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A Wife Transformed Pt. 08

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The Reunion Completed, Sheila Shows off her Skills and Introduces Brad and Anna, as Life Moves Ahead


8th and maybe the last part of a multi-part story of how a wife in just nine months comes out of her cocoon to be become a sexual dynamo. Sheila has finished her retelling of her transformation. Dan gets to meet Brad and Anna and they move on with life.


A Skills Demonstration

Sheila jumped up, pulling me off the bed. She told me to go into the spare bedroom, now a TV room and home office. She said I couldn’t see her getting ready, and she would come show me in how good she was at her new career in about thirty minutes.

I was wondering what could top the outfit she greeted me with on Saturday night as I returned home, but reserved judgment. Sheila had told me she was going for a more extreme look some customers favored, I would be the judge if it was more extreme and how hot.

When Sheila finally walked down the wood floored hallway, I was already pretty curious. I could hear the very noticeable sound of high heels on the floor approaching my door. The sound alone caused me to already start to harden. I hadn’t really seen any of Sheila’s looks or outfits, just that crazy red and black deal she worn when I arrived.

But when she paused in the open door, I was speechless. She looked like a fetish model, not my wife. Sheila was totally transformed. If I hadn’t known it was Sheila, I wouldn’t have been sure. For sure she looked nothing like my wife had looked before my trip to Europe.

She was clothed head to toe in black, skin-tight, latex. She had a high neck, long sleeve latex blouse, latex gloves. Wrapping around the blouse was some type of corset that ended below her boobs to pull in her mid-section and push up those amazing tits.

Moving south that corset was met by a long tight latex skirt ending just above her knees. But no skin showed below her neck though. Instead she had on latex stockings that went all the way down till they met her very steep high heel booties. Those booties were eight inches tall if they were an inch. I knew I was kind of a boob guy, but her ass looked awesome.

And Sheila had completed the dominant, severe effect, with her hair and makeup. Her lips were bright red, and the color served to make them look even larger than they were. Her makeup was heavy and dark, to match all that black latex I guessed.

My wife’s long black hair fell simply down her back till it touched her ass, like a big black wave. Between her dark eyeshadow and big, clearly false, thick long lashes, she was the total package…a hot kinky chick, who was to be treated with care.

Did she even go out in public to a club like this? I looked over at her and asked,

“baby is this for private play or do you hit the clubs looking like this?”

Sheila, gave me a big smile,

“come on lover, of course I go out like this. I actually get new customers, some who want to be my slaves, every time I wear this out.”

Sheila must have caused heart issues with every male who saw her! She grinned at my reaction, telling me in a deceptively polite voice,

“when I get all wrapped up in black latex, and my nipples are stiff and my pussy is already gushing. That means I have critical needs lover.”

I gasped, my shy quiet wife was now this erotic dream, but she wasn’t done,

“I know every man and woman thinks I’m a slut when they see me, but all of them want to fuck me regardless of that. Baby I know what I really need now. That’s a big hard dick pounding my ass as hard as my man can do it. Can you help me out there Dan?”

I was more than speechless, it really hadn’t been a big act, this voracious woman was my partner. This was a homecoming I couldn’t have possible imagined. But the best part is I loved the new Sheila; she was showing that our initial reunion sex was merely a taste of all we had to look forward to.

We kissed and fondled each other until Sheila let me strip her down just the thigh high latex stockings and the ultra-sexy shoes. She told me that she was serious, she wanted me to pound her ass. Her big pierced tits were super sexy, her nipples already stiff and at least an inch long.

Sheila sucked my already hard dick for a minute and then paused to grab a bottle of some kind of lube. I immediately realized that I was the only neophyte in this session. This would not be an anal virgin I was fucking. This was a girl who knew how to make all this happen, and seemed to really want a hard dick plowing her ass.

In fact, it was very clear, I was the virgin today, at least for the next few minutes. Sheila kissed me, pushing her huge tits against my hot chest as she rubbed my hard dick all over with the lube. She then pulled away, spun around and got on all fours. Looking back over her shoulder, with a big grin, she handed me the bottle, and then pulled her cheeks kuşadası escort apart, leaning on one shoulder.

“get me ready baby, and don’t forget I need to be lubed inside, not just on the outside.”

I thought that was raw enough, but she continued,

“And baby, don’t be gentle, I don’t mean lube me up with just one finger, loosen my asshole up.”

I was happy to follow orders. It was still a little crazy when, as I was pushing two fingers insider her, still feeling a little uncertain, I noticed her pussy was literally leaking juice down her thighs. Sheila was also was swaying and moaning.

I started to get a little more forceful, moving my fingers around to spread the lube when Sheila increased her moaning and swaying,

“stop fucking teasing me and stick that big dick up my ass now, I need to be fucked.”

A new Sheila for sure. I didn’t hesitate now. I pushed my dick against her asshole. It was amazing, I had not been sure my dick would fit up her tight ass. Boy was I wrong.

Sheila flexed her ass as I began to push and she literally pulled me into her ass. God this was a different Sheila. She really did have new skills. I also immediately oved the feeling of being in her ass.

But I was only momentarily distracted before I got into the groove. I pounded her ass, with long strokes, till I thought I would explode. She also turned me, as she continually encouraged me. She would look over her shoulder and grin while asking me,

“so, didn’t you always want this tight ass? Is it as tight and hot as you imagined all these years?”

All I could do was moan, move quicker, I leaned forward and whispered in her ear,

“baby your ass is so tight I may be here all night, and yes, it is tight and hot. Don’t you wish you had done this years ago?”

Sheila laughed with almost an evil little giggle,

“fuck yeah baby, getting ass fucked is so good I should have done it before you broke my cherry in college.”

I laughed back and simply had to tell her that her ass was fucking divine. After about five minutes I was way too close to the point of no return. I spewed my cum deep in her bowels.

As I pulled out, I looked down and her asshole was again flexing back and forth with sperm all over her ass and running down to her pussy from what she called her ‘ass-gape’.

She had been holding her cheeks apart, but now reached back, scooped up all the sperm she could and sucked it into her mouth. She was looking back at me as she sucked the sperm off each of her fingers with a wet sound. My lady was really a tramp, what an awesome Sunday it had turned out to be.

Even better I thought, I got to fuck Sheila’s ass and not have her nag me to go to church, as she had every weekend since we had gotten married. In fact, Sheila hadn’t even mentioned church. Another improvement I thought to myself, obsessive church-going is not part of her new lifestyle.

Then Sheila kind of put me in my place. As she was kissing me with her cum flavored tongue, she told me that I had a good-sized dick, perfect for her ass. But then she added, her record was still that ten-inch black dick about a month ago.

My face must have reflected my dismay, so Sheila laughed and told me that with my size I could fuck her ass every day if I wanted, but she had learned she had to be very careful with that big black dick. She kissed me again and told me my dick made her ass feel luscious. I realized I would have to make some adjustments too. Sheila wasn’t leaving me for these other guys, she just liked to fuck them.

How she took a ten-inch dick up here ass still amazed me. I clearly looked a little startled. Sheila cuddled up and said after I left, she had learned some truths. One of them was that she absolutely just loved a good ass fucking. She smiled and told me that she had learned that all sizes were good, but a really big dick up her ass was pretty special.

With that she spun around from spooning me and rubbed against me, putting my hand on her pierced huge tits to get busy again, I assumed. I played for a few minutes until her nipples were standing out like huge erasers, and she was moaning.

I now also knew I loved her nipples, after all the stretching and training. They were even bigger than before we had enjoyed the round of anal sex. I asked her and she confirmed, Anna had measured them at an inch and a half. I decided to really see if she could cum from nipple simulation.

But Sheila then pulled away, grinning, not letting us continue. She hopped up, told me that we weren’t done and that she was ready to model again. She bounced down the hall and told me to clean up and wait downstairs in the kitchen for the last outfit.

I had assumed that Sheila would come into the kitchen and let me fuck her there, to break in another room so to speak. But after I heard those distinctive heels again in the hall upstairs and then on the stairs, she called out for me to come see how it looked.

I turned the corner and just blurted out,

“oh fuck, you are so hot, don’t ever stop dressing like this.”

If it was humanly possible, Sheila and changed to an even hotter outfit. This didn’t cover everything, and was super sexy. It one was again skin tight black latex, I now understood that latex had become one of Sheila’s favorite fabrics.

This outfit was shiny and skin-tight, but didn’t actually cover anything close to the total latex outfit she had worn earlier. It only had a quarter cup bra above the waist. Her huge tits needed all the straps that helped the bra be so tiny to support her massive rack.

That bra not only that didn’t even cover her nipples, but managed to really show off her big pierced nipples, now connected by a silver chain. With all the training those nipples just demanded your attention. They were huge, red, and so sexy with their thick piercings.

The only other thing above her waist were some latex arm sleeves, they showed off her slender, but muscled arms. On her legs, for the first time, I saw her leggings, but with the crotch section removed. As she slowly turned on the stairs her shaved pussy, with its huge dark lips and crazy number of piercings looked so shiny, wet and ready for sex.

All of the clothing was polished so that it basically reflected all the lights in the room. Sheila finished the look with some stripper platform shoes, but really extreme ones. They, with their eight or nine inches of heel, not even close to demure, but made the look complete.

Sheila had touched up her makeup, but it was still that thick heavy look. She told me it was her norm now for clubbing. With the arm sleeves that ended at her wrists, I also got to appreciate the more than inch long talons that were her nails. I knew my back would have to get used to scratches.

As she stood on the stairs I couldn’t wait. I kissed up her legs and started to go down on her through that crotchless pair of latex leggings. She pulled my head hard against her pussy, but stopped me after a few minutes. I was a little surprised as just a minute before she had praised me telling me,

“baby your tongue feels so good against my clit ring, I can’t wait to mount you and ride you hard.”

But Sheila had pulled me up onto my feet and told me,

“come on you have to meet Anna and Brad; we can continue over there.”

I was let down but did want to meet this couple. Who were these people, that without even knowing me, had transformed my mousy little wifey into the sexiest, best wife ever? I knew from the stories they were hot and pretty open, could I be just as open?

Sheila led me to the front door, I had puts on some shorts and a polo shirt and topsiders. She was still in her outfit, but had at least attached a matching latex panel over her wet pussy. Still, the whole look was pretty wild; but the neighbors must have seen crazier.

As we went next door, she led the way. All she added was a cute little leather bolero jacket that only went down the bottom of her tits so her rock-hard abs showed, and she could swing her belly button piercing around. I was totally smitten with this new woman that was my wife.

There was actually zero tension, if maybe a lot of double entendres next door. We had a great evening, starting with cocktails and a light dinner on the back patio. Anna and Brad shared their perspective on Sheila. They described how hot Sheila had become and how the lifestyle she had adopted to had all sorts of benefits.

I told them, as I laughed, that I already had experienced some of those benefits. I thought I knew it all, but found out later what they really meant.

Of course, after dinner, and some celebratory shots we ended up in the living room on those well-used brown couches she had told me about.

Clearly Anna and Brad intended to have both of us naked and fucking in short order. They put on an X-rated video to set the mood. I quickly realized it was of Anna fucking about six other men and women. Definitely set a tone for the rest of the evening.

Of course, the way that Sheila was still dressed in the fetish heels and latex sort of indicated we knew it was just coffee and good night after dinner. As we moved into the living room, she had again pulled off that crotch panel, so her rings were tinkling and her wet pussy showing to everyone.

That night we fucked in so many different positions and groupings I kind of lost track. Brad and I came in the girls several times, but I don’t think in any hole more than once. There were advantages to this lifestyle, they were right.

I remember looking down at Sheila’s big tits and tight abs as I fucked her smooth pussy, realizing I was missing seeing her collagen inflated lips (yes, she admitted it wasn’t all the lipstick, they were a bigger for real).

I missed seeing them, as her face was lost underneath Anna’s twat. Anna was moving around and rubbing her own clit as Sheila tongued both her slit and her ass. Anna also took the opportunity to kiss me deeply, as I rubbed her own huge rack. The girls were clearly used to this position.

The evening led to my second anal sex experience, and in just one day, but with Anna not Sheila. The girls told both of us they needed a good ass fucking and wanted it at the same time. Sheila had Brad stick his big dick well up inside her rear passage, while I found out Anna was just as tight as Sheila.

I looked over at Sheila on all fours, big tits swinging back and forth. She was slamming back and forth against Brad and spewing filth to encourage him,

“baby, fuck me harder, stretch my ass lover. I need that big dick to really get to work, baby.”

As I looked over at my shameless slut of a wife, Anna also started to move faster and faster. However instead of taking her from the rear as Brad was doing to Sheila, she had other ideas. Earlier, she had taken charge of positioning us. Rather than getting on all fours, Anna pushed me down and then lowered her lubed-up ass onto my dick.

As I felt Anna’s muscles ripple and basically milk my cock as I fucked her ass, I realized who had taught Sheila that trick. Even though Anna clearly had Brad’s massive dick up her ass on a regular basis, she was as tight as Sheila, and her skills made me forget my vocal wife for a few minutes.

After we each came deep inside our wives’ tight rear passages, we collapsed together and snoozed for a few hours. At that point Sheila and I went home, barely clothed and barely moving. It was good that she had Monday off and I had no work for several weeks.

Life Moves Ahead, and We live our New Normal

Monday morning Sheila sat me down after breakfast and formally asked me,

“Dan you have to tell me, after all I have done and become, and now that you have seen me with Anna and Brad are you still good?

She then made sure I understood what that meant,

“You have to know I have fucked and will continue to fuck a lot more partners than just Anna and Brad. And my escort work, while I will cut back, is part of who I am now. Is our marriage still going to make it?”

She kissed me and went back to the kitchen to let me ponder the situation. She told me to think it over and then come back to let her know, and not to worry about how long it took. When I had decided if we could still be together, I was to come to the kitchen and let her know what my decision was.

