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Neon Night

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There can only ever be one woman in my heart, and this is dedicated to her. MK

Buzzing neon night in the city that never sleeps. Car lights streaking along the byways, and a symphony of noises and smells rising from the 24 hour hustle of the sidewalk. Sirens ring through the night air as gradually, the sequence of lights being turned on and off in the skyscrapers eclipses the twinkling of the stars. One of these is to be the star that this story follows – the slow dimming of a light, high in a Brooklyn apartment. As it fades to a rosy glow, a feminine hand with long and sculpted fingers appears in the window. It hovers for a while, before vanishing, inch by inch, out of sight. The curtains may be drawn and the city locked out for the night, but one thing is certain – there will be little sleep between these four walls until sunrise.

We’re in our apartment, sharing a drink with two near strangers. I watch you gaze absently into your glass as the atmosphere heats up. Our relationship has been shining on for five sensual years, our sex life only enhanced by the degree of emotional intimacy attained. How we met and the years of struggle we faced before living our dream is of no consequence for now. We are together, and things have never been so good. Open-minded, daring and kinky to the extreme, we have no limits as far as sex is concerned – only ideas; and our latest brainwave is sitting right in front of us right now, in the form of two beautiful women, smouldering in the eroticism of the moment.

We came across them in a small club named Henrietta’s – one of Manhattan’s best-kept secrets. Like most of the women that night, they were horny and shamelessly open in their quest for something different. But what made them stand out for us was the intense sexuality they exuded, and their oblivion to all eyes around them as they got dirty on the crowded dance floor. Together, they had a magnetism that reminded us of our own relationship, and as the music ebbed away our inhibitions, so it drew us into the act of inviting them back to our home.

Although names were exchanged, they have drifted out of my mind on a cloud of fired up hormones. We have indulged in small moments of exhibitionism in the past – kisses, fumbles, and even some subtle nipple-sucking on a transatlantic flight – but never have we performed full-blown sex in front of another living being. It is made all the more exciting by the fact that we know little about these women.

As the conversation flows and the champagne sooths any nerves, they explain to us how they met on a flight attendant training course, enjoyed the most breathtaking sex, and then gradually lost contact as they were scattered across the world, their flight paths never meeting again until now. In their early thirties, they give the impression of being veterans at this game. One blonde, one brunette, both tall and glamorous to a mind-blowing extent, it was they who called our bluff when we stepped out of the taxi, by asking outright if they could watch us fuck.

For the first few minutes sitting opposite each other on two leather couches, it is almost as though this suggestion was never made. Instead, we make an effort to talk about pretty much everything while the champagne works its magic on our nerves. To out surprise, it turns out that these women have not seen each other in around seven years. After a month of breathtaking sex on a flight attendant course in Paris, they were separated by work and scattered to different corners of the world, their flight paths never crossing until now.

When we have exhausted all chitchat about life, travel, shopping and movies, the brunette, who is unmistakably the more dominant of the two shifts the topic back towards sex.

“So tell me, ladies,” she purrs, a glint in her eye as her foreign accent slips through our defences unchecked, “After five years together, you should have quite a collection of sex toys. What kind of things do you like to use on each other?”

There is a tense silence as your breathing becomes noticeably heavier, and I cave in to a fit of the giggles.

“We don’t actually use any,” you reply, never one to be outdone, “We can do everything we need to do with our fingers and tongues…”

The quieter Gaziantep Olgun Escort blonde stares at the floor, struggling to retain her composure, but her bold partner merely arches her eyebrows, the corners of her lips spreading into a seductive smile. Although nothing significant has happened yet, I’m only too aware of how close the women are sitting. Throughout our entire conversation, my eye has been caught repeatedly by flickers of movement – a subtle finger running along a thigh, the slow brush of one bare leg against another – and instinctively I cuddle closer to you. I can feel the heat rising from your body in one sexual wave after another. Now, there can be no mistaking the tension in the air.

Sensing the competition, you slide a hand onto my thigh, running your fingers up the inside of it until they’re dangerously close to my panties. I feel the blood rushing to my clit and the inside of my pussy starting to get wet. Glancing up to see if our guests have noticed, I’m surprised to see that they’re miles away, kissing with such passion that I can see two pairs of nipples hardening like small acorns under their the thing fabric of their tops. I suddenly want you like I’ve never wanted you before.

With no warning, your hand moves right over my pussy, holding it through my panties as though you know it belongs to you. I turn around to find your lips, and we drift into a kiss that has us spellbound. I suck slowly on them, enjoying every second as my fingers brush lightly down the side of your face. Your arm moves around me, pulling me in closer still and stroking the back of my neck until I’m crazy with lust. Just as my fingers reach out for one of your breasts, I slide my tongue inside your mouth. The sensation is makes my head spin. As I begin to massage your soft mound, your gentle sucking on my tongue puts me in mind of the way your pussy muscles tighten when my tongue is inside you.

