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Fourth of July Birthday

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * * *

This is the fourth in my “(insert holiday name) Birthday” series. The first three are “Valentine Birthday”, “Easter Birthday” and “Double Birthday.” Readers have asked me to expand the series. This time, a girl’s birthday coincides with our country’s birthday celebration. Fireworks aren’t the only things that get hot!

* * * * * * * * * *

“Daddy, they’re doing fireworks at Puddle Park.”

The park wasn’t really called Puddle Park. That was a nickname. At the bottom of three steep hills, the park filled with water after any rainstorm. The local weather forecaster would report how much rain we got by how much of the swing sets were submerged. High and dry above the depression were parking lots for visiting citizens.

“So, Daddy, will you take us? Pleeeeese?”

“Us” was the shortcut for my daughter and her four closest friends. They went everywhere together. On our first outing, I got to know her friend and our neighbor Bree really well. Too well, in retrospect. I had taken her cherry on her eighteenth birthday. It wasn’t my idea, really, although I guess I went along willingly. Then there was Marci, who fucked me like a bunny while I wearing an Easter bunny costume. I hadn’t seen the girls as a group since then.

“Okay, I’ll drive you all to the park for the fireworks display.”

And so I drove our van through the extended neighborhood, gathering the budding young women.

“Hello, Mr. Marcus,” Bree greeted me warmly.

“Hi, Bree,” I responded, uncomfortable at hiding our intimate liaison.

“Hi, Mr. Marcus,” said Marci, grinning broader than necessary.

I promised myself that no repeat episodes like those would occur this night.

My daughter and I were well prepared, but the girls brought extra blankets, snacks and whatever else young girls carry in those oversized shoulder bags they use as purses. Although all of the girls were dressed for the warm weather, Sally was dressed the most provocatively. Her shorts were handmade from regular blue jeans, but cut so high the cheeks of her ass stuck out from the backs and the two front pockets hung down from the extremely brief clipping on the front. Her crop-top was at least one size too small, and there was clear evidence she had left her bra at home. I locked up the van and we paraded down the Bayan Escort Antep slope towards the bottom.

“Let’s set up next to the sandbox,” my daughter demanded.

Once she had something in her head, there was no negotiating. The recent rain had turned the sand into semi-permeable concrete. The ground was damp. Fortunately, we had brought a plastic drop cloth to put down, so as not to ruin the blankets. The ground was not only damp but also cold and it took several layers of blankets to made a warm patch. The girls were playfully roughhousing and Sally got pushed off the blanket onto the cold damp turf.

“Eeeeoooo, I’m soaked,” she cried.

When she stood up, I saw that her shorts and exposed buttocks were wet and dirty from the ground.

“I need to go back up to the van and change. Mr. Marcus, could I please have the key?”

“Don’t let her go alone, Daddy. We’ll be okay here. There are still four of us.”

I agreed, following Sally up the steep hill. More than once Sally lost her footing on the damp grass, and I had to grab her to prevent her from tumbling down the embankment, taking me with her. I had several opportunities to touch her body, each time making a frantic grab regardless of where my hand landed. Her safety, not my pleasure, was my concern. By the time we got to the parking lot, I had accidentally groped Sally all over. I was not unaffected by these chance opportunities. I unlocked the van and opened the rear hatch, where the girls had stowed still more backpacks and duffel bags. Sally bent forward, giving me an extended look at her dirty, exposed buttocks. She found her duffel and searched for a change of clothing.

“I was sure I packed a pair of jeans, for when it got colder. I guess I must have left them at home. At least I have a towel.”

Sally faced me and rubbed the towel back and forth her backside like a hula dancer. The rest of her body swayed with the movement. I kept reminding myself of the Valentine’s Day and Easter incidents and my promise to myself to avoid a repeat.

Sally handed me the towel.

“Did I get all of the wet spots, Mr. Marcus?” Sally asked, spinning around and bending over slightly. By dragging the towel back and forth, Sally had displaced the crotch material of her shorts. Even in the dim parking lot lighting, I could see part of her pussy exposed.

“I think I have a wet spot. Could you get it for me?”

I wadded up the towel and passed it quickly over her behind, trying to keep my hands at a distance from her privates.

“You’ll never get it that way.”

Sally placed the towel flat on my hand and placed it in between her buttocks, manipulating it by moving my wrist.

“Ooh, that’s better.”

“Sally, I don’t think -“

“Mr. Marcus, I’m hot as a fire cracker.”

Sally reached back and grabbed the front of my pants.

“Ooh, and so are you. I really want to celebrate tonight with a bang.”

Sally pulled the towel free but left my hand between her legs. She didn’t have to move my wrist. I was out of control but in control, stroking her partially exposed and partially covered mound.

“Come on,” she said, crawling into the back of the van. She released the middle seats and pushed them forward. Then she lay back on the thin carpeting. Her short shorts and panties were off in an instant. Her legs spread, she was waiting. For me. What was I going to do?

“Get in and shut the hatch before anybody sees me,” she demanded.

I followed her orders. I was kneeling above her as she undid my belt and zipper. Her hand reached inside my shorts.

“Bree said you were big but I didn’t believe her. I should have used a bigger candle.”

“So you planned this?” I asked, trying to ignore the effect her tiny hand was having, stroking my erection.

“Yeah, sure. Oh, you don’t know! Today is my birthday. I’m eighteen tonight, and I want you to be my first real lover.”

“Sally, I’m really flattered, but this isn’t right.”

“Oh, so it was okay to fuck the shit out of Bree and Marci, but I’m not good enough. What, am I so ugly?”

Sally used both hands to pull up her tank top, leaving it to hang loose around her neck. Her small breasts were capped by medium sized brown patches and small nubbins in the centers.

“No, Sally, you’re not ugly at all. You’re very pretty.”

Sally continued to work my penis with one hand and herself with the other.

“Then come closer and show how me how pretty I am.”

Sally did the honors, pulling my pants and underwear down to just above my knees. I leaned forward, balancing my weight on my knees between her legs, Sally directing my erection towards her massaged and willing pussy. I put my stiff arms on each side of her body, so I wouldn’t crush her with my weight. The quarters were so cramped, the only place for my feet were up in the air, against the window of the rear hatch. I was pretty well jammed in until Sally pulled me closer, unceremoniously thrusting my dick into her cunt.

“Give me your fire cracker,” she moaned, thrusting her hips forward to take more.

Okay, I figured. She wants to feel something in her. I’d be happy to oblige. But, I won’t make the same mistake that I made with Bree and Marci. I’ll keep things under control, give her a couple of inches and pull out before I cum.

“Uh, uh, uh, no, you’ve got to go deeper, Mr. Marcus. Fuck me good, fuck me deep.”

Sally scooted towards me. In my position, feet against the rear window, on my knees, arms locked and outstretched holding me up, I had nowhere to move. Now I was a couple of inches further into Sally’s cunt. She was thrusting her hips even more frantically, and my penis was really enjoying the friction. She must have used a very small candle indeed. Okay, I’m a little deeper than I wanted to be, but that’s okay. In for an inch, in for four. Or six. Okay, eight. I can still pull out before I dump my load and Sally will still be happy and well fucked.

“I can’t see anything. I really want to see you fucking me.”

Neither of us was in a position to turn on the overhead dome light, and that was just as well. Even with privacy glass, I was afraid someone would see in if we turned on the light. Sally reached for her backpack and fumbled around inside it. I couldn’t see what she was doing until it was too late. She used a lighter and lit a sparkler.

“Sally, we’re right above the gas tank. Put that out. And don’t touch it. It’s hot.”

I couldn’t believe I was giving parental instruction to the young lady I was fucking. Sally blew with all of her might but of course the sparkle burned even brighter. She shook it, and that’s when it happened. A few burning embers came loose and landed on my back, just above my ass. I was right, it was hot. I had no free hand to flick them off.

“Sally, I’m burning up.”

“Oh, Mr. Marcus, I’m hot for you too.”

Sally continued to buck her hips with more vigor. All I could think to do was to try and toss the embers off by bucking up and back, hoping the movement would dislodge them. The pain of my burning flesh was completely distracting. I could think of nothing else except getting them off.


“Ooooh,” Sally moaned.

I threw my body forward. They stayed, stuck to my flesh.



Again, putting my weight behind the lunge. No effect.



Once more. The pain was decreasing. Maybe they were burning out.



I looked down. I was buried to the hilt in Sally’s cunt, not a fraction of an inch to spare. In my efforts to dislodge the burning embers, I had made a series of serious and deep thrusts into Sally’s tight cunt and raised both of our levels of excitement. In response, Sally had scooted even further towards me. My knees were bent even tighter, and I had no room to move back, or even forward for that matter. And, I could feel a tingling that warned me that my juices were forming for the big wet finish, not a good sign if I was to pull out before cumming. Sally was keeping up the rhythm, rocking back and forth on my erection, enjoying the full length.

“Oh, you’re so hot. I’m so hot.”

One of Sally’s hands went down to her clit, and she rubbed it ferociously. The other came down between my legs and fondled my balls. Soon they were pressed against the base of my erection, ready for business.

“No, Sally, no.”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Marcus, yes, yes, yes.”

With her hips thrashing, Sally’s cunt boiled over. I could do nothing but try to extinguish her flames with my love juice. Sally’s hand came up with seepage on her fingertips.

“Wow, Bree wasn’t lying. You do give a girl a good birthday present, Mr. Marcus.”

“You’re welcome, I think.”

She scooted back, leaning against the folded middle seats, giving me enough room to turn and sit down. Cum leaked from her initiated pussy.

“Say, shouldn’t we clean up? Maybe we can still catch some of the fireworks. Not that we haven’t already made our own, huh?”

Sally found her jeans that miraculously appeared from her duffel. She didn’t bother with panties. I pulled up my pants and zipped up. We opened and climbed out of the side door just as my daughter and her friends were coming towards the van, blankets and such in hand.

“You missed the whole thing, Daddy.”

I didn’t correct her.


An Original H M Tale

Please write and tell me what holidays you’d like included in the series.

Copyright © 2002, HarveyMarcus. All Rights Reserved.

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Home Invasion

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Note: This one’s a little edgy, and may not be for everyone. It is just fantasy, but if you’ve ever been the victim of violent crime you might not want to read this. Consider yourself warned – I don’t need any nasty letters about it, thanks.

When my apartment door burst open I was sitting at the computer in my underwear. Too late I realized that I’d stupidly left the door unlocked. Now there was a big, strange man standing in my hallway staring at me through a nylon mask. I could hear his heavy breathing. The flashbulb memory is burned into my brain. The man turned to lock the door and then stepped toward me. I was frozen, my heart pounding, but I managed to think, “Don’t faint, don’t faint…”

“Hey, faggot,” the stranger growled. He’d seen the pictures on my monitor. I could make out a sinister toothy grin through the mask.

“Wh-what do you want?” I blurted out.

“Whatever you got that I can carry. And since you’re a poof maybe I’ll just get my rocks off before I rob you. You faggots give the best head.”

I somehow summoned the strength to stand up from my chair. “Take whatever you want, but leave me alone. I’ve got a friend coming over any minute. He knows I’m home, and if I don’t let him in he’ll call the police.”

“Yeah, right. Sit down! If he comes, we’ll let him in all right, and I’ll just see which one of you’s the best cocksucker. You think you can take me? I can snap you like a twig… or cut you up good,” he snarled at me as he moved toward me, flicking his hand at the last to reveal and flip open a switchblade.

Terrified, I sat back down slowly, staring at the knife. The blade glinted blue in the light from the computer. My mind raced. Was he going to kill me? I tried to stay calm and tell myself that he just wanted to rob me and get lost, but I couldn’t know what he would do. I really was no match for him. He was a lot bigger than I. I did a mental inventory of all the possible weapons in my home, but all were far out of reach and there was no way I could make a run for them. For now I’d have to do what he told me. I looked up at him, trying to see his face. Through the nylon I could only see that he had thick dark hair and a goatee.

“So, you like looking at pictures of dick, huh? Here, have a good look at mine, then. Open my pants, ya fudgepacker, you’re gonna love this,” he continued as he moved closer, towering over me and thrusting his big crotch at my face.

“Please, sir, take anything, just–”

“Shut up! I’ll take my sweet time fucking your faggot gob, is what I’ll take, if I want to. And whatever else I want. Now, fish out the pole I’m gonna tear your ass open with, if you’re real good, heh, heh, heh,” he barked, and laughed sickeningly. This sick fuck was really enjoying himself.

Hating him and myself, I slowly did what I was told. I reached up and with shaking hands felt for his zipper.

“Start with the belt. Open it all up so you can get at my balls too.”

I unhooked his big metal belt buckle, memorizing its design as I did so. I was determined to be able to identify him if I ever got out of this. He was wearing a leather biker jacket, a black t-shirt, black jeans, and what looked like combat boots. When I’d stood, it had been partly to see how tall he was, and I guessed about 6’5” by the couple of inches he had on me. He outweighed me by a good fifty pounds, though, putting him at about 225. He probably really could snap me like a twig, and I abandoned thoughts of somehow getting the knife from him.

I slowly unbuttoned the waist of his jeans. I was still hoping that he might just stop all of this and take my valuables and leave, so I moved as slowly as I thought I could get away with. I was sickened by the fact that it was obvious that he was already aroused by all this. It was also obvious that his equipment matched the rest of him in terms of size, by the growing bulge in his jeans. I gulped at the thought of that monster taking me by force. I slowly unbuttoned the rest of his button-fly and pulled his jeans open. He wore cheap white briefs, that were obscenely distended by his now twitching cock, which arced off to the side. The pungent smell of ball and ass sweat wafted out in my face, and I paused.

“That’s it, you little whore, pull it out,” he pushed me on.

I took hold of the waistband of his briefs and pulled it out, over and down. His penis swung free to bob and point at my forehead, and it was huge. Continuing my mental ID inventory, I noted that he was probably about eight inches long, and uncut. There was a freckle or mole on the foreskin on the left side. The head was half-exposed and a bead of precum was forming in the slit.

“What are you waiting for, bitch? Suck it,” he ordered.

I was shaking all over, and I leaned in slowly, then he stopped me.

“Wait.” He put the knife behind my ear and braced it there with his thumb, the way you peel an apple. “You bite me, bitch, and you lose this ear.”

My shaking continued, and he now Escort Bayan Antep pulled my head forward by the ear so that I couldn’t t help but just open my mouth to take in his dripping penis. The bastard shoved it all the way in and held it there, gagging me, for several seconds.

“Oh yeah. You’ve gotta nice warm mouth, faggot. Suck that big dick. I know you love it,” he growled down at me as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth, holding my head still with the knife held to my ear and his other beefy hand clamped over my other ear. As terrified and disgusted as I was, my mind was churning again, trying to think of what to do. I didn’t want to cooperate, of course, but I hoped that if I did I’d at least get of it all alive. I thought, “I can do this. He’s not hurting me. I can have sex with him, and he won’t hurt me and he’ll leave.” But it just felt so dirty, like I was the whore he was calling me. I’d done it for less in the past, though, for much less than my life. Haven’t we all? So I tried to steel my resolve and strategize, while he pounded at the back of my throat with his monster cock. It was very thick, and it was hard to keep my teeth from scraping him, but with the knife pricking me behind my ear I did my best. All of sudden he pulled out.

“Hey dick-bitch!” I looked up at him. “I want this in your throat. All you girly-boys are good at that, so I know you’re holding out on me. Quit your gagging and take me down to my balls!”

I took a deep breath, knowing I’d need the air, and he shoved himself back into my mouth. This time when his big head hit the back of my throat I relaxed it and after a few seconds he slid past and into my esophagus. I hated that he knew I could do this. He groaned another of his oh-yeahs and pulled my head forward until my nose was jammed into his sweaty black pubes. I suddenly had an idea. If he was like most guys, he’d be done once he came, so I figured that if I made him come he wouldn’t rape me and he would just take some stuff and leave. I started to move my head. If this was what it would take, I’d give this bastard the best damn blowjob I knew how. I thought for a moment about him coming in my mouth, and the risks involved, but decided that the knife scraping my ear presented greater risk.

“Yeah, that’s it. I knew you liked it. That’s it. Blow me, whore-boy,” he moaned, loosening his grip on my head.

I tried to pretend he was just one of the many men I done this for in the past, for pleasure. I closed my eyes and worked the big slippery cock in and out of my tight throat. I knew I could make him come as fast as I wanted him to, and if I did it right, I’d take his load down my throat so I wouldn’t even have to taste it.

“Squeeze my balls, cocksucker. Work them while you eat my prick. You love it. You love me fucking your face, you slut! Oh fuck, yeah, suck that dick, faggot!”

I complied with his command, and reached up to knead his big sweaty balls as I increased my tempo. Me started to moan and I knew he was close. I sped up more, and then suddenly he grabbed my hair and yanked my head off his pole.

“Oh no you don’t. I wanna see my load on your face, sperm boy. Jack it. Jack my prick off on that pretty face.”

Foiled in my plan, I could only do what he told me again. I kept working his big balls, and took his dick in my other hand and stroked. I still just wanted to get it over with, so I stroked hard and fast and closed my eyes, waiting to feel his semen hit my face. “DNA evidence,” I thought as I stroked.

“Open your eyes! You’re gonna see it coming, buddy,” he hissed, and I opened my eyes just in time to see the first rope of semen rip out of his cock. It landed on my cheek. I kept stroking and tried to keep my eyes open despite the pelting of hot bullets of spunk my face was getting. He grunted all the while. I was sickened to be sitting there drenched in this criminal’s sperm, but I hoped that it was over at last.

“Ooh, yeah, baby. Nice. Wish I brought my camera. Bet you love sitting there wearing my big hot load.”

I had nothing to say. His come seemed to burn as it oozed and dripped down my face.

“I know what you think you’re doing, by the way. You were thinking that if you just made me come I get out of here and leave you alone.” My heart sank. I tried a pleading look up at him.

“Thing is, that throat-fuck was so good, I can’t pass up a chance to fuck your other hole, now, can I?”

“No… please–”

“Shut up, bitch. You know you’re gonna love it. Luckily it doesn’t take long for me to get hard again, especially with a whore licking my asshole.”

“No, listen. Take anything. Please, I’ll–”

He flashed the knife in the air. “I am gonna take anything. I’m gonna take your ass, and you’re going to do whatever I tell you ‘til I do. Otherwise you’ll be picking your guts off this nice clean floor. Now, get on your knees. I’ll be right with you, I’m just gonna make this more comfortable for you.”