I had to think through about was now very clear. Sheila as a total slut, a paid escort, and was going to continue all of that, with no limits. Of course, she probably suspected, all that had always been one of my most twisted, deepest fantasies, so how could I reject her?

It took me about thirty minutes, it was a lot to absorb the entire story. The girl I had left nine months ago was gone. Was I happy with, and willing to accept, all Sheila was now? Although I had never expected this, I realized she had really taken all my nagging and more than met my fantasies.

She then had continued on, pushing on, exploring limits, beyond what I ever imagined her limits were. And, as I pondered that reality, I realized it was exactly what I had really wanted all along. This was the kind of woman I had always wanted, I had to admit. I knew I couldn’t accept losing her.

I finished my cup of coffee and headed back to find her. I knew she was hoping for a positive reaction, but probably wasn’t certain. As I came into the back room, there was a sight that took my breath away. It also made me realize I had made the right decision.

Sheila had posed on a love seat, leaning back, along the length of the piece with her big fake tits presented for fun. She had on just a thong, and thigh highs, wearing those same eight inch high fetish platform heels on her feet. Her long wild hair went down over the loveseat all the way to the floor.

I could really tell, as I studied her, what an amazing body my wife had now, not the girl next door at a tailgate anymore. She had a deeply tanned, toned body with ripped arms and stomach. She had applied some crazy silver sparkly eyeshadow and matching lipstick, a different, but sexy look.

Her tits, so huge and round were clearly fake. They were matched by those massive long thick nipples with big rings hanging from them, that stood high and proud. Sheila’s boobs seemed to be begging to be sucked or have my dick between them. Sheila was just staring upwards, and then turned to me, licking her lips with her pierced tongue.

It seemed she was pretty certain of my answer. There was no questioning look or anything tentative with Sheila. It seemed I either accepted her or find a new path in life. Some would have said be careful what you wish for, or you may get it.

But for me, from the wild hair, the dark tan, the huge tits standing up defying gravity down to the thigh highs and eight-inch stripper heels, this woman was perfect. This was my dream girl, and she clearly knew it too, because my dick was tenting my boxers.

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A Tryst in Paradise

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The gentle island breeze stirred the thin curtains, letting in the brilliant moonlight from the full moon shining overhead. The scent of the ocean drifting in on the air, accompanied by the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, was both soothing and erotic, lulling her into a dreamless slumber.

A noise disturbed her sleep, and opening her eyes, she saw him standing near the window, his long hair blowing softly in the light wind coming through the open window. He was wearing loose white pants and a gauzy, open shirt, and his feet were bare, and as he stepped into the stream of moonlight which fell across the floor, she could see that he was smiling as he lifted his hand and gestured with his index finger in a come hither motion. A soft laugh escaping her throat, she slipped from the bed and moved slowly toward him, stopping just outside the pool of moonlight.

“Huh-uh,” he whispered, reaching forward to pull her into the light.

His handsome face was bathed in moonlight, the light reflected in his dark eyes, and she sighed softly as she entered his embrace. Gentle hands pushed her hair away from her neck while soft, warm lips found the hollow of her throat and slowly moved upwards until they met hers. Their tongues touched and danced lazily, provocatively, as slowly, languorously, their hands moved across each other’s bodies, igniting flames, fueling desire.

The kuşadası escort kiss ended, and for a moment they stared into each other’s eyes, then she slid her hands slowly up his chest, feeling the soft mass of hair beneath her palms and reveling in the quickening beat of his heart. Continuing to his shoulders, she pushed the shirt from them and he released her long enough to shrug out of it and let it drop to the floor behind him. His arms encircled her once again and pulled her close, and she felt the unmistakable proof of his desire pressing against her abdomen.

She sighed softly as again his lips found hers while his hand slowly traveled up her side, his thumb gently tracing the outer curve of her breast through the silken fabric of her gown. As his hand moved to cup her breast, her deft fingers found the drawstring of his pants and tugged, loosening the waist so that she could slip her hand inside. He groaned into her mouth as she found him large, hard, and throbbing and gently wrapped her fingers around the engorged shaft, rubbing her thumb across the head.

“I want you,” he whispered as he pulled away and pushed the tiny straps of her gown from her shoulders. She allowed the fabric to fall to the floor, then reached forward to push his pants down his hips and release him to her touch. He kicked them off and stood before her bathed in moonlight, his body that of a god, perfect, beautiful.

With a look that was all woman, she slid to the floor, kneeling before him as if he were a king and she his servant. Looking up into his midnight dark eyes, her hands traveled slowly up his thighs, stopping when she reached his hips, then leaning forward, she gently began to take him into her mouth, slowly, inch by precious inch, and he closed his eyes and threw back his head, reveling in the feel of her mouth on him. His fingers tangled in her hair as gently he rocked his hips in time with her movements, and with practiced ease she brought him to peak, not stopping until she had drained him dry.

She felt his body trembling as she released him and slowly got to her feet, then suddenly she was in his arms, their nakedness pressed tightly together, as his mouth took hers over and over again. Lifting her, he carried her over to the bed and together they again began an exploration of each other’s bodies.

His hands were everywhere, his lips following, and moaning, she accepted his caresses with an eagerness which never failed to astound him. His mouth found her wet center and using lips and tongue and finally fingers, he brought her to the edge of sensibility and sent her crashing over the top, her body spasming as wave after wave soared through her.

He moved to lie next to her, pulling her close so that she could feel his renewed desire. She reached to gently stroke him, feeling him harden further under her touch, and then he moved between her thighs and slowly filled her aching void. As they merged as one, they instinctively met each other’s movements, each thrust met eagerly, each kiss returned fervently, each moan echoed. Bodies covered with a fine sheen of sweat, they shivered slightly when the gentle breeze changed directions as if its sole purpose was to cool their overheated bodies.

Lifting her legs, she wrapped them around his waist and pulled him further into her, and he pressed harder, and harder still as he felt her beginning shudders. Grasping his shoulders tightly, she cried out into the night as he brought her to a climax which left her weak and trembling, and yet he continued, his endurance and stamina amazing her as always. Over and over he thrust into her, his pace gradually increasing until, with a cry of his own, he exploded deep inside her, then fell into her arms, panting and exhausted.

They lay together, still joined intimately, arms and legs tangled together, his face buried in her neck, and she smiled when she heard his soft snore. Gently pushing his hair away from his forehead, she kissed him softly, then pulled the covers over them.

The moonlight poured through the open window, falling across the foot of the bed now, and the soft crashing of the waves lulled her back into dreamless slumber, wrapped in the arms of her lover.

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A Warm Lap

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A warm lap to sit on is what I crave. Who would want to sit on a couch when there are comfortable laps to sit on and big strong arms to hold you? Not me.

I love to squirm and wiggle in your lap. Perhaps feeling something stirring beneath me as your breath gets heavier on my neck while you cuddle me. Its almost soporific as I lean back against your chest and enjoy the warmth of your body permeating mine, enveloping me in a cozy embrace. My head resting on your shoulder. A soft kiss as I turn my head and look up into your handsome face, your gentle features, kind eyes, full lips. A light peppering of kisses as we cuddle, your thighs shifting under me, repositioning me for your comfort.

Naturally, your hands roam around my shapely body. You can’t help it. Your breathing becomes more rapid as you feel and pummel the rounded globes of my breasts with their hard caramel-coloured nipples. Your finger and thumb squeezing, rubbing, plucking and tweaking the bullet shaped nubs as they stand proud, swollen and stiff. My head turns on your shoulder, soft moans escaping my lips.

For the longest time, you enjoy playing with my breasts before your hands travel down across my stomach, circle my bellybutton and then slide down slowly to the heat kuşadası escort between my thighs. Your fingers touching tentatively, seeking, searching, then finding the moisture seeping from my labia. You stretch down slightly to insert one of your fingers down in-between the soft velvet folds, feeling the wetness, sliding your finger up and down, collecting and coating it in juice making me gasp softly. You pull your finger back out, the length of your finger glistening wet. You bring your finger up to my mouth and stroke it onto my lower lip before pushing it into my mouth. I close my eyes and suck on that finger with my tongue fluttering, stroking it in my mouth, tasting the sweet honeysuckle-like juice.

You pull your finger out of my mouth with a soft pop and gently slide my hair away from my face, pushing it behind my neck, your hand turning my face to yours, your lips kissing my own juice tainted lips, tasting its sweetness, sharing. Soft kisses, sucking on each other lips, tongues probing and exploring. Your hands now move methodically around my body, sliding downwards to its destination, the warmth moist place between my thighs, deep into the soft wet folds of my cunt. Stroking and teasing my throbbing clit out from its hood as you listen to my moans. The tip of your finger flicking against my clit, making me shudder.

Your arms surround me as I tremble in your lap. More of your fingers now wet with my juices, sliding up and down, stroking my sex gently but firmly. You shift your body under me, repositioning me until I can feel the hardness of your erection beneath me. I wriggle on your lap, my legs spread wide. The juicy pink lips of my cunt opening and closing, swallowing your fingers. You feel my body tense as I grip your arms, leaning into you, my head on your shoulders tossing from side to side, soft moans turning to soft whimpers.

You take me to the edge and then you suddenly stop. I scream in frustration. I need to cum. I want to cum. You lift me up and, after a little fiddling with your clothing, you guide me down until I gasp aloud as I feel the thick head of your cock pushing into my entrance. My body shivers in your hands as you impale me onto your erection, my tight walled cunt squeezing the veiny flesh of your cock, making you groan. Up and down, you lift and drop me, forcing your cock in deeper, your hips thrusting under me. Both of us moaning, feverish as we fuck, grinding hard into each other.

You push me forwards slightly so I rest my hands on your knees, my legs tightly gripping your thighs as you thrust up into my yielding wet pink folds, my juices seeping down around your cock and onto your tight cum-filled balls. Your hand grasps my thick black hair and you wind my hair around your fist, covering your knuckles. Simultaneously pulling on my hair as you push my body forwards making my back arch like a ballerina in dance, you drive your cock deep into me, my cuntlips sucking noisily on your shaft with each stroke, squelching with excess juice which trickles out and drips down my inner thighs.

The sounds of our fucking fill our ears, the moans, the groans, the squishy noises your cock makes as it pummels my cunt. I scream as your groin slaps wetly against my buttocks, your balls pounding against my clit, my body shuddering as my orgasm, so intense, is breached, my cum juices gushing over your cock, splashing, dripping, as you continue to plow deeper, faster, harder.

You hold tight to my hair, pulling me back against you as you thrust your cock inwards, impaling me again and again as my cunt spasms. Groaning, you force me take the fucking you’re giving me, not stopping, your cock swelling, rubbing yourself raw against my ridges in my cunt until finally, with a guttural growl, you hold your cock deep inside me as it spurts and spurts, coating my cunt with your creamy cum.

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A Very Handy Man

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Meredith Willows sipped her coffee as she poured a cup for the young man who was outside staining her deck. It already looked miles better than it had the day before, no doubt due to Jimmy “Mack” MacKenzie’s diligence. Any job he tackled, he gave it his all and he was never satisfied until it was absolutely perfect. As a matter of fact, Meredith had often teased him that he was too much of a perfectionist and he would just smile that endearing, crooked grin of his and say “probably”.

It was his good work ethic that had caused her to hire him in the first place. Had he really been doing odd jobs for her for the past ten years? It seemed hard to believe and yet, the evidence was just outside her back door, his shirtsleeves rolled up to reveal arms as thick as steel cables.

She had known Mack for a long time, long before he had worked for her, even before she had been married. He was a high school friend of Julie, Meredith’s sister and he had always been buzzing around their home. Mack had a thing for Julie, which he was poor at hiding, but her redheaded sister was completely oblivious to his antics. Merry thought he was a nice young man and sweetly charming. A few years later, after Merry had married Ryan, he had come around looking to do odd jobs to earn money to help pay for his college tuition. Ryan was a savvy businessman, but he could scarcely change a light bulb. Merry put him to work painting the garage and he did such a fine job of it, she kept hiring him for other jobs that needed doing. He tackled each and every one of them with gusto and if Ryan thought she was needlessly spending his money, he never said so.

She brought Mack his coffee, after all these years, she knew exactly how he took it. She knew a lot about Mack, his hobbies, his home life, the women he had dated. He wasn’t currently seeing anyone, which pleased her. She stood outside and chatted with him for a bit before going back inside. Too much time spent in Mack’s presence was too much of a temptation for her.

She knew her marriage was on very shaky ground. It had been for the past year. She and Ryan were moving in opposite directions and nothing seemed to bring them closer. Just last week, Ryan had moved out, supposedly to a hotel. Merry knew better, she was sure that he was staying at the home of Ivy Caine, one of his co-workers. The much-younger blonde was the kind of pretty little thing a man in his late 30’s with a failing marriage might pursue. Oddly, it didn’t bother Meredith and she knew why. She had strong urges for someone else, a younger man busily working away just outside her back door.

Meredith knew that she shouldn’t even give thought to becoming involved with Mack, yet she couldn’t help herself. He was so handsome and intense, with dark, wavy hair and deep, almost brooding good looks. As she had noticed on several occasions, he had muscles that filled out a shirt nicely. She had often wondered what he might look like in a suit and tie? Probably like a movie star, she surmised. He was also a success in business, earning almost as much as her husband. After his college graduation, he had started his own handyman business and now employed 5 other contractors. Yet he still insisted on doing any job Merry needed doing personally. She was his first customer and it needed to be done right, he always insisted. As she knew she was crushing on the attractive, 26-year old contractor, Merry wasn’t about to belabor the point.

Meredith couldn’t believe she was even contemplating her next move. She would never have thought of herself as the type of woman who would cheat or have an affair. She had been married for a little over ten years and although there had been temptations, she had not succumbed. The attractive brunette had honored her marriage vows until this time. So why was she so caught up in the thought of taking Mack as her lover?

