth. Now I was starting to get really wet. I began sucking lightly, licking all around. Pretty soon he started forcefully fucking my mouth. I was gagging on his dick and sucking as hard as possible. I was completely enjoying being used by my master in such a way. When he was done fucking my face, I begged him to let me lick and suck on his balls, knowing he would enjoy that. He set his balls on my chin and I greedily lapped at them and got both of them into my mouth. I licked and sucked on them ever so lightly. I loved it when I heard my master moan in delight.

I thought he was done when he took my blindfold off and released me from my bonds. However, he proceeded to tape my hands behind my back while I was lying on my side. He Tipobet Güncel Giriş slapped my ass a few times and I shivered from the pleasure. He slowly pushed his dick into my tight pussy and I moaned louder than I expected to.

“Shut up bitch!” he said and slapped my ass, hard. He then started choking me while he was fucking me ever so slowly. My mind and body were on a completely different planet. I was in pleasure heaven. Apparently I continued to moan because he stopped fucking me so he could shove a gag in my mouth.

“Moan on that, slave,” he said. Then he started fucking me hard. I was in ecstasy. When he put his hand around my throat and started choking me again, I lost it and came. I screamed into my gag while he continued to pound my pussy. I couldn’t breathe but I didn’t care. When he flipped me on my stomache and pushed my face into the bed, I came again but even harder.

“If you liked that you’re going to like this even more,” he whispered into my ear as he pulled out of my pussy and placed his huge cock at my asshole entrance. He started pushing in and I wriggled, trying to get away. I had never had anything in my ass before and his huge cock was sure to tear me apart. “Don’t you dare try to get away from me slut!” he shouted and I cowered. “You’re soon going to learn your place.” In punishment, he shoved it all the way in my ass in one stroke. I screamed in pain. Luckily is cock was wet enough from my pussy to lubricate it. He began going in and out of my asshole, slowly at first, thankfully. After the pain subsided I was left with intense pleasure. He soon started to move faster. He slapped my ass a few times and it wasn’t long before I was cumming again. I squealed in delight as many waves of orgasm overtook my body. Soon I could tell he was close. He took the gag out of my mouth and told me to open wide because I was going to swallow all of his cum. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, waiting to taste his seed. I swallowed it all and it tasted amazing.

I laid on the bed, waiting for him to untie my arms. They were already numb from being taped behind my back. “You are to wait here, slave. I am done with you for the night but my wife will be in shortly to use you for her pleasure as well.”

So I lied there again, in the dark, waiting…

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My Gifts

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination only and do not bear any resemblance to actual persons or events.


A sea of umbrellas lay ahead as I exited the train station. The rain had begun to fall just a few minutes ago as I was stepping off of the train. I was now to work my way through the crowd and into the office.

It was Monday morning and I could not be late.

I hurried through the crowd and water from surrounding umbrellas had fallen onto my clothes. My hair was slightly wet at the bottom and my jacket also, but I would dry this in the bathroom, as soon as I had reached the office and placed my gift. The clock showed 08.23, and I hurriedly worked my way up the stairs until I reached my office, which I walked past, and then up the stairs into the office of my boss, Mr. Carver.

I pulled the blue box gently out of my bag which had been covered to protect it from the rain. I knelt down and very carefully placed it in the centre on Mr. Carver’s chair. A black leather swivel chair tucked neatly under a wooden desk, beside a large window which overlooked the city skyline.

I headed for the bathroom, and dried myself. I was conscious that my blouse was also slightly wet and the outline of my bra was visible. I covered it with my lapel and sat down to work.

The day went by quickly. An executive meeting was later followed by end of month reporting, and I was glad to break for lunch.

Lunch was light, with a grain and salmon salad, supplemented with a lime and coriander dressing. I sat in the nearby restaurant. The break was welcome and my mind returned to the weekend.

I had spent Sunday with a friend, Andrew. Or rather as he should now be known, more than a friend. We had got on well when we met each other last week, and had agreed to meet again for a stroll in the nearby park, but the weather had scuppered our plans and we ended up staying at his place for an afternoon movie.

The movie was good, a mid century arthouse classic which he had suggested. The plot was fascinating and the characters intriguing. The sex scenes had set the tone, and our night ended well with him making love to me passionately.

We had agreed to meet again, but I did not commit to a time. I wanted to see how the week panned out first.

I left work late that evening, and glanced into Mr. Carver’s office to see if he had accepted my gift.

A rush of excitement ran through my body as I noticed he had.


The following day went by quickly, and allowed me to wear more casual, comfortable clothes. I was able to leave work early and I headed to the station. On the journey home, I exchanged messages with Andrew. We were missing each other and the conversation centred on when we would next meet.

The exchanges continued into the evening and after a long hot shower, I had felt sexy in my new underwear and silk pyjamas as I stepped into bed. I had then masturbated to the thought of the hot sex we had shared. I came quickly inside of my thong and slept deeply that night.

I woke early in the morning and packaged my gift inside a blue box. I headed to the station and onto the train. Today was less busy and I was able to arrive in good time. I hung my coat in my office, and carried my leather bag upstairs into Mr. Carver’s office. I left my gift once again and returned to begin my work.

Mr. Carver arrived shortly before 9. He did not speak as he entered, and walked past my office. He was a tall and mysterious man, in his 40s with short dark hair. He had been appointed President in July and was making a positive impact on company performance already.

He radiated a sense of authority with broad shoulders, and dark suits with a white shirt and a necktie.

We had spoken when he first joined, and got on well initially. His demeanour had gradually become more bullish, and I made a mistake of questioning him in a client meeting. Unintentional of course, but he was unhappy and wanted to see me in his office later in the afternoon.

The meeting had started well. I apologised profusely and explained myself. He took control of the conversation and demanded that it didn’t happen again. He had a way of making me feel small with his words, combined with his intense stare. A not unwelcome feeling for me as I recall. I went on to feel the need to apologise further to him the more he spoke and the smaller I felt.

I came to the conclusion that my words would not be enough and I was to try something different.

I had gradually leant forward to slightly expose the opening in my blouse to him, allowing him a brief peek inside. My lacy white bra was just visible inside. Continuing with his words, it was clear I must go one step further, so facing towards him, I parted my legs very slightly and my short skirt exposed my white panties. He did not look down, but I could sense his temptation.

He finished with a request which would change us both forever. Tipobet

‘Remove them, place them behind me and leave’.

I had known exactly what he meant. and his words would be my command. Without hesitation, I stood up, lowered his blinds, and removed my panties as I stood beside him. I gently hung them on the metal frame of his chair, and reopened his blinds.

He allowed me to leave and wished me a nice evening.

I had returned home that night naked underneath my short skirt, and the journey home was full of thoughts about how they were now in his possession. He had taken a piece of me for his own indulgence and I cannot hide the fact that I enjoyed the thought of him looking down at them imagining my intimate parts pressed up against the soft fabric. I thought about the pleasure he may have when he placed them up to his face, and the taste and smell of me took over his senses.


The following morning I had received a message by the time I arrived at work.

‘Thank you for the apology. I enjoy receiving gifts and will expect one from you every time. x’

He had accepted my apology, but what did he mean by every time?’ I asked myself.

My mind wandered back to the day of my apology, and how I had made love with an ex boyfriend in the morning before heading to work. Perhaps he could sense this I thought. I had felt the remains of my morning sex inside me during the day, and together with my juices, had leaked onto my panties.

Perhaps it was this he enjoyed. Experiencing what I had earlier in the day, I wondered.

I was apprehensive, but concluded that he was in charge and I was to follow his order.

I responded to the message ‘Thank you for your gratitude Mr. Carver’.

The next time I made love, I made sure I presented him with my gift so that he could experience it also.

My apology had now become my gift.

This continued for some time, and his approval was given with occasional messages of ‘thank you’, but one stands out in my mind.

‘Don’t ever miss a gift or be late’.

From then on, I always ensured I delivered it on time and without fail.

I enjoyed my gift giving and the thought of him secretly sharing my sexual experiences sent me wild. I would refrain from fantasising at work, but at times it became impossible for me not to. Knowing that the man just above me knew everything about my most intimate life only added to the excitement I felt inside.

We remained professional at work though and spoke frequently developing a good working relationship. I was to be a good girl for now and this was to be our little secret,, compartmentalised in our minds, and tapped into only when we chose.

As my gift giving became frequent, my relationship had developed with Andrew and we had become much closer. We were now making love at least three times a week. Each and every time, ensuring I wore the same underwear after we had climaxed to ensure everything was included for Mr. Carver. Where two of these sessions would occur on a weekend, I would be sure to give two gifts first thing on Monday morning. Each individually wrapped in soft tissue paper and sealed with a clip, before being packaged neatly in a box.

My sex life with Andrew had started off well, and we had begun exploring new avenues. I was by now having submissive fantasies. I was beginning to accept that I was no longer in control, and the more power over me the two men gained, the more intense these fantasies became. I wished to be controlled. Have my hands tied tightly together, be bent over Andrew’s knee and submit to him.

I loved the feeling of how naughty I was being, both with Andrew and Mr. Carver. Knowing how they both wanted part of me and savoured my body, my taste and my smell. I became a new sexual being during this time and my senses were awakened.

I decided in my mind that I deserved to be punished and I would allow myself to enjoy it.


Later in the week, Andrew and I had flirted once again via messages in the afternoon, and it was clear both of us were ready. I had agreed to return home without wearing my bra and we teased each other over dinner before Andrew took the lead. He was especially forceful and strong that evening, and my fantasy was fulfilled. My wrists had been tied tightly with rope, and he had eased me over his knee. My excitement was only heightened further by how restricted I felt in that moment.

I was now powerless at his mercy and had submitted to him.

The feeling had filled me with ecstasy, and I anticipated his hand across my naughty bottom any second. I waited as he instead gently caressed my bottom first. I asked him to please punish me, to which he responded by pushing my head down further. My head was now low, but my bottom was raised high, exposed to him ready and willing to take the force of his hand.

I so badly craved his strong hand across my cheeks.

Instead, he had half lowered Tipobet Giriş my panties first, exposing my slit. I was beginning to lose myself in the sensation of the air flowing against my lips, when his big strong hand slapped across my right cheek.

That was the first and it was incredible. I had been very naughty and had received my first punishment.

I asked him how naughty I was. Secretly hoping he would know everything and would serve his punishment onto me that very night.

He responded with a second much harder slap. This one felt even better than the first and my skin tingled after. The pain was intoxicating and I knew I would orgasm if he continued.

I begged him for more, and he reminded me he was in control, and he would decide how and when I would be punished. He called me by my name and continued to tell me how naughty I was, digging his fingernails into my cheeks. The pain of his fingernails slightly piercing my skin intensified the sensation and I could not resist opening my legs slightly as he slapped me again on the opposite cheek.

My body by now was shaking and I climaxed shortly after his final swipe with my right cheek grasped in his hand. My contractions were visible for him to see as I spread my legs further and the top of my thighs became wetter.

I asked that my panties were returned, and my juices would go on to fill the crotch. My cheeks left small specks of blood on the back from where he had dug his fingernails into my skin.

I finished Andrew with oral sex, allowing him to ejaculate into my mouth as my hands were still tied.

This was the most special experience, and my thoughts turned to my gift which I would serve tomorrow.

I wanted this to be special also, and for him to know how I had just been punished.

My previous gifts had been wrapped in a small blue box, but I chose red for this one, given how special this had been for me. I wanted him to know that red would mean I had been extra naughty, and there was a special surprise awaiting him. A secret code between the two of us.

I placed my panties, with the rear facing up inside the box, and wrapped them in fine red cotton. I used some lace to seal the wrap, and positioned the lid, sealing this with more lace.

I placed it inside my bag ready for tomorrow.


I ensured I arrived at work in good time, and I went straight up the stairs to Mr. Carver’s office. I smiled as I kneeled down to place the red box on his chair, but paused just as I did.

I would not hide this special gift for him, I thought, and instead leave it on his desk. The risk of someone noticing it only made the experience more exciting.

He would arrive at work, and it would be there on the desk in front of him, beautifully packaged in a special box. I wonder what he will be thinking and if he will enjoy it as much as I had last night.

I waited nervously as he climbed the stairs with a female acquaintance. I could hear them talking as she told him he was a lucky boy, referring to the gift I had left. Oh how lucky he is I giggled to myself. The thought that they would open the gift together and see my panties, my orgasm from last night inside, excited me. My pleasure would be exposed and laid bare right there on the table for both to see.

I stopped as I told myself that this was our secret, and would only be between him and me. It was an audacious gesture, but I was feeling playful. Perhaps I had secretly wanted to be exposed. I pondered this for a while.

The rest of the day went by slowly, and he left just after lunch. I noticed the top of the box poking out of his leather bag slightly as he walked past my office. He was taking it home. My mind began to imagine my panty collection which was now in his possession. I wondered if he had a favourite, and how he kept them, perhaps still neatly stored in their boxes, opened only for his indulgence.

My sex life had been incredible the past few weeks, and I had orgasmed more than I had ever done so, ensuring each one of them was captured there ready for him to experience afterwards and then etched inside his mind.

I was deep in thought, when the door to my office knocked loudly and my heart skipped a beat. I looked around, eyes wide open, and there he was, stood in the doorway. I looked at him, and he responded ‘Client dinner confirmed tomorrow at 5’.

I was looking forward to a more relaxed day tomorrow, but this was important and would mean I needed to start preparing and would wear something nice. I began to prepare some work for tomorrow and left to return home.

That evening, I decided on a short black dress for the dinner party. A simple silhouette which I had kept for some time. The dress fitted my figure well and I felt elegant wearing it. I checked how it would look with my jewellery and settled on a fine platinum set which I had been given as a gift by my family earlier in the year. My underwear was also to be black. A lacy thong Tipobet Güncel Giriş and bra set I wore only on special occasions.

As I tried on the outfit, I could not stop looking at the redness of my bottom from the previous night. I had been aware of the soreness during the day which brought me back to the thought of Andrew’s hand across my naughty bottom. The marks he had left on me were a sign of my punishment and I loved looking at them in the mirror and recalling how hard he had spanked me, and how strong I had climaxed.


The following day after lunch, I prepared for the meeting and began to change into my black dress early. Whilst getting ready, I again caught glimpses of my red bottom as I readied myself in front of the mirror. A quiet and polite lady on the outside I certainly was, but how so few knew what was brewing underneath.

The meeting started well and we had made a good impression. The presentations were strong and the food was exquisite. We had used the restaurant at the top of our office to seat 25 people, with panoramic views across the city.

I was seated next to Matthew, a long term client who I had formed a good bond with previously. He was attending after being promoted to the executive board in an investment firm. He was young and very good looking. I had previously developed a crush on him, as we were both new to our current jobs, and we had connected well over lunch a few times. Dressed in his tuxedo, he looked very smart and there was some playful flirting as the evening went on. He would ask about my personal life occasionally and it was clear he found me attractive, as did I find him.

As the evening went on, I again became aware of my sore bottom underneath my silky soft black dress. My thong had exposed my skin and the soreness served as a reminder to me as I moved in the chair. A reminder of Andrew telling me how naughty I was. I could hear his voice in my mind telling me again as I continued flirting with Matthew. I would remain committed to Andrew, but I enjoyed the evening and was very turned on by the time we had drunk our final glass of champagne.

I said goodbye, and returned to my office to collect my belongings.

I would head to the bathroom to change before going home and so I briefly walked into my office, and picked up my bag from my desk and my coat from the rack. As my hand reached for my coat, the door to my office slammed.

