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New Horizons Ch. 10-13

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Chapter 10

Alex should have canceled. That’s what she told herself over and over this weekend. Going to lunch with this woman was all but sealing her fate. She knew that.

But Quinn’s words from her office were stuck on repeat in her mind no matter what she did. No sense of logic could keep her from this lunch.

And that kiss. She had never had a kiss like that. Her whole body was still on fire that no amount of touching herself could satiate.

When she told Quinn that she was going out of town it wasn’t the complete truth. She often left the city on weekends to go to her family’s residence in the East Hamptons, but not usually this late in the year.

But self-preservation reared its head after that kiss, and she packed up and headed out as soon as her last meeting was done.

She thought some distance from the bustle of the city might clear her head of Quinn. But it became clear quickly that the still and quiet of the empty house just made her think about Quinn even more.

As she took her seat at the restaurant she’d chosen for them, she was more nervous than she could remember being in a long time. Though to be fair, Quinn was also different than any woman she’d met in a long time.

She still couldn’t believe Quinn had seen her perform, especially in that production. One that still meant so much to her.

You’re inspiring too, Alex. She repeated Quinn’s words from her office in her head. It just makes me want to bend over this desk for you.

Christ. The woman wasn’t even there yet and Alex could already feel her pussy throb.

Perhaps Courtney was right, and she should give in to her desire for Quinn. What harm could really come of it?

But then she pictured her father’s sneering face in her mind and knew exactly what would happen. He was bad enough in the meet and greet last week, acting as if Alex was the only reason Quinn even had a shot in New York. As if Quinn wasn’t a best-selling author in her own right.

Simon would use any whiff of a theater romance as reason not to promote Alex. It was almost as if he was challenging her to sleep with Quinn. She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

Then what was she doing here? The question kept rolling around in her head. She didn’t get lunch with random artists at the theater. Why was she even entertaining this?

Deep down though, Alex knew the answer to that question. She may be playing with fire, but she was there because she also wanted to get to know Quinn better.

Well, what she really wanted was to hear more deliciously dirty things from the brunette’s mouth. She wanted to see Quinn submit the way she promised in her office.

Before she could school her thoughts into the platonic ones she should be having, the door to the restaurant opened and her mouth went instantly dry at the sight of the woman coming in.

Quinn was wearing a simple white dress that flowed over her curves. The top of the dress was cut low and tighter than the rest, which gave Alex, and everyone, a healthy view of her cleavage. Her dark hair was down and cascaded over the thin dress straps and her pale shoulders.

She looked stunning but the only thing Alex could focus on was the woman’s lips, which were painted bright red. With her white dress and shoes, the red lips were the only color Quinn had on.

She smiled slowly when she saw Alex and swayed her hips knowingly as she walked over to the table.

“You look like you’ve never seen a woman in red before,” Quinn joked as she sat down at the table.

Alex had yet to stand up, say anything, or perhaps even blink. She shook her head ever so slightly as she watched the woman sit.

“You did that on purpose,” she said to Quinn with her eyebrow quirked.

“Mad about it?” Quinn smiled widely back at her.

Alex wanted nothing more than to tell Quinn exactly what she wanted to do with her blatant sass. How much she wanted to make another part of the woman red, preferably with her hand. But they were already treading dangerous waters and Alex had to maintain some semblance of professionalism.

“On the contrary, you look lovely, Quinn.”

Quinn’s eyes, which a moment before danced with humor and a challenge, were now looking at Alex softly.

“Thank you. You always look good.”

Alex loved how pale Quinn’s complexion was, illuminating even the softest of blushes. She was such an open book. Her emotions were always worn transparently on her face.

Alex reached to take a sip of her water so she had a reason to look away and not get lost in those beautiful eyes. Quinn was a near perfect specimen in every way—but it was those eyes that haunted Alex’s every thought.

“I didn’t ask if you were a vegetarian, but they should have some options of you are,” Alex said as she put down her water and picked up her menu.

She was acting like a nervous teenager and needed something to do with her hands even though she always ordered the same salad at this restaurant.

“I’ve noticed that you generally Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort don’t ask, you tell. But no. I’m not a vegetarian. Though I don’t eat fish.”

For a few moments Alex let her eyes linger on Quinn as the brunette browsed the menu. Each time she saw something that looked good, she let out a small hum. Normally that kind of thing would annoy Alex, but on Quinn it was charming.

“No fish?” she finally asked when Quinn looked up from her menu.

“I love fish. I even own some. They’re so cute. It’s too mean to eat them.”

It was official. Quinn was the cutest thing Alex had ever met. She couldn’t help but laugh at the statement.

“I have so many questions,” she said in a mockingly serious voice.

“Oh please, ask away.”

At that moment a waiter came up to their table to take their orders. After leaving their table, Alex turned her attention back to the beautiful brunette across from her.

“You have fish? Like Nemo? In a tank?”

Alex couldn’t fight the full out smile that reached her lips as she asked the question. She also couldn’t help but notice Quinn look at her lips as she did so.

“First of all, I’m honestly shocked you know who Nemo is.”

Alex faked offense. “I don’t live under a rock you know. I also know who Buzz and Woody are.”

Quinn let out an easy laugh before continuing. “Ok then. Yes, I have fish. Leo, Don, Raf, and Mike. I named them after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”

“What if you got another one? You’re out of reptile siblings.”

“Already prepared. Splinter. Or April. Or Shredder. There are a lot of options,” Quinn said as she gave Alex an easy smile.

“Of course,” Alex laughed back. “Next question. Why is it mean to eat a fish but not the chicken you just ordered in your sandwich?”

“It’s not. I’ve just always loved fish. And I grew up spending summers on a farm. Something about being made to slaughter a turkey at the age of five takes some of the cuteness away.”

Alex looked horrified. “Five? Are your parents’ farmers?”

“Hardly. Just my grandparents. My parents like to act as if they’ve never seen a farm. But my sister Claire and I spent a lot of time there as kids when my parents were working over the summers.”

“Where is this farm?”

Alex found herself leaning forward on the table. She wanted to know more about Quinn, even these little details that made her who she was.

“About an hour outside of Seattle. It’s not big, they don’t have major livestock or anything. Just chickens, and goats and stuff.”

“And doomed turkeys.”

“And those poor, poor turkeys.”

Quinn stuck her bottom lip out in mock sadness and Alex had the urge to grab onto it.

“Are you close to your parents and sister?” she asked instead.

“Claire’s my best friend, well, besides Mikey. I got into some trouble a few years ago and they were my rocks. My parents,” she waved her hand in the air in dismissal, “not so much.”

Alex wanted to ask about the trouble she mentioned but didn’t want to pry. Besides, intrusive questions tended to be reciprocated and there were plenty of topics she didn’t feel like broaching over a nice, relaxing lunch with a beautiful woman.

The waiter brought over their food and for a moment they were both comfortably quiet as the dug into their respective dishes. Quinn hummed as she ate, lightly rocking her head back and forth as if she was listening to an amazing song with each bite. She only stopped when she looked up and noticed Alex watching her.

“Sorry, I just really love food. Bread was my kryptonite as a model.”

“I think I remember a chapter in your book called Bread.”

Alex realized after she said it that she just admitted to not only seeing Quinn’s show in the festival, but also having read her book too. The look on Quinn’s face indicated she was just as surprised by the admission, but she graciously let it slide.

“Now you know about my fish, which to be fair, is highly personal. Tell me something about you, Alex.”

“No fish,” Alex said as she took a sip of water.

“What about parents or siblings? I met your dad so I kind of know how that one is, but are you close with your mom?”

“She passed away.”

Alex looked down at her food and played with her fork before she looked back up at Quinn.

“But we were very close.”

“I’m so sorry Alex. How old were you?”

Alex didn’t want to talk about this, but she knew it would come up inevitably. Once she lost a parent, she realized just how often that topic came up with people. She knew from experience it was easier to just get it over with.

“College. It was breast cancer. Right after that production of Streetcar you watched. She got sick and I moved back in to take care of her.”

The mood was notably heavier now and Alex regretted not ordering a real drink before.

“Did you ever finish school?” Quinn asked, her food all but forgotten.

“Not at NYU for theater like I was. But I did get a degree in business while I was her caretaker.”

“Were you doing that alone? No brothers or sisters?”

Quinn’s eyes showed a compassion that would normally make Alex defensive. The line of questioning was making her fidget and uncomfortable, but there was something in the back of her head that urged her on and made her feel like Quinn was safe.

“No siblings. I’m pretty sure the first thing my dad did after I was born was go to a different floor of the hospital for a vasectomy. One child was enough for Simon Anders I can assure you. But my mom hated other people in her house, so I took care of her.”

“That must have been really hard to do on your own.”

“I wanted to be there.”

Alex never wanted anyone to think she was a victim of her mom’s cancer. She made the choice to drop out of NYU to take care of her and she never regretted that decision.

“I used the credits I was able to transfer and did online classes and night classes until I got a degree.”

Alex gently pushed her plate aside. Memories of that time essentially disabled her appetite. She was reminded of why she tended to keep conversations centered on other people.

“Did you go to college?” she asked Quinn in an attempt to veer the conversation off that painful topic.

Luckily, Quinn seemed to understand and didn’t press for more information.

“No. My parents thought it better to take advantage of the modeling offers I was getting at the time,” Quinn said.

“Did you want to go to college?” Alex asked, relieved the conversation was focusing on Quinn once again.

“At the time I guess I agreed with them. It was just so easy, and the money was good. I got caught up in the whole fashion machine. But looking back I wish I had thought about it more.”

She looked off at another table for a minute, lost in thought. Alex took the chance to admire her face. She had such expression etched into every pore.

“Everything in modeling is very fleeting. One wrong move or a pound too many gained, and it all comes crashing down. I guess I wish I had thought about what else I’d want to do if people valued me over how I look.”

She turned her attention back to Alex and grinned. “I sound like such a brat. Like life is so hard for me.” She laughed again but her usual light-heartedness didn’t reach her eyes.

“And what did mini Quinn want to be when she grew up?”

“A dolphin trainer.”

Alex felt her body warm at the silly comment.


“No. Actually, I wanted to be a writer when I was a kid.”

“A writer?”

“I know, kind of stupid.”

Quinn looked down at her napkin and Alex noticed this was the most insecure the usually confident woman had looked since they met. She wondered who had made her so embarrassed about this particular dream.

“How is that stupid? You’re a best-selling author and now have an Off-Broadway show. Seems pretty fitting actually.”

Quinn’s head snapped up at that.

“Most people don’t see it that way. Most people think the book did well because no other model has really written so openly about high fashion. Plus, people are interested in me for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with my writing. Even Mikey thinks this show is an opportunity to move more into the acting side of things.”

“But that’s not what you want?”

“No. I don’t know. Maybe. I like performing the show. But I liked writing it even more. And I’m just being myself in the show. That’s not the same as acting.”

She gave a small smile and shrug as she looked down at the napkin her anxious hands had torn apart as she spoke.

“Sorry, I don’t usually talk about this.”

“We can stop if you’re uncomfortable. You can tell me what your favorite fish is instead.”

“It’s ok.” She gave Alex a small smile before she went on. “I can’t really complain. I’ve had a good career and luckily still have offers coming in.”

She waved her hand in front of her in a way that said she was ready to move on to a new topic.

After more conversation they both stopped pretending they would eat any more and let the waiter take their plates. Without the dishes in the way, both women leaned in without even noticing it.

“While you were creepily stalking me on the internet, did you happen to notice that Courtney was in that NYU show with me?”

Quinn let out an exaggerated scoff and reached across the table to pinch Alex’s arm. Alex tried to not to focus on how warm her fingers felt.

“I was not stalking. I was doing my due diligence as an artist at your theater.”

Alex was legitimately laughing, and she couldn’t remember the last time she felt so carefree in a conversation.

“But no! I had no idea. I honestly didn’t recognize her at all. Who was she?”

“Stellaaaaaa!” Alex said as she raised her fist in the air.

“I can’t believe I didn’t recognize her,” Quinn said as she shook her head gently. “You guys went to school together?”

Alex nodded. “That’s where we started that theater group.”

“And there were never any sparks there?” Quinn asked as she flicked her eyes down to Alex’s lips.

For a moment, Alex was in a daze as she watched Quinn lightly slide her tongue across her bottom lip. She cleared her throat before answering since she didn’t trust her voice at this point.

“No,” she replied with her eyes transfixed on Quinn’s mouth. “We tried when we first met but it never clicked that way for us.”

Why was she whispering? And why was Quinn lightly biting her own lip?

Bringing her out of her trance was the waiter next to their table asking if they needed anything else. Sensing danger, Alex handed her card over without even looking at the bill.

Quinn didn’t argue but simply watched the waiter take Alex’s card before turning an intense gaze back on the blonde.

“Why didn’t it click with Courtney?”

“I like to be in control,” Alex replied.

“Clearly,” Quinn said with a smile as the waiter returned and handed Alex the card folder. She waited for him to leave the table again before asking her next question.

“And is Courtney a top too?”

“She likes to think she is.”

Alex could feel Quinn’s eyes on her as she signed the bill.

“Don’t you ever miss it?” Quinn asked.

“Sex with Courtney?”

“No smart ass. I meant, acting.”

Alex paused for a moment before answering.

“Nostalgia can be potent but it’s also very limiting. Being an actress was just one part of my life. This is a new one. One I’m very good at and passionate about. Maybe one day I’ll do something else, but for now I have certain goals I’m determined to make happen.”

Quinn looked at her like she wasn’t convinced but knew it was better not to push the topic.

“You’d be a good professor. You’re very good at the lecturing thing. Maybe that’s what’s next.”

“Cute,” Alex deadpanned back but a second later a small smiled slipped onto her lips.

“Besides writing, was fashion always something you were passionate about?”

Quinn gave a harsh laugh. “Definitely not. I just wanted my parents to leave me alone. They were always trying to get me into some extracurricular activity like my sister, but nothing ever took. They hated that all I wanted to do was hole up in my room and write poetry.”

“You don’t talk much about your beginnings in the show. How did you get into modeling?”

“I try to keep my family out of the show as much as I can. But a friend of my parents was a casting director in LA. When I was 14, he sent some school headshots I had done to some modeling agency looking for talent in local regions. Before you know it, I was taking professional shots with a Seattle modeling agency and going on jobs a month later.”

She spread her hands in front of her like becoming a successful model as a teen was the easiest thing in the world.

“I missed a lot of school, but my parents had an arrangement with the administration. I was able to take tests after school and on weekends to make up for any time I missed while on shoots.”

“The school agreed to that?”

“I guess everyone thought it would help maintain a more normal lifestyle than hiring a tutor. Plus, my parents couldn’t have afforded that unless they dipped into the money I was suddenly making. And they didn’t make that choice until years later.”

“Your parents took your money?”

Alex knew she was asking Quinn a lot of questions for what was supposed to be a casual lunch, but she was more and more intrigued by the woman the more time she spent with her.

Quinn’s show painted a fascinating picture of what it was like to be a young model, the highs and lows she experienced coming out to an industry full to the brim of queer people who cater to homophobic stakeholders in every corner, and what it meant to be judged as a commodity. But how she got to that place and the details of her home life and childhood weren’t talked about in the show. Nor was her personal life.

Alex wanted to know more about those sides of Quinn.

“From the age of 14-17 they took a percentage of every paycheck. I took over my own finances at 18 and cut them off from that revenue. It’s partly why there’s such a huge strain on our relationship.”

Her voice was tight and Alex felt her own first clench. She knew all too well what it was like to have a selfish, unsupportive parent and she hated that Quinn had to experience that.

“Did you ever enjoy modeling?”

“I guess it felt nice to finally get attention for something. I had tried to get my parents interested in my writing for years. But the moment I started to book modeling jobs they began putting up my various photos around the house, telling their friends about me and stuff. I guess it was nice to get some of the validation they usually reserved for Claire.”

“What about the show? Do you enjoy doing it?”

“I do. I love it. I love the energy from the audience. I love sharing this unique part of my history. Letting people get a glimpse into the fashion world. And I really love changing it. Writing new scenes and new concepts to make it fresh.”

Alex smiled at the sight of the dreamy look on Quinn’s face.

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Jack’s First Time

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Female Ejaculation

Jack always had been curious about bi-experiences, but never had a chance to try it out. He was 30 years old and had several girlfriends. However, what drew him to trying out a gay experience was more of a power game of giving up control and being “forced” to do something forbidden. One day he even put up a craigslist, but never went through with it.

This day, he was in Atlanta on a trip and finally decided to give it a serious try. He had the hotel room to himself in the evening and put up an add on craigslist looking for a dominant top who would help a first time cocksucker find his first cock. Jack was never very athletic, but an average built and in decent shape.

There were several answers to his add, but one caught his attention because it came with a picture of a nice cock. It asked for a picture in return and what kind of things he was into. Jack was very nervous to send his first picture, but he found an older picture of himself and attached it to the email saying that he wants to ask Tim (was the name in the email) to suck him rather than just doing it.

Next thing he knew Tim replied saying he understands that Jack wants to beg to suck cock. Jack replied yes. Tim then asked if Jack was into power games, to what Jack replied that he was but nothing too crazy. Tim then asked Jack to send him a picture of his virgin ass with something in it. When Jack got that email he about came. He did not have any lube in the hotel, but used a bar of soap to lube up a pen and put it in his ass (not that it really needed much lube). Then he sent the picture addressing Tim is “Sir.”

Tim’s response was quick and read that he likes when his cocksuckers call him Sir, but Jack needs to shave his ass if he wanted Tim’s cock in it. The thought of being fucked in the ass wasn’t what Jack was thinking of initially, he thought just about a blow job, however, he replied that he’d comply. In the next email Tim asked for directions and told Jack to be in the hotel room at 6pm. Jack excitedly replied that he’d be there, but he then realized he had no lube, which he mentioned in the email. Tim’s reply was that he would bring some but Jack would have to work for it.

6 o’clock came and Jack was never that nervous in his life. Next five minutes lasted like an eternity, then the knock came. Jack opened the door and saw a middle aged nice looking guy dressed in jean pants and red shirt. Tim was taller than Jack expected.

“Hi,” Jack said “Hello, Jack” – answered Tim, “Mind if I come in?”

“Sure,” was the reply and Tim came in with a small handbag.

“So, you never tried it?” – was the next question.

“Nope, kinda nervous about it”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun. Just remember we can stop at any time, if you are uncomfortable,” said Tim.

“Ok, thank you.”

“You meant to say ‘Thank you, Sir’?” – smiled Tim looking directly at Jack.

“Yes, Sir.”

Next, Tim sit down and put down his bag. “I have some liquor in the bag, do you want some to help things go smoothly?”

“Yes, that’d be great, Sir. I’ll go get the glasses,” said Jack, but what he heard next made him stop in his tracks.

“Jack, if we do this right, you need to be comfortable around me. Go get the glasses, but come back naked and offer them to me.”

“Ok” – was all that Jack could say. He went to the bedroom (the suite was two room) and took off his clothes. He was nervous and excited as hell. It took him a bit to get the courage to remove his briefs. Then he got two glasses and slowly walked back into the other room.

Tim was sitting on the couch relaxed and smiled as Jack entered. “You have nice body and nice cock, Jack. Now offer me the glasses.” Jack could barely speak, but managed to say “Thank you, Sir. Here are your glasses.” He motioned forward to pass them, but Tim said:

“When you offer something you need to be on your knees.”

“Oh… I am sorry, Sir,” said Jack as he got down on his knees and offered the glasses. At that point Tim was sitting with his legs spread and Jack was in close proximity of his crotch, which was making Jack’s head spin.