She knew why. Working from home all of these years, she had neglected her appearance somewhat. Administrative work for an online business did not require her to be glamorous and she had taken advantage of it. Meredith had gained a bit of weight and let herself get a bit dowdy. Most of the time, she did her work with her hair curled up in a bun or in a pony tail while she wore sweats and running shoes. Unless she and Ryan went out to dinner or a social function, she didn’t worry much about her outward appearance.

That changed instantly one afternoon as Merry passed the mirror in the hall. She saw her reflection staring back at her and she did not like what she saw. The frumpy, dowdy woman looking back at her was not the image she wanted to present to the world. It was time to take action.

She marched immediately to her bedroom and threw open her closet doors. Rummaging through the closet, she tossed out all but her newest pairs of track pants. She went into her bureau and did likewise until she had two good-sized boxes, one that she could donate to charity and another that kuşadası escort was going in the trash. She looked at herself and saw that there was still an attractive woman under all the frumpery. She called her friend Marcy and asked where Marcy worked out. She thanked her friend, hung up the phone and made an appointment. After that, she called the salon where she used to go when she was dating Ryan. She made an appointment for later on in the day and plotted her course of action. Dowdy was out, dazzle was in!

When she got home at 6 that night, every muscle ached. She had not done that much in the way of physical exertion in the past 5 years, but if it yielded the results she wanted, the temporary anguish would be worth it. She was wearing a new, attractive black dress and heels and she’d had her makeup done and her hair styled. She wasn’t quite where she wanted to be yet, but it was a vast improvement. Sensibly, she had picked up a pizza on the way home as she would not have had time to prepare a meal for Ryan before he got home from the office. She could hardly wait to see his reaction to her makeover.

That was the point where Merry realized her marriage was in deep, desperate trouble. He barely noticed her new look, although he did comment on how good the pizza smelled. She went to bed angry that night and when her husband reached for her, she pretended to be asleep. A part of her metamorphosis had been for his benefit and he had barely noticed. He wasn’t about to reap the benefits now! Although she was unaware of it at that time, the seeds of discord in her marriage had already been sewn. Over the next several months, the two of them became estranged and no manner of counseling or discussion was able to fix things. Right now, Merry wasn’t even sure that she wanted them to be fixed.

A good reason for that went back to Mack. Almost from the outset, he noticed Meredith’s transformation and he was encouraging every time that she saw him. If she happened to see him with another younger, prettier girl, she felt pangs of jealousy. She used those as motivation to work even harder and by the end of her first year, she had a body any twenty-something would envy, complete with a six-pack. She had achieved dazzle and her only question now was – did she want to go the full nine yards?

Now that she was once again a sexy, vivacious woman, certain – urges – had come to the surface after lying dormant for over a year. Mack had been a cute young guy, but as a man, he was magnificent. Even Julie had commented on one occasion that had she known how he’d turn out, she might have given him a second look. “Too bad, Jules,” Merry had thought to herself. “You wasted your opportunity and I’m sure as hell not going to let you have a second one!”

There was only one minor flaw in Meredith’s little plan – she had absolutely NO idea how to go about seducing someone, especially a successful and attractive man like Mack. She had seen him around town with several stunning specimens and he didn’t lack for female companionship. How was she going to lure him in and did she even want to do something so ludicrous?

That was the old Merry intruding on her new mindset. What was ludicrous about being thought of as desirable? She knew that she was, she had seen some of the men – and even some of the women – at her gym giving her admiring looks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. For at least one time in her life, Meredith Willows wanted an adventure and she wanted to share that adventure with the gorgeous stud laboring outside. She went into her bedroom and knew what she had to do. She stripped out of her clothes and went into the bottom drawer of her bureau. If this didn’t do the trick, nothing would. She allowed herself a secret smile as she put on the skimpy garment that she had purchased with one sole intent – seducing Mack. She looked into the mirror and applied a bit of makeup, then messed her hair a bit. She liked the wanton look she now presented and she hoped that Mack would see the sparkle in her green eyes. If he went for it, she was going to show him the time of his life. By the time he went home tonight, he was going to be exhausted and not from yard work.

As an afterthought, Meredith donned a very sexy, very spiky pair of silver high heels. In high school, she often cursed the fact that she was the tallest girl in her class. With the heels on, she was over six feet. Mack would still tower above her, men liked to be taller.

It had gotten hot, so Mack was working without his shirt. A nice view for Merry to ponder. He was putting the finishing touches on the deck when the sliding of the patio doors and the clicking of heels drew his attention. What Meredith was wearing kept his attention focused squarely on her. He had always thought Merry was gorgeous, but in a snug, silver Lycra bikini that left very little to the imagination, she was a goddess! He thought to himself it was a shame that she was married – and to such an ass – because this was the kind of woman a man did everything in his power to keep!

“Wow,” Mack finally managed to say as he appreciated Meredith’s stunning outfit and good looks. “If your husband saw you in that, he’d probably race back home.”

“I wouldn’t count on it,” Merry said drily. “These days, his attention seems to be focused somewhere else. I think I’m too old for him.”

“He’s got to be out of his mind,” Mack said, putting his shirt back on. “You’re only 31! Even before you went on your self-improvement kick, I thought you were perfectly gorgeous. You’re one of the most beautiful women I know. In fact, you are the most beautiful woman I know. I don’t understand men like your husband, I really don’t.”

“I don’t either,” Meredith said, spinning her little web of seduction. “I do all this work to get myself looking like this and he doesn’t pay me the slightest bit of attention. I should just call it a day and find myself a lover.”

Mack looked shocked at her words and then, totally non-plussed when she winked at him and said “Care to volunteer?”

Mack’s eyes went wide with surprise and he stammered. Meredith wasn’t letting him off the hook quite so easily. “I’ve long thought you were a handsome specimen, I’d love to find out what a man like you can do for a woman. I know that I’m not Julie, but I …”

Mack looked at her with confusion. “Why would you bring up Julie, what does she have to do with this?”

“Oh Mack, you used to have a terrible crush on her, you know that. You were always coming to our house so that you could spend time with her,” Meredith said to him.

Mack laughed. “Julie was a friend, yeah, but she wasn’t the reason I used to come to your place when we were kids. I came over hoping that her hot-as-hell older sister would be home. I was always so jealous of your boyfriend, I never thought he was good enough for you. He was too old and too worried about his career to give you the attention you deserved.”

You could have knocked Merry over with a feather. She’d had no idea the younger man she admired had felt this way for such a long time. “Okay then,” she said once she had gathered her wits about her. “I think my husband’s an ass. You think he’s an ass. I need to get laid and you’ve sure got the equipment. Do you want to call it a day and show this horny lady a good time?” She said bluntly.

Mack shook his head in total disbelief. Somewhere inside of him, a sixteen-year old kid was jumping up and down. “Are you really sure that you want me to …?”

“… fuck me?” Meredith said and gave him a quick peck on the lips. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed close, impishly squeezing his penis through his work pants. “Oh yes, very sure! I’ve wanted to feel you inside me for a long time now. Come on handsome, this is a limited time offer. We have as long as we need and no one is going to interrupt us, but I really don’t want to wait all day.” With that, Merry turned on her spiked heels and slid the glass patio door open. She turned her head to see if Mack was following her. He was.

Had anyone questioned her, Merry would have admitted to being extremely nervous. Mack was the first man besides Ryan she had been with in over ten years, only the third man in all her 31 years. Despite all that, her nerves were allayed by one more important factor – the desire to make love with this gorgeous specimen that she had so long desired. She somehow sensed that he would be a magnificent lover and the gains would far outweigh the negatives.

She reached her bedroom and spun around, this time, it was Mack who took the initiative. With arms that were both strong and tender, he pulled her into a loving embrace. His kiss was fierce and demanding, his lips sought hers and he claimed his prize. Merry almost melted with the heat of it all, yet still managed to keep her wits about her – although just barely. She had not been this nervous on her first time, nor on her honeymoon. There was something about Mack that put her at ease. His shirt was quickly removed and she touched him as a lover for the first time. All of him was solid and beautiful, if indeed a man can be thought to be beautiful. Playfully, she tugged at his pants before scampering to the bed to watch him further undress. When the sum total of all of his parts was displayed, Meredith wanted to cheer. Every inch of him was magnificent – every inch.

“Do you want me to undress or do you want to …?” Merry asked, sure that a bit of nervousness had crept into her voice.

“Neither,” Mack said to her with a reassuring smile. “You look so sexy, I just want to take in the view for a few minutes. Let me appreciate you and burn this into my memory, okay?”

Meredith loved hearing him talk this way. Ryan had very little sense of romance beyond the occasional bouquet of roses or box of chocolates. True to his word, Mack did just look at her as if he couldn’t believe she was real. When he joined her on the bed, he took his time undressing what little she wore and lingering over all of her body. Merry wasn’t quite sure whether or not she was melting into the bed because she felt so sensual and adored. Her desire for more was driving her crazy and that was a very good thing for the new lovers. Mack had made love to several young women over the years, none of them measured up to Meredith. Many was the time he had been making love to a woman and he had imagined that woman was Meredith. This time, he had to imagine nothing. The real thing was here, right now and more beautiful than anything he could ever have dared dream.

“I can’t believe you’re in front of me, naked and all mine,” Mack said, feeling as if he was going to wake up from an erotic dream. “Will you allow me the honor of making love to you?”

“Only if you promise to fuck me when you’re done,” Merry growled. “I want to be desired and lusted after, I want to be exhausted when we’re done – whenever that is!”

“There will be no problem with that, I can assure you,” Mack nodded. It would be a bit difficult to rein in his urges, fucking her was high on his list of priorities. Still, it had to take a back seat to some sensual lovemaking, at least at first. It was time for Merry to see that she was a true treasure, so that’s how he treated her. He took her in his arms and showered her with affection as she dug her manicured nails into his back. They were wrapped around one another for a good 20 minutes before she let go of him.

“I’ve never cum from foreplay before,” Merry panted. “You sir, are quite the lover.”

Mack wasn’t about to tell her that he had never made a woman cum that way either, why ruin the moment? He was going to continue, but Merry had other plans. “You have a fucking huge cock,” Merry giggled. “I wanted to go down on this monster the moment I saw it, so that’s what I’m going to do!” She took his cock in her slender hands and marveled at its length and girth, he had her husband beat. “What a fucking great tool!” She exclaimed before going down on Mack. She saw the expression on his handsome face and noticed her dirty talk was arousing him. That was a kick, because Ryan didn’t much like it when she talked in bed.

Mack watched with awe as his new lover throated his cock. No woman had been able to do that before, yet Merry was going at it for all she was worth. Her mouth and tongue were magic and he finally had to stop her before she made him cum. “I probably could have gotten it up again, you’re so fucking amazing,” he panted. “But why ruin a good thing? Are you ready for the next round?”

“You bet your ass!” Merry giggled, loving the way the two of them were playing together. A thought struck her and she decided to voice it. “Would you mind it terribly much if I did something I’ve always wanted to do?” She asked.

“This!” Meredith grinned as she straddled his midsection and began to ride him. Julie and several of her girlfriends had told her “cowgirl” was the way to go, but Ryan said it made him feel like less of a man. From the delighted look on Mack’s face, he sure as hell didn’t have the same reaction. Now that she knew all was right with the world, Merry threw herself into the lovemaking. For the first time in a long while, she was fucking and she let all hell break loose! Mack was keeping up with her, his mouth and hands were bent on exploring her body as she screwed him. Their movements seemed to match each other nicely and she rotated her body more so to take more of Mack’s cock deep inside of her. “Oh God, this is fucking wonderful!” She groaned. “Give me more of that wonderful cock, you big-dicked bastard!”

“Fuck, fuck, oh God, fuck my pussy!” Merry cried out as she threw herself against Mack. She was intent on keeping him in her bed for as long as she could because the sex was out of this world. Not only was he a good lover, despite his strength, he was surprisingly gentle and wasn’t just “putting it to her” the way Ryan did when fucking her. He was using his brain as much as his brawn while they made love and that was a real turn-on for Merry.

“Want to mix things up a little bit?” Mack asked, feeling bold enough to make a suggestion.

“What did you have in mind?” Merry asked. As far as she was concerned, she was up for anything. It was a real thrill to try new things with Mack because she knew she had a certain degree of say in things.

With continuing tenderness, Mack helped his partner get on all fours. He then got behind her and smiled. She nodded and for the first time in her life, she was taken from behind in what she knew was called “doggy style”. It was another position Ryan thought emasculated him, but from the way Mack was fucking her, he did not share that view. Neither did Merry, she loved the deep penetration and his hands on her ass. “Spank that ass!” She commanded playfully, so Mack did just that. He also played with her tits for a while and she moaned in satisfaction. She would never have believed that sex could feel this amazing.

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A Mile Across the Field

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It was a beautiful afternoon and Jenny found herself alone as Katy had gone off to visit a relative. They had booked a lovely cottage in the Yorkshire Dales, just the week before returning to school for the new year. It had been a fairly wet August and today had been the first warm sunny day for a wile now. Katy decided to go shopping in the small town about a mile away being somewhat lacking in a good sense of direction she had used the roads. Once there she found some lovely shops to browse, noting various items she thought her and Katy could come and buy later, when Katy returned with the car.

Following a nice lunch, and a wander about she decided to head home. In one of the shops she had spoken to the sales assistant, who had told her of a marvellous route back to the cottage over a lovely hillside path. Despite her insistence that she would get lost the assistant had convinced her that it would be easy to find her way back as the path was “clearly set out with flagstones.” This had convinced her and she set off. The assistant had said that there were a number of narrow gates to go through, designed to stop the many sheep wandering off. But Jenny, being slim, would find no problem with this. Thus minded, Jenny set off.

The afternoon was now becoming a glorious summer evening as she headed off through the first gate. This was not particularly narrow, perhaps the assistant had a different idea of ‘narrow’ — she was a size or two larger than Jenny. But unfortunately, it was slippery. As she stepped through Jenny lost her footing on the smooth stone surface and stumbled. Unfortunately there was a small stream running just inside the gate and Jenny landed on her backside right in the middle of it, soaking her skirt through.

