I stepped through the door and looked around. “One more day at the Office,” I joked to myself. Smiling, I put my bag down by the cooler and walked over to the empty desk outside the door to your office. I sat down in the chair and straightened the stacks of paper. Swinging the chair from side to side, crossing my legs in the short black skirt you had sent me. Wondering what you had planned.

Your office door was closed and I heard the sounds of movement from within. My heart started to race and I wanted to jump up and run in to you, but I forced myself to stay put.

“I’ll teach you some discipline,” you had said on the phone earlier. ” Look in the box I’m sending you tomorrow morning and follow the instructions TO THE LETTER, and be a good girl.”

When the package had arrived at my hotel that morning, I looked inside and found a black short skirt, a white shirt, silk stockings, a black garter belt, purple silk panties, a white silk bra and black shoes, along with a list of instructions and a long gift wrapped box. The instructions said not to unwrap the box but to bring it with me when I came to your office that day.

I took a bath and carefully shaved my whole body, feeling the heat of the water and the sharpness of the razor across the smooth skin of my pussy lips and throbbing at the thought that you would be touching me soon.

As I dressed and slid the stockings up my legs, I giggled at the game about be played. No matter what I knew I would be safe and amazed. You always do that for me. Slipping the shoes on my feet and stepping back to look in the mirror, I marveled at how perfect everything you chose fit me. But why not? You had held my body in your arms enough to memorize the size and shape of every inch of me. And here was proof that your attentions had not been wasted.

Following your “rules”, I packed up my things and took my bag to the car. As I climbed in the driver’s seat, I saw how far up my new skirt rode when I sat. I knew this would please you. I knew how you would touch me when I wore this in your truck sitting coyly next to you, and shivers rushed through my system thinking of the last time we had ridden together. How your arm had wrapped me up next to you and your hand had held my wet cunt. How I had laid down in your lap and kissed and touched and sucked your stiff cock while you drove. How your fingers had driven into me and touched my hidden spot while I swallowed your gushing prize. The smell and feel as I laid my cheek against your prick after you had cum. For all your self Gaziantep Fetiş Escort control and discipline, I smiled knowing you never really got soft when I was next to you, touching you, kissing you.

As I pulled up to your office trailer, I checked myself in the mirror. My makeup was fresh and minimal, as instructed. Except my lips. Deep red lipstick was always so flattering to my face. I knew that would go over well. As I got out of the car, I realized several men had stopped their work and were looking at me. I smiled at the forklift driver, tossed my hair for the group of supervisors off to side, and giggled as I heard the whistles and talk behind me as I walked up the stairs to the office door. I locked he door behind me.

So here I sat, listening to you in your office, waiting patiently for you to call me in. It was the end of the day, and the lock on the front door was loud enough, I knew you had to know I was there. I could feel your heart pounding anyway. You knew.

I waited, and cleaned the desk in front of me. Moved on to the coffee area and picked that up. Soon, I was settled in to cleaning the front office. I was bent over stacking the paper by the copy machine when I heard your voice suddenly behind me.

“Would you mind coming in my office for a moment?” you forced out in your best gruff manner. And turning quickly you went back into your office and sat at the desk.

Straightening my skirt and making sure the buttons on my shirt were undone just enough, I followed.

“Yes, sir?” I asked, not able to hide my smile.

“Would you help me get this pile of crap organized?” you said as you looked away from me, leaning back in your chair.

I moved in next to you and started shuffling the papers into stacks, leaning over the desk to reach across in front of you. I felt my skirt ride up a little too high in back and your hand went to the back of my knee. As you slid your hand so slowly up my stockings, you said, “Keep working, good girl.” Your hand went up under my skirt and to my hip as you pulled me directly in front of you. Your script was in motion.

“Sir, what are you doing?” I asked breathlessly. I like this game, I thought to myself.

“Just keep working. I don’t want to get mad at my good little girl.” You lifted my skirt up over my ass. My garter and panties were right in front of you now. I was bent over your desk and your hands were softly and slowly touching me. I heard you open your pants, and a sigh escaped my lips. You turned me around and said, “Now help me with another project.” As your hand stroked your hardening cock,

“But sir!” I shyly said, looking coyly away.” I don’t know. I mean, what would people say? You’re my boss and this is my first job…”

“You want to learn how to do a good job don’t you? You want people to say you’re a good girl, right? Then do what your Big Boss wants. I’ll teach you how to be a very good girl. Don’t make me get mad. I wouldn’t want to punish you for not doing your job.”

