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Uncle James

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You know … you grow up with her comfortably being just your little niece. Wrestling, teasing, goofin’ around and teaching her things that your sister would never, ever dream of letting her do.

That’s what makes Uncles so fun … no responsibilities.

Then one day this little girl, who not so long ago was climbing up into a tree fort with you and you were teasing her about “climbing like a girl”, is now, these not so many years later, lying beside to you on a lounge chair next to the pool in a skimpy white string thing that is supposed to pass for swimwear and you notice she is not a little girl anymore in any way, shape or form. In fact, her way shape and form are all grown up and as you try not to scope her out … but you do, you feel your cock getting very hard.

Thank god for mirrored sunglasses.

Alicia is a 18-year-old ‘ready for college’ girl now and this 18-year-old girl, who by her physical attributes, should rightly be called a woman is a ripe and luscious thing to behold. She’s nearly 5′ 10″, about the same height as my sister Cheryl but the rest of Alicia doesn’t look like she came from my sister at all. My sister is tall and nice looking but the “girl” parts of her are not in the least bit pronounced … she is just a girl … just my sister. Her daughter, Alicia, on the other hand … this girl has shoulder length, straight blonde hair and a body that is muscled and lean everywhere with very large tits, a nice bubble butt and strong, thick thighs. She has full, naturally Ruby Red lips in a beautiful ‘girl next door’ face and blue eyes that will pierce your resolve in a heartbeat.

The girl was simply stunning … and she knew it but she was also very kind and rather modest.

I found myself, only two days into the week I was staying at my sister’s place, always trying to get as close to her daughter as possible and luckily for me, Alicia was a touchy-feely, very flirty girl, woman … whatever and when we were in the same room together, she was always sitting or standing close enough for me to be filled with her scent.

We decided tonight would be a night in with a movie, popcorn and some soda; the whole bit. Cheryl and I were in the media room, she in a recliner and me on the huge couch flipping the remote for the soundless tv, looking for anything with sports scores. We are talking and reminiscing about our childhood together when Alicia walks in fresh from the shower with one towel wrapped around her head the way girls do and guys could never do in a million years and another lonely towel barely wrapped around her body and she somehow slips over the back of the couch and lands about 6 inches away from me.

Oh my god … this girl smells wonderful!

I catch her mother look over at her daughter and a funny smile crosses her face but I didn’t think much of it.

Alicia scoots even closer to me, digs her arm underneath mine like we’re going down the aisle together and as she tilts her head into my shoulder to cuddle with me, the stupid towel on her head about knocks me over.

“Sorry, Uncle James.” she giggles and as she jumps up from the couch, her hands come up to remove the towel on her head while the towel … sort of covering her body, drops away from her and in a way, again, that only a female can do, she throws the towel from her head to the side, deftly whips the other towel off of her body, plops down in exactly the same spot next to me on the couch with said towel now covering the front of her like a blanket … and I saw not one inch of illicit flesh during the whole process.

I must have had an opened mouth “fucking amazing” look on my face because my sister laughed out loud watching the whole several second event, literally, unfold before me.

“Everyone comfy now?” she says, looking directly at me.

I just stare at my sister as I am sitting on her couch with her voluptuous daughter, all but naked, curled into me and smelling like heaven while the shoulder of my shirt is getting wetter and wetter from Alicia’s freshly showered hair.

“Comfy?” was all I could manage.

“Toss me the remote, Sweetie” Cheryl said to her daughter.

Alicia’s long fingers gently remove the device from my hand as her blue eyes smile up into my face and she deftly tosses the remote to her Mom, who in a single motion makes a perfect reception, swings it toward the flat screen and pushes ‘play’.

That word would cross my mind later.

Not two minutes later;

“Ooh Mom, pause it, pause it,” Alicia grabs the front of the towel and sits up, “… forgot the popcorn.”

“Right back.” my sister jumps up and heads off to the kitchen muttering something about her brain.

Alecia is turned away from me as she looks over the back of the couch, watching her Mom head down the hallway to the kitchen and I see all the naked flesh of her back; from her shoulders, down her sculpted muscles, where her very large breast is bulging out from behind the towel held there by her arm in front, all the way to the bursa escort delicious curve of her ass pushed into the cushions.

She splashes back into the couch next to me again and looks up at me with a slight quizzical, “what” look but quickly turns her head and squishes her soft body back into me and kind of wiggles … to settle in I guess. This is just odd. All I could think of for the past two days was fucking my own niece … my own sister’s daughter for Christ’s sake and now I couldn’t be more uncomfortable if I tried with her all but naked body right next to me.

My sister came back into the room and with the skill of a waitress, she juggled a huge bowl of popcorn, three bowls, three cans of Root Beer … and a salt shaker. She got us all settled in with our snacks, fussing like a Mom does, sat back down in her recliner and pushed ‘play’ again.

It’s a chick flick and an hour into it, I still don’t know what the story is about. I just wish I could reach into my pants and adjust my swelling cock; it’s driving me nuts! Alicia’s body is so soft and I cannot get the thought of her nakedness being just a slightly damp towel’s thickness away from my skin. Her still damp hair and the scent from her clean body was completely distracting. I tried to make my cock behave. I tried everything to make my cock behave. I swear I even tried the ‘dead kitten’ thing but that thought in my head just made me think of pussy … Alecia’s pussy. FUCK!

I couldn’t take it any longer.

“I gotta pee.” I say and jump up from the couch.

“K,” my sister says, “I need a popcorn refill.” as she grabs the remote and hits pause again, “hurry though, this is getting to a really good part.”

I had to dig my hand in my pants as soon as I was out of female range. Fuck, that hurts!

I stood at the mirror, looking at myself and made up my mind … for sure; I was sure that I was so fucking confused that I didn’t know what I thought. I left my cock in a ‘standing’ position in my underwear and headed back to, either my doom or nirvana, I knew not which.

When I came back into the media room, Alicia had stretched her body out and now had her head on the arm of the couch and her butt was about where I was originally sitting. She looked at me, quick smile, on/off and pulled her legs up, inviting me to sit so she could rest them in my lap. She had not wrapped the towel around herself and was still using it to cover herself as if it were a blanket and when she raised her legs for me to sit … I saw it all.

Her long slit, covered with fine golden hair like soft peach fuzz and her little pink asshole were completely exposed to me. Her eyes were lasered on my face, now with a wry smile covering her mouth. Cheryl was looking over at her with the very same angle of view that I had and I know she saw the same thing that I did … but I did not look at my sister.

What the fuck was going on here?

I sat down and I know I was blushing as I felt both women’s eyes on me but Cheryl simply turned her head and as she punched the remote once again she said,

“Yeah, now we’re all getting comfy.”

Why does she keep using that word?

Both women were sniffing at the end of the movie and right on through the credits, commenting on how sad one part was and how sweet another was but I probably couldn’t recite four lines of dialogue from the whole movie.

My sister switched the system to a music channel and I was glad for some Classic Rock to take my mind somewhere else but that didn’t last long as she stood up, walked over to stand right in front of me, softly kicked my foot with her bare toes and as my attention came to her face she said;

“You didn’t really think I would let you fuck my daughter without fucking me as well, did you … Little Brother?”

Ever heard the phrase ‘my balls are in my throat’?

“Huh?” was all that came out and even that little bit was feeble. I sounded like a kid going through puberty.

“James,” she has a very matter of fact tone, “I’ve been watching you lust after my little girl for the last two days. It couldn’t be any more obvious that you desire her.”

Alecia was sitting there with her fingers to her mouth, sort of biting her nails through a smile as her eyes darted back and forth between her Mother and me … her fucking Uncle for crying out loud, her Uncle.

“Oh God,” I tried again, “I … uh … Cheryl, shit! I … uh, what do I say?”

She laughs. “Just say, ‘why yes Sis, I’d love to fuck you both … my sister and my niece’.”

Alicia couldn’t stand it anymore and stripped the towel off her body and threw it to let it land wherever.

“You like, Uncle James?” she asks with a smile like it was an everyday question.

I looked at my niece’s body and the man in me just melts. OMG, what a beautiful woman lay before me with no clothes on; just that sweet smile and a confidence of maturity that I knew she did not possess but was still intoxicating.

I was guessing that’s bursa otele gelen escort why Mom was here.

“So, is my sister a teacher now?” I ask Cheryl.

“I guess that works,” Cheryl says, thinking as she speaks, “my daughter has an unusual appetite and she simply asked me one day to help her satisfy it.”

“Really …” my eyes go from mother to daughter and back.

“Yeah,” my sister says, “Alicia is just like me in ways you can’t imagine … or maybe you have imagined.”

This last was a statement and a question. I pondered it for a moment before I answered honestly;

“Sis, I have never thought about you in that way,” I say, “you know, sexually … wanting to fuck you.”

Now, as soon as those words came out of my mouth I got a punch of sexual need in my stomach that left my mouth dry. I had never considered the naughtiness of being intimate with my own sister but now that the thought was there it was the strangest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Sticking my cock inside of my own sister.

As I thought his, Alecia started rubbing her feet on my legs and I found her toes on my crotch was rather comfortable and not weird like you would expect since my sister … her mother, was right next to us.

“Okay, okay … seriously.” I say as I move Alecia’s legs off me and stand up. “Is this for real? … cuz, I feel like you’re both pulling my leg or something … like, you’re getting me ‘all in’ here and then you’re gonna say, are you serious?”

My sister looks at me and as she steps closer to me, I see her wet her lips as she folds herself into me and plants a very sexual kiss on my mouth that allays my suspicions about them teasing me. My hands slowly find their way to touching my sisters body and I discover there is way more woman there than I ever imagined … which of course, I never did … but maybe I should have.

As I am kissing Cheryl … my sister, god that’s sounds weird … I feel Alecia’s hands as she sits up and starts massaging my thighs and works her way to my balls and on up to my cock.

“How’d you get him to stand up like that, Uncle James?” she asks about my fully erect cock that I had thankfully straightened our earlier in the bathroom.

“Talent.” was all I managed in between kissing my sister and trying to look down at her daughter.

Fuck, I guess it was Nirvana and not my doom after all … maybe.

I felt Alicia unzip my pants as my sister undoes the button to them and now both women have their hands on my cock at the same time. Somehow my pants come down and somehow my shirt comes off and somehow, I am now naked in front of two very horny women … relatives. Women relatives … women that I am related to … OH SHIT, just stop thinking!

Cheryl kneels in front of me, next to her daughter and takes ahold of my cock, then kind of purrs at me.

“Oooh, Little Brother is not so little.” she says looking back into my face.

She pulls my totally erect cock away from my body and gently puts her other hand behind her daughter’s head and guides Alicia’s mouth to cover my throbbing flesh.

Alecia downs several inches of my cock, moves her head up and down slowly at first and as she moves faster, she moves deeper and then works furiously, fucking me with her mouth for several minutes as her mother watches her. She finally pulls her mouth off me with a stream of saliva and a gasping pant.

Cheryl kinda giggles at her. “Breath. little one,” she says, “you need to remember to breath.”

Alicia is panting, “God,” she wheezes, “he’s so thick.”

“Yeah,” my sister looks up at me, again with that smile, “he’s gonna feel very nice when we get him inside of our little cunts, don’t you think Sweetie?”

“Yes, Mommy.” Alicia says as she eagerly puts my cock back in her mouth.

“Oooh,” my sisters says with a frown, “you are such a greedy little bitch, let me have some.”

Alicia pulls my cock from her mouth and moves in to give her mother a big wet kiss and as I watch their tongues move against each other, new possibilities … very naughty, even nasty possibilities start running through my mind.

Fuck, this is …

This is it …

This is a mother / daughter thing, except it’s … oh shit, this is still just too hard to wrap my head around.

I watch my sister caress and fondle her daughter’s titties and I completely give in and am now eager to get my sister naked.

I wrap my hand in my sister’s hair and feel her movements as she continues to kiss Alecia. One of her hands leaves her daughters breast and gently folds itself over my fingers. As I know that I have her attention, I pull on her hair slightly to motion her to stand up and as she follows my lead, I bring her mouth back to mine, I feel Alicia’s hands on me again. They are soft and delicate, almost tentative, I’m assuming from her lack of experience.

“Has she fucked much?” I ask Cheryl as I looked into her face.

“Um, no actually,” bursa türbanlı escort she says kinda through clenched teeth, “not even once yet … you wanna be the first?”

“Oh, jeez sis … “I start.

“Yes … please Uncle James,” Alicia is looking up at us both, “yes … I want it to be you.”

This, for me has now turned from something lascivious and dirty into something very erotic and tender.

“So … are you good?” Cheryl says, smiling at me.

“More than good … are you kidding?” I reply, “but now I’m very curious about you, sis.”

“Mommy has something that she says men find … what is it Mom? Alicia looks at Cheryl.

“Interesting,’ Cheryl says, “is mostly what I get … or unusual.”

“Show him Mom,” Alecia says eagerly as she reaches for her mom’s pants and starts to undo them.

Cheryl just smiles at me and begins to help her daughter discard her own clothing. Cheryl takes over working the jeans off her body as Alicia stands and pulls the shirt over her mother’s head and moves around to undo her bra.

My sister has a swimmer’s body. Lithe and like Alicia’s, muscular with small but very, very firm breasts for a woman in the 40’s. I believe she could actually pass the pencil test. Alicia is back on the floor, kneeling in front of my sister and is very eager to remove the last piece of clothing from her mother’s body, a red thong; something I never pictured my sister wearing but since I’d never thought about her even having a vagina, I suppose I never considered what she might cover it with.

Alicia teases the straps of the thong and as she looks up at me watching, her hand comes to the front of her mother’s crotch and she starts rubbing her through the fabric. Her eyes go back and forth from her play to my face and I suddenly see what she is trying to show me. Cheryl’s clit is getting aroused and swelling and it is a sufficient enough protrusion to actually bulge under the silky red fabric and I can plainly see that it is very large.

Alicia smiles when I catch on and quickly pulls the thong off her mother. My sister is completely shaved and the shaft of her clit is a sweet pinkish color, surrounded by milky white skin and it is as thick as my little finger. The head of her clit is almost as big as my thumbnail and looks exactly like a little penis. Alicia stands next to her mom and pulls open the labia of her own pussy to expose her clit, which is a tiny, pinkish white nub, more like what I’ve always seen before.

“Mine’s nice but it’s so normal; isn’t hers wonderful, Uncle James?” my niece says with kind of an odd pride.

I look at my sister … and as she is staring intently at me, I realize she is waiting to see if I am grossed out or if it is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.

It is definitely the latter and my smile shows it.

“OMG, sis.” was all I managed.

“Yeah,” she says, with satisfaction after my reaction, “guys either love it or hate it.”

“Wow,” I start, “jeez Cheryl, how big … “

“Two and three eighths inches,” she laughs and snorts, “makes me know what you guys must go through.”

“So, you actually took a rul … ‘I begin.

“Mom says Daddy measured it,” Alicia chimes in, “isn’t that funny?”

Now, Cheryl’s ex, Brad, was a nice enough guy … until he ran off with another man, so the thought of him measuring what looked like a penis didn’t really surprise me as much as you would think.

“Wait ’til you suck on it Uncle James.” my niece is caressing her own tits and moving her shoulders side to side, obviously getting very aroused about our coming activities.

“Kiss me some more.”

I pull Alicia into me and do exactly as requested as Cheryl moves behind me and pushes her body into my back and wraps her arms around both of us. My sister’s tits are indeed very firm and I can feel her stiff nipples as she pulls back and brushes them back and forth on my skin. She puts her hands on my shoulders and runs her nails down my back with a slight bite to her touch, turns her hands and runs them from the backs of my thighs, up and over my ass, sending shivers through my body then reaches around between her daughter and myself to start playing with my cock.

I feel my sister behind me as she turns her head and lays her face against my back while working her hands strictly by feel and Alicia’s body jumps slightly. I look between us and see my sister has started to touch her daughter’s clit, moving in slow circles, rubbing the little nub and sliding a single finger down Alicia’s labia, searching for wetness to bring back up and apply to the sensitive tip.

Alicia tilts her head back with her eyes closed and she moans at her mother’s touch.

“Oh, Mommy,” she pants, “I can’t believe I’m finally going to do this … I’ve wanted this so bad.”

Cheryl moves from behind me to the side of us, strokes her daughter’s hair with one hand and pulls my face to hers with the other to kiss me again. As she pulls back, her dark eyes focus on mine and I know she wants my full attention.

“You will be nice to my little girl, James,” she says softly, “we’ve used toys but having a man on top of you and inside of you is very different than the kind of play I have done with her … so be good to her when you fuck her.”

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Neighbor On Deck Ch. 2

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There was not much sleep last night. After the episode of yesterday I didn’t know whether to be happy or scared. There aren’t many chances to see a beautiful woman pleasure herself without her knowledge. But I didn’t think that she would see me watching. I fully expected her to get dressed and come charging to my door, demanding to know why I was indulging in voyeuristic wantonness. Of course, my mind was thinking of all the negatives that could happen. If I had taken long enough to think clearly the obvious would have shown through. She was probably embarrassed to see me looking directly at her nakedness. I thought she had smiled but there was no way to be sure. Regardless, I didn’t really want to face her any time soon. At least she couldn’t see me masturbating furiously while she did the same.

Even though the sleep was fitful and rest was not achieved, I still had work to finish in my yard. The local garden center opened very early so I got dressed and went to get the many bags of mulch, manure, and compost that would be needed to do the next phase of my landscaping project. The neighborhood was still quiet when I returned. I backed my truck to the gate of my privacy fence and used the wheelbarrow to move the bags to the rear of my yard. After several trips of loading and un-loading bags, I had lost track of the events of yesterday. It is difficult to do demanding physical labor and think of pleasurable moments at the same time. Fortunately there was a stiff breeze or the suns heat would have probably driven me inside. My shorts were soaked, along with my hair. Sweat was dripping off every angle of my body. The only thing on my mind at that time was to finish, go inside, shower, and take a nap.

I had just finished emptying several bags of mulch into one of the new flowerbeds when I heard my gate slam shut. The wind had been threatening to tear it off the hinges all morning. I finished spreading the mulch and grabbed the handles of the wheelbarrow to get another load. When I turned my stomach leaped to my throat. My neighbor was standing just inside the gate. And there was not the faintest hint of happiness. I was too surprised to even move. I am sure that my entire body blushed to the maximum degree of crimson. She slowly walked across the yard toward me. If there had been another opening to the fence I would have escaped but she blocked the only exit. I prepared myself to take the brunt of her anger. I couldn’t avoid the lasers of ice that were shooting from her eyes.

What I found so amazing was that my fear was not diminishing the fact that she was incredibly sexy. It had been less than eighteen hours before that she lay mostly naked on her deck and created the most amazing orgasm. How could I forget the unabashed sexiness that she exuded such a short time before? It appeared that she had just rolled out of bed. She was wearing a pair of very loose fitting scrub pants and a short, thin t-shirt that left her midriff exposed. Her hair was obviously not brushed but it was so short that it didn’t look unkempt. I could karabük escort see the slightest hint of movement as her body brushed against the loose clothing. It crossed my mind that I was lusting at my executioner.

She stopped right in front of me, still not saying a word. Time had ceased to move. Oh how I wanted to be somewhere else. Here I was, face to face with an angry woman that I hardly knew. At least she didn’t come over with a large boyfriend. Maybe that would be later. Two days into my vacation and my life was nearing an end. Somehow I managed to croak out an “I am sorry.” Was she going to stand there, silently, forever? Please, just get it over with. Chew me out, let me grovel, and disappear to your house, never to be seen again. What else could she possibly want? What happened could not be changed.

She started shaking her head from side to side. She looked me up and down and finally said, ” Is that all you can say for yourself?”

I told her that it would not be possible to feel more sorry than I already did. I couldn’t tell her that I only felt sorry because I had been caught. She told me that it was not fair for me to see her in her most intimate moment. Again I apologized. She looked straight into my eyes and told me that apologies were insignificant. What she wanted was justice. Great, what could she have in her mind that would satisfy her desire for revenge? She put her hands on her hips and said that she knew that I was jerking off while I watched her do the same. I started to deny but she cut me short. She said that no man could watch a naked woman get off without doing the same for themselves. She asked if I was capable of telling that outrageous a lie; or was I gay?

