I have changed the name ‘Katie’ in the previous stories to ‘Toni’ in this one as she would prefer to be identified by her real name.

Salford was not quite as bright and sunny as Egypt, but it was only the second week of June, so it did its best. We arrived back on Friday night and after a very long sleep spent Saturday morning unpacking. The holiday had been booked almost a year previously and was for the four of us as at that time that was all there were. By the time we went both my mom and Sarah had boyfriends and Toni and I were also seeing someone. My current boyfriend, Olly, was a nice enough guy but not someone that I saw as the love of my life. We’d had sex a few times and it was OK, but obviously that was before I had the past week to compare it to! Mom’s boyfriend was Steve. A nice guy, tall and slim, short beard, keen cyclist, quite dishy really. He had progressed in the past few months from staying over occasionally to staying probably four night most weeks.

He came over on Saturday and was obviously going to stay over that night, no doubt anticipating a horny girlfriend demanding sex all night as she had gone without for a week. I’m sure he was disappointed when — from what I could hear through the wall — he got a quick shag and then she fell asleep! I’m sure Olly was disappointed too. I went around to see him, and he’d managed to arrange to have the house to himself. After some chat about the holiday he started asking to see my tan…then my tan lines…He soon had me naked and was admiring my body as he stroked his cock. He even had a joke ready.

“Why is a suntanned girl like a roast chicken? Because the white bits are the best!”

After he had spent quite some time mauling my tits and sucking my nipples (he was a bit obsessed by my 34D’s) I spread my legs and he tried to mount me, but I pushed him down, forcing him to lick my sticky pussy. I held his head in place as I bucked my clit against his lips and tongue until I’d cum twice then relented and let him slide his cock into me. He came quite quickly, his performance in stark contrast to the amazing sex I’d had with Jens and the Egyptian guys. He wanted more after that, but I was satisfied so left. To be honest, you can be quite cruel with boys. As long as they think there is a chance of more sex in the future you can treat them as you like.

I saw Toni at college on Monday and we had a giggling conversation about boyfriends, she had let hers — George — fuck her on Sunday too but as she said, it wasn’t as good as the real thing! The weekend quickly came around and as usual Toni and I planned to go to out together to do some shopping. We were about to leave college and were discussing where to meet etc when she casually asked if I wanted to stay over. She didn’t look at me when she asked, she was looking away as if she was embarrassed. We both knew what she was really asking. What we had done together on holiday had been wonderful and she obviously wanted it to continue. Did I want to carry on? I looked around and saw that no one was watching before pulling her towards me and kissing her on the lips.

“Yes please Toni.” I said, “I’d love to stay over.”

She blushed and smiled before returning my kiss, her tongue sliding between my lips and her hand on my waist pulled me closer. I responded in kind and could feel the blood rushing to my head as I thought of what was to come. The gentle kiss had turned into a passionate snog and we were only stopped by the discrete clearing of a throat. We broke apart to find Ms Smith, one of the lecturers, looking at us.

“Time to go home girls.” She said. “Or at least go somewhere a little more private.”

There was a look of amusement on her face and I saw her licking her lips as we hurried past. In that instant I knew that what she really wanted was to go somewhere private with us…

I was still thinking about the way she looked at us when I saw Olly later and I didn’t try to stop him getting my tits out and knickers off in his parent’s front room as they watched TV next door. They always knocked before coming in as they probably didn’t want the embarrassment of finding us in a compromising position. I took my bra off and put my blouse back on, my little lace knickers soon joining it in my handbag. With my skirt around my waist Olly was happy to suck my tits as he fingered my pussy and I had a lovely orgasm thinking about me, Toni and Ms Smith in bed together. Olly’s fingers were not as magical as Toni’s but with my hand over his to guide him he was learning what I wanted, how I liked to be touched. Once I was satisfied, he was happy to have a quick hand job as his lips were locked on my left nipple, a handily placed tissue mopping up the torrent of spunk he unleashed.