Wondering what he was up to, I slowly got down on my knees on the floor and watched him walk across my studio apartment, never taking his eyes of me. He went to the window that made up one whole wall of my apartment, and tugged at the blind cord. The vertical blinds sweeped open to reveal my familiar nighttime view of the city. He shuffled around with his pants open the whole time, his big flaccid cock lolling about, still glistening with my saliva. He went back to the hall, and suddenly the whole apartment lit up, every light.

“In case anyone wants to watch you work,” he explained wickedly. “Fuck, you’re such a little cock slut, they’ll think it’s just another night’s work for you. They can probably even see my load on your face! Now, eat me ass, whore!” he ordered, as he shoved his jeans and underwear down to his knees and spun around to bend over in front of me.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. With his cumload drying on my face, I stared ahead at his big hairy ass gaping at me in the blinding light. Again I got a strong waft of man-ass sweat and my stomach churned.

“Lick that ass or I’ll cut you!” He waved the knife in the air. The light only made it look more deadly than it had before.

I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue. I was trying to have as little of me touch him as possible. I aimed my tongue at a spot below his asshole, but close enough to it so that he might think I was licking his hole, I hoped. I made contact with his flesh, and again my strategizing backfired, as he reached around and grabbed the back of my neck with his free hand. With little effort he mashed my whole face into his ass, and with my pulling back, set up a ramming rhythm so that my tongue and nose were alternately buried in his anus. I was gagging, and he was groaning and hurling his now-familiar epithets back at me. He kept it up for a couple of minutes, then let go of my head. I slumped back on my haunches. Now his come was smeared and matted into the hair on his ass. He’d wiped his load off my face with his ass. I felt sick looking at it.

“Now, clean it up. That was just for fun. If you’re going to make me hard again, you gotta give my whole ass and hole a good tongue bath, like my old lady does. She does it nice and slow. ‘Course, you went and got my come all over me, ya sloppy whore. You’ll have to clean that up too. Start scrubbing, ass-licker.”

I thought I would hurl for sure. This fucker was sick. I knew he’d make me do it, but I needed to pause, to think. I roused myself again with thoughts that if I just got it over with, it would end. In my freaked-out, grossed-out state, I even thought fleetingly of the contestants on Fear Factor, and what they must think when they’re about to eat a bunch of maggots or something. They thought about the money, I thought about getting out alive. This sick fuck showed no signs of compassion, and certainly no respect for gay human life. I leaned in and lapped a big long lick right over his hole.

“Oh yeah! See, you fucking love it. Yeah, wash me up buddy. Hope you like the smell. I can’t remember when I showered last. I won’t have to again for awhile, when you’re done!”

I gagged again, but screwed up my resolve and lapped away at the monster’s big ass. I washed his crack like he told me to, and sucked his come out of his matted ass hair thinking, “It’ll be over soon, it’ll be over soon.” I could feel that he was stroking his cock, and couldn’t think about what was coming.

“Yeah, good job, my little faggot whore. Guess where this is going?” he sneered, as he stood up from his squat and turned around, brandishing his now full erection at me. He continued to stroke it, and I saw precum sparkling at the tip again. As the knife did; it too looked larger and more deadly in the full light.

I gulped and stood up shakily. “Please, please don’t–”

“Shut up! You’re gonna like this best of all. It’s what all you faggots want all the time! You make me sick! Get on the bed!” With that, he grabbed my shoulder, spun me around and shoved me hard toward my bed. I stumbled and fell across the bed on my stomach. I closed my eyes and tried to think again that it was just another guy I was having sex with, it was OK, and I was going to get through it. Then my body jerked up as he ripped my briefs right off with one strong yank. My hips burned where the waisteband seared my flesh with the abrupt friction, and I lay there trembling, now completely vulnerable to his attack.

“Yeah, your ass is enough like my woman’s that I’ll keep it up while I rape you,” he growled as groped my ass, spreading my cheeks and prodding me with his fingers, “she likes it up there too.”

“You must have rubbers here somewhere – all you faggots do,” he said as I heard him rummage in my nightstand, “I’m sure as fuck not gonna catch any faggot diseases from you, skank. Here we go – small of course, but this’ll do the trick. Here, faggot, I’ll even give you a dab of this lube, just so I don’t get your blood on me when I rip into you.”

His running commentary was torture to me as I waited for this ultimate violation. I was relieved though, in fact, to know that he was going to use a condom, and lube. I’d expected him to just dry-fuck me, bareback. That would have torn me open, for sure, with that monster cock. My head jerked back when I felt a sharp jab at my hole. I thought he was fucking me, but realized it was only one of his beefy fingers, sawing in and out of me.

“Just to lube you good. I like tight, but my old lady’s not as tight as you, and I wanna enjoy this,” he kept up his sinister chatter, as he added a second finger to his invasion. After adding a third and continuing to call me every dirty name he could think of, he removed his fingers and shifted himself above me. He held still for several seconds, torturing me.

“Take this, bitch!” he spat out then, and drove his cock straight into my tight asshole. I saw stars. I wanted to scream, but wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he was hurting me. I gulped a mouthful of duvet and bit down hard, then screamed after all, but it was muffled into the bedclothes. He pulled out, all the way, and viciously rammed his penis back into me, right to his balls, which pressed down on my own. I screamed again.

“There you go, faggot, the cock you always wanted. Take it. Take it, whore!” he yelled as he raped me. Opening my eyes, I caught our reflection in the window. In dazzling light, there I was on my bed being raped by a big masked stranger in a biker jacket. And beyond the glass, the countless lights of the city – many apartments just like mine across the way. I felt sick again to know that what my attacker had spat at me was true, that even if anyone saw this – and probably several were watching with binoculars right now – they’d probably just think we were a couple of kinky gay fucks getting off. Those queers, you just never know what they’ll get up to. I looked at my city and knew I was alone. I’d have to get through this with no help.

I refocused, concentrating again, even over my rapist’s steady spiel of abuse, on the thoughts of this being just another fuck. Fuck him. He wasn’t that big. I was sure I’d had bigger. The pain had actually subsided, as it always does. I started thinking about a guy I knew whose cock was about this guy’s size that I used to mess around with. Yeah, it’s just Paul fucking me, and talking rough, I tried to tell myself. We’re role-playing. I closed my eyes and saw Paul as he used to look when he pounded my ass lovingly. To my amazement, I started to feel my dick stir! Simultaneously disgusted with myself and thrilled that my survival plan was working, I humped my hips a bit, to shift and allow my cock to grow, and rub against the duvet to my intruder’s fuck-thrusts. He felt my movement, and again took it as encouragement.

“See, ya little whore, I told you you’d love it! What, your little prick getting hard? Fuck, you’re just like all the rest of those faggots. They’ll take it from anyone!” He changed his rhythm, and started to grind into me differently, making each push long and hard. I soon realized that he was doing this so that there’d be more friction for my cock, clamped as it was between me and the bed.

It worked for my fantasy, and I just kept my eyes closed and pictured Paul above me, glistening with sweat as we always both were when we fucked. My cock was fully hard, and was getting quite a workout from the soft cotton duvet cover. I actually started to “enjoy” the feeling of “Paul’s” dick skewering my ass. He filled me all the way, and with his bearing down there was heavy friction on my prostate and my dick. I started to squeeze the violating cock with my ass muscles to the rhythm of his thrusting. I actually started getting close. It would all be over soon. I started to moan and tried to muffle it in the bedclothes.

“’Spose you’re gonna shoot your little wad off, are you? Big fat cock ripping you open, just like you like it, huh? Tell me! Am I gonna make you come, you little slut?”

I muttered into the duvet.

“Speak up! Tell me you want me to fuck you to ‘til you come! Say it!”


“Say it!”

“I… I want you to fuck me ‘til I come! … Fuck me!… Come on, fuck my hole! Yeah, fuck me, ya fucker! Can’t you do me any harder?! Pound my ass, asshole! Give it to me!” erupted from some store of energy and conviction I didn’t know I had left in me.

“Oh yeah! You do love it! I’ll pound you, whore. I’ll pound the shit outta you, bitch! Take it! Take that cock!” With this, he shifted his body slightly again, so that he could swivel his hips to more fully slam his into my battered ass. Our flesh and balls slapped together, and the buckle of his biker jacket rattled and bounced, cold, against my asscheek. I carried on my tirade, letting out all the hatred for him that had pent up inside me since he broke in, as did he, and my whole body actually inched across the bed as he drove me forward a little with each thrust, my dick raging beneath me. I’d never been so filled with cock. I started to whimper and moan uncontrollably.

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Gym Buddies Ch. 02

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“You bitch!” Jenna yelled at me. “Both of them together? Thanks for sharing, jerk!”

“It kind of just happened, Jenna… I shouldn’t have told you,” I said.

“No, what you should have done was call me. I’ve had my eye on both of them as well and you go off and fuck them both at the same time! You could have at least left one of them for me.”

“Well, it’s not like I married them, I’m sure you can join us next time. If there is a next time,” I said.

It had been only been two days since my threesome with Rob and Eric. I finally had to tell someone and decide to tell Jenna since she introduced me to the gym and by default the guys. I didn’t expect her reaction to be like this. She was more upset I didn’t call and share than the fact that I fucked two guys. I guess she had been having the same thoughts herself.

“Oh there will be a next time and I better fucking be there, Lacy!”

“Seriously? So you want all four of us to, like have an orgy?”

“Oh, like that is surprising to you, miss threesome! Yes! Hell yes, now we know they are into it, the group sex I mean. Why not. Just think how fun it would be to do them both, all of us together just going at it. Fuck it makes me hot just thinking about it.”

“Wow, okay, I didn’t see this coming,” I said.

“Well, now you know my dark side,” Jenna laughed… “I think it comes with the name.”

“True, you do have a porn star name,” I laughed with her.

“Exactly so when are we doing this?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I planned the first time.”

“Well, I want you to plan the second time and invite me. I can’t wait to see these guys naked. You do know you picked the two hottest guys at the gym, right. Was that on purpose?”

“Not really. Their schedules just worked with mine so I see them a lot.”

“Lucky you. You have to tell me all about them. I want details, cock details and everything.”

“Okay, or we could just go to the gym tonight and make something happen. I’m sure they will both be there.”

“Oh, hell yes… I’m totally in. What time?”

“I usually show up at six and they are already there.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there,” Jenna said, with the biggest smile on her face I’ve ever seen. “But first you have to tell me everything.”


Work ended for the day and I drove home, changed into my workout stuff and headed for the gym. I hadn’t been back since I fucked Rob and Eric so I hadn’t seen them either. I had only missed a day, which happens occasionally so I’m sure they haven’t thought much of it. When I pulled into the lot, Jenna was waiting for me in her car. Rob’s and Eric’s vehicles where there and Jenna jumped out of hers like a kid on Christmas.

“They are both here!” she said, running up to me.

“I told you they would be.”

“Oh, my hell, I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” Jenna said. “I have plans!”

“Plans? Do tell,” I said.

“No time, let’s get in there and see if they will do it with us.”

“Trust me, it will be easy to convince them.”

Jenna was looking hot, hotter than normal for the gym. She had on her skimpiest sports bra and shorts. Her makeup and hair looked too good for the gym but I didn’t say anything. She’s taller than me and thin with not many curves. Narrow hips and natural small breasts but her face is gorgeous. She colors her natural dark hair an unnatural red, but it looks good on her. We headed in but before we did I had to calm her down and told her to play it casual, and to pretend she didn’t know anything. She finally settled down by the time we walked in.

“Lacy!” Rob and Eric yelled out like always and then when they saw Jenna they did the same for her.

“Hi guys. How’s it going?” I asked.

“Great, and you?” Rob asked.

“I’m good, ready for a hard workout.”

“Jenna, we don’t normally see you at this time of day,” Eric said.

“Nope, I figured I’d come with Lacy today. She said it’s less crowded.”

“Yeah, normally just the three of us,” Rob said.

I could tell that Jenna didn’t want to work out. She wanted to get it on and wanted me to instigate immediately so she was a little put out when I started working out with them. She finally started her own small workout but I could tell she wasn’t doing much, thinking things would go the way she wanted them soon. Every set I finished she looked at me with this look of “what the hell are you doing!” but I just kept working out with the guys as if nothing was different. Finally after twenty minutes she couldn’t take it anymore.

Screaming in frustration, Jenna yelled, “Are we going to fuck or what!”

Rob almost drop his weights. Eric started laughing and I shook my head.

“Well I guess the secrets out of the bag. I told Jenna what we did the other day. She wants in,” I said.

“Fine with me,” Rob said, setting his weights on the bench rack and sitting up.

“Yeah, me too,” Eric added.

“So my house again?” Rob asked, standing up.

“Sure, you are the closest,” I said.

“So we’re really doing Escort Bayan Antep this!” Jenna exclaimed.

“Yes, Jenna… I told you it wouldn’t be difficult to convince them.”

“Let’s go now!” she shouted.

“Wow, someone’s excited,” Eric laughed.

This time, Jenna and I followed the guys to Rob’s house and caught up to them in the garage. Jenna was practically shaking with excitement. I guess she had been thinking about this longer than I had and ever since this morning she has been anticipating sex with them. Let’s just say she was eager. In Rob’s living room I took Jenna’s hand, trying to keep her from attacking the two guys.

“You guys want a drink or something?” Rob asked.

“No thanks, I just want sex,” Jenna blurted.

“I’ll have a drink,” I said, making Jenna squeeze my hand hard.

“You and I can get started if you want, Jenna, why they have drinks,” Eric suggested.

“Yes, please!” Jenna said, ripping her hand from mine and crossing the room to Eric.

Before I knew it she was on her knees, pulling down Eric’s shorts. She grabbed his wide cock and fed it into her mouth still soft.

“Still want that drink?” Rob asked, watching Eric’s cock grow rapidly as Jenna slurped and sucked.

“Maybe later,” I said, walking over to him.

Looked like I had some catching up to do. I dropped to my knees as well and released Rob’s long cock, which was already well on its way to erect. Giving it a few strokes, I leaned forward and took the slightly salty head into my mouth and swallowed a few inches, stroking the base until he was fully hard. Looking left, I watched Jenna suck Eric like her life depended on it. She needed to slow down or Eric was going to blow before five minutes elapsed. I could hear him moaning and it was getting louder. I took my time on Rob, sucking slow and licking his shaft up and down the vein-lined width.

“Fuck, Jenna, I’m going to cum!” Eric yelled maybe a minute later.

“No, not yet!” Jenna yelled, taking him from her mouth and squeezing his head tight.

“Oh fuck… oh shit it might not stop!” Eric said, but Jenna was pinching hard and wasn’t letting go.

She even grabbed his balls and squeezed them as well.

Eric groaned and whined but I didn’t see any semen leave his cock. She held him for about a minute.

“You good?” Jenna asked.

He nodded and she let go. That’s when a good sized glob of cum oozed out of his head but nothing else followed. She must have stopped it in time.

“Better give you a break,” Jenna said, licking the semen off his cock before standing up.

I went back to sucking Rob while Jenna removed her clothing. She had shaved her sex completely. Her small breasts didn’t move after the bra was taken off and she had been tanning naked apparently because she was bronze even under her bra and shorts. Her nipples were erect and stood off her small breasts over half an inch with tan darkened areolas.

“My turn now?” Jenna asked, Eric.

He nodded and Jenna sat down on the couch, spread her legs and waited for Eric to drop to his knees to return the favor of oral. I lost my view of them and focused on Rob’s long cock in my mouth and his balls in my hand. He was no longer salty. I had cleaned him off and let the mixture of saliva and pre-cum coat his cock and balls. I sucked him for a few more minutes before standing up and wiping my face. I shed my clothing as he did the same and together we turned and watched Eric eating Jenna’s shaved sex.

“I bet she’ll suck you if you offer your cock,” I told Rob.

“Let’s see,” he responded.

We both went to the couch and sure enough, as he knelt on it and moved his dick close to Jenna, she grabbed it immediately and started sucking it while Eric continued on her pussy. Eric’s cock was still rock hard with a large drip of pre-cum making its way to the floor between his legs. He was returning the favor to Jenna with a gusto, tonguing her vagina and licking her clit quickly with a lot of energy. She was enjoying it. I could hear her moan with her mouth around Rob’s long shaft. Jenna took a break and looked up at me.

“Lacy? You’re not participating very well?” she said.

“Kind of hard like this,” I said.

“I have an idea where we can all participate,” she said, sitting up. “We need more room though. Eric and Rob, move the sofa and the coffee table so we have a large area here in the middle.”

Eric and Rob obeyed.

“You guys ever heard of a daisy chain?”

The guys nodded and I had an inkling of what she had planned. She began to order us down on the floor, placing us so head met sex until we were all in a circle or chain. Rob was eating me. I was Sucking Eric, Eric was munching Jenna and Jenna completed the circle by sucking Rob. It worked pretty well actually. I enjoyed the sensation of cock in my mouth and a tongue going to town on my clit and pussy. Rob was pretty good at oral and had me humming with pleasure rapidly. Eric’s fat cock filled my mouth and I more stroked him with just his head in my mouth than anything. I could hear Jenna moaning again and both the guys were adding their enjoyment to the mix. We were officially having an orgy, another first in less than a week.

The chain continued for several minutes. Eric’s cock got really hard and I thought he might have to cum again soon so I eased up on stroking and focused on just sucking his head, which I soon had to abandon because I started cumming myself. Rob had fingers up my sex as well as going ballistic on my clit. The combination took me over the edge and I came on his face with a major let down of juice I felt running down over my ass. He apparently didn’t mind because he ate me throughout the entire orgasm, holding me firmly with his hands.

I was totally gone and lost track of time and what everyone else was doing. I soon gained my senses back and found that Eric had gotten up, probably because I wasn’t sucking his dick anymore and was now actively fucking Jenna. He had her bent over the arm of the sofa, doing her from behind hard and fast. But what really got me and made me realize I must have been out of it for longer than I thought, was Rob was sitting on the sofa in front of Jenna having his cock sucked by her. She was getting the threesome treatment I had told her about and loving it. I watched for a bit, still feeling lightheaded slightly. Eric was pounding her so hard, even her small breasts were moving forward slightly as his hips hit her narrow ass. She was focused on Rob’s cock though, not letting Eric’s thrusts keep her from properly sucking his long dick.

