I Need It Bad

I needed to be fucked. Badly. It had been a long day, the final day of a long, difficult work trip, and I needed release. And not the kind you can give yourself. I know. I tried. Several times. No. I needed to be FUCKED. I needed to be taken, pounded, made to scream and beg. Damn I was horny. And I was stuck in town until an afternoon flight home the next day.

My name is Kirsten. I am 25 years old; a true redhead. Not flaming red, more reddish, but clearly more red than anything. I work out consistently, and I weigh in around 128 – shooting for 125 which would be a good weight for my 5’3″ height. I’m a respectable 32C up top with a firm ass. Nice build overall if I can brag a bit. Cute face; “critically cute” I’ve been told.

I have been exploring my sexuality since breaking up with a long term boyfriend, and usually I have had no trouble, well, finding some trouble. This trip had been different. I was very busy, getting back to my room exhausted most nights. In addition, the hotel bar was pathetic. I had thought about seducing a bartender, but every night the bartender was a woman. Not that I’m against women, but, as I noted above, I needed to be fucked.

Throwing the wet towel on the counter after stepping out of the shower, I ran my hands over my body as I assessed myself in the mirror.

Having lost a couple pounds, I could tell that working out was toning my body in all the right places. Cupping my tits, I smiled as I looked at my tight nude body.

“I’d fuck me.” I thought to myself.

I quickly dressed in some nice fitting jeans, form fitting white tee shirt with nothing underneath, and a black cropped jacket. I slipped on a pair of black boots and checked out my look. Hot. I was grinning as I headed out the door determined to get laid.

The hotel was located on a river, with the historic downtown just a couple blocks up from the water. I had already checked out the places along the main drag the first couple nights I was in town, and they looked like typical tourist places. Tonight I was after something more local and gritty.

I was a nice evening, and a fair number of people were out and about. I followed the riverwalk, passing by some upscale restaurants, shops, and a wine bar. On the river side, boats were tied up in the few provided docking spaces scattered along the boardwalk. As I came to the end of the walkway, I noticed a couple guys disappear down a flight of stairs underneath a more populated bar/restaurant overhead just across the street .

I was curious, so I crossed the street and headed in the direction of the stairs. Just above the descending stairs was a wooden sign nailed to wall with the name of the bar along with an arrow pointing down. At the foot of the steps was an old wooden door. I skipped down the stairs and walked though the door.

The place was small and clearly local. The bartender, along with the only person sitting at the bar turned to look at me when I came in, then turned back to their conversation. The wooden bar ran down the entire left side of the narrow space, with a juke box just to my right. A few tables were arranged along the right side wall. Just past the end of the bar, at the end of the room, was a table with a bench facing out with a couple chairs facing the wall. I could hear the clack of pool balls, and I could see light spilling from another room on the left past the bar.

The guys I had seen enter the bar were not in the front room, so I assumed they were the ones shooting pool. I stood at the bar and ordered a beer. I’m not a huge beer fan, but it was that kind of night.

At the end of the bar, the other patron looked up, muttered a brief hello, then turned back to his drink. He was a little older, and a little too beat down and worn out looking for what I needed.

I paid for my beer and drifted over to the juke box, I fed the machine a couple dollars and scrolled through the selections. Picking out The Stones first, I followed that with some Ramones, The Who, Lou Reed, more Stones, and some then Stevie Ray Vaughn. I was looking for another selection when one of the guys I had seen enter the bar earlier appeared at my side.

“Nice”. He said smiling at me.

I smiled back as I checked him out. A brief inspection was enough to know he at least met the minimal standards for my evening. I decided immediately to plunge in feet first. “You mean the songs or something else?”

His gaze drifted over my body, focusing on my chest before looking up into my eyes. “Definitely something else.”

I blushed and diverted my eyes. Still, this is what I needed. Aggressiveness, a cocky attitude. Someone who probably wanted to fuck as badly I as needed to be fucked.

“Well then.” I held out my hand, “I’m Kirsten.”

“And I’m Rob.” Rob shook my hand, not letting go as he asked, “Waiting for someone?”

Rob was about 6’3″ – I’m guessing – dark hair, blue eyes, and a smile that was just a little off. He was wearing jeans, work boots, and a tight Gaziantep Anal Escort tee shirt tucked into his pants. Tattoos were visible on his well toned arms.

