Me and Lisa

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Please note, the following story has graphic sexual content. If you are younger than 18, please do not read any further. Copyright by the author, feb 2007


I was waiting for Lisa.

I was excited and eager to see her, it had been almost a year. She was away at school, and I was still here – in this lonely little town. My parents were away, and the house was quiet and lonesome.

Lisa was driving down from the high country, she was a college student and the campus was up in the mountains. It was supposedly a beautiful place. I have wanted to visit her, but it just never seems to work out.

When we talked, just before she started the drive, she sounded thrilled to have a break from school. And the drive was long, so it would be late before she arrived.

She did mention that she was nervous about traveling here. She could get such bad allergies during the spring. It was never a problem where she was, but this was a bad time of the year around here. There are lots of beautiful flowers in the rolling hills nearby, but those same flowers can make life totally miserable for Lisa.

So – I didn’t really know when she would arrive, and she didn’t have a cell phone.

I ended up falling asleep on the couch, it was a shallow and restless kind of sleep.

And then I awoke to the sound of a car in the driveway. Oh my god, she was finally here!

I jumped up to greet her.

I ran out into the dark and we hugged, hard and strong. I missed her so much, and it was wonderful to actually really and truly see her.

When Lisa walked into the house she looked really unhealthy. I mean, something was wrong.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Oh God, it’s my allergies – it’s really bad this time of year, and I haven’t felt like this since last summer – and this is worse.”

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Lisa’s eyes were red and puffy, and he nose was running and she was sniffing constantly.

She said, “Oh – I’ll be fine, I have some prescription medication, and it usually works great. I need to get it out of my duffle.”

She reached into her big canvas duffle bag and found what she wanted.

She held up the little bottle of pills and said, “I took two of these, and I should feel better soon.”

We talked for a while, about life and how much we hated not seeing each other for so long.

And it seemed like only just a few short minutes – and then Lisa took a deep breath and sighed.

She said, “Oh good – I feel the medication kicking in, what a relief.”

I asked, “Really, so soon?”

“Yeah, this stuff is great. Actually – I love these little pills.” And she laughed. “They make me feel SO relaxed and I sleep SO well – it’s heavenly!”

I looked at the bottle, and I read the text. It said take ONE every 12 hours. But, Lisa said she had just taken two.

“Lisa, did you take too many? It says take only one, but you took two!”

“Actually, I took three – because I took one during the drive, just a few minutes before I arrived here…”

The text on the bottle stated: May cause drowsiness.

Then I was worried, “Lisa, are you gunna be okay?”

“I think so – Yes, I’ll be fine. When I took these last summer they really helped, and – Oh my god, they made me feel wonderful.”

I asked, “Should I worry?”

“Oh no – I’m fine…”

But I was worried.

As time went on, Lisa began to slur her words, and her eyes got all droopy and sleepy. She was certainly happy, but it was an odd and intense kind of happy. I didn’t know what was happening – should I worry? What could I do?

Now she was super sluggish, barely able to keep her eyes open.

I lead her to my bedroom, and let her lay down.

I told her to put on my pajamas, but she acted like she didn’t hear me.

I knew what I had to do. I went into the next room and called a friend, she was a nurse. I was so nervous as I waited for her to pick up the phone.

When she answered I just blurted out all my fears, and she interrupted me, “Whoa, hold on – what’s this all about – please stay calm…”

And I told her everything that had happened and I read from the prescription on the bottle.

When I mentioned the name of the medication she actually laughed out loud, and then explained, “This is a pretty common drug, and there are no dangerous side effects. Three pills is a lot, but it’s not dangerous. Really – don’t worry.”

“But she’s so sleepy, it’s weird.”

“That’s normal, she’ll experience some dramatic sleepiness. Some people even claim a sort of intoxication associated with this drug.”


“Yes – from what I’ve heard the effect can be very pleasant. Some people report euphoria and an overwhelming sense of pleasure. It can be very powerful, so you should expect her to feel that way.”

“So – It’s going to be okay?”

And then my nurse friend laughed! She said she’ll be totally fine, let her sleep and don’t worry.

When I hung up the phone I was totally relieved. And I walked into my bedroom.

Lisa was on the bed, and as far as I could Antep Bayan Escort tell she was sound asleep. She hadn’t put on my pajamas like I suggested. She was still in her clothes, her white button down shirt and her baggy denim work pants. Her shoes were off and she had bare feet.