“That’s better,” said Tim smiling “I think you would be great.” With that he reached into his handbag and took a bottle of whiskey out of it. As he started pouring it, Jack was standing on his knees naked watching the glasses fill up.

“Want some?” asked Tim.

“Yes, please,” was Jack’s reply.

“You’ll have to do earn it.”

“How?” Gaziantep Escort İlanları meekly asked Jack.

“Well… I liked that picture of your ass, but you never showed me how you shaved it. So turn around and present your ass to me.”

Jack, still on his knees, turned around with his ass towards Tim.

“Spread it and ask me to look at it.”

At that point something was happening to Jack, his dick was growing and he started to feel really excited. He turned around and used his hands to spread his ass and lifted it up in the air a bit.

“Sir, please take a look at my shaved ass. I shaved it for you and I hope you find it satisfactory.”

“Yes, Jack, you did a fine job. Nice ass, fucking it will be fun.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

Jack turned around and said “May I have a drink now?” Tim nodded. Jack crawled a bit closer to the table to get his drink. As he sipped the first drink, Jack felt alcohol going straight into his head.

“So why did you invite me here?” Tim’s question caught Jack off guard.

“Um… What do you mean?”

“Well, think about it. You are naked in your needs in front of me in your hotel room. Surely there is a reason for this.”

“Well, I would like to…” here Jack was trying to say the words, but it was harder than he thought “to suck your cock.”

Tim smiled asking “So you want to be my cocksucker?”

“Yes, sir”

“Say it”

“Sir, I want to be your cocksucker.” Saying that actually felt good to Jack.

“Well, Jack, you need to know that it is a privilege that you have to earn” said Tim smiling.

“I will try.”

“That’s good, but you forgot to say Sir, next time I’d have to punish you. Is that understood?” Jack’s heart started racing.

“I am sorry, Sir, I understand.”

“Good, now how will you earn the privilege?”

“I am not sure what you mean” said Jack “I’ll be a good boy” as he said that he realized how stupid it sounded. Tim laughed looking at him: “That’s good, but you need to show me you are deserving of being my cocksucker.”

“I will try. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“I like your attitude. Have another drink” with that Tim poured some more whiskey to Jack.

“First, I want for you to be very comfortable around me and be eager to please me. There is a dildo in my bag, I want you to give me a show with it, plus it’ll relax you a bit.” With that he pulled out a dildo out of his bag. It looked like a medium sized dildo. He motioned it towards Jack and Jack took it. He looked it at and realized he did not have any lube.

“May I have some lube, Sir?” The answer was no.

“Sir, may I go to the bathroom to get some soap?”

“Yes, you may.”

Jack stood up and ran to the bathroom. He ran the water and used the soap to lube his ass and the dildo. He brought the soap back with him and got back on his knees.

“Sir, thank you for letting me work my ass with this dildo” Jack said as he turned around and started putting the dildo into his ass. It was going pretty tight and took some effort to get it in. Alcohol started to work more and more on Jack. He started moving the dildo in and out and said: “Sir, this ass is for your pleasure tonight. I will be honored to have your balls slap against it as you fuck it hard and deep.”

Tim smiled: “Wow, I am liking it, keep going.” Jack kept moving the dildo in and out of his ass.

“I can not wait for your cock to enter my ass so I can show you how much I appreciate you letting me be your cocksucker. Once you fuck me, it will be my honor if you came inside me or on my face or I can swallow every drop. Would you like to have a piece of this ass, right now?”

“So you are offering me to fuck you right now, Jack?” smiled Tim.

“Yes, if you desire so, Sir.”

“Wow it seems to me you are a slut, if you offer your ass to a guy you barely knew an hour ago.”

Jack started to get into it as the dildo was making him feel quite good.

“I am your slut, Sir. My ass is for your pleasure.”

“For a guy that never sucked cock you seem to be pretty eager. So you ever tasted your cum?”

Jack stopped fucking himself for a moment: “No.”

“But you thought about it?”

“Yes, I would like to try”

“Ok, there is a butt plug in my bag, put it in your ass and crawl over to me”

Jack got the plug out of the bag and it it slid in easily.

“Thank you for letting me use your ass plug, Sir, it feels nice in my ass,” said Jack with a smile. Tim replied “When I am here, you need to keep something in your ass to remind you of me. Of course, my dick will be better.” Tim continued “Now I want you to unzip my pants with your mouth and listen to what I have to say.”

Jack crawled to Tim’s crotch and started trying to unzip his pans with his teeth by pulling the zipper. It wasn’t going as smoothly as he thought it would.

“So, Jack, you are on your knees, naked with a butt plug up your ass. You are using your teeth to unzip man’s pants in hopes of sucking a dick. You were just begging for me to fuck your ass and cum in your mouth. I want you to understand what just happened. Do you understand and do you want to keep going?” Tim sounded serious

Jack’s reply was short “Yes, sir.”

“Ok, slut, you did a fine job. Now you get your treat.” With that Tim got up and unbuckled his pants.As he was undressing, Jack was on his knees looking up. A moment later Tim took off his shirt and was only in his briefs and socks.

“So you want my cock?”

“Yes, Sir. I want to show you how good of a cocksucker I am.”

“I want you to make it grow in my underwear, but do not take it out.”

As Jack heard that he started eagerly to kiss and lick Tim’s cock through his briefs. As it began to grow, Jack intensified his efforts. He wanted to taste it and he wanted to worship it like he saw in porn movies. Tim was enjoying it and at some point he moved Jack’s head away and pulled down his briefs. His cock sprang free and Jack immediately tried to lick it, but Tim stopped him.

“Did I give you permission to suck my cock, slut?”

“No, Sir, I am sorry.”

“You should be,” said Tim without a smile “I think it’s time to show you your place and punish you.”

“I am sorry I just really want to suck your cock, Sir.” Jack was completely emotionally destroyed. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Well I can spank you, or you can lick my ass to show me how sorry you are. I’ll let you choose.”

“Spank me, Sir, I will be good” was Jack’s reply.

“Nah… I haven’t had my ass licked in a while, I am sure you wouldn’t mind showing me how sorry you are.” With that Tim sat on the end of the couch and raised his legs. Jack crawled close to him and Tim put his legs on Jack’s shoulders.

“Sir, may I lick your ass now?” – “Yes you may.”

Jack never thought of licking another man’s ass, so this was very weird to him. He started at ass cheeks slowly making his way to Tim’s asshole. He wanted to make sure he does a good job so he was moving his tongue slowly until he reached the anus. The taste was weird but better than he expected. Thankfully it seems Tim took a shower before he came. He kept on licking around the hole and then tried to get his tongue inside. As he kept on licking Tim’s phone rang:

“Hey honey, how are you?” answered Tim.

“Yes, I am still at work, going to be working late. Don’t wait for me.” He was very casual talking to his wife while Jack was busy licking his ass. As he hanged up he said “Enough slut. You do need practice, but you seem to be eager enough. Time for a treat.” Jack stopped and pulled back as he heard that.

“Go ahead, show me what cocksucker you are.”

Hearing that Jack moved in closer to Tim’s dick and started by slowly kissing its head. He loved the taste. He took it whole in his mouth and realized he has no idea what to do. He started sucking on it like a lolipop, but it was quite big. As he was sucking his first cock, Tim leaned back enjoy the sensation. “Take it slow, slut, enjoy it.” And Jack did. He licked the shaft of the cock going back and forth. Couple times he tried to get more of it in his mouth, but it seemed impossible.

“Sir may I lick your balls, too?” – “Yeah.”

Jack started working on Tim’s balls and licked under the shaft. He was enjoying it.

it tasted different than he thought, but good. He licked precum off the top of the dick a few times and he looked at Tim as he did it. “Your cock tastes great, thank you for letting me suck it.”

“You have much to learn, but for first time you are doing ok. Keep sucking slut, less talking.” Jack continued to work on Tim’s cock and he started feeling Tim getting tense. Jack wanted to taste Tim’s cum badly now.

“I am going to cum soon and you better not swallow any of it before I give you permission. Keep it in.”

Jack was getting more enthusiastic and used his hands to go up and down the shaft as he was sucking the head of the cock. Tim was getting more and more tense untill at some point he started cumming and caught Jack off guard. As the first spirt of cum hit Jack’s throat he almost chocked and pulled back. Tim kept cumming over Jack’s face and Jack pressed his mouth closer to the cock to catch some of the cum.

“Not bad for the first try, show me the cum in your mouth, slut.” Jack opened his mouth showing TIm some cum on his tongue, he felt more of it on his face. “Swallow now” and Jack swallowed his first cum. Tim smiled at him: “You look like someone just came on your face. What do good sluts say?”

“Thank you, Sir, your cum tastes delicious. May I clean your cock?”

“Good slut, go ahead.”

With that Jack went back to gently licking Tim’s semi-erect cock and getting the last drops of cum off it. He paid attention to the balls as well to make sure no cum was on them. As he was doing it he realized that his cock been leaking cum itself for last few minutes and he desperately wanted to cum himself. He wanted it badly.

“Sir, may I cum, please?” Jack pleaded.

“No slut, you will only cum with my dick in your ass. But don’t worry I will be hard soon enough. So how did you like your first blow job experience? Oh I mean sucking cock experience?”

“It was very intense,” replied Jack, “I loved it. Thank you, Sir, for letting me suck your dick.”

“You are welcome, I love when my sluts are grateful. How is that butt plug?”

“It feels great, Sir, I can wait for your cock to replace it. May I lick your ass more while you recharge?” Jack couldn’t believe what he was saying. Tim laughed after he heard that.

“Are you begging to lick my ass? You really are a slut.”

“Yes, Sir, I just want to thank you for making me a cocksucker.”

“Ok grab a drink and get to work,” replied Tim. Jack took another sip of whiskey and crawled closer to Tim. As he raised his legs again on Jack’s shoulder, Jack began slowly licking around Tim’s anus. This time he was taking his time by slowly circling around the asshole trying to tease it with his tongue. Jack wanted to please, he wanted that cock hard again so he can feel it up his ass. He could tell Tim was enjoying it and he kept on going for another 3 minutes or so trying to do his best. After awhile Tim said “I like you, you are learning quick. Now let’s talk about that lube I brought. I assume you don’t want me to fuck you dry, right?”

“No, Sir, I would like some lube on my ass” answered Jack meekly. He was so horny at the moment that he’d even try it without lube, but Tim’s cock was too big for the first time.

“To earn it, you need to help me make a small video. Don’t worry you can wear a mask. But I want to record you applying the lube and fucking yourself with that buttplug in your ass for my collection.”

The thought of being recorded scared Jack, but between alcohol and being horny, he was close to agreeing to anything just to get off and cum with a dick in his ass. He agreed. Next, Tim took out lube out of his bag and a black mask.

“Put this on fag and make sure you do a good job, I want a nice video. Oh, almost forgot, I want you to narrate for me in real words, if you know what I mean” said Tim smiling. Jack being called a fag for the first time didn’t catch his attention.

“Yes, Sir” replied Jack as he was putting a mask. Tim then turned the phone camera on and started recording: “You may start, slut.”

Next, Jack turned his ass towards Tim and took out his butt plug. He put some lube on it and put some on his asshole as well. “What are you doing slut?” Tim sounded unhappy.

“I am sorry, Sir, I am a slut and I am lubing my virgin ass so you can fuck it hard. I shaved it just for you so you can put your big dick in it, just like I am doing it with this but plug.” Jack kept getting the plug in and out. It started to become easier and Jack was really enjoying it. He kept on going sliding it and out. As he was doing it he kept thinking of the moment that Tim is going to fuck him soon. He looked back to see Tim slowly stroking his semi-erect cock. He wanted it badly.

“My ass is well lubed now, Sir, would you please fuck it?”

“Not yet slut. Tell the camera what you did today”

“I sucked my first cock, it was great. You came in my throat and I loved the taste of your cum.”

“And?” asked Tim.

“I also licked your ass, thank you for letting me. I was honored to put my tongue in your asshole.”

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Humiliated and Teased by Two Girls

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I have been dating Katie for almost 6 months. She’s a real cutie, flirty and full of energy, she’s the kind of person people love to be around. Katie is 24 years old, and works at a social media start-up here in the city. She stands just under five and a half feet tall, with dirty blonde hair, perky 32B tits, nice smooth legs and a great ass I love to cover in kisses. She is low maintenance, often wearing little make-up. She’s as comfortable at a sports bar as the opera. I am lucky to have her.

Katie and I have a good sex life. Nothing too wild, but frequent and relaxed. Sometimes, especially if Katie has had a couple of drinks, we do some role play which I always enjoy. One I love is when she plays teacher and I play the teen student that she seduces. This always ends with her riding me on top which is my favorite.

I’m Edward and I’m in Finance. I do well in my career; not 30 yet and making good bucks. Katie and I have softly explored her moving in with me but for now she has her apartment downtown, not far from my office, and I keep mine uptown.

Earlier tonight I was out with the boys from the office for drinks. I texted her around 9, and told her I was still downtown and wanted to come over after. She told me she had a college friend in town visiting and that she might stay for the night. I promised I would be quiet if I was late.

Of course we did go rather late, and after too many beers and scotches, I was grateful I only had to stumble to Katie’s place. I had a bit of trouble fumbling with the key to her apartment. When I opened the door the apartment I made a beeline through the dark apartment to the bathroom to take a piss. After splashing water on my face I decided I should actually shower before bed. I started humming while showering but then I recalled that Katie may have a friend sleeping over. I reached over through the shower curtain to shut the bathroom door and tried to keep quieter. Aside from dropping the soap with a bang I thought I did pretty well. I got out and wrapped myself in Katie’s pink towel. I figured I would quietly get a glass of water before joining Katie in bed. I wondered if I might be able to wake her up for a quickie.

As I walked to the kitchen I saw there was indeed a girl sleeping on the couch, and she looked rather lovely. Her jet black hair covered her closed eyes and little, and her big lips looked so inviting. She wore a white tank top which was mostly covered by a blanket, however, her exposed shoulders showed off smooth, copper skin. I stopped to look at her I wondered what ethnicity she was. Perhaps Indian and Caucasian?

Then I saw her bare feet which were sticking out of the bottom of the blanket that covered her. I have always had a thing for girls’ feet but I have only explored the fetish a little with Katie. She always finds it ticklish when I kissed her small, cute feet and generally seemed to discourage much attention there unless I was giving her a long foot rub.

This girl’s feet were even nicer than Katie’s. She had a fresh french pedicure that made every toe look suckable. She had a thin gold ankle bracelet on one foot. What I liked most, however, were her soft, smooth soles, which seemed to be presented towards me like a gift. I imagined what it would be like to kiss them all over.

Just at that moment I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see Katie staring at me with her mouth open. I turned my head and started to stammer and slur a hello but she cut me off.

“Why…why were you staring at Pia’s feet??!”

I felt heat raise through my body to my face and tried to think of something Gaziantep Escort Reklamları to say. I turned to her intending to reassure but again Katie cut me off, this time with a gasp.

“Look at you! Ed, you’re hard and staring at my friend in a towel. What are you thinking?”

I felt a little dizzy from the drink and my predicament as I looked down and saw the vulgarity of my cock forming a tent in Katie’s towel.

I tried to clear my mind but my forming thoughts were stopped by Katie’s friend rousing.

“Katie? What’s going on?”

“Oh Pia, sorry. This is Edward, my boyfriend.” She spit out the word boyfriend with derision, and possibly a little humor. “He thought it was appropriate to stop and stare at you in a towel while you were sleeping.”

Pia looked up at me and quickly focused on my cock as she started to sit up.

Katie continued, now with a giggle, “You can see he found you rather attractive. Oh, and he was transfixed by your feet!”

Pia smirked as she offered her hand while remaining seated on the couch. She was no longer covered by the blanket and the boy shorts she was wearing left all kinds of smooth leg exposed. I tried not to think about her hand being so close to my cock.

“Oh…well, nice to meet you Eddie.”

Nobody ever called me Eddie, but I shook her soft hand and appreciated that she seemed unfazed.

“So, you have a thing for feet Eddie?” Pia tossed out casually.

I blushed even brighter as I realized I was now trapped between two girls who were really expecting me to answer this. All while sporting a raging hard-on, and naked save for a pink towel.

Katie wouldn’t let me answer. “I think we have pretty clear proof that he does!”

Katie turned to address Pia with a conspiratorial voice, “He tries to kiss my feet all the times, but I think he might like yours even more!”

Pia and Katie both laughed, and I stood still, wishing I could disappear into the floor. As embarrassed as I was my hard-on refused to subside, in fact it twitched as they giggled.

Katie pushed it a little further, “So Eddie, do you like Pia’s feet more than mine?” Katie let out a snort as she exhaled and i realized that she was actually drunk as well. She only made that sound after she had a few drinks. It actually makes me horny when I hear her make that noise because it generally means I would be getting some soon. Katie definitely loosens up with the impact of alcohol. I glanced over at the kitchen counter and saw two empty wine bottles along with several wine glasses.

I looked down at Katie’s feet even while half-realizing this was a trap. “No…I mean…your feet are very nice and small and…”

The two girls started howling with laughter, and Katie let out more little snorts.

“Oh honey, don’t stop!” she implored teasingly, “tell me more about how nice my feet are.”

She emphasized the word feet with an incredulous tone. I looked up at Katie who was wearing just a t shirt and panties. She always looks hot when she wears that to bed and tonight was certainly no exception. Her nipples were hard and poking through the think white fabric of her t-shirt.

I looked her in the eyes hoping she would take sympathy and let me out of the predicament gracefully, “Katie, I…please…”

Katie spoke louder than normal now, “OK, if you can’t do that for me, then I want you to show Pia how well I trained you to give foot rubs.”

Katie plopped herself down beside Pia and thrust her little feet out towards me. “Do it now, if you want me to forget about you lurking over my friend with a hard-on!”

I knew I was in no position to negotiate. I looked at the two girls seated in front of me, then down at Katie’s proffered feet. I realized I was going to have to sit on the floor to rub them, so I started to awkwardly bent down to do so, trying hard to keep the towel wrapped around me while I did so.

“Lose the towel, you look silly.” Katie said demandingly. Pia laughed and looked at me expectantly.

“Katie, I can’t…”

“Give me my towel Eddie.” Katie said softly but very firmly.

I was humiliated but also excited by the situation. There were two hot, scantily dressed girls right in front of me, staring at me. I reached down and removed the towel, handing it to Katie. Now completely nude, my cock bobbed up and down as the two of them laughed and squealed. Pia whispered something into Katie’s ear and I just stood before both of them, feeling completely humiliated.

“Good boy. Now take care of my feet.”

I squatted on the floor in front of Katie. I couldn’t resist glancing at Pia’s feet which were right beside me as I reached for Katie’s left foot. As I took Katie’s foot in my hands I looked up and saw both girls staring down at me with smirks on their faces. The scene was so hot I couldn’t keep their stares. I looked down, ashamed and excited.

I lifted Katie’s foot a little so it was just below my chin and started to rub it the way she liked. She murmured her appreciation and I was happy to please her.

“Pia, do you remember our threesome in sophomore year?” Katie asked.

I looked up just a little and saw Pia grinning broadly. She looked beautiful.

“Ohhh…I’ll never forget that night.”

“I was so drunk, I think he could have got me to do anything that night.”

I couldn’t believe Katie was talking like this. She almost never even mentioned previous boyfriends, much less talked about sex with them.

“He was a hottie,” Pia said, “I think a lot of girls did whatever he told them to.”

They both giggled. Pia added, perhaps a little cruelly, “His cock was so big we both wanted it but were both afraid at the same time.”

I looked up to see Katie’s reaction but she pushed the sole of her foot into my face.