I had not switched on the light, intending only to pick up my coat and bag, and then leave.

Turning around I could see the outline of Mr. Carver in the doorway. He did not say a word, and neither did I. Adrenaline ran through my body but the feeling was more of a rush than fear. Or possibly a deadly combination of both. Either way, I looked away from him and towards my desk which my coat was now on top of.

‘What does red represent?’ he asked in his deep voice

I knew exactly what he meant but I struggled for words. I could try to explain my special experience to him, but my panties had said it all. ‘Or had they’? Still standing across the room silent, I looked down at the desk embarrassed and began to blush. His stare was intimidating. The thought of humiliation was nice for me, and I was now feeling very small as I had done so previously during my apology.

I stood there in my black dress with my high heels for a second looking nervously down. The champagne had made me tipsy and I was still hot from the entertainment upstairs.

I would struggle with words in this moment, and would instead express myself differently.

Still looking down, I ran my left hand slowly across the desk as I walked slowly forward, before turning to face him and maintaining eye contact as I continued to walk slowly forward. My heart was pounding and I was feeling weak. My innocent eyes locked onto his.

As I reached the centre of the desk, I stopped and pushed back onto it lifting myself slightly onto the top. My hands were now positioned on the desk, and my arms had compressed my small cleavage, which was just visible above my dress.

Mr. Carver began to walk towards me, but I instructed him to stop him with my finger.

I would reveal to him what my gift had meant and the special pleasure those panties represented.

I turned slowly and faced away from him. I could now see my reflection in the window to my side, and I could feel his stare on the back of my neck and shoulders at first, and then my bottom, the outline of which was just visible through my dress. The curves of my hips and bottom had been accentuated by my black thong underneath.

I glanced into the window and focused on his stare as he stood behind me. I slowly bent forward at the waist and lowered myself to the desk in front. My hands spread wide, as I bent further forward, and slid back slightly so my rear was closer to him and he could glimpse the very top of my thighs. My hair was tied up neatly, but I released it as I gave up control. My hair fell to the table on one side covering most of my face.

My hands worked their way off of the desk and slowly back towards my legs, from which I lifted my little black dress gradually to expose my black lacy thong underneath, and bright red bottom, still sore with small cuts from my punishment.

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My Fairytale

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As always:

Thanks to rf-fast for the editing work. Your insights are what prevents this story from being mindless drivel. Thanks!


I grew up on fairytales. Prince Charming saves the Princess. The knight in shining armor heroically helps the damsel in distress. The beast and the beauty come together when no one thought it was possible. Every book or movie I watched growing up had something to do with fairytales. From a young age, all I wanted to be was a princess. I wanted my knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet because he fell hopelessly in love with me at first sight, and afterwards, we would live happily ever after. The problem with fairytales is they never actually explain what happily ever after is…

Sex. By the time my first semester of college was over, I realized I could care less about it. I had three partners in my life and all of them left me unimpressed with the act. I found it wasn’t like any movie I had seen. In romance movies, the guy and girl get together and they share this mind-blowing experience and their souls seem to unite. Even in porn, when you know it’s just a wham, bam, thank you ma’am scenario, the women seem to be crying out in sheer bliss. Like all of entertainment, I came to the conclusion that sex was a lie. It was something that Hollywood (or wherever porn is shot) makes up to sell-sell-sell their product, preying on the minds of us dreamers saying, “See the great sexual life you could be having?” Ugh!

My first experience was with my boyfriend in High School. I came from a small town farming community where everyone knew everyone by name. Nate was a real sweet guy and I thought we were destined to be together forever. We weren’t a prince and princess, but we did come in third for prom king and queen. That would have been magical, Queen Andrea Lockhart. At the end of our senior year, I knew it wasn’t going to last. We saw our lives going in two different directions. I wanted to leave the small town lifestyle and he wanted to take over his family farm. When I got accepted to State University in the big city of Hilldale, I knew it was over. I decided to give the nicest guy I knew my virginity. I knew I was using him as I didn’t want to go to college a virgin but Nate wasn’t complaining. Actually, he was excited. So with two days before I left, we did the deed.

It was nothing like I expected. Nate pushed in and it felt like I was being split in half. It hurt like hell. Where was this in the movies? The pain NEVER stopped. It was so bad, I was crying. If Nate would have seen it, I’m sure he would have stopped but his eyes remained clenched shut. Fifteen minutes later, Nate started shaking on top of me. Thank goodness that was over, that pain was intense. He rolled off to the side of me and thanked me repeatedly. I told you he was happy. But what about me? Am I a woman now? Where was the soul connection or at the very least my sheer bliss? The only thing I felt was soreness.

I went to my first frat party during my first week on campus. School was beginning in a couple days and I wanted to experience a college party before I had to put all my effort into my studies. I was hanging around and the scene was much different from any party I had attended while in High School. Parties back home had at most twenty people there and we would play games, listen to music, or if we were at Marge Stanton’s home, we swam. Here, there were people everywhere, the alcohol flowed, the music loud, and sexual activity abound, from kissing to touching to flashing to – was that girl sucking that guys penis? It was an eye opening experience to say the least. That’s when I met Lance.

Lance was entering his junior year and I was at his frat house, the Phi Delta Omega’s. He didn’t slay a dragon as his name might suggest but he was cute. I guess you can say we dated for about a week. We hung out in between classes and every evening. He even took me out once; dinner and a movie. Being that he was a philosophy major, you would think he would be a good conversationalist, but all he talked about was sex. Whenever together, he would constantly be grabbing at me. I guess it was supposed to be a compliment. Finally, I caved. Maybe the sex I had experienced was only bad because it was my first time? We were under the covers in his bed and I let him take off my clothes. He gave me the most wicked smile as he climbed on top of me.

He barreled into me and kept proclaiming, “Can you feel that?”

I didn’t know if I was supposed to answer him or not, but after the fifth time, I did. “Not really.” It was the truth. He was inside me and I barely felt anything. I didn’t even feel pain. Sex was becoming very confusing.

Lance stopped mid stroke. “What was that?”

“Oh, it was rhetorical? It’s just that you kept asking.”

This upset him to no end. He stood up and started getting dressed. I was surprised when I caught a glimpse of his penis. It was only the second one I have ever seen but the two couldn’t have been any more different. Tipobet Nate looked like they did in the porno movies, perhaps bigger and definitely thicker. Lance was – what’s a good comparison? – A sewing needle?

Lance kicked me out. His final words were “If I knew you weren’t a virgin, I never would have went out with you.”

The words stung, but not so much as what happened next. The following day, I was inundated with stares and whispers. I was Ms. Popular and had no idea why. Well, as it turns out, I am now the school whore. Lance informed everyone that not only did we have sex, but I also used him just to add another notch to my belt, whatever that meant. He told everyone that my goal at college was to be fucked by every guy there, students and faculty. Girls hated me and the guys approached me in troves. All for the wrong reasons. Worst of all, I still have no idea what I said to Lance to make him so angry. I came close to packing up my things and heading home. It was obvious that I was out of my element.

Charlie Anderson was in my freshman biology course. He was better than average looking, but was immensely shy. He rarely talked to anyone, and that was only if they spoke to him first. My fellow students resented him due to him smashing the curve on everything assigned. I felt bad for instigating our relationship, but I was frustrated, stressed, and I was ready to snap. I wasn’t asking him to defeat an evil witch, I just wanted him to be my shield.

First, I simply asked if he could help me study. After some time, I asked him to go on a date. Then a second one. He was so shy, he could still barely talk to me, but his actions when we were together made me feel like a normal girl again. He was a perfect gentleman, always considerate, and didn’t grope me once. He was really polite. The problem was that we had nothing in common. We both knew it. Then one night while we were in my dorm room, we had the most honest conversation. Ever.

“Why are you with me?”

“Uh,” Charlie stammered.

“Please Charlie, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings.” I put my hand over his.

Charlie’s head shied down, “Because you’re a girl and I’m tired of everyone accusing me of being gay.”

“You never had a girlfriend?”

Charlie shook his head, “I’m sorry. I should probably leave.”

“Why would you leave? I’m with you for the same reason.”

“You are?” Confusion swept across Charlie’s face, “I thought you have been with every guy in town?”

My shoulders fell and I sniffled away the tears. “No, I’ve been with two people and only one lives in this state.”

“Now I get it,” Charlie smiled. “For a week I was trying to figure out how to break up with you without hurting your feelings. I mean I still like you as a friend but…”

“Me too.” I interrupted. “How about this? We pretend to be dating until one of us finds someone else. We support each other. You get to ask me all the questions you want about girls and I still have my protection from the other students. Deal?”


Once everything was in the open, both of us felt so much better about ourselves. We no longer felt we were using the other for our own purposes, but it was now a mutual understanding. We were still bored when we hung out together, but it was understood. Plus was the added bonus that my grade in biology and his in Algebra soared as math was my best subject.

It was Sunday afternoon and I was going stir crazy. It really does stink to not have any friends, though I still got asked out by a slew of guys, in front of Charlie at times, but instead of being pushy like before, they give up quickly when I say “I have a boyfriend.” What’s worse is that I’m poor too. Life is boring when you are stuck in your room because you are a broke college student who has to rely on the bus to get around. Maybe Charlie would hang out. We can be bored together.

“Charlie, do you think you can take me to the mall? I really need to pick up some things.” And by things, I meant bras. I apparently grew a little since the beginning of the year and needed something that wasn’t strangling my body. But saying that would scare off my potential ride.

“Ah, come on, we already went on our ‘date’ this week. Besides, I’m in the middle of an intense battle. DIE ALREADY!”

By now, I was used to him talking to his games and knew those last two words weren’t for me. “Please,” I whined.

Charlie sighed, “Damn it, I died.” I then heard the music of the game start back up as he obviously wasn’t done. “Not today, all right.”

I don’t know what made me say it, but after I did, I recognized it didn’t bother me. Not in the slightest. I mean Charlie is harmless enough and I could care less about the act itself. “I’ll have sex with you.” Isn’t sex apart about being boyfriend and girlfriend? Even if it is fake? Even if it’s just to get a ride to the mall?

The line went dead. Well, that’s not exactly true. I heard from Charlie’s television the sound signifying Tipobet Giriş he died again before the menu music played. “Charlie? Are you there?”

“Um, yeah. I thought I heard you say something that you couldn’t have possibly said.”

“I will, Charlie. If you take me to the mall, I’ll have sex with you.” It still didn’t bother me.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

Five minutes and twelve seconds later, Charlie pulled up in his rusty blue Escort. We went to the mall and I could tell Charlie was nervous. I couldn’t believe what my offer was doing to the poor boy. He followed me and I had to suppress a laugh when he realized what section I was shopping in the department store. He appeared to have seen a ghost. But he remained steadfast because of my promise.

We went back to my dorm room and I rummaged through my roommates top drawer. Somehow, I knew Charlie wouldn’t have a condom and I don’t have reason to carry any either.

My coupling with Charlie solidified my feelings toward sex. Charlie was in between Nate and Lance on the size scale, so when he pressed into me, I did feel something that wasn’t pain. But that was it. Literally.

“Oh God, Andrea.” Charlie’s eyes scrunched up, his breathing became heavy, and his body became stiff.

After a few Moments, I tapped my hand to his back, “Good?”

“Sorry Andrea.”

“For what Charlie? You did good,” I smiled. He did better than Lance – I mean at least he got off – and as for me, I’m not in pain, so yeah, it was good.

“It was?”

“Of course,” I leaned up and kissed his cheek.

Charlie rolled off me, “Thank you Andrea.” I saw the sincerity in his eyes and it reminded me of Nate. “And I know we are just friends with an odd agreement, so I promise I will never ask or demand this of you. If you want to do it again, we can, but I won’t expect it.”

“You’re a good friend, Charlie.” What was the big deal? It was just sex. I smiled, “Let’s get dressed.”

Then came the favor.

“Come on Charlie,” I whined. “Let me drive it.”

“No, my Dad will kill me if we take his BMW.”

“Please,” I hit him with my sad puppy dog face.

“You have no idea how strict my Father is. I mean, he didn’t used to be, but when I was sixteen, he started talking to me weird. Mentioning lifestyles and such. I guess I didn’t react the way he’d liked so now he’s as strict as can be.” Charlie laughed. “We are not going on our date with you driving his car. Stop asking.”

“What about if you drive.” I really did just want to ride in the car. I have never seen a luxury car before. Heck, where I’m from luxury meant extended cab on the truck.

Charlie took a deep breath, “Fine, get in. But we have to be back before my Mom gets home.”

Yes! “Thanks Charlie.” I smiled as I opened the passenger door. “For a second I thought I was going to have to offer to have sex with you again.”


“Too late, get in.”

We drove in silence. There were no words shared and there was no music we could agree on. It was a typical date for us. We went to dinner at a cheap diner and then to a popular hangout so we could be seen together by our peers before heading to the dorms to drop me off. We were pulling in when this little Honda Civic carrying a bus load of students came roaring at us. Charlie tried to evade, turning the wheel suddenly, and was successful in dodging the reckless car but not so much the sign indicating there was a speed bump.

It didn’t look good. It was better than it would have been if we hit the speeding car, but the sign did enough. The pole broke the passenger side headlight and the sign itself put a huge dent in the hood and left a spider web crack in the windshield.

Charlie was in tears.

I gently rubbed his back, “When does your Father get back from his business trip?”


“What time?”

“Around noon.”

“You have class until four, right?”


“I promise I’ll take care of this Charlie. It’s my fault that this happened, I shouldn’t have pressured you.” I gave Charlie a hug. “Will you be able to hide it from your Mom until then?”

“I think so. I mean she never goes in the garage, so I just need to beat her back home before her girl’s night ends.”

“Then get home and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“How are you going to fix it?”

“Trust me Charlie. I can do this.”

A simple nod was his response as he turned the ignition. The car no longer roared to life, it was more of a chugging sound and I cringed at the repercussions.

I needed to go underwear shopping. I didn’t have sexy clothes; the best I had was a tight blue tank top and a pair of jeans, so that was what I was wearing. But I needed more than that, so I decided to focus on what to wear underneath. I took the bus to the mall and instead of the department stores, I went into the lingerie shop. I needed something that said ‘cheat on your wife with me’ and ‘I’m so fuckable that you Tipobet Güncel Giriş don’t want to murder your son.’ With the help of the sales woman, I bought a black sheer demi cup bra and thong set. I would have bought gloves and stockings to go with it, but this outfit took the rest of my money for the month. How can these cost more than my normal underwear when I’m wearing far less fabric?

I took the bus to the closest stop to the Anderson home. I walked a quarter of a mile before reaching his front door at 12:10. I knocked and no one answered. Charlie’s Father must not be back yet and his Mom was probably at work. I waited on his porch swing, my new thong feeling more like a wedgie.

A few minutes passed when a taxi pulled into the driveway. It was Mr. Anderson. He was wearing a black power business suit with a dark red tie. I had only met him once, and that was briefly. He was always in his office working or away trying to lure in perspective clients. He exuded a confident bravado and he was always in charge. Not even his wife, Rochelle, ever questioned him let alone Charlie. My palms began sweating and he eyed me carefully as he approached the door. He dug in his pocket for his keys and turned the lock with nary a word.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Mr. Anderson finally stated as he opened the door.

I stood quickly before he could shut the door on me. “I’m here to talk to you, Mr. Anderson.”

