Big Cock

“Why don’t you get a job?”

“Don’t you have any friends whose house you could go to?”

“You’re wasting your summer, son.”

Having just graduated from High School, and finally through with the hectic exam schedules and overwhelming pressure, all Andy wanted to do was relax for a week or two. His parents, however, wouldn’t hear of it, and were constantly badgering him. They worked at home and managed a computer company together, and were always around, making the situation even more frustrating.

Finally, Andy’s mother suggested flying in his cousin, Cassie from Texas. They hadn’t seen each other in ages, and had gotten along so well when they were younger. Andy shrugged and agreed only to make his mother go away.

A few days later, much to Andy’s surprise, Cassie arrived and rushed upstairs to meet him. He was surfing for some porno on the internet like he was usually doing before dinner and was caught off guard. He quickly shut off the computer and put on some clothes before unlocking his door and being greeted by the hottest chick he had ever seen.

She had perfectly straight, blonde hair that hung down her back and stunning, blue eyes as well as two rows of sparkling, white teeth. She obviously was in the sun often, and had worked up a nice tan to prove it. Her plump, perky breasts jiggled proudly and hung high on her chest, and she wore a pair of extremely tight jean shorts that hugged her tight ass rather snugly and revealed her long, sexy legs. The girl smiled and pulled Andy into a hug. He was still in shock at how hot Cassie had gotten and all he could take in was how good she smelled and her soft hair brushing against his cheek.

“Aw, Andy, you’re so cute! I’ve missed you so much!”

Her thick Southern accent only turned Andy on even more. She stepped inside his room and looked around a bit. Andy regained his composure.

“So, uh, how have you been?”

She shrugged.

“Can’t complain; I’ve been having a great summer, though.”

Andy nodded, and wished he could say the same. Cassie had noticed the Nintendo on the floor.

“Hey, wanna play? I’m pretty good at this stuff. If I recall correctly, I kicked your ass last time.”

Andy laughed.

“That was five years ago, and you’re on.”

She smirked alluringly and seized a controller.

Andy Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort and Cassie played until dinnertime. While eating, Andy listened on while his parents pressed Cassie with a million questions. She seemed to handle it a lot better than he did.

After dinner was over, Andy’s parents had some work to do and he and Cassie had decided to go to the movies. They got into Andy’s beat-up old truck and drove down to the theater. Cassie got a lot of looks at the red lights and at the movie theater from other guys. One kid even winked at Andy and gave him thumbs up. Cassie simply laughed it off.

“You wish you could get with a girl like me.”

Andy laughed, but blushed slightly. Cassie didn’t seem to notice and got quiet as the movie started. They were having the time of their lives, and they continued doing so for three more days. The fun really began on the fifth night of Cassie’s visit.

Both of Andy’s parents and gone to bed, and the cousins were stretched out on the couch, watching TV. Andy was on the verge of dozing off when he felt a soft touch on his arm. Cassie was snuggling close against him and had thrown the blanket she had over both of them. Andy smiled nervously as she laid her head down on his shoulder and slid her hand onto his inner thigh. She slowly began rubbing him there, moving her hand closer and closer to his throbbing erection. He swallowed and pretended not to notice. She made him jump slightly as she cooed in his ear.

“I’m tired, Andy…do you mind if I lay my head in your lap?”

He shook his head and swallowed again as she kissed him softly on the cheek, sending jolts of pleasure throughout his body and making his entire face tingle. He tried not to look as she moved her head around in his lap, her head brushing against the head of his hard cock again and again. Oh, how he wished she had her head in his lap in a different way!

It was a few moments later that Cassie fidgeted around again and then sat up. She gave him a curious look, and then returned her gaze to his lap, which was now sporting his boner very obviously.

“I felt something poking at me…I wonder what it was…”

Without warning, she plunged her hand down onto his cock and started massaging it through his jeans. His heart was racing.

