I get quite a bit of Literotica mail from readers of my stories. Sometimes there are questions as to why, when, how much is true, how long etc. So I figured I’d answer some questions.

My father had a bunch of porn that he had hidden that I found when I was 18. Being the inquisitive although naive person that I was and still am, I found it quite by accident. He had magazines and VHS tapes that were all straight (thank god as I don’t know quite how I’d take it if I had found out her was bent). I’d come home from early classes at the university I was attending (both my parents worked so I had after school alone time) and look at pix while I jerked off. He had Penthouse Forun magazines and those sometimes had some bi stuff and kink in them and I found that I liked the kinkiest stuff I could find. One day I read a story where this couple had sex and in the end the girl jacked the guy off til he came. She “made” him eat his cum. I had thought about tasting mine but it was the old story of no matter how badly I wanted to eat it, after I’d cum I just couldn’t do it. In the particular story in Forum, the girl had the guy’s legs back over his shoulders so that his cock was over his face. The story described how she slid her small hand up and down on his slick cock til he shot off. She directed the spurting cum into his mouth and onto his face.

I’m 5’9″ tall and maybe 145 pounds. So I’m slender and pretty flexible. I decided to try what I’d read in the story. After numerous attempts at getting myself positioned correctly I hit on the idea of putting a couple of pillows behind me so that my head was tilted up. My parents’ bed had an iron headboard that I tied a nylon rope to. I tied a loop in the free end and ran another rope thru it that I then tied to my ankles so that I could pull my legs up and over my shoulders til my feet were well behind my head. As I was pretty limber the position wasn’t uncomfortable at all, And, best of all, my cock ended up maybe five or six inches over my face. Once I was naked and in this position, my cock was incredibly hard. I started jacking off and in only a couple of minutes I came. The cum shot out of my cock and into my open mouth and onto my face.

At first the taste grossed me out but the act was so intense and I liked it so much! It was one of those once you do it it’s hot to do it again experiences. After that first time I found that I could look at porn, jerk off and then eat my cum like candy. And it’s been that way ever since. To this day I like to play with cum: rub it between my fingers to feel the texture. Take it into my mouth and swish it around. And I love showing a guy his cum while it’s still in my mouth before I swallow it.

There was a guy named David that lived across the alley from us who had been a friend since we were kids. He was in his junior year at the university and thus a couple years older than me but we were both kind of geeky so we got along regardless of age. David was five ten and maybe 160 pounds. He was nice looking in a geeky kind of way. I told him about my Dad’s porn and he started cumming over after his classes were over to look at it with me. This was a pretty much daily affair. Guys from 18 to 22 can never see enough sex or jerk off enough. This went on for a few weeks. We’d both get so worked up that he’d literally run home to jack off. I don’t remember how it happened but one day we were watching some video and I looked over at him to see that he’d taken his dick out of his jeans and was stroking it. His dick looked huge to me but in reality was probably six inches. Cut. And the head was very red which really turned me on.

I figured if he could so could I so we jerked off together. We both came pretty quickly and after it was done I went to the kitchen and got some paper towels for both of us. It seemed totally natural and neither of us was embarrassed. The next day I told him I was going to take off my jeans and underwear so he did the same thing and we got into the jerking off together habit. His cock was larger than mine and I was fascinated with its size. I started watching his fist slide up and down the shaft and ignoring the porn on the TV.

After a month or so of separate jerking off and my watching him (he wasn’t that interested in watching me) he asked if I wanted to jerk his cock for him. I was startled and embarrassed because I really wanted to but I didn’t want him to think I was a fag or something like that. Without saying anything in answer to his question I moved right next to him so that our hips were touching and reached over with my right hand to encircle his cock. His eyes never left the TV while my hand slid up and down his shaft and he never said a word. I’d guess it took him all of 30 seconds to cum and when he did it shot up and landed on my arm and ran from his cum hole onto my hand. I jumped up and made for the bathroom to wipe it off but once I got there the lure of the cum got me and I licked him off my fingers, hand and arm. By now I was well used to the flavor of my own cum and found that his tasted just slightly different. I ended Gaziantep Escort Numaraları up licking all of it up and loved it. When I went back into the den he had gotten dressed and was in a hurry to leave. I thought that our friendship was over but he was back the next day.

