This is a sequel to my first story Ayisha’s Escapades Part 1, Ayisha is a Punjabi Pakistani Housewife on a sabbatical exploring her sexuality like never before. She’s married to Hassan, rich and handsome, with a past ‘history’ of homosexuality. She measures 32C-25-35. This series aims to illustrate her escapades.


Ayisha and Ali had absolutely nothing in common except for a deep attraction for each other’s bodies. As a result, their relationship developed around the strongest lust they had ever experienced for another individual. Ayisha’s knees grew weak every time she saw Ali’s firm penis and lean and chiseled muscular physique and Ali’s developed an instant hard-on every time he saw Ayisha’s exquisite curves, alluring eyes and flattering smile.

Ayisha and Ali seldom exchanged words. Ayisha had planned her mornings’ activities with Ali well before he arrived and young Ali complied obediently and left quietly after their encounters. They furiously fucked in every position and every spot in the house, but Ayisha’s matrimonial bed, surrounded by mirrors on three sides delivered ample stimulation to the couple as they watched their respective bodies entwined in heightened sexual ecstasy.

Ayisha rewards houseboy Ali:

The morning after their first encounter when Ali entered the house Ayisha wore a simple figure hugging lime green camisole and matching g string. Her nipples shone thru the fabric and Ali had an instant hard-on as Ayisha smiled at him coyly without a hint of embarrassment. This time Ayisha joined him in the bathroom as he showered washing his penis, gently lathering and stroking it as it hardened, while he stood there breathing heavily in anticipation of her next move.

Ayisha sat Ali with his back against the bed rest and his legs stretched out and stretched between his legs, on her stomach and began licking his left scrotum, while she gently gripped and stroked his rod, like Hassan had taught her in the first week of their marriage.

After gently sucking and licking his balls, Ayisha licked the length of his shaft up from his balls till the tip of his penis a few times, lubricating his shaft and inserting her tongue in his pee hole quickly, every time she got to the tip. Finally, she focused Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort on his glistening cock head, her mouth engulfing it, while her tongue rapidly licked the skin just under the base of his cock head but above his shaft, all the while watching Ali’s face with her big eyes to measure his reactions

Ayisha was very aroused. Her inhibitions of being with Ali had disappeared and she was determined to ‘perform’ brilliantly for her lover. Her hands smoothly but firmly stroked Ali’s shaft using three fingers, while she licked that ever so erogenous spot under his cock head. Intermittently, Ayisha would suck the length of his shaft, gripping it gently between her lips, while her head bobbed up and down the length of his shaft, massaging it with her lips, ensuring her teeth stayed away from his skin for maximum stimulation.

Ali’s hands stretched out gripping the back of the bed rest while Ayisha serviced him orally. Ayisha figured Ali deserved to be rewarded for licking and fucking her the day before like Hassan’s never had. For Ali, the entire scene was tremendously stimulating.

As he looked down, he saw his cute Memsaab’s face sucking on his cock, while her camisole held her substantial breast together producing a deep cleavage that was very stimulating visually. As he lifted his gaze, the big oval mirror in front of him produced a titillating view of Ayisha’s curvy thirty-five-inch buttocks in nothing but her racy g string and shapely legs that compounded the stimulation. Ali was in sexual heaven and moaned intermittently acknowledging Ayisha’s blowjob and the heavenly sight that lay before him.

After fifteen minutes of oral stimulation, Ali let loose at least five bursts of cum straight into Ayisha’s mouth while she gripped his cock head firmly as he bucked raising his buttocks off the bed while Ayisha continued to stroke the length of his shaft firmly. Once Ali’s orgasm subsided, Ayisha swirled the warm and salty sperm in her mouth, swallowed them whole and smiled at Ali sexily.

Ali had never experienced an ejaculation that strong before and fell back on the bed rest, thoroughly satisfied. The village girls he fucked in his teens behind the village mosque during Friday prayers, while the entire village was immersed in spiritual bliss, had tried, but their oral efforts were toothy at best and unstimulating. While Ayisha rinsed her mouth, Ali got up washed his penis and retired to wash the dishes.

