3 – The Test Drive

“That looks good Sabrina. Very, very good.”

“Thank you, and good morning,” Sabrina replied softly. She smirked at the way Monica was staring. It was all very familiar for her – things had been much the same during her early days at lab. Those who held power over her took pleasure in dressing her up and walking her around.

The costume she’d been given this morning was especially revealing, and in some ways actually quite clever. With well practiced strides she balanced atop transparent acrylic high heels which were quite steep, adding at least five inches. In Monica the retired bikini model’s house swimwear was king, so she wore a hot pink bikini top. Though the straps were well prepared for the stretch of her breasts, the cups certainly were not, as they provided cover for only slightly more than just her nipples. She was constantly, to Monica’s amusement, adjusting to keep them centered over her expansive tits as with her every movement atop those heels the springy straps bounced them about.

The clever part of Sabrina’s outfit was the matching pink hot pants, which had a custom pocket in the front where she could stuff her ponderous genitals. Though it displayed them blatantly with a mighty bulge that dangled and swung between her upper thighs it offered plenty of needed control, keeping them mostly out of the way while she did her errands.

Errands. That was the other thing striking her so familiar about her living situation with the wealthy Monica Swanson. Much like the goddesses she’d seeked to please in that Arizonian lab, she’d found herself fulfilling tasks, like a servant to her master.

Monica was smiling as she approached, her eyes running up and down, taking in the absurd sexuality of her incredibly endowed dual-sexed blonde’s swaying, jiggling gait. She reached out to accept the tumbler Sabrina offered, and brought the thick drink to her lips.

“Hmm. Can you blend this smoothie longer? I can still feel the alfalfa sprouts. It’s gritty.” She handed the glass back to Sabrina. “Go on… back to the kitchen, now…”

Sabrina took the glass and turned, then resumed her walk. She could feel her eyes on her back. She gave a flip of her blonde hair, then smiled softly when she heard a little sigh of admiration from her master.

“So I’ve got my appointment at the spa today,” Monica said as she rolled out her yoga mat. “The thing is though, I double scheduled. My car is scheduled for service this afternoon.”

Sabrina plunked the tumbler into Monica’s magic bullet, and the blades began to whir. She gave it a good minute.

“You know how to drive, don’t you?”

“Mm? Drive?” Sabrina started on her way back.

“Yeah. To get the car to the garage today.”

“Oh, right,” Sabrina said. She handed the glass back to Monica. “Uhm… I don’t do that much…”

“But you do, right? Good.” Monica put the glass aside and got down onto her yoga mat. “Bring the car to the garage for two pm today.”

“Oh, are you sure? Maybe you should just reschedule.”

“No, I’d rather not. They have a waiting list, it could be weeks. All you have to do is drive it down there and they’ll take over.”

Sabrina was nervously wringing her hands together beneath her chest, looking extremely hesitant. “Er… oh…kay…”


She stood outside now in the sunlight, dressed far more decently in a ‘good girl’ outfit of black tights and a short skirt with a red knitted sweater. A black baseball cap sat on her head, tilted low to hide her face. While pulling repeatedly on the doorhandle she clicked buttons on the keyfob. Surely one of them had to unlock it. Eventually she had access, so she ducked inside the expensive vehicle.

Sabrina wasn’t licensed, and her driving experience amounted to a few laps around the block in Paul’s car, about a year before. She basically had zero idea what she was doing. It was going to be a major ordeal getting there.

“Hm…” She hovered the key fob around at the base of the steering wheel, looking for a spot to insert. Paul’s Toyota took the key there, why didn’t Monica’s Mercedes? It took a while of playing around, but eventually she found that sitting on the brake while pushing a button would start up the car.

After remembering how to put the car into reverse she stepped on the gas, and the car launched suddenly down the driveway. In doing so the trunk, which apparently unlatched while she was playing with the keyfob, flew open. “Oh shit!”

She’d forgotten to buckle her safety belt as well, and she was draped over the steering wheel. “Ughh, unreal! I just hope I make it there!”


Never in her life had Sabrina been so terrified. At the dealership she eventually stumbled out of the car, wide eyed and trembling, with it resting diagonally between two parking spots. There hadn’t been any incidents, but there were more close calls than she cared to count. She got out, key in hand, and stumbled inside to the show room.

