My name is Mike and I live in a small town in southern Alabama. The town was a small farm community when I was growing up but the new interstate came through and the town became an overnight spot for vacationers traveling to Florida. It grew into a striving community of restaurants and hotels. I spent my high school years in vocational school learning auto mechanics and after graduating got my first job, I bought 20 acres on the east side of town. It was away from the tourist traffic and I had a modular home with an oversized garage built on the property. It was about that time that I married my girlfriend, Sally. She was taking up nursing at the vocational school when we first meet.

She had joined the National Guard to pay for her advanced nurse classes after graduating and pick up some extra money each month. We were married about a year when the state national guard was called to duty in the Middle East. We never thought that she would have to see active duty much less than being told she would be gone for 18 months. After a tearful goodbye at Birmingham International, I was going to be without my wife for a year or so. I spent the next few days keeping busy at work and working on my 68 red GTO convertible but after awhile, that was not keeping me occupied. I was invited to Sunday dinner with my family the following week. Normally, I did not care to go to these family get togethers but I was glad to attend this time.

My mother and father had this large farm and did quite well by selling part of the property for the interstate and the commercial lots close to it. It was a mild southern afternoon in September when I pulled up in my GTO. My mother had a full chicken dinner spread out on some picnic tables and all my family was there. Aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, and my younger sister were there. Laurie, my younger sister, came running over to the car. I was her favorite brother and thought I had the hottest car in the county. The car was over 30 years old but was still a chick magnet. We walked over to the table and chatted with the relatives. Of course, everyone wanted to know how Sally was and how I was doing. Laurie and I sat down to eat and during conversation, she was telling me about being on the cheerleading team and how she was having trouble coming home from practice. She did not have a car and could not depend on her friends to take her home all the time. Mom and Dad picking her up was not cool either. I work weekends but have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off which is when Laurie had her practices. I told her that I would pick her up from practice as I did not have much else to do on those days.

After dinner, things were getting boring around the family farm when the talk turned to politics, cotton, and town gossip. I asked Laurie if she wanted to go cruising in the GTO and get away for awhile. She was more than eager to get away. I had the GTO opened up over the country roads and paraded around the tourist end of town. Occasionally, Laurie would see a friend or they would see her and they would all wave and ask about the cool car. It was fun being with Laurie. She had grown up some since I left home. She still had beautiful reddish blond hair, blue eyes, and long skinny legs. It was very nice being in the company of another girl again, even if it was my pretty sister.

I was working around the house on Tuesday afternoon and remembered that I had to pick Laurie up from school. I was getting into my pickup truck when I thought that my sister would be mad if I didn’t come in the GTO. I switched cars and headed for the county school. I arrived somewhat early and waited in the parking lane next to the gym. I exchanged a few smiles with some girls as they passed by the car. Soon, the practice ended and my sister with some of her friends came out the gym doorways. They came over with Laurie and raved about the car and who was that driving the car, etc.. Laurie climbed in and to show off, I peeled rubber as I sped out of the parking lot. Laurie was laughing and thought it was so cool. I could not take my eyes off my sister in that cheerleading outfit. She had on this yellow knit blouse with a big blue “D” on it and a very short blue mini skirt. What drove me crazy was her long legs in these white stockings. I took the long way to our home and dropped Laurie off. Before long I was looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Sometimes it was just my sister and I and sometimes we would take some of her cheerleading friends for some fast food and cruising.

After a couple of weeks, I asked Laurie if she wanted to hang out at my house for awhile before going home. Since she had no homework that day, she loved too. Mom and Dad’s house was boring for her. The country music was cranked up loud at my place and no one was telling Laurie she could not do this or could not do that. She liked being around me and my place and she became my house guest every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until about nine in the evening. I enjoyed having Laurie over and wished escort gaziantep özbek bayan she could be there more often. Our Mom and Dad were glad to know where Laurie was at with her big brother and not running around with guys in town.

One rainy Tuesday, I picked Laurie and headed for my house. We were in the kitchen raiding the refrigerator when Laurie started to ask about what I did when I was in school. I told her that being in vocational school was different and more serious than regular school but we did fun stuff.