When I reacted to her comment she relaxed and smiled. She told me that her initial reaction had been fear, then anger, then stupidity for assuming that she was alone. She assured me that her anger had been feigned, to see what my response would be. She wanted to know if I would be “good guy or a hard ass.” I told her that I just happened to be outside and once I saw her sit in her chair there would be no way for me to go inside and ignore her. She asked if I enjoyed watching. I was quick to let her know that watching her was one of the most erotic sites I had ever witnessed. She admitted that this was something she did at every opportunity. She had never seen me at home during the day and felt safe when on the deck. I had now taken away some of her private fantasy time. When I apologized again she laughed and said that apologies weren’t enough. I had to pay for my indiscretion.

She told me that her job was extremely stressful and did not give her a chance for life away from work. Her fantasies, while lying on the deck, substituted for the lack of companionship in her life. She told me that it was not fair for me to intrude in her fantasies without becoming a part of them. I had no idea what she was getting at. She smiled broadly and said that since I saw her getting off, she should osmaniye escort be able to watch me do the same. My heart skipped several beats. Here was this gorgeous woman telling me that she wanted to watch me jerk off. My voice stammered a refusal but she looked down and told me that my shorts were not in agreement. When my eyes dropped to my waist there was no doubt that the “other male brain” was in total agreement with her. My cock was fully erect and pushing my shorts out like a tent. She reached for my hand and started leading me across the yard to my deck. My mind was numb but she could have convinced me to dig a hole and bury myself at that point. After we climbed the stairs to the deck she proceeded to place two chairs facing each other. She sat in one and instructed me to remove my shorts and sit in the other. I hesitated and she told me that there was no choice. Fair was fair.

I slowly slid my shorts down my legs. My hard cock sprang up on its release. When they reached my feet I kicked them off onto the deck. A drop of pre-cum streamed off the end of my cock and came to rest on my thigh. She had stopped looking at my face and was now totally focused on my hard organ. I wrapped my hand around my cock and slowly stoked from the tip to the base. My other hand cupped my balls. Each stroke milked more of my own lubricant from the swollen tip. I wanted to perform for her as she had unwittingly done so for me. I stroked with one hand while circling the palm against the head of my cock. Our chairs were close enough together that when she slid forward, our legs overlapped. Her eyes were fixed on my hands and fingers as they slid from one end of my cock to the other. I was intently watching her watch me.

Her face seemed blank but her eyes gave that away. Her nipples were poking through the front of her t-shirt. I knew how large they were and could imagine them stiffening even further. Her scrub pants had slid up into her crotch when she slid down in the chair. I was sure that there was a glimpse of cleavage where her labia hid. Her nipples and pussy were fresh in my memory. I knew what was there. My hands were locked into my thoughts. There was a direct link between the thoughts and sights and the speed of my hands on my dick. I firmly gripped the shaft and squeezed upward. A large drop of fluid escaped from the tip. I used my finger to scoop it off and slowly raised my finger to my mouth. If she could taste herself yesterday, I could do the same today.

Her nipples were bursting through the shirt. Her hand had wandered up to her chest and was slowly palming the hard points. Her other hand slid under the loose band of the scrubs and was nestled between her legs. She must have read my mind about wanting her to remove her clothes but she huskily said that she didn’t see me the day before, so I couldn’t see her now. Her hand was deliberately attending to her pussy. In fact, there was a darkening of the pants as her juices stared to spread outward from her cunt. We were both marmaris escort concentrating on each other’s crotches. She was seeing what was new to her, me remembering what was now hidden before my eyes.

Our breathing was becoming more labored. The movements of our hands became more frenetic. She raised her hips to meet her fingers as I fucked my fingers. The world around us had evaporated. I could hear my hand sliding over my cock. I could hear the fabric of her pants against her wrist and fingers. I could hear the sounds of our breathing. There was nothing else.

I looked up at her face and our eyes locked. There was no way that either one of us could last much longer. She looked into my eyes and slowly said, “I came for you yesterday, now come for me.” I could feel my nuts tightening as the come rushed along my shaft. As the first wave of my orgasm exploded; the come shot from my engorged organ. The thick, white fluid shot into the air and landed on my thigh. The next stream landed on her leg. That sent her over the top. Her head was thrown back; her eyes wide open. Her hands were frantically assaulting her pussy. Our orgasms seemed to intensify the others. We were both speechless and drained, no pun intended. She looked at me and silently mouthed, “thank you.” The pleasure was almost all mine.

She bent over and ran her finger through the streamer of come that was running down her leg. She lifted her fingertip to her lip and sucked my come into her mouth. What I had lost in hardness immediately returned. I told her that it was not fair that she had tasted me without allowing the same consideration for myself. She stood, removed her pants, and straddled my legs. The dense hairs, above her shaved lips, were soaked with her liquid. She took my hand and guided my fingers to the smooth slit. I could feel the heat before the wet skin was touched. My fingers slipped between the swollen lips of her pussy. There was no resistance as I reached deeply into her. I could feel the muscle contractions around my fingers. She then took my hand and brought my fingers to my mouth. Her taste was intoxicating. Did you know that pink is the only color that has flavor?

My cock was bobbing anxiously below her. She took it into her hand and lowered her sopping pussy onto my cock. My cock felt like it was wrapped in hot satin. I watched as she rose up and then came down on my dick. I could see the head part the outer lips on its path inward. When I withdrew from the depths, her inner lips met the contours of my cock and pulled past the slick interior. They looked like petals of a tropical orchid. Her movements were coming faster now. I knew that all it would take for me to have another orgasm would be to feel her coming while fucking me. I leaned forward and sucked one of those thick nipples into my mouth.

She gripped the other nipple in her fingers and pulled. That was all it took to start her cascade. Her juices flooded my cock and balls. I know that there were wet spots on the deck below. I then came. It was much more intense than earlier, or yesterday for that matter. She collapsed onto my lap with my dick still inside her. She laid her body onto mine with her head on my shoulder. My arms wrapped around and pulled her body closer to mine. She whispered into my ear, “it is so good when neighbors can be friends.” What could possibly happen next?

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Naughty Neighbors Pt. 01

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A beautiful summer morning on the lake in the house we just rented. I woke to a great view of the sunrise over the water from my bedroom window. I stood there admiring the scene in front of me wearing just a pair of boxer briefs. I was in my thirties and still in great shape. I had a smooth, toned body which my wife very much appreciated. I would also get some nice looks from most women, especially when I was shirtless. Off to the east less than 50 feet away was our friendly neighbor’s home. It sat further down the hill from us, closer to the water. I could see their great deck that featured an outdoor fireplace and I had a clear view right through the bottom floor of their house to the water. They had large glass doors on the back and huge picture windows facing the water.

The couple in that house were nice people. They came to visit us right away and planned a welcome to the lake party for us that was to be hosted at their home. We hit it off well as they were laid back and enjoyed life just like my wife and I. We were well adjusted happy people. Since moving in I had joined them a few times for beers on their deck. Joe and Tammy were a good looking couple about ten years older than my wife and I. They had no kids, except their dogs. Joe was charismatic and had a great career but traveled a lot. Tammy stayed at home and was a stunning blonde bombshell with an amazing body. She was a flirt and he didn’t seem to mind. That made things fun right from the start for me.

Every morning started the same way for me. My wife was usually already gone when I woke up during the week. I would get up from bed and admire the view from our bedroom window before heading to the shower. I either had on just a pair of boxer briefs, or nothing at all. Sometimes it felt good to just be naked. Although I could see right through the neighbors house I never really gave it much thought until I caught a glimpse of Tammy one morning strutting around wearing just a bathrobe. I knew she was naked underneath because the robe didn’t do much to cover her from the front. To my surprise and great pleasure I was able to get a clear view of her standing in her kitchen facing my direction with the robe open and her arms over her head stretching. Her breasts were perfect. She had a well groomed maybe completely shaven vagina from what I could see, and she was definitely in great shape.

Before she could catch me looking I headed off to the shower. Besides on this particular morning I wasn’t wearing any briefs and I could feel my cock start to rise. I didn’t want her to see me standing nude with a boner looking like a creeper. I couldn’t help but fantasize about her during the shower and for the rest of the day. I couldn’t wait to go to bed that night hoping to catch another glimpse of her the next morning. My wife certainly appreciated it without even knowing. I had amazing sex with her that night right there by the window. Yes, I fantasized that my wife was the neighbor. Both of them are beautiful blonde bombshells. Slight differences being that the neighbor was older, she had slightly larger perfectly shaped breasts (surgically enhanced) and was the forbidden fruit. That forbidden part is always arousing – so the fantasy was in play.

To my delight, like clockwork – there she was the next morning. I was a little nervous at first when I saw her. This time I was sure to wear my boxer briefs. I was worried that she would catch me looking and maybe would be less than impressed. To my delight, she once again stood in front of the glass door facing me and reached her arms back over her head to stretch. Doing this opened up her robe fully exposing her hot body to me. I stood there numb just staring. I felt my cock start to grow harder in my briefs as I watched her.

Things got more interesting as the days passed. I swore she knew I was watching. We never talked about it when we visited, but I felt some sexual tension between us. I also thought I could see her glance up once in a while.

Several days passed until “that day” when it became clear she knew I was there and that she enjoyed it. Same routine, except on “that day” she stunned me. I watched as she stretched as usual, then let her robe fall to the floor. She was now completely naked and stood there for a moment giving me a full unobstructed frontal view. Moments later she turned around giving me a look at her backside featuring her bare and incredibly firm heart shaped ass. She bent over with her legs spread apart placing her hands on the floor. She grabbed her ankles then slid her hands up the back of her legs as she stood back up. I watched as she arched her back and leaned forward a bit, spreading fethiye escort her ass wide to expose her pink pussy and tight anus. This had to be intentional. My cock was rock hard and couldn’t take my eyes off her. She turned around and looked right at me with a seductive smile, making sure we made eye contact.

I saw her look me over, up and down then her smile changed to a pout. There was an awkward moment before I realized what she wanted. The old I’ll show you mine if you show me yours routine. I slid my underwear off exposing my swollen penis. A big smile returned to her pretty face and she stared directly at my stiff cock. I saw her lick her lips. She even placed a few fingers into her mouth as if she were pretending to suck on my dick. My erection grew even harder and larger which seemed to delight her. One of her hands was between her legs and she was rubbing her pussy. A few moments later she blew me a kiss then turned and slowly walked away. I watched as her ass cheeks did “that thing” and she disappeared from my sight.

I was incredibly aroused and just stood there as if in a trance for a few minutes before heading into the shower. Yes, I masturbated thinking about her. I spent the whole day with a semi or fully erect penis as I could not stop thinking about what had transpired. I left work early. On my way home I felt butterflies. I knew her husband was away, and my wife wasn’t expected home until much later. I was a little nervous to face her, but I had to. There were no expectations of sex, I was just excited to get our little morning routine out in the open. It felt like it was the right time to acknowledge our little secret ritual with each other face to face.

Making my way down the path to the neighbors house with a 12 pack of beer I caught a glimpse of my lovely neighbor Tammy wearing a bikini under a transparent silky gown. Music was playing and she was holding a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other. “Damn,” I think to myself. “She is so fucking hot. How lucky is her husband? How lucky am I for that matter?” She saw me approaching and welcomed me with a huge smile, putting her arms in the air.

“Hey neighbor,” she called out. “Very happy to see you.”

She set down her drink and placed the butt in an ashtray so she could give me a big hug. As she pressed against me I could feel my cock start to grow. She held me tight and I felt that her skin was hot and her nipples were hard. She put one of my legs between hers as we embraced. Her leg touched my growing cock and I heard her let out a quiet moan. She pushed her leg harder against my cock. My leg was between hers and I pulled her even closer so I could feel her pussy lips. They were hot as hell. I thought I could feel a wet spot forming. She was surely aroused. I placed my hands on the small of her back just above her ass and kissed her ear. She put both of her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss on the lips.

Our embrace lasted just a few moments but it felt like time stopped. Her lips on mine felt so good. Her tongue and mine entwined made me more aroused than I could have ever imagined in my fantasies. When we pulled ourselves away from one another for a breath I let my hands gently slide down over her tight hot ass. She slid her hands down my chest to the base of my t-shirt and pulled it off over my head. I felt her hands slide across my chest down to my bare belly. She guided both of her hands just under the waistband of my shorts. I could feel the tip of my cock touching some of her fingers which made me tingle.

“Do you have any idea how much I look forward to waking up each morning seeing you standing in the window?” she asked me. “You are so sexy, especially when you are completely naked.”

“Probably not as much as I look forward to seeing your sexy body,” I said.

We laughed and embraced again. Our lips met and our tongues followed. We kissed more passionately as if we were long time lovers. I felt confident. I placed my hands directly on her ass and slid them towards her pussy with a firm grip. I kept moving them closer until I could feel her pussy lips under the bikini bottoms. She adjusted herself a bit, encouraging me to slide my fingers under the bikini and direclty over her bare puffy hot lips and into her wet vagina. She grinded against my hand letting two of my fingers slide deep inside of her and she moaned. With my other hand I slid her bikini to one side giving me clear access to her pussy. She arched her back and did not resist as I began fingering her hot wet pussy from behind.

“Let’s go inside,” she said. “I want to show you something. alanya escort Follow me upstairs”

The entire second floor appeared to be the master suite. Once there she guided me to a window that faces my house.

“What do you see?” she asked.

I took a long look, not quite sure what she wanted me to see.

“You know our morning ritual,” she said. “Well, at night, if you stand in front of that window, which I believe is in your den, you can get a pretty clear view of my bed. I sleep naked, and don’t usually cover myself with a sheet or blanket.”

“Okay,” I said. “Never noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out.”

“If you have a chance to do so I can guarantee you will get a show on most nights. I have been known to play with myself when I am all alone,” she says with a pouty look. “Is that something you would enjoy watching?”

“Are you kidding?” I said, “Wish I had noticed that view sooner.”

“You know,” she said. “There’s another view you should be aware of from down here.”

She guided me back downstairs to a pantry with a small window I never even noticed before. Looking though you could see directly into my bathroom with a clear view of the shower.

“In the mornings after our rendezvous,” she said, “I race here to watch you shower. I stand here and masturbate and fantasize about being in the shower with you. Maybe you can leave the shower curtain open for me on occasion?”

“As long as you keep giving me the best view on the lake each morning,” I said, “I’ll do anything you ask.”

“Anything?” she asked.

“Yes, Tammy. Anything.” I said, “as a matter of fact why don’t you just come on over and join me one of these mornings instead of fantasizing about it?”

She smiled and told me to follow her back upstairs. Once in the bedroom she stood next to her bed facing me and removed her bikini top and bottom. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. She rubbed her breasts, pinched her hard nipples and then slid her hands down to her inner thighs. She placed fingers on either side of her vagina, pulling her pussy lips apart.

“Will you get on your knees and lick my pussy?” she asked.

With no hesitation I got between her legs on my knees and placed my hands on her thighs. I leaned forward and put my mouth over her hot pussy. I kissed her clit and teased it with my tongue. I gently slid my mouth over her puffy lips before darting my tongue into her hot pussy. I moved my hands to her vagina and spread her wide as I dove in further. My face became covered with her juice as I licked and sucked her pussy madly giving her a quick orgasm. Eating her pussy made me super hard. My cock was strained under my shorts. I stood up and pulled them down for relief. As my cock sprung forward I heard her moan what sounded like “yum.”

“Put that cock in me.” she said. “Please.”

I grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs into the air placing them over my shoulders. I grabbed the base of my cock and pressed the tip of it on her pussy lips. I then slid my entire shaft back and forth making it wet from her juice. I rubbed my cockhead over her clit a few times then slid it into her just a bit to tease her. I pulled out and pushed back in a little bit further each time until my entire cock was finally and completely buried inside her hot wet pussy. She was amazingly tight and it took a minute for me to get in all the way without causing her any discomfort.

“Yes,” she groaned. “Your cock is so hot and hard. It feels so good, so deep. Fuck me baby. Give it to me.”

Now that my cock was in the whole way I began to thrust with more pace. My balls started slapping against her as I drove my cock deep into her hot pussy over and over, again and again. My cock swelled and her pussy tightened around it. She started to moan loudly as I drove my cock in and out of her harder and faster. This went on for a while and I kept changing pace to keep her on edge. I reached down and placed my hand around her neck just a little. She moaned loudly which told me to tighten my grip. I started choking her, then giving her air. I did it a few times which definitely excited her.

“Oh my God,” she screamed. “Oh shit. I’m going to cum.”

Tammy’s body quivered and she squirmed on the bed beneath me as I held her down and continued to shove my cock in and out of her throbbing pussy. I felt her pussy lips tighten around my cock as she started to scream with pleasure in some incomprehensible sex language. She arched her back, her entire body stiffened and I felt her pussy lips clamp down on my cock forcing me to stop thrusting for a second. manavgat escort Then her pussy exploded with hot juices. She started shaking uncontrollably as her vagina squirted everywhere lubricating her pussy allowing me to continue ramming my cock in and out of her until she went completely limp and began to whimper.

Her body continued to quiver as I slowed my thrusts to control her orgasm, making it last much longer than either one of us expected. I wanted to cum. I needed to explode. But, I held back wanting to completely finish her off before feeding her my seed. Eventually the throbbing of her pussy started to subside and I pulled my rock hard cock from her vagina. I rubbed it over her pussy lips and clit one last time before pulling her off the bed.

“I want to cum in your mouth Tammy,” I said. “Get on your knees for me baby. Please.”

She smiled and moaned hungrily as she got on her knees in front of me. She opened her mouth wide and closed her eyes. I slid my swollen cock into her hot mouth as far as it would go. I could feel the back of her mouth then her throat. She gagged a little but it didn’t stop me. It was clear she had done this before, many times.

An experienced cock sucker for sure. I felt her throat muscles loosen as my cock slid deeper into her mouth. I started slowly at first. After several strokes I grabbed her head and started grinding my cock with more force in and out of her mouth. She moaned louder the rougher I got with her. This encouraged me. I grabbed her hair and started forcing her head towards me as I thrusted my cock as far as it would go into her mouth, smashing her face against my pelvis. I was face fucking this incredibly hot woman like a porn star and she loved it.

I pulled out for a second and rubbed my cock over her face and across her lips. She looked up to me and moaned softly while breathing heavily. She then licked my shaft and kissed the head of my cock.

“Oh yes, baby.” she said. “Your cock feels so good in my mouth. I want your cum.”

She wrapped one hand on the base of my cock and placed my balls in her mouth gently. She stroked my cock then put it back into her hot mouth as deep as it would go. She pulled it out and looked up at me seductively again.

“Fuck my mouth again” she says. “I’m yours. I’m your little cum slut.”

With both hands on her head I began fucking her mouth again. Faster, deeper and harder until I felt my balls tighten and my cock started to throb. It didn’t take long for me to explode, and when I did it was crazy. I shot the first few loads of hot cum down her throat making her cough and gag a bit. I pulled out just enough to shoot my next few loads directly on her tongue which filled her mouth. Some of my hot semen oozed out over her pretty lips and down her chin. Seeing my cum land on her perfect breasts made me decide to pull out further and shoot the next blasts on her face and chest.

I slid my cock back into her mouth to unload the last few bursts of cum until my orgasm was over and my cock began to soften. She kept sucking and stroking me to the very end swallowing every drop of cum she could. She rubbed my semen from her chest and face and licked her fingers clean, moaning all the time.

“You taste so fucking good,” she said. “I love doing this with you. I will give you a blowjob any time you want. Period.”

Jokingly I asked, “even if your husband is home?”

“Any time,” she said. “I know he wouldn’t mind. Actually, I bet he would enjoy it.”

She smiled and we laughed together. We laid there on her bed and talked about how amazing the whole experience was for both of us. Agreeing to do it again we made plans to meet up the following day. I decided to stay home from work for that.

We continued to talk sex and discussed some of our fantasies, including the idea of involving our spouses if the opportunity presented itself. Maybe not both at the same time at first. She had no problem doing bisexual things with my wife – and my wife and I had some experience with that. As far as bisex between her husband and I, it was a go or no go for me depending on the situation. She felt that he would be more than into it. She told me he liked her to finger his ass during sex, which she said was ironic because he would never do her anally.

