Occasionally, I take short trips out of town and one of my favorite places to go is Las Vegas. I’m not a heavy gambler but I like to play some Blackjack and see some shows. The last time I was there, I was playing Blackjack when Shirley, one of my former lady friends came up to me. She is about five feet, five inches tall and I would describe her as “pleasantly plump.” I never use euphemisms; I don’t mean she is fat. Although not a candidate for being a Playboy centerfold, Shirley’s body is very nice to look at and even nicer to cuddle up with. She has a pretty, freckled face, short, brown highlighted hair and hazel eyes. I remembered that she liked me to suck on her toes and lick her feet while I played with her pussy. That got her really turned on and then she liked me to eat her pussy, which was unusually sweet, almost like syrup. She liked to deep throat me and sometimes she liked me to fuck her in her nicely rounded ass

Because I hadn’t seen her in several months, I thought of her as a “former” lady friend, although we had never had any kind of a falling-out.

Apparently, Shirley didn’t think of herself as “former” because she put her arm around my shoulders and gave me a big kiss on the mouth. There was an empty seat beside me and she sat down next to me with her hand squeezing my thigh. I had a twenty dollar bet riding and the dealer dealt me a six and a four and she had a six showing. After I doubled my bet, the dealer hit me with a three, turned up her hole card, another six, and hit herself with a nine. That was my third straight loss and was the end of this table for me.

While I was losing forty dollars, Shirley was telling me she was in town for a mini-vacation with her new boyfriend and that she was really glad she bumped into me. “John is nice and he does some things for me that you couldn’t, but you did some things that he can’t or doesn’t want to do.

Anyhow, we want you to join us for lunch in our room.” Both her hands were on my thigh by that time, and some of her fingers were rubbing against my cock so I had no question what the dessert would be at lunch. Since I had very fond memories of Shirley and I was leaving that table anyhow, we got up and I followed her to the elevator and to her room.

They had a nice two room suite and John was waiting for us in the sitting room. As soon as we came in and were introduced, he called Room Service and placed our orders. “Shirley has told me all about you, George. We’re really glad you could join us for lunch. Service is good here and it is late enough in the afternoon that they should be here quickly.” He was right; the service was good and the food was good too.

After eating, Shirley announced that she had to go to the powder room. “I have to wash my feet too, George.” She said that with a lewd grin and a wink at me. John just smiled. Apparently, Shirley really had told him all about herself and me. After a few minutes we heard the water running in the tub, and after a few minutes it was running again. Apparently Shirley was washing and rinsing her feet. A few minutes after that, she called from the bedroom. “Hey, guys, What’s taking you so long?” John set the security lock and we went into the bedroom to join her.

Shirley was naked and was sitting on the foot of the king-sized bed and when we came in, she stood up and hugged John and kissed him on the lips. Then she unbuttoned his shirt and while he was pulling it off, she unfastened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to his ankles. John is a good-sized man with blonde hair, fair skin and a smooth hairless chest. The most startling thing about him is that he is hung like a stud bull. When I saw that massive tool I knew one of the things Shirley likes about him. I could also see one of the things he couldn’t do. Shirley’s ass is tight and that thing would never fit in there, even with a gallon of KY Jelly. John stepped out of his pants and joined Shirley on the bed, naked. I removed all my clothing and sat on the foot of the bed because I knew what Shirley was going to want me to do.

But before that happened, Shirley was kissing John on his chest and nipples while he fondled her titties. She kissed her way down his stomach to his cock, then slid closer to the foot of the bed while he moved toward the head, to give all of us room. Shirley lay on her left side and John was on his right side when she took the tip of John’s cock into her mouth, then slowly moved her lips down, enveloping most of that big tool. She pumped it slowly back and forth but she was not able to get all of it in her mouth, at least not right away. She settled into a slow sucking rhythm and then she extended her feet to me.

