Fluids of Her Body

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After making love after lunch we cleaned up, then went out for the late afternoon. When it was time for dinner we went to a nice restaurant, not too fancy, but clean with really good food. We sat beside each other and I was pleased to see a full table cloth, the corners dropping down towards the floor.

When we were seated and the waiter asked what we’d like to drink, I told him a diet cola of some kind but Old Green Eyes just smiled up at him and said, “Please bring me the largest glass of water you have. Also, a large pitcher of water to leave on the table.”

The waiter’s eyebrows rose in surprise, but after a moment he smiled, dipped his head forward in respect, and left. He immediately brought our drinks, and the pitcher, then left to get menus.

As we waited for him to return, I lifted the edge of the table cloth and draped it over our laps. Then I slid my hand under the cloth and while sliding my right hand along her thigh, leaned over and reached for a kiss. One of her wonderful kisses.

Our lips touched and I felt her tongue approaching, touching mine, demanding entry. I complied, opening my lips, inviting her in.

As our kissing became deeper I felt her shifting, spreading her legs. So, accepting her invitation, I slid my hand upward, not surprised to find she didn’t have any panties on. When the edge of my hand felt the hairs above her crotch, she broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Play with me. Touch me, I’m so horny and in need of your touch.” And with that she spread herself even wider.

I began to tickle her clit with my little finger and as I slid two fingers into her heat I saw her reach out and grab the glass of water, which she immediately emptied.

“I told you earlier, I’m going to fill your mouth with pee while you eat me. And I intend to keep that promise.”

I began to masturbate her, relishing in the feel of her, being very grateful that this woman’s passion was so evident. I kissed her ear as my fingers wandered between her legs.

I whispered, “If we hadn’t raised such a hunger this afternoon, I’d take you right back to our bed and ravish you.”

“Not until we’ve had dinner. Besides, I need more water. I’m going to bathe you. You certainly need a good Golden Shower, right?”

“Okay. I can’t wait – but will,” I replied.

I saw the waiter Bayan Escort Antep approaching so I removed my hand from between her legs. Later, about half way through the meal, she excused herself, saying, “I’ll be right back. I’ve got to go to the little girl’s room.”

“Too much water?” I asked with a smile.

“No, silly, I’ve got to take a dump. You know…move my bowels?”

“Oh, good,” I replied, “I was worried that you’d lose all that pee you promised.”

* * *

As usual, it was an excellent meal and as we slowly walked back to the hotel, I held her in my arms, sliding my hand up along her waist, touching the outer surface of her breast through her blouse. From time to time she would turn away from me, turning all the way around, this causing her large, soft breasts to drift across my hand. Then she would offer her lips for our pleasure. And I would kiss her, sometimes looking into her bright green eyes, sometimes closing mine, remembering how wonderful a privilege it is to kiss her.

We continued to walk, eventually reaching our hotel.

Once the elevator door closed I pulled her into my arms, holding her tight, my arms around her waist and our lips and tongue seeking each other’s. I do so enjoy kissing her. She feels wonderful in my arms, her warm body against mine. This is such a sloooow elevator.

I lean forward a little, tugging on her earlobe with my teeth, hearing her intake of breath as I lick her ear, taking the whole thing into my mouth, my tongue trying to taste her mind.

I circle within her ear, tasting the folds, feeling her pushing her body hard against mine. I want to make love to this woman. I want to have her in every way we’ve talked about. I want to softly abuse her body with my cock, have her pee in my face, violate her ass with my fingers, my cock, my tongue. I need to love her.

As I slid my hands down her back and onto her buttocks, my fingers digging into her skirt, feeling her soft ass, she pulled away from our kiss, saying, “No, don’t. I’ve got to really pee so once we’re in the room I need you to get undressed and lay down in the tub.”

But while the car continued climbing up to our floor, her hand softly stroked my cock through my trousers, her fingers reaching for my balls.

When we get into our room I immediately undressed. tossing my clothes hither and yon, then, naked, I went into the bathroom. my hard cock pointing the way before me, and laid down in the tub, waiting for her.

