{Heidi, My blonde Goddess, By BigC.}

I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason. Some of these people come for just a short time maybe for just a moment or a day, and others may come for a life time. But they all come into our lives for a reason, and it’s true.

Heidi came into my life for almost a year. She needed me and I needed her.

I had been going steady with a girl in high school, and I had to stop seeing her. That left me with an aching hole in my soul that wouldn’t go away.

Heidi, had been taken advantaged of, used, and thrown away like yesterdays garbage.

She was tall, blond, and beautiful. I though she was perfect.

She was my Goddess, She was my Venus, and she took my virginity, and sucked my Penis.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her. I was eighteen at the time; it was the summer before I started my senior year in high school. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining brightly.

I was going out the back door of the apartment house I lived in with my parents. Just as I opened the back door, she was coming in. The morning sunlight came streaming in around her illuminating her. Her beauty was breath taking. She looked just like an angel; standing there in the doorway.

She was the most beautiful woman I’d had ever seen. She was almost as tall as I was and I’m six feet tall. Her skin was milky white; her hair was tied in braids with bangs on her forehead. She had sparking dark blue eyes, with freckles on her nose and over her cheeks; with a cute button nose, and sweet soft puffy full lips that made me want to kiss her.

My eyes traveled from her face down her neck, and over her shoulders. She was wearing a low cut yellow top revealing some cleavage; she had full breast probably a c cup maybe even a d cup. Her tummy was slightly swollen; I could make out the flare of her hips. She was wearing skin tight black shorts that came haft way down her thighs; her legs were long lovely and well toned. She had on a pair of yellow socks that matched her top with black sneakers.

My eyes traveled back up over her body again drinking in her beauty. My eyes roamed back up over her feet, ankles, her shapely calves, her pretty knees, her lovely thighs, to that mysterious V between her legs.

My gaze lingered on her mound of Venus; for a moment, while I tried to imagine what her pussy looked like, then my eyes moved up over her maternity top, over her full breast until my eyes refocused on her face. I fell in love with her instantly.

I watched as her eyes wandered over me looking me up and down; she smiled and blushed as she looked at my groin. I didn’t realize it; but I was erect, my cock was bulging in the front of my pants, after she got through eyeing me. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me, as she said,

“Hi my name is Heidi, I just moved in on the third floor. So I guess were neighbors.”

I stood there dumb founded for a second and finally said, “Hi I’m Carl my friends call me BigC.”

Without thinking I put my hand out to shake hands with her. She tried to put her hand out to me. Surprising as it may seem after looking her up and down the way I did; I hadn’t noticed that she had a bag of groceries in each arm.

I took a bag from her, so we could shake hands. When our hands touched little tingling sensation went up and down my spine and then shoot right to my penis. I said,

” let me, help you with those.”

She said, “I can manage.”

I replied,” That’s okay I don’t mind, I’d like to help you.”

“Okay,” She said, “come on up stairs: and have coffee with me. We can talk for a while, and get to know each other.”

I took the bags from her and followed behind her; watching her ass sway from side to side, as she climbed the stairs.

I put the bags on the table as she started the coffee. I helped her put her groceries away. We were sitting at the kitchen table; talking having our coffee.

“Heidi,” I asked,” where do you come from?”

She smiled and said, “I’m Swedish and I’m from Sweden.” She laughed. And said, “That sounds silly doesn’t it?”

I laughed and said, “Yap it sure does,” and asked,” what brings you to America?”

She said, “My parents are professors at Yale, and I’m pregnant, they want me to be near them until I have my baby. After I have my baby and my parents finish their teaching contracts with Yale in the spring. We’ll all be going back home to Sweden.”

Then she got choked up and looked like she was going to cry. And said,

” I need to talk to somebody, as strange as it may seem, I feel like I can talk to you. Can I tell you; what happened to me?”

I nodded and said, “Sure tell me all about it.”

Then she told me, “I felt ugly when I was a kid in high school. I was much taller then most of the boys and I had acne. The kids in school used to make fun of me they called me,

“The Pimply Faced Amazon.”

All the girls had crushes on Mr. Johnson, our high school gym teacher. He was all muscles with dark hair and eyes. I was no different Gaziantep Yabancı Escort from the other girls, because I had a crush on him too.

