Lust on the Church Mission

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There was a Christian Missionary Group that had as a member a young blonde girl only just turn 20 years old, named Kristi. She was a thin and small girl, a little more than 1.6 meters tall and weighing 43 kilograms. She had smooth white skin and her silky hair done up in a ponytail and she wore a pretty white blouse that was buttoned up to hide her tiny, budding breasts and her plaid skirt hung to her knees, covering her thin but muscular legs. She wore black shoes and knee-high white socks and looked like the innocent, unspoiled Christian girl she was. All smiles and blue eyes, she was very friendly and a bit shy.

Her parents had let her go with her Church on a mission to India during the summer, to allow her to meet people of other cultures and to spread the word of her God to them. Soon, Kristi found herself in a thriving, crowded city, surrounded by many exotic sights and smells, looking in wonder at the exciting splendor of India. Being curious, the young girl wandered away from the safety of her group and soon found herself lost down the many alleyways between the tall buildings. Even as the midday sun heated the humid air, making the teenager’s skin shimmer with sweat, she found it hard to see in the dim light of the dirty alley because of the tall buildings pressing in as well as the clothes and blankets that hung haphazardly on lines in the passage.

Pushing through a damp pair of trousers, Kristi yelped in surprise as she stumbled over a figure lying in the muck at her feet. Rolling over onto her backside and sitting up, she blinked and began apologizing to the elderly man whom she had awakened from his sleep. The old man’s skin was dark and worn with the years, but the bright eyes that twinkled from under his thick grey eyebrows were alert and clear. As Kristi stammered her words in English, the fat old man sat up, adjusting the worn, faded turban on his head and uttered soothing words in his low, deep voice. Not understanding his language, but nonetheless calmed by his manner, the young girl smiled at him. Seeing better in the dim light, she could see that he had been living a hard life; his clothes were torn and dirty, barely covering his blotchy and scabby brown skin. Even though he seemed poor, his belly was huge as was his chest, arms and legs; he must have weighed at least 160 kilograms if a gram! Looking about, the girl soon discovered why; this alley was the back of a restaurant and the ground was littered with old food containers that her new friend had been eating from. From the looks of the dead end area, this was his “home”. Looking back at her companion, she appreciated that he must have been living all alone and forgotten here, a fat old man with no one to love or befriend him.

Feeling a rush of Christian love, Kristi got up on her knees and leaned in, hugging her gentle friend. As his large, fat arms enveloped her, she felt her thin body sink into his. As the teen attempted to break the innocent embrace, she became alarmed as the large man held her tightly, keeping her tiny body pressed into his belly and chest. Her face was scratched by the wiry white beard that rubbed her tender cheek and his sour body odor and earthy stench made her head swim.

Strong arms moved the helpless girl back as the grizzled old man stared into her eyes now, seeing the panic rising in them. His toothless smile and dancing eyes showed no malice or anger, only kindness tinged with a playful intent. Somehow, Kristi knew that even though she couldn’t understand the words he was saying, the way he said them let her know that she wasn’t in any real danger. However, that reverie was shattered as his powerful, wrinkled old hands slid up her thighs under her skirt, cupping her perfect, taut asscheeks. Squeaking a yelp of surprise, the girl tensed those ass muscles as his meaty hands massaged them, appreciating the smoothness and full roundness in his grip. Swallowing hard, altyazılı seks Kristi stared down into the laughing eyes of the old man as she became alarmed at how her body responded to his touch. A strange clenching filled her groin and she felt as if she were going to pee on herself. The sensation was at once uncomfortable and exciting as she felt a weirdly pleasant sensation wash over her belly, sweeping up into her chest, making her tiny breasts ache. The girl opened her mouth and began breathing heavily; it was at that moment that the elderly man rose his head up and kissed the youth, his rancid breath filling her sweet mouth with his crusty tongue that dove into her wetness.

Jerking her body against his, sputtering at his invading kiss, Kristi only managed to wriggle her thin body harder against his own large frame. In her attempt to fight free of his grip, it only served to rub her own excited form onto his sweaty, dirty flesh. After a few moments of panicked thrashing, the girls’ mind became awash in the feeling that were being stirred from within her for the first time. Now her body melted onto his as his thick hands kneaded her asscheeks and dug further between her legs, making her puffy pussy lips rub together so delightfully. Over the desperate intake of breath from her and the old man’s nostrils as they kissed, Kristi could swear she could hear the wet squelchy sound of her pussy being ground and manipulated by him. Rubbing the hard nubs of her nipples through her thin blouse onto his wet, bare chest, Kristi moaned into his now-electric mouth, feeling herself spiraling down into a sea of lust and need. His touch, his smell, his look…everything about this filthy, nasty, fat old man made the pale young girl feel alive and excited.

Breaking their kiss, the old man had a sexier, darker look in his eyes as he slid the youth easily down his ragged body. When her face was near his hairy crotch, he undid the wraps of his filthy underwear. The stench was incredible, making Kristi turn an even paler shade of white. The odor from his unwashed groin was like wet garbage, but she momentarily forgot that when she saw the half-hard throbbing brown meat that was rising like a cobra from the gray patch of hair down there. Her eyes were fastened to the site of it as his dick rose, expanding, thickening with each moment. As the entranced youth placed a trembling hand on it, it twitched and grew more. Grinning up over his rotund belly, Kristi smiled at her new lover, her first lover, as she took the hot meat in tiny hand. Feeling it in her grip, it must have been at least 7 or 8 centimeters around the base and easily 23 centimeters long. Staring at the tip like a child staring at a delicious desert, Kristi squeezed the now firm cock and gasped as a tiny pearl of liquid appeared at the tip. Leaning her face close in, the youth sniffed it; despite the sweaty odor of his crotch, she could tell it was different; an odd smell she couldn’t quite describe.

Almost instinctively, the girl flicked her tongue out and swept the thick droplet off of the pulsing brown cock and into her mouth. The saltiness was incredible! She looked wide-eyed and surprised back up at the elderly man, whose eyes were half-closed as he groaned in pleasure. The thick, heady taste stayed on her tongue as it slid down her throat. Swallowing, Kristi was amazed at the flavor; so pungent and so unique from anything she had ever tasted before. Looking back down at the throbbing meat in her grasp, the teenage girl opened her mouth and sucked the tip in hungrily. Swirling her tongue on the velvety tip, she marveled at how wonderful a cock felt on her tongue, how smooth and slick it got. She was rewarded with more pre-cum oozing from the end, coaxed out (she quickly found) by her sucking and kissing on it. Her small hands were now moving on their own as they slid up and down his shaft, anal porno slowly jacking the grizzled old rod while the youth worked her blonde head over the knobby end.

Kristi’s pussy was driving her crazy as she sucked his cock, becoming itchy and hot. She twisted her legs together on the filthy ally floor, wishing for something she didn’t know she needed to fill the aching void, to scratch the infernal itching she felt deep inside her. All she knew was that the more she licked and slobbered on this old smelly dick, the hornier she became and she wasn’t the only one.

Taking in a deep breath that swelled the old man’s belly even more, the vagrant took the blonde by the hair and dragged her forcibly up his body again. Eyes half-closed and panting heavily, Kristi giggled as she was drawn close again to the hairy, wrinkled old face. This time she dove in, kissing and licking his dirty skin, cleaning his face and neck of the months of filth that had accumulated there, letting her tender wet lips show her love for him. She hissed a sharp intake of air as his hands easily ripped her white cotton panties, now thoroughly soaked, from her hot ass.

Bringing them up to their face, they shared the silky fabric in their kisses, tasting Kristi’s buttery, salty juices. Leaving the fabric in her mouth to suck on, the elderly man levered her ass higher, pausing only to tear open her blouse and flimsy training bra to display the tiny, flat chest and rock-hard nipples. Greedily sucking on them, Kristi squirmed and ground her crotch against the throbbing hot dick rubbing against her labia a his wiry beard scratched and teased her nipples. She was so wet and worked into a froth of frustration that when his thick glans nuzzled against her sweet pussy lips, seeking entrance, she moaned like a cheap street whore instead of the innocent Christian white girl she had been. Nearly crying with need, Kristi begged him in English to fuck her, barely understanding what the word meant.

The old fat man sucked hard on a tender nipple as he pulled her skinny hips down, forcing his thick meat into the impossibly tight hole of his young friend. The teen’s face twisted into a grimace of pain as she felt the sharp tearing of her hymen, but at the same time a feeling of incredible wetness and pressure was building up inside her lower belly. As the man carefully eased out and re-entered her, taking time to allow her tiny body to adjust to becoming a woman, he finally wedged his cock into the 20 year old’s cunt. They just froze like that for a few moments, her thin frame hunched over onto is fat round stomach as he kissed and licked her tiny breasts, her pretty face buried in the matted gray hair on his head, the old man’s turban knocked off and laying in the dim, hot alley. After a few moments of relishing the insane tightness gripping his cock, the fat man began raising and lowering the skinny girl on his crotch, causing the friction of his meat to slide in and out of the wetness of her hole.

Sitting upright, Kristi’s lips quivered as she began to moan, feeling the incredible sensation of such fullness moving inside her. Looking down at the beautiful, glowing face of the wrinkled old man, Kristi leaned in and kissed him deeply, tasting the nasty old flavors of his toothless mouth. She was in love (for the moment) with this fat, disgusting old man who smelled of garbage and made her hot, twisting body feel like a thousand volts of electricity were running though it.

Swept up into the increasing pleasure, Kristi boldly sat up, pulling hard on her own tender nipples, rubbing her budding breasts in her hands, rubbing her belly as she began gyrating and twisting her hips on his, fucking him back as he had been fucking her. Then the moment came: his thick fingers moved down and brushed over her clit! It was as if she had been hit with a hammer; as his thick, calloused thumb brazzers porno began strumming and rubbing on that blood-engorged nub, her thin legs clenched onto this thick flabby ones and she slammed her pert ass down hard, jamming as much cock as she could up inside of her. Her eyes were wild, fixed on his as her mouth flew open, a soundless scream of absolute pleasure croaking out. Her body shook and shook and shook, cumming hard as the teen flooded his nasty cock with her own juices, saved up for 20 long years. She gushed her orgasm in waves, each building again and again like she was climbing to a higher level of pleasure with each one. She began to laugh and cry as she came, kissing and licking the grunting, sweating face of the elderly man beneath her.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open as well and she became a little alarmed and very aroused by the fire she saw in them. Gone was the sweet face of her portly lover, replaced by the savage mask of a man. His powerful hands dug bruises into her thin hips as he pulled her far up on his cock, until the very tip was just inside her, then he slammed her down onto himself, knocking the air from her. She bounced and squeaked as she was no longer in control of her body, it was just a plaything to him as her blonde hair flew up and around, her arms flailing as he pounded his thick cock into her slick channel. Bellowing like an old bull, he bucked his fat legs up one last time, jarring her pelvis as he slammed her down to meet him, cumming deep inside her. Kristi groaned at the newest feeling; jets of thick, scalding hot liquid filled her inside. She could instantly feel his rigid cock becoming even more slippery (if that were possible) inside her. She could feel the wonderful, sensual pressure of his thick manly juices pulse into her, pushing into her once-virgin womb. Kristi shuddered with goosebumps in the Indian heat as her body throbbed with pleasure, filled with the cum of a man.

Returning from his savage, feral nature to his normal, kindly old self, the old man pulled Kristi back onto him, petting and stroking her silky blonde hair as he murmured gentle words in his language to her. They lay there in the alleyway, soaked in sweat and cum as she rested atop him, taking strength from his giant form while his once-raging cock now softened and slipped from her wet pussy. Sighing contentedly, Kristi had one last thing she wanted to do for her fat lover, to show her appreciation and Christian love to him. Smiling impishly to him, she slid down and took his wet, sticky cock in her hands and began to lick it clean, carefully running her pink tongue over every surface, slurping up and swallowing their combined salty juices. She inhaled deeply, trying to impress onto her nasal membranes the sickly yet sexy stench of his unwashed crotch that was the author of all of her pleasures. Dipping down, her tongue found his gray-haired nutsack; it too was wet and frothy with her cream and she dutifully rolled each thick ball in her mouth until he was slick and clean. The flecks of dead skin and pasty goo she dug out of the folds of fat down there were bitter and harsh, but combined with his semen and her cunt juice, they went down her throat easily.

Kristi had secretly hoped that her tongue would revive his aged cock, but it seems the old man had spent himself for the day. By the time she rose from his flabby legs, he had fallen asleep in the garbage on which he lay, snoring peacefully and smiling. Grinning at her sweet lover, Kristi found her discarded clothes and tied the ripped top together as best she could, smoothing her skirt back down over her sore asscheeks. Finding her tiny purse, the girl didn’t hesitate to take all of the 25000 Rupees her father had given her and tucked it in his turban, which she placed back on his gray head. Giving him one last kiss, Kristi made her way back up the alley, hearing the calls of her Christian Group shouting her name, looking for her. Feeling the wet squish of cum leaking from her freshly-opened pussy, Kristi knew that she was definitely going to like her Missionary Work here in India and that the men and women she was sent by God to help were going to get a lot more than Bibles from her.

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Louise Ch. 08

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Hans swore at how slowly the line was moving. He was about to decide to try to force his way in when his cell phone rang.

“We’re on our way.” Patrick said and then hung up.

While he waited, he thought about Barb and his responsibility to her. Yes, he was obligated to protect her but he wasn’t obligated to love her. No, he had no real choice in who his mate was but he didn’t have to accept her as she was either. He also conceded that she might have had a reason for acting as she did but from his point of view, there was never a good excuse for rudeness and that a person was responsible for their actions no matter what happened to them.

The line moved up another foot or so and then stopped for several minutes before moving ahead again. His cell phone chirped when he was halfway to the front door.

“We’re here.” Patrick said. “As far as we know she’s alright, she’s dancing with Blackwell.”

“What’s the plan?” Hans asked.

“You stay in line and hopefully you can get in. Ethan is going to call Blackwell to see if he’ll let us in… of course, he won’t but we’re hoping that it will buy us some time. The other thing that will help is if Barb hasn’t mentioned us. If she did, it’s going to be even more difficult to get her out.”

“Understood, keep me appraised.” Hans said and hung up to wait for entrance into the club.


Once they were on the dance floor, Thorne took Barb into his arms with a smile that looked sincere. Barb hesitated but reluctantly allowed herself to be held.

“You really are quite beautiful.” Thorne murmured in her ear. “How is it that the Sinclaire’s have kept you hidden?”

That one question was enough to make Barb forget her caution. She began to tell Thorne about how they had been treating her.

“You should see the room that they put me in! It isn’t even a suite and I had to catch a cab to the hotel because their plans were more important than my arrival.”

Thorne barely listened to the litany of complaints, he was thinking. Suddenly he smiled…

“How would you like to spend the rest of your stay in a much nicer place? You could have whatever it is your heart desires.”

“Really? And where would that be?” Barb asked.

“I have a number of homes each fully staffed with servants that can and will meet your every need.” Thorne replied. He knew what buzzwords to use with Barb and then turned on the charm. “Of course I would understand if you declined. After all we’ve only just met and…”

“Where are your homes?” Barb asked all sense of caution completely gone.

“All over the world but I have several here in California including a few on private beaches….”

“I like the ocean, do you know that they never even took me to see it?” she whined.

“That is a shame.” Thorne commiserated. “Then if you agree to come with me, it would be one of the beach houses.”

Little by little, Barb was sucked in. Now if any of the Sinclaire’s showed up, he could tell them that she chose to come with him and they could do nothing about it. It would also be too late for her to change her mind. He chuckled to himself; it had been awhile since he fucked around with the high and mighty Sinclaires.

Not wanting to seem over anxious, he let the subject drop. Just as the dance ended, Allen approached him.

“You have an important call.”

“Thank you Allen.” Thorne said and turned to Barb. “I apologize but as I said earlier, sometimes I must mix business with pleasure.”

“I understand.” Barb said sweetly and watched who she thought would give her everything that she ever wanted walk away.


“Hello Ethan.” Thorne said pleasantly. “What can I do for you? Who? Ah yes… she’s here. Of course, she may leave if she chooses to. Certainly… I’ll have Allen meet you at the front door… yes, of course… I’ll see you in fifteen minutes.”

Thorne hung up and laughed, it wasn’t too often that he pulled one over on Ethan Sinclaire.

He went back to the table where Barb was impatiently waiting. He could tell that she had made her decision, the money hungry bitch he thought to himself as he smiled at her.

“Were you serious about your offer?” she asked before he had gotten settled in his seat.

“I was.” he replied.

“Then I accept!” she said happily.

“Really? That’s wonderful but aren’t you concerned about going to an unknown place with a strange man?” he asked covering his bases. “After all, I could be a mass murderer or something equally as horrible.” he added.

“I’m a good judge of character.” Barb replied, “And I don’t believe that you’re any of those things.”

“Thank you for your trust.” Thorne replied taking her hand in his. “We’ll be able to leave shortly.”

“I don’t have anything with me….”

“No worries, we’ll have everything that you need at the house.” Thorne replied.

“Barb!” she heard from across the room. She looked up to see not only Kevyn but also Patrick, Nathan, Louise, Hans and Ethan approaching the table. She rolled her eyes and escort waited until they were at the table before she said anything.

“What are you doing here?” she demanded.

“Taking you out of here is what.” Kevyn replied.

“I’m not going anywhere!” Barb retorted.

No one except for Nathan noticed Louise looking at Thorne with a horrified expression on her face.

“Sweetheart?” he murmured and pulled her into his arms as he realized that she had completely dropped her shields. He strengthened his own shields but not before she began to vomit.

“EWWW!” Barb yelled as she backed away as a spray of liquid just barely missed her.

Thorne looked at Louise with a curious expression on his face. He jumped as he felt Louise probing him even as she vomited. He looked at her, letting her probe him as much as she wanted. He jumped again when he felt Kevyn in his head.

“Well I’ll be damned.” he said not caring that Kevyn could hear him.

Louise had stopped vomiting and looked around for something to drink. Seeing nothing, she looked at Barb.

“Don’t go with him.” she said weakly.

Thorne didn’t say anything; this had to be Barb’s choice.

“Barb, listen to her… he’s… wrong… he’s evil, for once in your life forget about money and come with us.” Louise begged.

Thorne watched as the sisters tried to convince Barb to leave with them confident that she wouldn’t go. The lure of what he could give her was much too strong.

“Go home to your perfect lives with your perfect men and leave me alone.” Barb replied.

Hans stepped up to the table and looked at her for several seconds.

“Please come with us, this…. Man means to harm you. Once you go with him, we… I can’t help unless you leave with us.”

“Now you want to help me?” Barb asked. “You’re nothing but a hotel clerk! What can you do for me? Make my bed? What?” she demanded.

“Barb.” Louise said softly. “Remember that verse in the bible that says to beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing? He’s the wolf. He looks so nice on the outside but Kevyn is right… he’s wrong and he’s going to hurt you. You have to come with us….”

Barb moved so that she was standing by Thorne’s side.

“Mr. Blackwell has graciously offered me a stay at one of his beach homes; I’ll call you when I get back.”

Ethan had been silent up to this point waiting to see if the sisters could sway Barb. It wasn’t long before he saw that it wasn’t going to happen. When Hans’ stepped forward, he hoped that the pull of mates would trigger something but it didn’t. It was now up to him to get Barb out of Blackwell’s grip but if she continued to choose him, it was out of his hands. Not even going to the council would help as long as she agreed to be with him.

“Thorne.” he said as he stepped forward. “Let’s call this what it is. You’re using her to fuck with us. Let her go and we’ll settle our differences some other way.”

Blackwell smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“She is free to leave if she chooses or she can stay but I will promise you this, she won’t forget her time with me if she decides to come.”

Everyone except for Barb heard the implications of that statement. What she heard was the promise of being pampered, waited on and mind blowing sex. Louise tried again.

“Listen to what he’s saying! You’ve always had good instincts, listen to them!”

For a split second, everyone, Thorne included thought that she was going to change her mind. Pressing her advantage, Louise kept talking.

“Listen to yourself! You know that he’s bad!”

She was crying and trying to break free of Nathan’s arms convinced if she could just touch her sister that she would see reason. In a final attempt to jar Barb, she screamed,

“Hans is for you!”

Barb hesitated once again, looked at Hans and laughed. Ethan tried again to talk to Thorne who responded by asking them all to leave.

“I believe that she has chosen and I allowed you into my club so that you could see for yourselves that she is perfectly fine. Please see yourselves out.”

Ethan looked at Barb ignoring Thorne.

“Barb listen to me.” He said. “I know that you think that Thorne is what you want but trust me when I say that he isn’t. I also think that deep down you know that. I also think that your instincts are telling you to run as fast as you can and you’re letting what you think you want and need cloud your judgment. That’s something that I have a little experience with and I can tell you that it caused a lot of pain and suffering that is still being felt to this day. Please think about what you’re doing.”

“Nice speech.” Thorne said snidely.

Louise made a desperate attempt to break away from Nathan and actually touched Barb’s arm.


For the third time, everyone thought that Barb was going to change her mind and leave with them and for the third time they were disappointed. They watched helplessly as she laid a hand on Thorne’s arm, her choice made.


“I escort bayan don’t understand!” Kevyn shouted when they were outside of the club, “Why in the hell couldn’t we just grab her and make her come with us?” she demanded.

“There are laws in our world just as there are in the human world.” Patrick explained. “She chose to stay.”

“He tricked her! He had to have!” Kevyn retorted.

“No he didn’t.” Louise said. “He told her the truth and let her interpret it any way she wanted to. She was going to go with him no matter what we said or did.”

“Because of money?” Kevyn asked.

“He knew what she thinks she wants and he used it to his advantage but deep down Barb knows that he’s bad.” Louise replied. “She also knows why he chose her… Patrick, why does he hate your family so much? That’s why he wants her; he wants to hurt this family.”

“But what about Barb?” Kevyn asked.

“We can only wait until she wakes up.” Nathan said.

“What if he won’t let her go?” she asked.

“He will if she says she wants to leave.” Ethan said. “That was the only thing that I could get him to agree to and that he won’t hurt her too badly.”

