A Blind Girl Flashing… Or… A Blind Beauty Falls For The Big Guy.

Take your pick with whichever title. I prefer the second but I guarantee the first will get more reads.


I paced back and forth in the hospital corridor, almost like a father waiting for his wife to give birth. The surgeon and his team were in with Alison whereas I had been told to wait outside. Today we would find out whether or not the operation had been a success.

Alison had been born blind, she had never known the wonder of sight. She knew my features only by touch although she said that to her it was like seeing.

I had mixed feelings. Yes, of course, I wanted her to be able to see. Yet it scared me—would she find me too old? I was, after all, more than twice her age. It worried me that it might come as a shock to her even though she had said many times that it didn’t matter.

Why were they taking so long? Had something gone wrong? The questions tumbled over in my mind. It was a pioneering procedure and no one could guarantee that it would work.

A nurse came out and headed straight for me. “They will be ages yet, Mister Jackson. Why don’t you go and have a coffee and try and relax? You’ll wear the floor out before we’re finished at this rate. ”

I took her advice, got myself a coffee and went and found a quiet place where I could sit in peace. My thoughts turned to wonder about how it had all begun.


There I was, lazily flicking through the records in a newly opened music shop. Nothing that I didn’t already have was particularly grabbing my attention but I enjoyed seeing the good ***********ion they had.

I glanced at my watch. Shit! I was going to miss a scheduled meeting if I didn’t get my skates on and move my ass somewhat rapidly.

I charged out of the shop doorway, definitely not paying enough attention. Bang! I crashed straight into someone. I stumbled, trying to regain my balance, but to no avail; I hit the pavement hard.

Painfully, I dragged myself to my feet and then looked around for who I had collided with. The woman was on her knees, seemingly searching for something with her hands—perhaps her purse or whatever.

I rushed to help her and apologised for my clumsiness. “Hey, I’m so sorry. Are you hurt or anything?”

She didn’t look at me when she answered, in fact, she wasn’t looking at anything, just scrabbling around with her searching hands. “No, I’m not hurt, but I can’t find my cane. Can you see where it’s gone?” I saw the reason why she wasn’t looking at me, she was blind.

A quick glance about produced nothing. “Here, take my hand, let me guide you to the lamppost and then I’ll look for it.” She made no comment as she followed.

Then there it was, lying in the gutter where it had been hidden from view. “I see it, stay there a moment while I get it for you.”

A smile lit up her face when I placed it in her hands. And wow, what a face. She was clearly much younger than I had thought, more of a girl than a woman. But she was stunningly beautiful.

I saw the cane quivering and realised she was trembling quite badly. The accident had obviously shaken her more than she had let on. I also saw the small gash on her knee and the small amount of blood that was trickling down her leg.

“You’re hurt,” I told her, “there’s blood on your leg. I feel terrible, a total idiot.”

“It happens,” she said, “people don’t see us. The blind I mean; we get used to it. Anyway, I’m okay, just a little shaken, that’s all.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have to get used to it, people like me should take more care. Look, there’s a cafe just here, will you sit and let me get you a drink? You’re still shaking, I can’t just leave you like that.”

I saw her begin to shake her head but then change her mind. “Perhaps, I should sit for a minute, I do feel a bit unsteady.” She held out her hand to me. “Show me the way, please.”

In answer to my question, she chose a coffee. I led her to a bench seat. “Be right back,” I told her.

I ordered two coffees and asked if I could have some wet wipes or a damp cloth, explaining that my friend had gashed her leg.

Back at our table, I saw she seemed to have calmed. She was aware that I had returned with our drinks, her face turned in my direction before that smile was back. “Thank you, you’re kind.”

“Kind, huh! It’s the least I could do after what I’ve put you through. I’ve got a damp cloth and some tissues, should I… can I clean the blood off your leg?”

She hesitated a few moments but then nodded her head before saying, ”I like your voice, I believe I can trust you.”

Trust me? With what? Oh, of course, stupid. She’s blind but she’s letting me touch her leg. “Don’t worry, I’m not a molester.”

