“Darling, when are you coming home tonight?”

“I’m not sure, love. I have a few things to finish off at work today. Hopefully it shouldn’t be later than 9pm.”

“Well, I’m just wondering because… the kids are with my mom for the weekend, and I was hoping we’d get some time together. Alone.”

David smiled at his wife of five years. “I’d love that. I promise to work my ass off, and get back as soon as possible.”

“Good,” Heather gave her husband a content smile. “I’ll expect you around 9pm then.”

“I’ll definitely try, but give it an hour either way, ok?”

“Nope. If I say I expect you at nine, then I mean nine. Or I’ll just start by myself…” Heather grinned.

“Now, we couldn’t have that now, could we?” her husband teased. “On the other hand… that may not be such a bad idea. I love it when I get home, and find you all hot and bothered.”

Heather leaned towards David and huskily whispered into his ear. “Mmm, and there’s nothing like a nice self-pleasuring session before my man comes home. I’ll be nice and wet for you…”

“Hey, keep that talk up, and I’ll have to have a session of my own when I get to the office…”

Heather murmured and gave David a quick kiss. “Now go! Leave! Get that nice ass of yours out of there, before I make you even later.” She waved goodbye to him from the porch. David got into the gray BMW company car, and blew a kiss to his beautiful wife while backing down the driveway.


At the office David threw himself into work. There was a lot of paper work to be done, and no matter how much he wished he didn’t have to, he got right down to it. The faster he could finish things up, the faster he could leave the office tonight. Correction. The faster he could get home to Heather, the faster he could fuck her brains out. It had been quite some time since they last had the house all to themselves.

They had met seven years ago, at an ice cream parlor of all places, and he had fallen head over heels for her. Unfortunately Heather hadn’t fallen equally fast for him, but he had persevered. It had taken him a few months of nagging, but finally she had agreed to a date. Since that date, there had been many others, and she had come to love him as much as he loved her. David smiled to himself at the memories.

Their love life had been passionate from the very beginning. His past consisted of three girlfriends during his University time. Then, of course, there had been the occasional one-night stands and flings, but David preferred long term relationships. There was just something about a real relationship that a casual one could never match. David believed it lay in the fact that with a proper girlfriend, there was a lot more ease. He felt safe and relaxed with someone he loved. This also contributed to a very satisfying sex life. Having a steady partner, not only meant you didn’t need to impress a new girl at every gathering; it also meant you had a chance to learn each other’s bodies thoroughly.

From what he knew, Heather had pretty much the same background as him, when it came to partners. There had been a crushed heart in the past, but who hadn’t had that happen? She had been the typical next-door girl, cute and sweet. Got along with both guys and girls, but seemed to have a bit of a tomboyish streak to her. Very Joey Potter, from that Dawson’s Creek program their daughter kept watching.

When they first had sex, it had been like the stuff from romance novels. Tender, loving and giving. With time their lovemaking had change. The tenderness and love was still there, but it had also gotten raunchier. Their first year together was spent discovering each other’s bodies, and what made the other one tick. Turns out what made Heather tick was a hell lot of things. For being the girl next door, she was surprisingly wanton. She had been eager to try new things, and seemed to derive most of her pleasure from satisfying him. Thankfully David loved to reciprocate.

They had tried sex in public places (nothing like a bit of oral at the theater), phone sex, role playing, anal, bondage, and were proud members of the mile high club. When their daughter Linsi was born, there was a natural slump in their sex life, but to David’s joy, Heather had regained her sexual appetite fairly fast. When their son Peter was born, the same happened, but this time it had taken Heather a bit longer to get back on track. Still, they had maintained the passion in their marriage, and were now back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets with two children running around.


The clock was ticking and showed 8pm. David was almost done with his work, and decided to give Heather a call.

“Hello?” He loved that alto voice of hers. It was dark and melodic, with a hint of natural huskiness to it. She had the perfect phone sex voice.

“Have I come to the sexiest woman on this planet?” he asked in a seductive voice.

“I don’t know, it depends,” the voice replied sweetly.

“Depends on what?”

“Depends on who’s calling.”

“The Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort man with the sexiest wife on this planet.”

“Oh, then he must be a lucky man.” He could hear the smile in her voice.