“But only you got to fuck him!” Katie complained.

“Only because he wanted to bury his face in your sweet ass!” Pia squealed.

“Mmmm…yeah. Eddie likes to do that too. Don’t you Eddie?”

I was a little surprised to be called out, and with Katie’s foot pushed into my face I couldn’t easily speak. I must have taken too long thinking because I felt Katie’s other bare foot smack me in the ear.

“Yeah, you do.” she said. “You love it. Why don’t you kiss my foot like you do my ass and show Pia?”

I was shocked she was talking to me like this, and that she was so open with her friend, but I started to kiss her sole, slowly at first, then passionately. I lost myself in the excitement, and even while I heard Pia laughing and Katie snorting as I french kissed the bottom of her foot like it was my first girlfriend.

Pia asked me softly but firmly, “Eddie, as a guest I expect you to give me a nice foot rub as well. Why don’t you do that while you suck Katie’s toes?”

Her voice aroused me but her words made me consider just how humiliating it was to be naked on the floor in front of a stranger, kissing a girl’s feet. The thoughts did not stop me from reaching over and taking Pia’s foot in my hand, while Katie helpfully pushed her toes in my mouth. My foot fetish was being satisfied as never before as I was rubbing a hot girl’s perfect feet, while my girlfriend’s tiny toes filled my mouth.

“You certainly have him well trained.” Pia told Katie as I tried to expertly rub her feet even while my view was blocked by the foot stuffed into my mouth.

“Well,” Katie teased as she ran her other foot ever so lightly along my hard cock, “he has been well rewarded along the way.”

My cock responded by twitching wildly. I really thought I was going to shoot right there and then.

Katie yawned, pulled her foot away from my cock and stretched it languorously until it rested in my shoulder. I could see up her t shirt to see a little of her pussy lips as I continued to suck on her toes and rub Pia’s feet. The stimulation was overwhelming.

“Well, I need to get some sleep. Eddie, you sure don’t deserve it, but you look so desperate down there on the floor. Do you need a reward before I pull you away from Pia and her feet?”

This time I didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes…please…I do need…yes…”

Katie paused as if considering and I looked up at her like a begging puppy.

“Well” she said, “I suppose…if you’re fast…you can really show Pia how nicely you kiss my ass.”

I looked at her for a moment, unsure if I understood.

“Well…get on your knees and pucker up or head off to bed!”

I put down Pia’s foot and got on my knees. Katie stayed seated looking down at me, so I puckered my lips as thought kissing the air. Pia was laughing loud as she found her cell phone and took a couple of pictures of me.

Finally Katie got up, stumbling a little as she did so. She moved in front of me and turned. Her pantie covered ass was visible as I looked up her little t shirt. In one motion Katie pulled down her panties and pulled up her shirt so her bare ass was right in front of me.

“Now’s your chance.” she said.

I kissed the bottom of each ass cheek, still a little uncertain of how far Katie would let this go. When she bent forward a little, exposing some of her pussy lips to me, I knew she really expected me to do it. I kissed up and down one ass cheek, slowly and softly and then the other. It always turned me on to do this, but seeing Pia watching in wonder just beside us made it incredibly exciting.

“Don’t be shy Eddie…get right in there.” Katie teased as she bent over a little further.

Katie usually pulled away if I kissed her ass crack but now she was asking…demanding that I do so. I did as I was told, my nose now pushed into her crack while I kissed along side it. Katie purred like she did whenever I pleased her in bed, then reached back and spread her cheeks for me. I tentatively kissed closer to her asshole and when she responded by pushing her ass into my face I kissed it greedily.

“That’s a good boy. Get your tongue in there for me. You can take care of yourself if you like.”

I french kissed her asshole gratefully and started to stroke my cock. I could feel I would burst quickly, and this only got more intense when I imagined I was the guy from the threesome, fucking Pia while my face was buried in Katie’s ass. I shot all over the floor, getting as little on Pia’s foot. I could see Katie’s pussy glistening with wetness as I finally pulled my face away.

Katie told me to clean up my mess as she flopped down beside Pia on the couch, wearing just her little t shirt. Pia made me lick off her foot before fetching a wet towel. When I returned and got on my knees to clean up the rest I saw the two of them sitting close together and watched Pia whisper something in Katie’s ear as they looked down at me. I knew Katie must be incredibly horny but the way the evening had gone I had no idea if it would be my tongue or Pia’s that would get the privilege of servicing her to completion.

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It’s Who You Know Ch. 06

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Those few weeks of ‘living safe’ were a drag. I ran out of interesting things to cook, no matter how many recipes I googled. I didn’t eat spicy food so that halved everything at least. When I was regularly bottoming in sex I just wasn’t going to risk spices. Sometimes Darren could go so hard and rough I needed a few days’ break anyways. Especially if he wanted me to stay tight. Jesus.

We had a lot of sex. It was one of the more entertaining things to do.

Zack made a speedy recovery and I wasn’t surprised. I think he demanded some kind of new respect at the workplace, like he could just push into a queue at the canteen if he wanted. He was like a kid who everyone avoided on the playground now. I kept forgetting that him being a hardnut wasn’t normal to everyone else.

Amelia was impatiently waiting for his rib to get better. After the initial horror and worry was over, it dawned on her that her man had taken on four guys, and essentially won. Her husband was a fucking stud. One lunchtime when he had that goofy grin on his face and she just raised an eyebrow at him, I knew she had finally given him the loving she thought he deserved.

We had a legitimately finished drone in the labs, and we flew it around like kids at Christmas, trying to see how hard we could crash it until it broke. We weren’t pissing around – it was a real test. Maybe just a very fun one. It felt good to report up to Darren’s office with the news, and invite him to see it.

People were clueing in to our relationship. I’d never felt so proud of something in my life. I wanted everyone to know I was with this man. He was mine. His hitching chuckle that made his chest bounce. His beautifully trimmed bearded jaw, his perfectly straight hair. How he looked so dapper in a suit. Nobody knew what he looked like beneath those clothes, but I did, and it was amazing.

He got out of my car every morning, and he got into it every night.

Summer was drawing to its end. There’d slowly be less mosquitoes, that September flux of craneflies buzzing everywhere instead. The year was going surprisingly fast, and yet it felt like so much had happened.

There were still some tensions beneath the surface Darren, but he seemed to get over his rough patch and relax again. I couldn’t judge him for it. I didn’t know how anyone managed to live with a case like that hanging over their lives. He only seemed to be truly happy whenever he forgot about it.

We didn’t hear from Jackson in weeks, so life went on.

At some point I almost couldn’t remember why we were ‘living safe’ in the first place. We first broke it when we went out to eat with Zack and Amelia. A second time when Darren was invited out, surprisingly, by Marcus. Who was also supposed to be ‘living safe’.

They were hilariously awkward when they talked. It was like Marcus was trying really hard to accept that his cousin was gay, but couldn’t. He kept looking between us, as if his brain was short-circuiting every few minutes. His wife, Kate, was much more laid back and friendly, and we sat trying not to laugh when Darren and Marcus kicked off into a petty argument, sounding for all they were worth, like a pair of 12 year olds.

“Have you ever gotten along with him?” I asked once we were driving home.


“He seems a bit of a twat.”

“Youngest spoilt brat syndrome, all his life.”

“Do you actually get along with anyone in your family?”

He sighed. “I used to get along great with Jamie. Before the accident.”


“What, I can never talk about it?” It was good to see him smile. His wakings from the nightmares about it had chilled me to the bone. “Andy was always so much older, like an adult when I was still a child. I saw him a lot, since he was running business with my father, but he was just like another authority figure. Never had problems with Adrianne, even if she was a right bitch when she was fourteen or so. I just can’t do it with Marcus, however much I try. We’ve never gotten along.”

“How come you were an only child when your aunt popped out so many?”

“Because my mother died giving birth to me.”

“… Holy shit. I am so sorry.” Why the fuck hadn’t I known this sooner?

“Why? I never knew her.”

“Jesus Christ, Darren.” I had never heard his mother mentioned in conversation, ever, yet hearing that she was dead was still a shock.

“I don’t have a lucky family, you know this.” He grinned at me. “When am I gonna meet yours?”

“Oh, erm.” I hadn’t really given thought to that. “You probably don’t want to.”


“My sister still lives like a chav, my dad is a grumpy git, and my mum’s not right in the head.”

“And you think that’s worse than mine? You think anything can be worse than my uncle?”

“You’re gonna hear how many ‘likes’ and ‘innits’ my sis fits into a single sentence and want to rip your ears off.”

He chuckled. “Big loop earrings?”


“Hair scraped back into a ponytail like a facelift?”

“Yup. She’s Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort a walking stereotype. I dare you to decipher one of her texts.”

“Oh God, let me see.”

I pulled out my phone and brought up one of the conversations I’d recently had with my sister, handing it over to him. I got to enjoy his laughter pretty much the rest of the drive home.

“And she’s twenty-five?”

“The thing is, to be fair, I don’t think I was much better two years ago, either.”

“It’s comedy gold, your perfect grammar against this.”

“To give it to my family, I think we’re pretty hilarious at Christmas dinners and shit.”


We finally decided to go out, the two of us. It was the 1st of September. I was refilling my petrol tank when Darren suggested it, leaning out the window. Diana, that friend who owned the restaurant where we’d met, was wanting to know where the hell he’d been.

I had no objections.

My whole relationship with Darren was associated with the hot and sweaty summer of that year. I was curious how it would be once the weather got colder. I hadn’t seen his winter wardrobe yet, but I’d got some glimpses of leather jackets that made me excited. Why was this man so damn suave and attractive?

He looked exactly like he’d done on our first date – loosened work clothes, black waistcoat over his shirt, hugging his body. We sat at the same window table. I was suffering so much nostalgia, and even Tracy came over to serve us.

“So,” she teased. “Are you getting married?”

Darren sighed and rubbed his temple. “Tracy.”

Nights out like this, with just the two of us, had been the norm for so long. Now it felt like something special and rare. Darren did his typical routine of switching his phone off and leaving it face down on the table. I had a WhatsApp group from work blinking away on mine, too, so I followed suit.

His flirting looks, his legs rubbing against mine beneath the table. I was getting all fired up again, yet at the same time felt so familiar with him, that it was this warm glow in my heart.

We were there for a couple of hours, well into dark. A part of me was content to stay longer, a part of me couldn’t wait to get home. Maybe we could just do something in the backseat of my car again, in loving memory. It might sound strange, but I felt like my car was an important part of our relationship. It and Darren just went together in my head. He owned that passenger seat.

He had been watching me drive quite closely recently, and I wondered if he wanted to try behind the wheel again. Preferably not hitting over a hundred miles an hour and drifting turns. I really wanted to help him get over his car anxiety. As much as I loved how he relied on me for lifts, I knew it’d be good for him to get some of that independence back, where he could take himself the places he needed to go.

We cuddled on the sofa-seat while he finished his wine, but I bit his ear before he reached for his phone.

“Should we go?”

He chuckled, squeezed his arm around my waist, then started to get to his feet.


Tyler’s fingers were locked with mine, swinging my arm slightly as we walked around to the carpark. He was so cheerful. I pulled my phone from my pocket with my spare hand, bright screen almost hurting my eyes in the dark as it switched on. I knew he wanted the night to be just us, but I couldn’t help the compulsive urge to check it.

“Hey!” a voice barked. The screen was showing some missed calls and voicemails, but I looked up.

There were two cars parked up on the curb on the opposite side of the road. Someone was walking away from them, and towards us. Tyler had stopped, I bumped into his shoulder. He was frowning.

“Yeah,” the man said. “You.”

Me, or Tyler? What was going on?

Three more men were following over from the cars. I knew something was wrong, but my mind had blanked. At first I genuinely thought it was some kind of hate attack. Being approached on the street like this, while the only obvious thing I was doing wrong, was being affectionate in public with another man.

Tyler’s fingers slipped away from mine. “What do you want?”

“The least you can do is stop ‘n talk,” the man replied. He had this thick east London accent. “You looked so nice and cosy in there. Been waiting out here for hours.”

I still hadn’t figured out which one of us he was trying to address. Were these people Tyler knew? Or was he trying to talk to me? My heart was thudding against my ribs and I looked down at my phone, as if I could somehow act casual and nothing would happen.

Three voicemails were from Jackson.

“Mister Sörensen?” the man asked. He said it so… mockingly. Not quite pronouncing it right.

I was starting to shake.

“Darren, is it?”

The other three were circling. I saw Tyler’s hackles rising. Silent threats were starting to hang in the air and I realised what it was. The phone. Put it away. Slowly. Easy.

“Do I know you?” I managed, barely keeping my voice steady.

“I doubt it. But we knew your father. Well, that’s a bit of a stretch. Our boss knew your father. We’ve been trying t’ reach you for a while.”

This couldn’t be happening. This couldn’t be real.

“We tried making contact before, but y’ had some bear of a bodyguard who fucked that up.”

It was connected? Jackson? You’d been wrong?

There was a long silence where I stared into the man’s eyes. He was a person. He was a person like anybody else, he had a life behind those eyes. A wife? Kids? Why was he doing this?

“What do you want?” I finally asked.

“To talk. We didn’t want t’ interrupt your lil’ date. I didn’t know you was a queer. It’s a shame, I guess, won’t be having any kids t’ carry on the name.”

I was scared. Tyler was bristling. I knew what he was feeling – the danger in the air and the disgusting tone – but he had to hold himself together. If I could get us out of this by talking, then I would do it.

“Start talking,” I said.

The man’s eyes flashed for a moment and he took a little side-step, to put some distance from Tyler, closer to me. My mind was racing, trying to think of an escape. We just had to go back around the corner and we were at the restaurant. Around the other corner was the carpark. It wasn’t exactly empty around there. In fact, someone was walking down the opposite side of the road right now, looking over, probably picking up on bad vibes. If I called for help, was anyone going to come?

“Our boss wants t’ meet you,” the man said.


“Because you’re building an empire on stuff that ain’t yours, on money that ain’t yours.”

“So this is about money? You want me to pay off my father’s debts?”

“No, it’s more than that. He’s quite impressed with you. He wants t’ meet you.” He took a step closer. “You ain’t gonna be hurt, just come with us.”

He could sound so amicable. My mind desperately wanted to believe that good-natured facade, but I couldn’t. “I don’t trust you.”

“I swear on me life you ain’t gonna be hurt, so long as you come nicely.”

“And you’re gonna knock me over the head, toss me in the boot if not?”

He shrugged. “Maybe if it comes t’ that.”

“I need to know more about your ‘boss’.”

“Nah, we ain’t here t’ negotiate things. Just to bring you in.”

There was another long silence. I was trying to think clearly. Maybe the smartest thing to do was go with them, and let Tyler get away safely so he could tell Jackson. I had no idea what would happen to me, but in that moment all I cared about was Tyler.

My phone was ringing my in pocket. The vibrations were so loud and the eyes of the four men all stared at me. Why was it four men again? My gaze darted about their faces but none of them looked familiar from before. Shit, Zack, if you could be here now.

My hand instinctively reached to stop the vibrations. “Don’t answer it,” the lead man said. I froze. There was a pause, then it started ringing again. I just knew it was Jackson. When my hand jerked again the man surged forward. “I said don’t-“

Tyler stepped in front of him.

If I had never truly known what it looked like, when two men stared each other down before a fight, I was seeing it now. The chest-bump, the glaring, foreheads almost close enough to touch. It was like some street language that was alien to me. And yet base instincts understood it. This wasn’t erupting tempers where people swung fists before thinking. They were sizing each other up, putting on a display, trying to make each other back down before it went any further.

They were going through the threats, like wild animals doing their best to stop a real fight from starting, because the loser was going to die. This wasn’t some light scuffle. Tyler was a little taller, but the man was bigger than him, and three more had his back. He was giving Tyler a chance to stand down.

Please, Tyler. Stop.

The man actually relaxed first and leant back, hooking his thumbs in his belt. I didn’t like his hands going anywhere I couldn’t see them. Tyler’s posture didn’t change.

My phone was ringing a third time.

“This doesn’t have t’ concern you,” he said to Tyler.

“But it does.”

“You know this ain’t smart.”

“I don’t care.”

Everybody was distracted watching Tyler. My fingers touched at the opening of my pocket…

Surges, movement.

Tyler swung first. It was some sledgehammer flash that nearly knocked the man to the floor. I had my phone out, thumb swiping across the screen, but a body collided with me.

My head smacked against the brick wall. I was winded. Everything was a blur. I could hear Jackson’s crackly, furious voice, swearing from the phone. Tyler’s guttural roars as he took on three men.

The man gripping my arms wasn’t trying to fight me, he was trying to apprehend, drag me towards the cars. I wasn’t going. I was so fucking angry. This wasn’t going to happen.

I fought back, he kicked me in the stomach. I had a grip on his jacket, I pulled him to the floor, I was on top of him. With all the strength in my arm, I punched him. Again and again. He struggled like his life depended on it. My hands closed around his throat, slamming his head against the concrete, my knee in his gut. His eyes were wide, terrified. Glazing. Struggles getting weaker. Was I going to kill him? Was I going to do this?

Something ripped me off him, struck me in the side of the head. I tried to get up, stumbled, a body came down on top of me. I was aware that I was being hit in the face, but I couldn’t feel it. Each impact just felt like it knocked more and more sense out of me.

Tyler lifted the man off me, threw him down. Stamped on his stomach. Shit.

What the fuck was happening? My phone…

The choked man was coughing, gasping on the floor. The other wheezed, swore, got to his feet with a roar of anger.

They couldn’t take Tyler down. He’d gone insane. It wasn’t like watching Zack. He didn’t take every hit and keep going like he was made of bricks. He was so fast. Everything missed him. Water around rocks. They couldn’t get a grip. Couldn’t land a hit.

I tried to stand but the floor was spinning.

Tyler fought dirty. He didn’t care about honour. He fought to incapacitate. To win. Hair pulling, kicks to the groin, headbutts on the nose. When one was on the floor he kept kicking. There were these feral noises coming from him that I’d never heard before.

The knife came out and I tried to yell.

It plunged into Tyler’s stomach, he pulled away. It slashed across his shoulder and he kept going.

The lead man staggered back from a skull-cracking headbutt.

Tyler was wrestling for the knife, twisting the man’s arm, his wrist. With another knee in his gut he got it. But with it in his grasp his arm swung around.

“Tyler!” I screamed.

Nothing would have stopped him. The blade sliced across the man’s throat. It wasn’t only my voice piercing the air. There was another shriek.

There were people. Spectators.

Tracy was shrieking.

The man writhed on the floor. The other two were falling back. For a moment Tyler just stood there, drenched in blood, knife glistening in the dark. Then he threw it at one of them who ducked and yelled.

His eyes were like amber fire in the street light. “Move!”

I managed to get my phone from the floor. We were running for the car. I heard gunshots behind. No. No. No.

Was I hit? I couldn’t feel anything.

I could barely breathe as I clambered into the passenger side. The engine roared to life and we were moving. Tyler was covered in wounds, clothing ripped, but he seemed oblivious.

“Call Jackson!” he said. “Call Jackson!”

The phone was still in the call. I held it to my ear. His voice was deadpan and tight.

“Where are you.”

One of the cars was trying to block our way from the carpark. Tyler accelerated and smashed into it. I was nearly flung against the dashboard. I desperately scrabbled around for my seatbelt.

“Darren!” Jackson’s voice roared.

There was another gunshot as we rolled across the pavement. The back window shattered. I was flung against the seat as Tyler accelerated again. I tried to explain to Jackson, but my mind couldn’t shape words.

