Gym Buddies Ch. 02

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“You bitch!” Jenna yelled at me. “Both of them together? Thanks for sharing, jerk!”

“It kind of just happened, Jenna… I shouldn’t have told you,” I said.

“No, what you should have done was call me. I’ve had my eye on both of them as well and you go off and fuck them both at the same time! You could have at least left one of them for me.”

“Well, it’s not like I married them, I’m sure you can join us next time. If there is a next time,” I said.

It had been only been two days since my threesome with Rob and Eric. I finally had to tell someone and decide to tell Jenna since she introduced me to the gym and by default the guys. I didn’t expect her reaction to be like this. She was more upset I didn’t call and share than the fact that I fucked two guys. I guess she had been having the same thoughts herself.

“Oh there will be a next time and I better fucking be there, Lacy!”

“Seriously? So you want all four of us to, like have an orgy?”

“Oh, like that is surprising to you, miss threesome! Yes! Hell yes, now we know they are into it, the group sex I mean. Why not. Just think how fun it would be to do them both, all of us together just going at it. Fuck it makes me hot just thinking about it.”

“Wow, okay, I didn’t see this coming,” I said.

“Well, now you know my dark side,” Jenna laughed… “I think it comes with the name.”

“True, you do have a porn star name,” I laughed with her.

“Exactly so when are we doing this?”

“I don’t know. It’s not like I planned the first time.”

“Well, I want you to plan the second time and invite me. I can’t wait to see these guys naked. You do know you picked the two hottest guys at the gym, right. Was that on purpose?”

“Not really. Their schedules just worked with mine so I see them a lot.”

“Lucky you. You have to tell me all about them. I want details, cock details and everything.”

“Okay, or we could just go to the gym tonight and make something happen. I’m sure they will both be there.”

“Oh, hell yes… I’m totally in. What time?”

“I usually show up at six and they are already there.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there,” Jenna said, with the biggest smile on her face I’ve ever seen. “But first you have to tell me everything.”


Work ended for the day and I drove home, changed into my workout stuff and headed for the gym. I hadn’t been back since I fucked Rob and Eric so I hadn’t seen them either. I had only missed a day, which happens occasionally so I’m sure they haven’t thought much of it. When I pulled into the lot, Jenna was waiting for me in her car. Rob’s and Eric’s vehicles where there and Jenna jumped out of hers like a kid on Christmas.

“They are both here!” she said, running up to me.

“I told you they would be.”

“Oh, my hell, I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” Jenna said. “I have plans!”

“Plans? Do tell,” I said.

“No time, let’s get in there and see if they will do it with us.”

“Trust me, it will be easy to convince them.”

Jenna was looking hot, hotter than normal for the gym. She had on her skimpiest sports bra and shorts. Her makeup and hair looked too good for the gym but I didn’t say anything. She’s taller than me and thin with not many curves. Narrow hips and natural small breasts but her face is gorgeous. She colors her natural dark hair an unnatural red, but it looks good on her. We headed in but before we did I had to calm her down and told her to play it casual, and to pretend she didn’t know anything. She finally settled down by the time we walked in.

“Lacy!” Rob and Eric yelled out like always and then when they saw Jenna they did the same for her.

“Hi guys. How’s it going?” I asked.

“Great, and you?” Rob asked.

“I’m good, ready for a hard workout.”

“Jenna, we don’t normally see you at this time of day,” Eric said.

“Nope, I figured I’d come with Lacy today. She said it’s less crowded.”

“Yeah, normally just the three of us,” Rob said.

I could tell that Jenna didn’t want to work out. She wanted to get it on and wanted me to instigate immediately so she was a little put out when I started working out with them. She finally started her own small workout but I could tell she wasn’t doing much, thinking things would go the way she wanted them soon. Every set I finished she looked at me with this look of “what the hell are you doing!” but I just kept working out with the guys as if nothing was different. Finally after twenty minutes she couldn’t take it anymore.

Screaming in frustration, Jenna yelled, “Are we going to fuck or what!”

Rob almost drop his weights. Eric started laughing and I shook my head.

“Well I guess the secrets out of the bag. I told Jenna what we did the other day. She wants in,” I said.

“Fine with me,” Rob said, setting his weights on the bench rack and sitting up.

“Yeah, me too,” Eric added.

“So my house again?” Rob asked, standing up.

“Sure, you are the closest,” I said.