Jenna was an impressive cock sucker, living up to her porn star name again with some serious deep throat talents. She was effectively taking all of Rob’s cock into her mouth and it must have been down her throat at least a few inches. The look on his face was pure ecstasy and a visual treat to watch these two buff and hot guys fucking my gorgeous friend from both ends was spectacular. Eric was working so hard his body glistened with perspiration and his wide cock was covered in Jenna’s juices. Rob wasn’t working himself, he was letting Jenna do it for him and boy was she. She was working that long cock like I’ve only seen on the internet. I’ve tried to suck a cock like that and haven’t been able to manage without gagging. She sure had whipped up a lot of creamy liquid that clung to his cock in long strings of goo when she came up for some air. She took over with her hand and used that concoction to stroke his shaft quickly up and down until he grabbed her hand to stop from cumming.

“Switch with me, dude,” Rob said so he could take a break from her incredible mouth.

That’s when they noticed me watching and I slowly got to my feet.

“Or better yet, Lacy’s back among the living,” Rob said.

Eric pulled out of Jenna and Rob smiled at me before going behind my friend and filling the hole Eric’s wide cock had previously been pummeling. I had Eric sit down on the couch and while facing him, climbed up on his lap, reached down and eased his Jenna-covered cock into my own wet pussy. He felt incredible as his wide cock spread me open and descended as deep as it could. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to rise and fall, slow at first before picking up the pace and riding him just like I wanted. I moved my body to bend his fat cock where I liked it. He soon was licking my breasts and sucking the hardened nipples. I turned and smiled at Jenna who smiled back and took Rob’s cock over and over.

No one said anything. The only noise in the room was the slapping of Rob’s body against, Jenna’s ass and everyone’s moans. We continued like this for another several minutes before Jenna wanted to change. She was getting tired of being bent over the sofa arm. She decided to ride Rob like I was Eric. Rob sat down next to Eric and Jenna eagerly climbed on to join me in riding our gym buddies. This also put her right next to me and this was, I found out later, one of her reasons for changing. She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Do you think they would do DP with me? Do you mind? I’ve always wanted to try it?”

“Seriously?” I whispered back. “Have you ever done anal alone?”

“Yes, actually a few times.”

My eyes got big and I found my mouth had dropped open. I never knew this about Jenna. She truly was an uninhibited girl. I was shocked to learn that she’d done anal. I’d never even considered it, too afraid it would hurt and now she wanted both these guys’ cocks in her at one time. I quickly gathered myself again and said “Umm, go right ahead I don’t mind. I don’t know if they will though? It’s up to them.”

She turned away from me and kept riding Rob as I did the same to Eric. It got me thinking though. I wondered what it would feel like to have one of these guy’s cocks in my ass. I preferred it be Rob to start with if I went through with it but I didn’t know if I had the nerve. I was riding and thinking about it when suddenly Jenna spoke out.

“Let’s switch,” she said.

This was also for a reason I found out later. We switched though and I got onto Rob and Jenna started riding Eric. She told me later that she wanted his fat cock in her pussy when they did DP. The moaning continued as did the nipple sucking, butt grabbing and proper cock riding from both of us girls. I loved being in control and bending Rob’s long cock just perfectly inside me. I took most of him out so his head would it my G-spot on the descent every time. I was close to another orgasm when Jenna spoke up again and dropped the bomb.

“Rob my asshole wants you,” she said.

I froze, Rob and Eric looked at each other and Jenna started giggling.

“Oh come on, you know you want to. I know both of you have thought about doubling one of us up.”

They didn’t deny it and Rob looked up at me as if to ask permission since I still had his cock inside of me.

“Be my guest,” I said, getting off of him and standing back as he got up too.

“You sure about this, Jenna?” Rob asked, looking at her tightly puckered asshole.

“Very sure. Just use a finger or two first and get me wet,” she said looking over her shoulder.

“Oh this is weird,” Rob said as he spit on his fingers and started to rub them around Jenna’s ass while Eric’s wide cock was still in her pussy.

“Want me to do it?” I asked, seeing he was having a problem being so close to touching Eric’s dick.

“That would be great,” Rob agreed.

I did one better then fingers. I knelt down and started licking Jenna’s ass and even the cock in her pussy. I had a gay roommate in college and she tried to turn me to her side. I tried it out a few times but it never caught on for me, but I did learn how to eat pussy and lick assholes during the experimental college years.

“Oh my gawd, Lacy, that feels so fucking good!” Jenna moaned as I stuck my tongue as far into her ass as I could. Two finger were next and I added more and more saliva until she was very wet and open for Rob.

“Okay, she’s good to go,” I said.

Rob stepped forward and I stayed right next to Jenna so I could watch Rob stick his long cock into her ass. I’d seen it before but never in real life. I’ve got to say it was a sight for sure. He held his cock an inch behind his head and slowly pressed it into Jenna. Her flesh went white from the strain of having a cock in her pussy and now one being eased into her ass. Once the head was in, Rob let go pausing for a few seconds before moving again. Jenna assured him she was find and he began to move forward slowly. She never complained, and inch after inch slowly disappeared into her butt until Rob’s balls were against Eric’s fat dick. She had done anal more than a few times! I had my mouth wide again in awe of how much was going on down there. I couldn’t believe my skinny little friend with no hips had two well-hung guys in her body. It was amazing she wasn’t split in two.

“Oh fuck it’s so full!” she screamed. “I love it!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It just looked painful and uncomfortable but Jenna was honestly enjoying it. I thought the initial penetration was amazing. It was nothing compared to watching them start to move. Eric moved first. He had ben patiently waiting while I lubed her up and getting Rob’s cock all the way in took at least two minutes. Now Eric had stayed put long enough and began to thrust up and out, pushing his ass into the sofa and back up into Jenna’s pussy. That’s when she really started to get loud and filthy.

“That’s it! Fuck my cunt with that cock in my ass. Fuck me good! Give it to me I want to feel that fat cock sliding against the one in my ass!”

Eric obeyed and held nothing back, forcing his wide dick up and down as fast as he could manage with her on top.

“Now, fuck my ass, Rob!” she screamed.

Rob started to move and together they began to alternate thrusts. When one was in deep the other was almost out. I don’t think I blinked for five minutes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Jenna was absolutely loving it. I always thought the porn queens were just acting and pretending they liked being fucked by two guys, and I’m sure some are but Jenna had no reason to be acting. She was screaming for more, telling them to keep going and that she was cumming all in the five minutes I didn’t blink. And talk about an orgasm. This girl’s body started to shake and convulse between these two guys like no other I’ve ever seen. She screamed and shook for a long time until she finally couldn’t control herself anymore and fell limp onto Eric, who held her up and continued to fuck her through her orgasm.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Rob said, pulling out and spraying his load onto Jenna’s back. I guess the anal was too much for him and he lost it. Talk about a load. He coated her back with strings of cum, like ten long burst from his excitement. I watched spellbound as he stroked himself onto her. After Rob finished, Eric picked Jenna up, flipped her around and laid her on her back and continued to fuck her hard until he too pulled out and climaxed onto her body, big thick spurts of heavy semen. When they hit they made a huge mess on her stomach but he didn’t shoot far enough to hit her breasts.

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Fluids of Her Body

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After making love after lunch we cleaned up, then went out for the late afternoon. When it was time for dinner we went to a nice restaurant, not too fancy, but clean with really good food. We sat beside each other and I was pleased to see a full table cloth, the corners dropping down towards the floor.

When we were seated and the waiter asked what we’d like to drink, I told him a diet cola of some kind but Old Green Eyes just smiled up at him and said, “Please bring me the largest glass of water you have. Also, a large pitcher of water to leave on the table.”

The waiter’s eyebrows rose in surprise, but after a moment he smiled, dipped his head forward in respect, and left. He immediately brought our drinks, and the pitcher, then left to get menus.

As we waited for him to return, I lifted the edge of the table cloth and draped it over our laps. Then I slid my hand under the cloth and while sliding my right hand along her thigh, leaned over and reached for a kiss. One of her wonderful kisses.

Our lips touched and I felt her tongue approaching, touching mine, demanding entry. I complied, opening my lips, inviting her in.

As our kissing became deeper I felt her shifting, spreading her legs. So, accepting her invitation, I slid my hand upward, not surprised to find she didn’t have any panties on. When the edge of my hand felt the hairs above her crotch, she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Play with me. Touch me, I’m so horny and in need of your touch.” And with that she spread herself even wider.

I began to tickle her clit with my little finger and as I slid two fingers into her heat I saw her reach out and grab the glass of water, which she immediately emptied.

“I told you earlier, I’m going to fill your mouth with pee while you eat me. And I intend to keep that promise.”

I began to masturbate her, relishing in the feel of her, being very grateful that this woman’s passion was so evident. I kissed her ear as my fingers wandered between her legs.

I whispered, “If we hadn’t raised such a hunger this afternoon, I’d take you right back to our bed and ravish you.”

“Not until we’ve had dinner. Besides, I need more water. I’m going to bathe you. You certainly need a good Golden Shower, right?”

“Okay. I can’t wait – but will,” I replied.

I saw the waiter Bayan Escort Antep approaching so I removed my hand from between her legs. Later, about half way through the meal, she excused herself, saying, “I’ll be right back. I’ve got to go to the little girl’s room.”

“Too much water?” I asked with a smile.

“No, silly, I’ve got to take a dump. You know…move my bowels?”

“Oh, good,” I replied, “I was worried that you’d lose all that pee you promised.”

* * *

As usual, it was an excellent meal and as we slowly walked back to the hotel, I held her in my arms, sliding my hand up along her waist, touching the outer surface of her breast through her blouse. From time to time she would turn away from me, turning all the way around, this causing her large, soft breasts to drift across my hand. Then she would offer her lips for our pleasure. And I would kiss her, sometimes looking into her bright green eyes, sometimes closing mine, remembering how wonderful a privilege it is to kiss her.

We continued to walk, eventually reaching our hotel.

Once the elevator door closed I pulled her into my arms, holding her tight, my arms around her waist and our lips and tongue seeking each other’s. I do so enjoy kissing her. She feels wonderful in my arms, her warm body against mine. This is such a sloooow elevator.

I lean forward a little, tugging on her earlobe with my teeth, hearing her intake of breath as I lick her ear, taking the whole thing into my mouth, my tongue trying to taste her mind.

I circle within her ear, tasting the folds, feeling her pushing her body hard against mine. I want to make love to this woman. I want to have her in every way we’ve talked about. I want to softly abuse her body with my cock, have her pee in my face, violate her ass with my fingers, my cock, my tongue. I need to love her.

As I slid my hands down her back and onto her buttocks, my fingers digging into her skirt, feeling her soft ass, she pulled away from our kiss, saying, “No, don’t. I’ve got to really pee so once we’re in the room I need you to get undressed and lay down in the tub.”

But while the car continued climbing up to our floor, her hand softly stroked my cock through my trousers, her fingers reaching for my balls.

When we get into our room I immediately undressed. tossing my clothes hither and yon, then, naked, I went into the bathroom. my hard cock pointing the way before me, and laid down in the tub, waiting for her.

When she came in she was mostly nude, wearing just her bra, and in looking at her breasts I could see her nipples protruding through the soft material. And I could see her smile.

She stepped into the tub, her body over my face, knees on each side of my head. I reached up and placed my arms over her hips, and slowly pulled her body down until her cunt was right over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her lips, tasting her pleasure, tasting her passion.

As I began eating her, I felt her hand tugging my cock, trying to get it erect again. Then I felt her mouth engulfing me, her teeth at the base of the shaft.

While she started to suck me, I felt her finger tugging at the string that has been dangling out of my ass all afternoon. And when I felt the first, the largest, ball trying to come out, I opened my eyes to see her two legs on each side of my face, her pussy wet and wild with passion.

Then she began. First a slight dribble, then more, and finally I heard her say, “Here it comes. Open your mouth. Drink my piss!”

She flowed into my mouth, then moved her hips, spraying hot piss on my chest, then returning to wash my face in her pee. I drank willingly, enjoying another of her many delicious flavors.

While she favored me with her pee I licked her crotch, the lips of her cunt, swollen and wet, pulsating with her passion. Still, she peed, her urine draining down my throat as it splashed up my nose, in my face, on my chest. I relished her.

When her urine stopped flowing she pushed downwards, her soft pussy damp with her passion, wet from her pee, warm and covering my nose and mouth.

I drank the last of the urine I caught, and returned to licking her, tasting both her cunt and her pee.

My tongue slid between her lips, sliding along until my chin was pressing her mons. I parted her pussy’s lips with my nose, driving inward, fucking her with my face as her mouth clamped down, squeezing the base of my shaft, the tip of my cock brushing the back of her warm, wet throat.

The way her hands gripped my thighs I knew she was about to climax, and sure enough, the flavor of her cunt changed as her climax began, the flavor and quantity changing as she came.

I licked her clit, my teeth scraping across the soft-but-now-hard nubbin, feeling her little clit growing in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a little cock.

Her breathing became rough as I heard her saying, “Ohhh, oh, ohhhh, it feel sooo good!”

I continued to lick her until she said, “No more. I can’t stand any more.”

So I kissed her clit, seeing her pull her hips away from my face.

As she recovered, she stood up, then pulled me up so we could both rinse off. I rinsed my mouth so she would be willing to kiss me. I enjoy drinking her pee, but I’m not so sure she likes her own. We have yet to talk about that. I dream of us in a 69 position, each peeing in the other’s face at the same time, each accepting the warm, pungent offering, each drinking all we can receive.

* * *

We dried each other off, soft warmed towels brushing everywhere, then I grabbed one of her breasts and by tugging, led her to our bed.

When we got there she turned me around, then got down on her knees and reached for my cock, pulling me forward until her mouth again held me by the root.

I placed my hands on both sides of her head, pulling her face to my belly, driving my cock deep in her throat. With my hands full of her hair, I pulled and pushed her head, fucking her face, sliding between her willing lips, feeling her close her mouth just a bit so her teeth scraped the shaft of my cock.

When I felt my climax approaching I said, “Okay, girl, get ready for a mouth full of cum. And you’d better not swallow any until I give you permission.”

Then, as my balls began emptying into her mouth, I felt her pulling out the Ben Wa balls, the rubbing inside my ass pushing against my prostate, forcing the cum to fly out of my cock, spurting deep in her throat. I heard her humming as she received, her lips milking my cock, draining all she could get.

I don’t know what she did with the Ben Wa balls, but as my ass was already open from their passage, I felt her shoving one of her fingers past my anus, brushing the inside of my asshole, pressing against where my prostate was, ejecting the last of my cum. I was drained.

When my cock softened in her mouth, I raised her up and, placing my hand under her chin, lifted her face, seeing the smile in her green eyes, as I leaned forward for a kiss, a kiss filled with my cum, and her love.

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From Cradle to Crave

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Growing up, we spent our summers by a lake. It was heaven. My grandparents, great uncle, my Mom and one sister, at the point of this writing, loved our cabin. My Dad stayed in our hometown to work during the week, and came up on weekends.

To save money, my Mom would cut our hair. Life was great, life was normal. Then came that one day, the day the seed of a fetish was planted.

Mom had cut my hair. I don’t really remember the style, if I even had one, but it was short and I had enough wispy ends showing, that she used a man’s electric razor to shave them away. I liked it, it tickled.

But my sister’s hair had somehow been screwed up. Whether she cut it wrong, or my sister wouldn’t sit still and was the cause of it, I don’t know. I wasn’t watching. But it was messed up enough that Mom dragged us to the local barbershop. My hair was fine. I remember standing there, looking up at my sister sitting on the kiddie seat.

The barber used clippers, and she started crying and screaming. I remember asking her if it hurt and she nodded yes. At least that’s the way I remember it happening. Most likely she was just scared of the clippers and noise.

I don’t recall any other incidents involving hair, cutting it, or barbers until I came to puberty.

I remember a time I really wanted my nape shaved. I must’ve been Bayan Escort Gaziantep around 14 years old, maybe 15. I tried to be forced to have it shaved by writing an anonymous note to a local salon, wearing gloves on my hands so I wouldn’t leave fingerprints.

I asked to have me taken out of school and have my neck shaved. Well, of course, nothing happened. I’m sure they thought it was a prank and that was the end of that.

I had blondish hair on my arms and legs so I didn’t start shaving my legs until close to 20 years old when it turned darker. I used an electric razor. Shaving my legs was nothing to get excited about, but those vibrations?

I figured they’d feel good ‘down there.’ I lay on my stomach with the shaver between my legs, the blades away from my pussy. It felt really good. I had to re-position it and somehow I got the nub of the cord on the shaver on my clit and I had my first orgasm. I was hooked. It would be me and the shaver for many years.

I did experiment with my hands and learned to bring myself off that way.

Finally, after I got a job, I was able to get my own apartment but with neighbors, I had to be careful about making noises when I came.

I was able to purchase a vibrator when I found an ad in the back of some magazine. This was long before the internet, when you had to mail order items from ads.

I purchased several different types over the years, for use depending on my needs at the time. I still shaved my legs with the shaver, though it finally gave out. ‘Bye old friend.

By the time I moved to my apartment, I had lost a lot of weight and was able to wear a short cut and look good in it. I don’t know what you’d call it, but it hugged my head and was about an inch lower the bottom of the ear length.

Sometimes it was cut just a little shorter, and the salon used the finishing clipper, but that didn’t excite me at all.

Then came the years I was too busy with life to think much about clippers. I was dating, going to clubs (disco era), and singing in community choruses. When I married, my husband lather shaved my pussy several times.

It was an erotic feeling, and I did enjoy the shaving as well as they sex afterwards, but it didn’t turn me on as much as thinking about clippers. We even tried the vibrating razor when it hit the market, but it wasn’t strong enough. I had grown my hair past my shoulders so hadn’t thought of clippers for many years.

I’ve now been divorced for 15+ years, retired for two. It wasn’t until this year, when sitting at my laptop, that I even thought of my clipper fantasies. I searched the ‘net and found so much on women’s head shaving, bald or short cuts.

I’ve bookmarked a couple nape shave videos that I pleasure myself to. As numerous as the head shaving videos are, there is very, very little on clipper pussy shaving. I did find one video but it’s only okay.

I read stories, looked at pictures and learned what I like. The more I trolled the ‘net, the more things I found that turned me on. The more turned on I got, the more I fantasized. And here I am.

This is why I have a fixation with clippers, and the reason I equate the barbershop experience and clippers with sex.

