I have been dating Katie for almost 6 months. She’s a real cutie, flirty and full of energy, she’s the kind of person people love to be around. Katie is 24 years old, and works at a social media start-up here in the city. She stands just under five and a half feet tall, with dirty blonde hair, perky 32B tits, nice smooth legs and a great ass I love to cover in kisses. She is low maintenance, often wearing little make-up. She’s as comfortable at a sports bar as the opera. I am lucky to have her.

Katie and I have a good sex life. Nothing too wild, but frequent and relaxed. Sometimes, especially if Katie has had a couple of drinks, we do some role play which I always enjoy. One I love is when she plays teacher and I play the teen student that she seduces. This always ends with her riding me on top which is my favorite.

I’m Edward and I’m in Finance. I do well in my career; not 30 yet and making good bucks. Katie and I have softly explored her moving in with me but for now she has her apartment downtown, not far from my office, and I keep mine uptown.

Earlier tonight I was out with the boys from the office for drinks. I texted her around 9, and told her I was still downtown and wanted to come over after. She told me she had a college friend in town visiting and that she might stay for the night. I promised I would be quiet if I was late.

Of course we did go rather late, and after too many beers and scotches, I was grateful I only had to stumble to Katie’s place. I had a bit of trouble fumbling with the key to her apartment. When I opened the door the apartment I made a beeline through the dark apartment to the bathroom to take a piss. After splashing water on my face I decided I should actually shower before bed. I started humming while showering but then I recalled that Katie may have a friend sleeping over. I reached over through the shower curtain to shut the bathroom door and tried to keep quieter. Aside from dropping the soap with a bang I thought I did pretty well. I got out and wrapped myself in Katie’s pink towel. I figured I would quietly get a glass of water before joining Katie in bed. I wondered if I might be able to wake her up for a quickie.

As I walked to the kitchen I saw there was indeed a girl sleeping on the couch, and she looked rather lovely. Her jet black hair covered her closed eyes and little, and her big lips looked so inviting. She wore a white tank top which was mostly covered by a blanket, however, her exposed shoulders showed off smooth, copper skin. I stopped to look at her I wondered what ethnicity she was. Perhaps Indian and Caucasian?

Then I saw her bare feet which were sticking out of the bottom of the blanket that covered her. I have always had a thing for girls’ feet but I have only explored the fetish a little with Katie. She always finds it ticklish when I kissed her small, cute feet and generally seemed to discourage much attention there unless I was giving her a long foot rub.

This girl’s feet were even nicer than Katie’s. She had a fresh french pedicure that made every toe look suckable. She had a thin gold ankle bracelet on one foot. What I liked most, however, were her soft, smooth soles, which seemed to be presented towards me like a gift. I imagined what it would be like to kiss them all over.

Just at that moment I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see Katie staring at me with her mouth open. I turned my head and started to stammer and slur a hello but she cut me off.

“Why…why were you staring at Pia’s feet??!”

I felt heat raise through my body to my face and tried to think of something Gaziantep Escort Reklamları to say. I turned to her intending to reassure but again Katie cut me off, this time with a gasp.

“Look at you! Ed, you’re hard and staring at my friend in a towel. What are you thinking?”

I felt a little dizzy from the drink and my predicament as I looked down and saw the vulgarity of my cock forming a tent in Katie’s towel.

I tried to clear my mind but my forming thoughts were stopped by Katie’s friend rousing.

“Katie? What’s going on?”

“Oh Pia, sorry. This is Edward, my boyfriend.” She spit out the word boyfriend with derision, and possibly a little humor. “He thought it was appropriate to stop and stare at you in a towel while you were sleeping.”

Pia looked up at me and quickly focused on my cock as she started to sit up.

Katie continued, now with a giggle, “You can see he found you rather attractive. Oh, and he was transfixed by your feet!”

Pia smirked as she offered her hand while remaining seated on the couch. She was no longer covered by the blanket and the boy shorts she was wearing left all kinds of smooth leg exposed. I tried not to think about her hand being so close to my cock.

“Oh…well, nice to meet you Eddie.”

Nobody ever called me Eddie, but I shook her soft hand and appreciated that she seemed unfazed.