“Bugger it!” She said, clambering up. She walked a bit further but the skirt was clinging to her and rubbing against her soft thighs. She looked about her and could see no-one. Jenny decided that she would slip the skirt off and hang it on her small backpack, so it would dry. Her blouse was long enough to hide her panties and it was warm enough. If anyone did come along it would just look like she was wearing a short summer dress. Thus attired she set off across the enclosure towards the next gate.

When she arrived at the next gate she now understood the reference to them being narrow. The only way she could traverse it would be to turn sideways. She did so and just about managed it, with the backpack just catching on the flagstones as she did. She slipped down the far side and set off across the next enclosure. This time it was a steeper climb up towards her destination. She put her best foot forward and strode out. The sky had clouded a little more an a breeze had sprung up. She was now starting to regret both her choice of blouse (a thin white cotton lace number) and her decision not to wear a bra. Her nipples stiffened against the material and she gave an involuntary shiver.

At the next gate she stepped up on the flagstones and push the gate aside. As she moved through she let the gate go and the spring that held it shut caused it to fling back and hit her on the behind. As it did the thin side of her panties caught on a loose part of the gate. As she stepped forward she felt as much as heard the material snag and rip. Her hand moved quickly to her hip only to find nothing but her own skin where the side had been.

“Oh, fuck!” She exclaimed, “What the hell?”. Looking about she saw she was still alone. She tried to walk a little further, clutching at the material, but it was no good. There was nothing for it, the blouse was long kuşadası escort enough, no one could tell, on the remote chance that she did see someone else. Reluctantly she slipped the one good side down her leg, over her foot and, in a huff, flung the useless rag on the floor. The blouse did cover her — just. The tail was level with the bottom of her cheeks and, with luck (and a kind breeze) no one could tell. The front was equally just as modest as the back, just covering her pussy. Again, as long as the wind did not pick up she should be OK. The sides were a different story. After just a few steps it became obvious that anyone could see that she was naked underneath her ‘dress skirt’. The slits either side of it ran up well above her hips. The slight breeze a constant reminder of her state of undress. Still she had her skirt – of course, silly thing. She slipped off her backpack to retrieve her skirt. As she swung the backpack around there it was. Or rather wasn’t. There was no sign of her skirt.

“What the actually fuck?” She found herself saying out loud. Where had it gone? She looked about her and then it dawned on her. The first narrow gate when her backpack had caught on the wall. “It must have been pulled off,” she thought to herself. Jenny pondered about going back for it for a moment. But as she looked back she saw two guys sitting a couple of fields behind her, they seemed to be taking a break, sitting eating. There was no way she was going to head there and risk them seeing her as she was. The skirt could wait. They must have seen it? They would know she had been walking around minus her skirt and their attention would be drawn to her current attire. Surely then they would notice the lack of other items. No, she would press on.

Jenny felt so stupid. Why had she not gone back via the roads? Why did these things always happen to her? She would just have to press on though. At least she still had the blouse, short and flimsy though it was. The breeze flowed through the material as if to highlight even more how thin the garment was. Her nipples stiffened at the cool air. “Oh, no! Not now, not again!” Jenny felt the moisture that had suddenly started moving from between her pussy lips. She was getting turned on. “Just like before!”

Jenny started walking again. Every step made her nipples move against her blouse. Ever time her legs moved her pussy lips rubbed together. Without a conscious thought she mover her fingers between her legs, she was dripping. Her index finger slipped a little too far between her lips and brushed her clit sending a shiver through her body. It was only the sudden realisation that she had come to another gate that brought her back to reality. She carefully climbed up the stone steps, opened the gate and stepped through gingerly. She ever so gently closed it behind her and stepped delicately down. For a brief second she froze as a gust of air lifted the blouse up over her waist. Her pert bottom and shaved pussy were all so briefly exposed to the world, well the few cattle that were in this particular enclosure. It wasn’t until she was about three-quarters of the way across the field that it dawned on her that not all of these cows possessed udders. One of them was distinctly lacking in that biological matter.

It was as if the bull had suddenly noticed Jenny at the same moment. With a snort and a hoofing of the ground the bull moved towards Jenny, picking up speed. Jenny quickly worked out that the gate was too far away. However, there was a break in the wall where some shrubs had grown. She could make these. Running as fast as she could, her blouse flying everywhere exposing her naked lower body, she sprinted to the bushes, diving through at the last minute. The bull coming to a halt staring at her through the bushes. Jenny looked across and cursed. Not at the bull, but at the sight of the remains of her blouse ripped to shreds and hanging from the bush. She was crouched down in a field, in broad daylight, as naked as the day she was born.

Jenny peered up at the shredded blouse again. She tried to imagine how to fashion some kind of modesty-preserving item from the remains. She was about to stand up and grab the article when she heard voices approaching. Male voices. It was the two she spied earlier. From where she was she could see them but they could not see her. However in a few moments she would be visible to them — in all her naked glory. As it happened the very bushes that had denuded her now ironically provided her with temporary cover. The bush itself grew from out of a sort of dip, which formed part of an old building of some kind. Drystone walling lay around her partially collapsed. Jenny withdrew into the better secluded area and slipped behind the stones. Here she would remain out of sight until the two men had past.

“Hey, Gary. Look at this mate,” one of the men called out incredulously. Jenny instinctively knew he was referring to her blouse. “Another bit of clothing. Do you reckon it came from the same person as the skirt we found?” He asked.

“Dunno, Dave. Bit of a coincidence I suppose,” Gary speculated. “Better take this as well, then we can decide what to do with them when we catch up with the others,” he continued.

Jenny started at that comment. She had contemplated staying put until dark and retrieving them and her blouse and going back later. That was no longer an option though it would appear. Her thoughts turned to her current state of undress again, and the fact that a few feet away from her were two guys, oblivious to her nude presence. Her pussy throbbed at the thought. Although her and Katy were now firmly an item, she still felt the urge to feel a man close up, to sense their naked skin touching, his breath on her face, his… “Stop that,” she thought to herself, “this is no time to get turned on.”

Dave and Gary had, by now, carried on with their journey, their voices fading into the distance. Jenny sat back in her shelter and weighed up her options. She could stay, awaiting the cover of darkness. Risk going on. Curl up and die. Obviously option three was a non-starter. As for option two? Well, she was about to dismiss this one when she felt something tickle against her thigh. Her eyes darted to her leg only to spot the black and yellow pattern of a wasp. No, two wasps. No, three. Hell, it was a swarm making their way into the hollow. But why did they suddenly appear, now? The answer was forthcoming when after glancing around, she noticed a discarded fizzy drink can laying beside her. Jenny always hated wasps. Without a thought for her current state of dress she leapt up from her hiding place and ran onwards to the next gate. After a few bounds she realised that this was probably not the best route to take. She squatted down, covering herself and then, keeping low, made her way to the edge of the field. At least the walls would proved partial cover. It was at this point that she noticed that there was nothing pulling at her shoulders any more. It slowly downed don her that she had, at some point, managed to misplace the backpack. Not that there was much in it, but she had thought that it would, at least, offer the possibility of clutching it to her and using it to cover her modesty to some extent. Now even this meagre protection was not available to her. More than that though, the key to the cottage was in it. She was very nearly there now, just two fields and one gate to negotiate. But it might as well be two oceans and two continents for all the help would be. She would have to hide up somewhere until Katy returned. Well, what else could she do. Jenny set of creeping from place to place until she got to the hamlet where the cottage was.

Fortunately, and rather surprisingly, she managed to get back to the cottage without further incident. Unfortunately, there was no cover near it. However, just a couple of doors down was a small building, called ‘The Institute’. She had popped in when they arrived. I was a medium sized room, fitted out with tables and chairs, a kettle with tea coffee and biscuits and an honesty box. Very nice. And at present, very useful. So far she had never actually seen anyone use it. She ran towards the door, covering her breasts with one arm and cupping her bare pussy with the other. Running inside she stopped suddenly and held the pose — the classic ENF. The reason she froze being that the Norfolk Rambling Association had decided to use this room as their rendezvous point. About a dozen or so people were gathered there resting. At the centre of the group stood two young men holding up a pair of jeans and a tattered blouse. Gary and Dave had been discussing what to do with their find. Jenny mad a grab for a table cloth for cover, and in doing so revealed her total nakedness to the entire group. “I’m so terribly sorry,” she stuttered, backing out of the room. The table cloth was just enough to shield her pussy and breasts from the ensemble, but left her behind exposed entirely. As moved out of the door she hear a voice call her name.

“Jenny?” it was unmistakeable Katy’s voice. Jenny spun around, exposing her naked rear to the ramblers. There was Jenny alright, accompanied by the friend she had gone to visit. “I brought Hannah back, she said she’d like to meet you and get to know you. I just didn’t think she’d be getting to know you quite so intimately.”

Jenny blushed and went to run past them. As she did so the table cloth caught on the door latch and tore away from her body. Jenny rushed up to the cottage door and tried the handle. Obviously locked still she once more tried to cover her most intimate parts with her hands. An arm brushed past her and unlocked the door.

“Let’s get you inside,” Katy muttered reassuringly. They all but fell into the room. Katy and Hannah smiled broadly and started to giggle. The giggle evolved into a laugh, the laugh into hysterics. Jenny felt relieved, but also somewhat excited now. The embarrassment had welled up into the most erotic feeling she had experienced since her last naked experience a few weeks back.

Katy stopped laughing and, smiling, looked Jenny in the eyes and started to unbutton her dress. “I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable any longer than necessary, Jenny,” she said, with a gleam in her eye, “What say you, Hannah?”.

Hannah looked at them both and, reaching for the hem of her top, pulled it up over her head, revealing a magnificent pair of breasts, nipples already stiffening. Katy was stepping out of her panties, Hannah dropped her skirt to reveal that she had no need to remove hers as she was not in fact wearing any, Hannah never wore underwear, knickers or bra. The three naked ladies fell onto the settee.

“Oh, before we continue, Jenny — this is Hannah. Hannah — Jenny,” the last words uttered before mouths met, fingers touched and pussy lips were parted. It was going to be an amazing night.

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A Day at the Beach

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My girlfriend and her best friend decided to take a vacation to Europe. Luckily, they invited me to go along. We had an uneventful trip until the day we decided to visit a local beach. When we arrived we suddenly realized that the beach was clothing optional. We put our towels down and the girls removed their clothing to reveal their bikinis covering their amazing bodies.

We sunbathed for about a half hour before my girlfriend suggested that we remove our clothes. Her friend said sure and quickly removed her top. Her breasts were quite large with dark nipples. She then removed her bottoms to reveal a nice hairy mound between her legs. My görükle escort girlfriend also removed her bathing suit. She has average sized breasts which are perky and firm. Her bush was not as hairy but neatly trimmed.

I was reluctant to remove my swimming suit, but with the persuasion of the two lovely ladies, I quickly removed my shorts revealing my package. My girlfriend’s friend stared in amazement at the size of my penis. She told my girlfriend that she was jealous that she had me all to herself. My girlfriend replied that maybe she could share some with her. With that, my penis began to swell and stiffen. A little embarrassed, bursa sınırsız escort bayan I tried to cover it with my towel. My girlfriend however decided that was not allowed. She removed the towel and grabbed it at the base, and started to slowly stroke it. It became incredibly hard and my precum started to drip out.

All of the sudden, my girlfriend’s friend decided to take it in her mouth. She slowly moved her mouth up and down my shaft, taking the entire girth down her throat. I thought I was going to come within seconds. She kept going up and down the entire length for several bursa otele gelen escort bayan minutes. She stopped just in time, and straddled my lap. Slowly, my penis slid into her pussy as she lowered herself onto me. It was so wet and tight. I couldn’t believe how good she felt. She rocked back and forth for several minutes until she had an orgasm.

She lifted off my lap, and my girlfriend decided to take her place. My cock was hard and covered with her friends juices. She lowered herself onto me until the full length filled her. She bounced up and down until we both had an orgasm, and I shot my load deep inside of her. As she got off, we realized that there was quite an audience that was watching. There were about ten people standing around. The men had erections, and the women were playing with themselves.

As we finished everyone applauded our performance. Feeling drained and relaxed, we laid down and continued to sun bath nude until the early evening.

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A Fine Mess

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Female Ejaculation

I had been carrying on an affair with a married woman for a few years now. She let me know when she wanted to get together in an out of the way place for an afternoon of intense sex. We had done it at a friend’s house, in several hotel rooms, in the car, and one memorable time in the restroom of a crowded shopping mall. Needless to say, when Lanie called I dropped everything in order to be with her. “So where do you want to meet?” I asked.

“Here,” she answered. “I want you to fuck me in my own bed.”

“Don’t you think your husband and kids will notice your loud screams and moans coming from the bedroom?” I asked jokingly. She had never taken a chance on getting caught, and this seemed far too risky for her to consider trying.

“They’re gone for the weekend to his grandmother’s house and I want to be fucked in my own bed by you. If you aren’t chicken, that is,” she said tauntingly. She knew which buttons of mine to push.

“Just say when,” I replied.

“Now,” she said. “I want you right now.” Driving to her house, I thought about our relationship’s history. Although I was an acquaintance of her family, I had never actually been inside her home. She had four young kids of her own and was also raising her husband’s orphaned teenage sister. So there really never had been a chance for us to get together in that madhouse. It seemed that this was going to be something different. Arriving, I parked up the street as planned, then walked to her back door. She was waiting inside the glass storm door wearing only a lacy pink teddy. The lady had planned this https://bursali.org seduction well. Stepping inside, we kissed. She was such a little thing, like a wisp in my arms. She then took my hand and led me to her bedroom. “I want you to fuck me right now with that big, hard cock of yours,” she purred while undoing my pants. It was always such a turn on to hear her talking dirty to me. Unsnapping her teddy, I laid her back on the bed and began to tease her with my tongue. She squirmed and moaned as my tongue traced her thighs and then plunged into the sweetest, wettest pussy I’ve every encountered. It wasn’t long before her thighs clenched tightly about my head and her loud moans indicated she had climaxed for the first of what I hoped to be many times. The morning wore into afternoon as we tried every position imaginable, and even playfully made up a few. It was during one of our more awkward intertwining that I glanced toward the bedroom door. I was shocked to see Lanie’s sister-in-law, Autumn, peeking through the slightly open door. I didn’t know how long she had been standing there, but she was certainly getting an eyeful of me fucking the woman she called Mom.