I sat on the edge of the bed and quietly asked, “Lisa, are you asleep?”

And she smiled slowly, and opened her eyes and looked right at me, “I’m almost asleep – I feel wonderful.”

“Don’t worry about anything, my friend is a nurse and she says not to worry – everything is completely fine.”

“Good, I won’t worry – I think maybe I took too much, but it’s so nice – it’s like a dream.”

And with that she closed her eyes and sighed – deep and contented.

I sat there for the longest time, just staring at Lisa. And – in a way, I was content. But in another way I was all worked up.

I hadn’t seen Lisa in so long, and I was all wound up and concerned – and now she was here, but I couldn’t talk with her.

She was such a close friend, and she had been so supportive to me. The thing that had been bothering me, and we had even talked about it a little over the phone, was about my boyfriend and me.

Well – my ex-boyfriend really.

The whole thing was confusing and was making me so tense and worried. I wanted so bad to talk with Lisa.

The thing is, that – Well – Lisa had listened to me when I complained, and she was so sweet, too. Anyway – It was about the pressure to have sex, and the ugly break-up. But – I was so unfulfilled and upset. I couldn’t make sense of my desires. Here’s what was killing me, I’m just going to write it out – I haven’t had a climax, and my boyfriend, oh god – he was really shameful and unkind about it. It made me feel so awful.

It all left me so confused.

But I could always talk to Lisa. She would listen and she knew how to calm me down. She never really said, and I never asked – but I don’t think she had ever had an orgasm either. And – I think – this was something we shared.

Anyway – I guess I was all preoccupied, and I needed Lisa right then – but all I could do was sit there next to her.

But – oh dear god – it was so good just to look at her.

Actually, I was shocked at how pretty she looked, like a sleeping angel. She had changed since the last time I saw her.

I feel silly saying this, but I was really checking her out, I mean REALLY – and it seemed nice. She used to be totally flat-chested, and now I could see she was finally getting breasts.

She looked perfectly lovely.

But, because of her allergies her face seemed dry and swollen. I went to the bathroom and got a small bowl full of warm water and a washcloth.

I came back to the bedroom and sat on the bed with Lisa.

I said, “Lisa, I’m going to wash your face, I have some nice warm water here, is that okay?

She calmly replied, “Oh Ann, that sounds nice.”

I almost laughed. She obviously sounded sorta stoned, but the dreaminess in her voice was so intense. It sounded like she was in LOVE with the idea of warm water.

I wet the washcloth a little and touched it to her forehead. She immediately responded with a deep, “Mmmmm…”

I carefully wet Lisa’s face, and all the while she lay there, with here eyes closed and a otherworldly smile.

The warm water and the washing was so luxurious. She was enjoying the attention – even in her spaced-out state, I could tell.

I have a big drawer right next to my bed, and it has all kinds of moisturizers, body oils and lotions. I’m kind of compulsive about this kind of stuff. But right then I chose my favorite face crème, and carefully applied it to Lisa forehead and nose. And then her cheeks and chin. It smelled lovely and Lisa would let out a gentle “cooing” noise of approval.

I asked: “Doesn’t that feel nice?”

She spoke slowly, and said, “O yes – it feels SO nice. Thank you – I love it…”

I wanted to use a little something on Lisa’s lips.

I asked, “Lisa?”

She opened her eyes, and in a sleepy way, she looked right at me. I smiled at her, and said, “Your lips – can I put some gloss on them?”

And she said, “Okay…”

I had some glossy stuff in my bedside drawer. It was really oily – and smelled like cherries. It was so sweet and so fruity, I never really used it. But right then it seemed perfect. I put a dab on my finger and touched it to Lisa’s lips.

I ran the my wet finger along her pouty lips. She smiled as I rubbed her lips. I put some more on my finger, and I could really smell the cherry sent, and said, “Lisa, don’t smile – hold still…”

And then Lisa made a little kissy motion, and I thought she was being cute, and I put my middle finger right on the center of her little mouth.

Then she kissed my fingertip, my oily sweet fingertip. It was nice, and I liked it. I kept my finger there, unmoving. The Kiss was genuine and pleasant.

But, without realizing it, Lisa had wrapped her lips around my fingertip. And before I knew it, she was sucking my finger!

It was so cute, she was all sleepy and sucking – she in some sort of blissful relaxed state at the same time. The sucking was like a baby would do – like it was involuntary.