“Mrs Swanson?” A tall middle aged pornhub man in a suit approached her. “Oh. Uh, you’re here for Monica Swanson’s service appointment?” He was slightly stunned by the sight of her, having expected a familiar face and instead seeing a bold new one. He quickly took her in, head to toe, stopping for the briefest indulgence on all the sweatermeat stretching her red top.

“Yes.” She held the keyfob out to him, “please… take this away from me!”

“Sure thing,” he crooned, suddenly turning suave. “I’m Keith DeMarco, the manager of this fine dealership. ” He held out his hand, “and we’re glad to be of service, miss…?”

“Sabrina,” she said, shaking his larger hand.

“Great! Great. I see Mrs Swanson has found help. Such a busy woman. You just make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee or a tea. I’ll have them get started immediately.” He put a hand over her upper arm and hugged her to his side while he began to walk, guiding her towards the lounge. “It should only be two hours tops.”

“Okay,” she said. It took him a moment to release her, but when he did she continued walking a few steps in that direction. As soon as he left she stopped there and just looked around. It was a big, spacious place, with gleaming sports cars and SUVs parked for display. It was also very busy.

“Alright hun, you just march those papers over here. Yeah, yeah… that’s a good girl.”

Sabrina turned to watch a man in mechanic’s coveralls slouching in a chair behind the service desk. He dropped an oily rag onto his lap and held out his hand for his papers, guiding Sabrina’s to look upon the subject of his drawling request. A young woman was scowling to herself as she clicked on her high heels toward him. “There, Tim.”

“Thanks.” He looked at the sheet for a quick instant, then, “oooh, sorry sugartits, I wanted the other one. Could you go over there and get me the other one?”

Her scowl tightened, and she turned and left. He chuckled to himself and leaned back in his chair, watching her go… and Sabrina found herself doing much the same.

While the mechanic’s behaviour was unwelcome Sabrina couldn’t blame him for holding such interest over her. She was probably the youngest employee of the dealership, though that wasn’t the only thing about her that stood out. She was a little tall and looked to be of mixed asian and western origin. White and black checkerprint pants clung tight to her legs, the pattern thinning and widening to accent the curve of her upper thighs and wonderfully plump bottom. She wore a long sleaved black top with a plunging neckline, showing ample cleavage and just a hint of bra. As she went those features jiggled softly, along with the sway of her long, straight black hair. She clearly dressed and made herself up to show herself off.

After a moment she must have felt another set of eyes on her, because she turned toward Sabrina, who quickly tilted her head so her baseball cap would hide her eyes. That didn’t stop her, and soon the young woman approached.

“Hello, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Uh, well,” Sabrina said, feeling slow on the response as she inspected her more closely. She hadn’t been stingy on the mascara, and her perfume smelled warm and strong. She was quite intoxicating to encounter, in the most deliberate way. Sabrina had hoped to be in and out of the dealership without incident, but it seem that wouldn’t have to be so. “Perhaps?”

The young woman smirked smartly, “okay.” She held out a sassily manicured hand, “my name is Danielle.”

Sabrina shook it, then glanced down at the golden nametag pinned over one of her breasts: DANIELLE – JUNIOR SALES ASSOCIATE.

“Hi Danielle. I’m Sabrina.”

“Nice to meet you Sabrina. So what can I do for you today? Are you interested in one of this year’s models?”

“Hm…? I might be. Not sure… which one…”

“Okay, well why don’t we take a look at what’s available.” Danielle turned and started to walk, and Sabrina’s gaze instantly dropped down to that fat, dirty booty of hers. It was just a little loose, a little wild, in the best way, especially with her slim waist above. With each click of her heels her lush cheeks rose and fell, left, right, left right… with sympathetic secondary quivers of surface softness moving in the opposite. Snapping out of her hypnosis, Sabrina summoned her self control to not visibly react in the busy showroom.

“Here is one of this year’s best sellers, our offering in the small SUV category.” Danielle opened the drivers side door, “as you can see this one is fully optioned out with Italian leather upholstery, a premium upgraded twelve speaker stereo system…”

As Danielle named off all the car’s features Sabrina crawled inside. It was a good deal more spacious than Monica’s little roadster, which seemed an improvement, and she began to wonder if maybe one aspect of her anxiety during her ride there had been claustrophobic.