“So there’s a chance that she won’t go with him?” Kevyn asked.

“There’s always a chance.” Ethan replied.

Louise didn’t say anything, she already knew that Barb was going with Thorne; the pull of his money was much stronger than the pull toward Hans and her family. There was one thing that she did say and she said it with confidence.

“She’ll be back and she’s really going to need us.”

Suddenly she was exhausted but amazed that she hadn’t fainted although vomiting had been bad enough. She didn’t object when Nathan picked her up and carried her to the car, she was just that tired. Once in the car, she closed her eyes and said a prayer for Barb, she was going to need it.


Hans went back to the hotel and straight to his suite without letting anyone know that he had returned. He had to wonder how much of Barb’s going with Thorne had been his fault but then he remembered how she had looked at him as if he was nothing. Even at the club she had looked at him that way when he offered his help. And that laugh when Louise told her that he belonged to her… no, he decided, she was exactly where she wanted to be. He could only hope that Thorne didn’t hurt her too much before she realized that she was going to bed with a monster.

He realized with a start that he wasn’t jealous of the fact that she would be going to bed with another and he wondered what it meant. For a brief second he thought that maybe the fates had changed their minds after all but he knew better.

After what happened, he once again wondered if it was possible for Barb to change and if she did, how long would it last? He stopped thinking about it; there was no point in driving himself crazy thinking about her and the fates. With nothing else to do but wait, Hans decided to go back to work. Before he left his suite, he said a prayer to the fates that Barb would come to her senses before Thorne hurt her too badly.


Nathan carried an exhausted Louise up to their suite, laid her on the bed and started the bathtub. When it was ready, he woke her by softly calling her name and kissing her until she was awake.

“Come on sweetheart.” he said as he led her to the tub.

He wanted to get in with her but didn’t think that she was ready for that yet especially since she was worried about Barb but it would feel so good to sit behind her with his arms wrapped around her as he ….

“Nathan?” Louise called, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” he replied, “I’ll be outside. Call me if you need anything.”

Louise watched Nathan leave the bathroom and realized that she did a lot of watching him leave and wondered what she should do about it. She slowly lowered her shields; she wanted to know what he was feeling.

She audibly gasped as she felt Nathan’s desire for her and gasped again as her nipples hardened and moisture gathered between her legs. She quickly stripped, got into the tub, turned on the jets only to turn them off. The bubbling water only made her nipples and the area between her legs throb even more. She finished her bath, dried off biting back a moan as she dried off her too sensitive nipples and her private area. When she stopped and thought about it, the feelings of arousal began to grow stronger once she said yes to being Nathan’s mate. She knew what it meant but she wasn’t sure that she was ready for that step and wondered how one prepared themselves for making love for the first time.


Nathan waited in the bedroom for Louise to come out of the bathroom. Even through the closed door he could smell her, he could hear the rapid beating of her heart and he could feel her uncertainty. It was a reminder that she really was an innocent and that maybe she needed to talk to Kevyn. He already suspected that the sisters needed some alone time anyway and made plans to go check on the progress of the bayan escort beach house. In spite of Barb and her stupidity, life had to go on.

The twin’s wedding was less than two weeks away and he wanted the house to be finished by then. He also wanted the mating to be completed as well and judging by what was happening in the bathroom that was a very real possibility. He decided that today, he wouldn’t settle for lying in bed and holding hands, she was going to sleep where she belonged, in his arms. He also decided that he wasn’t going to attempt to hide his erection. It was time for her to understand that he wanted and loved her. He paused, he had never verbalized his feelings for her to her and another little piece of the puzzle fell into place.

He went to the other room, moved his belongings into the suite and changed his clothes. While he waited for her, he called the house site.

“How are things?” he asked. “Good, I want it exactly as I drew it. I want it done in less than two weeks… I’m aware of that. Call in extra crews and I’ll pay triple time… Yes. Call me with any problems.”

He had just hung up when Louise walked in.

“Feel better?” he asked as he stood up to walk over to her.

“A little but I’m scared for Barb.” Louise replied.

“I know and understand.” Nathan replied as he put his arms around her. “Come on, you’re exhausted. You expended quite a bit of emotional and psychic energy tonight.”

“But I didn’t faint!” she said with pride.

“No you didn’t.” Nathan said, “But why did you lower your shields like that?” He asked gently.

Louise hesitated, “I didn’t mean to, at least not all of the way. I just wanted to feel what he was feeling. I have never felt such… anger and hatred. As you know, it made me sick.”

“What did you feel from Barb?” he asked.

“That she’s out to prove that she can get a rich man… but underneath she knows that he’s evil but she’s convinced herself that she doesn’t care or that she’s reading him wrong.”

“What?” Nathan asked when she paused.

“One of the things that she kept telling me was that I wasn’t being honest with myself. She says that I’m really after your money and that I’ll get away with it…”

Nathan stopped her.

“You are in no way like her other than in familial resemblance. I know that money… mine or anyone else’s doesn’t matter to you. Ignore that part of your conversation. Let’s get you into bed.”

Nathan led her to the bed, helped her in and climbed in behind her. When she reached for his hand, he took it and pulled her into his arms.

“This is where you sleep from now on.” he told her as he molded himself around her. “If you prefer to face me, that’s fine but no matter which direction you choose, you sleep in my arms as a matter of fact, face me now, I have something that I want to say to you.”

He waited for her to face him and then he continued.

“While you were bathing, I realized something.” he said. “I realized that for you words are just as important as actions. All of this time I’ve been showing you how I feel about you but I haven’t told you. Louise, I love you. I love your sensitivity and your quiet strength. I love how you love your sister even though she’s hurt you and I don’t see any redeeming qualities in her. I love your enthusiasm when you’re cooking a meal or simply watching one of the cooking shows. I am blessed to have found you.”

Louise was speechless. She knew that he cared for her- loved her but to hear it gave her an almost surreal feeling along with a feeling of… she searched for the word… contentment. Here was someone who could and would care for her in a way that she had been missing and hadn’t really realized it.

She lay there in Nathan’s arms trying to think of how she should respond when it came to her. The truth. She couldn’t very well expect Barb to accept who she was if she wouldn’t accept a few facts of her own. She was in love with Nathan Sinclaire and it was time to accept and admit it to him and to herself.

Nathan waited and watched as she slowly accepted what he told her. He wanted nothing more than to peek inside of her head to see what her response would be but he resisted. He had waited this long and he would continue to wait without cheating.

“I think…. No, I know that I love you too.” she finally said.

While she was nervous, what she hadn’t expected was to feel a sense of relief. She felt as if she had carried around a secret that she was finally free to share and was experiencing the relief of telling it.

“Louise, look at me.” Nathan said gently. He waited until he had her full attention before speaking. “Thank you.”

Louise gave him a confused look, she was certain that they would consummate their new relationship and was surprised by the simple thank you and the urging her to sleep.

“I want to wait until this mess with your sister is resolved.” he said answering her unspoken question. “I want no distractions when we make love for the first time and I don’t want it to be here. Tomorrow night if nothing has changed, I want to show you something.”

Louise didn’t argue, she was honest enough to admit to herself that she would feel awkward enough making love for the first time without it being in Kevyn and Patrick’s house.

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Violetwoods are Blue Ch. 03

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Victoria went over for the seventeenth time that morning over her bland, watery eggs what had happened between her and Lola two weeks before. Now she was swamped with finals; she cursed herself for taking on the required seven classes, plus the three classes at the local community college. She had taken three classes at the community college ever quarter for the past year and nine months in order to get her pre-requisites out of the way in order to qualify as a junior and not a freshman upon first entering college.

Now, on one of her last Saturdays before high school let out, she had nothing to do. With all of her college finals finished, having aced all of them, any self-respecting high school senior would be cramming for their more important finals. However, with a week and a half left, three of her seven classes had already been taken up by two essays and one oral report…oddly for Lola’s class, making her think about eating her pussy the whole time. She had picked a spot on the white washed wall and kept her eyes glued to it.

“Tori?” asked Mom, breaking her reverie of her future. “Could you please pass the OJ if you’re not having any?”

“If you knew me at all, you’d know that I despise OJ,” Victoria snapped back at Murphy, handing her the carton. “He should not have been acquitted. He clearly killed Nicole. Have you ever seen that footage of his verdict? Fucking smug look on his face…”

Murphy looked at her oldest daughter, shocked at the outburst. Looking at Gloria, they nodded to each other and asked Justine to leave the table. Justine complied, of course, because she was the perfect child.

“Sweetheart, we really have to talk to you,” Gloria began.

Victoria rolled her eyes. “Right. The word ‘fucking’ is not appropriate. I’m sorry. I’ll go apologize to Justine and then I’ll get out of here. You only have time for your real daughter anyhow,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Victoria Alexandra Spezia-James, sit your butt down while we’re talking to you,” Murphy said, and Victoria instantly sat down again, cursing her childhood loyalty.

“Yes, Mom…”

“Apologize to Mama,” Murphy said.

“Sorry, Mama…”

“Now,” Murphy said, wiping her face with her napkin and setting it down, “I got a call from Grandma and Grams the other day. With the new case getting its verdict, I had to be on-hand to the client constantly…”

“The point. I don’t want you wasting your precious time on me,” Victoria said, contemplating if whether or not her inedible eggs would be better with ketchup.

“They said that you saw Richard Norwood,” said Gloria, putting on her principal’s voice.

Victoria felt herself whiten. She really thought that Grandma and Grams would’ve kept this visit under wraps, but apparently she was mistaken. “Did they now?”

“Now we know you’re over eighteen, so we had no right to stop you,” Murphy put in. “I just want you to appreciate how potentially dangerous that situation was, going to a prison, that you put yourself in…”

Victoria nodded. “I know. Norwood has some mental problems.”

Gloria sighed. “He’s a convicted serial killer, sex offender, and child molester, Victoria. His problems are beyond just mental ones.”

Victoria spread her hands. “What do you want me to say? What do you expect from me? I work my ass off in school so you’ll stay off my back, which you’ve done since freshman year and then some. I decided ever since about a year of Justine’s diagnosis that I wanted as far away from here as possible.”

“Why would you want that, love?” asked Murphy, confused.

“You have got to be kidding me,” she said, looking between her mothers. “This right here, what we’re doing right now, never happens because you’re either working at your offices, here at home, or seeing to Justine.”

“That’s not–” Gloria began.

“And don’t you dare tell me that’s not true!” Victoria said, feeling the tears come. “You don’t even know anything about me because of escort your precious jobs and your real daughter…”

“Now that’s uncalled for,” Murphy said, shaking her head. “You are our real daughter, Victoria.”

“No, I’m not. I’ll always be your adopted daughter that you’ll never love like you love Justine.” She got to her feet, shaking her head. “In fact, I’m probably keeping you from her. Your real daughter is probably eavesdropping right now, anyhow. I’ll be out of here as soon as finals are over, anyhow. That apartment in Bellingham was probably a bribe anyway, but it’s a beautiful bribe and a wonderful escape. You can convert my bedroom into something for your real daughter as soon as I’m gone,” Victoria said, turning away to hide her tears.

“Victoria sit down!” Murphy said firmly, and Victoria sat, keeping her eyes lowered so as they couldn’t see her face. “How could you say that we don’t know anything about your life? Prom is tonight. Aren’t you excited to go with Miles? You’ve been talking about it since September…”

Victoria sighed. “Yeah, I’m not gonna go to that, especially with someone straight…”

Gloria looked at Murphy before turning back to Victoria. “Um, honey? Is there something important that you wanted to tell us?”

Victoria shook her head. “I don’t want to tell either of you anything. You lost that right as soon as you successfully forgot about me.”

Gloria slammed her fist down upon the breakfast table, something very out of character for her. “This attitude of yours is unacceptable, Victoria. Either tell us what’s going on with you, or you’re grounded.”

“Um, love, she’s eighteen,” Murphy said gently, touching Gloria’s arm.

Gloria sighed. “Just please answer me, Victoria. Please.”

Victoria looked at them full in the face at that moment. She had considered looking down or looking away, but she just wanted to get it over with. “Fine, you want the truth? I’m gay. I’m a lesbian, and I broke up with Miles because it was wrong to lead him on. I would appreciate it if I could go to my room now, please…”

Without hesitation this time, Victoria got to her feet quickly and walked down the hall. Justine was standing there, her eyes wide. Victoria glared at her.

“If you weren’t sick I’d…” She shook her head, realizing that it wasn’t worth it and walked upstairs to her room and slammed and locked the door behind her. She threw herself onto her bed and began to sob.

Miles had messaged her about an hour after that and informed her that he still had their prom tickets. Since he hadn’t asked anyone else, he asked if they could go as friends. Wanting more than anything to get out of there, Victoria quickly accepted.

She had gotten the dress and the shoes about a month before the break up, so she had everything she needed for the evening. She readied herself quickly and, at seven-fifteen, Miles arrived to pick her up.

Murphy and Gloria had, unsurprisingly, taken Justine to something for the night, so no prom photographs were taken. Victoria got into the limo and sat beside Miles, grateful that he only held her hand. They arrived at the dance at a nightclub Downtown, posing for a picture outside before heading inside into the flashing disco lights, where the hit of the summer, some new Taylor Swift song or something, was pumping over the giant speakers.

Beth Henry, who had long harbored a crush on Miles, casually asked him to dance, and Victoria encouraged him to go for it. Victoria then spotted the stereotypical punch bowl and filled a red plastic cup with it, sipping it slowly as she looked around the room. Of course, of course, Lola was one of the chaperones, looking beyond gorgeous in a mermaid dark green dress which was finished in black lace.

“Great dance,” Lola said quietly.

Victoria nodded. “Yeah.”

“How are you?”


“Why is your date dancing with Beth Henry?” asked Lola.

Victoria shrugged. “Because he escort bayan wants to,” she replied as an 90’s song, “Hey Ho, Let’s Go” by the Ramones just finished on the speakers.

“Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen stared up then.

“I love this song,” Victoria and Lola said at the same time.

They stared at each other.

“Are you…?”

“Hungry for you?” asked Lola. “All day, every day. I mean… I’m sorry. I didn’t treat you right. Clearly I have some issues that have to be resolved.”

“We all do,” Victoria replied. She turned and looked at Miles and Beth, who clearly seemed to be having a good time that night. “You know…we are in a hotel/nightclub…”

Lola’s eyes widened. “Okay. If you get a room, it won’t look as suspicious. You could text me the room number and I could sneak up the back way to your room.”

Victoria’s heart leapt. She set down her punch and winked at Lola before stepping out of the dance floor area and walked up to the concierge at the front desk. “One of your finest suites, please,” she said, handing over her credit card.

After getting her room key, she walked up to the elevator. Pressing the button, the doors seemed to immediately open before her. Looking down at the key as the doors closed behind her, she read the numbers 690. As she rode up the elevator, she texted Lola the room number and then Miles to tell him to take Beth home and to have a great night, as she had taken a cab because she was tired and wanted to get back home.

The elevator doors dinged open on the sixth floor and she walked along the carpeted hallway towards the suite she had just gotten. Opening the door, she admired the white and cream coloring and the fine quality leather furniture as she walked about. The bright chrome mini fridge held sparkling cider, a touch which made Victoria laugh.

She removed her dress and admired herself in the floor-length mirror. Her undergarments could easily be described as naughty and sexy, and she became wet at the thought of what Lola would do to her that night. A soft knock came at the door then and she went quickly to answer it. Lola stared up at the door from the peephole, and Victoria quickly threw it open and pulled her inside.

“So I think maybe we should–” Lola began, but was quickly silenced by Victoria slamming her mouth against hers.

Victoria’s tongue quickly found Lola’s and they soon found themselves intertwined with one another. Gripping each other tightly, Victoria pulled Lola into the master bedroom with a king-sized bed and an elegant pale green duvet which shown slightly in the high-quality hotel lighting. Victoria had already pulled all the curtains shut for maximum privacy.

Victoria easily got Lola out of her dress, and proceeded to slowly pull down her stockings, kissing each part of her leg which came into view. Lola began to squirm as Victoria’s tongue came out and licked all the way up and down Lola’s legs. She made her way back up her lover’s legs again, inhaling her pussy slightly before kissing it lightly, causing Lola to gasp aloud. Victoria giggled at that and continued up Lola’s belly, sticking her tongue briefly into the older woman’s navel.

“Oh!” Lola gasped.

“Shh,” Victoria returned quietly, gently reaching under her and unhooking Lola’s bra. The bra fell under Lola’s ample breasts, which Victoria promptly took into her mouth, sucking greedily, all the while amused by Lola’s squirms, gasps, and occasional, “Oh fuck!” She then barred her teeth and gently pulled back and forth on her lover’s nipples.

“Fuck, I can feel that right in my pussy,” Lola whispered in Victoria’s ear.

“That’s the point,” replied Victoria, amused.

Lola quickly grabbed Victoria by the waist and flipped her around so that the younger girl’s ass was in her face, to which she smiled in approval. She could see the wet mark on Victoria’s panties, and this excited her greatly, and filled her with a great desire to make her bayan escort even wetter than that.

Gently, Lola smacked Victoria’s perfect ass, and Victoria’s whimper of approval excited Lola more than anything. She then took ahold of Victoria’s panties and yanked them down, pleased to have her younger lover’s ass fully exposed to her. She put her face closer and inhaled, the sweet scent of Victoria’s pussy filling her nostrils.

She inserted two fingers into her mouth and sucked them briefly before inserting two fingers into the mouth of her lover’s pussy. Victoria immediately gasped and proceeded to rock back and forth against Lola’s fingers. “Oh fuck, fuck me, Lola…!” she demanded, going back and forth on Lola’s fingers faster and faster.

“Of course, my love,” Lola said, leaning forward so as her breast made contact with Victoria’s back and became hard as Victoria pushed herself closer and closer to her. “Do you like what I’m doing to you?”

“So much… OH!” cried Victoria.

“Yeah, that’s right. Get wetter for me, baby. You like it when I finger fuck your pussy, don’t you, baby?”

“You make me so wet, Lola… Fuck!” she cried, squirming even faster now. And then she began to shake. “Oh, I’m going to come…”

“That’s right. You can. Go on and come for me, baby.”

“Fuuuck I’m coming!” cried Victoria, shuddering around Lola’s finger, and shaking under her hold on her.

Lola’s finger then became dripping wet and she removed it slowly from Victoria’s pussy. She tasted one finger before grinning and offering Victoria her other finger. “Do you like tasting yourself on my fingers?”

Victoria nodded, her eyes hazy and drunk with pleasure. She then turned around and gently pushed Lola back onto the pillows, knowing exactly what she had to do. She then proceeded to yank down her lover’s panties and looked down for a moment at Lola’s pussy, fascinated at how different it looked from her own. She then inched closer and closer, inhaling its sweet scent, making her legs turn immediately to jelly.

“It’s okay, baby. Take your time.”

Victoria smiled at her lover’s words and went closer. Sticking her tongue out, she made it into a point before gently stimulating Lola’s clit. Lola’s clit instantly grew in size at the moment that Victoria touched it orally, and she pushed herself right up to Victoria’s mouth, which opened automatically and proceeded to munch upon Lola’s delicious pussy.

“Oh, baby, that’s great…”

Victoria didn’t reply, but stuck her tongue out and inserted it into Lola’s pussy, causing her to moan loudly. The older woman reached out and gently put her hands around Victoria’s head and pushed her right up against her pussy, so as Victoria’s nose stimulated her clit and her tongue continued to fuck her pussy.

“Fuck, Victoria, don’t stop!” she cried, pushing her closer still. And then she shuddered against the younger girl and fell flat against the pillows.

Victoria crawled up Lola’s body and lay beside her, their legs intertwining together. “I really missed you,” she said softly. “I just… I felt lost.”

Lola smiled, reaching out and gently pushing some of Victoria’s hair behind her head. “I’m glad. Because you know what? I missed you, too.”

Victoria smiled, lowering her eyes as her cheeks gently flushed. “Where do we go from here?”

Lola smiled, kissing Victoria’s forehead and pulling her close. “Well, you’ve got a few finals left and then graduation. I guess…”

“What?” Victoria asked, pulling back to stare into Lola’s face.

“I may have put in a job application at a high school in Bellingham…”

“You did?!” cried Victoria. “Were you interviewed?!”

Lola nodded. “Yes. Last week.”

“Well, what happened?!”

“Long story short, they offered me the job. I’d start in September.”

“Would we live together?”

“Would you like to live together?”

“Duh!” said Victoria, slapping Lola’s ass and sharing a grin. “Coming home to that fine ass every day… That would never get old.”

Lola grinned, kissing Victoria. “So,” she said, putting out her right manicured hand, “girlfriends?” she asked.

Victoria grinned. “Girlfriends,” she replies, shaking Lola’s hand.

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Lost Girl in Transition Ch. 21

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Gently cradling Maggie in the crook of his left arm, Tristan angled a warm bottle of formula, placing the rubber nipple against her lips. Immediately she latched on, sucking down the milk while gazing up at his face.

Gazing right back, Tristan watched as she took in the nourishment, eyes big, bright, and wide as she intently studied her father’s face.

“Hungry, aren’t you?” Lightly smirking, Tristan noticed the loud smacking noises that she was making.

As if to prove even further that she was enjoying the milk, Maggie grasped the baby bottle, her tiny, delicate fingers pressing against the glass object. Pleased that she was feeding so well, Tristan gently rocked back and forth, allowing the gliding motion of the chair to lull her into a state of contentedness.

Holding her right up against his chest, Tristan made sure to keep steady eye contact, wanting the bond they’d been steadily building to strengthen even further.

Deepening with every day, the love he felt for her was becoming immense, this all-consuming emotion that surpassed the strongest affection he had ever felt. Sure romantic love was a wonderful thing, but the type of love that he felt for Maggie was something on a whole other level.

Beyond pure it was eternal, a pure happiness that fed his heart and soul, gave him a meaning beyond what he’d ever know. Simply put, Maggie was everything to him now, and he knew he would always do whatever it took to keep her safe and happy.

