Oliver looked out of the window of the off road vehicle admiring the large ranch style house that came into view as they bounced up the unsealed road that led to his friends home. It had been a long year, and he was grateful for the break over the holidays when the company shut down and imposed annual holidays upon all its employees. The only fly in the ointment for Oliver was that he couldn’t stand Christmas celebrations with his family. Individually, he quite liked most of his relatives, on mass, however; it was an unbearable mix of old resentments and family secrets. Fuelled by alcohol the arguments between his relatives could be loud and viciously cutting. Having expressed his dislike of family holidays with his work colleagues over drinks one evening he had found a kindred spirit in Kyron.

Kyron also hated going home for the holidays, but every year he made the trip back to the ranch he grew up on. The large sprawling house that had been the scene of so much happiness in his childhood was now empty and filled with sadness after the loss of his father in a freak accident several years before. Despite his reluctance to return home to the family ranch, guilt and love for his mother brought him back several times a year for various celebrations. He had hoped that bringing his friend with him this year might be diversionary enough for both himself and his mother to make this holiday bearable. She loved having visitors to spoil and it would take the pressure of him to fill the void in her life left by his father’s absence.

For friends Oliver and Kyron, the idea of spending the holiday together seemed like fun. A relaxing break away from work with someone they could just hang out and relax with. For Oliver, the bonus of this included putting distance between himself and the problems with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, Jane. Kyron, on the other hand, enjoyed his sex life immensely; his problem was that he did not have just one girlfriend, but rather a series of girls he dated at the same time that let him treat them badly. His problem was more that the type of girl he liked, the fragile, insecure type he could mould to his wishes, was often also living too close to the edge of sanity. This he inevitably found out too late so that sort of crazy seemed to have become part of his unusual relationships.

They pulled into the long winding driveway, and Kyron sighed as he gazed at the all too familiar sprawling ranch house in the distance. The tires crunched on the gravel, and he looked at the front door expecting at any moment for his mother to burst from it and come running out to meet him but there was no movement. His brow furrowed as he drove around the back and parked his car in the equally large garage.

Each of them grabbed their bags and headed into the house, there was still no sign of anyone else, so Kyron showed Oliver to his room. Pulling off his jacket, he turned to leave, “Make yourself at home, no need to stand on ceremony here. I am just gonna have a quick shower, and I’ll meet you on the back porch for a beer.”

“Sure,” Oliver agreed and threw his bag on the bed not bothering to unpack properly. He pulled out a polo shirt and a pair of jeans before changing from the suit he had worn to work that morning. It had been a good idea to leave straight from work, no mucking around with schedules or minor hiccups or girlfriend dramas.

Oliver left his room and wandered through the large house, exploring the large expanse. As he neared the far end of the home, he could hear muffled voices and wondered if this could be his hostess. He moved closer to the far hall trying to work out where the voices were coming from. He passed a door that was slightly ajar and looked in; his eyes widened and his breath caught. The curtains were closed plunging the room into shadows, but he could clearly make out the two bodies engaged in what could only be described as fucking for pleasure.

The woman was naked and straddling the man’s lap; her head was tossed back and her long dark hair cascaded like a silken wave down her back. Oliver could see her large breasts pointing upward as she arched her back, his eyes fixed on the globes as they bounced and swung with her movements. The nipples were dark pink, and they were wet as if the man may have been sucking on them moments before.

The man looked tall and heavy. He looked older than the woman from what Oliver could see. The man was grunting and murmuring. “Yeah, baby. Ride me cowgirl. Cum for Big Daddy!”

All of a sudden she jerked her head up and moaned loudly. “Oh, God, Oh, God, I’m cumming.” She was jerking back and forth, and bouncing up and down rapidly. Oliver watched as the man reached down between them and took a grip on his cock while the woman stopped mid-bounce and lifted herself off his cock completely. Oliver gasped and immediately went to step back, but he needn’t have bothered; neither of the players in this little tryst was aware of anything but each other.

The man had a cock that was beyond big; it was long and thick, Gaziantep Oral Escort Oliver stared at him with a mixture of incredulity and envy. He watched the woman slide back off the lap she had bounced on so beautifully on and kneel on the floor between the man’s legs. The man gathered her hair as she dropped her head to stop it from obstructing his view and in turn Oliver’s view of the woman taking at least half of the monster-cock into her mouth.