The car was following us. Tyler ran lights, dodged other cars, fumbling with the wheel and gearstick. We couldn’t stop. I knew what he was trying to do. We needed open space and this car could easily outrun them.

I tried to explain to Jackson what roads we were heading towards. A person crossing in front, shining in the headlights, barely moved out of the way.

I couldn’t breathe.

We screeched around a corner and there was another gunshot. This open stretch. The shifting gears, accelerating. I watched the car on our tail growing more and more distant in the rearview mirror. Jackson’s voice was still speaking into my ear. I could barely hear it.

Tyler was swooping and weaving around other cars as if he played some racing game. The seatbelt tugged at my body. People were honking at us. Nobody understood what we were running from.

I thought we were loosing them. I needed to breathe. My breaths were ragged, almost whistling in my throat.

The lights were suddenly shining in through Tyler’s window. The second car coming in for a pincer. Everything seemed to happen so slow.

The window shattered before impact. A gunshot. Tyler’s eyes were wide, looking at me, a silhouette against the headlights. He was leaping out of his seat. He threw his body across me. His side of the car crunched.

I felt… nothing.

What could I do, but once again be a helpless victim of the raw power of physics?

The car smashed into something, bounced. We were rolling. I heard nothing but the crunching metal and shattering glass. Silence in the air. Crashing back down. Our bodies were like ragdolls. Everywhere I was thrown, Tyler’s body was there, cushioning me. The seatbelt felt like it was ripping into me. He was clinging to me and I clung back.

We were rolling down some grassy slope. There was another hard knock and Tyler’s body went limp.

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Cousin Cassie’s Capers

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Big Cock

“Why don’t you get a job?”

“Don’t you have any friends whose house you could go to?”

“You’re wasting your summer, son.”

Having just graduated from High School, and finally through with the hectic exam schedules and overwhelming pressure, all Andy wanted to do was relax for a week or two. His parents, however, wouldn’t hear of it, and were constantly badgering him. They worked at home and managed a computer company together, and were always around, making the situation even more frustrating.

Finally, Andy’s mother suggested flying in his cousin, Cassie from Texas. They hadn’t seen each other in ages, and had gotten along so well when they were younger. Andy shrugged and agreed only to make his mother go away.

A few days later, much to Andy’s surprise, Cassie arrived and rushed upstairs to meet him. He was surfing for some porno on the internet like he was usually doing before dinner and was caught off guard. He quickly shut off the computer and put on some clothes before unlocking his door and being greeted by the hottest chick he had ever seen.

She had perfectly straight, blonde hair that hung down her back and stunning, blue eyes as well as two rows of sparkling, white teeth. She obviously was in the sun often, and had worked up a nice tan to prove it. Her plump, perky breasts jiggled proudly and hung high on her chest, and she wore a pair of extremely tight jean shorts that hugged her tight ass rather snugly and revealed her long, sexy legs. The girl smiled and pulled Andy into a hug. He was still in shock at how hot Cassie had gotten and all he could take in was how good she smelled and her soft hair brushing against his cheek.

“Aw, Andy, you’re so cute! I’ve missed you so much!”

Her thick Southern accent only turned Andy on even more. She stepped inside his room and looked around a bit. Andy regained his composure.

“So, uh, how have you been?”

She shrugged.

“Can’t complain; I’ve been having a great summer, though.”

Andy nodded, and wished he could say the same. Cassie had noticed the Nintendo on the floor.

“Hey, wanna play? I’m pretty good at this stuff. If I recall correctly, I kicked your ass last time.”

Andy laughed.

“That was five years ago, and you’re on.”

She smirked alluringly and seized a controller.

Andy Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort and Cassie played until dinnertime. While eating, Andy listened on while his parents pressed Cassie with a million questions. She seemed to handle it a lot better than he did.

After dinner was over, Andy’s parents had some work to do and he and Cassie had decided to go to the movies. They got into Andy’s beat-up old truck and drove down to the theater. Cassie got a lot of looks at the red lights and at the movie theater from other guys. One kid even winked at Andy and gave him thumbs up. Cassie simply laughed it off.

“You wish you could get with a girl like me.”

Andy laughed, but blushed slightly. Cassie didn’t seem to notice and got quiet as the movie started. They were having the time of their lives, and they continued doing so for three more days. The fun really began on the fifth night of Cassie’s visit.

Both of Andy’s parents and gone to bed, and the cousins were stretched out on the couch, watching TV. Andy was on the verge of dozing off when he felt a soft touch on his arm. Cassie was snuggling close against him and had thrown the blanket she had over both of them. Andy smiled nervously as she laid her head down on his shoulder and slid her hand onto his inner thigh. She slowly began rubbing him there, moving her hand closer and closer to his throbbing erection. He swallowed and pretended not to notice. She made him jump slightly as she cooed in his ear.

“I’m tired, Andy…do you mind if I lay my head in your lap?”

He shook his head and swallowed again as she kissed him softly on the cheek, sending jolts of pleasure throughout his body and making his entire face tingle. He tried not to look as she moved her head around in his lap, her head brushing against the head of his hard cock again and again. Oh, how he wished she had her head in his lap in a different way!

It was a few moments later that Cassie fidgeted around again and then sat up. She gave him a curious look, and then returned her gaze to his lap, which was now sporting his boner very obviously.

“I felt something poking at me…I wonder what it was…”

Without warning, she plunged her hand down onto his cock and started massaging it through his jeans. His heart was racing.

“Oh, Andy! We can take care of that, can’t we?”

She smiled seductively at him and starting unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxers. He didn’t know if he should stop her or not; this felt so good. She finally succeeded in releasing all seven inches of his stiff shaft. She eyed it for a moment and then nodded.

“Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.”

She licked her lips and picked it up, slowly working it in and out of her fist. Andy gripped the couch cushions and bit his lip, trying his best not to moan out load. Cassie obviously knew what she was doing.

“You see, we have to make it soft so it doesn’t poke my face when I lie down. Right, Andy?”

She grinned at him and then looked down at his rigid member again, moving her mouth closer and closer to it. Andy almost leapt out of his seat as she rapidly licked the head and slapped it against her tongue again and again. She smeared her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft and then lovingly kissed his balls, taking both of them into her mouth and sucking them afterwards.

At last, Cassie took a deep breath and slid the first few inches of his dick between her soft lips and down her throat. She slurped that thing like Andy had never seen in any porno, ever. He could barely breathe as she sucked him, fitting his entire cock in her mouth and blowing him more powerfully than a vacuum cleaner. She never took a rest and hungrily lapped up every drop of pre cum that oozed from the head.

After a few minutes of intense sucking, Cassie spit him out and shook her hair back. She crawled on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, thrusting her chest dangerously close to his face.

“Let’s make this last…”

She smothered his head with her titties and moved them around; making sure that her nipples brushed his cheeks everywhere. He reached around and grabbed hold of her round, flawless ass, squeezing it and spanking her hard. She laughed and started bouncing up and down on top of him, hitting him in the face with her chest every time.

Andy had managed to pull down Cassie’s shorts and micro thong and was now in the process of removing her top. It was a struggle pulling it over her chest, but he managed. Having succeeded in stripping his cousin of her clothes, Andy took a moment to admire her amazing body. She was completely shaved and he couldn’t wait to shove his cock inside of her, but he couldn’t do it here, on the couch. He picked her up in his arms and carried her, naked to his room. He was careful not to make any noise as he crept past his parents’ room. When they had arrived inside, he laid her down on his bed and turned on his lava lamp, to give them some light.

Cassie had already fumbled around in Andy’s drawer for a condom and Andy knelt in front of her as she slid it on his glistening pole. He tightened it a bit and then glanced down at her already moist pussy. He smiled for a moment and then slid down until he was eye level with it. She spread her legs and he closed his eyes, sliding his tongue inside of it and wiggling it around. Cassie had taken his pillow and was moaning loudly into it, for fear of waking up the adults. He lapped up all of her juices and when he was done, sat up and admired his work.

She smiled and watched his cock for a moment. He didn’t want to go inside her just yet, so instead he straddled her lap and waited a moment as she mashed her boobies together. She took his cock and slid it inside, but her breasts were too dry to fuck. He sighed happily and hungrily started sucking one. She stuffed more titty into his mouth, as he cheerfully slurped all of her fleshy skin and rapidly tongued her stiff nipples. When he was content with what he had done, he tried again and watched as Cassie slid his cock into her cleavage. She was successful this time and smiled as he pumped his cock in and out of her chest. When the head broke through, she would lick it and he would become closer and closer into what would be undoubtedly one of his most powerful orgasms ever.

Andy was at last ready to slide his cock into her wet pussy, and they were both anxious. He positioned himself correctly, and with a deep breath and a forceful thrust, he entered her. They both gritted their teeth in pleasure as Andy fucked his cousin with all of his might. She loved it and gripped the headboard, trying her best not to scream out loud.

He finally finished that night with a closing thrust. He shot a little bit of his load in the condom, but hastily pulled out and ripped it off, aiming the rest into Cassie’s open mouth and all over her luscious breasts.

They lay there, afterwards, and caught their breath. It was truly a night to remember, but Cassie still had three more days to spend with her cousin and they were sure going to make the best of them.

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How to Date Me Pt. 01

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Hi I’m Niki, yoga instructor from Europe, 165 cm, 60 kg, fake D tits, fake nails, fake eyelashes, loves shopping, gossiping, having fun…

So, here are some guidelines for men who want to date a girl like me.

First of all, it’s not going to be easy! I’m used to being treated like a princess. I expect that much. (Well except during sex, but more on that later). I’m a brat, a barbie, a bimbo, a princess, a pony, I have my moods, and you need to figure out where I’m at, if you want me to believe that you’re even paying attention.

Also it’s very important that I feel you’re paying attention to me. If you don’t, you’re out. I live for attention. Some say I’m an attention whore. (Some just say I’m a whore.) I love people noticing me, looking at me, talking about me. So it’s natural that the focus of our conversations should be me. My day. My friends’ private life. My coworkers. My wants and needs.

If you want to find an easy topic for conversation, the ways I’m better than your exes are always a good one. I mean, obviously, I look better, I have better style, my hair is nicer, my tits are bigger, my lips are softer, my ass is firmer (how could it not? I’m a yoga instructor!), my nails are more Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort luxurious. Yes, I know that I also suck better, and my pussy is tighter, and I do let you cum into my ass, and in general sex is so much better with me, but in normal conversation, don’t mention this more than once, or I’ll think you’re needy. You can tell me all about it when we’re fucking.

But don’t ask me about MY exes. Well, you can, but you know you’re not perfect honey, so you might end up hearing things you didn’t want to. And anyway, you will hear more than enough of my exes at times when we fight.

If I want to hear about your friends, work and coworkers, it’s only so I can evaluate and judge them. This is good, sweetie, this is how I learn more about you. This, and from your behavior. Your behavior is being watched EVERY AWAKE MOMENT. By me and my similarly bratty girl friends.

Yes, even when you are not with me. The delays between your messages to me are important. Don’t appear to forget about me, but also don’t appear to be needy. Be witty and charming. Be strong, and vulnerable.

And when we finally meet, bring me presents. Presents are my language. It’s not that hard, learn my sizes and you can always buy me clothes. You’re lucky that I have this goddess body, almost anything fits me well and looks good on me. But please know my style! You buy me something hippyish or unstylish ONE TIME, and I’ll have to start to doubt your love towards me, and thus you.

If you doubt your eye in clothes, you can always buy me jewelry. The color gold matches my tanned skin nicely, and goes well with the warm-colored clothes I wear (pink, red), my little black cocktail dresses, and also my white almost-see-through dresses too.

But don’t expect too much in exchange for presents. Oh, I’ll immediately try them on, wear them, show off my body to you in them, but me getting gifts is not something special, it’s just everyday life. If you bought something real nice then you are in pole position for some superb sex with me, but you’re not there yet.

I expect expensive dinner dates. In nice places. Places that deserve seeing my hot body wearing my sexy clothes. Where the waiters are super nice and suave. They deserve that you tip them lavishly. You can be certain that I will be watching.

After dinner, you take me home. I will be noticing every little thing about your flat, first of all to know more about you, but also to discuss, in depth, with my girl friends the next day. I need to feel comfortable in your place. I need to be able to think, “I could be the queen of this place if it came to that”, even if it surely won’t – honestly, I’m not faithful enough to think long-term, but at least I know that. But for the few months before our final breakup tantrum, I want to think of you as a man of means. Maybe I’ll even say some nice things about you to my next lover to make him feel little…

Your bathroom needs to be like it was made for a superstar. I’ll be fixing my makeup there before our sex, so it’s important that it relaxes me. Some thoughtful little things are nice. But if I see more than one toothbrush, something in the trash, or any other sign of other women, then our breakup hysterics start now.

I will not get fully undressed, since I love clothed sex. But you can be sure that it will be very nice clothes, clothes that you have bought me, and which might not get ever worn again, depending how our sex goes.

And talking about sex, we’ll get there soon. This is my first submission on Lit, so I’ll submit it, and see the reactions. If they are good, I’ll continue writing this Most Needed Manual on Earth. Almost literally a new chapter to the Bible.



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Never Have I Ever

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Cassie gasped, jumping in her seat as the clap of thunder and splitting bolt of lightning across the screen lit the theater like daylight for an instant. In her momentary panic, she grabbed at the armrest, the fingers of her left hand finding instead the warm forearm of her fellow movie-goer and best friend, Andrew.

Their met eyes for a moment, hers still wide with residual surprise and his glittering with amusement. With a blush for her silly panic and for the unexpected touch, she took her hand away, crossing her arms across her stomach and turning her face back to the screen.

Recently, for reasons she couldn’t entirely understand, Cassie had begun to feel awkward around Andrew; too often she found herself blushing for small things, or giggling nervously, or losing the courage to do things like brush a hand through his hair or jump on his back for a piggy-back ride – things that a few months earlier she would have done without thinking.

It was their stupid friend Margaret who’d started it, with her talk of “friends with benefits.” Cassie had never considered the idea that her tall, gangly Andy could be, as Margaret had put it, “a certified hottie.” They’d been friends for so long that she could no longer hold herself far enough away from him to be able to see him with an objective, appraising eye.

Andrew’s lips suddenly brushed her ear as he leaned over close to whisper to her, and she nearly jumped again. “The scary part’s coming,” he murmured, offering his shoulder as a place for her to hide her eyes.

Ah, this was why she loved him so. Who else would understand how much she loved horror films – and how deeply they terrified her? Who would take the time to go to these films first without her, then come back to see them a second time, ready to point out all the really horrific scenes so that she could hide her face and not be scarred beyond belief?

No doubt he would also stay with her after the movie tonight, curled in an uncomfortable ball on the floor next to her bed to act as her protector. He snored and drooled and would probably sleep through the apocalypse, but somehow having him there still made her feel better.

When the film ended, the heroine narrowly escaping by boat as the only survivor, Cassie and Andrew filed out into the chilly, early autumn night. Cassie shivered, and Andrew dropped a friendly arm around her shoulders.

“Did you like it?” Cassie asked.

“It was alright. Definitely better this time than when I watched it by myself. Your reactions are priceless,” Andrew said with a laugh.

“I can’t help it! I jump at the jumps, I’m scared of the scary parts – that’s what’s supposed to happen when you go see a horror movie!”

“I wasn’t complaining. I’m amused.”

“Hey, I saw you jump a little when he came out from under the shed to grab that girl’s ankles.”

“Strictly for your benefit. I am never scared.”

“Oh? Well, good. You can stay up and keep watch tonight. Make sure no creepers come in my house in the middle of the night to chop me up for their stew.”

Andrew stifled a yawn, shaking his head. “An all-night vigil? Fat chance of that. You’d have to stay up with me.”

Immediately, Cassie began to think of ways she might keep him awake, each a little more risque than the last, and she blushed again. What was it about him tonight that made her think such silly thoughts? He was joking with her, being her almost-brotherly friend as he always had been. The flirtatious edge was something she was imagining, she knew.

“Whatever you want, just keep the monsters away from me!” Cassie cried with a melodramatic wave of her arms. She ducked out from under his arm, darted the last few feet to the door of his car and leapt inside.

The drive to her house was quiet, each of them thinking their own private thoughts in companionable silence. Once they got to the house, Cassie began to feel again a twinge of that fear she had experienced in the theater. The darkness, the quiet, the sense of waiting, it unnerved her enough that she let Andrew lead the way through the front door, clinging to his arm as if that would save her if some slasher movie antagonist were waiting on the other side.

“I don’t want to go to sleep yet,” Cassie said as they marched to her room, Andrew turning on lights as they went. “I’m all antsy. Let’s play a game or something, huh?”

Cassie had a grand total of three board games, one of which was nothing more than a sticky Candy Land board, devoid of any cards or playing pieces; there was little there with which to while away the evening hours.

“Let’s play Never Have I Ever,” Cassie suggested, and Andrew shrugged, his preferred signal of acquiescence.

They sat on either end of her bed, both cross-legged, facing each other and hugging pillows in their laps. Each of them held up all ten fingers, ready to play.

“Never have I ever…read Hamlet,” Andrew said by way of starting. Cassie shook her head.

“No, that’s boring!”

“What? We Gaziantep Oral Escort always do stuff like that.”

“I know! Let’s talk about something more fun than our reading lists and bodily functions.” She eyed him beadily, daring him to repeat his disgusting scatological comments from the last time they’d played this game.

“Like what?”

“Like…” Cassie considered and discarded a dozen suggestions instantly, filing them away as either too mild or far too dirty. “Like, never have I ever kissed someone below the chin.”

“Really, never?”

“Never ever.”

“I’m not putting a finger down for that. It’s dumb. You can’t seriously have gotten to be nearly twenty years old and never done that.”

“But I haven’t!”

“Come here. Kiss me right here on the neck, and then think of another one.” He was laughing, but he did lean forward and pull his shirt away from the side of his neck, clearly intending for her to follow through.

With another blush – would they never stop? – she bent and pressed her lips quickly to the spot where his neck met his shoulder. It was brief, but she was still pleasantly surprised by how warm his skin was there.

“Alright, now think of a better one than that,” Andrew said with another laugh, sitting back.

“I can’t think of anything. You say one.”

“Alright, fine. Never have I ever…made out with a hot girl who was sober.”

It was Cassie’s turn to laugh. “Wait, how many drunk hot girls have you made out with?”

“Just one, but she was scorching.”

“Oh, prettier than me, huh?” She meant it as a joke, but her tone fell a little short of the levity she was going for, and she ended up sounding a great deal more jealous than she felt.

“Well, no, I mean, not prettier than you, per se…”

Cassie gave him her most dramatic look of mock-hurt. “You don’t think I’m pretty, Andrew?”

“Are you kidding? You’re beautiful, Cass. But you’re…you know…you’re Cassie.”

A jolt of something like fear, but entirely not, shot through Cassie’s stomach. He’d never said that before, that she was beautiful. True, he’d qualified it, but at the same time…he thought she was beautiful. Her face warmed.

“I’m tempted to make you make out with me and pick another one, just because you were so obnoxious about mine,” Cassie said, laughing.

Andrew laughed once, but then his smile became something decidedly more inviting.

“Oh, really? That wasn’t obnoxious. I was merely pointing out that there are things in this life that you should have done in your teenage years.”

“And making out with a girl with no alcohol involved is definitely something you should have done. I still have another couple months before I’m out of my teens. You’ve missed the boat already! Anything you do now is necessary just to catch up.”

“So you think I should have done…this?” He rolled up onto his hands and knees, which put his face directly in front of hers, an inch or two away. After a pause, their lips touched, and in her surprise at the suddenness of it she broke the kiss to suck in a startled breath.