“You should have told me you were deprived,” I said. “Next time I will slide my cock right into that tight hot ass of yours.”

I followed that up by admitting that I had fantasies about having a man’s cock in my mouth (especially sharing it with another woman.) But told her that I was too uncomfortable to introduce that side of my sex life to my wife at that time. She agreed that it might be too much for her husband also if there was another woman involved anyway. She said he would be more likely to let me fuck him in the ass if it was just the three of us. And, most likely we could take turns sharing cocks orally.

But that story will be continued in Part 2.

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Private Detective: Tina Boyde

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Part 1 of 3: The Blackmail Plot

The office was half empty. Boxes were still laying around, waiting to be unpacked.

Tina opened the door and a potential client entered the room. It was a surprisingly attractive woman in her late 20’s who was dressed with style. Tina could tell that the woman had money, and lots of it. The potential client didn’t look like someone who needed a private investigator.

“Did you have trouble finding this place?” Tina asked.

“I used my phone app,” Astrid replied.

“Of course. Please, have a seat.”

Tina sat down behind her desk in the small office, and Astrid sat down in the guest seat, wasting no time and getting right to business.

“I have a job offer for you. I’ve done some research and I’ve heard you’re good at this sort of thing.”

Tina smiled, “You’d be my first client. This is a new business of mine, as you can see. Things aren’t exactly settled in around here.”

“It’s your detective experience I want. I’ve heard about your reputation from my cousin who works in the DA’s office. Why did you leave your old job, anyway? You must have been making good money.”

“I spent a year in the homicide division. I’ll leave it at that.”

“You must have seen some ugly things,” Astrid said. “This city can be a very nasty place sometimes.”

Tina nodded. “You’re right.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Should I?”

“My father was the biggest real estate developer in the state. He passed away a few months ago.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that.”

“Don’t be,” Astrid replied, coldly raising her eyebrow. “He left most of his assets to me. I inherited a big fortune.”

Tina leaned back in her chair. She realized that Astrid was trouble. She realized that Astrid was someone who cared more about social status and wealth than anything else. Those kinds of people tend to be ruthless in their own unassuming way.

“It sounds like everything is going well for you. What brings you to my little office?”

Astrid paused for a moment. “Can you promise me that none of this will ever leave this room.”

“Everything you say to me will be confidential. A big part of my job is discretion.”

“What are your specialties?” Astrid replied. “What are you good at?”

“I have more experience using high-tech surveillance equipment than any other private investigator in the city. I can assure you of that. I’m also experienced in shadowing people. In other words, I can get you the information you want, and I won’t get caught.”

“What about undercover stuff? Are you still up for that?”

Tina nodded, not liking where the conversation was headed. “If the price is right, I can go undercover. It’s got to be something legal though.”

“I want to hire you. I like your background and I’d rather deal with a woman.”

“Understood. What’s the job?” Tina asked.

Astrid took a deep breath. “I’m being blackmailed.”

There was tension in the air. Tina knew the client was in trouble, but she didn’t know how much. There was a hint of fear in Astrid’s eyes. Tina could sense when people were scared based on her years in law enforcement.

“Do you know the person who’s doing it?” Tina asked. “Or is that something you want me to uncover?”

“I know the person. Intimately.”

“Then why don’t you go to the police? They’ll conduct a proper investigation and this person will be sent to prison.”

“I wish it was that easy,” Astrid said, before turning away for a moment. “Look, this guy has information on me and he’s threatening to make it public. My reputation would be totally ruined.”

“What kind of information are we talking about?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“It’s important that you tell me. All of this will remain confidential.”

Astrid rolled her eyes. “I’ve done some escorting work. Not the trashy kind, like on a street corner. But the high-end kind. I’ve done it for rich clients. Don’t tell me you’ve never had the same fantasy?”

“I can’t say that I have,” Tina replied, trying not to judge. “So who’s the person blackmailing you? I’m assuming it’s a client who discovered your big inheritance.”

Astrid paused and searched for courage. “His name is Redmond. He runs a private club which caters to certain needs that powerful people have.”

“Needs, such as?”

“Do you enjoy good sex, Ms. Boyde?”

“Just answer the question.”

“It’s a bondage club,” Astrid replied. “Redmond has the most beautiful women working there. They specialize in domination, or submission, or whatever people need to get-off. Anyway, I used to go there a lot and Redmond offered me a job. It was fun until Redmond found out about my rich father.”

“And your inheritance too.”

Astrid nodded. “He saw my picture in the local news, that I had inherited a small fortune. He started making innuendos about how awful it would be if everyone knew my secret. I laughed at first. Then he began making threats. I stopped going to his club. That’s when he sent me a package in the mail. It was a video of me having sex at someone’s home. Some asshole zonguldak escort had recorded me.”

“This happens more often than you think,” Tina replied. “I’ve dealt with a few of these cases as a vice detective. Trust me, you’re better off going to the cops. Most often, the perpetrator gets arrested, and the information is never released.”

“You don’t understand. If I go to the police, then his thugs are going to put videos of me all over the internet.”

“Then what do you want me to do?”

“Redmond is involved with some sketchy people,” Astrid stated. “You know, drug stuff. Stolen stuff.”

“Is he a big player in the crime scene?”

“As far as I know, he is.”

“How come I’ve never heard of him or this club?” Tina asked.

“The police don’t know everything.”

“What exactly do you want from me?”

“Find evidence that could put Redmond in prison for a long time. I could use it as leverage, you know, so he can’t blackmail me anymore.”

Tina shook her head in disbelief. “So you plan on blackmailing the person who’s blackmailing you? That’s a terrible idea.”

“It’s the only option I have. I’ve already made payments to Redmond. I won’t tell you how much, but it’s a lot. I thought it would make him go away, but he always wants more.”

“You’re playing with fire, Astrid. This is a very dangerous game. These are obviously bad people. You should go to the police and take your chances. I won’t help you with this.”

“Trust me,” Astrid replied confidently. “You don’t know Redmond. The guy is a slime ball, not a murderer. If I threaten him with jail, he’ll fold, easy.”

“It’s rarely that simple. You’re dealing with something dangerous here.”

“This is the job offer,” Astrid said defiantly. “Either take it, or I’ll go somewhere else.”

“I’m trying to help you. I’ve dealt with these types of situations before.”

“You obviously need the money,” Astrid replied staunchly. “If this gets done, I’ll pay you $25,000 in cash, and it stays between us. If not, good luck keeping your shitty little business open.”

Tina leaned forward, “Astrid, get the fuck out.”

The young socialite had a venomous look on her face. Anger was boiling. She was like a spoiled child who had never heard the word ‘no’ before. She slammed the door when she stormed out of the office.

Part 2 of 3: The BDSM Investigation

Weeks passed. Tina’s business slowly picked up. Most cases involved cheating wives or husbands. It wasn’t the morally fulfilling work she was doing for the police department, but it paid the bills. Barely.

Tina noticed an unmarked package sitting in front of her office in the early morning. It was a large envelope. She picked it up and took it inside her office, then she opened it and dumped everything onto her desk.

There were surveillance photos of a man. There was also a check with her name on it, signed by Astrid. The check was for the amount of $25,000. There was also a handwritten letter by Astrid.

Tina read the note:

These pictures were taken by another private investigator I hired. He quit the job when he found out who Redmond was. I think you have more balls than every male P.I. in this city combined.

I’m giving you $25,000 right now and another $25,000 when the job is done.

Give me a call,


The letter was tossed onto the table and Tina leaned back in her chair to think. The job was beyond stupid, but the money was unbelievable. Astrid was like most rich spoiled brats.

The job was going to be done no matter what, and Astrid would just keep looking for someone who would do it.

Tina recalled the online research she had done on Astrid weeks earlier. Astrid’s story checked out: She was a wealthy socialite who inherited nearly a hundred million dollars from her father. Who better to blackmail than a wealthy socialite with a family name to protect?

The private detective looked at the pictures on the table. The pictures were taken with a long-lens camera. Redmond was a large man, husky, strong build. He appeared to be in his early 40’s and wore a cheap suit. He had sleazy and shady written all over him.

It wasn’t a hard decision anymore. The money was too good. Tina was confident in her skills. If there was dirt, she could find it. Looking at the pictures of Redmond in front of his club, she knew she could find incriminating evidence against him easily.

Tina picked up her phone and called Astrid’s number which was on the bottom of the letter. The call was brief and a formal appointment was made.


Downtown. Tina visited Astrid’s large spacious office. It had a spectacular view overlooking the city. The two women looked at the view as they stood next to each other.

“I can set up my surveillance tomorrow,” Tina said. “He won’t see me. Then I’ll run a check of all the people he’s associated with. I still have contacts in the police department. If there’s anything illegal, I’ll find it.”

Astrid turned to the P.I. and smiled. “I knew I went to the right person.”

“I bursa escort still don’t like this. It’s not too late to back out.”

“I need something hard to threaten him with,” Astrid said. “Does this whole thing make you nervous?”

Tina looked at the socialite. “Honestly, yes. I don’t know how dangerous these people are.”

“Redmond is a sleaze. He’s not violent. Don’t worry about him.”

“What about his associates?”

“Look, I’m paying you a lot of money,” Astrid firmly replied. “I expect you to do what I ask.”

Tina held back a sharp response after Astrid’s condescending tone. The former detective wasn’t used to having some rich socialite bemoan her.

“The job will get done.”

“That’s what I want to hear,” Astrid nodded.

“Is there anything else I should know about? Anything that could help with this investigation?”

“You’re good with undercover work, right?”

“I’m experienced with it, yes.”

“Most of his shady dealings are done in the backrooms of his bondage club. There are plenty of his associates wandering around looking to get laid.”

Tina brushed it off. “I prefer to stay outside with my camera.”

“The guys that Redmond hangs out with usually park in the garage. So you probably won’t see most of them.”

“Is it tough getting inside?”

Astrid shook her head. “Not unless you have the weekly password. I’ll give it to you when I find out what it is. There’s also a $200 entrance fee.”

“What happens inside?”

“Anything you want.”

“Details would help.”

“There are several rooms,” Astrid replied. “Each room has a bunch of different bondage devices and toys. Fun outfits too, if you know what I mean. I’m sure you have plenty of experience with these types of places since you were in Vice.”

“Some,” Tina nodded. “I’ve helped raid brothels where trafficking or coercion were common.”

“There’s none of that in Redmond’s club. Trust me, the girls love being there.”

“The money must be good.”

“The money is great,” Astrid replied. “High rollers go there all the time. Plus the sex is worth the while. It’s the best part.”

Tina shrugged. “I’m sure it is.”

“You seem a little skeptical,” Astrid noted.

“About what? Bondage sex?”

Astrid nodded. “Not your thing?”

“Somehow it never crossed my mind to be whipped or spanked in the bedroom.”

“Maybe you’ll change your mind soon. That club might be a real eye-opener for you.”

“I like to keep business and pleasure separate,” Tina replied.

“If only I had done that. Then I wouldn’t be in this shit storm.”

“I’ll begin the surveillance job tomorrow. Something of this caliber may take several weeks to complete. No guarantees. I’ll keep you updated if I find anything interesting. Then we’ll decide if we should proceed or not.”

“Sounds good.”

“Email me tonight if you think of anything which may assist the investigation.”

“I’ll be sure to do that,” Astrid nodded.

The two women cordially shook hands and the investigator left the office with a particular goal in mind.


Two weeks had passed. Tina put a short hold on new clients, instead focusing all her attention on Astrid’s case. Each day was spent following Redmond to his club and around the city.

Redmond was a typical sleaze. There was no doubt about it. Tina knew the guy was trouble just by looking at him. The guy always had a smirk. He treated people like trash, except for his associates and customers. Worst of all, he treated women like property.

Throughout the surveillance, Tina wasn’t able to find any incriminating evidence. Redmond was good. He knew exactly what he was doing. He never associated with any known criminal figures in public. He constantly looked over his shoulder to see if he was being followed.

There was a reason why Redmond’s activities weren’t known to the police. The man knew how to cover his trails.


Tina colored her hair a light shade of blonde. After the shower, it took a moment before her new appearance sank in. She looked completely different with blonde hair.

Next came the makeup. She never wore much makeup. She never needed it and she always preferred the natural look. Tina sat in front of the mirror and applied a heavy amount of eyeshadow and mascara. She used blush to make her cheeks look rosy. Then a strong colored red lipstick.

Afterwards came a sexy black dress which displayed her toned legs and arms. Then a pair of heels with no stockings or pantyhose.

She looked at her reflection. She was a new woman. Changing her appearance was something she had plenty of experience doing when she worked in vice. The police department relied on her numerous times to pose as a prostitute in order to take down some notorious figures. This time, she was doing it purely for Astrid’s money.

It was evening when Tina took a cab to the bondage club. Once inside, Tina marveled at everything she saw. She was used to dealing with cheap brothels and dirty massage parlors. malatya escort Redmond’s bondage club was a place of luxury. Everything was fancy. Most of the men wore suits as they flirted with gorgeous women.

There was a bar for drinks. There was light music playing in the background. The place almost had the feel of a nightclub in which rough sex was assured for all of the guests.

She knew how to navigate the club based on Astrid’s information.

Men quickly began to approach Tina. She expected it. Each time, she knew exactly how to handle the men, turning them down with sarcastic and witty remarks. She was used to defusing tense situations with persistent men.

She walked around, looking for anything that could be useful to the investigation. She went to the bar and ordered a drink, doing her best to survey the place without being suspicious.

There was a tap on her shoulder from a large security guard.

“Ma’am, I’d like you to come with me,” the guard said.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Just follow me.”

Tina followed the man to the backroom. Either she blew her cover, or she did something right, and her investigation was about to go even further.

The security guard led Tina to a private office room before leaving. Redmond was there, sitting behind his desk smoking a cigar. He was a large figure with a cocky demeanor. He was dressed in a cheap suit but with expensive jewelry around his wrists and neck. He leaned comfortably against the chair while he smoked.

There was also another man in the room who just sat silently.

Video feeds were displayed on different monitors. Redmond had been watching everything that was happening in the lobby.

“Do you mind telling me what’s going on?” Tina asked Redmond, pretending she didn’t know him.

“How come I ain’t never seen you here before?” Redmond asked.

“I’m new.”

“I don’t like having new guests that don’t come to me first.”

Tina feigned ignorance. “I’ve already paid the entrance fee.”

“But what about paying your respects to the owner? Ever thought of that? Did your mother ever teach you manners?”

“Well, then I apologize if I hurt your feelings,” she replied.

“It’s alright sweetheart. We all make mistakes.”

“Can I go now?”

Redmond took a big smoke of the cigar. “What’s the matter? You in a hurry?”


“Then have a seat.”

Tina acted shy and slowly sat down. “What do you want to talk about?”

“Start with your name.”


“Tina what?”

“Just call me Tina.”

He smiled, “Secretive, are you? That’s alright. My name is Redmond, by the way.”

“Listen, sir, I didn’t mean any disrespect. I heard about this place through a friend and I wanted to come see it for myself.”

“And what exactly have you heard about my club?”

“The sex. The money.”

Redmond smiled, “You interested in those things?”


“Glad to hear it. Because I’m interested in you. There was something about you that caught my eye. I don’t know what it is. There’s something… threatening about you.”

“So you like women who are a bit threatening?” Tina asked suggestively with an eyebrow raised.

“I like rough sex and danger. So yeah, sweetheart, I like women who are threatening.”

Tina pretended to be nervous. “Am I in trouble?”

“Just the opposite, sweetheart. Today is your lucky day. How would you like to become one of my girls?”

“I might be open to talking business.”

He smiled, “There’s something mysterious about you that really turns me on. What kind of experience do you have?”

“I’ve stripped. I’ve done parties. I’ve entertained guests. I’m assuming you know what I mean by that.”

He grinned and nodded. “You a top or bottom?”

“I can do both,” Tina replied. “If the price is right, I can do anything.”

“I like where this is going.”

“So do I. What kind of deal can you offer me? When can I begin?”

He smiled, “Whoa sweetheart, let’s take things one step at a time. We’re just getting to know each other.”

“You’ve got clients, and I can perform. What else is there to know?”

“Plenty of things. We have a strict screening process here.”

She put her hands on her hips. “Like what? You want my social security number and job resume? How about a few recommendation letters too?”

“You’re a cute chick,” he snickered. “Funny. I like that. But no. You won’t be needing any of those things.”

“Then what do you want?”

“I need to make sure you ain’t a cop. And I need to make sure you can perform. Luckily, that can be done with a single test.”

Tina tried to give him a tough look which showed that she was annoyed with his antics. Deep down, she was nervous. She knew what Redmond wanted.

“What test is that?” she asked.

“Come around my desk and I’ll show you.”

“Quit playing games,” Tina replied.

“This is the screening process. We’ll talk business if you can pass.”

Tina tried to appear confident as she walked to where Redmond was sitting.

“What do you want?” she huffed.

Redmond looked her straight in the eyes with an expressionless face. He was expecting her to take the lead. When she didn’t, Redmond reached down to unzip his pants, freeing his semi-hard penis. It was long and fat, and it hung downwards.

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Uncle Bob Ch. 04

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Hi, Uncle Bob fans — and apologies that it has, totally taken me so long to write, like, the further adventures of the awesome Stacey and her lame Uncle Bob. (Sorry — I’ll drop the Stacey-speak now). I had some time on my hands in 2009, so 3 chapters got written. 2010 got busy, so here at last, for the new year, is Chapter 4. You’ll be pleased to hear that the AWESOME Chapter 5 and the intriguing Chapter 6 are not far behind. I hope you enjoy these as much as 1-3. Again, feedback PUR-LEASE, especially anywhere I’ve failed to make the language sound genuine.


The days after my wild weekend with Stacey were torment. I mean, I’d just had the most amazing sex of my whole sorry existence with a girl who, until quite recently, I’d thought of as a cute and adorable kid. Well, that is — mostly. Yeah, it’s true that for about a year or so I had begun to notice Stacey’s pert little ass in her oh-so-cheeky little shorts and skirts. And those long, smooth, slender legs hadn’t completely escaped my attention. And the sweet little teeny tits covered — almost — by a bikini bra on my pool deck. But until that weekend, I really only considered that Stacey’s sweet hugs and kisses were just for her loving uncle — not an invitation to become her fuck-buddy.

But that’s what I’d become. And on Monday morning I woke up and turned yearningly to where her skinny, sexy little body had lain on Sunday evening, and got a serious boner before I fully realized she was not there to relieve it.

On Sunday evening she’d insisted we fucked once more before she went back to her mom’s place. This time we did it really slowly, gazing into each other’s eyes, moving through maybe five positions before she came, riding me in cowgirl while I stroked her clit. It was as well that my cock was de-sensitized and my balls ached, as it would have been almost impossible to pull out in time. Instead, she slid down my body and sucked me off once again, giving me a deep-throat blowjob that no-one her age should know how to do. But my God, when I finally emptied my last drops of seed down her throat, despite the almost agonizing cramps in my scrotum, I blessed whoever it was that taught her those tricks — even if he was an asshole for getting deep-throated by my slut-angel.

So on Monday morning, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed, made some coffee and checked my emails. In among them was one from Stacey, entitled ‘thinking of u’. I opened it, and found an attached jpeg image, showing the little minx with her legs spread, a dildo in her ass and a vibrator on her clit. The picture had been taken at around 7am, just before she left for school. Jesus, that girl must have a Kevlar cunt! After all the times we’d fucked in the last 24 hours, my cock felt sore, but Stacey was still up for more.

For the next two days, I kept getting emails and texts from her. One with a picture of her cleaning her teeth, toothpaste dribbling down her chin, entitled ‘remind u of anything?’ A text message with a little poem that read “All I can think of, here in my class, is uncle bobs cock, balls deep in my ass.” Several times during the day she sent me pictures from her phone, taken up her skirt, panties pulled to one side or removed completely. Her pussy looked wet and glistening. My cock was rigid and throbbing. The problem was that we couldn’t bring them together.

That night, around 11pm, I got a Skype call from her. “Hi Uncle Bob”, she said softly. “Mom thinks I’ve gone to bed, but I can’t sleep. I still feel soooo horny! It’s been, like, unbearable all day! All I can think about is your cock and your lips and your fingers. My panties were soaked before lunchtime and I had to take them off. Jason Masters sure got a surprise when he looked up my skirt as I went upstairs to my last class this afternoon!”