Not really sure what to do, I kept pumping while sneaking glances toward the door. Our audience was staring intently, stepping back away from the door only when we changed positions and Lanie might see her. Finally while being taken from behind, Lanie buried her head in a pillow and I could make eye contact with Autumn. She started back as she realized I knew she was there, then she met my eyes bursa escort kız with a stare that could only be described as hungry. A very attractive brunette, she was wearing a sweater and tight, hip hugger jeans that I could now see were unfastened and unzipped. One hand was busy in her jeans as she watched, never taking her eyes from mine. Lanie then moaned startling us both. She collapsed face down in her pillow. She then looked back at me and said, “I think I need a little break here Tiger.”

She smiled at me and purred contentedly. I said okay and told her I was going to fetch something to drink. She smiled tiredly, and asked for some water, then fluffed her pillow and closed her eyes. I carefully got out of bed so as not to wake her and walked straight to the open door. Autumn was nowhere to be seen. I walked to the kitchen and found our voyeur sitting at the table. She made no secret of checking out my body and still hard cock. I walked over to her and, ignoring her leering glances, told her we needed to talk. She smiled and replied, “We need to do more than talk.”

I ignored this obvious offer and said, “I hope you aren’t going to tell anyone about what you saw today.”

She stood up, moved very close to me and whispered, “I always wondered about you and Mom. I just didn’t think she would ever go through with it .But seeing you in action and seeing this cock of yours, I understand why she did it.”

As she was saying this, she moved close to me and wrapped her fingers around my cock.

“I don’t think so,” bursa anal yapan escort I said as I moved to push her hand away.

She tightened her grip and hissed, “What’s the matter? I’m legal now and I can tell you want to fuck me.”

“It’s not that simple,” I replied. “Lanie would never forgive me if she found out I fucked you.”

“You know you want to do it,” she said while pumping her hand up and down. Without losing her grip on me, she unsnapped her jeans and pushed them to the floor.

I was really torn. I didn’t want to hurt Lanie but truth be told, I really did want to fuck this sexy young thing who was offering it to me. Autumn sensed my hesitation and upped the ante by dropping to her knees and, without hesitation, took me into her mouth. She looked up at me with her big hazel eyes, briefly removing my cock from her mouth to whisper, “I can taste Mom’s pussy on your cock.” I enjoyed her talented mouth for a moment till my good sense or utter stupidity made me regretfully push her head away. “I’m sorry sweetie, but as much as I may want to do it, we can’t do this to Lanie.”

She looked up angrily at me for a moment then stood and, looking me right in the eyes, threw down the gauntlet. “Either I get what I want or my brother finds out what has been going on between you two, and you will never get to see her again!” Trying to soften it a little she cooed, “You can either have both of us, or neither. What’s it going to be stud?” She was stroking my cock to empathize her point as she waited for my answer.

Thanks to J31240 for his timely and invalauble editing on this story.

What should I do dear readers? I’ll leave it up to you. Post your comments to this story and let me know how you want it to end. I’ll write the most popular ending as determined by your votes after one week. Lanie has already voted so she is disqualified.

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A Cock Tale

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My penis, when fully erect, is just over five inches long. This is, I know, on the small side, with average length usually said to be six inches, Then again, I wonder about such statistics. Men, if asked about the size of their members for some sexological survey will surely tend to exaggerate, and while I see lots of huge cocks in porn, I certainly see a lot that don’t look any bigger than mine. It’s also true that, when fucking girls, I have occasionally gone too deep into their vaginas, and hurt them. So it seems to that my dick is big enough for the job. I’m quite happy with the size of it, anyway.

I’m also happy that I’m circumcised. I simply don’t like the look of uncircumcised pricks. When I was at school, most of the kids were circumcised like me. The exceptions were some Lebanese boys. When I saw their uncircumcised dicks in the toilets I was quite shocked. At the time, I didn’t actually know that I had been circumcised, of course. I just thought that Lebanese dicks were different.

In its natural state, my balls and the base of my penis are covered with black hair, but these days I mostly keep it shaved. Dicks look much better shaved, I think, and my wife certainly agrees. I also always make sure I shave before making one of my frequent trips to my favourite nude beach. If people want to see my penis, I want to be sure they get as good a view of it as possible.

As you can tell from that, I’m now quite an exhibitionist. I was very different as a kid though. I was incredibly modest about my body, and went to great lengths to ensure that no-one ever saw my penis. I remember once when I was on a school retreat. We were lining up to have a shower with only towels wrapped around our waists. My best friend, who was also the class clown and the butt of many jokes, had his towel snatched away by another boy. I watched as he ran up and down the dormitory, trying to get it back, his dick flopping around ridiculously. I remember thinking how mortified I would have been if this had happened to me. A few minutes later, it was my turn to get into the shower with another boy, whose name was Les. I was extremely embarrassed of course (although I can’t deny that I looked at his dick). This was, I believe, the only time I was ever naked in front of another person during my schooldays (apart from one occasion when my grandfather came in to the bathroom and had a look at me in the shower).

But at the same time, the idea of being naked began to attain a certain thrill. I remember the first time I dared to take off all my clothes in the back garden. I ran across the lawn and into a clump of trees behind the garage, terrified that someone would see me. During the school holidays, I took to sunbathing in the yard and, when Mum was out shopping, would occasionally slip my shorts off and lie in the deckchair with the sweat dripping off me and the sun shining onto my dick and balls. I was sure the people who lived on either side of us would, at any moment, peer through the fence and see me, or that my mother would come home unexpectedly and catch me.

I had discovered masturbation at an early age. I remember, even before my first ejaculation, lying in bed toying with my dick – I loved the way I could push my balls up into my body and bring them out again. Soon I was masturbating two or three times a day.

One Christmas we went to stay on a farm. Behind the farmhouse, at a lower level and therefore not visible from it, ran a creek. I would go down to it each day, make sure no-one was coming, then strip off all my clothes and swim naked in it. I had a crush on an older girl named Margot at the time and I took to performing a ritual. I’d pick up one of the round, smooth stones which lined the creek bed and scratch a little love message to her on it. Then I’d masturbate, squirting my spunk onto the stone. I’d rub it onto the message and toss it into the river.

Being so shy as a kid, I was hopeless with girls. While I was at school, I only every took a girl on a date once, and I had never even really kissed a girl. As it turned out, the first time I kissed a girl properly, the first time I felts a girl’s breasts, and the first time a licked a cunt, all happened within the space of about an hour.

It was at a party towards the end of my first year at university. There was a girl named Louise there with whom I shared a few classes, and who I had been lusting after for a while (though of course I was too shy to try to chat her up). We both ended up pretty drunk, and somehow started to kiss each other.

Unfortunately my cock failed me that night. A combination of alcohol and the sheer momentousness of the occasion meant I couldn’t get hard enough to fuck. The truth was. I was so glad to finally get my hands on a girl’s naked body, I didn’t really care. That night, Louise became the first girl to handle and suck my penis, and I licked out her pussy, loving the taste of it, but we didn’t fuck properly until about a week bursa escort later.

Louise and I had soon moved into a house together, and my cock continue to perform its duties. I don’t think it has ever gotten so hard again, or stayed hard for so long, as that first year or so of fucking Louise. She was a beautiful girl with long brown hair, olive skin, lovely breasts with puffy, pale brown nipples, a delicious cunt, and a smooth grey arsehole which I took great delight in licking and fingering. I don’t know what was best – doing her missionary style, so I had a perfect view of my cock plunging into her tight, brown-haired pussy, lifting my body up so the top of my painfully hard prick rubbed against her pubic bone; or doing her from behind, where I could part her buttocks and admire her anus as I screwed her. Both were equally good. Often at night, especially after we had been drinking and she was sleeping heavily, I would part her buttocks and lick her lovely arse. I usually ended by wanking myself until I came on her, then rubbed the sperm into her hole.

I thought that I would be with Louise forever, and made no attempt to fuck other girls until the end of our relationship, although I knew there were some who wanted me to.

Louise and I began to drift apart however and I left her for another girl, who was much more promiscuous, an exhibitionist who would try anything and was happy to let me fuck her up the arse, which Louise had never let me do. And there was an agreement that we could fuck other people. As my girlfriend – who became my wife and who is with me to this day – is also bisexual, we have had several threesomes with girls (it always feels amazing fucking another girl as she watches).

I now went through a serious period of trying to fuck every girl I could. My cock’s score so far is as follows. It has been handled by 11 girls, and sucked by nine of them. It has found its way into eight pussies and two arseholes. It has ejaculated onto the breasts of two girls, and onto the face of one. It has pissed into a girl’s mouth. And it has been sucked by one guy. Of course, I hope these numbers continue to grow.

Meanwhile, while I continue to fuck girls whenever the opportunity arises, I masturbate as much as ever. My cock demands attention at least once, often twice day, and failing to relieve it of some sperm leaves my mind awash with sex and incapable of doing anything else useful. Sometimes I resent this tyranny my penis has over me, but the pleasure I derive from pumping it as I view porn, or recall my sexual encounters in as much detail as I can muster, means the resentment never lasts long.

For years I’ve experimented with different masturbation techniques. Sometimes I tie up my cock after it’s hardened so that the blood is trapped in it and it bulges and turns purple, the veins sticking out on the shaft like cords (I have also fucked my wife – very pleasurably – with my cock tied like this). One day I shaved all the hair off my balls and the base of my cock for the first time, so that they were smooth like they had been when I was a little boy discovering masturbation. I was pleased with the increase in sensation that this brought about (another bonus was that when I was shaved my wife would take my balls in her mouth and suck them). After a couple of days the hair growing back would make my balls itch, but I found this quite pleasant and it gave me an erection when walking.

I also began to experiment with cock torture. My usual technique was to stand in front of the bathroom mirror, wanking until I was hard, then tie a cord tightly around the base of my scrotum. I would then fasten laundry pegs and bulldog clips to the engorged flesh until the skin became so tight I couldn’t get any more on (I found that a bulldog clip, fastened lengthwise along the base of the shaft, just behind the ‘V’ of the glans, particularly pleasurable). Taking hold of the ends of the cord which bound my genitals I would tug on it so my stinging cock and balls, heavily weighted with the clips and pegs, would bounce slowly up and down, my glans as red and shiny as an apple, the pain, especially of the bulldog clips, quite intense, until the spunk shot powerfully out of me and spattered in the sink.

On other occasions I would tie up my prick and slap it with my leather belt until both cock and balls were red and stinging. When we were fucking, I’d get my wife to treat my cock roughly, to pull and twist it as hard as she could, to not worry about hurting me.

Meanwhile, my feelings about my body were changing. When I was young, as I have said, I hated the idea of anyone seeing my genitals. But now I started to fantasise about being naked in public places.

My first steps in this direction came on an overseas holiday, when my wife and I were staying in a room without its own bathroom. The bathroom we had to use was on the second floor, a big white painted room with a bath and shower over it, bursa üniversiteli escort and a large window, overlooking a fairly busy street, which was always kept open. While standing up and having a shower, there would have been a direct line of vision between you and the street – where people could be seen walking about 30 metres away – had there not been affixed to the wall on a hinge a pane of marbled glass by which, swinging it towards you, you could hide yourself.

As I stepped in to have a shower on my first day there, I instinctively moved the glass to cover myself, but as I was washing I thought about what it would be like to shower without doing this. The idea frankly terrified me. What if someone saw me from the street and then complained to the police, and they came to the hotel to make inquiries and – my paranoia running high here – I was thrown out of the country? Rather unlikely, I knew, but still possible, and the possibility was both frightening and exciting. That night, as I lay in bed, I made up my mind I was going to do it.

Next morning I arrived in the bathroom, a towel around my waist and my throat dry. I pushed the glass screen flat against the wall and, behaving as nonchalantly as possible, stepped into the bath and turned on the shower. I began to wash my hair, my back against the window, then turned around so that my cock was perfectly visible from the street. When I saw people walking along the pavement I had a powerful urge to turn around or cover myself, but I fought against it.

When I had finished washing I stepped out of the bath and towelled myself dry, walking past the window as I did so, then squatting on the floor I thought about what I had just done and wanked until I came. I repeated this every day I was at the hotel. I don’t know if anyone saw me.

One evening I was walking home from work when I was overcome by a feeling of lust. I stopped and looked around. There were lights on in the houses but I couldn’t see anyone, and there were no cars on the road. I unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out. Feeling both scared and excited I continued to walk down the street with it hanging out. I passed houses with their doors open, whose occupants, had they been looking out of them at the moment I passed, could have seen me like this.

I have repeated this act many times now. I usually begin by going to a secluded spot where I take my cock out and masturbate until I’m hard. I ease my balls out of my pants too, so that my genitals are entirely outside my clothing. I walk along, my stiff cock bobbing up and down. If a car approaches, or I see someone up ahead, I momentarily cover myself with my briefcase. At some point I stop and masturbate until I come.

One night, after alcohol had given me courage, I stripped naked, went to the front door and opened it. It was about three o’clock in the morning and my wife was asleep in the bedroom. I stepped out, walked to the front gate, and looked up and down the street. It was brightly lit by street lights but very quiet, with no lights showing in the houses. Up at the end of the street, the occasional car drove past. I opened the gate and stepped onto the pavement.