She wasn’t processing much of Danielle’s porno 92 increasingly obscure car jargon, and instead just watched her pretty mouth move. She then twitched alert, realizing her mind was drifting again into dangerous territory. Seeing that reaction, the young saleslady changed gears: “So… basically, it’s really nice, isn’t it?”

Sabrina noddled, smiling dumbly as she squeezed her legs together, willing her blood not to flow downwards.

Danielle smiled to herself and walked around the front of the car, then opened the passenger side door and got in beside Sabrina. They both shut the doors, and the atmosphere around them became quieter and rather intimate.

“Yeah… this is pretty nice. I like it better.” The still air within was soon coloured by the warm smell of Danielle’s perfume.

“Better than Monica’s?”

“Mm? Yes, I really do. So, everyone here knows her by name, don’t they?”

Danielle shrugged, “practically everyone in the world knows her by name. She used to be a huge celebrity… dating rock stars… I remember her always showing up in the tabloids when I was a little girl.”

“Is she the most famous client here?”

“There’s a lot of famous people in this town, Sabrina. But she is one of our star clients, for sure. Are… are you new around here?”

Sabrina nodded, “yes. I came in about a week ago. Did my best to make friends when I did.”

“That must have been easy,” Danielle said more softly, “uh, being the way you are.”

“Mm?” Sabrina looked at her and saw her biting her lip as they held eye contact. They both broke it at once, and Danielle tightened up, going back into sales-mode.

“So, would you be interested in looking at any other models?”

“No. I like it in here.”

“Oh, okay,” Danielle said. Their eyes met again, and this time they didn’t break gaze. Danielle’s facial expression softened as she let herself simply admire the amazing specimen that had walked into her showroom. There was a connection, they both felt it. “Maybe… we can go out on the lot, and look at one of the ones we have in stock…?”

“Are there people out there?”

“No, not usually.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”


All the way there, with interested eyes following the two attractive young women as they went, Sabrina was again trying to control herself. There was simply no denying that she was very much into Danielle, that she felt some sort of animal, chemical magnetism about her. She was thirsting for her, dreaming of grabbing her and grinding her monster into her lush behind.

They opened up and hopped inside an SUV identical to the one they’d looked at in the showroom. It was a good deal hotter in there, so as soon as Sabrina was behind the steering wheel she took off her baseball cap, then peeled out of her red sweater, revealing the tiny black tank top she’d worn underneath. Danielle simply watched, fascinated and awed by the radiant young blonde as so much more skin was revealed. With the way the sun was shining off her skin and fair hair, she looked as angelic as she did sexy.

“This is much better,” Sabrina said. “I like it here.” She smiled awkwardly, still playing their car sales game. She set a hand on the wheel and the other on the gear shifter.

Over that hand on the shifter Danielle softly placed her own. They turned to each other as their fingers began to weave together. For just a moment, staring into each others eyes, they hesitated, before slowly leaning in for a cautious little kiss.

With the barrier between them broken Danielle chuckled against her lips, then again they let their lips join, this time much deeper, much less restained than before as tongue was introduced and hands began to wander.

“Damn Sabrina. You’re… so hot.”

Sabrina smiled softly, “you don’t even know the half of it.”

Michelle seemed to squint at that. As her gaze wandered she began to catch on to what Sabrina meant: “what… what is that…?” There was a large lump in Sabrina’s lap, hidden under her skirt and pantyhose, that she was sure wasn’t there before.

“U-uhm… mm…” Sabrina squeezed her legs together awkwardly, no longer able to control her body’s impulses after such a tender embrace. If she were calm that sort of movement would have hid it, but instead it just pushed itself up into a higher mass, now with room to grow.

Danielle was soon staring wide eyed as an elongated tube emerged under Sabrina’s tights. She leaned in to examine the shape of it, and realized what she was looking at once the material was taut enough to thinly present the form of her member.

“You know what it is.”

She scoffed, “what? No. Are you kidding? No way. That’s not real!” But by the way it was slowly straightening and creeping along Sabrina’s thigh, she soon was convinced otherwise. “Oh shit.” she said, her voice going quiet.

Unsure how to proceed, Sabrina was perfectly still, save for the throbbing of her growing admiration for her saleslady. Would she qiqitv porno be able to stop herself, or were they about to make a scene? Was Danielle even okay with it?

“Can…” Danielle quickly turned to glance out her window for onlookers, then whispered, “can I see it?”