It was like she was in a baby dream.

I let her suck my finger, it tickled and felt pleasant.

But little by little, Lisa started to suck harder, and my finger was pulled deeper.

I was surprised at how nice it felt.

There was a rhythm, and a she started making a little nurturing noise, like she was trying to drink milk from my finger.

I was sitting there, and Lisa – my long lost friend – was sucking my finger like a little baby.

Oh god – it was so soothing and blissful.

Then – something really powerful happened – I was overcome by some deep emotion, it felt like pure joy.

I just let her suck, and I just drank it all in – all the intensity of the moment.

Then I realized how perfect it all was – how wonderful.

And Lisa looked so bewildering – so wonderful.

Right then – and I don’t really know why – I got all focused and preoccupied with Lisa’s breasts.

It seems funny, but the just looked so pure and lovely. I mean – they’re small, I mean, they seemed small – I guess compared to mine. But, they were bigger than the last time we saw each other last summer. I remember we talked about it – we laughed about it, how small they were.

I could see she was wearing a bra, and she never used to. It was just barely visible through her thin shirt. I was surprised to notice it, and at the same time – I was surprised at how pretty it seemed to me, I mean – it was beautiful.

But now – I wanted to see, it surprised me, but I really wanted to see.

I reached down and undid the top few buttons on her shirt. I could see her bra, and her pale skin. But I was afraid to actually open her shirt all the way.

I stopped, what was happening?

Right then, all I could think about was how beautiful Lisa was. And for some reason – I wanted to be closer. Or something – It was confusing.

I whispered, “Lisa, are you awake?”

And she opened her eyes just a little, and slowly said, “I’m awake – but I’m so – so sleepy.”

“I’m worried – I feel funny…” a said as clearly as I could.

Lisa moaned a reply, “Mmmmmm – I feel funny toooooo…”

It was obvious that She wasn’t able to really answer me, or even to understand what was happening. I felt like I could say anything.

But – even in her slumbering, she was smiling and magical.

I lifted up her shirt, just a little to see her belly button. Why did I do it? I was so bewildered – but I really wanted to see her tummy. I mean, I had seen her in a bikini last summer – and I told her she had a super-cute belly button. But here I was staring at her perfect and beautiful belly button.

Oh my god – It was SO cute…

I touched it, and her tummy – and it felt so smooth.

Then without realizing it, my fingertips were resting on her jeans. On the button just above the zipper.

I didn’t move – but I knew what I wanted to do.

I whispered, “Lisa – are you wearing panties?”

She didn’t reply. She just lay there silent and slowly breathing.

I carefully undid the button and un-zipped her pants. I felt so sneaky – and it was fun and nice. I could see that she had on little pale blue panties – with exquisite little flowers.

“Lisa – these are so cute…”

I looked at her face, to make sure she was asleep – and I pulled her panties down, just for a peak.

And – Oh my god – I saw her pubic hair. I mean, just a little, and it was so thin and fine. It looked so unimaginably beautiful.

I think I gasped, I mean really. My heart was beating harder – and it was like I was feeling electricity run through me.

And then I did something that shocked me. I don’t know why – but I did it.

I leaned in and pressed my nose against Lisa’s panties, and inhaled as deep as I could.

Oh my god – it smelled so – I don’t know – so warm. It was so wonderful – I can’t understand why I did it , but I just lay there, with my nose pressed hard, taking deep breaths in, letting myself delight in the subtle but amazing smell.

I held on to her old jeans with both hands, and allowed my face to press right into her panties, and I inhaled deep – over and over – lost in the aroma.

Then I abruptly sat up, so aware of my own desperate thoughts.

I was like a robot, unable to control myself – I was outside of myself. I was just overflowing with emotion.

I couldn’t help myself, I asked: “Lisa, I want to undress myself – I want to take my shirt off – is that okay?”

Without any hesitation, Lisa whispered, “Oh yes – that’s okay – that’s wonderful.”

And she said it in a way that left me feeling that she had no idea what I said – or what she said, but that she was lost in some dream – some magical dream.

Then I reached down and pulled my shirt over my head, and without any hesitation I undid my bra. I took it off and set it on the bed next to Lisa.

I sat there – shocked at my boldness. And I was actually surprised at how nice I felt, how pretty I felt. And – compared to Lisa, my breasts were round and large. They aren’t really big, but at that moment they felt big.

And my nipples – they we hard from this overpowering sensual arousal.

