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Jay’s Sex Club Adventures Ch. 21

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Well, back by popular demand. It’s time to continue Jay’s Sex Club Adventures. I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people, asking me if I intend to continue this series. It’s been a few years and at first, I really wasn’t interested but after a while, I decided it was worth a try. I have a lot in store for our favorite characters. I hope you all enjoy. If you are new to this series, I strongly suggest reading it from the beginning, so you can understand (and also my recent upload, How Rob Met Annie…it’s a spin-off but it is important to the main series)



The sound of my alarm clock blasting in my ear, woke me from a deep state of sleep, that I missed the moment I opened my eyes. With a groan, I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed my cell phone, pressing the “off” button on the alarm.

I set the phone back down and contemplated for a moment, trying to fall back to sleep…I couldn’t afford to sleep any longer though. It was already seven thirty in the morning and I had to be in work, by nine o’clock. Holly lay beside me, with my back towards her, her right arm wrapped around my waist and in the spooning position, I could feel her cock poking at my backside.

I heard her moan lightly behind me, pressing closer to me and moving her hand up under my shirt and over my smooth chest.

“Morning,” she muttered, sounding very groggy.


I felt her warm lips pressing against the back of my neck, her cock pressing harder against my ass, through the fabric of my boxers. I groaned, my own cock standing at full attention now and I pushed back against her, as she started dry humping me.

“I have to get ready for work,” I sighed.

I really didn’t feel like going in…I would have much rather stayed in bed and let my girlfriend, have her way with me.

“No time for a quickie?”

“It’s already seven thirty.”

“Mmm, but I’m so horny…”

I turned over onto my back and Holly propped herself up on her elbow, pressing her lips against mine and sliding her tongue into my mouth. I moaned, kissing her back and wrapping my arms around her…we were both in the same state of mind.

I wanted to mess around just as much as she did…fuck it, I thought to myself.

I forced her to lay back and slid my hand down under the blankets, past the waist band of her panties and my fingers curled around her throbbing cock; she really was hard. I began stroking her cock, my hand slowly gliding up and down the length of her shaft and Holly moaned, as I started kissing her neck.

I moved down some and lifted her t-shirt up, revealing those beautiful breasts and perky nipples. I started sucking on her nipples, still stroking her throbbing cock at the same time.

Then I moved down even further, kissing my way over her belly and down to her waist.

“God, Jay…don’t tease me!”

I slid underneath the blankets and came face to face, with my girlfriends big, throbbing cock. Holding it with one hand at the base, I began swirling my tongue around the head of her shaft. Holly moved her hands down under the covers, running them through my hair and she shivered, as I continued to tease her with my tongue.

I ran my tongue down the length of her shaft, then slowly back up to the tip again and back down the length once again. I continued doing this for a few very long seconds, before sliding all the way down to her balls and started tonguing them.

As my tongue lapped at her heavy balls, I pumped her cock with my left hand and used the other one to reach up and tease one of her nipples. Holly was starting to pant now, as I started sucking on her balls, working my way up to the main event.

“Damn it…Jay…just s-suck my…fucking cock!”

She was ready; I was ready too, I thought to myself. Hell, sometimes teasing her was teasing myself, as well. I wanted it just as badly as she did, so I dropped the foreplay and within seconds, her cock was in my mouth. I wrapped my lips around her and started sucking, bobbing my head up and down. Her hands moved over my head again and pushed it further down, until she slid right into my throat and I gagged.

I could feel her balls pressing against my chin, my eyes welling up a bit and I started practically drooling all over her dick.

In all the time that I had spent with Holly, I had gotten really good at sucking her cock. Sure, there were other girls who had helped her teach me the art of the blowjob; but I didn’t like sucking anyone’s cock, half as much as I loved sucking hers. Every sound that she made, seemed to turn me on even more…my own cock was so fucking hard, it was almost painful. I reached down between my legs and started stroking myself.

“Fuck…cumming…I’m gonna…cum…”

I quickened my pace, focusing on my deep throat skills. Holly started breathing heavier and took a fistful of my hair in her hand, panting and moaning and writhing around underneath of me.

“I’m gonna cum!”

I backed off just a little, until only her head was between my lips and I moaned, Anadolu Yakası escort as she started to cum. She immediately flooded my mouth, with her warm and sticky fluids. The sweet flavor washed over my tongue and I kept sucking on the head of her cock and gently rubbing her balls, trying to milk her dry. She moaned and moaned even louder, riding her orgasm until it was complete and I had drained her balls of every drop of cum.

As she pumped her load into my mouth, my own cock gave a jerk and a twitch and I gasped. I started moaning and groaning against her cock, and I felt my cum running down my fingers. It amazed me sometimes, that giving her a blowjob sometimes turned me on so much, that I could cum just from that.

I swallowed it all and came up from under the covers, my cheeks flushed and my hair sticking to my head with sweat. Holly smiled at me, still breathing heavily and brushed the hair out of my face. “That was great.”

“I agree,” I replied, kissing her on the lips and laying back down beside her.

“You probably really should, get ready for work now…look at the clock!”

I glanced over at my nightstand and groaned; the clock read eight o’clock. I had one hour to get in the shower, get dressed, make some coffee and get my ass to work.

“Do I have to go in today?”

“I really wish you didn’t,” Holly said, resting her head on my chest. “I’d rather you stay home and suck my cock all day.”

“If only that were possible, I would be one happy guy.”

“And I’d be one happy girl,” she laughed.

I finally forced myself out of bed, stretching and making my way towards the bathroom. Holly got up and made her way downstairs to the kitchen, prepping a pot of coffee for me, so I wouldn’t have to worry about doing it myself. I took a moment to relieve my bladder, before stepping into the shower and washing my body.

After I dried off, I brushed my teeth and swished some mouthwash around for a moment, before quickly heading downstairs to meet Holly, in the kitchen.

“I have to get going,” I said, as she handed me a cup of coffee.

I gave her a quick kiss and she hugged me tightly.

“What are we doing when you get home, tonight?”

“Not sure…it’s Friday, so we’ll do something.”

“Call me on your break and we’ll talk about it, okay?”

“You got it babe.”

One more kiss and I was out the door, jumping in my car and speeding out of the driveway. I got to work with ten minutes to spare and sighed, relieved to know that I wouldn’t be late that day. I’d been late at least three times, in the last couple of weeks…I really didn’t need anymore warnings from management. I clocked in right on time and got started right away.

The day went by fast and during my break, I called Holly, like I promised her I would. We talked about what we wanted to do that night and eventually decided, to invite Rob and Annie over to hang out for a while. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon and we were both looking forward, to talking about things had gone for the two newly weds.

Rob and Annie got married about two weeks ago. It was a beautiful wedding and I was proud of my friend, and felt honored to have been his best man. Of course, Rob said he wouldn’t have asked anyone other than me, to fill that role. We had been best friends all our lives and it was a mutual agreement, that we would be the best man at each others weddings. That’s something I needed to talk to him about, actually…

I had spoken with Rob briefly at his own wedding, about something that could very likely be happening soon; I wanted to propose to Holly. I wanted to make her my wife and spend the rest of my life, with her at my side. The ring had already been purchased and I had spent quite a bit of money on it, but it was well worth the cash I had spent.

With that out of the way, there was only one thing to establish; the right time and place to ask the question. I wanted it to be perfect and I knew, it would never be one hundred percent perfect; but it had to be good enough. I was hoping Rob could help me plan all of this stuff and maybe even put my nerves at rest, so I could stop obsessing.

I sent him a text, after I hung up with Holly and asked if he and Annie were free that night.

Rob: We’re not doing anything tonight, buddy. What’s up?

I asked if they wanted to come over and have a few beers, to which he replied rather quickly, “Sure thing. Be there around 8:00?”

“Sounds good,” I wrote back. “See you guys tonight.”

I finished up my shift and by 5:00, I was on my way back home. I stopped at the liquor store on the way back and grabbed a bottle of whiskey for me and Rob to split, as well as a bottle of whine for Holly. When I got home, I decided to cook some burgers on the grill for everyone to eat.

Rob and Annie arrived at 8:00 sharp, just like he said and immediately, Holly and I were bombarding them with questions about how their honeymoon had gone. We talked about that for a while and once we finished eating, we Anadolu Yakası escort bayan sat down at the table in the yard and started drinking. I was waiting for the right moment to bring up my plans to Rob; obviously, I had to wait until Holly wasn’t around.

Luckily, Holly and Annie decided to go inside and use the bathroom, leaving Rob and I alone, so I could finally bring up what was on my mind to him.

“You alright buddy? You look nervous,” Rob said, starting the conversation for me.

“Yeah, I’m good dude; I need to talk to you though.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Remember what we talked about, at your reception?”

He thought about it for a moment and then a grin crept across his face, as he nodded his head in understanding.

“Let me show you something,” I said.

I stood up and reached into my pocket, pulling out a small, square shaped box. I sat back down and leaned across the table, opening the box and revealing a very large diamond engagement ring. “Holy fuck, dude!”

Rob’s eyes went wide, practically popping out of their sockets.

“How much fucking money, did you spend on that?”

“More than you can imagine,” I replied, with a laugh.

“Holly is going to love that thing, Jay. You really out did yourself on this one…when are you gonna ask her?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” I said, shutting the box and shoving it back into my pocket again.

“I have no idea when the hell, I want to do this. It’s got to be fucking perfect man; she has to have absolutely no idea that it’s coming.”

“So you’re trying to plan the perfect proposal, huh? Good luck with that. I was the same way, when I asked Annie.”

“And was it perfect?”

“I don’t think so,” he laughed.

“But Annie sure was happy. I feel I could have done a whole lot better, but…at least she was satisfied. I took her to the beach and waited until the sun was setting. Nice cool breeze, the water washing up under our feet…man, she was so caught up in nature, she had no idea what I was about to do. Then I dropped on one knee and pulled out the ring…she looked like a kid in a candy shop.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, as Rob explained to me his story of when he proposed to Annie. I could see in his eyes, he was still living the memory like it was yesterday. That’s how it had to be with Holly. She had to be able to look back at it, ten years from now and feel like it was only a day ago, that I had asked her to marry me.

“How about you do it next month, when we go down Wildwood? Holly loves the beach, right? They do fireworks every Friday night down there, you could drop the question on the beach, under the boardwalk, with fireworks going off…I bet she would love something like that, Jay!”

“That just might work…”

We were planning a group trip down the shore next month. It had been the works for a while now. We were all pitching in together and renting a house down there, with two bedrooms, one floor, a nice yard with a fire pit and a swimming pool…and it was only right down the street, from the boardwalk and the beach.

“I think that’s when I’m going to do it…you think she’ll say yes?”

“Jay, that’s a stupid question bro…why the fuck wouldn’t she?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed. “I guess, I’m just…nervous?”

“Nothing to be nervous about,” Rob reassured me.

“Holly loves you so fucking much; there’s no way in hell, she would say anything other than yes. I’m telling you Jay, this is going to work out just fine; I promise!”

“Thanks dude…”

I believed him. Rob was right, there was no reason why Holly would say no, if I asked her to marry me. We had talked about marriage in the past and she had always been very open to the idea. We’d been together long enough and we had been through more than enough, as a couple. I was positive that the two of us would make a great husband and wife, and we would spend the rest of our lives together.

My conversation with Rob ended just as Holly and Annie came back outside, sitting back at the table with us. They were both pretty drunk by now and laughing it up, like a couple of school girls.

“What’s so funny,” Rob asked, with a grin.

“Oh nothing,” Annie replied. “I was just telling Holly about our first night together…as husband and wife. And how good you fucked my ass.”

“Getting a bit personal there, huh?”

We all got a good laugh, as Annie carried on telling Holly about all the hot sex, she and Rob had during their honeymoon. Apparently that first night, Annie was the one taking it in the ass…happily of course…but during the actual honeymoon, the roles had shifted and Rob spent pretty much their entire time away, bent over and getting pounded by his new wife. By the end of it all, I couldn’t help but crack a joke. “Your ass must be pretty sore by now, after all that fucking, huh buddy?”

“I’ll live,” he shrugged. “I guess it’s pay back, for all the times I made her walk funny…right babe?”

“Mmm, that’s a good escort bayan way to look at it.”

“Better watch it Jay,” Holly chimed in.

“That blowjob this morning was real hot…but tonight, I’m going to fuck your ass so hard, you and Rob will have a few things in common by the time I’m done with you.”

“Is that a threat?”

Holly grinned, leaning across the table and giving me a kiss on the lips.

“I don’t make threats honey; I make promises.”

We all laughed and Rob poked fun at me for a moment, taking a sip of his whiskey and the conversation carried on. We sat outback and kept talking for a few more hours, until well after midnight. None of us had work the next day, since it was Saturday, so we were able to kick back and have fun as long as we wanted.

Rob and Annie didn’t leave until almost two o’clock in the morning, and when they did, I could hardly wait to get upstairs to our room and see what Holly had in store for me.

Holly had gone inside ahead of me, while I walked Rob and Annie to their car and made them promise to text when they got home. When they pulled out of the driveway, I rushed back into the house and locked all the doors for the night. Then up the stairs I ran, straight into the room and found Holly in bed…completely nude and already very hard.

Her cock was standing straight up and she was slowly stroking it, smiling at me, as her hand glided up and down her shaft.

“Took you long enough.”

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” I said, sheepishly.

“Don’t apologize; just get your ass over here!”

I quickly pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it to the floor and slipping out of my shorts. Removing my boxers, I climbed into the bed and Holly wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close and we started kissing. Our tongues dancing, our hands began to roam and soon enough, I was lying on my back and Holly was busy tea bagging me. Her cock and balls hung right over my face and I opened my mouth, eagerly waiting, as she lowered herself down until her balls were right within tongues reach.

I licked and sucked on the for a few moments, before she shoved her cock down my throat and started mouth fucking me. I gagged and choked, slurping and spitting, my own cock oozing pre-cum. Holly turned me over onto my stomach and after applying some lube, she slipped her fingers into my ass and started gently massaging my prostate.

I moaned, as her fingers slid in and out of my hole.

My cock swelled up and started oozing even more, my balls aching for release already. I reached down to touch myself but Holly swatted my hand, pushing it away and pulling her cock from my mouth. She turned around and shoved her ass in my face, wrapping her lips around my cock and started sucking. I groaned, my mouth wide open and she slipped back between my lips again.

We were sucking each other off now; I loved 69.

As Holly sucked my cock, she continued working my ass with her fingers for a few minutes…it didn’t last too long, though.

Her cock was throbbing and we both knew, what she really wanted. Once again, I turned over onto my stomach and after smacking my ass quite hard, Holly grabbed the bottle of lube and poured the cold lubricant all over my ass crack. I gasped, surprised at how cold it was and Holly proceeded to add some to her cock as well, stroking it until it was nice and slick. She wasted no time from that point, lining the head of her cock up with my hole and thrusting right into me.

I gave a low grunt and gripped the sheets, instinctively pushing back against her and she quickly bottomed out.

Her hands moved to my hips and Holly began pounding, driving her cock in and out of my ass, with no mercy. She hadn’t been lying when she said all that stuff outside; she really was going at it and I was loving every second of it, too.

Since we had moved in together, in my Uncle’s house, the sex that Holly and I had, had become much more intense. She seemed to really enjoy being the dominant one in the bedroom. She always liked it before of course but, she had become much more interested in my ass then she was before. I had grown to enjoy the role reversal quite a bit, myself…sometimes, I even enjoyed being a bottom even more than I did being a top.

That didn’t mean that Holly no longer liked to bottom for me. She still loved my cock and I still loved giving it to her, whenever she wanted it.

We rolled over in the bed, a sweaty mess already and now I was on top of her, riding her cock and bouncing up and down in her lap. Her hands stayed at my hips and I watched as her tits jiggled, as she lifted her ass off of the mattress and fucked me.

I leaned back on both hands, my cock slapping hard against my stomach. Holly reached up and grabbed my dick, stroking it and licking her lips, as I continued riding her. “I want you to cum for me baby,” she whispered, staring up at me with lust.

“Are you gonna cum for me, Jay?”

“Fuck yeah baby,” I replied, panting and sweating furiously. “I’m almost…there…almost…ready…”

Resuming full control once again, Holly flipped me onto my back and lifted my legs high up into the air. She drove herself harder and harder, into my gaping ass and I threw my hands up in the air and moved them behind my head. Moaning louder now, my cock began to pulsate in her hand; I was almost there.

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Bridget At It Again

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Bridget was in college and working on a final project for her class. She was getting frustrated as she could not figure out the code she needed to make her project work. She done some research online and found an instructor that could help her out. She sent Fed the instructor her problem and he told her for a small fee he could help her out and fix the site for her. Bridget immediately sent a payment over to Fred and within minutes he had sent her the code she needed. She inserted the code in her project and low and behold the site worked. She was so relieved to have her site up and running she never thought about what she had just done to get it to work. As the night moved on Andy her husband had come home. Andy asked Bridget how her day went and if she had worked on her homework like he had asked her to do that morning as he left for work. Bridget hugged Andy and told him yes she had finished her homework. Andy gave her a playful smack on the butt as he hugged and kissed her. That night as they lay in bed talking Andy asked her how much more homework she had to do. Bridget told him she had a lot to do yet but she was finally getting the hang of coding. Andy smiled and told her he knew she could do it.

The next morning Bridget and Andy arose. The sun was shining and it was a new day. As Andy left for work he again told Bridget to work on her homework and try and get a head in class. Bridget told Andy she would do her best. Bridget set down at the table and began her class work. Once again she was stuck on a code to make her site come up and work. Well she thought Fred helped her yesterday maybe he could help her out again today. She emailed Fred and of course he would help her all he could. Bridget sent Fred her problem and sure enough Fred knew how to code it. Fred told Bridget for twenty dollars he would send her the working code. Once again Bridget sent a payment to Fred and he in turn sent her the code. She got the homework done and turned in. Soon it was time for Andy to come home from work. They had another relaxing evening talking about their day.

