Gün: 30 Mart 2024

Neon NightNeon Night

There can only ever be one woman in my heart, and this is dedicated to her. MK Buzzing neon night in the city that never sleeps. Car lights streaking along the byways, and a symphony of noises and smells rising from the 24 hour hustle of the sidewalk. Sirens ring through the night air as […]

Back To The FutureBack To The Future

Funny thing technology, it can work for you or against you. The internet for example – marvellous opportunities for communication and research, but it also enables people to trace you – some that you may quite possibly prefer couldn’t! Outraged husbands you have cuckolded, ex-wives seeking all those withheld alimony payments. The group of retirees […]

Ayisha’s Escapades Pt. 02Ayisha’s Escapades Pt. 02

This is a sequel to my first story Ayisha’s Escapades Part 1, https://www..com/s/ayishas-escapades-pt-01. Ayisha is a Punjabi Pakistani Housewife on a sabbatical exploring her sexuality like never before. She’s married to Hassan, rich and handsome, with a past ‘history’ of homosexuality. She measures 32C-25-35. This series aims to illustrate her escapades. Start: Ayisha and Ali […]