It was the first time I had ever been completely naked out in the open like this, and I found it exhilarating. I began to pull my cock, turning this way and that. I thought about people looking out their windows and seeing this pervert, and calling the police, and how risky it was doing this right outside my house, but that made it more exciting. So far I had been shielded by parked cars to some extent, but now I walked past them and stood in the middle of the street with my feet apart (I remember the feeling of the road under my bare feet), my cock really stiff now, and wanked unashamedy until I came, my sperm hitting the road with a loud ‘splat!’

I have since ventured out naked like this several times. In my boldest effort, I walked right to the end of my street one night, past some twenty houses, masturbating all the way. I came to a factory with a chain link fence and stuck my cock through it (I remember the rough feeling of the wire on the base of my balls).

My growing exhibitionism had another outlet in photography. Back when I was with Louise, I persuaded her to let me take a photo of her lying on our bed wearing only a white camisole, her tits and pussy bare. Afterwards, she tried to take a photo of me naked as well, but I cupped my hand over my dick so that nothing showed in the picture she finally took. The idea that there would be a photo of me with my cock showing which someone might find was unthinkable to me at the time.

But one day I decided I needed to take just such a photo. These were the days before digital photography, so I had to use my Polaroid camera. I taped it to the side of a chair in the lounge room, stripped off my clothes, and stood in front of the camera with one foot karacabey escort on the coffee table so there would be a good view of my cock and balls, which I had shaved.

I hid the resulting photo, which showed my face as well, away in a book. At first I was sort of embarrassed about it and worried someone would find it. I would take it out and look at it, at my nakedness, and sometimes I masturbated to it. Is it perverse to masturbate looking at yourself? I suppose it is. (Then again Salvador Dali, a great expert on wanking, recommended that you always do it in front of a mirror). There is obviously an exhibitionistic thrill that motivates a lot of people who are into porn. I wonder if there are any women who masturbate looking at pornographic images of themselves in magazines or on the Net. I’m sure some of the men in porn wank to their own videos.

The fact is, as no doubt the reader has noticed, I like my cock. I like to look at it, and stroke it, and see it disappear into a girl’s mouth or pussy or – best of all – her arsehole. I have said that I’m happy with the size of it, but there is one reason that I would like it to be bigger – how I would love to be one of those guys who are big enough, and flexible enough, to suck themselves off! Sometimes I dream that I’m able to do this. There’ll I’ll be, doubled up, my hard cock in my mouth. It’s the most wonderful feeling. I’ll wake up feeling ecstatic – I can do it! – and then I realise that I can’t.

Not happy with having just the one photo, I began to build up a collection of photos of my penis in various stages of erection. I took photos of it tied up, my balls round and shiny. While searching the net, I came upon a notice by a guy offering to send photos of his wife to other men, on the condition that they send photos back of them ejaculating on to her. I was happy to oblige him.

One day, in a lascivious mood, I stripped naked, wrapped a towel around my waist, and went into the backyard. A train line ran along the back of it, so that those people sitting on the top level of a train, and looking out the window at the right time, could see straight down into it.

Slipping the towel off, I stood in the middle of the yard, wanking myself until I was hard, then took some photos of my erection. When I heard a train’s rumbling approach, I quickly covered myself with the towel. But then I grew bolder. I laid the towel out on the ground and lay on my back on top of it. As the next train passed, and several after that, I lay there in full view so that anyone glancing out of the window at the right moment would have seen me.

After a while I stood up again. There was a pile of yellow sand in one corner of the garden – we had been doing some building work – and I went and knelt in front of it. I took a handful of sand and let it drop on my stiff prick, then rubbed it roughly onto it, then standing up again jerked off until I ejaculated. I finished by taking a photo of me pissing on the ground.

I had, I should explain, been taking nude photos of my wife from almost the beginning of our relationship (I had even inherited some of her taken by her previous boyfriend), but now persuaded her to let me take more hardcore pics of her, including some of her playing with and sucking my penis. One night, after taking a few such shots, I handed her the camera and lay on the bed with my legs apart. “Take a photo of my cock,” I said. She did as I asked. For the first time I really felt like a porn model.

At first, as I had done with that initial photo of me naked, I hid these pictures away. But then, as my inhibitions continued to decline, I began to post them on the net. At first I obscured my wife’s face on these, but after while I didn’t even do that. Inspired by the guy who had sent me the pic of his wife, I emailed pictures of mine with her pussy spread open to other men, who sent in return shots of them ejaculating onto her image. It thrilled me that strangers were looking at my wife’s tits and pussy. (She had, and still has no idea that I have done this.) I also posted my cock on a number of gay sites.

This brings me to the subject of other men’s cocks. Now, in my earlier years, while I never had anything against homosexuality, I considered myself straight and solely attracted to women. As an adolescent, my chief source of porn was girlie magazines. Later, I graduated to hardcore videos, and loved to watch men and women fucking, but my interest remained in the women.

I only ever came close to having a homosexual experience once. My wife and I were at the pub one night when we got to talking to a younger guy with long curly black hair, whose name was, appropriately enough, Rod. My wife asked if we could take him home with us because she wanted to fuck him, and eventually I said yes. So we went back to our place and had a few more drinks.

The next thing I knew I was lying on my belly, naked, on my bed, and felt something pushing against my arse. I realised that Rod was trying to push his cock into me. I panicked. For a start I wondered whether he was wearing a condom (next day, I found a used one next to the bed, so he was) but mostly I just wasn’t ready for this. I raced out of the bedroom and shut myself in the spare bedroom next door.

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The Family Vacation Ch. 06

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Our morning routine was becoming somewhat regular. Sue and I were scheduled for our fourth day of golf this week. Thats more than we usually play at home. We generally take a day off after two days back to back. But this is a vacation and so we are taking advantage of access to a new private club. We’ve played with three different members of the pro staff, and plan to play again with Asst Pro Sally in two more days. But today we are scheduled to meet and play with a couple of members, Don and Kim Gunner. Sally felt that we’d be a good match, and she knows us intimately.

Trish was still sleeping when I woke. As usual, I took my position between her legs and used my mouth and tongue and digits to bring her to a sleepy orgasm. When I finished I could see a smile of satisfaction on her face as she returned to her sleepy state. I left her and went to check on Sue.

I heard Devon in the kitchen as I walked to Sue’s room at the opposite end of the large residence. I stepped around the corner, in my nakedness, and bid him Good morning. Devon grinned and didn’t try to hide his stare at my semi hard member, dangling between my legs.

“Rob, I have to tell you, I’m amazed at your ability to love and care for all of these stunningly beautiful ladies. And rest assured that Chad and I are thrilled to be part of it all. It’s both an honor and a pleasure to service all of your needs.”

He handed me a cup of fresh coffee and reached down to gently cup my package.

“This guy is certainly high performance.” He winked at me. I was a bit surprised at his forwardness, but his touch was comforting. I told him I was going to wake Sue, and that Trish was still sleeping.

“If you dont mind, I’ll let you handle the coffee and wake up duties with her today.” I was letting him know that not only was I OK with his touch, but that I was fine with him providing coffee and pleasure to my wife. I reached for him and we shared a brief hug. Then I turned and headed for Sue, my morning wood having grown slightly.

As I approached Sue’s door I was stroking myself, with thoughts of Devon and anticipation of what I was headed for with my best friend.

Sue was still snoozing when I peeked in the door. She was naked on top of the sheets with her legs splayed wide open. A most inviting sight, indeed. I gently massaged her feet. She stirred slightly and I noticed her vaginal lips parting slightly. I bent forward and planted a kiss on her clitoris. She stirred again, and spread her legs even wider. I watched her face as I licked her slit. I saw her eyes flutter as she awakened and recognized my presence.

“Oh Rob, that feels so nice! But you know we don’t often get to wake up like this. I need you to fill me with that breakfast meat and give me an extra large helping of your special juice. I want to feel your cum dripping out of me for 18 holes. Are we playing with Sally again today?”

I replied, “No, today we are playing with a couple of members.” I was crawling up the bed and held my sausage at the entry to her pink egg nest. “Don and Kim Gunner is their names and we will meet them at breakfast.” I rammed my cock into her and she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in tight. It wasn’t meant to be a quickie, but Sue had already let me know she wanted fresh cum, and it was my first shot of the day. I was ready and after less than two minutes, I served up her breakfast order in deep fashion. Of course Sue was cumming with me, because like Trish, she can virtually cum at will.

“Oh Rob, that’s exactly what I needed.”

I extracted my tool and she reached to grab it and clean it off with her oral cleansing. We kissed and she fed me some of my own breakfast sauce.

“I’ll tell Devon to make your coffee while you get dressed.” I turned and walked out the door. When I walked back into the kitchen I told Devon that Sue was ready for coffee. He looked down at my used but semi hard morning missle and grinned back at me.

“Grrrrr Tiger.” He subtly complimented me. I winked back and returned to my room. Trish was still sleeping.

I quickly showered and shaved and dressed. Shorts and a golf shirt. Today I opted to go commando. I knew that Sue would do the same.

Sure enough, when I entered the kitchen, Sue was sitting on one of the bar stools and she had just invited Devon to sample the slimey beverage that was oozing from her bare pussy under her hoisted golf skirt. Devon knelt down and slurrped a mouthful. She patted his head and pulled her skirt down as I entered the room. Devon stood up, swallowed, and wiped his mouth with his arm. I laughed and stepped up to him. Cautiously, I kissed away a glob of cum from his upper lip. Sue smiled. She hasn’t seen me interact this way with other men before. It was a bit of something new for me too. Nothing else was said.

I changed the subject. “Are we ready to make some new friends on the golf course?”

“As long as we have plenty of towels in the golf cart.” Sue replied with a wink. I took her hand and we escort bursa headed for the garage.

“Dont forget to take care of Trish.” I called to Devon as we walked out the door.

We settled into the golf cart as the garage door lifted. Sue checked on the supply of golf towels. Satisfied that we had a sufficient number, she turned and faced me.

“That was an interesting kiss in there with Devon. What brought that on?”

“I’m not sure.” I replied, “He had touched me earlier and it just felt comfortable.”

“Where did he touch you?”

“He was admiring my morning wood. And it wasn’t even fully grown!”

“Well it was fun to watch. I’ll be interested to see if he pursues any other contact with you. He really is a nice hunk.” She winked and turned to face forward as we drove to the club. I could see that her legs were parted and she was enjoying a breeze blowing up her skirt.

We entered the pro shop and checked in with Mark.

“My crew reports that they all enjoyed their rounds with you and vouched for the quality of your games. I understand you have another time scheduled with Sally later this week. Today you’ll be playing with Don and Kim Gunner. They’re quite popular with other members. And their handicaps are within a few strokes of yours. I assume you’ll stop for breakfast before you warm up. I’ll send them in to find you when they get here.”

Sue placed an assortment of golf towels on the counter. “We can never have too many of these,” she smiled, “They make great souvenirs and gifts for friends back home.”

Mark put them in a shopping bag and ran my credit card. We headed for the dining room.

The waitress had just delivered our omelettes when I spotted an attractive couple looking around the room from the hostess station. They both smiled when they saw us and walked to the table.

“You must be Sue and Rob. I’m Kim and this is my husband Don.” They both extended their hands to greet us. I took Kim’s hand and she gripped mine firmly. Then she offered it to Sue while Don followed and gave me a strong handshake. Kim was tall and slim and busty. Her hair was a variety of blonde shades. Don is handsome and fit. I guessed them to be late 40s.

“Would you like to join us?” Sue invited.

Kim pulled a chair and sat next to me. Don took his place next to Sue.

“We had breakfast at home, but I would have some coffee.” Kim replied as she turned to the waitress. Don ordered a Bloody Mary. As her coffee was poured Kim placed her nicely manicured hand on my knee. She looked in my eyes, “It’s so nice to meet you. We’ve been told that you’re here for a long week. Is that correct?”

Sue noticed the touch and spoke up before me. “Yes we’re having such a good time. Everyone is so welcoming.” She put her hand on Don’s leg and lightly stroked it as she continued. “We’re here with some family and friends, but Rob and I are the only golfers. We’re regular playing partners at home in Sedona.”

Don’s eyes lit up. “We love visiting Sedona! We’ve been there several times. The Enchantment Resort is top tier”

“It is indeed.” I nodded.

Kim smiled a toothy grin, “I love the spa there. The rituals are unique and the massages are the best!”

Sue and I glanced at each other and smiled. “Rob and I are both massage therapists, but we practice from our homes.”

Kim raised her brow. “Homes? You aren’t married? You live separately? But you’re staying together here in the desert?”

I let Sue do the explaining. “I’m single. Rob is married, but we’ve been best friends since before Rob even met his lovely wife Trish. Some folks might think our relationship is complicated, but its really quite simple. We all love each other. We have no secrets.”

Don and Kim traded a knowing look. He put his hand atop Sue’s on his leg. “Well we aren’t massage therapists, but we do love touching and being touched.” Kim nodded in agreement as she moved her hand up my thigh.

“I think this is going to be a most enjoyable game today.” I offered. “Shall we head out?”

We all rose from the table. Kim took Sue’s arm and suggested that we make locker room stops before going to the range. Don and I did the same. I watched Kim as we followed the girls down the hallway. She was as pretty as anyone else I’d seen so far at the club, except for young Sally of course. She wore a short golf skirt that accentuated her shapely legs. Her top was sleeveless and while sitting I noticed a generous amount of cleavage inside the deep V neck. I suspect that her bra was enhancing the look.

Outside Don and I did our pregolf checklists. Making certain that we had all of the supplies we needed for the course. When the ladies joined us, they were still arm in arm and giggling. I realized that I could see Kim’s nipples now through her shirt, and the cleavage seemed to be more free swinging. Had she removed her bra? I wondered.

