In the passenger seat, Danica stretched, murmuring noisily and arching her back and presenting her breasts in the sexiest way. “So where are we going again?”

Matt admired her display but only smirked and flashing his single dimple at her.

“Hmph. I trusted you enough to take time off from work -“

“You hate your job,” Matt interjected. He checked his side mirror and changed lanes, drumming the steering wheel absently. They were almost entirely alone on the highway as far as he could see, and had been for the last three hours. It was dusk and the clouds were going through a very impressive transition from a warm red-orange to a more somber blue-purple.

Danica counted fingers off dramatically. “I canceled a doctor’s appointment and a dinner date with David and Jill, and I had a yoga class I’m missing, I never miss yoga! I even talked Mrs. Mercer into feeding Meathead while we’re gone, and she doesn’t even like cats. The least you could do is -“

“Wow, check out that sky!”

She huffed and crossed her bare arms in a mock pout. He slipped a hand across the top of her thigh but she slapped at it angrily until he pulled it back. She was cute as hell when she was mad but she loved surprises almost as much as she loved being teased. Being teased with a surprise? She loved every second of it.

They’d been dating for almost a year and he was nuts about her. He didn’t tell her that very often, but he was quiet and soft-spoken by nature, plus he came from a family that didn’t communicate about feelings very well. He did, however, frequently send her flowers or other gifts at work, took her out (just about) whenever she wanted, and generally spoiled the hell out of her… especially in bed. Thankfully, blissfully, she didn’t just soak up that adoration and leave him out to dry. She gave as good as she got.

He put his hand back on her thigh almost high enough to brush the little white strings of her cutoff jean shorts with the edge of his palm. She pressed down on it with both of hers. Their skin tones were a study in contrasts that didn’t bother either of them but often got them stares from strangers. He was half Irish and half German, fair-skinned to the point of burning in just a few minutes of sun. She, on the other hand, was Italian and Colombian with some Greek and Spanish in there somewhere. Her skin was the color of a milky, luscious mocha that was always (magic?) warm to the touch.

He wished he could say he fell in love with her brain first, or her sense of humor or her generosity. But that would be a lie. It had been at a friend’s party and she was wearing this hot little yellow number that made him weak at the knees. She had a great body, a dancer’s body, but it was just good genetics. Better still, she wasn’t vain or narcissistic. She was just… well, cool.

He’d always been a shy, quiet guy, but their chemistry had been immediate and overpowering. She pursued him at first, which worked out very well. She was bold, honest and so very passionate, and didn’t play games… at least, not the manipulative kind. That was one of the things he loved the most about her, she was brave enough to just be herself.

“Why do you tease me?”

“Because you deserve it.”

She laughed huskily, so very sexy. She lifted his hand up and bit his knuckle.

“Keep that up and I’m going to slow down to fifty for the rest of the trip,” Matt warned.

“At least give me one hint? Just a little one? Please?”



He waited.

“Well?” She kissed his hand where she’d bitten it. “Please?”

“It’s supposed to be a surprise though, and you might guess it. So it’s going to cost you.”

She checked behind them and ahead of them and there was still no one in sight. She unbuttoned her shorts and wiggled out of them, then tossed them in his lap.

“All right, but that only counts for one medium-sized hint.” It took all of his willpower not to look. Was she wearing underwear? What if she wasn’t?

“On second thought… I want two.” A moment later her bra landed on top of her shorts. Now he had to look. She was wearing panties, red cotton ones, and she’d unbuttoned her shirt to take off her bra. He counted three buttons open and her breasts were begging for her to make it four. They made a smooth, sloping arc and were heavy beneath the nipples, which were large, perfectly round and tasted better than any chocolate.

“Eyes on the road,” she said sharply.

Reluctantly, he turned his attention back to the deserted highway. Two can play this game, he thought. He dropped her discarded clothes behind his knees. No matter what, he wasn’t going to tell her where they were actually going. But he wouldn’t lie, either.

“Come on, you promised. If I have to follow the rules, so do you.”

He grumbled. “First, we have two hours and a half hours of driving left.”

“Sucky hint. Okay, the other one?”

“I asked Jill where you’ve always wanted to go,” he said reluctantly.

“Did you really?”