With only a bit of liquid in the bottle remaining, Maggie’s sucking on the nipple became less, her eagerness slowly dwindling as her lids began to draw down. Snuggling her deeper into his arms, Tristan watched as her eyes became heavier, eventually lowering down to slits before finally closing all the way. Not wanting to disturb the baby’s slumber, Tristan gingerly pulled the bottle away, then placed it on the coffee table nearby.

Simply watching her now, Tristan stared at her tiny face, admiring the miniature sized nose and delicate, cupid-bow lips. She was so perfect that he couldn’t stop staring, and lowering his lips to her face, placed a tiny kiss on her puffy cheek. Perhaps responding to her father’s loving gesture, Maggie emitted a faint noise – one so delicate and cute that his heart went all warm with adoration.

Still propelling the rocking chair with his feet, Tristan watched the rise and fall of his daughter’s chest, her tiny grunts and moans reaching his ears as she fell into a deeper sleep. Then, the most adorable sound of all began to drift from her mouth.

Maggie was snoring.

Sounding to him like a gentle snuffle combined with a tiny squeak, the sound was so utterly adorable that Tristan just had to chuckle. His lips curled as he continued to listen, eyes gleaming with joy as she peacefully slept.

Consumed with unbelievable pride, he now marveled at Maggie’s existence. He still found it difficult to believe that he himself had helped to create her, that his own blood was running through her veins, that his DNA was actually inside of her teeny body.

For the longest he had wondered what his purpose was all about, why everyone else seemed to live these lives so rich and varied, while he felt strangely awkward and almost always out of place. Things had gotten much better once he’d met Claudia, and she had enriched his life in a way that was undeniable, but now that he had Maggie, he felt less of a need to be loved in that romantic way.

Sure he missed Claudia in a very deep way, because she was unquestionably sexy, not to mention so loving and caring towards him, but Maggie was his priority now, so sitting around pining about losing his girlfriend wouldn’t be a benefit to him at all.

Tristan placed a soft, sweet kiss in the center of Maggie’s forehead, and after standing to put her in the crib, pulled a tiny blanket up over her form. Staring at her for a few minutes, he admired the way she looked in her pink onesie and beanie cap. Then after getting his fill of a good, long look, Tristan reclined on the couch right next to her.

Pulling a blanket up over his body, he soon joined his daughter in sleep.

* * * *

Easily identified by a neon pink sign of a dancing girl, The Flamingo Club was in a seedier area of Bozeman. Housed in a white, windowless building with a large pink awning, it had the look of an establishment that was well-maintained. The parking lot only held fifteen cars, so small and cramped that Lucas had to really work at squeezing his Chevy in.

On first stepping out of his truck and into the cold night, the sound of music blaring reached his ears. It was some trance tune, loaded with thumping beats that filled his ear drums.

The bouncer at the door was a meaty type, reminding Lucas of Mr. Clean but with a youthful face. The look he gave Lucas was hard, one clearly meant to intimidate and instill fear, but Lucas only stared back, showing his ID before walking in.

As soon as he bypassed the double pink doors he was hit with a wave escort bayan of music, so loud and boisterous it could be physically felt. The interior was dimly lit, with pink lights built into the floor and leading the way into a large, open room. Circular tables covered the shiny black tile, while high-back leather couches were situated against mirrored walls.

Shifting his attention to the stage, Lucas noticed a sensuous brunette in a hot pink fishnet dress. Slinkily and with undeniable skill, she slid down the pole to kneel on stage, then crawled on all fours towards the men in the front row.

Hooting and hollering in response, many of the guys immediately reacted, some throwing dollar bills at her while others sat transfixed at her voluptuous form. Lucas, however, was shifting his eyes all around the club, trying to determine how he would find the particular stripper that he wanted.

Spotting a neon-lit bar in the very back, Lucas took off towards it, walking with quick, purposeful steps as he passed several scantily clad waitresses. As the bartender saw him coming she offered a smile and leaned against the counter, which in turn made her ample bosom nearly spill out of her V-neck top.

Ordinarily Lucas would have taken a nice, long look, or even flirted right back in hopes of getting some action. But tonight he was on a mission for Claudia, so his overactive libido would just have to take a backseat.

“Hi.” As he came even closer the female bartender’s eyes lit up, gaze taking in his impressive height before studying his well-proportioned features.

“Hello.” Now standing right in front of her, Lucas kept his eyes squarely on her face. “I’m looking for this girl named Roxy. Is she by any chance working tonight?”

“Yeah, Roxy’s here. She’s upstairs with a customer right now, but should be out in just a few minutes.”

“Okay.” Leaning against the counter, Lucas took a moment to eye the various patrons in the club.

“If you’d like something to drink while waiting for Roxy I’ll prepare it,” the bartender said. “Can’t pour you any alcohol though, unless you show me proof that you’re eighteen.”

“Nothing to drink for me, thanks,” Lucas said, and his gaze immediately shifted back to the customers who were sitting on the floor.

“So if you don’t mind me asking, what’s the deal with you and Roxy?” Still leaning against the counter, the female bartender wore an inquisitive look. “She a favorite of yours, or do you know her in a personal way?”

“I don’t know her at all,” Lucas replied. “She was recommended to me by a friend, so I thought I’d stop by and check her out in person.”

“Which friend?” She curiously asked.

“Just someone I know.” Not liking her nosiness, Lucas purposely kept his eyes focused on the stage.

“Okay.” Seeming to accept that he didn’t feel like talking, she grabbed a rag, then wiped down the jet black counter that ran the length of the neon-lit bar.

As Lucas waited for Roxy to appear, he watched the various people that surrounded him, noting how the clientele was a mixture of all types. While some of the patrons were men dressed in suits, others were college-aged guys, the rowdy type who cat-called and hooted at every stripper. There were even a few couples at some of the tables, laughing and talking as they ogled the dancers together.

As a few minutes turned into ten, Lucas decided it would be best to take a seat. He didn’t want to draw too much attention to himself, just in case somebody was watching and started to get curious about his presence.

Spotting an empty table in the back of the club, Lucas started towards it. Upon reaching it, he had a seat in one of the red leather chairs, then sat back and waited for the appearance of Roxy.

Thick with stale smoke and the smell of cheap perfume, the club had a vibe that was slightly gritty, yet laid back enough for him not to be on edge. Although relatively small it was packed with strippers, some dancing on stage in pairs while others grinded against customers on the couches.

A few were even taking some of the customers to a second level, and figuring it was some kind of VIP area, Lucas focused his gaze on the stairs which led up to it. His attention rapidly shifted, however, as he noticed someone heading his way.

Dressed in only a g-string and heart-shaped pasties, the dancer who approached had a Brigitte Bardot bouffant. Deep auburn in color, it contrasted her milky white skin beautifully. Her heels were dizzyingly high, making her already long legs stand out and really capture the eye, and as she came closer to where Lucas sat, he knew for sure that she had to be Roxy.

Undeniably seductive, she moved at a slow, slinky pace, allowing him to get a real good look at her body. But just as his libido began to rear its ugly head, Lucas pushed it back down so it was smothered.

“Heard you were looking for me.” Now standing right in front of Lucas, she gazed down at him with bright green eyes.

“You bayan escort Roxy?” Lucas asked.

“Of course. Who else would I be?” A gentle smile touched her bright pink lips. “So, what can I do for you tonight, stud?”

Reaching into the pocket of his flannel jacket, Lucas retrieved the matchbook he’d brought along, holding it up for Roxy to see.

“You gave this to a guy some months ago, most likely back in October. Tell me who he is, and It’d be a real big help.”

Taking the matchbook from his hand, Roxy had a closer look. “Well I don’t give my number out to a whole lotta guys, so I definitely could narrow it down to just two.”

With an inquisitiveness Lucas stared at her, impatiently waiting for her to spill the beans.

“But before I tell you anything, I gotta know the reason behind it. I don’t wanna be involved in anything shady, you know?”

“You won’t be involved at all,” Lucas promised. “I just need a name and a physical description. That’s it, you’ve got my word.”

Watching him with her brilliant green eyes, Roxy seemed to be thinking over whether or not she wanted to tell. Biting her lower lip she stalled for time, lowering her eyes to Lucas’s clothing before lifting them slowly back up to his face. By this time, however, Lucas had grown impatient, annoyance in his features as he stared her down.

“Buy a lap dance and I’ll tell you anything you want,” Roxy said.

“How about I just give you the money?”

“You don’t want a lap dance?”

“No time for one,” he said. “I’m just here to gather some quick information.”

Leaning over Lucas, she rested one hand against the back of his chair. She then angled her body so that her breasts nearly touched his face, and unable to do more except look at the heart-shaped pasties on her nipples, Lucas rapidly blinked to break the spell. Yet clearly wanting to maintain full control, Roxy reached out to touch his thigh, caressing her palm up and down the length of it.

“Never had a guy turn down a lap dance before.”

“I told you, I don’t have the time,” he quickly responded.

“So make time.” Now lowering her face so it was in front of his, she parted her lips in a seductive way.

Undeniably tempted, Lucas felt his crotch go warm as blood rushed into it. The young, horny, and male part of him was shouting yes, that a short lap dance would do no harm against his cause. But deep down inside he knew better than to give in, and reminding himself that Claudia’s rapist was roaming free, mustered all of his willpower to just say no.

“Look, this is serious, alright?” His brows were furrowing, hand reaching down to remove her palm from his thigh. “One of the guys you gave this matchbook to is responsible for a rape. It happened back in October, on Halloween night, so I really need to know who he is.”

“He raped someone?”

Lucas nodded.


“A good friend of mine. And she’s real special to me, so I’m not leaving here without some answers.”

“Well shit, sorry to hear that.” Taking a seat beside him, Roxy gave him a serious look. “I had no idea that the guy was a rapist.”

“So you know which one he is, then…”

“What do you mean?” She lightly frowned.

“You told me you’d given your number to two guys. So you can narrow it down to only one, correct?”

With a shake of her head, she confirmed his question.

“Great. So which one is he?”

“Well one of them was young, twenty-one years old, and from the reservation. The other was a white guy in his fifties, and in a wheelchair, so I doubt he’d have the ability to rape anyone.”

“The guy who is twenty-one, what’s his name and physical description?”

“The name he gave me was Jesse. He’s around six foot with short black hair, and has a tattoo on his left bicep.”

“What’s it of?” Lucas asked.

“Gemini symbol with skulls.”

“Anything else that stood out to you? Identifying birthmarks, body type, any scars?”

“Well you can tell he works out, so I guess you could say he’s kinda muscular. He also has a birthmark on his back,” Roxy replied.

“Is it square shaped?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. But how did you know? I thought he was a stranger to you.”

“He is,” Lucas said, but not wanting to elaborate on what Tristan had told him, Lucas continued on with another question. “So I’m guessing he’s a regular here.”

“Friday nights mostly, but every now and again he’ll show up on a Saturday.”

“Any idea if he’ll show up tonight?”

“Nope, he’s working at the casino.”

“Which one?” Lucas asked.

“I don’t know,” she responded. “Whichever one the Blackfeet tribe owns.”

“That would be Glacier Peaks.” Lucas’s tone had gone deeper, eyes becoming hard as he flexed his jaw. “You wouldn’t happen to know what kind of car he drives, would you?”

“Yeah, a black SUV. I know because he took he took me for a ride in it a few times. Real nice car, too. A Lincoln Navigator, I think.”

“Alright, well thanks. escort This info really helps a lot.”

“No problem,” Roxy replied, but as Lucas shifted his weight to get out of the chair, she rested a palm against his shoulder.

“You’re kinda young, but real cute. I don’t usually give my number out to random guys, but I think we could have some fun together. Outside of the club, of course.”

“Didn’t you give your number to Jesse as well?” Lucas asked. “You know, the shithead who raped my friend?”

“I want to give you my *real* number,” she said. “That one I gave Jesse was a business line, something I use just to make customers feel special, like they’re making a true connection.

“Thanks, but I’ll pass,” Lucas said. “There’s this girl I’m really into, so I’m not looking to hook up with anyone else.”

“Is she the one who was raped?”

He nodded.

“Well she’s lucky to have you on her side.” Standing to her feet, she sexily posed, showing off her long, toned legs. “Good luck, I hope you find him.”

“Oh I will,” Lucas firmly said, and after rising to his feet he walked swiftly away from Roxy, headed straight for the doors which led outside.

Now that he had a name as well as a description of the rapist, Lucas eagerly headed for his truck, steps sure and heavy as he walked across the pavement.

Bitterly cold, the wind nipped at his skin, enveloping his body in the frigid temperature. But the adrenaline coursing through his body was all that he felt, and like a hunter after prey, he was already strategizing.

If anything was for certain, it was that a serious beating would be delivered. Then after he’d rendered the rapist incapacitated, he would notify the cops and get him arrested. From what he knew about rape laws, no physical evidence was even needed. Just a victim’s report alone was enough, so he knew it wouldn’t be very difficult. All they would need to do was match his DNA to the rape kit, and once that was done, he’d finally be behind bars.

Eager to make the capture, Lucas climbed behind the wheel of his Chevy truck, revving the engine lightly to warm it up. All he could think of now was the name Jesse, and the visual picture of the name that Roxy had given him.

Then suddenly it occurred to him that Tristan should know he was tracking the rapist, just to give him peace of mind that justice for Claudia would soon be had.

Retrieving his mobile from his pocket, Lucas keyed in a quick message, fingers flying across the touch screen as he created this brief text:

*The piece of shit has been FOUND. Update coming soon, so keep your phone handy.*

Tossing the phone aside, he threw the truck into gear, then backed out of the gravel lined parking lot. Like a bull waiting to charge out of the gate, he was amped and ready to go. So was his aged pickup, a modern-day pony that raced off into the darkness.

* * * *

The casino air was thick with cigar and cigarette smoke, the scent of cologne, food, and metal coins all mingling together as one. Walking across the boldly patterned carpet, Lucas headed further into the casino, maneuvering through a maze of slot machines that seductively glowed as he passed by.

Lights flashed and bells rang on some slot machine further away, followed by the unmistakable clink of coins being dispersed to the winner.

With so much blinking glitz all around him, he didn’t know quite where to focus his eyes. A flurry of activity, the casino was his idea of a nightmare, epileptic triggers facing him everywhere that he turned. So instead of paying attention to the slot machines, he only focused straight ahead, heading for a lounge area where a number of people were relaxing in chairs.

Noticing there were waitresses walking around taking orders, he figured the best plan would be to appear nonchalant. So seating himself in one of the beige, cushy chairs, he patiently waited to be approached. It wasn’t long before a beautiful Native waitress strutted over towards him, scantily clad in a very short, very tight and sexy uniform.

Flashing her teeth at Lucas, she came to a stop in front of him, pad already in hand and pen poised to take his order.

“What can I get for you?” She asked.

“No drink for me,” he responded. “I’m just here waiting for a bit. My friend works here, so I’m hoping he’s around.”

“Well if you give me his name, I might be able to help you out.”


“I know two of them,” she replied. “Jesse Nighthorse or Jesse Farmer?”

Stumped, Lucas took a minute to answer. “Not sure of his last name. Just met the guy a couple of weeks ago. He drives a real nice black SUV though, if that matters.”

“Oh…” Now eyeing him suspiciously, the waitress seemed to mull over her next words. “So you’re one of his *friends*, huh?”

“Yep.” Although starting to feel nervous Lucas remained cool on the outside, his eyes not straying even a second from hers.

“Well if you came to meet with Nighthorse, then I’m guessing you’re here to pick up those tickets.”

“Uh, yeah…”

“Then why are you waiting inside?” Furrowing her brows, she gave him a ‘what the fuck’ expression.

“I don’t know,” Lucas replied. “Guess I figured It’d be the best way to find out where he was.”

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What a Mighty Good Black Man

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A newcomer to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, by way of Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti, Steve Dubois came to Canada’s Capital region to study civil engineering at the University of Ottawa. He worked as a security guard for the good folks of Iron Horse Security to make ends meet, but the life of an international student in Canada was kind of rough. The higher rates he was paying on campus were bad enough. His social life was practically nonexistent.

The Canadian people weren’t as friendly as everyone around the world seem to think they are. As a six-foot-three, burly and dark-skinned young Black man from the Caribbean, Steve Dubois knew that he couldn’t escape their notice, which made his life all the more complicated. While walking around the University of Ottawa campus, Steve got used to the stares, not just from the Black folks but also from Arabs, Chinese and Indian students.

Steve Dubois felt like a fish out of water at the University of Ottawa. Sometimes, he wished he’d never left the island of Haiti to study in Canada. He felt more alone than he ever thought he could. Never mind that the City of Ottawa was indeed one of the most racially diverse places in all of Canada, Steve’s very dark skin made him stand out even among other Black students. Many of the Black people at the University of Ottawa thought Steve came from South Sudan, rather than the Caribbean. Go figure.

Having grown tired of life on the University of Ottawa campus, Steve Dubois looked for a place of his own. He had to go all the way to Barrhaven to find a decent place. The landlady, an older Nigerian Muslim immigrant named Alia Ajoku, was charging him five hundred bucks a month for a basement apartment. Steve had his own bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and a television set and an old but functioning computer with internet access. The place was alright, too bad the Nigerian landlady was nosy as fuck.

“Madame Ajoku, I’ve been a good tenant, and I’m always polite to you, why do you like to bother me?” Steve Deneme Bonus Dubois asked Alia Ajoku one evening. He had just come out of the shower and was wearing his boxers, with a wet towel draped over his shoulders. The tall, burly Haitian brother was definitely not expecting to find his nosy Nigerian landlady in the basement, and sitting on his bed no less. What the fuck was going on here?

“I’ve always wanted to try some young Black dick,” Alia Ajoku said, and the sixty-something, silver-haired, plump and deceptively frail Nigerian knelt before Steve Dubois, and over his protests, she pulled his hard dick out of his boxers. Alia began sucking the big and tall young Haitian man’s dick. Tenant and landlord were about to get down and dirty in the basement of the Barrhaven townhouse where Steve was paying exorbitant sums just to have a place to lay his head.

“You’re finally putting those lips to good use, Miss Ajoku,” Steve replied, and Alia shot him a look, then continued to suck his dick. Wearing only a nightgown, sans panties or bra, Alia nevertheless looked appealing to Steve, who, truth be told, had a lot of hate and lust for the annoying old Nigerian broad. She’d been bugging him about random nonsense ever since he moved in, and he avoided her as much as he could. In a landlord-occupied house, this proved to be difficult, to say the least…

“Not a good idea to piss off a woman who’s got her lips around your cock,” Alia paused to say, glaring at Steve and tugging on his ball sac for emphasis. Steve nodded, and fell silent. Having gotten her message across, Alia resumed sucking Steve’s dick, and she even slid a finger up his ass. The brother acted like he was surprised but did not protest, so Alia added a second finger up Steve’s ass.

A few days ago, while snooping through Steve Dubois messy bedroom, Alia the nosy landlady found some porn magazines which surprised her. One of the magazines featured kinky Black porn, with hot scenes between Black Bedava bonusu men and Black women. Upon closer examination, Alia noticed that the Black women who were getting their mouths, pussies and assholes filled by the Black men’s dicks were all in their fifties, if not older. Someone likes us old broads, Alia thought naughtily.

Sitting on Steve’s messy bed, Alia flipped through the magazines. In one of them, a middle-aged Black woman had a rather unusual sexual encounter with a younger Black man. Rather than just suck and ride the brother’s hard dick, the Black woman in question donned a strap-on dildo and fucked him with it. Watching the bossy Black woman fuck the younger Black man with her strap-on dildo turned Alia on immensely, and she masturbated to that sexy, disturbing image.

Alia deep-throated Steve’s dick, and the Haitian brother stopped protesting and instead relaxed and enjoyed as the old Nigerian landlady went down on him. Alia noticed that the more she fingered Steve’s ass, the harder his dick got in her mouth. When Steve warned her that he was about to cum, Alia twisted her fingers in his asshole, and marveled as the brother came, his hard dick oozing a torrent of cum which rushed down her throat. Alia sucked every last drop of Steve’s cum, and then some.

“That was fun, now, I got a treat for you, something right out of those magazines you jerk off to,” Alia said, wiping her mouth with the back of hand after draining Steve’s dick. The Haitian stud looked at her, amazed. He was wondering what he’d gotten himself into when Alia got up and went upstairs. She came back with a thick cucumber and a bottle of Aloe cream. Steve looked at her, puzzled, and Alia smiled nastily at him.

“What are you going to do with those?” Steve asked, and Alia sat him down and explained everything. It took some convincing, but in the end, Steve found himself on all fours, face down and ass up. Alia spread her thick thighs wide open, and the Haitian stud buried Deneme bonusu veren siteler his face between her legs and ate her pussy. Steve’s tongue slid into Alia’s pussy, and he mercilessly teased her clitoris. The brother worked Alia over so damn well that she came, a few minutes later…

“Hmmm, you did a good job, handsome, you deserve a special treat,” Alia said, and she resumed sucking Steve’s dick, and fingering his ass. After a while, Alia pulled her fingers out of Steve’s asshole, and replaced them with something heftier. The Haitian brother groaned as Alia began working the cucumber up his ass. Steve cried out as the cucumber filled his asshole, and Alia eagerly sucked his dick. When he came for the second time that night, Alia eagerly sucked his cum, again…

“That was fun,” Steve said, a few minutes later, but Alia wasn’t quite done with him yet. The sultry older Nigerian woman made the burly Haitian stud get on all fours, and she proceeded to whoop his ass with his own belt. Steve groaned and grunted as Alia went totally dominatrix on him, beating his ass with his belt and cussing him out while doing so. The brother felt abased but alive as his “Black Femdom” fantasy finally came true…

“I hope you had fun tonight, Steve, it seems that you like strong Black women and that’s a wonderful thing, whenever you feel those submissive urges rise in yourself, don’t hesitate to come to me,” Alia Ajoku said to Steve Dubois. The Haitian brother smiled and nodded at the Nigerian landlady/secret dominatrix, thankful for her unique brand of domestic discipline. Steve hadn’t had fun like this in ages, not since he talked his ex-girlfriend Daniella into spanking him after sex, back in Haiti…

“Yes, Miss Ajoku,” Steve Dubois replied, and Alia Ajoku looked at her new tenant/submissive, pleased with her selection. A tall, handsome and educated brother like Steve shouldn’t be allowed to fall into the hands of white women. Back in her hometown of Kano, northern Nigeria, Alia Ajoku was taught the ways of Black female domination, which ironically flourished in the predominantly Muslim northern regions of Nigeria. Someday, Steve would be successful, and make a fine husband for a good Black woman. It was Alia’s duty to help him get there…

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Our Friend Sam

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Accidental Nudity

A smile crosses my face as soon as I see the caller ID on my phone. Even after a few years with him, that is still my reaction whenever I get a call or text from Tom.

