All week I dreamed of having sex with Larry while I masturbated. I even thought of it while I was fucking my wife and that resulted in a monstrous orgasm that had semen dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs as she dashed to the bathroom exclaiming “Yuch, you come too much!”

I had told my wife that I was joining a football pool and that every Wednesday we would get together for a bite and watch the game at a well known sports bar. Glad to have me out of the house she agreed that it would be good for me, never asking who the other guys were or where we went to watch the game.

I showed up at Larry’s door and was pulled inside and kissed ardently with a little tongue action to boot. “Hi Sandy are you horny tonight?”

“Of course Larry, I’m always horny and I’ve been thinking about making love to you all week, you’ve given me incredible orgasms.” Larry beamed at that compliment and took me into the bathroom for a shower. “It’s time we showered together to get you used to having someone wash you Sandy”. I was happy to comply and quickly dropped my clothes into a pile.

In the shower he made sure the warm jet of water covered me from neck to toe. “Turn around and I’ll soap you up Sandy” Larry directed.

Facing the wall I felt Larry’s hand and a bar of soap on my back, my armpits then down to my bum. As his fingers slipped across my anus I tensed a little causing him to laugh, “Relax Sandy, that’s for later” he whispered in my ear. “Turn around?”.

I faced him and he vigorously soaped up my chest, thighs and abdomen, curiously he avoided my crotch. Next he soaped my crotch paying particular attention to my cock and balls. I stiffened to a rigid pole while he stroked my cock and ran his thumb around the ridge under the cap. It felt so good that I was soon thrusting my hips to Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort meet his stroke. I think Larry sensed I was near to orgasm so he knelt in the tub and placed his face and open mouth directly in front of my cock.

I moaned “I’m cumming Larry” as the first blast of semen burst from my cock all over Larry’s face. It was such a hot scene that I continued to pump streams of hot semen onto his face, some of it into his mouth and the rest onto his forehead, cheeks and chin. Licking the remaining drop from the end of my cock Larry smiled up at me like a cat just finishing a bowl of cream. He stood up and proceeded to kiss me so that both our faces were covered with semen. I licked a lot of it off of his cheeks and drove my tongue greedily into his mouth.

“God that’s hot Larry” I moaned into his ear. “Now it’s my turn.”

I soaped Larry’s back and as I ran my hand over his bum he pushed back. “Do you want to fuck me Sandy?” he asked with a pleading tone to his voice.

I have never had anal sex with my wife but at that moment it seemed like that was the best thing in the world to do. My cock, recently drained, rose stiffly to the call to action. I soaped the tip and put it at Larry’s anus. Pushing forward to meet his backward motion I was surprised when the head popped past the anal ring and slid smoothly into Larry. “Hmmm, that feels nice Sandy. Push in all the way please.”

I didn’t need much urging to begin to fuck Larry, he was so tight that the feeling was incredible and it was a natural thing to do. I had the sense to reach around and finding Larry’s cock stiff, take it in my hand and begin to stroke in time with my thrusts. “I don’t think you should do that Sandy, I’m going to cum too soon!” Larry gasped.

I knew Larry could probably only cum once and I wanted that to be in my mouth so I stopped stroking his cock and concentrated on fucking him. Having intercourse with a man was so incredibly tight and hot that I could not help but cum more quickly than I would have liked to. I thrust a final time into Larry grabbing his hips as I began to spew hot semen into him. Coming in waves I continued to thrust my raging erection into this welcoming hole. Honestly I don’t remember having had such a strong orgasm or producing so much semen ever before, but then I’d never had sex with a man before either.

“Ahhhh Larry, that was fantastic” I gasped into his ear as I slid my still rigid cock out of him. I stood back to see a stream of semen flow out where I had just vacated. Larry turned around, his eyes were bright with pleasure and kissed me saying “Thank you Sandy you sure know how to pleasure a guy.”

Now that the shower had turned to 30 minutes of wet, slippery sex it was time to complete the washing, rinsing and towelling and get into bed. I’d come twice in 30 minutes but was still incredibly turned on by the whole gay sex, shower, anal facial thing, my cock was as hard as it was at the start of the shower. “How about I dress up a bit for you Sandy?” Larry asked.

“What do you mean dress up Larry?”

“Well I sometimes like to dress up in soft, silky things to pleasure Bill. I think he has some latent heterosexuality tendencies that need to be satisfied!” Larry replied laughing.

“Sure why not, I like the feel of lingerie too. Once in a while Judy will wear a teddy or less frequently a garter belt and silk stockings that I bought thinking it would liven up our sex lives. Not!”

Larry had me lay on the bed and he proceeded to dress in a silky teddy, a satin garter belt & silk stockings and a pair of crotchless panties over top. Coming over to the bed he lay on top of me and began to slide up and down on me simulating a female-superior fuck session. My still rigid cock loved the feel of the panties and garter and I liked the silky stockings sliding up and down my legs. “God Larry, that’s so hot I think that I’ll have to cum again” I panted.

Larry stood up from the bed, pulled off the panties and returned with a small bottle of lubricant applying it to my hard cock. He then positioned his soft bum over my penis and proceeded to ram himself down on me. It felt just like when Judy sat on my cock, only tighter — very nice. As he slid up and down my cock he kissed me, licked my face and sucked on my nipples. Very gently he took a nipple in his teeth and applied just the tiniest pressure to it. I had never ever had my nipples sucked, Judy certainly wouldn’t do it. This erotic touch sent me over the edge and I began to pump semen into Larry. “Ungh, ungh…” was all I could say until I had emptied my load into Larry.

When I had finished Larry, still riding my cock, sank down onto my chest and we both lay there panting. “I’m sure I can’t cum again Larry!”

“No problem Sandy, just let me enjoy the moment.”

We lay for 10 or 15 minutes until Larry kissing me once more rose up off of my cock to head for the shower. I followed him on slightly weak legs. I’ve never cum 3 times in an hour before. We gently soaped each other up removing all traces of our sexual relations. I dressed and at the door to his apartment Larry said “How about we broaden your horizons a little Sandy?”

“What do you have in mind Larry?” I replied.

“Well, why don’t we include Bill in our fun next week?”

“Ok, if you think he’ll take the fact that I’ve been fucking his lover ok then I guess it would be interesting” I responded trying to mentally picture 3 men having sex. I kissed him gently on the lips and left for home humming a happy tune.

End of Part 3

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