The moonlight streaming in from the 12th floor window between the gap in the curtains shot across the girl’s bare buttocks, accentuating their shape and firmness. She was young, probably no more than 20, but Tom had never asked. She had been coming on to him every time he was in the restaurant, thrusting her chest towards him, playing with her hair as he engaged her in light conversation before ordering. She was discreet when Tom’s dinner guest was sitting at the table, but that ended as soon as he was alone.

“It’s not me,” he thought. “Just another blonde bimbo. The celebrity is what she craves.” He was in his third term as Senator, and he could pretty much write his own ticket to the Presidential nomination in five months if things continued as they were. The Senator’s strong chin, chiseled features, lean body, and full head of thick, brown hair were splashed across tv screens on a nightly basis, and attention from the opposite sex was nothing new.

And he certainly wanted her, his cock hardened at the sight of her, the smooth, rounded limbs, the firm young ass, and deep cleavage he had trouble pulling his eyes out of. She was blonde, of course, with piercing blue eyes that seemed to know exactly what he was feeling. He had wanted to fuck her the first time he saw her. Instead, he waited until the perfect opportunity. Tom’s wife was out of town, and he was dining alone. He had slipped a note to the girl along with a credit card to pay for his meal.

He spotted her when he walked through the lobby of the hotel; she was sitting on a sofa just off the main lobby, twirling her hair. Her legs were crossed, and her arms were folded beneath her breasts, causing them to swell over the top of her blouse.

Nearly a half hour passed before Tom heard the knock on his door. His cock sprang to life as he crossed the suite and looked through the eyehole. She was standing with her back turned, looking left and right. He opened the door just as she was about to knock again and he hurried her inside. She introduced herself as Michelle, even as she was pulling off her top. Her breasts were huge, and bobbled beneath her bra as she shook her hair free, tossing her shirt to the side of the room.

Tom watched her silently as she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra. She let it slide down her arms, before tossing it aside as well, baring her enormous breasts to Tom’s greedy eyes for the first time. All feelings of guilt left Tom as he feasted on her young flesh, abundant and firm. Despite their size, Michelle’s tits stood proudly high on her chest, topped by small, erect, pink nipples that sat dead center inside her half-dollar size areola’s.

Michelle dropped to her knees in front of him, unzipping his pants quickly, allowing them to drop to his ankles. He tangled his fingers in her silky, golden hair, and his head dropped back as he felt Michelle’s wet tongue begin to caress his balls. He groaned when she took them in her mouth, sucking on each one, moaning as she slathered her tongue all over his sac.

“Oh God, that feels so good baby,” he moaned, looking down at her. She was looking back at him, and he groaned even louder as she sank down on his throbbing erection, her full, wet lips sliding along the length of him until her nose pressed into his pubic hair.

He fondled her tits, allowing the firm, gorgeous flesh to bulge between his fingers. The heavy globes were soft and pliable, and he worked them hard while Michelle milked his cock in her mouth. Just the mere scent of Michelle’s young body was driving Tom wild, and he knew he wouldn’t last long. He could already feel his orgasm approaching. Michelle stroked his balls while her mouth quickly moved up and down his shaft. Her free hand clutched around his throbbing cock, and followed her mouth up and down, while Tom pinched her nipples.

Michelle pulled her mouth off his cock, and rose up a bit, grasping her breasts from the sides. She squashed them together, creating a huge valley of young flesh, and he thrust his cock between them. She dipped her head and spit down into her cleavage, and the Senator’s cock drove between her mounds, using the spit as lubrication while the engorged head drove towards Michelle’s darting tongue.

“Fuck my tits, baby, fuck ‘em hard,” Michelle said, staring up at Tom’s face. His passion had boiled over and felt the cum rising after just a couple pumps.

“I’m gonna cum all over you, slut,” he cried. “Here it is, bitch.”

Michelle fisted his cock again, aiming the head towards her open mouth, the first blast of cum squirting directly on to her dangling tongue. She worked the cock between her lips, jerking the cum into her throat. Again and again, the Senator’s seed splashed against the roof of her mouth, and she swallowed his semen as quickly as she could, milking the balls dry with her soft hand.