“He sure is. And he’s getting utterly excited about coming home tonight.”

“Oh, how come?”

“Because his gorgeous wife is waiting for him.”

“Sounds wonderful. Is it a special night for them?”

“It sure is. They’ll be home alone for the first time in months.”

“Oooh, sounds intriguing. Tell me more.”

“Well, the sexy wife has promised her wonderful husband a weekend of debauchery. And, being that husband, I can tell you he’s awfully excited about it.”

“Mmm, how excited?”

“Very excited.” David leaned back in his leather chair, and began twirling the phone cord around his fingers.

“And what about the wife? Is she excited?”

“Very. So much she started without the husband.” David sat up straighter in his chair.

“Oh, she did, did she?” He grinned at the thought of Heather lying spread on the bed, touching herself.

“Oh yes, she did,“ Heather said in a throaty voice. “Having the house to oneself, and awaiting a night of steaming sex is a perfect incentive for some self loving…”

“I hope this doesn’t mean you’re all done for the night?” David teased.

“Gosh no, I’m just getting started!” They both chuckled.

“Good,” David said smiling. “Wouldn’t want to come home to an already spent wife. I’d like to get at least some credit for part of your satisfaction.”

“Honey, you’ll get all the credit. Who do you think I was thinking about, while playing with myself?”

“I dunno. Brad Pitt?”

“He’s got nothing on you dear.”

“Johnny Depp then?”

“Nah, I got over him at 15.”

“That blond bloke from Lord of the Rings then? Orlando Bloom or whatever his name was.”

“Oh, he’s hot. I’ll remember to use him for my next fantasy.” David couldn’t help laughing.

“So, you were thinking of me? What were you thinking?”

Heather’s voice turned sultry. “How wonderful it’ll be when you rip my clothes off, and let that magic tongue of yours sink into my inner folds, opening me up and feel my juices trickle down your throat.”

David could feel his boxers becoming too tight for his steadily growing manhood. He coughed.

“Eh, I believe my work here is done for tonight. I’ll be home in half an hour.” He could hear his wife’s bubbly laughter.

“I won’t go anywhere,” Heather assured David. “Just drive safely, doubt the police would consider horniness a valid reason for speeding.”

“See you in a few, babe.”

“Can’t wait.” And with that, both put down their receiver.


The traffic was not too bad, and David happily figured he’d get home faster than expected. He couldn’t wait to get home and take Heather in his arms. Most of the day he had tried to push away thoughts about ravishing her body, in order to concentrate on his work, but now he could finally let his imagination run wild. That phone call had certainly got him buzzing, and he could still feel his semi-hard dick straining slightly against his cotton boxers. She was waiting for him. She wanted him to devour her; trail his tongue down her body before reaching her nether regions. David knew Heather loved when he performed oral sex on her. She had once told him it was so good she could live on that alone.

Heather gave herself a quick glance in the mirror. Her auburn curls tumbled down her shoulders, gently framing her face. Dressed in a white flowing silk bathrobe, which accentuated her sensuous curves, she was more than ready for the weekend to start. She couldn’t wait until David came home. Masturbating alone had been wonderful, but nothing could compare to her husband’s tongue. She loved how David eagerly lapped up her juices. There was also something about the way she could see the wetness on his face, when looking up, that got her horny as hell.

It had been a while since David and her had the opportunity to have a long oral session. Before the children came into the picture, they would have a long session at least once every week. It usually took Heather a while to cum, she needed the buildup, but when it finally happened it felt great. Usually she would have a few smaller to medium sized orgasms, but if given enough stimulation and time, she would finally have a really intense one. Heather felt today was the perfect night for such an orgasm. In fact, Heather thought tonight called for something special. She picked up the phone receiver again, and dialed a number. One signal went through, then another one. Finally the call was picked up on the third signal.

“Darling, I know you’re horny, and I’m really close by. Should be there in ten minutes,” she heard David’s voice say.


“Yes, babe, what is it? I’m passing the gas station right now, will be home in a jiffy.”

“Did I ever tell you I’m a squirter?” The line went silent for a few seconds.

“You’re a what?” she heard David’s slightly confused voice.

