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Idle Hands Ch. 01

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Tim watched his best-friend Kenneth make small talk with the gentleman that leaned against the corner of the bar. He watched the familiar way Kenneth closed the distance between him and his prey. A small smirk rose to his lips as the gentleman reached out and ran a finger down Ken’s jaw, before pulling back and smiling a grin that spoke of approval.

“Looks like you and Ken are over,” a voice whispered behind Tim.

He turned and felt his chest tightened. The cobalt blue eyes he’d been trying to capture for the past few weeks were finally staring into his chocolate brown ones. Tim swallowed his nervousness and then shrugged his shoulders. “Ken and I split a couple weeks ago.”

“You both seem to be doing okay,” the man said, claiming a seat next to Tim at the bar.

“Yeah, we are. Our relationship was more friendship than romance.” Tim turned in his seat and signaled for the bartender to bring them both a bottle of beer. “Ken and I have been friends for the past thirty years. About a year ago, he lost his partner in an automobile accident and I was between lovers, so it was natural for me to be there for him. Our relationship has always been close, the intimacies were just something that we enjoyed at our own paces, but like I said, it’s friendship between us, not love like he shared with Bill.”

“Well, it was good he had someone there for him.”

“Yeah, he’s been there for me too. I’m glad to know he’s ready to play the field again.”

“And are you?” the man asked. His hand suddenly found a home on Tim’s leg.

Tim looked down and then up. “I’ve seen you in here, but I’ll admit my ignorance. What’s your name?” He watched a wide smile cross the handsome features of the young man. Tim felt his cock jerk as he imagined that grin looking up at him with his cock resting below the pink-hued lips.

“Hugh,” the blonde Adonis answered, extending his other hand, while choosing to leave the one on Tim’s leg. “I’ve been watching you for sometime too, which was how I knew who you were and whom you were seeing. I just didn’t know the extent of your friendship.”

Tim felt Hugh’s firm grip and found himself somewhat startled by the electricity that seemed to shoot from the man’s hands and roll itself through his system. Hugh was younger than him, probably by a good fifteen or twenty years, but Tim felt like an inexperienced boy. “Well, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” he said, dropping Hugh’s hand and picking up his beer. He drew a long drink from the cold beverage and tried to calm the beating of his heart.

“The pleasure is all mine,” Hugh said. His hand moved higher on Tim’s bare leg. The Arizona sun beat down on the world around them and Tim thanked the Heavens that he’d worn denim shorts and a tank top when he came to the bar this hot summer night. He opened his legs and glanced sideways at Hugh. His eyes locked with those of the younger man and he saw Hugh’s brow lift as if questioning how far Tim wanted the evening to go.

“How old are you Hugh?” Tim asked, moving his hand from the bar down to Hugh’s. Gaziantep Gecelik Escort He covered it with his older and more experienced fingers, squeezed them and then slipped them up higher so they barely touched the hem of his shorts.

“I’m twenty-three. You?” Hugh asked as he took the hint and slid his fingers partway up the denim fabric. His nails scrapped Tim’s inner thigh muscles, teasing the skin and gently pulling on the hair.

Tim felt his cock extend another inch and he eyed Hugh cautiously. What was happening to him, he thought to himself as his body began to physically ache from the delicious images that were playing about in his head. “I’m fifty-three,” he answered and then added under his breath, “but you’re making me feel like I’m a kid with my first hard on.”

Hugh chuckled and slid his hand out from underneath Tim’s shorts. Tim groaned his disappointment, but then quickly recovered when he saw Hugh stand up and move closer to him. He felt the young man’s breath on his neck and his lips on his ear. “I have a feeling you’re use to calling the shots; aren’t you?”

The question surprised Tim and forced him to analyze what Hugh had just asked. He never thought of if he was the one to call the shots in any of his past relationships, but now that the question was posed to him, he inwardly admitted that was the case. Tim always decided who would do what and when, he’d never allowed another, not even Ken to take charge. He nodded his head and then felt Hugh’s palm press against the back of his neck, his fingers slipping along the short crop hair that he recently had trimmed. “Tell ya what Tim. . .I know I’m younger than you, but I like being in control and I think you’d like it too.”

Tim already knew he’d like it. His cock was begging to be free and enveloped in the warm hands, lips and ass of the young man that stood beside him, making his body tingle with anticipated pleasure. Tim finished his beer and stood up. “Hugh, I feel like a dirty old man about to jerk off to the sight of a young pup buried under him.”

Hugh laughed and reached into his back pocket, pulled several bills from its depth and laid them on the bar. “The drinks were on me tonight,” he said and then placed his hand on the small of Tim’s back. “Since I’m leading the dance I think I’ll tell you when you can jerk off and with whom.”

Tim’s breath caught in his throat as he thought of testing the young man’s words, but something told him to hold off and see what kind of game this kid had in mind. He felt the pressure of Tim’s fingers against his back and knew he was being told with silent movements to head out of the bar. The thrill of the unknown was like a heavy cologne that teased the air. Tim found himself growing more excited as he crossed the room and headed out the door, still in contact with Hugh in someway.

They stopped and he turned to the young man, once more taken back by the strength in the bright eyes. “Whose car? Or do we drive separately?” he asked. Inwardly he didn’t want to leave Hugh’s side, fearful that all of this was a dream and the young stud would disappear.

“My truck,” Hugh answered and Tim’s face lit up in a relieved grin.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” he said and then was rewarded with Hugh’s hand rubbing the small of his back as he pointed out a red pick-up.