“Oh yeah baby suck it,” he was muttering and grunting again. “You’re a fucking amazing cock sucker! You’re getting my cum, and you’re getting my contract!” He groaned loudly, “Suck it!” he jerked a few more times before falling back into the chair in a slump. His eyes were open, and he was looking at the woman as she milked his long cock and licked away every drop of his cum eventually sitting up and smiling at the guy.

“Paul it is a real pleasure doing business with you,” she laughed.

At that point, Oliver left the scene quietly finding his way back to his room planning on working out the bulge that had appeared in his jeans. Getting turned around in the big house he passed the back porch finding that Kyron was there now with two beers opened, he smiled as Oliver approached, “I was about to come looking for you.”

“This house is huge, I didn’t bring my orienteering kit with me to find my way back out,” Oliver laughed still seeing the scene he had just witnessed in his mind’s eye and feeling hornier than a schoolboy after finding his first playboy magazine.

He had almost come watching that woman. God, she sure could suck cock. His girlfriend tried reluctantly on occasion but was woeful in comparison to that hot piece of ass; he had to find out who it was; ‘A maid perhaps? A sister? Kryon had never mentioned having a sister, though. It surely couldn’t be his mother. Maybe she was a ranch manager as they had spoken of a business contract.’ He had almost convinced himself of this scenario when Kyron interrupted his thoughts.

“Not sure what happened to my mother, she knew we were coming in today. There’s probably some drama down in the barns or stables. Ah, well,” Kyron continued, “Come I’ll show you round the kitchen, and we can rustle up something to go with our beers.”

“Sure,” Oliver agreed still distracted by his own thoughts and libido. He followed Kyron into the house.

About half an hour later, a smiling woman came onto the back porch and held out her arms, “Darling you’re here! I didn’t expect you this early. The traffic must have been good for a change,” she lifted an eyebrow at him suspiciously, “Or did you wear that lead boot of yours and speed all the way down.” It was as she spoke and turned her body to face Kyron that Oliver caught her profile and recognised her. This was the woman. The hot sexy slut of a woman he had watched suck cock earlier. He felt his own cock jump in his pants as he surveyed her.

“I don’t speed mother, and we left straight from work. Even took off a little early to beat the traffic,” Kyron said as he stood and embraced the woman while Oliver watched on jealously.

He froze momentarily as the words sunk in. ‘No way, this can’t be Kyron’s mother!’ He told himself incredulously, but there in front of him Kyron had embraced her and called her just that!

Oliver willed semi-hard erection to go away as he stood to meet the woman he had just watched in the throes of orgasm. She was wearing a thin summer dress. It was the kind of material that clung to her figure. Up until this very moment he had never looked at a friend’s mother with lust and desire in his eyes and felt wrong for doing so. His cock was getting harder rather than going away; he felt sure that as soon as she turned around she would see it.

She looked only at his eyes as she put out her hand in greeting, “Any friend of Kyron’s welcome here. I’m Rosemary.” Then she leaned forward and kissed his cheek allowing him to breath in the smell of vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon he thought.

“Oliver,” he responded with his name, sounding more at ease with this woman than he felt. “Thanks for letting me come and invade your family holidays like this.”

“Oh, it will be fun I have invited a few friends too,” Rosemary smiled, “It will be a grand party.”

“I am going to go sort out dinner for tonight, we’re going to barbeque once the boys come in,” Rosemary smiled, “They’re all looking forward to seeing you again, Kyron, and your little friend.”

“Mum!” Kyron groaned, “This is hardly a play date. You may not have noticed, but I grew up sometime ago.” She looked at him with a vapid expression. “Shit Mum! I am almost thirty years old.”

“Of course you are darling,” she patted his cheek and turned to Oliver whispering loudly, “He has gotten so cranky since he started wearing his big boy pants. He was such a lovely child,” She let out a small giggle as she walked away, and Kyron slumped back into his chair.