Tom received blowjobs as a regular benefit of office. Everyone from eager high school girls, to horny housewives had gone down on him over the years, and he preferred to cum all gaziantep escort bayan over their faces, taking pleasure in seeing their expressions as huge ropes of his white, hot semen splattered in their hair, dripped from their cheeks, and dribbled from their chins. But Michelle was different, she was as beautiful a woman as he’d ever seen, and he would have done anything she asked.

“I’ve wanted to eat your cum for so long,” Michelle cooed, standing before him as she stripped his shirt off.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he breathed, dipping his head to suck at her tits while she stripped her skirt off. He drank from her breasts as she held the back of his head, his hands squeezing the breasts together, his tongue snaking out over the nipples. His fingers dug hard into her flesh, and his mouth pulled urgently at the nipples, and Michelle began to groan louder as she stepped out of her miniscule thong panties.

Tom examined her body, amazed that his cock was already beginning to rise between his legs. For years now, sex with his wife amounted to a couple of quick pumps inside her before he shot his load, rolled over, and fell asleep. They had no children; Denise had been given an emergency hysterectomy years ago. Even so, their sex life had dwindled, as Tom grew busier and busier. Denise warmed to the life of a socialite, making the rounds on his campaigns, and enjoying lunches at expensive restaurants and country clubs around the country.

Michelle was at least a foot shorter than the Senator, who stood 6 feet, 4 inches tall. Her long, slightly wavy blonde hair hung to the middle of her back, and the soft light from a lamp off to her right glinted off her highlights, as she stood naked before him. The tits were incredible, Tom had never seen a more perfect pair of breasts, and Michelle thrust them out as she followed his gaze down her body. Below her breasts, her stomach was flat and muscled, her waist, tiny. Her hips flared out below her waist, and her thighs were smooth, firm, and rounded. Her sex was completely shaven bald, making her appear even younger than she probably was.

Michelle spun around, giving Tom a view of her perfect, toned ass. The cheeks jutted out from her body, full and round, and the slit between them was long and deep, creating large globes of flesh that churned Tom’s already raging lust.

He walked over, pressing his throbbing cock into her ass cleavage, his arms encircling her waist to cup the heavy tits. Michelle leaned back into him, stroking her cheek against his as he kissed her neck, pushing the hair away from her shoulder to drag his tongue along her smooth skin.

“I’ve wanted you a long time Senator,” she whispered, cupping his hand, which had crept down over her sex. She was wet, and Tom wasted no time sliding a finger between her lips, pressing up into her velvety hole, sucking a kiss from her lips as she began to ride his finger. Tom held her as she writhed against him, his cock sliding along the crack of her ass as she rode his finger, encouraging him to push a second finger inside her tight sheath.

Soon, Michelle exploded, crying out as her fluids rushed from her sopping hole, dripping down her legs. Tom continued fucking her until her orgasm subsided, then he kissed down her smooth back, before kneeling, his face inches from her gorgeous buttocks. He squeezed them in his hands, kneading them roughly, and Michelle pushed back against him. He slid his tongue between her buttocks before pulling them apart, and she flinched as she felt him inching toward her puckered hole.

She sank back against him as his tongue snaked inside of her, his fingers sliding up her smooth thighs to stroke her clit. Tom slipped his tongue from her ass to explore her sex, lapping up the juices that had rolled down the inside of her thighs. Finally, he stood, picking her up by the ass, and impaled her roughly onto his throbbing cock. She arched her back as he threw her down on the bed, driving his cock deep into her tight sheath, crying out as her sex clamped down on his raging erection.

“Fuck me so hard, baby,” she said, squashing her breasts together while he began pumping her. Tom hadn’t penetrated a woman besides his wife in years, and Michelle’s pussy was as tight as anything he’d ever felt. As his straining cock pushed through the smooth, warm folds of Michelle’s hole, he realized for the second time that he wouldn’t last long.

He pounded into Michelle, driving her soft body down into the mattress, and she clutched at his buttocks, raising her hips up to meet his thrusts.

“You like that, you little slut,” he said through gritted teeth. He was staring into the young girl’s eyes as her tits slapped together between them. Her mouth was open wide, her face twisted with lust, and she began to whimper, pleading with him to keep fucking her.

“Fuck me, harder, fuck me harder, please,” she cried from beneath him as he dipped his head to suck on her breasts. He gathered them in escort gaziantep bayan his hands as he pounded his hips back and forth, driving his cock deep into the young girl’s pulsing sex.

