“Don’t you think it’s a little late for modesty, Kyle?” Mom asked as she glanced down at my feeble attempt to cover my obvious erection.

She took a few steps over to Kelly’s desk and pulled the chair out. Then, turning it around to face me, she sat down and pointed to the bed. “Sit down.” Mom said.

“Can I put some clothes on first?” I asked in return.

Mom shook her head and pointed to the bed again. “No.” She said. “Sit down and just keep quiet for now.”

As I reluctantly sat on the edge of the bed, I looked down at the towel and the silk ceremonial panties stained with my little sister’s virginal blood. Just a few feet away were the two pair of panties my sister wore for me before we made love. I could see the wet spots on both of them. The vivid memory of how Kelly spread her legs, displayed herself and touched her pussy wearing those panties came back to me when I saw them, and just the thought of it all caused my cock to throb.

When I finally got the courage to peer up at my mother, she was looking at our sex wish list again. I could see her eyes as she read, shifting from left to right, reading each line. Every now and then, she’d look up at me and then return to the list. When she was done reading, she looked up at me. I couldn’t bear to look her in the eye, so I looked away and then lowered my stare to the carpet.

“Take your hands away.” I heard her say after a few seconds.

When I pulled my head up to look at her, Mom was holding Kelly’s digital camera in her hands and browsing through the pictures. She stopped for a second and looked up at me.

“I said,” she paused, looking me straight in the eyes, “move your hands.”

Mom was serious. She had that ‘Don’t push me’ look on her face – a look both Kelly and I knew very well. And when we saw it, we knew she meant business. So, I did what she asked, I moved my hands to my side, uncovering my hard and throbbing penis.

I saw her eyes drop to my crotch, staring at my cock for a full minute before she went back to looking at the pictures on Kelly’s camera. I wasn’t sure how many pictures we’d taken, but, I would say at least fifty or sixty. She must have gone through them two or three times, looking up at me periodically as she did. The whole time, she never once showed any emotion. I waited for her to yell at me, or make a face, but she didn’t.

The fact that she wasn’t showing any reaction to the nasty wish list or the pictures was beginning to worry me. I started to watch for signs that she was going to explode – perhaps throw the camera at me and maybe even the chair she was sitting on, but she didn’t.

And, thankfully, while she was looking at the pictures my cock started to soften. I don’t know if it was my embarrassment or my nerves, but I figured being naked in front of your mother without an erection was better than being in front of her with an erection.

Having seen all the pictures, my mother lowered the camera to her lap. Then, she pointed to the two pairs of panties lying on the bed. “I assume those are supposed to be for you?” Mom asked.

Ashamed to admit the truth, I nodded my head up and down instead of answering ‘Yes’.

“I see. Like trophies or something?” Mom asked calmly.

Again, I nodded my head and lowered my eyes back to the carpet, preparing myself for the worst.

“Kyle,” Mom began, “I want you to start at the beginning and explain all of this to me. And you better not leave anything out or make anything up. I’m going to speak to your sister after we’re done, and if your two stories don’t match perfectly, I’m just going to turn all this over to your father and let him deal with it.”

“Fuck!” I thought to myself. “My father? Damn, if Mom was home from shopping, then Dad was home to!” I immediately started to panic, turning to the doorway and leaning as far as I could to see if I could see or hear him.

“Does he know?” I asked in horror.

“He’s not here.” Mom explained. “His work called while we were shopping. They have some kind of chemical leak at the plant. He won’t be home for hours.”

“So, what’s it going to be?” She asked, as she sat back in the chair holding our sex wish list and Kelly’s camera filled with our incriminating pictures. “Do you want to explain it to me, or take your chances with your father?”

There was no question about it. We all knew Dad was over protective about Kelly, his only daughter, and I can just image how he’d react after seeing the pictures, the towel, the wish list and the mountain of evidence against us. Without a doubt, I’d be disowned and probably thrown out of the family. So, as uncomfortable as it was, I was going to have to talk to Mom.

“I’d prefer you, Mom.” I answered, as respectfully and clearly as I could.

“Okay, then,” she replied, “I want the whole story. I don’t care it if takes you three hours. No lying and no omissions. And, mark my words, Son….. if your story doesn’t exactly match Kelly’s, you’ll be facing your father when he gets home. Understand?”