“Hey sexy! What’s up?” I greet him.

“Hi babes! Sam just called. He’s in town for a meeting today and asked if he could stay over. You don’t mind, do you?” Tom asks.

“Of course not! Why do you even ask — you know that I love Sam!” I laugh.

“Thought so. Do you want to go out for dinner?”

“No, it’s fine, I can cook. It’s cozier at home. And it’s a slow Friday here at work. I think I can leave early and pick up some stuff from the grocery store on my way home.”

“Well, if you’re cooking… Could you make –?” Tom starts.

“Your current favorite? My asparagus lasagna?” I interrupt him. “Sure thing!”

“You know me too well, babes,” Tom laughs as we hang up.

What a nice surprise. Tom had introduced me to Sam — one of his university friends — shortly after we’d started dating and we’d hit it off immediately. In fact, the first evening we met, the two of us ended up talking so vividly for hours that at one point Tom joked about having to leave the two of us alone. I knew he was only kidding — Tom isn’t the jealous type. And while I have to admit that Sam is extremely attractive and usually quite my type, he was with his long-term boyfriend at that time and I was still completely smitten with Tom. Well, truth be told, I still am…

Ever since, whenever Sam is in town for client meetings we try to get together at least for dinner. We had already spent several fun evenings sharing food, drinks and laughing and talking for hours. The last few times we finally convinced him to just stay in our guestroom instead of a hotel.

When I arrive home a few hours later Tom has already tidied up the guestroom for Sam, putting some fresh sheets on the guest bed and even started laying the dining table. I kiss him hello quickly and go into the kitchen.

“Do you nee help?” he asks, following me into the kitchen.

“Do you have time?” I ask him back.

“No, I should finish up some stuff for work…” he admits.

“Then go do that. You know I’ll be ok here and we’ll have more time for us during the weekend if you get everything done tonight.” I kiss him again and push him out of the kitchen.

While I’ve always been an excellent cook, we had to figure out the hard way that Tom is a decent kitchen help and willing to learn. But only when he is relaxed and certainly not when he is preoccupied with work.

An hour later the lasagna is in the oven and I even had time to whip up a strawberry-rhubarb-tiramisu, knowing that Sam has a sweet tooth and would appreciate a dessert. Tom comes back into the kitchen. “All finished! Now I won’t have to do any work the whole weekend,” he announces.

“Perfect timing,” I say, putting the tiramisu in the fridge to set. “I’m done here as well.”

I swipe my finger through the bowl with the leftover mascarpone cream, and offer it to Tom: “Wanna taste?”

He grabs my hand and sticks my finger into his mouth to lick off the sweet cream. Then he just keeps sucking, looking at me with a naughty grin in his eyes. I move my body closer to him and hug him with my free hand, matching his naughty grin. But then the doorbell rings: Sam is here.

“Hanna! So nice to see you again,” Sam exclaims, once Tom has let him into the apartment, and he pulls me into a tight hug. I can smell his musky perfume mixed with his own manly body odor as I return his hug.

And a moment later, as the guys hug, I marvel at the differences in them. Tom is tall and lean, with dark hair and a short-cropped beard. Some grey hairs have started to appear recently, that make him look a bit older than he actually is. But his eyes always reveal his real age when he is smiling.

Sam on the other hand is just barely taller than me, with a slender but muscular body. With his light hair and clean-shaven and soft face, he looks much younger than Tom. Nobody usually guesses that they’re only a few months apart in age. And even though Sam’s soft face gives him a feminine touch, his body language and deep voice leave no doubt of his masculinity.

“Guys, do you mind if I take a quick shower before dinner?” Sam asks. “It’s been a long meeting and I’d love to get out of this suit.”

“Just make yourself feel right at home. You know where everything is,” Tom replies. “We’ll have dinner finished as soon as you’re ready.”

I look at him with a raised eyebrow. “Alright, sorry, Hanna will have dinner finished by the time you’re done with your shower,” Tom corrects himself. “You wouldn’t want to eat my food anyway…”

“Sure enough,” Sam replies. “If I remember correctly, you even managed to overcook instant ramen noodles during our university days…”

“Once! That happened once exactly!” Tom complains as I shove him into the kitchen.

“You can finish the salad dressing, Mr. Head Chef,” I tell him, checking on the lasagna.

A few minutes later as I’m crossing the hallway carrying a bottle of wine to the dining room, Sam comes ümraniye escort out of the bathroom with just a towel slung very low around his waist. He grins and winks, as he disappears into the guestroom to get dressed. I am so caught off guard by his sudden half-naked appearance that I don’t notice Tom coming up to me from behind.

He hugs me, kisses me on the neck and whispers: “Isn’t he hot? I wouldn’t mind if he dropped that towel…”

I turn around to look at him with a questioning face. He just winks and takes the bottle out of my hands to carry it to the table. I stand still for a moment, thinking. I know that I had mentioned in the past that I found Sam quite sexy, but Tom never indicated back that he thought the same or that there even might have been a sexual history between the two of them. Eventually I follow him into the dining room, but he behaves as if nothing had happened and just asks me to get the napkins from the cupboard.

Sam comes out of the guestroom, dressed in a pair of soft grey cotton tracksuit pants and a simple long-sleeved t-shirt. He sits down at the dinner table and I can’t help but notice how his thighs stretch against the fabric. When I look up at him he catches my eye and winks at me. I’m starting to get even more confused now, what’s with all the winking today…?

But then dinner passes normally. We share a bottle of wine and talk. Sam entertains us with some stories from his recent dating life. Since him and his long-term boyfriend broke up about a year ago, he’s been seeing a few men and women. As it turns out nothing serious at the moment, but his first-dates-gone-wrong stories are hilarious. We’re all relaxed, just enjoying the company of good friends and some excellent food.

Most of the time during dinner Tom has his hand lying on my thigh. That’s not something extraordinary, as we’re always quite affectionate with each other. But tonight he’s applying just a little more pressure and his hand moves just a bit higher up every now and then, slightly sliding my dress up a bit more each time. I can tell that he is horny and I am looking forward to having sex later on. To be honest, the thought of sexy Sam being just a few meters away only separated from us by a thin wall turns me on quite a lot. We’d have to be quiet. Not something I am good at with Tom, though…

“So, who wants dessert?” I ask, after we’ve finished discussing Sam’s most recent failed date.

“You know I’ll never say no to something you’ve made, Hanna,” Sam smiles. “But I’ll have to use the bathroom first.”

“No problem, that gives Tom a chance to start on clearing away the dishes,” I tease.

“Ah, come on, now you’re being mean,” Tom grumbles. “I always take care of the dishes when you cook!”

True to his words, Tom starts carrying the plates back into the kitchen. I follow with the leftovers of the lasagna to put them into the fridge. But as soon as we’re in the kitchen, Tom pulls me into a tight embrace and starts kissing me passionately. I can feel his erection growing against my belly and start to get a little wet myself. I reach up and bury my hands in his hair.

Suddenly I can feel hands massaging my neck. They can’t be Tom’s as those are in their favorite place grabbing my ass.

I’m startled at first, but after a few seconds I start to relax, especially as Sam seems really gifted at massaging my constantly sore neck and shoulder muscles. I enjoy the sensation of Tom’s tongue exploring my mouth, his growing erection against me and the firm touch of Sam’s hands on my shoulders and neck. After a while I can feel Sam moving in closer to me. Now his chest is touching my back and he starts to softly kiss the nape of my neck. Tom removes his hands from my ass and slides them over Sam’s ass, pulling all of us even closer together. Sam moves his hands down from my shoulders to my side and around me, slowly pushing them in between our bodies. I move my chest away from Tom a little, so Sam can cup my breasts. When his fingers start to caress my nipples through the fabric of my dress, my knees almost buckle. But I am held firmly in place by his and Tom’s embrace. We continue like this for a while and I enjoy being held tightly between two sexy men that caress me with hands, lips and tongues.

Eventually Tom breaks our kiss and smiles at me. Then he looks over my shoulder to Sam and leans forward. I move my head out of the way a little and the two of them share a tender kiss. After they break apart, Tom moves his hands from Sam’s ass to my hips and pushes for me to turn around. I willingly oblige and slide my arms around Sam’s neck. Tom still hugs me tightly from behind, not letting me back away from Sam’s body. Sam and I look at each other, seemingly for a long time, then slowly move our heads closer together. I am thrilled. Sam has a very sensual mouth and I’d wondered for a long time what his lips would feel like on mine. When we finally kiss, I am not disappointed. They are warm and soft, and I can taste a trace of the red wine on his tongue. But I can also detect his unique musky and manly smell again, more pronounced pendik escort this time. I am excited to explore a new mouth.

While Sam and I kiss, Tom nibbles on my neck and massages my ass cheeks. Then I can feel his hand moving upwards along my back, and he starts opening the zipper of my dress. I remove my arms from Sam’s neck for just a moment to slip out of my dress, as Tom pulls it down. Now I am really glad I wore a nice matching set of underwear today. After Tom has gotten my dress out of the way, he reaches around me and starts to pull off Sam’s shirt. We part our mouths quickly to get it over his head, but immediately go back to kissing, as soon as it is off. His chest feels warm and firm against my skin. A moment later I can also feel Tom’s naked chest against my back. Satisfied with our state of undress, he must have taken off his shirt as well. He leans in closer: “Maybe we should skip dessert?”

We stop kissing and I have to giggle. Not something I usually do, but then, I also don’t usually make out with two guys at the same time… Tom and Sam each take one of my hands and lead me towards the bedroom.

“Umm…, guys…” I say while we start walking. “I think I will have to use the bathroom before this goes any further… I drank a lot of water during dinner…” They laugh and let go of my hands. “Don’t start without me!” I instruct them and wink. Yes, for a change it is me doing the winking…

In the bathroom I quickly relieve myself and think. Do we still have condoms anywhere? Tom and I didn’t need them anymore since he got a vasectomy last year, but obviously I don’t know about Sam. And at 45 I really couldn’t risk getting pregnant, especially not by Tom’s university friend. Maybe we still had a few lying around? And hopefully not expired…? But when I open the bathroom cupboard, I can see a brand new box standing right at the front. I laugh. Tom had obviously planned for this… Well, that explained some things…

“Found the condoms,” I announce, walking into the bedroom. Tom just grunts a reply. The men are both standing besides the bed in just their underwear and a tight embrace, kissing slowly but passionately.

I put the condoms down on the nightstand and get behind Tom, pressing my breasts against his back. My hands stroke all the way from his shoulders, down along his sides until they are at the top of his underpants. I start to push them down while pressing myself against his body. Once they are on the floor, I help him step out of them, so that he does not need to break his kiss with Sam. My face is now level with his ass and I gently bite both cheeks, being rewarded with a soft purr from deep within his throat. I get up again and give his ass a light slap, before walking around to stand behind Sam and doing exactly the same thing with his underwear and ass.

When I get up again I cup his round ass cheeks and can feel him pushing back into my hands. They feel firm and tight and I keep kneading them while pressing my breasts against his back. Tom pushes against him from the other side, so now it is Sam being tightly hugged by the two of us. This is the first time that I witness Tom directly interacting with another man and it’s a very erotic sight to see him this passionately with Sam, rubbing against him, as he buries his hands in his short blonde hair.

Eventually they break apart and gasp for air. Then Sam turns around and they both look at me.

“Why are you still not naked?” Tom asks. Sam walks around me as Tom reaches for my bra hooks and opens them. Sam — now kneeling behind me — pulls down my panties quickly. I step out of them as Tom takes off my bra, puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes my upper body down. Realizing that this will expose me completely to Sam, I quiver in anticipation. I know he must be still kneeling behind me, because I can feel his warm breath on my pussy.

“Why don’t you taste her?” I can hear Tom say, just moments before Sam puts his hands on my hips and pulls me closer towards him. I can feel his tongue lightly touching my outer lips, softly stroking along the middle, not yet parting them, but getting ever so closer to opening me up. For the second time tonight, my knees almost buckle underneath me, but I manage to put my hands on my thighs and stabilize myself.

Slowly, too slowly for my impatient self, Sam inserts his tongue between my outer lips, exploring my smaller, inner lips, finding the entrance to my vagina, circling it, then sliding down to find my clit and softly playing with it. He uses his hands to spread my pussy open, finally licking me with more pressure. He alternates between inserting the tip of his tongue into my vagina, licking all over my lips and sucking lightly on my clit. At this point I can’t stop moaning softly.

Tom leans forward and I can hear him whisper to Sam: “She loves a finger in her pussy…” Sam immediately slips a thumb inside me, while his other fingers caress my clit, causing me to exhale heavily.

Tom kneels down and I can feel his fingers underneath my chin. He gently lifts my head and kisses me tenderly. Then he smiles bostancı escort at me and gets up, without releasing my chin. With his other hand he guides his dick towards my mouth. I close my lips around its head and start sucking. I move one of my hands from my thigh to grab Toms dick and start to lick it from its base, sliding my tongue along the shaft, coating it in saliva, then circling the head before closing my lips around it once more. I can hear Tom moan. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts sliding himself in and out of my mouth. Sam has in the meantime gone back to licking me and I try very hard not to remove my pussy from his mouth, while still concentrating on sucking Tom’s dick as far down as possible.

After Sam’s tender start, his licking has certainly become more forceful, pushing into my vagina with his tongue as deeply as possible while rubbing my clit with his fingers. He is doing all the right things to get me quite close to an orgasm quickly. Then suddenly, his hands and mouth are gone and I whimper against Tom’s dick as I am left yearning for more.

“No worries, I’ll be right back with you,” Sam chuckles and I can hear him rustle with a condom wrapper. As promised, he is behind me once more a moment later, gripping my hips with his hands. He positions his dick between my thighs and pushes it between them, rubbing against my clit. I whimper again. My pussy squeezes involuntarily begging for something to be put inside. Sam continues teasing me by pushing between my thighs a few more times but then finally pulls out and positions himself against my entrance. I try to wiggle against his dick, willing him to enter me, without breaking the rhythm on Tom’s dick. Still, when Sam pushes into me after all with one powerful stroke, I am surprised and the force shoves me against Tom’s dick almost fully driving it into my mouth. I start to gag, but Tom pulls out a little to give me room to breathe.

“Are you ok, babes?” he asks. I nod and grunt, still keeping this dick in my mouth. Yes, I had to gag, but I am still amazed — I’d never gotten that much of his dick down my throat before.

Tom and Sam lean forward for a kiss. Since I am now being held in place by my hips and shoulders by my two men, I remove my other hand from my thigh and start to play with my clit. Tom pulls me towards him, causing Sam to slide out a little. Sam immediately pulls me back onto his dick, causing Tom to slide out. They quickly settle into this rhythm, taking it in turns to push into me. I let them pull and push me and focus on sucking Tom’s dick once more.

It doesn’t take long, though, until Tom speeds up his pumping, disturbing our rhythm. I move my hand from my clit to his balls to massage them lightly, letting them skip between my fingers, my other hand still firmly gripping his shaft. He grunts and pumps even quicker into my mouth. A few seconds later his balls tense up, I increase my sucking and with a load long moan he comes in my mouth. I wince a little as his hands clench my shoulders hard.

After Tom has calmed down, I realize that my pussy is unattended. Sam must have slipped out during Tom’s orgasm to allow me to concentrate fully on Tom. I straighten up with shaking legs and kiss Tom deeply.

He hugs me, then pushes me towards the bed, making me lie on my back. He assumes one of his favorite positions with his face between my legs. Contrary to Sam he doesn’t waste time slowly exploring my pussy, but instead starts licking all over my lips and clit with a firm pace, getting my wet pussy all over his face.

Sam has removed the condom and is standing next to the bed, watching us and stroking his dick slowly. It’s the first time I get a clear view of his erection and while he is not as big as Tom, his size is still unexpected for someone with his slender body type.

“Come here, Sam,” I say, reaching out for him with my hand. “Have you ever fucked tits before?”

“No,” he shakes his head, looking at my large and soft breasts. “But I’d love to give this a try.”

“Ok, straddle me,” I instruct him as I spit into my hands and rub saliva all over the inside of my breasts to get them as slick as my pussy.

Sam gets on top of me, leaning against the headboard with one hand and guiding his dick between my breasts. I squeeze them together with my arms and they completely enclose his dick. He starts to push through them, and whenever he is at the top, emerging from my breasts, I try to catch his tip with my mouth. Sometimes he stops there, letting my tongue play around on his head for a moment, before pulling back through my tits again. I can see his lust in his eyes and face getting stronger.

Then Tom changes pace licking my pussy. He uses one hand to spread my lips open, knowing fully well, that this increases my sensitivity while also giving him more access to my clit. And with his other hand he inserts first one finger, then two, then three into my pussy. I moan uncontrollably against Sam’s dick as Tom starts to massage my g-spot while applying even more pressure with his flat tongue from the outside. He really knows how to get me over the edge and I can’t hold back anymore. I throw my head back, letting Sam’s dick out of my mouth and convulse in an intense orgasm, trembling all over my body, squeezing my pussy tight around Tom’s fingers and pushing my clit up into his mouth.

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Strapped Tight Ch. 03

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Jimmy and Ted

“Ted,” I said, calling up to the black chauffeur. “Find a private spot and pull over and come back here.” I could feel Jimmy flinch, but I also could feel him willing himself to control his breath and his fear.

Ted pulled over quickly and the black bull muscled his way into the backseat. I told him to strip, which he did on the spot, and then I told him to join me in fucking Jimmy, suggesting that he pump himself only to half hard to begin.

Jimmy started to tremble more noticeably. He buried his face in my neck and started to whimper, but he didn’t object or question my authority in any way. I asked him then if he wanted out of the car, but he just shook his head and said he was where he wanted to be, that whatever I wanted was good with him.

I scrunched my buttocks farther down toward the front of the seat, my cock still fully buried in Jimmy’s ass, and tipped Jimmy up, as Ted approached him from the rear and forced the head of his cock into Jimmy’s asshole along the top of my already entrenched and slowly rising cock. Jimmy, driven by instinct even though he had assented to this, tried to pull his arms from behind me, but I held him fast and kept my arms wrapped around his back, holding his bare chest to mine.

Ted pushed in four inches, which gave me a thrill. This was real tightness. My cock quickly accelerated its engorgement, which clicked Ted’s button as well. Jimmy involuntarily arched his head and torso back, succeeding in sucking his arms from behind my back. He reached back, trying to get at Ted, but Ted took his wrists in his powerful hands and pulled them out of the way. I grabbed Jimmy by his waist and lowered my lips and teeth to his nipples.

I pushed down on Jimmy’s hips pushing him farther down on my now fully hard cock. Ted went with me at that with his own dick, and Jimmy was to find that, although Ted’s cock was thinner than mine, it was even longer. Nearly ten inches long, a true black bull. Jimmy gasped as Ted and I inched our cocks up inside him. He was flailing around involuntarily, but he wasn’t giving any indication of intentional opposition to what was happening to him.

“Shh, shh,” I said in a ragged voice. “Just quiet down and drain yourself of tension. It will be easier that way. You can take us both. We’re almost in now, and you’re doing fine. You’ll love this when we are in position.” This had hit my sexual button. You couldn’t get any tighter in an ass than having another throbbing cock in there with you.

Ted had found the leather straps Jimmy had used for a belt and had tied his wrists up to a strap in the center of the ceiling of the car and now had his own hands free. While I was working Jimmy’s nipples and pecs with my tongue and teeth and rocking his hips back and forth on our double-fucking rods with my hands, Ted was playing with Jimmy’s balls with one hand and stroking his cock off with the other. Jimmy had his head lolled back on Ted’s powerful shoulder and was nodding it back and forth. His eyes were closed tight and tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was licking his lips, trying to control himself, trying to quiet down. I felt Ted’s cock head running up along the top of my cock until it met my own. And then it wandered on past for a couple of more inches. Jimmy gulped and groaned as Ted reached the end, probably farther up Jimmy’s ass canal than anyone had ever gone before. I noticed that Jimmy’s face was turning red.

“Breathe, Jimmy. Breathe,” I commanded. “If you breathe normally, it will be just fine.”

Jimmy slowly expelled pent-up air in a long, drawn-out breath. He looked down at the sensuous fingers of the chocolate hand that were stroking his cock and sliding around the precum of his cock head. Jimmy seemed mesmerized by that.

“Do you like that, Jimmy? Do you like what Ted is doing to your cock?”

“Yes,” Jimmy squeaked.

“Then concentrate on what you like. You are being stroked off by one of the best in the business. Ted has a nice, black cock eleven inches up into you too. Have you ever before had a cock that long?”

“No,” Jimmy whispered. “I haven’t had a cock over eight inches inside me until you, either.”

“And did you like that, Jimmy?”

“Eventually. Yes, I like that when you do it now.”

“And you’ve never been double fucked before, have you?”

“Yes, but not this big,” he whimpered.

“But you can come to enjoy that too, don’t you think, Jimmy?”

“Maybe.” And then quickly, because he was afraid this was the wrong answer. “Yes. Whatever you want. I’ll love whatever you do to me. Yes, I love to be double fucked by big cocks.”

“Oh, you haven’t been double fucked yet, Jimmy. You’ve just been double penetrated to this point.”

Jimmy moaned and he rolled his head back on Ted’s shoulder.

“You do want ümraniye escort to be double fucked, don’t you Jimmy? You do want to learn everything that makes me happy, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Jimmy said. “Whatever makes you happy.”

“Yes, I love tightness and control—and submission, Jimmy. You can’t get more tightness than a double fuck. Do you want Ted and me to play you now?”