He paused for a moment before continuing inside the house. I took it as my invitation that he left the door open. I scurried in and I began twiddling my fingers in my hand. “Mr. Anderson, I don’t know how to tell you this…”

“You’re my son’s faux girlfriend.”

That caught me by surprise. “Did Charlie tell you that?”

“No.” He offered no other explanation as he began sifting through a pile of mail.

“How did…”

“I know what my son is capable of achieving. Maybe down the line when he has some confidence or more likely some money, but not his first girlfriend.”

This man stupefied me. My Father was always supportive and tried to tell me I could do anything I wanted with my life. Mr. Anderson was blunt and spoke the cold hard truth, no matter how harsh, even about his own son. I then remembered why I was here. I had to get back to my task. While his back was still turned, I took off my shirt and began working on my pants.

Mr. Anderson turned his head toward me and laughed, causing me to stop. His expression became serious just as quick, his eyes never leaving my body. It was too late to back down now and besides, I owed it to Charlie. It was just going to be sex. I finished taking off my pants and stood there. The tension in the room was thick; at least it was for me. Mr. Anderson glanced at me one last time before sorting through the rest of the mail.

I cleared my throat, “Charlie and I… no, I mean, uh, I forced Charlie to, um, to uh…”

“Uh, um, uh, those are words that show stupidity. How did you get accepted into college with a vocabulary like that?” Mr. Anderson shook his head. “How much damage has been done to my car?”

I was now completely intimidated by this man. My mouth was dry, I couldn’t even complete a single sentence, and he could read my mind. I wonder if anybody said no to his sales pitches? “It’s um, uh, how did you…”

“I know because a slut is in my home in what she thinks is her sexiest underwear offering her body to me to get my socially retarded child out of trouble.” Mr. Anderson’s eyes narrowed, “Now let’s try this again. How much damage has been done to my car?” Every word he used in that question was spoken slow and clear.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. “The passenger side front headlight is broken, there is a huge dent in the hood, the windshield needs to be replaced, and the car sputters.” In my plan, this is where I would saunter over, grab his crotch and in a sultry voice say, ‘I can work off the cost of the repairs.’ That is what I rehearsed. But right now, I was too scared to move.

“In my office, now.” Mr. Anderson started down the hall. “And pick up your clothes from the ground, my living room isn’t your personal locker.”

Did it work? Is he going to have sex with me and forgive Charlie? If not, he would have just told me no, right? Regardless, I rapidly picked up my shirt and pants and hustled down the hall. It was the first door on the right and when I made the turn, I stopped. I had never been in this room before and it was immaculate. A couch was to my right, bookshelves lined the walls, and there was a large wooden desk at the far end of the room with a leather chair behind it. Mr. Anderson had wasted no time and was already on the computer, presumably working.

At this point, I just wanted to get it over with, “Where would you like…”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” Mr. Anderson’s voice was stern. “Hang up your clothes.”

I glanced around. The walls of the room all appeared the same. I didn’t see anywhere to hang clothes.

“The closet is to your right.”

I moved slowly in that direction until I at last saw the doorknob. It was hidden well. I opened the door and pulled my pants through a hanger and put my shirt over it. The door shut with a click and I walked over to the desk.

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My Beautiful Sub

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Author’s Note: This story is the sequel to my Valentine’s Day story “The 14th Anniversary”. It starts off where the first one ended. The story can also be read as a stand-alone piece. Please review.


My reflexion in the mirror wall of the elevator carrying me up to our penthouse apartment looked tired. That was to be expected, I thought wearily, after hours of back to back surgeries and two patients dying before they even had made it on my table. I felt helpless anger at the drunk driver who had caused the multi car pile up. At least he too had died in the crash.

While I put in the code to unlock our door I envisioned myself relaxing on the couch with my wife in my arms before we would have to get ready for the annual Valentine’s Day Dinner and Ball. My beloved Sarah didn’t know it yet but tonight she would receive an award for her tireless work for the Children’s Hospital and it’s oncology wing, and she did it all with the power of the written word….

I dropped first my keys and then the box with long-stemmed peach coloured roses when I saw her kneeling there, on our couch table in plain view of the door, in tight, inescapable bondage. It was such a perfect picture of submission that I barely dared to breathe in fear to have it vanish like a fata morgana.

She knelt on the table with her knees spread wide and wetness glistening between her thighs, hands bound behind her back and the eyes downcast. Goddess, she was so beautiful. I could see the jugular vein pulsing with her rapid heartbeat and I knelt down. I took her head between my hands and lifted her chin to look into her beautiful blue-green eyes. She tried to smile around the bright red ball gag and I was so proud of her for doing this for me. I knew how much she detests gags of any kind because gags invariably let her drool, ball gags more than others.

I felt the urge to kiss her and removed the obstacle as gently as I could. She swallowed. Our lips touched. She opened her mouth to allow me access and I claimed her with teeth, lips and tongue. Even more than fourteen years after I had first seen her in an exclusive lesbian club named ‘Earheart’ I felt more passion for her than I ever would have thought possible to feel for a single human being.

And it’s more than just passion. I’m completely devoted to her, to my Sarah who has made me the centre of her life. I’m devoted to her and our life together and our beloved daughter.

“I love you, Sarah Eriksson-Garber,” I said and she tried to answer but her throat was too dry. That happened every time she had to wear a gag for more than an hour. Dear spirits, the sacrifices she makes for me.

I let her drink from a bottle of water I found on a side table. She drank greedily and thanked me, “I love you, Rebecca Garber-Eriksson. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mistress.”

“And to you, my love.”

I kissed her again and stroked the sides of her breasts that were bulging out of the breast harness she was wearing. I remember having seen her looking through some pictures with something similar on the internet a couple of weeks ago. She must have planned that little scene for a long time.

“Let me have a closer look at you, my Sarah.”

I kissed her on her forehead while I got up and circled the couch table and focused on the details but I didn’t touch, not yet. I knew I would do that soon. I longed to feel her skin but every work of art deserves to be properly appreciated. As soon as I no longer was in her line of sight Sarah once again lowered her eyes. It was such a simple gesture but it said so much about us, about our relationship. It moved me in ways I would not know how to describe.

I could see the strain the reverse prayer bondage put on her shoulders. I no longer could refrain from touching her. I fondled her right arse cheek and felt how she tried to press into my touch, “Don’t move, my love. Let me savour your work, your beauty.”

Sarah answered by settling down as best as she could. I traced the crotch rope up to her waist with the tip of my fingers and gently tugged at the strands running down to her big toes. She tried to stifle a gasp. I tugged a bit harder. This time a half-moan escaped her lips.

I kissed her neck, licked up to her ear and whispered, “You’re allowed to verbalise, my love, but not with words.”

I pulled the strings running through the nipple rings. She didn’t try to stifle her groan. I continued to play with both sets of ropes and was rewarded with a concert of sounds, varying in intensity and length but every one of them shooting directly from my ears to my groin.

I was wet and a part of me wanted to strip and have Sarah’s talented tongue take care of it, but that would have been too easy. There was so much more to enjoy.

Her muscles tensed with her steadily rising need. I untied the knots fixing the crotch rope to her toes and let it go slack. To have more leverage I balanced with one knee on the table and entered Tipobet her with two fingers. She was so wet I could have easily accommodated all four of my fingers.

The knot from the crotch rope was still centred over her clitoris and I created a rubbing motion by pressing the palm of my hand against it. Her moans and groans were rising in volume. My free hand played with the string threaded through the alligator clamps.

Sarah’s eyes were closed and if she would have been allowed to speak she would be begging to be allowed to come and she would do it with such desperation and endearing honesty that I would have been hard pressed not to give in. Such is her power.

Dear spirits, she was so beautiful. It was hard to believe that such a perfect creature was really mine, mine alone. Yes, there were a lot of other people, of other influences and demands in our life but moments like this one belonged only to us. They were a gift she kept on giving me, selflessly.

Suddenly all those precious sounds stopped. I knew she was fighting down an orgasm and was in awe of her will power and self-control. Adding another finger I ordered her to let go and give me her climax. It was so forceful she fought her restraints and the left nipple clamp slipped off. The sudden, unexpected pain made her cry out but also intensified her violent release.

Tears were running down her face and it made her even more beautiful. I kissed and licked them away and rocked her in my arms. I whispered soothing words in her ear until her breathing had calmed down. Goddess, how I loved that woman, my beautiful, submissive wife, my everything.

We kissed and I caressed her freed nipple with my right hand. It was meant to be gentle and soothing but the nipple was already getting hard again. Sarah was so responsive, even after close to one and a half decades it was still a marvel.

I warned her to brace herself for the other nipple clamp to come off, and this time there was nothing more than a sharp hiss as a sign of her discomfort. She was making me so fucking hot, it was unbelievable. I bent down and kissed and licked her nipples. I half expected her to press out her chest but she remembered my earlier instructions and stayed perfectly still.

I pulled the crotch rope free and undid the waist rope. There were slight discolorations and indentations from the hemp rope but nothing that wouldn’t disappear within the hour. I took the medicinal scissors that were lying next to the water bottle and cut off the base of the breast harness, effectively freeing her firm, round breasts from all restraints. As expected their bases were red and would swell up a bit over the next hour. It would make her look even more irresistible. I kissed the stripes and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her. She beamed at me with shining eyes. We kissed again.

Her hands were still bound behind her back. I decided that it would be the last piece of her bondage to go, “I love you, my Sarah. If we would not have to go out later I would leave you bound like this for most of the night.”

Her eyes widened and her expression told me that she had momentarily forgotten about the Valentine’s Day Charity Dinner. She opened her mouth to say something but remembered my earlier order.

“Good girl. Let’s free your legs. You’re allowed to answer my questions. It’s a quarter past five now. How long did you wait like this for me, baby?”

“Mistress Ava arrived at two thirty and left around three. So, a bit more than two hours, Mistress.”

She obviously wanted to add more but she stopped herself just in time. She had answered my question and that was all she was allowed to say.

I removed her leg restraints easily and saw with a smile how she had to flex her thigh muscles to keep her knees wide open. I helped her off the table and told her to walk in circles around the couch to get the circulation in her legs going again. Her movements were a bit jerky at first but that was to be expected with a bondage that put most of her weight on her shinbones and insteps.

I stripped quickly and sat down on the couch. I motioned for her to kneel in front of me as soon as she had recovered. I spread my legs and that was all the invitation she needed. She scooted forward and started to eat me. At first only her lips touched my skin as if she wanted to map the terrain. The lips were replaced by the tip of her tongue. She tried to clean my folds of every drop of my juices but I continuously produced more.

“Suck me clit, suck it hard,” I ordered.

She didn’t. Sarah licked my outer labia with the full length of her tongue, the right side first, then the left, right, left, right, left – and then her tongue delft into my folds, deep and quick, and for less than a heartbeat. It was agonising and heavenly. I was so wet. I only needed another small nudge to be pushed over the edge, but Sarah took her time.

I could feel her smile. She always smiled when Tipobet Giriş she deliberately disobeyed an order and knew that she would be punished for it, for her and my benefit. I could have stopped her and reasserted my dominance, but everything she had done so far had been for me and I certainly enjoyed her ministrations.

After what seemed like an eternity her lips finally closed around my engorged clit but instead of sucking it her teeth scraped over the sensitive flesh, and I came. I bucked my hips but she was too experienced to let herself be disturbed by it. Sarah once again bit down, not hard enough to hurt but enough to trigger a second wave of release.

Goddess, how much I love my woman.

I let myself sink back in the couch and she started to lick me clean, slowly and reverently. The touch of her tongue was soothing and comforting. It allowed me to regain my senses.

I felt her scoot back and decided that I would allow her to choose her punishment herself. Disobedience in a social setting would have earned her a session under the cane. In a play session like this it was dependent on the situation. I also decided that it would have to wait until after our return from the Charity Dinner.

Sarah’s eyes were downcast and her knees spread. Moisture was glistening on her shaven mons. Her nipples were still red from the clamps but also still stone hard. She was sitting absolutely still but I knew that this was only due to her training and her stubborn nature. She was primed and ready to enjoy another climax. I knew that her heart was beating in her throat. It would not take more than my order to make her come again. I wouldn’t even have to touch her. My sweet Sarah was still as irresistibly delectable as fourteen years ago.

“Look at me, Sarah.” Her blue-green eyes were dilated. “You disobeyed me. You do know that you will have to be punished, right?”

“Yes Mistress. I deserve to be punished.”

“Join me on the couch, my love. I want you to decide how you will be punished, and while you do some thinking I will free your arms. Your punishment will have to fulfil three conditions: one, I will not use a cane on you; two, it has to hurt more than a hand spanking; three, it must have the potential to bring you to orgasm.”

I freed her upper arms first and then her wrists and fingers. The marks on her lower arms would soon be gone. The ones on her upper arms, however, were considerably deeper. They would take at least a couple of days to fade. I could not help but admire her foresight. When we were shopping for her dress she had insisted on a black dress with a short body hugging jacket with three-quarter arms, instead of the strapless evening gown I would have preferred; thoughtful and sneaky at once. She just had to be admired.

I massaged her fingers and arms, well aware that every touch would be painful until her circulation had completely returned. Sarah took it well, of course, alter all we have done this hundred of times over the years. Since she still wasn’t allowed to speak except to answer questions she bent down and kissed my hands to thank me.

“So, what will be your punishment, my love?”

“You should beat me, Mistress, the insides of my thighs and my pussy. Beat me with a belt, preferably my father’s belt. Beat me until I beg you to be allowed to come, and then refuse me permission,” Sarah said.

“Your father’s belt? Interesting choice. We haven’t used that in years. What made you think of it?” I asked.

“I had some time to reminiscence while I was waiting for you to come home, my Mistress. My mind wandered back to our first meeting and to my first punishment at your hand. I remembered how gentle you were and how you let me get off lightly,” Sarah said.

“That’s not what you thought at the time, my love,” I replied.

“No, but I was young and stupid.”

“You were never stupid, my love, stubborn, yes, wilful, sometimes, but you also were and are a quick study. Now come. We’ll take a long shower and will only be fashionably late for our dinner,” I said.

“Do we have to go?” My beloved asked. “I’d rather stay home.”

“That’s not an option, Sarah, and I think we’ll have to add a sound spanking to your over-all punishment for speaking out of turn. Don’t you think so?”

“Yes, Mistress, a spanking sounds fair. Thank you, Mistress.”

Sarah’s playful smile told me that her supposed slip of the tongue had been quite deliberate, and I also knew why she did it. It was a gift, part of my Valentine’s day gift, just like the bondage.

Years ago I probably would have punished her for trying to top from the bottom, and I know she still would sincerely thank me should I decide to do so. Fourteen years ago I had told her that I wanted to own her, heart, body and soul, that I wanted to control and command and protect her, every hour of every day, and now I do. I’m sure of her love and devotion. I’m sure of her submission and my dominance.

In the Tipobet Güncel Giriş beginning we, I needed rituals and structures and clear rules. I needed to learn how to be a conscientious dominant and not an egotistical bastard like my father who had only been interested in one thing, his self-interest. Fourteen years ago, when I first approached my beloved Sarah I was much less self-confident than I let her believe. Now, I am sure of myself. Sarah also needed to learn. She needed to find her bearing in a way of life she only had ever dreamed about before we met.

We both had learned. Now, we still use the rituals, structures and rules. Most of them have become so natural to us that we no longer even think about them, and with the changes in our life the rules, of course, have also changed. Even a 24/7 D/s relationship like ours has to adapt with the addition of a child to the household.