I’ve discovered other turn-ons that I’ve incorporated into my stories. I don’t know whether or not they are considered fetishes just because they turn me on, but I like them enough to add them. Color me curious about being with another woman. I have no desire to DO to a woman, only be done to, be the receiver.

Since seeing my first porno film with a lover, I’ve been curious about dp’s. I’ve done anal but didn’t like it alone; with a dp, I have no idea if I’d like it or not.

I love the idea of forced orgasms, by vibrators and machines; very light B&D, receiving a little pain. I’m not into the heavy stuff or extremes that some are. I just want some spice, not a lifestyle.

So from one day as a kid in a barbershop, to shaving my pussy, to videos and stories on the internet, my fetish evolved into what I write about today.

So much more than a haircut.

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Great Service at Buy Low

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Alyssa may be in graduate school but she sure doesn’t look like it. She is 5’4 150 lbs (curvy in all the right places) with a 38DD chest. She could easily pass for a young 18 even though her ID says 22. She constantly gets questioned about her life and her career aspirations, but she isn’t really ready to grow up yet.

A lot of the time Alyssa has people ask her why she works at a grocery store when she is in graduate school and could very easily have a much better job. She often makes one excuse or another, “It is just brainless menial labor,” “I get to work with a lot of cool people,” “I’m not the only college student who works there.” While all of these reasons were true, they were not the only reasons. There were many other reasons that Alyssa worked at Buy Low. Rob, Joshua, David, Nicolas, Bryan, Rick, and Al were just a few of them.

When Alyssa had first thought of applying at Buy Low it had been in hopes of a temporary job just until she could find something more appealing. When she went in to interview she was not really taking it seriously. She had got up that morning and laid out in the sun for an hour or so. She remembered her interview at the last minute so she threw her hair up and pulled on some jeans and a tank top. She did not even look in the mirror, but when she got in the car she realized that she looked a hot mess. But she was late so she had to hurry.

When she pulled into the parking lot the first thing she noticed was the bagger pushing buggies into the store. He had stopped for a minute and pulled his shirt up to wipe the sweat off his face. His chest was so ripped that Alyssa got so distracted that she almost hit another car. She parked and hurried inside, making sure to catch the hottie’s eye on her way in. After scoping out several other really hot guys she decided that she really needed to give this job a chance. She made up some excuse for her appearance with the manager and ended up getting the job.

After working there for a few weeks she realized that all of the hot guys that worked in the store were still in HIGH SCHOOL!! This sucked especially since that meant that they were all under 18 and therefore were jailbait. A couple of months went by and Alyssa came to realize that David, Nicolas, Rick and Al were already 18 and Joshua and Rob were almost Antep Bayan Escort 20. She would not have known this if they had not been talking about planning an 18th birthday party for Bryan. Alyssa could feel trouble coming a mile away. In the short period of time that she had been working at BUY LOW she had gotten to know the guys really well. Joshua and Rob went to the local university, David played football, Nicolas tennis, Bryan ran cross country and Rick and Al were both on drill team, and she was determined to have some sort of sexual encounter with them all.


Rick and Al were night stockers. Even though I was a cashier she sometimes managed to convince the store manager to let me stay sometimes and help them clean up the store. (I was only able to do this with one manager and that was only when I was wearing a low cut top and she bent over the counter to ask him.) One Tuesday night I was blocking an aisle of can goods when Rick and Al came over. They were putting out more stock and at first they did not notice her. “Hey you know that new cashier Alyssa, I heard she was in college.” “Yea man, she is hot, I know what I would like to do to her.” This was all the instigation that I needed. I put my earphones in and pretended to drop a can. This got the boys attention, but they did not think that I had heard what they had said.

They walked over to me and I pulled out my earbuds. “Oh hey guys, I forgot that you worked at night.” “Yea, every Tuesday,” said Rick. “This job sucks,” said Al. I forced myself to blush. Al noticed and asked me what was up. “You guys talk so much. I suppose you are going to say that you did not hear about me and Chris in the walk-in.” That got their attention. “No we didn’t! What happened?” I had them. “Nothing, nothing happened, it was just a joke, but it sure made you stop quick didn’t it.” I walked around the end of the aisle and started blocking cereal. I hummed the tune of a song to make them think that I had music back on and listened. “What do you think that was about?” “I don’t know, is there anyone who works here named Chris? I don’t know anyone.” ” I don’t care, all I can think about is getting that girl alone in the back!” “Hey man, that’s not fair; she is hot enough to share.”

The next Tuesday I was again straightening up can goods. I was on my knees working on some of the bottom shelves when Rick and Al came over. Both of their cocks were at my eyelevel so I looked up. They were both only 18 and they were nowhere near as arrogant as they appeared. They both shuffled there feet and mumbled something. I asked them if they needed anything. They looked at each other and shook their heads no. I smiled at them and said, “It is very obvious by the stirring in your pants that you do.” Their eyes grew HUGE and they just looked at me. I stood up, grabbed both of their hands and pulled them to the back room. “Come on now Al, all you could talk about last week was what you were going to do to me, don’t clam up now.”

sank to my knees before him. He was still a couple of feet away from me and I began to crawl towards his rock hard cock. At the sight of my hard body crawling towards him his eye’s blazed into mine and his dick began to twitch. I knew it was turning him on to see me on my knees desperate to taste his meat.

I had both of them in the storeroom at the back of the store. We were the only three people in the store this late at night so I wasn’t worried about getting caught. I insisted that they strip which they hesitated on. “If you guys weren’t serious I need to get back to work.” I started to walk away when I heard Rick unzip his khakis. As I turned around he pulled his shirt up over his head. I kneeled down in front of him.

I slowly looked up his body till our eyes met and ran my tongue along my lips silently telling him how much I wanted to taste his cum. I then turned my attention to his cock. I began by running my nails up his hard thighs. I raised my head till his balls were before my mouth and held still just letting him feel my hot breath caressing him. When I couldn’t stand this any more I began to flick my tongue of his sacks tasting his sweat. I lightly began to suck his balls till I heard him suck in his breath and moan. I knew it was time to move on so I began to flick my tongue up the underside of his dick till I reached the head and could taste his pre-cum oozing out the head.

With one hand I started to fondle his balls while I took his dick into my mouth. I took all 7 or so inches of his dick into my mouth and began to suck and fuck him with my mouth. I knew he wasn’t going to last long this first time so I wasn’t surprised when I felt his balls start to tighten and his dick begin to blast off in my mouth.

Not to be outdone Al had come up behind me and was attempting to remove my shirt. I quickly put him in his place telling him that this was about them getting their rocks off so that we could work in piece. Truth be told, I was way more into Rick than I was Al. Rick was tall 5’8 or 5’9 with light brown hair and a chest you could bounce a quarter off of. He was the main reason she asked to work these night shift, Al was just an addition. Al wasn’t bad looking he is 5’6 kinda scrawny which shaggy brown hair. I turned around and sucked Al’s 6 inch cock into my mouth. He was already hard from having to watch me give so much attention to Rick. Because of this it took no time at all for him to fill my mouth with sperm. I swallowed spurt after spurt. When he was finished I wiped the corners of my mouth and told them both that if I even heard rumors about what had just happened that it would never happen again.

They looked at each other and nodded, my secret was safe. Al left the back room and Rick and I were supposed to follow right behind him. That didn’t happen though because I put my hands on the belt that he had just finished buckling and told him that I wasn’t finished with him. His eyes grew wide, but I could already see his cock growing in his pants again. For the next 10 or so minutes I lavished over his glorious manhood. He was leaning against a stack of pallets for support. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, his balls were big and they tasted so good. I contemplated letting him fuck me, but I figured there would be plenty more opportunities for that. As he unleashed yet another load of cum some of it escaped my mouth and dribbled down my chin, I wiped this up with my finger and then sucked them clean.

I made sure to lick him clean and then kissed my way up his chest. I gave him one last really deep kiss on the mouth and told him that I had to get back out on the floor or else the manager would think I was slacking and wouldn’t let me stay to help anymore. As I was finishing up work that morning I realized that I had just sucked the cocks of two of my high-school-aged co-workers. Not only that but I had thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part was that there were still quite a few of them that I had not had yet.

Two guys down at least five more to go.

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Fucking Joanna

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I’m sitting in a hotel room in nothing but a black thong, waiting for my lover. She was with me all yesterday afternoon, when we shared the most passionate afternoon of our lives. I had driven up to her city in the morning, and had gone straight to the library where we were going to meet. It’s a small research library, full of rare books and one-of-a-kind manuscripts. She does research there often, I less so. We had agreed to meet there, after fantasizing many times about fucking in its dark stacks.

I had been there for half an hour, reading at one of the large oak tables, when she came in. She wore black boots, a long silky skirt, and a tight black top that showed off her breasts beautifully. Her long brown hair framed her pretty face as she walked toward me a bit too quickly for our meeting to seem nonchalant. She plopped and envelope on the table next to me and smiled. I knew what it contained. I got up, and told her to follow me.

As soon as we were down the stairs that lead to the bathrooms, I took her in my arms and kissed her full lips passionately. My arms embraced her tightly; my lips met hers hard. It had been a long time since we had been together, and the last meeting had been brief. A quick fingering, a hungry blow job, in my car in an alleyway of her neighborhood. Now we had the whole afternoon ahead of us, and we knew that we were going to make hot dirty love.

I pulled her into the men’s room with me, to her surprise, and took her with me into the stall. We kissed, embraced, whispered to each other. I hiked up her skirt and kissed my way down her body, pulling the skirt up to reveal her pantyhose and the skimpy pink thong underneath. My hand thrust between her legs and I started rubbing. So wet. So warm. I stood up, and she went down on her knees. She unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. My cock was hard under my boxer briefs and she relished it through the material. I pulled them down, eager as I was to have her mouth around my hardness. She looked like such a slut, on the floor in a restroom, sucking cock, the split in her skirt wide open, revealing her shapely legs in her pantyhose. I looked down into her eyes, her hair cascading around her face, as I thrust my cock into her mouth. As quietly as possible, I facefucked her as she reached down and masturbated through her hose and panties. Quickly, she was cumming, and I was on the edge. I pulled out of her mouth, and told her I wanted to save that load for her tight little cunt.

We pulled the envelope open and she took out the thong and hose she had brought for me. I undressed, and she helped me put them on. There we stood, in the men’s room wearing slutty little thongs and matching pantyhose, my hard cock barely contained, her pussy dripping with juices.

We stepped out quietly and returned to the reading room. There was work to be done. For the next hour we worked silently, each at his own task, surrounded by others who were oblivious to what we had just done, who had no idea that I was wearing her panties and hose underneath my professional-looking attire. I worked quickly, skimming and looking only for the essentials. We finished up, and left the library.

The cab ride to our hotel could not have been more than a mile or two, but it felt like we were crossing the entire city. She was pressed against me, with my arm around her. We kissed. We fondled. I cupped her breast in my hand and rubbed her nipple through her clothes. I let my hand wander up her leg until my fingertips grazed her cunt. I whispered into her ear that I was going to fuck her hard, that I was going to fill her with cum.

An empty room awaited us, ready to be filled with pleasure. Where to start? What would be the first indulgence? She undressed me, leaving me in only pantyhose and the black thong she had brought to the library. Down to her knees she sank, to lick and suck me through the material. But I needed to start another way: I had her get up on the bed, fully dressed, while I got my video camera out. She knew I loved to watch her masturbate. I’d videotaped her before, and had cum many times to that film. I had her hike up her skirt and spread her legs. The wet spot was so large, so clear. She rubbed her clit hard through her clothes, telling me how rough it felt. She ground her pussy into her hand, moaning and arching her back. She got to the edge, and I ordered her to stop. She obeyed, and then started again. This time she slipped her hand inside so she could finger herself. She thrust two fingers into her tight young cunt, using the other hand to push them in, moaning loudly as she violated herself. Thrusting, humping, moaning, she approached her climax, and once again, I told her to stop. There she was, this beautiful young girl, spread out on my bed, begging to cum. I had her start again, once more with her hands inside. The room filled up with the slurping noises of her wet cunt, as she pounded her fingers inside. The bed shook as she humped and thrust wildly, Bayan Escort Gaziantep begging for release. My camera followed her throughout, at times zooming in to see the wet spot growing in her pantyhose, at times focusing on the look of tortured pleasure that shaped her face. She came screaming, almost crying, her orgasm tearing through her in waves. As she came down from it, panting, I asked her what she wanted next.

“Fuck me. I need your dick inside me so bad,” she groaned.

I ripped her pantyhose open, pulled her lacy pink thong aside, and started to feast on her wet cunt. Her pussy is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I love the way her olive skin darkens into these well-defined, fleshy lips that form such a strong contrast with the pink flesh inside. I spread her open and studied her, kissing and licking every fold. I pulled back her hood so I could play with her tiny nub, flicking it, sucking it and licking it. I love her flavor, her aroma. Instinctively, she started to grind into my face, and I let her get to the edge before pulling away. I wanted to memorize every bit of her pussy. I wanted to be able to close my eyes after she left and picture every detail, remember every taste, every whiff of her hot young cunt. I worshipped her pussy, made love to it, and then I pulled her to the edge of the bed, and stood between her legs.

I tore my own pantyhose open, and pulled my rock hard cock out from behind the thong that was barely containing it. I brought my head to her cunt, spreading her lips open with it. I love teasing her this way, making her beg. I love seeing my dick against her cunt, opening up her lips, probing her hole, rubbing against her clit. Her juices coated my head, and her warm wet flesh felt so velvety against me. Finally, I needed to be inside her. I pushed her back on the bed, and got on top. I started to work my cock into her, as I watched her face, and looked into her eyes. She’s tight. I’m thick. I never slide in right away, even after she’s fingered herself and cum, as she had that day. I always have to press into her, and I love it. Every time is a violation. Every time I penetrate her, work my way into her body. I watch her face, see the mixture of pain and pleasure in her eyes as she stretches for me. Finally, she opens up, and my cock sinks deep into her young cunt, deep into paradise itself. I hold my dick there, buried inside her, as I gaze into her eyes, as I kiss her. Then I bring her legs up onto my shoulders and start to fuck her deep and hard. She squeals. She screams. She moans. She yells out how much she loves how I fuck her. And it only makes me fuck her harder and deeper. Her legs clench my face. I take in the rough texture of the nylon against my cheeks, my shoulders, my hands as I caress them. I know I won’t last long, and I don’t want to, because there’s nothing I want more in this world than to fill this young girl with cum. And I know there’s nothing she wants more than for me to cum inside her. She begs me for it. I tell her I’m going to fill her. Our moans fill the room. Mine become guttural as my cum wells up inside me. And then I release. Powerfully. I squirt deep inside her as I see the face of god in her eyes. I unload my essence deep into her body and collapse on her.

We kiss. We embrace. We feel my cum ooze out of her as I fuck her gently, and then slip out. I stand up, and pull her to the edge of the bed again. There she is, her legs open, her pantyhose ripped, her well-fucked pussy dripping my cum. It slides down her crack to her asshole, and forms a puddle on her skirt. I take pictures of her fully dressed with my cum leaking out of her, and then kiss her beautiful cunt. I lick the streams of cum leaking out of her. I suck as much out as I can, probing her with my tongue, tasting our juices together. And then I kiss her, sharing our mixture with her. Her full red lips pressed against mine, as we share my cum, her cream, and hold each other. Bliss.

Our stomachs grumble, reminding us that we haven’t had lunch. As some point her top and bra have come off. When? We headed to a restaurant just a block away, taking secret delight in the slutty things we’re wearing under our demure public facades. Did the waiter realize what was going on? When he saw her baby face he carded us. Did he notice that we had wedding rings on, but that our last names didn’t match, and that we lived in separate cities? Could he tell she had just been fucked? Did he imagine she had my cum leaking out into her panties during the whole meal? I think he may have, from the smirk that opened across the face as he looked at our ID’s. I wonder if he masturbated thinking of her later that day. She looked so sexy, so edible. I wonder how many men (or women) would have wanted to have been in my place that day . . .

The bill paid, we rush back to the hotel, eager for more. I’ve whispered to her over lunch that I want to be her slut, and she knows exactly what she wants to do with me. As soon as we’re in, the clothes drop to the floor, but not entirely. I keep the torn hose and the thong on, and she hands me a frilly skirt to put on over them. She changes into a schoolgirl outfit, and takes out her toy. It’s a Feeldoe, a big blue dildo with an bulbous end that fits into her cunt. I watch it as she slides it in, groaning as its thickness stretches her. And there she stands, a sexy schoolgirl, baby-faced and brown-haired, her short plaid skirt draped over a thick long blue dildo that juts out in front of her like a dick ready to fuck. My mouth waters. My ass twitches, and I ask her to stroke it. She’s hot and ready to fuck me. She takes it in her fist and pumps it, and I want that to be my ass.

She approaches me, takes out her lipstick, and paints my mouth the same color as hers. I look in the mirror and see myself dressed up as her slut boy. A black thong. Torn pantyhose. A short skirt. Lipstick. I tell her I need her to fuck my ass and get down on the bed, my ass in the air, offering myself to her.

I feel the bed sink as she gets on. I feel my ass burn as she slaps it. I feel her pull my cheeks apart, and greedily sink her mouth between them, hungry for my asshole. Groans escape my mouth as she licks and kisses me, as her tongue enters me. I love it when she rims me, when she eats my slutty little boy-cunt. She does it with such hunger, relish, abandon. Another slap. Moans. I can hear her fingering herself as she feasts on my cunt. She spreads her pussy juices on it to make it taste like a pussy, and works her tongue in deeper than I could imagine.

“Fuck me. I need you to fuck me. Fuck me like a slutty little girl,” I moan to her.

“You want it don’t you? You want it you fucking whore?” she moans out. Her voice has that ragged edge it gets when her desire has become desperate. “Beg for my cock, you slut!” she commands.

“Yes, please. Stick it in me! You know I want your big fat cock inside. Violate my pussy, baby! Fuck me!” I gasp in response. She hunches over me and brings her toy to my ass. The tip feels so big. I’ve been plugging myself during my phonefucks for weeks, getting myself ready for her. It’s still hard to open up, hard to take her.

We had hoped she could fuck me like a man, thrusting in as the Feeldoe worked her clit and cunt. The angle is wrong, though, and she has to take it out to do me. With the greater control she has, she can work the dildo into my waiting ass. It parts me, violates me, and I moan loudly. She fucks me with it. Deep. Hard. She can’t believe I’m taking it all the way. I only push back onto it, wanting it deeper.