That night as Bridget listened to Andy sleep, thoughts of what she had done started to get to her. Bridget started to feel guilty for asking Fred for help. It wasn’t just the help it was paying him to do her work for her. She knew she could do the work. That night Bridget decided she was going to buckle down and try harder to understand the code and how to make a website work. Morning came and once again Andy left for work and Bridget sat down to do homework. Once again she was stuck. She looked at examples in her book on how to do the code to make her site work. She was so positive last night she could do this and now she was once again frustrated. She rationalized contacting Fred again. What would it hurt to ask him for help one more time? She talked herself right into emailing Fred. She knew once Fred sent her the code and she looked at it she understood exactly what it was she was doing wrong. So again she paid Fred for the code to get her website to work.

Andy got home from work and found Bridget cranky. Bridget was starting to feel very guilty for paying Fred to help her. She was so guilty she was taking it out on Andy. When Andy asked Bridget how her day went and how homework was going, she snapped at him and told him everything was fine why did he always have to ask how her homework went? Immediately Bridget was sorry for lashing out like she did to Andy. Andy took Bridget by the arm and walked her over to the dining room table. He undone her pants and pulled them down along with her panties. Now young lady put your hands on the table. As she done so she heard his belt come off. Smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkkkk Andy Anadolu Yakası escort told Bridget to turn around and look at him. Bridget got up and looked at Andy. Do you care to tell me what that was all about young lady? Bridget just looked at Andy. I-I-I’m sorry Sir. It was just a bad day today. I didn’t mean to take it out on you. Andy smiled and hugged Bridget. Can I put my belt back on now or do you need more? You can put your belt back on Sir, she stated and pulled up her pants as well.

As they lay in bed talking that night Bridget thanked Andy for spanking her. She told Andy that is just what she needed and was better. Andy hugged her and asked her again if she was alright. She assured Andy she was fine and fell asleep on his chest. As the next few days went on Bridget was feeling guiltier for asking Fred for help. She was so consumed in guilt and her thoughts she didn’t hear Andy come in the house. Andy walked up to Bridget and she jumped. Andy held out a billing statement and Bridget froze. She knew from just viewing the name on the statement what was next. Bridget, would you mind telling me who Fred is and why you sent him three different payments? Bridget just stood there looking at Andy. BRIDGET, Andy’s voice brought her back to his attention, whose Fred and what are these payments for? Bridget found her voice. Fred is a friend of mine and he was helping me understand my coding assignments. You paid someone to do your homework, stated Andy? N-n-o-o-o sir, it isn’t like that sir. Why don’t you tell me what it is like then young lady? Bridget lowered her head. She had felt guilty for days and now she had been caught. I am waiting for an answer young lady.

Bridget turned and walked to their bedroom leaving Andy holding the statement wondering what was really going on. Andy sat down and told himself Bridget needed a few minutes alone to think and he needed a few minutes to calm down. One thing Andy never done was punish Bridget in anger.

Bridget was in their bedroom. She was so filled with guilt she walked over to the corner, lowered her pants and panties to her knees and placed her hands on her head. She stood there thinking. Her mind was going in a million different directions. She knew what she done was wrong and she knew Andy deserved to know the truth. She also knew she deserved to be punished. Fifteen, twenty, thirty minutes had passed and Bridget was still standing in the corner. She was not ordered to go to the corner she had done this on her own. Andy was in the living room and had calmed down and decided he should go check on Bridget and get to the bottom of what was going on.

He walked in their bedroom and was surprised to see Bridget standing in the corner with her pants and panties down. Andy had never seen his wife do this before. He walked up behind Bridget and asked her to turn around and look at him. Bridget obeyed and turned around. One look at Bridget’s face told Andy she was hurting and ready to break. I think we need to get the hairbrush and have you lay you over my lap don’t we, stated Andy? Yes sir said Bridget. Andy picked up the hairbrush that was beside them on the dresser and sat on the bed telling Bridget to come over to him and lay across his lap. She walked over to Andy and lay over his lap. Smackkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkk Andy swatted the left cheek then the right cheek smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkk Bridget had started to kick as the smacks landed one after another, one smack to the right cheek, one smack the left cheek, right, left, hard smacks kept landing on her bottom. Bridget had kicked her pants and panties off, her bottom was burning and she started to beg Andy to stop spanking her. I’m sorry, stop please Anadolu Yakası escort bayan stop. Andy set the hairbrush beside him and told Bridget to kneel in front of him. She slid off his lap and knelt before him. Now, look at me. Bridget looked up at Andy. I want to know what is going on and I don’t want any beating around the bush do you understand me young lady? Yes sir she said. Explain to me who Fred is and why you paid him. Bridget started from the beginning telling Andy she was lost in her homework and didn’t mean to get in as deep as she was. She told him she had felt guilty for days about paying Fred for helping her understand code but she just couldn’t bring herself to tell him. I see said Andy. Is that why you came in here to the corner? You knew you deserved to be punished and couldn’t ask me to punish you so you came to the corner knowing I would come in and take over? Yes sir she said lowering her head.

Andy took his hands and lifted her chin up to meet his eyes. You know you will be punished severely for this don’t you? Yes sir. Strip and go back to the corner but this time I want you kneeling there with your hands on your head. Bridget stood up and took off her clothes and walked to the corner and knelt down placing her hands on her head. She could hear Andy move about the bedroom but did not know what he was doing. Andy walked up behind Bridget. He reached around her and clamped her right nipple with the clamps he had. Next he clamped her left nipple. He picked the chain from the clamps up and moved it to her lips. Put this in your mouth. Do NOT let it fall out of your mouth. He walked away to finish getting his implements out that he had planned to punish her with. Fifteen minutes had passed. Andy again walked up to Bridget, this time with a bowl of warm soapy water and a syringe. Young lady, I want you to back up away from the corner place your hands on the floor and remain kneeling, butt out for me and do NOT let the chain come out of your mouth. Slowly Bridget done as instructed. She moaned as the chain pulled on her nipples but she did not let it drop from her mouth. Andy filled the syringe and inserted it in her butt hole filling her up. After inserting her bottom with the soapy water 6 times he placed a butt plug in her bottom. He told her she was not to move out of position. Andy got up and emptied the left over water in the bathroom sink leaving Bridget as she was on the floor. He knew he was hard on her but this time he had to be. He walked back over to Bridget and told her he would not tolerate cheating of any kind and paying someone to do your homework was definitely not acceptable. I am going to teach you a lesson you will not soon forget young lady. Bridget just knelt there in position afraid to move for fear of losing the butt plug or dropping the chain from her mouth.

Andy reached down and moved the butt plug in and out of her slowly. Bridget began to moan. Do you have to use the bathroom young lady? Bridget motioned her head yes. Andy smiled although Bridget could not see it. He shoved the butt plug hard in her bottom and told her good, you’re being punished. You will remain in this position for another 10 minutes and if you’re a good girl and don’t drop the chain and leave the butt plug in your bottom I might just let you up to go potty. If the plug comes out or the chain drops we will begin again understand? She just nodded her head. Andy walked over to the bed and sat down. He hated to be hard on his wife but this time he had to be. Seeing Bridget kneeling in the corner struggling not to let the plug come out or chain drop he knew was true punishment for her.

He had never had to punish his wife in this manner before. Sure they had fun using the nipple escort bayan clamps and fun enemas before but this time was different. Ten minutes had passed and Andy walked over to Bridget and told her to stand up and not let the butt plug come out or chain drop. Slowly she stood up. Andy took the chain from the clamps and pulled off the nipple clamps. Bridget let out a yelp and went to rub her nipples but Andy grabbed her wrist and stopped her before she could do so. I wouldn’t even think of rubbing your nips right now young lady unless you want to have the clamps on you again only for an hour this time. Yes sir is all she said. Now would you like to go to the bathroom? Yes please. He walked Bridget to the bathroom and told her to bend over and he would pull out the butt plug. As he done so she sat down fast and expelled herself. Andy stood there and placed both of her nipples between his fingers rolling them around and feeling how hard they were. Please Sir, can’t I even go to the bathroom without you in here? Andy lifted his hand smackkkkkkk down it landed on her right thigh. Owwwwwww. Do you have anything else to say to me? No Sir she said. Again he placed his fingers on her nips and rolled them around. They were tender from the clamps but he was making her horny and he knew it. He also knew this was punishment and she was not allowed to cum while being punished.

Andy stopped and walked out telling Bridget when she was done to lay on the bed she was getting canned. Bridget got up and went to the bed. She just wanted this over with. She lay down on her stomach Andy told her to get up. He propped 4 pillows under her hips and told her to lie across them. She knew better than to argue and done as she was told. Andy took the butt plug and inserted it in her bottom. He told her she was a bad girl and would wear the plug all night. He picked up the cane and swoooooooooshhhhhh, down came the first stroke across her bottom. Now young lady, you are getting 20 strokes across your thighs, if you move out of position we will start from one again do you understand me? Please Sir not that many. Swoooooooooosh, excuse me? Do you make the rules? No sir. What did I just say? Swoooooooooosh another crack across her bottom. I was getting 20 strokes across my thighs. Swooooooooosh, swoooooooosh, owwwwwwwwww swooooooosh, stop, swooooooosh , I’m sorry sir swooooooooooooooosh, one stroke after another landed across her thighs. Swowwwwwsh, swooooooosh, please stop. Andy ignored her pleas and continued to lay the strokes on her thighs swooooooooosh, swoooooooosh, swoooooooooosh.

After all 20 strokes had been given Andy picked up the paddle and as she remained laying over the pillows he sat next to her and began to paddle her bottom. Smackkkkkk, smackkkkkkkkk owwwwwwwww Bridget began to kick her legs smackkkk, smackkkk, smackkkkkkkkk stop please Andy held her down and continued to lay the paddle into her bottom smackkkkkkkk, smackkkkkkkk Bridget soon stopped fighting him and just broke down and cried. Smackkkkk, smackkkkkk, smackkkkkk She was sobbing and didn’t realize Andy had stopped the paddling. He picked up the lotion and rubbed some lotion on her tender bottom as she lay there calming down, massaging her back and thighs and bottom until she was totally relaxed and calm.

Andy lay beside Bridget and hugged her tight. Thank you sir she told him. Why did you do it Bridget? I don’t know Sir she told him. I know I can do the work, I just got scared that I would fail and wanted to make sure I understood the work. I did learn from the code he sent me Sir. I don’t want you to pay anyone for answers again do you understand me? Yes sir she said. Is that butt plug still in you tight? Her face turned red as she said yes sir. Good girl. You can think about your actions while you sleep with it in you tonight. In the morning you can get up and stand in the corner and think about your actions lately. When you think you can remain positive about class you can take the plug out and work on homework. Understand? Yes sir. With that they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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First Time with Friends

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It all started when our best friends asked my wife and I to help clean off a fence row and build new fence on their land. Bruce and Allison have been our close friends for ten years. We have been on several vacations and trips with them, but we have never had anything sexual happen between us. Not that it hadn’t crossed my mind.

Bruce and Allison are the same age as us, early forties, and like us have nowhere near perfect bodies. My wife (Kim) is nicely built for having two kids however with brown hair, b cups, and great legs that tie into an awesome ass. Myself (Wade) 6 foot 250, graying hair, something extra around the gut, but pretty toned with 6 ½ inches to play with. Allison is shorter and a little heavier than Kim, light brown hair, always tan, with bigger tits but not the ass that Kim has. Bruce is smaller than me, 5’8″ about 190 with sandy blonde hair.

It was in the middle of summer in Texas and it was hot. The work was dirty and exhausting. The fence row was covered with trees that had to be limbed out high enough to build the new fence. As we ran out of daylight we made our way back to their house. We were all dirty, hot and tired. As we got to the house Allison made the comment we should jump in their pool. I said if we had our swimsuits we would, to my surprise Allison replied why do we need swimsuits. urfa escort After a quiet moment all four of us said “well ok”.

It was not completely dark, but the pool lights had come on well enough to see. We all stripped out of our clothes and hosed the dirt off before getting in the pool. Each couple washed their spouses, and we all jumped in the pool. Kim is completely shaved and I have a treasure trail and shaved balls. Allison had a thin landing strip and Bruce was neatly trimmed. I was relieved he was pretty much the same size as myself. Neither of us guys were hard, but we were getting there.

We all swam around pretty much avoiding any contact with each other. After 45 minutes or so we decided to get out and dry off. Allison had grabbed towels for us and we all dried off and grabbed a lounge chair. The night air had cooled down enough to be comfortable as we all laid naked. Kim crawled beside me on the chair and instantly I was hard. Allison had done the same with Bruce, almost like the two girls had planned this out. The position of our chairs gave each of us guys the perfect view of each other wives ass. Kim had slid down and started giving me a blow job. Bruce had his eyes on Kim’s ass while trying to encourage a blowjob out of Allison.

Allison made balıkesir escort the comment that even after a swim we all still had a “smell” and needed a shower. Thinking the blowjob may have been a little much, I figured this was the end of the evening. However, Allison told us there was plenty of room in the master bath and for us to get cleaned up. Bruce and I were still fully hard as we entered the steamy shower the girls had already started. Each of us took had turns washing each the other spouse off when both girls swapped positions with each other. In an instant Allison had her tongue in mouth while Kim was doing the same with Bruce. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. My cock was throbbing as Allison reached down and started stroking it.

Kim had Bruce by the cock as she led him out of the shower. Allison and I stepped out and all four of us toweled off. Allison and Kim crawled onto the king size bed in the master bedroom. I went to the side were Kim was but she shook her head and pointed at Bruce signaling that she wanted him instead. Allison spread her legs inviting me to eat her pussy, while Bruce was already going down on Kim. I wrapped my lips around Allison’s swollen pussy and caused a loud moan to match the one that Bruce was giving Kim.

After a few trabzon escort minutes of oral, Bruce and I switched places on the bed with the ladies. The swap was still on as Allison slid her wet pussy down on my cock and started grinding wildly. I started arching my back giving her as much of my cock as I could. Kim was going hard on Bruce and he was giving her what he had as well. We were close enough the two girls could lean over and kiss their own husbands. Kim kissed my mouth like she does when she is having an orgasm. Both girls rubbed the other as they were bent over.

Allison climbed off me and got on all fours, arched her back and stuck her ass up in the air. I slammed my cock in as hard and fast as I could while she groaned and bucked on my cock. Kim had moved beside her in the same position as Allison. Bruce was pounding her as hard and fast as I was his wife. I knew at this pace it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. Evidently Bruce was having the same issue because he pulled out of Kim and shot his load on her back and ass. With that I came to climax and shot my load on Allison. It went to the back of her head, the second shot went from her neck to the small of her ass with the final dribble going down the crack of her ass.

Even though us two guys were finished the girls weren’t. Kim climbed into a sixty nine position on Allison and within a minute both had wild load orgasms. Kim had always said she would never eat pussy, but the moment had over took her. We all took another group shower and left that night talking about the “next” time.

We have had group sex several times since and it’s only gotten wilder and better!!

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Bound To Heal Ch. 04

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Chapter 04: DINNER

Note: Songs and videos appear as part of the story. Find them on YouTube and play them to enhance your reading pleasure.

* * *

As Nancy drove the pickup truck, she and Julie chatted on the way to the village.

Julie was anxious and excited to meet Doogan for dinner as she watched for the restaurant. She was also scared, really scared. Driving was a dangerous thing. She’d learned that first hand — twice — first with the death of her parents in their accident a year ago and then just a month ago with her own crash. People just don’t sit up and take notice until it’s too late. And now it was difficult to admit she was a perfect example.

The pickup truck pulled into the parking lot and stopped close to the front door. Julie took a deep breath and then sighed, “Ok. Here I go.”

Nancy looked over at Julie and smiled, “You’ll be fine. He’s a nice boy and I’m sure he’s also a gentleman. You couldn’t be in better hands. Call me when you’re finished and I’ll come and get you.”

Julie smiled at Nancy’s words of encouragement. She needed it. This was her first date in over a year. Well, it wasn’t really a date, just a thank you dinner for the man who had saved her life, who had tenderly cared for her.

Ok, relax. It’s now or never. She opened the truck’s door and got gingerly out, taking her crutches.

“Hello Julie, need a helping hand.”

She jerked, startled by the voice suddenly behind her. “Doogan? Oh my! You scared me,” as she felt his hands slide under her arms and press snugly against her ribs securely supporting her balance.

“Oh. Doogan. Please, not so tight, my injured breast.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Doogan, now remembered her injured right breast. He moved his hand back from her right side. “Did I hurt you, I’m sorry Julie, I didn’t mean to,” he said sincerely.

“No. You didn’t hurt me. It was just the pressure. It’s still a little sensitive.” She could feel herself getting warm inside from the touch of his fingers and talking about her breast.

“Hello Nancy, How are you this evening?” asked Doogan looking into the open door of the pickup truck.

“Hello Doogan. I’m fine thanks. And how are you?” Nancy asked.

“Just fine, thank you,” he said.

“Julie will call me when you’re finished and I’ll come and get her.

“Oh. You’re not having dinner with us? I thought . . .” said Doogan, remembering the three of them in the hospital hallway.

“No Doogan. The accident and Julie’s rescue didn’t involve me, just the two of you. You two have a nice time.

“Julie, I don’t feel right about not having Nancy here with us. I always thought she would be coming to dinner too,” said Doogan.

“Nancy, are you sure you won’t stay and have dinner with us,” said Julie.

“No, you two enjoy a nice dinner, I’ve already got my dinner planned, it just has to be warned up. Thanks anyway,” said Nancy.

“Nancy, don’t worry about coming to get Julie. I’ll bring her straight home after dinner,” said Doogan.

“Are you sure Doogan,” said Nancy.

“We’ll be home before you get the dishes done,” he said smiling.

“Oh, thank you Doogan. That’s kind of you. Have a nice evening,” said Nancy.

Doogan closed the truck’s door and stood close watching Julie get onto the sidewalk.

“I think we’re going to have nice dinner,” he said. “And I’m sorry I frightened you,” he said.

“That’s ok Doogan. I know you didn’t mean to,” said Julie.

He stood behind her as she hobbled up the steps.

They were given a table near a corner. They ordered shrimp for an appetizer but Julie wasn’t sure what to order for wine. Just before her parents’ accident, she was starting to acquire a taste for wine and didn’t know much about the various varieties. Doogan suggested she try a house wine or a Chardonnay. She ordered a Chardonnay, he ordered a Caesar.

