Sons 19th Birthday

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*Everyone in this story is 18 or older*

*This is a true event that happened with my own mother and me*

My 19th birthday fell on a Friday. It was 2 years ago when I was 17 that I noticed this weird attraction I had. I knew it wasn’t right immediately, but I liked the thoughts I was having. I always liked welcoming different things into my life, especially if I didn’t know what the outcome would be. That was the thrill of it.

My mom had me when she was a teenager. I think she might have been 18, which was the age I was about to leave behind. My dad ended up not sticking around back then and I’ve never heard of or met him since. My mom showed me few pictures of him in her old high school year book. He played football and baseball when they were in school together.

I learned that my mom was a cheerleader as well. The pictures of her didn’t pass by my attention when she showed them to me. She looked like one of the attractive girls that were at my school. I remember not being able to look away from her exposed legs. The short wavy cheer leading skirt she had on seemed to only look good on her. The other ladies on the team were nice to look at too, but my mom seemed to have more of a shine in her smile. Like she meant it. It wasn’t fake.

After a year went by I somehow forgot about the pictures she showed me in her yearbook when I was 17. It might have been because I’d gotten myself a girlfriend recently after that. But I didn’t pay much mind to it. I unknowingly dropped the strange thoughts I had toward my mom. I never knew exactly what they were at the time so I figured I didn’t need to spend too much time thinking about it.

I lost my virginity when I was 18 to a girl I had been dating for about 3 months. She wasn’t a virgin and I was a little nervous about doing it with someone who was aware of what everything was supposed to do down there. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to preform properly for her but she had seemed confident in me. She told me she liked taking guys virginity’s. I wasn’t really offended by it at the time because I just wanted to stick my cock into something warm and she was willingly offering up her pussy for me so I went for it. My first time was different than I expected it to be. She was mostly on the top doing all the work. I didn’t like how she dominated me. I barely got to try out anything on her. She was the first girl I saw naked in person and it all happened so fast.

I remember regretting it about a week after we had done it. I decided to break up with her. It didn’t seem like it was right anymore. I felt shy when I was around her afterwards. I could only imagine her naked and I kept thinking that she was probably thinking about me being naked too. I wasn’t ashamed of my body. My muscle tone wasn’t too strong back then, but I had the regular tone to pass me by at my age. I was tall and lanky. I guess I had good looks because I never hated what I looked like. My mom said I got my dark hair and eyes from my dad. I was very proud of what I had between my legs though and figured it was best not to ask if I got that from my dad too. It would have been inappropriate at the time to bring up something like that to my mom. But anyway, back to my cock size. I guess that’s why my girlfriend was so upset when I broke it off with her.

I hooked up randomly with a few other girls through the rest of the year. All of them had done something very different than the other and I liked it all. I was in control the last few times because of the lack of that for my first time.

The stupid virginity-taking bitch.

It was about a week before my 19th birthday. I remember my mom coming into my room to get my laundry from my hamper basket. It seemed normal and I felt the same as always. She came in and rolled her eyes at the mess on my floor and the dirty dishes on my nightstand. I kept my eyes on my TV, ignoring her like the norm.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Kale,” she started complaining when she reached my hamper, “clean your room.”

“I will, calm down,” I told her, not looking away from my TV.

She had grabbed my remote from beside me on the bed and switched the TV off. “Now!” She yelled after picking up my basket of dirty clothes and leaving my room. I looked after her then grabbed my remote and switched the TV back on when I couldn’t hear her footsteps anymore.

I started flipping through the channel’s and stopped when I saw a girl in a bikini. It was some commercial or something. I don’t know. I was young horny, I didn’t care unless something female was showing a lot of skin. I always got a semi-erection whenever something relevant to that showed itself. I would hardly jerk off at that moment though because it would usually go away just as soon as it came. I always found myself jacking off in the middle of the night if I needed to. That way I was sure I wouldn’t be discovered by my mom.

Through the day she would always knock when my door was closed but that’s about it. After the knock she would always escort bayan şanlıurfa walk right in. Night time was my only escape if I was horny and needed to release.