When I graduated from high school. I was still a virgin and very naïve. I never even had a date He came up to me and told me,

“I was the most beautiful young woman he had ever seen, and that he was in love with me and wanted me, all the while I was in high school.”

He said, “He waited for me to finish school so he could tell me how he felt about me. He told me he wanted to leave his wife and marry me.”

“When he said that, I got so excited. I had an affair with him; all the while I was in college.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I went to the doctors. The doctor told me, I may have complications, because I’m very small, so I might need to have a cesarean, because I might not dilate enough for the baby to pass through.”

I didn’t understand what she was telling me, but I nodded my head to let her know I was listening to her. I asked her out of curiosity,

“What do you mean, you’re too small?”

She started blushing as she replied,

“The doctor said I have a very small vagina.

John used to tell me, I had the tightness cunt he was ever in, and every time he fucked me, he felt like he was fucking a virgin.”

Heidi was blushing as she said that and then she said,

” I hope; I didn’t say that too bluntly, but I don’t know how else to explain it to you. When I told John I was pregnant; I though he would comfort me, leave his wife, and marry me but Instead.”

He said,” That’s not my kid; you should get an abortion. I know you’ve been putting out for all those college guys.”

Heidi said,

“I told him, I’m not a slut, and I never had sex with anyone, but him.”

I nodded my head okay, and said,

“That really sucks; he should have his balls cut off.”

Heidi said,

” I called my parents and told them about this. They said to come here and have my baby At Yale New Haven Hospital and they would get me an apartment near them. So here I am.”

I felt sorry for her and I liked her. I though to myself,

“Shit she’s not only beautiful; she’s nice and she got screwed over.”

I said,

“I’m glad you’re here; I hope we can be friends.”

She said,

“We already are, now you know about all me. So tell me about yourself? Have you got a girl friend?”

She most have read my mind somehow, And asked,

“What’s wrong you look so sad all of a sudden?”

I said,

” I had to stop seeing my girl friend because her Mother said, we weren’t right for each other.”

Heidi said,

“I’m sorry, you must have really cared about her.”

I said,

“Yeah I did, but I’ll be alright.”

Heidi told me,

“I have to meet my parents on the New Haven, green by the flag pole, do you know to how to get there?”

I said,

” it’s not far we can walk there.”

She looked at her stomach which was hardly showing at all, and said;

“Won’t you be embarrassed to be seen with me. People might think you’re the … Father?”

My cock twitched, as I though to myself, if I was the Father of her baby I would have fucked her, and Boy would I ever love to, fuck her.

I was holding my head down blushing. Then I got brave and replied,

“No, why should I be embarrassed to be seen with you? I think you’re absolutely beautiful.”

She was blushing, as we went out the door. We were only haft way down the street when our hands touched sending shivers up and down my spine. The next time our hands touched we looked at each other, smiled and joined hands. We walked the rest of the way holding hands.

My Mother saw us, so I introduced her to Heidi. My Mother waited until she could pull me aside and asked the inevitable question. I told her,

” no it’s not my baby were just friends.”

My Mother told me,

“Carl, I like Heidi and I’m glad that you found a friend. I want you to know that women in her condition are strange and moody at times, and they need a lot of affection, and understanding, but most of all they need a good friend.

And there’s one other thing you need to know; after she has her baby things will change between you two. She’s older then you are; plus she went to college. And you’re still in high school. Not only that: her baby will take up most of her time.”

I didn’t understand what my Mother was trying to tell me.

Heidi and I became very close. We got along so well; I t was as if we had knew each other forever. If I wasn’t upstairs with her she was downstairs with me.

In the evenings we would watch TV together. She would wear her pajamas or a night gown. I would have on a tee shirt with my black gym shorts. If we were sitting on the couch, she lay on her side with her head on my thigh, and I’d stroke her hair and the side of her face. If we were sitting on her bed with our legs stretched out, I would put my arm around her, and she would snuggle up against me.

I t was great to be with her like that. I could feel her warm body against mine, and smell her perfume. Sometimes she would lie on her belly while I’d rub her back and run my finger tips up and down her spine. I’d scratch her tail bone, and sneak feels of her ass.

