Her Idea Ch. 03

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I knew what they were planning, but played along anyway. Let them have their fun thinking they were being clever, I thought.

Her finger slid down my sack and my hole reflexively puckered when she reached the edge of my rim.

I smiled as much as I could with a thick cock sliding slowly back and forth in my mouth. My lips were stretched around his engorged shaft and his sack dragged back and forth my forehead to my nose each time he rocked his hips forehead and pushed his head against the back of my throat.

This had become our favorite position. I laid on my back with my frisky girlfriend straddling my face in a 69. Then our new friend would grab her hips and pound her from behind. She liked it hard, and he could really fuck. He would smash his hips into her plump ass and she would yelp, but never take her mouth off my cock.

Every couple of thrusts our new friend would take his cock out of her and shove it my mouth for a few thrusts. I got to taste his perfect cock and her sweat pussy at the same time, then he would go back to fucking her and I would suck on her clit. He would pick up the pace and start grunting, then I would prepare for what I knew what was coming next, and craved. He would pull out and shove his dick in my mouth just in time for load after load of his warm, salty cum to fill my mouth.

After the pulsing stopped and his sack was empty he would take his cock out, and my girlfriend would turn around and start riding me while we kissed and shared his load. It usually ended with me fucking her ass. She loved anal, and sharing a cock with me drove her wild and she begged me to shove my cock up her tushy until I filled her taboo hole with my own load.

This was how pretty much every day started for us now since we met our new friend. Actually, he wasn’t really our new friend. For those who don’t know our story, we had met Jim a few weeks before. Long story short, my girlfriend had caught me messaging guys on Manhunt. She didn’t know it, but I was curious about sucking a cock. I figured it was something I would think about, maybe chat with people on line as I checked out their pics then jerk off and never do it.

She found the messages one day and had me contact this guy. He was available and came over, and well that’s how I needed up sucking my first cock. Not only did I suck cock, I also let another guy fuck my girlfriend. After a night of both of us taking turns on her pussy she held his dick in front of my face and told me to suck. I did, and it was awesome. I even let him cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all.

After that there was no going back. We had Jim over often, he had to become creative in making excuses for his wife to get out. That problem ended after my girlfriend sent him some pictures of her after I had just fucked her. His wife found them, and threw him out.

We had only known Jim two weeks at that point but we had hooked up a few times. My girlfriend and I talked about it and realized we were both having fun and comfortable with having our new friend joining in. We invited him to stay at our place, and now there was nothing to stop of from fucking all the time.

Every morning started with three of us in bed. Sometimes I woke up to the bed rocking as he fucked her brains out, or I woke up to her crotch as she straddled my face begging to be licked. This continued throughout the day when we weren’t at work. We would all rush home and her pants would come off right away, then her pussy would have a tongue or cock in it the rest of the day. We had some unspoken rules, such as he didn’t cum in her. That meant that I got multiple loads daily in my Escort Bayan Gaziantep mouth, and Jim always had a big load. Even his 4th load of the day would fill my mouth. Another rule was the only contact between him and I was me playing with and sucking his cock. We weren’t into kissing or anything else. Focus was on her, then when it was time for him to cum I took over. The final rule was her butt was mine. We did anal a lot, usually after we both fucked her for a long time and he had blown a load in my mouth. We would then finish up with me dropping my load up her perfect ass.

So that was our life. A lot of fucking. A lot of cum and everyone was happy. Sound perfect, right? Of course rules are made to be broken, even unwritten ones.

She giggled as her finger rubbed my hole. She pulled my cock from her mouth and asked, “Why so nervous?”

My sphincter was tight as her finger moved around over it. She had been playing with my ass more often recently, enjoying watching me squirm as she slide her finger over my hole.

I heard Jim laugh as his dick slammed into her pussy just inches above my face. “He can’t take a finger but has no problem ramming his cock up your ass every day?”

With mock outrage my girlfriend said, “yeah wait, why am I the only one getting things shoved up my butt?”

I grunted. It was pretty obvious they had prearranged this, but I kept playing along. I heard a click, which I knew was the cap to our lube bottle. I pictured her pouring her some on her finger then smiling at Jim, as if I didn’t know what they had in mind.