“Give me a kiss, Ted,” I said. “Before we start. Then you know what I like.” We leaned in to each other past Jimmy’s head and kissed deeply.

“You want to join us, Jimmy?” I asked after Ted and I had disengaged.

“Yes, whatever you want,” Jimmy answered.

“And Ted can finish you off while we kiss,” I suggested. We went into three-way kissing and tonguing until Jimmy lurched, signaling that Ted had taken him beyond a climax.

“I don’t need you to tighten yourself for me for this, Jimmy,” I then said. “This is when you can get those legs stretched out and open your hole as much as you can. I suggest you find a foothold somewhere above your waist in this car with each foot and hold on for dear life.”

Jimmy lifted his legs and stretched them out to the upper rims of the window wells on each side of the car, as Ted and I rose with him, our cocks still entrenched to the hilt. I got up on my knees on the seat of the car, and Ted just crouched on bent knees under Jimmy’s buttocks. I held Jimmy by his waist and Ted supported him under this thighs. And then Ted and I played Jimmy’s ass like pistons on a steam engine. Slowly I pulled out until my dick head was dragging on Jimmy’s prostate and then I pushed back in while Ted pulled out all of the way. Then he drove back in and up ten inches into Jimmy, as I pulled back to Jimmy’s prostate. We started slowly. After several strokes, accompanied by the groaning and moaning of a quaking Jimmy, and on cue, both Ted and I pulled half way out. I wrapped a fist around both of our cocks and rotated them around in Jimmy’s ass. He panted and moaned for us, but he dipped his lips to mine and gave me a passionate kiss. I forgave Jimmy his initiative, seeing now that he was slowly being won over.

“Sort of like this, do you, Jimmy?” I whispered to him.

“Yes, yes, it’s getting easier. More tolerable.”

“And the thought of being double fucked by two studs, one white and one chocolate, is turning you on, isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes, it is. I’ve never imagined doing this before. Ahhh, that’s good!” Ted and I had both reeled in to the end.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh,” he was moaning as we began to pump him quicker now, first with long, counterplunge strokes, as before, and then, as we got more frenzied ourselves, deep inside him, never pulling out from more than a seven-inch depth.

“Ahh, yes. That’s good. Pump me. Fuck me. Ah, that long prick; it just keeps on digging and digging.”

“You like that, Jimmy? You like Ted’s prick deep inside you?”

“Yes, yes.”

“And If I like, do you want Ted to do you again, all by himself, when we get to the house?”

“Yes. Yes. I mean if that’s what you want.”

Both Ted and I were breathing hard now, close to our climaxes. “Tell me when you are ready to blow, Ted” I yelled.

“Any time now,” Ted yelled back. “Just let me know.”

“Are you ready, Jimmy?” I whispered in his ear. “Are you ready for the most amazing feeling of your life.”

“Yes, yes,” Jimmy murmured through clenched teeth.

“Now!” I yelled, and Ted and I flooded Jimmy’s insides with great spurts of semen, filling him until white fluid seeped out of his rectum and puddled on the floor.

He threw his head back and yelled, “Man, on man! I think you hit up into my stomach. Oh, God, I’ve never felt so filled before.”

Jimmy had done well, and he seemed to love to fuck in general, so I decided there and then to give him a reward he’d never forget. I pulled my trousers back on and buttoned up my shirt.

“Here, I’ll drive on home, Ted. Perhaps you can show Jimmy what your real talent is while we are driving—your incredible ability to reload and fire. Jimmy, you are free from making me happy for a while. Do whatever you want with Ted. Fight him off if you can or top him if you can. And scream your head off, if you like. Have fun.”

I had barely gotten the car started, into gear, and back out onto the road when I heard Jimmy screaming in ecstasy in the backseat.

“Oh, God, yes. Deeper, deeper!” I looked back in the rear-view mirror and saw that Ted had gotten Jimmy spun around on his dick and Jimmy was laying back on the seat, facing forward, his legs reaching for the ceiling and Ted scrunched down on the balls of his feet between Jimmy’s legs and humping him with deep forward thrusts. Jimmy was meeting him thrust for thrust with his hips, thrilled to be free pendik escort to take initiatives now. Within minutes, I heard them exclaim in unison.

“God, I don’t believe you could trigger again that fast,” Jimmy was saying. “Now . . . Hey, wait, what are you doing?”

Ted had pulled Jimmy down to the floor on his knees, his chest buried in the seat, and Ted was behind him, his legs between Jimmy’s, and he was pumping the young man again in long and forceful strokes. Ted had Jimmy’s wrists in his hands and was holding them up and out. His face was buried in the side of Jimmy’s neck, where he was sucking with all his might.

“Enough, enough,” Jimmy was yelling. “No more. Oh, oh, oh, yes. Do that again. God, that’s driving me crazy. How can you stay so long and so hard?” And then within minutes, “God, how can you go off again so fast? I have to rest. Let me rest.”

Ted’s idea of letting Jimmy rest was to lay him down along the seat and get below him, his strong arms woven around either thigh and meeting in a fist hold on Jimmy’s stomach and inhaling Jimmy’s cock into his mouth. Jimmy was arching his back and digging in his heels and rhythmically pumping Ted’s mouth.

“Ahhhh,” Jimmy was moaning. “Such a soft mouth. Oh, do that again. That tongue. You’re driving me wild. I’m going to come. Oh, God, I warn you, I’m going to commmme!”

I moment of silence, and then Jimmy exclaiming again. “Not so soon. You can’t possibly . . . ahhhh. I don’t know if I can . . . Oh, yes, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me again. Harder, deeper.”

The rear-view mirror showed that after sucking Jimmy off, Ted had snaked himself up Jimmy’s prone body, slapping his broad chocolate chest on Jimmy’s chest and his belly on Jimmy’s belly, pinning the young man on his back on the seat. Ted had thrust his arms under Jimmy’s arm pits and had his arms pinned so that they couldn’t do more than stroke Ted’s back. His still-hard dick was buried in Jimmy’s ass and he was stroking him again in fast, strong thrusts. Jimmy was rubbing the backs of Ted’s monster calves with the heels of his feet.

“Ah, that’s good. This is all I can take, though. I know you can’t possibly shoot again so . . . Oh, God, oh my God. No one can reload in ten minutes, time after time. Oh, oh. I think cum is coming up in my throat. You’re a Super . . . no, no, not again. Ahhhh.”

A brief silence. And then another “Ahhh,” and “ohh,” a weak moaning and heavy sighing. I looked in the rear-view mirror again. Jimmy was stretched on the seat on his belly this time. Ted was crouched above him, kneeling with his knees encasing Jimmy’s thighs in one of my favorite approaches. He had his elbows locked and his palms opened across Jimmy’s shoulder blades on either side, and his long, long cock was poised above Jimmy’s asshole. From Jimmy’s moaning, I had to assume that Ted was doing his specialty, the long, long stroke and total withdrawal. And sure enough, as I peeked back at him when I was able, his cock took a long, long slow slide into Jimmy’s ass, up to where golden-red ass fuzz merged with kinky black hairs. Then, rotating his hips, Ted would do a rotate of his cock within Jimmy’s ass. Jimmy would moan when Ted was buried eleven inches and sigh when Ted’s cock rotated.

“It feels so big now, as well as long,” Jimmy murmured. “It’s so tight. But it feels so fine. You could do this all night. It doesn’t matter that you don’t shoot again. You could . . . Oh, my God, not again. Oh, oh, oh.”

Ted liked his specialty. He did this twice more, continuing to reload and shoot at an amazing pace. The last time, Ted went down in the stretched-along-the-body close hold that he had learned from me, and Jimmy, exhausted, and filled to the brim with semen, lowered his arms and stroked his insistent lover’s thighs lightly with his fingers. He was sighing quietly, fully satisfied, waiting for Ted’s cock to wilt at last, inside him.

Ten minutes and I heard Jimmy yelp with surprise. Ted had rolled onto his side, against the back of the bench seat, and had rolled Jimmy with him, Jimmy’s back to Ted’s belly. Ted was side splitting Jimmy now, with renewed strength and vigor. One of Ted’s hands was holding Jimmy’s leg in the air, giving Ted a good opening to Jimmy’s asshole, and Ted’s other hand was snaked around Jimmy’s waist and was stroking Jimmy’s cock off again. Ted’s lips and teeth were buried in Jimmy’s neck.

Ted was doing his signature stroking into Jimmy’s ass. Long and strong strokes, burying deep before withdrawing and pounding in again. Jimmy was clearly worn out, but he came to life as his cock engorged under Ted’s ministrations and he was bouncing up and down with enthusiasm as Ted arranged for them to cum simultaneously.

For several minutes I heard low voices, obviously voicing endearments and mutual admiration bostancı escort from the backseat and the slurping of deep kisses. As I pulled through the gates to my estate, however, I looked back and saw that they were in one last position. Ted was sitting in the center of the backseat, with his legs raised so that his heels were resting on the console between the two front seats. Jimmy was draped across his legs, his head resting on the top of Ted’s feet, and his ass buried against Ted’s belly. Ted obviously was still—or once again—buried ten inches into Jimmy. Jimmy’s arms just dangled beside his body and trailed on the floor of the car. His legs ran up the back of the seat on either side of Ted’s chest. Jimmy’s head was lolling. It was turned toward me, and I saw the semen floating in his eyes now and his mouth was showing a sloppy, slack, lopsided grin of complete surrender and fulfillment. His head was also bobbing up and down, because, in the back seat, Ted had Jimmy’s hips in his hand, and he was sliding Jimmy back and forth on his still very hard dick. The sliding made a slick slurping sound, as Jimmy’s ass canal was swimming in semen.

We reached the garage and I turned off the engine. I turned to Jimmy and took his chin in my hand. “Does Ted make a good top?” I asked sweetly.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Jimmy murmured. “Does he ever stop, though?”

“Yes he does, Jimmy. When Mr. G wants him too.”

“Mr. G?” Jimmy asked weakly.

“Yep, there’s a Mr. G, Jimmy. There’s always a Mr. G somewhere ahead. Even the dominators are dominated. This is Mr. G’s limousine. You and I work for Mr. G’s business. Mr. G tells Ted what to do. Mr. G even tells me what to do. Do you think you can understand that, Jimmy? You think you can understand how this spirals, how what goes around comes around?”

“Yes,” Jimmy answered weakly. And then, “Oh, oh. Again. Again.” And I looked back, and with a very satisfied look, Ted was filling Jimmy’s tank again with his love juice. This had been quite a night for Ted – and, of course, for Jimmy. I had enjoyed it as well.

Jimmy was unable to walk from the car. A still vigorous Ted had to carry him into the house—Mr. G’s house.

* * * *

And Then There Was Me

The light of the dawn was creeping in across the manicured lawn and through the gap in the silk drapes at the window of Mr. G’s playroom, fingers of light dancing around the room, picking up and reflecting a rainbow of colors from the crystal chandelier overhead. I lifted my head and looked over to the bed, where Jimmy was spread-eagled, wrists and ankles tied off at the four corners of the bed frame and staring at me with eyes rapidly moving through a variety of expressions: fear, lust, arousal, shock, weariness.

Ted moved over and sat down on the bed beside Jimmy, and Jimmy started screaming again and staring at me in wild-eyed panic as Ted began to work his fist, one finger and knuckle at a time, into Jimmy’s hole.

I was having issues of my own. I was totally exhausted. It had been a long night.

I thought that surely it was over now—and that thought brought on a flood of relief—and regret.

But then Mr. G grabbed my hips again and raised my buttocks to him and began working that hard, extension-augmented cock of his into my slack, totally used hole again. My arms ached from supporting the weight of my body on wrists bound to the top bar of the frame. Tall as I was, my legs, bound by straps around the thighs and under my knees, didn’t reach the deep-pile carpeted floor. Once his cock had gotten purchase in my channel, Mr. G released his grip on my hips and he was draping the leather sling around to rest on my lower belly again and fisting the ends and then was using the sling to move my impaled ass canal back and forth on his enhanced cock.

Mr. G barked a command, and Ted stopped worrying Jimmy’s ass and stood up and walked over to in front of me. He gave me a deep kiss on the lips and then reached down and untied the bindings around my legs.

They felt numb and it was like they were been stabbed with sharp knives all over as Ted lifted and spread-eagled them, rolling my pelvis up. He walked between my thighs and positioned his bulbous cock head at my channel above Mr. G’s enhanced and already sheathed cock and began his dance of double penetration.

I raised my face to the ceiling, my eyes rapidly moving in a haze across the shimmering chandelier, my mouth open in a glorious, exhilarating scream of being ultimately taken, strapped and squeezed tight, and totally fucked—just like I liked to do to others. Ted had barely started pumping me in long strokes when I started shooting off my cum up onto the rough leather strapping criss-crossing his beefy chocolate chest.

They fucked me for what seemed to be hours after that, and when they were finished, my wrists were unstrapped and I just collapsed in a heap at the base of the frame.

I was drifting off as I heard Mr. G’s voice cut through the fog of my weary brain. “I do believe it’s Jimmy’s turn on the frame now, Ted.”


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Strong Arms Ch. 03

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The next morning, Bert seemed more relaxed and comfortable, as I did, and told me a little about himself. He was separated from his wife, having told her he was bisexual and had been having an affair with a friend of his. His wife didn’t take kindly to this although they were still on perfectly good terms. I explained that I had no experience with either girls or guys but was thoroughly enjoying what we were doing together. For some reason, I found an erect cock very exciting and erotic, slightly naughty I suppose but very exciting. I had never imagined I could be so close with another guy but he seemed to understand what I was saying. He said he was quite inexperienced with guys, having had only one previous lover and a few casual experiences but still enjoyed making love with his wife, who he still occasionally met up with.

We lay beside each other, casually chatting away and he suggested that it might be interesting if we went to a gay sauna he knew of. I had always enjoyed saunas but, obviously had never been to a gay one before, and didn’t have any objections to agreeing to meet him in the evening and visit it. I had to go to work so I got out of bed and got ready for work, aware that he was watching me dress.

Later that evening, we met as arranged and took a taxi close to the sauna. I was surprised that it was located off a narrow alleyway. For some reason, I expected a brightly lit place and hadn’t expected to ring a bell for admittance. We changed in the cramped dressing room and I was surprised when he wrapped a towel around himself. I thought we would be walking around naked. I did the same and followed him along the corridor and down a short flight of stairs and into the sauna area. We had a quick shower and stepped into the Jacuzzi.

He told me that there was also a large sauna, steam room and a dark room next to some private cubicles where couples often went. Although there were a lot of guys around, they all had towels around them, which was a big disappointment. About ten minutes later, Bert suggested going into the steam room. I caught a quick glimpse of his cock as he stepped out of the Jacuzzi and, although not fully erect, I could tell he was quite relaxed and turned on.

The steam caught my breath as we entered, noticing there were four others in there. I sat down and rubbed the sweat from my face, noticing that the guy sitting across from me had his towel around his neck and a lovely erection for all to see. This fascinated me and I could see Bert was watching him too. Suddenly, one of the other guys stood up and then knelt in front of him and promptly started to suck that cock, right in front of me. That must have been the most erotic thing I had ever seen, realising my cock was getting very stiff at what was happening in front of me. It could only have been a couple of minutes before he stood up and the two of them walked out. Bert looked at me and said they were away to have some fun. I looked down at his ümraniye escort towel, noticing that he had quite a stiff cock. He suggested that we should go to the dark room and see what was happening. I deliberately let my towel fall, exposing a rigid cock for the other guy to see before putting my towel back on and following Bert.

Although Bert called it a dark room, there was a light from around the corner, which, when your eyes adjusted to the darkness, you could just make out faint shapes of others in there. A few minutes later, I could see fairly clearly what was going on. I counted sixteen others in that room, some standing still, others sitting down and others caressing each other. I felt a hand on my cock as a guy sitting close to me started stroking it. He moved forward a little and then started to suck me. I felt a little uncomfortable as I looked towards Bert, but he smiled at me and then moved towards another guy and placed his cock against the man’s mouth. A second later, Bert looked quite contended standing there as he received a blowjob. I was fully aware of this other guy sucking my cock, quite expertly. He took me right to the hilt and then slowly released me, hesitating to lick the tip of my cock and then fully taking me again. I was enjoying the rhythm of this as he sucked, teased the tip and sucked again, at the same time I was teasing both my nipples. I knew it wouldn’t take me long to come but suddenly Bert grabbed my arm and I lost concentration. He whispered in my ear not to come yet as we could still have a lot of fun. I stood back from the guy sucking me, apologised and then walked to a spare seat.

Almost as soon as I had sat down, I felt a cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and let my tongue explore this guy’s cock, placing my hand around it to feel how stiff it was. It was slightly smaller than Bert’s cock so I was able to take all of it in my mouth, putting my hands around his bottom and pulling him closer to me so I could enjoy all of it. I sucked and let my hand wank him, occasionally licking the tip, a trick I learned earlier. I was quite excited as I felt him stiffen in my mouth, his cock growing slightly and I waited for him to come in my mouth. Quickly he pulled out of my mouth, stood back a little and wanked over my chest. I could feel the warm drops as they landed on my chest. I quickly rubbed his come over me, enjoying the smooth, moist feeling over my chest and nipples. As quickly as he had come all over me, he turned and walked out. I looked for Bert and nodded for him to come over, he sat beside me. I told him a guy had come all over me and looked for a reaction. Bert then said he had already sucked a guy off while another wanked all over him. He took my hand and rubbed it over his balls so I could feel the moistness. I gripped his cock and started to rub it but he pulled away and said there was plenty of time for us later.

Bert reached out and pulled a guy towards him and slowly pendik escort put the guy’s cock in his mouth. Another guy came towards me and I reached out to take him in my mouth, noticing that he had a very thick but short cock with an enormous tip. I licked that tip, feeling him go weak each time I touched it and I knew I could make him come. I stopped for a moment and started to wank him, looking at the tip of his cock getting bigger. Suddenly, he exploded all over me. The first spurt landed in my eyes, making me blink and I felt the second spurt go right over my face. I was almost ecstatic as I quickly put my mouth over his cock, wanting to taste the rest of it. I swallowed quickly as I felt the next spurt hit the back of my throat and then let the next one dribble out of my mouth, still wanking him to make sure I had the lot. Bert had his eyes closed and I don’t think he was aware of what I had done. The guy I had pleasured touched my head and then walked out.

I was so turned on that I wanted to feel someone suck me. I stood up and a guy put his arm around me and kissed my neck. I reached down to feel his cock and noticed he was saturated with lubricant. His cock slid through my fingers as I stroked his body. He knelt down in front of me and sucked me. I placed both hands on the side of his face and felt him move up and down on me. By this time, I was very hard and wanted to come, but I remembered what Bert had said. The guy in front of me then turned round bent down and guided me into him. He was so covered with lubricant that I easily slid inside him with the first thrust as he pushed up against me. I wasn’t sure about this, as I didn’t feel comfortable about what he had done. However, he pushed away and then back again and this had the effect of almost making me come, immediately forgetting my reservations about this. I gripped the side of his hips and slowly thrust in and out, easily sliding with the lubricant. I knew that I wasn’t going to take long before I came and wondered if I should just continue or stop. I decided to stop and pulled out of the guy. I thanked him and walked to the other side of the room and stood still for a moment. I wanted to suck cock so I bent over the guy who was sitting in front of me and almost expertly by now, placed my lips around his cock.

As I was enjoying sucking him, I felt a hand stroking my bottom with lubricant. He seemed to pour it over me, massaging me with it. This reminded me of when Bert had come between my legs the previous day. I was aware that I had a guy’s cock in my mouth and at the same time, someone was rubbing loads of lubricant over me. I had decided that I didn’t want to do this but before I pulled away, he slid a finger into my ass. That actually felt surprisingly pleasant and I relaxed as he screwed me with his finger. As I relaxed more, he slid another finger inside me. I continued to suck the guy in front of me as I felt my ass being pleasured, wondering if it would be bostancı escort painful if I took his cock inside me. I wiggled my bottom as I felt his fingers inside me, aware that the cock in my mouth was about to explode. At that moment, I wanted to feel a cock inside my ass as well as the one in my mouth. I stopped sucking and wanked the guy all over my face, enjoying the warm liquid splattering over me, tasting a drop on my lip. However, the guy behind me still had his fingers working inside me and I was about to guide his cock inside me when Bert stopped me. He suggested we go to one of the cubicles together and make love.

He followed me into a small room with a bench and a lock on the door. Bert locked it and gripped me tightly, his cock pressed against me as he kissed me. I went down on my knees and licked his cock, feeling it grow in my hand and stroking his balls as I teased him. He moved and knelt down behind me, licking my ass and rubbing more lubricant over me. I knew what was going to happen next, as I readied myself for his cock. He started by rubbing it over my buttocks, occasionally nudging my ass, helping me relax. I pushed myself back a little and felt him begin to slide inside me. I winced as I felt him enter me and he stopped for a second to let me relax. Slowly he pulled back and then entered me again, thrusting slowly but getting further up me. Eventually, I could feel his whole cock move inside me, his balls tickling my balls. I didn’t find this too uncomfortable so started to move with him, feeling his lovely hard cock thrusting inside me. It didn’t take long before I could feel him stiffen inside me, groaning in my ear, his strong arms gripping me. I thrust against him, waiting for him to come. His thrust became firmer and he pulled me closer to him, his cock still pounding me. Suddenly I felt a warm feeling inside me as I felt him spurt, feeling each spurt as he filled me with his come. I rubbed my own cock as I felt him come, wanting to come with him but he stopped me.

After he caught his breath, he told me to follow him back to the dark room. He stood me in the middle of the floor and kissed my nipple. He grabbed another guy and pulled his head towards my other nipple. I touched myself as I felt the sensations from my nipples but a hand pulled my hand away and I felt my cock going into someone’s mouth. I thrust deeper into his mouth, savouring the two tongues on my nipples at the same time. Quickly, I felt myself finally ready to come and I closed my eyes and imagined Bert’s cock riding me as I came in the guy’s mouth. Bert put his arm around me as I came, his hand stroking my balls as I released the last drops into the guys mouth.