The thought of Stacey wandering round in a short skirt and no panties was almost too much for me.

“Uncle Bob?” She was talking almost in a whisper. “I’ve, like, got this plug in my butt and a vibrator in my pussy and on my clit, and it all feels so good. But what I really need to make me cum is to see your cock. Could you, like, show it to me, like close up in the webcam? And maybe — maybe, please — just, like, jerk off a little for me?”

This was insane, but what the fuck could I do? “You — you’ve got those toys in you — right now?” I almost gasped.

“Sure. See…” She stood up, and untied the sash of the little silk happi-coat she was wearing — one she’d worn at my place at the weekend. As the garment fell away, leaving her naked, she turned round and bent over. Sure enough, the end of a butt-plug protruded from her sweet pink ring, while a rabbit vibrator — quite a large one if I wasn’t mistaken — was clearly embedded in her sweet, wet little cunt, churning around. The lighting was subdued, but I could tell by her glistening skin and the gleam on the shaft of the rabbit that she was very, very wet.

“OK, Uncle Bob,” she said, turning back to the camera and sitting down in her chair, batman escort legs spread, “I’ve shown you mine. Now please, show me yours. Quickly, cuz I need to cum soooo bad!” She adjusted the camera to focus between her legs. It was an amazing sight.

I unzipped my pants and pulled them down. I needed no encouragement — I was rock hard, and this was some of the best porn I’d seen in a while. A sweet little teeny snatch, shaved smooth and wet as Seattle, stuffed deep with a thick, twirling rabbit vibrator, the girl double penetrated with a butt-plug — and the show was all for me. I stood up in front of the camera, checked the angle, and began to stroke.

“Oh yes, Uncle Bob! Oooh, it’s so hard and thick. Can you imagine it sliding in and out of my tight little pussy? Maybe you’d shove it deep in there, and I’m sooo tight and sooo wet, and, like, I’d be squealing cuz it’s so big, and it’s like stretching me cuz I’m so little, and you’re shovin’ it in harder and harder, and then — and then — maybe — you pull it out and — and — stick it — straight in my butt — and I, like scream, cuz it’s big and my butthole — my little — butthole — is like — so — so tiny — and — and you shove it — all the way — all the way IN! Ohmygod! And it feels like — like you’re — you’re – tearing my little butt — wide — wide open — and it hurts — and it feels — so good — so — so good — and your — your dick is so deep in my butt — so deep — so — so hard — and I’m — ohmygod — ohmygod — OHMYGOD!”

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. There was a close-up of Stacey’s pussy lips and ass, in simultaneous spasm. I could see both holes rippling, tightening and relaxing, again and again and again. And there was a little squirt of juices; not a great, Cytherea-style fountain, but definitely a little spurt of fluid. And I could hear this sound like muted sobbing.

A second later, another spurt of fluid hit the screen at my end of the link. Only this was off-white, and rather sticky. I quickly turned away and the next burst splashed on my desk — thank Christ I’d missed the keyboard! I grabbed a handful of tissues, and stood still in the middle of a hurricane as my remaining spurts were absorbed, and my darling’s pussy continued to undulate in front of my eyes. After the last spasm, I ran to the bathroom and grabbed a cloth, returning rapidly to clean up the gooey mess before it damaged anything important. Stacey moved the angle of the camera, and I saw that her face looked beautifully flushed, her eyes shining.

“Oh thank you, Uncle Bob! I saw you cumming, just as I was cumming. It was so cool!” she gasped, breathlessly. “Hey, look at this!”

She held up her forearm to the camera. There was a bite-mark that was bleeding.

“Stacey, baby! Are you OK?” I was full of concern.

“Sure, Uncle Bob. Only I had to stop myself from screaming when I came, else Mom would have heard. You made a lot noise when you came, you know. Hope you shut the windows!” She giggled. “Hey, now I think I can get to sleep. Do you think I should leave the butt-plug in all night?”

“No, baby. I think you should take it out and wait until you’re ready for my cock to go in there again.” Jesus — did I really say that?

“OOH YES, PLEASE! How soon will that be, Uncle Bob? Only I get all tingly just thinking about your dick in my butt!”

Before I could reply, there was a noise from behind Stacey, and she spun round in panic. I instinctively broke the connection. If Dolores opened Stacey’s bedroom door and saw a picture of good old Uncle Bob with his dick out, then the pile of shit that would happen would be bigger than a banker’s bonus.

A few minutes later, my cell phone rang.

“Hey, sweetie, is everything OK?”

“Yeah, it’s cool” Stacey said in her usual, jaunty way. “Mom heard me talking and tried to open my door, but I’d put some clothes and stuff behind it so she couldn’t get it open. I just told her that Hannah from school had texted me, and I’d called her and we were talking about shopping and stuff. And she didn’t notice that my laptop was on. So — when do I get your cock in my butt again, Uncle Bob?”

Fuck! The little cock-teaser wasn’t giving in easily. “How about this weekend? Or are you going to your Dad’s?”

“If I tell Dad that I want to hang out at your place, he’ll be cool. He only really wants to be alone with his new girlfriend with the plastic titties and the expensive taste in jewelry. But, like, Friday is so far away — it’s like four whole days! My pussy and my butt-hole will have closed up by then!”

“Not if you keep filling them with plastic like you’ve been doing, you naughty girl!”

She giggled — a sound that, after last weekend, was guaranteed to make my cock start to tingle again. “Do you think I’m a naughty girl, Uncle Bob?”

“Yes, Stacey. You’re very, very naughty.” I wondered where this was going.

“If I keep being naughty, will I need to be punished?”

“It depends on yalova escort how naughty you’re going to be.” I was trying not to let this escalate again, but I was curious — and still horny.

“Oooh, let’s see. I’m sure I could be wickedly naughty. So naughty I’d have to have my butt smacked real hard. And maybe — maybe even some worse punishments. Maybe — maybe I’d have to be restrained — you know, handcuffs ‘n’ stuff. And it won’t be enough just to hurt my butt cheeks. No — I think I might need REAL punishment. Like something big and hard, forced, inch by inch into my tight butthole. And I’ll scream and squirm and struggle, but, like, I won’t be able to fight back or get away ‘cuz, like, I’ll maybe have my wrists cuffed to my ankles and my cheeks apart and my butt-hole stretched wide open, and…”

“For fuck’s sake, Stacey, please don’t get me started again! Before you know it, I’ll be jizzing all over my keyboard and your Mom will be back, wanting to know what’s going on and we’ll both be deep in the shit! Save it for Friday, and I’ll give you whatever you want!”

She smiled that saucy-but-sweet smile of hers that always melts my heart and stiffens my dick. “OK, g’night Uncle Bob. Love you soooo much!” she said in a little sing-song voice. She was almost my sweet little Stacey all over again — but not quite.

I could barely sleep that night. Every time I closed my eyes, I got visions of Stacey’s tight little ass, full of unfeasibly big things. Like my dick — only it wasn’t really my dick, more like some sort of huge elephant dick from some black super-stud pornstar. And then there was this sick image of me and some other faceless guy giving her the classic DP, him underneath, her astride him with his dick in her little cunt, me banging away at her ass while she sang a little nonsense rhyme. Oh my God, how fucked-up was that?

Tuesday was a blur. I felt so much like an asshole, dreaming of my niece’s asshole and the sort of depraved shit I was going to do to it. I thought what a sicko I’d become. And then I got another Stacey picture on my phone. Up the skirt, again. No panties, again. But this time with the butt-plug in place. There was a text message saying ‘my very personal trainer’. It was 11:30 am. She was in school. With no panties and a butt-plug in her ass. Oh Jesus fucking fuck! What had I done to her?

Wednesday and Thursday were just as bad. Stacey demanded a picture of my cock so she could masturbate to it. And through the day and at night, there were more pictures and a movie of her playing with her pussy. By the time Friday came, I was getting pretty desperate, so when Stacey arrived in her pink, soft-top Beetle, I was almost in pain.

She walked up to the house in the classic ‘fetish schoolgirl’ outfit; you know, the tartan micro-skirt, white blouse, loose tie, knee-high socks, her hair in pigtails, and looking shy and pouty. I was just hoping that my neighbors weren’t watching, else they would get a pretty good idea of what Stacey and I were doing. Stacey gave me a shy little kiss, handed me an envelope, and without a word, headed straight upstairs.

I was surprised. I mean, what the fuck? She was sending me all of these weird, sexy messages all week, and now she was behaving, well, very strangely. I watched her run upstairs with her bag still over her shoulder, then looked down at the envelope. On it was printed “School report — to be opened by a parent or responsible adult.” I didn’t know if that would include me; shit, in what way for fuck’s sake am I responsible? But I guessed Stacey meant it for me, so I tore it open.

Inside was something that looked like a school report. But now I saw what my little slut-princess was doing. Every one of the entries said how she had been a bad girl, and needed to be punished. Now my little Stacey is an ‘A’ student, and I knew that she couldn’t have changed into some sort of trailer-trash loser in a week — even if she was currently dressed like something out of a Britney Spears video. The more I read, the more I realized that she had faked the report. Lines like “Stacey has become a little slut recently and needs her ass spanking real bad if her behavior is to improve” didn’t seem like the kind of thing a teacher would say. Further down, another line read “Stacey has such a foul mouth on her, next time she opens it, someone should stick something in it. A dick should be about the right size.”

OK, so I got the picture. This was going to be a role-play. Stacey wanted to play naughty schoolgirls with me, and try out some spanking and submission games. Trouble was, I never once raised a hand to my little angel. She had to tease and goad me all the way before I could fuck her, and I just didn’t think I could bring myself to spank the girl or hurt her in any way. How was this gonna work?

But I guessed that Stacey wanted me to follow her upstairs, so I did. I found her in my bedroom, kneeling on the bed, face pressed into the mattress, arms stretched out above her head, skirt up around her waist. ordu escort And no panties. And a black butt-plug in her ass. And a spanking paddle alongside her on the bed.

Without looking up, she said in a meek little voice “Oh, Uncle Bob. I’m so sorry I’ve been such a bad girl. I know I’ve been naughty, and I’m ready to get punished. Just — just don’t hurt me too much — please!”

Under other circumstances, my reaction would have been to take her in my arms, hold her close, stroke her hair and tell her it was all OK and no-one was going to hurt her while I was alive. Only that wasn’t what she wanted now. On no. I knew exactly what she wanted, and my swollen, erect dick was telling me I needed to do it, because then we’d both get what we both wanted. Oh yes.

The problem was, I had to hurt Stacey to make us both feel good. But it was all part of a role-play, so I needed to suppress my real emotions — love and protectiveness — and let loose the other ones — pretend anger and some (very real) lust.

“Look, you little slut”, I said as forcefully as I could. “Your teachers say you need to be punished, so I need to teach you a lesson. You know this is gonna hurt me as much as it hurts you, but I need to show you that such bad behavior will not be tolerated.”

And with that, I slapped her ass. It was a pretty feeble slap. I just couldn’t make myself hit her hard.

“Oooh, Uncle Bob. I don’t think that’s what Mr Grazinski meant when he said to smack my butt. He said he thought you were a bit, like, limp-dicked and couldn’t hit me hard enough.”

The next blow was harder — a loud ‘thwack’ that both of us could feel. Stacey cried out, and was even louder when I did it again, a little harder still. After a dozen smacks, she was whimpering, her ass-cheeks were getting red, and my hand was beginning to hurt.

I stopped slapping, and ran my hand over her tight, red little ass cheeks. She made a little cry. My fingers brushed across her slit, and I found that she was soaked. Clearly she was getting off on the game, and even on the pain.

“So, have you had enough now, Stacey? Have you learned your lesson? Or do I need to use the paddle?”

“I — I’m not sure….”

I grabbed the paddle and gave her two firm smacks, one on each cheek. She squealed.

“Whoa! Please, Uncle Bob. I’ll do anything — anything — but please don’t hit me again. It hurts so much!”

She turned her face to me, and I could see long mascara streaks down her cheeks. I’d made her cry, and I suddenly felt like a total asshole. But when I saw her expression, I realized that she was horny as Hell.

“Pur-lease, Uncle Bob — could you take the butt-plug out. My little asshole is so stretched, I don’t think I can take any more….”

I reached down and grasped the base of the plug, but instead of putting my other hand on her stinging ass-cheeks for purchase, I slipped it between her legs, slipping my thumb into her tight little cunt and my fingers onto her clit. The plug came out in one smooth movement, slick with lube. She squealed again, but this time, not in pain.

I knew an invitation when I heard it. Within five seconds, the plug and my pants were both on the floor, and Stacey squealed again as my cock pressed hard against, and then into her tight little hole. No messing with condoms this time. The plug had come out clean, so I guessed I could enjoy the natural silk of Stacey’s tight tunnel without too many worries.

“No! No! Uncle Bob, what are you doing?” she sobbed, as I drove deeper with every thrust. I’d moved my hand around to cup and stroke her pussy from in front, rubbing her clit harder as my passion mounted.

“Ohmygod! Your cock is in my ass! Oh — I know I’ve been a bad girl, but — but — but it’s so big, so deep in my — in my — in AAAAAH!”

I felt the first spasm like a fist, squeezing hard on my dick, almost trying to crush it. Then as spasm after spasm wracked her sweet, pink tunnel, and I thrust again and again through the waves and ripples of her climaxing ass, my cock exploded inside her. Stacey was squealing and moaning, I was roaring and yelling obscenities, and both of us were coming with the power of a Saturn V.

When my consciousness had climbed back off the ceiling and returned to my body, I could barely stand. Slowly, gingerly, I withdrew my over-sensitized cock from her oh-so-tight ass, triggering aftershocks in both of us. A dribble of jizz followed my retreating member, trickling down her thighs, and she slumped forward onto the bed, panting loudly. I grabbed a handful of tissues and collapsed onto the bed beside her, wrapping her tightly in my arms.

“Oh, Uncle Bob! That was so awesome! It hurt real bad, especially when you used the paddle on me, but at the same time it was sooo sexy! It felt, like, wicked and wrong and naughty and so, so good!” She kissed me passionately, and snuggled deep into my embrace.

Me, I was just too stunned to speak. I slipped a couple of tissues between her ass cheeks to catch the leak, and she winced. “Oooh that smarts!” she said, but then kissed me again. I just held her tight, tenderly stroking her hair, feeling the tears from her cheeks on my shoulder, looking down into her wildly-glowing eyes that told me we’d moved our sexual bliss up another notch.

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Power Queen

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Public Sex

The following is a work of fiction to be consumed ONLY by adults 18 years of age or older. All characters depicted are at least 18 years old. This is a kinky pairing between a switchy couple, with the male in the dominant role in this scene. It is intended as a quick and dirty read with very little relational or character exposition. This story includes the usage of several different toys, anal penetration, and some humiliation. If such content is illegal for you to consume in your area or offends you, please do not read on. Remember to always practice safe, sane, consensual kink in real life. All constructive feedback is greatly appreciated.

She was strapped down to the bed, her eyes covered with a silk mask, her pretty lips clutching a spit-soaked ball gag. He had tied her spread eagle, tan arms above her head, long, dark legs spread wide and attached to the lower bed posts. She was moaning behind the gag, tossing her chestnut hair back and forth, thrusting her hips against the toy in his hand.

He was kneeling on the bed beside her, as naked as she. His ass still bore signs of the punishment she’d given him earlier – ten agonizing stripes across his white skin with her favorite cane – but she was at his mercy now. He grinned, even though she couldn’t see, pulling the toy away as she let out a growl of frustration, striking out against her bound limbs.

She tried to speak behind the gag, but it came out all garbled. He leaned forward, humor evident on his face, and stuck a finger in her mouth to pop the gag out. It came loose and she swallowed hard, gasping for air.

“Sorry, what? I didn’t catch that.”

The toy – a rabbit-style vibrator with multiple settings – was still buzzing in his hand. He rubbed the tip around her swollen pussy lips, admiring her grimace, her tight legs straining against the ropes that bound her.

“I – need – more -” she hissed.

“That sounds like your problem.”

“Give it to me!” she shouted, her lips opening in a snarl. “I order you to -“

A quick, hot strike across her face with his free hand. “Right now, you don’t order me to do shit.”

She barely flinched under his slap, no stranger to pain, but her tactics changed. She turned her full lips down into a pout and starting moving her hips sensually, hoping to tempt him. She let all authority drop from her tone and adapted a soft, pleading whisper, throaty and low.

“Please, Mister?” she said. “Get out the Hitatchi. I want to come for you.”

He laughed, “I don’t care what you want.”

He reinserted the toy, working it back and forth a few times, drinking in her response. She thrust her hips against him hopelessly, whining, gripping the ropes that kept her tied down to the bed. He knew a part of her longed to take control, to escape by any means necessary, just so she was no longer forced to yield to his torture. He yanked the toy away again, giving her a quick slap on either thigh for good measure. She yelped, and he could practically see the fire in her eyes through the blindfold that covered them. Her beautiful face twisted in frustration.

“You’re going to regret this when I get loose,” she said through gritted teeth.

He chuckled again. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

“You think your ass hurts now?” she snapped. “I’m going to beat you until you’re black and blue, little boy.”

“This is not the way to get me to relent,” he reminded her.

He pushed the toy back in, leaving it on its lowest setting, resting against her clit. She squirmed and it slipped off, which just led to more squirming and more frustration. She practically roared.

“That one’s on you,” he said. He slid off the bed, moving towards the nightstand where they kept their favorite toys. He opened the bottom drawer and inspected their inventory. He selected a few choice items – a thick plug for her ass, a dildo, the lube, some silver clamps for her nipples. He also removed her treasured Hitatchi, the one vibrator she owned that could make her come multiple times. He turned back to the bed, listening to her panting, admiring her curvaceous form as she rolled her hips up and down. Her large tits were bouncing and flopping on her chest, unheeded. Feeling smug, he reached back into the drawer and picked up a short chain to attach to the clamps.

He didn’t speak as he returned, crawling kırşehir escort back between her legs. He was hard as a rock, his cock throbbing and straining crudely straight in the air. She hadn’t let him come in days. She’d been very, very mean lately. It was time for revenge, consequences be damned.

First, he attached the clamps. Then he attached the chain carefully, almost hoping she wouldn’t notice. This, he noticed with vindictive pleasure, elicited a gasp and a wince. She stilled her thrashing, gasping through gritted teeth, her fists clenched, her stomach muscles tightening with every breath. He wanted to remove her blindfold, watch her beautiful, brown eyes well up with tears, but he also didn’t want her to know what he was doing. And he was afraid of losing his nerve under her gaze. They switched often, but there was no question who really had the upper hand in their relationship. He worshiped her, and she knew it.

He removed the rabbit vibrator, which was still dangling uselessly from the edge of her fuckhole, buzzing absurdly. He clicked it off, tossing it carelessly away. He replaced it almost immediately, thrusting the longer, thicker dildo inside of her. There was very little resistance – she was sopping wet, and she clenched at the toy the moment it penetrated her, throwing her head back and moaning loudly. She was glowing with a thin sheet of sweat, her creamy, dripping pussy leaving a little puddle on the sheets under the perfect cleft between her thighs. He leaned down, planting a tender kiss on her exposed flesh and she gasped again, thrusting her hips up towards him, silently begging for more. He licked her swollen, glistening clit once, then pulled away, chuckling as she let out a whine of frustration.

Next, he lubed up the butt plug. He pulled her towards him by the hips, tilting her pelvis up, and pushed the plug in with a long, steady thrust, giving her no time to adjust or resist him. This solicited a wail from her that brought a wide grin to his face.

“I – hate – this -” she grunted, and he felt her tight, hot asshole clamp down on the toy in his hand. Biting his lip, eyes alight with malice, he thrust the plug back and forth a few times, letting the widest part pop in and out of her. She gasped and cursed, then finally relaxed her lower half as he pushed the plug in all the way to its flared base. He let out a soft groan, overwhelmed by how hot she looked – breasts pulled together by the chains clamped to her nipples, ass and pussy stuffed full, gorgeous, full body slick with sweat. She was a debauched goddess, a sexual being of lust and light and longing. His cock throbbed, aching to be inside of her.

