I awoke in the early afternoon to a mother’s loving kiss, not so strange until I noticed her naked wet hairy pussy was humping my thigh. I rolled towards her, retuning her kiss, ready to initiate another bout of loving. But she stopped me and told me nothing more until we had a shower. “I stink of stale pussy juice and semen,” she declared. “I want you to eat me again like you did last night, I had a terrific cum and I’m hoping you’ll be able to do it again.” It was one of the things, which, I was to grow to like about my mother, there never any equivocation with her. In the bedroom she always stated firmly what she wanted and then with her partner’s agreement did it. She told me that she felt that fucking was the nicest thing two people could do for each other and she didn’t care what race, nationality, or sex they were as long as they could bring each other pleasure. A very hedonistic viewpoint, but one she obviously believed in.

We used the shower off the bedroom, which was a small corner cubical that just managed to hold the two us. As the warm water slid over our bodies, making them slick and slippery, I grabbed a bar of soap and lathered up my mother’s tits, reaching around her while her bum wiggled against my hard-on. I dropped the soap and played, allowing the heavy balls of flesh to slid and slip in my grasp, paying particular attention to her long fat nipples and puffy areolas, until the water washed the soap away. I bent at the knees and my face slithered down her back until my nose was between her large white round buttocks while I tried to get the soap. She wiggled her bum some more, knowing it would entice and I yelled for her to get her big fat bum out of my face, which elicited the exact response I expected. Further wiggling and greater pressure as she shoved it back against me. I gloried in it for a moment, then retrieving the soap; I stood giving her ass a good smack as I did. It must have stung on her wet behind because she whooped and giggled her belly jiggling under my soaping hand as I carefully washed her abundant pubic hair before sending a finger, then two between her raggedy lips. Her hips thrust her pussy hole against my penetrating fingers enjoying the sensations I gave her, moaning out her joy before she told me to wash her bum.

I turned her sideways to me, my cock libidinous, humping her slick hip, while I ran the bar of soap over the fleshy mounds of her ass carefully making sure I washed her anus which I knew she found interesting if not stimulating.” No not like that,” she said taking the bar of soap and lathering up her hands, “like this.” She bent herself forward arching her back exposing her little brown pucker. I swear I saw it pout for a moment before she slide a soapy index finger deep rotating it while it stroked back and forth in her rear. She then handed me the soap saying, “here you do it.” I soaped up my fingers and slide one in her ass rotating and washing as she had showed me. She pushed back against my finger for a moment before pulling away and saying, “not me silly, you.” Taking the bar of soap away from me and with a pretended exasperated tone of voice said, “Here I’ll do it.” She lathered up her hands then turned me around so she could see what she was doing and slid a finger into me. It was my first experience of anything penetrating me there but as she thrust and rotated, I found the sensation to be strangely pleasurable. When she finished she reached around and lathered up my cock before turning me back to face her. She went up on her tippy-toes, slid my dick between her legs so that her cunt lips began a back and forth motion on the top of my cock. I was very aroused when she pulled me from the shower to dry off. While I was drying, she reached into the medicine cabinet and took out a package of pills. Took one from the dispenser and popped it in her mouth dry swallowing it. “Well that’s a start,” she said.

We move to the bed. “Want to try something different?” she asked as we climbed into bed.

“Sure,” I replied willing to try any of her sexual games, loving her more deeply with each passing moment.

“Lay on your back and put your head here,” she directed while she stuffed pillow after pillow under my head. She straddled my face her thighs warm against my ears. I could look up her body; see the descending hairy, hot, wetness; her soft voluptuous belly, her pendulous tits, and finally her loving eyes as she looked into mine, while she slid her soft pussy lips over my lips, tongue and nose. Soon that wasn’t enough and while my hands played with my own dick and balls, she reared up, taking my head in her hands and pulled my face tightly against her thrusting loins. Thirstily I drank from her humping, heaving sex and her vaginal walls contracted pumping more of her sexual exudate into my craving mouth. My absolute addiction to her odor and flavor further confirmed by my complete surrender to her requirements. It wasn’t long before her quivering body and throaty raspy scream announced her orgasm and her warm sweet cum flowed down my throat. My hands brought my own satisfaction Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort and I spurted load after load of warm white cum onto my belly. When she noticed, she carefully licked, following with her tongue, the lines of semen before kissing me with her cum loaded tongue. We continued to kiss long after my flavor had been consumed, simply enjoying warm bodies and soft lips, loving contentedly.