“You’re such a fucking whore!” she yells, as she fingers herself and fucks my ass.

“Yes! Give it to me! Fuck me!” My words lose all coherence as I feel her toy, her cock, deep in my boycunt. I reach down and stroke my cock, so hard, so ready to fill her, and grind back onto her thick long pole.

She pulls it out and thrusts her tongue in. I’m wide open for her. I can feel her warm wet tongue invade me. I throw my head back and gasp as she explores me, devours me. No one has ever eaten my ass with such relish. She slaps my ass. Again. Harder. She caresses the parts of me still covered by what’s left of my pantyhose. She pulls on the panties and lets them snap back against my skin. She brings her fingers to my ass from her cunt, and smears her pussy cream all over my hole, so that it tastes like a pussy. I press back, eager to have her fingers inside. Yes, the toy was bigger and stretched me farther, but the fingers are her. I can feel the warmth of her body inside my ass, searching for my spot.

I push back. I’m still in the panties and the torn hose. I still have that frilly little skirt on, and I feel like such an utter whore. I’m her whore, her boyslut, and I want her to fuck me deep in hard. I want my cunt-hungry little schoolgirl to eat and fuck my ass as if it were a pussy. I want to have a pussy, a cunt just as tight and wet as hers that she could fuck whenever she wanted, that she could split open with her thick cock and fill up with cum. I want her to have a dick. A thick, long dick that was always hard for me and that she could thrust into me with abandon until she released all the cum her body could muster into my waiting hole.

“Fuck my cunt! Make me your little slut! Make me a girl!” I yell at her, as her fingers invade me, penetrate me, violate me.

She finds it, and I lose all sense of where and who I am. Rocking back and forth, I take her fingers as deep as I can. She wiggles them, pressing against my spot just right. No more words. Only moans, whimpers, gasps. In the distance, I can here her fingering her wet little cunt just as deep and hard as she’s fingering my ass. Dimly I can tell that she is moaning too, as she kisses and licks my ass while she fucks me. I get to the edge of orgasm, my body a coiled spring, vibrating with the electric hum that flows from her into me, and I stay there for what seems an eternity. There is no room. There is no me, no her. There is only the pleasure and the pain of the fucking.

I hear her gasp as she cums hard, and then she pulls out. I collapse onto the bed, panting. The room reappears, acquires shape and color again, and she drops down next to me. She holds me, kisses me as I come back to my senses, gasping for breath. We caress each other, but exchange no words because there is nothing that could possibly be said. Her clothes are gone, all but her panties, and sweat coats her back.

Wordlessly, she turns me onto my back and straddles me. My cock is still hard and hungry for her. Her cunt is dripping wet. She’s sore from all the fingering and fucking, but she wants me inside her, deep. I want to be inside her. I want to squirt into her, to fill her again. I grin broadly and hum with pleasure as she pulls her panties aside and her warm cunt once again swallows my cock.

There is no greater pleasure in this world than that of being inside her cunt. The way her pussy embraces me, the way it milks me, the way it swallows every inch of my hardness and makes me want to be inside her utterly and completely. She grinds against me as she smiles down, her eyes bright with lust and love, her hair dangling down in hopelessly mussy strands. Her skirt is gone. Where did it go? But her legs are still wrapped in what’s left of her pantyhose, and I can’t help but caress them.

I grab her tits and pinch her nipples as I watch her face lose composure. Her thick lips part and her eyes close as she forces her way down onto my cock, taking my full length. She’s still tight and she gasps as I stretch her. Soon she’s lost in the grinding. I can feel her rub her clit against me as she rocks back and forth, using me to get herself off. I grab her hands and hold them, our fingers intertwined, as I begin to thrust up into her. How could I not? Being inside her makes me want to go deeper, harder. It makes me want to penetrate further until I’m fucking not just her body, but her soul. I want to cum on her soul, and I know she wants me to drench her.

“Fuck, yes! God, yes! Shit! I’m gonna cummm!” she gasps as her orgasm rips through her. Her pussy lips clench my cock and I feel her juices pour out onto my balls. Her eyes open once more and stare into mine. We kiss, my cock still inside her, as she grinds gently now, whimpering a bit.

I tell her to spin around and she does. I tell her to lean forward, and she does. I look down as she starts to rock back and forth, so I can see my cock emerging from the panties and skirt she’s dressed me in, and disappearing into her pussy. Her lips are swollen but open. My cock is coated in her cream. And her asshole – her asshole is right there for me to play with. I love her asshole. I dream of it when we’re apart. I fantasize about it. It’s round and perky and so very tight. And it’s virgin. Recently, at my urging, she has bought a small plug and has started training it, preparing for the day when I will take her anal virginity, when I will open up her little asshole with my thick cock and fuck her until I cum in there. But I want some of it now. I bring a finger to it and rub it. She winces.

“What are you doing?” she asks, and I hear the nervousness in her voice. She knows what I want to do. She knows I want to stuff my finger in there so I can feel my cock inside her.

“I’m playing with your sweet asshole, babydoll. Just relax.” She starts sliding back onto my cock again, and I listen to her voice change as I continue to caress her little hole. I lube my finger with some spit and penetrate it. She halts and gasps, but doesn’t protest. I slide the tip in, just up to the first knuckle, and hold it there while I hump up into her sweet cunt.

“Can you feel your cock in me?” she mutters through her moans.

“Mmm yes, I can baby. I can feel my hard dick inside you. You know I’d love for that to be another man’s cock, and for that to be my cock instead of my finger.”

She gasps and presses back, taking my cock deeper, and my finger as well. After a while, I pull out, not wanting to ask too much of her and she turns around again to ride me once more.

“I think we need to fill your ass, don’t we?” I tell her.

“Yes, I guess so” she answers meekly, her voice equal parts apprehension and lust.

Now she’s on her hands and knees, her tender young ass up in the air for me to play with. I love the way her cheeks are splayed open, exposing her little hole to me. It’s all I can do to rip my eyes away, and concentrate on lubing the small red plug I have in my hands. I bring the tip to her hole and tease.

She flinches right away, and I reassure her. Slowly she relaxes, giving her ass to me, and I begin teasing once more. I can feel the tension in her breathing, the fear. I press the tip against her hole and can see her face, in profile, wince a bit. But she holds still. She holds still and lets me invade her asshole with the toy. She lets me push the plug in, every so slowly, every so gently, and open her up for me.

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From Weird to Eccentric

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“For many people the quest for money and the power it brings intoxicates their souls until the day they die. For me it has been more basic. Money affords me the opportunity to intimately realize my attraction for women with alternative hair. So I worked diligently to build my wealth to the point that I no longer had to worry about what other people would think about my peculiarities. If you have enough money, you go from being weird to being eccentric.”

“Like Howard Hughes,” quipped the interviewer. “Please continue.”

“I developed this fetish at age thirteen, when I saw the “Bill Boggs Midday Show” with bald women. All through my adolescence in the 80s, I looked through books and magazines for the rare pictures. In college a few girls went punk and I would make sure to catch a glimpse from afar, but I never had the guts to talk with them about their hair. Even when my girlfriend, Jen, noticed my attention towards one girl with a buzz cut, I denied my interest. Years later we reconnected for a while, and she told me she would have cut her hair back in college if I asked. During our tryst in 2000 I asked and eventually bribed her with a January trip to Hawaii in return for her arriving in Honolulu with a new buzz cut. After a frigid month in New York she really enjoyed the sun warming her head.”

“When was the first time you made a deal with a woman to cut her hair?” the interviewer asked me.

“She was one of my coworkers. On a Friday night back in 1993 after making my first six figures trade, Susan and I went out to celebrate my success that day. We dined on steaks and lobsters, ate a decadent crème briolette, and we drank plenty of Cabernet. We were quite drunk walking around Soho, when we entered one of the boutiques. Browsing around Susan saw a chocolate colored Gucci handbag. She put it over her shoulder and waltzed around the store with a huge smile for at least ten minutes.”

SOHO 1993

“Jack, I would die to walk out of here with this bag,” she told me.

“Well, you don’t have to die, but we can barter for it.” It was either the wine or the power from the money I made that day, but I went for it. “You know how gorgeous I think you are, and this bag brings out a great smile in you. Just one thing would make you look even better. Cut your hair.”

“What? These blond locks have turned many heads, since I was a little girl.”

“I think your eyes, mouth, ears, and neck line are even sexier than that long mane. I will buy you this bag for how much, $2000? if we go around the corner to that barber shop we passed. And you get a really short pixie.”

Susan pondered for a few moments. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and put the handbag back on her shoulder. “How short?” she asked.

“The back and sides need to be buzzed, but the top can have some length.”

“You have a deal, but you better plunk down that Amex before I change my mind.” As we left the boutique I came to realize everyone had a price.

The female barber waved me over as Susan and I entered the shop. “Not me tonight, her.” I pointed to Susan, as she hopped up into the chair. Her dress rode up her legs, and she did not have a chance to pull it down before the barber caped her. “She will get a razor shave all around her hairline. Then taper it up to the crown. Shorten the top but leave it feminine. She has to go to work on Monday.”

“Hey dear, my name is Helen. Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked Susan.

“We made a deal for this Gucci bag,” said Susan as she showed Helen her trophy and my bargaining chip.

“That works,” said Helen, as I handed her $100 bill.


“She lifted the scissors and started to lop off over a foot of blond silk. Susan sighed seeing her hair fall onto the cape. Helen then proceeded to clipper Susan’s neck and above her ears. A razor blade followed removing four inches of stubble up her neckline. That was much higher than I had hoped for. Helen looked at me and smiled appreciating $100 for a few minutes of work. Susan still had plenty of hair on the top that Helen shaped into a feminine style, much like what Pink wears today. “

“By that point I had a raging hard-on and Susan also had her hormones racing. We kissed and groped furiously in the cab and barely got up to her apartment with our clothes on. We made love that night and for the rest of weekend. I could not keep my eyes or hands off her. That Monday she strode into the office with the Gucci on her shoulder, and her nape exposed for the first time since she was a baby. She got plenty of compliments from all the people in the office for both her hair and the bag. For the Antep Escort Bayan next two months every Friday we returned to Helen for Susan’s haircut. She eventually wound up almost completely bald but for a quarter inch of blond fuzz on top of her head. All this fun cost me another twenty grand in fancy shoes and jewelry, but I sure enjoyed our time together. Susan left the trading business for a career in fashion. She now has two kids, a big job at Macy’s, and still a short pixie.”

The interviewer followed up with another question. “How did you pursue your passion once Susan was out of your life?”

“I hired many professionals, both models and call girls. I made some films of these women at Helen’s barbershop, but I never profited financially from them. Rather than monetary gains, I liked to watch the reactions of strangers staring at a beautiful bald woman walking around the city in their midst. In addition, my libido was in full force. There is nothing like getting a blow job, while holding a shaved scalp. As on-line sites catering to extreme haircuts became more ubiquitous, I saw more of my films popping up. I figured a few of the girls made some additional money from the copies I gave them.”

“So, you found this exciting and easy to satisfy your desires.”

“Yes, from a physical and visual standpoint, but it was not exciting from a gaming perspective. I made a business deal, but there was no challenge. It had to be more impromptu. I had to figure out new ways into a woman’s soul without it being just a payment, so I went back to the old Wall Street axiom of fear and greed. “

“Do you care to expound on this?”

“By 1998 I had my own firm. We were making so much money trading our own accounts during that tech bubble that we could fund the brokers with added incentives. I devised a contest to appeal to the greed of our six female brokers. It was in a shootout format, so the one with the lowest commissions would be dropped from the contest that week. The one left after five weeks would win $50,000, while the loser each week would have her head shaved. “


“Jack, do you really expect me to shave my head?” asked Amy our top broker.

“For the chance to win 50k I do. How many of you are in?” Only two of the women raised their hands.

“I could really use the money, but if I lose in week four I get nothing but a shaved head and no extra money,” said Rachel another one of the women.

“Well you do get all that extra commissions from the accounts you open, but I get it. How about I guarantee each of you $5000 to enter and another $5000 for each week you survive. Now, who is game?”


“How many wanted to participate this time?” asked the interviewer.

“This time they all raised their hands. The men wanted in, but I told them they would have a very different kind of contest after this one was over. Each week on Friday Ray the barber would come to the office at 3PM with all his tools. We would tally up the overall total of new accounts each woman opened. One by one Jackie, Amy, Wendy, and Lisa yielded to Ray’s razor, as the contestant with the lowest running total. He would first braid the woman’s hair, so it could be harvested and donated to charity. Then he would take out the clippers and shear the woman of all her hair. By this time the office was going crazy. Guys were screaming, and the girls remaining in the contest could see their fate coming in one of the following weeks. Finally, Ray would lather the loser’s head and meticulously render her with a smooth shiny scalp. When Ray finished polishing each loser’s head with some oil, she would walk around having to endure the whole office giving her a head rub. Conversely, for each survivor another week meant another five grand. The final week of the contest pitted Rachel against Skyler. By Friday Skyler opened fifty-three new accounts and Rachel had fifty-one. However, with a late afternoon flurry Rachel won fifty-eight to fifty-six.


“Our winner has decided to join her fellow contestants,” I announced. To the loudest cheers the office had produced thus far, Rachel took the seat next to the newly shaved Skyler. “Rachel has also requested that all her fellow contestants take their turns with the clippers.”

I began by cutting off her braids. Jackie, who now sported a half-inch auburn pelt, took the first pass down the middle of Rachel’s dark curls. She was followed by a parade of the other contestants each with progressively shorter hair. Skyler, with her freshly shaved head finished clipping Rachel’s hair down to the tiniest amount of stubble. Ray then lathered her head and shaved her clean. Like all her fellow coworkers Rachel ran around the office accepting a noggin rub from anyone wanting good luck or just to cop a feel.

“All of you have been such cheerful contestants and as a group you opened over two hundred new accounts. As a reward I am giving each of you an additional $10,000.” With that news the office erupted to a deafening crescendo.


I continued with the interview, “That was an example of greed leading to a head shave, now I will recount one of the better ones as a result of fear. Let me preface by saying I have never acted like and extortionist. I am more of a fixer. I offer a way out of a tough spot and in return I collect my fee.”

“By the end of 2008 I parlayed the fifty million I made from selling my brokerage firm into six hundred million by shorting almost anything related to the housing bubble. I went after Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, the home builders, and all the crappy finance companies that inflated the real estate market earlier in the decade. That was when my name became very well known in the financial world, but my face was still unfamiliar to most people.”

“I was in Las Vegas as a speaker at a financial conference in January of 2009. Late one evening I was sitting at a blackjack table in the Venetian playing for a few thousand dollars. Across the center of the pit from me two thirtyish women were playing at a $25 table and nervously betting what looked to be the last of their money. I had used this scenario a few times before to my advantage in the form consoling the player with some dinner and a show. On a few occasions these dinners led to a nice haircut, but let me get back to 2009.”

VEGAS 2009

“Hello, ladies.” I said as I sat next to one with a blond shoulder length bob. I placed a black chip into the spot in front of me. The women bet two greens each. I think all of us had pat hands with the dealer showing a five. We all stuck and the dealer showed a ten underneath for fifteen. Unfortunately, she drew a six and collected our chips. I exchanged pleasantries and introductions with the ladies, but our luck did not change. After another five hands I was down a thousand, and the women were almost tapped.

“We are never going to make the ten grand we need,” Nicole, the dark skinned girl said to her friend. They were both on the verge of tears. “What are we going to do?” she sighed.

I turned my head to look at each of them, “blackjack is a tough way to make ready cash. I prefer bingo.” They chuckled, but I actually thought they wanted to hit me and not with another card from the deck. Realizing I needed to improve the situation I put a black chip in each of their betting circles. Sure enough we all won a few hands and the mood lightened.

“Thank you for being so nice,” said the blond. “But we are still far away from the money we need by nine tonight.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

They looked at each other then Nicole proceeded, “Kate and I are partners in a real estate firm here in Vegas. For five years we steadily grew our business flipping properties and doing some brokerage. We did quite well taking home several hundred thousand a year. We could see the market rolling over at the end of 2005, so we stepped back for a while.”

Kate continued, “Nicole and I thought it would end in 2007, so we started buying some of the better homes at what we thought were bargain prices. Boy, were we wrong. The market kept going down and we became upside-down in five of the properties we bought. We ran through our savings and owed the banks $1.5 million at this time last year. How we convinced the banks to keep giving us money, I will never know.”

Nicole started again, “That was when we had to go to a hard money lender we knew. He gave us the money to pay off the banks, but we had to sign personally to him. He now has a note from us for the ten properties we own, and he can come after all of our personal assets. We have been able to put him off for a while, but we have to give him $30,000 tonight. We have $20,000 as of now, but he won’t take anything less than full amount.”

Right then a fifty year old man with gray curly hair walked up to the table. “Hello Nicole and Kate.” Then he stared at me, “Is he a friend of yours?”

“A new friend,” said Nicole with a smile at me.

“Do you have a certified check for me?”

“We have twenty in a check and another two thousand here in chips we can cash.”

“That is not good enough. You have been putting me off for weeks on the interest. You knew the balloon would be due today, if you did not make the interest payment. I will be forced to start procedures tomorrow. At the very least I will tie up your properties, and I will start to come after you.”

Here was the chance for the fixer to rescue the ladies in distress. “Hello friend. How about I make good for the other eight thousand, and you leave the ladies alone.” I called the pit boss for a marker for 10 thousand.

“We barely know each other, and you are going to save our bacon tonight?” asked Kate in skeptical disbelief.

“Let’s just say it’s my way of paying back my good fortune from making so much money during this financial crisis. And I believe in you two.”

I walked over to the cage with the lender to cash in the chips. “That makes thirty with their check. They say they are into you for one and half million.” He nodded. “I will buy that note off you for 1.3 million. You know you will be chasing them down for a while, and the last thing you want is a lawsuit. Also, if I can sell these properties in a good way, I will give you the rest plus the interest.” He nodded again and shook my hand. “Meet me at my attorney tomorrow at 4PM,” I said as I handed him the card with the address.

I walked back to the table and sat down with Nicole and Kate. “How would you feel if that guy was out of your lives for good?” They perked up. “I am going to buy your note from him, and I will restructure the terms to give you some breathing room. How about no interest charged for the next three years, and you don’t have to pay off the note until you sell the houses? I will have to make sure your properties are in order and that thug does not back out, but it should work.”