He backed away a couple of inches, thinking he’d startled her unpleasantly, but Cassie followed him, leaning forward until they were separated by a mere sliver of air. Andrew kissed her again, softly at first, but then inspiration seemed to strike, and he sat up a little, putting his hands on either side of her face to hold her to him. When he finally released her, both of them were breathing a little harder, eyes a little wide, movements a little uncertain.

“So,” Andrew said, clearing his throat and sitting back. “So, I guess I can’t use that one anymore. Unless you’ve been drinking, of course?” Still too stunned to react properly to his comic jabs, she merely shook her head. “I thought not. You’re not alcoholic enough to sneak a flask into a movie theater. Well, is it your turn to think of one, then, or are you going to make me go again?”

“I, um…” Cassie shook her head a little, cleared her throat. “Well, let’s see. Never have I ever…” She thought of the moment earlier when Andrew had pulled his shirt back from his neck, showing off the lovely, muscled shoulders he was secretly proud of. She wondered if the rest of him was as nice as his shoulders. “Never have I ever seen any of my friends naked.”

Andrew’s eyebrows shot up. “What, you’ve never been in a locker room before?”

“When would I have been in a locker room?” Cassie laughed. She was not the athletic sort, as Andrew was well aware.

“Still, never? Like, you’ve never gone streaking, skinny dipping, changed in front of each other, anything?”

Cassie shook her head, grinning. Andrew stood up next to the bed. “Well, I can’t let that go unchanged. Seriously, nudity among friends – it’s a rite of passage!”

He seized the back of his shirt and tugged it over his head, dumping it unceremoniously on the floor before going to work on his belt. Cassie watched with a mixture of horrified amazement that he was actually stripping naked in her bedroom, laughable discomfort because it was Andrew, and a growing appetite for the new perspective she was gaining on him, this thought of him as a real, handsome, sexy boy – not just her buddy Andrew.

His pants hit the floor and he stepped out of them, standing awkwardly in his boxers for a moment before seizing the waistband and tugging those down to his ankles, too. Cassie couldn’t help but stare; she’d never seen any boy totally naked, and here was a very fine specimen of man, standing in front of her with much less self-consciousness than she would have expected.

After a moment, he bent to pull his boxers and pants back on, but Cassie protested.

“Aw, you’re going to put it all back on?” she asked jokingly. “Here I thought you were going to play the rest of the game that way.”

Shrugging, Andrew sat back at the end of the bed as he had been, with the notable difference that he was now stark naked. “This hardly seems fair.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m totally hanging free here, and you’re still bundled up like a nun. A little reciprocation would be fair, don’t you think?”

Cassie shuddered at the idea of Andrew seeing her naked. She was self-conscious enough about seeing herself in the mirror.

But Andrew was staring at her expectantly, and she knew he would play along no more without this quid pro quo. She stood nervously, then pulled her shirt up over her head, dropping it beside her. Andrew just watched, expressionless except for his small smile, so she carried on.

Her skirt followed her shirt to the floor, and then with a deep breath she unclasped her bra in the back and dropped that onto the pile as well. Without looking at Andrew, and with a face undoubtedly colored like a beet, she slipped her panties off, sliding them down her long bare legs and kicking them off onto the pile of discarded clothes.

Andrew’s eyes took in every inch of her nudity, and he sighed; she thought she heard him say “Cass” under his breath. When his eyes trailed back up to meet hers, he smiled. “And now neither of us can use that one.”

Cassie sat back down, a little closer to Andrew this time, their knees touching. “It’s your turn.”

Andrew hadn’t taken his eyes away from her yet, and still didn’t as he answered without hesitation, “Never have I ever touched every inch of a girl’s naked body.” His hands were already reaching out to touch her shoulders, trail along her leg, cup her face. Grabbing her legs, he pulled her farther down on the bed so that she could fit lying down without hitting her head on the headboard. He took her face in his hands and kissed her sweetly.

“Andrew!” Cassie cried in a voice that was half a laugh when they paused to breathe. “What are you doing?”

“Not sure yet,” Andrew said absently, tucking her hair behind her ears and kissing her soundly.

Cassie could feel her heart beating in every extremity; had she ever been able to feel every inch of her hypersensitive skin the way she could now? Andrew did not stop kissing her as his hands fell away from her face, slipped down her neck and gently ran over her breasts to her stomach. When his thumbs grazed over her nipples, a shock wave ran down through her torso, straight to that soft, dark place between her legs. She had never been as aware of that spot as she was at that instant.

Andrew was kneeling over her now as she lay back on the bed, and in their mutual nudity it was impossible for him to hide his body’s appreciation of this turn of events. His erection brushed against her thigh as he shifted, and she tensed, the unfamiliarity suddenly overwhelming her.

The kissing stopped immediately; Andrew sat back, concern on his face. “Is this okay? Are you– I mean, is this too weird?”

“No, no,” she assured him, and she meant it. All this felt surprisingly natural, even as quickly as it was moving – as if this was the most obvious and right state for them to be in, and everything they had been and done before had been awkward and unsatisfying. “Please come back.”

He acquiesced with a vengeance, the force of his kiss pinning her to the bed as she wrapped one arm around his shoulders and grasped the back of his neck with the other. When he suddenly moved to change positions, he almost lifted her off the bed in his enthusiasm as she clung to him. She admired for a moment the powerful muscles of his abdomen and lower body when he sat up on his knees to shift, putting himself between her legs.

She was unbelievably, overwhelmingly aroused, almost to the point of discomfort; she could feel the slickness of her own juices between her thighs as she moved over on the bed to center herself, and when she spread her legs apart to give Andrew a place to kneel, the cold air of the room was a shock on her wet flesh.

Andrew’s hands were on her hips, his thumbs tracing small circles on the skin of her stomach as his kisses began to trail downward – along her neck, across her collarbone, up the mound of her breast. His mouth closed over one nipple, his tongue moving torturously slowly in a narrowing spiral around it, ending at last in a fierce, cat-tongue lick and a small, playful nip.

The muscles in Cassie’s stomach tightened suddenly, jerking her, forcing a small gasp out from between her lips. Andrew smiled against her skin.

One hand slid away from her hip, along the outside of her leg, fingers dragging lazily across the skin of her thigh. He folded his hand so that only his index finger pressed against her skin as he worked his way back up, running it along between her legs as she squirmed. At length, his finger found the already wet-slick folds of her nether lips, teasing them apart and sliding from her clit to her drenched opening.

Her fingers tightened on the skin of his back, her mouth dropping open; it seemed suddenly as if there wasn’t enough oxygen in the room, and the lack made her deliciously dizzy. He pulled back from her a little, watching her face as his finger slid up and down slowly.

She couldn’t get enough of his face, especially the tiny smile, like he had a secret and was going to tell her in little pieces, stretched out over the night. There was something strange and thrilling about watching him touch her; he seemed to waver between being the Andrew she’d always known and trusted more than anyone else in the world, and a completely different man, surprisingly sexy, totally aware of what she wanted and needed and ached for.

“Is this really happening?”

She didn’t realize she’d spoken the words aloud until Andrew paused in his finger’s ministrations and bent to bury his face in her neck, whispering between kisses, “It must be, unless we’re both sharing the best dream I’ve ever had.”

He sat up, eyes on her body like he was trying to memorize it. His hand started to move again, faster, his fingertip teasing her clit and sending alarmingly powerful jolts of pleasure through her body. Her toes and fingers were going numb in waves of tingles. She was blazing hot inside; her skin ought to be steaming in the air of the room.

And at the core of her, so close to his hand, she began to feel an almost unbearable emptiness, as if he’d stolen a piece of her and he alone could return it. She closed her eyes, concentrated. She was so empty; she was a shell made only of feverish skin, holding nothing but this raging inferno and a desperate, gaping vacancy.

“I need you,” she breathed, her eyes slitting open to see him. “Now. Please.”

He met her eyes, his forehead creasing as he posed the silent question: Are you sure? She was beginning to feel frantic, something akin to panic filling her chest. Reaching up, she grasped his shoulders, letting her urgency show in the tightness of her grip, tugging him down where he could kiss her.

For the length of several long kisses, he just lay against her, and Cassie realized a new level of pleasure as she reveled in the buttery smoothness of his skin on hers, the solidity of his muscles as he held his weight just off of her, the unbelievable warmth between their two bodies.

And then she slid her hands from his shoulders to his waist, her eyes meeting his, wordlessly begging him to end the torturous wait and take her as they both clearly wanted. He complied eagerly, shifting, aligning himself with her slit.

In a moment of sober clarity, she allowed herself to realize what was happening. This was her virginity, that part of her that was hers to grant; she’d been holding onto this, guarding it carefully for nearly twenty years – would she give it away here, suddenly, without pause for thought or consideration for anything but how perfect the moment felt?

Andrew watched her, his eyes burning with his readiness, incredible patience on his face. She could see that he would wait until the anxiety cleared from her face again, until she asked him again to fill that space. She could see that he would stop altogether at a word, even with every cell in both of their bodies calling for them to come together in every way.

Who better to experience this with? Who would she ever trust so implicitly? Her apprehension evaporated, and she smiled up at him. She lifted her hips, the tip of his penis pressing against her flesh, the slit widening to allow the head inside. He hadn’t gone far when an obvious resistance stopped their motion.

He leaned into her harder by a fraction, and she gasped at the shock of warning pain. It was so unlike any pain she’d ever felt; not terrible or unbearable, just so intensely personal. Her body was shrieking, intruder! Invader! Internal alarms everywhere were insisting that she do something to stop this thing from entering her.

But a larger part of her saw more clearly. This was Andrew. She wanted him inside her. She wanted him in her and on her and against her. So she relaxed her legs, which had tensed and tried to close. They dropped wider suddenly, and Andrew’s weight carried him into her.

Her head jerked back of its own volition, her breath hissing out from between her teeth as her flesh gave, tearing a path for him.

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I Bump Into Shirley , John

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Occasionally, I take short trips out of town and one of my favorite places to go is Las Vegas. I’m not a heavy gambler but I like to play some Blackjack and see some shows. The last time I was there, I was playing Blackjack when Shirley, one of my former lady friends came up to me. She is about five feet, five inches tall and I would describe her as “pleasantly plump.” I never use euphemisms; I don’t mean she is fat. Although not a candidate for being a Playboy centerfold, Shirley’s body is very nice to look at and even nicer to cuddle up with. She has a pretty, freckled face, short, brown highlighted hair and hazel eyes. I remembered that she liked me to suck on her toes and lick her feet while I played with her pussy. That got her really turned on and then she liked me to eat her pussy, which was unusually sweet, almost like syrup. She liked to deep throat me and sometimes she liked me to fuck her in her nicely rounded ass

Because I hadn’t seen her in several months, I thought of her as a “former” lady friend, although we had never had any kind of a falling-out.

Apparently, Shirley didn’t think of herself as “former” because she put her arm around my shoulders and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. There was an empty seat beside me and she sat down next to me with her hand squeezing my thigh. I had a twenty dollar bet riding and the dealer dealt me a six and a four and she had a six showing. After I doubled my bet, the dealer hit me with a three, turned up her hole card, another six, and hit herself with a nine. That was my third straight loss and was the end of this table for me.

While I was losing forty dollars, Shirley was telling me she was in town for a mini-vacation with her new boyfriend and that she was really glad she bumped into me. “John is nice and he does some things for me that you couldn’t, but you did some things that he can’t or doesn’t want to do.

Anyhow, we want you to join us for lunch in our room.” Both her hands were on my thigh by that time, and some of her fingers were rubbing against my cock so I had no question what the dessert would be at lunch. Since I had very fond memories of Shirley and I was leaving that table anyhow, we got up and I followed her to the elevator and to her room.

They had a nice two room suite and John was waiting for us in the sitting room. As soon as we came in and were introduced, he called Room Service and placed our orders. “Shirley has told me all about you, George. We’re really glad you could join us for lunch. Service is good here and it is late enough in the afternoon that they should be here quickly.” He was right; the service was good and the food was good too.

After eating, Shirley announced that she had to go to the powder room. “I have to wash my feet too, George.” She said that with a lewd grin and a wink at me. John just smiled. Apparently, Shirley really had told him all about herself and me. After a few minutes we heard the water running in the tub, and after a few minutes it was running again. Apparently Shirley was washing and rinsing her feet. A few minutes after that, she called from the bedroom. “Hey, guys, What’s taking you so long?” John set the security lock and we went into the bedroom to join her.

Shirley was naked and was sitting on the foot of the king-sized bed and when we came in, she stood up and hugged John and kissed him on the lips. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and while he was pulling it off, she unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles. John is a good-sized man with blonde hair, fair skin and a smooth hairless chest. The most startling thing about him is that he is hung like a stud bull. When I saw that massive tool I knew one of the things Shirley likes about him. I could also see one of the things he couldn’t do. Shirley’s ass is tight and that thing would never fit in there, even with a gallon of KY Jelly. John stepped out of his pants and joined Shirley on the bed, naked. I removed all my clothing and sat on the foot of the bed because I knew what Shirley was going to want me to do.

But before that happened, Shirley was kissing John on his chest and nipples while he fondled her titties. She kissed her way down his stomach to his cock, then slid closer to the foot of the bed while he moved toward the head, to give all of us room. Shirley lay on her left side and John was on his right side when she took the tip of John’s cock into her mouth, then slowly moved her lips down, enveloping most of that big tool. She pumped it slowly back and forth but she was not able to get all of it in her mouth, at least not right away. She settled into a slow sucking rhythm and then she extended her feet to me.

I do not have a foot fetish but I used to rather like sucking and licking Shirley’s feet, partly because it turned her on so much but also for its own sake, because they are soft and smooth and felt good on my tongue. Nowhere near as good as her pussy or mouth or titties, of course, but quite pleasant. I lay on my right side, across the corner of the bed behind Shirley, whose legs were bent at the knees to give me the easiest access Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort to her toes and the soles of her feet, which are the most erogenous parts. I reached my left arm over her hip to reach her pussy, and started licking her right foot. Starting with the little toe, I slowly ran my tongue between the pads of her toes and the ball of her foot until I reached her big toe, then I brought my tongue back, licking each of the four smallest toe pads and finishing with the little toe. Briefly, I stopped what I was doing to Shirley’s feet and reached up to run my fingers through her pubic hair. She was wiggling her toes at me, wanting me to resume.

When I know that I will be eating a pussy, I don’t usually like fondling it first with my hand, since it is so much more enjoyable for both of us to fondle it with my mouth. There are exceptions to this, such as in a public place when the fondling is secretive but here I placed my hand gently around Shirley’s pussy, touching only what was covered by pubic hair. Before I did anything else, I wanted to see how Shirley was sucking John’s cock. She was slowly backing her face away, so that all that remained in her mouth was the tip, then slowly engulfing most of the shaft, with her lips stretching to allow maximum penetration, and I know from personal experience that her tongue was caressing the underside of what was in her mouth. Shirley was looking up adoringly at John as her mouth enveloped his shaft; she had always loved having big cocks in her mouth or pussy. I started gently squeezing and releasing the part of her pubic area that I had in my hand, synchronizing the squeezes to the strokes of her mouth on John’s cock, and turned my attention again to Shirley’s feet.

They were just as soft and smooth and white as I remembered them from months ago. Because they are a major erogenous zone to Shirley, she keeps them clean, and uses special lotion to keep them soft and free from corns or calluses. She gets a weekly pedicure and files her nails daily so they are never sharp and are always well polished. With my left hand gently squeezing Shirley’s pussy, I took the four smallest toes on her right foot into my mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds. Then I pushed them as far into my mouth as I could and licked the sole of her foot as far as my tongue could reach. Before I took the toes out of my mouth, I probed my tongue between the individual digits. Next, I licked the pad of her right big toe, then took it into my mouth and sucked on it. Almost like Shirley was sucking on John’s cock, I sucked on her big toe, moving it in and out of my mouth while licking the pad, then I opened my mouth and licked the ball of her foot as far as I could reach. After that, I licked the soft, smooth sole of her foot from the heel to the toes, and sucked on the toes some more. I could feel Shirley’s pussy squirming in my hand as she was getting aroused by John’s cock in her mouth and what I was doing to her feet. I even felt and smelled some of her juices flowing in her pussy.

Shirley moved her right foot away from me and started wiggling her left foot, silently telling me to start on that one. She had to tell me silently because her mouth was full of John’s cock. I looked to see what has happening there, and Shirley was still moving her head slowly, enveloping the shaft and then backing her face away until only the tip was in her mouth, and then taking the whole cock into her mouth. Although it was really big, she was deep-throating John’s cock. On one back stroke, she took it all the way out of her mouth and licked the head. The look she gave me told be to quit gawking and get busy on her other foot. Then she slowly slid that giant tool all the way into her mouth again, and resumed sucking it.

I held her left foot in my right hand and started caressing it with my tongue. First I licked the instep, then I moved my mouth down and played “This Little Piggy” with my tongue, starting with her big toe and licking the top of each toe in order. I concentrated next on her big toe, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it, then rolling it around in my mouth while licking the pad, then licking the channel between the big toe and the next one. All of the four smaller toes fit neatly into my mouth and I sucked on them and licked the pads and the short part under the joints. While still sucking on the four toes, I licked as far down Shirley’s foot as I could, covering the ball. When I took the toes out of my mouth, I licked each one then continued toward Shirley’s heel, stopping for a while at the arch. All in all, I was surprised at how much fun I was having, licking and sucking on Shirley’s feet, and I felt a pang of disappointment when she pulled her foot away and rolled over on her back. The disappointment quickly vanished when I realized that now I would be eating her pussy, which was heavily lubricating, and was squirming on the bed.

I moved up beside Shirley and started licking one of her nipples. She took John’s cock out of her mouth and turned to me and said “Don’t bother with those. John will do that. Just eat my pussy.” Then she turned her attention back to engulfing that huge cock in her mouth and sucking it slowly in and out.

I had no problem doing what she asked. There was a big pool of delicious juices in Shirley’s pussy and I sucked them all out and swallowed them, then licked in her pink vagina to get them all. Her pussy tasted as sweet as I remembered it. After I had enjoyed the nectar, I started running my tongue slowly along the inner surface of one of her outer pussy lips. That was when Shirley raised her ass off the bed, reached down and spread her cheeks. She didn’t say anything; her mouth was too full, but I knew what she wanted. I lubricated the middle finger of my right hand with my saliva and slowly inserted it into Shirley’s eager ass, then pumped it in and out a few times. Partly from the pleasure I had given to her feet, partly from the pleasure she was getting from John’s big tool in her mouth and partly from what I had just started doing to her ass and her pussy, Shirley was already humping her pussy into my face.

After licking all the first pussy lips and sucking on her mons, I started slowly licking her other outer pussy lip. The bed had been rocking gently from Shirley sucking John’s cock but when I was halfway to the end of the second pussy lip, it started shaking. I looked and saw that John was thrusting his cock into Shirley’s mouth with rapid strokes, and Shirley was taking it all the way in. He gave one last, vigorous push and I could see his ass clench, and then he relaxed and lay on his side. Shirley kept the cock in her mouth. Although no longer sucking on it, she was still enjoying its presence. I slowly licked the rest of the way to Shirley’s mons, and when I went back to her vagina, I was surprised at the volume of juices.

After I feasted on them, I looked up and saw Shirley doing some feasting of her own. John had ejaculated into her mouth and she had apparently swallowed all of that, and now she was licking the rest of it off his cock.

Her tongue was greedily licking the head and under the ridge, and she didn’t want to miss any. By cumming into her mouth, John had increased my pleasure because Shirley’s pussy had produced more heavenly, sweet nectar, and it was fucking my face even stronger. While this was going on, my finger continued fucking slowly thrusting in and out of Shirley’s ass.