Our jack off sessions changed to where I was jerking him off every day. Each time I’d go into the bathroom to “clean up”. I’d sometimes eat all his cum and other times I’d use it as a lube on my own rock hard cock. I’d shoot off and then eat what was left of his cum along with my own. When I was done I’d go back into the den and by now he’d gotten over his embarrassment. He’d be sitting on the couch naked (we’d gotten to that point of total nakedness) and was sometimes hard again from watching the continuing porn movies. One day he asked why I was in the bathroom for so long “cleaning up” and why my dick was soft when I came back into the den. So I told him that I was jerking off using his cum as lube.

I was smart enough to know that no matter what I said of did he wasn’t going to leave. He was addicted to getting what had become supreme hand jobs. So I asked him if he ever ate his own cum. He was grossed out and told me he’d never do that. Then he asked if I ate mine. So I told him the truth: that I ate it most every time I jerked off. He asked if I ate it when I jerked off while “cleaning up” after he came. I told him that I not only ate mine but usually ate his too. At this point he was fisting his once again rock hard cock and breathing heavy. He told me he wanted to see me jerk off and then eat my cum so I put some baby oil on my shaft and started jacking off while looking at him and his hard cock. Since I’d just shot off in the bathroom it took me all of three minutes or so to shoot again (young guys cum so fast, hard and easily!).

The cum ran out of my cock and onto my hand. He was watching me intently while I raised my coated fingers to my mouth and sucked all the cum off. As I did this he moaned and came again. Without thinking I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. His hips came off the couch as I sucked and licked his cum into me. He tried to push my head away from his overly sensitive cockhead but I held fast and got it all off and out of him.

When I finally pulled my mouth off of his softening dick and sat back up I was blown away (what a pun!) by what I’d done. I’d actually sucked on another guy’s cock for the first time! I was humiliated and totally embarrassed but I’d loved it! He looked at me and said something like he couldn’t believe that I’d done that to him. I asked if he liked it and he was pretty emphatic that he did.

So the next day after classes were over we both got naked and settled back to watch some porn. We were side by side with our hips and thighs touching. My cock was rock hard and I had my fist on his when we made eye contact and I just shifted so that I could bend over and take him into my mouth. I’d never done an blow job but I’d seen enough on TV to have a vague idea of what to do. I sucked on the head as I slid my fingers up and down the shaft. My tongue swirled around all over and in what seemed like seconds his hips were thrusting up forcing his cock into my mouth while he filled me with his cum. I sucked it all out of him and then showed him his cum in my mouth. He asked if I was going to swallow it. Without answering I closed my mouth, swallowed and then opened up wide to show him it was all gone. At this point I was so fucking hot! I sat back up and barely touched my own dick before it spurted a huge load that landed on my chest and stomach before oozing over my hand. I looked at him and licked it off my hand and then scooped up what was on me and ate that too.

This was now an everyday affair with my getting better and better at blowing him. I progressed from simply sucking his dick to sucking on his balls too. It got to where he’d shower and I’d suck him trailing my mouth down over his cock and balls down to his ass. I would lick his hole and finally got to where I was sticking my tongue in him while I stroked his shaft til he came buckets. I fingered him a couple of time but he didn’t like it much preferring me to tongue fuck him.

I was becoming a real sex pot. Over the next few months I grew a couple of inches and my cock got a little longer and fatter. I saw one flick on the internet (we’d graduated to internet porn by now) where the girl took the guy’s cock while it was soft and snaked it back between his legs so she could put the head into his asshole. Then she ran her fingers over it til he shot off in and all over his ass. Well this looked to be an absolute dream! So I tried it with a mirror positioned so I could see everything and found that I could easily get the head of my lengthened cock into my ass. The only problem was that I’d get hard too fast and it was pretty much impossible to get it into me when hard. But if I was lucky I’d get the head in and then run my fingers over the shaft and my separated balls til I came. I’d pump cum into my ass and then push it out onto my fingers. Then I’d eat it all.