I felt drained after that and wanted to relax a bit. Bert followed me to the Jacuzzi and we both lay back and enjoyed the warm water. I said this had been a great evening and I really wanted more of this. Bert held my hand as he whispered that he might have another surprise sometime soon for me. I reached over and squeezed his cock, kissing him and resting my head on his chest, his arm moving around my shoulders. I could sit like this forever, I remember saying, a long time before we finally showered, dressed and went for a taxi home.

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University 02 – A Continuing Journey

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(This is a continuation of the previous University- A new beginning story, with the first part kind of a summary of what has happened from two viewpoints, Amy telling the story and friend/housemate Jo)


After the events of last night and this morning at Kerry and Victoria’s, Jo and I decided not to discuss what had happened, in order not to create any suspicion amongst the girls we were sharing a student house with.

We had managed to return to the house and go to our rooms, without any of the other six house mates noticing. I sat in my room laying on my bed replaying the events in my mind and feeling slightly horny as a consequence. I also thought about Jo and imagined what she had done with Kerry and Victoria while she was with them. I had not really thought about Jo in a sexual way, as she was a friend I shared a house with. But in trying to imagine the sex Jo had with the Sisters, I was feeling a bit turned on.

As i thought about what Kerry had said about seeing her Sister Victoria enjoying Jo eat her pussy, I was picturing in my mind what she had seen. I started to pinch at my nipples which had grown stiff. Jo was a very cute girl, with sparkling blue eyes, a small perfect nose and kissable lips, with lovely brown hair. She had a lovely trim athletic figure, with a tight butt and boobs that perfectly matched her frame size. I had not really thought about Jo in this way, until the adventures of last night with the Sisters.

Across the hallway of the student house Jo was also laying on her bed thinking about what had transpired. This was not the first time Jo had experienced sexual activity with another girl as she had messed around with a girl from school, but had only gone as far as kissing, touching and masturbating together. At the time, neither Jo or her school friend wanted to go any further. Jo thinking about the differences between Kerry and Victoria, had noticed that while Kerry was quite rough, Victoria was a lovely sensitive lover. If she had opportunity to see only one of the Sisters again it would be Victoria.

When Jo had caught Kerry and Victoria, in the upstairs hallway swapping over sex partners, she was quite happy to see Kerry move across to Amy. Although at that point she had no idea what Victoria would be like, she hoped to be able to control the situation better, with a more shared experience, rather than have one being so dominant. When Victoria came into the room, Jo told her what she liked and thankfully Victoria was a very thoughtful lover. After a long session of kissing and caressing while totally naked, Jo had been able to go down on Victoria and enjoy it taking her time. As an added turn on, Jo had also noticed that Kerry was still outside of the door looking through a crack in the door as it had not been shut properly. Thinking of one Sister watching her sibling having her pussy eaten by another girl was quite a turn on. Jo had got off the bed to close the door, telling Kerry she had better go and see Amy.


Later in the day near lunchtime both Jo and Amy went downstairs to make something to eat. Only one of the other girls Gemma was around, so they made some pasta and sat together in the lounge while watching TV.

Gemma asked, “What did you two do last night?”

I responded, “Not much, just a few drinks with some of the others on my course and I slept on an uncomfortable sofa.”

Jo responded, “Yes pretty much the same as me then, giving me a wink, with her head turned to me in a way Gemma could not see.”

To avoid any further questioning by Gemma I asked, “What did you do last night Gemma?”

Gemma relied, “Not very much, I was so tired, I watched TV in bed and fell asleep.”

After eating, the three of us just watched TV and gradually the other five housemates returned home. Later on when Gemma suggested going to the Pub, I suggested that we try another Pub, rather than the ‘Jolly Sailor’, as thought to myself I did not want to chance an awkward encounter with Kerry and Victoria, who seemed to be regulars there. So instead we ended up going to the ‘Chain & Anchor’, which was a much larger modern establishment.

As we sat in the Pub, Gemma asked me, “Have you and Jo seen Kerry from the ‘Jolly Sailor’ again, since you had your thank you drink?”

I responded, “No, I have not seen her or her Sister, as they are based at the Science part of the campus and live across town.”

Jo chipped in, “No I have not seen them either, but I did tell Kerry that you passed on your thanks for helping with the rent.”

“Thanks for doing that, as I felt guilty not thanking Kerry personally.” Gemma replied.

We sat in the Pub for an hour or so talking about our University experiences to date and returned to the house, as we had University courses the next morning.

When we got back to the house, I quietly said to Jo, “Once the others are in bed, I will come to your room for a quick chat.”

Jo responded, “Ok. I will see you later. Text me before you come.”

At around midnight, after texting Jo, I left my room and ataşehir escort very quietly crossed the hallway to Jo’s room. I did not knock to avoid noise and quietly opened her door. Once inside I paced across to Jo’s bed.

“Hi Amy, what did you want to talk about?”Jo asked

“I felt a bit awkward in replying to Gemma about what I had done last night and whether I had seen Kerry again,” I advised

“Yes, it was very awkward,” agreed Jo.

“We really need to be careful about how we handle these situations, given that Kerry and Victoria are University Tutors and we are new students!” I warned.

“Yes, we will need to at least have a cover story, should anything happen further or we risk suspicion!” Jo recommended.

“Agreed, we will talk about this again, when we have a quiet moment.” I responded.

I kissed Jo goodnight without thinking saying. “Sleep tight sweet thing.” leaving the room to go to bed. On returning to bed, I smiled as I thought what I had just done.

A few days later, when Jo and I had the house to ourselves, I asked Jo, “Can we go up to your room, so we can discuss what happened last weekend?”

Jo quickly responded, “Yes I would love to do that, as I have been wondering whether we should talk or not, having shared in such an experience!”

“Ok great, lets go upstairs now as we might take awhile to run through everything that happened.” I suggested.

“Cool, I will follow you.” Jo said pointing towards the door that led to the stairs.

As we entered Jo’s room, I closed the door and applied the lock, so we would not be disturbed. We then both sat down on the bed making ourselves comfortable.

“Who wants to tell their story first?” I asked

“I don’t mind!” said Jo, “and it might make sense because I caught Kerry and Victoria swapping between us while you were sleeping.”

“Great, i’m am getting wet in anticipation!!” I half joked with a smile.

“Where do i start?” Jo commented, before saying, “I know!”

“I will begin with what happened in the lounge, while we watched the film.” Jo added.

Jo continued. “As i was sitting under the blanket with Kerry, watching the lesbian film, I was starting to feel very horny, probably assisted by the wine and brandy I had consumed. As I had these feelings, Kerry was sat almost on top of me, with an arm around me massaging my back. I could also sense that Kerry was not really watching the film, but watching my reactions, as she first caressed my back, then neck and hair.”

“I then felt a hand lightly touch the side of my face and this caused me to turn facing Kerry, where I locked eyes with her looking lustily at me. As we sat looking at each other for a number of minutes, Kerry gently touched my lips with a finger toying with me, before moving in for a very tender kiss. I heard Kerry whisper that she wanted me, asking me whether she could continue, which I found difficult to say no to.”

“As I lent towards Kerry our lips met and we very slowly kissed, with our tongues dancing together. After awhile Kerry was feeling hot so took off her top and asked me to sit on her lap, which I did. As our kissing became more passionate, she threw me off her lap onto the sofa, where she quickly took off my dress, leaving me in my underwear and high heels. What started out as gentle, was now quite rough and rushed. As Kerry tried removing my panties, I asked her to stop and insisted we went to her bedroom for privacy. I grabbed my dress she had taken off and she pulled me up the stairs to her bedroom. At the time I had not really thought about what happened to you and Victoria.”

“Wow!!” I said interrupting Jo half way through her telling me her story.

“Jo, by telling me this story you are really making me so horny, that I feel the need to touch myself.”

“Do you mind if I removed my top and Jeans, so I am more comfortable?” I asked Jo

“Yes of course, I don’t mind and I will undress to underwear as well.” Jo responded.

“Right, where was I?” Jo said restarting the story where she paused.

“Kerry had with some force pulled me up the stairs and into her bedroom and after closing the door, pushed me onto her bed like a rag doll. She then launched herself at me pinning me on the bed, kissing me hard, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, while she rubbed her panty covered pussy into mine. She continued to do this at pace for about 5 minutes not slowing down all, her breathing becoming heavy, as I struggled to cope with the physicality of this act of domination.”

“Not letting up the pace Kerry then pulled my pants off and drove at me on the bed, with her face buried in my pussy. She spat saliva all over my pussy totally covering it and licked me like there was a persistent fire that needed to be put out. I literally felt as if I would explode and after she sucked too hard on my clit, I had to ask her to stop. I was just not ready for such a passionate lover!”

Pausing her story, Jo asked me. “Can I just lay down next to you for a cuddle and I might continue to tell you ataşehir escort the rest of the story another time.”

“Of course you can my love!” I said mentioning that my encounter with Kerry had also not been as enjoyable as it was with Kerry’s Sister Victoria.

Jo joined me at the top of the bed and we pulled the sheets across, as we lay back with our heads on the pillows. I felt very contented having Jo’s lovely warm slender body next to mine.

“I am really enjoying my cuddle with you Jo!” I said

“So am I!” Jo responded.

After spending about 10 minutes cuddling Jo asked “Amy the other day, when we agreed to have this talk, you kissed me on the lips. I am just wondering whether you might like to kiss me again?”

“Why do you think I suggested we go to your room to discuss what happened. Of course I would love to kiss and do more if you want to?” I replied with some relief.

“I really want to…” Jo said looking at me with desire.

I leant towards Jo, Kissing her very gently, with our tongues very softly touching. As we kissed, I embraced Jo totally caressing Jo’s back with both hands and she did the same to me. We must have kissed for at least 10 minutes like this. I then pulled away from kissing Jo and pushed the sheets off down the bed. I kissed Jo from her mouth towards her ears, gently licking and biting each ear. I then kissed around her neck, down to the top of her chest. As I did this Jo moved onto her back and we paused a moment while I helped remove her bra.

As I moved on top of Jo, I could see her smiling up at me, with her sparking blue eyes looking into mine. I said to Jo, “I want you to enjoy me slowly making love to you, like we have all the time in the world!!”

I then proceeded to kiss and lick the top of Jo’s chest area, with my hands lifting her breasts, squeezing them gently. I moved my mouth first on to her left nipple, sucking it very gently and feeling it stiffen in my mouth. I did the same to her right breast and then moved on to kissing her stomach.

Before moving on, I pulled a pillow from the top of the bed and I placed it under Jo’s bottom. With Jo looking at me as if to ask me why. I said to Jo, “When I eat your pussy, I want you to watch me!!” On hearing this, Jo grinned widely at and let out a girlish giggle.

I then proceeded to remove Jo’s panties and as I cleared her feet, I kissed her feet, nuzzling each foot into my bra covered breasts. I then kissed down her legs and licked down the side of each thigh. Pulling her legs apart more, I could see her pussy glistening with her wetness. Jo’s pussy was a lovely light pink, with the most perfect lips and a clitoral hood that looked like it might cover a fairly large clit.

As i got myself into a comfortable position on the bed, I then began to lick all around Jo’s pussy, while gently using my fingers to tease her clit. I then gently licked and sucked at the clit, until it was exposed. It was certainly a lot bigger than mine and I could feel Jo’s body shudder as I held it between my lips sucking it gently, while looking into her amazing blue eyes.

I then continued to lick all the way around Jo’s pussy and then up her pussy, flicking her clit. I did this again and again in a repetitive rhythm fastening my pace. I then drove my tongue into her vaginal entrance, repeatedly stabbing it in and out, with my fingers covered in her juices caressing her clit. While I was doing this I constantly looked at Jo’s face and seeing her in a state of arousal just made me want to continue until she could take no more.

Feeling that Jo wanted to be brought to a climax, I asked her whether she wanted to be penetrated by my fingers.

“Yes please…” She purred.

I then covered two fingers in my saliva and very slowly slid them into her, at first gently thrusting back and forward. While I picked up the pace, I took her swollen clit in my mouth sucking and licking it. I could see Jo beginning to writhe on the bed and breathe heavily, making a very cute cooing noise. Eventually, Jo reached down with a hand asking me to stop without speaking a word.

Before I moved up the bed to lay next to Jo, I took off my bra and pants. I covered Jo and I under the sheets to enjoy a tender embrace, as she came down from her climax. We just lay there for about 15 minutes just enjoying holding each other.

Jo then asked me, “What would you like me to do to you now?”

I responded, “Oh, I would love a massage first and where your hands touch me, I want you to kiss!”

“Front or back massage first?” Jo asked

“Back please!” I suggested.

Turning over on my front, Jo climbed over the back of me and started to massage my shoulders, kissing as she went. She then gradually continued down my back and sides, before getting to my ass. She massaged each cheek, kissing it with her soft lips. I then felt Jo push my legs apart, so my pussy was fully exposed to her. She then proceeded to massage and kiss my inner thighs, teasing towards my pussy. I then felt her tongue lick my pussy several times anadolu yakası escort before stopping. Instead she massaged each leg all the way to my feet. Before tracing my legs with her tongue all the way back up my legs to my pussy, but just stopping short.

“You can turn over now please Amy!” Jo instructed.

I turned over on my back, to allow Jo to continue.

Jo then straddled me so that her pussy was almost touching mine and reached to massage my breasts, while looking into my eyes. She toyed with my nipples making them harder, before leaning down to take them into her mouth. As she sucked on my nipples she very gently bit on them. Jo ground her pussy on my left thigh, as she continued to massage my breasts and stomach. I could feel my thigh become slick with her juices, as she moved back and forward.

After several minutes of grinding her pussy on me, Jo moved down the bed and got herself comfortable. I smiled at her in anticipation of the services my pussy was going to receive. Jo opened her mouth releasing saliva onto my pussy and rubbed it all over with the palm of one hand. She then used fingers to stimulate my clit and moved her mouth to cover my pussy. Her tongue lapped at me from my vaginal entrance all the way to my clit. As her tongue licked at my tiny exposed clit, Jo entered a finger into me and then built up a steady rhythm, only interrupted by adding two and then three fingers. After Jo had spent time working away on me, I was feeling like I was getting close to climax.

“Oooh… I think I am coming Jo!!” I said quietly panting, before I felt a stream of liquid coming from my pussy.

Looking down at Jo, I could see her face and hair coated in liquid.

“I think that is what they call squirting!!” Jo said with an amused smile.

“Squirting!!” I said almost alarmed, “I have not done that before to my knowledge!”

“I will know the next time this might happen!” Jo replied with her wet eyebrows raised.

“Perhaps we should call an end to this lovely session and grab a shower?” I suggested.

We moved to Jo’s ensuite bathroom and as there was only room for one person at a time, I sat on the toilet and watched Jo shower. As I sat and watched I felt very lucky to have just made love to this gorgeous lady. When Jo came out of the shower, I wrapped her in a towel and got into the shower.

When I came out of the bathroom, Jo had already got ready for bedtime and I thought whether I should join her.

“Jo, i think I better go to my bedroom to sleep, just in case the other girls see me come out of your room in the morning.” I said reluctantly.

“Yes, that makes sense.” Jo responded.

“I really enjoyed myself and hope you did.” I said lovingly looking at Jo.

“Yes me too and thank you!” Jo replied.

I reached into Jo and kissed her saying “Goodnight sweet girl, I will see you in the morning.”

Being very careful, I then quietly left Jo’s room and returned to mine. I quickly got ready for bed and I just lay down looking at the ceiling thinking about what had just happened. I thought to myself, that I would love to continue my relationship with Jo and if it was possible I would like to also see Victoria. I fantasised about what it might be like to enjoy a threesome with Jo and Victoria. I then fell into a blissful sleep.

The next morning as I awoke I was feeling very contented about what had happened the previous evening and just lay there smiling. I hoped that Jo had no regrets about what happened between us. I then noticed the time, had a quick shower, got dressed and headed downstairs.

Jo was at the kitchen table drinking coffee and eating toast as I walked in. She looked up at me with the most radiant smile I have ever seen. I just replied with a matching smile saying, “I think I might be falling in love with someone!”

“Me too!!” Jo replied.

After I had made coffee and toast, I joined Jo at the table. As the other housemates were still in bed and we had privacy, I reached across to cover Jo’s hand with mine. As I stroked Jo’s hand I said, “I really enjoyed last night and hope that we may share many more experiences together.”

Jo responded, “I really hope so too, but we must keep this a secret between us to avoid any awkward situations with our other housemates!”

I agreed saying, “Yes, I want the same privacy and we will have to make it work somehow.”

As the other housemates came down for breakfast, we all got ready to go off to University and left the house.

Later in the day, I received a text message from Victoria saying, “Kerry is away for the weekend, so I would love some company, if you and Jo wanted to come over.”

I forwarded the text to Jo adding, “Sounds like fun and I am certainly up for anything wink wink!”

Jo replied, “Naughty girl!! Yes please, make the arrangements.”

I texted Victoria. “Sounds great, both Jo and I are up for anything!”

“That was what i was hoping you would say. See you Saturday 6pm.” Victoria responded.


After Jo and I had agreed to spend the weekend with Victoria at her house, I decided that I needed to do some lingerie shopping, as my current underwear was functional and not very sexy at all. On one afternoon, when Jo and I had no University lesson times to attend we decided to go shopping in town.

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Straight to the Bottom Pt. 03

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Part 3: The Date with Destiny

Winter was slowly dwindling away. It was now months after my Frozen facial courtesy of Brian. I couldn’t completely ‘let it go’; even after all this time. I haven’t heard from Brian since then– and I was thankful for that.

I needed him out of my life. The thought of what he and I did together set my mind ablaze. Most nights my mind was engulfed with thoughts like:

‘What if someone finds out?’; ‘I wouldn’t have sucked his dick if I wasn’t a little bit into it.’;’I wouldn’t have sucked it if I was sober.’; ‘Am I gay?’; ‘He could have told his whole college by now!’; ‘What if someone finds out?!’

–Ahem, you get the gist.

Besides that, my spring semester at home was pretty boring overall.

It came to an equally boring end a couple days ago…

Now I had no classes, and so much time on my hands, so much time to think…

When I think about what Brian and I did –it sends me into a sexual conundrum (see thoughts above). It doesn’t help that I haven’t gotten ‘lucky’ with girls this semester; or much at all. My last sexual encounter was getting splattered in the face with freshly squeezed guy cum.

(Let’s just say, if my life’s sexual activities were a small pizza pie with six slices—Brian just slapped his thick dick down on two slices! — My pizza is only two-thirds straight now! I don’t even know what a two-thirds straight pizza is — White pizza with broccoli probably…Anyway, I’m depressed…or hungry.)

Everyone else is getting laid at school. Except me.

I want to be with a girl to just. — I’m just ready to move on.—

Whatever, I’m going to bed…


The next day I awake in a daze. I was officially on spring break, so naturally I play video games all day.


The day after that I hang out with some friends. It’s pretty fun but I call it an early night and head home. It was nice to get my mind of of Brian for awhile.

That night, that ordinary night, I lazily ready myself for a shower in my room when —

My phone BUZZES —

It– it’s a Snapchat notification — from BRIAN!

Wait. no.

No, No, No! Brian is not messaging me after this long…

Why would he??

My head begins spinning as I open the app and read Brian’s message:

“Hey man! What’s been going on? How are you??”

–I shut down the app and toss my phone on my bed.

I don’t touch my phone for awhile.

This. Is. Not. Happening.

Basically, I don’t want to message him back. I don’t even want to imagine him! — When I do, I think about how he’s treated my mouth like it’s his own personal sex toy. I think about what I let him do…and what I let myself do. It just feels so…I don’t know; exciting. — But the bad kind of exciting; like any Michael Bay movie. But for some reason…I long for some kind of relief from this situation with Brian. I’ve already done too much with him to not message him back, I reason.

My mind then tells my trembling fingers to message him back something cool:

“Yo, what’s up?”

Groan I suck. (foreshadowing)

Then Brian messages:

“Yoo, I’m back at my parents house in town for a bit. They ain’t gonna be home this weekend and I’m just gonna be smokin and chillin if you wanna stop by sometime!(tongue out emoji)”

I panic.

I mostly want to message back and tell him to go fuck himself. I want to just delete him from my mind and forget I did any ‘gay thing’ at all! But — I know that’s naive. If I wanted to forget it, I would.

I thought I had this all out of my system, but I feel a lot of things are left unsaid. I must be messaging him right now for some reason, I reason.

But could I actually like ‘go to his house’?!

– No way! You’re straight. He for sure, 100%, is gonna try and fuck you or something!-

My heart is beating so fast and my teeth are chattering in bed as I go through my mental breakdown. Then—my heart sinks as I receive a picture snap from Brian in chat.

I can already see what the picture is — Cock. (8in)

“You’re gonna need a bigger phone!” — Jaws (1975)

—I open Brian’s message fully: it’s a fucking dick pic! A picture of his hard and veiny shaft out of his sweats. I stare at the picture of his cock for awhile, not knowing what to do next.

–I think how long and big it looks. I can’t believe I let him stick that thing in my mouth. I can’t believe it fit…Ahem anyway…

I don’t reply.

I look at the clock and see it is close to midnight. It’s believable I will be asleep. I can’t deal with this right–

My phone buzzes once again.

It’s another picture message from Brian. However, this picture takes ataşehir escort me much longer to comprehend than the simple ‘dick pic’.

— This picture is dark and somewhat fuzzy and out of focus. It looks like someone kneeling outside. I then recognize my clothes. Then, I recognize the parts of my face not covered in jizz…I then remember the moment: right after Brian came on my face at Winterfest months ago.

In an instant it all becomes clear:

– That’s ME in the picture…with cum on my face! –

I thought I remembered Brian putting something in his pants that night after the facial (other than his drained cock).


Surprisingly, I find myself not that angry at Brian as I realize he took a picture of my cum-covered face without me knowing. I’m more angry at myself. I got myself here.

Mentally and emotionally drained, I lie down on my bed and sink into defeat. I feel so…gay. I fought for so long to forget about what I did with Brian, and now there was proof of it.

My phone buzzes.

Brian: “I’ve been thinking about you a lot since last time. What are you doing this weekend?”

