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From Weird to Eccentric

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“For many people the quest for money and the power it brings intoxicates their souls until the day they die. For me it has been more basic. Money affords me the opportunity to intimately realize my attraction for women with alternative hair. So I worked diligently to build my wealth to the point that I no longer had to worry about what other people would think about my peculiarities. If you have enough money, you go from being weird to being eccentric.”

“Like Howard Hughes,” quipped the interviewer. “Please continue.”

“I developed this fetish at age thirteen, when I saw the “Bill Boggs Midday Show” with bald women. All through my adolescence in the 80s, I looked through books and magazines for the rare pictures. In college a few girls went punk and I would make sure to catch a glimpse from afar, but I never had the guts to talk with them about their hair. Even when my girlfriend, Jen, noticed my attention towards one girl with a buzz cut, I denied my interest. Years later we reconnected for a while, and she told me she would have cut her hair back in college if I asked. During our tryst in 2000 I asked and eventually bribed her with a January trip to Hawaii in return for her arriving in Honolulu with a new buzz cut. After a frigid month in New York she really enjoyed the sun warming her head.”

“When was the first time you made a deal with a woman to cut her hair?” the interviewer asked me.

“She was one of my coworkers. On a Friday night back in 1993 after making my first six figures trade, Susan and I went out to celebrate my success that day. We dined on steaks and lobsters, ate a decadent crème briolette, and we drank plenty of Cabernet. We were quite drunk walking around Soho, when we entered one of the boutiques. Browsing around Susan saw a chocolate colored Gucci handbag. She put it over her shoulder and waltzed around the store with a huge smile for at least ten minutes.”

SOHO 1993

“Jack, I would die to walk out of here with this bag,” she told me.

“Well, you don’t have to die, but we can barter for it.” It was either the wine or the power from the money I made that day, but I went for it. “You know how gorgeous I think you are, and this bag brings out a great smile in you. Just one thing would make you look even better. Cut your hair.”

“What? These blond locks have turned many heads, since I was a little girl.”

“I think your eyes, mouth, ears, and neck line are even sexier than that long mane. I will buy you this bag for how much, $2000? if we go around the corner to that barber shop we passed. And you get a really short pixie.”

Susan pondered for a few moments. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and put the handbag back on her shoulder. “How short?” she asked.

“The back and sides need to be buzzed, but the top can have some length.”

“You have a deal, but you better plunk down that Amex before I change my mind.” As we left the boutique I came to realize everyone had a price.

The female barber waved me over as Susan and I entered the shop. “Not me tonight, her.” I pointed to Susan, as she hopped up into the chair. Her dress rode up her legs, and she did not have a chance to pull it down before the barber caped her. “She will get a razor shave all around her hairline. Then taper it up to the crown. Shorten the top but leave it feminine. She has to go to work on Monday.”

“Hey dear, my name is Helen. Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked Susan.

“We made a deal for this Gucci bag,” said Susan as she showed Helen her trophy and my bargaining chip.

“That works,” said Helen, as I handed her $100 bill.


“She lifted the scissors and started to lop off over a foot of blond silk. Susan sighed seeing her hair fall onto the cape. Helen then proceeded to clipper Susan’s neck and above her ears. A razor blade followed removing four inches of stubble up her neckline. That was much higher than I had hoped for. Helen looked at me and smiled appreciating $100 for a few minutes of work. Susan still had plenty of hair on the top that Helen shaped into a feminine style, much like what Pink wears today. “

“By that point I had a raging hard-on and Susan also had her hormones racing. We kissed and groped furiously in the cab and barely got up to her apartment with our clothes on. We made love that night and for the rest of weekend. I could not keep my eyes or hands off her. That Monday she strode into the office with the Gucci on her shoulder, and her nape exposed for the first time since she was a baby. She got plenty of compliments from all the people in the office for both her hair and the bag. For the Antep Escort Bayan next two months every Friday we returned to Helen for Susan’s haircut. She eventually wound up almost completely bald but for a quarter inch of blond fuzz on top of her head. All this fun cost me another twenty grand in fancy shoes and jewelry, but I sure enjoyed our time together. Susan left the trading business for a career in fashion. She now has two kids, a big job at Macy’s, and still a short pixie.”

The interviewer followed up with another question. “How did you pursue your passion once Susan was out of your life?”

“I hired many professionals, both models and call girls. I made some films of these women at Helen’s barbershop, but I never profited financially from them. Rather than monetary gains, I liked to watch the reactions of strangers staring at a beautiful bald woman walking around the city in their midst. In addition, my libido was in full force. There is nothing like getting a blow job, while holding a shaved scalp. As on-line sites catering to extreme haircuts became more ubiquitous, I saw more of my films popping up. I figured a few of the girls made some additional money from the copies I gave them.”

“So, you found this exciting and easy to satisfy your desires.”

“Yes, from a physical and visual standpoint, but it was not exciting from a gaming perspective. I made a business deal, but there was no challenge. It had to be more impromptu. I had to figure out new ways into a woman’s soul without it being just a payment, so I went back to the old Wall Street axiom of fear and greed. “

“Do you care to expound on this?”

