Hi friends, this is Rimsha, I am here with a new chapter of my story, “Lost Innocence.” Those who are new, please read the previous thread for better understanding the context of the story, so without further delay, let’s continue from where we had left.

“I know it’s hard to control that feeling, but you could at least told me, okay now forgot about everything. Let’s not talk about it. Well it seems that you like being submissive, so from now on, I will be your mistress and you will submit only to me. Get it.” Bushra said while holding her waist like a bitchy boss.

“I would love to, if it pleases you my dear.” I said like an obedient child.

“So, it’s final then, from now on, you have to obey me at any cost and will not conceal anything from now on. Be prepared for your upcoming challenges, now let’s go to the class.” Bushra said with a devilish smile on her face. With that we left to attend our remaining lectures.

As I was sitting at the back as always along with Bushra, Amit came and asked to join us if we don’t mind, to which we said, “Sure.”

He sat besides me and instantly put his palm on my thighs, gently stroking it over my skirt. Bushra saw it and smiled while glancing at me, She leaned towards me and said in a whisper, “Make him wet and let him enjoy, you will not restrict him from doing anything he want.” With that she started reading book pretending that she was too busy to notice anything happening around her.

I got her command and leaned towards Amit saying, “Do whatever you want, she is too busy with her books.”

He got what he wants, instantly he started pushing my skirt high above to reveal my inner thighs as his hand move further deep he groped my bare lips and his reaction shows, he like what he found. His fingers started caressing my labia and his thumb was massaging my clitoris. I was aroused as I know Bushra was observing the act and somewhere she was also aroused.

After a while Amit took out his dick which was hard and radiating like a hot rod. I instantly held his cock and started massaging his rod with my delicate fingers. He groaned and quicken his pace of massaging my pussy. With an intense massage and the thrill of doing it in a class full of mates. I had an intense orgasm right there on the bench and hardly suppressed my moan.

As I was having my orgasm, he pushed his finger inside my burning pussy, I gasped, loud enough to seek her attention and she instantly looked down to see his hands buried deep inside my skirt and a pulsating cock in my hands grip. She giggled and said go on make him wet. I was sure Amit saw her watching us while saying those words.

As I was stroking his escort tanıtımları shaft vigorously, he groaned and shoot his hot and sticky sperm spurt after spurt drenching my hand, after relaxing a bit he looked at me with a satisfied smile and extended his handkerchief to wipe off his semen from my hands. I was little annoyed but remain silent over his deed.

“So, how’s it? Was he good? I saw his hand was buried deep inside your skirt, tell me! Your smile is too mischievous.” Bushra asked excitingly.

Hmm! It’s good to feel fingers on your warm and welcoming pussy in a broad day light while sitting in a class room full of friends. Anyway, if you want to have some share in this erotic acts then just give me a hint and you will be in.

“Now, what are we going to do? I mean this is our last lecture and I don’t have any intention of going in there.” She said while pointing toward the class.

“Let’s go to have some fun. Meet me at the basement in five minutes, I will be there with a surprise for you.” I said to her while leaving her perplexed.

“They must be here in Lab.” I said while looking for Mahesh and Ronny, as I was turning around to leave I found them sitting near the window.

“Hey! Want to have some fun?” I enquired while inviting them for a hug.

“Yeah! Sure, why not? I mean, here or we should find some more appropriate spot.” They said while hugging me.

“Let’s go to the basement. I have a surprise for you there.” I said while leading them towards the basement where Bushra was waiting for me.

“We were wondering what would you decide? But at last you have taken a right choice, it’s quite dark here but that doesn’t matter.” Ronny said while entering basement.

“You! What are you doing here? Anyway let’s go to some other place as we have a company here.” Mahesh said while looking at Bushra, who was surprised to see these two brats here in the basement along with me.

“Chill guys, she is my friend as you know already and she knows everything and today, she will watch what she had missed yesterday and if she want she could even participate.” I said while smiling at them.

“Wait a minute! What? You want me to get involve with these two, are you serious? I mean it’s kind of weird.” Bushra said while searching for a better excuse.

“Oh! Common, you are horny as hell I know after all no one knows you better then me, right! So, just have some fun, you can choose any of them and feel what the pleasure means.” I said to make her more comfortable with the situation and to shed her inner restraints.

“Okay, but be gentle with me and I don’t want to be fucked gaziantep escort tanıtımları I will only allow oral if it is okay, then I am in.” she said while looking at us.