I knelt down as she swung her leg towards me. Up close the gash looked worse than I had thought. I knew it must be hurting her. As carefully as possible, I wiped away the blood and a few bits of grit.

I glanced up when she jerked. “I’m sorry, that must have hurt.” There was a small tear on her cheek.

“No, it’s fine. You have a gentle touch, but it does feel quite painful.”

Her fists were scrunched up tight, the hem of her skirt in a firm grip. It was then I realised I could see the blue panties she was wearing.

I took hold of her hands. “Relax, I’ve finished.” Then I smoothed her skirt down flat for her.

Her hand flew to her mouth and her face coloured bright red. She had guessed what I had seen. It was an awkward moment, we were both stuck for what to say.

She must have heard me stir the sugar into my coffee, she picked up her own cup. “Sugar?” I asked her.

“No, not for me, thank you.” The colour of her cheeks faded back to normal as she recovered herself.

“May I ask, what’s your name? I’m Alison.” The hint of a smile was back on her face.

“It’s escort karataş bayan David, David Jackson, generally known as, Jacko to my friends.”

“So, what do I call you? We’re hardly friends but things already got a bit personal, so to speak. What with your hands on my leg and me flashing my panties at you, however unintentional.”

“Oh, I only got a glimpse, nothing to worry about. I would like it if you called me Dave, a bit more personal.”

She laughed. “I flash my panties at a guy holding my leg and then he tells me he wants to get personal…”

I interrupted her in mid-sentence. “Hey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything. It’s just that I feel kind of responsible for making sure you’re okay.”

She beckoned to me. “Lean forward, I want to touch your face if you don’t mind.”

The fingers of both hands began to softly trace the contours and lines of my face.

“You’re older than I at first thought. Let me guess. Perhaps, thirty, maybe thirty-five.” She covered my lips with a finger to stop me from answering. “Your face tells me you are kind and thoughtful, exactly as you have been. You laugh a lot, that’s easy to tell.”

Her hands dropped to my shoulders, and felt a little, before moving down my arms. “You’re a strong man with powerful muscles. Is that from your work, or maybe sport? Now, you can answer me.”

I was astonished that she could tell so much by a cursory feel with her fingers. “I’m thirty-seven and I’m a fitness trainer. I also do a bit of boxing, but nothing too serious. And, I guess, I am a joker and do laugh a lot. How on earth could you tell all of that?”

“Dave, I was born blind. I live through touch and what I hear. It’s easier than you might imagine.”

I realised our coffees were almost cold. “Would you like another coffee, or do you need to be somewhere?” Then I remembered my meeting. “Bugger!” I exclaimed.

She seemed to know where my hand was resting on the table. She took hold. “What’s the matter, Dave?”

“Oh, nothing too important. It’s just that I’ve missed a meeting, that’s why I was running when I knocked you flying. It’s not the end of the world though, so not to worry about it.”

She squeezed my hand. “I’m sorry, you would have been there if you hadn’t stopped to help me. Not many would have. I’m very grateful. But no, I don’t want another coffee and neither do I have anywhere to be. I was only heading home.”

Suddenly, I blurted out, “May I walk you, just to make sure no more idiots go crashing into you?”

She still held my hand but wasn’t yet answering my offer. She took a deep breath before saying, “I’m going to break my rules for the first time ever. I’m not sure why I should, but I’m going to trust you, Dave. I don’t as a rule ever go with someone not introduced to me by family or friends. Yet, I feel there’s something about you, you’re not simply trying to take advantage of a blind girl. Can I trust you?”

“Alison, I promise that you can trust me, I’m not a predator. Anyway, they know me quite well in here, if I were a wrong type, you or the police could soon find me.”

She didn’t release my hand when she stood. I stopped by the checkout. “Fred, this is Alison, would you please tell her my name?”

Fred raised an eyebrow but then saw the white cane that Alison held. “Oh, sorry. Hi, Alison. This reprobate is my buddy, Jacko. Oops, wrong words I guess. But seriously, everybody in here knows him, he’s a cool dude. Ain’t that right, Mary?” He called to a girl behind the counter.