I took a deep breath and nodded my head. “Alright,” bursa otele gelen escort I replied, “I understand.”

I took a couple of deep breaths. “Well,” I began, “we made the wish list about a couple of hours ago.”

“Hold it.” Mother said, abruptly. “When I said to start at the beginning, that’s what I meant. I’ll give you one more chance, Kyle. Go back a couple of years when you started taking her panties.”

I sat there in shock, looking at her and wondering how she knew about the panties. Mom just sat there, crossing her arms over her chest waiting for me to say something. “Kyle,” she finally said, “my patience is growing thin. You either start explaining, from the beginning, or you can save it for your father. Now, which is it?”

Suddenly, I had a horrible fear that maybe Mom knew more than I thought. This revelation seriously complicated things and might force me to divulge all my peeping and panty thievery for the last couple of years, effectively making me confess all my perverted acts.

Damn, what was I going to do? She’d seen the nasty wish list and the pictures on the camera. She obviously figured out I’d taken my little sister’s virginity – hell, the evidence was lying on the bed next to me! I didn’t know exactly how much she knew from the past, but, I wasn’t willing to bet against her. Having no other option, I reluctantly resolved myself to tell her everything.

“Mom…..” I started again. “Okay, I’ll tell you absolutely everything from the very beginning. Will you promise you won’t hate me after you hear it?”

“You’re my son, Kyle.” Mom answered. “I could never hate you.”

And so, taking her at her word, I began. I started back years ago and explained how I used to peek at Kelly every chance I got. I told her all about peeking through the bathroom door and peeking into her bedroom. I told her I’d been taking Kelly’s panties for years. At first, I left it at that, but when her eyebrows raised and she leaned toward me, I assumed she was warning me about telling her everything. So, ashamed with myself, I confessed to her that I’d been using her panties while I masturbated.

When she showed no reaction, I told her the rest of the shameful things I’d done, like licking and sucking my little sister’s panties, even wrapped them around my cock and jerking myself off with them. Although I couldn’t look her in the eyes, I spilled my guts and told her the complete, sum total of my deprived acts. I didn’t leave anything out, not one thing. I even told her I’d jerked off standing in the hallway outside Kelly’s bedroom door as I peeking in on her, and believe it or not, there was still no reaction from her. She just sat there and listened while I told her every thing I’d done.

One would think my multi year, humiliating confession would leave me unable to do anything but tremble with fear in front of my mother. But, unfortunately, as I told my Mom about sniffing and licking my little sister’s panties and peeking at her teenage body, my cock betrayed me and grew back to full length, poking it’s angry head up out of my lap. She looked down at it from time to time as she listened to me, but still – she didn’t show any reaction.

I stopped part way through my confession to take a few breaths and compose myself. As I rested, mother leaned over and pulled a tissue from the box on Kelly’s desk and held it out to me. At first, I didn’t understand what she was doing, but, when she nodded down to my cock, and I looked at myself, I was mortified to see a large drop of precum had bubbled up to the tip of my cock.

I felt my heart sink in my chest as I reached out to take the tissue from her and wiped my cock head. Then, she reached her empty hand back out to me, palm up, beckoning me to give her the cum stained tissue back. Embarrassed as hell, I leaned forward and set the tissue in her palm and she closed her hand around it and rested it in her lap. “Go on.” Mom said. “Continue with what you were saying.”

I’d reached the point in my explanation where I was about to tell her about having breakfast with my sister this morning, and as I picked up the story from there, I told her how Kelly confronted me about stealing her panties and peeping at her. Knowing she was going to talk to Kelly, too, I swallowed my pride and gave her a minute by minute description of our activities and everything we did. She continued to sit there silently as I told her how I touched my little sister in intimate ways, sniffed and licked her panties and even had her sit on my face.

The only reaction she showed was when I told her how I’d ejaculated on Kelly’s face while she sat on top of me in the sixty-nine position and grinded her panty covered pussy on my nose. Mother seemed to tense up, and she leaned forward when I told her how Kelly jacked my cock, bringing me closer and closer until I exploded all over her face. My mom was noticeably flushed as I finished that part of the story, and I couldn’t tell if it was because she was angry, sickened, disgusted, or what.