We would hug each other in the doorway before I’d go downstairs. I’d rub her back and caress her ass. I would give her affectionate little kisses on her forehead and cheeks. Her breathing would become labored, and her arms would tighten around me, as she returned my kisses.

We would stand this way holding each other, for a long time not wanting to let go of one and other. Her belly wasn’t very big but I was glad it was between us. Because I didn’t want her know I had a boner, and feel it against her.

I discovered when I ran my finger tips up and down her spine and scratched her tail bone she would suck in her breath and squirm. I loved it when she squirmed against me rubbing her pussy against my hard cock

I’d masturbate and fantasized about how it would feel to be on top of her slowly pushing my penis into vagina with her squirming around under me while I made love to her. That’s all I could think about was how it would feel to really kiss her, touch her and make love to her.

I wanted to do more then kiss her on the cheek or forehead. But I was afraid if I tried anything she would laugh at me. After all I was just a kid and still a virgin at the time.

All of my sexual experiences consisted of making out with a few girls; I got a couple of hand jobs. So all I knew about sex was what I heard from the guys, and I heard a lot. I knew how to do just about everything; I just didn’t have a girl friend to do it with.

We were sitting on the couch watching TV… Well Heidi was watching TV; I was staring at her reflection on the TV screen. She was wearing a black cotton nightie and a pair of black panties. I was wishing she would open her legs so I could see her special place.

I was getting ready to go downstairs and Heidi walked me to the door. I put my arms around her to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around my neck, darted her tongue into my ear, and whispered,

“Don’t go, I want you to sleep with me tonight.”

Oh God what a feeling I got as she stuck her tongue in my ear, it gave me goose bumps and sent shivers up and down my spine.

I became more aware of the her, the smell of her perfume, the sound of her breathing, the warmth of her body, the feel of her breast pressed against my chest, the feel of her belly pressed against mine, the bulge of my penis pushing just between her thighs, the head of my cock pressed against the front of her pussy.

We stood there just looking into each others eyes for a moment. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I knew she wanted to be kissed. As our lips touched hers’ and our mouths molded together, little spark went off: sending shivers flying through our bodies making us tremble. As the tips of our tongues touched, I started losing my breath, my hands roamed up and down her back, until they rested on the cheeks of her ass. I was squeezing her lovely buns. Pulling her against me; grinding my pelvis into hers.

The feel of her trembling body, the sounds of her breathing, the feel of her warm breathe in my ear, as she pushed her pelvis back into mine, was driving me nuts, we just stood there dry fucking each other. She said,

“Be gentle with me, don’t forget I’m pregnant.”

That startled me so I broke our kiss, because I was afraid… I might be hurting her.

She looked at me with her eyes haft closed and whispered,

“It’s all right, you can fuck me, I want you too. I’m pregnant, I won’t break, just be gentle with me.”

The word fuck excites me, because it sounds dirty. But when it came to Heidi, I didn’t want to do anything dirty to her or with her; if that makes any sense.

When I heard her say that word, I went nuts and crushed my lips against hers forcing my tongue in her mouth. I could feel shivers going up and down her spine.

My legs were shaking and my cock was so hard it was throbbing. I though I was going to cum in my pants.

Her tongue went into my mouth, and She swirled it around mine as I swirled mine back around hers in the opposite direction. I was trembling, breathing hard, rubbing her back and squeezing her ass.

I was thinking about how good it was going to feel to push my dick in her. I was getting carried away and pushing a little too hard against her. We were going nuts trying to fuck each other standing there in the doorway.

I pushed my tongue in her mouth, she sucked it and swirled her tongue around it; as I swirled my tongue back around hers. I kept wondering if my cock would felt that good in her cunt. I was holding her ass, pulling her against me.

Her hands were franticly going up and down my back; kneading and scratching me with her finger nails until she finally griped my the cheeks on my ass.

I needed to cum so bad my cock was hurting… As I kissed her I whispered into her ear,

“Ooooh God Heidi, I need you so bad… please let me fuck you?”

She replied,

“Oh God Yes, I want you to fuck me, I need it too, but not yet …lets take our time and make it special.”