He nodded gaziantep escort but didn’t add that he hadn’t taken Jill’s advice, but had instead come up with a better idea.

She unbuckled her seat belt and leaned across to kiss his cheek. “So thoughtful. Thank you babe.” She kissed across to his ear and down his neck, thankfully stopping at his collarbone. His basketball shorts were getting very tight indeed.

She took his hand back and played with his fingers. “Babe?” She said, in that voice.


“But babe,” she purred, guiding his hand down between her thighs.


She pulled his hand all the way in, grunting in that naughty bedroom voice that usually dragged him into caveman territory.

“Fine, ONE more hint.” She wasn’t wet enough for her panties to be soaked through, but he knew her well enough that it wouldn’t be long if she kept playing with herself with his (much larger) finger. “But you have to ask me a question. I’m not offering anything else up to spoil your surprise. If you do guess it, you’re be in big trouble.”

She murmured happily, circling her clit with his fingertip. “What if I want to be in trouble.”

“Keep this up and you will be.”

“Promise?” She pushed his finger all the way down and immediately back up to continue circling her clit. Now she was definitely wet, and along with the hardness of her nipple against the underside of his elbeow, he knew she really was horny. Tease, oh yes. Bitch, never.

“You know it. Okay ask away.”

“I know just the one. What’s in the brown bag in the trunk?” She spread her thighs and pressed his fingertips as far between her swollen lips as the soaked panties would allow, then returned them to her clit, moaning so softly he almost couldn’t hear it over the thrum of the tires on the concrete.

“I’m not sure you’ve earned that hint,” he said cautiously.

“Haven’t I?” she muttered huskily. She was really going for it.

“Finish first, then I’ll tell you.”

“Oh… oh… kay.” He did his best to divide his attention between the road and his fingers, which were now inside her panties and exploring hot, slick heaven. Thank goodness for cruise control.

“Oh… oh… fuck… fuck me…FUCK!” she whined in a high, helpless, panicked voice, her nails digging into his wrist. She collapsed, hugged his hand and leaned against his shoulder. He kissed the top of her head. Her black-brown hair was down and curly today and it smelled like coconut and some exotic fruit he couldn’t place. Scrumptious.

“That’s my good girl.”

“I’d absolutely love to go down on you right now.”

“Damn.” He adjusted himself as best he could. Thankfully he’d dressed for comfort. He’d never been a fan of blowjobs. In porn, the goal seemed to always be cumming all over a girl’s face, which he didn’t find the least bit arousing. It seemed pretty silly, actually. Dani, however, had a talent for oral. More importantly, she got off on giving it. Likewise, he had a talent for going down on her and got off on giving it. He tried to fight through the flood of memories of them doing exactly that, often at the same time.

“So?” She asked, twining her fingers through his again.

“Oh, right. The, um, brown bag. It’s equipment I bought. Quality stuff. We’re going to need it where we’re going.”

She mulled it over thoughtfully. “Like tools? Toys?”


“I give up,” she said resignedly.

“You trust me, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” she said, and kissed his hand.

“Good,” he said, and meant it. Her eyes, which were a soft but very unusual shade of hazel, were half-shut. When she felt the weight of his eyes, which were a blue so dark it was almost black, she smiled happily.

Half an hour later they made a pit stop. After Matt retrieved some clean clothes for Dani, gassed up and went to the bathroom, he found her at a snack rack. He came up behind her and grabbed her around the waist and the shoulders. She bumped her ass against him, whispered something too dirty to even write here and walked away casually.

His inner caveman wanted to drag her into the storage area behind the beer cooler and ravish her, but in real life, people call the cops on you. They’d gotten run out of a really nice restaurant once. The manager caught them in the women’s bathroom and swore at them all the way to the parking lot. Good times.

An hour and a half later, he turned off at their (first) hotel and rolled up to the office.

“You said we’d get there tonight,” she pouted.

“I said we had another two and a half hours of driving left. For the night. We’ve still got a couple of hours to go tomorrow. You didn’t think I’d give it away that easily would you? Love ya!” He got out before she could respond but he could hear her cursing all the way.

At the parking space in front of their, Matt came around to open her door.

“I’m not moving until you give me another hint,” she said, folding her arms and crossing her legs.

“Suit yourself.” He scooped her up and lifted her out of the car, carrying her as if she were just one more piece of luggage to unload. She laughed despite herself and hugged his neck.