The point is, we no longer need the rules to know who and what we are at any given moment. We just are. Sarah is mine and she always will be. She always will be my submissive, even when she does not call me ‘Mistress’. And I am hers and I always will be. I will always be her Mistress, even if I don’t give her any orders.

I allowed us the luxury of using up all of the hot water under the shower, and of course we did more than just wash each other. I let her brace herself against the tiled wall and took her from behind and I let her go down on me again. I also gave her a warm-up spanking before we got dressed to remind her that we still had plans for after the charity event.

While Sarah was up on the dais to receive her award I admired her lean, toned beauty. When we had first met she had been a bit chubby but regular cardio and flexibility training, the later a must to avoid injuries during bondage sessions, have changed that. My Sarah was by far the most beautiful woman in the room, and I was far from the only one who followed her graceful movement with my gaze.

The long black dress hugged her curves in all the right places. The low neckline showed her cleavage and knowing that just beneath she still had the marks form the breast harness made me more than hot. She had put up her hair with only a few tendrils curling at the side of her face. My gaze was irresistibly drawn to the diamonds I had added to her collar at our tenth anniversary.

To most people it was just a necklace she never took off, to us it was the symbol of our relationship, a platinum band with a pendant on which a big R was protectively cradling a smaller S, the initials of our first names. The stones sparkled almost as much as her eyes when she returned to our table, and propriety be damned, I kissed her as soon as she had reached me. Her eyes dilated but quickly returned to normal when she heard the applause coming from seemingly all sides. She blushed.

We did not stay longer than absolutely necessary to grease the wheels for future donations.

I peeled her out of her dress, leaving her in her high-heels and a smile. I allowed her to undress me, the fleeting touch of her fingers on my skin was heavenly. I had to really focus to get us to adjourn to the bedroom. So, I sent her to the playroom to fetch her father’s belt, a fly swatter and the big leather paddle. I did not intend to use the last two objects but it would keep her guessing. I also told her to put on her wrist and ankle cuffs though I did not plan on using them this night. It was more for the aesthetic value – and Sarah really likes wearing them.

I removed the comforter and put our pillows in the middle of the bed. I wanted her hips and pelvis elevated to have a better target area. It took only moments to arrange her on the mattress. Her hands were wrapped around the iron bars of the headboard. Her hips were resting on the pillows and her knees were pulled up and to the side, offering her nether parts in all their glistening glory.

Instead of blindfolding her as I had initially planned I put another pillow under her head. I now wanted her to see the strokes coming.

I sat on the edge of the bed and played with one of her nipples, “I’m in a generous mood tonight, my love. Do you want to count the strokes or not?”

“Thank you, Mistress. I’d like to count the strokes. If I don’t count them, I’ll slip into my head space and then it would not be a punishment any longer.”

I kissed her and picked up the old leather belt of her father. We had other belts that served the same purpose, most of them bought with disciplinarian use in mind, some evoking special memories, like the blood red belt with the braided inlays that left beautiful marks on the sensitive flesh of her breasts and inner thighs, or the black one with the wooden buckle that fit so perfectly in the palm of my hand.

None of them, however, were as special as Sarah’s late father’s belt. On our first date she had lied to me and two days later I had punished her with this belt. It had been her first punishment, the first time she had willingly submitted to me, the first time I had felt her pubic bone press against my thigh while she was draped over my lap. In a way that belt was almost as powerful a symbol of our union as her collar, even though we had not used it in years.

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Mr. Allen Ch. 02

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This is part of a short story, if you haven’t read the previous chapters, I would encourage you to start with chapter 1 and read them all in order.


I awoke the next morning with a splitting headache. It was one of those mornings where you wake up trying to remember what you had done the night before. But then I noticed, I couldn’t move my legs or arms…I was tied to all 4 corners of the bed, I was lying there spread eagle…I turned my head to look at the alarm clock, it was 1 in the afternoon, I rarely slept past 9am, and that was on the worst of hangovers. I didn’t think I’d had that much to drink. At the same time I looked at the alarm clock, something on the floor caught my eye, it was Andrea’s boots. Oh shit-what did I do, I thought to myself. Just then, she walked in the room in one of my t-shirts; damn she looked hot, and the worst part was I couldn’t remember a thing, I might have slept with one of the most beautiful girls I knew, and I couldn’t remember. This was it, I’d said it a hundred times before, but now I was sure, I was done drinking.

Andrea came and straddled me. Good, maybe I had another chance I thought. Trying not to look dumb, I said “um, what? Did we…?”

She looked at me with that smirk of hers, “Don’t you remember Mr. Allen; don’t worry…I got it all on camera for you.”

I looked at her dumbfounded; she reached over to the nightstand and grabbed her digital camera.

“You probably can’t remember, she said. That’s because I drugged you with that last drink when we got here. Don’t worry, guys usually black Tipobet out from the drug.” Implying that this wasn’t the first time she had done this.

Then she started showing me the pics on the camera. I couldn’t believe it. I was wearing woman stockings and bra, and I had makeup on!! I looked like a drag queen!!

“It gets better Mr. Allen. “She said.

She then proceeded to show me more pics; the next ones horrified me. It was me sucking on a cock!

She laughed an evil laugh, “Don’t worry Mr. Allen, it’s just a dildo, but it sure looks real, doesn’t it.”

She even had one with it up my ass, and the way she took the picks, you couldn’t tell it was her and a dildo, it looked like a guy was fucking me up the ass!! She had put on a pair of my pants with the dildo sticking out, so it looked like a guy was really fucking me!!

“Is this some kind of sick joke you’re playing on me?” I yelled at her.

“Oh no Mr. Allen, this is no joke. You see, I don’t know what I want from you right now, but I’ll think of something. It might be something as simple as writing a paper for one of my classes, or it could be making a car payment for me, you wouldn’t want me to loose the mustang would you?” she said with an evil grin on her face.

Now I was mad. “The hell if I will!” I yelled at her.

“T T T, where’s the nice Mr. Allen I met last night who was willing to do anything just to feel my boots?” She said with that same evil grin.

Then she showed me the camera again and sure enough, there were several pics of me Tipobet Giriş licking her boots. “If you don’t give me what I want, when I want it, I send these to the entire HS staff, and just to make sure, to my little sister, the one who is a junior this year. That way she can pass it around to the rest of the student body, you know you have lots of students who would love to see these pics.”

My reputation and career as a teacher would be ruined.

“Just give me what I want when I want it and maybe I’ll let you taste my boots when you’ll be able to remember it. Now, before I untie you I called my apt and left a message on my answering machine, if I don’t beat my roommate home to delete it, she will get back later tonight to hear all about me being taken home by Mr. Allen, so this will be the first place they look if I should end up missing. And I’ve also taken the time to leave some of my underwear hidden in your house. Now, just to show you I’m a good sport, I’m going to jerk you off, you wanted to so bad last night, but you were just to out of it to perform, shame those drugs do that to guys.” Once again hinting that; but not coming right out and admitting that she had done this before.

“First, we have to get you hard, don’t we.” She said.

She reached back and started tugging on my cock with one hand, then lifted up the shirt of mine that she was wearing with her other, exposing her bare shaven pussy to me.

“Who knows Tom, you play this right, and you might even get to taste that someday.” as she dipped her finger in Tipobet Güncel Giriş her pussy.

“Good thing I had my dildo with me to satisfy me after you passed out last night. I know what will really make you hard.” She said as she reached down and grabbed her boots. She put them on her feet right beside my head. I could see them, smell them, and hear the zipper as she zipped them up. She was right; I was now hard as a rock. She turned around and placed a boot at each side of my head, and grabbed my cock and really started stroking it.

“The harder you lick my boots, the harder I stroke.”

She had me under her spell and she knew it. It didn’t take me long to cum, when she felt me twitching, she stood up and directed my cum on her boot. I came like never before.

Then she held the boot to my face and ordered me to lick it all off.

At first I resisted.

“Now Tom, just be a good boy and do as I say.” She said.

Then she grabbed my cock and dug her in with her fingernails.

I let out a scream and said “OK!”

“Ok what? OK MISTRESS!” she yelled at me, and dug in again.

“OK MISTRESS!” I screamed in pain, and began to lick my own cum from her boots as she took even more pics. “OK Tom, I’m going to go e-mail these to myself, and then get dressed. Don’t worry; I’ll untie you before I leave.”

About 30 minutes later, she came back in my room all cleaned and dressed up.

“Now Tom, when you get e-mails from Sue Johnson from now on, that will be me. I’ll be e-mailing you with directions. I should be home in a few weeks, I expect you to serve me, so don’t make plans.”

With that, she untied just one of my hands, giving her enough time to get out of my house and down the road before I got the rest of myself untied. She wouldn’t have had to though; I was under her spell.

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Morning Makeshift

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She awoke in his arms. Happily, she cuddled closer to him and his arms tightened around her. She could feel the warmth of his skin through the thin cotton material of her tshirt. One of his hands moved lazily down her body, playing with the waistband of her pajamas. He let his thumb slide under the elastic, gently caressing her increasingly sensitive skin. She writhed her hips, pushing them towards his hand in invitation. He teased her by pulling back, instead caressing her over the flannel material. The friction and the warmth of his hand through the fabric made her moan. She pushed against him again, wanting more pressure and more speed. He lowered his other arm so that it was around her waist and pulled her hips tightly against him. She could no longer move against his hand; he was in control, and his hand continued to tease her against the pajamas.

“Oh, please…” She murmured.

“Shhh.” He whispered against her ear, the warmth of his breath sending a shiver down her entire body. He nibbled at her earlobe, gently, and his darted out to taste her heated skin. He moved his mouth down her neck, nibbling, kissing. She felt her groin tightening, her need becoming just short of unbearable. As his mouth moved down, his hand moved up, and in a sudden movement he was- finally- inside her pajamas. His fingers slid over her wetness, slowly tracing lazy circles around her clitoris. She moaned, Tipobet wanting more, and in a sudden movement his fingers slid down and inside her. He moved his fingers in wide circles against the walls of her vagina, pushing deeply inside of her. His palm pressed against her as he pushed his fingers as deeply inside her as they would go, enveloping his fingers to the knuckles in her tight wetness. As he moved his fingers, his palm rubbed against her clitoris. She tried to move her hips against him, and he tightened his arm around her further, his fingers digging into her hips, keeping her still. He kept his rhythm slow, steady, not giving in to her frantic need, but building up her desire at his own controlled pace.

Her breathing was ragged, her head thrown back against his chest. He pulled his fingers out of her, instead pressing them against her clitoris and moving them in small tight circles against her. The pressure and speed brought her to orgasm within seconds, her legs tightening and her hands grasping at the sheets in her release. After her final shudder, he released her, and turned her around to face him.

She licked her bottom lip as she looked up at him and he leaned his head down to nibble at it, gently at first. Then, with a harder nip, he pushed her lips open further, moving his tongue inside her mouth. He was no longer controlled, but seeking, wanting. Her Tipobet Giriş mouth responded; she was willing to give. He pushed down her pajamas with one hand and she twisted her hips to assist him. She felt his hardness as she moved against him and moved her hands down to push down his pajamas. He was out of them and above her in an instant. He pushed her legs apart as far as the pajama pants, still around her knees would allow. His knees held the pajama pants against the bed, trapping each of her legs in makeshift shackles. His weight kept them in place, rendering her legs immobile. He pushed her tshirt up around her neck, raising her arms as he pulled the sleeves just to her wrists. Then he put his hands on either side of her head, trapping the thin fabric beneath him. Her wrists were held in place on either side of his by the tightly stretched fabric of her tshirt and she could not move her head without choking against the fabric across her throat.

She expected him to plunge into her, now that she was bound and under his power. Instead, he used his cock to slowly tease her, running along her labia and moving back and forwards over her clitoris. Only when she raised her hips, taking advantage of the only part of her body that she could move freely, did he slide into her. Her hips were now trapped under his, freed only during the brief moments when he pulled back, only to Tipobet Güncel Giriş plunge more deeply into her. Her bound legs created tenser muscles and a tighter space; she was snug and wet around his cock, her muscles quivering around him with every movement. Each thrust stroked her gspot, and she arched her hips to increase the pressure, the pleasure becoming more intense with each stroke.

“Don’t stop!” She cried, desperate for the release building inside of her.

He increased his speed, not pulling back so far, and he pushed harder into her. His cock pressed against her gspot with more pressure and more frequency, bringing her to the edge of orgasm. As he felt her muscles tighten and quiver against his cock, he pulled the fabric against her neck more tightly, limiting her air and blood flow by just enough to make her orgasm that much more intense. Her whole body shook against him and she gasped and moaned loudly, despite of her constricted vocal cords. He plunged into her once, twice more. Instead of exploding inside her, he released the fabric around her wrists and neck to push himself up and grabbed his cock to guide his release onto her breasts.

He stared down at her for a moment, half bound and marked as completely his, watching his seed slide down her body. He reached for her tshirt, pulling it down to absorb his wetness, just before it hit the sheets. He moved beside her, freeing her legs, allowing her to pull her pajamas back up before he pulled her against him. She snuggled back into his arms, into the same position they were in when she woke up, the tshirt drying and sticking to her skin the only evidence of their lovemaking.

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Molly’s New Life Ch. 3

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Molly’s Feeding is not over yet:

Molly sat silently in the car beside her Master. She was still very unsure of what he expected of her, and glad he seemed to be giving her some time to learn. She knew, without thinking, that she would to anything he asked of her, but she was unsure what he expected her to do without being asked. She felt herself flush slightly as she wondered just what things he might ask that she had not even imagined. She sensed he would treat her in a very degrading manner often, and that pain, especially to her tits, would be common, and the thought of both of these things made her hot.

Marcus glanced over at her. Oh how he was going to enjoy her! He was going to use her like she had never been used before, and what pleasure he was getting from her humiliation! Having her suck off cocks under the table had made him soooo hard, he hadn’t been able to wait to get his cock back in her mouth. He had known how embarrassed she was feeling while she sucked, and knew he was ready for the next step… having her suck in public, in plain view of an audience. She needed to be more openly treated like a slut, a worthless cumguzzler, and he needed to watch her do it! Oh yes! He couldn’t wait.

Slowing the car a little, he reached over and tugged her dress off her tits so they exploded out over the fabric invitingly.

“You should dress like this whenever possible. I know certain places frown on it, but in the car with me, you must ALWAYS bare your tits, understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she said softly.

“MMMmmmm.” He sighed. “They would look much better if they had more marks on them. I must remedy that as soon as possible, don’t you agree, slave?”

“Yes Sir.”

He smiled as he noticed her slight blush, and saw her nipples tense. He knew she wanted they hurt. He would be glad to oblige her!

“Not quite yet though slut, first we must see to your belly. I will not be known as a Master who does not feed his slave well enough, and since you require loads of cum to be satiated, we must find you more to feed on hmmm?”

“Yes Sir.” She blushed again, and he smiled, then turned his attention to his driving. “Ahh, there…. I’m sure those young men would be glad to help you out.” He pulled the car over beside an old truck parked at a vacant lot where four rough looking guys were hanging around. They looked about 19 or 20 she thought. They stood straight and looked at Marcus warily as he opened his door.

“Hi, how’s it going today?” He lifted his hand. “I hope I’m not interrupting, I just noticed you here and wondered… Tipobet well….” He glanced into the car at her. “To get right to the point, I need your help.”