“By 1998 I had my own firm. We were making so much money trading our own accounts during that tech bubble that we could fund the brokers with added incentives. I devised a contest to appeal to the greed of our six female brokers. It was in a shootout format, so the one with the lowest commissions would be dropped from the contest that week. The one left after five weeks would win $50,000, while the loser each week would have her head shaved. “


“Jack, do you really expect me to shave my head?” asked Amy our top broker.

“For the chance to win 50k I do. How many of you are in?” Only two of the women raised their hands.

“I could really use the money, but if I lose in week four I get nothing but a shaved head and no extra money,” said Rachel another one of the women.

“Well you do get all that extra commissions from the accounts you open, but I get it. How about I guarantee each of you $5000 to enter and another $5000 for each week you survive. Now, who is game?”


“How many wanted to participate this time?” asked the interviewer.

“This time they all raised their hands. The men wanted in, but I told them they would have a very different kind of contest after this one was over. Each week on Friday Ray the barber would come to the office at 3PM with all his tools. We would tally up the overall total of new accounts each woman opened. One by one Jackie, Amy, Wendy, and Lisa yielded to Ray’s razor, as the contestant with the lowest running total. He would first braid the woman’s hair, so it could be harvested and donated to charity. Then he would take out the clippers and shear the woman of all her hair. By this time the office was going crazy. Guys were screaming, and the girls remaining in the contest could see their fate coming in one of the following weeks. Finally, Ray would lather the loser’s head and meticulously render her with a smooth shiny scalp. When Ray finished polishing each loser’s head with some oil, she would walk around having to endure the whole office giving her a head rub. Conversely, for each survivor another week meant another five grand. The final week of the contest pitted Rachel against Skyler. By Friday Skyler opened fifty-three new accounts and Rachel had fifty-one. However, with a late afternoon flurry Rachel won fifty-eight to fifty-six.


“Our winner has decided to join her fellow contestants,” I announced. To the loudest cheers the office had produced thus far, Rachel took the seat next to the newly shaved Skyler. “Rachel has also requested that all her fellow contestants take their turns with the clippers.”

I began by cutting off her braids. Jackie, who now sported a half-inch auburn pelt, took the first pass down the middle of Rachel’s dark curls. She was followed by a parade of the other contestants each with progressively shorter hair. Skyler, with her freshly shaved head finished clipping Rachel’s hair down to the tiniest amount of stubble. Ray then lathered her head and shaved her clean. Like all her fellow coworkers Rachel ran around the office accepting a noggin rub from anyone wanting good luck or just to cop a feel.

“All of you have been such cheerful contestants and as a group you opened over two hundred new accounts. As a reward I am giving each of you an additional $10,000.” With that news the office erupted to a deafening crescendo.


I continued with the interview, “That was an example of greed leading to a head shave, now I will recount one of the better ones as a result of fear. Let me preface by saying I have never acted like and extortionist. I am more of a fixer. I offer a way out of a tough spot and in return I collect my fee.”

“By the end of 2008 I parlayed the fifty million I made from selling my brokerage firm into six hundred million by shorting almost anything related to the housing bubble. I went after Lehman Brothers, Bank of America, the home builders, and all the crappy finance companies that inflated the real estate market earlier in the decade. That was when my name became very well known in the financial world, but my face was still unfamiliar to most people.”

“I was in Las Vegas as a speaker at a financial conference in January of 2009. Late one evening I was sitting at a blackjack table in the Venetian playing for a few thousand dollars. Across the center of the pit from me two thirtyish women were playing at a $25 table and nervously betting what looked to be the last of their money. I had used this scenario a few times before to my advantage in the form consoling the player with some dinner and a show. On a few occasions these dinners led to a nice haircut, but let me get back to 2009.”

VEGAS 2009

“Hello, ladies.” I said as I sat next to one with a blond shoulder length bob. I placed a black chip into the spot in front of me. The women bet two greens each. I think all of us had pat hands with the dealer showing a five. We all stuck and the dealer showed a ten underneath for fifteen. Unfortunately, she drew a six and collected our chips. I exchanged pleasantries and introductions with the ladies, but our luck did not change. After another five hands I was down a thousand, and the women were almost tapped.

“We are never going to make the ten grand we need,” Nicole, the dark skinned girl said to her friend. They were both on the verge of tears. “What are we going to do?” she sighed.

I turned my head to look at each of them, “blackjack is a tough way to make ready cash. I prefer bingo.” They chuckled, but I actually thought they wanted to hit me and not with another card from the deck. Realizing I needed to improve the situation I put a black chip in each of their betting circles. Sure enough we all won a few hands and the mood lightened.

“Thank you for being so nice,” said the blond. “But we are still far away from the money we need by nine tonight.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

They looked at each other then Nicole proceeded, “Kate and I are partners in a real estate firm here in Vegas. For five years we steadily grew our business flipping properties and doing some brokerage. We did quite well taking home several hundred thousand a year. We could see the market rolling over at the end of 2005, so we stepped back for a while.”