When she came in she was mostly nude, wearing just her bra, and in looking at her breasts I could see her nipples protruding through the soft material. And I could see her smile.

She stepped into the tub, her body over my face, knees on each side of my head. I reached up and placed my arms over her hips, and slowly pulled her body down until her cunt was right over my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and began to lick her lips, tasting her pleasure, tasting her passion.

As I began eating her, I felt her hand tugging my cock, trying to get it erect again. Then I felt her mouth engulfing me, her teeth at the base of the shaft.

While she started to suck me, I felt her finger tugging at the string that has been dangling out of my ass all afternoon. And when I felt the first, the largest, ball trying to come out, I opened my eyes to see her two legs on each side of my face, her pussy wet and wild with passion.

Then she began. First a slight dribble, then more, and finally I heard her say, “Here it comes. Open your mouth. Drink my piss!”

She flowed into my mouth, then moved her hips, spraying hot piss on my chest, then returning to wash my face in her pee. I drank willingly, enjoying another of her many delicious flavors.

While she favored me with her pee I licked her crotch, the lips of her cunt, swollen and wet, pulsating with her passion. Still, she peed, her urine draining down my throat as it splashed up my nose, in my face, on my chest. I relished her.

When her urine stopped flowing she pushed downwards, her soft pussy damp with her passion, wet from her pee, warm and covering my nose and mouth.

I drank the last of the urine I caught, and returned to licking her, tasting both her cunt and her pee.

My tongue slid between her lips, sliding along until my chin was pressing her mons. I parted her pussy’s lips with my nose, driving inward, fucking her with my face as her mouth clamped down, squeezing the base of my shaft, the tip of my cock brushing the back of her warm, wet throat.

The way her hands gripped my thighs I knew she was about to climax, and sure enough, the flavor of her cunt changed as her climax began, the flavor and quantity changing as she came.

I licked her clit, my teeth scraping across the soft-but-now-hard nubbin, feeling her little clit growing in my mouth. I sucked on it like it was a little cock.

Her breathing became rough as I heard her saying, “Ohhh, oh, ohhhh, it feel sooo good!”

I continued to lick her until she said, “No more. I can’t stand any more.”

So I kissed her clit, seeing her pull her hips away from my face.

As she recovered, she stood up, then pulled me up so we could both rinse off. I rinsed my mouth so she would be willing to kiss me. I enjoy drinking her pee, but I’m not so sure she likes her own. We have yet to talk about that. I dream of us in a 69 position, each peeing in the other’s face at the same time, each accepting the warm, pungent offering, each drinking all we can receive.

* * *

We dried each other off, soft warmed towels brushing everywhere, then I grabbed one of her breasts and by tugging, led her to our bed.

When we got there she turned me around, then got down on her knees and reached for my cock, pulling me forward until her mouth again held me by the root.

I placed my hands on both sides of her head, pulling her face to my belly, driving my cock deep in her throat. With my hands full of her hair, I pulled and pushed her head, fucking her face, sliding between her willing lips, feeling her close her mouth just a bit so her teeth scraped the shaft of my cock.

When I felt my climax approaching I said, “Okay, girl, get ready for a mouth full of cum. And you’d better not swallow any until I give you permission.”

Then, as my balls began emptying into her mouth, I felt her pulling out the Ben Wa balls, the rubbing inside my ass pushing against my prostate, forcing the cum to fly out of my cock, spurting deep in her throat. I heard her humming as she received, her lips milking my cock, draining all she could get.

I don’t know what she did with the Ben Wa balls, but as my ass was already open from their passage, I felt her shoving one of her fingers past my anus, brushing the inside of my asshole, pressing against where my prostate was, ejecting the last of my cum. I was drained.

When my cock softened in her mouth, I raised her up and, placing my hand under her chin, lifted her face, seeing the smile in her green eyes, as I leaned forward for a kiss, a kiss filled with my cum, and her love.

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