We had just finished when there was a knock on the door. We quickly pulled our clothes together before his dad come in to offer us a cup of tea. His eyes didn’t miss anything, they slowly moved the full length of my body, no doubt noting how high my skirt was on my thighs. There was a grin as he looked at my tits and I gaziantep escort followed his eyes down. In my haste the buttons were in the wrong holes and my nipples were poking through the thin material of my blouse. Worse, Olly’s sucking had left them quite wet and there was now a wet patch on my blouse around each big nipple. I should have been embarrassed but instead his staring was exciting me so I pulled my shoulders back and made my tits and their hard nipples stick out as much as I could. He kept the conversation going as long as possible, offering biscuits and checking how much sugar Olly wanted, his eyes never once leaving my chest. When I looked away, I caught sight of my handbag. I hadn’t closed it and my bra and knickers were clearly visible, confirmation, if it was needed, that I was naked under the blouse and skirt and of what his son and I had been doing. The way he looked at me there was no doubt that he wanted the same, and probably more, as his son. The thought made me tremble with excitement.

Later that night, alone and still horny, I thought of the look of lust in his eyes and remembered the way the guys on holiday had looked at me and how fantastic the sex had been with older, more experienced men. I’d masturbated every night since we got back and tonight was no different, my fingers were soon busy between my splayed thighs as I imagined myself at the centre of an orgy with the Egyptian guys, Toni, Ms Smith, Olly’s dad, mum’s boyfriend…and it wasn’t just the sex that I was excited by, it was the thought of being watched. Toni had watched Ahmed fucking me and the four guys had watched each other as they fucked us and I liked it, I had found it exciting and I knew for me that sex would never be ‘private’ and behind closed doors. As my fingers worked overtime in my wet pussy, I thought of answering ‘Porn Star’ when I was next asked what I wanted to be when I left college!

Saturday was warm and sunny, and I met Toni in town in the afternoon. We drifted around, in and out of the shops, had a coffee and eventually got to her house around five. He mum was going out with her boyfriend and had bought us some pizza and a bottle of wine. We said we were going to watch a film, just like we had done a hundred time before. Her mum left around seven by which time we had eaten half our pizza and were half-way down the wine. Once the door was closed, we sat looking at each other, both of us listening for the sound of the taxi pulling away. Once the sound faded into the distance, we both stood up and, without a word being spoken, made our way to Toni’s bedroom.

It felt really sexy to be standing there in the evening sun with my best friend kissing me deeply, her hands gently touching me, stroking along my back and pulling me closer to her. We were slowly undressing each other, there was no rush and it just felt so sensual, like this was a gradual build up and the longer it took the more intense the inevitable orgasm would be. We were both down to our bra and panties when I looked out of the window, just in time to see a man almost walk into a lamp post as he stared up at us! I started to laugh (hard with someone else’s tongue in your mouth) and Toni looked too before pulling us both down onto the bed where we lay giggling as we stripped the rest of our clothes off.

I shivered in anticipation as her fingers lightly trailed down my belly, through my pubic hair and into the wet heat of my pussy. She had the lightest of touches but even the feathery stroking soon had me spreading my legs wide, hips bucking up to meet her finger as my lips parted and she grazed my clit with her fingernail. She sucked a fat nipple into her mouth, my back arching up to meet her as she teased my clit, bringing me almost to a climax before slowing and building again…and again…and again. I was close to using my own fingers when she relented and allowed me to cum, the animal noises I made being something I had never done before, but then it was an orgasm like no other.

When I recovered, she straddled me, her knees either side of my head and she spread the lips of her pussy wide for me to feast on her hard clit and the river of juice that ran from her. She rocked her hips back and forth as she ground herself against my mouth. She didn’t waste any time; she just worked her body against mine as I did my best to give her the same orgasm she had given me. Soon she too was gasping and groaning before with a final shriek she too came. After we had got our breath back and enjoyed some more sexy snogging, she got up and left the room. I assumed that she had gone to the toilet but when she came back in, she said.

“Look what I found in mums bedside draw.”

Waving her arm at me I could see that she was clutching a large black plastic cock! It actually wasn’t that big, probably only six inches but the colour made it seem bigger somehow. She knelt on the bed and twisted the end and it came to life, buzzing, twitching and throbbing. My stomach began to have butterflies and my pussy was twitching in anticipation. I had read about vibrators and seen pictures but now, so it seemed, I was about to feel one for the first time.