Mary came closer. “Oh my, what a pretty girl. I’m jealous, I’ve been trying to get him in my panties for ages but he ignores me. But yes, our Jacko is a nice guy, you can’t go wrong there girl.”

Alison had again turned bright red. “But I’m not trying to… well, you know.”

Mary laughed. “Just teasing, kid. Don’t worry.”

I felt embarrassed and was probably blushing myself. I pulled Alison’s hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here. They’re a bunch of nutters, even if they are my friends.”

We walked in silence for a while. Then Alison asked. “What Mary said, was that true? That must mean you have a steady girlfriend or a wife and you’re faithful to her.”

It was my turn to laugh. “Yes, Mary’s been trying to get me in bed with her for some time, but she’s not my type. And being faithful doesn’t come into it, I don’t have a girlfriend right now and neither am I married.”

Alison stopped in front of an archway; I had seen her touching the walls and hedges with her cane as we walked. “This is mine, thank you, Dave, for being kind and helpful. Now I know your regular cafe, perhaps I’ll see you there sometime?” She laughed, “Figure of speech, I will never actually see you.”

As she turned to open the gate I told her. “Your leg is bleeding again, you need to see to that when you get inside.”

I saw her come to a decision. “Have you got time, Dave? Would you perhaps come in and see to it for me? It’s not something I can do properly by myself.”

She was on her own territory now, and she moved with obvious confidence, the cane hardly needed. She went off to fetch a first aid kit. I looked around and saw the tidiness, although there weren’t many ornaments and no clutter.

“My parents and me when I was young,” she said when she came back into the room and she felt the picture frame in my hand.

“What do you mean—when you were young? Alison, you are young, well, compared to me anyway.”

“Oh, come on, Dave, you’re not old. I was ten when that photo was taken, I’m eighteen now.”

I wasn’t at all sure where this conversation was leading. Yet, there was something in her voice. She thrust the first aid kit into my hands. “Here, stop worrying, I’m not trying to seduce you if that’s what you were thinking.”

I cleaned the wound escort bayan karkamış with a cleansing solution and then dried it carefully. I put some anti-septic cream on a large plaster and then pressed it down firmly in place.

Her skirt had ridden higher up her leg than previously whilst all of this had been going on. Her panties were once more on display, but quite clearly this time.

With something of a jolt, I realised I had been kneeling there with my hand still on her leg even though I had finished the task.

“Are you looking up my skirt again, Dave?” I went to rise but she held my arm in place. “I don’t mind if you are. Tell me, what colour have I got on? I got them all muddled up recently and I now never know which ones I’m wearing.”

I got to my feet anyway, even though she tried to hold me down. “They’re pale blue but I shouldn’t be looking. I mean, for God’s sake, I’m just about old enough to be your father. I think I ought to be going now your leg’s all fine.”

She looked crestfallen, I even thought she might cry. Her face turned toward me as if she were looking at me. “Do you think it matters to me what age you are, Dave? I can’t see you. I just know I like you. When I felt your face earlier in the cafe, it told me everything I wanted to know. You’ve been so friendly that I thought I have a chance here. You see, I’ve never had a boyfriend, never been on a date, never been kissed, I’ve never even been taken out for a meal… nothing.” She did now have a few tears glistening on her cheeks.

But she hadn’t finished. “I understand if you don’t want anything to do with a blind girl. Just go, please. I’m used to being lonely. I’m sorry if I’ve embarrassed you, I haven’t got a clue when it comes to seducing a man, I suppose I did it all wrong.”

I reached down and went to take hold of her hand, but she snatched it away. “Please, I asked you to go.”

I grabbed hold of her upper arms and pulled her to her feet. For a moment, she struggled as I pulled her close. My lips hovered close to hers. “Alison, shush. Shall I kiss you?”

She lifted a hand between us until a finger touched my lips, and then she leaned closer for our lips to meet. I kissed her gently as her hand went behind my head—pulling me more firmly to her.

I could feel the urgency, no doubt, born of a need to be loved. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her body against mine.