She took my hand and put it on her breast and said,

“Feel my tit, squeeze it… but not too hard… rub your thumb over my nipple and pinch it…

As I rubbed my thumb a crossed her nipple and pinched it. I felt her nipple grow bigger and get hard. Her body was trembling as she put her other hand over mine holding it against her breast. She moaned,

“Ooooh yes, that’s it.”

She slipped her hand between us, down the front of my shorts. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it, rubbing her hand over it. She whispered into my mouth,

” It’s so big… I can’t wait to get that thing in me… but be gentle.”

She wrapped her fingers around my cock and, started jerking me off. Her warm sweaty hand felt great on my cock. I was trying to fuck her hand; as I felt her breast

She kissed me again trying to force her tongue down my throat. She took my hand off her breast; put it between her legs, over her pussy. I could feel the warmth of her cunt through her night gown and panties.

She said,

“I’m so horny, I need to cum.”

She pulled her night gown up and said,

“Put your hand inside my panties, and feel how wet I am?”

I slid my hand inside her panties with my palm against her belly. I slide my hand down over her soft pubic hairs. Her skin was warm and sweaty. As my fingers touched her pussy, she shuttered and forced her tongue into my mouth.

She moaned into my mouth,

“Ahhh put your finger in me. Feel how wet I am.”

I got my finger tip between the lips of her pussy. I found her tiny hole. She was so tight I could barely get my finger tip in her. She was sucking on my neck, clawing my back panting, saying,

“Feel how tight I am.”

I wiggled my finger tip around her opening, slowly pushing my finger tip into the tight softness of her warm moist hole. Her pussy was so tight I was barely able to move my finger around inside her.

“Put in another finger,” She begged.

I pushed another finger inside her.

“Ooooh easy, be gentle.” She sighed.

She had her hand down the front of my shorts holding my dick and squeezing it.

I explore the inside of her pussy. I found a little bumpy spot and rubbed my fingers tips over the bumps. I had my thumb on her clit rubbing it from side to side.

She was breathing and talking through her mouth at the same time saying,

“Oh God yess… yesssss…please don’t stop… that feels so freaking good, AAAAH shit, I’m cummmmmmm. God Ooooh God… that felt so damn good. I needed that so bad.”

I felt some warm sticky liquid running on my fingers down into the crotch of her panties. I left my fingers in her pussy, wishing my dick was in her. I kissed her and asked,

“How was that… did you cum good?”

She replied,

“I need the real thing. But first there’s something I have to do for you or… you won’t be able to last.”

She squatted on her knees looking up me with her big blue eyes. She pulled my shorts and under pants down around my ankles. My dick sprung straight out and hit her on the end of her nose. She said,

“Oh My GOD you are, Huge.”

She was looking up at me as put her hand around my cock, slowly jerking me off. It felt so good. I though I was going to cum in her face.

She kissed my thighs, rubbed her cheek against my penis. Then she spit and drooled on it, making it wet and shiny. I was trembling and I didn’t know what to do with my hands. I was flapping my arms around like a grounded bird flapping its wings. I ended up putting my hands on her shoulders.

She kissed the head; it felt so good I almost fainted. She flattened her tongue as she lapped the under side of my dick, then she lapped the top and sides, sending more shivers up and down my spine, my legs were so weak, I was starting to wobble.

She kissed and licked under the head and down the shaft. Then she kissed, licked and sucked on my balls. This felt so good I was panting like a dog on a hot summer day, and I could feel my legs getting weaker.

Finally she opened her mouth and sucked on the head of my penis. It felt great having my cock inside her warm wet mouth. She had drool leaking out over her chin. I kept thinking to myself if her mouth feels this good, her cunt is going to feel great.

I watched as my cock disappear and reappear in and out her mouth. I closed my eyes listening to the slurping sounds and her breathing as she sucked my cock, and caressed my balls. I could feel my load getting ready.

I was trying to savor the feeling of having my cock sucked for the first time. She stopped sucking on me and said,

“I want you to cum in my mouth.”

As she pushed her finger up my ass, and squeezed my balls. I felt my cock swell up and pulled her head into my groin; as I began shooting my load in her mouth.

She gulped and swallowed as much cum as she could. I looked down at her. She looked up at me with her mouth and cheeks covered with cum and drool.

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