Nicole spoke to me directly, “I think you are either the most generous person in the world, or you are a total creep with an ulterior motive.”

“Both,” I answered. “I am quite generous. Also, I used to think my preferences were a bit creepy, and I do have an ulterior motive.”

“Do you want a threesome? Been there, done that with Nicole on a few occasions,” said Kate trying to gauge my hand.

“That would be a nice bonus.” I waited a moment then blurted out, “I like women with little or no hair, and I am not talking about your vagina. I think a completely bald woman or one with a buzzed pixie is more attractive than your blond locks.”

Nicole almost screamed, “You mean all I have to do is shave off this over processed ethic mess of mine, and we get that sweetheart deal. I will shave Kate myself if she has any qualms about this.”


“Kate had no qualms, and we all shook hands on the deal. I called a local barber, Sam, and he met us upstairs in my suite. He unpacked his clippers, razors, capes, and all the other tools of his trade. We set up two chairs facing the big wall mirror. The women removed the tops and jeans, and I looked them over carefully as they strutted over to the chairs. Both of them had to be at least a size eight and Nicole may have been a ten. Given that I had only dated waiflike women for a while, I had forgotten how beautiful a body looked without protruding hip bones and ribs.”

“Sam started to shear the back of Nicole’s head with the clippers. He took it around the sides leaving her with only a mess of kinky curls on the top. He then worked on Kate’s bob in the same fashion carefully carving out a blond bowl on top of a bald head. After I snapped a few pictures Sam lathered up lower parts of their heads and shaved them down to the skin. I liked the way they looked, but Nicole wanted a full shave to remove all her damaged hair.”

“The girls went to shower off, and I paid Sam five hundred for his trouble. I joined them in the shower and thoroughly enjoyed soaping every curve of their butts, boobs, and bellies. While I shampooed Kate’s bowl top, Nicole went to work on my cock. When I was ready to cum, Kate knelt down next to Nicole and waited for me to cum all over her face. I was quite generous to each of them with my load. Once I finished, I watched them kiss and lick each other till nothing remained. “

“We intermittingly slept, ate, and had some form of sex, until I had to meet the lender at 4PM. All the details of their business were in order, and I took on the note. They proved themselves as sharp brokers, and we formed a new real estate company. A few times a year I travel to Las Vegas to go over the books, have the girls’ hair done, and fuck like crazy.

The interviewer wrapped up our conversation, “Those were great stories, but why you not been married in all these years?”

“I almost married Jen in Hawaii, but she did not want to keep cutting her hair or allow me to cut someone else’s. I have not found my soul mate, who also has a hair cutting fetish.”

“I think after this interview you will have more than a few prospects. Actually, I have been thinking of cutting these curls for years,” she said with a seductive smile.

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Her Idea Ch. 03

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I knew what they were planning, but played along anyway. Let them have their fun thinking they were being clever, I thought.

Her finger slid down my sack and my hole reflexively puckered when she reached the edge of my rim.

I smiled as much as I could with a thick cock sliding slowly back and forth in my mouth. My lips were stretched around his engorged shaft and his sack dragged back and forth my forehead to my nose each time he rocked his hips forehead and pushed his head against the back of my throat.

This had become our favorite position. I laid on my back with my frisky girlfriend straddling my face in a 69. Then our new friend would grab her hips and pound her from behind. She liked it hard, and he could really fuck. He would smash his hips into her plump ass and she would yelp, but never take her mouth off my cock.

Every couple of thrusts our new friend would take his cock out of her and shove it my mouth for a few thrusts. I got to taste his perfect cock and her sweat pussy at the same time, then he would go back to fucking her and I would suck on her clit. He would pick up the pace and start grunting, then I would prepare for what I knew what was coming next, and craved. He would pull out and shove his dick in my mouth just in time for load after load of his warm, salty cum to fill my mouth.

After the pulsing stopped and his sack was empty he would take his cock out, and my girlfriend would turn around and start riding me while we kissed and shared his load. It usually ended with me fucking her ass. She loved anal, and sharing a cock with me drove her wild and she begged me to shove my cock up her tushy until I filled her taboo hole with my own load.

This was how pretty much every day started for us now since we met our new friend. Actually, he wasn’t really our new friend. For those who don’t know our story, we had met Jim a few weeks before. Long story short, my girlfriend had caught me messaging guys on Manhunt. She didn’t know it, but I was curious about sucking a cock. I figured it was something I would think about, maybe chat with people on line as I checked out their pics then jerk off and never do it.

She found the messages one day and had me contact this guy. He was available and came over, and well that’s how I needed up sucking my first cock. Not only did I suck cock, I also let another guy fuck my girlfriend. After a night of both of us taking turns on her pussy she held his dick in front of my face and told me to suck. I did, and it was awesome. I even let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

After that there was no going back. We had Jim over often, he had to become creative in making excuses for his wife to get out. That problem ended after my girlfriend sent him some pictures of her after I had just fucked her. His wife found them, and threw him out.

We had only known Jim two weeks at that point but we had hooked up a few times. My girlfriend and I talked about it and realized we were both having fun and comfortable with having our new friend joining in. We invited him to stay at our place, and now there was nothing to stop of from fucking all the time.

Every morning started with three of us in bed. Sometimes I woke up to the bed rocking as he fucked her brains out, or I woke up to her crotch as she straddled my face begging to be licked. This continued throughout the day when we weren’t at work. We would all rush home and her pants would come off right away, then her pussy would have a tongue or cock in it the rest of the day. We had some unspoken rules, such as he didn’t cum in her. That meant that I got multiple loads daily in my Escort Bayan Gaziantep mouth, and Jim always had a big load. Even his 4th load of the day would fill my mouth. Another rule was the only contact between him and I was me playing with and sucking his cock. We weren’t into kissing or anything else. Focus was on her, then when it was time for him to cum I took over. The final rule was her butt was mine. We did anal a lot, usually after we both fucked her for a long time and he had blown a load in my mouth. We would then finish up with me dropping my load up her perfect ass.

So that was our life. A lot of fucking. A lot of cum and everyone was happy. Sound perfect, right? Of course rules are made to be broken, even unwritten ones.

She giggled as her finger rubbed my hole. She pulled my cock from her mouth and asked, “Why so nervous?”

My sphincter was tight as her finger moved around over it. She had been playing with my ass more often recently, enjoying watching me squirm as she slide her finger over my hole.

I heard Jim laugh as his dick slammed into her pussy just inches above my face. “He can’t take a finger but has no problem ramming his cock up your ass every day?”

With mock outrage my girlfriend said, “yeah wait, why am I the only one getting things shoved up my butt?”

I grunted. It was pretty obvious they had prearranged this, but I kept playing along. I heard a click, which I knew was the cap to our lube bottle. I pictured her pouring her some on her finger then smiling at Jim, as if I didn’t know what they had in mind.

I kept eating her pussy as she reached back between my ass cheeks. I jumped a little- the lube was frigid.

“Oh don’t worry, it will only hurt for a second,” she said. “Just relax.” She was having fun with this, saying all the things guys generally say to women when they are trying to stretch out their poopers.

To be honest, I had thought about anal before but didn’t really desire to try. I would have no problem going through life without someone putting something into my ass. I was curious, but wasn’t about to seek it. I figured if it happened it happened. And it appear it might happen.

She pushed her finger down over my hole. I grunted again as she pushed harder until her finger popped through. It wasn’t so bad. The lube made it pretty painless, but I reminded myself it was just a girl’s small finger.

She pushed even more, and now had her finger inside me past her second knuckle. She wiggled it around then started pulling it in and out. I have to admit it felt pretty good.

As I got used to that I noticed Jim picking up his pace as he fucked my girlfriend. He took his cock out and pushed it through my lips. Almost immediately a hot load exploded from his tip and flooded my mouth. Shot after shot hit my mouth and puffed out my cheeks.

I always loved his cum, but this load came with the extra relief that he was satisfied cumming in mouth and didn’t want more.

My girlfriend worked her finger in and out of me as his dick softened. She then pulled her finger out and crawled off of me. She again grabbed the lube bottle then poured a generous amount on my cock.

“Your turn,” she said then got on all fours and smacked her ass. She pulled her cheeks apart and I lined my cock up against her winking hole.

I pushed forward and my lubed cock spread her ring and slide in. She gasped, then pushed herself back, impaling herself on my shaft. She rubbed her clit and came almost right away.

Jim’s cock was already hard again and he stood in front of her. She took him in her mouth and rocked back and forth, letting the two cocks in either end of her slide in and out of her holes.

I couldn’t hold out very long and I grabbed her hips and with a hard final thrust I filled her ass with my load.

I collapsed next to her as she kept her ass in the air with cum leaking out of it. Jim reached forward and smacked her butt.

“You’re a luck guy,” he said. “That’s a great ass to fuck.”

My girlfriend looked over at me and the corner of her mouth curled into a mischievous smile around Jim’s now rock hard cock.

I knew the smile. It was when she felt like being dirty, and wanted to make sure I was OK with what she wanted to do.

I nodded and looked up at Jim. “Well she is already lubed up..”

He wasted no time, pulling his cock out of her mouth and moving behind her.

My girlfriend climbed on top of me and slid my semi-hard dick into her pussy. I hardened right away, filling her pussy with a cock filthy with the inside of her ass hole

Jim pushed in, and her cum and lube soaked ring offered no resistance.

She winced as he plowed her ass, holding her hips as her ass took the second dick of the day.

After a few thrusts, Jim said, “hey you’re ass has been taking a pounding today.”

Her rehearsed answer was, “yeah, like I asked earlier why is my ass the only one getting used?” She looked down at me and gave another mischievous smile. “Be a gentleman and help me out?” she asked.

I looked her in the eye, then kissed her. “Is that what you want?” I whispered in her ear. I wasn’t too into trying this, but I would do anything for her. And she knew it.

“Yes,” she moaned. “I want it so bad.”

“Tell me exactly what you want,” I whispered back.

She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. “I want to watch you get fucked in the ass.”

“OK, babe. Anything you want.”

She reached back and grabbed Jim’s shaft. I could feel his dick pull out of her ass as the pressure against my cock in her pussy lessened.

She then lowered his head so it rubbed down my sack, then pressed against my cheeks. I kept my hands on her ass as she guided him to my hole.

His cock was dripping with my cum and the lube I used to fuck her, and my hole still had lube in it from her finger.

He pushed forward and the pressure built against my ring. She let go and laid back on top of me and started nibbling on my ear. “Just relax, you’ll love it,” she giggled.

Jim pushed forward and I tried to retreat but her hips pushed me down and kept me in place. He pushed harder and I winced, ready for what was about to happen. With another push he slide past my outer ring. I squeezed her ass cheeks and breathed deep.

My girlfriend slide her pussy up and down my shaft, but there was no hiding the pain of what happened next. Jim pushed forward again and his head pushed all the way in, past my inner sphincter. I had heard this was the worst part, but I couldn’t imagine this. I thrust my hips up, and my girlfriend gasped as my cocks smashed into her cervix.

I was wincing so hard tears were streamed down my face. I almost said stop, but thought about all the times I had fucked my girlfriend in the ass. Not only that, but she just took another guy in her ass as she knew I would enjoy watching that. I had to do it if she could, right?

I dug my fingertips into her ass as Jim kept pushing. Finally I could feel this thighs against mine and I knew he was all the way in. He waited a few minutes for me to get used to it.

My girlfriend picked up her head and looked at me. She giggled and asked loud enough for Jim to hear, “What’s wrong?”

I popped open one eye and only managed to say, “Ungh, it’s not so bad.”

She put her hand over her mouth in mock surprise. “Wait, where is Jim’s cock? It’s not in me. Jim are you still there?”

Jim laughed and said, “Yes I am.”

“But where is your cock? Honey, do you know where Jim’s cock is?”

I grunted. “Yes.” As if I need reminding Jim gave a small push and I jumped.

“Then where is it?”

“It’s, it’s in my ass.”

“Oh my god, it’s in your ass?”


“So you are getting fucked up your ass?”


“I am so proud of my boyfriend, he lost his virginity,” she giggled. “How does he feel, Jim?”

“Oooh he’s tight, this is nice.”

“You hear that, babe? A man says your ass hole feels nice.”

I had gotten more used to the invading cock and my hole had relaxed a bit, but it certainly still stung even as Jim kept still.

She leaned forward again and whispered in my ear. “One more question. What is in your ass? Tell me what is in your ass?”

I grunted as Jim started to pull his shaft back, almost took the head out then pushed back in. He kept rocking back and forth slowly as my hole struggled to accommodate him.

“A cock,” I answered.

“What kind of cock?” she asked while grinding up and down on my shaft.

“A hard cock,” I said.

She moaned and picked up her pace.

“Is it big?”

“God yes,” I said.

She lost control as an orgasm built inside her. “Do you like it? Do you like having a big hard dick up your ass?”

The combination of the cock rubbing inside of me and her soaked pussy gripping my shaft pushed me to the edge.

She came first, throwing her head back and ramming her cunt against my pelvis with a desperate moan. Wetness flooded all over my crotch as her pussy twitched.

I matched her climax and my shaft pulsed with the first load. My ass clenched with the orgasm but the shaft rammed up it kept it open. The pain of the sphincter trying to contract shot through me and I yelled, “ahhh.”

At the same time Jim slammed his hips into mine and his dick engorged with his own orgasm. His dick flooded with blood and grew in my ass, pushing open my violated ring even more.

I yelled again, the pain was too much. My cock kept twitching inside my girlfriend’s pussy, filling her with cum that was flowing back down onto my sack.

After a few more pulses from Jim the excruciating pain was replaced with relief as he softened. He gave a last of shot of cum then pulled out. Oddly enough I felt empty, my hole missing the feeling of being used despite how badly it hurt.

I then felt cum flowing from the deepest parts of my ass towards my hole, the warm liquid stinging the tears in my sphincter as it poured out. Despite the intensity of what just happened, the feeling of cum in my hole was awesome. The best description is that I felt used and dirty. Which I loved. I was lying there with a load of cum in my belly and a load in my freshly fucked ass while my girlfriend recovered from her orgasm on top of me. I had shared her and my holes with Jim. We were there to serve him, and I already found myself craving his cock again.

My girlfriend picked up her had again and looked at me. “Oh my fucking god,” she said.

“I know babe. I love you.”

She gave me the mischievous smile again. “What’s in your ass now, babe?”

“Cum, honey.”

“Mine too, thanks to you. I guess we are a couple of cum filled anal whores now, huh?”

I smiled and looked over at Jim, who had collapsed next to her. His softening dick glistened in the low light.

“I guess we are.”

“Well there is no going back now. Your holes are his.”

“I wouldn’t want to, babe.”

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Flea Market of Lust: Sheila’s Prize

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Sheila closed the stall door behind her, casting the stuff-crammed area into almost a pitch black darkness. I heard fumbling in the dark and then a click as the fishnet hose-covered woman’s leg lamp from ‘A Christmas Carol’ flickered on. Then Sheila went to the corner and started reaching up to turn on an over head light, one of those fake glass square ‘chandeliers’ you used to see over every pool table in the 70’s. This one advertised Coors Beer, and Sheila’s large tits, that seemed to glow in the lamp light as she was reaching up which thrusting her boobs into the light.

She had just met a challenge from Gloria Blathernutt. A challenge that resulted in Sheila giving blowjobs to three guys, getting two of them to come in less than two minutes, and so out-performing in blowjob technique on the third that Gloria just ran away like a wienie. I agree that ‘wienie’ sounds weird, but I don’t want to say bitch, that seems rude. Though if I was the kind of guy to call a girl a bitch, I might call Gloria Blathernutt one.

Sheila had finished turning on the light. Now, she turned her attention on me.

“You did good, John. A lot of guys have trouble performing under pressure, but you held up, and held up firm indeed, I’m impressed.” She looked impressed, as her eyes travelled up and down my body. “You had the best cock there, you know. And I didn’t get to finish.”

“You didn’t want to finish me off back there, along with the others?”

“Those guys were different. That was a matter of pride. You’re a matter of choice. Unless you wanted them to watch?”

“I’ll take you any way you let me, Sheila. What I saw today was fucking amazing.”

She blew out a thin stream of cigarette smoke and stubbed out the butt in a huge ceramic fish-shaped ashtray. “And don’t you forget it, pal.” She said as she took off her orange polyester jacket and matching slacks. She pulled off her blouse, bringing out her huge tits that were caged in a bra one size too small, which made them bulge obscenely. She had matching black panties that did cover most of her middle-aged ass. With her back to me, she languidly stretched upwards, her back and hips supple and curvy in the strange shadowy Escort Bayan Gaziantep light of the antique-filled shed. She turned to me, her eyes and body full of a sensuousness that wasn’t there earlier, somehow she was now looking at me with a sexiness and a lust greater than an out door blowjob contest.

“Get your young ass over here and give Sheila a kiss.”

I stumbled on the way to her, tripping over a ‘Happy Days’ lunchbox in my eagerness. She smiled and took me in her arms, and kissed me deeply. She tasted like smoke and mints, and hot sex. Her hands moved down my body and undid my belt without her lips ever leaving mine. She pulled down my pants and underwear to my knees and began to stroke my cock back to life. I groped her tits, which to my delight she let me do. The last time (and only time) we had fucked before, she had not let me touch her tits at all. This time she moaned into my mouth when I mashed her large tits with my inexperienced hands.

“You like that, Baby, you like finally getting to feel my tits?”

“Oh, god yes, Sheila. They, they feel so.. great!” I was trying to stay cool, but failing miserably. I was so fucking turned on that I had trouble thinking of words, or even abstract concepts. She laughed deep in her throat, hearing my need, my desire.

“Oh, you’re gonna fuck me Sport, and you better fuck me well.” I grunted and growled my intent to do so, as my hands traveled to her backside. I squeezed her ass with abandon, pressing my hard dick against her hand as we kissed like Telenovella actors.

“Hold on.” She said, moving away from me and over to another corner of the shed She took several piles of magazines and books off a love seat, and told me to come over. I got my shoes and clothes off and made it to Sheila just as she pulled out a twin sized hide-a-bed out of the love seat, already made up with sheets. She peeled off her panties and got in the bed, i followed and climbed on top of her. She took my cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy.

“Are you, you know…” I asked her clumsily.

“Wet? Well, you remembered what I told you last time! Good boy! And yes I need you to rub your cock on my clit. Here, I’m gonna put your cock right on it, there, you feel it?”

