My dick was already throbbing as it strained against the fabric of my pants. I looked over at the beauty with whom I shared the elevator, hoping she wouldn’t look down to see my obvious bulge which I felt would be a sign of being over eager.

Being a bachelor and a business attorney who traveled quite extensively closing deals on mergers, I naturally tried to find pussy in any city I found myself in. Only tonight I hadn’t expected to bring anyone back from the bar. I had an early meeting with an attorney I hadn’t met yet but heard was ruthless by reputation. So I had to be on top of my game in the morning and close the deal I was in town to close if I wanted the firm to keep sending me on the out of town jobs.

But I couldn’t resist. I was just in the bar to pick up a quick drink and there she was. Her long legs crossed delicately at the knees perched on the stool next to me. I tried not to look her way for too long, fearing I would be tempted to begin flirting with her but she seemed bored as she ran her finger along the rim of her glass.

“You look like your mind is somewhere else?” was all I had said. She just smiled and brought the glass to her lips. My heart pounded a little harder for a few beats as the rim touched her lips. They were soft, full and smooth; just like her legs, which disappeared just above her knees inside as velvety black dress that clung tightly to her thighs and curved its way up her hips. The neckline plunged in the front, revealing her cleavage and the back had straps crisscrossing almost to her waist. A single string of pearls adorned her neck and diamond earrings sparkled at her earlobes.

I studied my drink figuring she was waiting for someone. She obviously didn’t look like someone with whom I could pick up for a one night stand.

“You from out of town?” Her voice was hypnotic.

“Ah, yea.” I said, a little surprised she would start up a conversation.

“Well, Gaziantep Fetiş Escort what do you do?”

I smiled. I never made something up. I always revealed I was a business attorney. Women love professional men and she was no different. As soon as she heard my occupation she turned to face me and I knew I had to have her, somehow. She was lovely. Her blue eyes seemed to drink me in, her nose was petite, her neck ivory, her smile was infectious and her lips…oh, her lips.

We laughed for over an hour. The last few minutes had gotten quite suggestive. She saw through my every move and finally said, “So look, why don’t you quit playing those games men play and invite me to your room?”

She looked over at me as the elevator doors opened. Her dress seemed to ride up her hips with every step; steps that were purposeful not tentative though she wore high heels that accentuated her ass. She apparently wore heels a lot. She made her way down the hallway like a model on a runway before stopping at my door.

I opened it for her. Once inside I closed it behind us and flipped the lock, noticing out of the corner of my eye her kicking her high heels off. No sooner had I turned around than her arms slid around my neck and her lips met mine. Although it sounds like she was a take charge kind of woman, she did it in a slow sensual manner, more like melting into me than attacking me. So I melted into her.

Our tongues found each other, twisting and turning round and round. I found the small of her back and pressed her closer. Her leg lifted slightly and wrapped around my leg.

My hand slid further down to her round buttocks. I caressed them, holding her close while we kissed. My dick pressed against her stomach yearning to be released.

Without warning she stepped back. My lips wanted more. She smiled. Reaching behind her she slid the straps and dropped the shimmering black dress over her shoulders. It flowed down her body as if in slow motion. Time stood still until the black fabric stopped at her feet. My eyes widened and pulse quickened as my eyes followed the smooth lines of her body.

But before I could move she reached back and unsnapped her bra and in one motion slid a pair of silk panties off her waist. Her breasts were perky and full. She was beautiful and she knew it.

I stepped over the heap of fabric as she backed toward the bed. Although I remember every detail of her undressing, I remember nothing about how she removed my clothes other than she was smooth.

She would kiss me just long enough for me to want more then remove another piece of clothing from me before pulling my naked body onto the bed. Our tongues danced again and our legs entwined. I usually prided myself in being able to build a woman’s desire gradually through foreplay but she was different. Her hips thrust toward mine as she rubbed her wetness against me indicating she wanted things heated up quickly.

My dick found her pussy naturally. Without me touching it or guiding it, the tip bumped against her pussy as we kissed. Suddenly her eyes opened and she allowed our kiss to stop as she settled her head back onto the pillow. Our noses still touched and our eyes were inches from each other. Her gaze was tranquil and her eyes seemed to drink in my soul.

My heart pounded. I was usually the leader and a confident lover but suddenly I was hesitant. This woman was different. Quietness enveloped us. Her body was suddenly still beneath me. Slowly I felt it. Ever so slowly, her legs parted a bit wider as she arched her hips and pushed against the tip of my throbbing penis. A sudden surge of warmth engulfed my dick as I was swallowed up within her.

She smiled teasingly and grabbed the back of my hair. She pulled me to her as we kissed. My dick slid feverishly in and out of her pussy. Soon we were both moaning. I wouldn’t last long but neither did she. She began to grab my waist and pull me harder within her like I was a life size dildo.

Her eyes began to widen, her breath quickened and she tossed her head back. Her moans were now deeper, belying the earlier softness of her voice. My moans were deep as well, almost inhuman. I felt a surge of warmth in my groin which began to build and grow. The world could have ended then but we wouldn’t have been able to stop.

My balls tingled and my dick began to pulsate within her. I didn’t know if she wanted me to cum inside her so I pulled out and began to jack myself off between her legs. Streams of pearly fluid erupted from the tip of my penis and floated in arcs between her thighs falling in long lines from her pussy to between her breasts.

Streams were still pumping from my dick as she reached between her legs with her hand and found her clitoris pressing her own wetness mixed with my cum firmly onto it. Round and round she rubbed as she finished her orgasm, her body shuddering before me.

When we caught our breath I collapsed in her arms, oblivious of the sticky fluid between us where we soon fell asleep from exhaustion without saying a word.

The next morning when I awoke, she was gone. Just like that. I would have thought it was a dream but the sticky cum on my body told me otherwise. I quickly showered and barely made it to my morning meeting.

As I walked into the conference room I was still glowing from the heavenly release the night before. I was wondering if I would ever see her again as I nodded to some businessmen that I knew from previous meetings.

I was then introduced to the attorney I was told to fear the most. There she was. The same smooth legs that disappeared inside a tightly fitting black velvety dress; the same high heels; the same straps in the back. Only her hair was pulled in a bun now and she extended her hand with a confident smile. “Hi, glad you could come.”

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