After I had devoured all her juices, I licked and probed the lower edge of her sweet love hole and then one of the edges. My tongue squirmed its way between a pair of her inner and outer pussy lips and I started licking the outer surface of the inner lip. Shirley is very sensitive there and I wanted to cover the entire lip. As I licked my way toward her clit, I felt movement on the bed again. John had moved down and was licking Shirley’s nipples, flicking and caressing them with his long, agile tongue. His tongue was probably better suited than mine for some things but I believe I have more skill. It is more fun eating Shirley’s pussy and finger-fucking her ass than licking her titties anyhow. With Shirley’s mouth empty, she was crooning her enjoyment of what John and I were doing.

And we continued doing it. My finger continued going in and out of her ass, and I cntinued eating her pussy, slowly licking the inner lip, covering all the surfaces many times over and probing in to the seam between the inner and outer lips. When I reached the clit hood, I continued to go over and over that sweet little area, gently stimulating the adorable clit hiding

beneath it. As I teased her love button, Shirley started fucking my face even harder with her lovely pussy, much to my delight. She was not ready to cum yet but she was getting closer. By then, John was sucking on one of Shirley’s luscious titties and I hoped he knew how to lick her nipple and suck on the titty at the same time.

After licking up all the juices from Shirley’s pussy, I started probing my tongue between the other inner and outer pusy lips. She is just as sensitive on this side as on the other and the movements of her pussy got stronger. Again my tongue caressed her pussy lip the way to the clit hood, and licked the precious hood again. This time, I curled my tongue under the hood and caressed the adorable love button that was sheltering there. This direct stimulation of her sweetest of sweet spots got fast results.

Shirley’s thighs rotated slightly out and her pussy was fully presented to my face, which she was now fucking even more strongly. Her crooning had turned to moaning and I knew she was close to cumming. The unusual sweetness of Shirley’s pussy intrigued me, and I was really enjoying taking my time eating it, and I knew she was enjoying it too. I would have been able to bring her to a climax if I had wanted to, and I could have done so a long time ago, but I wanted all us, including John, to continue to pleasure ourselves as long as we could before we had to move on. Shirley had often old me how much she enjoyed it when I took my time eating her pussy.

Cumming is the best part, she had told me, but the eating itself is immensely enjoyable.

I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of Shirley’s vagina. Before I did this, of course I consumed all the nectar that had collected. I had to stop fucking her ass with my finger, so I left it all the way in and turned my hand so I could rest my chin on the back of it. When I started probing the sides of Shirley’s charming love hole, I pulled my middle finger most of the way out of her ass, held my index finger tightly against it and slid both fingers back in. The thicker intruder made her ass twitch and jerk but after a few strokes in and out, her pussy started humping more strongly yet, almost bouncing off the bed, and her moaning was mixed with whimpering.

The next place I probed with my tongue was the small area between Shirley’s love hole and her clit. This is a very sensitive area because I was indirectly stimulating her clit, and her hips started swiveling beneath me, thrusting her legs over my shoulders. By now, Shirley was begging me to suck her clit and I knew it was time for her to cum, so I thrust my tongue into her vagina and caressed the top of that delightful place. This further stimulation of her clit was almost enough, and it felt like Shirley was trying to plaster her pussy to my face. Her legs were thrusting even more strongly now, and I pulled my tongue out and sucked her lovely clit into my mouth.

I clamped my lips around that adorable love button and sucked on it. My lips formed a seal and my tongue probed and caressed the swollen sides and top. After a few minutes of this I heard “Oh. Oh. Oh, John. Oh, George.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” and I felt Shirley’s legs lock around my head.

John was still lying across her upper body, sucking a titty and his weight held that part of her in place but her legs and hips thrashed around, holding my head captive. I held onto Shirley’s thigh with my left arm, and, even though the muscles in her ass clenched, I was able to extract my fingers and hold onto her other thigh with my right arm. Even with the thrashing and bouncing that Shirley’s hips were doing, I kept my lips tightly on her clit, and continued to suck on it and caress it with my tongue.

With a last spasm of her hips, Shirley climaxed. She relaxed on the bed and her legs released my head and remained draped across my back. John removed his mouth from the lovely mound that he had been sucking on, and I devoured most of the fresh cum juices, leaving some there to lubricate it for what I knew would be happening next. When I looked at Shirley’s face, she had the most blissful smile I had ever seen on her, and I wondered how John’s pussy eating compared to mine. All three of us lay quietly for a while until Shirley broke the silence. “That was marvelous, you guys. You were both great. I haven’t cum like that in months. Let’s rest a while though because I still want to have some more fun, especially while George is with us.” I assumed that meant that she was going to want me to fuck her in the ass and I hoped so, because my cock was stiff and getting impatient.

After a while, Shirley asked John to lie on his back in the middle of the bed. His cock had gotten hard again and stuck up like a telephone pole but Shirley gave it a few quick strokes with her mouth to make it even bigger and harder and to make herself wetter. Then she knelt, straddling his legs and facing him, and put her hands on his chest. She rose up and over him, with juices dripping out of her pussy, and started to lower herself onto John’s cock. They didn’t use a condom, and that was between them. John spread her pussy lips and held his cock steady until the first few inches had slipped inside Shirley. Then she slowly lowered herself until John’s whole cock was inside her. For the last few inches she was sighing in pleasure as that big shaft penetrated all the way into her pussy. Shirley leaned forward then so she was lying on top with her legs outside of John’s, and her arms were curled under his, so she was supporting her upper body on her elbows. By pushing and then pulling with her elbows, she stroked her pussy on and off John’s cock, and he drove his cock in to meet every stroke. Shirley’s ass seemed to be winking at me invitingly every time John’s cock penetrated deeply into her pussy. She verified the invitation when she turned to me and said “Climb aboard, George. My ass is all yours. Use plenty of the KY Jelly from the nightstand.”

I always use a condom when I fuck someone’s ass, and after I pulled it on, I applied plenty of the lubricant, especially to the tip. Then the two fingers that had been in Shirley’s ass before went all the way back in there and smeared the KY Jelly freely inside and around the edge of that puckered hole. I knew from before how tight her ass is, and how tight it had been on my fingers a few minutes earlier, and it would be even tighter with John’s big cock all the way in her pussy. Once I was as well greased as I could be, I knelt behind Shirley, and she reached back and spread her asscheeks as far as she could. The tube of KY Jelly was close at hand because I expected to use more of it. Using the fingers of both hands, I pried open her tight sphincter, then I held it open with my left index finger and thumb and guided my cock with my right hand.

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I Need It Bad

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I Need It Bad

I needed to be fucked. Badly. It had been a long day, the final day of a long, difficult work trip, and I needed release. And not the kind you can give yourself. I know. I tried. Several times. No. I needed to be FUCKED. I needed to be taken, pounded, made to scream and beg. Damn I was horny. And I was stuck in town until an afternoon flight home the next day.

My name is Kirsten. I am 25 years old; a true redhead. Not flaming red, more reddish, but clearly more red than anything. I work out consistently, and I weigh in around 128 – shooting for 125 which would be a good weight for my 5’3″ height. I’m a respectable 32C up top with a firm ass. Nice build overall if I can brag a bit. Cute face; “critically cute” I’ve been told.

I have been exploring my sexuality since breaking up with a long term boyfriend, and usually I have had no trouble, well, finding some trouble. This trip had been different. I was very busy, getting back to my room exhausted most nights. In addition, the hotel bar was pathetic. I had thought about seducing a bartender, but every night the bartender was a woman. Not that I’m against women, but, as I noted above, I needed to be fucked.

Throwing the wet towel on the counter after stepping out of the shower, I ran my hands over my body as I assessed myself in the mirror.

Having lost a couple pounds, I could tell that working out was toning my body in all the right places. Cupping my tits, I smiled as I looked at my tight nude body.

“I’d fuck me.” I thought to myself.

I quickly dressed in some nice fitting jeans, form fitting white tee shirt with nothing underneath, and a black cropped jacket. I slipped on a pair of black boots and checked out my look. Hot. I was grinning as I headed out the door determined to get laid.

The hotel was located on a river, with the historic downtown just a couple blocks up from the water. I had already checked out the places along the main drag the first couple nights I was in town, and they looked like typical tourist places. Tonight I was after something more local and gritty.

I was a nice evening, and a fair number of people were out and about. I followed the riverwalk, passing by some upscale restaurants, shops, and a wine bar. On the river side, boats were tied up in the few provided docking spaces scattered along the boardwalk. As I came to the end of the walkway, I noticed a couple guys disappear down a flight of stairs underneath a more populated bar/restaurant overhead just across the street .

I was curious, so I crossed the street and headed in the direction of the stairs. Just above the descending stairs was a wooden sign nailed to wall with the name of the bar along with an arrow pointing down. At the foot of the steps was an old wooden door. I skipped down the stairs and walked though the door.

The place was small and clearly local. The bartender, along with the only person sitting at the bar turned to look at me when I came in, then turned back to their conversation. The wooden bar ran down the entire left side of the narrow space, with a juke box just to my right. A few tables were arranged along the right side wall. Just past the end of the bar, at the end of the room, was a table with a bench facing out with a couple chairs facing the wall. I could hear the clack of pool balls, and I could see light spilling from another room on the left past the bar.

The guys I had seen enter the bar were not in the front room, so I assumed they were the ones shooting pool. I stood at the bar and ordered a beer. I’m not a huge beer fan, but it was that kind of night.

At the end of the bar, the other patron looked up, muttered a brief hello, then turned back to his drink. He was a little older, and a little too beat down and worn out looking for what I needed.

I paid for my beer and drifted over to the juke box, I fed the machine a couple dollars and scrolled through the selections. Picking out The Stones first, I followed that with some Ramones, The Who, Lou Reed, more Stones, and some then Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was looking for another selection when one of the guys I had seen enter the bar earlier appeared at my side.

“Nice”. He said smiling at me.

I smiled back as I checked him out. A brief inspection was enough to know he at least met the minimal standards for my evening. I decided immediately to plunge in feet first. “You mean the songs or something else?”

His gaze drifted over my body, focusing on my chest before looking up into my eyes. “Definitely something else.”

I blushed and diverted my eyes. Still, this is what I needed. Aggressiveness, a cocky attitude. Someone who probably wanted to fuck as badly I as needed to be fucked.

“Well then.” I held out my hand, “I’m Kirsten.”

“And I’m Rob.” Rob shook my hand, not letting go as he asked, “Waiting for someone?”

Rob was about 6’3″ – I’m guessing – dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile that was just a little off. He was wearing jeans, work boots, and a tight Gaziantep Anal Escort tee shirt tucked into his pants. Tattoos were visible on his well toned arms.

“Solo tonight. Just hoping to have a little fun.” I said suggestively, my heart racing, my pussy tingling.

“Then come on.” He turned and walked away, assuming I’d follow behind him. I have to admit I was a little peeved that he assumed I was simply going to do what I was told, but, yes I did follow. I was too horny not to.

We walked through the main bar and into another small room. It was just large enough for a pool table along with a few barstools shoved up against the back wall. On the left side of the space, doors to the bathrooms stood slightly ajar. Another other guy was lining up a shot.

“Andy!” Rob called out causing his buddy to miss his shot badly. “This is Kirsten. Kirsten, this is Andy.”

Andy’s head came up with a pissed off look on his face until he focused on me. A wicked grin crossed his face, “Kirsten. Well hey.”

I nodded as I took another swig of my beer. To be honest, Andy kind of gave me the creeps. His hair was dark like Rob’s, but messier, maybe a little greasy. His face was covered with stubble, not just a five o’clock shadow, but more like he had not bothered to shave in a couple days. Wearing a button down denim shirt not quite tucked into worn out jeans, he was a bit unkept in his appearance. Somewhat menacing looking to be honest. A cigarette dangled from his lips. He just seemed a little oily.

His eyes were almost emotionally blank, concealing more than they revealed, and if I had ever felt that someone was undressing me with their eyes, it was this guy.

Andy put down his pool cue, stabbed out his cigarette, and grabbed a couple empty bottles, “Anybody need another?”

Rob nodded. “And another one for Kirsten.”

My beer was still half full, but I socked back another gulp, and before Andy got back, I was ready for another.

I won’t go into the more boring details of the next hour or so. We drank, we talked, we shot pool. Rob told me that he owned one of the cabin cruisers docked along the boardwalk, and that the guys were in town to do some fishing.

As more beer disappeared, I began to flirt shamelessly. With my short jacket draped over a stool, my stiff nipples were easily visible as they pressed against the thin fabric of my shirt. The guys got bolder, touching me suggestively as they “helped” me line up my shots. Rob was steadily assertive in his approach while Andy was a bit more aggressive. The two styles clashed, but touched on my very different yearnings and desires. My need to get fucked had grown to a fever pitch with each suggestive comment, with each non-discrete touch, with each finished drink. While I had initially been considering seducing just Rob, the idea of fucking both of them slowly took hold of my mind despite Andy’s inherent creepiness. Andy added something just a little dangerous that was really making my pussy wet.

When I hit the ladies room for maybe the third time that night, I heard snatches of conversation as the guys started talking in hushed tones.

“…she’s so fucking hot…she wants it man…” I heard Andy hiss.

“No shit man…”

Then Andy again. “…so let’s get her to go back to the boat with us…”

“…do both of us…?” Rob seemed a little hesitant.

“…just have to push her…she’s a slut…” I could tell Andy was pushing, insistent, aggressive. “She’ll do it.”

My body shivered at the last remark, and I flushed the toilet to let them know I was coming out.

“Anyone want another?” I asked innocently. I pushed a lock of hair back behind my ear and smiled sweetly.

Rob looked over at his buddy before turning back to me. “We were thinking about showing you our boat. We have plenty of beer, so maybe we can take the party there. What do you think?”

I took a step closer to him and pressed my body into his. I bit my lower lip, leaned in, and whispered seductively in his ear. “That might be fun. Someplace a little more private.”

His hands reached up to cup my ass as he leaned forward to kiss me. Our lips locked, and he slipped his tongue briefly into my mouth. Breaking away I leaned back and looked at him innocently.

He could barely speak, “Yeah. More private would be good.”

“But what about Andy?” I teased, pretending I hadn’t heard pieces of their earlier conversation.

Rob looked over at his friend, apparently not sure whether or not to sell his buddy down the river. Andy sat on a barstool next to the wall as he drained his beer. He looked like a predator waiting for the right time to make his move. A weird mixture of fear and lust rocked my mind.

I stared back at Andy. Despite my misgivings about his partner, I took the plunge and let Rob off the hook. “I guess I don’t mind if you guys don’t…”

Brushing my hair back behind my ear again, I offered up my best sweet, shy smile.

The bulge in his jeans seemed to swell immediately.

“We don’t mind…if you can handle it.” He rasped, looking over my shoulder at Andy who grinned like a psycho and nodded his approval.

I looked into his eyes as I bit at my lower lip again.

“Well, I’ve never done it before. I mean with two guys.” I lied. I hesitated a few seconds before continuing. “But it might be fun to try, if you guys promise to take it easy with me.”

Without another word, Rob kissed me again, took my hand as I grabbed my jacket with the other. He pulled me out the door while Andy stepped to the bar to settle our tab.

Just outside the entrance, on the small concrete space in front of the stairs, Rob spun me around, pushing me up against the brick wall, We could hear the diners on the outdoor patio of the restaurant above us as we locked lips. I gasped when Rob worked his hand underneath my tee shirt to cup my tit.

My nipples were hard as pebbles, and little electric shocks shot through my body as Rob pinched one of them roughly between his thumb and finger. I was groaning loudly as Andy came through the door. He was grinning like a psychopath, and Rob moved the side to allow his friend access to my body.

They pulled my shirt up, exposing my tits, and Andy bent over to take one in his mouth. The rough stubble on his face rubbed against my soft skin of my tit as he chewed at the nipple.

“…guys…” I gasped as pleasurable sensations immediately swept through my body. “…wait…not here…oh fuck…wait”

My moans were stifled as Rob’s mouth once again covered mine. My pussy was aching, and the initial stirring of a possible orgasm was building just from the stimulation of my tits.

I broke the kiss and groaned. “…wait…wait…not here…hold on…”

Andy practically gnawed his way up my chest to my neck, nibbling on my earlobe briefly before backing off. Rob stepped back, and I pulled my shirt back down over my tits. My legs felt weak and rubbery, and I was just catching my breath as Rob grabbed my hand.

“Come on!” Rob pulled me up the stairs with Andy trailing behind.

We walked down the street on the other side of the buildings that fronted the boardwalk. I stumbled between them, my arms locked with theirs. Andy kept sneaking his other hand up under my shirt to rub my tight belly, and Rob leaned over at times to nipple on my ear. About a block or so from the boat, we passed a dark, narrow alley on the right. Without warning, Andy grabbed my arm and pulled me into the darkness. Rob followed along as Andy stopped about dozen feet into the passage, and turned me to face the wall.

Andy shoved me against the wall, and I braced myself against the bricks with my forearms, trembling in anticipation of what might happen. Rob tugged my shirt up again to expose my tits as Andy reached around to unbutton my jeans. His hand slipped into my pants, and he began to roughly stroke my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties.

I moaned as I was finally getting some much needed attention down below, and I pressed my hips forward against his hand. Almost as soon as he started, Andy stopped long enough to rip my jeans roughly down over my hips to just below my ass. As usual for me, being so exposed in a public place was a mind blowing experience. My thinking was cloudy from the beer, but my arousal was through the roof.

My jeans constricted my legs, preventing me from spreading them apart, but that didn’t keep Andy from digging his fingers between my thighs. I grunted as he crammed two fingers into my aching pussy.

“Damn, she’s so fucking wet man!” Andy grinned at his friend. “I told you she was a slut!”

His fingers pistons in and out of my pussy as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back. Rob was standing to the side, blocking the entrance to the alley apparently content to let his friend take charge. Finally, he stepped closer and began to roughly grip a tit in his hand as he looked around trying to make sure no one was watching us.

“Isn’t that right bitch?” Andy growled into my ear. “You’re a real slut aren’t you?”

Before I could answer, Rob hissed a warning. “Guys.”

He stepped back, and Andy yanked his fingers out of my pussy. I managed to pull my shirt back down over my tits, but my jeans were still down below my ass when a group of people walked by the entrance to the alley. More than one of them looked over at us, and I blushed furiously knowing that I had been literally caught with my pants down.

Andy just laughed as the group passed by. “Bet they got a nice look of that tight ass!”

I glared at him, but he just stared me down as I wiggled my jeans over my hips.

As I was buttoning my jeans, Andy’s hand shot out without warning, and my grabbed my throat.

“You never answered me.” He hissed.

A broad smile broke across Rob’s face. I looked from Rob to Andy somewhat scared and confused. I have to admit that I was also incredibly turned on. I was walking on the razor’s edge, drunk, horny, nervous, and more than ready to see this adventure to the end.

“Wha…” I stammered.

“Are you really a slut Kirsten?” He whispered.

Chewing at my lower lip I nodded.

Rob laughed as he took my jacket from me. He grabbed hold of my wrists and stretched my arms up over my head. Letting go of my throat, Andy wrestled my tee shirt over my head, leaving me totally naked from the waist up.

Rob threw my jacket at me. “You can wear this.”

I slipped into my jacket, my nipples rock hard. Andy stepped in front of me. Shivers ran down my spine as he leered at my barely covered tits.

“Well then. Let’s find out just how slutty little Kirsten really is.” He whispered.