“Almost airtight,” he murmured. “Is this enough for you, my power queen?”

“You know it isn’t,” she panted. “The Hitatchi…please…”

He reached out and thrust the dildo in and out of her hot cunt, drinking in her desperate moans. As they increased in pitch and frequency, he moved the toy faster, fucking her harder. Her breasts heaved, the silver chain connecting them clinking, her abdomen muscles straining and flexing each time her hips bounced up to greet his hand. For all her complaining, she hardly seemed to notice the plug in her ass anymore. This was how it always was – she cried and whined, but begged for more the moment her body accepted the sensation. It was hard to overload her, but once he did…

He slowed the thrusting, stopping completely when the dildo was buried inside of her again. He plugged the personal massager in, then crawled up beside her, bumping his naked, hard cock into her side as he moved. Her hands flexed automatically in their binds, wanting to reach for him. He placed the head of the Hitatchi against her swollen, splayed clit, pressing the button, switching on the lowest setting.

The gasp and cry of delight that came from her nearly undid him. Her mouth was open, panting around a smile, twitching with every delicious pulse. She started rolling her hips crudely, her waist and chest fluidly joining the movement. She shrieked when this caused the chains on her nipples to tighten and contract, pinching her sensitive buds sharply. The mask covering her eyes was nearly falling off. He reached up and removed it, exposing her wicked brown eyes to him. She gazed at him, pleading, locking him into her gaze as she begged.

“Higher, niğde escort Mister, please, higher,” she moaned. “Please, please, you know I need more…I have to have more – oh! Oh FUCK!”

He acquiesced, flipping the Hitatchi to its highest setting. She practically screamed, her face alight with pleasure and wonder, her hips bucking frantically against the buzzing ball between her legs. He found some excess rope on the bed and pulled away from a moment, kissing every inch of skin he could reach as he wrapped the rope around her soft thigh and the massager, locking it in place on her clit. She was able to move enough that she could drag the vibrating orb back and forth against her clit. She started moving even more frantically, taking advantage of the small power she gave him, moaning loud and high.

He reached down, thrusting the dildo in and out of her hot cunt, watching her sexual performance avidly, his cock nearly bursting for relief. He gave her three final, brutal thrusts, burying the toy inside of her again, then scrambled up her body. She watched him with hungry eyes.

He straddled her face, his cock bumping her cheek. It was an awkward position, he could feel the chains on her tits digging coldly against his thighs, but one they had practiced before. She panted and gasped, still bouncing a little, her face and throat soaked in sweat. He stroked his cock in front of her face a few times and she watched, mouth open, before meeting his eyes and licking her lips.

“Give it to me,” she said. “Choke me with your cock.”

“Manners,” he admonished, despite the fact that her words nearly had him coming in his fist.

“Please,” she breathed, her voice small and desperate. “Please, Mister, fuck my throat…”

He pressed his cock against her lips and they parted instantly, her tongue snaking out to twirl around his mushroom head. He groaned, his face tight, muscles straining with the effort to hold himself back. Then, with a loud cry of relief, he buried himself in her mouth. It had been almost two weeks since she had allowed him inside of any part of her, teasing him mercilessly, refusing to let him masturbate, forcing him to edge. Her mouth was heaven. She worked at him expertly, her tongue swirling and sweeping around the head, her mouth automatically suckling and pulling at his shaft. He knew it wouldn’t take long for her to make him come.

He took control, fists in her hair, and began fucking in and out of her mouth as roughly as he would her pussy. Her lips sagged open wider, her throat relaxed, and he lost himself in the sensation of her hot, wet mouth. He pushed forward as far as the awkward position would allow, aiming for her tight throat. She leaned forward to accommodate him, working hard, her throat and cheeks reverberating with every sweet moan as she began nearing her own completion. The feeling of the tip of his cock broaching that curve when her mouth became her throat made his balls tighten. He was so close.

“I’m going to come down your tight little throat,” he grunted. She hardly seemed to notice. Her mouth open and relaxed obediently, she had started focusing on her own pleasure, her hips rolling up and down, her eyes closed. He could hear the tension in her tone, the tightening, pleading whine that signaled her imminent climax.

He fucked faster and faster, using her, forcing her to open to him, to accept his fucking however he chose to give it to her. Her tongue wiggled wetly under his cock, coaxing him, begging silently for his hot come. It was the only part of her that still seemed focused on making him come. She was practically screaming, choking on his cock, her hips bouncing wildly against the mattress. He heard her take a deep breath, hold it, and then – she was coming.

It was a sight to behold, her entire, beautiful body tensing and relaxing with every delicious contraction. Her moans became lower, throatier, far less self-aware. Her eyes popped open and locked with his, delirious and hazy. Tears were spilling down her cheeks. She stared up at him reverently, cheeks darker with blood, eyes wet and wide and wonderful. He thrust once, twice, gritting his teeth, then buried himself deep in her throat as spurt after spurt of hot come poured from him. She was starting to come down, her breath slowing a little.

They both ordu escort held one another in the moment, she with his cock in her mouth, him with his hands wrapped around her head. Her hands fluttered in their binds, desperate little birds. He slowly, achingly pulled away from the warm sheath of her throat, letting her breathe. His cock, utterly satisfied, plopped out of her mouth, leaving a little splash of come on her chin. He wiped it off with his thumb, then forced his thumb into her mouth, making her clean him. The Hitatchi buzzed on below, making an obscene noise as it vibrated against her wet, overheated flesh.

She suckled on his thumb and started to whine.

“Aww, what’s the matter, baby?”

“Too much,” she mumbled. She was keeping her hips as still as possible, now. “Please, make it stop -” She strained against the ropes keeping her in place, whining, her face alive with the potent mix of pain and pleasure.

He rolled down to her lower half, pressing the head of the Hitatchi up against her oversensitive clit. She screamed.

“Oh god, oh no, please -“

“How many days did you make me go without coming? How many times did you hit me with that wicked little cane of yours?” he asked, as if he didn’t already know.

“Te-ten,” she hissed, trying to squirm away from the overload of pleasure.

“I think you deserve at least half as many orgasms in a row for that, don’t you?”

“Don’t you fucking dare – aaaah!”

He grasped the bottom of each of the toys buried in her hot holes, pulled them both out to the very tip, and then thrust them both back inside at the same time brutally. She shrieked again, tossing her head back. He began fucking her back and forth with both toys, alternating, so that one was always thrusting in and the other was always pulling out. His movements jostled the Hitatchi still tied to her thigh, causing it to bump up against her clit with every thrust. The double penetration of one rod fucking her cunt and the other taking her ass drove her to a frenzy.

She was wild, torn between need for her next climax and agony from the overstimulation. He pounded her with the toys, brutal and unyielding, watching as she strained and cried. Her second orgasm was fast approaching. She struggled, her hips peaking in their quest for completion, even as she begged him to stop with every breath.

“Oh – n-no -” she cried, “Please, please, noooo-“

Again, that gorgeous unraveling, the way she gasped and grunted and trembled as her orgasm swept over her, unaware of how wild and devastatingly tempting she looked. She started to come down again, but he pushed on just as brutally, continuing to fuck her through her climax and the short valley beyond. Her voice was hoarse and thin, but she continued to plead with him.

“That’s really cute,” he breathed. “Keep begging like that. God, you’re so beautiful. I love watching you come.”

“You – bastard -” she grunted. “Please, pleeeease, make it stoooop…”

But her third orgasm was impending, unstoppable. He gloried in the way he had complete control over her, in how he could push and push her past the limit she would ever push herself. Coming made her quiet, quiescent. All of her dominance and confidence dropped away, and he was left cradling his sweet, pleading little angel, desperate and soft and entirely his. He pushed against her, his hands starting to cramp, but he didn’t relent. He leaned down and swept his tongue along the top of her wet cleft, just above where the Hitatchi nudged against her clitoris. She gasped at this new sensation, crying out as his wet, soft licks pushed her over the edge again.

“You – have – to – stop,” she panted as she came down, her face flushed, her words slurring. “I can’t – do it – again – please -” She was crying.

“Awww,” he said, showing her a mocking pout. “What happened to ‘I need more, I need more’, huh?” His cock was already beginning to harden again, stiffening as he watched her exquisite torture.

“I-I really can’t -“

“You can,” he laughed. “And you will. Two more, beautiful. Get ready.”

He thrust the dildo back into her hot cunt, fucking her harder.

“You – are – in – so – much – trouble,” she sobbed, overwhelmed.

The evening stretched out ahead of them – he had nothing but time, and she was at his mercy. Grinning, he set back to work, drinking in her desperate reactions. This was how they lived, how they loved – a constant back and forth, jockeying for dominance. One would seek revenge on the other for some previous punishment, in a spiraling cycle he hoped would never end.

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Power Ch. 01

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Joanne wondered what Mr. Johnson wanted so late at night. It had been a long day and the twenty-eight year old account executive was ready to go home finally when he buzzed her. With a deep sigh, she set her handbag down on her desk and walked briskly to the corner office where the Senior Vice President for Corporate Accounts kept his hours for the day. It was late already and only a few lights were on in the building since almost everyone had already gone home.

Joanne brushed a loose strand of auburn hair behind her hair and knocked on the door, confidently, like the college grad always did, trying to maintain control of the situation. Her feet fidgeted slightly when there was no answer and she was about to knock again when finally she heard Mr. Johnson’s deep voice telling her to enter.

When she walked into the office, Joanne couldn’t help but feel her heart jump. Mr. Johnson was a powerful man, he was tall and wide shouldered, ruggedly handsome. He had the demeanor, voice and carriage that commanded respect. He was definitely a type-A personality, something that Joanne secretly admired. She couldn’t help but be attracted to a man of such strength and will.

The office was dimly lit, only the lamp on his solid mahogany desk was lit. Mr. Johnson stood with his back to her, looking out the seventh floor window into the skyline of Memphis, Tennessee. He didn’t turn to greet her, nor did he speak to her. Joanne walked in and looked around, uncomfortable by his lack of attention to her. She fidgeted again and bit her lip unsure of what to do or say. To keep from looking a fool, she remained silent, standing in the center of the room with her feet together.

Joanne couldn’t see his amused smile on his face as he watched her reflection. A man who liked to keep woman, his prey off guard, he knew the rules and he knew the game. A cunning and forceful man, Mr. Johnson knew that Joanne would be no match for his will. Taking a deep breath, he turned around.

Joanne tried to control her breathing and the hot blush she could feel rising up in her as her boss stared her down. His lips were pursed as he silently appraised her. Somehow she felt naked under his gaze, as if he was undressing her with his eyes. She fidgeted on the five-inch heels and wished she could run away but knew that she couldn’t; if she did she would lose her job.

Finally, Mr. Johnson smiled at her as he sat down. She uneasily returned the smile but remained silent. If only she could recognize the deeply submissive currents running through her body. Mr. Johnson recognized them, nonetheless.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Joanne,” Mr. Johnson said finally. He could see that she was uncomfortable standing there while he sat but he did not invite her take a seat. Instead he left her on her feet in the center of the office.

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson,” Joanne said as she looked around, wish she could sit down. The young woman saw the look on his face and thought to herself, great, now another man I have to fuck to get ahead. How far she was from the truth, if she only knew.

“You’re also very smart, Ms. Granger,” he said, looking at her. “Scored top of your class at University of Pennsylvania. Then Cumme Laude at Wharton Business School,” he smiled up at her. “Makes me wonder why you’re down here in the south, rather than on Wall Street where you can be making millions.”

I’m already making millions, you asshole, she said silently, wishing she could just get on with it. The beautiful young woman had already resigned herself to having to get on her back for him to get promoted but that was ok. She liked sex and if it meant a nicer office, then fuck it.

“Thank you, Mr. Johnson,” Joanne replied with a warm smile of her own.

“But,” he said, frowning, his gaze turning stern. “Is why you would steal.”

“Steal?” Joanne asked, wondering what the fuck was going on. “I didn’t steal anything,” she said indignantly.

“Oh yes you did. The proof is right here.” Mr. Johnson held up a sheaf of papers. “It’s all right here, how you embezzled hundreds of thousands from your accounts, accounts of money from people that trusted you to look after their estates and their livelihood. ” I thumbed through the stack of receipts and papers. “Somewhere in the neighborhood of six hundred thousand dollars.”

Joanne just stared at him, flabbergasted, bending slightly at the waist as if she had been punched in the gut. How could this be? Her heart was racing and she could feel sick to her stomach. She had never stolen anything in her life!

“I don’t know how this happened, but I didn’t steal anything and I will not get blamed for this,” she said as strongly and as indignantly as she could, trying to maintain some semblance of control over the situation.

“And here’s the security report,” Mr. Johnson said with a smile as he held the paper up. “It’s already complete and ready to go to the police,” he looked at her. She withered beneath the cruel smile.

“You can’t do this!” she said, trying to karaman escort regain control of her composure but she could feel the tears building up. “You can’t do this.”

“Wanna bet you fucking bitch?” Mr. Johnson snarled as he leaned forward. “Who do you think the cops are gonna believe?” He lifted the sheaf of papers again. “I got receipts. I have the proof right here. All this shit is going o land your fucking bitch ass in jail.”

Joanne couldn’t help it any longer. She finally broke down and started to sob, wondering what she was going to do. The tears flowed freely as Mr. Johnson leaned back in his chair watching with a satisfied grin on his face. He sure did know how to pick them. He sat silently and watched as the young woman balled her eyes out, not even trying to hide the triumphant look on his face.

“I can’t go to jail,” she finally said, sniffling and trying to stop crying. “I just can’t.” Then the tears came again. “Oh my god, what am I going to do?”

“I guess you’ll just go to jail,” Mr. Johnson said with a shrug as if he really cared.

“I can’t!” she nearly screamed in panic.

“Well,” Mr. Johnson said, watching her. Joanne’s face turned to his as she looked him desperately. She forgot that he was the one that had framed her and put her in the situation to begin with. “Perhaps there is a way to keep you out of jail.” His voice was unsure and he leaned back, crossing his arms as if in deep thought.

“What?” Joanne asked desperately as his voice trailed off. “I’ll do anything to keep from going to jail.”

“Anything?” Mr. Johnson asked immediately as he leaned in, staring her down the way that she had seen him do hundreds of times in the boardroom or at the negotiating table.

Not trusting herself to speak, Joanne only nodded her head.

“Then turn around and show me your ass.” When she hesitated, Mr. Johnson snarled: “right now bitch before I call the cops. Show me your ass!”

As if a switch had been thrown, Joanne turned around and lifted the tail of he black skirt exposing the black lace boy short panties that she wore. Her face reddened with embarrassment but what else could she do. It was like she was having an out of body experience, able to see and hear everything, but she could no longer control. Joanne had been given a command and she obeyed.

“I knew you had a nice ass,” Mr. Johnson said with a self-satisfied grin. “I just knew it. Turn around.” Joanne complied but didn’t look in her boss’s eyes. “open your shirt,” he commanded next. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Joanne wondered why he didn’t just have her strip but was too fearful to ask.

Obediently, she unbuttoned the white cotton blouse and opened the shirt, revealing the low-cut white bra that she wore.

“Look at me,” Mr. Johnson commanded. She complied. “You really are a beautiful woman.” There was an odd look on his face, Joanne thought detachedly. Self satisfied, almost knowing, like he had anticipated this moment for a long time. She felt a chill run down her spine as she thought for a moment over the past year that she had worked at the Company. Mr. Johnson had always been there to help, giving advice and assistance with her deals so that she could learn the ropes.

As much as he had helped he had also been an unfailingly harsh and strict taskmasker. She would be berated and ridiculed for the smallest of mistakes, punished with late worknights and menial tasks that she felt were below her. When she had succeeded and pleased him, Joanne had been rewarded with tiny gifts, small compliments and other things which she had cherished.

A cold sweat broke out over Joanne’s body as she came to a realization that he had been planning this all along. The past year had been leading up to this moment. Mr. Johnson saw the recognition in her eyes and only laughed, making her all the more miserable.

“That’s right, you bitch. I’ve been planning this all along. I’ve been training you so to speak.” Mr. Johnson chuckled at her horror of the thought. “And unless you want to be put in prison for the next ten years and be fucked and raped by every dyke bitch until your cunt is bleeding, you’re going to do everything I say.”

Joanne was completely defeated now. She knew that she had no choice. Over the past year he had specifically and expertly trained her to obedience and unquestioned loyalty to him. Even if she wanted it, it would have been counter-instinctual to disobey. All the pretty young woman did was nod in response.

“Good. Now pull your bra down so I can see your nipples,” Mr. Johnson ordered as he sat down in the chair.”

He grinned at seeing the little pebbles that were quickly growing hard and larger by the second. She couldn’t help but be excited. The fear was making her shiver and the rest of her body coarse with energy. Her nipples were hardening and she couldn’t believe it but her sex was getting wet!

“Nice. Very nice. Now play with them and make them hard.” The command made her blush and wish she had kırıkkale escort a hole she could crawl into. Joanne hesitated for a moment. “Now bitch!” Mr. Johnson yelled and slammed his hand against the desk.

With a jump and the adrenaline from fear flowing through her veins, she quickly complied. She tweaked her nipples, feeling the tiny nubs getting harder as she worked them. She could also feel her heart racing and her pussy getting wet, something that shamed her. Here she was being commanded and virtually raped and she was excited about it! She was aroused! Joanne couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips, much to her shame but the chuckled amusement of Mr. Johnson.

She really was a beautiful young woman. She was tall for her gender at five-foot seven but carried the 130 pounds well on her frame. She liked to think she had all the right curves in all the right places. While some women were as thin as rails and skin and bones, Joanne was not. She had small breasts, only B-cup but they were extremely excitable and she loved having them played with. Some nights when she was home alone, she could make herself cum just from nipple and breast play. That was why she was so aroused now. No matter the situation, she couldn’t help the reaction of her body.

Her hair was long and blonde, straight to the middle of her back. Mr. Johnson smiled when she threw her head back with a moan, closing her lovely blue eyes. Her skin was fair and light complected. All and all she was a stunning young woman, with the figure, the skin tone and the eyes to be a model…or a porn star.

“Good,” Mr. Johnson said. “Move closer.” She inched toward him, fearful of what would be next. He was so unpredictable. “Closer,” he said and she inched a little closer. “Closer,” he snapped and she moved to within a foot of him, letting him see her exposed hardened nipples that were standing proud.

“Are you aroused?” Mr. Johnson asked in a conversational voice, only confusing Joanne all the more.

“No,” she lied, trying to hide the truth.

“Lift your skirt,” he commanded and Joanne obeyed, not knowing what else to do. She looked away and closed her eyes. She felt so embarrassed holding the black skirt above her hips, exposing herself like that but what else could she do.

Joanne shuddered when she felt his large strong finger on her skin. She shivered and closed her eyes, feeling the tears. Then she felt it lightly running up her inner thigh and she moaned a little, embarrassed and shocked at herself. Then she bucked her hips and threw her head back, moaning even louder when she felt his fingers on her sex, pressing down and massing her clit with strong motions, almost like he owned it.

She gasped when he pulled his hand away, never knowing it could feel like that. Joanne was no prude. She had had sex enough through high school and college, had even fucked a professor once for good grades. She had experimented, been with a few girls even did some group sex, but never had she been dominated before. Never had she felt hands so strong, so possessive on her before.

She blacked out slightly and felt her burning cheek as she crashed into the desk, landing across the mahogany wood, laying still, disbelieving. Why did he slap her! How could he slap her! She was a woman! She should have been indignant and angry but she wasn’t. All Joanne could feel was fear.

“That’s what you get for lying, you bitch,” Mr. Johnson said and then she felt his hands roughly on her, massaging her ass.

She yelped when he spanked her. It had been years since she had been spanked and it burned her ass but she lay still in the pain, searing through her. Every time his hand landed on her ass, her clit was pushed into the desktop and she couldn’t believe that she was still wet. She was feeling a definite need for sex. Soon she was crying in pain as smack after smack landed on her ass, reddening both cheeks.

After only twenty spanks, Joanne lay on the desk, whimpering, shivering eyes closed, tears running down her cheeks. Never before had she felt so punished. She didn’t move for fear of being spanked again. She couldn’t take another! Joanne lay as still as she could, clinging to the edge of the desk, eyes closed, wishing she was somewhere else.