Then, I began escort bayan to tell her the rest – about making the nasty wish list. Mom finally spoke, interrupting me and asking me to explain each of my wishes. So, as she read each one aloud, I explained why I put it down. She never made any other remarks until we got down to number 8, my wish to see her, my own mother, naked and lewdly displayed. “I’m curious why you’d want that.” Mother asked.

I told my mother how I’d seen her in her bedroom that night standing in front of her mirror touching her body. She blushed beet red as I explained how I watched her for a long time while she pleasured herself. There was a very uncomfortable silence between us when I finished speaking, and even though I knew what I’d done was a huge sin and an unforgivable invasion of my mother’s privacy, my cock was throbbing again as I told her about it. Throughout my explanation, Mom kept glancing down at my cock, and each time she looked at it, I felt myself get a little harder.

After a minute or two of silence, mother looked at me and softly asked, “Did you masturbate while you watched me?”

Ashamed of my actions, I nodded my head, answering “Yes.”

“So,” she asked, “does this mean you’d like to see me naked so you could examine my female parts up close?”

“I guess.” I replied softly.

“And when you put this wish down,” mother asked, “was it your intention that you’d masturbate while you looked at me so lewdly displayed?”

I couldn’t look at her. I swallowed hard and looked up into my mother’s eyes hoping she wouldn’t make me answer. We looked at each other for a few seconds before she simply said, “I’ll take that as a ‘Yes’.”

When we finished talking about the list, I told her all about how we started taking pictures and why we took them. Then I gave her the complete story of how we made love, and explained about the silk ceremonial panties, stained with Kelly’s blood, she saw on the bed. When I was finally done talking, I swore to my Mom I honestly tried to tell her everything and didn’t intentionally leave anything out.

“I believe you.” She said softly, as she fidgeted in her chair. Then holding the list up and scanning it quickly, she asked, “And these are the things the two of you intended to do for each other? Your nasty wish list?”

“Uh huh.” I replied.

“Is there anything else you want to add before I talk to your sister?” Mom asked.

I thought about it for a moment, and at first I was going to beg her not to tell Dad about what I’d done or what Kelly and I had done. But, in the end, I didn’t want to give her any ideas. However, there was one thing I figured I could say that might help.

“Just this,” I said, as I looked straight at her, “all this….. everything that happened, it’s all my fault, Mom. There’s no reason to get mad at Kelly – I’m responsible for everything. If you need to punish someone, punish me.”

“I want to speak to your sister now about all this.” She said.

I stood up to leave, but as I did, she reached out and took hold of my wrist and pulled me gently in front of her. Then, reaching over to the tissue box on Kelly’s desk, she pulled another tissue from it. I watched in slow motion as she reached out with her left hand and held my erect cock while she dabbed the tissue to my cock. She gently squeezed my pole, sending another bubble of cum to the top of my cock and then she dabbed that one, too.

As she finished wiping me off, she looked up and said, “I want you to step back and stand right next to your sister’s bed. I’m going to call your sister in, and don’t you dare say one word or make one facial expression. Then, when I tell you, I want you to go to your room and stay there – just like you are, and keep your hands away from your penis, Kyle.”

Then, without saying anything more, she motioned me back and I stood next to the bed, just like she told me. As she stood up, she turned to me and put her hands on her hips.

“Tell me,” my mother said, “and I’d appreciate the honest truth from you on this….. do you love her? I mean, do you think you’re in love with her?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah, I think so,” I said, “I made love to her, Mom. I wasn’t just screwing some girl. We want to be together.”

“Okay,” she said, “just stay where you are and keep those lips zipped.”

My mother walked across the hall and opened the door to her own bedroom. “Kelly,” she said softly, “come in here with me, please.”

After a few seconds, I saw my sister appear. She’d obviously been crying – her eyes were red and swollen. She was still naked, except for the panties she’d put on. I could see the bulge of her feminine pad inside her panties as she walked into the room, and she was shaking – obviously scared, not knowing what to expect at the hands of my mother. Kelly’s eyes went to my cock, and when she saw it was hard, I think it surprised her.

Mom looked at me as she led my little sister by the hand into the room. Then, sitting down and pulling my sister in front of her, she mudanya escort looked up at me. “Come here, Kyle.”

I stepped over next to my mother and looked at Kelly. Shyly, Kelly reached her hand out to mine, and despite my mother sitting right in front of us, Kelly grasped my hand in a show of unity. Kelly smiled at me and I smiled back and squeezed her hand in return. No matter what happened, now or in the future, I knew for sure Kelly loved me and I knew I loved her, too.