I kept eating her pussy as she reached back between my ass cheeks. I jumped a little- the lube was frigid.

“Oh don’t worry, it will only hurt for a second,” she said. “Just relax.” She was having fun with this, saying all the things guys generally say to women when they are trying to stretch out their poopers.

To be honest, I had thought about anal before but didn’t really desire to try. I would have no problem going through life without someone putting something into my ass. I was curious, but wasn’t about to seek it. I figured if it happened it happened. And it appear it might happen.

She pushed her finger down over my hole. I grunted again as she pushed harder until her finger popped through. It wasn’t so bad. The lube made it pretty painless, but I reminded myself it was just a girl’s small finger.

She pushed even more, and now had her finger inside me past her second knuckle. She wiggled it around then started pulling it in and out. I have to admit it felt pretty good.

As I got used to that I noticed Jim picking up his pace as he fucked my girlfriend. He took his cock out and pushed it through my lips. Almost immediately a hot load exploded from his tip and flooded my mouth. Shot after shot hit my mouth and puffed out my cheeks.

I always loved his cum, but this load came with the extra relief that he was satisfied cumming in mouth and didn’t want more.

My girlfriend worked her finger in and out of me as his dick softened. She then pulled her finger out and crawled off of me. She again grabbed the lube bottle then poured a generous amount on my cock.

“Your turn,” she said then got on all fours and smacked her ass. She pulled her cheeks apart and I lined my cock up against her winking hole.

I pushed forward and my lubed cock spread her ring and slide in. She gasped, then pushed herself back, impaling herself on my shaft. She rubbed her clit and came almost right away.

Jim’s cock was already hard again and he stood in front of her. She took him in her mouth and rocked back and forth, letting the two cocks in either end of her slide in and out of her holes.

I couldn’t hold out very long and I grabbed her hips and with a hard final thrust I filled her ass with my load.

I collapsed next to her as she kept her ass in the air with cum leaking out of it. Jim reached forward and smacked her butt.

“You’re a luck guy,” he said. “That’s a great ass to fuck.”

My girlfriend looked over at me and the corner of her mouth curled into a mischievous smile around Jim’s now rock hard cock.

I knew the smile. It was when she felt like being dirty, and wanted to make sure I was OK with what she wanted to do.

I nodded and looked up at Jim. “Well she is already lubed up..”

He wasted no time, pulling his cock out of her mouth and moving behind her.

My girlfriend climbed on top of me and slid my semi-hard dick into her pussy. I hardened right away, filling her pussy with a cock filthy with the inside of her ass hole

Jim pushed in, and her cum and lube soaked ring offered no resistance.

She winced as he plowed her ass, holding her hips as her ass took the second dick of the day.

After a few thrusts, Jim said, “hey you’re ass has been taking a pounding today.”

Her rehearsed answer was, “yeah, like I asked earlier why is my ass the only one getting used?” She looked down at me and gave another mischievous smile. “Be a gentleman and help me out?” she asked.

I looked her in the eye, then kissed her. “Is that what you want?” I whispered in her ear. I wasn’t too into trying this, but I would do anything for her. And she knew it.

“Yes,” she moaned. “I want it so bad.”

“Tell me exactly what you want,” I whispered back.

She pulled her head back and looked into my eyes. “I want to watch you get fucked in the ass.”

“OK, babe. Anything you want.”

She reached back and grabbed Jim’s shaft. I could feel his dick pull out of her ass as the pressure against my cock in her pussy lessened.

She then lowered his head so it rubbed down my sack, then pressed against my cheeks. I kept my hands on her ass as she guided him to my hole.

His cock was dripping with my cum and the lube I used to fuck her, and my hole still had lube in it from her finger.

He pushed forward and the pressure built against my ring. She let go and laid back on top of me and started nibbling on my ear. “Just relax, you’ll love it,” she giggled.

Jim pushed forward and I tried to retreat but her hips pushed me down and kept me in place. He pushed harder and I winced, ready for what was about to happen. With another push he slide past my outer ring. I squeezed her ass cheeks and breathed deep.