“So we’re really doing Escort Bayan Antep this!” Jenna exclaimed.

“Yes, Jenna… I told you it wouldn’t be difficult to convince them.”

“Let’s go now!” she shouted.

“Wow, someone’s excited,” Eric laughed.

This time, Jenna and I followed the guys to Rob’s house and caught up to them in the garage. Jenna was practically shaking with excitement. I guess she had been thinking about this longer than I had and ever since this morning she has been anticipating sex with them. Let’s just say she was eager. In Rob’s living room I took Jenna’s hand, trying to keep her from attacking the two guys.

“You guys want a drink or something?” Rob asked.

“No thanks, I just want sex,” Jenna blurted.

“I’ll have a drink,” I said, making Jenna squeeze my hand hard.

“You and I can get started if you want, Jenna, why they have drinks,” Eric suggested.

“Yes, please!” Jenna said, ripping her hand from mine and crossing the room to Eric.

Before I knew it she was on her knees, pulling down Eric’s shorts. She grabbed his wide cock and fed it into her mouth still soft.

“Still want that drink?” Rob asked, watching Eric’s cock grow rapidly as Jenna slurped and sucked.

“Maybe later,” I said, walking over to him.

Looked like I had some catching up to do. I dropped to my knees as well and released Rob’s long cock, which was already well on its way to erect. Giving it a few strokes, I leaned forward and took the slightly salty head into my mouth and swallowed a few inches, stroking the base until he was fully hard. Looking left, I watched Jenna suck Eric like her life depended on it. She needed to slow down or Eric was going to blow before five minutes elapsed. I could hear him moaning and it was getting louder. I took my time on Rob, sucking slow and licking his shaft up and down the vein-lined width.

“Fuck, Jenna, I’m going to cum!” Eric yelled maybe a minute later.

“No, not yet!” Jenna yelled, taking him from her mouth and squeezing his head tight.

“Oh fuck… oh shit it might not stop!” Eric said, but Jenna was pinching hard and wasn’t letting go.

She even grabbed his balls and squeezed them as well.

Eric groaned and whined but I didn’t see any semen leave his cock. She held him for about a minute.

“You good?” Jenna asked.

He nodded and she let go. That’s when a good sized glob of cum oozed out of his head but nothing else followed. She must have stopped it in time.

“Better give you a break,” Jenna said, licking the semen off his cock before standing up.

I went back to sucking Rob while Jenna removed her clothing. She had shaved her sex completely. Her small breasts didn’t move after the bra was taken off and she had been tanning naked apparently because she was bronze even under her bra and shorts. Her nipples were erect and stood off her small breasts over half an inch with tan darkened areolas.

“My turn now?” Jenna asked, Eric.

He nodded and Jenna sat down on the couch, spread her legs and waited for Eric to drop to his knees to return the favor of oral. I lost my view of them and focused on Rob’s long cock in my mouth and his balls in my hand. He was no longer salty. I had cleaned him off and let the mixture of saliva and pre-cum coat his cock and balls. I sucked him for a few more minutes before standing up and wiping my face. I shed my clothing as he did the same and together we turned and watched Eric eating Jenna’s shaved sex.

“I bet she’ll suck you if you offer your cock,” I told Rob.

“Let’s see,” he responded.

We both went to the couch and sure enough, as he knelt on it and moved his dick close to Jenna, she grabbed it immediately and started sucking it while Eric continued on her pussy. Eric’s cock was still rock hard with a large drip of pre-cum making its way to the floor between his legs. He was returning the favor to Jenna with a gusto, tonguing her vagina and licking her clit quickly with a lot of energy. She was enjoying it. I could hear her moan with her mouth around Rob’s long shaft. Jenna took a break and looked up at me.

“Lacy? You’re not participating very well?” she said.

“Kind of hard like this,” I said.

“I have an idea where we can all participate,” she said, sitting up. “We need more room though. Eric and Rob, move the sofa and the coffee table so we have a large area here in the middle.”

Eric and Rob obeyed.

“You guys ever heard of a daisy chain?”

The guys nodded and I had an inkling of what she had planned. She began to order us down on the floor, placing us so head met sex until we were all in a circle or chain. Rob was eating me. I was Sucking Eric, Eric was munching Jenna and Jenna completed the circle by sucking Rob. It worked pretty well actually. I enjoyed the sensation of cock in my mouth and a tongue going to town on my clit and pussy. Rob was pretty good at oral and had me humming with pleasure rapidly. Eric’s fat cock filled my mouth and I more stroked him with just his head in my mouth than anything. I could hear Jenna moaning again and both the guys were adding their enjoyment to the mix. We were officially having an orgy, another first in less than a week.