I changed the channel when I heard my moms footsteps ascending back to my room to put my hamper basket back. I looked down at my lap to make sure my barely half hard on wasn’t noticeable. I raised my knees up to hide the slight bulge that probably only I would have noticed. I could never be too safe though.

“Daniel!” She complained again when she showed up in my doorway still seeing me laying on my bed. “Get your butt up and clean! You’re going to have family and friends here for your birthday next week. Up and at ’em!” She threw my hamper on the floor then walked over to my nightstand.

I watched her go for a couple plates and empty cups I never bothered to take to the dishwasher in the kitchen. I felt my heart skip a beat when I saw my box of condoms sitting behind one of the cups she hadn’t picked up yet. “Mom!” I yelled out, scaring her, “Just go, I’ll get the rest.” I jumped up facing my back to her as I slowly picked up the rest of my dishes.

I heard my mom walking out of my room as she mumbled, “What’s gotten in to you?”

I sighed heavily, relaxing. She would have went ape shit of she found my condoms. I picked them up and stuffed them back in the drawer of the nightstand where they belonged. I must have not put them back the last time I used them. It was only a week or two ago when I last had sex.

I looked down when I felt an odd, tight feeling I only got when I was fully erect. My eyes widened when I saw the impression of the head of my cock trying to peak out of the top of my jeans. I glanced around quickly to make sure my mom was still gone then dashed to my bathroom, forgetting about the dishes.

I locked the door after shutting it then unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I sat on the toilet lid and stared down at my boxers. Half of my cock was coming out the top while my balls were still left inside, begging to be groped. I stayed staring, wondering what could have caused such a quick hard on. It couldn’t have been the commercial. I was fine after I changed the channel and didn’t even feel the need to whip it out and masturbate.

I ran the tip of my fingers over the head slowly thinking about what a close call it was when I noticed that my mom almost saw my condoms. I gripped my fingers around the head and pulled down, making my boxers follow until my ball were exposed to my sight. I stopped completely, as I thought about my mom and my condoms. Was that it? The rush of my mom finding my condoms? That it was so sex related and my mom was involved with it? What?

I furred my eyebrows, pulling my boxers down further until all 8 inches of my dick was sticking up in the air towards my chest. I pumped back up slowly, letting my foreskin cover my red tip. I exhaled from the warmth of it and began moving my hand up and down a little faster.

I hadn’t realized that my mom was still in my head by the time I was about to cum. I kept going when the realization hit me, it seemed to still work the same as when I jacked off to other girls.

A long stream of cum soared up into the air then back down. Some if it landed back on the tip where it came from and some of it slid down to my balls. I looked up at myself in the mirror as I continued to slowly squeeze myself dry.

That was the first time I masturbated thinking about my mom. I didn’t know if I should have been disgusted with myself or not. I didn’t hate what I had done but I knew it was socially unacceptable. I repeated in my bed what I had done in the bathroom again that night and the next three nights. I used my condoms so I wouldn’t make a noticeable mess.

When Friday finally came around, I ended up cleaning my room spotless. I was supposed to have my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and a couple of my buddies over to celebrate my 18th birthday. I hadn’t felt any different than when I was 17, other than the status of being an adult, nothing changed after everyone left. Or so it seemed.

I was putting away some of the clothes my grandparents had gotten for me when I noticed my mom standing in my doorway. She was leaning against the door frame with a wine glass in her hand smiling at me.

“What?” I chuckled, putting a few new pairs of jeans in the bottom drawer.

She shook her head, “Nothing. You’re just growing up so fast, baby.” She said. I could see her eyes tearing up.

I rolled my eyes, “Mom, don’t start crying now. You’ve been good all day.” I told her.

“I know,” she said, walking into my room. My eyes followed her as she sat down on my bed, “you’re just getting older. Pretty soon you’ll be leaving me to go off to college, then you’ll get married…”

I shook my head. She was rambling and I could tell she had probably drank a little more than she wanted to. I knew she wasn’t completely upset about me escort gaziantep sarışın bayan growing up. The way she saw it was that if I was getting older, so was she. I found out very early that aging was a big problem for her. She was only 34 at the time. I figured that was still pretty young, and to have an 18-year-old son. I thought she looked her age, too. I guess she wanted to look younger but I liked the way she looked.