She pulled away from the kiss. “Oh my, that was nice, thank you.” I could see her hesitation. “Can you stay, or do you have to be somewhere?”

I’d missed my meeting and had nothing more planned for the day. Besides, I was getting to like the idea of what this beautiful young girl was clearly offering me. “I don’t have to be anywhere, if you want me to stay, then I will.”

“Dave, I need you to want to stay, I don’t want you here because I’ve made you feel sorry for me.”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I kissed her again, but this time, much more firmly. I felt her body sort of shiver when my hands roamed her back. She pressed her tongue between my lips and I heard the “mmm” from deep in her throat. For someone who’d never kissed, she wasn’t doing too bad.

My hands locked together behind her back. It was to stop me from getting carried away.

Alison suddenly pulled away. “Why have you stopped your hands moving? Please touch me, there’s no need to hold back.” She planted her lips back on mine.

Still, I hesitated, but the urgency conveyed by the passion in her kiss overrode my reservations. Her fingers clawed at my shirt, pulling it higher until I felt the touch of her hands on my bare back.

With my reserve now gone, I followed her lead, marvelling at the softness of her skin beneath my hands. She shivered again and dug her fingers hard into me. I could hear the sort of purring sound she was making.

Once more, she pulled away from the kiss. “If you want to look at me… Dave, undress me.”

I raised her top as she lifted her arms, it was she that unfastened her bra but she held it in place. “You do it, tell me what you see.”

I allowed the straps to slide down her arms to reveal the swell of her breasts. She stood still, holding her breath as she waited. Her nipples, when I let the bra drop away, were hard and erect. That she was aroused there was no doubt.

I almost whispered, I wasn’t used to such youthful beauty. “Alison, they’re beautiful. Truly, they are.”

She suddenly remembered to breathe. “Make love to me, Dave. I want you to. Remember, I cannot see you, I need to feel, so please take your shirt off and… the rest.”

She let her hands drop to her sides as she waited. In only moments I was standing naked, feeling a little self-conscious even though she couldn’t see me.

Her hands lifted to my neck and I stood still as her fingers explored. She felt the muscles on my shoulders, and then across my chest. The ripples across my abdomen were where I thought she would stop. I was wrong. One hand continued down to search for my, by now, rigid member. She jumped at the initial touch.

She followed with a tentative touch, her fingers slowly tracing along the length. She laughed softly when it jerked after a finger reached the head. Her fingers wrapped around me, feeling the girth. Now she spoke, “Oh, David, I had no idea they were so big. How will that fit inside me?” She gasped, “Oh, I’m assuming you’re going to want to try… are you?”

My hands lifted to her breasts, gently caressing and feeling their firmness and the stiff nipples. Her free hand was unfastening her skirt and I saw it drop to the floor. She didn’t let go of my cock as she turned towards a door. “Come, let’s go to my bedroom.”

I could now see her gorgeous body. I wondered whether she was perhaps one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. kilis escort bayan I knew for sure, that I’d never been with anyone so stunning.

Alison stopped by the bed and turned back to face me, all the time, she still had a firm grip on my cock. “Now, love me, show me what this thing does.”

I eased her back and laid her down, then reached for her panties. She lifted slightly as they slipped over her hips. Then she lay there with her legs tight together. I saw the nervous look return to her face.

I leaned forward and brought my lips to her stomach. She squirmed a little under the touch of my lips as I kissed. I was surprised that she had short trimmed hair above her pussy, I somehow expected something of a bush.

“David, what…?” She gasped out when my lips trawled through the hairs, slowly going lower. She lay perfectly still, shocked at what I was doing. Still, she didn’t move when I pulled my head up a little to gaze at the two furled butterfly wings.

But she did jerk when I bent and kissed between them. Once more she asked, “David, what are you doing?”

“Just relax, I know what I’m doing and I promise you will love it.”

I had to press my legs between hers to open the way, she didn’t fight me but I could tell she was unsure. This was not something she had expected.

