Adriana Chechik

My name is Sandra and I am a teacher in a small private academy. You might describe me as the ultimate nerd. I am 33 years old , small and actually very cute but sort of plain. I keep my long strawberry blonde hair up or in pigtails and wear a lot of ankle length skirts. I teach advanced science to a class of mostly 18 year olds. After school I teach music and I have a few students I have gained from my day job at the school. I have four students, two girls and two boys.

I have become rather close to one boy named Ryan that was very enthusiast about his music but was having a lot of trouble. He was small and skinny and didn’t have a lot of friends and I guess I felt sorry for him. He lived with an aunt and I was saddened because this being a small town I knew his aunt and regarded her as being a bit eccentric and not really the type of person that would provide a good home life for a young man.

I lived with a much older aunt and uncle in a beautiful large home. One night at dinner I told them about Ryan and how I wanted to take a more personal interest in him and might decide to give him extra help at home. They were very supportive and told me it was fine with them. The next day I talked to Ryan and offered him the private lessons and he talked to his aunt and she didn’t care. I set up a time and schedule and Ryan was a bit apprehensive but agreed and seemed to like the idea.

The first few weeks went by without incident and I became quite comfortable with Ryan and we became friends and then he started coming over every day. He would swim in the pool and often stay for dinner. Then one Friday night things took a definite change.

It was around ten o’clock at night and my aunt and uncle were gone for the weekend. It was raining out and I was nude and soaking in the hot tub out in the rain. I had drank a couple glasses of wine and was feeling lonely so I was masturbating in the warmth of the tub when I saw Ryan standing on the deck just looking at me. He knew from the night before they were going to be away. For some reason instead of doing what everyone else would have done and covered up I smiled and asked Ryan if he wanted to get in the tub with me. I knew what I was doing was Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort dangerous but I felt so sorry for him I just couldn’t stop myself.

Ryan quickly took off his clothes and hopped into the hot tub. I slid over next to him and studied his small body as he was hardly any bigger then me. He was only about 5 feet tall and I’m sure he wasn’t over a 105 pounds or so. I leaned over and gently kissed him on the lips and he shyly kissed me back. I started kissing him a little more using my tongue and soon he was giving me his and sucking mine. His touch was so light and gentle. He cupped my breasts and rubbed and rolled my nipples as he explored them. I was on fire and knew what I wanted to do that night and had to get him out of that tub.

I took his hand and led him out of the hot tub. As we walked through the house I just starred at his beautiful hard cock. It was perfect as it was not very thick at all but was very long and curved up a little with a pink pointed head. Because it was so thin it perhaps seemed much longer that it was. I could see him studying me. I have small firm breasts with pink nipples that were very hard and sensitive by then and he had watched me walk ahead of him so he knew I had small but shapely hips and of course I had noticed him looking between my legs at my small brownish triangle.

I took Ryan into the shower with me and closed the door to the glass enclosure. The stall was a fair size and I let the water run over us. I soaped myself and turned from him and lathered down between my legs and washing myself real good there. He lathered himself and turned me around and we got all soapy, slippery and laughed as we slid against each other. I let my hand down and stroked his cock and he immediately began to make thrusting motions against my hand. It was sticking straight up against my belly and as before it was rock hard.

I smiled at him and decided to try everything. I stroked it knowing what I wanted to do and took a deep breath. Before I could change my mind I dropped to my knees with the water on my back and took him in my mouth and sucked him hard. It felt warm and quite nice in my mouth and Ryan almost screamed he liked it so much. I squeezed it and stroked it hard moving my mouth up and down on it. He began to thrust his hips and I sucked him harder and he put his hands on the back of my neck and held me there. He became more insistent and then cried out but I didn’t stop as I was in a rhythm and then he pushed a few times hard and it happened. His cock erupted inside my mouth and filled the back of my throat with his semen. I almost gagged but swallowed as it kept coming. I took my lips off him and a spurt hit my forehead and another landed on my cheek so I took him back in and sucked him until he stopped spurting. There was a sweet salty chlorine taste in my mouth and it was not bad at all. I knew the way Ryan was moaning softly that he loved it and truthfully so had I.

We rinsed ourselves and then dried each other. He was still hard and still insistent and now seemed to be almost braver then he was a while ago. I guess he felt he had become a man and that I had to agreed on. We moved into my bedroom and I threw back the covers and we resumed kissing and feeling each other all over. He took the lead and began sucking my breasts and I loved that. Ryan was so soft and gentle that he soon had me almost in a daze and I didn’t hardly feel him as he moved down and spread my legs. His tongue felt so good in me. I moved my finger down and showed him where to lick and he soon was sucking my clit as well as my fingers. I was almost in ecstasy.

I laid back and pulled Ryan up on to me and kept on kissing him. He made his way between my legs. I had passed the point of no return and I thought of how I ordered my first vibrator almost 6 years ago and about my small soft pink dildo. No man had even been inside me and with that exciting thought I raised my knees and guided Ryan’s very hard cock into me. He slide in easily and for the first time I felt a cock and it was so good. Unlike the vibrator it was warm and alive as he gently slid in and out of me. He was never fast or rough and just slowly and gently kept up a constant rhythm. I was exploding and felt a huge orgasm building in me then wave after wave overtook me.

Ryan just kept up the constant stroking and with every thrust into me I could feel his cock going right to the end. I don’t know how but he kept it up for almost an hour. He did it to me in every position and I had orgasm after orgasm until finally I was laid out on top of him and just couldn’t take anymore. He helped roll me off him and after more kissing and fondling I was so tired I just drifted off to sleep.

I woke during the night in Ryan’s arms and I was consumed by the warmth of his body. I pressed back against him and he snaked his arms around me and soon was fondling my breasts with one hand between my legs fingering me where I was still warm and a bit excited from earlier. I rolled onto my back and put my arms out urging Ryan between my legs. I guided his hard cock into me again and he slid deep up into me and it felt so good. He began to fuck me slowly and it was lovely and then for the first time I felt him increase his pace.

He started thrusting faster and faster and I immediately knew he was going to bring me to another orgasm and I began pushing up hard trying to get more of his young cock. His thrusts weren’t gentle any more. He gave me the most intense orgasm and was still pounding me hard. Then he thrust it in me as deeply as he could possibly go. I felt a stabbing pain then a flood of heat inside me and his cock twitched and pulsed and it seemed to go on forever.

I was coming down from the wonderful feeling when panic finally struck. Ryan had filled me with his sperm. I pulled away and his cock came out of me. I jumped up and a large glob of white sticky semen flooded out of me and streamed down my legs and some long strings of it hung from my pubic hair where it had overflowed. I ran to the bathroom and jumped in the tub and turned on a flow of warm water and inserted the shower hose and watched Ryan’s sperm go down the drain. I cleaned as best as I could and dried myself wiping it clean and dry.

Ryan and I went to bed and slept the rest of the night and in the morning he went home. A few days later I had my period and we never did that again without a condom. Ryan moved away with his aunt a few months later and we have lost contact. We remained discreet through it all and I miss our times together very much. I heard he entered university and was going to become a teacher.

I sometimes wonder if I gave him any ideas as to the perks of the profession.

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