When Dani was done showering, Matt turned off the TV and met her at the bathroom door. She was wrapping her hair in a towel but was otherwise still naked. She sang almost as well as she danced, but didn’t like anyone to hear her. She clammed up and Matt kissed her bare shoulder, then started undressing. She helped him, trailing her fingertips up and down from his chest, through the hair she found there, to his hips and belly. She plucked a hair and tried to get away but not before he caught her bare ass with a light but sharp swat.

“No peeking in the bag,” he called from the shower.

She ducked her head around the corner. “I would never!”

Matt pulled the shower curtain aside and wiggled a finger at her. She shook her head and shook her ass at him. She had on a pair of black lace panties and nothing else, and she knew perfectly well that he was up to no good.

He wiped the water off his forehead and out of his eyes and glared down over the shower rod at what little he could still see of her. One eye, one cheek, and the corner of that impish grin. She got a good look, winked and disappeared.

When he turned off the bathroom light he found her laying on her belly in the middle of the bed, cheek in palm, her crossed ankles rocking lazily. He sat at her hip, not touching her yet, and she didn’t move.

She was pretending to ignore him, flipping through channels randomly, legs still swinging. Still he waited, immobile. Eventually her legs stopped swinging and he could tell she was holding her breath in anticipation. He leaned over her and kissed her back, right above her ass. Goosebumps spring up almost instantly. He kissed up and up, not touching her with anything but his lips.

“You are so evil.” She lay her head on her forearms and looked back at him.

“I’m not,” he whispered. “Not at the moment, anyway.” He’d reached her shoulder and kissed down her ribs, only a fraction faster. Along her shoulder, down her arm, then her cheek, her temple, and her ear, which he suckled. She tossed her hair out of his way and he bit it gently, ever so gently.

She moaned through closed lips, her hips rolling against the bed. He ran a hand across her ass, keeping it flat, fingers together.

“Do it,” she said. Not begging yet, demanding.

He waited until she started to speak again and hit her good and hard across the middle of both cheeks. He left his hand there, the warmth of his palm adding to the sting of the slap. She cried out but bit it back almost immediately. He tilted his head to kiss her cheek right in front of the ear, whispering gentle, romantic nothings, and started trailing his fingertips all over her ass slowly.

“Again,” she said, but still wasn’t begging.

Matt grabbed one of the pillows and passed it under her hips. She arched her ass up and toward him. So inviting. He could smell her wetness already, like a garden on a humid day.

“Please, baby,” she said. Almost. He finally tugged those black panties to below the curve of her ass, but no farther. Still he trailed his fingertips around her cheeks, up her back to her shoulders, down her thighs, and always slowly, patiently.

“Please,” she whimpered.


She moaned into the bedspread, twisting it in both fists. Matt leaned forward and kissed the undermost curve of her ass, his nose almost against the crotch of her panties. He kissing wetly, fervently, and bit. Hard.

She gasped, cried out into the bed again. He widened his jaws, bit harder. He tightened his hold slightly and released, again and again. He leaned back, admired the splash of red marks he’d been making and pulled her panties down far enough for her lips to glisten up at him.

After their earlier adventure in the car, he couldn’t wait. He knelt between her spread thighs, which widened for him. His own dripping wetness was lost in the flood of hers as the swollen tip parted her lips with almost no resistance.

In that first long stroke he only went halfway, then out, barely moving. She widened her thighs even more and he ran his hands up them, settling at her hips. He pulled all the way out and away, savoring the squeeze and grind as she tried to keep him inside.

He waited, barely parting her, and she begged him to just do it. He drove into her again as before. Each time a little harder, a little faster. He kept this up until the lust had overtaken both of them and the bedposts were hammering the wall behind him. She had to push back with her clenched fists on the bedspread to keep from being forced off onto the floor.

When he felt her getting close he twisted his right hand through her hair and yanked her head back.

“Give it to me,” he growled deep in his chest. “Right now.”

She peered up at him helplessly, her whole body jarring every time he hit her. He pulled harder on her hair for just a moment, then grabbed her neck and pushed her face-down on the bed. Somehow he found that last bit of extra oomph and fucked her harder.