The guys tried to follow his gaze to see what he was looking at, and one obviously caught sight of Molly, for he let out quite a loud whistle and began pointing her out to the others, who slowly moved closer.

“Whatcha need help with Dude?” One asked, leering at Molly now.

“Well, you guys look young and strong. I was hoping you would have some cum to donate to a good cause.” He grinned at them and they broke into wide grins of their own.

“Cum huh?”

“Yes, the more the better. You see, I took my bitch out for lunch, and she drained all the cocks I could find that were willing to feed her, but she’s just not full yet. She needs to suck a LOT of cocks to get her fill. I was hoping she could suck yours? Oh, I mean, if you wouldn’t mind?”

They whistled again and one opened his pants immediately. “Damn, she can suck mine all she wants.”

Marcus smiled. “Good, Good! Slut, I’ve found you some food, get yourself over here and work for it!”

Molly slid slowly out of the car, blushing brightly, and glancing around to see if there were any other cars around. As she began to walk towards them she noticed Marcus’ angry stare, and gasped, immediately dropping to her knees. She continued her way crawling, the pavement hard under her bare knees, until the first of the boys stuffed his cock roughly in her mouth. Hoping to please her Master that he would forgive her for not crawling right away, she sucked this cock hard and hungrily, listening to the sounds of delight the boy made, and the cat calls and comments his friends were making.

When the cock spurtted into her mouth she sucked hard, drinking the cum as if she were starved, draining it over every drop. He pulled out of her mouth and another was stuffed in, and she sucked that one dry too, then the next, and the next, until all four of them had drained their cum down her throat. At Marcus’ command she crawled back tot he car, her ass and cunt bare and on display to the boys, while Marcus thanked them for their help.

Once in the car he scowled at her. “What made you think you could walk like a woman? You are a slut! A Whore! Nothing but a pet, understand? I thought I told you crawl unless otherwise instructed?”

“I am sorry Master, I am new, I forgot, please, I will try not to do it again.” She was shaking, afraid of what might happen to her for her missbehaviour, and he frowned at her.

“You Tipobet Giriş better not do it again! Walk only if I say “walk”. If I say “come”, or “go”, or any other command, then you crawl, understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. You WILL be punished for this later. Right now, I will allow you the luxury of getting fed more.”

It was almost dark now, and she looked out of the car to see where they were. It seemed they were in the middle of nowhere, but there was a set of wooden bleachers next to the car. Throughthem she could just make out what looked like a baseball diamond lit by a few lights on poles around the outside. She could see people moving about as if practicing but could not see how many.

“Follow me.” Marcus said. “I know this team, they’ll be happy to help you.” He got out of the car and walked towards the field, leaving Molly to crawl awkwardly behind. By the time she reached the edge of the field it was obvious Marcus had already explained his plan to them, for they were all gathered together watchign ehr crawl across the grass. Marcus pointed towards the pitchers diamond.

“There, bitch.” He said, and she diverted her path to the bare earth of the mound in the middle of the field, where most of the light was directed.

“Who wants to go first?” Marcus asked casually. “Go for it, feed her as much as you want. If any of you need to start over after the others go, be my guest. Just remember, mouth only cuz she’s famished, OK. I’m just going to have a seat on the bleachers and watch the show.” He grinned and waved at them, and walked away. Molly caught a glimpse of him climbing up the bleachers as the first cock pushed into her mouth. She began sucking, like she needed desperately to be fed, while the team cheered their teammate on.

One after the other they fed her. It seemed like a never ending line of cocks in her mouth, shooting their cum into her mouth while she swallowed it down. She was sure she sucked each of them at least twice before the crowd began to thin, and finally the last cock pulled satisfied from ehr lips. She looked around to see if there was anyone else, then glanced towards the bleachers. Marchis was walking slowly across the field, talking with a few of the men and shaking their hands.

“That should do her for a while huh?” One was saying, and Marcus smiled.

“I doubt it, but it will hold her off for a few minutes at anyway. She needs a lot of cum. I’ve never seen her satisfied yet. But I haven’t time to find more cum for her right now, there is some unfinished business I need Tipobet Güncel Giriş to tend to with her now, that can’t wait any longer. Thanks for your help guys.”

They all spoke at once, but Molly was sure they were saying they would help out ANY time they were needed, and Marcus replied “Well, I know when your practice is, you may just se more of her in the future. It’s good to know where I can find a LARGE group of willing men to take the edge of her hunger for me.”

With that he ordered her to follow him, and she crawled back to the car, listening to the men talking about her sucking cocks, and how they would love to have a piece of her ass and cunt too. When she reached the car, where she couldno longer hear them, Marcus told her to take off her dress and get in the car naked.

They drove back to his place in silence. He had a large house in a quiet neighbourhood where the houses were set well apart from each other. There was a fence around his yard, and a hedge across the front. He kept his car in the garage, but hen they arrived him, he stopped just at the end of the driveway.

“Get out here.” He said, and she looked at him questioningly. “Leave the dress, get out naked, and walk to the house from here. I will park the car and open the door for you from the inside. Walk slowly to the house, but I expect to find you on you rknees on the mat when I open the door.”

“Yes Sir.” Was all she said, then she climbed nervously out of the car. As he pulled away from her and she walked slowly towards the house, the was too embarrassed to look around to see if there was anyone who could see her. Her legs were shaking as she walked, but her cunt was also wet and tingling, and her nipples hard.

She was kneeling as instructed when he opened the door. Without a word he pointed inside and she crawled in, hearing the door click behind her.

“Now.” He said, a hint of strictness in his voice. “What so you think I should do about your bad behaviour tonight? More than once you dissapointed me in public, slut.”

“I am sorry Sir.” she said weakly.

“I have had enough of your sorrow, whore.” His voice was stern. “What shall I DO about your behaviour?”

She gulped. “Punish me Sir, please. I deserve it, please punish me …. soon…. Sir.”

Had she been looking, she would have seen a hint of a smile on the corner of his lips as he listened to her plea. She was pleasing him very much tonight, much more than she has dissapointed him, but he needed to punish her all the same. He needed the pleasure he was going to get from administering her punishments, and she needed to feel the pain, both for her pleasure and to teach her her place.

“Very well, slut.” He said. “You know where to go. First I will punish you, then I will deal with some other unfinished business with you.”

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Mistress Patty

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She’s 50, blond and skinny with nice pert breasts. She’s a powerful woman and has commanding blue eyes. Certain times of the month, she owns me. She uses and humiliates me and I like it. And she likes it too. It’s our own private world.

We were in bed once and I told her my story. My first wife wanted to know if men’s balls hung like dogs. She commanded me to get on all fours and she laughed, reaching out to squeeze them. “Are you my slave?” I agreed readily. Later that day I was wearing a white corset and matching hose while cleaning the kitchen. I told her I was embarrassed and she shouted: “You like it!” True enough. My second wife would dress my in drag and spank me, again, a long time ago.

A week later I’m on my knees licking her till she came. I was wearing a brown wig, pink bikini panties and pink fishnets. She said I was Slut Linda and I was her slave. she gave me twenty smack with a hair brush and had me kneel in the corner of the motel room. I was embarrassed and my ass was burning. She knew too, my cock was bulging through my panties. Suddenly the door slammed and she was gone. I knelt for about ten minutes and I stood up. I was terrified she’d come back. The motel phone rang and I answered tentatively.

“Slut Linda! on your knees, when I Tipobet call you kneel! Understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” and I fumbled to floor. I swayed slightly as she spoke. She directed my to an envelope on the nightstand, I was to read it and text her the comments exactly. Then she hung up. I opened the envelope and grabbed my phone.

“Mistress Patty, today I am your slave. You own my mouth, cock, balls and asshole. I am not to cum without permission. Your satisfaction is my only desire. Please accept my humble subservience. Your sissy, panty wearing slave, Slut Linda.” I texted and waited on the bed. It wasn’t long before the motel phone rang. I grabbed it and jumped on the floor between the beds.

“Are you kneeling Slut Linda?” I agreed eagerly. “Good Slave. Now go into the bathroom and open the brown bag, your instructions are inside.” Click. Twenty minutes later the door opened and Mistress Patty walked inside. She was in a skirt with black hose and heels, somewhere she changed and had a riding crop in her hand.

I followed the instructions to the letter. I was sitting in the motel swivel chair on a butt plug. The bag thoughtfully provided lubricant as well as a collar that read “slave”, a ball gag which I wore plus red thigh Tipobet Giriş highs. I sat in the chair mute looking at her, my hard on-felt obscene as she tapped my nipples with the crop.

“Are you my slave?” I nodded. “Will you follow my every command tonight?” I nodded again. She removed the ball gag and told me to stand up, I felt the butt plug begin to slide and I instinctively reached for it-she told me to let it fall out. On all fours I mounted the floor, in a wig stockings and collar. She asked if I liked being humiliated and I agreed. I crawled between the beds and she shoved a long candle in my ass. Then she lit it. An ashtray in the middle of my back I sat on the floor, a candle burning out of my butt.

I didn’t dare look up as she flicked ashes into the tray. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Whatever my mistress desires.” She said that was a good answer as she stubbed the cigarette out. My asshole drooped when she pulled the candle out quickly. The glass ashtray was placed on the night stand and she sat on the edge of the bed. I didn’t realize she was nude and I began to lick and suck her pussy. “Good job Slut Linda,” she pushed me away when she came.

She lay back on the bed. “I always wanted a slave boy. Now that Tipobet Güncel Giriş I have one I don’t know what to do.” She lit another cigarette before continuing. “I talked to my older sister, she knows everything, and she gave me some suggestions.”

I broke out of my role. “You told her about me?” She could hear the quiver in my voice and she snorted.

“Yes I did! She’s been dominating her husband for years, my God, the things she does to him-you’re getting off lightly.”

“Yes Mistress.” I was still on all fours, my eyes down. Mistress Patty said her sister sent a text list of questions.

“She said I should get a full list of your S & M activities and desires.” She let the question hang in the air. I was already embarrassed and incredibly turned on. I asked if we could get out of the scene for a minute. I cuddled next to her and she put her arm around me.

“I had a girlfriend in high school who would tie me up. I gave her a bunch of Penthouse Variation magazines and she got all excited. She loved spanking me, once I wore her stockings. My first wife would dress me up and whip me and so would my second wife. That’s was years ago, I haven’t done anything like that since. Yeah it turns me on. How ’bout you?”

She said she never thought about it, but yeah, it does turn her on. The idea of having a male slave at her beck and call. We agreed upon a safe word and I took off my clothes and we both got dressed. We agreed that her dominating me could be fun. She texted me her sisters questions and I agreed to look them over.

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Mistress Kathy’s Slave Catalog Ch. 03

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Adam awoke in a strange but comfortable bed. The sheets were of fine linen and the bedposts were large and ornate. He might have thought he was in a luxury hotel except the décor was distinctly feminine, more like a woman’s bedroom than a hotel room.

A redhead in a French maid’s outfit was also in the room. His first glimpse of her was of her bottom (barely concealed by white panties under her skirt) as she bent over to dust a low-lying countertop with a feather duster. He was puzzled as to why she had to bend at such an extreme angle—until he realized that her elbows had been cuffed together behind her back, severely hampering her reach.

He sat up, which startled the maid. She looked at him with surprise—an expression amplified by a large ball gag which kept her mouth in the shape of an O.

“Where am I?” he asked. He didn’t expect an answer from the gagged woman, but there was no one else to ask.

Her response was to leave the room immediately and to close the door behind her. The maid’s restraints had apparently been engineered to inconvenience her while preserving her utility as a maid.

She made a muffled call to someone he couldn’t see.

Another voice answered. “He’ll have to stay locked in until we can spare someone to fetch him.”

So he was alone—and not going anywhere.

He remembered Eve and ached at the thought of what might be happening to her. Somehow he would find her and bring her home, he promised himself. She wouldn’t be another Monica.

But he needed a plan.

Fighting off wooziness, he decided to explore the room. He slid his bare feet onto the plush carpet. He was surprised by how sore his joints were and realized that, while he was unconscious, he must have been confined in a very small space.

He remembered the box. He also noticed new scratches and bruises on his body, especially around his wrists and ankles—evidence of some rough handling while he was unconscious.

He rubbed his stiff neck and discovered a steel collar around it. Below his neck, he was naked and clean-shaven.

He stood up and was immediately out of breath—an aftereffect of the drug, he guessed.

He saw a pair of French doors covered with gauze curtains which allowed daylight into the room. This suggested a means of escape, but first he had to take care of something else.

He saw there was an adjoining bathroom and used it. Presumably his keepers knew that he would have need of one.

Next he investigated the French doors. To his surprise, they were not locked, but when he opened them, they allowed bright light and a harsh wind into the room.

Despite the cold and his nakedness, he ventured outside to try to figure out where he was.

He found himself on a balcony surrounded by steep, rugged mountains. The altitude contributed to his shortness of breath, he realized.

Despite his fear of heights, he forced himself toward the balcony’s railing so he could peek over it. He glimpsed the deepest vertical drop he had ever seen. The balcony hung over the edge of a sheer precipice with a river at least a thousand feet below.

The vertigo was immediate. He staggered back from the rail.

He was in a castle. The balcony was a new addition to a very old structure. Toward his left, a stone tower rose a hundred feet above him.

He stepped back inside and closed the door. Someone new was staring at him.

“You were thinking of escaping, weren’t you?” said the perky buxom blonde in the vinyl catsuit. “You wouldn’t get far.”

“Where am I?” he asked the stranger.

“This is the Countess’s bedroom. It’s where most of your duties are to be performed.”

“Are you the Countess?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Now kneel before me.”

“If you’re the Countess, why do you wear a collar?”

“Darn, you got me. I was hoping you’d be dumb enough to believe me.”

Adam picked up a pillow and held it in front of him for modesty.

“You like being teased, don’t you?” she asked. “Or is that just a morning missile?”

“When I asked where I am, I meant what country am I in?”

“That is a forbidden question.”

“If you answer it, I won’t tell anybody.”

“No, but I would. There’s no penalty for answering a forbidden question—just for asking it. The rules we have to follow are very complicated.”

Adam noticed that she was holding a couple of leather restraints in her arms, but he wasn’t about to ask what they were for.

“In answer to your question,” she continued, “I have no idea where we are. No slave in the castle is allowed to know that—or to ask that, or to ask why they can’t ask that.”

“That’s inconvenient.”

“I know this much. We’re not within walking distance of anyplace friendly or civilized. I know that even if you got out of the castle and somehow made your way down that cliff and through the mountains—without any food, gear or clothes—and somehow found someone in the local village to tell your story to, you still wouldn’t be safe.”

“Why Tipobet not?”

“Do you believe in werewolves?”


“The locals do. They have regular patrols hunting for them. A strange naked man wandering in the forest would be shot dead on sight.”

“That’s good to know.”

“I’m Zana, by the way.”

“I’m Adam.”

“The Mediary sent me to bring you to her.”


“The Mediary acts for the Countess in her absence. All of us slaves report to her. You’ll need these.” She dropped the restraint devices onto the bed in a dramatic fashion.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“You used the Countess’s bathroom without permission. You wandered outside without an escort. And you just asked a forbidden question. All are punishable with forced bondage.”

“I don’t know all your rules. I just got here.”

“Yeah, it sucks to be you. As I mentioned, the castle rules are thrillingly complicated—designed to put people like you at a disadvantage right away. In fact, it might be a good idea to just stop talking until you know what’s what.” She gestured toward the restraints lying on the bed. “My orders are very specific. The Mediary will be very angry if I bring you to her without these restraints.”