“You look very nice tonight Julie, I like your hair and that colourful blouse,” he said smiling at her. The swirls of golds, browns, greens and thin black lines looked nice with her brown hair.

“Thank you,” she said feeling a blush on her face and neck. She had purchased the blouse over a year ago. “This is the first time I’ve worn it,” She was now pleased with her old, but new blouse.

Doogan opened their conversation talking about movies, old and new. Doogan liked a variety of sci-fi, war, and comedy, Julie didn’t know many of the movie titles Doogan mentioned. She had her own favourites: Bridges of Madison Country, It’s Complicated, the Descendants. They both liked What Women Want and Casablanca.

When the shrimp arrived Doogan asked, “Wouldst My-Lady liketh the first shrimp with a little dipping sauce?”

“Thank you,” said Julie, surprised at the old English dialogue. She watched him pick up a shrimp and dip it in the red sauce.

“The first one is for My-Lady,” he said, holding it out for her with a small plate under to catch any drips.

“Doogan!” she whispered looking around, surprised and embarrassed.

“Julie, bursa escort let’s be happy and have a little fun. I thought it would be proper for me to offer it to you,” he said, then pulled his arms back and slipped the shrimp into his mouth, biting off the tail shell. “Mmm good.” he said, smiling. “Would you like one?”

She looked at him as he enjoyed the shrimp, smiling.

“Ok, I’m sorry Doogan, I’m just not used to letting my hair down,” she said. Could you please give me one,” she said, a little self-conscious.

“I’d be happy to My-Lady,” he said, dipping a shrimp and reaching over to her. “Now open wide,” he said, pulling back slightly, making her lean forward. “A little wider. Good. Here you go My-Lady,” he said, as he inserted the shrimp into her mouth..

She bit down gently, and he pulled the remaining piece away, setting it on a plate.

“See, that wasn’t so hard was it?” he asked. His mind was now overly active, thinking wonderfully erotic thoughts already. Darn, He shouldn’t have done that. He was hoping to be a gentleman tonight, not that he wasn’t a gentleman. He just had an active romantic and erotic mind, with just a slight twist of kink.

She looked around, but no one was looking at them. She felt less self- conscious now. She didn’t answer. She just enjoyed the shrimp.

After some discussion about food, they both ordered the Filet Mignon with brown rice and candied baby carrots.

Doogan let her pick her own other two shrimp and he ate his.

“Is it ok if I ask about your farm?” said Doogan, not wanting to upset Julie. “I’ve never been on a farm except for emergency calls.”

“Oh. Sure. What do you want to know?” asked Julie.

“We talked briefly on the phone the other night about the farm, but do you have tractors and other big equipment?” asked Doogan.

We, umm . . . I have one average size tractor. It doesn’t have a cab like the big ones today. I have a couple accessories, a chisel plough, a power take-off for running the belt elevator, a snow blower for the driveway and yard area, a small bailer and hay trailer.

Doogan asked about the equipment and Julie explained their functions.

“I helped my parents all the time, right after getting home from school and on weekends. I wasn’t very strong so the manual work was difficult, but I could do the tractor work, plough and till the fields, bail hay and snow-blow the driveway,” said Julie. “I actually learned to drive the tractor and use the equipment before learning to drive the pick-up and get a licence.”

“That’s amazing Julie,” said Doogan. He was impressed that Julie could do all the field work with the tractor and other equipment. “But you don’t do anything now?”

Julie hesitated a second. “Can we talk about something else please?” She was starting to feel the hollow ache and she didn’t want that tonight.

“Sure, so do you follow women’s fashion and all the changes every couple months?” asked Doogan.

“No, we . . . I get a couple catalogues from the department stores, but mom and I were not into all that, just the basics,” said Julie.

“I guess you have a favorite perfume or two?” he asked, trying to show at least some small interest in her.

“No, I just used mom’s,” she said, feeling the hollow ach. “What made you be a paramedic and get into ambulance and EMS?” she asked quickly to avoid further questions.

Their food arrived and they briefly stopped talking to taste the food and enjoy their first bites.

“Mmm. This filet is very good Julie. Thank you for this tonight. I had a first aid certificate in order to work at a summer job and then helped treat a couple workers. I found out there was a college paramedic program and poof, “I’m getting my hands covered in . . . sorry, not a topic for the dinner table.”

“Was it a tough course . . . program?” asked Julie.

“Yes. The workload was heavy and we learned more than just emergency medicine, we learned emergency driving, and light rescue, and had to know numerous rules and policies under the various health care Acts and the Traffic Act. Passing grade for all tests, skills, assignments, everything was 75 percent from the college I attended, so graduates were automatically honor students. There is talk now of raising that to 80 percent.

“Wow, that sounds tough,” she said.

“We lost 25 percent of the students at the first Christmas exams, and more at the next set,” said Doogan.

“Can I ask about your job, what you do and have seen?” she asked a little excited.

“Sure,” he said. He talked about learning the city and surrounding townships and country roads, where the hospitals were in other communities, working with the air ambulance and those medics. He said some of the things he’d seen weren’t good conversation at the table, but maybe later.

“Goodness, sounds like you are always learning new things,” Julie said.

“Yes,” said Doogan. Some things change frequently and other things drag on that malatya escort really need to be changed. It’s like that in many places. So what hobbies do you have Julie?”

“None really. I did belong to the 4H Club when I was younger. I won third place in plowing against all the boys one year,” her face beaming with a big smile.

“Wow. Good for you,” said Doogan, showing surprise and support. “Did you raise any animals for contests?”

“No, That takes too much time and effort,” said Julie, “I loved the tractor work. It gave me a feeling of being able to do things others couldn’t. Not really power, but ability. It felt good to go to school and say I just plowed and seeded or bailed 50 areas, just like the boys. Of course, I’m not that good in the kitchen but mom and dad always liked my Sunday dinners.”

“Wow, a chef too,” said Doogan, smiling. She seemed like a very nice girl with plenty of skills and knowledge, just shy and in need of some TLC for her injuries and heart ache.

“What hobbies do you have Doogan?” she asked.

“Nothing as exciting as operating a complicated tractor,” said Doogan, hoping the statement would help her feel good, “I made a few plastic model cars and planes, played hockey and baseball, had a paper route. Now I cycle, do a little astronomy and plenty of reading, both for work and for personal enjoyment. I like techno-thrillers. In fact, a number of the books I’ve read have been made into movies: Ice Station Zebra, Firefox, Hunt for Red October, Clear and Present Danger.

They had almost finished their dinner and the waitress stopped to ask about desert. They both declined. Julie said she was paying for this diner as a special treat. The waitress said she’d bring the bill when they finished.

Doogan heard the distant siren first. He listened to try and identify whether it was police, EMS or fire. A few seconds later he thought it was a police car.

Julie saw Doogan look out the window and turn his head slightly, listening, Then she heard it too. A chill went through her. She watched Doogan. He seemed so calm, just listening. Clearly, the siren had his attention.

He saw Julie looking at him, “A police car I think,” he said.

“How do you know?” she asked.

“Police, EMS and fire all have slightly different sirens. The police and EMS are the closest sounding, the most difficult to tell apart,” he said.

“Wow, I wouldn’t know,” said Julie, “They all sound the same to me.”

“Working in emergency services, heightens your senses for situational awareness and one of the major things is hearing sirens, being able to tell them apart and where they are coming from. Police cars are fast and maneuverable, so those you have to watch for. Fire trucks move slower and are big and bulky, but you never want to be hit by one. Ambulances are in the middle, quick and somewhat maneuverable. ” He smiled.

Julie was amazed at this little bit of information was so vital to Doogan for his work. She would never have guessed the differences between the sirens and vehicle performance was so important for his safety.

The police car went by the window, lights flashing, then a yelp from its siren. Julie startled.

“Are you alright Julie?” Doogan asked.

Goose bumps covered her arms and she shivered. “Umm, Yes.” she said, not too convincingly.

Doogan saw her shiver for a second. He turned and looked for the waitress, lifting his arm and giving a small wave to her. She nodded and went to print out the bill. “Do you want to sit for a few minutes or head for home?” he asked Julie, knowing she was a little upset at hearing the siren. She would need some serious coaching to get her to drive again.

“I think I’d like to go home,” said Julie.

“Ok. You should call Nancy and tell her we’re on our way.” said Doogan.

“Good idea,” said Julie as she looked for her cell phone in her purse.

Julie paid the bill, and they walked out to his car, Doogan walking closely beside her in case she slipped.

He thanked her for a great meal and her sincere gratitude. He was truly moved.

* * *

Doogan started the car and turned on the stereo. He loaded one of his home made symphony CD’s and selected track 3 — J.S. Bach’s ‘Air’. The slow mellow sound of the orchestra’s string section was very peaceful and soothing. Hopefully, it would have a similar effect on Julie during the drive home. He drove slowly out of the parking lot so he didn’t upset her.

Julie looked at Doogan. My goodness, symphony music, then realised he had made the selection to help her. “Doogan, thank you for thinking of me. That was very kind of you, but you don’t have to play symphony music to calm me down for the ride home. I know you are a good driver. You have to be for your job. What other kinds of music do you have?”

He was driving slower than the speed limit to help reduce Julie’s fears of being in traffic.

“I’m sorry. I was just trying to help you. I like a number of types, movie themes, çanakkale escort light sensuous jazz, some new age synth music including space and ambient, 50’s and 60’s rock-n-roll, and some classical music.”

“Wow, that’s quite a variety. What do you like the most?” Julie asked.

“That depends on my mood and what I’m doing,” said Doogan.

“Ok, If you weren’t playing symphony music to calm me down, what would you be playing now?” she asked.

“Either light jazz or some erotic music,” he said, then realized what he’d said.

“Erotic music?” Julie asked.

“Oh its nothing,” he said quickly. “I’ll switch to some jazz,” he said flipping on the interior light, opening the centre console and grabbing a CD, looking at it, then grabbing another, looking for the CD he wanted.

“I don’t know any erotic songs. You mean romantic songs, right?” she asked.

Doogan smiled, “Ahhh yes, that’s right.” He stopped trying to grab the CDs as some traffic got close ahead.

As the traffic passed, he spoke, “Lots of popular songs have romantic, sensuous and even erotic titles.

“Oh?” she said, “like what?”

Doogan realized he’d backed himself into a corner. Ok. Here goes . . . “Let me think a second . . . Endless Quest, Take My Breath Away, It Feels So Good, Make Me Lose Control, Afternoon Delight, Do It To Me, Kiss You All Over, Long Fellow Serenade, Slave to Love, Tonight’s the Night.”

My goodness, she had no idea there were so many . . . erotic song titles. “I guess the lyrics are just as . . . erotic?” Julie asked, slightly embarrassed and a little excited.

“Many are double entendre but some are outright erotic, yes,” said Doogan. She didn’t seem upset at the topic.

She noticed his concentration on the traffic again and looked down into the CD compartment at the six or seven CDs. She could see two marked Erotic

. “May I get a CD out please?” as she reached into the compartment.

“Ok. Thanks,” said Doogan. “Oh. No. It’s ok. I’ll get one as he turned his head and saw she had already selected a CD — Erotic


She turned it over and saw the list of songs by: Enigma, Joe Romano and Ken Kritzberg. The songs all had very sensuous and erotic titles: Endless Quest, Smell of Desire, Enchanted Eyes, Passion Dance, Outdoor Fantasy, Your Favorite Secret . . .

She had never seen erotic titles like this or probably rarely heard this type of music, even if it was popular. Normally, she wouldn’t be interested in songs like this, but Doogan had just mentioned that so many popular songs were ‘erotic’ and she was now holding a home-made CD with the same title. Maybe it was also being with Doogan that made her want to hear some of these.

“Oh Doogan. These sound interesting. I’d like to hear this CD please,” she said.

“Julie, I’d love to play that CD for you, but this isn’t the time or the place. I save them for very special . . . um . . . moments.”

Julie looked at him for a few seconds. “Oh,” she said softly. “I’m sorry for intruding Doogan,” as she placed the CD in the compartment.

“However, since you seem very interested in it, I will play one song. Pick one,” he said.

“Are you sure she asked?” wondering what was hidden in other parts of his personality. “Two songs please?” she asked, picking up the CD again and looking at the list.

“Just a second,” he said, seeing a lane into a farmer’s field and turning into it, stopping. “I’ll let you pick three songs, one from each artist but you only get to hear the first 30 seconds of each song.” he said.

“Thank you Doogan,” she said studying the list. After 15 seconds she said, “I don’t know Doogan. They all look so romantic and . . . sensuous.” She couldn’t use the world ‘erotic’. I think I’ve heard of Enigma, but not the other two.”

Doogan thought for a moment. This could be the opening to gently plant erotic seeds for future use. “Since both guys and girls are in search of things of mutual interest, may I suggest Enigma’s ‘Endless Quest.’

“Ok, thank you,” she said.

He loaded the CD and started the track. The sounds of an erotic throbbing beat with a light choral background and haunting strings sounding like a flute filled the car.

She was amazed. She had rarely heard music like this, except maybe in a movie. It sent a shiver down her spine. She briefly imagined the erotic image of a latin couple, a trim dark haired hansom man in a black tux and white shirt, and an exotic looking dark haired curvaceous lady in a dark red flowing dress with plunging neck line and a slit in the skirt almost to her hip, flashing a well-tanned shapely leg and thigh. They starred into each other’s eyes, facing each other, separately sway-dancing very close, deliberately bushing against each other, teasing. “Oh Doogan, this is very sensual,” she said as her mind played the erotic movie.

She looked at Doogan wondering what kind of a man could be so kind and caring, yet have such a mysterious and hidden romantic . . . erotic side. She stared at his face, his image burning into her mind. Ohmy! She remembered the image of his face in the ambulance. She had an urge to reach out and kiss him.

Doogan stopped the song at 45 seconds. “What’s your next song Julie?”

It took a few seconds to tear her gaze away from him. She looked at the list again. “I’m not sure. Please help me Doogan.”

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Falling in Love with Black Pussy

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I walked into work one morning and there sat a new receptionist. She was a young black woman who was very attractive. I introduced myself as Rob and she told me her name was Darla. I went back to my cubicle and I was thinking about the new hire. I soon would repeat the same talk each morning. Darla seemed so friendly.

I like to eat my lunch out behind the building. There are benches there and I can usually eat in peace. As I was sitting there, up walked Darla. She asked if she could join me. I pointed to the bench and she sat down. Darla asked if she could ask me something.

“Is everyone so unfriendly around here?”

I told her that people weren’t unfriendly. They just didn’t welcome strangers into their arms. It was a closed knit community. Darla said she was thinking about quitting. No one would talk to her.

“Don’t quit,” I said. “People will come around. It may take some time. There’s no sense in throwing away a good job.”

Darla said she would give it some thought and then she went back inside. A couple days passed and when I walked in one morning, Darla said she would like to ask me something.

“Would you like to come to my place? I will cook you dinner.”

I guess I was a little surprised. I said sure, I could come by. I was free Friday evening if that was good for her. Darla got out a piece of paper and she wrote down her phone number and her address. She said she would see me Friday. Things seemed to be shaping up. I had broken up with my girlfriend and I hadn’t been on a date in many months.

Friday arrived and I drove to Darla’s place. She lived in a small apartment community. I rang the doorbell and Darla answered. I was greeted by Darla wearing this revealing dress. My eyes roved over her body quickly. Darla invited me in and I handed her a bottle of wine. Darla asked me if I liked Chinese food. I said sure. She said she had burnt the meal she had been preparing.

Out came the containers and we spooned up a sweet and sour chicken meal. We ate our food and we finished off the bottle of wine. Darla said that her aunt had suggested she find a job in the area. Darla took her up on that idea. She was was able to denizli escort get a position at the company where I worked. Darla also said she was going to stick it out. I said I was glad to hear it.

It started to get late. I said I should be going. Darla walked me to the door.

“Can I ask you something?” She said.

I said sure, ask me whatever you like.

“Would you like to stay with me tonight?”

That was a little shocking to me. I wasn’t expecting that question. She said she was lonely and she was attracted to me. She didn’t need to ask me twice. I walked back inside and Darla led me to her bedroom. I watched as Darla removed all her clothing. It was better than I anticipated. I was looking at her chocolate breasts and her pubic mound was all trimmed up. Darla got onto the bed and I undressed.

“I knew you had a big one,” she told me.

I guess I am around eight inches in length. I joined Darla and the first order of business was tasting her pussy. I had never been with a black woman before. I had never even entertained the idea. I lowered my face and I slid my tongue up and down her black gash. I found something out right then. Darla was very vocal. She was practically screaming as I fingered and licked her slit.

We went at it for some minutes. Darla had her hands on the back of my head urging me on. When I finally pulled back my face was covered with Darla’s juices. She reached over for some tissues and I wiped my face off. I was kneeling in front of Darla. She was staring at my now erect cock.

“Please Rob, I need you bad.”

I took my cock in my hand and I guided my cock head to her gaping hole. I fitting my mushroom to her opening and I entered Darla’s pussy. She was tight, that much was for sure. I went slow and fed Darla an inch at a time. I finally had my cock inside her the whole way. Our pubic bones were touching. I withdrew my cock and then pushed in the whole way. That got Darla’s attention.

Darla strapped her legs around my back and I gave her the cock she desired. We were going at it hard. Darla needed my cock, that much was for sure. My balls were diyarbakır escort bouncing off her firm bottom. I looked down to see Darla panting for air.

God Rob, your cock is so thick!” she told me.

I was glad I was able to satisfy Darla’s needs. And oh was she needy. I lowered my face and I took a hard nipple into my mouth. I started sucking and chewing one then the other. Darla’s pussy was gripping me hard. I was trying to hold back and fuck her longer. It got to the point where I was close. I told Darla I was getting ready.

“Don’t pull out Rob! I want you to cum inside me.”

I normally use a condom but I was caught unawares this time. I drove my prick into Darla as hard as I could and in a few minutes I shot my load. Darla screamed out loud once more. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I sent hot ropes of my loving into her belly. I was quite sure Darla was having some orgasms. Her pussy muscles were going into convulsions. All I know is that I had a big load I deposited into Darla’s belly.

We must have continued to fuck for some minutes. I finally felt empty and I left my cock in Darla’s pussy so she could milk me dry. I soon pulled my dick out and looked to see my white spunk dripping from Darla’s black hole.