David’s and my sex sessions had progressed to where I’d suck his cock while he was sitting, laying down, standing up and in pretty much any position that we’d seen in films. He’d also gotten braver and would call me a fag and his bitch while I was blowing him. I found that I liked being called names and verbally abused. One day I asked him if he wanted to see me fuck my ass with my cock. He was crazy to see it. I sat back in a leather lounge chair and maneuvered my semi soft dick into my ass. My five inch when soft cock was just the perfect size to be able to get the head into my ass. My separated by cockshaft balls were tight as the head went into my lubed hole. David was sitting in front of me watching intently as I pulsed my ass muscles around my cockhead. I had found that when I had the head inside of me and I pulsed my muscles that the feeling was exquisite. Without any warning he suddenly reached forward and flicked his index finger into one of my balls- – -hard! The feeling of pain was so fucking intense that I cried out. But the pleasure was also very intense. He did it again to the other ball and I shot off into myself instantly. The cum leaked out around the head and it slipped out while still pulsing cum. My ass and balls were slick with it. I asked him if he liked seeing it and he said he loved it. His cock was hard and the head was all red and hot looking.

Without my moving from the chair I asked if he wanted to fuck me. He moaned and without saying another word he moved to put his cock into me. I pulled my legs up and spread them as wide as I could. He was so hot from my little show that he hurriedly pushed into my gaping hole. I cried out as he plunged all the way into me. My self fucking was just the head and now his larger dick was all the way into me where nothing had ever gone before. His balls were against my ass and he was fucking in and out of me going really hard and fast until he stiffened and I felt his cum shoot into me. He stayed in me until he was drained while my muscles squeezed him tight. When he pulled out and stood up I got up too. His cum ran out of me and down my thighs. He reached down and scooped up his seed and then fed it to me telling me what a hot fuck I was (like he knew since I was his first either male or female).

David and my after class sessions started going from right after we were out of class until just before my parents came home from work. Sometimes as long as two hours. I liked sucking his cock and getting fucked so much! A couple of times he got me into positions that we’d seen in porn that made his hard cock rub my prostate (I had no idea!) so that I sometimes came just from being fucked. He fucked me missionary while I jerked my cock off and ate the cum as he shot in me. Sometimes as he’d fuck me this way he’d pull out of me and fuck our cocks together. Then he’d slide his hot dick back into my hole and fuck me until he shot off into me. Other times he’d be close to cumming and he’d pull out and straddle my chest while he pointed his inflamed cock at my face. He’d stroke his shaft and when he came I’d watch the cum shoot out the hole in his dick and then feel the heat of the cum as it hit me in the face. He fucked me bent over the arm of the couch. He fucked me while he sat in a straight backed chair as I sat on him. He fucked me in most any position imaginable and I loved it all so fucking much!

One day he told me that his 25 year old brother was in town for a few days. He asked if I’d get pissed if he told his brother about our sessions. I told him that I’d be really mad but then he told me that he’d already spilled the beans and that his brother wanted some too. I thought about it and figured that his brother lived across the country so who could he tell that I’d know? I asked him what his brother looked like and he showed me a pic of him. He was like a grown up version of David. So he was a real man and that appealed to me as it meant that he was probably experienced in sex. I asked if he’d ever been with a boy and he told me that he never had but wanted to see what boy pussy was like. So I relented and said that I’d meet him just to see what would happen next.

His brother’s name was Jeff. He was staying at a nearby motel as their parent’s house was three bedrooms with one serving as an office. We made plans to meet the next day at David’s house.

When I got there Jeff and David were waiting for me. Jeff was a larger version of David. He was about 5’10” or so and was as good looking as David except with a little more maturity. We all got into his rental car and went to his motel. I was scared but thrilled at the thought of something even more taboo that what David and I had. And the idea of a real man, rather than someone close to my own age was so fucking hot!