The chain continued for several minutes. Eric’s cock got really hard and I thought he might have to cum again soon so I eased up on stroking and focused on just sucking his head, which I soon had to abandon because I started cumming myself. Rob had fingers up my sex as well as going ballistic on my clit. The combination took me over the edge and I came on his face with a major let down of juice I felt running down over my ass. He apparently didn’t mind because he ate me throughout the entire orgasm, holding me firmly with his hands.

I was totally gone and lost track of time and what everyone else was doing. I soon gained my senses back and found that Eric had gotten up, probably because I wasn’t sucking his dick anymore and was now actively fucking Jenna. He had her bent over the arm of the sofa, doing her from behind hard and fast. But what really got me and made me realize I must have been out of it for longer than I thought, was Rob was sitting on the sofa in front of Jenna having his cock sucked by her. She was getting the threesome treatment I had told her about and loving it. I watched for a bit, still feeling lightheaded slightly. Eric was pounding her so hard, even her small breasts were moving forward slightly as his hips hit her narrow ass. She was focused on Rob’s cock though, not letting Eric’s thrusts keep her from properly sucking his long dick.

Jenna was an impressive cock sucker, living up to her porn star name again with some serious deep throat talents. She was effectively taking all of Rob’s cock into her mouth and it must have been down her throat at least a few inches. The look on his face was pure ecstasy and a visual treat to watch these two buff and hot guys fucking my gorgeous friend from both ends was spectacular. Eric was working so hard his body glistened with perspiration and his wide cock was covered in Jenna’s juices. Rob wasn’t working himself, he was letting Jenna do it for him and boy was she. She was working that long cock like I’ve only seen on the internet. I’ve tried to suck a cock like that and haven’t been able to manage without gagging. She sure had whipped up a lot of creamy liquid that clung to his cock in long strings of goo when she came up for some air. She took over with her hand and used that concoction to stroke his shaft quickly up and down until he grabbed her hand to stop from cumming.

“Switch with me, dude,” Rob said so he could take a break from her incredible mouth.

That’s when they noticed me watching and I slowly got to my feet.

“Or better yet, Lacy’s back among the living,” Rob said.

Eric pulled out of Jenna and Rob smiled at me before going behind my friend and filling the hole Eric’s wide cock had previously been pummeling. I had Eric sit down on the couch and while facing him, climbed up on his lap, reached down and eased his Jenna-covered cock into my own wet pussy. He felt incredible as his wide cock spread me open and descended as deep as it could. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to rise and fall, slow at first before picking up the pace and riding him just like I wanted. I moved my body to bend his fat cock where I liked it. He soon was licking my breasts and sucking the hardened nipples. I turned and smiled at Jenna who smiled back and took Rob’s cock over and over.

No one said anything. The only noise in the room was the slapping of Rob’s body against, Jenna’s ass and everyone’s moans. We continued like this for another several minutes before Jenna wanted to change. She was getting tired of being bent over the sofa arm. She decided to ride Rob like I was Eric. Rob sat down next to Eric and Jenna eagerly climbed on to join me in riding our gym buddies. This also put her right next to me and this was, I found out later, one of her reasons for changing. She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Do you think they would do DP with me? Do you mind? I’ve always wanted to try it?”

“Seriously?” I whispered back. “Have you ever done anal alone?”

“Yes, actually a few times.”

My eyes got big and I found my mouth had dropped open. I never knew this about Jenna. She truly was an uninhibited girl. I was shocked to learn that she’d done anal. I’d never even considered it, too afraid it would hurt and now she wanted both these guys’ cocks in her at one time. I quickly gathered myself again and said “Umm, go right ahead I don’t mind. I don’t know if they will though? It’s up to them.”

She turned away from me and kept riding Rob as I did the same to Eric. It got me thinking though. I wondered what it would feel like to have one of these guy’s cocks in my ass. I preferred it be Rob to start with if I went through with it but I didn’t know if I had the nerve. I was riding and thinking about it when suddenly Jenna spoke out.

“Let’s switch,” she said.