Later she explained why she felt it would not be a good idea for us to consummate our love before her next period, worrying about the possibility of pregnancy. We were like two kids waiting for Christmas. Mom marked a calendar when she thought her period would be and each day before breakfast we would x out the new day as the count down continued. Fortunately, she had an active imagination and found all sorts of sexual positions that required mouth and hand rather than the ultimate conjunction. For the next two weeks she took her pills faithfully and she kept us both sexually satiated with a variety of positions. One night she invented, at least for us, something new and different that I particularly liked. I was laying flat on my back recovering from an unusually long bout of cunt kissing when she spread my legs a little and positioned us so we were bum to bum. My head to the head of the bed, hers to the foot. Her legs over mine her bum nestled in the v formed by mine. She took my rampant shaft and pulled it against her wet, hot cunt. Her four finger tips holding it tightly against her. Her floppy inner lips surrounding the tube of my masculinity, the tip poking above her hairy muff. She began to hump her pussy up and down against the back of my penis, making sure her clit was well stimulated. It was masturbatory, but the closest yet to all out fuck. Soon I was spewing hot cum, like a fountain into the air. It fell splashing both our bellies, leaving us satiated for the moment.

The night before her period was to start, I thought I tasted a hint of blood as I further satisfied my addiction to her juices. Feeling her body wither and gyrate under my invasive tongue, listening to her sexually inspired moans and whimpers added to my joyful oral fixation. I told her of my suspicions and she confirmed that she had felt some cramping during the day. She once again asked me if I was sure I didn’t want to wait until her period was over, explaining that it could be very messy, and I might be put off by the blood. I had suffered through two weeks of what amounted to teasing before the real thing. Now that the day was almost upon us, there was no way I would be deterred by a little blood. I went to school the following morning and spent a useless day dreaming of what might occur after school. My dreams didn’t come close to what actually transpired.

As soon as she heard the door slam she called to me. “Hurry up son, come to me. I need you.” I hurried to her bedroom my dick hardening as I almost ran. There she was, naked on the bed, two large beach towels spread under her body, obviously to protect the bed. Yet I still needed confirmation and asked if her period was here. She smiled her affirmation as I stripped readying myself. She spread herself open and revealed a small string dangling form her swollen cunt lips. “I had to put in a tampon,” she told me, “so I wouldn’t mess up the bed before you got here.” As usual there was no prevarication on her part. “Pull it out son, hurry, I need to be fucked.” With trembling hand, I reached for the string and pulled gently, slowly revealing the white plug that had been pushed inside her. As soon as the top was revealed, I saw that it was now red with blood. Her raggedy lips seemed to cling to tampon as the body of it came in sight. Mixed with the blood were her mucilaginous excretions giving testament to her needs. I pulled it out. It dangled from the string. I wrapped it in a Kleenex and threw it on the floor, not wanting to waste the time of finding the wastepaper basket that I knew was across the room. I got between her legs ready to mount her.

The wait of the last two weeks overpowering me with the need to feel the sensation of her warm sheath surrounding my dick for the first time. Her hand took a firm grip on my sex as I leaned into her allowing her to guide me to her opening. I don’t know why, but my mind registered that it was just after four as my hardened flesh entered her body. My whole being seemed to become more focused on the female flesh beneath me allowing the bedroom to recede from what little consciousness remained to me. For a moment I watched my mom’s face as the expressions of want, need, lust and joy traversed her visage before her arm wrapped itself about my neck pulling my mouth hard against hers, our tongues battling for supremacy. One of her hands held a tit manipulating the nipple, while she opened herself to me. My prick plunged deeply within her, my mind continued to recede from consciousness leaving me only with the awareness of the wet, humping, warm, breathing, heaving, feminine flesh below.

