We had met at work and had hit it off pretty much right away, we had similar tastes and could talk about anything. It started with finding out that there were several iconic TV shows and movies that she had never seen. I made the suggestion that she should come over and I’d introduce her to a couple and see if they were something she would be interested in. She graciously accepted my offer, and that’s how we found ourselves snuggled up on my bed watching TV. Oh, I forgot to mention, she’s married. Not that I minded, and while I had grown affectionate towards her, I was trying to be good. That didn’t work out too well, but again, I don’t mind one bit.

Laying there with her and admiring her beauty I couldn’t help but lean in for a kiss. As my lips gently caressed hers I could feel her mouth opening and her tongue reaching out to return the kiss. We fell into each other passionately, our tongues intertwining and exploring. It was one of the most passionate kisses I have ever experienced, and this only fueled my desire for her. I began running my hands along her tummy down to the hem of her shirt. I slowly snaked my and up and cupped one of her breasts in my hand, gently kneading it through her bra as we kissed. We moved closer and she rolled on her side to face me and my hand slipped to her back and deftly removed her bra with one hand.

“Very impressive” she said between kisses.

“I’ve had some practice.” I winked back.

“Well lets see what else you’re good at then.” She said as she leaned in to kiss me.

I moved my hand back to her breasts, now somewhat freed of their confines, and began kneading them again, though this time I had full access and was able to start pinching her nipples. She moaned deeply as I first pinched and twisted gently on a nipple and she kissed me even more passionately. I began working her shirt up and she helped to remove it and her bra. I sat back and admired her, god she was gorgeous.

We went back to kissing as I continued to play with her magnificent breasts, eventually I moved my hand down her tummy again, this time aiming further south. Initially I just played my hand around the top of her pants, sliding my hand just under them before pulling back, I was going for the tease and the buildup and it was having the desired effect. I eventually slid my hand further down, though I kept altyazı porno it outside her pants, as I did her legs spread to welcome me and encourage my touch. I pressed in between her legs and massaged gently, she broke our kiss and threw her head back in pleasure. I took the opportunity to kiss her neck and nibble her ear, driving her mad. I moved my hand up and slid it down her pants and panties, I could feel the heat of her core just begging me to go lower. As I slid my middle finger between her lips and began massaging her and sliding a finger inside her. I began putting pressure on the top of her mound as I moved my finger between her lips and, occasionally, bring it up to her clit to give it a little rub. The effect of this playful teasing was as I expected, she was getting more and more worked up, to the point of placing a hand on mine and pressing it into her in an attempt to get more. I slowly started to move her pants down bit by bit as I continued my teasing, eventually getting them down just past her hips, making it much easier to slide a finger inside her.

“Oh god… My pants need to stay on, okay?” she whispered as I slid a finger in and out of her.

“Yeah, that’s probably and good idea.” I said as I changed position and started to slide her pants down.

She didn’t resist me removing them, even lifting her hips to help me get them off. After I got them off I removed my shirt and sat back to admire the goddess in my bed before I leaned in and began kissing her again. she began running her hands across my chest and back, gently scraping her nails as we kissed. I broke the kiss and began gently kissing down her body, pausing at her breasts to suck her nipples into my mouth and gently biting them. As I did this she let out a satisfied moan of pleasure and started running her fingers through my hair. I took my time on each nipple, making sure each got the same level of attention and focus, this only increasing her desire and moans. I reluctantly pulled away from her breasts and began kissing my way down her body, to my prize.

As I made my way lower her body started to respond more to my descent, her hips rocking up to meet me as I began kissing the top of her mound. I kissed along the side of her swollen lips and began kissing the inside of her legs to build the anticipation and desire. amatör porno I slowly made my way to her center, kissing her lips and flicking my tongue out to taste her sweet nectar, and oh my did she taste divine. As I used my tongue more and more she began to moan and thrash in pleasure, running her fingers through my hair as I licked away. I took my time, being sure to build the pleasure up, holding off on attacking her clit, just giving it a few flicks of my tongue. Eventually her need grew too strong and she began pressing my head into her and wrapping her legs around my head to get me to focus on her button. As she did so she exposed herself to allow me to slide a finger insider her, as I did she arched her back and let out a primal moan of pure lust an desire. I gently found the spot I was looking for inside her, and knew instantly when I did, as she clamped her legs down and began to gyrate her hips into my face. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began sucking on it while flicking it with my tongue, all the while massaging her spot. She came harder than any woman I’ve been with, it was amazing to watch as she buried her face into a pillow and let out a scream of pure lust and pleasure.

Her release was powerful indeed, and she locked my head in place with her legs so that I couldn’t pull away, not that I would have anyway. I paused my assault on her as she came down from the high the engulfed her and gave her a moment of respite, but only a moment. I started again on her, lapping up the juices she had poured out, I was being careful to avoid her clit for the time being, just trying to keep her pleasure up, and keep it up I did. Soon after resuming my activities she began to build again, getting closer and closer to her peak, that’s when I returned to her clit and paid it special attention. Again I slid a finger inside her and massaged her spot, and again brought her to a wonderful climax, though not as powerful as the previous one, it still left her breathless. I stayed down on her for a little while, continuing my assault on her until I had gotten her off a couple more times, each time powerful and beautiful.

After her fourth release I began moving back up her body, reversing my actions from before, kissing lightly along her skin and making my way to her breasts. I paused briefly at each animasyon porno breast and made sure to give them some attention as I moved my hips up against hers. I could feel the heat and moisture of her pussy reaching out to my cock, begging for its attention. I moved up from her breasts and kissed her deeply, she returned the kiss passionately and started rocking her ups into mine, begging for me to enter her. I reached down and played the tip of my cock between her lips and across her clit, she moaned and pushed her hips into me, causing the head to enter her hole. I knew that’s what she wanted, as did I, and pressed into her warmth. Her pussy opened and accepted me into her as I slid all the way to the hilt. She moaned and arched her back as I entered her, and began caressing the back of my head and running her nails along my back. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

I began sliding in and out of her with long deep strokes that filled her entirely every time I pushed in. Very soon she was nearing another orgasm as I continued in and out. I picked up my pace, I was so turned on that I needed release too. Eventually I was pounding away at her pussy, slamming my cock into her hard and fast, my balls slapping her ass with each thrust. She began to moan and clamped on to my arm with her hand, digging her nails into me and she neared her release. I continued, getting closer and closer myself, as she stated to cum she rolled her head and bit down on my other arm as she unleashed a cry of ecstasy . This along with the feeling of her pussy clamping down on my cock pushed me over the edge. I thrust into her as deep as I could and unleashed my cum into her pussy, I have never cum so hard in my life. I came so much that my cum started to spill out of her and soak the sheets.

We both just held each other for a few moments, coming down from the high of pleasure we were on. I kissed her gently and passionately as I slid my softening cock out of her cum filled pussy.

“That was amazing, thank you.” I managed to say as I moved off her and lay down next to her.

“Oh god no, thank you. I need that, and it was unbelievable.” she responded sweetly.

We lay together talking and recovering for a little while before she had to go.

“Thanks for stopping by, we should get together and watch another show sometime.” I said as I walked her to her car.

“Oh yes, that one was excellent, going to have to watch another soon.” She replied with a wink.

She drove off and back home, will I see her again? Well she just messaged me:

“Show tomorrow, your place 😉 see you then!”


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