“Oh, Andy! We can take care of that, can’t we?”

She smiled seductively at him and starting unzipping his pants and pulling down his boxers. He didn’t know if he should stop her or not; this felt so good. She finally succeeded in releasing all seven inches of his stiff shaft. She eyed it for a moment and then nodded.

“Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.”

She licked her lips and picked it up, slowly working it in and out of her fist. Andy gripped the couch cushions and bit his lip, trying his best not to moan out load. Cassie obviously knew what she was doing.

“You see, we have to make it soft so it doesn’t poke my face when I lie down. Right, Andy?”

She grinned at him and then looked down at his rigid member again, moving her mouth closer and closer to it. Andy almost leapt out of his seat as she rapidly licked the head and slapped it against her tongue again and again. She smeared her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft and then lovingly kissed his balls, taking both of them into her mouth and sucking them afterwards.

At last, Cassie took a deep breath and slid the first few inches of his dick between her soft lips and down her throat. She slurped that thing like Andy had never seen in any porno, ever. He could barely breathe as she sucked him, fitting his entire cock in her mouth and blowing him more powerfully than a vacuum cleaner. She never took a rest and hungrily lapped up every drop of pre cum that oozed from the head.

After a few minutes of intense sucking, Cassie spit him out and shook her hair back. She crawled on top of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, thrusting her chest dangerously close to his face.

“Let’s make this last…”

She smothered his head with her titties and moved them around; making sure that her nipples brushed his cheeks everywhere. He reached around and grabbed hold of her round, flawless ass, squeezing it and spanking her hard. She laughed and started bouncing up and down on top of him, hitting him in the face with her chest every time.

Andy had managed to pull down Cassie’s shorts and micro thong and was now in the process of removing her top. It was a struggle pulling it over her chest, but he managed. Having succeeded in stripping his cousin of her clothes, Andy took a moment to admire her amazing body. She was completely shaved and he couldn’t wait to shove his cock inside of her, but he couldn’t do it here, on the couch. He picked her up in his arms and carried her, naked to his room. He was careful not to make any noise as he crept past his parents’ room. When they had arrived inside, he laid her down on his bed and turned on his lava lamp, to give them some light.

Cassie had already fumbled around in Andy’s drawer for a condom and Andy knelt in front of her as she slid it on his glistening pole. He tightened it a bit and then glanced down at her already moist pussy. He smiled for a moment and then slid down until he was eye level with it. She spread her legs and he closed his eyes, sliding his tongue inside of it and wiggling it around. Cassie had taken his pillow and was moaning loudly into it, for fear of waking up the adults. He lapped up all of her juices and when he was done, sat up and admired his work.

She smiled and watched his cock for a moment. He didn’t want to go inside her just yet, so instead he straddled her lap and waited a moment as she mashed her boobies together. She took his cock and slid it inside, but her breasts were too dry to fuck. He sighed happily and hungrily started sucking one. She stuffed more titty into his mouth, as he cheerfully slurped all of her fleshy skin and rapidly tongued her stiff nipples. When he was content with what he had done, he tried again and watched as Cassie slid his cock into her cleavage. She was successful this time and smiled as he pumped his cock in and out of her chest. When the head broke through, she would lick it and he would become closer and closer into what would be undoubtedly one of his most powerful orgasms ever.

Andy was at last ready to slide his cock into her wet pussy, and they were both anxious. He positioned himself correctly, and with a deep breath and a forceful thrust, he entered her. They both gritted their teeth in pleasure as Andy fucked his cousin with all of his might. She loved it and gripped the headboard, trying her best not to scream out loud.

He finally finished that night with a closing thrust. He shot a little bit of his load in the condom, but hastily pulled out and ripped it off, aiming the rest into Cassie’s open mouth and all over her luscious breasts.

They lay there, afterwards, and caught their breath. It was truly a night to remember, but Cassie still had three more days to spend with her cousin and they were sure going to make the best of them.

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