“That was fantastic,” she told me.

We kissed and then Darla went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

“I guess I can’t go back home after all,” she told me.

I sure didn’t want her leaving now. I ended up spending the night in Darla’s bed. I awoke to find Darla’s lips wrapped around my dick. She was working to get me hard once more. It was working. Darla pulled away and she held my erect member in her hand. Darla didn’t waste any time. She climbed over top of me. I felt her pussy lips brushing my knob. She worked her way down and I had my cock buried inside Darla once more.

I gripped her ass cheeks as Darla rode me hard. There was more moaning and screaming as Darla took my cock for her herself. As Darla squeezed my rod with her muscles I reached up and found her large melons. I rubbed the palms of my hands over her ripe nipples. That antalya escort got Darla worked up for sure. She slammed her ass down on my groin and we fucked like two wild animals.

We did it much longer this time around. Darla asked me if I had any cum left in me. I had no idea. I figured this time around was for her. I brought my ass up and I filled Darla completely with cock. I could tell she was close. Her body was shaking from the fucking she was taking. I figured that this was it. I did manage to squirt some seed into Darla’s belly. You guessed it. She screamed her bloody head off when she felt me explode.

That woman sure knew how to arouse a man. She had more orgasms as she squeezed my bone dry. After we finished Darla collapsed onto my chest.

“I hope you want me around,” she said.

I wasn’t going to trade Darla for any reason.

That weekend was one big fucking session. My cock was so sore by Sunday I didn’t think I could go much more. We did have one final fuck. Darla got onto all fours. She lifted her ass up and she said she wanted me to put my cock into her bottom. I guess I was surprised she wanted it that way. I did as she asked. I knew my dick was really going to be sore now. Darla’s ass was so damn tight.

I managed to get all the way inside her. My hands went to her hips and I drilled her butt. I could look down and see her big tits swaying as I pushed my dick in. The results were the same that morning. Darla squeezed my prick until I unloaded in her bowels. I finished and then reached around and squeezed her low hanging tits. That seemed to push Darla over the edge for the last time that weekend.

I left that afternoon and went back to my apartment. I looked at my cock and it was red and screaming at me. I only hoped I could have a breather from all that fucking. On Monday, Darla was all smiles. She joined me at lunch and she asked if she did alright. I told her my cock hurt so much from all that sex we had together.

“You’re going to be able to go again, I hope?”

I said I would make an except for her. I think some of our co-workers were catching on that we were seeing each other. A few guys told me I was one lucky dog. One guy told me he was half pissed. I had gotten to Darla before he did. His loss was my gain. Darla and I see each other most evenings. It isn’t all fucking but we do quite a bit of that as well.

Things are going so well that Darla will soon be moving in with me. I only hope I can satisfy her as much as she needs.

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Bound Friends Pt. 02

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Part 2 – Andrea and the FetFair

There is an old saying that you can’t unring a bell. It may be a cliche, but it also happened to be true.

For Andrea that bell had been rung two nights ago. She had discovered a side of her she didn’t know existed. A kinky side. And even as the cheap beer flowed and the music pumped in her house full of guests, she found it hard to keep her mind from wandering back there. It was her own party, but she was finding it hard to get into. None of the guys were particularly attractive and few of them she knew since none of them went to her (all girls) school.

A few days ago this party would have almost felt scandalous. She had very strict, religious parents, and as much as she didn’t like that it, it had rubbed off on her over the years. Having beer and boys over would have been a big deal just a few days ago. Now it almost felt like a yawn, not exactly boring but certainly not thrilling either. Once the supply of beer dried up, the more sober ones started organizing rides home, making sure there was a sober driver for every car that needed one, and the party came to an uneventful end.

What had Andrea so turned around had been the get together just two days before. It was just her and her three closest friends Megan, Sophia and Lea. Lea had suggested they play a game, but it was in fact a trick. They ended up stripped, tied, humiliated, stimulated and (to each of their surprise) loving it. When Lea admitted it was all her doing she left.

The three of them may have started pissed at Lea, but they got over it. They talked it out and decided to invite Lea back to tell them more. That night was a crash course in kink. Lea showed them about gags, collars, rope bondage, nipple clamps, floggers, more stuff than the three of them knew existed. They were positively enthralled with all the new information; staying up into the wee hours before calling it a night and going their separate ways the next morning.

Andrea hadn’t talked to any of her best friends before her “real” party, none of them had talked with each other. Lea was giving them space, but the other three were simply otherwise engaged. They each took their time, going over everything that they had discovered about this new kind of sexuality and how it made them feel all warm and excited. Each of them had spent time looking around the web, looking at pictures, stories, and fingering themselves at the thoughts more than once. They had all been so preoccupied the party almost felt like a distraction rather than an event.

But now the party was over. The last group, which included Sophia’s very drunk boyfriend, left in one of the very overcrowded cars. For the first time all night there was silence as the four friends were once again alone in the house. They all stood in the awkward circle around the front door before Sophia decided to break the silence.

“Did you have a good time?” She asked in a perfunctory manner.

“It was fun,” Andrea responded with equally low enthusiasm. “I think I just wasn’t much in the mood.”

Megan nodded her head in agreement. “I think we all could say that.”

Lea scanned her friends, trying to judge how to enter the conversation but not finding any clues. Not that she was very good at that to begin with. “About the other night,” she started which made the three other pairs of eyes look up intently at her. “I’m sorry again for not being more honest, I know we’ve been over this but I was afraid to bring it up on my own. I haven’t heard from any of you since then, how badly did I screw this up? “

“It’s not like that,” Andrea said in a reassuring tone. “I haven’t called because I knew I’d see you here not ’cause I’m mad at any of you. Honestly I’ve barely stopped thinking about it, and I can’t speak for them but I kind of liked it.” Megan and Sophia nodded in agreement.

Lea was clearly relieved, letting out a long sigh as a smile went across her face. “Good, and I promise not to keep things from you any more. I’ll be up front if I want to try anything.”

“Well, maybe you don’t have to tell us everything. Know our limits and keep to them sure, but I kind of like the not knowing.” Andrea said with surprising frankness. “I did kind of like not knowing.”

“I could do that, but we just need to talk about it first,” Lea explained. “Cause really, to agree to something you need to know exactly what it is you’re agreeing to.”

“Well you ran through a bunch of stuff the other night, what more do you mean?” Andrea asked.

Lea pulled out her phone and began quickly typing. “Well, there’s lists. I found one a while back, it has just about every aspect I’ve ever heard of. You go through them and mark 1-5 for how interested you are, unsure if you don’t know, limit if you don’t want it ever and checkboxes for if you’ve actually tried it. It should give you an idea on what kinds of things that are out there.”

“There’s a club in Philadelphia that has fetish get togethers and such. I haven’t worked up to going alone but I think if we go together, and if you knew a little yalova escort bit more about it, then it might not be so bad. Next week there’s a major event they’ve been advertising, open to anyone. They’re not actually even hosting it, there are simply helping to promote it. It’s being thrown by a group that throw what they call ‘FetFairs’ in major cities all over the world; kind of a weekend long kinky adult fantasy world. It’s a little pricey, and a lot vague about the details, but if half the things I’ve read online are true it should be well worth the price. I asked my brother if we can crash on his floor, I didn’t say why, but he was fine with it and I know I wouldn’t want to drive back in the wee hours of Saturday Morning.” Lea said. Everyone agreed that it sounded interesting enough, and that they’ll let her know some time during the week. Without much more fanfare, they each wished each other goodnight and Lea drove Megan and Sophia home.


The rest of the week, things seemed to return to normal. Andrea spent most of Sunday and Monday of the long weekend on schoolwork, the familiar routine of class began again Tuesday. But Andrea felt different. It might have just been that the pattern was disrupted by the absence of her parents. More likely though it was the twinge she got reading Lea’s very long list. Whenever she would look up more than a few things at a time she couldn’t help but think she was carrying some strong lingering feelings with her for the next few hours.

A few of the stuff she decided was clearly not for her, they just simply grossed her out rather than turned her on. She kept herself from mocking however might find some of these things sexy, because who was she to judge? A lot of people could say the same about some of her likes.

By Wednesday she was finished the list and certainly noticed a pattern. Just about anything to do with power exchange (a new term she learned when going through the list, she was learning so many), bondage, objectification and loss of control were all big turn ons. She clicked the send button, returning the results back to Lea along with the note “I’m in for the party this weekend.”

For their parts, Sophia and Megan had been similarly distracted with what they were finding out. Megan finished Tuesday, answering most strongly in the loss of control, objectification, public exposure and a bit of bondage as well. Similar to Andrea but different ranking. Sophia was big on forceful loss of control, objectification ranked high, with a bit of bondage and pain ranked lower down. By Wednesday night they had each sent in their responses and confirmed that they did indeed want to go with Lea to the party.

After school that Thursday, they discussed the details. Lea shared everything she knew, that FetFairs were always very private, no cameras allowed and a non-disclosure agreement attendees had to sign meant details Lea found were always vague. It was an all-weekend affair and while Lea didn’t expect to be at the fair the whole time, they all planned to say they would be at Andrea’s still empty house all weekend just in case they changed their minds. There would be a somewhat large cover since they weren’t “members,” there would be merchants selling things, there would be other chances to spend money, it could apparently get rather expensive if you didn’t care about that sort of thing or if you weren’t careful. “It starts at 8 and it’s a long drive, pick you up around 5:30?” Lea asked and received a sea of bobbing heads.

The drive was long, it was the dead of January so the sun had set very soon into the drive. The windy two lane road was always a pain at night with its sudden turns as it climbed and descended what felt like dozens of mountains to get to the Turnpike. The car was filled with concentration, quiet and anticipation. Conversation began to flow more freely as road gave way to highway, but even though they all knew exactly what they were driving to it seemed oddly forced to talk about it, so usually they taked about something else.

Several hours and a gas stop later, they pulled into the parking lot of what looked like an industrial park with a few very large warehouses. If it not for the very full parking lot and a slow but steady stream of taxis there would be nothing making it look particularly different from any of the other large warehouses and factories that surrounded the neighborhood. They parked and nervously began to walk towards what everyone else seemed to know was the door. Lea stopped walking just before the door and turned back to her friends, “Everyone still want to do this?”

Andrea kept walking letting out simply “of course, it’s kind of a long way to turn back now.” With that Andrea reached the door and held it for her friends. It opened into a small room with what looked like a receptionist and a single door the the left with what looked like a doorman.

“Members or non-members?” asked a professionally dressed woman sitting behind a desk.

“Non-members, all four of us,” Lea answered.

The edirne escort woman reached over and pulled out four copies of a form. “Sign here please, they are standard statements of conduct and non-disclosure. This is to be a safe, sane and sober environment. You must be at least 18 years of age and not currently on any illicit drugs. By signing this you understand that you will be bound by the club rules as posted, obey any and all posted signs or any instruction given by one of the members of the staff. By entering any play area you must have read and agree to the posted conditions for that area. You will respect the boundaries of all guests. If at any time they say the club safeword “pineapple” or in the event they can’t speak hum “jingle bells” you will halt what you are doing. Similarly, if you need to call for help or stop any action being done to you can do so by saying or humming the club safeword. You will surrender all personal items before entering and all conversations, club activities or guest identities are to be kept secret. Failure to do so will result in bans on future attendance and/or restitution for any financial damages that may result from this breach. If you agree sign below and hand over one piece of ID for us to hold until you leave. Then enter through the door on the left.” She rattled it all off with the kind of speed and boredom of someone who has repeated this one too many times already, it seemed as basic as simply saying hello. All four of course signed, even scanning over the one page document in vain to see if there was anything hidden.

The four walked over as a group to the door. “Is this your first time?” asked the incredibly large but surprisingly friendly sounding man at a podium by the side of the door. They nodded that it was. “So the way this will break down is there is a non-refundable cover of $70. There will also be an additional charge of $150 that you can use towards purchases of food, services and products. Consider it a spending minimum. This minimum amount is also non-refundable and any overflow will simply be charged to you when you leave. Are you together or paying separate?”

“Together,” Lea said. The four had agreed earlier it was easier to just pay Lea back later, and she actually had the room to charge it. She handed him her credit card and after punching in her pin, he buzzed open the door leading to a long but narrow room. On the left was what looke to be a very large coatcheck, and on the right wall was lined with dozens of doors narrowly spaced. “Enter any of the doors on the right, individually, and only if it’s light is green. Follow the instructions and enjoy the night.”

The four split up as Andrea entered the first door on her right. It was very small and clinical looking, at the far end there was a person sitting on a wheeled stool. “Please strip down and place all cloths and personal items in the container” she joylessly said as she tapped on a plastic box with her pen, barely even looking up at Andrea who quickly did as she was told.

The cold woman picked up a device about the size of a brick with a small cone sticking out the top and walked over. “This is a blood tester, it will take a small sample and test it for any disease that might endanger other guests. The sample will not be kept or in any way stored after the test and your privacy will not be violated. It also injects a temporary hormone so that any sex you may have in the next 72 hours will not result in pregnancy. These are requirements to enter but require your additional consent. If you wish to decline you may do so but you will be asked to leave without refund as per the agreement you signed. ” She said with the familiar tone of the receptionist, it was the voice of someone who knew the script by heart and was tired of saying it.

“That’s fine,” Andrea said. She felt only a small pinch as the machine was put against the inside of her forearm. “How long will this take?”

“It’s a narrow test we’re running, it should be no more than a minute. If you wouldn’t mind please stepping onto the scanner?” The woman asked.

“I do have a DC card, it’s been updated just last month,” Andrea said as she reached for her purse.

“Well ours are a little more detailed than the standard format, it’s club policy,” the woman replied. “And please, relax all your muscles as it scans you.” Andrea shrugged her shoulders and stepped onto the platform. She stood perfectly still as the scanners slowly ascended letting out a beep when it had finished.

“Do you consider yourself a dom, sub or switch?” The woman asked sliding her stool over to the only table on the other side of the small room, holding a small machine with a drawer. “Sub,” Andrea answered. “And by what name would you like to go by?” she quickly followed up. “Um, I guess just Andrea.”

The woman hit a green button on the screen and proceed to type in her name. She then retrieved from the drawer a green bracelet. “This bracelet will be your ID for the night,” she explained holding out the bracelet. erzurum escort “It will monitor your vitals, it has your measurement information and it knows your current balance for when you wish to buy anything.” As the bracelet was fitted around her right wrist and snapped shut she couldn’t help but think how much it looked like a hospital nametag. Except where there should have been writing there was instead a very small screen showing her first name and current balance of +$150.00″

The woman darted back to the blood tester at the sound of a beep “OK, you’re good to go. Your belongings will be returned to you as you leave, simply use your bracelet.” As she said this, she placed a lid on the box and slid it through a slot where it disappeared down a conveyor of some sort hidden from view by the wall.

“Wait, I’m going out there naked?” Andrea said too late to do anything about her stuff disappearing.

“First time I assume?” Replied the woman, finally without the cold clinical tone she had used until then. “Look, this is how we make sure no one brings in cameras or drugs or anything else, everyone enters naked and gets the more detailed scan. It’s not a typical DC scanner that only records the surface, we find internal measurements are needed for some things, and it’s just a bonus that it prevents sneaking things in. There are plenty of places inside to buy outfits if you’d rather stay covered. And after all, this is a fetish club, if you weren’t comfortable you shouldn’t have come. You can always pick your stuff up and leave.”

Andrea understood. “No, I get it. And if everyone has to I guess that makes it better.”

“That’s the spirit” she said encouragingly. “Now if you would be so kind, there may be people waiting,” she said as she pointed to the door at the far side of the office.

Andrea opened the door and finally heard music, very typical club music but not nearly as overpowering as your usual club might have it. Unlike the other rooms, this one actually looked like the inside of a warehouse, the ceiling rose high above them and the floor was cold brushed cement. As far as she could tell the wall in front of her was simply a metal sheet to divide the club from the exam rooms. Along it were artsy black and white pictures, a big map, posters with what looked like a reminder of the rules, it was all rather busy as far as walls go. Soon she saw Sophia and Megan appear also naked except for a green bracelet a few doors past her own room. They waited and eventually Lea appeared with one hand doing it’s best to cover his chest. What caught Andrea’s eye was that Lea wore a red bracelet. “I guess it’s to brand me as a sub,” she thought.

Lea started speaking before she had even fully reached her friends “I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what they’re selling in terms of cloths. It looks like all the options are along the rest of this wall”

“Good a place as any to start I guess,” Andrea said as they each glanced at the large map posted up of the club. “I have to say though, this being naked isn’t bothering me as much as I thought it would when about every third person is too.” Megan couldn’t help but agree. With that the four followed along the wall to the rows of shops that had set up near the entrance.


Things had changed over the years, as they always do, but one of the bigger changes was the arrival of 3D printing and MAO manufacturing. It started in the early twenty-teens as more of a novelty, but it quickly became much more fast and detailed. A machine could melt into shape plastics and eventually metals. To mimic the printers, people began making machines that could cut and arrange other material to order. Wood could be cut, foam could be formed, fabric could be sown and so you had what began to be called Made At Order products. It made things it a lot cheaper to get exactly what you want, and meant vendors don’t need to stock all the different sizes to make a sale. From a digital file, these machines could assemble anything they had the raw materials for and exactly to custom size.

As people began expecting fully custom objects, it became particularly common for clothes to now be made only to a customer’s desires and body shape. It meant that most people keep a detailed digital scan of their bodies on what’s called an DimensionCard, basically a plastic card with a chip inside holding the data. But DCs only scanned your outside, which is fine for sizing say pants but isn’t a lot of help for sizing what might go inside. Which is why they’ve adopted the more detailed TBR or Total Body Rendering format. The shops at FetFair offered fully custom MAO clothing and toys printed to the dimensions stored as a TBR file on their bracelets.

But this weren’t like any selection any of them had ever seen. Sure there was a stand with rather simple standard t-shirt/jeans kind of cloths, but that was the exception. There was one selling tight fitting clubwear, another selling nothing but costumes like you’d see for halloween, sexy maid, sexy nurse and the like. Another selling only metal things, from collars to full outfits to toys, all sized to order of course. There was a more “traditional” lingerie dealer, the kind of lacey stuff you might find littering the dressing room of a burlesque show. But what nearly made Lea stop dead was when she came across a booth selling and smelling of leather.