Adam weighed his options. He could easily overpower Zana, or force his way past her, but he had no idea what lay beyond the door.

“Are you still thinking of escaping?” Zana asked. “You’re alone and naked in an unknown land. Maybe you’re thinking you can use me as a hostage? I assure you, my life means nothing to them. No one wearing a collar is valued here.”

“So if I refuse . . .”

“Someone will make you. Or, depending on her mood, just kill you.”

Reluctantly Adam put down the pillow and picked up a strap from the bed.

“That goes around the knees,” said Zana with too much helpfulness.

Adam secured the device around his knees, which made any thought of escape far less plausible. Zana gave him the other item she had been holding.

“What is this?” he asked about the leather sleeve in his hands.

“It’s an armbinder. You’ve never worn one?”

“No,” he said. “I’ll need help putting it on.”

“Of course,” Zana said. She was very accommodating. The garment bound both his arms behind his back and made his arms and hands unusable. Zana patiently and methodically tightened each buckle that held it together. Wearing it made him feel confined in an entirely new way.

Adam thought she had finished, but then she produced an assortment of small padlocks.

“Is that really necessary?” he asked.

“Probably not, but how would you stop me now?”

She applied the locks. With the last one in place, she stepped around him to admire how well the restraints fit. As a flourish, she cradled his cock in her hands because she could.

“We don’t usually get male slaves in our castle,” she told him, although it seemed she was talking to his cock. “I hope you last longer than the others.”

She beckoned him to follow her out of the room.

They walked through a long corridor and down a set of ornate stairs (which he had to tread slowly due to the restraint on his knees). In a palatial foyer, the Mediary found them.

She was an attractive middle-aged woman in glasses and business attire, and she entered with a quartet of French maids trailing after her. Adam recognized the maids from the hotel “showroom” of the night before. Apparently they were all rented slaves like himself, but they hadn’t been drugged as he had been, so they had been put right to work after their arrival.

The Mediary had been giving the maids instructions concerning the preparations for some kind of event. Now she turned her attention to Zana and Adam.

“Zana,” she asked with disdain, “explain yourself.”

“It was his idea,” blurted Zana.

Adam was dumbfounded as the Mediary stared at both of them accusingly.

“I asked you to do two things,” the Mediary continued. “To bring to me the new slave—and to bring the restraints.”

“Here they are,” said Zana.

“Why,” asked the Mediary, “is the new slave wearing the restraints which I had intended for you?”

“I didn’t tell him to put them on,” said Zana. “I just said you’d be angry if he came without them.”

Zana’s a manipulative fucking bitch, Adam realized.

The Mediary’s eyes narrowed. “Is she telling the truth?” she asked Adam.

“She tricked me,” said Adam.

“How exactly?”

“She said I broke your rules.”

“Indoctrinated slaves are responsible for knowing all the rules of the castle,” said the Mediary, “but you have not yet been indoctrinated. I suppose Zana chose not to tell you that.”

The Mediary now turned toward Zana. “Where is his uniform?”

“He didn’t put it on,” she answered. “I laid it out for him on the dressing table, but he didn’t even look at it. And how could I make him wear it after he fastened his knees together?”

“I see,” said Tipobet Giriş the Mediary, turning to Adam. “Zana has been negligent in her duties, so I was going to begin your training by having you discipline her with these restraints. And there is something else she neglected to tell you. She bound you with locks for which she knows I don’t have keys. Only the Countess carries those keys, so I am unable to undo what she’s done.”

The rented maids giggled at his expense. Zana had not only bound him, but made him a fool.

“What are you saying?” he asked the Mediary. “I’m just fucked?”

“As you say,” said the Mediary, “you are fucked. I can’t even give you proper clothes until the Countess arrives this evening to free you.”

The Mediary turned an approving eye on Zana. “Well played,” said the Mediary. “The Countess will undoubtedly reward you for your cleverness.”

“Thank you, Mediary,” replied Zana.

“What just happened?” Adam wanted to know.

“You’re new here,” the Mediary reminded him. “You could learn much from Zana. She knows that I don’t have enough help in the kitchens, so now that you’re useless, her punishment will have to be deferred to a later time. In fact, I’ll have to put her in charge of your training since I can no longer see to it myself as I had planned.”

This is worse than the Academy, thought Adam. Even slaves here can’t be trusted.

The Mediary turned to Zana. “You’ll have to train him directly from the slave manual and hope he’s a good listener. Do your best to get him ready for tonight.”

“What’s tonight?” asked Adam.

“The initiation ceremony, of course,” said the Mediary, “for you and the other slaves leased from the Academy. Did Zana tell you nothing? You are to be welcomed by the Royal Dominance Assembly. They’ll test you and assign your rank. Until then, try not to do anything more foolish than you’ve already done.”

The Mediary turned and left—with the rented maids stealing wicked glances at him as they departed, leaving Adam under Zana’s care.

“This way, newbie,” said Zana, encouraging him forward with a not-so-gentle push. “I’ll give you a quick tour.”

“Why should I do anything you ask?”

“Because you’re tied up and naked and you have no choice.” She slipped her hand down to his ass. “I warned you castle rules were complicated, and you still have a lot to learn.”

Zana led Adam down another long corridor.

“She said I’m going to be assigned a rank?” Adam asked as he shuffled.

“It’s procedure,” she said. “Your worthiness will be judged and you’ll be told what your status in the hierarchy will be. Slaves who are judged poorly have to start at the very bottom as a pet, a toy, or a deviant. I, on the other hand, have been recently promoted.” She seemed proud of her achievement. “I’m a vassal now. Of course, everyone here hopes to last long enough to become the Mediary.”

“Hold on, the Mediary is a slave, too?”

“Yes, she’s a prisoner as much as the rest of us. But she’s the slave with the most power.”

The inmates run the asylum—when the Countess is away.

Zana was surprised by Adam’s next question. “How do I get promoted?”

“You think you’ll last that long, do you?” Zana giggled. “Slaves are promoted based on qualities the Countess values.”

“And they are . . .?”

“Obedience, loyalty, et cetera, et cetera,” she sighed. “But mostly cruelty. It’s the only quality that’s ever rewarded here. She calls it ‘cleverness,’ but it’s just another word for fucking with each other at every opportunity.”

“Like you did to me.”

“Yes, and I’ll do it again. You’re a short-timer, so you’re an easy mark for those who want to score points with the Countess.”

Zana led him into a room that had chains and pulleys set into the ceiling. In the center there was a small table next to a mattress, but Adam’s attention was drawn toward the naked woman chained to the wall.

“Hey, Chrissy,” said Zana as they entered the room. “No hard feelings I hope.”

The chained woman said nothing, but continued to stare at the floor.

“Chrissy here is a bootlicker, so she doesn’t get to wear clothes or walk around unattended. Right, Chrissy?”

“Fuck you, you bitch,” said Chrissy.

Zana ignored the comment and continued about her business. She connected the ring at the end of Adam’s armbinder to a low-hanging chain. “This is one of our discipline rooms,” she said.

“What have I done now? What am I being punished for?”

“It’s not punishment. It’s training.” She grasped a metal wheel on the wall and turned it. “I’m showing you what a discipline room does.” The wheel turned, and the chain retracted toward the ceiling until Adam’s arms were lifted at an uncomfortably high angle behind him.

Then she pushed the table in front of him. Sitting on the table was a three-ringed binder which Zana had opened to the first page. The heading said CASTLE SLAVE MANUAL—A GUIDE FOR THE INDOCTRINATED Tipobet Güncel Giriş SLAVE.

“You’re going to read out loud to me,” she explained. “You’re going to try to read the entire thing before tonight’s event. You won’t succeed because it’s 400 pages, but you’ll do the best you can, and you’ll do it in your clearest speaking voice. If you start to mumble, I’ll make you start again.”

Zana flipped the pages in front of him dramatically. The first fifty or so pages looked like photocopies of a document prepared long, long ago. After that was a hodgepodge of amendments and appendices, some of which were neatly typed, some of which were handwritten on spiral notebook paper, and some of which were scrawled in crayon so illegibly that Adam could only assume the crayon had been held in the writer’s mouth. The document was badly stained from frequent exposure to various fluids.

“It’s all in here,” explained Zana. “The castle slave manual is a work in progress. Has been for generations.”

“This manual’s a mess,” said Adam. “Do you know all this?”

“Nobody knows all of it,” she said. “The trick is to know more than those around you. If you don’t—well, it sucks to be you.”

She opened the manual on the table before him. “As you read, I may do things to distract you.” To demonstrate, she slapped him painfully on the ass. “No matter what I do, you will not stop reading or lose your place. If you do, I may make you read some portions twice. Or I may tighten your chain. These tactics will motivate you to be a better student. Do you understand?”

Adam reluctantly nodded his assent.

As Zana continued his spanking, he read aloud the opening section which concerned initiations:

The Initiation Ceremony

Following the slave’s indoctrination (a period which may last several weeks or only a single day, depending on the discretion of the slave’s mistress), the new slave will be initiated in a special ceremony overseen by the Royal Dominance Assembly (RDA).

The RDA is an elite group of individuals from the royal families of friendly nations and their honored guests who own and enjoy slaves. For the duration of the slave’s servitude within the castle, he/she exists for the amusement of the RDA.

The purpose of the initiation ceremony is threefold: 1) to welcome the new slave, 2) to judge the new slave, and 3) to assign rank to the new slave.

The welcome is an informal gathering during which the slave may feel at ease around his/her betters (for the first and only time) before the formalities of the judging begin. During the welcoming, the slave will greet each RDA guest, serve her refreshments, and do whatever it takes to make her feel at home. The guests will want to converse with the new slave, to get a sense of the slave’s personality, and to learn the slave’s innermost feelings about his/her impending service.

It is possible that during the welcoming, a guest may offer the slave a small gift—not because the slave deserves it, but because it amuses the guest to give it. Any such gift must be accepted graciously and sincerely. When offered such a gift, the traditional reply is, “I am beneath you and unworthy of such generosity. I shall accept only if it pleases you.” After accepting such a gift, the slave should immediately say, “I will cherish this gift more than I can say, and I am dumbfounded by your inexplicable kindness.” To say anything else would be unseemly, and would invite criticism from the RDA.

The second part of the ceremony is the judging. The slave will be questioned on the rules and customs of castle servitude (including the contents of this manual).

Zana stopped spanking him, and moved on to a different form of distraction. She unzipped her catsuit and slowly fondled her bare breasts mere inches from Adam’s face. Occasionally a hand would slip inside her vinyl suit to touch other parts of her body.

Naked Chrissy watched attentively and seemed to yearn for this kind of attention. Slowly she rubbed her own thighs against each other, the only pleasure she could give herself.

Adam could only imagine what Chrissy’s life must have been like, or why she would yearn for the kind of attention Adam was getting.

I mustn’t end up like her, he thought and felt ashamed for thinking so selfishly.

He kept reading:

The ceremony concludes with the assignment of rank. From this point onward, the slave may be held accountable for any infraction of castle rules, no matter how trivial, at the discretion of his/her superiors.

The hierarchy of slave rank, from highest to lowest, is:

The Mediary






Pets, playthings, deviants1

At this point, Adam stopped. “After the word deviants, there’s a number. What does it mean?”

“It’s an end note, stupid,” said Zana. Her catsuit now lay on the floor. She massaged herself, passing a whip slowly between her legs.

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Mistress Bianca Belier of Haiti

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“I don’t know what the big deal is, yeah, I’m a Haitian dominatrix, and yeah I fuck a lot of brothers, shoot, a lot of brothers like getting fucked,” Bianca Belier said, taking a long drag on her cigarette before exhaling sharply. The young Haitian woman leaned back on her throne-like chair, deep in her basement, speaking directly to the camera. Out there in cyberspace, Bianca knew that thousands of people were watching her live broadcast. Once a shy wallflower, now a sultry and bossy dominatrix, Bianca Belier had definitely come a long way.

Bianca Belier was born in the City of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, and raised in the Gatineau area of Quebec, right outside the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Political upheavals on the island of Haiti forced the Belier family to leave their homeland in the late 1990s. Growing up near the Canadian capital, Bianca felt like the daughter of two very different worlds. Her conservative parents, Alain and Marceline Belier are hard-working, church-going folks. They keep to themselves and don’t make waves. Nothing wrong with that, but Bianca wanted more out of life.

The Haitian community of Canada is definitely in transition, and not everyone is okay with that. First-generation Haitians tend to be hard-working, deeply religious folks, content to go to work, buy houses, raise their families and attend their places of worship and cultural events. The younger generation of Haitians living in Canada is far more complex, grappling with identity issues rather than merely survival and adaptation, unlike their predecessors. Bianca Belier is, in that respect, truly a woman of her generation…

While attending the University of Ottawa in the mid-2000s, Bianca Belier began to experiment with her sexuality. The campus was full of cuties of both sexes and all races, and as a six-foot-tall, gorgeously dark-skinned young Black woman from the Caribbean, Bianca Belier knew that she fascinated many of them. Bianca had both male and female lovers, sometimes at the same time, and devoured all that the realm of human sexuality had to offer. The young Haitian woman was sated…until she discovered the world of BDSM.

A lot of Tipobet Black folks are turned off by the idea of BDSM, dismissing it as merely whips and chains, the stuff that only White folks could get into. Bianca Belier was reluctant to try it at first, and then she gave it a shot and thusly became addicted to it. Bianca Belier began to experiment with different styles of domination, exploring both the physical and psychological aspects of these unique experiences. That’s how Bianca Belier knew that the Fates meant for her to become a dominatrix.

“That’s right, Mistress, brothers like me do like to get fucked,” Johnson “Brutus” Tussle said, his voice startling Bianca Belier out of her little trip down memory lane. Bianca smiled at him, and the big and tall, dark-skinned Jamaican hunk looked at his dominatrix adoringly. A while ago, Johnson was fairly active in the Swinger scene of Ottawa, Ontario, where he worked as a Bull. The well-endowed Jamaican brother had a lot of fun fucking horny White women while their White husbands and boyfriends watched, and thought he was at the apex of dominance and pleasure, until he met…her.

“Damn straight, boo,” Bianca replied, and the sultry dominant woman rose from her chair, and walked up to the burly brother who knelt a few meters from her throne. Bianca smiled at Brutus, who was taking to his new role as a sub quite nicely. It had taken her a while to disabuse the handsome hunk of that macho bullshit he clung to, but Bianca had fun bringing enlightenment to Brutus. Strong Black men are my favorites, Bianca thought, pleased with herself.

“Amen, Mistress,” Brutus replied, and his eyes widened when Bianca lovingly stroked the shiny ebony strap-on dildo jutting from between her thick dark thighs. Bianca licked her lips, drinking in the look of desire awash in Brutus chestnut eyes. Once upon a time, Brutus liked to strut about like he was the man, drunk on his own masculine power, all thanks to the women who were eager to open their mouths, vaginas and even their assholes to him. Fortunately, Bianca showed Brutus the beauty of Black female domination and the power of Black male submission…

Bianca Tipobet Giriş Belier recalled the first time she met Brutus, at a house party organized by her good friend Natalia Adewale, a wealthy Nigerian-Canadian woman living in the town of Kanata, Ontario. Natalia was married to a nerdy, nebbish White guy named Floyd Mintz, and he liked watching his wife get fucked by other men, right in front of him. The couple’s other friends were into swinging as well, and their get-togethers tended to get really steamy as a result…

“Oh yes, fuck her,” Floyd Mintz cheered, masturbating his long, slender cock while watching his curvy, chocolate-skinned wife Natalia get fucked by Brutus. The tall, burly Jamaican stud had the voluptuous Nigerian MILF on all fours and was spanking her big Black ass while slamming his long, hard dick into her pussy. Natalia was screaming like a banshee, loving what Brutus was doing to her. Among the spectators on that fateful night, Bianca Belier watched Brutus fuck Natalia.

