**All Characters in this Story are at least 18 years of age.**


High school was never really easy for me. I was (and still am) your stereotypical nerdy guy. I’m about 5’10, pale skin, dark hair, and wear a pair of thick rimmed glasses. The kind of guy you would expect to be sitting around with his friends playing Dungeons and Dragons. Which ironically, is how I met my wife Sarah.

We met in our junior year and really hit it off. Sarah was pretty nerdy looking like myself, shoulder length blond hair, black glasses, less than perfect skin, blue eyes, braces, 140 lbs. She wasn’t ugly so to say, but she would probably get turned down for modeling since her skin had some blemishes and such (Which I thought was cute). We started dating and on our graduation day I proposed to her and she said yes. Both of our families were happy about it. Its like it was meant to be. We even started going to the same college together. Unfortunately, so did Eric.

I should explain who Eric is. Eric is the guy who made my high school life miserable. Eric was the schools quarterback for the football team. The guy was pure muscle. No brains at all. Most teachers just passed him so he could keep playing. If anything, that was the only reason he got through high school at all, and the reason he got accepted into college. I don’t know what it was about me but Eric made me the center of his abuse. Shoving me into lockers, tripping me with a tray full of food, calling me a nerd when his buddies were around, the usual verbal abuse and such. But I made sure not to let Sarah see any of it. And I did a great job. Until the night of the party.

Everything had gone so well up to that point. Me and Sarah had been married about a month now and were enjoying the married life. We hadn’t exactly had sex yet though. We were very shy about the whole thing and were slowly getting there, but I would always get off too quickly from excitement and it ended there. I was planning on seeing a doctor or something for it. Off topic though, we both went to this sort of “welcome party” for new students. And when I heard his voice, my blood ran cold.

“Whats this loser doing here?” His voice called out. Not even really a question, but an announcement of his presence. “And who’s this? Your sister?” He asks with a wicked grin still mocking me. His ego had only gotten bigger since being accepted into the college. He was even wearing his sports jacket.

“Who’s this?” Asks Sarah sort of surprised. I couldn’t really dodge it now.

“This is um…. Eric…. This is my wife Sarah.” I said reluctantly. Eric quirked a brow and grinned.

“Oh the loser got a wife? And a hottie too. What, did you come into a ton of money Gaziantep Olgun Escort or something?” He said grinning to her. I could see Sarah blush from his words and couldn’t really find words to say. I knew he didn’t think she was hot. He was just trying to make me jealous. And it was working.”

“No, we met a few years ago at one of my games.” He said trying to sound tough, but just like back in the old days it came out soft, barely a squeek.

“Well we have a few games here she might like too.” He says giving her a wink, maybe her blush a bit more and shuffle biting her lower lip and looking to me. Dammit I needed to defend her!

“Yeah… maybe….” was all that came out. Dammit I was still just as submissive as ever.

“Well drink up! No sober people tonight!” He calls out and the crowd around us cheered as we were handed two of the red Solo cups. I sighed and took it. I know Sarah didn’t want to drink but we were both feeling a little pressured. I guess this is why we never really liked parties at all. I’m not even sure what brought us to this one.

Anyways, we started trying to meet some decent people at the party when suddenly I got pulled by Eric “Come on loser game time. Where’s your wife?” She turned and saw him

“I’m right here, what are we playing?” She asks. Erics wicked grin was something I was horrified to see.

“Good old fashioned Truth or Dare. Its a good chance to meet new people and learn about yourself.” There was a tactic I didn’t expect him to play off. He was playing it off like a simple game but I knew Eric. Unfortunately, Sarah didn’t.

“Yeah ok.” She says. Maybe it was the alcohol impairing her judgement and making her so trusting.

“Sarah maybe we should jus-” I started to say but Eric cut me off.

“Hey don’t be a wimp! She wants to play. You should do what your wife wants.” It was enough to shut me up and follow along reluctantly.

The game started off simply enough. Stupid little things like people daring each to chug a drink, eating something gross, dark secrets. But then one of the guys spoke up “Uhhh you! With the glasses!” He says to Sarah.

“Oh me?” She says “Oh its Sarah. And um…. Dare?” She says. The guy thinks and says “All right, I dare you to kiss him!” He says pointing to Eric who was Grinning and slowly stood up. Sarah was mouth agape and not sure what to do.

“N-now hold on that’s my wife!” I tried to protest.

“Relax dork its just a kiss. If you can’t even trust your wife to kiss a guy once on a dare, you must not trust her very much.” He says and Sarah looked over at me shyly biting her lower lip. He was sort of right. If I told her no, everyone on campus would know how insecure I was about our relationship. But what bothered me more than that was the look on Sarahs face. She sort of wanted it. Ever since he had called her a hottie and given her the attention. Eric was the guy most every girl wanted attention from, even if they didn’t admit it. But what choice did I have?