The flight attendants are now on the floor in front of us, watching as you unfasten my pants and slide your hand inside my panties. I moan softly as you fingers find my clit in an instant. No one has watched the intimacy with which you finger me, and the live audience is having an incredible effect on your sex drive. Suddenly, I want them both to see how bad you want me.

You offer no resistance as I slide my hands slowly down your top and lift it over your head. It takes just a split second for me to unfasten your bra, distracting you with a soft kiss on your neck as your breasts fall like two ripe peaches. Your nipples are at the height of their arousal, and in the flickering glow of the candles, you look so sexy and beautiful and vulnerable to my lust. I catch the brunette’s eye as I lower my lips onto your nipple. With your finger still busy inside my panties, we are a truly erotic sight to behold.

“Why don’t you just take everything off, ladies?” she asks teasingly; and with that, lifts her partner’s short skirt to reveal a cleanly shaven pussy

In an instant, I find myself torn between exhibitionism and voyeurism. Closing my eyes, I wrap my lips around your firm nipple and begin flicking my tongue over it as I massage your breast slowly. Unable to move my mouth from your nipple, I rise to my feet, allowing you to start sliding my pants down. I step out of them and break free from you for a second in order to remove my top. Our guests are already in full flow, their clothes sprawled across the floor, and the brunette spreading her partner’s legs to such an extent that her clit protrudes visibly from between her full pussy lips. Slowly, the brunette takes a finger in her mouth, before pulling it out and sliding it up and down along the length of her lover’s slit.

Without even realising how far our encounter has progressed, we are kissing again, hotter than before, and our tongues clashing against one other as I begin to unfasten your pants. Tantalisingly, you grab hold of my thong and pull it up so that it’s pressing hard against my cunt. It’s as much as I can do to stand on my feet, and I position my feet further apart, almost willing you to slide the material into my crack begin rubbing it against my throbbing clit. But you don’t. Reaching behind me, you unfasten my bra and free my breasts. I turn around briefly to throw your pants to a random corner of the room, and you seize the opportunity, taking me completely unawares. I feel a sudden draught as you move my wet panties to one side, revealing everything I possess to the two ladies in front of us. Unable to stop myself, I am soon running my finger over my own clit, which is already soaked with my juices. You pull the panties off me, and I turn to give you a full view of how wet you’ve made me.

We look into each other’s eyes, and a million words pass between us, unspoken. I’m so proud to have someone as beautiful and wonderful as you for my girlfriend, and the effect that our lovemaking is having on the other couple has made me as rampant as a porn star. Pushing you back onto the couch and kneeling in front of you, I remove your panties and push your knees apart. It’s as much as I can do to stop myself from just driving my tongue straight into the crack of your pussy until it’s directly on your hard and insanely hard clit.

To a certain extent, we are playing to our audience. I spread your legs much wider than is necessary, causing you to fall backwards and surrender to my hungry lips.

“Spread her open for me,” insists the brunette, “I want to see how badly that cunt needs to be fucked.”

I am more than happy to oblige. You feel tight to my touch as I move your lips apart, and one glance at your gaping hole is enough to convince anyone of how bad you want me. I run my tongue along the length of your sex and you moan. Gently, I kiss your clit, unaware that behind me, at the centre of your field of vision, the two women are poised in the 69 position.

Slowly, I feel your pussy beginning to melt into my lips, and I want even more of you. While you watch our new friends eating each other out, my tongue begins to go crazy over your clit. Wanting more of you still, I pull you onto the floor, right alongside the other women, positioning you on all fours, just millimetres away from them, so that you can see absolutely everything that’s going on in front of you.

Running my fingertips as light as a feather along the insides of your thighs, I slide underneath you and start licking your wetness all over again. You’re taken completely by surprise, because all of a sudden you realise that I’ve not only learned how to tease, but learned how to do it really well. My tongue is everywhere – sometimes circling your clit, other times moving gently against the entrance of your pussy, but more often than not just taking one of your pussy lips in my mouth and sucking on it gently. And all the time, you’re getting wetter to the point where my mouth is filled with your sweet juices.

Almost desperate for me to just wrap my lips around your clit and massage it to oblivion with my tongue, you start moving your pussy against my face, grinding in tight to my mouth. I can’t resist, and begin eating you out with all the passion I possess. You know from my moans that with my spare hand, I’m busy fucking myself, but I can’t keep it up for long. Your pussy needs my full attention, and I am perfectly prepared to give it to you.