Rosemary had not noticed the bulge in Oliver’s pants, but that didn’t stop him from feeling uncomfortable. ‘Shit man,’ he berated himself, ‘this is your friend’s mother your thinking about fucking.’ He watched her slowly walk away from them unable to move his eyes away from her soft curvaceous body. The outline of her heart-shaped ass, the gentle swell of her tits, all made his cock jump with each step she took. It was as if she swayed sensuously in every movement on purpose. Oliver was going nuts over what he had seen. Damn! He wished his girlfriend was close enough for a booty call. She or some sexy one-night-stand was in for some serious fucking as soon as he got back to civilisation.

By ‘the boy’s’ Rosemary had meant the ranch hands. She introduced Oliver to them, and he watched her fascinated as she treated them all like small boys in need of mothering. Oliver was amazed that this soft gentle motherly woman in an apron was that same amazing slut he saw fucking like a whore. She acted like a family matriarch to be revered and obeyed not thought of in the way he was thinking of her. This sweet woman who patted cheeks and showed equal kindness and generosity to everyone at her table was a far cry from the sexy slut she had seen sucking down cum like it was sweet ambrosia.

Try as he might, Oliver could not get the scene he had witnessed from his mind. He ate too much, probably drank more than was good for him and ended up going to bed early thinking that he could start the day tomorrow without being haunted by the sexy Rosemary. Grabbing a sock from his bag Oliver stretched out on his bed naked and wrapping his fist around his cock he began to stroke his cock, his mind full of Rosemary and her sucking lips. He had been so hot and horny all evening that it took very little time for him to climax, and he gritted his teeth swallowing the groan that escaped him.

Oliver drifted off into a restless sleep his dreams haunted by Rosemary. She was in a white room surrounded by glory holes sucking guys off like she was starving. It was his turn but then the dream changed and she appeared standing naked next to him. He wasn’t surprised, and he pulled back the covers and let her see his larger than life hard on. She was smiling as she bent down over him and sucked his cock into her mouth, and he could feel the head go into her throat. The dream Oliver was so excited at finally having a woman who would swallow his cum that he started to climax almost immediately.

He lay unmoving, not believing that he had been so turned on by Kyron’s mother that he had cum all over himself as he had come in his dream. He felt like an adolescent experiencing the shame of a wet dream all over again, and he cringed at the thought of letting that sexy bitch mother him again as she had tonight, patting his cheek fondly as she wished him sweet dreams.

His mind started to list off the reasons why it was such a bad idea to pursue this crazy infatuation but claiming she was an old lady, or older lady didn’t even score on the list of cons and the list of pros was long including her age and experience. The only reason he could find not to try and seduce Rosemary into letting him fuck her brains out was that her son, Kyron, was his friend and work colleague.

He lay there the rest of the night considering how he could make a move on the woman. The first thing he would have to do is make sure Kyron wasn’t around when he tried, and the second was to have a good escape route just in case everything fell apart. He felt confident as the morning light grew brighter through his window that he could make it work if he could just find the right moment.

Oliver could hear a noise in the house and he got up dragging on a pair of old jeans and a light shirt. It was going to be a hot day by all the reports he had heard as they drove out of the city yesterday. He loved living in Australia where they really only had two seasons, hot and hotter. He would often watch the people on TV from England or America fighting snow storms as they sang Christmas carols. Not so here, the sky was clear and blue as the sun woke up and warmed the arid landscape. He smiled as he left his room and started down the hall hearing Rosemary’s voice emanating from the kitchen.

“You’re up early,” she said as he walked into the kitchen. “You should scoot back to bed and get a bit more sleep in. You’re on holidays after all, sweetie.”

The ‘boy’s’ were at the table eating and talking loudly, so Oliver closed the distance between himself and Rosemary growling in a low voice. “I think you will find I am not sweet or deserving of the term sweetie. In fact, I think you will find that I am quite the opposite.” Her eyes widened, but she said nothing in return so he continued, “I know you better than you could possibly imagine, Rosemary. So please call me Oliver, not sweetie, not Ollie, not Dear and you will find I will treat you the way you deserve to be treated in return, perhaps the way Paul treated you yesterday.” His voice was low and held an edge. He stared down into her eyes trying to put the meaning to the words he had just said. Oh, he knew how she deserved to be treated all right. The question was, did she?

“Coffee, please, Rosemary,” Oliver said cheerily when she didn’t reply to his harsh words. Her shocked eyes following him as he turned moving to the table with the boys grateful that no one seemed to have noticed their exchange. They had almost finished eating when Kyron made an appearance.