“Solo tonight. Just hoping to have a little fun.” I said suggestively, my heart racing, my pussy tingling.

“Then come on.” He turned and walked away, assuming I’d follow behind him. I have to admit I was a little peeved that he assumed I was simply going to do what I was told, but, yes I did follow. I was too horny not to.

We walked through the main bar and into another small room. It was just large enough for a pool table along with a few barstools shoved up against the back wall. On the left side of the space, doors to the bathrooms stood slightly ajar. Another other guy was lining up a shot.

“Andy!” Rob called out causing his buddy to miss his shot badly. “This is Kirsten. Kirsten, this is Andy.”

Andy’s head came up with a pissed off look on his face until he focused on me. A wicked grin crossed his face, “Kirsten. Well hey.”

I nodded as I took another swig of my beer. To be honest, Andy kind of gave me the creeps. His hair was dark like Rob’s, but messier, maybe a little greasy. His face was covered with stubble, not just a five o’clock shadow, but more like he had not bothered to shave in a couple days. Wearing a button down denim shirt not quite tucked into worn out jeans, he was a bit unkept in his appearance. Somewhat menacing looking to be honest. A cigarette dangled from his lips. He just seemed a little oily.

His eyes were almost emotionally blank, concealing more than they revealed, and if I had ever felt that someone was undressing me with their eyes, it was this guy.

Andy put down his pool cue, stabbed out his cigarette, and grabbed a couple empty bottles, “Anybody need another?”

Rob nodded. “And another one for Kirsten.”

My beer was still half full, but I socked back another gulp, and before Andy got back, I was ready for another.

I won’t go into the more boring details of the next hour or so. We drank, we talked, we shot pool. Rob told me that he owned one of the cabin cruisers docked along the boardwalk, and that the guys were in town to do some fishing.

As more beer disappeared, I began to flirt shamelessly. With my short jacket draped over a stool, my stiff nipples were easily visible as they pressed against the thin fabric of my shirt. The guys got bolder, touching me suggestively as they “helped” me line up my shots. Rob was steadily assertive in his approach while Andy was a bit more aggressive. The two styles clashed, but touched on my very different yearnings and desires. My need to get fucked had grown to a fever pitch with each suggestive comment, with each non-discrete touch, with each finished drink. While I had initially been considering seducing just Rob, the idea of fucking both of them slowly took hold of my mind despite Andy’s inherent creepiness. Andy added something just a little dangerous that was really making my pussy wet.

When I hit the ladies room for maybe the third time that night, I heard snatches of conversation as the guys started talking in hushed tones.

“…she’s so fucking hot…she wants it man…” I heard Andy hiss.

“No shit man…”

Then Andy again. “…so let’s get her to go back to the boat with us…”

“…do both of us…?” Rob seemed a little hesitant.

“…just have to push her…she’s a slut…” I could tell Andy was pushing, insistent, aggressive. “She’ll do it.”

My body shivered at the last remark, and I flushed the toilet to let them know I was coming out.

“Anyone want another?” I asked innocently. I pushed a lock of hair back behind my ear and smiled sweetly.

Rob looked over at his buddy before turning back to me. “We were thinking about showing you our boat. We have plenty of beer, so maybe we can take the party there. What do you think?”

I took a step closer to him and pressed my body into his. I bit my lower lip, leaned in, and whispered seductively in his ear. “That might be fun. Someplace a little more private.”

His hands reached up to cup my ass as he leaned forward to kiss me. Our lips locked, and he slipped his tongue briefly into my mouth. Breaking away I leaned back and looked at him innocently.

He could barely speak, “Yeah. More private would be good.”

“But what about Andy?” I teased, pretending I hadn’t heard pieces of their earlier conversation.

Rob looked over at his friend, apparently not sure whether or not to sell his buddy down the river. Andy sat on a barstool next to the wall as he drained his beer. He looked like a predator waiting for the right time to make his move. A weird mixture of fear and lust rocked my mind.

I stared back at Andy. Despite my misgivings about his partner, I took the plunge and let Rob off the hook. “I guess I don’t mind if you guys don’t…”

Brushing my hair back behind my ear again, I offered up my best sweet, shy smile.

The bulge in his jeans seemed to swell immediately.

“We don’t mind…if you can handle it.” He rasped, looking over my shoulder at Andy who grinned like a psycho and nodded his approval.