“Sure, no one will force you for anything, it’s completely your choice. Okay then I will take Ronny and you will have fun with Mahesh.” I said while sticking at Ronny to feel his physic.

He instantly grabbed me from waist and started kissing me on lips. His hands went inside my shirt to feel my bare naval and he instantly begin to open up the buttons of my shirt and within a moment my shirt flew open from the front and he grabbed my bra covered boobs and started squeezing them roughly.

There Mahesh held Bushra from shoulder and pulled her in for a kiss he slowly started sucking her rose petals and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt at first she resisted a bit but after a while let him open her shirt all the way to be thrown away instantly at the corner. She was standing in her bra and her perk boobs were aching for a rough squeezing.

Ronny had removed my bra by then and his hands were massaging my bare boobs while his tongue was busy in sucking my erect nipples. I was lost in pleasure. I don’t know when he found the zipper of my skirt and before I could realise the zipper went down and my skirt become loose enough to fall on its own. And I was standing naked in my all glory.

There, Mahesh has also removed her bra to feel her bare soft melons and as he found her erect nipples he instantly started sucking them while squeezing her boobs. Bushra was completely taken over by lust and she wasn’t aware that Mahesh had found the zipper of her skirt and he very slowly started lowering it until her skirt became loose and fall to the ground leaving her naked except her panty which will soon join the rest of her clothing.

I was moaning and started undressing Ronny to feel his monster bare in my grip. While I was struggling with his pants he lifted me up and carried me to the near bench where he made me lie on my back and instantly removed his garments to free his pulsating cock.

There, Mahesh had pushed her panty down to reveal her honey pot and within a moment she was butt naked and was lying on floor beside her clothes and Mahesh was feeling her nubile body while he took out his dick to slide over her soft delicate thighs. His lips were busy in sucking her perky boobs and his hands were roaming all over her body.

Ronny was all set to insert his huge monster inside my aching pussy, he spread my legs apart to align his rod at my lower entrance and with a gentle push the head of his hot rod went inside my gaping gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları pussy. A soft moan escaped my lips to grab the attention of our fellow partners and as Ronny was pushing his rod deep inside me Bushra and Mahesh was looking at us with a lust undefined.

Bushra was so lost in her observance that she completely forgot about Mahesh and he take the opportunity to try his luck, as she was staring at me and Ronny particularly his cock which was going deep in my pussy. Mahesh took his cock and aimed at her pussy and before she knew the head of his pulsating monster invaded her already wet pussy. She gasped and her eyes went wide as she know the damage was done.

Ronny by then was fucking me wildly pushing his cock deep inside my womb and there Mahesh was fucking Bushra with a matching pace, sending her in a state of never-ending lust. Her eyes were closed and her whole body was moving to and fro with the impact of the hot rod invading her burning pussy.

I also closed my eyes to feel each and every inch of the monster inside me, the friction it created had ignited a never ending lust inside my burning pussy. With a loud groan I had an intense orgasm and held his waist tightly with my legs. He also tensed and buried his shaft deep inside my pussy and shoot his cum spurt after spurt coating the inner walls of my fertile womb. I looked at Bushra and saw she was still having her time and her eyes were still closed and Mahesh was fucking her furiously and right before my eyes he jammed his shaft deep inside her pussy.

With the expression on his face it was clear he was shooting his cum deep inside her womb and one could easily said she had a satisfied look on her face. We both looked at each other and smiled. Ronny had taken his cock out with a pop sound as his cum flowed out of my gaping pussy and pooled around my ass.

Mahesh also took his cock out and his cum also came out from her wide open freshly fucked cunt and pooled around her ass but the amount of semen is much less then the Ronny had spurted out in me.

They got up and lifted us on our feet, Ronny went to brought a towel from his bag and gave us to wipe off the mess they have created. We got dressed and without any word left to board the bus before anyone came, looking for us.

“You said you will not fuck, you changed your mind quite early! I wasn’t expecting that Bushu.” I said while teasing her. Anyway, how’s it?

“Oh! Common don’t be a cunt! It was you who distracted me there and once I aroused, I can’t control my lust.” She replied with a shyness.

I instantly hugged her saying, “I know darling, you don’t need to explain.”

We waited there for another ten minutes before everyone including Amir and Zain came to board the bus and was asking about our absence in the last class.

We told them we were in the library, doing some work as we left to our respective destination, all the while thinking about the future aspects of our growing hunger for lust.

To be continued…

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