Alyssa may be in graduate school but she sure doesn’t look like it. She is 5’4 150 lbs (curvy in all the right places) with a 38DD chest. She could easily pass for a young 18 even though her ID says 22. She constantly gets questioned about her life and her career aspirations, but she isn’t really ready to grow up yet.

A lot of the time Alyssa has people ask her why she works at a grocery store when she is in graduate school and could very easily have a much better job. She often makes one excuse or another, “It is just brainless menial labor,” “I get to work with a lot of cool people,” “I’m not the only college student who works there.” While all of these reasons were true, they were not the only reasons. There were many other reasons that Alyssa worked at Buy Low. Rob, Joshua, David, Nicolas, Bryan, Rick, and Al were just a few of them.

When Alyssa had first thought of applying at Buy Low it had been in hopes of a temporary job just until she could find something more appealing. When she went in to interview she was not really taking it seriously. She had got up that morning and laid out in the sun for an hour or so. She remembered her interview at the last minute so she threw her hair up and pulled on some jeans and a tank top. She did not even look in the mirror, but when she got in the car she realized that she looked a hot mess. But she was late so she had to hurry.

When she pulled into the parking lot the first thing she noticed was the bagger pushing buggies into the store. He had stopped for a minute and pulled his shirt up to wipe the sweat off his face. His chest was so ripped that Alyssa got so distracted that she almost hit another car. She parked and hurried inside, making sure to catch the hottie’s eye on her way in. After scoping out several other really hot guys she decided that she really needed to give this job a chance. She made up some excuse for her appearance with the manager and ended up getting the job.

After working there for a few weeks she realized that all of the hot guys that worked in the store were still in HIGH SCHOOL!! This sucked especially since that meant that they were all under 18 and therefore were jailbait. A couple of months went by and Alyssa came to realize that David, Nicolas, Rick and Al were already 18 and Joshua and Rob were almost Antep Bayan Escort 20. She would not have known this if they had not been talking about planning an 18th birthday party for Bryan. Alyssa could feel trouble coming a mile away. In the short period of time that she had been working at BUY LOW she had gotten to know the guys really well. Joshua and Rob went to the local university, David played football, Nicolas tennis, Bryan ran cross country and Rick and Al were both on drill team, and she was determined to have some sort of sexual encounter with them all.


Rick and Al were night stockers. Even though I was a cashier she sometimes managed to convince the store manager to let me stay sometimes and help them clean up the store. (I was only able to do this with one manager and that was only when I was wearing a low cut top and she bent over the counter to ask him.) One Tuesday night I was blocking an aisle of can goods when Rick and Al came over. They were putting out more stock and at first they did not notice her. “Hey you know that new cashier Alyssa, I heard she was in college.” “Yea man, she is hot, I know what I would like to do to her.” This was all the instigation that I needed. I put my earphones in and pretended to drop a can. This got the boys attention, but they did not think that I had heard what they had said.

They walked over to me and I pulled out my earbuds. “Oh hey guys, I forgot that you worked at night.” “Yea, every Tuesday,” said Rick. “This job sucks,” said Al. I forced myself to blush. Al noticed and asked me what was up. “You guys talk so much. I suppose you are going to say that you did not hear about me and Chris in the walk-in.” That got their attention. “No we didn’t! What happened?” I had them. “Nothing, nothing happened, it was just a joke, but it sure made you stop quick didn’t it.” I walked around the end of the aisle and started blocking cereal. I hummed the tune of a song to make them think that I had music back on and listened. “What do you think that was about?” “I don’t know, is there anyone who works here named Chris? I don’t know anyone.” ” I don’t care, all I can think about is getting that girl alone in the back!” “Hey man, that’s not fair; she is hot enough to share.”

The next Tuesday I was again straightening up can goods. I was on my knees working on some of the bottom shelves when Rick and Al came over. Both of their cocks were at my eyelevel so I looked up. They were both only 18 and they were nowhere near as arrogant as they appeared. They both shuffled there feet and mumbled something. I asked them if they needed anything. They looked at each other and shook their heads no. I smiled at them and said, “It is very obvious by the stirring in your pants that you do.” Their eyes grew HUGE and they just looked at me. I stood up, grabbed both of their hands and pulled them to the back room. “Come on now Al, all you could talk about last week was what you were going to do to me, don’t clam up now.”

sank to my knees before him. He was still a couple of feet away from me and I began to crawl towards his rock hard cock. At the sight of my hard body crawling towards him his eye’s blazed into mine and his dick began to twitch. I knew it was turning him on to see me on my knees desperate to taste his meat.

I had both of them in the storeroom at the back of the store. We were the only three people in the store this late at night so I wasn’t worried about getting caught. I insisted that they strip which they hesitated on. “If you guys weren’t serious I need to get back to work.” I started to walk away when I heard Rick unzip his khakis. As I turned around he pulled his shirt up over his head. I kneeled down in front of him.

I slowly looked up his body till our eyes met and ran my tongue along my lips silently telling him how much I wanted to taste his cum. I then turned my attention to his cock. I began by running my nails up his hard thighs. I raised my head till his balls were before my mouth and held still just letting him feel my hot breath caressing him. When I couldn’t stand this any more I began to flick my tongue of his sacks tasting his sweat. I lightly began to suck his balls till I heard him suck in his breath and moan. I knew it was time to move on so I began to flick my tongue up the underside of his dick till I reached the head and could taste his pre-cum oozing out the head.

With one hand I started to fondle his balls while I took his dick into my mouth. I took all 7 or so inches of his dick into my mouth and began to suck and fuck him with my mouth. I knew he wasn’t going to last long this first time so I wasn’t surprised when I felt his balls start to tighten and his dick begin to blast off in my mouth.

Not to be outdone Al had come up behind me and was attempting to remove my shirt. I quickly put him in his place telling him that this was about them getting their rocks off so that we could work in piece. Truth be told, I was way more into Rick than I was Al. Rick was tall 5’8 or 5’9 with light brown hair and a chest you could bounce a quarter off of. He was the main reason she asked to work these night shift, Al was just an addition. Al wasn’t bad looking he is 5’6 kinda scrawny which shaggy brown hair. I turned around and sucked Al’s 6 inch cock into my mouth. He was already hard from having to watch me give so much attention to Rick. Because of this it took no time at all for him to fill my mouth with sperm. I swallowed spurt after spurt. When he was finished I wiped the corners of my mouth and told them both that if I even heard rumors about what had just happened that it would never happen again.

They looked at each other and nodded, my secret was safe. Al left the back room and Rick and I were supposed to follow right behind him. That didn’t happen though because I put my hands on the belt that he had just finished buckling and told him that I wasn’t finished with him. His eyes grew wide, but I could already see his cock growing in his pants again. For the next 10 or so minutes I lavished over his glorious manhood. He was leaning against a stack of pallets for support. I was thoroughly enjoying myself, his balls were big and they tasted so good. I contemplated letting him fuck me, but I figured there would be plenty more opportunities for that. As he unleashed yet another load of cum some of it escaped my mouth and dribbled down my chin, I wiped this up with my finger and then sucked them clean.

I made sure to lick him clean and then kissed my way up his chest. I gave him one last really deep kiss on the mouth and told him that I had to get back out on the floor or else the manager would think I was slacking and wouldn’t let me stay to help anymore. As I was finishing up work that morning I realized that I had just sucked the cocks of two of my high-school-aged co-workers. Not only that but I had thoroughly enjoyed it. The best part was that there were still quite a few of them that I had not had yet.

Two guys down at least five more to go.

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