Son and Mum Fix It

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Big Tits

Note: All characters are over 18. A fun story. About 4800 words.


My mum has always been beautiful and sexy. I spent most of my teenage years with an eternal hard on for my mum. I spent most of the time hunched over trying to hide it.

All of it was incidental. I was collateral damage from her ignorance of the effect of her body on me.

She didn’t have shame when it came to her body, to her it was all natural so where was the harm? She was the most playful woman I knew, she rarely took anything seriously unless it was work or harmful to others.

Mum had a great body and didn’t try to hide it in mum clothes. She wore what she wanted when she wanted. When she was home she wouldn’t think twice about walking around in panties and a shirt. She usually wore tight yoga pants which never failed to give me a boner. I basically drooled over her any time I saw her or thought of her.

I wasn’t the son who ignored his mother or thought of her as some kind of angelic helper. I lusted after her hard, there was no situation or position I hadn’t imagined me and mum in.

Mum wasn’t a slut, she never cheated on my dad. Or that I knew of, to her trust was never to be broken. And people around her were expected to follow that rule as well.

We lived in a typical suburb where every man worked 9 to 5 and so did the women unless looking after kids. I arrived home at 4pm and dad at 6pm while mum worked her own hours but was usually home when I was.

She was a genius with electronics. If it was feasible she could do it. She had hooked all the electronics in our house to a hub built into the wall. So at the few touches of a button she could control everything in the house.

Or as she said. ‘She controlled all.’ or to quote Morgan off Chuck ‘One remote to control them all.’ The remote sat next to her chair in the lounge.

She worked as an electrician going around to houses in the suburbs and seemed to spend most of her time gossiping while working. Somehow her woman clients knew she loved juicy gossip as soon as they saw her. She only took female clients because she said they were the ones to control the finances. The main reason was men never had gossip for her I think.

I would arrive home and she would regal me with tales of what was happening a few suburbs away. Usually it would involve affairs and mum took great pleasure in watching me squirm when she told the juicy parts. Me of course holding something over my lap.

Dad left us a few weeks after I turned 18. I was as shocked as anyone else. Mostly because he was the kind of guy you thought as a father and nothing more. No one expected him to bugger off with a woman of the same age and disappear.

Especially since he had a woman like mum to come back to every night. Mum never held back and most nights I could hear them at it. One night was especially loud and she came to my door and whispered through that they had tried anal for the first time and she remembered how much she loved it.

Needless to say the rest of my night had been spent imaging me and mum fucking like animals. I had to get mum to write me a note for PE for a sore wrist the next morning. She giggled the whole time while I tried to come up with an excuse why my right wrist had RSI.

After dad left, I had the impression she was flaunting her body to me. She was teasing me on purpose. She was treating me more like a room mate rather than a son. Since I was 18 and looked after myself, I acted more like a room mate as well.

This of course made my fevered brain work even harder over mum. Now she treated me like any other male I had delusions of having her. The weeks after dad left I was constantly hard as mum pranced around, brushed against me or sat on my lap to watch tv.

She would wiggle around till she was comfortable, usually sitting right on my dick. Then while my dick slowly hardened as I fought to control it, she would giggle or bounce around. I barely stopped myself from creaming my pants during those torturous sessions. I barely stopped myself from grabbing her, ripping off her clothes and fucking her right there.

She usually had her brunette hair in a ponytail that made her seem younger than she really was. She had been a slim build when younger and the years with motherhood had only thickened her slightly. My friends would never shut up about her and tried to invite themselves over all the time. While the girls I was friends with would usually moan they hoped they could look like her when they were her age. And some were just as bad as the guys trying to meet mum at home.

Quite often I thought about letting some of the pretty girls come home, hoping mum might have a pet and kiss session with them. But I couldn’t think of a way of watching or recording it without a big chance of being caught. Mum wouldn’t care, but the girls? I would be dead.

At the moment I was on the couch pretending to watch tv while mum was half in and out of a small door in the wall. She had put the hub controlling the whole house in the lounge and now after something escort gaziantep sahibe bayan had gone wrong, she was fixing it.

My pretending to watch tv was a little hard to believe as she had turned the power off in the house. I was obviously staring at her arse.