“All right, real quick though we don’t want to stall the game….” I mumbled and Sarah slowly stood up and moved toward him. He towered over her and grinned down at her. She laughed a bit nervously as he reached out, one hand around her waist and the other gently around her neck. He leaned in and kissed her and I had to look away. I swallowed hard but bit my tongue. Pretending to look at some other people who were partying.

“All right so its one round then they stop!” The guy says completing the dare and they laughed a bit. I opened my mouth to oppose, since it was supposed to just be a quick kiss but I knew it wouldn’t matter and closed my lips. Hoping the turns would pass quickly.

They didn’t of course, truths turned into long stories and dares had plenty of jabs and more stories. Occasionally I would look over nervously to see Eric and Sarah getting more intense. By now, he had Sarah’s glasses off and pushing her against the wall. His hand was starting to slip under her shirt and I was about to call him out on it when someone called out….

“Hey Dork! Truth or Dare come on!” I was distracted and didn’t even realize it was my turn. “I uh…. Dare.” I said without even really thinking about it. The girl who was daring me grinned and rubbed her hands together as she thought “I dare you…. To go to the store and get us some more beer. We’re almost already out.”

I sighed. Of course I would get the stupid dare but at least I could use it to break up the kissing in the corner. “All right whatever. Sarah come on lets hurry up an-” I didn’t get the chance to finish as Eric cut me off.

“Hey loser she’s in the middle of a dare. You don’t need your fuckin’ wife to hold your hand to the store.” Sarah spoke a little breathlessly as well.

“Y-yeah I’m all right. Go ahead I’m gonna stay here. My turn is coming up. I-I’m ok really. Just go and hurry back.” She says. What killed me is she didn’t even look at me. She was looking at Eric’s chest.

I felt a lump rise in my throat. My wife? Alone with my bully? I didn’t want to leave her, I feared the worst. But I didn’t really have a choice “All right….. But I’ll be right back!” I said and quickly grabbed my keys. I would just need to rush it! If I hurried back I could finish this stupid game by daring Sarah to go home with me and just be done with this horrible night!

I got in the car and moved as quickly as I could. Too quickly actually. A cop pulled me over for going 10 over the speed limit. All I could do was sit there impatiently while he gave me a ticket for the usual exorbitant amount! I got back on the road and parked the car to the store when I got a text from Eric that read….

“You’re wife’s tits are great. They taste amazing.”

My heart raced. He was sucking on her tits!? I quickly texted Sarah…

“Hun are u there?”

Hoping for a quick response. I was almost running through the store now to grab the beer. I wasn’t familiar with the layout so it took me a few minutes to find the cheapest shit I could. And fuck me there was a long line. After about 10 minutes I was almost at the register when I got another text.

“Her pussy is even better. I’m gonna fuck this bitch till she’s mine.”

This time I wasn’t even playing around. I tried to call her phone. For the first few times she didn’t answer, but finally I got through. I felt some relief until I heard moaning, then Eric’s voice “Go home loser. This bitch doesn’t want you anymore.”

“Nhhg! O-oh Eric! What are you… Oh! Ohhh god! Oh that feels so good! Ohhhhhhhh!” And he hung up.

I stood there, numb all over. That was definitely Sarah’s voice. Eric was fucking my wife at the party. I dropped the beer and walked out to the car. Getting shouted out for the mess I made. I didn’t care.

Moments later I got texts from Sarah. It was pictures taken by Eric of his cock buried in Sarah. Fucking my nerd girlfriend and making her his. He sent at least 20 pictures including pictures of her sucking his cock and willingly riding him cowgirl style.

All I could do was sit there and cry. 30 minutes later I got a real text from Sarah that just read….

“Go home. I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

So I did. I didn’t get any sleep though. It was the worst night of my life. And the next day would be the worst day of my life. Sarah told me that she couldn’t take my insecurities anymore and needed someone who could really support her. She wanted a divorce.

Sarah never came home. Eric showed up to pick up her things and deliver papers. Always telling me about how much sex they were having. Sarah stopped coming to our DnD games and started going to football games and baseball games with Eric. Doing whatever he wanted. My cute nerd girlfriend was not some sporty slut for my bully. He had defeated me for good. I lost.

((Hope this story was all right! This is my first ever submission. I couldn’t find stories of this type. A sort of unwilling/losing cuckold. If there is some good response, I might go ahead and make more stories. Feel free to leave a comment about critiques (Aside from spelling/grammar please) and let me know if there are any other stories you might like me to write. Thanks!))

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