I looked into his eyes as I bit at my lower lip again.

“Well, I’ve never done it before. I mean with two guys.” I lied. I hesitated a few seconds before continuing. “But it might be fun to try, if you guys promise to take it easy with me.”

Without another word, Rob kissed me again, took my hand as I grabbed my jacket with the other. He pulled me out the door while Andy stepped to the bar to settle our tab.

Just outside the entrance, on the small concrete space in front of the stairs, Rob spun me around, pushing me up against the brick wall, We could hear the diners on the outdoor patio of the restaurant above us as we locked lips. I gasped when Rob worked his hand underneath my tee shirt to cup my tit.

My nipples were hard as pebbles, and little electric shocks shot through my body as Rob pinched one of them roughly between his thumb and finger. I was groaning loudly as Andy came through the door. He was grinning like a psychopath, and Rob moved the side to allow his friend access to my body.

They pulled my shirt up, exposing my tits, and Andy bent over to take one in his mouth. The rough stubble on his face rubbed against my soft skin of my tit as he chewed at the nipple.

“…guys…” I gasped as pleasurable sensations immediately swept through my body. “…wait…not here…oh fuck…wait”

My moans were stifled as Rob’s mouth once again covered mine. My pussy was aching, and the initial stirring of a possible orgasm was building just from the stimulation of my tits.

I broke the kiss and groaned. “…wait…wait…not here…hold on…”

Andy practically gnawed his way up my chest to my neck, nibbling on my earlobe briefly before backing off. Rob stepped back, and I pulled my shirt back down over my tits. My legs felt weak and rubbery, and I was just catching my breath as Rob grabbed my hand.

“Come on!” Rob pulled me up the stairs with Andy trailing behind.

We walked down the street on the other side of the buildings that fronted the boardwalk. I stumbled between them, my arms locked with theirs. Andy kept sneaking his other hand up under my shirt to rub my tight belly, and Rob leaned over at times to nipple on my ear. About a block or so from the boat, we passed a dark, narrow alley on the right. Without warning, Andy grabbed my arm and pulled me into the darkness. Rob followed along as Andy stopped about dozen feet into the passage, and turned me to face the wall.

Andy shoved me against the wall, and I braced myself against the bricks with my forearms, trembling in anticipation of what might happen. Rob tugged my shirt up again to expose my tits as Andy reached around to unbutton my jeans. His hand slipped into my pants, and he began to roughly stroke my pussy through the thin fabric of my panties.

I moaned as I was finally getting some much needed attention down below, and I pressed my hips forward against his hand. Almost as soon as he started, Andy stopped long enough to rip my jeans roughly down over my hips to just below my ass. As usual for me, being so exposed in a public place was a mind blowing experience. My thinking was cloudy from the beer, but my arousal was through the roof.

My jeans constricted my legs, preventing me from spreading them apart, but that didn’t keep Andy from digging his fingers between my thighs. I grunted as he crammed two fingers into my aching pussy.

“Damn, she’s so fucking wet man!” Andy grinned at his friend. “I told you she was a slut!”

His fingers pistons in and out of my pussy as he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my head back. Rob was standing to the side, blocking the entrance to the alley apparently content to let his friend take charge. Finally, he stepped closer and began to roughly grip a tit in his hand as he looked around trying to make sure no one was watching us.

“Isn’t that right bitch?” Andy growled into my ear. “You’re a real slut aren’t you?”

Before I could answer, Rob hissed a warning. “Guys.”

He stepped back, and Andy yanked his fingers out of my pussy. I managed to pull my shirt back down over my tits, but my jeans were still down below my ass when a group of people walked by the entrance to the alley. More than one of them looked over at us, and I blushed furiously knowing that I had been literally caught with my pants down.

Andy just laughed as the group passed by. “Bet they got a nice look of that tight ass!”

I glared at him, but he just stared me down as I wiggled my jeans over my hips.

As I was buttoning my jeans, Andy’s hand shot out without warning, and my grabbed my throat.

“You never answered me.” He hissed.

A broad smile broke across Rob’s face. I looked from Rob to Andy somewhat scared and confused. I have to admit that I was also incredibly turned on. I was walking on the razor’s edge, drunk, horny, nervous, and more than ready to see this adventure to the end.

“Wha…” I stammered.