This Jamaican brother has a nice ass that I wouldn’t mind pegging, Bianca remembered thinking to herself. After fucking the hell out of Natalia, Brutus was still not sated. The burly Jamaican stud then put Floyd on his knees, and made the nerdy White dude suck his big dark dick. Floyd sucked Brutus dick with gusto, and didn’t let up until he came. Floyd drank every last drop of Brutus manly cum, and then thanked the handsome brother for making his cuckold fantasy come true. Brutus smiled smugly and shook hands with the nebbish Floyd, while Bianca looked on with great interest.

Bianca Belier went after the handsome, cocky Brutus with a vengeance, and she eventually seduced the handsome Jamaican brother, and introduced him to the world of Black female domination. While a lot of Black female dominants chased after White guys like crack addicts looking for their next fix, Bianca loved her Black men and introduced many of them to their hidden submissive side. Bianca wasn’t intimidated by Brutus bisexuality by any means. She just wanted to make him hers…

“Suck my dildo, you know you want to,” Bianca ordered, Tipobet Güncel Giriş and Brutus nodded, and then eagerly fastened his sexy lips to her phallic toy. Bianca smiled as she watched Brutus fellate her strap-on dildo. Her already wet pussy twitched with excitement. Pinching her nipples, the young Haitian woman felt her arousal grow from what Brutus was doing for her. Arousal is more of a mental factor than a purely physical one. Bianca gets off from dominating Black men. The soul sister from Haiti gets her kicks in ways most would find quite unusual…

“Yes ma’am,” Brutus replied, and after polishing Bianca’s dildo, he looked at his dominatrix expectantly and awaited her next commands. When Bianca ordered him to get on all fours and spread his ass cheeks, Brutus eagerly did as he was told. Bianca took some cream and smeared it on the dildo, then applied the rest to Brutus bum. Gripping the Jamaican brother’s hips, Bianca leaned into him, pushing the dildo into his tight ass.

“Take that dildo up your ass like a good slut,” Bianca cried out, and she began fucking Brutus with gusto, working the dildo up his ass. This wasn’t Brutus first hay ride, but he nevertheless screamed as Bianca filled his asshole with her dildo. Bianca fucked him hard, delighting in the noises he made. Nothing excited Bianca more than violating a Black man’s asshole with her phallic toys, and as a macho Jamaican brother, Brutus was a rare treat that the sultry Haitian dominatrix simply could not resist.

“Mercy, please, Mistress Bianca,” Brutus cried out, a little while later, and Bianca grinned as the strong Jamaican brother finally tapped out. Slowly, she pulled the dildo out of his asshole. Brutus lay on the basement’s carpeted floor, spent. Bianca gently wrapped her arms around her sub, and kissed him on the back of his neck. As Brutus turned to look at her, Bianca flashed him a wry grin and then kissed him.

“Thank you for the gift of your submission, my fine Black King,” Bianca said, and Brutus nodded, then kissed her back passionately. The two of them then got up and hit the showers then got dressed. Afterwards, Bianca did the follow-up interview with Brutus, which she also filmed and broadcast on the web. She wanted to encourage more Black folks out there to try BDSM by showing them that ordinary Black folks like her and Brutus were in the lifestyle. Bianca’s way of making the world a better place…

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Misheviousness Brings Punishment

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My heart thudding in my chest, i glanced over at You sitting in Your chair, the remote to the TV gripped in Your strong hands. i wondered to myself, when would You want me? Glancing down at myself, i watch in amazement as my bared nipples start to harden at my thoughts. Your eyes roam freely over me, Your property, seeing the hardening nipples, the quick indrawn breath, the stainless steel collar around my neck and the leather training collar locked securely in place. Your cock stirs as You look, watching my eyes to see what kind of mood i might be in.

Flushing from Your intense look, i cast my eyes downward and move slightly, embarrassed to be under such scrutiny. i turn back to the computer screen and straighten my shoulders slightly causing my full breast to rise upward with each slow breath that i take. i feel Your eyes on me and my face flushes in anticipation.

Softly, so softly i almost missed it, i hear “Come here slut.”

Rising quickly i take the short step between us and stand before You.

“Take off your panties,” You say.

My face turns red as i hook my fingers in my panties and slowly start tugging them down, a bit reluctantly. Finally, they reach the floor and i bend over to pick them up to fold and put on the couch, but You have other plans. Your strong hand suddenly grips my hair and pulls. i find myself unbalanced and reach out to catch myself.

“Kneel,” you demand.

i sink slowly to my knees, feeling the power of Your strength in Your arm as Your hand is still tangled in my short red hair. Kneeling before You, You take Your hand away from my hair and as i raise my eyes to Yours,

You say, “Don’t look at me girl, I haven’t given You permission to do so.”

i cast my eyes downward quickly staring at Your strong legs and feet. I knew i was doing wrong, i should be looking at the floor, but i can’t help myself, i need to see some part of my Master. i wait, in anticipation, wondering what You will demand of me, but Your hand reaches for the remote once again and You turn up the volume on the TV. i wonder if You are watching TV or me, but i dare not look up to find out. My face flushes as I wait. i catch a movement just out of the corner of my eye and i dare to raise my eyes a bit to see what it was and i see You rubbing Your hardening cock. My very being wishes You would allow me to pleasure You.

A wetness begins to form between my thighs as i think about taking Your hardening cock in my warm mouth and slowly go down the length of it, till You are buried in the back of my throat. i think of how i would raise slowly circling my tongue around it as You have taught me, hearing Your soft moans and seeing Your body wriggle in pleasure.

Suddenly You speak again, “pleasure me slut, give me pleasure.”

My heart leaps in my chest and i move forward. You are holding Your huge member in Your hand, but i teasingly ignore it, and start at Your thigh…i suck slowly and nip little bites as i move upward toward Your strong hand that is moving up and down Your long shaft now. Just as I get to the junction of Your thigh and i hear You moan with anticipation, I quickly Sahabet move to Your other thigh to start the same journey again… i hear a little moan of frustration and i quickly glance upward to see Your reaction. You see this and grab my hair painfully in Your tight fist.

Pulling me upward You say;

“Didn’t i tell You not to look at me?”

i nod slightly, because Your grip is so tight, it is all i can do..

i whisper “yes Master.”

“Get into the whipping position and don’t move,” You command.

My breathing becomes short, my heart thunders in my chest as i slowly move into the required position. You rise off of Your throne and i see out of the corner of my eye that You are standing straight and tall behind me…Your sheer dominance causes my pussy to contract already in the first throes of orgasms..

Your hand suddenly flashes upward and for the first time i see the implement of my discipline as the belt comes flashing down to crash solidly on my shoulders. i feel the intense pain go thru my body, sending shivers of electricity to my throbbing clit. i can’t help but look through the corner of my eye back at You again to see the belt raise upward again, over Your shoulder and come swiftly down again and again and again. i feel a build up, that i know will cause an orgasm, but i don’t know if i have permission. i feel You change positions and suddenly You speak.

“When are You going to learn girl?”

i don’t know whether an answer is required or whether it is a rhetorical question so i remain mute. i see Your feet by my head and i wonder what You are thinking… but i dare not look up.

“You will not cum, slut, this is discipline and You are not to receive pleasure from it, understand me?”

“Yes Master,” i reply.

i wait, knowing that once again the belt will come down and i wonder where it will land. My body is a bundle of nerves, quivering in anticipation and dread at the same time…You keep me waiting.. standing silently and majestically above me. The desire to look at You and see what You are thinking is almost to much, but i dare not, for the punishment would be harsh.

Remaining still, with my arms straight above me, wrists crossed, my rounded bottom raised slightly in the air, my pussy exposed for you to see, glistening with moisture from my arousal i wait, trembling slightly. Suddenly the belt comes crashing down on my upturned ass, not once, not twice but five harsh blows, my ass is on fire and i know it may carry bruises tomorrow. The fire reaches down and touches my clit again and i find myself starting to orgasm but deny myself the pleasure per Your orders. You reach down and grab a fistfull of hair and bring me to my knees.

“Suck me,” You command.

i eagarly move up to Your waiting, straining cock and take You deep in my warm mouth. i slide up and down, slowly building You up and grabbing Your ass checks to thrust You inside my throat. Faster and faster I glide my mouth up and down Your organ till i hear Your ragged breathing and i know that i am doing well…i taste precum and i slide my lips to the very end of your Sahabet Giriş cock and lap up that first taste of Your reward and then dip underneath and lick Your balls slowly and sensously. i take first one, then the other ball and suck gently. Your moans increase and i am fueled to bring You pleasure, i take Your hard cock back in my mouth and dive back down on it to the hilt and scraping my teeth across it as i come back up. Then down again over and over and i feel the head swell up getting ready to explode with Your seed. Suddenly Your hand grips my hair again and You pull me off of Your throbbing dick.

Confused, i keep my eyes down on the floor, because You have not given me permission to gaze upon Your handsome face yet.

“Stay there, do not move, do not look” You command me.

You walk around me and i glance over my shoulder to peek and see where You are going, but turn quickly back around. i hear Your footsteps approach and then You are standing before me. You hand me a plastic sheet and tell me to put it on the floor and lie down upon it face up. i move quickly to accomplish this task and lie down on it face up as ordered.

“Masturbate,” You order me.

Startled at the command, my hand hesitantly heads down toward my crotch

“Now,” You quietly say.

i reach down to my hole and dip in to bring up some of the wetness there and spread it around on my clit and start making slow circles around the head of my pleasure spot. i move my fingers down and dip into my aching hole again and thrust some, closing my eyes and pretending it is Your hard member that is filling the ache there. i hear the strike of a match and smell sulpher and i open my eyes.

You utter one word “continue,” so i begin again touching myself and trying to pleasure myself… my eyes drift shut once again and suddenly i feel a searing burn on my right nipple.

Muffling a surprised cry, i glance down at my right nipple to see white wax forming there. Before i can think, my left breast is on fire as the hot wax pours down. My hand has stilled so intent am i on this new experience. You slowly make Your way with the hot wax down my belly, each drop sends a jolt through me and my clit is jumping and my insides are twitching.

“Move Your hand,” You demand.

Surely, i think, Master is not going to put hot wax there, and i move my hand slowly out of the way and feel the now familiar burn land on my already hot pussy and it melts slowly down toward my clit before cooling slightly and hardening. Tears form in the corners of my eyes and i start to orgasm again, despite my best efforts to keep from doing so.

“No, girl, You are not allowed to cum yet.”

Desperately i plead “please Master… please..” my voice trails off as Your quiet “No.” puts an end to my protests.

“Look at me,” You command.

i raise my eyes to Yours and see a sternness there.

“Do you know what you did wrong slave?”

My heart sinks and i frantically search my mind for something that i could have done wrong and come up empty.

“No, Master,” i whisper.

“Then i will tell you Sahabet Güncel Giriş girl, and punish you immediately.” You say.

“Do you remember me telling you to stay put, not to look, or turn around?” You ask.

Humbly i realise that my peeking had not gone unnoticed, and i am disappointed with myself, because i have disappointed You with my disobedience.

“Yes Master,” i barely manage to whisper and i close my eyes.

“Open your eyes, slave,” you order.

i open my eyes and see You standing there with Your cock in Your hand. My lips part slightly and suddenly Your hot stream of urine hits me in the face and runs down into my mouth. You direct the flowing stream to my breast and end the wet hot stream by pissing the rest on to my pussy. Humiliated and completely submissive, tears form in my eyes and escape the corners sliding down to mingle with Your urine that is slowly pouring off my face to the waiting plastic sheet.

Coming down to me, You shove Your piss wet cock into my throat saying, “clean me bitch.”

I use my tongue to clean Your dick and balls and then You straddle my face and thrust in and out of my mouth saying

“I own You slut, You are mine, You will do as i say, always.”

Thrusting slowly in and out of my mouth you command me, “Suck me bitch, give me pleasure.”

i suck Your cock that is moving in and out of my mouth slowly…

“Use your tongue slave,” you say as Your breath begins to get ragged.

i circle Your thrusting jutting cock with my tongue as You jam it in and out of my mouth.

“You are mine, bitch, You say again.. make Your mouth a pussy girl, i am going to fuck your mouth like a pussy.”

Grabbing Your chair in front of You, You grind Your hips against my chin, shoving Your dick to the back of my throat over and over again.

“Take it bitch, take it like the slut you are,” You say.

You start to rapidly thrust in and out of my mouth, over and over again. Your cock is swelling and i feel the head vibrating with Your need to cum.

Breathless You give me one last instruction.

“When i cum, bitch, i am going to cum in the back of your throat, you will swallow every bit, do not let any escape, do you understand me?”

With your cock buried in my throat, all i can do is nod and moan. Thrusting and thrusting You start to moan and i feel my own orgasm building and suddenly overtaking me and sending me into spirals of ecstasy. i moan and squrim in the joy of my orgasm and it is too much for You….You slam Your dick into the back of my throat and Your warm seed spurts out coating my throat and sliding down it. i quickly swallow as more and more of Your gift is pouring out of You. You raise up some and bring Your member home again, leaving it buried in the back of my throat cutting off my breath and You moan in pleasure as the last spasm leaves You spent. You raise up slightly and tell me to drain You, and i take my hand and pull downward and gather the rest of your gift on my tongue and swallow.

“Clean me slave,” you order and i lick and clean Your dick and balls with my warm tongue, smiling to myself.

You stand and reach down and give me Your hand. i rise and together, smiling, we hold hands heading to the shower, where i will bathe You and You will gather me in Your warm embrace as the hot water soothes us and cools our passion… for a while.

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Mike , Peggy Ch. 06

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Author’s note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a long story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven’t read the Author’s note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so. That said, your votes and feedback are greatly encouraged and appreciated.


Now on to the story:


Mike knew that Peggy had an unhealthy hold on him, but he just couldn’t do anything about it. He was madly in love; at least he thought he was. He knew he was enormously pussy whipped, but he just couldn’t help it.

Mike was thinking about Mary more and more lately and how it might be if he had chosen her over Peggy. But it was too late now. After much struggle he had at least retained a friendship with Mary, but it was clear to him that his chance with her had passed and he kept holding out hope that things would get better with Peggy. Instead they kept getting worse.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Peggy had him tied to the bed, as was her recent favorite torment, teasing the shit out of him. It had been two weeks since he came last and that was a fizzle rather than a pop. She had been especially unrelenting today, and had him as frantic as ever.

“I bet you’d do just about anything to cum now wouldn’t you?” she teased.

“Oh God yes Peggy, please! Please make me cum!” he begged.

“Nope, not today!” she almost sneered, “I have a special surprise for you in a little while, but first I’m going to really fill these balls of yours!”

And she proceeded to perform some of her most frustrating tricks. She was especially concentrating on direct stimulation of his nuts, which tended to make them swell and ache.

She went on more gently, “Mike, you know, in about a month or so it will be one year since we first went out?”

“Uh huh” Mike groaned without really responding.