When Ayisha was with Ali, her libido took hold of her senses as her inhibitions evaporated. Over time, she acted out all her fantasies, accumulated over the years and her recent time watching porn, that were considered taboo during her upbringing.

Her suppressed puberty was finally allowed to vent, as she explored her sexuality.

Her conscience and any guilt it manifested were thrust into a corner of her almirah with her Hijab and Abaya only to be donned when she interacted with her prudish community from Pakistan and their purist families.

Ayisha now sported a dual personality. By day, after Hassan left for office, Ayisha was a wanton slut, watching porn and fucking her Bangladeshi lovers 9 -inch member in wild abandon. In the evenings, when Hassan returned, she transformed into a genteel pious sweet housewife, with a moral compass that behooved a nun’s.

Where even hubby Hassan was forbidden:

One morning, as they lay on their sides watching each other naked in the massive mirror that stood adjacent to the bed, Ali fucked Ayisha with slow long strokes from behind, nibbling on her shoulder simultaneously. The fact that a man other than her husband eyed her body lustfully turned her on. The thrill of breaking that solemn vow, as a young teenage Muslim girl, of revealing her body to her husband only, thrilled and aroused her. So when Ali’s eyes roamed her curves with his ever so desperate eyes, Ayisha’s arousal intensified.

Ali hands cupped Ayisha’s 32 C boobs and pinched her nipples gently only to withdrew from her torso and grip and caress her voluptuous buttocks. Eventually having slapped and pinched her bums playfully, Ali began toying around her anus with his index and middle fingers while slowly pumping her pussy rhythmically.

In her delirious sexual stupor, Ayisha surrendered and reached for the lubricant her bed side drawer and generously lubed up Ali’s penis and her anus cautioning Ali to be ‘very very slowly’. Ali seized the opportunity and gently pushed against Ayisha’s anal opening a few times before lodging his knob into her sphincter.

Ayisha grimaced in pain but her threshold was high. Sporadic lubing helped as Ali continued to push into her gently. Ali stayed surprisingly gently, even kissing her shoulder and her face from behind while he continued to thrust his cock deeper into her anus loosening her sphincter further.

Finally, half was into her arse Ali decided to pull out and re enter her asshole. Ali fucked her anus half way a few times till Ayisha’s ass stretched and relaxed getting used to Ali’s girth. Finally, Ayisha’s initial pain gave way to astonishment and pleasure as she realized how flexible she was and noticed the expression of sheer ecstasy on Ali’s face as he stroked his penis – now almost completely – through her ass, the tightest hole ever to have massaged his member.

Ali’s strokes gathered pace and he started pounding faster from behind with them still lying on their sides but looking deeply into each other’s eyes and moaning ecstatically. Ayisha played with her clitoris for additional stimulation and turned to look at the mirror to see an image that turned her on so frequently while she watched porn. Ali’s 9-inch shaft was now furiously pounding her ass while he kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples and Ayisha squealed in pain.

Ali didn’t last long given how tight Ayisha’s anus was and after 4 short minutes buried his cock deep insider Ayisha’s ass and came the hardest he had ever, releasing a massive load that filled Ayisha’s tract. The feeling of warm cum gushing into her anal extremities was unique and stimulated her to a first anal orgasm.

Ali held his cock in Ayisha’s asshole till his orgasm subsided completely and pulled out slowly. He kissed Ayisha deeply on her mouth, squeezed her breasts before he lifted himself off the bed, showered and went back to his chores.

Ayisha reflected on her first anal encounter. It wasn’t her husband’s cock that entered her rosebud and was far less painful than her cloistered girlfriends had told her about. Their experiences had bordered on rape and were horrific.

Ayisha looked at herself in her full-length mirror and for a moment felt smitten by Ali till the massive class divide jolted her back to reality. Ali was a black Bangladeshi servant and Ayisha was a fair skinned Punjabi damsel married into an affluent household in Islamabad.

Ayisha shrugged off her momentary infatuation showered and retired to the kitchen to cook for her husband.

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