I did feel a bump of flesh, near the top of her pussy. I moved the little bump around with the head of my cock, and Sheila hissed with pleasure. “That’s it, yessss, play with my little clit you bastard!” She closed her eyes and draped her hands around my neck. Her hips started moving with my cock, making her clit press up even harder against me. I bent down and gave her cleavage a kiss, half expecting her to swat me away, but she didn’t. Her skin smelled like perfume and warmth, and it had a deliciously light salty taste. She pressed her tits together, burying my face in them as I poked her clitoris with my dick. She then pushed me back a bit, and put my cock back at the entrance to her pussy. “Oh yes, I’m good and ready, baby.” I pressed my cock forward, and it went right in, and the feeling was even more amazing than last time. I started thrusting with my hips, but with a shallow thrust, as I was fearful of hurting her by being too rough.

“Oh come on John, gimmie all of that cock!”

“You’ll tell me if I hurt you?”

“You’ll be the first to know, Sport. Now gimmie the pounding I need John, come on!” She used her legs to pull me deeper into her and after that I started to put my whole cock into her with each stroke, focusing hard on giving her the best fuck I could. After a few seconds, Sheila swatted my face. Not a slap, just a swat to get my attention.

“Stop that! You’re thinking too much! I know you want to please me and all, but right now you need to stop thinking and just fuck me, Sport!” I was a little jarred, but her hands warmly caressed my arms and back and her lips kissed my shoulders and chest, and I began to relax and just let my cock do what it wanted to do. I started to grind my cock into her, using my whole body to push it deeper and deeper. Sheila started to moan with each of my strokes, and I began to go harder, and harder, pulling out slowly and then pushing hard into her.

The point came when that wasn’t enough, and I started to fuck her with a solid, even stroke, which she stopped trying to match She was wide eyed and biting her lip as I kept going, never stopping, losing my sense of self in the wonderful feeling of Sheila’s pussy and her warm embrace. I felt her tense up, and gasp once, and then her pussy trembled all around my cock, but I didn’t stop or slow down, I kept fucking her in exactly the same way.

“Oh hell yes, John! Fuck me, fuck me just like that, oh god!!”

I was in some sort of zone as I barreled on through, relentlessly giving her the fuck she was begging me for. Finally I could feel I was getting close, but i didn’t want to come yet. “Can I fuck you from behind?” I asked her without thinking, a little shocked to hear my voice say the words.

“Hell yes you can.” Was all Sheila said as she pulled her pussy off of my cock and flipped over, sticking her ass high in the air. Her hips were almost cartoonishly wide, like Annie Fannie in the Playboy comic strip, and I just looked at her for a few seconds and then ran my hands all over her fine ass cheeks. Tenderness was soon overcome by lust, and I grabbed a hold of her ass and thrust myself back into her pussy. The feeling on my cock was different, but just as intense as in the missionary position. I loved holding onto her like this, pulling her whole pussy toward me, groping and massaging her ass. I began to pick up speed, feeling my self getting closer and closer with each stroke. Sheila then reached underneath her and started playing with her pussy. Watching her do that was the last straw, and I came hard and deep into her, and seconds afterwards she also came, and we both slumped and collapsed on the hide-a-bed.

After less than a minute, Sheila sprang out of the bed. “Allright Sport, time to go.”

I was still a little groggy from the sex, but Sheila was getting her clothes on real fast, and I started to do the same. She pulled the shed door open just as I got my shoes on. She lit a cigarette and said, “Allright kid, see ya later.” Without even looking at me.

It felt a little cold, but what was I supposed to do? Ask for a hug? I said goodbye and left. I made my way to the employee break area of Flea Market, and had a long talk with Clever Larry. There was still a lot of things I didn’t know about women, and Clever Larry made it clear that there were a lot of things I never will know about women.

I hope I didn’t screw things up with Sheila.

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Me and Lisa

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Please note, the following story has graphic sexual content. If you are younger than 18, please do not read any further. Copyright by the author, feb 2007


I was waiting for Lisa.

I was excited and eager to see her, it had been almost a year. She was away at school, and I was still here – in this lonely little town. My parents were away, and the house was quiet and lonesome.

Lisa was driving down from the high country, she was a college student and the campus was up in the mountains. It was supposedly a beautiful place. I have wanted to visit her, but it just never seems to work out.

When we talked, just before she started the drive, she sounded thrilled to have a break from school. And the drive was long, so it would be late before she arrived.

She did mention that she was nervous about traveling here. She could get such bad allergies during the spring. It was never a problem where she was, but this was a bad time of the year around here. There are lots of beautiful flowers in the rolling hills nearby, but those same flowers can make life totally miserable for Lisa.

So – I didn’t really know when she would arrive, and she didn’t have a cell phone.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch, it was a shallow and restless kind of sleep.

And then I awoke to the sound of a car in the driveway. Oh my god, she was finally here!

I jumped up to greet her.

I ran out into the dark and we hugged, hard and strong. I missed her so much, and it was wonderful to actually really and truly see her.

When Lisa walked into the house she looked really unhealthy. I mean, something was wrong.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Oh God, it’s my allergies – it’s really bad this time of year, and I haven’t felt like this since last summer – and this is worse.”

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Lisa’s eyes were red and puffy, and he nose was running and she was sniffing constantly.

She said, “Oh – I’ll be fine, I have some prescription medication, and it usually works great. I need to get it out of my duffle.”

She reached into her big canvas duffle bag and found what she wanted.

She held up the little bottle of pills and said, “I took two of these, and I should feel better soon.”

We talked for a while, about life and how much we hated not seeing each other for so long.

And it seemed like only just a few short minutes – and then Lisa took a deep breath and sighed.

She said, “Oh good – I feel the medication kicking in, what a relief.”

I asked, “Really, so soon?”

“Yeah, this stuff is great. Actually – I love these little pills.” And she laughed. “They make me feel SO relaxed and I sleep SO well – it’s heavenly!”

I looked at the bottle, and I read the text. It said take ONE every 12 hours. But, Lisa said she had just taken two.

“Lisa, did you take too many? It says take only one, but you took two!”

“Actually, I took three – because I took one during the drive, just a few minutes before I arrived here…”

The text on the bottle stated: May cause drowsiness.

Then I was worried, “Lisa, are you gunna be okay?”

“I think so – Yes, I’ll be fine. When I took these last summer they really helped, and – Oh my god, they made me feel wonderful.”

I asked, “Should I worry?”

“Oh no – I’m fine…”

But I was worried.

As time went on, Lisa began to slur her words, and her eyes got all droopy and sleepy. She was certainly happy, but it was an odd and intense kind of happy. I didn’t know what was happening – should I worry? What could I do?

Now she was super sluggish, barely able to keep her eyes open.

I lead her to my bedroom, and let her lay down.

I told her to put on my pajamas, but she acted like she didn’t hear me.

I knew what I had to do. I went into the next room and called a friend, she was a nurse. I was so nervous as I waited for her to pick up the phone.

When she answered I just blurted out all my fears, and she interrupted me, “Whoa, hold on – what’s this all about – please stay calm…”

And I told her everything that had happened and I read from the prescription on the bottle.

When I mentioned the name of the medication she actually laughed out loud, and then explained, “This is a pretty common drug, and there are no dangerous side effects. Three pills is a lot, but it’s not dangerous. Really – don’t worry.”

“But she’s so sleepy, it’s weird.”

“That’s normal, she’ll experience some dramatic sleepiness. Some people even claim a sort of intoxication associated with this drug.”


“Yes – from what I’ve heard the effect can be very pleasant. Some people report euphoria and an overwhelming sense of pleasure. It can be very powerful, so you should expect her to feel that way.”

“So – It’s going to be okay?”

And then my nurse friend laughed! She said she’ll be totally fine, let her sleep and don’t worry.

When I hung up the phone I was totally relieved. And I walked into my bedroom.

Lisa was on the bed, and as far as I could Antep Bayan Escort tell she was sound asleep. She hadn’t put on my pajamas like I suggested. She was still in her clothes, her white button down shirt and her baggy denim work pants. Her shoes were off and she had bare feet.

I sat on the edge of the bed and quietly asked, “Lisa, are you asleep?”

And she smiled slowly, and opened her eyes and looked right at me, “I’m almost asleep – I feel wonderful.”

“Don’t worry about anything, my friend is a nurse and she says not to worry – everything is completely fine.”

“Good, I won’t worry – I think maybe I took too much, but it’s so nice – it’s like a dream.”

And with that she closed her eyes and sighed – deep and contented.

I sat there for the longest time, just staring at Lisa. And – in a way, I was content. But in another way I was all worked up.

I hadn’t seen Lisa in so long, and I was all wound up and concerned – and now she was here, but I couldn’t talk with her.

She was such a close friend, and she had been so supportive to me. The thing that had been bothering me, and we had even talked about it a little over the phone, was about my boyfriend and me.

Well – my ex-boyfriend really.

The whole thing was confusing and was making me so tense and worried. I wanted so bad to talk with Lisa.

The thing is, that – Well – Lisa had listened to me when I complained, and she was so sweet, too. Anyway – It was about the pressure to have sex, and the ugly break-up. But – I was so unfulfilled and upset. I couldn’t make sense of my desires. Here’s what was killing me, I’m just going to write it out – I haven’t had a climax, and my boyfriend, oh god – he was really shameful and unkind about it. It made me feel so awful.

It all left me so confused.

But I could always talk to Lisa. She would listen and she knew how to calm me down. She never really said, and I never asked – but I don’t think she had ever had an orgasm either. And – I think – this was something we shared.

Anyway – I guess I was all preoccupied, and I needed Lisa right then – but all I could do was sit there next to her.

But – oh dear god – it was so good just to look at her.

Actually, I was shocked at how pretty she looked, like a sleeping angel. She had changed since the last time I saw her.

I feel silly saying this, but I was really checking her out, I mean REALLY – and it seemed nice. She used to be totally flat-chested, and now I could see she was finally getting breasts.

She looked perfectly lovely.

But, because of her allergies her face seemed dry and swollen. I went to the bathroom and got a small bowl full of warm water and a washcloth.

I came back to the bedroom and sat on the bed with Lisa.

I said, “Lisa, I’m going to wash your face, I have some nice warm water here, is that okay?

She calmly replied, “Oh Ann, that sounds nice.”

I almost laughed. She obviously sounded sorta stoned, but the dreaminess in her voice was so intense. It sounded like she was in LOVE with the idea of warm water.

I wet the washcloth a little and touched it to her forehead. She immediately responded with a deep, “Mmmmm…”

I carefully wet Lisa’s face, and all the while she lay there, with here eyes closed and a otherworldly smile.

The warm water and the washing was so luxurious. She was enjoying the attention – even in her spaced-out state, I could tell.

I have a big drawer right next to my bed, and it has all kinds of moisturizers, body oils and lotions. I’m kind of compulsive about this kind of stuff. But right then I chose my favorite face crème, and carefully applied it to Lisa forehead and nose. And then her cheeks and chin. It smelled lovely and Lisa would let out a gentle “cooing” noise of approval.

I asked: “Doesn’t that feel nice?”

She spoke slowly, and said, “O yes – it feels SO nice. Thank you – I love it…”

I wanted to use a little something on Lisa’s lips.

I asked, “Lisa?”

She opened her eyes, and in a sleepy way, she looked right at me. I smiled at her, and said, “Your lips – can I put some gloss on them?”

And she said, “Okay…”

I had some glossy stuff in my bedside drawer. It was really oily – and smelled like cherries. It was so sweet and so fruity, I never really used it. But right then it seemed perfect. I put a dab on my finger and touched it to Lisa’s lips.

I ran the my wet finger along her pouty lips. She smiled as I rubbed her lips. I put some more on my finger, and I could really smell the cherry sent, and said, “Lisa, don’t smile – hold still…”

And then Lisa made a little kissy motion, and I thought she was being cute, and I put my middle finger right on the center of her little mouth.

Then she kissed my fingertip, my oily sweet fingertip. It was nice, and I liked it. I kept my finger there, unmoving. The Kiss was genuine and pleasant.

But, without realizing it, Lisa had wrapped her lips around my fingertip. And before I knew it, she was sucking my finger!

It was so cute, she was all sleepy and sucking – she in some sort of blissful relaxed state at the same time. The sucking was like a baby would do – like it was involuntary.

It was like she was in a baby dream.

I let her suck my finger, it tickled and felt pleasant.

But little by little, Lisa started to suck harder, and my finger was pulled deeper.

I was surprised at how nice it felt.

There was a rhythm, and a she started making a little nurturing noise, like she was trying to drink milk from my finger.

I was sitting there, and Lisa – my long lost friend – was sucking my finger like a little baby.

Oh god – it was so soothing and blissful.

Then – something really powerful happened – I was overcome by some deep emotion, it felt like pure joy.

I just let her suck, and I just drank it all in – all the intensity of the moment.

Then I realized how perfect it all was – how wonderful.

And Lisa looked so bewildering – so wonderful.

Right then – and I don’t really know why – I got all focused and preoccupied with Lisa’s breasts.

It seems funny, but the just looked so pure and lovely. I mean – they’re small, I mean, they seemed small – I guess compared to mine. But, they were bigger than the last time we saw each other last summer. I remember we talked about it – we laughed about it, how small they were.

I could see she was wearing a bra, and she never used to. It was just barely visible through her thin shirt. I was surprised to notice it, and at the same time – I was surprised at how pretty it seemed to me, I mean – it was beautiful.

But now – I wanted to see, it surprised me, but I really wanted to see.

I reached down and undid the top few buttons on her shirt. I could see her bra, and her pale skin. But I was afraid to actually open her shirt all the way.

I stopped, what was happening?

Right then, all I could think about was how beautiful Lisa was. And for some reason – I wanted to be closer. Or something – It was confusing.

I whispered, “Lisa, are you awake?”

And she opened her eyes just a little, and slowly said, “I’m awake – but I’m so – so sleepy.”

“I’m worried – I feel funny…” a said as clearly as I could.

Lisa moaned a reply, “Mmmmmm – I feel funny toooooo…”

It was obvious that She wasn’t able to really answer me, or even to understand what was happening. I felt like I could say anything.

But – even in her slumbering, she was smiling and magical.

I lifted up her shirt, just a little to see her belly button. Why did I do it? I was so bewildered – but I really wanted to see her tummy. I mean, I had seen her in a bikini last summer – and I told her she had a super-cute belly button. But here I was staring at her perfect and beautiful belly button.

Oh my god – It was SO cute…

I touched it, and her tummy – and it felt so smooth.

Then without realizing it, my fingertips were resting on her jeans. On the button just above the zipper.

I didn’t move – but I knew what I wanted to do.

I whispered, “Lisa – are you wearing panties?”

She didn’t reply. She just lay there silent and slowly breathing.

I carefully undid the button and un-zipped her pants. I felt so sneaky – and it was fun and nice. I could see that she had on little pale blue panties – with exquisite little flowers.

“Lisa – these are so cute…”

I looked at her face, to make sure she was asleep – and I pulled her panties down, just for a peak.

And – Oh my god – I saw her pubic hair. I mean, just a little, and it was so thin and fine. It looked so unimaginably beautiful.

I think I gasped, I mean really. My heart was beating harder – and it was like I was feeling electricity run through me.

And then I did something that shocked me. I don’t know why – but I did it.

I leaned in and pressed my nose against Lisa’s panties, and inhaled as deep as I could.

Oh my god – it smelled so – I don’t know – so warm. It was so wonderful – I can’t understand why I did it , but I just lay there, with my nose pressed hard, taking deep breaths in, letting myself delight in the subtle but amazing smell.

I held on to her old jeans with both hands, and allowed my face to press right into her panties, and I inhaled deep – over and over – lost in the aroma.

Then I abruptly sat up, so aware of my own desperate thoughts.

I was like a robot, unable to control myself – I was outside of myself. I was just overflowing with emotion.

I couldn’t help myself, I asked: “Lisa, I want to undress myself – I want to take my shirt off – is that okay?”

Without any hesitation, Lisa whispered, “Oh yes – that’s okay – that’s wonderful.”

And she said it in a way that left me feeling that she had no idea what I said – or what she said, but that she was lost in some dream – some magical dream.

Then I reached down and pulled my shirt over my head, and without any hesitation I undid my bra. I took it off and set it on the bed next to Lisa.

I sat there – shocked at my boldness. And I was actually surprised at how nice I felt, how pretty I felt. And – compared to Lisa, my breasts were round and large. They aren’t really big, but at that moment they felt big.

And my nipples – they we hard from this overpowering sensual arousal.

I sat there on my knees, upright and looming above Lisa.

I asked, “Lisa, do you want to kiss my finger again?”

And she replied with her eyes closed, “Mmmm, okay…”

So I gently set my finger, and it was still wet, against her glossy lips.

Immediately she started to suck it – the same primal and impulsive sucking.

I sat there and let her suck my finger, and she was sucking hard. I was loosing myself in the moment, every worry I had seemed to melt away.

I was so content and fully at peace right then. But – I couldn’t understand, I wanted more. I wanted to be more thoughtful, more alive. At that moment all I wanted to do was be naked – and it felt so natural – it wasn’t naughty or anything like that. It was a really lovely and true desire.

I spoke as clearly as I could, “Lisa, Please listen – I am going to take all my clothes off, I want to be naked – Is that okay?”

All Lisa did was suck my finger a little harder.

Then I undid the zipper on my skirt, and I tried to pull it down – but I had to do it one handed. It was too tricky with my finger in Lisa’s mouth. So I gently pulled it out.

As soon as it was out, Lisa made this adorable baby noise. She actually whimpered, like I had pulled a bottle away from a feeding infant.

I pulled my skirt and panties off as fast as I could, and put my finger back into Lisa’s waiting mouth. She seemed to swallow it up and sucked furiously.

I let her suck.

There I was, naked and joyous – next to my closest friend. Who was madly sucking my wet middle finger. It was irrational – but I loved it.

I had to – I just had to ask Lisa: “I’m naked – I’m all totally naked – do you want to see me?”

And with that Lisa slowly opened here eyes, she didn’t say anything – and I don’t know what she was thinking. But she looked right at me and never stopped her compulsive sucking.

As she looked at me, I tried to sit up on my knees, to really let her see me. I was really exhilarated to be that bold – and I was – I don’t know really – I mean, I was so turned-on.