Willie Nelson was playing on the radio when Laurie asked, “Did you ever smoke any weed when you were in school?”

I laughed and said, “Sure. Sometimes Sally and I still smoke some. How about you?”

She sighed, “Once. My friends do a lot and sometimes I pretend that I smoke a lot too.”

I looked into my sister’s blue eyes and with a wicked grin asked, “Want to try some?”

Laurie looked surprised and said, “I guess”

I left the kitchen and went into my garage. I rumbled through some boxes and pulled out an old tackle box. I opened the box and removed a false bottom where underneath was a small tin of pot and some rolling papers. I returned to the kitchen with the tin and took Laurie by the hand into my bedroom. We sat on the bedroom floor next to the fireplace where I poured some brown grindings into an open paper and rolled it into a cigarette.

“Where do you buy your stuff?” asked Laurie

“I don’t, too risky” I said, “I have a few plants growing in the back 10 acres which is enough for me when I want some” I licked the cigarette end and rolled it shut with my lips. I took the lighter from my jeans and lit one end. I inhaled deeply and handed it to my sister.

“Don’t laugh, it has been awhile since I tried one” said Laurie as she put the cigarette to her lips and inhaled. She held her breath for a few seconds and handed the joint back to me as she exhaled.

I didn’t laugh but just smiled. I did find it funny as she was still in her cheerleading outfit smoking weed but she looked beautiful. We had finished the joint and soon we were laughing about nothing and constantly talking. Time seemed to fly by and I began to roll another cigarette.

Laurie lay back flat on the floor and asked, “You rolling another one?”

I looked down at my pretty sister and said, “Yes, actually my homegrown stuff is weak and it takes two to feel really good. Was one too much for you?” I teased.

She looked up at the ceiling and said, “One was good but I can handle another. You ever smoke weed in the nude? Some of my friends do that and they say it is the best way to smoke.” What looked like slow motioned, Laurie stopped looking at the ceiling and looked at me with a big Cheshire grin.

I couldn’t tell if she was teasing me or double daring me. I lit the freshly rolled joint and said, “Yes I have and I enjoy it that way, especially if I have someone to enjoy it with.”

I handed it to my sister who inhaled deeply and said, “You first”

I laughed and then she started to laugh. I stood up and her laughter died to a giggle when I pulled off my sweatshirt. She was still grinning when I slid my jeans off and her mouth dropped open when very slowly I slid off my briefs. I sat across from her, inhaled, handed the joint to my sister and said, “Your turn”

Laurie took the cigarette and inhaled deeply, finishing the smoke. She extinguished the small end into an ashtray, looked straight into my eyes and grinning said, “OK”. She reached for the edge of her cheerleading blouse and pulled it over her head and threw it to the floor. I started to feel my cock stiffen watching my sister in just her bra, skirt and stockings. She lifted her hips and slid her skirt along her ankles and then onto the floor.

Smiling at me, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, sliding off each strap, and laid her bra on top of her blouse. She was still rather flat chested but had beautiful small pink nipples. Her nipples harden as I stared at her body. She tucked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slid them off. Laurie had a small strip of fluffy red hair

on her pussy. Then she started to unroll her white thigh high stockings but I asked her to leave them on and she did. We sat there for awhile, buzzed, looking at each other’s nude body until my sister broke the silence.

“Nice cock” she grinned

I looked down and my cock was as hard as a rock. He smiled back and said, “You see a lot of these?”

Laurie looked down and said, “Only pictures and some videos. You are the first man that

I’ve seen naked. In person I mean.”

I asked, “You have seen or touched a guy before? Not on a date?”

“No” said Laurie, “You know how strict Mom and Dad are. They won’t let me date yet

and I don’t have a way to sneak out for a guy for any length of time. Don’t blab this to my friends as I porno videolar have told them some white lies about guys and myself.”

“I understand” I said comfortingly, “I know how Mom and Dad are. I know how hard it is to keep up your status with your friends. Especially since most of your friends are the cheerleaders.”

“Yes, it’s hard to hang in that group but I bet they lie about a lot of the stuff that they say they have done. It’s not like I don’t know about sex or want to try stuff. I think about that a lot! Especially when I’m alone and feel like pleasing myself” smiled my sister.