She had told me exactly what had gone wrong and what needed to be done. But all I had got was things had broke and now most of it needed replacing and repairing. She had been wearing a tight singlet at the time and I swear she had bounced her breasts to show she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Mum’s hand came out to scratch her arse, pulling the soft material of the yoga pants around until her crack was even more defined. Even that unlady like action made my cock twitch

I watched entranced as her arse wiggled as she worked, moving in small circles and sometimes popping up and down. It took me a minute to realise she had spoken.

“What did you say mum?”

“I said stop staring at my arse and come help me.”

Her hand once again came back, beckoned me with a finger, pointed down at her arse and slapped it lightly. I swallowed, rearranged my pants with my half hard member managing to make itself trouble. Too hard to push down my pant leg and too soft to trap under my pant waist, so it just poked out making itself very noticeable.

I moved over behind mum and looked over her head into the hole. The hole was quite large and mum was resting her chest on a cushion on the ledge allowing me to look inside easily. Her breasts were pushed up by the cushion, making them look even better than usual.

I saw a board of electronic looking things with switches, meters and a large touch screen. I was looking at the unknown.

“I was able to make this easy when it was out in the open and in pieces. But like this I need another pair of hands to help.”

“Uh, I really don’t know anything about this stuff. Can’t you just pull it out?”

“Not unless I want to break it apart and start from scratch. Now lean over me and hold these wires.”

I swallowed hard and looked down at mum. She was in a tight singlet and yoga pants with no panty line visible, she was as close to naked as you could be dressed.

I hoped I wouldn’t mess up too badly and got on my knees behind mum, my legs inside hers. I would have tried to kneel next to her and reach inside. But the hub was deep in the hole and since my spine wasn’t made of rubber this was the only option. Or so I told myself.

I leant in while maintaining a few inches of space between her and me. I wanted desperately to grab her hips and grind my cock into her sweet arse. But I didn’t have the courage to do it despite the weeks of her wiggling her arse while sitting on my lap.

I squeezed my shoulders into the hole, there was just enough room for both of us. I reached out and grabbed the two wires she wanted held. My belly was flat, but I still sucked in my guts to make sure there was no contact. We were now both chest deep in the hole.

“No, you idiot you are way too far back. Move forward.”

I grunted and shuffled an inch forward. Mum sighed.

“As far up as you can.” She bumped her arse back into my hips to get me moving. “Hurry up. I’ve got things to do.”

I gritted my teeth as her soft arse kissed against my cock and so I went the whole nine yards. I pushed my hips tightly against her pert arse and rested my belly on her back. Her head was about level with my chin, she tilted her head and kissed my jaw. Her tongue fluttered against my skin and I shivered.

“There that’s better now hold those wires together while I solder. Don’t worry about fumes, my ventilation system will take care of them.”

Now she mentioned it I could hear a soft whirring above my head, no doubt she was running it off the generator.

I spent the next few minutes following mum’s directions, smelling her sweet smelling hair and feeling her soft warm body through our clothes. I don’t know how women did it but even fully clothed they felt soft and warm. As if their femininity was too great for a few layers of cloth to hold back.

I tried to put every ounce of brain control into not getting any more erect. But mum hadn’t stopped moving her arse just because I was pressed up against it. Her tight muscles flexed and relaxed against my taunt thighs and hips.

“Mum can you stop moving? I can’t… eh concentrate.” I wasn’t really doing anything that needed concentration except to stop getting hard, but I couldn’t tell mum that.

“If I stop moving I can’t work. You want to cuddle with me like this longer do you? Well if you are good we’ll cuddle on the couch. But don’t try and feel me up too quickly. That will scare a girl off.”

I groaned and my cock twitched, getting harder. Mum’s arse continued to torture me. Her meaty cheeks rubbed against my more than half hard member, encouraging growth. Only the horror of mum noticing my hard on kept me from going fully hard straight away. I know she had felt it plenty of times, escort bayan şahinbey but it never stopped being embarrassing.

“No, your arse. Stop moving it or I’ll get hard.”

I nearly choked. This was the first time I had admitted mum got me hard. She knew she did of course, but I pretended I wasn’t hard. Even when I was tenting and feverishly trying to rearrange myself to make it less obvious. I had been flustered and said what I thought.

