Big Tits

My thirty fifth birthday came and went a short while ago. I hadn’t had the time to maintain my figure with the amount of work I have each night, so I settled in at 245 lbs and six foot. Parted brown hair with blue eyes as prominent.

Most mornings I awaken to the memory of the inferno that claimed my wife and my son. I can still smell the tang of gasoline. My older sister and I moved in together after my wife died after her marriage crumbled. We spend most of our days in quiet contemplation, at the dinner table and the living room most days. Neither one of us knew what to say, what to feel.

That night as I settled into my bed the door creaked slowly. Bleary eyed and in the pitch black, it took a moment for me to recognize who it was.

“Everything all right Jen?” I said. She nodded, clearly wanting to speak but lacking the capacity at the moment.

Jen had spent most of her life running track and field, and even after fifteen years she still has the body of twenty year old. Her breasts were on the smaller side but gloriously perky. Curly blonde tresses sat atop her head in a seemingly haphazard manner that likely took a bout two hours to get it right. My favorite part was the ass – she has one you could bounce quarters off of while I dreamed of sticking my dick in her rear and cumming again.

“Couldn’t sleep, too restless,” she said. “Mind if I sit here with you for a while?”

“Not at all,” I said. “Do you need anything?”

“Just the company, thanks little brother,” she said, sidling up beside me to make spoons. Everything was going steady and smooth until I felt a familiar stirring down below the waist. I froze – if I moved she would notice it, but if I stayed where I was my cock was fixing to burst. It twitched a few times uncontrollably. She was either asleep or not paying attention. With a sigh I pulled the blanket up and over both of us, seks hikayeleri settling in more comfortably.

The next morning all I could think of was the sensation of her snuggling with my cock resting on her ass, it’s there. I looked to her for a gauge and she seemed her usual self.

“Hungry Nick?” she said to me. I shook my head no – my insides were far too twisted up as it was. I was hoping they were good knots, and I was lamenting phantom loss. She pulled a yogurt from the fridge and came over to sit down with me. ‘”Anything good?”

“Not at the moment so far as I can tell,” I said. “Six hundred channels and still nothing on television.” I made to click off the unit and accidentally turned the DVD player on. For a moment I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, neither was she. We stared slack jawed and brain dead as we watched a man shuddering as he came inside a pleasantly chubby redhead. She eased slowly on to her stomach, the load inside leaking and running out of her pussy.

Jen cleared her throat loudly; I’d almost forgotten you were there. She shut the DVD player and skipped ahead a few steps, both of us unsure of what to say after watching cum run out of a pussy. I could feel my cock stirring while my left hand rests gently on her tits. I could have died right there and I would consider that a good way to go. She snuggled in just a little closer, a faint sigh escaping her lips. It took me a moment to notice her left hand was dipping below the waist line. That intrigued me. Figuring ‘when in rome’, might as well join her. A brief zip and my throbbing member sprang loose from its confines. She absently reached over with her ride hand and started stroking it without even looking.

How far could I push this? She’s been gorgeous all my life and we’ve been close the whole time, I didn’t want to jeopardize escort gaziantep şişman bayan that… and yet at that moment it took all of my willpower not to throw her onto the floor and fuck her silly until my load splashed across her pretty face.

“Jen?” I whispered hoarsely. If she didn’t stop I was going to cum all over the place. She looked at what she was doing and paused, blinking. She started to pull her hand away but I stopped her. “Please?” A feral light glowed in her eyes as she slipped to her knees and slid my cock into her mouth. I last about ten seconds before I shot my wad – to her credit she swallowed it all.

“I’m sorry Nick, I don’t know what came over me,” she said, swooning. Our eyes locked for a moment and then we came together, kissing like randy teenagers, pawing at each other’s clothes. “We shouldn’t be doing this, it feels so wrong… and yet right at the same time.” She stopped to look at me for a moment. “I want you inside me, little brother. I need something hard and large filling my pussy.” I

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My big sister just swallowed my cum and now she’s telling me she wants me to fuck her. I didn’t waste any time – I scooped her up into my arms and carried her upstairs, kissing the whole way. I kicked my bedroom door open and threw her onto the mattress. She seemed to enjoy that – I could hear the squelching sounds of a wet pussy being fingered. Immediately I knelt before her, kissing lightly around her thighs, ever so slowly moving towards the single most glorious hole on Earth. The first time I lapped at her clit she came, hard.

“Jesus fuck, what are we doing?” she said, panting. Without a word I pushed her back and positioned myself above her, my cock resting just at the top of her clit. She shuddered when I moved it up and down a escort gaziantep sınırsız bayan few times, eyes rolling back in her head. “God I don’t care if its wrong or not, don’t you dare stop now!” I smiled, sinking into her with one swift thrust. She screamed in ecstasy as I began ramming my cock back and forth into, both of us lost in our passion. Would it happen again? I hoped so. But if not, at least I had the memory to jerk it to.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I said hoarsely. We continued for a few minutes before she pushed me off of her. I thought for a moment that she was done, but I was wrong. She grabbed the bottle of lube sitting next to the bed on my end table and began working it into her ass. I could have died happy right there. Pulling herself up onto all fours, she looked back at me with a passion I’d never imagined.

“Fuck my ass Nick,” she growled. “Fuck your big sister’s tight little ass.” That was all the prompting I needed. Both of us cried out as we both orgasmed at the same time. She shuddered and slip forward, my cum leaking from her ass. I flipped her over and began lapping at it, figuring if she was good enough to swallow my load then I shouldn’t be afraid. As it was I cleaned up my own messes more than half the time. Her hips began bucking, her body thrashing on the bed.

“You like getting fucked by your little brother?” I said, sliding two fingers into her pussy as my tongue continued bathing her ass. “You like little brother’s hard cock?” She answered without a word, reaching behind me and pulling me to her face with deep nail bites on my back. You could have cut off my arm then and I still wouldn’t have cared. Everything was too perfect. Just as I began to slow my tempo something clicked…

…and then I woke up.

“What the fuck?” I said, looking around. Jen was up and out of the bed, most likely in the bathroom. “That was a fucking dream?” The wheels in my head started turning. So I hadn’t actually spent all night having rough sex with my sister. I’d spent all night trying not to think about exploding and making a mess and apparently my dreams had gone from there. That was something I wasn’t going to give up so easily, and I resolved myself to plotting how to make things happen with her for real.

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