“So, you have a thing for feet Eddie?” Pia tossed out casually.

I blushed even brighter as I realized I was now trapped between two girls who were really expecting me to answer this. All while sporting a raging hard-on, and naked save for a pink towel.

Katie wouldn’t let me answer. “I think we have pretty clear proof that he does!”

Katie turned to address Pia with a conspiratorial voice, “He tries to kiss my feet all the times, but I think he might like yours even more!”

Pia and Katie both laughed, and I stood still, wishing I could disappear into the floor. As embarrassed as I was my hard-on refused to subside, in fact it twitched as they giggled.

Katie pushed it a little further, “So Eddie, do you like Pia’s feet more than mine?” Katie let out a snort as she exhaled and i realized that she was actually drunk as well. She only made that sound after she had a few drinks. It actually makes me horny when I hear her make that noise because it generally means I would be getting some soon. Katie definitely loosens up with the impact of alcohol. I glanced over at the kitchen counter and saw two empty wine bottles along with several wine glasses.

I looked down at Katie’s feet even while half-realizing this was a trap. “No…I mean…your feet are very nice and small and…”

The two girls started howling with laughter, and Katie let out more little snorts.

“Oh honey, don’t stop!” she implored teasingly, “tell me more about how nice my feet are.”

She emphasized the word feet with an incredulous tone. I looked up at Katie who was wearing just a t shirt and panties. She always looks hot when she wears that to bed and tonight was certainly no exception. Her nipples were hard and poking through the think white fabric of her t-shirt.

I looked her in the eyes hoping she would take sympathy and let me out of the predicament gracefully, “Katie, I…please…”

Katie spoke louder than normal now, “OK, if you can’t do that for me, then I want you to show Pia how well I trained you to give foot rubs.”

Katie plopped herself down beside Pia and thrust her little feet out towards me. “Do it now, if you want me to forget about you lurking over my friend with a hard-on!”

I knew I was in no position to negotiate. I looked at the two girls seated in front of me, then down at Katie’s proffered feet. I realized I was going to have to sit on the floor to rub them, so I started to awkwardly bent down to do so, trying hard to keep the towel wrapped around me while I did so.

“Lose the towel, you look silly.” Katie said demandingly. Pia laughed and looked at me expectantly.

“Katie, I can’t…”

“Give me my towel Eddie.” Katie said softly but very firmly.

I was humiliated but also excited by the situation. There were two hot, scantily dressed girls right in front of me, staring at me. I reached down and removed the towel, handing it to Katie. Now completely nude, my cock bobbed up and down as the two of them laughed and squealed. Pia whispered something into Katie’s ear and I just stood before both of them, feeling completely humiliated.

“Good boy. Now take care of my feet.”

I squatted on the floor in front of Katie. I couldn’t resist glancing at Pia’s feet which were right beside me as I reached for Katie’s left foot. As I took Katie’s foot in my hands I looked up and saw both girls staring down at me with smirks on their faces. The scene was so hot I couldn’t keep their stares. I looked down, ashamed and excited.

I lifted Katie’s foot a little so it was just below my chin and started to rub it the way she liked. She murmured her appreciation and I was happy to please her.

“Pia, do you remember our threesome in sophomore year?” Katie asked.

I looked up just a little and saw Pia grinning broadly. She looked beautiful.

“Ohhh…I’ll never forget that night.”

“I was so drunk, I think he could have got me to do anything that night.”

I couldn’t believe Katie was talking like this. She almost never even mentioned previous boyfriends, much less talked about sex with them.

“He was a hottie,” Pia said, “I think a lot of girls did whatever he told them to.”

They both giggled. Pia added, perhaps a little cruelly, “His cock was so big we both wanted it but were both afraid at the same time.”

I looked up to see Katie’s reaction but she pushed the sole of her foot into my face.

“But only you got to fuck him!” Katie complained.

“Only because he wanted to bury his face in your sweet ass!” Pia squealed.

“Mmmm…yeah. Eddie likes to do that too. Don’t you Eddie?”

I was a little surprised to be called out, and with Katie’s foot pushed into my face I couldn’t easily speak. I must have taken too long thinking because I felt Katie’s other bare foot smack me in the ear.