Mum giggled and pushed back hard against me. It was the final straw and my cock fully hardened into a iron rod between her arse cheeks. My cock was trapped between her cheeks as she wiggled her arse and made me groan.

“You cheeky little beggar. Getting hard on your mother’s tight and supple body.” Mum knew how to look after herself and while she wasn’t close to a teenager, she had a rocking body and she knew it. “I bet you want to plough your stiff cock up

my pussy and cum deep inside, you dirty cad.”

I gritted my teeth, she wasn’t normally so forward. But if she wanted to play like that.

“It is your fault for rubbing against me. You are my mother, you shouldn’t be doing or saying such things.” I obviously didn’t want mum to stop teasing me, no male wanted a beautiful woman to stop teasing him. But I needed the situation to calm a little. “Now didn’t you say you wanted this done?”

Mum huffed and turned back to her work. Her hands moving quickly across the hub, performing tasks faster than I could fathom what she was actually doing. But her arse was still moving against my hard cock. I wondered how much better it would feel if I dropped my pants and rubbed against her yoga pants.

No sooner had my brain had this treacherous thought than mum pushed back extra hard against me. Before I could think I humped back at her. She was so surprised she actually stopped grinding her arse against me.

In all the weeks of teasing I hadn’t moved, hadn’t responded to her teasing except to try and cover up my boner. Not once had I touched her as she had rubbed against me or flaunted her body. It was all coming to head today and I knew things had changed forever.

Mum turned back to her work and I just froze on top of her. She hadn’t really need my help, I hadn’t done anything except make things a little easier by holding wires and circuit boards here and there.

I wondered if she had decided to stop her teasing. For weeks she had been the instigator and completely in control, but today I had reacted like any male should have. I felt slightly relieved I wouldn’t be filling my pants with cum while my mum grinded her arse against me.

But at the same time I felt disappointed that I wasn’t going to and that the teasing was going to stop.

Mum’s arse started to wiggle against me again. At first it was just slow circles, then it started to build up into popping her arse up and down. Before long she was back to holding my hard cock with her cheeks as she rubbed her arse over my hips.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had wanted to play with my mum’s body for years and wanted to do everything I could, but I never had the balls to try. Now I had humped her, though only once, and she didn’t seem to mind.

I stopped holding the wires that she had all ready soldered and moved my hands to her shoulders. I started to rub her shoulders as I gyrated my hips into her moving arse.

We soon worked out a rhythm to keep my cock either in her crack or squeezed between her arse cheeks and my belly. I was harder than I had ever been and I was struggling to keep my head and keep it to grinding.

“Mmm. Finally you are listening to your mother. Won’t be long before I’m finished.”

I panicked. Did she mean we were nearly finished with the teasing and ready to go for the serious action? Or did she mean she was nearly finished the electrics and that would be the end of this scenario?

I moved my hands from her shoulders, shifting my left to cup her left breast and the right to hold her waist. I started to hump her good and proper, sliding my shaft up and down her crack. Even with her pants and my underwear and pants in the way I was getting close to cumming. Hell I was close to cumming when she had been grinding against me.

“Ohhh. Taking charge are we?”

My left hand squeezed her breast as I humped into her as hard and fast as I could in the slightly cramped conditions. I gasped as my breath rasped in and out of my throat. My heart must have been pumping all my blood to my cock as I felt massive while my head felt light.

I grunted as I came in my pants, each squirt of cum made me hump hard into mum’s arse. My cock trembled as cum shot out while my balls tingled as they tightened. I gave one last hump and lay breathlessly on her back.

I froze as mum tsked me.

“Only thinking of yourself you naughty boy. Well don’t think you will be the only one cumming today. I suppose you just needed to get that one out of your system.”

I started breathing again. My left escort şahinbey hand was still on mum’s breast, I slipped it inside her singlet and started to stroke and caress the impossibly smooth skin. Finally.

“Mmm, that’s better. I hope you don’t make the same mistake again. Now get those wet pants off or you’ll catch a cold.”

I awkwardly pulled my pants and underwear off while still chest deep in the hole. I managed to kick them off, after a moment I pulled my underwear back and wiped the cum off my cock as best I could.

