What Best Friends Do

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Judith couldn’t stop the tears from running down her eyes. The water from the shower poured heavily on her but it couldn’t wash away her sorrow. In the next room lie her boyfriend or probably her ex. She was unsure but she thought attending her friend’s wedding would allow them to finalize what was going on in their relationship. She sighed wiping her eyes, being careful not to get any soap in them. Judith allowed her slender frame to rest against the cold tile wall of the shower. She continuously ran her fingers through her curly mane. “I can’t believe this shit.” she hissed before breaking down in momentary sobs. She reminiscing on how careless she could have been.

Her planned talk to her lover in the next room drowned as he downed multiple glasses of whisky at the wedding reception. By the time they got to the room Richard was incoherent. So much so that he had to be carried to the room by several male attendees. Beep. Judith reached out of the shower to check her phone that had just rang. “Did it go well?” It was a text from her friend Kelz. Judith dried her hands before replying “no 🙁 he’s out cold”. She waited a few before writing again, “I could really use a shoulder to cry on.” Within seconds Kelz replied “say no more, I’m on my way.” She laid her phone back on the top of the sink before finishing her shower.

If there was anyone who could make her feel better it was her dear friend Kelz. Judith and Kelz knew each other way before Judith got involved with Richard. He was there for all the downfalls of their relationship. Offering advice or listening in times of hardship. Judith had just finished drying off when she heard a knock on the door. She paused, reaching for a white bathroom robe to throw over her frame. Judith had a small frame but her most noticeable attributes was her busty chest and tight ass. She tied her hair up in a bun and proceeded to the door. “Jude open up” Kelz sounded from the other side of the door. A little over 6 foot, Kelz took up the doorway with his broad shoulders. His hazel eyes fixated on the door as it creaked open.

They had softened once he laid his eyes on his dear friend. He could tell that she had been crying by the redness of her eyes and the puffiness of her lids. Judith noticed his attention and rubbed gaziantep escort her eyes free of the tears that had yet to drop. Kelz stepped through the door and towards Judith. She stubble backward using her hands to catch her on the nearby wall. Her robe opening free to reveal her body glistening with beads of water. “Jude,” Kelz ‘s eyes preyed upon her frame before enclosing her against the wall. His arms on either side of her, pressing his body against hers. Judith was stunned by his abrupt change in nature. Kelz was always so friendly with her up until this point. Her mind began to race but that didn’t prevent her from meeting his kiss. From welcoming his tongue as it begged for entrance into her mouth. There they were, making out on the wall leading to the bathroom.

Kelz had reached to his left to close the door that was ajar. Judith broke their kiss momentarily to speak “Kelz we can’t .” Kelz knew that her protest would be fleeting when he got to her neck, her tender spot. He nibbled at the chocolate covered flesh and she had buckled. Holding her up was not a challenge as he continued his attack. Her murmurs turned into moans. Deep throaty moans filled the air. Kelz knew he had her, his hand ventured from the wall to the curves of her hip to the treasure between her legs.

“Oh Jude,” he moaned against the flesh of her neck. His digits began to plunge in and out of her. Softly gathering bits of information after every reaction her body gave. Should he aim up? What pace does she like? Does she even like to be played with before being penetrated? All were questions he asked himself. He withdrew his fingers and brought them to his nose. The sweet damp sense of her on his fingers. She watched as his fingers swirled her juices against his tongue. Judith wanted to look away in embarrassment but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. After Kelz was finish sampling her he picked her up into his arms. He had originally motioned to the other room of the hotel condo but his direction turned when he saw Richard lying unconscious on the bed. He ventured toward the bed and laid Judith down slowly. Her eyes widened as she looked to her former lover and then to her friend.

Kelz wasn’t fond of Richard to begin with. He quickly removed his shirt and then began to undo his own buttons to his jeans. They dropped to the floor and his cock shifted forward after being set free. He watched as Judith’s eyes focused on his member. He tugged his boxers down and the thick cock was bare for her to see. Judith shuttered before taking in the full sight of his stiff cock. Meaty in width, Kelz’s dick was veiny with a purplish head. Judith drew herself to the edge of the bed, sticking her tongue out in agreement. Kelz brought his cock to her willing mouth. He plunged it in deep, letting out a velvet moan. “Jude…” he moaned her name into the air, as if claiming this space for them in this moment. Judith’s mouth bobbed up and down on his cock. His member hitting the back of her throat every time. Making slurping sounds when she drew him in. Kelz looked down in amazement, she looked as if his dick was the greatest thing she’d ever taste. He wanted to cherish this moment.

He pulled her head away from his cock and laid her back. Her face only inches away from Richard’s. Kelz didn’t have time to tease or prep her little entrance. Due to his previous conversations with her, he knew Richard’s penis was no match for his. He shoved his entire length in without warning. Judith cringed as she arched her back. Her hands gripped the sheet tight as he thrusted in and out of her eager pussy. “Jude I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while,” he bent down to kiss her. Kelz’s cock was being coated by her juices. A pool of her wetness gathering on the bed sheets. Judith moaned into his mouth, she couldn’t resist the urge of pleasure engulfing her body. Before she had a chance to really enjoy the thickness of his cock, Kelz had pulled out. Her eyes opened to him motioning for her to turn around. She situated herself on all fours.

Judith’s tight ass was now in the air and it provided a good view for him. “Shit Jude, if I would of knew,” He trailed off looking once again to her full figure. “If I would have only knew.” He positioned himself behind her before shoving himself in her. The sound of her ass slapping against his thighs was enough to shift Richard. Kelz shot the sleeping man a smirk as he continued a thrashing on his girlfriend. Judith’s face was buried in a pillow to stop her moans from being as loud. She noticed that Kelz had took one hand off of her hip but that didn’t stop the force of his thrust. She knew that tonight he was going to fuck her silly. A damp spot had already begun to form due to drool. “Yes open up for me just like that,” Kelz called from behind. The meeting of their skin gave off a clapping sound in the room. His thrust began to become more rhythmic and fast past. Kelz found himself thrusting back in her with both hands again. “Oh Jude…here I come,” Kelz looked downward to his cock being coated by a thin milky substance. Judith had cum and began to leave evidence of her pleasure all over his manhood. He smiled before diving deep within her to release his hot seed. He shuttered behind her, her pussy milking him for every drop. He fell to the side of her, cupping her face in his palm. A tender kiss between them before they began to gather their clothes.

Judith and Kelz spent the rest of that weekend in Kelz’s hotel room. The following Monday Judith had proceeded with her weekday like nothing happened. Even reconnecting with Richard who was none the wiser of her weekend adventures. Richard and Judith finally came to an agreement that they were both going to actively try to make this relationship work. As she sat there with him at a small town side cafe. Her attention was drawn to her phone as it rang against the table of the cafe. The text read: “so we don’t answer phone calls anymore.” It was Kelz who had been texting her for the past day, along with a few missed calls. She had been reluctant to answer his calls or text messages because she was confused on how to tell him what was going on with Richard. She ignored it once again.

Judith and Richard were going to enjoy the rest of their lunch together before they had to go back to work. “I’m really glad we’re doing this,” Richard exclaimed before placing a small kiss on her forehead. She smiled slightly as she saw him walk away. She opened her mouth to reply when her phone vibrated once again. It was Kelz but this time there was an attachment sent through the text message. Curiously she opened the message and sat back in her chair. Judith’s eyes widened in horror with her hand clutching the shape of her mouth. Displayed on her phone was a video shot from Kelz’s point of view with Judith being ravished from behind. The caption on the bottom read: “when your bff likes it from behind.”

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