She tensed her body when she felt his large hands roughly pulling her boyshort panties to the side, exposing her pussy. She kept it shaved of course, taking the time to trim and keep it neat at least every other day, rubbing baby oil and other skin moisturizers on the soft skin around her pubis. Joanne didn’t know how feminine she actually was.

“You fucking bitch of a whore, you like it,” Mr. Johnson sneered. Joanne whimpered but remained silent, blushing hotly as she felt her own pussy oil. She was so humiliated. How could she like what was happening to her. “I’ll give you something else you’ll like, you fuckin’ whore.”

Joanne tensed up and held her breath as she waited for what she knew was going to happen. No stranger to sex, she kırklareli escort steadied herself. Nothing could prepare her though as the tip of his cock ran up and down her pussy lips, lubricating itself before pushing deep into her in one long motion. Joanne reared up, not expecting to be stretched so wide. She moaned and felt her eyes tearing up. He was so huge!

Mr. Johnson pushed her back down on the desk and she just lay there as he fucked her, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate his large cock. She could hear him moaning and grunting as he fucked her, harder and harder with every thrust until he was [ushing her on the desk.

“You like it don’t you?” Mr. Johnson growled as he pummeled her, bruising her pussy and using her hard. “I can feel your wet cunt. I can hear your moans and your soft cried. You like it, bitch, don’t you? You like being used, don’t you.” Joanne remained silent, unable to admit it to herself, not wanting to say the words. She yelped and cried out when he smacked her still red and welted ass cheek as his cock slammed into her wet cunt.

“Yes! I like it!” she cried out. “I like it!”

“Tell me you like it, you bitch,” Mr. Johnson snarled. “Tell me what you like.”

“I like being fucked,” Joanne said, stunning herself. It was like someone else that was talking. It wasn’t her. She never talked like this. “I want you to fuck me! Fuck me hard!” her cunt was gripping the huge cock inside her and milking it for all it was worth. Her muscles spasmed, sending pleasurable impulses throughout her body. She sobbed and moaned, squirming as he fucked her, using her. “Fuck me! You’re stretching me so wide! You’re so big inside me!” She grunted and opened her legs wider but could feel her pussy lips stretching to hold all of him as he pistoned in and out of her. They both could hear the wet slurping sounds of sex. She couldn’t deny her arousal now.

She couldn’t deny that she liked it. Joanne loved sex but never in her wildest dreams would she imagine this. The pleasure was something that she had never felt before. The sensations coursed through her veins as he pounded her, every thrust making her want more, to be stretched more, to be used more. Soon she was moaning, losing her breath, meeting every stroke, pushing back, silently asking for more.

Before she even knew what was happening, Joanne was cumming hard, shaking and spasming as her world went black. She slumped on the desk and didn’t feel Mr. Johnson slamming into her cunt even harder as he neared his orgasm. She woke up when he pistoned into her, pushing her into the desk, bruising her hips. She was held down and couldn’t move but she knew that it was no use.

All Joanne could do was grab onto the edge of the desk and endure it as he slammed into her, filling her stretched cunt, moaning and grunting as he fucked her without relent. He got almost violent as he neared orgasm, pulling her back by her hair and lifting her body off of the desk. Her hair burned and tears flowed from her eyes but she did not fight it.

She came again unexpectedly when he came, feeling the orgasm rush through her, making her lose her breath as the sensations overtook her system. Mr. Johnson let go of her and she fell to the desk, feeling the warmth of his cum send heat throughout her body. She trembled slightly but did not move.

“On your knees,” Mr. Johnson said breathlessly as he pulled back, his semi-hard cock swinging in the air as it glistened with the mix of his cum and her pussy juice.

“Oh!” she yelped with a jolt, adrenaline flowing again as Mr. Johnson lifted her off the desk by her hair and threw her to the ground. She instinctively looked up through her tears, breathing heavily. Mr. Johnson started at her and then raised his hand. Joanne’s eyes were closed but it didn’t make the pain any less as he backhanded her left cheek. She grunted in pain and then looked down, trying to make herself small.

“Don’t hesitate in obeying me anymore, bitch,” Mr. Johnson snarled. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Joanne answered meekly.

“Now lick my cock clean.” Joanne didn’t want to be beat again so she started with earnest. The mix of cum and her own juices only made her wet again. She had always been multiorgasm and after what happened tonight, she was even hotter than ever. She could feel her pussy leaking juice as her small tongue licked the shaft of the cock, cleaning it off.

“Now my balls.” Silently, she obeyed. She licked and sucked on his balls, lapping up all of the cum and juice from his bal sac with the flat of her tongue. This only made her hotter and Joanne was startled as she wondered if he would fuck her some more.

Mr. Johnson could tell that she was becoming more excited and he simply sneered at her, laughing in contempt at her arousal. After a moment, he pulled her off his cock her hair and she was left on her knees looking up at him.

“That’s enough for today,” Mr. Johnson said with a fatherly tone.

Joanne watched as he stuffed his now soft cock back into his pants and zipped them up before sitting back down at his desk, calm, as if nothing had happened. She stared at him, a thousand thoughts going through her head but she was to afraid to speak. She just kneeled there trembling, partly in fear, and partly in sexual need.

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Twins in College Ch. 14

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It was a nice, leisurely afternoon of shopping with my big brother. We bought holiday gifts for our parents and a few other relatives, and – most importantly to us – we bought our first holiday tree, along with the appropriate decorations for it.

It was an artificial tree, about six feet tall including the base. Fortunately, it came in a smaller-than-expected box with a built-in plastic handle, so I could carry it easily while my big brother carried the rest of our purchases. As we sat on a bus headed back to our neighborhood, I looked forward to decorating the tree, as it had always been one of my favorite moments of the holiday season.

“You’re beaming,” my big brother noted softly, patting my thigh.

I smiled at him, indeed happily anticipating the evening ahead. “It’s our first holiday season alone, just you and me. Why wouldn’t I be happy?”

With no one else sitting near us, my big brother took my hand in his, and my heart seemed to swell in my chest.

We finally returned to our apartment and deposited our purchases. He took my hand in his again and pulled me close. The kiss we shared was long and sweet, full of tenderness and love. Then he simply held me for a long time, and I leaned against him, feeling cherished and protected.

“Let’s go out for dinner tonight,” I finally suggested, “somewhere nicer than usual.”

We ate at an upscale Chinese restaurant on Solano Avenue, a place Valerie had recently çankırı escort suggested, and we were definitely not disappointed. The decorations up and down the street truly gave the entire area a festive atmosphere, even though there was no snow to accompany the jubilant season. When we finally boarded a bus to return home, the seasonal atmosphere traveled with us in the group of (likely) Berkeley students dressed as elves, probably headed to a party.

“Are you glad to be off work tonight?” my big brother asked as the bus passed through the tunnel that reminded me so much of the opening to Ridge Racer IV.

“Definitely,” I replied with a smile. “I do wish Mom and Daddy could be here to see the tree when we finish the decorating, but at least you and I get to do it together.”

He laughed, and it took me a moment to catch the unintended double-meaning. If other around us heard and understood the reason for his laughter, they did not react… fortunately.

Once back in our apartment, I made coffee while my big brother lit a number of candles in the living room and put on a CD of instrumental versions of holiday songs. When I brought the coffee to him, he looked particularly nice in his all-black attire: shoes, socks, slacks, belt, shirt. I noted how his eyes drank in the vision of his own baby sister, clad in a snug black dress with matching stockings and heels, and noticed the how his eyes lingered upon the low neckline. düzce escort Nothing was said for several pregnant moments as we drank and gazed upon each other, the soft music being the only sound.

“Shall we get started?” he finally offered.

We took our time opening the box with the artificial tree and the various packages of decorations. Once we had everything spread out across the living room, including the decorations our parents had sent a week earlier, we began to construct the tree. With all the branches snugly in place, we took a quick break to finish the coffee, then began to add the lights: two strands of white lights and three strands of multicolored lights wound around the branches in a haphazard, crisscrossing pattern which would likely be somewhat awkward to unravel in January. Next came the ornaments: a few which had been in the family for generations, the ones our parents had sent, the ones we had bought that afternoon, and even a few we had made in art classes in school.

The tree skirt was next, my big brother kneeling to wrap it around the base of the tree. While he worked under the tree, I retrieved the final three items: two ornaments and a star. These two ornaments were rather plain in appearance: large white balls sprinkled with gold glitter. But what made these ornaments special to us was that they bore our names: Vicki and Victor.

At last, my big brother stood and turned to me. I held out the gümüşhane escort two ornaments to him, and he smiled – it was clear that these two items also held a special meaning for him. He located a branch at the front of the tree, about halfway up, and added both ornaments, then I handed him the star to add to the very top of the tree, and he stepped back to inspect his work.

We cleaned up the living room, then I sat on the sofa as my big brother plugged in the lights. The tree looked absolutely beautiful, the contrast of white and multicolored lights adding a visual appeal. The tree itself was smaller and less densely decorated than what our parents would have this year, but there was one significant difference: This particular tree was ours and ours alone.

As my big brother approached the sofa, I thought of the meanings of how he had placed the Vicki and Victor ornaments: touching. Anyone who knew us would likely think of it as a symbol of the close bond my big brother and I had always shared. But to me, it represented the inseparable nature of our lives, the way we were practically fused together.

“Put out the candles,” I suggested, and he did before he joined me on the sofa. In the light of our first holiday tree, we held each other close, essentially mimicking the position of those two special ornaments.

“Happy holidays, baby sister,” my big brother whispered. “You’re the best possible gift I could ever have.” Then he kissed me, adding to the warmth I already felt both in the air and deep within me, and we spent the rest of the evening on the sofa, our hands exploring and our lips adoring each other. It was a beautiful way to end the day, and to begin the holiday season.

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I was nervous. Trigg, my new pussy boy, drove quickly to our destination. I disregarded his questions and concern. My only thought was of my Lord. My summer dress felt odd on my skin. It was the dead of winter but I knew better than to dress any other way. I wrapped myself in my coat and shuddered. The summons had come in the middle of the night. I was completely unprepared and shaking. I didn’t know what the future held. Night still gripped the sky as we pulled into the manor’s driveway. We exited the car in near silence. Finally, Trigg could not hold back his questions.

“Where are we, My Lady?” His whispers were loud in the night. He stuffed his hands in to the pockets of his jeans and pouted. “What are we doing here?” he asked, “Why are you shaking so?” The concern and fear showed in his dark eyes. I knew that he saw the collar I wore. He had never seen it before. I knew it set him on edge. Once again, his angelic face and dark hair pulled at my desire. ‘Not tonight,’ I said to myself. I could only sigh and walk to the door. Defiantly he followed. His eyes bore holes in my back. I stood on the doorstep trembling. He fiddled with the buttons on his jacket like a little boy. He had to know what he was getting into. I gathered my courage and spoke.

“Who do you serve?” I asked quietly. I dared not look to him. I didn’t want him to see me in my weakened state.

“You, My Lady,” he answered. “I serve you.” He hung his head and set his jaw.

“Trigg,” I replied. “I am your Lady. You are mine. Yet, tonight we both serve My Lord. Do what you are told and do not embarrass me.”

Silence fell between us then. Trigg’s only response was to stand closer to me. Though his warmth was reassuring, my heart beat faster. My breathing grew labored. I had no choice. I reached to the door and knocked. The door opened silently. The butler’s warm smile was the only recognition I needed. He took our coats and gestured to the great room. I looked to Trigg and took a deep breath. I gave him a brief smile and quick kiss. I looked away from him and turned to the room. My Lord awaited us.

The room had not changed since I last saw it. The firelight made familiar shadows on the walls. The furniture looked as though someone tended it regularly. Of that I had no doubt. I had tended to it myself in my time of service to my master. My Lord sat in his chair and stared hard. Trigg stood behind me. I felt my slave’s fear growing with every second. I hoped the Trigg would follow my lead. I walked to My Lord and went to my knees. Well trained, Trigg followed. I knew better than to speak. A full year had passed since I knelt before him. My Lord had not changed. The smell of sweat mingled with desire still emanated from him. I inhaled it and let it fill my mind. His robe was one that I remembered, strong cream silk. He had restrained me with it once. Those memories were not at all unpleasant.

“You are late, my dear,” my Lord said. His voice still held its smooth tenor quality. I trembled. “You know what that means,” he continued. I looked up for a second. I saw the smile in my Lord’s brown eyes. We both remembered when I had come to his manor. I was barely a woman, wild and defiant. The household knew of my deliberate lateness and what my punishment for it would be. I learned quickly after that. However, my Lord delighted in making sure I had to be punished – for something, an old tradition between us. I stood, head bowed, and disrobed. The dress fell to the floor. I stepped out if it

I felt Trigg’s eyes on me. I walked to the bench where I received my first punishment. Now unclothed I bent my body over it. With sure hands, I fastened the leather cuffs on my own wrists. I heard My Lord stand and walk to my ready body. Trigg stood next to him. I watched eyes wide and my Lord reach and took Trigg’s head in his hands. Delicately, my Lord licked Trigg’s lips repeatedly. “Mmm,” my Lord said in a loud whisper, “Her pussy is nice isn’t it?” I shivered. Trigg turned red. My Lord laughed and released my slave. He walked around to my exposed bottom. The first blow to naked my ass took me by surprise. Eyes shut tight, I cried out. When I looked up, I saw Trigg fighting with himself. I knew what he felt. He couldn’t decide to watch me writhe or rush to my defense.

“Come here,” I heard my Lord say to Trigg. I was hot with shame and desire. I didn’t know what would happen to me. Trigg moved quickly. I felt strong hands on my ass cheeks. Fingers grabbed the flesh and spread it wide exposing my cunt. I heard whispering and quiet laughter. A long finger felt its way into my sex. I groaned loud. The finger probed my depths and retreated. I sighed bayburt escort heavily. Another blow fell on my bottom. Again I cried out. I felt another blow and tried to stifle my cry. I prepared for another but it didn’t fall. Again hands took hold of my ass and spread it. This time two fingers probed me. I was wet then. My nectar flowed well over the hand that was in me. I sighed and moaned with the feelings. “See?” I head my Lord say. “It does get sweeter. Taste!” I heard sucking sounds and moans of delight. Again I felt the fingers probe me deeper and harder. I grunted and gripped the bench hard. The fingers retreated and the sucking sounds returned. I shivered. I tried to regulate my breathing but the blows to my exposed ass began again. I didn’t bother to be brave. I cried out with each blow. Sweat beaded on my back and dripped to the bench. My screams echoed in the room and the house. Suddenly, like they had begun, the blows ended.

I saw Trigg come around to my face. My Lord guided him with a hand on the small of my slave’s back. My Lord grinned at me then. In front of my bound body, my Lord stripped Trigg. I felt my eyes bulge. My Lord then took Trigg’s now erect cock in his hands and stroked it. He made sure that Trigg’s sex was just out of my tongue’s reach. My lord stood behind Trigg and held him. One strong arm held Trigg’s chest, the other stroked Trigg’s cock in my face.

My breathing grew labored. No matter how hard I tried, Trigg’s engorged dick lay just beyond my reach. Even so I could smell my slave. His aroma was of sex, sandalwood and sharp scent of electricity. Trigg leaned back onto my Lord’s embrace. Trigg moaned loudly. His body began to spasm. My Lord had a hard time holding Trigg in place. “Open your mouth, my dear,” my Lord said to me. I obeyed eagerly. A few seconds later I received my reward. My Lord moved Trigg’s cock to my mouth just as he came. His seed invaded my mouth with a tangy sweetness. Hungrily I licked Trigg’s cock and my Lord’s fingers that encircled it. “Hold onto that,” my Lord said laughing and let go of Trigg’s sex. Trigg stood in front to me with his still erupting cock in my mouth. I heard him grunt as he started to thrust into my mouth.

My Lord then moved to my tender bottom. He gave me a good smack to make me jump. I nearly let go of Trigg’s cock. I felt my Lord’s hands touch my hot sore skin. Fingers once again pulled my ass apart and exposed my sex. This time I felt something warm and wet touch my clitoris. I moaned into Trigg’s cock. Trigg caressed my face and put both hands on my head in response. I heard my Lord laugh again. I felt the hands let my ass go. I breathed an inward sigh of relief. But I knew my Lord was not satisfied yet.

Only a few moments passed before I felt something touch my cunt. It was hard, long and cold. I tried to squirm but it was of no use. Soon the foreign object was inside my hot wet sex. I didn’t know what to expect. I bucked against the bench and my restraints when I heard a buzzing sound and felt the object undulating inside me. I was hot with embarrassment. I felt the object dig deeper inside me. I heard both my Lord and Trigg moan. Trigg’s cock grew harder in my mouth. I heard him grunt and felt him take a firm grip of my hair. I felt my Lord’s hand on my back holding me in place. The object began to pump in and out of my sex. I groaned into Trigg’s cock and felt the sweat from his body drip on my face. My own sweat trickled down my body. My orgasm was close. The object pumped harder and faster. My body gave in long before my will did. When I came I strained hard against the bench and my bonds. I bucked wildly and moaned loud. It took all my strength not to sink my teeth into Trigg’s hard dick. As the waves of my orgasm washed over me, Trigg came again. He screamed his pleasure and fisted his hands in my hair. Trigg rode my lips carefully and made sure I didn’t spill a drop of his nectar.

“This is too good for you,” I heard my Lord say from somewhere behind me. “Bring her,” he said to Trigg. With trembling hands Trigg freed me from the restraints. Trigg gathered my now limp body in his arms and carried me out of the room. I was numb with pleasure. What had happened was not like my first night with my Lord. That night was tame compared to this. I opened my eyes to find that Trigg had followed my Lord in to a room I never entered before. I began to shake. Trigg held me closer. My Lord stood at the far wall of the room. In the center of the room stood a large padded table. It was unadorned save for two handles bolted in to the top. This was the table I had heard about from the household. Everyone spoke if in bilecik escort harsh whispers and half conversations. No one really knew what went on in there. My eyes bulged. “Put her on the table,” said my Lord. Trigg gently eased my body on the edge of the table. With difficulty I sat up on the table and awaited my instructions. Trigg backed away. I saw the confusion and desire in his eyes. Once again he was erect.

My Lord walked to me. Roughly he took my sweaty breasts in his hands and kneaded them. He looked me in the eyes and grinned and he pinched my nipples and listened to me whimper. He licked and sucked each aureole. My head fell back. I leaned into his ministrations and moaned. His tongue then left my breasts. My Lord guided it between my breasts up to my throat and chin. With agonizing slowness, his mouth moved to my lips and licked each one slowly, carefully dodging my own tongue. My breathing grew faster. I burned to please him. With gentle force, my Lord pushed me back onto the table. Now supine with the handles on either side of my head, my Lord’s hands glided down my slick body. He avoided my wet crotch. He dug his fingers into my leg muscles and pulled his hands down to my ankles. With a quick motion he lifted my ankles straight up into the air. Instinctively I grabbed the handles and held on. This is what my Lord wanted.

“Good girl,” he said to me. I could hear Trigg breathing hard. “Now hold on,” my Lord said to me, “and keep your legs up.” He let go of my ankles. I held my legs in the air as directed. I heard both my Lord and Trigg giggle with delight. “Now open for me,” my Lord said in a quiet voice. Ears burning with shame I did as instructed. Slowly I opened my legs, limbs to either side of my body. I gripped the handles hard. I felt my muscles protest. Finally I was completely exposed. I felt my own wetness trickle down my sex. I shivered in response. My Lord moaned with enjoyment. I could see my Lord through my open legs. The look on his face was of complete pleasure. He walked around the table and stopped near my head. “Come here,” he said to Trigg.

Trigg moved quickly to my Lord’s side. Through my legs I saw the door open. A well shaped naked man with dark hair and caramel skin walked inside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my Lord open his robe and push Trigg to his knees before him. Trigg came face to face with my Lord’s elongated sex. My slave licked his lips repeatedly. My Lord smiled down at him and rubbed the tip of his sex on those now wetted lips. “Miguel,” my Lord said over his shoulder. Now named, Miguel walked to my exposed body and ran his hands on my displayed thighs. “Do it just like I taught you, Miguel,” he slurred as he delicately inserted his hard cock into Trigg’s waiting mouth.