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Hubby’s Sissy Training Day!! 02

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I get a text from my wife reading “Clean your ass and get dressed up cause your cum slut training is happening tonight!”

It was a month ago when we had our weekend getaway with the wife training me to be her cum slut. Our sex has been fantastic since then. Our love for each other has gotten stronger. A few weeks ago we laid in bed and I rolled over and kissed her on the forehead and I said “I need to suck a cock and swallow more cum please help me!”

She rolled over and kissed me on the lips and told me how proud she was of me and she will help with that. So this lead me to reading this text from her.

I hop into the shower and shave my entire body. Washing myself lightly rubbing my pussy hole and stroking my cock with the other hand. Closing my eyes moaning getting myself ready for my adventure. When I dried myself off and head to the bedroom, she is already getting clothes out for me to wear.

She got a black long-sleeved, short micro dress to show off my figure. First she handed me a bright pink nail polish to put on all my nails. Then I slipped on my black garter thigh highs with a flower pattern rolling them up my smooth legs enjoying every minute. Then I put on a pink lace panties and matching bra as the wife tucks my tits in making sure they stand out. I slipped the tight micro dress on pulling it down noticing it barley covers my ass. Then she had a pair of black open toe 4 inch heels to make the outfit scream “slut!”

She helped me apply my makeup making sure it looks good and done right. She applied a bright red lipstick and made sure it outlined my lips. She grab my cheeks and lean in to give me a kiss saying “God dam I do good work! You look sexy as hell! Your making my pussy wet!”

I reply “Can I taste it?” She smiles and says “Um no I don’t want to mess your face up, but damn that be nice right now! When we get home, you will!”

She placed her gold hoop earrings on to finish the look. She grabs my hand and walks me out into the cold dark night. I felt the chill of the wind blowing up my skirt and through my lace panties making me shiver a little. It felt great being outside dressed as a sexy woman again.

We jump in our car and head to a house in the suburbs. She stops at the end of a driveway. A big house sitting off the road. She grabs my hand as I lean over to kiss her on the lips. I asked “Why are you stopping here ain’t you going in with me?”

She smiled and said “No I am not. I am dropping you off. You will do as you’re told tonight. I do not want to hear that you disobeyed or I will punish you very hard! When they’re done with you, they will call me to come get you!”

My mouth dropped as she says “Now go get out of the car and go feast on them cocks in there!”

I get out of the car and close the door. She takes the car out of park and drives off leaving me there knowing this will happen cause I have no ride now. I walk towards the house still feeling the cool brisk wind teasing me under my skirt.

I knock on the door. A tall and broad man opens the door. Looking into my eyes as he smiles and says “Come in! You must be our entertainment for tonight!”

I smiled very shy like and walked in. I close the door behind me and turned around, and he says “Take all your clothes off other than your bra and panties and hurry!”

I am so excited my cock is trying to stretch my panties out. Knowing I have to obey or I get severely punished from the wife I do as I am told. I look in the kitchen and noticed four other men playing cards and one woman. I hesitate for just a second and he says “I said hurry we don’t have all night!”

Taking my heels off and then my dress. he looks at me and says “Good she got you in bright pink panties and bra like I told her! I am thrilled. You can keep the nylons on too very nice!”

His hand rubs my ass and rubbing his finger down my ass crack making my legs go weak as I spread my legs apart making me lose my balance. He moans and say “Oh this ass will do, and it will be mine! Now get on your knees and show me how much you appreciate your Master and kiss my cock!”

I slowly drop to my knees and look into his eyes and kiss his bulge through his jeans. He moans and grabs my head and ground my face real hard into his crotch when I hear “Oh fuck I will give you a good lesson tonight bitch!” He leans down and puts a collar on my neck and hooked a leash to it.

Grabbing my leash and pulled me towards the table making me crawl and introduced me “This is our cum slut tonight guys! We need to feed this bitch as much cum she can take tonight! You are all in for some fun right!”

Everyone cheered and whistled at me. He sat down and pointed between his legs. I crawled over between them. I pulled his cock out and looked up into his eyes as I noticed the woman had a video camera pointing right at me. I hear him say “She will make sure she catches every load your going to take tonight! So you can watch every load you took tonight over and over!”

Sliding my mouth izmir escort around his cock I take it deep down my mouth. He feels my tongue flicking his balls with my mouth full of his cock at the same time. He moans out loud letting everyone know what I just did. I hear pants unzipping and chairs moving around. You speak out and said “Oh fuck I’am going to cum!”

He grabs my head and shoots the biggest load of cum I ever had down deep in my mouth; it tasted salty, but it felt like home cooking. I look up at him with a smile as he smiles back and push me under the table and say “Now suck everybody else’s cocks now!”

He unhooked my leash as I slide under the table and serviced each guy. I bet hearing me servicing each guy from below the table was making each one moan must have been memorizing. I take each load down my throat as the lady videos each guy grabbing my head and fucking my face. I get up from under the table with cum and saliva dripping off my chin and face making Master moan. I hear Master tell me “Go fetch us more drinks!” As I walk away smiling making sure I wiggled my ass to them all.

I brought back the beers for everyone. He made me kneel beside him. He pushes me to all fours as he rubs my pussy hole. Fingering and teasing my pussy hole watching my ass grinding and wiggling in the air as I moan feeling his finger penetrate me.

He giggles watching my ass moving around on his finger seeing my ass moving and begging for his attention when he says “Who wants this bitch first?”

One guy stands up and walks over and grabs my hair and pulls me to a bedroom. He pushes me to the floor as I am kneeling before him, His cock was hard again. He grabs my head and fucks my face hard. The lady is still videoing me. He pushes me off his cock and orders me onto the bed on all fours. I feel him push my legs apart and slide my panties down to my knees and licks and spits on my pussy hole.

He then pushes his cock inside me taking my pussy hole for himself. As he speeds up and slows down slapping my ass yelling to everyone how tight my pussy hole is. He picks up his pace now and I feel his balls slapping against mine. He stops pushing deep in my pussy hole and grunts out loud and I feel his cock throb inside me. He fills my pussy hole full of his cum. He catches his breath and pulls out, What an empty filling I have, and my cock is rock hard wanting more. He looks out the door and tells everyone “I breed this bitch! Who’s turn now?”

I look over my shoulder at the lady behind me filming my fucked pussy hole. Cum is oozing out. She spreads my ass cheeks apart videoing his cum leaking out my pussy hole. Then she looks at me and says “I better put this on for you so it can catch your cum!”

She rolls a condom onto my cock. I look at her and said “Oh do I get to fuck you then? Cause I really need to cum!”

She laughs and says “Nope you can’t fuck me, and if you want to cum, you better learn how to while someone’s cock is deep inside you fucking your ass! Nobody here will touch your cock! Sorry bitch but you better learn real quick or no cum for you!” As she laughs real hard.

Looking over my shoulder at the doorway another man comes walking in and heads up and shoved his cock into my mouth while I am on all fours still. He fucks my face harder than the last guy making me gag in pleasure. Then he pulls out and slides up behind me and pushes is cock inside me with ease. He fucks me way harder with longer strokes than the last guy. I get a feeling I am about to cum when grunts. Right as I am trying to build my orgasm he explodes deep into my pussy hole. His cock throbs shooting his cum deep in my pussy hole. He pushes as deep as he can and pulls out and steps away. I collapse breathing hard and whining, when he laughs at me knowing I was close to my orgasm. She climbs up on the bed and uses her foot to spread my ass apart to take more video of cum oozing out my pussy hole.

Third guy comes in and flips me on my back pulling my head to the edge of the bed and fucks my throat very hard with no warming up to it. His hand is on my throat feeling his own cock bulging in my throat. Then he reaches down fingering my now wet and lose pussy hole. Then he puts two fingers in, then three fingers as I moan from delight. He is getting me closer to my orgasm again. I moaned louder with his cock in my mouth. He feels vibrations from my moaning on his cock when he couldn’t take it anymore and exploded in my mouth again. I swallow all his cum as he pulls is finger out of my pussy hole. I thought to myself “Damn it I was about there.”

He steps back from me and smiles down at me and shouts out “Fuck I didn’t get no ass but I will next time!”

I am thinking to myself “I am so fucking horny and I need to cum so bad!”

I roll over and put my hand on my rubber covered cock and humped my fist. When I feel a slap on my ass from the lady saying “You do not cum unless you have a cock in your ass or Master tells antalya escort you too! Now stop!”

I stop than she grabs some rope and ties my hands to the bedpost. Putting pillows under my hips and belly making my ass point up in the air. As three guys walk in they say their goodbyes. Then they have me kiss their cocks and thank them for the fucking and loads of cum. I obey.

The lady stands in front of me and plugs the camcorder in and sets the TV on the floor making sure I can see it. I am so exhausted and horny I am trying to hump the pillows. I watch her push play. I focus my eyes on myself on the screen standing in my nylons, pink panties and bra. Then I am watching me sucking Master’s cock. I am getting more and more horny. Then I feel her climb up on me and push something into my pussy hole and fucked my pussy hole and whispered “I bet you would love to cum right now wouldn’t you?”

I moan and nodded “Yes please!”

She says “Good!” then she says “You love cock don’t you? You love to swallow cum? You need cock in your ass don’t you?”

Each question she is pushing deeper into my pussy hole and running her fingers on my lips as I watch the monitor. She says “Repeat after me if you want to cum!”

So I obey and I repeated what she said over and over “I love cock! I love swallowing cum! I love cock in my pussy hole!”

It seemed like I said it a hundred times. I am watching the guys filling all my holes, and with her fucking me so slow in my pussy hole making me even more horny for a cock. When I notice Master and his friend enter the room. She climbs off me I notice her wearing a strap on. She gives both of them a high five and says “This bitch is ready and horny for cock have fun for the rest of the night boys!” As she smiles at me and winks and says “Enjoy your night bitch!”

Both of them sat down next to me rubbing and pawing at me. Teasing my pussy hole making me squirm showing them how bad I need fucked again. Master pulls my panties rest of the way off and his friend slides up in front of me and teases himself with my mouth. He finally pushes his cock in nice and slow all the way deep into my mouth. Master watches him getting his cock sucked while teasing my pussy hole with one finger then two. I hump his fingers as they both giggle and Master says “You’re sure a horny little bitch! I bet you need to cum!”

I moan out loud with a mouth full of a cock. He sticks a third finger feeling all the cum still in my pussy hole. Both of them are being a lot more gentle than the other guys. I feel his friend grab my head with both hands and rubbed my hair slowly fucking my mouth just enjoying himself. Master leans in and kisses my cheek and licked my ear and whispered “You love cock! You love to swallow cum! Look into his eyes show him how hungry you are for his cock and his cum!” I look up into his eyes when he moans and pulls out and shot two loads onto my face and pushes it back in my mouth having me suck the rest out of his balls.

Master unties my hands and have me lay on my back. I watch him crawl between my legs smiling and said “Show me how bad you want this cock in your ass!”

Knowing I am so horny and needing to orgasm I pull one leg out of my pantie and spread my legs wide and held them high inviting him in. Master smiles and pushed his cock into my well lubed pussy hole all the way until his balls rested on my ass cheeks. I wrap my legs around him as he fucks me. Nice and slow, but I am trying to get him to go faster. He leans down and kissed my neck and whispered in my ear “Tell me you love cock!”

I moan feeling him push deep and then pulled his cock almost out and stopped. I move my hips wanting more and he whispers “Stop moving! Tell me you love cock!”

I look into his eyes and said “I love cock!”

He fucks me more nice and slow. I felt the erg to orgasm again when he stops and pulled his cock almost out of my pussy hole and looked me in the eyes and said “Tell me you love the taste of cum!”

I am so horny I need to fucking cum so I say “I love the taste of cum!”

He fucks me again but a little faster. I moan more getting even closer to having the erg to orgasm when he stops again and pulls his cock almost out again. I gasp begging with my eyes as he smiles at me and whispers “Tell me you love cock in your ass!”

I say “I love cock in my pussy hole! I need your cock in my pussy hole! Fuck me, please!”

He fucks me harder than his friend is laying beside me twisting my nipples smiling at me making me so fucking horny. His friend kisses my cheek and says “Tell us you want to be our cum slut!”

I am so close to my orgasm I yell “I want to be both of your cum slut!”

I cum with his cock in my pussy hole. My cock keeps throbbing over and over filling that condom. He stops and looked down and said “That’s a good little bitch!” His friend rubs my cock squeezing every once out of me and then pulls the condom off my cock. kayseri escort

He places the opened end in my mouth. Master gets so turned on watching him put the condom in my mouth he picks up the pace fucking me harder until I feel his cock growing and throbbed in my pussy hole. Pushing as deep as he can fill me with his seed. He pulls out and lays down beside me and grabbed the condom with the open end in my mouth still and whispered “Still hungry?”

I am still trying to catch my breath I nodded, and he squeezed my cum into my mouth and said “Swallow it show us you crave cum!” I greedily swallow it.

I feel his hands rubbing my inner thighs making my legs and hips wiggle. They noticed my pussy hole needed fucked more. Master kisses my neck and whispers “Calm down you will get more my little bitch I promise!”

I am laying on the bed with cum on my face and cum oozing out of my pussy hole breathing very hard. His friend keeps rubbing my inner leg trying to calm me down. Master grabs an anal plug of the dresser and pushed it in my pussy hole. Then he slides my pink panties back up my legs saying “Lets keep all that cum inside you! It will make you crave it more.”

Master rubs my well fucked ass making me moan when my as humps the air. He smiles to his friend and says “Well we sure trained this bitch to be a cum slut! I think we accomplished that don’t you think?” He looks at me kisses my forehead and says “Oh yes we did!”

I am so exhausted I doze off when suddenly I felt the plug in my pussy hole get pulled out and a warm cock took its place in my pussy hole. Then some kind of warm liquid filled my pussy hole. I open my eyes and looked over my shoulder seeing the both of them. His friend climbs up behind me and sticks his cock in my pussy hole. I watch Master holding the jeweled anal plug. I feel more warm liquid filling my hole. My belly feels so bloated then I feel Master push that plug back in me.

I am so exhausted I did not even give a fuss about it and I ask “What time is it?”

They look at each other and Master says “Not time for you to go home yet!”

He locked his leash back on my collar and said “Come on we need to walk you outside. You need to pee. Now, bitch!”

Both of them laugh and I ask “What’s so funny?”

Master says “We both pee inside your ass!” Now they both are busting a gut laughing.

I walked over to grab my clothes and Master tugs on my leash and said “Nope it’s dark out. You will be fine!”

The both of them are walking me down the sidewalk with me wearing my nylons and bra and panties. Master makes me walk out in front of them both so they can see the jeweled plug shining in the streetlights through my lace panties. Master has me stop by a tree and tells me “Squat and pull my plug out and let just let a little of your pee from your ass to come out, but not all of it!”

I squeeze my ass cheeks together as hard as I can to let just a little out as best as I could. Master tells me “Put the plug back and hurry!”

Master walks me down further to another tree making me do it all over again, as they both laugh at me. I giggled also, cause I love this attention. We get to the corner and cars are going by slamming on their brakes but still driving forward. Master turns us around and heads back to his house. A car slams on their brakes and turns the corner quickly and pulls over. Two black guys jump out of the car and walk up to the both of them.

Both black guys are smiling and one asked “What do you have here?” Master smiles and says “This is my bitch! I am taking her for a walk. She needed to go pee.” Everyone laughed and one black says “Here is $50 can your bitch suck me and my friend off?”

Master’s friend grabs the money and said “She sure would love too! Wouldn’t you bitch?” Looking at me as I nodded yes scared to speak.

Master grabs my hair and pulled me to my knees. The two black guys pulled their cocks out of their pants and my jaw dropped. There cocks where so huge, both whereas long as my forearm.

Master holds my leash while both guys are taking turns fucking my face. It seems like an eternity feeling both of their cocks hitting the back of my throat taking turns making me gag. When one guys grabs my hair and pushes his cock deep into my mouth. I felt his cock growing and throbbed as he fills my mouth with his black seed. He came so much that it oozed out the sides of my mouth. Being so full of his cock then he pulls out with a plop. The other guy grabs my hair and yanks me to his cock and he blows is load deep down my throat just as much as the other guy than he pulls out smearing some of his cum all over my face.

There cum was much more salty, but I was still in heaven! Wishing I had more!

I gag a little, cause of all the cum I am trying to swallow. Master slaps me on my face and said “That is not ladylike of you gagging! Now thank the nice gentleman for letting you to suck there cock now!” I look up at them both and say “Thank you for feeding me your black cum!”

They both zip up giving both of them a high five and said thanks. They get in their car and honk as they head down the road. Both of them wave back and walked me back to Master’s house. We stop by the tree in his front yard and tells me “Squat and pull my plug out and slowly push all the pee out!”

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Facebook Reconnection

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This is my first story. I had written it for somebody one day and figured I should just post it on here. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Thanks in advance for reading.

As I was driving home, my mind was like a meteor floating through space. Thought after thought raced across my mind at that moment of silent bliss. This one thought settled in my mind like a beam of light that shined in my face. Before realizing it, a smile stretches across my face as I remember the first time I reconnected with her. I didn’t realize it then, but my life had changed.

Firstly, let me tell you a lil background info. My name is Mike, and i’m a construction worker. I’m 6’4, a solid and muscular 280. Ok, excuse me for the interruption, lets get back to the story.

I sat down at my computer for a little chill time before I get into my writing. I had just gotten out the shower after a workout. I logged onto facebook and began playing Mafia Wars when a message popped on the screen from Beth. Beth was a girl I had a crush on in high school but it never really got anywhere. It’s funny because I knew she liked me. Beth was 5’4″ and weighed about 180. She was slim but real thick with 36C nice round tempting breasts, thick thighs, flat stomach, and a perfect round ass.

Beth: Hi

Me: What’s up? It has been a long time since I talked to you.

Her: How are you and what’s been up with you?

Talking to her started to bring back emotions I thought was gone. We chat back and forth for a while before she had to run. She told me she would be on tomorrow and hope we could chat again.