Rob led us out of the alley, and we crossed the street to the boardwalk. About a block or so down, a few boats were tied up. A larger sailboat was docked in front of Rob’s boat, with a smaller sailboat in the space behind. I call his boat a cabin cruiser, but I’m not sure what you really call it. It was one of those boats that are used for deep sea fishing. An open deck space in the rear, then a doorway into a cabin. Up above, a console to operate the boat that was covered but open on the sides.

It was a good size vessel, bigger than I really expected. Rob helped me step over the side onto the gently rocking surface. As he pulled the keys to the cabin out of his pocket, Andy pressed against me from behind, his hands circling my waist. His palms were clammy on my bare skin, and his stale breath, smelling of beer and cigarettes was warm against my neck. Once again, I shuddered in anticipation as the door to the cabin swung open.

I stumbled as Andy practically shoved me through the door. Rob caught me and guided me down onto a padded bench on one side of the cabin.

Quickly glancing around, I could tell that the inside was actually pretty nice. A small galley kitchen was opposite the bench where I was currently sitting. At the other end of the cabin, opposite the door we came through, was a folding door that was open to reveal a large bed.

I barely had time to take in my surroundings before Rob’s hands were under my jacket, groping my tits. I leaned toward him and moaned.

Andy knelt down on the floor and began to tug my jeans down. Rob grabbed my wrists, and held my arms tight above my head. He didn’t need to bother, it was a game. I knew they were going to fuck me. Hell I NEEDED them to fuck me. But the game just intensified the whole situation.

My jeans were tugged down to my ankles as Rob ripped my jacket off. I pretended to struggle just a little against the almost violent actions of being stripped naked. Andy moved up to the bench pulling my legs onto his lap.

“Guys…” I protested as I felt my pussy getting wetter with each passing second. I lay across the bench, my upper body in Rob’s lap, my legs pulled up onto Andy’s as he yanked off my boots. I could hear people walking by on the boardwalk, and I could hear them talking as they stopped to look at the boats. The windows in the cabin were slid open to allow in some fresh air, and the curtains covering the openings billowed gently in the cross breeze.

The cabin was dimly lit by under cabinet lighting. Not really enough to cast any major shadows, but just enough so that we were not in total darkness.

Andy’s hand caressed my legs, working their way up to my bare pussy.

My nipples were so hard it was almost painful. I moaned and arched my back desperately needing someone to maul my tits.

“Guys…fuck…oh god…” I squirmed as a finger parted the lips of my pussy and slipped inside.

“She’s so fucking wet. She needs to be ridden hard man!” Andy growled as my jeans were yanked the rest of the way off. He ripped off my panties and tossed them aside. I was stretched out naked between the two of them, totally turned on, totally needing them to just fuck me!

My body trembled in the soft light as two sets of hands proceeded to maul my flesh. Rob and I were locked in a kiss, his hands finally groping and kneading my tits as Andy assaulted my pussy with first two, then three large fingers repeatedly slamming into my wet hole.

Rob broke the kiss first, gasping. “Get her up. I need to fuck this bitch.”

Pulled to my feet, my head was spinning as I was twirled around and forced to bend over the kitchen counter.

My chest pressed into cool countertop as Rob positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. My face turned to the side, my hands gripping the edge of the counter as I prepared to get the fucking I was more than ready to receive.

“You ready baby?” He whispered.

“…fuck me…just do it…!” I hissed back.

Rob pushed his cock just inside the entrance to my cunt, and I grunted when he drove his cock balls deep into my aching pussy in one rough, violent, stroke. Grabbing my hips, he held me tight as he plunged into me over and over. I bit my lip to stifle my groans and cries so that our activity would not attract the attention of the people I could hear still walking by on the boardwalk just a few feet away.

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Hotel Humiliation Ch. 01

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Draft one: This is a new SPH and humiliation story I’m writing at the moment. I would love to get some feedback in the comments if you have a moment!

Draft Two (current): Thanks for all of your feedback so far, it’s really helpful for me to get an idea about what is, or isn’t, working for my stories. I’m writing a second part to this story now and I’ve made a few tweaks to certain details in order to neaten it up. Please carry on leaving feedback, it really is appreciated!


The card reader clicked loudly, blinking it’s green light in approval at my card and I pushed open the door. I gave another quick glance up and down the empty corridor and then held it open as she walked through. I allowed myself a glance at her as she entered the room, her tight blue dress, hugging her slim waist and showing off her gorgeous figure.

The dimmed lights flickered on immediately and the low hum of the air conditioning resonated in the oppressive silence as the door clicked shut behind us. She glanced around the magnificent suite without much interest, casually dropping her bag to the floor and peering around through the archway opposite the perfectly set bed.

Back when my company had first taken off, to everyone’s surprise not least my own, I had been enamoured by the glitz of high end hotels of my business trips. My childhood is a familiar story in a suffering country, poverty-stricken and hungry. The long days drawing out into unenthusiastic visions of my future played out on the chipped plasterboard of my bedroom ceiling.

The sense of creeping worthlessness still gripped strongly when I thought back to earlier life and I pushed the thought away. The terror at being poor ever again meant that I had grown my business carefully, only investing when it was absolutely necessary and creating such a streamlined company that I was quickly buying up the flailing competition. I lived frugally, in a modest home, only really allowing myself the taste of my success when I was on trips with hotel suites and century-old glasses of whiskey.

I had afforded myself that much at the very least, as long as I was careful to retain control.

Rachel stalked casually through the archway, into the sitting area where three long sofas sat in a U shape, facing out through the tall windows onto the orange and white starry city far below. In the very distance, you could make out the shape of the endless fields of farms, struggling to feed a growing, ravenous population.

She looked completely at ease, as though she had seen the inside of every hotel room in the city and was only moderately impressed by the antique wooden bar or the small open plan kitchen beyond the sitting area. She was utterly beautiful, by far the most gorgeous creature I had ever set my eyes on in person. She was slightly taller than me, with long blonde hair, slightly curled which draped down across her back and her round, pert breasts. She wore a light blue dress, almost exactly the same shade of blue as her eyes, which turned around and fixed upon my own.

“Drink?” She offered, her smile bright white and perfectly complementing her small nose and high cheekbones. There was a small mole on her right temple, a small blemish which seemed only to enhance her beauty.

I nodded and she turned to the bar, tracing her long white fingers in the air as she picked out a bottle from the fridge. I didn’t see which one she picked but I could tell it was one of the obscenely priced bottles of champagne which the hotel would no doubt add a crippling surcharge to the bill. I said nothing as she busied herself opening it, taking the opportunity to look at her slim body hugging the fabric of her dress. The smooth curve of her hips made my heart flutter in anticipation. I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life, standing in a hotel room with a woman more stunning than any I had ever known, knowing that I was about to bring a fantasy to life which I had never confided in anyone before.

She poured me out a drink, handing it out to me and I accepted it with shaking hands. Slightly smiling, she clinked her glass against mine and took it and the bottle over to the sofa where she sat down and crossed Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort her long smooth legs. The blue dress rode up a few more inches against her endless, slim legs and I felt a twinge of arousal.

“Sit down with me,” Rachel said, gesturing at the other end of the sofa from me with her glass. With my heart racing, I complied, nervously sinking back against the leather and attempting to look casual. Her voice was soft and low, a comforting sound and very sweet which made her seem all the more attractive. Her soft voice seeming to contradict her glaring, strong beauty.

“Don’t be nervous,” she said, encouraging me to drink. I laughed quietly and took a long sip, the glass barely left my lips before she leant forward and started to top me up again. “People are sometimes nervous at first, why don’t we get to know each other a little better? Let’s play a game, we’ll ask each other questions and we have to take a drink after each answer.”

I hesitated. I knew that call girls could sometimes blackmail their well-known clients, whilst I wasn’t a movie or a rock star, I would definitely suffer from being exposed. I had made sure to use a fake surname when I called the agency, stressing the need for discretion which had been thoroughly assured by the seductive voice which had answered.

“OK, how old are you?” I asked unsure, feeling like she was about to laugh at me but she answered without a beat.

“Twenty four.” Rachel took another long sip. “What about you Jack?”

Although the sound of her using my name gave me shivers, I inwardly cursed. I should’ve used a fake first name too. “I’m twenty eight.” I took a long swig from my glass, once again finding it topped up before I had lowered it completely.

Rachel raised her eyebrows and nodded impressed. “You must be doing alright for yourself Jack, a place like this and so young.”

I shrugged awkwardly, like I did when anyone made a comment like that. “Was that your question?”

Rachel laughed, a crisp clear sound which made me smile too. “No, it wasn’t. OK, are you in town for business or pleasure?”

Now, I laughed. The sweet tang of the champagne was quickly making my senses swim. I could smell her perfume, something floral and intoxicating, from across the sofa and I occasionally found my eyes drifting from her face to her flawless body, legs curled underneath her on the sofa.

“I’m here on business,” I answered. When she gestured for me to go on, I let go of my concerns. “I work for a tech company, we’re opening up a warehouse around here and I’m here to help out and report back.”

It was a minor lie, but I couldn’t help sense there was a flicker of irritation in her eyes. My company made drones and worked on artificial intelligence algorithms to operate them without human input. It was very bespoke and it was unlikely many people outside of the industry would know who we were or what we did. I pushed aside my worries though, attributing it to the champagne, of which we were on our second glass.

“You sound very important.” She said with another smile. “Big important executive then?”

I shook my head. “Just another cog in the machine.”

Rachel nodded and stared at me as we both drank some more. We spoke for a long time and looking back I try to remember whether I felt some kind of premonition about this girl, whether some kind of supernatural warning as to how much she would change my life and everything about what I thought I knew about myself. I know now that I gave too much away, concentrating too much on revealing only the barest half-truths to her questions and completing missing the bigger picture I was building. Whether or not I did sense anything, I was simply too aroused and too drunk to notice it.

“So, you discussed my fee with the agency?” She asked, pausing until I nodded. “OK, and they told me about your…” Her blue eyes dropped to my groin. “…preferences.”

I didn’t know how to respond, the conversation was difficult enough to do over the phone, even with the impersonal nature of it, and in person I was too awkward to answer straight. Rachel however, probably only needed to see my flush to have her confirmation.

“You ever do this before?” She asked me, her finger tracing the outside of her glass.

“My preferences, or calling an agency?”

“Both, I suppose.”

“I haven’t done either, this is my first time on both accounts.”

Rachel smiled at me. “Are you a virgin?”

I shook my head. “No, I’ve had a couple of partners. Just my first time telling anyone about my fantasy.”

Rachel got up, placing her glass on the table and sitting close to me on the sofa. I felt my heart racing and my cock stiffening slightly, just having her bare leg touching mine and the smell of her perfume filling up my senses.

“I’m so honoured, to be the first one who knows,” she whispered. She kissed me on the lips unexpectedly, they were soft and tasted of her lip gloss. She leaned down and kissed my neck, expertly bringing me to arousal without having to even touch me.

She leaned back suddenly, pressing a hand against my chest and meeting my eye. “I can make your little dreams come true tonight, but I want to know if you’re serious. I need you to commit to it, and promise you will do everything I say, when I say it.”

I was taken aback by her suddenly taking charge. I was so aroused, my breath was coming fast now. I didn’t hesitate, I nodded my head and guaranteed her control over me. Rachel smiled widely and jumped off me, I heard her rummaging in her bag and she quickly came back around in front of me. She gripped the bottom hem of her dress and pulled it up, most of the way up her thigh slowly, then straddled me before she got too high.

Rachel sat back on my knees and smiled at me. In her hand she had a small plastic ruler and my heart gave another strong flutter as my eyes fixed on it.

“You said that you wanted to try a little humiliation, but I need to know what I’m working with.” She said, running a finger along the length of the ruler. “I need to know how much of a man you are, or aren’t.”

She laughed and pulled open my belt, I lifted my hips to let her pull it out from underneath me. It was thrown across the room and she quickly popped the top button of my trousers and drew down the zip halfway. I was visible tenting with my erection, the weight of her body on top of me was exquisite as well as the excitement of what the night would bring.

“OK, this is your chance to impress me.” She said, running her hand over her breast, grabbing the perfect bosom and looking at me with raised eyebrows. “Get it really hard for me. Try as hard as you can.”

She batted my hand away as I tried to reach up for her. She made little groans of pleasure as her hand ran all the way over her breasts and down the sexy curve of her stomach as she leant over me. My cock responded, pushing against the restrictive fabric of my trousers until she suddenly leant back, pulling at my waistband bringing my trousers and boxers to my knees in one motion.

Her hand immediately went up to her mouth, barely stifling a laugh as my cock lay exposed and full erect under her gaze. “Oh,” she finally managed to say, struggling to keep her face straight. Her long fingers reached out for me, deliberately using her thumb and forefinger to slowly stroke me.

Rachel slowly held the ruler against me, holding my cock still with her two fingers as it twitched and I grew more and more aroused. I could already feel my orgasm building, knowing my inferiority as a man was about to be laid bare to another for the first time.

“Just under four inches!” Rachel exclaimed. “Wow, I was expecting you to have a little cock but that it just ridiculous. I feel so sorry for you sweetie.”

“I’m going to cum!” I moaned out suddenly. Rachel let out another loud bark of laughter and stared down in delight at my cock as beads of pre cum were already leaking out of it.

“Oh, a quick cummer too,” She laughed at me, stroking at my cock pinched between her fingers as I thrust upwards. “Don’t you just tick all of the boxes!”

“Come on, come for me sweetie. It’s going to feel so good isn’t it? Give me that little bit of spunk from that tiny, pathetic little cock.” She whispered angrily at me, massaging my small balls as she stroked me to completion.

I moaned out, cum shooting from my cock. It sprayed up against her dress, darkening the fabric, and other streams of it ran down the ruler as she placed it over me. She continued to stroke me and whispered in my ear as I fell back gasping.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. It’s more cum than I expected. I bet you wanted to shoot it into my tight pussy didn’t you but I wouldn’t even be able to feel your ‘itty penis would I? Little boys like you don’t get to shoot their little spunkies in pussies like mine though, do they?”

She dropped me with another laugh and I lay half collapsed into the sofa, gasping as I rode out my orgasm. Rachel got off me and I closed my eyes, my orgasm still pulsing around my body. My head was swimming, I tried to figure out how much of the champagne we had drunk but I couldn’t fix on any details. I don’t know how long I lay there, unable to move with the ferocity of my climax but I barely noticed her return until I felt her massaging my cock.

“Oh, goodness.” Her voice seemed to float to my mind from a great distance. “It’s gets really little when it’s soft!”

I murmured my agreement. She lifted up the ruler again, pulling my flaccid cock upright and laughing loudly as she exclaimed I was just an inch and a half now. I knew it was the right decision to have this dream come true, I knew that finally I was in the place I should be. All those hours of fantasising and watching interracial and humiliation porn and now it was coming true for me.

I felt Rachel’s hand pushing against my balls and I started to lift my head, feeling her push me back down. “Keep your eyes closed.” Her voice whispered to me. “Keep them shut, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

I felt something tight press itself around my balls, a cold sensation. I wanted to open my eyes but it was far easier to lie back with them pressed shut and feel myself floating on the waves of pleasure. As I always did, I felt a small amount of guilt and regret when I came, the earnestness of my need to cum when enjoying cuckold and humiliation porn blocked out any of the doubts I had, which inevitably came crashing back after I’d cum.

I pushed away the desire to suddenly ask her to leave, I’d paid a lot for her to come here and I thought I might as well see it all the way through. It did concern me a little though, I wondered if she was putting a cock-ring on me and I wondered how I would say that I wasn’t really that into pain or BDSM.

Something cold enveloped my now flaccid cock but it wasn’t until I heard a small chink of metal on metal and a resounding click that my eyes flew open in sudden horror. I saw Rachel knelt in front of me, her beauty seeming to have grown even more intense since my orgasm. The long streaks of cum were dark against her dress. She laughed and ran a finger through my sperm, bringing it to her mouth and sucking slowly, eyes closing as though deeply enjoying the taste.

I barely noticed though, my eyes fixed upon my soft cock which was now encased in thin metal bars. The padlock was clicked shut and seemed to scream it’s finality as I suddenly realised how out of my depth I was.

Rachel climbed onto me, pulling open my shirt and placing her sum spattered dress against my skin. She kissed me deeply, her tongue seeking out mine and I kissed her back despite my shock.

“You know, I volunteered for this job when it came in,” she said to me between kisses. “I’ve got all the goodies in my bag and I love taking control.”

She leaned back, forcing her finger into my mouth and my taste buds were flooded with the salty tang of my own cum. She pulled up the hem of her dress, revealing the shaved and tidy pussy which I had been desperate to taste since she walked into the room. Despite cumming so hard, I felt my erection growing, quickly pressing up against the bars in a pressure-filled agony.

“Is this what you wanted?” Rachel asked me quietly. “Here it is Jack, my tight little pussy is all yours. But, now you can’t do anything about it can you?” She laughed again at my despair as I realised how quickly this was spiralling out of control.

“I hope you enjoyed cumming baby, because I only gave it to you so I could get this cage on you.” Rachel gripped my locked up cock and pulled on it roughly. “You’re going to have to earn the next one and it’s going to be a very long night.”

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Houseboy for Hire Pt. 01

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A two part story of a man whose lucrative business evolves into a true vocation. As with most of my stories it develops slowly, and I hope readers will stick with it into the second part.


Rory retrieved the key from under the third flower pot and let himself in the back door. He had a similar working arrangement with most of his clients, so that they wouldn’t have to be bothered letting him in every time, or even have to be home when he was there. He made his way down the hall to the kitchen where he found Mr. Givens seated at the kitchen bar drinking his coffee and reading the morning paper.

“Good morning Mr. G.” Rory offered up with a bright smile.

Mr Givens looked up. “Oh, good morning Rory. It’s Monday isn’t it, and you’re here bright and early as always. I’m afraid Mrs. Givens is still in bed, and we had quite a busy weekend so we haven’t had a chance to straighten up much and the place is a bit of a mess.”

No more so than usual, Rory thought, but after all that’s what kept him gainfully and lucratively employed.

“No problem Mr. G. That’s what I’m here for.”

Mr. Givens smiled back. “I guess that’s true. In any case, try to do some of the quieter cleaning first while the Missus is still asleep.”

“Sure thing Mr. G,”

Rory was a professional housekeeper, a Houseboy for Hire, as his listing and ad on Craig’s List proclaimed. He had started his business six years prior, soon after graduating from college, almost as a lark, mostly because at that time he didn’t know what else he wanted to do with his life, and also because he was good at and actually even enjoyed housework, having had a great deal of experience with it growing up. Except for laundry. He hated doing laundry, even his own, which tended to often pile up in his apartment over time. He always made it clear up front with prospective clients that laundry would not be part of his services.

He had been quite frankly surprised at how well and rapidly his business had taken off after he had place what was still his one and only ad and listing.

“Houseboy for Hire. Allow me to expertly and efficiently take care

of most of your domestic needs. Weekly or Bi-weekly.”

He had thought his early success was likely in part due to the novelty. But his good natured boyish charm and personality, along with his 6′ 3″ athletic and nicely muscled frame and good looks, also helped to endear him to many prospective clients, especially the women, who invariably were the ones who did the hiring. After that, the fact that he turned out to be very good and conscientious at the job always helped to seal the deal.

And he wasn’t cheap. From the very start he had believed that if he wasn’t going to make a decent living out of it then what was the point. This had cost him some early potential customers who had balked at his price, but he had gotten some, and when word of mouth, and reviews on the web spread, he fairly quickly built up a thriving concern. He worked two four hour sessions, 8am to noon, and 1pm to 5, Monday through Friday. Most clients used him for one regular four hour session a week, although a few alternated with other clients on a bi-weekly basis. He charged $200.00 for each four hour session, making it a point to always have his weekends off, and allowing himself two weeks off every year for vacation. With the full Monday to Friday schedule usually filled, as it had been for the past number of years, he was making at base $100,000 a year, and that didn’t include his frequent tips and holiday bonuses.