I do not have a foot fetish but I used to rather like sucking and licking Shirley’s feet, partly because it turned her on so much but also for its own sake, because they are soft and smooth and felt good on my tongue. Nowhere near as good as her pussy or mouth or titties, of course, but quite pleasant. I lay on my right side, across the corner of the bed behind Shirley, whose legs were bent at the knees to give me the easiest access Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort to her toes and the soles of her feet, which are the most erogenous parts. I reached my left arm over her hip to reach her pussy, and started licking her right foot. Starting with the little toe, I slowly ran my tongue between the pads of her toes and the ball of her foot until I reached her big toe, then I brought my tongue back, licking each of the four smallest toe pads and finishing with the little toe. Briefly, I stopped what I was doing to Shirley’s feet and reached up to run my fingers through her pubic hair. She was wiggling her toes at me, wanting me to resume.

When I know that I will be eating a pussy, I don’t usually like fondling it first with my hand, since it is so much more enjoyable for both of us to fondle it with my mouth. There are exceptions to this, such as in a public place when the fondling is secretive but here I placed my hand gently around Shirley’s pussy, touching only what was covered by pubic hair. Before I did anything else, I wanted to see how Shirley was sucking John’s cock. She was slowly backing her face away, so that all that remained in her mouth was the tip, then slowly engulfing most of the shaft, with her lips stretching to allow maximum penetration, and I know from personal experience that her tongue was caressing the underside of what was in her mouth. Shirley was looking up adoringly at John as her mouth enveloped his shaft; she had always loved having big cocks in her mouth or pussy. I started gently squeezing and releasing the part of her pubic area that I had in my hand, synchronizing the squeezes to the strokes of her mouth on John’s cock, and turned my attention again to Shirley’s feet.

They were just as soft and smooth and white as I remembered them from months ago. Because they are a major erogenous zone to Shirley, she keeps them clean, and uses special lotion to keep them soft and free from corns or calluses. She gets a weekly pedicure and files her nails daily so they are never sharp and are always well polished. With my left hand gently squeezing Shirley’s pussy, I took the four smallest toes on her right foot into my mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds. Then I pushed them as far into my mouth as I could and licked the sole of her foot as far as my tongue could reach. Before I took the toes out of my mouth, I probed my tongue between the individual digits. Next, I licked the pad of her right big toe, then took it into my mouth and sucked on it. Almost like Shirley was sucking on John’s cock, I sucked on her big toe, moving it in and out of my mouth while licking the pad, then I opened my mouth and licked the ball of her foot as far as I could reach. After that, I licked the soft, smooth sole of her foot from the heel to the toes, and sucked on the toes some more. I could feel Shirley’s pussy squirming in my hand as she was getting aroused by John’s cock in her mouth and what I was doing to her feet. I even felt and smelled some of her juices flowing in her pussy.

Shirley moved her right foot away from me and started wiggling her left foot, silently telling me to start on that one. She had to tell me silently because her mouth was full of John’s cock. I looked to see what has happening there, and Shirley was still moving her head slowly, enveloping the shaft and then backing her face away until only the tip was in her mouth, and then taking the whole cock into her mouth. Although it was really big, she was deep-throating John’s cock. On one back stroke, she took it all the way out of her mouth and licked the head. The look she gave me told be to quit gawking and get busy on her other foot. Then she slowly slid that giant tool all the way into her mouth again, and resumed sucking it.

I held her left foot in my right hand and started caressing it with my tongue. First I licked the instep, then I moved my mouth down and played “This Little Piggy” with my tongue, starting with her big toe and licking the top of each toe in order. I concentrated next on her big toe, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it, then rolling it around in my mouth while licking the pad, then licking the channel between the big toe and the next one. All of the four smaller toes fit neatly into my mouth and I sucked on them and licked the pads and the short part under the joints. While still sucking on the four toes, I licked as far down Shirley’s foot as I could, covering the ball. When I took the toes out of my mouth, I licked each one then continued toward Shirley’s heel, stopping for a while at the arch. All in all, I was surprised at how much fun I was having, licking and sucking on Shirley’s feet, and I felt a pang of disappointment when she pulled her foot away and rolled over on her back. The disappointment quickly vanished when I realized that now I would be eating her pussy, which was heavily lubricating, and was squirming on the bed.

I moved up beside Shirley and started licking one of her nipples. She took John’s cock out of her mouth and turned to me and said “Don’t bother with those. John will do that. Just eat my pussy.” Then she turned her attention back to engulfing that huge cock in her mouth and sucking it slowly in and out.