Sue approached me with a kiss and whispered in my ear, “I can confirm that everyone in this foursome bursa otele gelen escort is commando today.” Kim winked at me as she got into the cart with Don. We rolled a few putts on the practice green. I watched as the ladies carefully picked up their golf balls. We were just outside the pro shop, so discretion was essential. At the first tee things began to heat up. While the girls remained in the carts with their legs on display, Sue shared that at home we often make bets with payoffs of a sexual nature. Don grinned as Kim confessed that they have occasionally done the same. We agreed that it would spice up the day. Don and I proceeded to the tee. Kim and Sue would play the forward tees. Kim made bogey on the first hole to our three pars. She was down one to all of us. On the second hole I had a few moments to chat with Kim. I had to ask…

“Tell me Kim, did you arrive here today commando, or did Sue have something to do with it?”

“Well losing my thong was a no brainer, but these 36DDs are used to a little more support. Sue couldn’t resist a nibble and that helped them to stand up a little. I can always use a helping hand to ‘lift’ these hangers.” She lifted her right breast to show me the range of motion. I took careful notice.

By the time we finished the third hole, I recalled the private spot that Sally had shown us two days before. I stopped the cart as did the Gunners. The ladies got out and traded cart seats. Kim was unbuttoning my shorts and Sue was doing the same to Don. Instantly, they were both gobbling our shafts. I put my hand on Kim’s thigh and moved it up to her waiting snatch. It was practically a water hazzard, so moist and deep. There were no players immediately behind us, so they gave us both about a 3 minute blow job and then it was on to the next tee. We decided at that point that we should switch bags so Kim could ride with me and Sue would ride with Don. In this way they were both able to tell each of us more about themselves, the club, the course, the members and their desert home. And the touching that had begun so innocently at breakfast got even more intense.

I learned that they had been resident members since the club opened 6 years ago. Don had built and sold a successful business in LA. Their lives now were filled with golf, leisure, and discreet swinging. I told Kim about Trish and how she had changed my life. I bragged about Tracy and Teri and how they are both successful in their business endeavors. I went on to explain about my sister Jan, the house we are occupying, and how pleased we are with the full concierge package and some of the adventures that we’ve already shared on this long awaited family vacation. Later, Sue told me that she wanted to invite them back to the house after golf. They readily accepted. We even made a quick stop at the Gunner residence on the 17th fairway. They both grabbed a change of clothes in case we decided to dress up and go out later.

At the end of the round, we agreed that the score was a tie. Each of us had experienced three orgasms. We skipped the clubhouse and they followed us back to our residence. I had texted Trish to let her know we were bringing new friends. Trish and the others had been out to lunch and a little more shopping. She said they were on their way home. No sooner had we pulled into the garage, when the Bentley pulled into the driveway behind us. Introductions and hugs followed and we proceeded into the house.

Chad and Devon were inside doing their afternoon cleaning and snack preparation. More introductions took place in the kitchen. Don and Kim were impressed that our rental included staff. I suggested that if anyone wanted to shower they could use the oversized shower in our master suite. Or we could simply employ the pool and hot tub, and shower later. Seeing the privacy of our back yard we all decided to use the pool.

Chad brought out a fresh stack of towels and stood by collecting clothes as we all stripped down to our most natural state. I couldn’t take my eyes off Kim’s massive tits. She and I stepped into the pool, hand in hand.

“Rob I can’t get over how stunning Trish is! And your daughters are absolute knock outs! They both have an air of confidence in themselves and it shows. Do they enjoy a sex life as free and open as yours?”

“Kim, you might not believe this, but it was they who inspired me to adopt this lifestyle. Like you, I had sufficient wealth to live any way I pleased, but until I met Trish and her daughters, I never imagined that it could be quite like this.”

Kim pressed her body to mine and we embraced. Our lips met and we shared a most passionate kiss. I could see Sue and Don in a similar situation across the pool. Trish was approaching them and wrapped her arms around them both. Teri had just emerged after leaving her clothes in her room. Tracy and Jan were still inside. She surveyed the pool and chose to come and get to know my new partner. She put her arm on bursa sınırsız escort Kim’s shoulder and turned her to face her.

“Kim you have absolutely gorgeous breasts! May I kiss them?”

She didn’t wait for permission, she just dove right in.

“Of course you can Teri. Oh, you know just what to do. Who taught you?”

“I guess it was my mom, but I’ve been practicing for years.”

“It can’t be too many years; you’re so young.”

Kim was stroking my manhood and i had two fingers in her corresponding love pocket. My other hand was all over Teri’s tight ass. I felt the familiar faceted surface of the butt plug in Teri’s rear. I gave it a gentle push and Teri shivered with a mini orgasm.

“What just happened?” Kim asked.

“That was Rob’s magic touch on my favorite butt plug. It’s become one of my top selling items.”

I briefly explained the nature of Teri’s business.

“Kim, I’m already one up on you guys. you need to fuck.”

Kim was blown away by Teri’s bluntness, but she understood. She pulled on my cock and jumped onto it, wrapping her legs around my hips. I slid inside easily and began to walk and bounce around the pool. She leaned back and her giant breasts floated to the surface of the water. I couldn’t resist playing with them. Kim helped by lifting and squeezing and holding them to my face. My natural inclination was to kiss and nibble on her perfect nipples. She moaned and pulled my face tightly into the pillowy cushions.

From across the pool we heard simultaneous cries and moans from Trish, Sue and Don. The girls were working their magic and Don was the ultimate benefactor, but all three were cumming at once. it was unclear as to where his seed was being planted, but it seemed quite natural to us all.

Kim continued to bounce on my rod. i could feel it driving deeper with each thrust. Then she lost control. “Rob, bite my nipples! That turns me on so much. Ooo. Yeah! I’m cumming.” I was ready too and let go inside of her. It felt warmer than the pool water that surrounded us. Kim nuzzled my neck and used her teeth to lightly nibble on my earlobe. That sent a quiver down to my groin and I fired a few more shots.

Gradually we relaxed our grips on each other as the after glow lingered.

Teri began to applaud from the pool steps and she was joined by Devon and Chad who had been discreetly observing from the deck. All of our heads turned and we began to laugh at the comedy of our casual romantic moments.

Jan and Tracy emerged from the house seemingly surprised at the enthusiastic clapping and cheering.

“What did we miss?” Jan inquired.

From the other side of our private wall, we heard more applause and cries of “Encore! Encore!”

Tracy laughed and told Jan that whatever had happened, it wasn’t without an outside audience. Kim looked at me with an almost shocked and embarrassed look.

“Oops, did we disturb the neighborhood?”

Tracy called over the wall. “It’s just business as usual ladies and I think you need to come and meet the stars!”

Don and Kim looked a little surprised, but they could tell that the rest of us were all comfortable with the banter. Tracy took Chad’s hand and said, “Come help me welcome our guests at the back gate. But first, I think you and Devon need to get with the dress code of the hour.” She lifted his shirt and unbuttoned his shorts. Not surprisingly, he was commando, as was Devon. Teri addressed Devon.

“Devon darling, would you run inside and bring out the toy basket? I restocked it and I think our friends might be curious to see the latest goodies.”

He turned and sauntered inside, returning a moment later with the large straw basket filled with an assortment of adult toys.

I was watching Tracy’s perfect naked ass as she and Chad greeted Danni and Sheryl at the back gate. God, I love that girl and she turns me on so much. we all gravitated to the table where Devon had placed the basket next to our afternoon snack buffet. It was Mexican day with chips, salsa, fresh guacamole and a fruit platter.

Danni held Chad’s arm and Sheryl and Tracy had their arms around each other’s waist as they stepped up to join the crowd. We introduced Don and Kim to our neighbors. The next door girls were wearing their typical transparent Wicked Weasal bikinis. As Danni leaned in to observe the toy collection, Teri was quick to notice the blue butt plug in her ass.

“Ooo girl, I see youre still enjoying your blue butt toy! Look! I’m wearing red today.” She turned and spread her cheeks for everyone to observe. Kim seemed especially curious.

“Is that what made you orgasm in the pool?”

“Yes it is. Help yourself. Anything and everything in this basket is my gift to you.”

Don and Kim both moved in for a closer look. There were at least a dozen butt plugs in all different colors and I noticed that there were a few of the new 5″ models, in addition to a variety of vibrators, dildos, a large double dong, and even a few light bondage accessories. Kim was the first to handle some of the merch. She picked up a purple 5″ butt plug.

“I’ve always enjoyed having these in my ass, but I’ve never tried a longer one. Hmm, what’s this? It looks like a screw.” She stroked the ribs on the device. “Oh my! I think I want to try this.”

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Bad Girl Anal

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Bad Girl Anal

ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real or other fictional characters is coincidence and unintentional.

Sometimes punishment is necessary to persuade us not to do bad again. Other times it encourages us to be bad again and again. If only all punishment in life was this good.


You have been a bad girl. You need some help in seeing your bad ways. I think first, I will take you and give this very bad girl a warm bubbly bath. Wash every part of her. A soft sponge and a luxury rose fragrance soap will be used to clean your beautiful breasts. Those beautiful nipples will need to be circled with the sponge over and over, round and round until you are moaning in sheer delight.

The sponge will need to find its way down that girly tummy of yours. Soaping and massaging you with large circles from front to back. Your hips would need to be massaged to relieve the stress and tension you must be feeling because of the upcoming punishment you will receive.

Scrubbing gently between those legs will be next to make sure you are sparkling clean. The sponge moves up and down with no pressure, lightly cleansing your beautiful pussy. The pressure increases and the sponge finds its way just past your vaginal lips and rubs so gently your clitoris. This rubbing causes you to want to orgasm, but the movement stops. You have been bad, so part of your punishment is not to orgasm quickly, but rather to be held just slightly away from this incredible and increasing feeling.

Your face and legs are scrubbed and finally rinsed off. A very large soft White towel cresses your skin drying you. The White towel symbolizes you being anew clean of all that is not pure.

Wrapped in this towel you are lead to the foot of a very large bed. The bed is high so I lift you up and place you on the edge. I asked that you say nothing. You nod your head in agreement.

I slide you further up the bed until you are roughly in the görükle escort middle. I ask you to close your eyes and you do. I take a silk scarf and tie it softly around your head and eyes. This soft blindfold will not allow you to see your punishment.

One by one a silky soft rope is used to tie you to the four corners of the bed. You are not uncomfortable, just restrained from resisting what is about to come. With your eyes covered and your arms above your head and legs spread, you are at the mercy of your master.

I take one hand with scented oil and begin to slowly drip a few drops onto your forehead. The oil runs down the side of your face. The scent is so appealing and the path of the oil somewhat sensual.

The hand continues to drip oil down your chest and just a few drops over your beautiful breasts. The dripping drops are almost torture as they land on your nipples. The other hand massages first one then the second breast until both nipples cannot be more erect.

The dripping of oil continues from the breasts slowly down your tummy. The hand carefully drips oil onto your soft skin and massages the oil gently in.

The oiling continues to your groin. Dripping oil finds its way from your knees to the point where your legs meet. The oil is massaged into the thighs and special care is taken on each inner thigh.

Your lovely pussy is exposed and ready for the oils to be applied. But before oil can be dripped on and into this well of life. I first slide a finger into the opening that is greeted by a sigh from you. My tongue finds its way to the very bottom of your opening parting those incredible pussy lips. Nibbling and softly biting my way upward.

Your cilt is hiding behind a hood that will if asked, give ups its prize. With a gentle push the prize is uncovered and the tongue works its magic with sucking and just little bites at the red morsel. You again want to cum, everything stops and you are disappointed again with the torture not allowing your orgasm.

The time has come to untie your legs one at a time. Your legs are slowly folded back bursa merkez escort on to you. You struggle just a little as you know what is about to come your way. Holding your legs back, I straddle you and place my penis at your opening. Taking the head, I wipe it back and forth up and down the opening with purpose in mind. You moan in anguish and delight.

Still holding your legs back, I place my penis at the opening once more. This time with one thrust it is all that’s needed to be deep inside of this wonderful lady. You gasp as the feeling is instantaneous. I push in more and then pull out completely. This is repeated many times until you are on the verge of cumming. I stop and hold myself still in you. Your now trembling body says it all.

I with draw from you. Untying one hand only for a moment to be retied again. You are turned onto your tummy. Now placing a big soft pillow under your hips, your legs are tied back again.

This time I move up to you from behind. I again place my penis at your opening. You have never been in this position before. You with a muffled voice are concerned that this will be too intense. I say you should have thought of that before you were bad.

Rather than enter your pussy this time you feel my cock at your anus. Wet with oil, one finger works slowly into your brown puckered hole.

You squirm with delight but with deep concern. You have never been ass fucked in your life. Confused, muffled sounds come from you as this one finger has prepared you for your punishment.

The finger is slowly withdrawn. More oil is dripped onto your second opening. The feeling of a cock at your ever so tight virgin opening is back. I tell you if you had not been bad, this would not be necessary. You plead not to do this, I will be good. I tell you it’s just too late now.

My cocks head pushes slowly into your ass. The burning feeling lasts just for a moment as the cock head works its way past your opening.

With the head inside of you. I whisper now that was not so bad was it. You plead again please bursa escort bayan don’t do this, I will be good.

Too late as my cock moves deeper into you. Slowly as you are introduced to all of my cock. You scream with moans of acceptance. I pull out abruptly and add more oil.

You tell me you need to be punished more. I comply. This time pushing my cock faster and deeper than before. You scream you can’t take it. In and out the cock is taking your last virginity. You scream as you experience your first anal orgasm.

I ass fuck you for the longest time, you accepting your punishment with many orgasms each with greater intensity. Finely, I must release myself into you. Your tight asshole has brought me to an intense need to cum. With one deep push I am buried deep in your ass. Wave after wave of cum fills your ass for the first time. You feel instantly the warmth of my cum deep within you.

After pulling my still erect cock from your ass, I know there is more punishment that you must endure. Still tied face down on the bed I move over you again. This time to treat your pussy to the same that your ass has had.