“Yeah, you do.” she said. “You love it. Why don’t you kiss my foot like you do my ass and show Pia?”

I was shocked she was talking to me like this, and that she was so open with her friend, but I started to kiss her sole, slowly at first, then passionately. I lost myself in the excitement, and even while I heard Pia laughing and Katie snorting as I french kissed the bottom of her foot like it was my first girlfriend.

Pia asked me softly but firmly, “Eddie, as a guest I expect you to give me a nice foot rub as well. Why don’t you do that while you suck Katie’s toes?”

Her voice aroused me but her words made me consider just how humiliating it was to be naked on the floor in front of a stranger, kissing a girl’s feet. The thoughts did not stop me from reaching over and taking Pia’s foot in my hand, while Katie helpfully pushed her toes in my mouth. My foot fetish was being satisfied as never before as I was rubbing a hot girl’s perfect feet, while my girlfriend’s tiny toes filled my mouth.

“You certainly have him well trained.” Pia told Katie as I tried to expertly rub her feet even while my view was blocked by the foot stuffed into my mouth.

“Well,” Katie teased as she ran her other foot ever so lightly along my hard cock, “he has been well rewarded along the way.”

My cock responded by twitching wildly. I really thought I was going to shoot right there and then.

Katie yawned, pulled her foot away from my cock and stretched it languorously until it rested in my shoulder. I could see up her t shirt to see a little of her pussy lips as I continued to suck on her toes and rub Pia’s feet. The stimulation was overwhelming.

“Well, I need to get some sleep. Eddie, you sure don’t deserve it, but you look so desperate down there on the floor. Do you need a reward before I pull you away from Pia and her feet?”

This time I didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes…please…I do need…yes…”

Katie paused as if considering and I looked up at her like a begging puppy.

“Well” she said, “I suppose…if you’re fast…you can really show Pia how nicely you kiss my ass.”

I looked at her for a moment, unsure if I understood.

“Well…get on your knees and pucker up or head off to bed!”

I put down Pia’s foot and got on my knees. Katie stayed seated looking down at me, so I puckered my lips as thought kissing the air. Pia was laughing loud as she found her cell phone and took a couple of pictures of me.

Finally Katie got up, stumbling a little as she did so. She moved in front of me and turned. Her pantie covered ass was visible as I looked up her little t shirt. In one motion Katie pulled down her panties and pulled up her shirt so her bare ass was right in front of me.

“Now’s your chance.” she said.

I kissed the bottom of each ass cheek, still a little uncertain of how far Katie would let this go. When she bent forward a little, exposing some of her pussy lips to me, I knew she really expected me to do it. I kissed up and down one ass cheek, slowly and softly and then the other. It always turned me on to do this, but seeing Pia watching in wonder just beside us made it incredibly exciting.

“Don’t be shy Eddie…get right in there.” Katie teased as she bent over a little further.

Katie usually pulled away if I kissed her ass crack but now she was asking…demanding that I do so. I did as I was told, my nose now pushed into her crack while I kissed along side it. Katie purred like she did whenever I pleased her in bed, then reached back and spread her cheeks for me. I tentatively kissed closer to her asshole and when she responded by pushing her ass into my face I kissed it greedily.

“That’s a good boy. Get your tongue in there for me. You can take care of yourself if you like.”

I french kissed her asshole gratefully and started to stroke my cock. I could feel I would burst quickly, and this only got more intense when I imagined I was the guy from the threesome, fucking Pia while my face was buried in Katie’s ass. I shot all over the floor, getting as little on Pia’s foot. I could see Katie’s pussy glistening with wetness as I finally pulled my face away.

Katie told me to clean up my mess as she flopped down beside Pia on the couch, wearing just her little t shirt. Pia made me lick off her foot before fetching a wet towel. When I returned and got on my knees to clean up the rest I saw the two of them sitting close together and watched Pia whisper something in Katie’s ear as they looked down at me. I knew Katie must be incredibly horny but the way the evening had gone I had no idea if it would be my tongue or Pia’s that would get the privilege of servicing her to completion.

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