This was no loving, although in the future we would love a lot. This was the shedding of generations of sexual repression. It was the primeval mating of two animals in heat. With each downward thrust my body attempted to force itself into my mother’s core. She told me later that she had similar sensations, spreading her thighs painfully wide in an attempt to unlock her hips. All she could think of was her need of my pistoning flesh to fill her lusting cavity. In my frenzy I pulled out too far and instead of returning to her heat my shaft slid through her pubic hair and up onto her abdomen. I reared up breaking our locked together lips to plunge ineffectively against her legs and perineum until her hand left the large ball of her tit. My mom grasped my cock, wet with her emissions, and reinserted it into her craving loins. As her hand returned to re-grasp her tit, she groaned out, “That’s it baby you’ve cocked me so good.”

Although I had never heard the word cock used as a verb before, I knew instantly what she meant. I was filling her so full of man flesh her loins were packed. I realized that although a continuous cocking could translate into a fucking, a fucking didn’t mean a cocking. In my pride I understood she was telling me I had the equipment to satisfy her cunt as well as fuck her. Her arm pulled my face to hers and our mouths locked in lust. Our pistoning bodies seemed to melt together into a humping, heaving, rutting, oneness. Outside of our puddle of passion, I could hear the heavy breathing, the whistling gasp as my mother’s lungs demanded air, amongst the moans and groans of our mating. Thank God she had insisted that we make sure the pill would be effective, for in my primordial lust I was instinctively attempting to impregnate her, seed her within her depths. Slowly the fervency of our coupling built towards the overwhelming need to release. Balls of fire burnt in our bellies until our bodies began to quake together in orgasmic ecstasy taking us higher and higher. I propelled myself as deep into her as I could; my cock spewed its spermy spit. In that instant as she screamed out in her joy, I knew I had cocked her like never before. Our spasms subsided while we remained intertwined.

I couldn’t leave her. I was melded to her flesh. Although my cock began to soften I remained within her. I don’t know if it was residual spasms or a conscious effort on her part, but the walls of her pussy squeezed repeatedly on my infatuated manhood and before I softened to the point I would fall out of her my cock began to harden again. Such was the lust I held for her and the abilities of youth. As soon as she felt me stiffen, she began rut against me. I could feel a build up of moisture between us making our bellies slippery. Her cunt was a sea of her emissions mixed with mine and I could hear the squishy sound of our humping as once again I began the primitive movement that would satisfy my instinctual drive.

With mindless abandon, I pounded her receptive orifice, uncaring as to whether I hurt her of not, although upon looking back I realize the way she held me to her, messaged to me any pain she may have felt was desired. Perspiration built while our fucking became more frenzied making our bodies slippery. My mother grabbed me by both buttocks drawing blood with her nails as she violently yanked me against her. Breaking our tonguing kiss her mouth suckled on my shoulder muscle for a moment before biting down, drawing blood. It was almost as if she feared our slippery bodies would slip from each other’s grasp and she was driving her nails and teeth into me to maintain her hold. Her grip may have been a holdout from our primitive ancestry, a way the female of the species maintained her mate deep within her as she attempted to conceive. The pain of the bite hidden in the haze of lust that crowded any reason from my mind. My heaving body drove hers up the bed until her head banged against the headboard. My toes trying to grip the sheets in an attempt to push my way deeper into her body. I strained to bury myself imparting a series of mini-thrusts, to which her pelvis responded, as we attempted to pack her with an extra millimeter of cock. Her panting, her screams of passion, driving all reason from my mind as for a second time I cocked her; as my pulsating prick sprayed its futile seed trying fruitlessly to inseminate.

As my cock began to wilt my instincts told me I was about to loose her. The two weeks of teasing provided a solution to my lust-maddened mind. I reared up and turned in the bed noticing through a fog of passion the bloodied mottled look that covered her from navel to knee. One tit marked with a clear outline of a handprint in red. Upon reflection I don’t know why blood is so effective at dyeing liquids but it had turned our sexual secretions and sweat into a sea of mucus filled red that marbleized her sensual soft white skin, except around her orifice where it was solid, matting her pubic hair over her entrance. In my ardor, my hand wiped at her cunt in an attempt to clear the hair away that barred me from my goal. In so doing I bloodied my hand and looked for a white spot to wipe it clean. I smeared it all over her other mammary before I realized I had been unsuccessful as her matted hair still covered her.