This was also for a reason I found out later. We switched though and I got onto Rob and Jenna started riding Eric. She told me later that she wanted his fat cock in her pussy when they did DP. The moaning continued as did the nipple sucking, butt grabbing and proper cock riding from both of us girls. I loved being in control and bending Rob’s long cock just perfectly inside me. I took most of him out so his head would it my G-spot on the descent every time. I was close to another orgasm when Jenna spoke up again and dropped the bomb.

“Rob my asshole wants you,” she said.

I froze, Rob and Eric looked at each other and Jenna started giggling.

“Oh come on, you know you want to. I know both of you have thought about doubling one of us up.”

They didn’t deny it and Rob looked up at me as if to ask permission since I still had his cock inside of me.

“Be my guest,” I said, getting off of him and standing back as he got up too.

“You sure about this, Jenna?” Rob asked, looking at her tightly puckered asshole.

“Very sure. Just use a finger or two first and get me wet,” she said looking over her shoulder.

“Oh this is weird,” Rob said as he spit on his fingers and started to rub them around Jenna’s ass while Eric’s wide cock was still in her pussy.

“Want me to do it?” I asked, seeing he was having a problem being so close to touching Eric’s dick.

“That would be great,” Rob agreed.

I did one better then fingers. I knelt down and started licking Jenna’s ass and even the cock in her pussy. I had a gay roommate in college and she tried to turn me to her side. I tried it out a few times but it never caught on for me, but I did learn how to eat pussy and lick assholes during the experimental college years.

“Oh my gawd, Lacy, that feels so fucking good!” Jenna moaned as I stuck my tongue as far into her ass as I could. Two finger were next and I added more and more saliva until she was very wet and open for Rob.

“Okay, she’s good to go,” I said.

Rob stepped forward and I stayed right next to Jenna so I could watch Rob stick his long cock into her ass. I’d seen it before but never in real life. I’ve got to say it was a sight for sure. He held his cock an inch behind his head and slowly pressed it into Jenna. Her flesh went white from the strain of having a cock in her pussy and now one being eased into her ass. Once the head was in, Rob let go pausing for a few seconds before moving again. Jenna assured him she was find and he began to move forward slowly. She never complained, and inch after inch slowly disappeared into her butt until Rob’s balls were against Eric’s fat dick. She had done anal more than a few times! I had my mouth wide again in awe of how much was going on down there. I couldn’t believe my skinny little friend with no hips had two well-hung guys in her body. It was amazing she wasn’t split in two.

“Oh fuck it’s so full!” she screamed. “I love it!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It just looked painful and uncomfortable but Jenna was honestly enjoying it. I thought the initial penetration was amazing. It was nothing compared to watching them start to move. Eric moved first. He had ben patiently waiting while I lubed her up and getting Rob’s cock all the way in took at least two minutes. Now Eric had stayed put long enough and began to thrust up and out, pushing his ass into the sofa and back up into Jenna’s pussy. That’s when she really started to get loud and filthy.

“That’s it! Fuck my cunt with that cock in my ass. Fuck me good! Give it to me I want to feel that fat cock sliding against the one in my ass!”

Eric obeyed and held nothing back, forcing his wide dick up and down as fast as he could manage with her on top.

“Now, fuck my ass, Rob!” she screamed.

Rob started to move and together they began to alternate thrusts. When one was in deep the other was almost out. I don’t think I blinked for five minutes. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Jenna was absolutely loving it. I always thought the porn queens were just acting and pretending they liked being fucked by two guys, and I’m sure some are but Jenna had no reason to be acting. She was screaming for more, telling them to keep going and that she was cumming all in the five minutes I didn’t blink. And talk about an orgasm. This girl’s body started to shake and convulse between these two guys like no other I’ve ever seen. She screamed and shook for a long time until she finally couldn’t control herself anymore and fell limp onto Eric, who held her up and continued to fuck her through her orgasm.

“Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Rob said, pulling out and spraying his load onto Jenna’s back. I guess the anal was too much for him and he lost it. Talk about a load. He coated her back with strings of cum, like ten long burst from his excitement. I watched spellbound as he stroked himself onto her. After Rob finished, Eric picked Jenna up, flipped her around and laid her on her back and continued to fuck her hard until he too pulled out and climaxed onto her body, big thick spurts of heavy semen. When they hit they made a huge mess on her stomach but he didn’t shoot far enough to hit her breasts.

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