They walked together; Tim felt his cock stiffening and reached down to adjust the growing bulge. “Don’t,” Hugh told him, his voice heavy with demand and his breath barely brushing against Tim’s neck. “I’ll tell you when you can touch and when you can’t.”

Tim shuddered and clenched his hand. A thrill of excitement and wonder washed through him and he wondered what more would Hugh demand or deny from him. He took his seat in the cab of the young man’s truck, noted the absence of fast food and empty pop or beer bottles. This didn’t surprise him, already he was seeing Hugh as a young kid that had a clear idea of what he liked and didn’t like; messes were something he was sure Hugh wasn’t found of. A soft smile played on his lips as he thought of his place; clothes were lying about. Dirty dishes littered the counter and the sink. He’d been a bachelor for too long, he told himself, just as Hugh started up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

“Take it out,” Hugh said, interrupting the silence of their travels.

Tim smirked and then unzipped his pants. He stared at Hugh’s eyes, wanting to see his reaction to his straining manhood. He was rewarded with a nod of approval from the young man and his cock leapt in pleasure at the welcomed sight. Tim held his cock in his hand; his fingers toyed with the tip and then trailed down the swollen veins.

He watched Hugh lick his lips and shift in his seat. Then he was greeted with Hugh’s hand replacing his. “I told you to take it out, not feel it up,” he said and then began to stroke the thick meat. “It’s mine right now,” he said and squeezed hard, bringing a moan of lust from Tim’s throat. “I’m going to play with you the whole ride home and you best not come,” he whispered and began to stroke Tim’s shaft with slow, torturous strokes.

Tim watched as his meat was swallowed up by Hugh’s hand. He cringed when he heard the young man’s words, but he merely nodded his agreement and settled back in his chair. His eyes closed and he began to concentrate on the touch of the man’s fingers as they rolled up and down his shaft and then across the ridge before sliding across the spongy head.

Hugh’s fingers moved faster and then stopped, a groan of disappointment had started to roll from Tim’s lips, but it was quickly replaced with a sigh of pleasure when Hugh slowed up, sped up, then slowed up again. He shifted in his seat, turning his body so Hugh could gather up more of the inches he was providing. “My God, Hugh. . . my balls ache.”

“Do you want to touch them?” he asked and stopped stroking to tease the blood filled veins with his nails.

“Yeah, man. May I? Ohhh fuck, that feels good.”

“May you what?” Hugh asked as he teased the base of Tim’s shaft. His nails scrapped across the top of the older man’s testicles and pulled at the coarse hairs.

“Touch my balls. . . Mmmm. . .may I touch my balls, Hugh.” Tim wasn’t aware of how badly he needed to feel himself until Hugh had scratched the sensitive flesh. He felt the tension in his stomach tighten, as he mentally prayed that Hugh would allow him to massage his testicles.

“Pull them out,” Hugh answered and then dropped Tim’s cock. Tim’s eyes grew wide, then settled back to normal when he saw Hugh was simply turning into the drive of an old farm house.

When he had his balls in his hand, he began to play with them, enjoying the sensation of their velvet sack and the knowing weight of the twin spheres. “Thanks,” Tim whispered and then looked over at Hugh. Their eyes met and Hugh held his gaze for a moment before unbuckling his seat and then Tim’s.

Another leap from his cock brought Hugh’s hungry stare to the center of his lap and Tim groaned when Hugh bent over the seat and latched onto his swollen dick. “Ahhh. . . fuck yeah,” Tim moaned and increased the rubbing of his sack while his other hand moved into Hugh’s hair. “Ohh man. . . ohhh fuck Hugh. . .feels so. . .oh God it feels so good.”

Hugh’s lips moved down the full length of Tim’s dick, sucking and pulling at the flesh. His teeth scrapped the sides, and his tongue circled around the front and back as he began to ascend to the tip before gliding back down to the bottom. He moved his hand from his own slacks, which he’d been rubbing with a firm stroke and shoved Tim’s fingers from his balls.

Tim laid even more back in the seat and put his other hand in Hugh’s hair. He felt the young hands of his new lover squeezing and massaging his balls, while his mouth made slurping noises as it drank up the steady drops of pre cum that were leaking out. “Ohhh Hugh. . .don’t stop sucking. . . ohhh fuck, I’m gonna. . .”

Suddenly he felt his seed shoot out and slide into the hot mouth that was covering him. He shivered as the burst flowed out of him and Hugh finished drinking the salty milk. His back had arched and his breathing had stopped. Tim held Hugh to him as he shot a second stream down the young man’s throat and then a third. His eyes were clenched tight and sparks shot past the lids. When he felt the cold air of the car surround him he knew Hugh had moved away from the whole package and was looking up at him.

Come covered the soft lips and he could see that Hugh held some in his mouth. He beckoned him toward him and together the two men met, sharing the come-filled treat. When their tongues and lips separated, the hot liquid had been transferred back to its owner. Tim swallowed and then licked his lips. Hugh sat back up and lifted one brow. “I’m very sure I told you not to come,” he whispered and then opened the truck door. He looked back into the cab and glanced at the now soft cock. “I want that hard before you walk into my place. If it isn’t then you may as well start walking home.”

Hugh shut the door to his truck and walked away, leaving Tim stunned, but growing excited. He knew it wouldn’t be long and he’d be following the young man into the house and seeing what else was in store for the two of them.

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