My girlfriend slide her pussy up and down my shaft, but there was no hiding the pain of what happened next. Jim pushed forward again and his head pushed all the way in, past my inner sphincter. I had heard this was the worst part, but I couldn’t imagine this. I thrust my hips up, and my girlfriend gasped as my cocks smashed into her cervix.

I was wincing so hard tears were streamed down my face. I almost said stop, but thought about all the times I had fucked my girlfriend in the ass. Not only that, but she just took another guy in her ass as she knew I would enjoy watching that. I had to do it if she could, right?

I dug my fingertips into her ass as Jim kept pushing. Finally I could feel this thighs against mine and I knew he was all the way in. He waited a few minutes for me to get used to it.

My girlfriend picked up her head and looked at me. She giggled and asked loud enough for Jim to hear, “What’s wrong?”

I popped open one eye and only managed to say, “Ungh, it’s not so bad.”

She put her hand over her mouth in mock surprise. “Wait, where is Jim’s cock? It’s not in me. Jim are you still there?”

Jim laughed and said, “Yes I am.”

“But where is your cock? Honey, do you know where Jim’s cock is?”

I grunted. “Yes.” As if I need reminding Jim gave a small push and I jumped.

“Then where is it?”

“It’s, it’s in my ass.”

“Oh my god, it’s in your ass?”


“So you are getting fucked up your ass?”


“I am so proud of my boyfriend, he lost his virginity,” she giggled. “How does he feel, Jim?”

“Oooh he’s tight, this is nice.”

“You hear that, babe? A man says your ass hole feels nice.”

I had gotten more used to the invading cock and my hole had relaxed a bit, but it certainly still stung even as Jim kept still.

She leaned forward again and whispered in my ear. “One more question. What is in your ass? Tell me what is in your ass?”

I grunted as Jim started to pull his shaft back, almost took the head out then pushed back in. He kept rocking back and forth slowly as my hole struggled to accommodate him.

“A cock,” I answered.

“What kind of cock?” she asked while grinding up and down on my shaft.

“A hard cock,” I said.

She moaned and picked up her pace.

“Is it big?”

“God yes,” I said.

She lost control as an orgasm built inside her. “Do you like it? Do you like having a big hard dick up your ass?”

The combination of the cock rubbing inside of me and her soaked pussy gripping my shaft pushed me to the edge.

She came first, throwing her head back and ramming her cunt against my pelvis with a desperate moan. Wetness flooded all over my crotch as her pussy twitched.

I matched her climax and my shaft pulsed with the first load. My ass clenched with the orgasm but the shaft rammed up it kept it open. The pain of the sphincter trying to contract shot through me and I yelled, “ahhh.”

At the same time Jim slammed his hips into mine and his dick engorged with his own orgasm. His dick flooded with blood and grew in my ass, pushing open my violated ring even more.

I yelled again, the pain was too much. My cock kept twitching inside my girlfriend’s pussy, filling her with cum that was flowing back down onto my sack.

After a few more pulses from Jim the excruciating pain was replaced with relief as he softened. He gave a last of shot of cum then pulled out. Oddly enough I felt empty, my hole missing the feeling of being used despite how badly it hurt.

I then felt cum flowing from the deepest parts of my ass towards my hole, the warm liquid stinging the tears in my sphincter as it poured out. Despite the intensity of what just happened, the feeling of cum in my hole was awesome. The best description is that I felt used and dirty. Which I loved. I was lying there with a load of cum in my belly and a load in my freshly fucked ass while my girlfriend recovered from her orgasm on top of me. I had shared her and my holes with Jim. We were there to serve him, and I already found myself craving his cock again.

My girlfriend picked up her had again and looked at me. “Oh my fucking god,” she said.

“I know babe. I love you.”

She gave me the mischievous smile again. “What’s in your ass now, babe?”

“Cum, honey.”

“Mine too, thanks to you. I guess we are a couple of cum filled anal whores now, huh?”

I smiled and looked over at Jim, who had collapsed next to her. His softening dick glistened in the low light.

“I guess we are.”

“Well there is no going back now. Your holes are his.”

“I wouldn’t want to, babe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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