I had no problem doing what she asked. There was a big pool of delicious juices in Shirley’s pussy and I sucked them all out and swallowed them, then licked in her pink vagina to get them all. Her pussy tasted as sweet as I remembered it. After I had enjoyed the nectar, I started running my tongue slowly along the inner surface of one of her outer pussy lips. That was when Shirley raised her ass off the bed, reached down and spread her cheeks. She didn’t say anything; her mouth was too full, but I knew what she wanted. I lubricated the middle finger of my right hand with my saliva and slowly inserted it into Shirley’s eager ass, then pumped it in and out a few times. Partly from the pleasure I had given to her feet, partly from the pleasure she was getting from John’s big tool in her mouth and partly from what I had just started doing to her ass and her pussy, Shirley was already humping her pussy into my face.

After licking all the first pussy lips and sucking on her mons, I started slowly licking her other outer pussy lip. The bed had been rocking gently from Shirley sucking John’s cock but when I was halfway to the end of the second pussy lip, it started shaking. I looked and saw that John was thrusting his cock into Shirley’s mouth with rapid strokes, and Shirley was taking it all the way in. He gave one last, vigorous push and I could see his ass clench, and then he relaxed and lay on his side. Shirley kept the cock in her mouth. Although no longer sucking on it, she was still enjoying its presence. I slowly licked the rest of the way to Shirley’s mons, and when I went back to her vagina, I was surprised at the volume of juices.

After I feasted on them, I looked up and saw Shirley doing some feasting of her own. John had ejaculated into her mouth and she had apparently swallowed all of that, and now she was licking the rest of it off his cock.

Her tongue was greedily licking the head and under the ridge, and she didn’t want to miss any. By cumming into her mouth, John had increased my pleasure because Shirley’s pussy had produced more heavenly, sweet nectar, and it was fucking my face even stronger. While this was going on, my finger continued fucking slowly thrusting in and out of Shirley’s ass.

After I had devoured all her juices, I licked and probed the lower edge of her sweet love hole and then one of the edges. My tongue squirmed its way between a pair of her inner and outer pussy lips and I started licking the outer surface of the inner lip. Shirley is very sensitive there and I wanted to cover the entire lip. As I licked my way toward her clit, I felt movement on the bed again. John had moved down and was licking Shirley’s nipples, flicking and caressing them with his long, agile tongue. His tongue was probably better suited than mine for some things but I believe I have more skill. It is more fun eating Shirley’s pussy and finger-fucking her ass than licking her titties anyhow. With Shirley’s mouth empty, she was crooning her enjoyment of what John and I were doing.

And we continued doing it. My finger continued going in and out of her ass, and I cntinued eating her pussy, slowly licking the inner lip, covering all the surfaces many times over and probing in to the seam between the inner and outer lips. When I reached the clit hood, I continued to go over and over that sweet little area, gently stimulating the adorable clit hiding

beneath it. As I teased her love button, Shirley started fucking my face even harder with her lovely pussy, much to my delight. She was not ready to cum yet but she was getting closer. By then, John was sucking on one of Shirley’s luscious titties and I hoped he knew how to lick her nipple and suck on the titty at the same time.

After licking up all the juices from Shirley’s pussy, I started probing my tongue between the other inner and outer pusy lips. She is just as sensitive on this side as on the other and the movements of her pussy got stronger. Again my tongue caressed her pussy lip the way to the clit hood, and licked the precious hood again. This time, I curled my tongue under the hood and caressed the adorable love button that was sheltering there. This direct stimulation of her sweetest of sweet spots got fast results.

Shirley’s thighs rotated slightly out and her pussy was fully presented to my face, which she was now fucking even more strongly. Her crooning had turned to moaning and I knew she was close to cumming. The unusual sweetness of Shirley’s pussy intrigued me, and I was really enjoying taking my time eating it, and I knew she was enjoying it too. I would have been able to bring her to a climax if I had wanted to, and I could have done so a long time ago, but I wanted all us, including John, to continue to pleasure ourselves as long as we could before we had to move on. Shirley had often old me how much she enjoyed it when I took my time eating her pussy.

Cumming is the best part, she had told me, but the eating itself is immensely enjoyable.

