Sheila closed the stall door behind her, casting the stuff-crammed area into almost a pitch black darkness. I heard fumbling in the dark and then a click as the fishnet hose-covered woman’s leg lamp from ‘A Christmas Carol’ flickered on. Then Sheila went to the corner and started reaching up to turn on an over head light, one of those fake glass square ‘chandeliers’ you used to see over every pool table in the 70’s. This one advertised Coors Beer, and Sheila’s large tits, that seemed to glow in the lamp light as she was reaching up which thrusting her boobs into the light.

She had just met a challenge from Gloria Blathernutt. A challenge that resulted in Sheila giving blowjobs to three guys, getting two of them to come in less than two minutes, and so out-performing in blowjob technique on the third that Gloria just ran away like a wienie. I agree that ‘wienie’ sounds weird, but I don’t want to say bitch, that seems rude. Though if I was the kind of guy to call a girl a bitch, I might call Gloria Blathernutt one.

Sheila had finished turning on the light. Now, she turned her attention on me.

“You did good, John. A lot of guys have trouble performing under pressure, but you held up, and held up firm indeed, I’m impressed.” She looked impressed, as her eyes travelled up and down my body. “You had the best cock there, you know. And I didn’t get to finish.”

“You didn’t want to finish me off back there, along with the others?”

“Those guys were different. That was a matter of pride. You’re a matter of choice. Unless you wanted them to watch?”

“I’ll take you any way you let me, Sheila. What I saw today was fucking amazing.”

She blew out a thin stream of cigarette smoke and stubbed out the butt in a huge ceramic fish-shaped ashtray. “And don’t you forget it, pal.” She said as she took off her orange polyester jacket and matching slacks. She pulled off her blouse, bringing out her huge tits that were caged in a bra one size too small, which made them bulge obscenely. She had matching black panties that did cover most of her middle-aged ass. With her back to me, she languidly stretched upwards, her back and hips supple and curvy in the strange shadowy Escort Bayan Gaziantep light of the antique-filled shed. She turned to me, her eyes and body full of a sensuousness that wasn’t there earlier, somehow she was now looking at me with a sexiness and a lust greater than an out door blowjob contest.

“Get your young ass over here and give Sheila a kiss.”

I stumbled on the way to her, tripping over a ‘Happy Days’ lunchbox in my eagerness. She smiled and took me in her arms, and kissed me deeply. She tasted like smoke and mints, and hot sex. Her hands moved down my body and undid my belt without her lips ever leaving mine. She pulled down my pants and underwear to my knees and began to stroke my cock back to life. I groped her tits, which to my delight she let me do. The last time (and only time) we had fucked before, she had not let me touch her tits at all. This time she moaned into my mouth when I mashed her large tits with my inexperienced hands.

“You like that, Baby, you like finally getting to feel my tits?”

“Oh, god yes, Sheila. They, they feel so.. great!” I was trying to stay cool, but failing miserably. I was so fucking turned on that I had trouble thinking of words, or even abstract concepts. She laughed deep in her throat, hearing my need, my desire.

“Oh, you’re gonna fuck me Sport, and you better fuck me well.” I grunted and growled my intent to do so, as my hands traveled to her backside. I squeezed her ass with abandon, pressing my hard dick against her hand as we kissed like Telenovella actors.

“Hold on.” She said, moving away from me and over to another corner of the shed She took several piles of magazines and books off a love seat, and told me to come over. I got my shoes and clothes off and made it to Sheila just as she pulled out a twin sized hide-a-bed out of the love seat, already made up with sheets. She peeled off her panties and got in the bed, i followed and climbed on top of her. She took my cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy.

“Are you, you know…” I asked her clumsily.

“Wet? Well, you remembered what I told you last time! Good boy! And yes I need you to rub your cock on my clit. Here, I’m gonna put your cock right on it, there, you feel it?”

I did feel a bump of flesh, near the top of her pussy. I moved the little bump around with the head of my cock, and Sheila hissed with pleasure. “That’s it, yessss, play with my little clit you bastard!” She closed her eyes and draped her hands around my neck. Her hips started moving with my cock, making her clit press up even harder against me. I bent down and gave her cleavage a kiss, half expecting her to swat me away, but she didn’t. Her skin smelled like perfume and warmth, and it had a deliciously light salty taste. She pressed her tits together, burying my face in them as I poked her clitoris with my dick. She then pushed me back a bit, and put my cock back at the entrance to her pussy. “Oh yes, I’m good and ready, baby.” I pressed my cock forward, and it went right in, and the feeling was even more amazing than last time. I started thrusting with my hips, but with a shallow thrust, as I was fearful of hurting her by being too rough.

“Oh come on John, gimmie all of that cock!”

“You’ll tell me if I hurt you?”

“You’ll be the first to know, Sport. Now gimmie the pounding I need John, come on!” She used her legs to pull me deeper into her and after that I started to put my whole cock into her with each stroke, focusing hard on giving her the best fuck I could. After a few seconds, Sheila swatted my face. Not a slap, just a swat to get my attention.

“Stop that! You’re thinking too much! I know you want to please me and all, but right now you need to stop thinking and just fuck me, Sport!” I was a little jarred, but her hands warmly caressed my arms and back and her lips kissed my shoulders and chest, and I began to relax and just let my cock do what it wanted to do. I started to grind my cock into her, using my whole body to push it deeper and deeper. Sheila started to moan with each of my strokes, and I began to go harder, and harder, pulling out slowly and then pushing hard into her.

The point came when that wasn’t enough, and I started to fuck her with a solid, even stroke, which she stopped trying to match She was wide eyed and biting her lip as I kept going, never stopping, losing my sense of self in the wonderful feeling of Sheila’s pussy and her warm embrace. I felt her tense up, and gasp once, and then her pussy trembled all around my cock, but I didn’t stop or slow down, I kept fucking her in exactly the same way.

“Oh hell yes, John! Fuck me, fuck me just like that, oh god!!”

I was in some sort of zone as I barreled on through, relentlessly giving her the fuck she was begging me for. Finally I could feel I was getting close, but i didn’t want to come yet. “Can I fuck you from behind?” I asked her without thinking, a little shocked to hear my voice say the words.

“Hell yes you can.” Was all Sheila said as she pulled her pussy off of my cock and flipped over, sticking her ass high in the air. Her hips were almost cartoonishly wide, like Annie Fannie in the Playboy comic strip, and I just looked at her for a few seconds and then ran my hands all over her fine ass cheeks. Tenderness was soon overcome by lust, and I grabbed a hold of her ass and thrust myself back into her pussy. The feeling on my cock was different, but just as intense as in the missionary position. I loved holding onto her like this, pulling her whole pussy toward me, groping and massaging her ass. I began to pick up speed, feeling my self getting closer and closer with each stroke. Sheila then reached underneath her and started playing with her pussy. Watching her do that was the last straw, and I came hard and deep into her, and seconds afterwards she also came, and we both slumped and collapsed on the hide-a-bed.

After less than a minute, Sheila sprang out of the bed. “Allright Sport, time to go.”

I was still a little groggy from the sex, but Sheila was getting her clothes on real fast, and I started to do the same. She pulled the shed door open just as I got my shoes on. She lit a cigarette and said, “Allright kid, see ya later.” Without even looking at me.

It felt a little cold, but what was I supposed to do? Ask for a hug? I said goodbye and left. I made my way to the employee break area of Flea Market, and had a long talk with Clever Larry. There was still a lot of things I didn’t know about women, and Clever Larry made it clear that there were a lot of things I never will know about women.

I hope I didn’t screw things up with Sheila.

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