“I enjoy getting myself off too” I grinned, “I mean I like good sex but since Sally is away, I’ve been stroking myself pretty often”

“How long have you been doing that, like at what age did you start touching yourself? smiled my sister, “Ever masturbate with anyone?”

“Wow” I thought back, “It’s been such a long time. I guess that I found out that touching my cock felt good around 10 years old but I really didn’t have an orgasm and cum until I was about 11 or maybe it was 12. I’ve jacked off with guys when I was younger. I think all guys do that. What about you?”

Laurie was really buzzed and with a silly grin said, “A couple of years ago. You know Mom never talks about sex and I heard about stuff from the other girls in school. I tried it and really liked the feeling I got from touching myself. My problem is that Mom and Dad are home all the time. I love it when they are gone and I have the whole house to myself. I get naked on my bed and really let loose on my pussy. I’ve jilled off with a few friends too.

“Jilled off?, I asked

“Yeah, you know!” laughed Laurie, “Guys jack off and girls jill off!”

“Oh, OK.” I stated as I stretched my back which unconsciously made my cock look more prominent. “So, you have jilled off with friends? Who and what did you do?”

“You know Mandy and Patty?” asked my sister.

“Yeah, I know Patty and isn’t Mandy the cheerleader with that long black hair?”

“Yeah” said Laurie, “The three of us having a sleepover at Mandy’s and we were talking about guys, guys from school, singers, guys in the movies. We were getting horny from all that talk and Mandy said we should have a jillin session. We all got naked and fingered ourselves for a couple of hours. Patty even let Mandy finger her pussy one time.”

“Mandy touch you?” I ask curiously

“No” she sighed, “Patty really got off on it and I liked watching but at the time I was not comfortable with it and I passed. Maybe sometime I will.”

“I see” as I stretched again, “Ever use a vibrator or anything?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions” laughed my sister, “I know about that stuff, vibrators, dildoes but I haven’t used any. I’m still a virgin and even my fingers don’t go in very far.

I did try using a candle once. Mandy talked about something that looks like a dick in her butt and I thought that I would try it too.”

“How did it feel?” I asked

“At first it felt weird and then it felt pretty good but it didn’t feel as good as having my pussy rubbed so I didn’t do it again. I was afraid to stick it in too far. Maybe it would have felt better if I did.” Said Laurie

“Where did you get the candle from?” I asked, “I don’t remember seeing any around the house.”

“From that ornamental candle holder on Mom’s dinner table” and we both rolled on the floor laughing. It seemed like forever before we stopped laughing and then Laurie would begin to start giggling and we would laugh all over again.

Finally the laughter died out with an occasional deep breath and a sigh. I asked Laurie,

“I’m kind of horny with this sex talk. I don’t know if you are or are not but would you want to jack and jill off with your brother? I mean if you think it’s weird or something, I understand.”

“I’d love to” said Laurie in surprise, “I’ve been getting horny since taking off my clothes.

Doing it with you sounds cool and kind of nasty, you know.”

I wobbled to my feet and propped up several pillows against the headboard of the bed. I helped my sister to her feet and we climbed into my bed. We sat side by side with our backs against the pillows. I was stroking my cock while watching Laurie. She had her head back with her eyes closed with one hand feeling her breasts and hard nipples while her other hand was massaging her pussy. Her index finger slipped between her pussy lips and began to move up and down across her clit. She smiled widely as she opened her eyes and watched my hand pump my cock.

“Your cock is so wet and shiny. Do you get off already?” asked Laurie

I chuckled and said, “That’s just precum. Cocks, kind of ooze this stuff out. I’ll let you know when I’m ready to cum.”

“Oh” said Laurie who closed her eyes as she pleased herself. Soon, she had both of her hands playing with her pussy. She had her lips open with one finger rotating rus escort bayan gaziantep her clit and another finger with the other hand pushing in and around her pussy hole. She was having a series of easy orgasms as she let out little sounds of “oohs” and “ahhs”. Each sound of her voice got me hornier as I pumped my hand faster. Suddenly she pushed her hands hard against her pussy, arched her back, and let out a moan of pleasure. She came back to reality a few minutes later as her eyes fluttered open. She looked down to my hand pumping my cock as she returned to lightly caressing her clit. “Are you coming soon?”