Feeling suddenly kinky in this sultry atmosphere, I move my fingers away from my own pussy and begin rubbing my juices against the entrance of your pussy while I continue to suck on your clit. Under my light touch, I can feel your muscles relaxing completely, and know that you’re as ready for me as you ever will be. I quicken the pace. My tongue now pushed firmly against the sensitive nub, I move it back and forth and an increasingly rapid pace. You begin to moan, and your moans are answered by those of the two strangers, hooked on our every move and dangerously close to cuming hard. I can feel your hips moving against my face and taste your wetness running into my mouth. I can’t get enough of you. Soon, I feel your muscles tense up and know that you’re on the verge of climaxing hard. I double my efforts, flicking my tongue even faster against your clit as a sweet ‘o’ comes crashing through your body. You whimper in protest, but I’m unable to move away from you until I’ve licked up every drop of your wetness.

Eventually, you can take it no more, and turn over, pulling my head back up towards your face. We kiss, but this is far from the end of our lovemaking, as I have quite a big surprise in store for you. You look so sexy as you lie back there recovering from your orgasm, and I feel my hormones surge again. The cries of pleasure from the two women in front of us have reached their crescendo and are now fading into breathless exhaustion. I kneel over you, one leg either side, and pull out a double-ended dildo from behind the couch. Running my finger over my clit a couple of times, I take one end of it and position it against the entrance of my pussy. This was something you certainly hadn’t been expecting, but you conceal your amazement like a pro. With one firm push, the dildo is all the way inside me, and I am entirely at your mercy. Your eyes focused on my blurry gaze, you pull it back out slowly, before thrust it back in, deep and hard.

Wasting no time, I spread your pussy open and position the other end against the entrance. By now, the entire dildo is so wet with my juices that it slides inside you effortlessly. It feels so kinky and fantastic to be joined in this intimate way with you, and the fact that other people are watching almost doubles the pleasure. I move my lips to yours and begin to kiss you passionately. Within seconds, I begin rocking my hips and fucking you really gently. Your pussy has reached its peak of sensitivity, and I feel you melting away beneath me.

I want to tell you how much I love you, how your body and your imagination make me hot to the point of burning, but I am unable to pull myself away from your lips. The dildo is cumbersome, bending at inconvenient moments and threatening to slip completely from our grips at any given moment. When the brunette appears alongside us, however, the transformation is mind-blowing.

Guided by her unexpected hand, we are now able to achieve full penetration. I fuck you slowly at first, rotating the dildo around the walls of your pussy until every nerve you possess is standing on end. Her girlfriend soon appears on the other side. Her chest is flushed from her previous orgasm, and her face so close to our bodies that we can feel her hot breath blasting our pussies. Bending down once more to suck on your nipples, I quicken the pace of my fucking, and almost by accident discover that in this position, it’s possible to be rubbing out clits together at the same time. The first touch of your clit against mine makes me want to let go and just cum instantly, but I pace myself – sometimes just concentrating on rubbing my clit against yours, other times focusing my energies entirely on fucking you deeper with smooth strong strokes.

Gradually, the pace quickens until we’re both fucking each other senseless. Time melts in tune with our emotions, and it is impossible to tell how long it is before the change occurs. But soon, I know that I can’t hold back any longer and sense that you have reached a similar point. Our pussy muscles begin tightening and despite the efforts of the brunette, the dildo becomes harder and harder to move inside us. We keep fucking regardless, so deep that now we’re just rubbing out clits together. Suddenly, the world explodes as our bodies tense and relax in a series of multiple orgasms.

Exhausted, I collapse in your arms and lie there for what seems like an eternity before I have the energy or the will to pull the dildo out of us both. I look into your beautiful deep brown eyes and find myself melting into your lips once more. It is gentle, it is reassuring, and as we lose ourselves completely to its comfort, the moment when our guests leave escapes us completely. They have disappeared into the night forever, but yet we feel no loss. It was a fantasy that we hardly expected to fulfil, fleeting as a shooting star, and now that it has passed, we are left to the unfathomable pleasures of our love.

The candles flicker and fade as I take one of your beautiful, sculpted hands and press my lips against it. Nothing has changed in the city around us – cars continue to weave along the streets, and the pedestrian shunt stutters onwards. As the morning sun creeps over the horizon, it almost feels as though this episode never took place – a mutual dream that sweetened one night of eroticism. We drag ourselves to bed, oblivious to the buzz of Brooklyn at our feet. Our neon night has ended, and wrapped in each other’s arms, we drift into a satin sleep.

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