“Are you really a slut Kirsten?” He whispered.

Chewing at my lower lip I nodded.

Rob laughed as he took my jacket from me. He grabbed hold of my wrists and stretched my arms up over my head. Letting go of my throat, Andy wrestled my tee shirt over my head, leaving me totally naked from the waist up.

Rob threw my jacket at me. “You can wear this.”

I slipped into my jacket, my nipples rock hard. Andy stepped in front of me. Shivers ran down my spine as he leered at my barely covered tits.

“Well then. Let’s find out just how slutty little Kirsten really is.” He whispered.

Rob led us out of the alley, and we crossed the street to the boardwalk. About a block or so down, a few boats were tied up. A larger sailboat was docked in front of Rob’s boat, with a smaller sailboat in the space behind. I call his boat a cabin cruiser, but I’m not sure what you really call it. It was one of those boats that are used for deep sea fishing. An open deck space in the rear, then a doorway into a cabin. Up above, a console to operate the boat that was covered but open on the sides.

It was a good size vessel, bigger than I really expected. Rob helped me step over the side onto the gently rocking surface. As he pulled the keys to the cabin out of his pocket, Andy pressed against me from behind, his hands circling my waist. His palms were clammy on my bare skin, and his stale breath, smelling of beer and cigarettes was warm against my neck. Once again, I shuddered in anticipation as the door to the cabin swung open.

I stumbled as Andy practically shoved me through the door. Rob caught me and guided me down onto a padded bench on one side of the cabin.

Quickly glancing around, I could tell that the inside was actually pretty nice. A small galley kitchen was opposite the bench where I was currently sitting. At the other end of the cabin, opposite the door we came through, was a folding door that was open to reveal a large bed.

I barely had time to take in my surroundings before Rob’s hands were under my jacket, groping my tits. I leaned toward him and moaned.

Andy knelt down on the floor and began to tug my jeans down. Rob grabbed my wrists, and held my arms tight above my head. He didn’t need to bother, it was a game. I knew they were going to fuck me. Hell I NEEDED them to fuck me. But the game just intensified the whole situation.

My jeans were tugged down to my ankles as Rob ripped my jacket off. I pretended to struggle just a little against the almost violent actions of being stripped naked. Andy moved up to the bench pulling my legs onto his lap.

“Guys…” I protested as I felt my pussy getting wetter with each passing second. I lay across the bench, my upper body in Rob’s lap, my legs pulled up onto Andy’s as he yanked off my boots. I could hear people walking by on the boardwalk, and I could hear them talking as they stopped to look at the boats. The windows in the cabin were slid open to allow in some fresh air, and the curtains covering the openings billowed gently in the cross breeze.

The cabin was dimly lit by under cabinet lighting. Not really enough to cast any major shadows, but just enough so that we were not in total darkness.

Andy’s hand caressed my legs, working their way up to my bare pussy.

My nipples were so hard it was almost painful. I moaned and arched my back desperately needing someone to maul my tits.

“Guys…fuck…oh god…” I squirmed as a finger parted the lips of my pussy and slipped inside.

“She’s so fucking wet. She needs to be ridden hard man!” Andy growled as my jeans were yanked the rest of the way off. He ripped off my panties and tossed them aside. I was stretched out naked between the two of them, totally turned on, totally needing them to just fuck me!

My body trembled in the soft light as two sets of hands proceeded to maul my flesh. Rob and I were locked in a kiss, his hands finally groping and kneading my tits as Andy assaulted my pussy with first two, then three large fingers repeatedly slamming into my wet hole.

Rob broke the kiss first, gasping. “Get her up. I need to fuck this bitch.”

Pulled to my feet, my head was spinning as I was twirled around and forced to bend over the kitchen counter.

My chest pressed into cool countertop as Rob positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. My face turned to the side, my hands gripping the edge of the counter as I prepared to get the fucking I was more than ready to receive.

“You ready baby?” He whispered.

“…fuck me…just do it…!” I hissed back.

Rob pushed his cock just inside the entrance to my cunt, and I grunted when he drove his cock balls deep into my aching pussy in one rough, violent, stroke. Grabbing my hips, he held me tight as he plunged into me over and over. I bit my lip to stifle my groans and cries so that our activity would not attract the attention of the people I could hear still walking by on the boardwalk just a few feet away.

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