“In a second” I gasped. Then my back straighten, my hips pushed up, and my brain was on fire as streams of white cum shot into the air.

“Oh wow, oh cool!” was all I could hear my sister say.

The pleasure slowly eased from my head and I looked over to my pretty sister. “Pretty cool eh. Sounded like you enjoyed watching a guy cum.”

With a smile of satisfaction, she said, “Yes I did. I had a really good orgasm. Mike, this was a lot of fun. Let’s do this again. OK?”

“I enjoyed it to and would love to do this again.” I replied and glancing at the clock, said, “It’s after eight and we better get dressed and get you back to Mom’s.”

We wobbled to our feet and began to get dressed. It was almost as much of a turn on to watch my sister dress as it was to undress. We got into my pickup and headed back to the old home. It was a quiet ride as we were still enjoying the buzz from the pot and the bliss of an orgasm. Honestly, I hadn’t felt this sexually satisfied since Sally left. I dropped her off at the door and reminded her not to forget her school books on the seat. She reminded me to pick her up tomorrow as it was Wednesday. She waved as I pulled away and then she went into the house.

That next afternoon, I pulled my GTO in front of the gym and waited. Soon, Laurie came out chatting with a group of girls including Patty and Mandy. I could never look or think about them in the same way anymore. Laurie jumped in the car and was in a very excited and happy mood. I peeled out and drove back to my house. I was ready to get some more pot to smoke with Laurie but she just wanted to go into the bedroom and do a repeat session of jackin and jillin. We hadn’t been home more than 15 minutes before we were naked in bed watching each other get off. It went on like that for several weeks and I began to live for those Tuesdays and Wednesdays to be naked with my sister. She felt the same way about it too. We even had one of those rare hot afternoons in November and we sat naked on my back deck and get ourselves off in the outdoors. Laurie enjoyed that day the most and thought it was so cool to do it outside.

I drove to the school the day before Thanksgiving and had been anxiously waiting for this day. Work was closed for the holiday and Laurie was going to spend the night with me under the pretense of helping me prepare food to bring for the family meal. Actually there was not that much food to make but my family thought I was helpless in the kitchen without Sally. Laurie could not wait either. When practice ended, she only waved to her friends, raced to the GTO and we drove to my place. We brought her gym bag with her change of clothes into my bedroom and soon we were naked again. We were beginning to watch each other touch ourselves when Laurie asked to smoke some weed. It had been awhile since either of us had smoked some and thought that I could use a good buzz too.

I went naked into the garage, retrieved the tin and papers from my hiding spot, and returned to my bedroom. Laurie wanted to try and roll one herself. With some help and a few tries, she rolled her first number. She lit it, inhaled, and passed it to me.

I took a smoke and said, “I think the ones you make taste better”

“You are just being nice” said Laurie, “I think this one is going to fall apart”

She was right. She took a smoke and handed to me. I took a smoke and the cigarette fell apart, leaving loose pot and a burning end on my carpet. I quickly extinguished the burning end with my hand and scraped the loose pot back into the tin.

“I’m sorry” said Laurie, “I’m not very good at that yet.”

“No problem” I smiled, “Actually you did better than I did when I rolled my first one”

Laurie was starting to feel the buzz and had her hand between her legs already. She looked at me and said, “We have been doing this for some time now and there is something I want to ask you.”

I was getting very relaxed but my cock was hard as a rock. I said, “Go ahead and ask..

No secrets between us now.”

Laurie slyly smiled and said, “Well I’ve been watching you jack off for some time and I wonder how come you have never asked me to touch you or stroke your cock?”

“Hmmm,” I pondered, “I didn’t think you wanted to. I assumed that watching each other was as far as you wanted go. Do you want to touch me?”

“Yes I do”, my sister said in a low voice, “I have never touched a guy before and watching you has been driving me crazy the last couple of weeks.

“I’d love for you to do that.” I smiled, “But fair is fair, I get to feel your tits”

“I think I’m getting the better deal” she laughed, “There isn’t much there to feel. So do you want me to do you or how do we do this together?”

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