He knew he could make her cum that way and finally she did, crying wordlessly into the bedspread. He slowed down his thrusts but didn’t soften them. She shook all over but somehow managed to keep him inside her.

He was close. He switched from slow and hard to fast and deep and soon he could feel her fingers nearly vibrating against her clit as he slammed into her.

“Cum in me, baby,” she breathed, “Come on. Fuck that little pussy. Fuck it! Come on!”

She knew he loved that so she usually saved it up until just the right moment. He gritted his teeth and clamped down on her hips hard enough to leave bruises the next day. He stopped moving halfway through but she kept on grinding against him and even managed to have another little orgasm in the process.

He collapsed next to her and kissed her bicep. She rolled into the hollow of his shoulder and kissed his nipple. Eventually they took a fast shower and washed each other. It was these quiet moments of mutual tenderness that got them through the rough times even better than the sex did. Barely a word was spoken until they had curled up naked in each other’s arms in bed, her cheek against his shoulder and one ankle hooked across his knee.

Then it was only a soft, heartfelt “I love you,” which everyone knows is the best sleep aid in the world.

Neither of them set an alarm so they only crawled out of bed around nine thirty. They had the car packed back up by a quarter after ten and stopped for a quick breakfast at McDonalds. Back on the road she opened his sausage mcmuffins for him. Matt knew her too well to fall for the sweet little girl act, and half an hour later she made a renewed attempt to drag their secret destination out of him.

“So how much farther?” She asked, sipping her Sprite.

“We’ll be there around noon.”

“Am I okay, dressed like this?” She tossed her hair behind one shoulder and leaned toward him slightly. Her t-shirt was a v-neck, plunging just far enough for the black cotton of her bra to be visible. She had on a skirt, too… his biggest weakness. It was pleated and lacy and he could definitely make out the clean, bright white panties between her slightly parted thighs.

He turned back to the road without even changing his expression. “You look amazing. I wouldn’t worry.”

“Thanks babe. Will we be able to find somewhere quiet when we get there?” She was stroking the inside of her thigh but he refused to look. “I’m getting kinda… you know.”

“There’ll be plenty of time for that. If you’re good.”

“Wasn’t I good last night?”

He risked a glance. She was twirling a lock of her hair lazily and biting her lip slightly.

“Yes, you were very good last night. Unbelievably good.”

“Thanks. You were too. So what makes you think I won’t be good later?”

“You’re being very naughty right now. Distracting me while I’m driving.”

“I am? I’m sorry, baby.”

“Uh huh.” He scowled at her, eyes narrowed. “You looked in the bag, didn’t you?”

“No! Cross my heart.” She crossed her heart with one fingertip, trailing it down and across her breast in the v-neck.

“Well it’s too late now.”

“Would I be teasing you this much if I already knew where we were going?”

“I guess not. Sorry.”

“You know it’s risky for a girl to just run off to parts unknown with a man like this. Could be really dangerous. You can’t blame me for trying to protect myself.”

He chuckled, unable to keep it up any longer. “If anyone should be scared, it’s me. Those nails of yours have given me some impressive scars. I swear, my love, you’re going to be thrilled. I’ve been planning this for months. But yeah… there might be danger involved, yes. If you want it to be.”

“Ooh, I like the sound of that,” she said, patting his thigh. Apart from some playful groping, the rest of the trip was uneventful.

Matt started getting anxious about a half hour before they got to the hotel. He’d paid for two full days of everything the day spa had to offer. Massage, steam bath, manicure, pedicure, facial, the works. All the next day, which was Friday, then a day off for them to go out and do whatever she wanted, then all day Sunday, too.

He’d booked a room in the nicest hotel in town. Saturday would be clear, sunny and eighty five, and from what he’d heard, Willow Lake was crystal clear on days like that. Perfect for snorkeling.

He’d asked for the day spa to send a brochure to the hotel and it should be waiting at the front desk. If not, there was always the website. Dani was drumming her fingers on her thighs nervously and he took her hand, kissed her fingertips.

“You’ll find out soon enough, hon.”

“Okay,” she said.

He pulled up to the hotel right on schedule and he could tell from her reaction that she was impressed.

“This place is amazing! So what’s the surprise? Come on, I’m dying here.” She was still looking around in wonder at the fountains, the landscaping, even the architecture.

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