The next day I received another message from Beth.

Her: Hey

Me: Hey Sexy

Her: What are you up to?

Me: Nothing jus chilling. What are you up to?

Her: I’m at work and they are working me to hard, lol. I will need a massage after this.

Awe was all I said as I started thinking about me rubbing all over her body. She always turned me on when we were in high school. I started to think about how she looked naked: her tanned skin, her perky nipples, and her seductive eyes. Those seductive eyes always made me weak, and they made me wanna bend her over and have my way with her.

We chatted awhile talking about the years that have passed since I graduated from high school. She was doing well adana escort for herself and now engaged. I was happy things were going good for her, but I was sad that she was getting married. Then unexpectedly, things took a turn with the conversation when we were suddenly on the topic of sex. When she sent me a message saying I was getting her excited, my thick black dick immediately became rock hard. Thoughts flooded my head of her rubbing those sexy breasts and touching her pussy. Damn, I wanted her so bad. I had to have her. I decided to ask her for drinks the next day so we could talk more, and I could make my move on her.

I pulled up at the bar and saw her already there. I took a moment to settle myself before I opened the car door and approach her car. As I walk up to her car, I could see her checking me out before she opened her car door.

“Hello”, I said as I pulled her out of her car and gave her a hug.

“Hey Mike!” she whispered in my ear.

I could feel the rise and fall of her breast as she was breathing. The sound of her voice and the sweet smell of her perfume made my cock come alive. I knew she could feel it because she gave a short gasp and tried to pull away but I tightened my grip and pulled her closer. As I held her, I let the tip of my tongue gently graze across her neck. “Let’s go in.” I whispered in her ear as a moan escaped her lips.

We entered the bar and headed for a seat in the back. Moments later the waitress came by and got our orders. We both ordered beers and began to talk. A few minutes passed before the waitress brought over our drinks. Throughout the conversation, my leg would occasionally touch hers. Her legs were soft against mines and made my hands ache to caress them. As I took another sip of beer, I slowly put my hands on her knee. I started to slowly caress her knee and let my hands gently towards the inside part of her leg. I turned to look at her and noticed that her eyes are closed and she was taking deep breaths. I grinned to myself and said, “Are you ok?” She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Yeah, I’m just wondering why you got your hands on my knee”.

“My bad”, I said as I slowly moved my hands further upwards to her thigh, pulling her skirt up as I went. Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open eskişehir escort before she realized what was happening and moved my hands.

“We can’t do this. I’m engaged.”

“I know but I just wanted to see how soft your thighs were.” I said with a nice grin.

I could see a look of worry and lust fills up her eyes. I reached and touched her thighs again. I rubbed and massaged her luscious thighs inching my way up slightly. I could tell she was enjoying it so I moved my hands to the inside of her thigh. She inhaled deeply and looked at me with beautiful and passion field eyes. I can sense she wants me to continue but the thought of her fiancé pushes her lust aside. She parts her lips as to say something but I politely put a finger to them and cut her off.

“Just enjoy the moment. We won’t take it too far.” I shamefully say because I totally intend to take it as far as I could. I start to massage her thighs with more intensity as I slowly move towards her inner thigh. She exhales deeply and spreads her thighs, making her skirt ride all the way up, showing her lacey black panties. My cock starts to strain against my jeans making it uncomfortable but I dared not stop to adjust it. I let my finger graze across her panties lightly touching her lips. She finally succumbs to the pleasure and lay her head back against the chair and closes her eyes.

I continue to rub her lips through her panties, savoring the feel of her pussy and the sounds of her light moans. I gently pull the panties to the side and start massaging her clit. As I move my fingers in a steady circular motion, she mover her hips back and forth in pleasure. As her breaths become short and quick, I pick up the speed a little while keeping a steady rhythm. She holds her breath, shoves her hips forward, and surrenders to her first orgasm. I keep the steady rhythm while running my fingers over her extremely sensitive clit. She thrusts her hips forward with more force and enjoys her second orgasm.

“She thinks it’s over.” I say to myself. I slid my finger down slowly and enjoyed the feeling of her hot, wet pussy. I can smell the sweet smell of her juices as I slowly push my finger inside of her. With a surprised gasp, she hugs me tightly. I continue to work my fingers deep inside her while paying sakarya escort special attention to her G-spot. She buries her face deep into the nape of my neck, takes a bite, and bursts with another orgasm. As she catches her breath, she could see her cell phone ringing on the table. She picks it up and looks at the caller Id it was her fiancé. Her face saddens as she answers.

“Hey babe!” she says. “Ok, I will be there in 20 minutes.”

She hangs up her phone and gathers her things. She turns to me and gaze into my eyes. Sorry but I have to go was all she said as she began to rise from the table. I shot her a quick smile and we proceeded to the exit. When we got outside, she told me she wanted to thank me properly and followed me to my truck. At my truck, she unzipped my pants and dropped to her knees. She pulled my cock free and licked the tip. Then she wrapped her lips around my cock and began sucking. She wraps her hand around the base of my dick and jacks me off as she sucks on the head. I leaned against the truck and closed my eyes enjoying the pleasures of her tongue. I could feel my orgasm approach but I really wanted to fuck her. I stopped her and pulled her up.

“I got to fuck you. I got to have you.” My voice was full of lust as I spoke.

She smiles and pulls her panties off, handing them to me. Turn around and bend over was all I said. I placed my dick at her entrance and entered slowly. Moans escape her lips as I pushed my dick in her inch by inch by inch.

“Damn you’re tight. Your old man not fucking you like he suppose to.” I said with a lustful laugh.

I soon bottomed out and pulled it out again before I slammed it back in her. She let out a loud scream. My mind was going wild. I begin to pump her juicy pussy with a steady stroke. Her ass felt good slamming against me. I reached up and twisted my hands in her hair. I got a good grip and began fucking her with authority. As her screams became louder, she starts to throw her ass back against my dick.

“Oh baby, Fuck me good. I haven’t had a good fuck in so long.” she screamed.

Then she lets out one long, extremely loud scream. Her pussy tightens around my cock as her body burns with another orgasm. While her pussy squeezed my cock, I began to fuck her faster and harder. She must have known I was approaching my orgasm because she turns her head slightly and say, “Cum in me”. At her request, I buried my dick deep into her pussy as the biggest wave of emotion and pleasure released out of me. She turns and kisses me as we part ways. We got in our cars and drove off. I was on the highway going home as the events of that night replayed in my head.

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Breaking Cathy

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I have been corresponding with a wonderful young woman, who is curious about my experiences as a dominant man. Her name is dee.

I do love training girls to be submissive.

I am going to post two long emails that I wrote to her. dee suggested that I share them on Literotica. She enjoyed the other stories I have posted here in the “Professor of Two Minds” series.

The first email, “Breaking Cathy,” I’m posting here.

The second is my follow up to her reply to the first story, and it is called “Twenty-Two Ways to Train a Slave.” I’ll submit that later in a separate posting.

What follows isn’t a story, like my earlier writings. It’s based on my experiences and my love for dominant relationships with women.


My dear sexy dee,

Such a pleasure to read your message. It seems that you are very interested in my talk about taming a wild girl. I don’t think I ever told you about cathy, perhaps my wildest girl. Let me try to explain what I did with cathy to turn her into my pet.

Some girls are good. It is sexy and fun for me to make them bad. Taking good girls and making them bad is an erotic adventure. Some lucky man had the pleasure of doing that with you. He took good girl dee and made her into a naughty girl.

I have done that with some girls, and I think back fondly on that, though sometimes with a little guilt. Should I have taken the sweet, highly disciplined star of the college cross-country team and made her such a little slut that she actually missed a meet? You see, she was tied up in my dorm room, learning, for the first time, the joys of physical restraint and multiple orgasms. Hmm….yes, I should have done that. I don’t recall that she ever complained to me…

Some girls are bad. They are aggressive. They offer themselves to boys, who take them up on their offers. These bad girls know what they want and they take it.

cathy was bad. By the time she crossed paths with me at our college she had had sex with many boys. cathy was a spoiled little princess. She thought she was hot shit.

cathy’s father was one of the richest men in St. Louis. I was a senior, she was a freshman.

cathy was very conceited. She was sexy though, mainly because of her mane of blond hair, her beautiful chest, her wild girl aura, her knowing and dirty laugh, her total lack of impulse control, and her aggressive sexuality.

Within 45 minutes of our first meeting, her hand was down the front of my pants, squeezing. That first night I met her we ended up in my bed. I took her shirt and bra off. I still remember her delicious breasts—big and soft, white Midwest girl tits–round, full, pink nipples, really fun for snuggling into.

But she didn’t want me to gaziantep escort lubricate them with my spit and slide my shaft between them. I was not happy. See, cathy was a spoiled little rich-girl. The entitled girl wanted everything her way. I, however, wanted things my way and I was already quite the control freak. It was a battle of wills.

Guess who won?

By the way, cathy was also an out-of-control drinker and a druggie. Good girls? I want to make them bad. But cathy was a bad girl. Bad girls? I want to make them good. To teach them to obey. To train and tame them. To make them into my slave.

So there cathy was in my bed, topless, high on Jack Daniels and pot. When she wouldn’t let me straddle her chest and slide my cock between those breasts, when she disobeyed my direct command, what was a Master to do? I roughly pulled off her shorts and panties and threw her over my legs. I spanked her lovely ass very hard.

dee, I like to spank. cathy had a cute whitish-pink ass. I made her white rich-girl ass red. Like magic, just 12 or 15 spanks made her much more obedient. Now her eyes lacked that bratty look. Her eyes now contained just the right amount of respect, and just the right amount of fear.

Once cathy fully understood that she was mine, and felt genuine respect for my hand, I enjoyed sliding between her gorgeous tits for a long, long time as she squeezed them together. Then I straddled her face and used her mouth for my pleasure for a long, long time. I remember how she squirmed and lifted her hips from the bed with each deep thrust into her mouth. That was the first time I had known a girl to orgasm just from having her mouth penetrated, my fingers massaging her tits.

You know that I love the moaning sounds a girl makes the first time she experiences my cock in her mouth. cathy was so appreciative. The smile on her face revealed that she was like a new girl, an obedient girl.

But she was still a drunk. I wouldn’t let her drink in my presence or before she came to see me.

She had so much to learn. cathy told me that she didn’t like being taken from behind. She was very aggressive, and always wanted to have sex face to face, and preferably on top of her man.

dee, when you are taming a girl, you do to her the opposite of what she wants. If she says, I don’t like X, you do X. Repeatedly. She was so very sexy getting fucked from behind. What a pretty pussy she had. So inviting. You so would have enjoyed tasting me and feeding me into her warm body.

dee, Would you have helped me tame cathy? I think you would have. Would you have noted how I broke cathy, step by glorious step? Would you have purred in cathy’s ear, congratulating her on her newfound obedience, and helped me discipline konya escort her? Would you have rewarded me for my conquest?

She tried to pull away after I’d used her for a nice long time, but I grabbed both arms at the elbows and held her as she struggled. dee, you have to imagine what it’s like to have a woman in that position. You completely control her. She shakes and tries to get away. But she’s unable to move. Formerly a rich and drunken brat, and now a sexy prisoner.

I told her I wanted to coat her face with my cum after she’d orgasmed twice. She said “no, gross.” What do you think I did?

The key to taming a wild woman is to force her to do what she doesn’t want to do. She didn’t like to masturbate in front of a boy. What do you suppose I taught her to do like a champ? It didn’t take long, with my system of discipline and rewards. I made her into such an exhibitionist… Some of her loudest orgasms were from her own hand as I watched, smiling, urging her on, and praising her.

She loved it, dee. cathy loved that first night of being a slave. She came back the next night, and the next, and for three weeks I tamed her. I educated her. Can you imagine the things I did to her? The things I made her do?

Each perverse request was met initially by hesitation, which I overcame with a combination of verbal persuasion and physical force. And what do you think, dee? Do you think cathy began to hesitate just because she wanted to be forced? I think so too.

cathy learned to enjoy having her gorgeous blond hair tugged urgently while she was on all fours. She learned to enjoy being ordered to spit on my balls and then lick it up before it dribbled off. She learned to love having her nipples pinched and bitten, to be fully submissive, to call me Sir and Master, and to spend hours on her knees, on her back, and on her belly, in service to her Master.

I broke cathy, dee, and I am proud of it. She was out of control. At my hand, she actually quit using drugs and cut back on the drinking. If she came to my room tipsy or high, I made her get on her knees and kiss my feet for a long time, then lick my legs very, very slowly from my ankles all the way up to my balls and cock. If she missed a spot, I made her start over. Slowly. I taught her to worship every part of me.

Do you think she’d take a little drink before she came to my room, just so I would smell it on her breath and punish her? I do too.

After three weeks, I had made wild cathy into a highly disciplined slave. It was time to move on.

But I was bad, dee. Before I broke the news that her training was complete, I came up with an excuse to spank her and take her hard from behind. When I told you before about holding a girl’s hair from behind kayseri escort with two hands, I was thinking of cathy. I pulled out of her. I ordered her to reach between her legs and grab my cock and bring it to her ass. I spit on her asshole a few times. I entered her ass slowly. I thought she might like it, but not at first. She said ‘ow!’ but slowly she relaxed. I only got the head inside before I came inside Cathy’s oven of an ass as she started wagging it side to side like a dog. She loved being taken this way, as she learned.

The next day I broke up with her. She was so mad! Despite how much she loved my training, she felt spurned because I ended it without warning. She was indignant. She started telling tales to her friends about me.

cathy cried to two of her rich spoiled girlfriends at the college what an asshole I was, that I did all these rough things with her, that i used her mouth, that i spanked her, that I made her my slave, etc. She cried to her girlfriends for hours. Her two girlfriends’ names were lonnie and terry. I can still remember their names, dee.

The next weekend, lonnie knocked on my door on Friday night. terry knocked on my door on Saturday night. Over the course of the next few weeks I trained them both.

Later I became friends with cathy again. It didn’t take long before her hurt went away, and she shared with me how much she appreciated my training. I stayed on good terms with all my former slaves, dee. I was never mean or cruel with them, just strict and loving and open and honest, and they appreciated that.

Wow, I have gone on longer than I thought.”

This is how my friend dee replied to the above message:

“I really do love this story. Mostly, because you’re so critical of her – quick to point out her flaws – entitled, bitchy, drunk, druggie, there are so many! And then exactly how you take all of those things away from her.

“This is my favorite: ‘She loved it, dee. She loved that night of being a slave. She came back the next night, and the next, and for two weeks I tamed this spoiled brat. Can you imagine the things I did to her? The things I made her do? Each perverse demand was met initially by hesitation, which I overcame with a combination of verbal persuasion and physical force. And what do you think, dee? Do you think she began to hesitate just because she wanted to be forced? I think so too.'”

“This is where my pussy starts to twitch. Where I can feel myself becoming more and more aroused. Where I blush, I look around to see if anyone is watching me, and a little smirk crosses my face. Where my mind runs rampant with ideas of ‘the things you did to her’ what you ‘made her do.’ Please tell me what you made her do – please tell me what your perverse demands were?”

My answer to dee’s question—”what did you make her do?”—inspired me to write back to her. That email forms the basis of my next posting, “Twenty-one ways to Train a Slave: A Manifesto and Lesson Plan.”

I enjoy feedback. Let me know how you liked this and if you’d like to read more.

Professor Jim

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First Threesome Ch. 03: The Encounter

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As we followed Carrie to her house, I could tell Donna was tense. I told her again that whatever happened or didn’t happen was up to her. “If you want to call it off, just say so. I’ll tell Carrie thanks, and we’ll leave.” She took a deep breath, and said “Nope. I’m nervous, but I’m also really turned on. I have to see what happens.”

We followed Carrie inside, and she offered us the couch. For the only time in this whole adventure, I steered my wife; I sat down on one end so she had to sit in the middle. Carrie went into the kitchen, and came back with two glasses of wine and a bottle of water. She handed me the water, handed Donna a glass, and sat down next to her, like I hoped she would.

It was an awkward moment; neither of us knew what to do or say. Thankfully, Carrie took the lead. She sat her glass down and took one of Donna’s hands. With her other hand, she gently turned Donna’s head so they were looking at each other, and asked “Are you OK with this?” She blushed a bit, smiled, and nodded.

Carrie stood up and still holding Donna’s hand, and said “C’mon. Walk with me.” With very little hesitation, she stood up too, and let Carrie lead her down the hall.

Part of me wanted to follow them like a puppy, but I knew if I did that, I’d kill the mood. I knew I needed to give them some time alone. I went to Carrie’s stereo and flipped it on, finding a smooth jazz station. I took my shoes off and sat back down on the couch, and relaxed as well as I could under the circumstances.

After what felt like an eternity (but was really about 30 minutes), I walked very quietly down the hall. When I got to Carrie’s bedroom door and looked in, I will never forget what I saw. Donna was nude and laying on her back; Carrie was laying naked between her legs, gently licking and fingering my beautiful wife’s pussy. And the look on Donna’s face told me Carrie knew what she was doing.

I’d often fantasized about this, but the fantasy was nothing when compared to its reality. I watched for a few minutes, mesmerized, as Donna finally came in what seemed like a 3 minute orgasm.

Once Donna regained her senses, Carrie said “Someone’s watching. I think he should take his clothes off and join us.” I undressed, and as I crawled onto the bed next to Donna, and Carrie slid up her other side. I leaned forward and kissed Donna, then leaned farther over and lightly kissed Carrie, and said “That was incredible.” It sounded lame, but I really didn’t have words to describe what I just saw.

After a couple minutes, Donna said “I’m not sure I’m ready to return the favor, but if you don’t mind, I’m sure he would love to do it for me. He’s not half bad at it.” Carrie smiled, and rolled onto her back. It was then that I noticed she was completely clean. I’d seen bald pussies in pictures and movies, but never in person.

I crawled between her legs, and kissed & licked my way up the inside of her thighs. I looked up and while Donna was laying beside her, she was gently playing with Carrie’s tits. She was caressing them, lightly pinching her nipples. As I reached the top of Carrie’s thighs, she started talking to Donna but really she was telling me what she wanted me to do to her.