Using the thumb and forefinger of both hands I spread her labia wide freeing her opening of her hair and allowing my descending tongue to ravish her as I straddled her face with my legs. I didn’t understand that my own pubes were as red as hers as I shoved my flaccid cock into her willing mouth, and I don’t think I would’ve cared if I had. My face ground against her drinking what I thought to be her own particular brand of primordial soup. I reveled in her flooding sexuality, my hands leaving her crotch to slide under her ass lifting her lubricous folds hard against my relishing face. My tongue and mouth retaining the gapping breach my reddened hands had so effectively created.

In the back of my mind I heard a gagging sound and realized I had driven my fat soft flesh too deeply into my mother’s mouth. I increased my tight grip on her ass, bruising her in the process, and rolled in the bed so that the body that had so wonderfully humped and heaved beneath me was now writhing on top of me, her mouth still sucking hard on my flaccid dick. She used my cock like a babies soother, gentling both of us with her tender ministrations until a little while later I felt myself begin to swell once again. In my passionate depravity, I could have continued to bury my face in her secretions for hours; the residual semen that occasionally seeped from her simply adding to my pleasure. But she, taking a final shuddering, humping, heaving orgasmic release from my mouth, wanted more. Much to my disappointment she lifted herself from my grasp and knelt on the bed her face pressed to the towels, her ass high. Using language I came to understand she only used in the bedroom she gasped out, “I want you to use me as your heated bitch, sweetie.”

I was soon positioned behind her, vaguely noticing the large red semi-circles that surrounded her asshole. Her bloodied secretions and mine had run down over her perineum while she was on her back and created a puddle in her crack. Her buttocks had squeezed together forming two mirror images on either cheek, while my handprints smeared more color over the balance of her ass flesh. When I mounted her I reached under her to grasp her floppy jugs pulling on them to pull her sheath over my stiffened prong. I could hear the sloppy wetness as my belly slapped against her buttocks further coating them with color. Yanking on her knockers to change her position and looking at her red patched body, I though she wasn’t so much my hot bitch as my piebald mare in estrus as I used her tits as reins. Soon her body responded, as I covered her, while she reared up and spasmed in moaning orgasm bringing about my own orgasmic spermy spew that washed over the walls of her pussy. As my hardness subsided my cock dropped from her genitals to swing between my legs allowing a thin stream of bloodied residue to leak from her vulva onto the bed.

Having fucked her to exhaustion, she rolled in the bed spreading her legs to accommodate my body. Knowing my mom would be unable to support my body weight I purposely slide lower in the bed so that my stomach was pressed against her pubes, my head rested between her floppy teats. I lost consciousness for a few seconds and when I came to; I found that my overwhelming lust had waned replaced by my love of my mom. The room came back into focus, a darkening sky outside the window. The red luminous numerals on my mother’s alarm showing well after nine. I felt her kiss my head and threw back my head to return the kiss. I looked into her eyes and when she returned my gaze, she began to laugh.

I was more than hurt until she managed to gasp out between what where now almost gales of laughter. “Look at yourself, look at me!” Her voice brought me back to the reality of the moment and I saw her in the same light she saw me. Our bodies glazed with small and large smears of shiny mucus tinted various shades of red, with the exception of our genitals and mouths, which were covered with a much darker shade. Still I wasn’t quite finished with her and pulled myself up her body smearing my abdomen with additional color against her pubes, her pubic hair acting as a paint brush. My bloodied face kissing the humor from her eyes and replaced it with a momentary pang of lust, as our kiss seemed to go on and on. Finally, she slapped my ass breaking the kiss and told me clearly it was shower time.

I rose from the bed and held out a hand to help my mom. In passing her full-length mirror, I saw two bloodied warriors that had copulated furiously, for not the minutes it had seemed like, but for the hours we had rutted in each other’s sexual flesh. We could have been two people who had just left the make up room of a movie entitled “The return of the freshly dead.” I was both amazed and thank full that the shower washed away the stains of our mutual fuckfest so rapidly as I watched the red wash down the drain. As I look back I feel almost repulsed by our behavior until I understand that if I ever reach that level of need and lust again I’d happily do it again with maybe even more depravity than that day.

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