“And you know Mike, I told you that we wouldn’t have sex, you know, so I could trust that it was me and not sex you are interested in.” It wasn’t a question.

But it did have Mike’s sudden attention. In spite of his condition he thought there might be something up here.

“Yeah?” he responded a little more coherent, though suspicious.

“Well, I’ve been re-thinking that. Since you’ve been so ‘good’ all this time, and put up with my teasing you, I’m pretty sure you must really like me and not just be hanging around hoping to get laid, right?” she asked teasingly.

“RIGHT, right, definitely,” was Mike’s too urgent reply.

Peggy chuckled, but continued, “Well Mike, I’ve decided that on our one year anniversary I’m going to fuck you silly!”

Mike’s head was spinning. Had he even heard correctly? Was Peggy up to more of her mind-fucking tricks?

“Do you really mean it?” Mike asked, now fully focused even though Peggy had been playing with his balls during this whole conversation.

“I do really mean it, BUT, today is a critical day if it is to turn out that way,” Peggy said with a kind of seriousness she rarely displayed. Not mean, but clearly intense.

“I don’t understand?” questioned Mike, clearly confused.

“Well remember a little while ago I said no cumming today, well that’s the catch. You have to make it through the rest of today without cumming. If you do, you’re in for the fuck of your life on our anniversary!” Peggy laughed. Then added, “I really hope you can do it Mike. You may not know it, but I’ve wanted to feel your big, hard cock explode deep inside me for a long time!”

Mike groaned. It had been two weeks since he came last, and he knew that without a doubt, if Peggy wanted to make him cum today there was no way he could hold out.

Much to Mike’s surprise though Peggy gave him hope. “Mike, I know what you’re thinking, but I meant it when I said I really do want you to make it through today. So, to make it possible for you, I’m only going to tease you for five more minutes and then I’m not going to touch you for the rest of the day. Think you can make it five more minutes?”

Mike had learned from the past. He knew Peggy was up to something, but had no idea what. However what choice did he have, the potential was too great, “Yeah, I think I can.”

“Good, I really hope so, though even when I stop touching you it might be harder to keep from cumming than you expect!”

The way she emphasized “I” scared Mike.

Peggy attacked Mike’s cock with a vengeance, pushing him right to the edge almost immediately and making it nearly impossible for him to hold back. Mike strained to keep from cumming, sweat pouring off his body. Peggy knew she could push him over the edge easily, but held back just enough so that if Mike really tried he could control himself.

Finally Peggy stopped. Mike opened his eyes and it took a minute to focus. Peggy was smiling at him.

“Time’s up, you made it!” she beamed. She bent over and kissed Sahabet him.

“Really, you mean it?” said Mike, stunned. He never dreamed she’d let him survive her onslaught.

“Yup, I do. Just remember, no cumming the rest of the day or else the deal is off, okay?”

“Okay,” Mike replied cautiously, still disbelieving, “as long as you’re done teasing me for today how about untying me?”

“Not just yet, remember I said I had a surprise?”

And as if on cue there was a quiet knock on the door and without hesitating, it started to open.

“What? . . . Oh God . . . Peggy, the door!” Mike stammered very excitedly.

“Oh! And here is your surprise now!” Peggy laughed.

As the door opened and closed Mike was totally shocked to see Mary walk in!

Mike couldn’t speak as she approached the bed. God she looked hot! She was wearing a tank top that was just long enough to cover her breasts (obviously no bra) and a pair of Daisy Duke cutoff jeans.

Finally Mike sputtered, “What the Hell is going on?”

Neither Peggy nor Mary said a word. Mary strolled right up to the bed and looked Mike in the eyes with a big smile; then unabashedly shifted her gaze to his crotch, which she studied for a long minute.

“My God Peggy, does he always look like this?” referring to his swollen balls and throbbing cock with its angry looking, almost purple head. (Mary was keeping her promise to keep Peggy from finding out what had transpired the night of her “date” with Mike.)

Peggy laughed, “No, only when I’ve teased his cock and balls almost non-stop for two weeks without letting him cum!”

“God you are such a Bitch. This isn’t quite fair either, he’s going to pop at the slightest touch!” Mary said with a somewhat irritated tone.

This time Mike nearly screamed, “What the Hell is going on!”

Both girls looked at him and finally Peggy spoke.

“Mike, Mary and I have a little bet going.”

When neither girl continued Mike spoke again, “What! What about?”

Peggy spoke again, “Well, it goes like this. Mary is going to have 30 minutes to try and get you to ask her to make you cum. If she does, she wins, but if you don’t ask within 30 minutes then she loses. There is a little kicker, almost like double or nothing. If she makes you cum without you asking she loses double.” Then after a pause, Peggy looked at Mike with a very serious expression, “And that would mean you lose too, Mike!”

Mary looked confused by this last comment, but Mike understood perfectly. He just groaned.

“Why Mary, why would you do this? I thought we were friends!”

Mary looked away, unable to look Mike in the eyes.

Peggy answered before Mary had a chance. “Mary didn’t exactly have much of a choice. You see I have this little ‘packet’, the contents of which Mary would do almost anything to get!”

“I still don’t get it, why this?” Mike implored.

Peggy continued, “Mike, you naive little dork. Don’t you understand that Mary has the hots for you, always has and always well? I’m tired of it; I want this put behind us. She pretends to be just friends so she can still see you, hoping one day she can steal you away from me. I figure after this little bet either you’ll give in and be with her, though I doubt it,” Peggy said very smugly, “or once it’s all over, she’ll be too mortified to ever look you in the eye, and you’ll find her too disgusting to even talk to.”

Mike looked at Mary, but she still wouldn’t look at him. He looked back at Peggy, who was grinning from ear to ear.

“I still don’t understand. What happens if Mary loses?” Mike was clearly bewildered.

Peggy’s devious mind had been in overdrive on this one.

“Well if she loses she has to fuck four guys from the football team. Four guys I line up. And I have four in mind who have HUGE cocks. I think our little Miss Big Tits will be mighty sore after that. AND the double or nothing I mentioned will be something to really behold. Once these four guys are done pounding her pussy, they get to fuck her up the rear. I think that cute, tight ass might just get ripped to shreds! After you watch that little spectacle Mike, I think you’ll find her too disgusting to have anything to do with her.”

“Well, whatever happens, I’m not going to watch! NO WAY!” Mike was having a hard time believing this was actually happening. Amazingly, his cock was still rock hard and throbbing, a fact that was lost on neither of the two cheerleaders.

“I figured you might not want to partake, so I made it part of the bet. If you don’t watch, Mary loses no matter what. And her little packet of stuff gets spread all over campus,” Peggy gloated.

Mike spoke to Mary again, “Mary, why. I still don’t get it, why would you agree to this?”

“Mike, it’s like Peggy said, I CAN’T let that information get out! Besides, Peggy is right, I really want to be with you. I figure this is my last chance to free you, both of us really, from this Bitch. Anyway, she isn’t really giving me a choice,” Mary said Sahabet Giriş softly, still not looking at Mike.

“Okay, enough! Let’s get this over with. Mary you have two minutes to get ready and then I’m starting this timer,” Peggy said in that demanding way she has.

Mary finally looked up at Mike, and put on a dazzling smile. She slowly undressed as she spoke.

“Mike, I’m going to do everything I can to make you need to cum even more than you already do! And all you have to do to end it is say ‘Mary, please make me cum’ understand?”

Mike shook his head in acknowledgement. He also couldn’t take his eyes off her body. It is easy to tell what a great body Mary has, especially the way she often dresses, but to see her naked for the first time was marvelous. She had big round, firm breasts that defied gravity. They were capped with silver dollar sized dark pink nipples with hard nubs that stuck out rigidly. Her pussy was clean-shaven and Mike could see the glistening of moisture on her puffy inner lips. Mary was clearly excited.

In spite of the surreal nature of this event, Mike was extremely turned on too. Surprisingly his cock had remained rock hard throughout this entire introduction.

“Mike, if you ask me to make you cum, it will be the best you’ve ever had. It will mean you are out from under the torment this Bitch puts you through. But most of all it will mean you and I are together and I can fuck and suck you constantly, which I will love doing!”

“Ah shit Mary, don’t do this!” Mike pleaded.

“Too late,” snapped Peggy.

“Okay, 30 minutes starts now!” Peggy said, reaching over and starting the timer.

Mary wasted no time crawling between Mike’s legs and lightly grasping his cock in one hand and cradling his balls in the other.

“My God, I can feel the heat!” she said truly amazed and not really talking to anyone.

She started to slowly stroke, very slowly and gently.

Mike groaned.

“Remember, if he cums without asking, you’ll both regret it!” Peggy said spitefully.

Mary was proving to Mike that she was just as talented as Peggy when it came to getting response out of his cock. He was soon very close to cumming, but Mary masterfully kept him just a ways away without having to stop completely.

Mike was moaning and groaning. He needed desperately to cum. He wanted nothing more than to scream, ‘Mary, please make me cum’, yet he couldn’t stop fixating on Peggy’s promise about fucking her on their anniversary!

Mary could see it was going to take more than this for Mike to give in. She bent forward and took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it. Mike jumped, at least as much as his restraints allowed. She barely licked and nibbled just the most sensitive glans of his cock. It felt like electrical shocks shooting through his cock to Mike.

Mary raised the ante, taking Mike’s cock deep in her throat until her nose was touching his pubic hair, and then she swallowed a couple of times. God could she deep throat. She pulled all the way off.

“Mike all you have to do is ask and I’ll make you cum so hard, deep in my mouth and swallow every drop. You’ll like it I promise!”

And without waiting for a reply she repeated the routine.

Mike was going insane. He had NEVER felt anything like that before. Even Peggy’s wildest oral on him was nothing like this. He bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut. Mary alternated the gentle sucking and licking of just the glans with her deep throat action, knowing that he couldn’t handle that much deep-throat without cumming.

In spite of her best efforts, it seemed Mike was going to be able to hold out after all. Mary was getting a little frantic. She didn’t know exactly how long was left, but it couldn’t be more than a few minutes.

“Okay big boy, if you can tolerate this and still not beg me to cum, then she can have you. If I can’t get to you this way, then I’ve lost for sure!”

And with that Mary rose up and with her hand aimed Mike’s throbbing member at her dripping cunt. In one slow motion she impaled herself on his shaft and before he realized what she was doing, Mike was balls deep in Mary’s love box. It felt like a warm, slippery, velvet glove had swallowed his shaft. It had been a very long time since Mike’s cock had felt the inside of a pussy, and he absolutely had never felt anything like this.

Mike nearly came from the feeling, even though she hadn’t moved a muscle, just feeling her surround him was practically enough. And then after a minute or so, she started to slowly slide up and down on his pole.

“Mary! Mary!” Mike screamed.

Mary knew she had him. She could tell he couldn’t hold back any more and just knew he was about to scream for her to make him cum!

“Mary, STOP!” he screamed again.

By the time Mary understood, it was too late! She saw the bulge in his eyes and jerked off him as quickly as she could. She looked down at his crotch and could see his balls pulling up. She grabbed the base Sahabet Güncel Giriş of his cock and squeezed hard, but one small squirt of cum dribbled out the end anyway, oozing over her fingers.

Mike screamed, “NO!”

At that exact instant the timer chimed.

Peggy clapped and laughed uncontrollably! “Oh my God, that’s perfect. He held out and didn’t ask to cum and at the last possible second he did anyway. Mary, you lost double and Mike, you came! You know what that means on our anniversary. NOTHING!”

Peggy couldn’t stop laughing.

“No!” yelled Mike again, “I didn’t cum!”

“Oh yes you did, look at Mary’s fingers, that’s your cum dripping off them. Just because she choked it off and you still have swollen balls doesn’t change the fact for either one of you, you came!” Peggy said gleefully.

Mary and Mike looked at each other with a deep sadness that both could feel in the other.

“Mary, I’m so sorry!”

“Yeah, me too!” Mary replied softly.

Dejectedly and without saying another word, Mary got up, dressed quickly and headed for the door.

“See you next week Mary,” called Peggy. “You know the time and place.”

Mike felt like crying.

Peggy started to untie him.

“Mike, I know you tried your best, it really wasn’t your fault. I’m going to think about our anniversary some more. I really do want to feel your big cock inside me; maybe we’ll still celebrate that way. But no promises. Now I think you’d better go.”

More possibilities, but no promises. Same old shit. Mike knew something had changed inside him, but he just wasn’t sure exactly what, or how.

He didn’t see or talk to Peggy until Wednesday, when she called him. She called to tell him where and what time Mary was going to have to pay off her bet. She reminded him that if he didn’t show and watch the whole thing, Mary didn’t get her packet back.

He didn’t see or talk to Peggy again that week. He hadn’t seen nor heard from Mary either and didn’t really want to. He was very conflicted. Friday night he had a very hard time sleeping.

Saturday, just before noon, the appointed hour, he showed up at the old farmhouse outside of town, where a couple of guys on the team were staying for the summer. Peggy’s car was already in the yard.

When Mike knocked on the door it was Tons who opened it. Tons was the center on the football team. His real name was Jeremy, but everyone called him Tons, not because that’s what he weighed, but because he was so big. Not an ounce of fat, but he was really huge.

“Hey Mike, come to watch the action?” Tons asked with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Mike didn’t reply, he just walked inside. There he saw Todd Peterson, the quarterback, Harold Johnson, the middle linebacker and last but not least, Willie Cunningham. Willie was the tight end, he was a cinch to make all conference and had a shot at honorable mention as an All-American. Willie was big! 6′ 5″, 260 big. Fast. And black. Mike had naturally seen Willie in the showers, and all the guys joked, but in a very friendly, even complimentary manner about Willie (complimentary because Willie would kick any other four guys’ asses all at once if he felt like it). You see, Willie really was the stereotypical big, black athlete. His cock was of monster proportions. Mike could only imagine what it would be like hard.

All four of these guys were somewhat disdainful of Mike, especially Todd. They were all the studs of the team, could get all the women, and were especially puzzled as to what Peggy saw in a guy they considered more or less a wimp.

Mary was standing off to the side, dressed in a baggy cutoff sweatshirt and a loose fitting pair of shorts. Long shorts. She had no makeup and her hair was combed straight back in a ponytail. Mike had never seen her look so plain, nor dressed so frumpy.

They were in what looked like the living room, except conspicuously out of place was a large mattress on the floor, surrounded by chairs.

Peggy took charge immediately. “Okay, let’s get this show on the road. These boys are anxious to get started! Mary, get undressed and get your ass over here!”

Mary looked resigned to her fate. She quietly but quickly stripped naked and walked over to the mattress. The guys were all sitting in the chairs around it drinking in her beauty with leering expressions.

“Come on you little slut, on your back and spread ’em, we don’t have all day!” Peggy spat with a sneer that could only be described as evil.

Mary lay down on the mattress, not trying to cover herself, but looking pretty scared, as Mike could easily observe from his position against the wall. He was as far away as he could get without leaving the room. Peggy glanced at him a couple of times. He knew he had to watch or she’d be on him and declare that Mary hadn’t lived up to the bet, but he didn’t have to get any closer.

“Okay Todd, you first,” directed Peggy.

Todd stood up with a big smirk, his ego telling him he was going first because he was special. That is until Peggy continued.

“Some one has to loosen her up for the big boys!” she laughed.

Todd quickly was undressed as the others started to cheer him on.

“Come on, drill this piece of ass Todd!”

“Yeah give it to her!”

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