I kissed her soft lips again, but this time, my tongue dipped between them. Now I tasted the source of the heady aroma, as I savoured the wetness that was from her arousal. My tongue searched upwards, still pressed in deep. I brought my fingers to her lips and spread them apart. A hard lick made her both jump and screech when her button felt my searching tongue.

My lips descended as I sucked and now her legs eased more open without me having to push. I felt her clit responding to my circling tongue. She jerked each time I flicked at it and I heard her soft, “Oh, God.”

Her legs were spreading even further apart and her hips were now straining up to my teasing. She reached down until her fingers tangled in my hair, pushing me harder to her pussy. I sensed her rising passion and I knew it was time.

I moved up until I lay carefully down on top of her. My hand took hold of my throbbing cock to guide it between her thighs. My tip pressed between the folds of her pussy lips to slowly enter into the warm wetness within.

I almost forgot that she couldn’t see me, she appeared to be gazing into my eyes. “I’m frightened, David,” she whispered in a strangled voice.

“Don’t be, I promise I will be gentle with you,” I answered her.

Very gradually, I pushed deeper and then stopped. I just let my cock throb where it was. The scared look on her face slowly disappeared. Until, “Kiss me, then love me, I think I’m ready now.”

We kissed passionately with her arms clinging tightly around me. I felt her legs lifting to grip me. Suddenly she used her legs to force me down… deep inside her vagina. There was a momentary grimace before she smiled. “My first cock in my pussy. Now show me what he does.” The grip of her legs eased so, once more, I was able to move.

Slowly, I withdrew. I waited a few seconds as I lifted my face so I could watch her changing expressions. Then, once again down, deep down into her depths. I began a steady stroke back and forth. I felt that, by now familiar shiver, shake her body. Her hips were now moving as she lifted to meet my thrusts. Her hands went back to my head, holding me in front of her face.

“What do you see, David, what does my face say?”

“It tells me you’re happy and that you’re enjoying this just as much as I am.”

She pulled my head tightly into her neck. “Fuck me, David,” she whispered into my ear.

We both fucked, her instincts were spot on, her body moving to counter my plunges. “Faster, can you go faster?” She asked.

Everything seemed to happen quite quickly. She left one hand to grip my neck, and another scratched down the length of my back until she gripped my ass. Her legs squeezed harder once more. For the first time, I could feel her inner muscles gripping my thrusting cock.

She wailed my name, “David, I’m going to cum. Oh, God, so good.”

Her body went taught as her hips lifted off of the bed. I felt a hard squeeze inside and then she was shaking while I continued to pump.

Her hand came around and lifted my face. “Have you cum… Oh, yes, now I can feel you.” She reached up for a swift kiss. “Don’t stop, keep fucking me, David.”

I wouldn’t have stopped even if I could, not for a few moments more at least.

I was spent but still buried deep. I held her to me as I rolled sideways so we lay facing each other with my cock still throbbing inside.

I saw one small tear roll down her cheek, but her smile told me everything.


“Mister Jackson… Mister Jackson,” the nurse repeated, “you can come with me now.”

I had to hold my jacket in front of me, otherwise, my erection would have been plain for all to see.

She was sat up in the bed, looking towards to door that the nurse held open for me. Her hand went to her mouth as she stared.

“My God. Are you my David? Come here, you gorgeous hunk, I want to see you closer.”

I stopped at her side, her hand reached for my face just as it had done two years before. She felt again. “Yes, it’s exactly as I knew it would be now that I can see it. I can’t see you very clearly yet, but the surgeon says it will improve with every day.”

After a long hug, I eased her back. “So, you’re not disappointed with what you see, I was scared you might be.”

“You silly man. How could I be disappointed? I love you. And you know what? You’re everything I could ever want.”

I took the small box from my pocket and placed it in her hand. “Open it.”

She gasped when she saw the sparkling diamond. “It’s beautiful, thank you, my love.”

“No, it’s more than that. I waited until… well, I prayed you would be able to see me. Now, you can. Will you marry me, will you be my wife?”

We heard the sob and turned to see the nurse crying. Then, Alison was crying as well. But her smile was a mile wide.

The end.

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