Kate continued, “Nicole and I thought it would end in 2007, so we started buying some of the better homes at what we thought were bargain prices. Boy, were we wrong. The market kept going down and we became upside-down in five of the properties we bought. We ran through our savings and owed the banks $1.5 million at this time last year. How we convinced the banks to keep giving us money, I will never know.”

Nicole started again, “That was when we had to go to a hard money lender we knew. He gave us the money to pay off the banks, but we had to sign personally to him. He now has a note from us for the ten properties we own, and he can come after all of our personal assets. We have been able to put him off for a while, but we have to give him $30,000 tonight. We have $20,000 as of now, but he won’t take anything less than full amount.”

Right then a fifty year old man with gray curly hair walked up to the table. “Hello Nicole and Kate.” Then he stared at me, “Is he a friend of yours?”

“A new friend,” said Nicole with a smile at me.

“Do you have a certified check for me?”

“We have twenty in a check and another two thousand here in chips we can cash.”

“That is not good enough. You have been putting me off for weeks on the interest. You knew the balloon would be due today, if you did not make the interest payment. I will be forced to start procedures tomorrow. At the very least I will tie up your properties, and I will start to come after you.”

Here was the chance for the fixer to rescue the ladies in distress. “Hello friend. How about I make good for the other eight thousand, and you leave the ladies alone.” I called the pit boss for a marker for 10 thousand.

“We barely know each other, and you are going to save our bacon tonight?” asked Kate in skeptical disbelief.

“Let’s just say it’s my way of paying back my good fortune from making so much money during this financial crisis. And I believe in you two.”

I walked over to the cage with the lender to cash in the chips. “That makes thirty with their check. They say they are into you for one and half million.” He nodded. “I will buy that note off you for 1.3 million. You know you will be chasing them down for a while, and the last thing you want is a lawsuit. Also, if I can sell these properties in a good way, I will give you the rest plus the interest.” He nodded again and shook my hand. “Meet me at my attorney tomorrow at 4PM,” I said as I handed him the card with the address.

I walked back to the table and sat down with Nicole and Kate. “How would you feel if that guy was out of your lives for good?” They perked up. “I am going to buy your note from him, and I will restructure the terms to give you some breathing room. How about no interest charged for the next three years, and you don’t have to pay off the note until you sell the houses? I will have to make sure your properties are in order and that thug does not back out, but it should work.”

Nicole spoke to me directly, “I think you are either the most generous person in the world, or you are a total creep with an ulterior motive.”

“Both,” I answered. “I am quite generous. Also, I used to think my preferences were a bit creepy, and I do have an ulterior motive.”

“Do you want a threesome? Been there, done that with Nicole on a few occasions,” said Kate trying to gauge my hand.

“That would be a nice bonus.” I waited a moment then blurted out, “I like women with little or no hair, and I am not talking about your vagina. I think a completely bald woman or one with a buzzed pixie is more attractive than your blond locks.”

Nicole almost screamed, “You mean all I have to do is shave off this over processed ethic mess of mine, and we get that sweetheart deal. I will shave Kate myself if she has any qualms about this.”


“Kate had no qualms, and we all shook hands on the deal. I called a local barber, Sam, and he met us upstairs in my suite. He unpacked his clippers, razors, capes, and all the other tools of his trade. We set up two chairs facing the big wall mirror. The women removed the tops and jeans, and I looked them over carefully as they strutted over to the chairs. Both of them had to be at least a size eight and Nicole may have been a ten. Given that I had only dated waiflike women for a while, I had forgotten how beautiful a body looked without protruding hip bones and ribs.”

“Sam started to shear the back of Nicole’s head with the clippers. He took it around the sides leaving her with only a mess of kinky curls on the top. He then worked on Kate’s bob in the same fashion carefully carving out a blond bowl on top of a bald head. After I snapped a few pictures Sam lathered up lower parts of their heads and shaved them down to the skin. I liked the way they looked, but Nicole wanted a full shave to remove all her damaged hair.”

“The girls went to shower off, and I paid Sam five hundred for his trouble. I joined them in the shower and thoroughly enjoyed soaping every curve of their butts, boobs, and bellies. While I shampooed Kate’s bowl top, Nicole went to work on my cock. When I was ready to cum, Kate knelt down next to Nicole and waited for me to cum all over her face. I was quite generous to each of them with my load. Once I finished, I watched them kiss and lick each other till nothing remained. “

“We intermittingly slept, ate, and had some form of sex, until I had to meet the lender at 4PM. All the details of their business were in order, and I took on the note. They proved themselves as sharp brokers, and we formed a new real estate company. A few times a year I travel to Las Vegas to go over the books, have the girls’ hair done, and fuck like crazy.

The interviewer wrapped up our conversation, “Those were great stories, but why you not been married in all these years?”

“I almost married Jen in Hawaii, but she did not want to keep cutting her hair or allow me to cut someone else’s. I have not found my soul mate, who also has a hair cutting fetish.”

“I think after this interview you will have more than a few prospects. Actually, I have been thinking of cutting these curls for years,” she said with a seductive smile.

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