We got to his room which was pretty much a suite and Jeff told me to take off my clothes and get comfortable. Both Jeff and David took theirs off too. Jeff was about six feet tall and maybe 180 or so pounds. Light brown hair. His body was pretty smooth all over. The important thing was that his cock was shaved smooth as were his balls. When we’d all gotten naked he went over to his suitcase and rummaged around until he came up with a pair of black lacy women’s panties that he told me to put on. I hesitated as up to that moment I’d never had anything feminine on my body. David told me to just do it so I slipped them on. This was a long time ago (I’m 36 now) but I’ll never forget the feeling of the satin against my dick and my ass cheeks. Looking back now, this was a major league moment in my life. I reached down and rubbed myself against the satin and almost came right then. My cock was so hard that Jeff commented on it and called it my “clit”. Jeff asked David if he thought I looked cute. David said that I did- – -almost like a girl’s body.

Jeff and David both sat on the end of the bed. Jeff told me to get on my knees and crawl over to him so I could show him if I was as good at sucking a dick as David had told him. I got on my knees and started to crawl to him. He told me to keep my head down and not to look at him. I didn’t know it then but this was classic master/slave stuff that I’d learn a lot about in the years to come. When I got to his legs he spread them and told me to lick and kiss up his thighs. I did as he told me and when I got to his smooth balls I was ready to suck one into my mouth. Instead he told me to lick them both so I slathered them with saliva as I licked. He was slowly stroking his hot looking shaft when he told me to take one ball into my mouth and suck on it. Out of the corner of my eye I could see David watching me as he jacked his beautiful cock with one hand while cupping his full balls with the other. Jeff told me to suck the other ball. I did and without thinking I apparently applied a little pressure. He gave a little yelp and slapped me, telling me I was such a slut. I loved being called a slut!

Without waiting I moved my mouth up to his cockhead and engulfed it. My tongue was swirling all over the place as I cupped his balls. He groaned and said something about my being a good little cocksucker. My mouth went all the way down as far as I could go, on his dick. Without any warning he put both hands on the sides of my head and forced me down onto his cock til my nose was tight against his stomach and his cock was gagging my throat. His cock was deep in my throat causing me to choke and gag. He kept it there for what seemed like forever. I couldn’t breathe and tears were welling in my eyes. But for some reason I didn’t want him to let me up. The feeling of being dominated by him was so intense! He finally pulled me up and as he did so I sputtered and gasped while the tears ran down my cheeks.

He was jerking his cock as he told me to pay some attention to David. Apparently David had told him about my tongue fucking his ass. Jeff told him to get on his hands and knees on the edge of the bed. Then Jeff spread his brother’s ass cheeks so that his hole was exposed. Jeff told me to eat David’s ass so I lowered my face to his pretty hole and stuck my tongue into him. Hr moaned as I tongued him, filling his hole with saliva. I ate him for a few minutes until Jeff pushed me away and replaced my tongue with two of his fingers. He was fucking his fingers in and out of his brother’s ass while I leaned back to watch while rubbing my wet dick through the satin panties. Jeff told me to pull David’s dick back between his legs and to suck on it while he finger fucked him. David was moaning and groaning as I sucked his dick.

I’d never done him like this before and I liked the fact that with his cock back between his legs, the glans was on top for my tongue to dance on. I finally settled on sucking the head and glans while Jeff fingered him. Within a few minutes his cock started to pulse so I put the head into my mouth and sucked it until he cried out and shot into me. Jeff was massaging his prostate with his fingers so the cum shot was enormous. I couldn’t contain all of it in my mouth and some leaked out the sides. I straightened up and opened my mouth to show Jeff his brother’s cum. He told me to swallow it so I did.

Jeff then told me to get on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. He went to the bathroom and got some baby oil and then, after pulling the panties to the side so that my hole was exposed, put the tiny squirt hole up against my asshole and squeezed the oil into me. He pulled it away and stuck a finger into me making me shudder with hots for cock. He was telling me what a little pussy whore I was and how he was going to fuck me like a little pussy boy slut. I was panting with desire for having his big dick inside of me. He got behind me and started rubbing his cock around my hole getting me even hotter for it. He said something like he was going to stick his dick into my ass pussy. That was the first time I’d ever thought of my asshole as a pussy hole. With no preamble he stuck his cock into me until he was buried to the hilt. I was used to David’s slightly smaller dick but unprepared for anything larger. The slight pain gave way to total fullness as he started sliding his cock in and out of me. His hand was holding my hair, twisting it and pulling my head back.

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