“Man, why are you up so early?” He quizzed his friend.

“Always have trouble sleeping the first night in a strange place,” Oliver replied good-naturedly. “I am sure I will sleep like a baby tonight and if not I am sure I can ask Rosemary for something to help me.” He turned to look at her, and she smiled as if unsure at first before reverting into her motherly voice.

“Of course, warm milk always helps young boys sleep,” Rosemary said with a teasing smile and quickly turned back into the kitchen as soon as Oliver raised an eyebrow at her use of the term young boy’s.

“I’m gonna take Hammy out for a run this morning, wanna come?” Kyron asked Oliver unaware of the exchange between his mother and his friend.

“Hammy?” Oliver asked inclining his head.

“He wanted a hamster, but his father bought him a horse instead,” Rosemary giggled girlishly, “and named it Hamster so that our spoilt little boy could have what he asked for, and I wouldn’t be left cleaning up rodent poop once he got bored with it.” Kyron groaned and rolled his eyes wondering if his mother would ever let him grow up. This didn’t escape Oliver’s notice, and he considered the woman again.

“Not sure I am really the cowboy type. Maybe Rosemary could give me a few lessons; she seems like she could… ride like a cowgirl,” he stared at the woman who had her back turned to them and saw her stiffen.

“Nah don’t worry I will give you calm old nag to ride. You’ll love it; I am sure mum has better things to do than chaperone my dorky mate this morning.” Kyron had no intention of letting his mother tag along on morning his ride.

“I’m pretty sure I would enjoy riding an old nag,” Oliver grinned. He had fun teasing with double entendre’s that only Rosemary would be aware of but knew he was walking a fine line between getting what he really wanted and losing both his fantasy and his friend. He couldn’t help himself though. Rosemary had an effect on him he couldn’t quite explain. He wanted her more than he had wanted another woman for quite some time. Once again he found himself looking at her lips and wishing they were wrapped around his cock but Kyron was urging him into action, and they left the house for the stables leaving Rosemary behind to clean up and prepare for the Christmas Eve party that night.

The men galloped out into the warm morning sunlight, and Kyron proceeded to show Oliver around his home and the surrounding properties. It took Oliver a little time to adjust to the horses rolling gait as he followed dutifully behind his friend. They rode up to the ridge, and Kyron dismounted sitting on the edge of a rock face overlooking the valley.

“Your family seems nice,” Oliver said taking a seat beside him.

“Sure if you like overbearing. Dad was cool, though. He used to ride up here with me all the time when we needed a break from her fussing. He was my buffer from all her mothering. Telling her, I needed to be a little man, not a poncy little fop like she tried to make me. It’s all thanks to him that I grew up to be the manly man you see before you,” Kyron struck a pose but his smile was touched with sadness. Never gonna let a woman like that rule my life the Mum used to, no way; no how. Gotta treat ’em mean to keep ’em keen, as they say,” Kyron extolled the virtues of his unusual relationships.

Oliver nodded in understanding. “I would have liked to have met your father,” Oliver said quietly, “Sounds like a hell of a guy and a wicked sense of humour. I like the Hamster story.”

“Yeah, he was great,” Kyron sounded wistful.

“Oh well it’s not like your mother is a bitch if anything she is too nice and caring. I think I would like coming home to be spoiled and pampered by my mother. Instead, I just get the nagging that goes along with her martyr complex,” Oliver lamented. “Alcohol and bad attitudes do not mix, trust me.”

“Guess we all have our family dramas,” Kyron chuckled. “Your right it could be worse. When we go back to the house, I will hang the Christmas lights like she wants and be nice and charming for the party.”

They eventually roused themselves from their place on the rocks and began the ride back. Looking at his watch Oliver realised they had ridden the morning away, and it was closing in on lunchtime. His mind automatically went to Rosemary as he rode and how she looked yesterday when he had found that moment of voyeuristic pleasure watching her.

It was as they approached the house after leaving the horses in the stable that Oliver tried to work out what his next move might be. He in no way wanted to alienate this family or jeopardise his working relationship with Kyron in the process, but his infatuation was fast becoming an obsession as she clouded his every thought.

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