“I’m going to cum, you whore. You’re gonna make me fill that cunt with my cum.”

“God yes, baby, fill me with your cum, fill me up baby.”

The Senator exploded inside Michelle’s body, and she held him by the buttocks deep inside her until his balls were emptied.

Tom fell on top of her, and she stroked his bare skin. Eventually, he stirred, rising to wipe the end of his cock her breasts.

“Thanks, baby,” he said. “You can stay the night if you want to.”

Michelle smiled, sliding up towards the head of the bed. She slid her naked body beneath the sheets, and pulled them up just beneath her breasts.

Tom didn’t wake her up that night while he stared at her, he simply masturbated while fondling one of her firm ass cheeks, and she slipped out of his room quietly once he had fallen asleep.


Michelle pulled her clothes on quickly, not wanting to wake the Senator. She had felt him above her early in the morning, squeezing her ass cheek while he pumped himself over her back. She had heard his groaning, and the obscenities that tore from his mouth as his cum splattered over her naked back and up into her hair.

Once she was sure that she had left no trace behind her, she slipped out of the room as quietly as she could. Hurrying to her car, Michelle jumped in, turned over the engine, and sped home.

When Michelle was certain she had followed every procedure she had learned in the classes she had recently been taking at Georgetown, she jumped in the shower with the water as hot as she could stand.

“Fucking pig,” she said over and over again, scrubbing her body furiously. Confident that she was as clean as she could possibly be, she stepped out of the shower and dressed quickly. Her hair was still wet as she piled the duffel into the back of the car, where the rest of her things were. She left her key inside the super’s mailbox, and sped off down the road, running a red light in the process.

The tears overcame her as she sat at a red light.

“It’ll be over soon,” she whispered to the teddy bear sitting in the passenger seat, a gift from her girlfriend. 3.

Jason Krause nearly threw his cell phone against his bedroom wall when it rang at 5:00 a.m. Today was supposed to be his day off, and he silently cursed himself for not shutting the phone off.

“Yes,” he answered groggily.

“Jason, it’s Tom.”

“Yes, Senator, is everything okay?”

“I woke you up, sorry. It’s supposed to be your day off. I just wanted to, well, I don’t know. I slept with someone last night.”

“What?” Jason said, feeling as though someone had thrown a cold bucket of water over him. He sat up in bed, resting his naked back against the cool headboard. He had managed to not wake Kelly, who was sleeping soundly next to him. There would be hell to pay if she awoke to find him talking to the Senator, it was his first day off in eight months, and he had managed to convince her to take the day off as well.

“Some whore kept flirting with me in the restaurant. God, the tits and ass on this chick, Jason, you would have done it too.”

“You mean the waitress at Joey’s? The blonde? You fucked her?” He crawled out of bed, and crept out of the room, not bothering to dress as his mind raced through all the issues that he was now going to have to deal with.

“Yes, her name’s Michelle. She’s a total slut, she…”

“Senator, is she still there?”

“No, she left early this morning. I was sleeping.”

“She left without saying goodbye?”

“Is that a problem? I got what I wanted from her, she let me use her…”

“Senator, think about it. If she were simply a groupie, she would have stayed close to you until you told her she had to leave. She’s got an agenda. Fuck.”

“Calm down, Jason,” the Senator said, though his voice wavered. “You don’t know this girl. She’s just a blonde-headed, big-titted bimbo, a complete airhead. She just wanted to get fucked by someone famous.”

“I think you might be underestimating the situation,” Jason replied, peaking out the front window through the closed blinds. The sun was starting to rise, and a few cars passed his apartment on the street below.

“Look, I didn’t mean to wake you. I forgot it was your day off, I just thought I’d tell you. Nobody saw us together, and like I said, this girl won’t be a problem. I’d like to do her again.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Not at all. You should get a piece of that, this girl’s got a body you wouldn’t believe.”

“She’s got you by the balls Tom. Did you use protection?”

“That’s the first time you’ve called me Tom since you began running my office.”

“Did you use protection?”

“No, what’s the big deal?”

“Did you cum inside her?” A glimmer of hope still gaziantep bayan escort remained; the Senator wouldn’t have been clueless enough to leave his DNA inside this girl.

“No, I didn’t. She blew me, and then I fucked her. She fell asleep, and that was that.”