Of the former of those, the most frequent and generous come from a more intimate service he had begun to provide for a few of his clients. They were always the first to approach him in this regard, but he always made sure to make it seem that he was equally desirous. And he was never so crass as to suggest that money should in any way be involved. It was just an extra for both parties to enjoy, even as he did always appreciate the larger than usual tips that came his way after. It also helped to keep his own libido well satisfied, even as he was in no other ways engaged by any of it. He currently had three clients with whom he regularly provided this service, and two others on occasion.

After Mr. Givens had left for work, Rory set about to begin his chores, quietly as he had been instructed. He washed and dried and then put away the accumulated number of dirty dishes and pots and pans that lay around the kitchen, as well as the full stack of clean ones still in the dishwasher. He then proceeded to sweep and then mop the kitchen floor before moving on to pick up, dust and polish in the living and dining rooms. He was careful to not make too much noise, although he knew that Mrs. Givens would likely be up soon enough. As he had come to expect, at about 10 o’clock she appeared at the door of her bedroom, wearing a long white silk robe. She did not look in any way disheveled as someone who had just risen from bed. Her hair was carefully combed and brushed, and make up had already obviously been applied to her face. Upon seeing her Rory gave her his best nice boy smile.

“Good Gaziantep Genç Escort morning Mrs. G. You look lovely as always this morning.”

Mrs. Givens grinned back. “Why thank you Rory. It’s wonderful to see you again to start the week.” she purred, and then started to turn back into her bedroom. “Could you come in here for a moment? There’s something I need you for.”

“Of course Mrs. G.” he replied as she led him into the room. Once he was inside she stopped at the foot of her bed, and with her back still to him she slipped off her robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing her to be fully naked beneath.

Mrs. Givens was one of his regulars.

In her late forties she was reasonably attractive, if a bit short and plump. Rory clearly knew what to do next. He ambled over behind her and placed his arms around her, cupping her ample breasts in his hands. Slowly massaging them for a time he then lightly played with her nipples between his fingers as she leaned more fully back into him. He then moved one of his hands softly down her belly, eventually finding her patch of hair below. He let his fingers gently caress the outside of her slit which was already well wet. Using two of his fingers he spread her distant lips apart, searching for and discovering her button of joy which he began to brush to and fro with one finger, as the other probed more deeply within. She began to sway, groan and buckle in his grasp.

Finally she could take no more and suddenly pulled away and turned around, dropping to her knees before him, rapidly undoing the front button and zipper of his pants and pulling them and his boxers down as he rose fully and firmly in front of her.

“Oooh, you’re so big.” she crooned.

Rory had never considered his six inches, while thick, to be overly endowed, and he wondered idly at that moment about Mr. Givens in that regard. Mrs. Givens wasted no time, hungrily enveloping his entire manhood within her mouth, and began to furiously deep throat him. He would have preferred a more delicate touch and slower pace, but he didn’t find the process entirely unpleasing, especially as he still had work to finish when they were done, and he also had a new client to meet that afternoon and he didn’t want to be late for that. He let her have at him as such for another minute before leaning forward and gently lifting her up and courteously positioning her on her back on the bed.

“That was really very nice Mrs. G, but I think I know what we both want more.”

Mrs. Givens grinned up at him, pulled up her knees and spread her legs wide in ready anticipation. Rory slipped off his pants completely, pulled off his tee shirt, and quickly put on an ever available and expected condom. He then knelt up onto the bed between her legs and penetrated her. In this position he could more readily control the rate and rhythm, but she made her own demands clearly apparent.

“Harder Rory. Fuck me harder.”

He strove diligently to please.

“Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.” she panted.

And he did.

“Don’t stop … Please, please don’t stop.” she pleaded

And he didn’t. One of Rory’s many talents in this realm was that he could usually last quite some time, especially when his mind was occupied with what chores he still had to do when this was done, and what his schedule would bring later that day,

“I’m coming Rory, I’m coming” she shrieked. “Oh God I’m coming so much.”

Rory took this as a cue and invitation for his own release, and with one final deep thrust and a low guttural groan, he came himself, accompanied by even louder screams from Mrs. Givens.

In a few moments it was over, and he slipped out and onto his side next to her. Taking a few more moments for them both to collect themselves, he finally spoke,

“You’re the best Mrs. G.”

She beamed up at him. “Do you really think so?”

“Without a doubt.” he confirmed.

She sighed contentedly, and after another minute he began to get up.

“I hate to have it end so quickly, but I still have to vacuum before I go.” he said. “And I have a new client I have to be on time for this afternoon.”

“I understand.” she answered. “I’m going to stay here and rest a bit longer.” she added. “Don’t worry about making the bed. I’ll do it after you leave.”

He gave her another huge smile.

“As I said Mrs. G. You’re the best.”

Rory quickly dressed and got out to finish the rest of his morning’s work. He certainly wouldn’t shirk or scrimp on his primary responsibilities. This was his livelihood and he was a professional and proud of it. This other service, for those that asked and wanted it, was just an extra, a nice little aside and benefit for both parties.

He vacuumed the three rooms that needed it, then finished dusting, polishing and tidying up so that by noon everything, except the unmade bed which Mrs. Givens had promised to take care of, was clean and immaculate. He had not seen Mrs. Givens again, but did find the envelope with his check for the morning session on the dining room table, along with, as was written on the outside of the envelope ‘a little something extra for all your good work.’ He smiled , pocketed the envelope and made his way out the back door, placing the key under the flower pot as he left for his car, and to make his way to the afternoon session with the new customer.

For the past four years, Rory had always been able to maintain a full weekly schedule of clients. He would lose an occasional one when they would move away, and twice when the customers, after a time, thought that he was a bit too expensive. More often some clients would insist that they needed him more than once a week, which he would always politely refuse, indicating that it wouldn’t be fair to his other customers who filled all of his slots. Most accepted this status quo, not wanting to lose him completely. He had lost a few clients along the way who had truly needed more time, but this never posed a problem for him. From word of mouth, and regular continuing queries to his web listing, he had a healthy waiting list of prospective clients, which he now had to utilize far and far less often.

The Monday afternoon slot was the first one that he had had to fill in over six months, but the client he was going to meet now for the first time had not been on his waiting list. He was taking her on at the behest of Mrs. Franklin, one of his earliest clients, and who had been extremely helpful in the beginning in helping him find a number of new customers. When she had recently asked if he could now help a friend of hers in dire need of housekeeping help, when this slot had opened he felt that he couldn’t and shouldn’t refuse her.

He didn’t know much about this new person other than her name, Rhianne Ross, and that she lived alone in a house on the far side of town. Most of Rory’s clients were married couples, although he did have a few older widows who lived by themselves, and one elderly spinster who treated him like the doting grandmother that he had never had. He wondered which of these two likely categories this new client fell into. He had only communicated with her via email, once that address had been supplied by Mrs. Franklin, to set up this day’s appointment and session.

It took him the better part of his lunch hour to find on his GPS and get to her house, which was on the opposite end and well outside the town. It was at the end of a small cul-de-sac and up a fairly long driveway. It was effectively hidden from the road by a large number of trees, but opened up at the top of the driveway to reveal a reasonably sized lawn area and hedges, all of which he noted were not very well maintained. That was not a concern for him though, as he only ever contracted for inside housework. The house itself was two stories with an attached garage, and was pleasant enough appearing, though in some areas looking to be needing some upkeep and repair.

He made his way to the front door, probably the last time to be entering this way he mused, and rang the doorbell. He waited patiently for well over a minute. When no one answered he wondered how long he should wait before ringing again without seeming rude or impatient, particularly as hired help. After more than two minutes he thought that perhaps she hadn’t heard the first ring, and maybe he should finally ring again. Just as he was about to do so the door opened.

Standing in front of him was a young woman about his own age, probably in her late twenties. She was tall for a woman, at least 5′ 11″, and had long reddish brown hair, now pulled back into a pony tail with a scrungie. She wore no make up, and for some reason he instinctively surmised that she rarely if ever did. Nor that she would need to. It would have added nothing, indeed would likely detract from what he could already see as an almost pristine and natural allure, with just a hint, he sensed, of a possible darker mystery. Slim and athletically built she was wearing long track warm up pants, running shoes, and a dark blue tee shirt. She remained there looking at him intently, waiting.

After several silent moments Rory was the first to sally forth. He flashed his brightest, genuine, ‘it’s a great pleasure to meet you’ smile and broke the ice.

“Hi, I’m Rory, the houseboy for hire. I believe we’ve been communicating by email and set up this appointment for today.” If, in actuality she was the customer. He had never before had a client his own age. Indeed, he had never had one within ten years of his age.

“Ah, yes.” she responded. “I’m Rhianne Ross.” confirming the fact. “You’re the person Dolores Franklin so highly recommended. Come in and we’ll talk first.”

With that she turned and walked away, and he entered and closed the door behind him. As he followed her from behind he was impressed by how she moved with such a lithe and confident grace. She led him into a living room and sat down at the end of a long sofa. She then indicated that he should sit across from her. The only chair there was a big overstuffed easy chair with a hassock in front, and he didn’t think that as the new houseboy it would seem right for him to settle back into the easy chair, so he sat on the edge of the hassock, facing her. She appeared to find that appropriate.

This time she was the one to speak first, and did so with a reserved smile, which nonetheless he found quite charming.

“Mrs Franklin has certainly extolled your abilities and I hope she is right.” she began. “I work from home, and I’m also a bit of a homebody. But I’m also not much of one for housework so I need someone to tidy up and put and keep this place in reasonably good order. Do you think you’re up to that task?”

He once again summoned up a big, boyish smile. “It’s what I do, and I promise you I’ll always do my best.” he assured her. “And I do most everything that deeds doing inside the house,” he continued, “except for laundry.” he concluded, just to make that clear from the very beginning.

“Yes, Dolores did mention that.” Her smile curved up slightly more. “I’m sure that’s something we can take care of.”

He nodded back in return.

“Well, I think that settles everything for right now,” she said after they had chatted a while longer, “and I have to get back to work, and you need to get started. So if there’s nothing else, let’s both get to it.” She then stood up and he hopped up quickly in response.

“Yes … Ma’am.” He hadn’t been sure at that moment how to refer to her. Miss Ross or Miss R just didn’t seem quite the right way to answer to somebody his own age, and yet she was an employer and an amount of respect for that needed to be somehow acknowledged, so in that instant he had come up with ‘Ma’am’. She seemed to accept and be satisfied with that. She nodded and left the room without another word.

After she had left him to his tasks Rory did a quick survey of the house and discovered that she had not exaggerated the general state of disarray. In every room he found innumerable items strewn all about and seemingly just left where they had last been used. There had obviously been no serious housecleaning in quite some time, and he realized that it was going to take far more that one session to restore the entire place into some semblance of order. He decided to attack the most serious areas first, starting in the kitchen with the piles of dishes, pots and pans that needed to be washed and put away. He scrubbed down the sink, oven, stove and counters, and rearranged neatly all of the cabinets. This left him with just enough time to scour and clean the two bathrooms in the house, leaving the porcelain toilets, tubs and sinks sparkling, and the tiles of the walls and floor gleaming. He worried though that she might be upset that he had only gotten to these three rooms, but she said very little as she handed him his check for that first day as he left, other than that she would see him the following Monday.

Arriving the next week he decided to work on her bedroom first. After changing the linens and making her bed, wondering as he did whether she ever did so herself, he then tackled her clothes closet, finding the floor piled with a jumble of mismatched shoes, slippers, sandals and boots, the hanging clothes jammed together indiscriminately, many half on and half off the hangers, and the shelves above a morass of sweaters, scarves and boxes. It took him the better part of three hours to get it all in some civilized order, before going back to the kitchen and bathrooms, which after a week again needed some major attention, although no where near as much as the week before. It took him two more sessions to fully attend to the rest of the house, including cleaning , dusting, and polishing the furniture in the living room, her study, her work out room, and the apparently little used dining room and extra bedroom.

Every week he would have to spend some time in the kitchen, bathrooms and her bedroom, but by his second month on the job he had things well enough in hand and order that he could get to every room during every session. It also seemed to him as time went on that things were not quite as messy from week to week, and that she might be making some small effort to keep things in more reasonable order in the times between his coming. He did notice every week however that her laundry hampers were always overflowing, and he wondered how often she ever got to those.

Rhianne was always present when he was there, although they seldom interacted except to say hello and goodbye, or if she had a special housekeeping ‘request’, which he always attended to immediately. She would occasionally grace him with a pleasant smile, something he began to look forward to more and more. She spent most of her time in her study on her computer, apparently working at her job, whatever that was, information of which she never volunteered. Sometimes though she would exercise in her work out room, either running on her treadmill or using her stairmaster. Rory made it a habit when she did so, to walk by the open door of the room as often as he could manage, to cast long glances at her from behind as he did so. He would find himself mesmerized by her long perfectly proportioned legs flowing so fluidly and effortlessly over the churning treadmill track. When not in her workout top, shorts and shoes, she was usually casually dressed in tee shirts, cutoffs and sandals, her hair either in a pony tail or a bun, but sometimes enticingly hanging loose and long over her shoulders,

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Introduction to Men Ch. 03

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All week I dreamed of having sex with Larry while I masturbated. I even thought of it while I was fucking my wife and that resulted in a monstrous orgasm that had semen dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs as she dashed to the bathroom exclaiming “Yuch, you come too much!”

I had told my wife that I was joining a football pool and that every Wednesday we would get together for a bite and watch the game at a well known sports bar. Glad to have me out of the house she agreed that it would be good for me, never asking who the other guys were or where we went to watch the game.

I showed up at Larry’s door and was pulled inside and kissed ardently with a little tongue action to boot. “Hi Sandy are you horny tonight?”

“Of course Larry, I’m always horny and I’ve been thinking about making love to you all week, you’ve given me incredible orgasms.” Larry beamed at that compliment and took me into the bathroom for a shower. “It’s time we showered together to get you used to having someone wash you Sandy”. I was happy to comply and quickly dropped my clothes into a pile.

In the shower he made sure the warm jet of water covered me from neck to toe. “Turn around and I’ll soap you up Sandy” Larry directed.

Facing the wall I felt Larry’s hand and a bar of soap on my back, my armpits then down to my bum. As his fingers slipped across my anus I tensed a little causing him to laugh, “Relax Sandy, that’s for later” he whispered in my ear. “Turn around?”.

I faced him and he vigorously soaped up my chest, thighs and abdomen, curiously he avoided my crotch. Next he soaped my crotch paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I stiffened to a rigid pole while he stroked my cock and ran his thumb around the ridge under the cap. It felt so good that I was soon thrusting my hips to Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort meet his stroke. I think Larry sensed I was near to orgasm so he knelt in the tub and placed his face and open mouth directly in front of my cock.

I moaned “I’m cumming Larry” as the first blast of semen burst from my cock all over Larry’s face. It was such a hot scene that I continued to pump streams of hot semen onto his face, some of it into his mouth and the rest onto his forehead, cheeks and chin. Licking the remaining drop from the end of my cock Larry smiled up at me like a cat just finishing a bowl of cream. He stood up and proceeded to kiss me so that both our faces were covered with semen. I licked a lot of it off of his cheeks and drove my tongue greedily into his mouth.

“God that’s hot Larry” I moaned into his ear. “Now it’s my turn.”

I soaped Larry’s back and as I ran my hand over his bum he pushed back. “Do you want to fuck me Sandy?” he asked with a pleading tone to his voice.

I have never had anal sex with my wife but at that moment it seemed like that was the best thing in the world to do. My cock, recently drained, rose stiffly to the call to action. I soaped the tip and put it at Larry’s anus. Pushing forward to meet his backward motion I was surprised when the head popped past the anal ring and slid smoothly into Larry. “Hmmm, that feels nice Sandy. Push in all the way please.”

I didn’t need much urging to begin to fuck Larry, he was so tight that the feeling was incredible and it was a natural thing to do. I had the sense to reach around and finding Larry’s cock stiff, take it in my hand and begin to stroke in time with my thrusts. “I don’t think you should do that Sandy, I’m going to cum too soon!” Larry gasped.

I knew Larry could probably only cum once and I wanted that to be in my mouth so I stopped stroking his cock and concentrated on fucking him. Having intercourse with a man was so incredibly tight and hot that I could not help but cum more quickly than I would have liked to. I thrust a final time into Larry grabbing his hips as I began to spew hot semen into him. Coming in waves I continued to thrust my raging erection into this welcoming hole. Honestly I don’t remember having had such a strong orgasm or producing so much semen ever before, but then I’d never had sex with a man before either.

“Ahhhh Larry, that was fantastic” I gasped into his ear as I slid my still rigid cock out of him. I stood back to see a stream of semen flow out where I had just vacated. Larry turned around, his eyes were bright with pleasure and kissed me saying “Thank you Sandy you sure know how to pleasure a guy.”

Now that the shower had turned to 30 minutes of wet, slippery sex it was time to complete the washing, rinsing and towelling and get into bed. I’d come twice in 30 minutes but was still incredibly turned on by the whole gay sex, shower, anal facial thing, my cock was as hard as it was at the start of the shower. “How about I dress up a bit for you Sandy?” Larry asked.

“What do you mean dress up Larry?”

“Well I sometimes like to dress up in soft, silky things to pleasure Bill. I think he has some latent heterosexuality tendencies that need to be satisfied!” Larry replied laughing.

“Sure why not, I like the feel of lingerie too. Once in a while Judy will wear a teddy or less frequently a garter belt and silk stockings that I bought thinking it would liven up our sex lives. Not!”

Larry had me lay on the bed and he proceeded to dress in a silky teddy, a satin garter belt & silk stockings and a pair of crotchless panties over top. Coming over to the bed he lay on top of me and began to slide up and down on me simulating a female-superior fuck session. My still rigid cock loved the feel of the panties and garter and I liked the silky stockings sliding up and down my legs. “God Larry, that’s so hot I think that I’ll have to cum again” I panted.

Larry stood up from the bed, pulled off the panties and returned with a small bottle of lubricant applying it to my hard cock. He then positioned his soft bum over my penis and proceeded to ram himself down on me. It felt just like when Judy sat on my cock, only tighter — very nice. As he slid up and down my cock he kissed me, licked my face and sucked on my nipples. Very gently he took a nipple in his teeth and applied just the tiniest pressure to it. I had never ever had my nipples sucked, Judy certainly wouldn’t do it. This erotic touch sent me over the edge and I began to pump semen into Larry. “Ungh, ungh…” was all I could say until I had emptied my load into Larry.

When I had finished Larry, still riding my cock, sank down onto my chest and we both lay there panting. “I’m sure I can’t cum again Larry!”

“No problem Sandy, just let me enjoy the moment.”

We lay for 10 or 15 minutes until Larry kissing me once more rose up off of my cock to head for the shower. I followed him on slightly weak legs. I’ve never cum 3 times in an hour before. We gently soaped each other up removing all traces of our sexual relations. I dressed and at the door to his apartment Larry said “How about we broaden your horizons a little Sandy?”

“What do you have in mind Larry?” I replied.

“Well, why don’t we include Bill in our fun next week?”

“Ok, if you think he’ll take the fact that I’ve been fucking his lover ok then I guess it would be interesting” I responded trying to mentally picture 3 men having sex. I kissed him gently on the lips and left for home humming a happy tune.

End of Part 3

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