Sabrina shook her head. “No… I won’t be able to control it. It’ll never go down. We’ll get in trouble.”

Danielle just blinked at her, then looked back down to Sabrina’s semi-aroused monster. She slowly reached for it.

“No!” Sabrina pulled her legs to her chest and hugged them against herself giggling: “I’m serious!”

“I need to see it.”

“I’m serious,” Sabrina repeated. “I can’t let this happen in public.”

Danielle nodded slowly. She sat back and, now with a different perspective, inspected Monica Swanson’s young helper. How on Earth could such a creature even exist? Looking at it again as Sabrina lowered her legs, the head of her cock was pressed against the inside of her knee, and it still didn’t look stiff. She swallowed her spit, feeling in a daze. “Can… can I at least see it some other time?”

Sabrina smirked.

“Can I have your number?”

“Danielle, you can have my anything.”


Inspiration must have struck Monica while she was at the spa, because as soon as they were both home a kinky plan was set into motion.

Sabrina was blindfolded and gagged. She was in that morning’s same costume of bikini top, stilleto heels and hot pants, only this time the top was pulled down and the zipper on her pants was open, accomodating the bloom of her enormous flower. Her forearms were tied together behind her back, and she was tied at the waist and legs to the rails of the stairway.

Monica was leaning against her right hip, standing slightly aside due to the impassible boundary of Sabrina’s nineteen inch hardon. She was slowly stroking it, and had been for almost an hour. Sabrina had been on the edge of orgasm for almost as long. Her dick was so hard she was starting to feel faint, and her endless precum was pooling on the tiled floor.

“We’ve been going a while now… and I wonder, does that make you cum bigger?”

“Mmf,” Sabrina replied in darkness.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand that. But that’s okay, I can find out for myself.” Monica ramped up those strokes, and Sabrina crumpled forward and groaned as an hour’s worth of pent up orgasm threatened to blow. A misstep had her slipping in her own pre, and she hung by her ties off of the rail behind her.

Monica stopped, leaving her gasping and violently throbbing. Her hands, also slick with pre, she set upon Sabrina’s bountiful overlarge breasts, then digging her fingers in roughly and lifting upward. Whimpering, her sub regained her footing.

Monica started to twist her nipples, and she chuckled at Sabrina’s hot cry of agony. Then she tossed her breasts around a bit, laughing harder. She turned back to look at her cock, which was looking more desperate than ever to release as it throbbed and bucked.

She roughly let go of Sabrina’s breasts and dropped to her knees. She started to kiss and lick the base of her cock, right where it joined her sac. Her balls felt massively engorged with so much pent up energy. Tenderly stroking her bare leg with one hand, she reached way out with the other to grasp and resume strokes to her monster length.


In the darkness of her bondage, with no visual information to process, Sabrina’s every sensation was a surprise. At that moment her attention was on the feeling of Monica’s hand travelling to and away from her crotch, along the incredible length of her raging erection. That was the one that threatened to make her blow.

Monica’s lips started to take a slow trip inch by inch along searing, throbbing dick. On her knees she shuffled sideways, making it all the way to the other end.

It took a moment but eventually she was kneeling in front of Sabrina, with the head firmly anchored between her lips. A second hand joined the first – was she about to administer her finishing strokes, Sabrina wondered? Would she finally be allowed to cum?

Monica ramped it up, long and fast. She wasn’t stopping, and Sabrina found herself flinching and clenching as ecstasy opened to her. Mighty throbs began at the base of her shaft, and soon she erupted.

Her cries were muffled by her gag. Her cock was bucking hard, and she could hear the thick splatter-patter of her cum hitting the tiles. Monica was gasping and gulping, and Sabrina could tell she was swallowing all she could while intentionally letting the excess cover her.

The long buildup had granted her a climax to match, and Sabrina was physically spent and on cloud nine. She felt the soft thump of her master getting to her feet, and heard the sound of cum slicking thick off of her body from the movement. Her blindfold was roughly pulled off, and she was temporarily blinded by the late afternoon light.

Through squinting eyes visual information slowly returned as Monica removed the gag from her mouth and untied her limbs. Her perfect, mature body was covered head to toe with cum.

“Nicely done, sweetie. I hope you enjoyed this. It was super hot.”

Still gasping for breath, Sabrina nodded.

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