The last week really got to my head and I knew I was gradually becoming addicted to jacking off to thoughts of my own mom. I started thinking about her naked and even having sex with her. If not that, I imagined her giving me hand jobs or blow jobs. I tried to push away the thoughts when I was actually around her but they always seem to remain in my head no matter what.

“I’m not going anywhere any time soon,” I assured her sitting down beside her on my bed. I was sure to keep at least an inch of distance between us. I didn’t want to get myself too excited. I had wondered before what she would have thought if I was noticeably hard in front of her and she saw it. Little did I know that that was the night I’d find out.

“Promise,” she said, leaning closer to me and resting her head on my shoulder. Just like before she had the chance to find my condoms, my heart rate sped up quickly when I felt her hand rest on my thigh.

“I promise, mom,” I coughed out, hoping that whatever was moving in my pants wasn’t my cock trying to get hard. I could feel the blood rushing downward though, and tried to think of a plan to get my mom out of my room. I couldn’t just tell her to get out. I only did that when I was mad at her if we were arguing about something stupid. She was half drunk so I figured she’d leave soon anyway.

“It’s late. You should go to bed,” I told her, trying to get her out the easy way. I felt the need to masturbate more tonight than any other time in the past week. I felt my cock pulsating with my heart and I tried to keep it down by keeping my hands covering my crotch.

“I’m young,” she said, “I can stay up late. It’s only midnight.”

“Mom, you’re usually in bed by 10,” I reminded her. I was sure she was having some kind of aging break down now. It would explain her drinking as much as she did. She still had a little bit more in her wine glass to add to that.

“Well, things are changing. I’m going to stay up all night with you.” She said.

“I don’t stay up all night,” I told her, confused as to why she’d think that.

“I just want to spend time with my baby boy,” she told me, laying back on my pillow. I felt the bulge in my pants tighten as I remembered one of the things I thought about while masturbating to her. I had imagined her in my bed touching herself for me while I pumped my cock. She let me cum all over her tits and stomach in one of my fantasies.

Back to reality, I watched her chug back the rest of whatever she had in her wine glass. She almost unsuccessfully put it on my nightstand then relaxed further into my pillow.

“Baby,” she said with her eyes barely open, “turn the light off.”

I got up and walked to the switch on the wall beside my door and turned it off. The only light was from my muted TV on my dresser. I debated on whether or not to leave the room so I could sleep on the couch. I had a bad feeling about the night, but ignored it because I also had a good feeling.

“Come lay down,” she said.

I did as I was told and came back to the bed. I sat down beside her, leaning my back against one of my pillows. She leaned over on me and wrapped her arm over my waist. One of her legs followed in suit, only over my crotch.

I held my breath and swallowed hard when she left it resting on my not so soft dick. She nuzzled into me further, pressing her knee even more on my cock bulging from my pants. I took my other hand to try and adjust myself under her leg but was unsuccessful. I heard her moan beside me which made me stop moving all together.


She moaned back instead of answering me correctly. I stayed still, still not knowing what to do. I wondered if she was asleep or dreaming. Most people moaned and groaned while sleeping. It seemed natural when I thought about it that way.

“Baby,” she moaned under her breath. It wasn’t too loud. I slowly moved away from her so I could see if she was sleeping. I sat away from her and looked down at her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I put my hand on my thigh and slowly ran it up until I found the rigid hard on I was wanting to rub on. It would probably have been my only chance to make it to the bathroom to jack off privately.

Before I could get up and make it to the bathroom though, I felt another hand that wasn’t my own reach for my crotch. I followed the hand to my moms body then scanned up to her face. Her eyes were still closed tight but so was her hand around my shaft.

I didn’t try to move escort şehitkamil her hand away as I tried to keep in a groan when I felt her tighten her hold. I was growing stiffer from knowing it was my own mother, who I had been fantasizing about, holding my cock through my pants.