“Look, it’s no big deal. Go back to Kelly, she’s a hot piece of ass, get laid today. A lot.”

“I’ve asked you not to refer to her like that. I realize you’re my boss, but there’s no reason for it. She’s smarter than both of us combined.”

Tom chuckled, and Jason winced, realizing Tom had no grasp of the situation he was now in. The hesitation in the Senator’s voice was probably not the lack of confidence Jason had mistaken it for, but more likely just a symptom of not sleeping.

“Anyway, have a good weekend, you deserve it. I’ll see you on Monday.”

“You’ll hear from me before then.”

“It’s not a problem, Jason, really. This girl is a bimbo. Trust me.”

Jason hung up the phone, recalling the last major situation he had managed to keep quiet involving the Senator and a black, teenage girl who had visited the re-election campaign headquarters two years ago, accompanied by her father who was a strong supporter of the Senator.

Tom had winked to Jason when he suggested he take the girl into his office, telling her father that he liked to interview all potential volunteers before Jason hired them.

Jason had tried to prevent the Senator from taking the girl into his office, but he hadn’t been successful.

After a couple of hours, the girl’s father grew impatient, and demanded that the he be let into the Senator’s office. He had noticed the glint in Tom’s eye, and had caught him staring at his daughter’s breasts and backside as she toured the headquarters.

Jason was not successful in keeping the father from storming the Senator’s office, and Tom hadn’t been bright enough to lock the door behind him.

When Jason made it into the room right behind the father, Tom was leaning against his desk, his pants at his ankles, and the young black girl kneeling before him, the head of the Senator’s cock in her mouth. She was completely naked, and when she turned her head, her face was completely soaked in the Senator’s semen. Her black skin contrasted strongly with the white fluid, and she looked as though she had taken on an entire football team. The semen had splattered in her hair, and all over her breasts as well, and the father lunged at Tom before Jason tackled him.

The girl had screamed, standing up, while trying to shield her body from watchful eyes. Tom had slammed his door shut, while Jason wrestled with the girl’s father. Eventually, the man calmed down long enough for Jason to begin his negotiation. A half a million bucks of the Senator’s money later, and the story was quashed.

Two hours after it had happened, the Senator was raving about the girl’s oral skills, insisting that had he been given more time, he would have “tapped that ass.” Beyond the Senator’s poor attempt at sounding younger, Jason was disgusted with Tom’s attitude and tone, as if the father didn’t have a reason to be angry. Tom had been collecting nearly as many blowjobs over the years as votes, and Jason always worried, from the day he was hired, that the Senator’s philandering would result in a situation he couldn’t control.

Apparently, his worrying was for good reason. He turned the cell phone off, left it on the counter, and went back to bed. Kelly curled up next to him as he slipped back into bed, and he heard nothing for another four hours.


“You have to quit, Jason. Call him today, and resign.”

“I can’t quit, he gave me a great job when I had almost no experience.”

“And you’ve paid him back twenty-fold for that, but this isn’t your mess. He’s a sleazy guy, and he finally got caught.”

“We don’t know what the girl’s intentions are, Kel. She might have had to go to work, or maybe she had a class.” Jason wasn’t sure why he was arguing with Kelly, he knew she was right. The waitress wasn’t going to keep silent, but he fell into his natural habit of defending the Senator.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said. “Even if the girl was star-struck, he’s been cheating on Denise for years, and he’s not the man people think they keep electing.”

Jason had met Kelly while in a bookstore, where the Senator was signing copies of his latest book. The women were lined up down the street for a chance to meet Tom, with his square jaw, dark hair, and perfect set of white teeth. Kelly was working as a clerk in the store, and Tom had pointed her out the second they set foot inside.

“Now there’s a piece of ass,” Tom said, motioning with his head to Kelly who was standing with her back to them.

It wasn’t that Tom was wrong; Kelly was wearing a pair of cargo pants that hugged her ass in all the right places. Her long, shiny brown hair had attracted Jason’s eye immediately, and when she turned, Jason was floored. Her face seemed to form the perfect oval, highlighted by green eyes, and the sexiest pair of lips Jason had ever laid his own brown eyes on. She was beautiful, which for Jason, meant she was out of his league.

“She’s very attractive,” Jason had said, admiring the arrogant thrust of the woman’s breasts against her Georgetown law t-shirt, which caused the head of the bulldog mascot to stretch between them.

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