“I’m a squirter. That means, when I cum really hard, I squirt. Believe the term is female ejaculation. It‘s like my whole body explodes, and then I feel it. Sometimes it‘s not squirting, but more of a flow.” The line went silent again. Then David’s voice came out slightly hoarse.

“Firkin ’ell woman, are you trying to kill me? I’m in the middle of driving, and you’re telling me you ejaculate! How come I haven‘t noticed? We‘ve been married for five years!”

“Well,” Heather said hesitantly. “I have only been able to do it on my own before, but as I want tonight to be special, I would like us to try and make it happen. What do you say, darling?” She could hear the distinct sound of a car coming up the driveway.

“I’d say…” Suddenly the front door flew open, and there was David. The usually combed hair looked tousled, as if he had been running his hand through it. The tie hung loosely around his neck, and the first three buttons on the white shirt were unbuttoned. Heather could see his chest heaving underneath the shirt.

“I’d say, let’s get it on,” and with that David took his wife into his arms, and kissed her passionately.

“Mmpfff….mmmm….” came a low murmuring sound from Heather, while she felt her husband’s hot lips on hers.


Their kisses were feverish, and their hands sought each other’s flesh. Quickly Heather unbuttoned the rest of the shirt buttons, and threw the shirt over the nearest chair. David pressed himself against her warm body. He could feel her soft breasts pushing against his chest. The silk made the touch seem cold, and a shiver went down his spine. He wanted her so badly.

While kissing her, he traced the outline of her breasts. They were nicely shaped and full. He loved the feeling of their weight, when cupping his hand around each of them.

Heather let out a sigh, when feeling David’s finger trace her stiff nipple through the silk fabric. Her lips parted, and she let out a deeper sigh, when feeling him rubbing her nipples. Suddenly she could feel his tongue gently playing along her lips. Before she knew it, David’s tongue sneaked into her mouth, and she could feel herself caving into the kiss. Their tongues teasingly played with each other, while Heather’s nipples were getting stiffer by the minute. She could feel her breast muscles tightening up, making the breasts firmer due to the arousal.

“I want to make you cum,” David gasped hoarsely. “I want to make you come hard, and I want to make you ejaculate.”

“Then do it,” Heather replied in-between gasps. By now they were in the living room, and the bedroom was upstairs.

“Screw the bedroom,” David said, and steered his wife towards the sofa. He promptly lay her down on the sofa, with her legs hanging down along the side. Quickly he ripped open the robe, exposing the cream colored complexions of her skin. Naked as she was, with her loosened hair falling to her waist, luminous, glowing with energy, she might have been an angel and devil in one woman. At that image David felt the same burning passion as their first time together.

She had pink nipples with very small aureoles. David couldn’t keep his lips and tongue off her beautiful tits. Leaning in, he licked them until Heather was squirming with delight from the sensations in her breasts. As David clamped his warm mouth over her right breast, Heather felt a bolt of pleasure flow through her. David’s tongue flicked against her nipple, back and forth, and he loved the stiffness of her nipple against his tongue. The front of her full breast began to shine where he had licked it.

Meanwhile Heather could feel herself getting more and more aroused, the heat building up from within, and a light red blush spreading over her chest. Looking up at him, Heather could see the desire burning in David’s eyes. His eyes feasted on her naked body, and he let the tip of his tongue wet his lips. In one swift hand movement, he parted her legs and exposed her clean-shaven pussy. The outer lips looked puffy and inviting.

“You shaved.”

“So I can feel that warm tongue of yours better.”

“I must be the luckiest man alive!” David gave Heather a loving smile, before diving down into her pink folds.

“Oh god!” Heather squealed with joy, when finally feeling her husband’s lips on her sex.


David’s fingers moved under Heather’s ass, and kneaded her curvaceous bottom roughly. He loved that she had some meat on her. David was a firm believer that a woman should have hips, thighs and a shapely ass. After all, he needed something to grab.

As his lips gently kissed Heather’s pussy lips, he could feel her squirm. David decided to spend some time blowing and kissing the lips. He could feel the softness of her mound now that the public hair was gone. It was a highly arousing feeling. The skin was smooth, and David couldn’t help touching it with his hand. So smooth. Almost like a baby’s bottom. It did have a bit of a light pinkish color due to the razor, but David found it cute. It was as if her pussy was blushing from the unusual exposure.