I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of Shirley’s vagina. Before I did this, of course I consumed all the nectar that had collected. I had to stop fucking her ass with my finger, so I left it all the way in and turned my hand so I could rest my chin on the back of it. When I started probing the sides of Shirley’s charming love hole, I pulled my middle finger most of the way out of her ass, held my index finger tightly against it and slid both fingers back in. The thicker intruder made her ass twitch and jerk but after a few strokes in and out, her pussy started humping more strongly yet, almost bouncing off the bed, and her moaning was mixed with whimpering.

The next place I probed with my tongue was the small area between Shirley’s love hole and her clit. This is a very sensitive area because I was indirectly stimulating her clit, and her hips started swiveling beneath me, thrusting her legs over my shoulders. By now, Shirley was begging me to suck her clit and I knew it was time for her to cum, so I thrust my tongue into her vagina and caressed the top of that delightful place. This further stimulation of her clit was almost enough, and it felt like Shirley was trying to plaster her pussy to my face. Her legs were thrusting even more strongly now, and I pulled my tongue out and sucked her lovely clit into my mouth.

I clamped my lips around that adorable love button and sucked on it. My lips formed a seal and my tongue probed and caressed the swollen sides and top. After a few minutes of this I heard “Oh. Oh. Oh, John. Oh, George.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” and I felt Shirley’s legs lock around my head.

John was still lying across her upper body, sucking a titty and his weight held that part of her in place but her legs and hips thrashed around, holding my head captive. I held onto Shirley’s thigh with my left arm, and, even though the muscles in her ass clenched, I was able to extract my fingers and hold onto her other thigh with my right arm. Even with the thrashing and bouncing that Shirley’s hips were doing, I kept my lips tightly on her clit, and continued to suck on it and caress it with my tongue.

With a last spasm of her hips, Shirley climaxed. She relaxed on the bed and her legs released my head and remained draped across my back. John removed his mouth from the lovely mound that he had been sucking on, and I devoured most of the fresh cum juices, leaving some there to lubricate it for what I knew would be happening next. When I looked at Shirley’s face, she had the most blissful smile I had ever seen on her, and I wondered how John’s pussy eating compared to mine. All three of us lay quietly for a while until Shirley broke the silence. “That was marvelous, you guys. You were both great. I haven’t cum like that in months. Let’s rest a while though because I still want to have some more fun, especially while George is with us.” I assumed that meant that she was going to want me to fuck her in the ass and I hoped so, because my cock was stiff and getting impatient.

After a while, Shirley asked John to lie on his back in the middle of the bed. His cock had gotten hard again and stuck up like a telephone pole but Shirley gave it a few quick strokes with her mouth to make it even bigger and harder and to make herself wetter. Then she knelt, straddling his legs and facing him, and put her hands on his chest. She rose up and over him, with juices dripping out of her pussy, and started to lower herself onto John’s cock. They didn’t use a condom, and that was between them. John spread her pussy lips and held his cock steady until the first few inches had slipped inside Shirley. Then she slowly lowered herself until John’s whole cock was inside her. For the last few inches she was sighing in pleasure as that big shaft penetrated all the way into her pussy. Shirley leaned forward then so she was lying on top with her legs outside of John’s, and her arms were curled under his, so she was supporting her upper body on her elbows. By pushing and then pulling with her elbows, she stroked her pussy on and off John’s cock, and he drove his cock in to meet every stroke. Shirley’s ass seemed to be winking at me invitingly every time John’s cock penetrated deeply into her pussy. She verified the invitation when she turned to me and said “Climb aboard, George. My ass is all yours. Use plenty of the KY Jelly from the nightstand.”

I always use a condom when I fuck someone’s ass, and after I pulled it on, I applied plenty of the lubricant, especially to the tip. Then the two fingers that had been in Shirley’s ass before went all the way back in there and smeared the KY Jelly freely inside and around the edge of that puckered hole. I knew from before how tight her ass is, and how tight it had been on my fingers a few minutes earlier, and it would be even tighter with John’s big cock all the way in her pussy. Once I was as well greased as I could be, I knelt behind Shirley, and she reached back and spread her asscheeks as far as she could. The tube of KY Jelly was close at hand because I expected to use more of it. Using the fingers of both hands, I pried open her tight sphincter, then I held it open with my left index finger and thumb and guided my cock with my right hand.

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