Spying My Brother

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I don’t know how it first started, but I caught a glimpse of my brother’s cock. My brother Tommy always wore tight jeans or shorts around the house. I didn’t have a boyfriend and I just had this itch I couldn’t quite scratch.

My brother was eighteen and I was barely two years older than him. I am not the best looking girl around and maybe that was the reason I never had any dates. I had small tits and I was on the thin side. I had to do something.

I would look at Tommy’s bulge as he wandered around the house and then I got bolder. Late at night when my brother was asleep I would crack the door to his bedroom. Tommy would sometimes fall asleep with his nightlight still on. He would be on top of the covers totally naked.

I would look at his long, thick cock lying on his belly. It took all my self-control to not enter his room. I was weak one night. I opened the door to his room and stepped inside. As I shut the door my brother stirred. I held my breath for a minute and then got closer to the bed.

Tommy’s cock was half hard. I knew it was wrong, but I reached out and took it in my hand. That was when my brother woke up.

“Ellen, what are you doing here?”

I don’t think he knew I was holding his cock for those few seconds and then he looked down. I just couldn’t release that fat cock from my hand. Tommy gave me this look that said it all. He knew I wanted his cock. God help me, I really did want it.

I sat down on the side of the bed and I started to stroke my brother’s dick. Tommy began to arch his back some, like he wanted something more from me.

“Suck on it Ellen,” he told me.

I had to have my brother, there was no other way for me now. I lowered escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan my face and took his throbbing mushroom into my mouth. I started to work my lips up and down his huge dick. I needed my brother, I needed him in the worst way.

In a few minutes I had Tommy’s cock rock hard from sucking on it. I pulled off and just looked at my brother. He had lust in his eyes. He got up from the bed and had me stand up. Tommy slowly removed every stitch of clothes I had on. He had me lie on my back.

My heart was beating fast. I never thought it would come to this, honestly. My brother parted my legs and crawled in between them. Tommy had his cock in his hand and he rubbed his cock head up and down my slit. All I knew is I had to have my brother, I craved his cock.

Tommy slowly slid his rod into my pussy. I was tight, but Tommy loosened me up pretty quickly. His cock felt enormous inside me. I had only been with one other guy before. He was nowhere as big as my brother. Tommy took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up. He kept pushing until he had all of his cock buried inside me.

It was all I could do, to not cry out. My parents were down the hall. If they caught us I hated to think what would happen. Tommy didn’t seem to care. He drove his monster dick deep inside my belly. Over and over he fed me every hard inch of his pole. I had to put my hand over my mouth a few times in order not to cry out.

I knew Tommy had all of his dick inside me. I felt his balls slapping against my ass cheeks. He was slamming me hard. I finally came out of my haze and I told my brother to pull out before he came inside me. escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan He wasn’t wearing a rubber and I wasn’t on any birth control. It was like Tommy was totally out of it.

I repeated myself, but Tommy kept sliding his dick deeper and deeper into me. Then my brother arched his back and I felt him explode inside my pussy. My face must have shown how I felt. I tried to pull away, but I couldn’t. Tommy kept fucking me like a crazy man and shooting his hot seed deep into my belly.

All I can recall now is that he didn’t seem to stop. He kept plowing his big pecker into me and showering me with his cum. Some minutes later my brother finally got soft and pulled out of me. All his white baby seed came dripping out of my hole. I gathered up my clothes and ran into the bathroom.

I tried as best I could to push all that cum out of me and clean myself up. I was worried now. What had we done? I didn’t go back to Tommy, but I went to my bed and cried to myself. I hoped I wasn’t pregnant from my brother fucking me. I finally drifted off and fell to sleep.

The next morning my parents had left for work. I got up and went into the living room. There sat my brother.

“That was so hot last night Ellen,” he told me as he smiled.

I reached out and slapped him.

“What was that for?” my brother asked.

“I told you not to cum inside me, why didn’t you listen?”

“You walked into my bedroom and stroked my cock, what did you think was going to happen?” My brother asked me.

I guess I was a fool. What did I think was going to happen after I made my brother’s hard with my mouth?

“I escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan know you are still horny,” he told me.

I hated to admit it to myself. All I could think of after I went to my bedroom was Tommy fucking me like crazy last night. My brother took hold of my wrist and pulled me to the couch. I tried to pull away, but in the back of my mind I wanted him again.

Tommy pulled off my bathrobe and pulled me onto the couch. All my brother had on was a pair of shorts. He managed to pull them off and we were both naked. I was on top of my brother. I could feel his cock rested against my belly. All that rubbing against me was making him hard again.

Tommy got into position. My pussy was pushing against his cock head. He managed to fit the head to my pussy lips and slide into me once more. Fuck, I needed him. I wanted his cock even if he had creamed my pussy. I wanted him to do it again.

I rode up and down my brother’s shaft. This time I didn’t have to be quiet. I pleaded with him to fuck me hard. Tommy drove his big dick deep inside me. He would hold it there and I would use my muscles to milk that fat prick.

We fucked for a long time that way. I was bouncing up and down and getting every hard inch into my pussy. There was no pleading to pull out this time around. I reached back and squeezed on Tommy’s ball sacs. A couple of good squeezes and my brother blew his wad of seed into me once more.

It felt so hot and steamy as my brother gave me another load of his cum. I worked my pussy around his dick until I got every drop out of him. I then collapsed onto his chest and we both tried to recover.

Tommy told me he wanted to make me his lover. He wanted to impregnate me, he said. My head was swimming. I knew what we had done was stupid, but how could I turn back now. My brother had fucked me raw twice and I had two loads of his seed to show for it.

I had wanted him in the first place and he showered me with his cum. I can still feel some of it inside me still as I write this. I know we will fuck some more and I just hope it all works out for the best.

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