First, Toni unscrewed the end and carefully put the batteries on her bedside table. Then she took some of the same ones from her bedside draw and replaced them, explaining that she didn’t want to run her mom’s down as she would then know that she was using it. She made me spread my legs almost obscenely wide before she turned it onto its lowest setting and started to run it around my pussy. The vibrations felt strange at first but soon they began to get to me, and I could feel the throbbing making me wetter and wetter. She turned it up higher and concentrated on my clit as I grabbed my tits, squeezing my nipples and biting my lip as the inevitable orgasm came ever closer. Another twist on the dial and the buzzing and vibrating went into overdrive and I went into outer space!

She turned the dial down as I came down to earth and it was off when she started to push it against my tight hole. It quickly slipped inside, and the smooth plastic began to fill me. It wasn’t as big as Ahmed, but it was a nice size and I enjoyed the thrusting as she pushed it deeper and deeper inside me. When she thought I’d taken enough she pulled it almost all the way out before turning it back to its lowest setting and began to push it firmly back and forth as I gasped at the amazing sensations that were running up and down my pussy, god it was fantastic! I enjoyed a minor orgasm before she turned it up high and started to thrash it in and out at the kind of pace you would get from a real fucking…except there was no premature ejaculation, no bruises from bony hips, no bad breath in your face…just the lust filled eyes of my best friend staring at me and an orgasm that threatened to go on forever. I don’t know how long she fucked me with that plastic toy or how many times I came but by the time she stopped (she said her wrist was aching!) my hair was plastered to my head with sweat and there was a wet puddle under my bottom from where my juices had flowed out.

After she pulled the toy out of me, I lay there twitching, it was almost as if I could feel it still inside me. I have heard it said that if you have a limb cut off you can still feel pain in it, like it’s still there. The way my pussy was throbbing and twitching it was as if Toni was still using the magic toy inside me. Eventually I recovered enough to come to my senses, and we swapped places and Toni was soon lying on the bed, legs spread wide as I prepared to give her the same pleasure I had received. She was different though. I liked that she had teased my clit with the toy, gently running it around my sensitive flesh. Toni didn’t want that. Her hand reached down and pushed my hand and the toy firmly between the lips of her pussy and against the entrance to her willing passage.

“Turn it all the way up and do it hard. Push it all the way in and do it hard and fast. Fuck me like those men on holiday fucked me.”

So that is exactly what I did. I turned it all the way up and in one long movement pushed it as far inside her as it would go. Her hips pushed towards me as it slid in, her thighs quivering as I filled her until I could force no more inside her. Then I pulled it almost all the way out before plunging back in. Her first orgasm exploded after about the 10th time I forced the pulsing toy inside her and for the next 10 mins I did as she asked, did as she gasped and begged, I fucked her harder and harder until with a pitiful whimper the batteries ran out just as she was coming again, he fingers frantically rubbing her clit as she thrashed through a titanic climax.

I got on the bed with her after I had pulled the toy free and was lay together, kissing and touching as we both calmed down. It was now almost nine ‘o’clock so Toni washed the toy, replaced her mom’s batteries and put it back where she found it. We changed into our pyjamas, went downstairs and finished the wine and pizza before falling asleep on the sofa which was where her mom and her boyfriend found us a few hours later. They were laughing, they thought the wine had put us to sleep. If only they knew!

That became a regular thing for the next few weeks, I’d go and stay with Toni every Saturday night and we would have hours of amazing sex. We were still seeing our boyfriends during the week, still being fucked and in my case teasing Olly’s dad, but it was the time together that was special. Emotionally we hadn’t changed. I wasn’t in love with her, we had just found something that we could do together that we could not do apart or with any of the boys. I guess it was that confidence and that desire that resulted in my mother, Carol, finding out about us, about our secret.