Miguel smiled at me. He lowered his mouth to my bare sex and took a long taste. I moaned and shivered. In my ears I heard the wet sucking sounds of my Lord directing his thick cock into Trigg’s moist eager mouth. Miguel stood again and licked my wetness from his chin. He grinned. With a practiced move he piloted his own long dick into my cunt. My legs closed involuntarily – to my Lord’s dismay. “No, no,” he said above me, “Keep your legs open wide, my dear.” In response Miguel took my ankles and stretched them wide again. I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. I grunted and whimpered as Miguel guided his cock up to the base. Strangely he nodded.

“Now my dear,” I heard along with Trigg’s moans and the sucking sounds, “I want you to squeeze that cock. Make your pussy nice and tight.” I grunted and obeyed. I heard Miguel gasp and moan. “Good girl,” slurred my Lord. Miguel then began to pump his cock into me with steady strokes. I cried out with each one. The feelings of my sex squeezing Miguel’s cock were incredible. Already, I could feel another orgasm building. Miguel released my ankles and spread the lips of my cunt with one hand and rubbed my clit with the other. Once again I cried out and let my legs collapse. My Lord the reached over and pinched one of my now hard sweaty nipples. “Keep your legs open, bitch, and keep that pussy tight” he grunted. His breathing grew labored. He kept his other hand fisted in Trigg’s hair. He continued to guide his cock in to Trigg’s mouth. Miguel grabbed my ankles and pulled them into the air again.

I closed my eyes. I couldn’t watch anymore. I gripped the handles harder and pulled my body up against Miguel. He grunted in surprise and pumped his dick harder. I squeezed my eyes and my pussy. I arched my body against the table and stretched my legs wide. I heard my Lord cry out above me as he came. His grip on my nipple increased in strength burdur escort and refused to let go as I screamed. Miguel never stopped pumping into my sex. He released my ankles and turned his attention back to my clit. He spread my lips with his fingers and rubbed my clit. I bucked wildly as Miguel laughed out loud.

“That’s it,” sighed my Lord, “keep that pussy tight.” I opened my eyes to find both Trigg and my Lord standing over me. Both smiled at me and lowered their lips to my nipples and sucked them hard. All three men had to hold my body down as my senses went into overload. Miguel bent over my body and thrust into me hard. I yelled at each stroke, my voice growing hoarser by the second. Both Trigg and my Lord refused to capitulate in their sucking. The two then reached out and grabbed each of my ankles. “Now Miguel,” said my Lord between licks, “Give her that cock just like I taught you.” I was now bent nearly in half on the table.

“Yes, my Lord,” answered Miguel breathlessly. His voice was thick with a Spanish accent. With my legs now held open by my Lord and Trigg, Miguel shifted his position. Knees on the table and on either side of my exposed ass, he rammed his cock into my waiting cunt. His body was tense. I felt it. My Lord lifted his face from my chest and turned his attention to my sex. He moved Miguel’s hands away from me and spread the lips with his free hand. He watched with fascination as Miguel fucked me.

Miguel let only his cock and balls slap on to my skin. He pulled his arms behind his body. He let his head fall back and started to whisper to himself in Spanish. Miguel thrust into me with increasing force. My Lord ordered me to continue squeezing my cunt. As I obeyed Miguel grunted louder. He continued to ram his cock into my sex. I felt my orgasm strike then. I thrashed and bucked hard. I lost my control. The only thing I wanted was that cock to fuck me forever. I felt my leg muscles spasm and shiver. My head exploded as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over me in time with Miguel’s hard fast thrusts. Yet before the joyance ebbed I felt Miguel pull his cock out of my sex. I whimpered. I felt two warm wet tongues cover my now sensitive sex. I bucked again and begged for mercy. Miguel and my Lord only laughed.

I felt Trigg lift himself from my body. I saw him walk around the table and kneel behind Miguel. My Lord got up on the table and straddled my body. He gently inserted his cock into my mouth and took my exposed sex into his hands by my thighs. He pulled my torso to him. Now the whole of my ass was off the table. I was helpless and open. I knew that my juices pooled under me along with the sweat of all our bodies. I wondered what else my master had in store for me. My Lord then took my still throbbing clit in to his mouth. Gently he licked and sucked it. I whined in response unable to move.

“Now,” barked my Lord to Miguel who promptly pushed his big cock into my tiny ass hole. I tried to protest but my Lord ordered me to silence. “Just keep squeezing that dick, bitch,” my Lord slurred and continued to suck on my clit. I felt my sex pulsate with each lick of my Lord’s tongue. With each tremor in my pussy, Miguel’s cock inched its way into me. Soon it filled my ass. With my Lord licking my clit the orgasm was fated. I bucked wildly again but my Lord held me fast. When my tremors subsided, Miguel pulled his dick out completely and resheathed it in my ass hard.

“Pussy boy,” barked my Lord then, “Spread Miguel’s cheeks and lick his hole – just like you would eat your Lady’s pussy.” Miguel wailed and moaned incoherently in Spanish. His cock throbbed inside me. My Lord giggled and inched his hips up and down. His now hard cock dipped into my pliant mouth with ease. “Arms behind you, Miguel,” my master instructed, “Pull that tongue into your ass.” Seeing that his slave obeyed, my Lord bent his mouth back down to my sex and licked it vigorously. Miguel pumped my ass hard as he reached behind him and held Trigg’s face into his ass crack. His prick stretched my hole wide. Once again I succumbed to another orgasm. My Lord, Miguel and Trigg did not relent in their actions. Miguel now grunted with every wild thrust. I felt his cock throb inside me. My Lord then lifted his glistening face from my cunt. He pulled his cock from my mouth until its head glided across my lips. Miguel came in my ass then. I squeezed my ass and pussy with all my strength to make his orgasm last. His hips flew so fast that the sticky stuff seeped from my hole. My Lord looked down on my abused body and emptied his essence on my lips. He shivered ad he rubbed the tips of his erupting cock on my mouth.

Finally the men released me. Gently they uncurled my body and kissed it tenderly. My Lord took a finger and rubbed it across my lips spreading his come. “Happy birthday my dear,” my Lord quietly said to me. “Tell me, did you like Miguel? He is your present after all.”

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Two Horny Moms, Two Horny Sons

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This is a deliberate homage to the wok of Eros (particularly “Hot, Horny Family” and “Mothers and Sons) and like his stories it’s short on plot and long on sex.

Even if not stated in the story, everybody is 18 or over.


“That’s it mom, take my cum all over those big tits of yours,”

Jill stood outside her son’s room, shocked at the words she’d heard him say. She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help peeking through the gap between the door and the frame, her eyes widening at what she saw.

Tony stood near his bed, totally naked, his hand stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen. His eyes were closed as he wanked the huge shaft, a thick line of pre-cum hanging from the bulbous end.

“Yeah, take it,” he said to himself. “Gonna cum over those big fucking tits,”

Jill’s mind was in a whirl. Only twenty minutes or so before, Tony had made the latest in a long line of passes at her, trying to turn a maternal peck on the cheek into a furious tongue lashing kiss while pawing at her breasts. She’d sent him up here, to his room, and once she’d caught her breath had phoned her older sister, Kara.

“. . . and this isn’t the first time he’s tried it, either,” she’d said to her after explaining what had happened.

“It’s to be expected, Jill,” Kara had said. “He’s a horny teenaged boy with a hot mom. Hell, I’m going to have to have the same conversation with Paul any day soon,”

“Has Paul made a pass at you?” Jill had asked, shocked that her shy nephew would do such a thing.

“Well no, not really,” Kara had said. “But I’ve seen how he looks at me and you. Face it, Jill, we’re two hot moms with horny young sons who are eager to fuck anything they can,”

Jill had to admit Kara was right. Both she and her sister had been blessed with good looks and fantastic figures. Jill knew how often she’d seen men and women staring at the huge tits she had that, despite being in her mid-thirties and the mother of a teenaged son, had lost none of their firmness. With her trim waist, her bust appeared to be even bigger and that, coupled with her round, pert ass, had led many men to assume she was just a sex-mad nympho. Including, it seemed, her own son and nephew. When both she and Kara were together they were often mistaken for twins as they looked so similar; not only facially but figure-wise as well.

“The best thing you can do, Jill, is confront him with the situation. Tell him how you feel,” Kara had said. “That’s what I plan to do with Paul,”

After putting the phone down, Jill had wondered about Kara’s words. Her hesitation stemmed from the idea of telling Tony how she felt – while Kara obviously had no idea, Jill was scared of the feelings her son brought out in her.

Now, watching him jerk off, his huge cock in his hand, she wondered whether she was doing the right thing. Summoning all her courage, she tapped on the door and walked in without giving Tony chance to do anything.

“Tony, we need to talk,” she said, trying desperately not to look at his cock.

“Fuck, mom, can’t I get any privacy?” he said. To her surprise, he didn’t pause in his masturbation, but merely sat on the bed, his big dick standing upright in his hand. “I was kinda busy,” he said with a grin.

“Tony, please, stop that and cover yourself while I’m speaking to you,” she said. “You shouldn’t do that in front of your mother.”

“Why not? I was thinking of you anyway and having you there to look at is even better,” he said.

“That’s what we need to speak about,” Jill said. “You thinking of me like this. It’s not right.”

“Why don’t you sit here and tell me why it’s so wrong, mom?” Tony sat, patting the bed beside him, his other hand still moving up and down his hard-on.

Before she knew what she was doing, Jill sat next to her son. To her shame, she could feel her pussy moistening; just being next to him and slyly watching him stroke his dick was turning her on!

“Tony, you can’t think of me this way. It’s got to stop. And . . . And jacking off in front of me? What are you thinking?” Jill asked, looking at him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you like this, mom,” Tony said with that same grin. “You’re hot as hell, you’ve got a fantastic ass and those tits are just . . . Fuck, mom, you’re the horniest looking woman I’ve ever seen!”

“But baby, it’s wrong,” Jill said, dropping her gaze and finding herself staring right at his cock. It twitched as she watched, a thick blob of pre-cum spilling out of the end and running down the shaft only to be spread out by his still moving hand.

“Show me your tits, mom,” Tony said. “Maybe if I see them I’ll stop thinking about them,”

“Oh baby, don’t, you can’t ask your mother such things,” Jill said, still watching him jerk off.

“Come on, mom,” he said with a little more force. “I swear I’ll never ask you again,”

Unable to believe she was doing it, frantically trying to convince herself that he was right and this was the way to end it, she took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt sinop escort and pulled it up to her chin. She hadn’t worn a bra and could feel herself flushing with both shame and pride as Tony gasped in awe at the site of her huge jugs, each one easily as big as her head.

“There, that should be enough,” she said after the briefest of moments, pulling her top back down.

“That wasn’t long enough, mom,” Tony said. “Take your top off. Let me see you hold them,”

“No,” Jill said. “I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,”

“Take your top off,” Tony said again. “I want to see them while I jerk off. It’s the only way I’ll get it out of my system.”

Unable to look at him, she grabbed her T-shirt once more and this time pulled it over her head, shaking her hair loose as she placed her top beside her.

“There, happy now?” she said.

“Fuck yeah!” Tony said, licking his lips as he stared at his mom’s big tits, his hand speeding up on his cock. “Hold them together, mom,” he said. “Let me see you cupping those big fucking tits!”

Shuddering with shame and excitement, her nipples hard despite herself, Jill took her tits in her hands and pushed them together, her cleavage deep and inviting. She wasn’t too surprised when Tony stood up in front of her, his huge cock pointing at her.

“This is so wrong, baby,” she said, glancing at the big knob that bounced in front of her as his hand worked up and down the shaft.

“There’s nothing wrong about this, mom,” Tony said. “This is what I’ve been dreaming about for so long.”

He stepped forward just as a string of pre-cum slipped out of his cock and fell heavily between her tits. She could feel the thick, slimy fluid easing between her big, round tits and gasped, her pussy clenching between her legs, juices starting to flow quickly.

“You gotta let me do this, mom,” Tony said, hunching slightly and moving forward, pushing his big dick between her now slippery tits. Jill bit her bottom lip to stop herself crying out in pleasure as she felt her son’s hot, hard cock slide into her cleavage and start moving back and forth. Her own son was tit-fucking her and she wasn’t stopping him! What was wrong with her?

“Fuck that feels so good,” Tony gasped, gently sawing his cock in and out of her cleavage. “Let me sit down again,” he said, pulling his dick free and sitting beside his mother on the bed. “Come on, mom, this’ll be more comfortable,” he said, taking her arm and easing her off the bed.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing – letting her son guide her on to her knees and between his legs. Without protest, though, she knelt in front of him and freely held her tits apart to allow him to push his rigid dick between them, before she wrapped them round his cock once more.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I want, mom,” he said as without a word she began moving her huge tits up and down his dick. Jill’s mind was a whirl of contradictions: not only was she letting him tit-fuck her, she was helping him do it! Her rational mind was screaming at her to run out of the room, but her body was telling her to stay, her pussy awash with juices, her nipples harder than they ever had been.

She moaned, despite herself, when she felt his hand run through her thick blonde hair to the back of her head, easing her forwards and down.

“Suck my cock, mom,” he said softly. “You know you want to,”

And god help her he was right, she realised. With only the slightest whimper, she dipped her head and as the top half of his cock peeked out from between her big tits, she opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue.

It was Tony’s turn to moan as he both saw and felt her tongue lash around the thick knob of his dick, eagerly lapping at the pre-cum that flowed from the end before she moved again ad engulfed his cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah . . . Suck my cock, mom . . . Suck it good,” he cried, watching as she bobbed up and down on his length.

Jill could barely control herself. She was blowing her own son! She loved the feel of his cock between her tits and in her mouth! She loved the taste of his pre-cum and could barely wait to make him shoot off, giving her the cum she hadn’t realised she so desperately needed.

As if reading her mind, Tony gasped out “Fuck mom, I’m gonna cum!”

Catching her off guard, he stood once more, moving her back a little, and jacked on his dick again. Jill knelt in front of him, cupping her tits and looking up at her son’s big cock.

“Open your mouth, mom,” Tony gasped. “Fuck, it’s gonna be a big load!”

He grunted as his cock lurched and spat out a thick wad of spunk that landed on Jill’s face, laying from her hairline, over her eye and down her cheek before running along her jaw. Another followed, laying another huge line over her face before another came and another. His cock churned out cum time and again, some of it ending up in her open mouth, a lot coating her face before he hunched over and pointed his dick at her tits. Still he came, shooting rope after rope tokat escort across her huge tits before standing back up and easing his dick back between her lips, sighing as his mother eagerly swallowed the last few spurts.

“Fuck,” he gasped, looking down at his mother. She knelt there, dazed and confused, covered in his jism. He’d long imagined giving his mother a facial and now it had happened. “Fuck,” he said again, slipping his cock from her mouth and sliding it over her face, smearing his thick cum over her skin. “Thanks, mom,” he said with a grin.

His words seemed to startle her into action and she blinked as if only just realising where she was and what had happened.

“How could you do that to me?” she asked, standing up quickly. “We are never to speak of this again!” she said and ran out of his room into her own, leaving her son pleased but confused.

Safe in her own room, Jill stood trying to rationalise what had happened. She’d meant to stop things but had only made things worse. She walked over to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror – topless and flushed, she couldn’t believe she was covered in her son’s cum!

“Never again,” she said quietly. “Never again.”

She watched herself in the mirror, though, as she wiped at the thick layer of jism that coated her face. Without thinking, she sucked on her fingers, cleaning them of his tasty spunk. She did the same again and again, scooping up his huge load and eating it down, all the while promising herself nothing like this would ever happen again.


Across town, Kara found herself wondering about her sister’s problem. She had been right when she’d said it was only natural that Tony should want to fuck her – he was a young, horny teenager and she’d often seen how he had stared at both his mother and herself. Unlike Jill, though, Kara enjoyed the attention. She liked nothing more than having an eager teenage boy ready and willing to do what she wanted.

Which made her think of her own son, Paul. The two boys had been born weeks apart and had grown up together more like brothers than cousins but they had turned out quite differently.

Tony, Kara knew, was brash and confident and knew how to get what he wanted most of the time. Paul, though, was more reserved and often shy. Despite his age and good looks, Kara knew her son had never had a really serious girlfriend even though he’d had lots of girls ask him out. In all likelihood, he was probably still a virgin. But, like his cousin Tony, he was still a hot blooded, horny teenager.

She’d lost count of how many girlie magazines she’d found under his bed or the sites he’d visited on the net and the pictures he downloaded into a folder which he thought she’d never find. All of his favourite girls, whether on the net or in the magazines, had one thing in common: they all had really big tits. Some of them had implants, some of them were natural, some only did soft core layouts, others were about as hardcore as they could be. Whichever girl it was, though, it was their big tits that were the focus. As stacked as Kara was, it was no real surprise her son had grown up with something of a tit fetish.

And if Tony was old enough to start pawing at his own mother, then she thought it was time Paul did the same. Unlike her sister, Kara had no worries about fucking her own son; actually, she was intent on doing it.

That evening, after they had eaten together, Paul went to his room. Kara gave him a little time before heading up to her room and getting changed; gone were her jeans and smart, casual blouse, replaced with skin tight jogging pants and a T-shirt that she had never worn out of the house. It had shrunk the first time she washed it and was really too small for her. The thin material clung to her big tits and the neck line had torn, leaving a V shaped gap at the front through which the tops of her tits and her cleavage were clearly visible. Smiling to herself, she walked to Paul’s room and tapped on the door.

“Paul, honey, can I come in?” she said, opening the door and looking in.

“Um . . . Sure, mom, gimme a sec,” Paul said hurriedly. He was sat at his PC and was frantically clicking the mouse, obviously closing down some files or folders.

As she walked in, she noticed he’d changed into a pair of pajamas and a T-shirt and despite his best attempts there was no chance of hiding the enormous hard-on that tented out the front of his trousers.

“What are you up to, honey?” she asked innocently, stepping over to the desk and leaning down beside him on his right hand side to look at the screen.

“Nothing, mom, honest,” he said quickly. As he moved the mouse, still trying to close down some windows, Kara felt his arm brush against her tits that hung low in the T-shirt, the V neck stretching obscenely. Feeling the contact, he glanced quickly over and gasped as he saw his mom’s tits almost on display.

“No need to be ashamed of anything, honey,” Kara said, reaching out and taking hold of the mouse from his hand, yozgat escort her tits pressing into his arm. “Let’s see what’s in here,” she said, directing the cursor to a folder called CShots.

“Mom, wait, no,” Paul said but Kara had already opened the folder, knowing full well what she would find. Dozens of thumbnails spread across the screen, each one showing girls smiling up at the camera, their big tits plastered with jism. Some had one or two small puddles but most of them were simply covered in the stuff, and not just their tits, either; most of the time their faces had been glazed as well.

“Mom, I’m really sorry,” Paul said, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Oh Paul, honey, there’s nothing to worry about,” Kara said, double clicking on one picture and launching it full screen. A pretty brunette with big tits sat on her haunches, licking her lips, cum having run from her face down on to her jugs. Three guys stood around her, holding their now spent cocks. “Bet you’d like to do that to a girl, wouldn’t you?” she said with a laugh.

“Mom, don’t, please, I’m embarrassed enough already,”

Kara clicked over on to the next picture which showed a more mature woman kneeling next to a younger girl, both of them pushing their big tits together as a man stood beside them, shooting an impressive load over their jugs.

“Mmm, that’s a lot of cum for one guy,” Kara said. “Do you cum as much, honey?”

“Mom!” Paul said, shocked at her question. She simply smiled and as she clicked back to the folder, she glanced down at Paul’s hard-on which still stood proud in his pajamas.

“Let’s see what this movie is,” she said, double clicking on the icon.

“Oh shit,” Paul said as he realised what file she was opening. Kara had already seen the clip and had chosen it deliberately. It was from a website called BangAMommy.com and specialised in guys fucking older women who pretended to be mothers.

The movie clip – just a 30second freebie from the site – opened and showed a big titted porn star on her knees, holding her jugs together as a guy jerked off in front of her.

“Cum for mommy,” the woman said directly into the camera. “Cum on mommy’s tits,” she said as the guy stroked his dick. She urged him on but just as he grunted that he was going to cum, the clip ended.