She was looking right at me – I mean, my nipples were really hard and I was so unafraid.

I moved from her side – I carefully straddled her – while she watched me. One leg on each side of her hips. My brown pubic hair touching her shirt. Her sleepy eyes were looking at me, straining to focus.

Without truly realizing what I was doing, I leaned forward, so my breasts were right up close to her lovely face. All the while she sucked my finger. And the sound was wet and sloppy.

I was on all fours, looming above her. Squatting above her belly. My breast jiggled with each nervous inhalation. They were hanging down just inches above her face. My middle finger in her mouth.

She kept here eyes on me for perhaps a minute, maybe longer, then she slipped back into her place of submissive sleep.

I wasn’t really thinking – I was just letting myself go…

“Lisa – can you hear me?”

She replied with a passionate, “Mmmmm…”

I cautiously pulled my finger out of Lisa’s wet mouth. And she immediately made that compulsive sucking motion to the empty air.

“Lisa, I feel so full of love right now…”

I carefully inched my hard nipple toward her open mouth. I couldn’t help myself.

I held my nipple just barely above her hungry little mouth. I couldn’t stop, I leaned in and my soft breast met her wet lips, and immediately she was swallowing my big hard nipple.

And she sucked deep and intensely – Oh god, I was shocked! I mean I was just thunderstruck.

It was so urgent and primal.

Instantly – I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement – Oh my god, I was so turned-on – I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like some crazy switch had been thrown in my head.

I felt beautiful and obscene – I felt like an angel and a pervert – all at the same time.

I let her suck, I desperately loved it.

I moaned out a passionate whisper, “Lisa – oh god Lisa.”

She was drooling and sloppy. My breasts were getting wet and slippery.

I couldn’t help any of this – it just felt too wonderful.

I was loosing all control. I was naked, and Lisa was still fully dressed. It was so beautiful.

I spoke to Lisa, “This feel so good. Lisa – You’re sucking, it feels so good…”

I realized I was pressing my crotch into her shirt, and kind of humping her, and she was sucking my erect nipple so hard, and so loud.

It felt so – oh my god – it felt SO sexy.

I went on talking, “Lisa – You’re sucking – my nipples – Oh god Lisa – it feels so good…”

I was holding Lisa’s lovely head in my hands. Her eyes were closed, like she was in some passionate trance.

I whispered, “Suck harder Lisa – please – it’s okay – suck harder…”

If she heard me – I don’t know. I wanted her to hear me, I know that.

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Charli’s Rosebud

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It took a minute before Ryan realized the girl who caught his eye walking through the doors from baggage claim into the arrival area was his eighteen-year-old daughter, Charli. The beautifully built, raven-haired Asian girl was wearing a little fedora cocked at an angle, pulling a rolling suitcase and striding confidently through the doors in a black pencil skirt that looked too short to be practical for traveling in. She was also wearing a matching black jacket that almost made the outfit look businesslike, except for being so revealing, especially with the charcoal grey tank top underneath that showed off a very tantalizing valley of cream-smooth cleavage.

Charli just laughed at the stunned expression on her father’s face and hurried the rest of the way to where his feet felt like they were nailed in place. Ryan knew he was busted. He just hoped his striking daughter would let it pass for a normal father’s surprise at seeing the way his little girl had changed since they’d seen each other. She’d always borne a much bigger resemblance to her Southeast Asian mother than Ryan, but she was more beautiful than her mother had ever been on her best day.

“I missed you sooooo much!” she cried, immediately throwing her arms around him.

Ryan was so happy to see his beautiful girl for the first time in two years that he forgot to feel embarrassed by his initial reaction. He just threw his solid arms around her and hugged her back as tightly as she was hugging him.

“I’ve missed you, too, Charli-girl.”

But then, Ryan couldn’t help feeling overly conscious of the fact that Charli wasn’t wearing a bra under her outfit, and her full, pliant tits were squashing against his firm body as they hugged. But he’d missed her like he’d never missed anyone in his life and the two just stood there hugging for a long time while scores of people bustled around them.

With their arms around each other, Ryan pulled his head back so he could look his daughter in the eye. It didn’t seem possible she could be even more beautiful, but there she was, smiling right back at him.

“I can hardly believe you’re really here. I almost didn’t even recognize you when you first came through the door,” he said.

“I could tell,” she replied with a giggle and a knowing look in her eye.

“You look incredible,” he said, too flustered to think of anything else.

Charli smiled, obviously pleased. “If you think so then I don’t care what anybody else thinks.”

The girl threw herself into another close hug, pressing her face against her father’s broad chest. Ryan was half relieved. His daughter had taken the compliment just the way he meant it, which was the last thing he wanted. At least the hug gave him a minute to compose his addled brain after being caught checking out his own daughter. He hadn’t meant to, but he couldn’t help that she had everything that appealed to him. She was just his type. When he realized it was her it was too late to take it back.

It wasn’t that Charli had changed that much in the two years since Ryan had seen her. It was true her tits and ass were fuller and rounder, and her legs a little shapelier, but the biggest changes were more in her fashion sense and the bright, confident way she carried herself. He’d never seen her in anything as boldly revealing as the outfit she was wearing now. He took a deep breath and told her how much he missed her five or six more times before they broke the hug.

“Let’s get you home so you can rest up from the trip,” he finally told her.

He offered to take her suitcase, but she brushed him off, saying it was no trouble, and she kept rolling it alongside her as he led her out of the building toward the parking lot across from the arrival gate.

“You didn’t bring much with you,” he pointed out.

“Oh, I shipped a couple of boxes, and then, um, I kinda figured you’d take me shopping for other stuff. Like the old days.”

Ryan grinned happily. Taking his daughter to the mall and spoiling her rotten as she damaged his credit cards couldn’t have sounded better. Her mother had always chided him for doing that, but Ryan’s ex had always chided him over the time and attention he always lavished on their only child. Charli had always been a classic daddy’s girl, and the two had been as close as any father and daughter could ever be.

When they got to Ryan’s SUV, he opened the hatch. Again, Charli refused his help, deftly picking up her suitcase and pushing it into the back of his vehicle. The way she handled the sizeable luggage proved she was even stronger than she looked. He’d taken out the far rear seat, expecting to need room for more luggage, and as Charli bent over to shove the suitcase all the way forward, the hem of her tight miniskirt easily lifted over her firm, shapely ass.

He didn’t mean to, but Ryan could see his daughter wasn’t wearing panties. And when she arched her body forward, not only could he see her bare, hairless pussy, but her tight, perky looking Antep Escort Bayan rimhole also appeared between her firmly formed ass cheeks as they parted just enough to let it show. His breath caught in his throat. He quickly moved directly behind her, his first thought being that he should block anyone else’s view.

This was a whole other league from the way he’d looked at her coming through the arrival gate doors. Suddenly his whole body flushed with heat. He might have been able to recover from a sudden flash of her pussy, even though it was the freshest, prettiest looking slit he’d ever seen, but the sight of her asshole made his blood boil.

The whole incident lasted no more than ten or fifteen seconds, yet there was something life changing about it. When Charli straightened back up, she almost seemed surprised to see her father still standing behind her yet Ryan could tell she knew exactly how much he’d seen. She just smiled and asked if he was going to take her home now as she pulled her skirt back over her hips and walked around to the passenger’s side.

Ryan shut the hatch and went to get in the vehicle. As he drove out of the parking lot, he couldn’t help wondering how many other people had seen his daughter’s ass or pussy while she’d been traveling. Could she really have made the entire trip in a skirt that short and tight without panties underneath?

On the ride to Ryan’s place in the hills above the local beaches, he and Charli talked as if they hadn’t already been talking every day since the divorce. Yet it seemed there was always more to catch up on. Charli had traveled to the coast to live with her father the second she graduated, planning to apply to colleges near where he lived. It had been a constant topic for them ever since he split up with the girl’s mother and moved. But Ryan couldn’t clear the image of his beautiful daughter’s fresh-looking asshole from his mind. Even worse, the memory of her taut rosebud only brought back the image of her silken pussy along with it.

The girl’s short skirt rode teasingly high on her shapely thighs as she sat in her seat. They were very slightly parted and Ryan was now painfully aware that she wasn’t wearing panties. This wasn’t the way he’d envisioned his reunion with his daughter and best friend in life. He promised himself to take a cold shower at the first opportunity, and then get his head clear and set on rebuilding their close relationship.

But that proved more difficult than he hoped. Heading south from the airport, Ryan worked his way onto the route that followed the coast, wanting his daughter to see the many sights it had to offer. Yet there were long stretches peppered with frequent stop lights where Charli would look out her window and let her thighs drift further apart. As much as there was to see, she was the one sight her father couldn’t get over. Given the warmer weather than she was used to, she eventually squirmed out of the blazer she’d been wearing on her flight and tossed it behind her onto the back seat. Then she took off her hat, too, and tossed it back with her jacket.

She fluffed her silky hair and flashed a bright, sweet smile at her father, who now couldn’t ignore the ripe swell of her tits in her tank top. They weren’t overly large, but so shapely and perky that Ryan had a hard time keeping his eyes on the girl’s pretty face. The thing that worried him as much as the way he was looking at her was the way she just kept smiling back at him like she either didn’t notice or didn’t mind. And he knew she had to notice.

When he started to tell her about the room he’d had set up for her for almost a year already, it was as much an attempt to distract himself as her. The girl smiled brightly and put her hand on her father’s leg.

“I’m really glad I’m finally here, Dad,” she told him. “I can’t wait to see my room. Everything just feels so perfect now. No one’s ever been so good to me. Or so…loving.”

Ryan smiled and put his hand over Charli’s on his leg and gave it a light squeeze. In turn she squeezed on his thigh muscle. She kept her hand where it was all the way to the next traffic light, where he took the opportunity to look at and admire his beautiful girl. She smiled back at him, and with her jacket off it seemed like her out-thrust tits were the most perfect pair he’d ever seen. He somehow managed to keep eye contact with her, though, despite the fact that his cock was swarming heat and threatening to grow. Her hand was mere inches away from his crotch, only making matters worse.

When the light turned green again he took his hand back for driving, but Charli left hers on his leg. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her top and her tits wobbled heavily with the motion of the vehicle. And it wasn’t long before Ryan’s cock began to respond. He ground his teeth in desperation and hoped it wouldn’t grow long enough to bump his daughter’s hand. Yet there was a part of him that kept hoping it would. What’s more, he had a strong suspicion the girl wouldn’t mind.

There were plenty of shops and places to eat along the way, and Ryan asked her if she wanted to stop anywhere before they got to the house. Charli said she was excited to have him show her everything, but it had been a long flight.

“If you don’t mind, I’d really like to see my new room and maybe relax on that gorgeous beach you keep sending me pictures of,” she told him.

“Anything my baby girl wants,” he replied with a loving smile.

“Oh, so I’m your baby girl now?” she giggled.

“You always have been and don’t you forget it,” he quipped.

“Hmm, and what happens if I do, Daddy Dearest?”

“You’re never too old to get spanked, young lady.”

“Promise, Daddy?”

The smile on her face when she said it looked so sweet and wicked that Ryan’s cock twitched in his pants, still mere inches away from the girl’s hand. He made an attempt to just laugh it off like it was nothing but a joke, but in his mind he couldn’t help seeing his daughter’s naked, luscious ass just like it was when she bent into the rear of the vehicle, offering those tightly rounded cheeks up for Daddy’s open hand.

When they reached the house, Ryan pulled into the driveway without pulling the car into the garage. This time he insisted on getting Charli’s suitcase, and she didn’t argue. She was standing close to him while he pulled it out of the back.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she told him almost shyly.

It almost seemed that now that they were home she was turning more into the Daddy’s kitten she’d always been.

“Welcome home, baby girl,” he told her, putting his arms around her and hugging her even tighter than they hugged at the airport.

He showed her around the ground floor first, which was open and spacious. They went out onto the wide deck on the back of the house overlooking the beach below and Charli gasped in surprise the moment she saw the view.

“Oh my god it’s amazing,” she cried, once again throwing her arms around her father in excitement.

They held the hug for too long and Ryan very nearly kissed her supple mouth. But he broke up the hug before making such a crazy mistake and took her upstairs.

At the top of the stairs there was a large bathroom on the left. On the right was Ryan’s bedroom. It was also large and well appointed, but he’d only just moved into that room from the master bedroom a week ago. The master bedroom was even larger and had windows overlooking the beach. He’d enjoyed it for the time he used it, but he wanted to give his daughter something really special.

Ryan showed her the other room at the back first. It had been meant as a bedroom, but he’d converted it to an office. Then he opened the door to Charli’s room, and the girl gasped excitedly when she saw the large, bright room with such an amazing view. There was even a desk with a brand-new computer, a couch and easy chair, a huge bed and even its own bathroom. Charli was stunned.

Ryan watched his beautiful young daughter stare in awe for a moment, then rush in and jump backward onto her big bed, causing her legs to rise up before flopping back down. The movement caused her tight skirt to bunch around her hips and Ryan saw the flash of her bare pussy when her legs went up. But when they came back down her skirt was still bunched high enough to expose her smooth mound, and she did nothing to rearrange her clothes. She just let her bald pussy show openly as she gazed at her father with an excited looked.

“Oh, Dad, it’s amazing!” she cried. “But why don’t you have this room? It’s obviously the master. So it’s supposed to be for the master of the house.”

Ryan just smiled, forcing himself to keep from staring at the most perfectly formed pussy he’d ever seen. He admitted that he’d been using it until a week ago, and that he just wanted his favorite daughter to have something special. Besides, he was doing a lot of his work from home these days, and his office windows allowed him to enjoy the same view.

Charli giggled. “Your favorite daughter? Dad, I’m your only daughter.”

“That doesn’t matter,” he told her. “You’re still my favorite.”

As he looked at her lying there on her bed, he realized that the last girl he’d had with him in that room had looked a lot like her. In fact, the majority of the girls he dated since his divorce looked like Charli: young, pretty, dark-haired and sexy. But none of them compared to her.

She finally got up off the bed and went over to him, hugging him tightly. Ryan put his arms around her, fully aware that she still hadn’t bothered to pull her tiny skirt back down. Her bare pussy was practically pressing against his leg, and he was in more danger of getting hard now than any time since he saw her at the airport.

“I love you so much, Dad,” she sighed against his chest.

“I love you, too, baby girl. I just want you to be happy here.”

“Oh god, I want to live here forever.”

“That sounds perfect.”

Ryan broke the hug before his cock ended up throbbing against his newly arrived daughter’s body.

“Why don’t you get settled and we can go out for something to eat if you want.”

“Can we do that later? I’m dying to go check out the beach.”

“Whatever you want, Princess.”

She giggled when he called her the name he used to when she was little. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, and Ryan backed out of the room before he lost his mind and kissed her the same way he’d kissed the last hot young woman he’d had in that room.

He went down the hall to his own room to throw on a pair of shorts and a T shirt for the beach. Then he went downstairs and waited for Charli. He couldn’t help thinking about the careless way she kept flashing her ass and pussy. She had to know how much her father could see. Either she was doing it on purpose or else just didn’t care.

Being alone in the kitchen area of the mostly open ground floor, he heaved a sigh and gave his tingling cock a quick fondle through his shorts. He made himself stop, though. It didn’t make any sense at all to let himself get hard for his own daughter. She hadn’t even been home for an hour and already his brain was spinning. Charli was there to stay, and he was going to have to find a way to coexist with the hot young vixen that happened to be his one and only daughter without having to fight off a hard on every time she flashed her amazing cleavage or peach-smooth pussy.

It was a problem he never anticipated, but there had to be a workable solution. There just had to be.

Ryan hadn’t been seeing anyone for at least the last month when he became intent on making changes around the house to make Charli happy. He wanted her to like it there enough to stay as long as she wanted. The best solution seemed obvious. Get together with Rita or Kaylee, two of the girls he’d been with in the last few months and hope they hadn’t started seeing anyone regular, or else get together with someone new to get some relief for the tension that was rapidly building for his daughter.

Yet Ryan didn’t want to start bringing girls home so soon after Charli’s arrival. And he couldn’t imagine what his daughter would think if she saw Rita or Kaylee and how much they were like her. Ryan knew it wouldn’t look good.

He was no closer to thinking of a solution when Charli came downstairs to be escorted down to the beach. She was wearing a big yellow T shirt as a beach cover. It didn’t cover any more of her shapely legs than the skirt had, although it was a much looser fit. Ryan couldn’t tell what kind of swimwear she had on underneath, even though he tried.

“Ready?” he asked, forcing himself to look her in the eye.

The fresh-faced girl was smiling at him and nodded. Ryan took a few seconds to grab an extra-large beach towel straight out of the drier which was in the small laundry room built into the garage. The door was right off the kitchen so it was an easy grab. He led Charli through to the back of the house, onto the deck where there was a set of stairs down the slope onto a path that led down to the beach. There were still a couple of hours of sun left for the girl to enjoy her new environment.

Ryan had the towel around his neck and stood by while his daughter yanked off her T shirt, exposing herself in a strikingly skimpy, white bikini. He couldn’t help admiring her openly, and she responded with a pleased smile. Then she spun on her heels and ran toward the water. Her father’s eyes were trained on the flexing of her firm, shapely ass. She shrieked when she ran into the water, obviously surprised to feel how cold it was.

Her father stood in the sand watching her. She didn’t go too far into the water, but just far enough to dive in and swim a little. Fortunately the waves weren’t tossing her too much, but it wasn’t long before she quickly rose back up to her feet and practically ran back to where Ryan was standing. Her tits bounced so enticingly as she ran, and her body was only that much more erotically appealing soaking wet. Even worse was that her bikini became slightly transparent when it was wet, and her father was hopelessly entranced by the sight of her thick, swollen nipples and the telltale shade of her areolas showing through the V shaped strips of material containing her luscious tits.

And with the bottom being so snug and skimpy, Charli’s camel toe was strikingly visible. Ryan was practically holding his breath by the time his daughter got to where he was standing.

“Oh my god, the water is so cold!” she exclaimed.

“You’ll get used to it,” he said, smiling and wrapping the big, warm towel around her shoulders. It was a relief to cover the girl’s lush, young body with the towel since Ryan didn’t think he could go on looking at her much longer without developing another inconvenient hard on. His daughter was just outrageously sexy by any standard. He couldn’t imagine being the only father in the world with a daughter as beautiful and sexy as Charli, but at the same time he realized he could never love any girl as much as he loved his own.

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