We were sent home from college as there was a problem with the water. We were given work to do and, as it was closer, we went back to my house to study together. We did some studying, but it was hot in my room and I took off my uniform and just put some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt on. Toni had nothing to change into so stripped to her bra and panties and…well, the temptation was too much. We were locked in a passionate ’69’ heads between each- other’s legs (which must have reduced our ability to hear) when mum, having come home earlier than I expected and hearing noises upstairs, opened the door. Toni was on her back and I had two fingers in her pussy as I licked her clit. She was gasping and close to cumming as the door opened and my mother watched as despite the shock Toni’s orgasm could not be halted. She must have stood there opened mouthed as she watched the girl she had known since she was a toddler shake through an orgasm administered by her daughter.

I realised that something was up and looked around into the disbelieving eyes before the door was quickly closed, leaving us to our embarrassment.

We got dressed, hardly speaking. I didn’t really know what to say to Toni, never mind what I was going to say to my mum. What must she have thought? I need not have worried. As Toni slipped out of the door mum put her arms around me and said.

“I’m sorry. We will see about getting a lock for your door. What you do in your room is your business, you are old enough to have privacy in your own home.”

With that she just kissed the top of my head and turned and put the kettle on as breathed many sighs of relief!

Over a cup of tea, I haltingly explained that I wasn’t gay, it was just something that happened on the spur of the moment on holiday and we had carried on. I still fancied boys but could not deny that sex with Toni was amazing and that I thought we would carry on doing it as long as we both wanted to. I wasn’t going off looking for other girls, it was just something between me and Toni. I did say that Toni had taken the lead so maybe she was ‘a bit more that way than I am’ which certainly made mum’s eyebrows lift a little. In an attempt to turn the spotlight, I asked her if she had ever had sex with another girl/woman. She shook her head.

“No, but I have certainly thought about it plenty of times. When I was your age and younger and my friends were holding me or being affectionate, I wondered about the next step. At times since my divorce I have thought women seem so much easier to get on with than men, it might be nice to have sex with someone that did not then want to move in/marry you/take control. Never did anything about it though.”

Then, as I sat there open mouthed, she laughed and said

“Maybe I should have done, I must admit that you two looked very sexy locked together like that today, you certainly looked and sounded like you were having a good time!”

Then she got up and started looking in the fridge, asking what I wanted for tea like nothing had happened.

Mum was as good as her word and a couple of days later her boyfriend, Steve, fitted a bolt to the inside of my bedroom door. He didn’t say anything, just smiled as if he knew why he was doing it. I should have been embarrassed but I wasn’t, there was something about the situation that excited me, and I returned his smile. Had mum told him what she had seen us doing? Had he guessed? I hardly ever brought Olly home; I usually went to his place, so he would not have thought that Olly was the reason. Truth to tell I was getting a bit bored with him. Although he was a nice enough guy, he certainly wasn’t in the same league as the guys I had encountered on holiday when it came to sex and once I’d had sex like that, stomach churning, toe curling sex, I wanted more and Olly certainly wasn’t going to provide it.

However, as I said I did like him so just like every Wednesday after college I was in his front room, undies off, blouse open and skirt around my waist as he sucked my nipples and fingered me to an orgasm when his mom knocked the door and, after waiting until we were decent, came in. She said that it was raining cats and dogs outside, and did I want a lift home as Olly’s dad was going to start his night shift soon and would take me. Having had the orgasm I wanted from Olly I readily agreed, despite the looks he gave me, the poor lamb would have to settle for a wank once I’d gone! His dad had taken me home a few times before in his nice big estate car and that looked like a better option than my pathetic umbrella given how heavy the rain was.

There wasn’t really an opportunity for me to get dressed so I was soon sitting in the front seat of his car in just my skirt, blouse and college blazer. The walk to the car had been enough to get my blouse wet and I was looking a bit like I’d entered a ‘miss wet t-shirt’ contest. The way my nipples reacted to the cold air I think I would have won! This did not go unnoticed by his dad and he made a fuss of making sure my seat belt was fastened and the mirrors were properly adjusted as he stared at my boobs. As usual it turned me on, so I pulled my shoulders back and let him look. There was something about the way he was looking at me that was a bit different this time though, like he knew what I was thinking. We started off towards my house but after a while pulled into a side street and then down an alleyway. We stopped and he turned off the engine. I opened my mouth to say something, but he was first.

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