“Donna, you really should try shaving once. When he goes down on you, he can get your whole pussy in his mouth. It feels incredible.” So I did what Carrie said, opening my mouth and enclosing it around her outer lips. “He can keep you in his mouth, and he can lick your lips at the same time.” Which is what I did.

“And while he’s got your outer lips hot and wet in his mouth, he can push his tongue between your lips and lick inside. He can slide his tongue inside, flick it back and forth and around your clit, while he’s still got his mouth pressed against your entire pussy.”

I wondered how my wife was handling it emotionally watching me eat Carrie as she coached me through how she wanted to be eaten. As long as she didn’t stop me, I was going to keep doing what I was asked to do. But then, before Carrie could say anything else, I slipped two fingers inside her and started moving them in and out and around inside. She got quiet, grabbed Donna’s hand, and came. Her vaginal muscles tightened around my fingers; she clamped down hard, and I could only imagine what it would feel like to be inside her at that moment.

After calming down from her orgasm, Carrie said “You’re right. He ain’t half bad. mersin escort Any chance I can watch the two of you make love?”

I climbed on top of Donna, and without thinking about it, I kissed her as I slowly slid all the way inside and buried myself as deep as I could get. I’m sure I tasted like Carrie at that point; I realized later that this was probably Donna’s first taste of another woman. But I don’t think Donna cared; she was as turned on as I’ve ever seen her. Between Carrie getting her off orally and her watching me do the same to Carrie, she was ready.

Sometimes Donna and I make love, gentle and easy, and sometimes we fuck each other. This time we made love; there was an emotional aspect of what we were doing that you could almost hold in your hands, and it seemed to heighten all our senses.

I’m both a voyeur and an exhibitionist; it was an incredible thrill knowing that an absolutely beautiful naked woman was laying beside us on the bed and watching us go at it. This woman had just eaten her to an earth-shattering orgasm, and I had just returned the favor by eating her to her own climax.

I was so turned on, I had to slow down a few times to keep from coming too fast. Finally, Donna told me to go for it, and give Carrie a show. I make a lot of noise when I come, and I knew this one was going to be a loud one.

But as I was settling into my rhythm, I felt Carrie work her hand between us, so she could rub Donna’s clit while I was sliding in and out. She also leaned down and brushed her lips against Donna’s. Donna didn’t pull away from the contact, and she had to know it was Carrie, not me, kissing her. Carrie gently kissed her a few times, then looked up at me, smiling.

My response to Carrie was to mouth one word: “faster”. If she was going to try and get Donna to come again before I came, she was gonna have to hurry; seeing her kiss Donna was enough to take me past the point of no return. And hurry she did; just as I reached my orgasm, I felt Donna’s pussy tighten around me as she came again. I’m really glad Carrie lives in a house, rather than apartment. Not sure what her neighbors would have thought as I roared and unloaded inside my wife.

As I was catching my breath, it dawned on me that Donna and I had never actually come at the same time. We got close at times, but never achieved true simultaneous orgasms. It was one of the most awesome things I have ever experienced.

I leaned down and kissed my wife again, then rolled off of her. I lay there panting, having just had one of the most intense climaxes I’ve ever had. This was going better than I could have ever imagined. Carrie asked Donna, “Do you mind if I clean up the mess he just made?” I wondered how she would react to such a blunt question and with me there, but she surprised me with her answer: “What am I gonna say, no to getting oral sex?”

So Carrie crawled back between Donna’s legs, and began lazily licking up both my come and my wife’s pussy juices. I could see by the look on her face that she was enjoying the oral attention she was getting. After maybe 60 seconds, she whispered “Oh, shit” and she came again in Carrie’s mouth. She bucked hard, but Carrie stayed with her. Once she had returned to earth yet again, Carrie climbed back up beside her.

“I love doing that. I love going down on a woman right after she’s come while fucking her boyfriend or husband. You have no idea how sensitive you are, and how quickly I can get you off again. It always comes as a surprise, and I love doing it.”

At that point, it felt like the night was winding down. I have never been so glad to be wrong.

Then Carrie asked me why I waited for a while to come back, and why I stood at the door for a few minutes after I got to the bedroom.

“Well, I knew that the only way Donna would be able to relax would be by herself with you. The pressure of my being in the room with her could have made her just tense enough that she would have stopped. Or if she continued, she might not have been relaxed enough to really enjoy it. The only way this had a chance of successfully happening was for me to give the two of you some time alone.

“When I finally got to the bedroom door, what I saw was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. If I live to be a hundred, I will never forget that sight. And I felt an interesting mix of kocaeli escort intense turn-on and jealousy. Watching someone other than me get her off was such a turn-on, my dick was so hard it hurt. But I also knew she was sharing something with you that she could never share with me. As a guy, I know there’s an emotional level I can’t get to. So I was a little jealous of you; you were sharing something emotionally with her I can’t.

“At the same time, she was experiencing something she had never experienced; she was sharing something emotionally with you she’d never been able to share with anyone. If I’d stripped and jumped into bed, I would have interrupted that. And I couldn’t that; I could never steal that moment from either of you.

“And, honestly, I knew I’d get mine at some point in the evening. I was content to wait.”

Carrie laughed. “Almost every other guy in your situation would have followed us back to the bedroom, taken his clothes off, and jumped between us with his dick in one hand and one of my tits in the other. And that’s ok, on some level. It would still be fun. But you’re one of the few guys who understands the emotional connection between two women, and one of the very few who was patient enough to let things play out at their own speed instead of forcing them.”

She then looked at my wife and said “Donna, if you don’t mind, I’d like say thanks to your husband by giving him a blowjob that will curl his toes. Would you be ok if I did that?”

Donna looked at me and said “I’ve been on the receiving end of that wonderful mouth twice. You should get to enjoy it, too. So consider this as my way also of saying thanks.”

I kissed Donna then leaned back and said “How did she put it? What am I gonna say to oral sex, no?”

Carrie crawled across my wife and settled in between us so she could lean across me. Facing away from me, she took me into her mouth. I’ve never been quick to recover after coming; it has always taken me a little time before I could get hard again. But Carrie was as talented sucking cock as she was eating pussy; much to my surprise, she had me erect very quickly.

Donna lay down beside me and watched Carrie work her magic. Now that it was me on the receiving end of Carrie’s obvious oral talents instead of her, I wondered if it would be too much for her. She didn’t anything, so I just lay back and enjoyed it.

I’ve never had a bad blowjob; some are ok, some are good, some are great. But I’ve had very few that could compare with the one I was getting from Carrie. After a few minutes, Donna heard the familiar change in my breathing that signals my approaching orgasm. When she recognized that change in breathing, she told Carrie to stop.

She pulled her mouth off my dick, leaving it standing at attention. After a short time to let me calm down, Donna told Carrie she could continue. It didn’t take long for my breathing to change again; again she told Carrie to stop, and again Carrie pulled off. I was getting close; it wasn’t going to be long before I came again.

Donna told Carrie to continue again, and this time it didn’t take very long at all for me to start that deep breathing that immediately precedes my orgasm. This time, she firmly said “Carrie, stop and don’t move. Do Not Move.” I was almost whimpering; I was maybe half dozen bobs of her head away from coming, and Donna knew it. Carrie stopped where she was, and this time remaining motionless while she kept me in her mouth.

Donna looked down at me and said “You were right earlier. If you’d been back here, I don’t know if I could have relaxed enough to enjoy this. And I HAVE enjoyed it. I really appreciate you putting me first, letting me to call the shots, letting me take this whole experience at my own pace. You being patient has allowed me to enjoy this experience to the fullest. Carrie, wait a few seconds, and then help me finish this poor boy off.”

Donna leaned down and kissed me as hard and deep as she’s ever kissed me. I’d never been in a threesome before, so I could only fantasize about what it was like to be kissed and blown at the same time. It was incredible. Now, instead of wanting to come, I wanted to hold off as long as possible so I could enjoy the sensation.

Alas, they were too good at what they were doing, and I was too close to coming. Carrie resumed working on me with that incredible samsun escort mouth, and between that and the sensations I was experiencing with Donna’s lips locked on mine, I was at the point of no return in seconds.

When Donna sensed I was about to come, she buried her face against my neck, which allowed me hold her while I exploded in Carrie’s mouth. I don’t know how many spasms I had. But it seemed like my orgasm went on and on, and I never wanted it to stop.

After a while I began to calm down, and I whispered in Donna’s ear, “Do you mind if I kiss her? I mean, really kiss her? You know how I love kissing you after you do that.” She smiled and simply said “Go for it.”

Carrie still held me in her mouth, releasing me as I finally went limp. “Carrie, would you kiss me?” She smiled, moved in over me, bent down, and kissed me long and hard. She said “You know, I love trying to kiss guys after I blow them. A few want nothing to do with it; most will tolerate it considering what I just did to them. A few are ok with it, finding out that their come doesn’t taste that bad. But out of all the guys I’ve ever given blowjobs to, you’re the first one who ever asked me to kiss him after he’d come in my mouth.”

I realized then that I’d come twice, and Donna had come three times. But Carrie, only once. I mentioned this, and I asked her if there was anything I could do to remedy that; I wanted to make sure she got as good as she gave. She rolled over on her belly to reach into her nightstand. I told her not to move, then proceeded to spend about 5 minutes kissing and licking and biting and otherwise worshiping her magnificent ass. Donna said “He’s been wanting to do that all night. No, he’s probably been wanting to do that since we met you Tuesday night.” I laughed and said “Since Tuesday.”

I stopped nibbling on Carrie’s butt, and she pulled out a Pocket Rocket, and handed it to me. My wife said “Oh, he knows what to do what that.”

I started working on Carrie with the vibrator and much to her surprise and mine, Donna reached down and tentatively inserted a finger into Carrie’s pussy. I slowed down a bit and let her “feel her way around”, so to speak. After a few minutes of just teasing Carrie while Donna fingered her, I resumed working in earnest on Carrie’s clit, and Donna continued to do to Carrie what I assume she likes having done to her. When Carrie came, Donna kept her finger inside. She said “Wow. That’s an incredible feeling when she tightened up. That was kinda neat.”

I asked if I could snuggle between them for a while, my beautiful and sexy wife in one arm and our beautiful and sexy new friend in the other. It was the perfect end to an incredible night.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we do occasionally experiment sexually with other people.

Our first threesome was wonderful. I didn’t get to experience being inside Carrie, but I’m not losing any sleep over it considering how the entire evening went. Donna’s first lesbian experience was a good one; she did what she was comfortable doing, and enjoyed everything she did. She even discovered that she also has a bit of voyuer in her, as long as it’s in the right set of circumstances; she told me later that watching Carrie give me a blowjob was in incredible turn-on for her.

I can see her wanting to try this again; there was enough curiosity (and excitement, when she had her finger inside Carrie as I vibed Carrie to another orgasm) to make me believe she might be open to another FFM threesome. If that happens, hopefully I can enjoy being the center of attention for part of the time; I got a brief taste of it when Donna was kissing me and I was in Carrie’s mouth, and I liked it.

I’m also hoping Donna would consider a threesome with another guy; I’d love to make her the “meat” in a MFM sandwich, where he and I are primarily focused on her pleasure. There are a number of things we could do to almost push her into sensory overload, and I’ve got some cuckold fantasies I’d like to experience.

And to be honest, if the chance for me to have sexual contact with him would present itself, I fully intend to take advantage of it; I’ve always been curious what it’s like to have sex with another guy.

Regardless of whether or not we ever include someone else again in a sexual adventure, we will never be the same individually, or as a couple. Thanks to Carrie, a sexual world that neither Donna nor I knew existed has been opened up to us. Making love to Donna has never been as enjoyable as it has been after our night with Carrie. We are more in tune with each other both physically and emotionally, and the pleasure we take from and give to each other during sex is more intense–and satisfying–than it’s ever been.

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First Swingers Party

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Last weekend was one of many firsts. James and I decided to go to a couples party. Up to this point we had met couples before and ended up playing with our respective partners in the same room. As those that have read our submissions know, I’m a huge exhibitionist. I love dressing up as slutty as possible and parading around naked and teasing people. So a swingers party was the perfect opportunity for me to wear a new sexy top James had recently purchased. The top was cut low and showed off a lot of cleavage, however what made it that extra bit slutty was the fact the material was thin and my hard nipples poked out very predominately. The top was a crop top so I wore a tight, figure hugging high waisted skirt showing just a hint of my toned stomach, and black heels. James looked dapper as ever with jeans, dress shoes and a blue dress shirt.

When I left the house I had a different top on but as soon as I was in the car with James off came the top and I was left in my skirt and black lace bra. The bra was strapless and almost see through, very thin and my nipples were poking out already. James immediately reached over and gently massaged my right breast as he drove, then readjusted his cock in his jeans. I smiled to myself knowing he was getting hard.

Soon I was topless and enjoyed the hour long drive. Half way into the drive I put on the grey low cut top and once again James reached over and massaged me, even flicking my rock hard nipples to tease me. I sat back enjoying his hands on me but it was over too soon for my liking. I turned on the radio and started dancing away when my favourite song came on. The top did not stay up and kept sliding down my arms exposing my right boob, then left. I didn’t care, I continued dancing, my boobs bouncing. The anticipation of the party was already getting me horny, not to mention James’s hands on me and being topless in the car.

We finally got to the location, found a spot to park and walked to house. We had invited another couple we knew and bumped into them on the way down which made things easier. We met the host outside the house and he directed us to the elevator. We went down a few levels and as the doors opened were met with about 8 people.

The next couple of hours was spent talking to different couples, many of which were older than us. There were however two couples around our age which we immediately clicked with. Up to this point we had no intention of playing with any other couples, we just hoped to meet another couple like us who liked to show off and watch and be watched.

I had had a few glasses of wine and very quickly was unsteady on my feet. Now a few things about me when I drink; I’m a light weight so get tipsy very easily, lose all inhibitions when tipsy and get incredibly horny. An hour and a half in my pussy was tingling. I looked at James all dressed up and just wanted him to take me. There were still a number of couples to come but I didn’t want to wait. James would every so often kiss me passionately setting my pussy on fire but his kiss was only for a moment. He wanted to wait until the party really got started.

It was about two and half hours before a few couples finally made their way to the bedrooms to start playing. Now by that time the host had already shown a lot of interest in me. I was the youngest there and he being about 50 took a liking to my top and the amount of cleavage I was showing. I wasn’t interested but at the same time didn’t object as he had spanked my ass once as I walked past him. I quickly told James and he smiled. We both enjoyed the fact I was the hottest one there.

We followed the couples upstairs and the sight that met us was not something we had ever seen. There were about four couples in one room, all in various forms of undress getting hot and heavy. Each of the females were giving their partners (we assume, maybe not) a blowjob. In the other room an older lady was being eaten out by a black man. She was still in lingerie but he was naked and had a large, thick cock. It was quite a sight, somewhat overwhelming but at the same time, I wanted to be part of it.

The alcohol and the wait had me going crazy. James took me into the room with the black man and started kissing me. I kissed back passionately as his hands explored my nipples over my top. I wanted more but let him take his time. One of the young couples we had urfa escort chatted to were to our left. Jan (the male) was on a chair as Kim was sucking his cock. Jan was topless and Kim was slowly massaging his cock through his underwear as they kissed. Soon she was in her bra and panties and looked spectacular. She was an F cup (we later found out) and had an incredible ass. She wasn’t as petite as I was, a size or two larger than me but had an hourglass figure. James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. I smiled as I caught him looking at me a few times. Since both of our first times, we weren’t sure about the etiquette as to where to look.

I turned to James and took his hands and put them on my boobs as I kissed him hard. I moaned as he played with my nipples.

“I want to suck your cock,” I said.

“Not yet babe,” he replied as he leant over and gently licked my right nipple. He again turned me to face Jan and massaged both boobs, shaking them so Jan could lust after them. Soon we noted the host was next to us and he soon began caressing my ass. I didn’t mind but didn’t want to go any further so James and I both went downstairs.

James quickly went to the toilet while I waited outside. Another young couple, Asian, Kevin and Michelle were making out downstairs. Kevin unbuttoned Michelle’s top and pulled it aside and flashed me her boobs. I was in a playful mood and flashed both my boobs back. He must not have been expecting that as he looked shocked but gave a slight nod as if to say “well done, nice boobs”.

James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Once again the host appeared so we went downstairs and were followed by Jan and Kim. Once downstairs I was frustrated. I wanted James’s cock!

I pushed him on the sofa and started kissing him and stroking his semi hard cock through his jeans. Jan had moved to the ground on the carpet in front of us and Kim was straddling him. James is an ass man and she had a massive booty. It was large, but still toned. Absolutely perfect. Even I had to admit it was incredible.

James had me sit back and face them as he kissed me. He kissed my neck and took my right nipple in his mouth and he gently sucked.

“They’re watching us babe, Kim especially, she wants you, you should go touch her butt”.

“Do you want to touch her,” I asked, already knowing the answer. We hadn’t discussed how far we would go but with the wine in me, I was ready for anything.

We both got up and stood behind Kim as she rubbed her pussy against Jan. She was still in her lingerie but was moaning. She seemed like an easily orgasmic woman and was starting to get vocal.

Whack! Jan spanked Kim’s ass hard. She seemed to like it and smiled as she moaned. She knew she was hot! James knelt beside them and finally must have plucked up the courage to ask to touch her as soon his hands were all over her ass. I knelt next to him and felt her ass too. It was incredibly soft. Her bright red panties stood a stark contrast to her pale skin. Her massive booty, round, was a sight to behold.

After we both had our share I pushed James’s on the ground and unzipped his pants. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I needed his cock! He was semi-hard but seeing Jan and Kim next to us had him hard quickly and I engulfed his cock. Finally I thought to myself. I was so horny and I enjoyed savouring his taste.

Kim had taken off her bra by this time and Jan was sucking on her nipples furiously. She was loving it and moaning as her incredible F cup breasts engulfed his face.

“Reach out and touch them babe,” James said. I’m not bi or bi-curious but I do fantasise about big boobs. I don’t know what that says about me, maybe I am bi-curious. I reached over and grabbed Kim’s left boob. It was so soft. Mine are smaller, round, firm and perky. Kim’s were soft. They didn’t feel anything like mine, didn’t feel like muscles but like a pillow. Having my fill, I turned back to James and took his cock in my mouth. I looked at him and saw him smiling back at me.