As Heather seemed to get more and more impatient, David let his tongue very lightly start to play with her slit. He let the pressure increase, but very slowly. Bit by bit, his tongue eased its way inside her. Heather could feel it by her entrance, tormenting her. She could feel it slowly ease into her, tickling her walls. And then David started to lick.

“Yes, lick me!” Heather urged him.

Her pussy responded to David’s furious licking by producing slick lubricant, adding to her previous wetness. David could smell her womanly scent. It was mingled with a hint of her lavender soap, but did not disguise her natural scent. David inhaled it all. It was intoxicating him, and all other thoughts seemed to go out the window. The only thing he could think of was satisfying his wife, and he aimed to do his job well. Very well.

While Heather was bucking her hips against David’s face in attempts to get more of his tongue, he brought the tip of his index finger to her pouting pussy lips. When sliding it inside her, he could feel her slick juices sticking to his finger. Cream had started dripping out of her tight pussy, and down along her crack, forming a wet spot on the seat.

Heather was moaning and groaning. “Oh baby, keep licking! Don’t stop, I want you to lick me thoroughly!”

David looked up from his pussy licking and smiled at his wife. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll be very thorough!” He then drove his tongue as deep inside her as he could. Using broad licks he swept up and down her soaking pussy. All while his wife made every effort to grind into his face, attempting to get more contact.

David’s attack on her clit, with the tip of his tongue, made Heather gasp out loud. She was going crazy and only wanted David to continue licking her. The day’s conversations had made her horny as hell, and when finally feeling David eating her out, she could hardly contain herself. She needed to cum, and she needed it badly.

“David,” she moaned. “I think I’m gonna cum.” At this David began to lick faster, mainly concentrating on her clit. Heather’s breath became laboured, and David knew she was close. Her stomach was hard and she couldn’t keep her ass on the bed. He was doing his best just to hang on while she bucked against his face with her groin.

“I’m cumming!” Heather was no longer in control of her legs as they moved in jerky spasms. She made loud primal noises through gritted teeth, while arching her back. David was licking up and down her gash, slipping his tongue into her, and doing everything to hold onto her bucking legs.


“Mmm, that was nice,” Heather smiled content. She looked at her husband who was still glued to her twitching pussy. “You’re so good at this, darling.”

“We’re not done yet,” David’s muffled voice came between her legs. Heather could feel him blowing on her pussy again. It felt wonderfully nice and cool on her hot sex. But David did not stop his oral administrations. Instead he continued to flick his tongue against her swollen clit, which sent waves of sensations rippling through her body. The longer he kept flicking his tongue against her, by now very sensitive clit, the quicker her body seemed to catch up. Though she had just climaxed, Heather could feel her body preparing for another build-up.

“Spread your lips for me,” David begged her. “I want to see you.”

Heather spread her folds, exposing her wet pussy. The inner folds were a dark shade of pink and glistening with her juices. Her clit was partly exposed from underneath its hood, and more cream was seeping out around David’s finger from her opening.

“Touch yourself.”

“Like this?” Heather dipped two fingers in her juices, lubricating them before starting to rub her clit.

“Yes,” David replied hoarsely. “Like that. Rub yourself and cum for me again.” His cock was throbbing in his pants, and begging for release. With his left hand he unzipped the trousers, and pulled them down together with his boxers. Finally his dick was free of its confinements, and it seemed to celebrate its new won freedom by getting even harder when David’s hand grasped the shaft.

While Heather continued to rub her clit, David inserted a second finger into her. She could feel her vagina opening up to welcome the new finger. In a steady rhythm David worked his fingers further into her, and she let out small gasps. He started to finger fuck his wife, and his fingers were now going in and out, with the speed picking up for every cycle. While David worked his fingers in and out of Heather, she was now frantically rubbing at her clit.

“You are so fucking sexy to watch,” David said, while moving his hand over his dick with a jerking motion. “Are you aware of how horny I get watching you touch yourself?”

Heather did not reply. She was too busy concentrating on the sensations washing over her body.

“Yes, continue just like that. Keep rubbing and I’ll keep fucking you with my fingers.” David added a third finger. Heather thought she was going to cum right there and then.

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