I pushed my now naked bottom half back against mum’s arse. I instantly hardened as soon as I touched the soft yoga pants.

Mum giggled.

“Good to know I can get a man hard within seconds of him cumming. Now I really have to get this done, you still need to help me.”

I reached into hold the wires, but mum knocked my hands out of the way. Every time I reached to help her she would tsk me or knock my hands out of the way. Only when her arse started to grind against me did I realise what she meant. I moved my hands back to her body, this time slipping both inside of her singlet to grasp her breasts.

I played with them every way I had heard of. I rubbed the undersides, pinched and nibbled at the soft skin with my fingertips. Squeezed all over and moved her breasts around, before finally focusing on her small nipples. I rolled, squeezed, pinched and rubbed her hard nipples. I loved how her breasts felt in my hands, I was in heaven.

By now mum was breathing heavily and thrusting her arse back at my hard cock. I moved my right hand down to my cock and angled it between her legs so it rubbed on her pussy. Her yoga pants were soaked right where her pussy was.

I moved my hand back up to breast as I humped my cock along her sodden pants. Mum was now groaning softly. I was finally getting somewhere. Once she had cum she wouldn’t be able to leave it at simple teasing any more.

“Wait, not like this.” I stopped humping against mum, I was surprised my jaw didn’t hit her head as it dropped. “I need you to move so I can finish.”

“Um ok.”

I moved so I could once again kneel behind mum. I paused, but she was moving back as well. I moved to the side and wondered what to do, I felt out place naked from the waist down. Had she decided she didn’t want to cum with her son?

“Right take off your shirt.”

I quickly obeyed mum. She gestured me to come back to the access hole for the hub.

“Lay on your back, so your shoulders are inside the hole.”

I nodded and moved back inside the hole, this time facing upwards. The cushion padded the edge well and I was comfortable.

I looked back in time to see mum straddle my hips before moving her chest back inside the hole.

Now she was sitting on my hard cock and her breasts were right in my face. I lifted her singlet sucked her right breast into my mouth while my hands roamed over her arse and belly. I switched to her left breast as she moaned at my wet tongue and hot mouth sucking and licking her breasts.

Mum wasn’t stacked, but her breasts were more than a handful with hardly any drooping. Her arse was firm in my hands while her belly only had a slight bump. She was hot.

I slid my cock against her pussy and froze. Her hot and drenched pussy was sitting directly on my cock. My hands roamed over her and found the split in her pants. I slipped a finger in and found from her rosebud to just above her pussy was exposed.

I couldn’t resist and pushed my index finger into mum’s pussy. She moaned, but I could still hear her messing about with the hub above my head. I don’t know how she managed to keep her concentration.

I slipped my middle finger in with index and started to build up as much speed as I could from the position. My right hand moved underneath and tickled her clit while I continued to suck and lick at her breasts.

I was getting worked up, my cock was aching for action and I knew mum was just as excited as me. My cock was all ready covered in her juices.

I stopped humping her pussy, pulled my fingers from her hole and lifted her hips up. She knew what was coming.

I stood my cock up straight and guided her pussy down so my head rested at her entrance. Before I could do anything more she slammed her hips down. Her pussy swallowed up my cock and I moaned in ecstasy as my cock was suddenly enveloped by a warm, tight, wet pussy. She echoed my deep moan with her own.

I immediately started thrusting up into mum’s pussy, she was slamming her hips up and down groaning as my length stabbed in and out of her pussy.

“Ohhh. I’ve wanted this for a long time. Don’t think this is a one off thing.”

I managed to pull some brain cells not blasted by pleasure together.

“Don’t you need to finish fixing the hub?”

My words were punctuated by groans, as were mum’s. We were both wallowing in the pleasure. I couldn’t believe just how hot and tight she was as she slid up and down my shaft. While from her groans she sounded like she liked my cock ploughing into her pussy.

“Oh that? I finished ages ago. I was just playing for the last ten minutes. Now fuck me hard.”

Even though our positions were cramped I gave it my best, lifting up my lower half in an effort to drive my cock into my mum’s pussy as hard as I could. Her tight wet love tunnel was pulsing on my cock, driving me on to fuck harder and faster.

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