“Take some responsibility for your actions, Kyle.” Our mother said. “Check her to see if she’s still bleeding.”

Mother’s words took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure what she was asking me to do.

“I’m okay……” Kelly started to say, but my mother held up her hand, stopping my sister in mid-sentence.

“Kyle,” Mother said, as she looked at me, “a girl’s first time can be traumatic down there. We need to know if she’s still bleeding. Take responsibility and check her.”

I wasn’t sure what else to do besides look, so, shrugging my shoulders, I knelt down in front of my sister and looked at her crotch. When I looked back at my mother, she said, “Kyle, you can’t see anything like that unless you have x-ray vision. You’re going to have to pull her panties down and check the pad for blood.”

I couldn’t believe my mother just told me to pull my sister’s panties down and check to see if her pussy was still bleeding after I took her virginity. But, as I looked back at Mom to make sure, she nodded her head as if to encouraging me.

With that, I put my hands on the waistband of my little sister’s panties and with my mother watching, I started to pull Kelly’s panties down as she spread her feet apart. I almost cringed when the top of her panties slid below my sister’s pussy, giving my mother a perfect view of her hairless vagina. If mom didn’t know Kelly had a shaved pussy, she sure as hell knew now. As I lowered the panties further, the feminine pad pulled free from her crotch, and as I settled her panties half way down thighs, all three of us looked down inside my little sister’s panties for any signs of blood on her pad.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the pad was perfectly white – there wasn’t even a trace of blood there. I guess this meant Kelly was fine and she hadn’t ripped open, or anything like that.

“It look’s like there’s no blood or discharge.” Mother observed, looking over at me. “Go ahead and take her pad out and you can go to your room while your sister and I talk.”

Now, this was a first for me. I’d never seen any of my girlfriends, or any other woman, do anything with a tampon or a feminine pad, so when Mom told me to take her pad out, I wasn’t sure what to do. I tentatively reached inside my sister’s panties, but pulled my hand back.

“It’s not going to bite you, Kyle.” Mom said, as she chuckled. “It’s just attached with an adhesive tape. All you have to do is reach in there and pull it out.”

Feeling stupid, I reached in and peeled the pad from the crotch of Kelly’s panties and then watched as Mom reached down and pulled my sister’s panties back up. “Okay,” she said to me, “the show’s over. Get to your room and stay there.”

I looked at Kelly as I stood up holding her pad in my hand. She gave me a brave smile and I gave her one back, and then I left the room. As soon as I turned the corner and walked down the hallway to my own room, I heard Kelly’s door close. I was tempted to go back and see if I could listen to their conversation through the door, but, I didn’t want to tempt fate. So far, mother was handling our incestuous love affair pretty well. I didn’t want to fuck things up for either of us, especially Kelly, so I went into my room, closed my door and waited.

Kelly was in with our mother for over an hour – an hour and forty one minutes, to be exact. Finally, there was a knock at my door, and then a second later, my mother peeked her head into my room and asked me to join them in Kelly’s room.

My hard-on had gone down, thankfully, and as I followed Mom down the hall and into Kelly’s room, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Kelly was sitting on the bed, her eyes were still red and she was sniffling – with a wad of tissues by her side. When my sister saw me, she stood up, and hesitantly, reached out for my hand. Somehow, her panties were now gone and my little sister was as naked as I was. Crossing over to her and taking her hand, we both looked at our mother who motioned to the bed and said, “Both of you sit down so we can talk.”

I was curious why my sister was naked, but, I could wait for that answer. I figured we were both going to get the ‘bitching out’ of our lives, so as I sat down next to my naked little sister, I held her hand and prepared for the worst.

“First of all,” Mother began, “I appreciate both of you telling me the truth about everything. Your stories match up, and since I know you didn’t have time to cook something up between you, I guess it’s the truth.”

Mother went on to say she wasn’t mad at us. Looking at me, she told me she’d known for a long time I’d been taking my sister’s panties, adding she was almost sure Kelly was letting me do it. She also told me she saw me in the hall masturbating while I peeked at Kelly through her almost closed door. She was remarkably calm while she talked to us, and after a few minutes, I began to settle down some.

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