Your hands moved up my body and deftly undid the next 2 buttons of my shirt. As you opened it and ran your fingers across my nipples, you felt their hardness and said, “See? I can tell you like your job.”

You looked up into my face and took my cheek in your hand. Guiding me down to your face, you kissed me deeply and firmly. You reached around me and ran your fingers under the waist of my panties. I leaned back against the desk and you slid my panties down and off. As I lifted each foot to remove the panties, you set them down on either side of your legs. You lifted my skirt all the way up around my waist, gently running your thumbs up my wet slit. I finished opening my shirt and let it fall from my shoulders. You pulled me forward and kissed my breasts through my silky bra, nibbling on my hard nipples, leaving the wetness of your mouth to linger on my skin through the silk.

Your hands around my waist lift my throbbing tender body towards you, my legs spread around yours as you lower me to your lap. I felt the tightness of your body beneath me as my lips parted and my pussy licked and kissed at your cock lying between them. My hips ground against you as your mouth kissed my neck. Your prick grew harder as my juices flowed over you and you lifted me up to rest the head of your cock against my tight wet cunt.

My back arched against your hand at the small of my back as you slid your full length into my waiting pussy. Your shaft pounded against the walls of me, deep inside dripping hot beads of the pending prize into the dark places only you seem to touch. My body swallows each drop with pleasure, responding with flow upon flow of honey rolling down your cock and balls. I ride your body with ease and tension, sucking at you the best I can while your growing cock distracts my mind and concentration with its throbbing. You pull me tight against you, burying your face into my skin and kissing every inch of me you can find.

I bring my lips to yours and we kiss as you rise off the chair, lifting me with you, and set me on your desk. Your strong hands support my body as you lay me back, never leaving my hot cunt. I reach up and pull your shirt from your sweaty body, your sexy chest now exposed. And In reaction, you tear my bra from my hard breasts and lower yourself over me. My hands revel in the feel of your flesh against them. Your hot body against my nipples causes waves of heat to roll through me, reaching my pussy lips with each long stroke of your prick. Our rhythms meeting, I hear the pounding of the desk against the wall as you fuck me and I fuck you back.

I feel the waterfall deep inside me start to build, waves beginning to crash against the wall built inside to hold them back. With each pounding thrust of you I cry out, louder and louder, waves beginning to crest and crumble the wall. You feel my cunt constrict, becoming involuntary spasms squeezing your hot hard cock tighter and tighter until you feel me overflow and I cry out in a rush of overwhelming pleasure, my legs tensing. You pull your hard prick from my cunt, and quickly lower your face to me as I spray your waiting lips with my sweet honey. You lick me from your face as you once again force yourself into the tightness between my legs. As you enter me in the throes of cumming, you cause my body to rock again with an enormous orgasm and this time the tight wetness overtakes you as well. You cum deep inside me, pushing yourself into me so hard, I feel the throbs of your cum in my chest. As my waves subside, I feel my hungry pussy devouring each sweet drop of your cum and swallowing it into my soul.

You lift my body from the desk, your shaking strong hand beneath my back as you sit again in your chair. You lift me across your lap as I rest my cheek to your shoulder. You kiss my face and hair as you whisper “Such a good girl” with a smile on your face. Your fingers move between my legs and as I kiss your neck and ear, you gently stroke my dripping pussy and smile at me as you calm down my body in your hands. I am yours and you know it.

I stand to dress and as you watch me sliding my pretty panties back on, I see you growing again inside your pants. Sliding my shirt over my breasts, I smile and say. “Why don’t we leave here and do some work at home?”

As we walk out the door of the office to the car, several men look at you and you wrap your arm around my waist as you guide me to the car. As I sit in the seat, I look down again and see again how high this skirt you picked rides. You slide in the driver’s seat and look at my legs, noticing the same thing. We smile at each other as I slide closer next to you and we drive off the site.

I think tonight will be a good one.

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