Me: “Fuck you. Have you shown anyone that picture?”

Brian: “No, not yet.(tongue out emoji)”

A quiet rage possesses me. I can’t think.

Buzz Buzz

Brian: “I really wanted to show my friends I went to Winterfest with. No one knows you. But I held back :)”

Brian: “Do you got a boyfriend yet? Lol.”

My rage and confusion boils over inside me. I feel sick. It’s as if I’m at the top of a roller-coaster looking down—knowing any second I will drop.

Me: “Are you fucking serious? Delete that picture now man.”

Brian: “I will! I couldn’t help myself. You looked pretty cool covered in my cum.”

And now the drop. I’m gonna throw up!

Me: “I thought you said you were straight??”

Brian: “I am straight. I like girls more than guys.”

Me: “That’s not how it works.”

Brian: “I don’t think you know how it works either lol. Did you see the picture? lol”

Me: “I was drunk and high. Delete the fucking picture.”

Brian: “I will. Just want to talk in person. You left in a hurry last time. Did you want to come over my place tomorrow and make sure I delete?”

Me: “No, not really. I do not want to see you, dude.”

Brian: “I don’t think you are serious. I know how much of a sissy you are for my cock.”

I step back from my phone and go to the bathroom. I need to think. A supreme rage overtakes me. Fuck him!

– But is he right though? – Shut up, he is not!

After a couple minutes I head back into my room, target my phone, and see that I have two unread Snapchat notifications from Brian:

Brian: “Come on, I can’t stop thinking about that mouth. It’s SO satisfying. Don’t be mad man, I was only joking. I don’t think you’re a sissy. Let’s just finish this thing. I know you want to.”

Brian: “Hello? How about we make a bet?”

‘Bet’. Even the word now sends me into a mental breakdown. I can’t make another bet with him!

I notice now that my cock is painfully and shamefully erect. Ah! Everything is happening so fast! I reply in a hurry:

Me: “Lol. No thanks man.”

Brian: “Come on! Lol. If you come over my place tomorrow and talk, I will delete the picture right in front of you.”

Me: “I don’t trust you. And what happens if I don’t come over? This isn’t a bet, this is blackmail.”

Brian: “Nah man, I’ll never show anyone. Fine, no bet. But if you don’t come over I guess you’re okay with me keeping it to my spank bank? Lol.”

What is going on?! Too much is happening! My boner stretches my underwear painfully. I don’t know what to say, I just want to stop talking. —

Me: “Fine, whatever. I’ll come over and you delete it. You can talk to me but I’m not staying long.

Brian: “My parents won’t be home all night. I’ll be home smoking and chilling most of the night. Wanna stop by around nine? I can smoke you up and apologize and you can see me delete the pic. My address is [REDACTED]”

Me: “Fine. I can’t be long. I can do nine.”

Brian: “Cool, yeah, def need to talk in person. Seeya then!”

I shut down the app and lay completely still on my bed. I feel as if my mind hasn’t caught up with the present. For a few peaceful moments, I am happy. At least it is over. I feel almost numb to it all; resigned to what the universe has in store for me.

Then, my mind catches up with the present: I don’t know what to think first! The fact that Brian took a picture of me post-facial? OR the fact that I’m pretty sure I just agreed to go on a-a —

DATE: It’s the Next Day.

I never ‘acted’ on that boner the previous night. I just need to get ataşehir escort through today, which has so far felt like one of the longest days of my life. The clock seems to know of my upcoming ‘talk’ with Brian and is apparently having the time of its life messing with me.

I don’t even remember what I did that day…Eventually though, I remember staring into my mirror:

What am I feeling? – Scared.

What am I wearing? – Cozy stuff.

What’s not gonna happen? – Gay stuff.

What time is it now? – 8pm already!

Almost time for the date? -Yes, but it’s not a date.

You sure it’s not a date? -Yes I’m sure!

You talking to yourself? – Uhhh…

You should prep your ‘straight’ asshole. – Fuck you!

Are you gonna tell them or am I? – It looks bad for me, and besides, they don’t need to know.

It’s about honesty. – Ugh, fine, whatever.

(Sigh. Okay, so honesty time: Ever since Winterfest, the showers I took at home were…’different’. It was like something switched in my head. Most days I would let loose in the shower; jerk off without judgment. Now comes the part where you don’t judge me. Ahem, I didn’t play with just my dick in my showers…I would soap up my fingers and play with my virgin hole; spreading and fingering myself as I jerked off. I learned quick that I loved the feeling of cumming with fingers stuffed knuckle deep in my butt. I didn’t try to anal-yze this much at the time. Again, I didn’t judge myself. It was just masturbation, and that’s not gay. One rule though was that I could not think about Brian. Even though each time I shamefully kind of wanted to, a little. Don’t judge! Anyway…now you know.)

–Ahem, it was now less than an hour from my ‘meet up’ with Brian. I decide to take a shower (Remember, don’t judge).

I get undressed and hop in the shower. After I get wet, I quickly decide to do something I never do: I sit down during the shower. I’m not sure how long I sat and let the steamy water hit my upper back. I felt safe, it was nice. I then broke my one rule — I thought about Brian, and all the shit he’s done to me.

He’s such an asshole!

I sat up some and pushed myself forward until my hands touched the porcelain floor.

Brian has used me and tricked me at every encounter!

I was now on all fours and soon let my head rest and positioned my rear up. The warm water sprayed around my porcelain white butt cheeks as I reached back some and rubbed my wet balls and played with my dangling little flaccid cock. It feels good and relaxing to just lie like this. My body was moving on it’s on though, doing whatever felt best (again, there is no judgment in the shower). I began soaping up everywhere, but paying special attention to my innocent backdoor.


The shower bulls-eyes my virgin-ring. I arched my back and leaned into the showers steamy stream. Curious, I leaned down more, stopped playing with myself, and spread my ass-cheeks apart. I moaned as I felt a pit in my stomach grow and grow until finally I thought intensely about Brian. I thought about his cock and what It would feel like inside of me. Then—I couldn’t breathe! I was judging myself! I almost cried as I realized how hard and aroused I was with my cheeks spread wider than ever before. My cock pulsing under me as I squirm around. I know what I want to do next…I wet up my finger and slowly penetrate my exposed asshole. My one wet finger became two as they explored deep and around the inner walls of my ass. I tried to open myself up more and more as I thought about how Brian’s cock stretched my mouth.

His cock would destr–


I then sunk my fingers deeper into my ass than ever before. I started fingering my hole slowly as I felt the alien pain of anal penetration. I felt so funky and strange. Suddenly, my cock begged for release. I quickly removed my fingers from my trembling asshole and jerked my confused cock.


I shudder and moan as multiple long and heavy ropes of cum squirt embarrassingly into the damp shower floor below.

It takes me a while to collect myself and rise from my submissive position. I then think about the hold Brian has over me. He’s invaded my mind and highjacked my sexual identity!

I dry off after that experience and get re-dressed. It was getting later now. The panic in my chest rose throughout the day as the sun descended. I look out the window of my house and see only darkness. I don’t know how to feel anymore. I hope seeing Brian again will help shed some light.

It was now close to 9pm. Brian messaged me and told me he was home. I got dressed and looked in the mirror. Staring at my reflection, I realized I wasn’t afraid to see Brian…I was afraid I wanted to.

I get anadolu yakası escort in my car. I was like a zombie. I didn’t think. I didn’t even listen to music during the drive. It would’ve been a delightful silence if my teeth weren’t chattering from nerves. Soon though, I arrive at Brian’s house. It’s pretty big and royal-looking. I quickly leap out of my car and speed-walk towards Brian’s door. An old decrepit lion statue stood watch out near his front steps. It somehow looked more priceless the more I noticed it’s various cracks and deformities.

My nose is inches from the door now. My teeth finally stop chattering.


Then, I see the front door pull inwards, and then, Brian. (About him: He was scruffier than I remember. Tall and well built. He looked like he could break me in half. He was wearing sweats. Shit.)

He cheerily greets me and welcomes me inside.

–Awkward for minutes–

He leads me around his parents house some. He seems so excited to see me that I keep forgetting to hate him.

“Did you want to smoke?” Brian said as he sat on his living room couch and lifted a dense joint.

We smoke some together and I eventually kinda forget why I’m even there. We start talking about school and stuff and eventually he starts playing a movie on his huge TV.

‘Detective Pikachu’ plays

Brian keeps talking to me as we smoke and the movie starts up. He still seems super excited to see me. I don’t know why I feel so nervous being around him.

I eventually get too high and wrapped up in the movie.

Then—near the middle of the movie —

“So did you get lucky this semester?” Brian asks in a playful tone.

“Nah, nothing.” I reply somberly.

“That blows. Oh!”—He turns to me with a huge grin— “Did I tell you I finally hooked up with Alison?!”

(Context: Alison is basically our only mutual friend. Her and Brian go to the same college. I knew her for most of high school. She is also one of the hottest and nicest girls I’ve ever met. I’ve had a light crush on her for years…but so has every guy, I’m sure. She had a boyfriend of like five years. Then she was single for a bit. Then she had another long term boyfriend and they recently broke up….I can’t believe Brian hooked up with her.)

I stare at him for a while: Looking for the lie somewhere on his face…but I don’t see it.

He’s telling the truth.

—I’m feeling so many things in a moment: high, aroused, mad, disappointed, impressed…jealous.

‘Detective Pikachu’ continues to play

“No fucking way!” I say astounded.

He proceeds to tell me in detail what happened: Basically he’s the luckiest guy in the world. The story he tells is too dull and believable not to be true. But basically he was just at the right place at the right fucking time. He also proceeds to tell me in detail how they fucked: How her body felt. How her pussy felt. How wet she got. How he came on her back. How his toes curled…

Fuck him.

—If you would recall, Alison is basically the kindling that started this gay forest fire in my life. She was the reason me and Brian met. Talking about Alison got us both hard that first night of the ‘Bet’. SHE was the fucking reason we started that BET; which I ultimately lost. The bet that sent me here — into this gay conundrum.

Fuck her.

He fucked her? And he’s tricked me into blowing him? Twice! Why do I keep forgetting? Why am I sitting here watching a movie with him??

I thought I was cool with being maybe ‘bi’ or something. But months of no contact after he fucked my mouth (twice!) has sent me back into straight rehab. I was gonna forget all about him. I don’t know anymore. All I know is I feel pissed and like some submissive sissy.

I also remember feeling like a chump here: He gets to go to college and fuck the hottest girls and live away from home and have fun?
Meanwhile I commute and get a facial? How fair.

“Hey.” Brian says.

—I’m snapped back to reality.

Brian places his hand on my leg.


“Sorry I sent you that picture last night by the way. It was just a joke.” he says sincerely.

“Yeah, delete it.” I try to growl.

Brian giggles.

“After the movie, I promise. — It’s just funny you know, that we did what we did. And you’re just the coolest and chillest person. And really fun to mess with….Its so hot to think about. Is it like that for you?” He says, meeting my eye.

His hand moves towards my ‘Pikachu’.

I gulp hard. I look down at his hand, which is now resting on my upper thigh.

“Yeah kinda. I feel pretty shitty about it sometimes too.” I say; shaking with nerves.

“Don’t.” Brian barks with a commanding tone.

“It was just hot for us. That’s it. I wanna do things with you. I do wanna do it again.” He adds with forceful clarity.

Fuck. Why am I surprised and yet not surprised at all?

—I gulp hard again.

Suddenly; I feel months of pent up anger and sexual confusion start to boil over in me —

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Reluctant Bride

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She tried the dress on for the fifteenth time that month, and once again hoped that this time she’d feel different. As she stared into the full length mirror that had been moved into her room, she noticed how the whiteness of the dress seemed so much brighter against her pale skin. How her red hair and blue eyes seemed that much more pronounced by the additional paleness wrapped around her body. Her eyes traced her collarbone in the mirror, the off-the-shoulder collar having looked most fetching when she’d first tried the dress on in the store. She could almost feel the tangible pressure of her eyes against her skin. Almost. It made her tingle.

Her eyes travelled further down her reflection, caressing the fitted bodice of the gown. It wasn’t a style she normally went for because she’d always felt self-conscience about showing off that much of her cleavage. She wasn’t overly busty, but she had enough of an endowment that if the top was cut correctly, she was constantly paranoid about falling out of it. No, she never would’ve gone for the sweetheart cut fitted bodice if it hadn’t been for the persuasive saleslady, not that she particularly regretted it now. No, she had regrets, but not that one. From the way the dress was cut, she could feel her breasts being pushed up, away from her body, as if they were being presented for appraisal to an appreciative onlooker. Perhaps they were. Perhaps the dress was cut that way to allow her fiancé at the alter to reconfirm that her goods were the same ones he’d bartered for when he first gave her the ring. Yes, that could be it.

As she thought more about the cut of the bodice, she absently noted how securely the material held her body. Almost like a protective lover would wrap his body around hers as he slept. Protective. Possessive. She could faintly see her nipples begin to harden through the binding material of the dress as her body registered her passing thought. Her conscious mind shrugged off her reaction, allowing her write it off to a draught in the room. She shook her head gently to herself, smiling at the idiocy of it. A draught, in an enclosed room. Granted, it was the fall, but she liked to keep things warm—remnants of her many years of living in warmer climes. She’d gotten acclimated.

Shaking her head had caused her hair to swing gently to and fro behind her, grazing her exposed back. The feathery caress caused her nipples to harden even further, but again, she ignored it. She could’ve ignored much in her introspective reverie, but she had always been quick to notice changes in the play of light around her, and the change in the shadows in the corner of the room caught her attention, even as on the edge of her vision as it was. As she turned to see who was in the room—because she was certain there was another body in her bedroom—her first thought was that it was her fiancé, and that it’d be just her luck that he’d see her in the dress and know all of the deepest fears it represented for her. In the split second it took her to turn around, she forced herself to compose her face into the joyful, exuberant bride-to-be she knew was expected of her before giving her fiancé cause to worry.

He was like that. Before her mother had passed, she had referred to him as A Good Man with the implication to her daughter being that she should marry him immediately and get pregnant as fast as possible so she’d have her hooks in him for life. At first, she’d thought that’s all she wanted. That all the bullshit she’d put up with in her younger years was behind her; that she no longer craved the darkness she’d seen in men’s souls that had ignited her passion like the headiest of aphrodisiacs. No, she’d convinced herself it was nothing but a phase, one that she had put behind her as she became more mature and had a better understanding of what real relationships entailed. She’d thought she was happy. So much so that when he’d finally asked her to marry him, after they’d dated an appropriate length of time and had progressed through all the requisite precursors in a Committed Relationship, she’d said “yes” as enthusiastically, and as sincerely, as she believed possible. As the intervening months dragged on, and the wedding preparations had mounted, the permanence of her impending reality crashed upon the shores of her consciousness with ever increasing frequency and intensity like a hurricane in the Gulf, building and building as you hope and pray the winds of mercy and good fortune will dissipate the storm, or at least swing it away from you.

As the date got closer and closer, her panic had gotten worse and worse; so much so that she’d begun having nightmares. She’d wake up screaming, tasting imaginary blood in her mouth from having chewed her arm off in her desperation to escape from her intended. Every time it happened, she’d given thanks for her fiance’s goodness, that he had not insisted they live together before the wedding. She wouldn’t have been able to look him ataşehir escort in the eyes as he held her, all concern and good intentions, while she blatantly lied to him about everything being alright and there being nothing for him to worry about. No, for all the blackness in her own soul, she still couldn’t bring herself to do that to him—to lie to him about something so integral to his own future, at least not if he asked her directly. In her mind, dancing around the issue was different. That wasn’t lying, it was being optimistic, and she knew how much he prized her eternal optimism.

She had almost completely turned around when she first heard his voice. “The maid of honor said the dress was something else, but I’m not sure who she did a bigger disservice to: you or the designer.” The surprise of it nearly threw her off balance, but she subtly recovered and continued to pivot. When she was finally facing her future brother-in-law, she replied rather saucily, “I wasn’t aware you made a habit of keeping up with the latest wedding dress trends. You are, by far, a man of rare and varied talents.” He gave her a look, which in her younger, more corrupt days, she would have considered “suggestive” or “knowing,” but now she wrote off as her future relative’s playful roguishness. Her mind lingered, unbidden, on the half day’s worth on growth on his face and the slight swell of his eminently kissable lips. She could begin to feel the familiar darkness spread throughout her body, making her breasts swell and tingle as she felt her eyes grow heavier with lust. She gave herself a swift, sharp mental kick to the ass to forego the more obvious gesture of shaking her head, which she knew she’d have to explain to him.

He didn’t know why he’d done it. Given her his “of-course-little-girl-wouldn’t-your-grandmother-like-some-pretty-flowers-you-can-just-ignore-my-big-sharp-teeth” look. The look that clearly said he had a predator within him that would be all too pleased to play with a fresh-faced young thing like her. She was his younger brother’s fiancée, and more than that, she was wholesome, from what had filtered back to him from the rest of the family. It wasn’t that he and his brother didn’t talk about things like that, it was more that, he knew he and his brother didn’t have many overlapping…interests, when it came to women, and therefore, they were conversations that best went unsaid so’s to preserve both their dignities. For a moment though, when he’d first walked in on her, silent and unannounced, he could’ve sworn he’d seen the vestiges of the look he got when thinking about sex, and it was certainly not a wholesome look.

In their pregnant silence, full of things to be said and things neither wanted to admit out loud, she forced herself to think of neutral things like babies and cauliflower and carpet samples. Things as far away from the cut, five foot eleven man standing in front of her as she could think of. She could feel herself being drawn into his blue-brown eyes by the almost tangible gravity of his gaze like a speeding comet whose course is forever altered by its interception with a larger astral body demanding accommodation. The back of her mind tried drawing thoughts of her fiancé to the fore like how his clouded grey eyes seemed gentler than the roiling fury she could read on the edges of irises on the man before her. It’s only normal, her brain told her, to play the “what if” game, but you know the grass is never greener. She had to agree. She’d never cheated, but had had several friends who had, and their stories were always the same: it wasn’t worth it. She’d never understood it before, what drove people to do it; she’d always felt safe on her moral high ground that “shaking it off” was easy and you shouldn’t even notice other people in that way when you’re in a relationship. In her mind’s eye, she could see her own little personal devil laughing itself off her shoulder at her naiveté, at how she’d blithely boiled down one of life’s messiest, complicated issues into an overly simplistic theory for no other reason than it suited her.

She could sense the minutes ticking away, and she somehow knew that if she didn’t say something soon, they would reach the point where action would be required and that would not lead them down any roads to happiness. “So, it’s only bad luck if the groom sees the dress then? Won’t he pester you for details when you tell him you’ve seen it?” Logically, she knew she was just filling the air; that her fiancé could probably care less about what the dress looked like, let alone would pester his older, somewhat distant brother for details about it like a fourteen-year-old girl.

“Oh, he won’t pester me, but that’s only because he hasn’t seen you in it. I’m actually debating whether I should tell him just so he doesn’t punch me on the altar when you make your entrance,” he replied genially.

“Like he’d really care,” she answered him trying not to ataşehir escort let the simple words convey the longing she suddenly had to actually see her fiancé take a swing at his brother for even potentially having untoward thoughts about her. She’d never been one to find jealously attractive, but the right degree of possessiveness and sheer male dominance had always turned her on. Early on in her relationship with her fiancé though, she’d learned it was a good thing that she’d been born with a healthy imagination because she’d frequently envisioned him possessing traits that turned her on in her fantasies that he’d never possess in a million years in real life. Like the dominant presence her future brother-in-law exuded as naturally as he breathed.

He could almost detect the longing in her voice, the longing for things that were definitely on the other side of wholesome, but he told himself that he was reading more into it than was there. He barely knew his future sister-in-law since he and his brother had been about as close as most brothers with five years and widely divergent interests between them could be, which was to say, friendly in passing. In fact, he had been considerably shocked when his brother had asked him to be best man: he was sure the kid had at least one other person who would’ve been better suited to the task. His brother’s sincerity had sold him though, and he’d said “yes.”

In a lot of ways, he wished he hadn’t. It wasn’t so much that he minded spending all the additional time with family, but getting to know his sister-in-law had been killing him. He couldn’t explain it, but he always got the feeling when he saw her at the various pre-wedding things he’d gotten roped into that she wasn’t as at ease with things as everyone else around her, at least everyone else but him. For some unknown reason, it made him want to seek her out. If he believed in “kindred spirits” and all that other metaphysical b.s., he might have said he felt compelled to talk to her, like it was Fate, but he didn’t. Instead, he did everything in his power to avoid her unless it was absolutely impossible. He knew he was not a man of moderation, and part of him worried about what would happen if he got to know his future sister-in-law because he could tell he was the only one in the family who’d really be able to claim that fact.

She couldn’t bear to look at him any longer in his brooding, pensive silence so she began to turn away from him. Part of her wanted him to leave immediately, the rational part of her, but the part that she thought she’d peacefully locked away years earlier called her a coward. Told her that if she was as happily vanilla as she’d attempted to delude herself into believing, then why would it matter how long he stayed in her room with his tumultuous eyes and demanding lips and his intensely commanding presence flaring off him like sunbursts since she no longer found that attractive, right? She shuddered. With two weeks until her wedding, she didn’t need this complication in her life. She didn’t need this type of crisis of purpose. As much as she tried to tell herself that there was nothing to fear, that he didn’t have any effect on her, she knew better. She knew that her knees started going weak when she thought about his tempestuous eyes boring into her. In her mind, she could envision him running his gaze up and down her body much as her own had, appraising her assets; using his eyes to make her nipples harden and her pussy begin to drip. She didn’t want to continue down this path, but it’d been so long since she’d had a real man to fantasize about that her imagination went haywire. There was nothing she could do, but go along for the ride and hope she didn’t embarrass herself.