I sat there on my knees, upright and looming above Lisa.

I asked, “Lisa, do you want to kiss my finger again?”

And she replied with her eyes closed, “Mmmm, okay…”

So I gently set my finger, and it was still wet, against her glossy lips.

Immediately she started to suck it – the same primal and impulsive sucking.

I sat there and let her suck my finger, and she was sucking hard. I was loosing myself in the moment, every worry I had seemed to melt away.

I was so content and fully at peace right then. But – I couldn’t understand, I wanted more. I wanted to be more thoughtful, more alive. At that moment all I wanted to do was be naked – and it felt so natural – it wasn’t naughty or anything like that. It was a really lovely and true desire.

I spoke as clearly as I could, “Lisa, Please listen – I am going to take all my clothes off, I want to be naked – Is that okay?”

All Lisa did was suck my finger a little harder.

Then I undid the zipper on my skirt, and I tried to pull it down – but I had to do it one handed. It was too tricky with my finger in Lisa’s mouth. So I gently pulled it out.

As soon as it was out, Lisa made this adorable baby noise. She actually whimpered, like I had pulled a bottle away from a feeding infant.

I pulled my skirt and panties off as fast as I could, and put my finger back into Lisa’s waiting mouth. She seemed to swallow it up and sucked furiously.

I let her suck.

There I was, naked and joyous – next to my closest friend. Who was madly sucking my wet middle finger. It was irrational – but I loved it.

I had to – I just had to ask Lisa: “I’m naked – I’m all totally naked – do you want to see me?”

And with that Lisa slowly opened here eyes, she didn’t say anything – and I don’t know what she was thinking. But she looked right at me and never stopped her compulsive sucking.

As she looked at me, I tried to sit up on my knees, to really let her see me. I was really exhilarated to be that bold – and I was – I don’t know really – I mean, I was so turned-on.

She was looking right at me – I mean, my nipples were really hard and I was so unafraid.

I moved from her side – I carefully straddled her – while she watched me. One leg on each side of her hips. My brown pubic hair touching her shirt. Her sleepy eyes were looking at me, straining to focus.

Without truly realizing what I was doing, I leaned forward, so my breasts were right up close to her lovely face. All the while she sucked my finger. And the sound was wet and sloppy.

I was on all fours, looming above her. Squatting above her belly. My breast jiggled with each nervous inhalation. They were hanging down just inches above her face. My middle finger in her mouth.

She kept here eyes on me for perhaps a minute, maybe longer, then she slipped back into her place of submissive sleep.

I wasn’t really thinking – I was just letting myself go…

“Lisa – can you hear me?”

She replied with a passionate, “Mmmmm…”

I cautiously pulled my finger out of Lisa’s wet mouth. And she immediately made that compulsive sucking motion to the empty air.

“Lisa, I feel so full of love right now…”

I carefully inched my hard nipple toward her open mouth. I couldn’t help myself.

I held my nipple just barely above her hungry little mouth. I couldn’t stop, I leaned in and my soft breast met her wet lips, and immediately she was swallowing my big hard nipple.

And she sucked deep and intensely – Oh god, I was shocked! I mean I was just thunderstruck.

It was so urgent and primal.

Instantly – I was awash in an overpowering sexual excitement – Oh my god, I was so turned-on – I had NEVER felt anything like it before. It was like some crazy switch had been thrown in my head.

I felt beautiful and obscene – I felt like an angel and a pervert – all at the same time.

I let her suck, I desperately loved it.

I moaned out a passionate whisper, “Lisa – oh god Lisa.”

She was drooling and sloppy. My breasts were getting wet and slippery.

I couldn’t help any of this – it just felt too wonderful.

I was loosing all control. I was naked, and Lisa was still fully dressed. It was so beautiful.

I spoke to Lisa, “This feel so good. Lisa – You’re sucking, it feels so good…”

I realized I was pressing my crotch into her shirt, and kind of humping her, and she was sucking my erect nipple so hard, and so loud.

It felt so – oh my god – it felt SO sexy.

I went on talking, “Lisa – You’re sucking – my nipples – Oh god Lisa – it feels so good…”

I was holding Lisa’s lovely head in my hands. Her eyes were closed, like she was in some passionate trance.

I whispered, “Suck harder Lisa – please – it’s okay – suck harder…”

If she heard me – I don’t know. I wanted her to hear me, I know that.

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