It was then I felt Kim’s hands on my back. I was topless at this point. I then felt lips kissing my back and it sent a shiver down my spine. I had never been touched by a woman before. balıkesir escort She kissed up to my shoulder.

“Suck on Kim’s nipples babe,” James said. I pulled back from his cock. I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t hesitant. Maybe it was where we were, or the alcohol, but I wanted to lick her nipples. I’m sure James would find it hot and I wanted to please him as well. I turned to face Kim and her face was next to mine. I wasn’t sure what to do until I felt her lips on mine. It felt amazing. If Katy Perry had in fact kissed a girl (as the song goes), I could see why she liked it. Kim’s lips were so soft! It was incredibly erotic. We pashed passionately. I pulled back in shock. I totally forgot about James at that point. We hadn’t discussed if it was ok for me to kiss someone. At least it’s not a guy I thought and I went for her boobs and sucked her nipples. It was a hugely erotic feeling. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim’s boobs. I sucked them hard, not knowing what she liked. I pulled back and she kissed me again. This time I didn’t hesitate and kissed her back. I wanted to enjoy the moment before speaking to James.

We pulled apart and I straddled James. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to do. I was kissing her and I liked it, then I thought of you, but since it wasn’t a guy I hoped you wouldn’t mind so I kissed her again,” I confessed.

James was grinning from ear to ear. “That was the hottest thing I’ve seen babe, you do what you want, I want you to enjoy yourself”. I was overcome with such joy, such love for James that I kissed him passionately. It was a wonderful feeling to know he supported me and wanted me to enjoy myself.

“Let Kim suck your tits babe,” James said. Without hesitation I leant over and Kim immediately took my left nipple in her mouth. I moaned out loud as she forcibly sucked my nipple. We moved closer to Jan and Kim and I could see James had reached over and was feeling Kim’s amazing boobs. I leant over and stuck my boobs in James’s face. He started hungrily licking and sucking my right nipple as I felt rough hands on my left. I looked over and saw Jan was now feeling me up.

Up to this point no one but James had touched my boobs. Not even Dean. Here I was though enjoying having Jan feel me up. It wasn’t that I was attracted to him. Knowing other men and woman want me turns James and I on. The fact Jan’s girlfriend had F cup boobs but he wanted to feel mine made me feel sexy, made me hot and I revelled in his touch.

Kevin and Michelle had moved over near us and Michelle had her pert little ass in the air as she sucked Kevin. Michelle was slim, had A cup breasts but still looked hot. Being slim and petite is hot in itself.

After some nudging from James I moved over to them, slightly unsure if they were interested. I went straight for Michelle’s boobs and licked her nipples. Her nipples were like mine, hard and prominent. I licked, sucked and nibbled at her boobs hard. I could hear her moan and giggle as I sucked only the second pair of tits in my life. I pulled back and Michelle and I pashed passionately as now Kevin took his opportunity and felt my boobs. He too was rough and I loved it!

I moved back to James and kissed him, then went to work on his cock. It was nice and hard and I started jerking him off. Jan had moved on top of Kim and as James played with Kim’s boobs, Jan reached over and played with mine. I saw Kim reach over and trace James’s abs and then grab his cock and now her and I both were jerking him off. I let go and let her jerk him off as I sucked on her nipples as Jan manhandled my boobs. I pulled back and continued jerking James off as both Kim and Jan had their way with my boobs. Kim would suck me then kiss me and Jan started sucking my nipples. Not only had I let two men touch my boobs but another man was sucking me! Jan was rough, not as skilled as James but it felt good. It felt great to be used.

James and I often fantasied about multiple guys using me. I often masturbate as he watches describing scenarios. The ones I love are where there are three or four guys, each jerking off at first as I touch myself. They get braver and their hands are on my, my boobs, pussy, their cocks in my mouth and I jerk them off until they all cum over me. That’s a fantasy at the moment, but this trabzon escort was a little taste of that fantasy.

“Go let Kevin and Michelle suck you babe”.

I didn’t hesitate. I knew they all wanted me and I loved it. I went over to them and stuck my boobs in their faces. They each eagerly took a nipple each and sucked and licked. Kevin tried to kiss me but I pulled back. He looked taken back but I reassured him he could still touch. He wasted no time and continued manhandling my boobs. He grabbed my hand and guided it to Michelle’s pussy. I didn’t fight him. I was in a zone I’d never been in. I was trying new things and I wanted to go with the flow. James was next to me feeling Michelle’s ass as I slowly played with her clit. I did exactly what I do to myself; slowly went around her clit with my finger, then up and down, then side to side. Within a few minutes Michelle was telling me she was close and a few moments later she moaned as she came.

I pushed James back to the ground smiling. It was a huge rush knowing I had made another woman cum. I sucked James’s cock eagerly, savouring how good he tasted and how hard he was. Everyone was kissing and licking each other’s boobs, I had kissed two women and two other man had touched and licked my boobs.

I stroked James’s cock as Kevin and Jan had their way with my boobs. They were rough, not at all delicate. But I guess that’s to be expected, who knows if you’ll get another chance to feast on a new pair of tits. They had their way, touching, groping, squeezing and sucking, hard! It hurt a bit but the fact it was two strange men feeling me up, getting horny and turned on by my body made it feel erotic and turned me on like nothing else!

Jan was standing up and Kim sucking him. She was now naked and both James and I took the opportunity to feel her ass. James had a huge grin on his face as he played with her ass. She seemed to like our hands on her because she wiggled it and pushed back on our hands as she sucked Jan.

I was so frustrated it was my “time of the month” as otherwise I would have taken my skirt and thong off and let the men and women touch my aching clit. I wanted to show off my fresh waxed pussy and my ass. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. Both James and Dean have told me how sexy it is and I wanted to share it! I knew I wasn’t going to cum that night but it was hot knowing I had been used to such an extent. My boobs had had a thorough workout and I wanted to make James cum!

I straddled him as I kissed him passionately. “Thank you,” I said as I slowly jerked his cock.

“You are the most amazing woman babe. I am the luckiest guy ever to be with someone as sexy, as horny and incredible as you. I will always love you baby,” he whispered. I couldn’t help but beam. I knew he meant it. Not only had he sucked on another pair of tits and groped both Kim and Michelle, but he got to watch me take control and take what I wanted. I wanted Kim, Jan, Michelle and Kevin to suck me and please me and that’s exactly what they did. I knew it turned him on when I shoved my boobs in everyone’s faces and they eagerly sucked me. It made me feel hot and turned him on knowing they all wanted me. I kissed him again and continued stroking his cock. I shoved my boobs into his face wanting his lips to be the last on my tits before he came. He grabbed both pairs of boobs and sucked, nibbled, bit and licked until he couldn’t hold on anymore.

“I’m going to cum,” he whispered. I quickly pulled away and took his cock in my mouth and felt his body tense as he shot a huge load in my mouth. He pumped and pumped and pumped away, shooting stream after stream of hot cum into my waiting mouth. Once he had finished I pulled away and made my way to the bathroom where I spat his cum out. I adjusted my top and stood there for a moment taking it all in.

Wow, what an experience. We got changed and headed home with Jan and Kim. We said our goodbyes after we had exited the elevator. Thinking back on it, I wish I had kissed her one last time. We’re still in contact with them so no doubt we will meet them again in two months or so when James and I are in Sydney. It’s been a week but I still replay that night in my head. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs. I know it will be a while before our next party but I can’t wait to go again and really show off. I’m eager to be the only woman naked, walking around teasing all the men and women. Most of the woman were either in their bras and panties but I can’t wait to be the centre of attention, naked, parading around making James proud!

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First Impressions

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“Thanks for letting me hang out here for the weekend.”

“Oh yeah, no problem. It’s the least I could do since you watched Donny the last time I went out of town.” Kyle said referring to his Labrador.

Miranda clung to her overnight bag looking around her new environment. Gradually she took a few steps further into the living room and made mental notes of the exits as well as where the other rooms of importance were located.

“Here” Kyle said extending a hand toward her “I’ll show you back to the guest room and let you get settled in.” He took her bag and waved her down the hallway, taking a moment to look at the curve of her ass as she strutted through the narrow hall.

“This one?” Miranda said startling him

“Yeah, on the left. Sorry there’s no door, but we can put a sheet up for privacy. We had to take the door off to replace my brother’s down the hall until we could afford another.”

“Oh, no need for a sheet, I’ll just change in the bathroom.” Miranda walked toward the dresser, bending down to empty the contents of her overnight bag into the first drawer. She set her toiletries on the top of the dresser as well as a small alarm clock. Kyle quietly retreated but stopped in the hall to observe her as she undertook her task.

Funny that only a few months ago she had stayed with him and his wife as their live-in. He watched her day in and day out, secretly thinking of all he wanted to do to her. He was a good man though. He was never the type to stray from his wife even if she was frigid and unwilling. Well, now that Kyle and Laney had split he was a free man, but Miranda was such a sweet girl. He could only dream of being with her. Kyle sighed and walked to the living room.

“Ben will be here shortly, we’ll get dinner as soon as he comes in and gets changed.”

“Okay, it’ll be cool to meet your brother.” Miranda said muffled by the barrier of wall. She peeked her head around the corner “Tell me if this is too slutty.” Slowly a pale leg crossed the threshold; following suit was the well-proportioned form of Miranda. Her hair was up in a loose bun allowing tendrils of rogue hairs to fall around her face and down her neck. Only spaghetti straps graced her creamy shoulders, flowing down to become a simple, short, formfitting black dress. The mounds of her D cup breasts nearly threatened to topple from the top of the simple piece of fabric.

Kyle gawked for a moment “No! I mean, it’s not slutty y-you look” he stammered “You look amazing.”

Miranda gave a light blush and hid her face. “Glad you like it. Want to hear something funny?”

Kyle lifted a brow curiously “Sure.”

“I used to have a crush on you. I’d even wear my best nighties when I lived with you, just in case you happened to see me in the evenings.” She brushed a hair over her ear. The simplicity and the innocence of the movement were arousing, and her confession, caused Kyle’s cock to stir.

“Really? Used to?” He cleared his throat and gave a sly grin. “You going to wear shoes tonight or do I need to carry you around?”

Miranda laughed, it was a thick velvety sound that caused his groin to throb.

“Well, mardin escort I couldn’t tell you I had a crush now, it just wouldn’t be done. And yes, I’m going to wear shoes but first I’m going to get a glass of water.”

Kyle followed Miranda into the kitchen waiting to see which cabinet she would assume the glasses were in. She stood on her tip toes, her small amply endowed frame a mere 5’1, reaching for the first cabinet to the right of the sink. He smiled to himself before stepping up behind her almost touching, taking her hand and moving it one cabinet over. Miranda nearly reached the knob but lost her balance. Kyle caught her swiftly turning her to face him. Something about the way Miranda’s breathing changed, the way her eyes looked him over, caused his cock to harden. Miranda licked her lips as she looked down the length of his body, to the area where his now ridged member grazed her bellybutton.

“Guess I’m not the only one with a crush.” She swallowed, returning his gaze.

“Yeah…um, sorry.” Kyle started to pull away and excuse himself but Miranda held him to her.

“It’s okay you know. I’m here, you’re here…we want each other.” Miranda smiled slyly taking Kyle’s hand and putting it between her thighs. His fingers met the satiny fabric of her panties, his eyes widening at the dampness he felt. “See?” She whispered.

All at once Kyle’s defenses fell, his cock stood hard and ready. God she smelt so good. Her dampness and firm body beckoned him. He picked her up setting her on the countertop with some force, his knelt putting his face between her thighs taking in the scent of her. The feeling of her hands along the back of his freshly cut hair had him tugging at the string of her satin thong. He fought with it a moment before Miranda put her hands on the counter lifting herself just enough for him to win the battle. He looked up at her as she set herself back down and leaned into his ear. “Fuck me, please.” She whispered. The raspy need in her voice over took him.

He picked her up and moved to the kitchen table with her legs wrapped around him. He put her down angled across the corner of the table. Her hands unbelted his pants during the move, startling him with the realization that he no longer needed to undo his jeans. He hastily pulled them down, kicking them off with one quick thought of ‘Thank god I wasn’t wearing shoes either’.

Miranda reached for his cock, caressing the tip of him. She used her ankle to hook him behind his buttock and pull him toward her. Her mouth parted and he knew what she wanted. She laid a simple kiss upon the head of his prick, proceeding to taste him. Her tongue swirled around his head and teased his hole; she made long lavishing strokes down his shaft then took him hungrily into her mouth. The velocity at which she moved surprised him. His knees buckled as he gave over to the feeling of her heat. Miranda positioned herself up on one elbow reaching for Kyle’s hand with her free arm. She put his hand on the back of her head, pausing a moment to look up at him, her eyes giving him a long look with a slow van escort nod, she resumed sucking him. Her tongue never faltered in twisting along him in every inch she took in of him. He took her cue and grasped the loose bun pushing her down and controlling the depth of her taking. His breathing became ragged as he neared his end, his arm swiftly pumping her up and down his shaft like a mad man. She struggled a few times digging her nails into his ass as she gagged. He pulled himself back out of her reach leaving her void.

Miranda looked at Kyle, her eyes wild, her breathing erratic. She lay back over the table, letting her hand move over her body spreading her legs to show him how much she yearned for him. Her pussy was shaven, engorged and the perfect shade of pinky brown. Still closed even though she was spread eagle let him know she was tight. Her juices leaked onto the table as her fingertip felt for her clit. She gasped letting her eyes flutter shut.

Kyle stood astonished at the sight. The woman he fantasized about was here, gave him head and was now playing with herself in front of him on the kitchen table. The whole ordeal was overwhelming and the throb of his prick brought him back from the surreal images dancing around in his mind. He moved to the table pulling her to the edge of the table and rubbing the head of his cock against her slickness. She moaned under him, struggling to move closer and take his cock into her. Kyle could feel the heat of her pussy like a breath on his dick, but wanting to tease her more he smiled to himself leaning over her and kissing her navel. Miranda’s back arched at the sensation, her hand gripping the edge of the table as he trailed his tongue down the artful V of her body. He licked around her, teasing her, placing gentle bites on her thighs causing her to groan and beg under her breath. He laid his tongue out flat against her giving her a once over. He tapped her clit with his tongue then sucked it in between his teeth, showing her no mercy as she grasped the back of his head and yelped. His tongue flicked over and over against the firm button of her aching center, while taking two fingers and sliding them into her. She bucked at the sensation causing the table to shudder. Her whimpers nearly too much, causing him to stretch tight against his own skin. Kyle felt his pre-cum drop against his thigh, as he let out a groan into her shaven muff.

“Front Door” said an automated voice.

“Uh…Kyle?” followed a male voice.

“Shit!” Kyle breathed.

Kyle started to lean and pull his pants up but Miranda held him to her, giving him a shake of her head. “No, no, no…please.” She whimpered giving the strange new man one look and nothing more.

“Ben, I uh…”

“It’s cool bro. Continue, can’t leave her wanting.” Ben smirked taking his shirt off and throwing it into the nearby hamper of the utility area.

Miranda flexed under Kyle bringing his attention back to her. A bit confused, Kyle faltered but leaned to continue, hearing Ben leave the room. Miranda moaned greedily reaching for Kyle in any way she could. Kyle’s cock ankara escort swelled again and he took the initiative. Putting the head of himself against her swollen pussy, he wrapped his arms under her thighs and slammed into her. Miranda yelped, a sound that surely the neighbors heard but he no longer cared. He pushed and pulled her over his thick cock as if she were a rag doll. Miranda bucked and squealed grasping the edges of the table and arching her back. For a moment, she stilled. Kyle followed her eyes across the kitchen to the doorway where his brother stood watching. Kyle looked back to Miranda; she gazed at his brother oddly, before licking her lips and smiling.

“Kyle?” Ben murmured his cock pressing obviously against the slacks he was wearing.

“Ben…” Kyle puzzled.

“Yes.” Miranda said nodding. “Yes please.”

Ben stood still exchanging a look with Kyle before moving toward the edge of the table. “Let me watch.” He said his face emotionless and unreadable.

Kyle picked up as if nothing happened. The rate that he slammed Miranda over his cock forced the sound of slapping flesh to echo through the room. Miranda appeared near tears, her body flailing lost to the moment. Ben stood by stroking himself watching the anomaly on his kitchen table. He moved his slacks down over his hips leaving himself nude, as he lay back against the bar. He watched his little brother fucking the girl he’d only heard stories of as he used his hand, pretending it were her. Ben let out a moan that got the couple’s attention. Miranda reached out to and pulled him toward the table. She gave Kyle a look before pulling her legs up and pushing him away with her feet. He looked at Ben with a smirk and a nod. “Go ahead.”

Ben didn’t ask questions. He merely stated “off the table”. Miranda did as instructed on wobbly legs to have him forcefully turned her and lean her over the table corner. He stuck the head of his cock in her soaked hole beginning to pound away ruthlessly. He looked to his brother and nodded as Miranda cried out into the table. Kyle took a place in front of Miranda putting his dick to her lips. “Suck.” Ben said firmly, taking her bun in one hand, forcing her mouth over the length of Kyle’s swollen cock. Ben quickly found rhythm pounding into her while forcing her up and down his brother’s cock. The sensation was astounding. Miranda’s quivering slit tightened and released around his throbbing pole as he swelled for release.

“Fuck Kyle, I’m coming!” the elder brother rasped.

Miranda cried out over Kyle’s cock as her pussy clenched and rained over Ben’s thickness. He grabbed her head and pushed her down Kyle’s length watching him spasm as the woman on his cock quivered and choked, causing her slick spurting pussy to convulse around him, taking him for everything he had.

The world seemed to stand still as Ben released his grip on the woman. Kyle took a step back, looking Miranda over as his brother pulled out, dripping their mixed juices all over the floor. Miranda remained bent over, her eyes closed and her breathing shallow. Slowly the world seemed to come to its senses. Kyle helped Miranda stand up watching her in awe as her eyes fluttered open. Ben quietly leaned against the table, watching.

“Miranda, this is my brother, Ben.” Kyle smiled giving the introduction.

Miranda smiled offering a dainty hand “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Ben grinned giving her a firm handshake.

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