Her mind chose to linger on his lips next. They weren’t the overly pouty, cupid bow kind of lips; they weren’t the kind of lips that would leave pillowy soft kisses against her forehead or her eyes. His lips were the type that would demand she kiss them back, the kind that wouldn’t take “no” for an answer; the kind that would latch on to her nipples then suck on them like a hungry baby desperate for milk, that would suck on her clit like a vacuum while she screamed from the mix of agony and ecstasy the intensity of it would put on her body. If it wasn’t for the dress, she’d have checked to see if she was really as wet as her fantasy was suggesting she should be. She hazily thought about the fact that it’d be beyond inappropriate to do something so personal with her fiance’s brother in the room, but the part of her that had broken free of its internal imprisonment thought that maybe he’d like it, that maybe if she did it she’d get to feel those sinful lips against her body for real.

He hadn’t been entirely sure what to do when she’d turned away from him. The sane part of his mind told him that she probably wanted some privacy, but the devil in him kept him planted in her room. His voyeuristic anadolu yakası escort curiosity led him to walk closer to her so he could get a better look at her face, although he made sure not to be so obvious as to stand in front of her. From his parallel vantage point, he’d watched her eyelids drift shut as a range of distinctly unwholesome thoughts ran clearly across her face. He couldn’t imagine what could have caused her reaction. Surely not him? His dick began to harden as his predatory sexuality began to flow over him. This has nothing to do with me, he tried telling himself, to no avail. Even though he knew it was a bad idea, a hideously stupid idea in fact, he felt all of the delicate control he had employed around her begin to vanish like gossamer spiderwebs blown away by a stiff breeze as he began to appraise her as a man.

Even though the material of her dress was fairly opaque, looking at her profile with the sun behind her, he could faintly make out her erect nipples. His dick hardened even further as he thought about how easy it’d be for him to remove one of her breasts from her dress so he could chew on the growing nub. He wondered if she’d scream from the sensation or if she’d moan her appreciation. As he continued to watch her bosom strain against her dress, his hands began to ache from their desire to reach inside her dress and caress her breasts as firmly as her bodice. He could almost feel their milky softness spilling into his palms as he looked at her. You know she wouldn’t stop you, his mind told him. He wanted to believe it. He wanted to believe that she’d sigh and moan as he manhandled her with a freedom he had no right to. Before his brain had caught up, he found himself standing within inches of her back, her hair acting as the only real barrier between his breath and the back of her neck. As his gaze quickly slid over her collarbone though, he noticed his exhalations had raised the faintest of goosebumps along her skin.

She’d noticed the slight shift in the air as her “fight or flight” sense kicked in. Subconsciously she knew she was trapped with a predator, although part of her wondered whether she should be more concerned about him or the fact that that knowledge had her practically panting like a bitch in heat. Without opening her eyes, she knew he was standing behind her—both from the gentle breeze his exhalations were creating against her skin and from the way she’d sunk a little deeper into the carpet as his additional weight depressed the spongy insulation. She couldn’t remember the last time her body had felt so electrified, so amazingly in tune with her surroundings. For the first time in practically forever—in the presence of an animal no less—she felt safe and carefree. Her body sagged as she let out the breath she’d unconsciously been holding, and in doing so, allowed all the tension she’d pent up since she and her fiancé had gotten “serious” to flow out of her body.

He’d never seen someone go limp so quickly; he’d barely had time to register that she was falling before her soft, supple body made contact with his chest. His arms wrapped around her reflexively: both to keep her steady, but also to minimize whatever potential threat she could pose to him. She let out a particularly contented sigh, and in doing so, caused more of her weight to fall against him. He was a fairly strong man, but the unexpectedness of her downward slide gave him little time to brace himself for support, so he was left with the awkward choices of suffocating her with her breasts or sliding gracelessly to the floor with her. He bent his knees to make the transition from standing to sitting marginally easier, and in doing so wound up leaning substantially over her shoulder. Between the snickerdoodle scent of her hair and the amply unobstructed view of her cleavage, his dick hardened to diamond-cutting proportions, and it took everything in his power not to drop her from the unexpected intensity of his hard-on.

His kinks had never particularly run toward the corruption of innocents, and while he could tell she wasn’t exactly lily-white, she didn’t really scream submission-trained bondage slut either. She looked more like the type of girl who liked teeth and nails occasionally and thought that gave her the right to be called a “bad” girl; and perhaps in her circles it did. Such mild slap and tickle hadn’t gotten him hard, especially not this hard, since he was in his early teen years and hadn’t really learned what BDSM was yet. He’d never particularly been interested in “stealing” women away from other men either. It was such a pedestrian past time in his opinion, besides which, most of the girls who played those games didn’t have the discipline or the attention to be properly trained. So what was the point of wasting his precious time on an unworthy endeavor? Part of him wanted to write it off to the fact that he hadn’t had sex in a few weeks having recently gotten bored with his latest pet, but he had trained his body for years and no longer suffered from such unexpected incidents. It could just be that you like her, his mind errantly supplied. She’s my brother’s fiancee’s, he mentally fired back, not to mention she’s almost certainly not into my brand of fun.

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Lost Girl Ch. 07

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~ Journal Entry: December 19, 2014

Well, it finally happened. Last night I had sex with Lucas……

Okay, that was kind of a lie because I didn’t ACTUALLY have sex with him, but I dreamed that I did. And it was INCREDIBLE!! I remember us trying out all of these different positions, like really crazy ones that they show in Cosmopolitan. And he was saying all of these really dirty things to me. Stuff that would make me blush in real life, but in the dream I was loving it.

It was so real that I could actually feel every bump and ridge on his penis. Crazy, right??? Almost makes me wonder if that’s what it would feel like if we were having sex in real life. But the most unbelievable part of it all, was that I woke up having an orgasm.

My panties weren’t just wet, but COMPLETELY SOAKED. And apparently I was so loud that my mom knocked on my bedroom door to check on me, which was really embarrassing. I felt really happy and refreshed, though. Like, more than I ever have before.

Anyways, It’s going to be kind of awkward seeing him at school today, because all I’ve thinking about since waking up this morning is that incredibly hot dream. And of course I’ll be wondering if he actually looks like how I imagine, or if his real naked body is totally different from what’s in my mind. Today is *definitely* not going to be easy to get through.

But, at least It’s the last day before Christmas Break. Two whole weeks with no school. I’m excited!!

Something to remember for today: Lucas CANNOT read your thoughts, so feel free to picture him naked all you want.

Oh God, I am turning into SUCH a pervert.

Until next time….

Claudia ~

* * * *

Outfitted with mint green tile walls, the girl’s bathroom at Browning High stunk of cigarettes and cheap perfume. Occupied only by Kimi and Claudia, the two girls were parked in front of the bathroom’s large mirror, which was adorned with dirty fingertips and mascara smudges.

While Claudia touched up her foundation with a Kabuki brush, Kimi stripped out of her thick, knitted sweater, which was promptly stuffed into her backpack and exchanged for a low cut top that showed off the curves of her breasts. Rather than keep her eyes focused on her own reflection, Claudia found that her gaze was continually drawn to Kimi’s chest, which was depressingly larger than her own.

“Your boobs are amazing,” Claudia said while openly admiring them. “You’ve got like, actual cleavage.”

“Thanks.” Kimi smiled and placed her makeup bag on the small ledge that was located in front of the mirror.

“My breasts have been the same size since tenth grade,” Claudia said. “Think I should get a boob job?”

“No way. You don’t fully develop until you’re 21. And besides, you aren’t flat chested or anything, so why would you wanna get fake boobs?”

“Because I want cleavage.”

“That’s what push up bras are for.” Kimi applied a bit of lip gloss to her frosted lips, then smacked her lips together. “I have a couple of extra ones at my house I can give you if you want to try them out.”

“That’d be great,” Claudia said.

She was just recapping her makeup brush when the bathroom door swung open to reveal a group of girls, all of whom were engaged in animated chatter. They swiftly burst out into snickers, however, when they noticed that Claudia and Kimi were standing at the mirror. Shifting her gaze to them, Claudia noticed that several of the girls were whispering to one another, but since they were speaking in Blackfoot, she couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Giving off a sort of energy that screamed “clique”, the girls began primping themselves in the mirror while throwing numerous glances at both Kimi and Claudia. Now completely certain that she and Kimi were being gossiped about, Claudia began to stare them down, but this only encouraged them to smirk harder than before.

Several tense minutes passed before the girls finally walked away from the mirror, and with only a string of giggles left in their wake, they exited the bathroom door and headed out into the hall.

“Were they talking about us?” Claudia asked while turning her gaze back on Kimi’s reflection.

“Yep.” She retrieved an eyeliner pencil from her makeup bag, then gestured for Claudia to step closer so that she could apply her makeup.

“What did they say?”

“They called us clitty lickers.”

“Seriously?” Faint lines appeared on her forehead as she added, “Why would they say such a thing?”

“Well, probably because It’s pretty well known that I had sex with a girl. And since you hang out with me, I guess they just assume you’re into the same thing.”


“Does that bother you?”


“Having people think that you’re into girls.”

“No, why should I care? I mean, the entire school already thinks several things about me that aren’t true, so what’s the harm of one more stupid rumor?”

“Exactly.” Kimi tossed the eyeliner pencil into her makeup bag and exchanged it for a small pot of eyeshadow before applying it to Claudia’s lids. “So, there’s this escort party happening Saturday night. You wanna go?”

“Who’s giving it?”

“This guy in my history class. He’s sort of a jock but totally chill, so he’s not one of those meathead losers that thinks they’re the total shit.”

“Sure, why not?”

“Awesome. Do you have any cute dresses to wear?”

“A few. But they’re all old and I’ve worn them a bunch of times, so I think I’ll sew a new one.”

“You know how to sew?”


“Wow, that’s totally badass. I wish I could make my own clothes.”

“I could teach you sometime if you wanna learn.”

“Hell yes,” Kimi said.

With her face now completely made up, Claudia was finally afforded the chance to check herself out in the mirror. Stunned by her own reflection, she spent several moments just staring in silence before she finally found the words that had temporarily escaped her.

“Oh, wow. You did a fantastic job.” She leaned in closer to check out her eyeliner, which accentuated her exotic looking cat-shaped eyes. “You have serious skills, Kimi.”

“Thanks. Glad you like it.” She zipped up her make-up bag, then slipped it into her backpack before slipping the straps over her shoulders. “I need to stop at my locker before first period. Wanna walk with me?”


Side by side, they made their way out into the hall, but only made it halfway down the corridor before a guy passing in the opposite direction forced a sheet of paper into Kimi’s hand.

“What the heck?” Her face took on a slightly annoyed expression, but as her eyes came to focus on the printed words, her brows rose in interest. “Oh, It’s one of those lists.

“What list?” Claudia asked, but as she adjusted her gaze so that it was aimed at the sheet of paper, her attention was promptly captured.


Most Popular: Sinopa Acheson

Best Tits: Misty Yazzie

Best Dressed: Heather Mad Plume

Biggest Flirt: Lucas Good Blanket

Best Kisser: Kimi Eagle Feathers

Best Athlete: Michael Running Wolf

Most Likely To Put Out On The First Date: Claudia Strauss

Most Likely To Be Late: Keith Little Badger

Best Laugh: Wawetseka Reed

Most Likely to Become a Serial Killer: Tristan Whitefeather

Claudia could have continued reading on, but her attention had tapered off after the appearance of Tristan’s name.

“Alright, who the hell voted me “most likely to put out on a first date”? I mean, who exactly is the person that puts together these stupid lists?”

“I have no idea,” Kimi said. “But I’m willing to bet that It’s one of Misty’s friends, because there’s now way in hell that *she* has the best tits in school.”

“It wasn’t enough that somebody wrote that disgusting note about me. Now I’m on an actual list.”

“Let them think what they want,” Kimi said. “In seven more months we’ll be going off to college and leaving all this juvenile bullshit behind us.”

“I can’t believe the title they gave Tristan,” Claudia said while grabbing the top 40 list from Kimi’s hand. “They voted him “most likely to become a serial killer.”

“The people who create these lists are really lame,” Kimi said as they reached her locker. “It’s all about who you know.”

“Well I think It’s really wrong, and whoever made it should at least have the decency to not spread around lies.”

“The word decency and this school *do not* go together. The sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.” Kimi opened her locker and pulled out a few books before shutting it once again.

They were just turning away from her locker when an athletically built boy in a hooded sweatshirt passed by, and upon spotting Claudia, he purposely slowed down to give her a full-on stare.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hi.” Claudia allowed her eyes to briefly meet his too-intent gaze, then promptly turned away so that her attention rested on Kimi. “You ready to go?”

Kimi nodded and followed alongside Claudia, but as soon as they were further down the hallway, she gently nudged her shoulder and gave her a smile.

“Did you see the way he was looking at you?”

“Yeah. What the heck was that all about?”

“He was flirting.”

“It’s only because of that list,” Claudia said. “I’ve passed him in the halls plenty of times before, and he never gave me a second look.”

“Except now he thinks you’re easy, so he’s deemed you worthy of speaking to.”

“Oh, God. I knew this list was going to cause me trouble.”

“Cheer up, girl.” Kimi wrapped an arm around Claudia’s shoulder. “It’s the last day of school before Christmas break, and we have two glorious weeks of freedom ahead of us.”‘

“You’re right. I do need to chill.”

“Chilling is always good,” Kimi responded, and with Claudia by her side, continued down the hallway.

* * * *

Claudia entered the house first, followed by Kimi, who headed straight for the kitchen where she retrieved two bottles of water from the refrigerator. After passing one to Claudia, she unscrewed the top and took escort bayan a long sip, then took off her backpack and tossed her jacket onto the floor beside it.

“It’s really quiet in here. You sure your mom is home?” Kimi asked.

“She has to be. I saw her station wagon, as well as Big John’s Chevy Blazer parked outside, so that means they’re both here.”

“They must be in the bedroom.”

“Yep. When they’re not out here eating, they’re in the back getting it on with each other.”

“Oh my God, how funny.”

“Not really, It’s totally gross.”

“So you really think they’re having sex right now?” Kimi’s eyes took on a naughty gleam.

“Yes, and I know exactly what you’re thinking, so don’t even *think* about doing it.”

A grin stretched across Kimi’s face. “Why not?”

“Because It’s an invasion of privacy.”


Claudia’s lips tugged into a smile. “You are *so* bad.”

“It’s the only way I know how to be.” Her grin stretched even wider.

“Why do you wanna hear them do it anyways?”

“Because it would be funny….”

Claudia arched her brows, but didn’t say a word in return.

“And because I think Big John is sorta hot,” Kimi continued.

“You have a crush on him?”

“Kind of.”

“Kimi, he’s nearly forty.”


“He’s old enough to be your father.”

“Mmm. That makes it even more of a turn on.”

“Oh, gross. Don’t say anything more.”

“Oh please, like you don’t think he’s hot, too.”

“Well sure, he’s handsome,” Claudia admitted. “But he’s my *mom’s* boyfriend.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about him.”

“No thanks. The only person I think about in that way is Lucas.”

“Hmmm.” A thoughtful look crossed Kimi’s face as she leaned against the counter. “I wonder if Big John is big *everywhere*.”

Claudia promptly spit out the water she had been drinking, took a few harsh gasps, then finally managed to push out the laughter that had been trying to escape.


“What? Like you haven’t thought about it before.”

“Actually, I haven’t.”



Claudia coughed a few times to clear the remaining liquid out of her windpipe, then grabbed a few napkins from the holder on top of the microwave. But when she turned back around to face Kimi, all that greeted her was an empty space. She walked out of the kitchen and made a beeline for the hallway, where she promptly spotted her friend standing outside of Mona’s closed bedroom door.

“Kimi, no.” Her voice came out as a loud whisper, and with quick, but light steps, she moved quietly across the hardwood floor.

As soon as she reached Kimi, Claudia did her best to pull her away. But Kimi was firmly rooted to the spot, and with an ear cupped against the door, she continued to eavesdrop. To Claudia’s horror, the creaking of bedsprings and hoarse pants could clearly be heard through the wooden barrier.

Completely sickened by the visuals that unwillingly sprung into her mind, she lifted a brow at Kimi and shook her head. Then utilizing every bit of strength that she had, Claudia forcibly pulled at Kimi’s arm so that she was guided down the hallway and back into the kitchen.

“You are the biggest perv ever,” Claudia said. “They might have heard you!”

“I doubt it,” she said through laughter. “Did you hear how loud they were going at it?”

“Please, don’t remind me.” As if hoping that sugar would erase her memory, Claudia grabbed a bag of M&M’s from the cabinet, and after taking a handful, passed the bag to Kimi. “So, what time does this party start tomorrow?”

“It kicks off at seven, but we probably shouldn’t show up until an hour later, because nobody actually arrives that early.”


“The only thing is, we’ll need a ride over there.”

“My mom can take us,” Claudia said.

Kimi gaped in disbelief. “You’re joking, right?”

“No. I mean how else are we supposed to get there?”

“Well not by our parents dropping us off. That would be totally lame.”

“Then who will give us a ride?”

“I don’t know. How about Lucas?”

“He’s probably going with Misty,” Claudia said.

“Maybe. But we won’t know for sure unless we ask, will we?”

“I guess not.” She ate the rest of the M&M’s that were in her palm before adding, “The only thing is, I’m not so sure if I want to go with him.”

“Why not?”

“Well, if Lucas is going, then obviously Misty will be there, too.”


“She’s extremely jealous. And I’m really not trying to get into a fight with her.”

“You’re scared of Misty?”

“Yeah, I kind of am,” Claudia said. “She really doesn’t seem like the type of person that I wanna mess with.”

“She’s all talk. Trust me when I say that.”

“Even so, I’d really rather not.”

“All right. So if we don’t go with Lucas, then how are we getting there?”

“What about Tristan?”

Kimi’s brows arched upwards. “Oh. I hadn’t even thought about him.”

“You didn’t invite him to the party?”

“He wouldn’t bayan escort go even if I had. You know how he is.”

“It still would have been nice to invite him,” Claudia said. “Aren’t you two like talking?”

“Yeah. But like I said, he’s not the type to go to a party.”

“Call him and ask him if he wants to come. And even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll be happy to give you a ride.”

“I’ll give him a call tonight,” Kimi said.

Distracted by the sound of approaching footsteps, both Claudia and Kimi directed their gaze towards Mona, who was closely trailed by Big John. Standing at six foot seven, he appeared almost comically taller than Mona, who was just shy of five foot eight.

While his features were proud and strong, Mona’s were slim and delicate, and her skin just a shade darker than his lightly tan complexion. Yet despite the differences in their appearance, Claudia strongly believed that they made one of the cutest couples she had ever seen.

“I thought I heard you two out here,” Mona said while tightening the belt on her floral print robe. “Hello, Kimi. How are you?”

“I’m good. And you?”

“Fantastic.” Mona’s smile lit up her already glowing face.

“Hello girls.” Outfitted in a pair of jeans and a fitted cotton T-shirt which showed off his sizeable biceps and sturdily built chest, Big John gave them both a nod of acknowledgment before opening the refrigerator and retrieving two cans of Coke.

“Hello,” Kimi and Claudia said in perfect unison, and after exchanging a quick smirk, they both hid their smiles by taking a swig from their bottles of water.

“So, what’s this I hear about you two going to a party?” Mona asked.

“Oh, It’s just this little get together that’s happening tomorrow night,” Claudia stated. “Nothing major.”

“And who’s house will it be taking place at?”

“Well I don’t know him personally, but Kimi says It’s this guy from her history class.”

No longer standing, but sitting on Big John’s lap, Mona took a long drink from her can of soda before setting it down on the kitchen table.

“I’m going to need a name, sugar plum. And an address, as well.”


“So I know where to find you if there’s an emergency.”

“What could possibly happen?” Claudia asked. “It’s just a little house party.”

“Anything could happen.” Mona regarded her daughter with a gentle, yet steady gaze. “And that’s exactly why I need a name and number.”

“His name is Matthew,” Kimi interjected. “And he’s a really nice guy, so there’s nothing to worry about.”

“I’m sure he is nice, but I’m still going to need that address.”

Kimi retrieved her phone from her pocket and searched through her list of contacts, then read the address out to Mona, who scribbled it down on a pad of paper that was on the table.

“Will Tristan be accompanying you two girls to the party?”

“We’re not sure yet,” Claudia said. “But he will be at least driving us.”

“That’s good,” Mona said. “I like Tristan. He’s very trustworthy.”

“You girls be careful at that party tomorrow night,” Big John said. “You arrive together, you leave together. And don’t accept drinks from anyone you don’t know.”

“And don’t get into a car with anyone who’s drunk. If Tristan’s not available to take you home, give me a call and I’ll come pick you up. Okay?”

“Yes, of course. I already know all of this,” Claudia said to her mother.

“Just use good judgment, okay?”

Both Kimi and Claudia nodded.

“So, I know it will probably come as a huge disappointment to you girls, but Big John and I will be going out to dinner this evening.”

“Oh.” Despite her best attempts, Claudia’s tone perked up a bit.

“Which means you two will be left alone and unattended.”

“We can handle it,” Kimi said. “We’re nearly adults.”

A smile crept onto Mona’s lips. “I know you can handle it, but there are a few ground rules that need to be set.”

“No loud music, no going joyriding in your car, and stay out of your bedroom,” Claudia said.

“And no inviting any boys over. That’s the most important rule of all.” She looked from Claudia to Kimi, and then back again before reinforcing her statement. “Got it?”

“Got it,” Claudia said.

“The cabinet is full of snacks, and there’s a frozen pizza and some cookie dough in the freezer.”

“Did you pick up any Dr. Pepper?”

“Two packs. They’re in the fridge, on the lower shelf.”

“Guess we’re all set, then.”

“I’ll have my cell phone on all night but if there’s an emergency, you can always give Winona and Ray a call.”


“I guess that’s about it, then.” Mona stood up, followed by Big John, who tossed their empty soda cans into the trash. “We have reservations for eight, so we’re going to start getting ready now.”

“Need any help picking out an outfit?” Claudia asked.

“I think Big John can assist me with that.” Mona lifted her green eyes to meet her boyfriend’s, who in turn slinked an arm around her waist.

“Be more than happy to, love.”

He leaned down to plant a kiss on her upturned lips, and walking side by side with his woman, he led her out of the kitchen and back toward the bedroom.

“Your mom is so lucky,” Kimi said with a wistfulness to her voice. “You can tell that Big John really loves her.”

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