Usually when my mom got drunk then passed out asleep, nothing would wake her. The thought of that kept running through my mind each second she stayed holding me in her hand. I had made up my mind before I even started thinking about it of course. My mom was passed out in my bed. She had her loose night clothes on. I was horny. Surely you’re doing the math in your head like I was at the time.

I easily pulled myself away from her and stood up straight above my bed. I looked down at her body and thought about the cheer leading picture in her year book. I eventually ended up jacking off to that picture of her too once I found it during the past week. I had to hide it in my closest from her because I wasn’t very careful with the pages and how close I came on them.

I walked to the end of my bed and crawled on it, inching closer to her bare, exposed legs. I slowly brought my hand down on one of them, enjoying the smoothness of one, then gently found the other and enjoyed it just the same. I crawled up further, getting a better look at her breasts. She wasn’t as big as I’d like, but she wasn’t flat chested. I once sucked on those tits as a baby and I’d gladly do it again with or without milk.

I put my hand on her stomach and applied pressure to shake her back and forth to make sure she wasn’t about to wake up. The jiggling of her breasts swaying back and forth was only a plus for me. I slid my hand up further until I found the bottom of her breast. I pulled my hand up to grab the top of her V-neck shirt and pulled it down.

My heart was racing 100 miles per our. I was way out of my normal comfort zone. I liked the control I had over her and that only kept me completely erect besides knowing it was my mom.

I smiled to myself when her nipple came into my view. I rubbed my thumb over it gently, trying to remember what it was like to suck on something so beautiful when I was just an infant. I kept rubbing at the nipple until it was almost as hard as my aching cock still in my tight pants. It was starting to become uncomfortably painful as I kept straining against my length. I pulled away from my mom and unzipped my pants.

At this point it started to become very clear to me on what I was about to do. The last thing I was going to classify it as was rape. She was the one who grabbed my dick first. She invited herself in. The only thing I would call it was incest. If I liked it after, great! If not, I’d forget about everything I was about to do.

I felt like I was about to lose my virginity all over again. The feeling of just wanting to stick my cock into something warm and tight. But it was almost more than that. I was in control. I could do whatever I wanted first or last.

I kicked my pants off the rest of the way and threw them to my clean floor. I balanced myself back over top of my mom, my thumb finding her still hard nipple again. I brought my face closer to hit and inhaled to see if they smelled like anything. They didn’t really. Maybe her perfume, but that was it. I took my hand away from her when she took a deep breath. I waited for her eyes to open so she could see what her own son was doing to her, but they never did and she exhaled and went back to being sleepily still.

I brought my face down even closer to her nipple and licked around it slowly, hoping she wouldn’t give me another scare of maybe waking up. I brought my lips over her nipple along with swirling my tongue around it and sucked it into my mouth, then nosily popped it back out. I watched it sway back and forth again after letter if fall back down. I moved to the other one and did the same thing as before. I swirled my tongue around the nipple and sucked it into my mouth then let it pop back out. I put my hands on both breasts and squeezed them together to make her cleavage viewable for me. I kissed both of her nipples then swirled my tongue around both of them at the same time, surprised that I could make them touch. I let them fall back into place and rubbed them for a little while longer before going on to doing the next thing.

I rubbed my hand up and down my cock as I looked down at her exposed breasts. I slipped my boxers off once I got tired of feeling them on me. It felt good to let my dick stand up freely in front of my mom. The rush of being caught excited me for some strange reason. I got back in front of her and rubbed my hand up and down her naked legs. I wondered if her pussy was as smoothly shaved as her legs were. Every piece of skin on her that I had touched so far was abnormally smooth and it only made me wish that her pussy was the same.

I glided my hand gently up her thigh and stopped when I reach the bend in her leg right before touching her pussy. Her bottoms were still on and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about seeing my moms pussy for the first time. I pulled at her bottoms, trying to get it over quickly like taking a band-aid off. I tossed them to the floor where my pants and boxers where then looked back at her pink panties. Her pussy lips were noticeable through the fabric. I brought my hand to my cock to stroke it a couple time before continuing.

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