“That’s a shame,” Kara said. “I wanted to see that.”

She closed the file down and turned to her son, still bent over, her big jugs pressing against his arm, her nipples stiff.

“Have you ever done anything like that with a girl?” she asked him softly.

“No,” he whispered.

“I bet you’d like to, wouldn’t you?” she asked him. He nodded, his face beet red with shame. “Would you like to do that to me?”

Paul looked at her in amazement as she moved away from the desk for a moment and spun him round in the swivel chair so that he faced her. She put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forward, her tits stretching the thin cloth of her T-shirt, the V revealing most of her big tits. She smiled as she saw him blatantly stare at her cleavage, his cock visibly twitching in his pajamas.

“If you want me, Paul, all you have to say is yes. I’ll kneel down right now and suck that big cock of yours and let you shoot your load all over my tits, over my face, anywhere you like. All you have to say is yes, honey.”

Paul gulped and managed to tear his eyes away from his mom’s tits and look at her.

“Yes,” he whispered, not really believing this was happening.

Kara smiled.

“That’s my boy,” she said, and slowly knelt in front of him between his legs. She grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, showing her son her huge tits for the first time, grinning as he gaped at them in awe. Just like her sister Jill, each one was as big as her head but had retained their firmness; she could easily have been one of the porn stars that Paul looked at on his computer.

“I think you need to lose your pajamas, honey,” she said, fondling her own tits.

Paul quickly sat up and pushed his pants down, kicking them free, his eyes never leaving his mom’s big jugs. For her part, Kara was transfixed by her son’s massive hard-on, easily the biggest she had ever seen. As he sat back down, she reached out and took hold of it, feeling the hot, hard flesh. It twitched in her hand and a thick line of pre-cum appeared at the end of the big knob, trickling down over her fingers as she slowly jacked him off.

“Oh honey, that’s a big fucking cock,” she said, making Paul grin sheepishly. “Would you like mommy to suck on it?”

“Ye – Yes,” he stammered.

She leaned forward and licked his hard length slowly, all the while staring up at him. As she reached the head, she started planting kisses on it, her tongue flicking out and licking up the pre-cum that almost constantly dribbled from the shiny knob.

“Mmmm, mommy likes your cock cream, honey,” she said, slurping at the end of his dick before rubbing it all over her face. “Will you give me a big load if I suck your cock? Will you give mommy lots of hot, tasty cum?”

Paul could only nod. Kara smiled before spreading her lips around her son’s thick, flared cock head, taking it into her mouth inch by inch, looking up at Paul all the while.

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My Wife Lisa

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My wife and I have enjoyed a liberated lifestyle for the past few years in the sense that that we both tend to enjoy her nudity, even in the presence of others. At first she was quite shy but as time passed she became more and more at ease with her body.

At this point most stories go into some description of what the lady in the story looks like, but I won’t delve into that aspect because I believe that all women are beautiful, making their description irrelevant. This does not mean that Alissa is any less that one of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen however, because she is.

As far as I’m concerned, Alissa started allowing me to show her body a few years ago after a particularly hot personal photography session in our bedroom at the Del Mar Hilton in San Diego. We live in Orange County, California and were having a weekend getaway in San Diego. I had brought along my camera and was loading film for the next day’s outing when she came out of the shower one evening. As a joke, I took a picture of her as she was drying her hair, and when she didn’t complain I took another. All she asked was “who was going to develop the film”. I told her that I wasn’t sure, now that I had several pictures of her naked on it. She responded with “Hmmm, well we might as well give the developer something to dream about”.

She started to pose for me in all sorts of sexual positions, and then went out on the balcony. We were on the second floor so we had a certain degree of privacy, plus it was about 10:30 p.m., so nobody was up and about. Needless to say, I took several rolls of 35mm film of her that weekend, among which some were of her flashing me at San Diego Zoo, and a couple that we took as she bent a little too far while petting the stingrays at Sea World.

To move on with the story, she began letting me show her naked body to others first with pictures. It happened as follows: I had long since scanned our photo adventure in San Diego on to the computer. I had accumulated a small stash of about 60 pictures in a special folder on the hard drive. One day, I had a friend from work over at the apartment in order to complete a past due project that we were both involved in. Alissa had been in and out all day, mainly bringing us the occasional beer and snacks.

She had gone to the mall finally for a new pair of shoes leaving us alone to do our work. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and asked my co-worker/ friend to work on the project while I was in the bathroom. He jumped on the computer and started to work while I did my thing. When I came back a few minutes later I noticed that he quickly closed the window he was looking at and the document I had been working on re-appeared with virtually no change made to it.

At first I was annoyed because it was obvious he had been snooping and I didn’t think it was appropriate, so I decided to see what he had been looking at. I went to the “Documents” history section by clicking “Start” on the taskbar, and lo and behold, the last few items that had been opened were photos of Alissa. I was somewhat upset at first, but I also realized that I was quite turned on by it. Alissa and I have been married for a few years and we had both been faithful to each other so far, so here was the first guy that has seen my wife naked since we’ve been married. Yes, I was quite turned on.

I heard Alissa walk in the door a few minutes later and went to say “hello”. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to talk to her privately, and in the balcony I told her of my suspicions. She smiled a sly smile and asked me if I was jealous. Of course I was, but I would have never told her that, so I said “no”.

She laughed and said, “You’re not ha? Let him see more then, I dare you”. I told her to leave us alone again, and she made an excuse of forgetting something and left.

I aksaray escort went back to the room and within minutes I was complaining of a stomachache and excused myself to go to the bathroom again. I asked him to work on the document while I was away again and he agreed eagerly. I turned the monitor a little so I could walk up from behind without being seen until I was right up on him and left the room. I gave him five minutes until I was sure he was looking again and I quietly walked up behind him. I was standing right behind him when my shadow rose up on his screen and he realized I was there. He tried closing the window, but it was too late and he knew it. He looked shame facedly at me and muttered an embarrassed “gee golly gosh I’m so sorry”, but I just laughed and asked him if he enjoyed himself. “You’re not mad?” he asked. I told him that I wasn’t and asked him how he found them. He explained that he had been looking for another one of our documents and used the fastest way to bring it up, the same way I used to catch him the first time. The pictures were in my history because I hadn’t bothered to “Clear” my documents history folder since I was in my own home.

I asked him what he liked best about Alissa’s body and he told me that he really likes that she shaves herself smooth. I was surprised at his boldness, but I was glad that he wasn’t shy because that would have taken the fun out of it. I asked him if he wanted to see the rest of the pictures before Alissa came home, and of course his answer was “yes”. I opened each picture one at a time and on my 31″ monitor they were almost life-size. We came to some close-up pictures of Alissa’s pussy, which he enjoyed the most, and then to some taken outdoors where he recognized the background.

Needless to say, this took quite a while and soon Alissa was back home. She pulled me aside and asked me if I’d shown him the rest of the pictures. I told her that I had and she pulled me into the room where we had been working and asked us if we wanted to see what she’d bought at the mall. I know that I was curious, and I know my co-worker was more curious than me.

She told us to wait in the living room and she’d show us. We did as we were told and she went in the room and soon came out in a new short and tight blue mini-skirt with a matching color satin blouse, which clearly showed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. To compliment this attire, she bought a pair of black high-heeled shoes.

I nearly fell out of my chair when she asked if we liked it. I fought back the urge to tell her how much I wanted to fuck her right then and there. She sat on the sofa next to my friend and asked me to get her a beer. I was drooling and would have run around the world twice for her had she asked.

She was drinking the beer in such an erotic way, and she was doing it on purpose. Her tongue would snake ahead to the bottle’s lip and she drank in a way that almost simulated oral sex. She knew what she was doing: she was driving us crazy.

She suddenly got up and went back to the room, but when she came back she sat on the recliner to the side of us. She was smiling a lot and acting very friendly and I suddenly caught sight of the reason for this. She was no longer wearing her panties. As she shifted her legs I suddenly caught a sight up her skirt and where panties should have been, there were none. I looked at my friend’s face for a sign that he had seen this also and I noticed that he hadn’t yet. I thought that this wasn’t “fair” and decided to do something about it.

I wasn’t sure how to go about it, so I decided that some erotic chatting would probably get everyone worked up enough, especially if enhanced by alcohol. I thought I was in control, but Alissa surprised me by asking us if we were game for the Jacuzzi. We decided that artvin escort it was getting late enough to stop working for the day, and I loaned my friend a pair of my swimming shorts and a towel and after putting on a pair of my own shorts we waited for Alissa.

She came out of the room a few minutes later wearing a new bathing suit. It was a two-piece orange colored bathing suit, high cut over her hips, and tight enough to see the slit of her pussy in the material. The top was made of two triangular shapes connected at the back with strings. I didn’t yet know it, but the best part of the suit is when it’s wet.

We went to the Jacuzzi and soaked for a while, having some cool beers. Alissa suddenly got the urge to sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi while chatting with us and stood up. When she stood up I’m sure that BOTH of our cocks sprung to immediate attention. Alissa’s bathing suit when wet becomes very sheer and her pink nipples and beautiful breasts were there to see, plain as day. She might as well not have worn anything at all!

The lower section of her body was still below the water but when she stood up on the first step you could plainly see the slit of her pussy. The water made the material stick to her body and since the material was very sheer she looked naked.

She sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi with her legs crossed, flicking the water with her toes. She drank her beer from the bottle like she was giving it oral sex, and I couldn’t help but imagine her going down on both of us. She was fully aware of everything she was doing to us. She was in complete control and could have had anyone right then and there.

We sat there and flirted for a half hour more and then decided to go back upstairs. I was hoping for much more, and I wasn’t disappointed. When we got upstairs she shocked us both by asking us if we enjoyed her new bathing suit. I looked at my co-worker and we both nodded. She then asked us what we liked best about it. I kept my mouth shut hoping that my friend would answer but he kept mum too and just looked at me. Lisa said “Did you like the fact that you could see right through it or what?” I tried to hide my growing bulge and my friend sat down to hide his.

She said “Oh come on, don’t act all shy! I know that my dear hubby has shown you more on his computer this afternoon while I was gone than I could show with my bathing suit.” I tried to act shocked. “I saw the way you looked at me all day Brian; I’ve seen that look before!” she said.

Lisa looked at me and said “I know all about Sam’s favorite thing to do. I know he likes to share nude pictures of me with his friends. I really don’t mind. I did at first, but I’m starting to enjoy it. ” My mouth was now wide open.

“I’m going to let Sam show me off to you if you want, but you have to promise to keep it to yourself. Do you agree?” she said.

Brian looked at me with his eyes wide open. He still thought it was a joke and that she was going to bust up laughing and say “syke!” I nodded to him that we’re all among friends and I’m cool, and he looked at Lisa and smiled. She smiled back and parted her lips slightly.

Brian had taken a seat on the sofa to hide his erection earlier and Lisa now moved and stood in front of him. She pushed the coffee table back a little with one foot to make room and sat down on it facing Brian. She was still wearing her bathing suit, which was now dry and not see-through anymore. The outline of her nipples and her quarter-sized areolas were slightly evident through the material.

She called me over and told me to take a seat behind her on the table with my legs around her. Lisa leaned back and whispered into my ear “Take over…” immediately followed by a quick flick of her tongue to my earlobe.

Brian leaned back on the cushions of the bartın escort sofa, letting his growing erection become very evident before Lisa’s gaze. I reached around Lisa’s front and cupped both her breasts and massaging them while softly squeezing her nipples through the material. After a few minutes when my courage got to the right level, I hooked my fingers into the edges of her bikini top and pulled them both apart effectively exposing her breasts to Brian. Lisa sighed softly and looked into Brian’s eyes. She licked her lips and bit her lower lip. She leaned he head back and gave me a wet French kiss that was mostly tongue. She sucked my tongue hungrily and only let go of it to look at Brian as my hands moved south on her body towards her bikini bottom.

I had both hands on her body, moving down over her arched ribs and then to her hips. I inserted my right hand into her bikini panties while the left hand moved to her inner left thigh and pulled it back, spreading her legs as far as she could comfortably. I kept my left hand there for now while I pushed my right hand further down over her smooth skin to her pussy lips. I could feel her heat and wetness as again she leaned back and started to French kiss me passionately.

I took my hand out and knowing that this was exactly the right time I hooked two fingers into the left side of her bikini panties and pulled them aside showing Lisa’s wet pussy to Brian. She was breathing heavily now as she took her tongue out of my mouth, looked down at her exposed pussy and ran her middle finger between the folds of her pussy lips. She then took her moistened finger and sucked it seductively.

Lisa got up and standing in front of Brian she took his hand and told him to take her useless bikini off. He did as he was told reaching behind her, untying her top and letting the bikini bra fall to the floor. While still sitting down, he then took hold of both sides of her bikini panties and pulled them down to her ankles while she stepped out of them. This was made even more erotic by the fact that his face was about two inches from her pussy as he pulled down her panties.

“This isn’t very fair,” she said. “I’m totally naked and you guys aren’t. Take your clothes off will you?” I didn’t have to be told twice and took my swimming shorts off, but Brian was uneasy. I think he was embarrassed about being naked with another guy there. Lisa laughed and told him I’m not that “way”, but he was still shy.

Lisa sat on her knees and slipped her arms up his shorts, at first touching only his thighs, but occasionally brushing against his cock teasingly. Every time she did that he jumped a little. She reassured him by gently caressing his cock and then she slowly reached for the string of his shorts and untied it. She slowly pulled his shorts off until his cock was revealed and blowing air gently on it she lowered them to his feet and off.

She turned around to face me and got on all fours giving Brian a look at her heart-shaped ass and pussy. She reached for me and took my cock in her hand. She lowered her mouth on my cock and tasted it gently. She pulled me closer and raised her butt then lowered it again enveloping Brian’s cock between her butt cheeks, but without letting him penetrate her. The length of his shaft was literally between the folds of her pussy and she started to gently rise and lower herself, caressing it with her pussy. I could see his cock’s tip poke out from between her ass cheeks with every downward motion. It was moist with her pussy’s wetness.

All this time, she was sucking my cock like a woman possessed. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. After all I’d been teased all day, so I shot my load in her mouth full force. She tried to pull away but I was faster and held her mouth in place. After I was done I sat back and enjoyed her teasing of Brian a while longer. She didn’t let him fuck her, she didn’t go down on him at all, yet a few minutes later he came like a horse when she touched his cock slightly. It was one of the best experiences I ever had with her and I hope it won’t be the last.

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Poker Night Ch. 02

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I got into the kitchen right as Amy opened the front door. In stepped a man and a woman together, obviously one of the couples that had earned themselves an invite. The man stood about my height, a bit thinner, with dark hair and skin. Clean-shaven and friendly looking, he immediately raised his hand. “Good evening,” he said cheerfully. “Nice to finally meet in person. I’m Brian, and this is Julie.” Julie smiled and curtsied. She was in a slinky back dress and dog’s collar, a little blonde thing I guessed no older than 22. Brian looked older, maybe in his early thirties.

“Great to meet you.” I introduced myself and Amy, who took their coats and put them in the hall closet. “Make yourselves at home. Can we offer you something to drink?”

“A vodka on the rocks would be great,” Brian said, looking to his girl.

“I’ll get that,” Amy volunteered. Julie looked at her and curtsied again.

“Let me help, please,” she requested in a contralto.

“Of course. Do you want a refill, Sir?” Amy asked me.

“That would be wonderful.” I smiled. “You two get yourselves something as well.” Amy was already tipsy, but she knew better than to get drunk on a night like this and I wanted her to remain relaxed. And I could tell by the soft smile she gave me that my thoughts were written on my face. The two girls moved over to the impromptu bar set up in the corner, talking in low voices.

“Are we the first arrivals?” Brian asked. He was clearly curious about the night and his hosts while he looked around.

“Yep, you’re the first. Let me give you a tour.” I laughed. “Not that the house is exactly huge. This is the kitchen, and this is the living room.”

Brian laughed when van escort we walked in, looking around in amusement. “Interesting décor. Most people just put out a coffee-table book.”

I laughed. “This isn’t our usual decorating style. We just brought a few things out of storage for tonight.” A few things indeed. A stocks sat in the corner of the room, rough-hewn wood I’d cut myself. Diagonally across from it was a wooden horse, perfect for bondage games, and a coffee table sat precisely in the middle of the room, for whatever games people might want to play. Several baskets of sexual toys and aides sat placed strategically around the room. Comfortable and stylish couches were covered in pillows. It looked like Martha Stewart had been brainwashed by de Sade.

“The basement is fully stocked as well, and anyone can use it at any time—well, assuming they’re not playing cards. The bathroom is up those stairs and to the left. There’s a guest bedroom across from the stairwell, with a few bits lying around. The only room off limits is the master bedroom upstairs, which is locked anyway.”

“Looks good.” Brian laughed and shook his head. “You’ve put a lot of thought into this.”

I shrugged. “It’s been a fantasy of ours for a while. Not just the Game or public play, but getting to know likeminded people. This is a pretty liberal area, but it’s still hard to meet people who aren’t either posers or players.”

“Isn’t that the truth. The one time Julie and I went to a play party it turned into a complete disaster. I was hesitant about tonight, to be honest, but it looks as if you two have a pretty relaxed view of things.”

“We do,” I tried to assure him. “Amy’s my sub, yalova escort but she’s also my girlfriend. And that comes first, most days. We like S&M, but not enough to let it consume our lives.”

“Well, at least not completely,” Amy interrupted while she handed me a glass. Julie curtsied again to her Dom—making me pray ruefully that she’d stop bobbing up and down sometime soon, before I got sick to my stomach—and handed him a drink as well. Both held cocktails of their own.

I held up my glass. “To new friendships,” I volunteered. Four glasses clinked and we drank. My eyes kept slipping over to Amy and I felt my chest swell with pride. She was so beautiful.

“So what are tonight’s plans?” Brian asked once he drank.

“Let’s wait until everyone is here to discuss it in detail,” I suggested. “You’ll get bored hearing the same explanation half a dozen times. Make yourselves comfortable.”

“In a moment,” Brian said. He crooked his finger at Julie. “You. C’mere.”

Julie blinked. “Sir?”

“You heard me. I told you that you had earned a spanking when you spilled the wine earlier. Our hosts told us to make ourselves at home, so I intend to.”

Julie blushed a furious red, but put her glass down and walked over to Brian, head down. I put my arm around Amy’s waist and pulled her closer to me. She didn’t so much as look at me, not that I expected her to take her eyes off Brian leading Julie over to the stocks. The oak board lifted off on its bronze hinge without so much as a creak. Without being told Julie bent over and placed her neck and wrists in the proper restraints. Brian made sure it would not restrict her breathing before he lowered the board, locking amasya escort her in place with a simple leather strap. He did not place much emphasis on ceremony as he pulled Julie’s dress up around her waist—no panties, not even a thong hid her firm ass, or the glistening and shaven cunt peeking out between her thighs.

Sitting on the couch, I pulled Amy down next to me just as Brian’s hand struck Julie’s ass for the first time. Her cheeks clenched and she jumped a bit, but she didn’t cry out. I felt Amy stiffen next to me, pressing more tightly to my side. I didn’t blame her, feeling my cock start to swell. I held her closely, one hand kneading her thigh.

Brian did not stop with one blow. He delivered them again and again, no more than four seconds between each smack. The repetitive crack of his hand on her flesh echoed through the house above the music. Julie gasped at the sixth. She whimpered at the ninth. The eleventh made her actually cry out, and each after brought with it another little scream. Her normally white ass moved quickly through the shades of pink and right into the red, and still Brian didn’t stop. Beside me, Amy purred softly, rubbing unconsciously against my arm. She obviously enjoyed the show and I smiled. That was my slut. That was always my slut.

Again the doorbell rang. Brian looked up at me with a question in his eyes. I shook my head. “Feel free to continue,” I invited him. “Our guests shouldn’t be bothered by something like this.”

I turned to Amy, who was still watching the beating. I poked her gently in the side. “Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?” I poked her again when the bell rang a second time.

Amy tore herself away from me with a sigh. “Spoilsport.”

I turned back to the show while she walked into the kitchen. She could greet our guests and direct them into the living room herself. For now, I was enjoying myself far too much to let this show pass me by.

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