With one thrust I push myself into your pussy. This time deeper than ever before because of the position. You moan softly with your face and voice muffled by the soft bed. A hand finds its way around your leg and your clit is being massaged as I thrust into you with some force.

You scream as the first orgasm washes over you. It lasts but a moment. I continue and I can feel from your pulsating pussy hugging me as tight as ever, you are about to cum again. You scream again, this time with purpose. You do this several more times screaming I can’t fucking do anymore. I can’t fucking take it.

I stay deep inside of you for a very long moment, savoring the pulsing and pussy hugs to my cock. For the last time I cum into you.

There is not much, but it is all that is left in me. From your body, are dribbles of my cum flowing from your ass and pussy. You are full of the feeling of what this man has given you and done to you.

I let you lay there for a short while restrained yet comfortable in a position you have never been before. I untie all of your bindings and remove your blind fold. You sit up hug me and then without warning slap me. You follow that with a kiss and say never do that to me again. I say, never be a bad girl again.

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My Turn to Ride

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Mostly true.

Dee and I have been together since college days. We’re retired now, but neither of us feels very old. We don’t look the same as we did in our 20’s, but when I see or feel her naked it’s her look and feel from more than 40 years ago that comes to my mind. Our sex life remains satisfying and varied; we schedule time together several times a week, generally in the morning. We both feel very fortunate that we can still enjoy sex as often as we do. We can still have a lot of fun with it, even though our level of athleticism has decreased with age.

Not too long ago, we lay recovering from our orgasms after Dee had vigorously ridden my cock.

She said, “I’m so glad we can still do that — it’s one of my favorite positions, and it has been awhile since we’ve been so ambitious.”

“I had plenty of fun too, you know,” I replied.

“We don’t have anything on the calendar two days from now. Maybe you would like to ride my cock to finish up our next party.”

“Sounds great to me.”

We both enjoy anal play in both directions; for me, a toy stretching my ass results in an intense, deluxe orgasm. It’s particularly exciting to me when Dee suggests it — when I ask for toy play, she generally consents readily, but even after all these years it’s a bit hard for me to believe she really wants to do it. Like I said, I feel very fortunate.

When the day arrived, we were having our coffee while sitting in front of the picture window watching the birds, and she said

“You do remember what kind of party we’re planning today, right?”

She knew perfectly well that I remembered, and that I had been thinking about it steadily for two days.

“I think that after you clean up, you should put in a good-sized plug.” she said. “I want to use a significant dong to stretch you a bit, and I want you warmed up for it, and also thinking for the next couple hours about what I will be doing to you.” Once again, she knew I wouldn’t be thinking about much else in any case.

Given my level of excitement, it of course wasn’t long before I was in the shower, cleaning up for our self-indulgent morning. I started with an enema; I find the sensations of anal play to be greatly enhanced when I’m clean inside, and easier cleanup afterward is a nice bonus. After I finished my shower and dried off, I opened my nightstand drawer to check out my butt plug collection.

I own a wide enough variety of plugs to suit almost any purpose or mood. Sizes range from cute and barely noticeable to nearly too big, materials from classic latex to rainbow silicon to handmade glass to mirrorlike stainless steel. Some are angled https://sokkan.org to tickle my prostate, others are just for feeling the weight or fullness in my bum as I move around during the day. All of them do a fine job at staying safely and securely inside me, no matter what (or whom) I am doing.

I chose my favorite stainless plug, just big enough for me to feel its weight at all times. I spread a touch of lube on its tip, felt its sweet coolness against my hole for a moment, and slowly pushed it in, feeling just a bit of a stretch as my butt expanded around the head, then the beautiful feeling inside along with the contact of the flange on the rim of my ass as it settled in place. I wiggled my hips a couple of times to savor the feeling, then headed back to the living room, where Dee was still on her laptop.

“Are you almost ready to get the party started?”

“I’d rather give you some more time to prepare mentally for your pounding,” she said. “While I’m finishing a few more of my daily puzzles, why don’t you read something to keep your mind on whatever plug you have up your bottom.”

She didn’t have to ask twice, and most readers of this story will have no trouble guessing where I found some appropriate reading matter online. I poured myself a little brandy to go with it.

I had gotten through a few stories from my favorite authors, along with my favorites’ favorites, when I heard Dee in the shower. A few minutes later, she returned to the living room in her robe, with a bottle of sparkling wine and a vape pen. Our state has had legal cannabis for some time, and I grow a strain that we particularly enjoy before sex.

I don’t remember what we started out talking about, but after a few puffs and a few sips, the conversation of course turned to our plans for the bedroom.

“You know I’ll be wanting you to do more than just ride my big dildo,” she reminded me.

“Of course, I expected that. Will you want some attention before my ride or after?”

“Before. As in before my pussy gets covered by the harness and the dong.” Her favorite harness is a pair of well-fitting silken dildo shorts with a ring in front, so we don’t get slowed by straps and buckles.

“Also before as in before you get to see the dong you will be riding. You can think about it while you eat me and while you still have the plug in your bum.”

“Work work work,” I lightly moaned as I pulled her to me for a kiss and a bit of a feel of her still-perky breast. “Finish your bubbly; I think it’s time to get started.”

In the bedroom, we laid a soft beach towel on the bed to keep lube and such off of our quilt, bursa eskort and Dee laid back comfortably on a couple of pillows. She pulled me in for a kiss, and I put my hand on her pussy, which already felt quite creamy as I gently stroked her.

“That feels great, but I’ve been thinking about your tongue and I want it now.”

“Who am I to argue?” I murmured as I nibbled my way down to my favorite position between her legs, and locked eyes with her as I slowly ran my tongue the length of her vulva to her clit tip. I saw her eyes roll back a bit as she sighed deeply.

I was in an excellent position as well — my hardon was pressed against the soft towel, and I could feel the heavy buttplug against my prostate as I moved my body while licking her pussy.

Dee had clearly been indulging in some mental foreplay before entering the bedroom. Her clit was fully erect, and growing as I licked from her moist vagina up to the tip with long strokes. While my tongue was covering her clit, I gently teased her labia and vagina with my fingers. Her fingers wandered to her breasts, and lightly stroked her nipples. As I continued my licking, she began to rock her hips in a slow rhythm, and I knew she was getting close. She began to come as I gently slid two fingers into her. She grabbed my head and pressed my tongue hard against the shaft of her clit as her pussy pulsations slowly faded. We held one another tightly as she caught her breath.

“That was just what the doctor ordered,” she said as she slowly sat up. “You’ve been so patient, I think it’s time to show you the toy that will be stretching your tush today.”

She reached behind her stack of pillows and pulled out the dildo shorts. Already set in the front ring was the dildo we call Big Blue; not our biggest one, but one that definitely needs to go in slowly and carefully. It’s a twenty-first century silicone reissue of an old favorite from the latex era, with a big smooth head and a lot of veins on the shaft; I think of its style as semi-realistic. A large pair of balls makes it work well in a harness, and keeps me safe.

Dee slipped into the shorts, with a little help from me, and reclined on her pillows against the headboard. I held the dildo and pressed its flat end against her pussy, asking “Are you comfortable?”

“I make a living.”

“No you don’t; you’re retired.”

“Thank goodness for that. Now turn around, and let me get you ready.”

I complied, and she took hold of the plug’s end. She of course did not just pull it straight out. She rotated it back and forth just a tad, knowing that it was sitting right against orhangazi escort my prostate, and then pulled on it very gently, stretching my anus a little before pushing the plug back in. She repeated it a few more times with a few little comments:

“There’s a nice-looking stretch.”

“I’ll be seeing that bum stretched a lot more in a few minutes.”

“Such a pretty plug to look at while I push it in.”

All the while as I felt her working the plug, I faced Big Blue, protruding from her crotch. I grabbed the dildo to steady myself as she slowly removed the metal plug with a hearty “Hi-yo, Silver!” She reached for the lube, and added a bit to my hole with a finger or three.

“Time for you to use some more of this,” she said while handing me the lube.

I applied lube liberally to the dildo, turned around, and carefully straddled her belly, with the dong comfortably nestled in my butt crack. I positioned the head of the toy against my hole and just held it there for a moment, savoring the contact and knowing that it would soon be spreading my butt wide.

Slowly I sat back on the shaft, savoring the pressure and then the stretch at my anus, while Dee took hold of my boner, which was quickly becoming harder from the blend of sensation both fore and aft. I settled all the way down on the shaft, and Dee, still gripping my penis in one hand, pulled my head down with the other for a deep kiss. As I sat back up to start moving, I steadied myself with my hands on her breasts.

While I slowly moved up and down on the dildo, I could feel the veins stimulating my stretched anal canal, and the head lightly caressing my prostate. It was my turn to feel softly transported, as my eyes began to close while I reveled in the fucking I was getting. Dee gave my erection an extra squeeze, and said,

“How about you lean back for a moment so I can get a good look at your bum with Big Blue stretching it?”

I did so, and she gently ran a fingertip around my rim against the dildo. It of course made me moan. As I sat up, I grabbed the lube and added a generous dollop to Dee’s hand and my erection. She knew just what to do. While I rode the dildo a bit more rapidly and with longer strokes, she gripped my penis more tightly and began to move her lubed hand up and down the shaft. My orgasm came on slowly, spreading out from my anus and prostate. Its gradual crescendo radiated through my pelvis and took over my consciousness, as semen began hitting the pillow near Dee’s face, then her neck, then her breast and belly. I must have been crying out a bit, but I barely heard it. I stayed on top of her with the toy still in me, and we embraced; I was in no hurry to climb off of Big Blue and return to real life.

After I caught my breath, drifted back to earth, and climbed off of Big Blue, I asked, “So what snack shall we have with the rest of the bubbly?” As I said, we feel very fortunate.

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Wendy jumped up as Rob walked in, her fingers still buried in her ass, an expression of pleased surprise on her face that gave him immediate confidence… yeah she wanted to be walked in on. His dick was already aching, straining against his pants… he was dying to fuck her, knowing that having just cum he’d be able to really hold out for awhile and enjoy her body.

“ROB!” she said in surprise, unable to hold the excitement off her face.

“You look like you could use some help,” he grinned at her, “Maybe the real thing?”

Her eyes lit up like Christmas lights and she practically purred, “I would love some help…”

Stepping forward she brazenly kissed him, her arms twining about his neck, he ran his hands over her body; cupping her firm tits and squeezing them, before reaching around to pull her close to him and gripping her ass. Kneading her ass cheeks like they were dough, he squeezed and pulled, letting his finger tips get ever closer to that tight crinkled hold. Wendy gasped and moaned into his mouth as he played with her ass, gently pressing his finger against the hole and then pulling it away again, teasing her mercilessly.

Pressing her hips against him, Wendy ground at his dick, her kiss frantic and desperate, deeply passionate.

Rob pushed her back, “Turn around.”

She got into the exact same position that she had been in before, bent over but with BOTH hands on the shelf in front of her; her delicious ass was up in the air and pointing straight at him. But first he wanted to try something else, just for starters.

Lining up his dick with her sopping pussy hole, he began to push in as she moaned and panted with excitement, her tight pussy gripping him wetly. Reaching around her body he took hold of her hanging tits, squeezing them hard and playing with her hard nipples, rubbery buds that he twisted and pulled as he shoved his way into her body. She was squishy wet, tight and gripping against his dick, her crinkled asshole winking with excitement above her juicy slit. Rob fucked her hard, wanting to get his dick nice and lubed up for the main event, he liked a nice, tight, slick asshole.

Wendy was moaning and thrusting backwards, her nipples tingling with pleasurable pain as he pinched them tightly with his fingers, she was so excited at her fantasy come to life! Although he felt wonderful in her pussy, she was hoping that he would take her ass – not that she thought she’d have to worry too much about that! His hands were kneading her breasts, squeezing them roughly as he pounded in and out, she could feel another orgasm growing while his balls slapped against her clit. Already sensitive from her previous orgasm, her pussy was excitedly convulsing, getting ready to send her on a second high wave of pleasure.

As she began to buck back against him, her pussy shivering around his dick in orgasm, Rob was reluctant to pull out but he knew what he really wanted. Pulling out… a slight shift… and she howled as her orgasm was split by the painful pleasure of her ass being opened up by an angry dick. Wendy squealed as her body took him into her tighter hole, a fast hard thrust that knocked the wind out of her and made her tighten down on him even more. They both groaned and panted, her ass rippling around him as she continued to orgasm through his onslaught; he began thrusting slickly in and out of her ass, her insides burned and cramped but it just pushed her orgasm higher.

Wailing, she clung to the shelf as he began to ride her ass, thrusting into her like a bucking bronco, his hands on her hips and squeezing hard, leaving fingerprints on her pale flesh. He couldn’t believe how tight and accommodating her ass was, tightening and relaxing, trying to hold him inside, trying to push him out… Rob was in absolute heaven, buried deep in Wendy’s ass. Just as her orgasm started to run out, he reached underneath her, hunching over her body so that his dick probed her at a different angle, and started to rub her pussy.

She screamed in sexual excitement as his nimble fingers and the ache in her ass kept her cumming, pleasurable stimulation that became almost painful in its intensity. Tears began to spill down her cheeks from the amazing sensations, one of her fingernails broke as she dug it into the shelf in her excitement. Rob pinched her clit as he buried himself in her ass, moving up and down slightly and making himself bounce inside of her as he began to fill her tight hole with spurts of frothy cum; groaning contentedly.

Wendy sobbed, one of his arms under her holding her exhausted body up and pressed against his groin as he finished cumming in her ass. She was sagging underneath him, her pussy still burning and sensitive from its forced pleasure… it was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. And all this time that she’d been masturbating back in this room, hoping that he’d come back here and catch her… hoping that he’d want her. It was fantastic… even better than she’d ever fantasized. Her ass was going to be so wonderfully sore tomorrow…

Clapping in the doorway made them both look up with identical expressions of surprise and fear.

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